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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  June 3, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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life, that's mind blowing. and one of the crazy fun episodes. it's incredible to watch which is all about professional video game players who make millions of dollars a year doing nothing but playing video games and we were there at the world championships last year. these kids are 20 years old making seven figures. it's bananas. >> that's the only way to describe that. what am i doing with my life? >> we have gotten it all wrong. >> great to see you. thank you. and a reminder for you. a series, inside man. look at that. the beard to the -- what is that? >> that guy was so much better looking than this guy. >> that's tonight at 10:00 eastern. thanks everyone, so much for joining us at this hour. "legal view with ashleigh banfield" starts right now. donald trump's ideas aren't just different. they are dangerously incoherent. >> i watched hillary today. it was pathetic. >> imagine if he had not just his twitter account at his
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disposal when he's angry but america's entire arsenal. do we want his finger anywhere near the button? >> i have read so much about the e-mails. folks, honestly, she's guilty as hell. >> this is not reality television. this is actual reality. >> lying, crooked hillary. >> hello, everyone. welcome to "legal view." i'm ashleigh banfield. nice to have you with us. two speeches proving the fiery nasty rhetoric coming this fall is already here, folks. hillary clinton offering a point by point takedown of donald trump saying that he's unfit and unprepared for the job of president. presumptive gop nominee in response calling for clinton to be jailed over her use of a private e-mail server while serving as secretary of state.
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outside that trump rally yesterday, an nbc reporter caught this video of a trump supporter getting egged by protesters outside. in the meantime, trump is ramping up his attacks on this man. the federal judge overseeing lawsuits against trump university. he said the judge's mexican heritage presents, quote, a conflict of interest given trump's plans to build a wall on the u.s./mexican border. cnn's phil mattingly has it covered for today. phil, the clinton camp responding to trump's attacks on the judge already. >> reporter: that's right, ashleigh. with a very strong statement. if you track back where this is coming from, donald trump has been attacking this judge who's overseeing one of the trump university lawsuits over the last couple of weeks on the campaign trail. he really doubled down on those attacks last night in the "wall street journal" as you noted saying he has a conflict of
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interest in the case. and now hillary clinton's campaign is responding in a statement saying in part, quote, the fact that donald trump doesn't see judge curiel as america american. hillary clinton attacking donald trump. advisors saying morse trying to de-legitimize his candidacy for president of the united states. donald trump firing back with some of his strongest language yet and that's a big deal. take a deal. >> after what she said about me today and her phony speech, that was a phony speech. that was a donald trump hit job. i will say this. hillary clinton has to go to jail. she has to go to jail. has to go. that was a phony hit job. she's guilty as hell. >> one of trump's points was
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clearly very frustrated and slightly unnerved by hillary clinton's speech yesterday and also that hillary clinton's track record on foreign policy doesn't lend itself to her having the temperament to sit in the oval office but the point you made at the open, i think, stands. we are 5.5 months away from the actual election day and already at this point. it's going to only get nastier. >> i guess buckle up. clinton could get closer because the voters in the u.s. virgin islands and puerto rico put up delegates for grabs. this essentially serves as the warm-up for the final super tuesday of primary season and by our count, secretary clinton currently has 2,313 delegates. only 70 shy of clinching the nomination. joining us now, former los angeles mayor, antonio, a hillary clinton supporter and just started a pack called building bridges, not wall. kind of obvious. it's raising money to fight
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donald trump. and then political commentator and trump supporter, kayleigh. if i could start with you, i watched sort of with fascinate nation as eviscerating donald trump over and over yesterday and instead of promulgating her foreign policy and as i understand it, that is what it was supposed to be. it was tweaked and tweaked along the line. is this the right kind of strategy against the guy who dispelled all of his opponents for doing the same thing? >> she eviscerated donald trump, that's for sure. and did it with his own words. and that's where she was strongest. as we go on into this campaign, using his own words to contradict him, to essentially verify what many of you already
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said, neutral observers. about 75% what he says is a lie or a misrepresentation of facts. it's just not true. and so to the extent that going forward, she can do that, i think she'll be hitting him hard, frankly. >> kayleigh, data poerssted abo trump's temperament what it comes to treatment of the judiciary prior to being president. he said, this is how auth authoritarian starts. i want to put that up because much is being made about the federal judge handling his case. a federal judge who has been attacked as, we believe, mexican. he should be ashamed of himself. he's a hater. a total disgrace. this is pretty rough stuff. again, it's he doesn't like that. >> i don't agree with the assessment. first, i want to say donald trump is off base to bring up
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the heritage. he should not be disqualified for that alone. a bias accusation, he has every right to do that. well, first of all. the heritage was attached to the judge's affiliation with the group la raza san diego. many judges belong, whether they're catholic, jewish, it's not bad to belong to them. >> but belonging in this group, this judge oversaw the scholarship to an illegal immigrant and whether that's good or bad, the point is, the judge obviously thinks it's an okay thing for illegal immigrants to receive scholarships. >> can i ask you something? ricardo alorza. just so clear, if he doesn't like that this ricardo got this scholarship, he was 11 years old when he was brought to this country by his parents. he is a celebrated scholar. he's gone through law school and you should look at his bio.
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he was 11 years old. >> i know all about -- >> he did not climb over walls or break through a river or a guard to get here and that's got donald trump mad enough about this issue to attack the judge? >> i know all about this story which is why i'm not making a comment. >> you brought it up as a reason to be angry with the judge's affiliation. >> this is the thing. if this judge supports a scholarship to an illegal immigrant, there are lots of -- >> an 11-year-old boy. >> there are many who think scholarship money should go to american citizens, kids struggling to pay their debt. this idea of giving the scholarship to illegal immigrant suggests that the judge is die metically opposed to everything he stands for. if donald trump wants to bring a biassed accusation, the decision to vet out documents in a private matter, many krit siecr and then bring it back because of the personal information because he quote, forgot, donald trump has every right to say he
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thinks there's bias. >> i think it's hard to call an 11-year-old boy. >> i said i'm not making a judgment on the case. he gave the scholarship which suggests -- >> an 11-year-old boy. a lot of people think that should go to american citizens struggling. and if you can't go to college, you should be deported. >> the people in this community come first. >> it's your state. i mean, what kayleigh said is people, shouldn't an american student get the scholarship first, why is that perhaps, wrong and ultimately, the bigger question is that is why he said la raza and the connection to the scholarship giving organization is a legitimate reason why he can say these things he did about the federal judge in the case. >> first of all, ashleigh, nobody's arguing that donald trump or anyone else who's losing a lawsuit has a right to
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criticize a judge, take exception with their decision, you know, even as just stated, argue that there's bias. but to bring up his ethnicity in the way that he has is just absolutely unacceptable. you're a lawyer. you can't just dismiss him because he's an american of mexican descent. unfortunately, mr. trump doe't understand americans of mexican descent are americans just like americans of italian descent or irish descent or german descent. >> speaking of. >> you can't take exception because of their ethnicity and that's what he's done here. >> so we're absolutely clear, have fought for our country, have disproportionately more medals of honor thanethnic grou. for him to take this way about the undocumented immigrants.
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>> that's the problem. you group is suggesting donald trump is somehow anti-immigrant which is absolutely false. he said he's for the path you're putting forward. >> it is a political action committee. i think kayleigh referring to that political action committee. >> i am part of a political action committee, but i am just on this right now. we have nothing to do with this lawsuit. the fact of the matter is -- >> i'm not talking about the lawsuit. i'm talking about your group. >> mayor -- >> you have to let me talk. your group which suggests is anti-immigrant. he's for legal immigration. he's for going through things the proper way and increasing and married to an immigrant. he's for immigration but believes there are laws that have to be honored and
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respected. >> that is true. i am an immigrant. i'm not making that up. so suzanne martinez, the governor of new mexico, i feel like i just reported this story and i feel like it's flipped on its ear but when donald trump visited her state, she did not duoto t go to his rally and this is what he said about her at the rally. >> we have to get your governor to get going. she's got to do a better job. okay? maybe i'll run for governor of new mexico, i'll get this place going. >> no secret that the governor was not too pleased about it. a lot of other people. this is for you. we are hearing he's saying i'd like to have governor martinez's support. i'm paraphrasing that and respect her, i have always liked her. now he wants the endorsement of the woman he excoriated just days ago. how does this work in his mind? >> in between the criticism and
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in between that statement, the governor came out and said, essentially, she needs to see more from donald trump in order to get to the place of supporting him. i'm paraphrasing her but that's what changed donald trump. this isn't someone t shut him but going to listen to him. >> also said, i'm not bullied into being endorsing someone. those are two comments. >> if she wants to put herself at odds, that's her call. everyone in leadership has that. >> and donald trump put him at odds with the republican party. >> he ran against the republican party. yes, the establishment. so yeah, that's been hard to get people on board but people got on board and that's the point. >> appreciate it. you work very hard and a smart harvard graduate lawyer. thank you to both of you. do appreciate it. >> donald trump and hillary clinton will be on "the lead with jake tapper" today at 4:00 p.m. eastern time. that's a doozy, folks. hear what the next round of the news cycle is going to have. after the break, we take you live and go south. down to texas.
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it has been unbelievable, the flooding there. and rescuers now desperately searching for soldiers, soldiers still unaccounted for after that flooding that killed five of their comrades. and a quick reminder, you can watch "legal view" anytime. and you can find me on twitter at @cnnashleigh. mmmm. incredible. looks tasty. you don't have heartburn. new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. enjoy the relief. perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident.
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breaking news out of ft. hood, texas, where a search is still under way for four soldiers who are missing in a flooded creek. the bad news as well, five other troops were killed when their vehicle was swamped on a training mission. three of them were rescued. cnn's ed lavandera is following them live in ft. hood. do we know why the soldiers were out on those dangerous conditions in the first place? >> reporter: the timing of all of that is still under question as the teams here in ft. hood continue the search for the four missing soldiers but there were 12 soldiers riding in a personnel carrier and we're told they were in the process of shutting down the road that they were driving on when that carrier got stuck and then capsized or rolled over in the
9:19 am
flood waters sending the 12 soldiers into the water. three of the soldiers were rescued and pulled out of the flood waters immediately, but the bodies of five discovered yesterday but we're now going on almost 24 hours, ashleigh, since this accident happened in ft. hood yesterday. and the search continues for those soldiers there using helicopters, boats, k-9 teams on the ground to find the soldiers missing for about 24 hours. ashleigh? >> reporter: d >> they were out there trying to protect others by closing that road so others could be safe? >> reporter: no, we were told that the storm came in. the flood waters came up. we were told these sormldiers we on a training exercise and whether or not they were involved in shutting down roads hasn't been made clear to us but we were told by a ft. hood official that the roads and because of the conditions in
9:20 am
that low-lying areas, quote, we were in the process to shut down the roads. whether or not they had already made it into that area and didn't get out in time or what that exact situation is not exactly clear at this point but definitely a low lying areas it sounds like what from we've been saying so far that the waters came up very quickly and with a lot of force able to knock over that truck stuck there. >> ed lavandera reporting for us live in ft. hood. thank you for that. keep us posted on their efforts. coming up, straight ahead, a big question answered in the untimely death of a super star but how did prince get that deadly drug? how did he use it? how did it get abused and who else might be responsible here? dr. drew weighs in from los angeles in a moment. plan whenever you want. no enrollment window. no waiting to apply. that means now may be a great time to shop for an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan,
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the musician prince died of an overdose, that's the official word. we didn't get much else from the autopsy results now public and the drug that killed him called fentnol. one of the strongest opioids on earth and needs a doctor's careful supervision. a brand new set of questions. who was that doctor? was there a doctor? how deeply was prince addicted? was he addicted and who shares responsibility for his death, if anyone, at the young age of 57. dr. pin ski, addiction medical specialist and page pate, an attorney currently representing doctors involved in cases
9:26 am
regarding the dispensing of phentynol. thts the strongest of strong. it's typically in a patch. how does one abuse a patch to abuse this kind of drug? >> right. ashleigh, you're asking all the right questions and we're going to be struggling with every single one of them still for months to come. and incomplete and not complete reports and we do not have the toxicology and something we can interpret and we have toxic level, and to get to toxic levels of it. it's building slowly through the skin. my patients when they abuse it, they take off the patch, they open it up, and they suck it down to get it through their cheek membrane or open it up and
9:27 am
shoot it. the real weird twist is that fentanyl must have been doing those things. i believe if we had the complete toxicity, we would have it involved. 70% of the deaths involve that combination. >> that's a great point and that's where i want to bring in page. i've got that one point summary. there's very little information. but two things that i circled. he was 112 pounds. they even described him as petite. and that there is only that one fentanyl mention of the cause. but if there is another drug, can you then f you're defending a doctor who may defend a prescription in that house, can you say, what about the benzodiazapene, or how do defend a doctor for a prescribed
9:28 am
medicine? >> that's a great question. that will be the focus of this investigation. if it was in fact prescribed by a doctor. one thing dr. drew said i want to add to, there is another way to abuse it. it's not just provided in this long acting form. there is a short acting form called tur you could use as a spray or under your tongue and i have seen many chronic pain doctors across the country prescribe that short fast-acting to chronic pain patients whether or not they have cancer. so if prince had that available, he could have easily overdosed on that and then the question. i'm sorry. >> go ahead, go ahead. >> and then the question becomes, was that appropriate? before you charge a doctor with prescribing a drug unlawfully, the question you have to answer is, was the drug prescribed for a legitimate medical purpose? now, that's a subjective determination. doctors will disagree on that. perhaps dr. drew and others think it should never be used for chronic pain patients unless
9:29 am
they're suffering from cancer pain. >> if we're talking about chronic pain, this says he's got a scar on his left hip and so much talk of a hip surgery but the point it's typically reserved for the most acute cases like cancer patients, et cetera. but could you get it on the street? if you have the will, you can find it? >> you can. you can get the sublingual form and in clusters because it's cut into the heroin. but it's hard to get that much of it. must have had a massive amount and can get that on the street and i agree with everything except that when it comes to the chronic pain patient, for many, it's worsened and persistent and intensified because of the opiates. and i'm fearful we see the scarring in prince's hip and he had a sort of surgery. got in the opiate appropriately
9:30 am
and intensified his pain and got in this cycle of more opiate, more pain and cycle pursued and for me, a young healthy male on it is just like on propofol. thank you. >> you can tune in to dr. drew thursday, 7:00 p.m. eastern time on hln. thank you to both of you. back to politics after the break and to a part of the government that's supposed to be well above politics. beyond the inference of politicians, and up to, including, presidents. so why does donald trump keep on trashing a federal judge and what is his relationship with the rule of law? we came up with a plan to help reduce my risk of progression. and everywhere i look... i'm reminded to stick to my plan. including preservision areds 2. my doctor said preservision areds 2 has the exact nutrient formula
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will say this. hillary clinton has to go to jail. she has to go to jail. that was a phony hit job. she's guilty as hell. >> there you go. donald trump, legal expert, judge and jury declaring hillary clinton guilty and sentencing her to jail. bam, case closed. i want to talk about that for a minute because this is "legal view." donald trump and his regard for the rule of law. did something this week that many people, actual real life legal experts say completely crossed a line. he gave the full trump treatment to a federal judge, a sitting federal judge. not just any judge, this judge. schoolyard names, calling him a displa disgrace saying he be investigated. federal judge on his case. here's the man he's talking
9:36 am
about and here is the very serious problem with all of this. judge happens to oversee two big lawsuits in which donald trump has a personal and a financial stake. and trump is going after him hard and that is a no-no. >> i have a judge who is a hater of donald trump. a hater. he's a hater. his name is gonzalo curio, who happens to be, mexican, i think that's fine. >> jonathan turley, a law professor and also "washington post" contributor and former law professor at temple university. david post. if i could begin with you, what you just heard him say about judge curiel, i have seen them say his conduct could be subject to a sanction for indirect
9:37 am
criminal contempt for impugning the honesty of a judge in a pending case. is that hyperbole? >> i wouldn't -- i don't know if i would go that far. i don't know enough to be honest about the requirements for criminal sanctions in a case like this and i don't think one has to go that far to say he's, if he's a private citizen, he has the first amendment rights. tv celebrity, first amendment right to say what he wants about the federal judiciary, about individual judges even. but he's the presidential nominee or the presumptive presidential nominee so we have to listen to what he says and ask ourselves, what would this sound like if this man were president of the united states? and i think for the president of the united states or someone who seriously wants to be considered for that office to attack a sitting federal judge, to say that the system is rigged, it's
9:38 am
a disgrace, the judge is a hater, putting aside the entirely inappropriate reference to his ethnic background which has nothing to do with his conduct of -- >> on the bench, yeah. >> of office but putting that aside, to attack a judge who's the -- hearing a case in which you are involved, if he was president of the united states, i think that's close to being an impeachable offense. >> that's if you're president. and jonathan turley, people who criticized the media for going after this story say you have a first amendment right to say anything, true, but it tells you the nature of a person and their philosophies. and other critics have said that, you know, presidents have pushed the envelope on executive actions before, all sorts of times to the point of legal challenge. the difference here is that donald trump is not criticizing a philosophy or a politics but criticizing a judge because of
9:39 am
his own personal case. so i want you to weigh in and gets all the tools and the toys of the judiciary. >> i certainly agree with much of what was said. i don't agree it would be impeei impeachable and i have in the past been critical of efforts to punish lawyers for criticizing them in public. i do think there's a free speech issue and that would extend to non-lawyers but you cannot be in favor of the rule of law and trash judges in this way, this personal and what seems quite clearly racist way. and what surprises me, quite frankly, is that his council has not withdrawn. i've had to withdraw from high profile cases. well, one case because a client was not responding to these types of limitation. you have, certainly, a right but can't control your client but
9:40 am
your representation. i think i would have contacted him within minutes of his first statement to say, i'm withdrawing. because you just can't be a lawyer of good standing and represent a client who is trashing a judge, not just erroneously but to use these racially tinged type of comments. as a president, obviously, it's inappropriate. this country stands for the rule of law, and you can't attack a judge in this way. the the iirony, of course, the e donald trump describes, the dangerous people he loves to talk about, that's exactly who this judge previously put into jail. supposededly ly on a hit list be he cracked down on mexican cartels. trump should be embracing for his history and he was also born not far from where i was born in indiana in east chicago. i was born in chicago. neither of us are mexican in any
9:41 am
sense of that word. >> it should be noted that everyone has a right to put forth a motion for recusal if they have an issue. there has been no motion presented in this case by his attorneys to have the judge recused. and so i'm at a loss to why anybody would take that kind of chance when someone's going to sit in judgment of you. thank you, appreciate it as always and jonathan, love having you. thank you so much. coming up today, trump's attorney, jill martin, will join brooke baldwin at 3:00 p.m. eastern time. stay tuned for that. the anger, the yelling, the scandals, the scuffles, the controversy, the tv. long before the 2016 presidential race, my next guest was giving daytime drama a whole new meaning and now jerry springer is out on the tirades of donald trump
9:42 am
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. never one to shy away from a ruckus. jerry springer waging in on donald trump and hillary clinton. jerry took a jab at the presumptive gop nominee after criticized what he called clinton's bad temperament and here was the tweet. come on, donald. you complaining about hillary's temperament is like me complaining about the quality of television. the anger and the frustration and seen most recently. this was something out of a studio brawl and it actually could have been seen on a daytime talk show. listen to that. joining me now live from sarasota, florida, jerry springer. good to have you on. your tweet captured a lot. i was hoping you weren't referring to my television, but other kinds of television. >> no, no.
9:47 am
>> how do you see this, what's playing out in this 2016 race? >> yeah, well, i deal with it at length on my podcast, but what i was saying is that i have never thought someone that is on like my television show should be president of the united states. i mean, television is one thing. the daytime talk shows like mine which is a circus. that's one thing. but these people should not be president of the united states. i have nothing personally against donald trump. i thought he did a great job on "apprentice" but totally unqualified to be president and to complain about hillary clinton, look, you may not like her on the issues but maybe don't like the sound of her voice, whatever, but to seriously believe that hillary clinton isn't more knowledgeable about what a president of the united states has to do versus donald trump is just not a
9:48 am
serious discussion. he does not belong in the white house. >> so let me ask you, why is it working? because you see the rallies. you see the thousands upon thousands who turn out, not only to see him speak but to drop their ballot into his slot at the ballot box and you've seen the voices that have said, he's our agent of change. if you see it your way, why are they not seeing it that way? is there something about politics that's changing? >> well, i think donald trump was inevitable. and i say that by the last 40 or 50 years, we should have seen it coming. because for the last 40 or 50 years, starting maybe with goldwater and then nixon and certainly with reagan, when president reagan said government can't solve problems, government is the problem. for the last generation, we have raised a generation of americans to believe government is terrible. that washington is horrible.
9:49 am
that american president should be disrespected. you raise a generation of people to believe that washington and the american government is horrible, it should have been inevitable to see at some point, someone would run for president who hates washington, anti-government, believes every politician is corrupt. every political commercial you see says that the other person is corrupt, is a pervert, a criminal. well, at one point, someone would run who is against government. now, there's only two ways you can be well known to run for president if you're not already in politics. either sports or entertainment. too young to run for president so we should have seen it coming ultimately, the person running for president would be from the entertainment field. did we know it will be donald trump? of course not. but it would be someone like that who just hates washington. >> and it's been so fascinating. i look forward having you back when you have some time. thank you, appreciate it. >> thanks for having me.
9:50 am
moving on. one of our favorite cnn series is back tonight. morgan spurlock: inside man. love it. in his season premiere, they'll try to figure identity tout the professional gambler. >> i'm in las vegas. the gambling capital of america. my goal for my week of professional gambling is to double my money. and i'm starting here at the casino with a thousand dollars in my pocket. and the hope that lady luck is on my side. >> anymore bets? >> and if she is, what better place to start than with roulette, the game that's all about luck. cashing in my first 100 and placing green chips around the table to hope the roulette ball will land on one of my numbers. >> 27. whoo! there you go. >> yeah. that's what i'm talking about.
9:51 am
already up $100. going to take that and put it right in there and now keep going. >> my night is off to a good start. i won $32. even though roulette looks like a no brainer way to win easy cash, there's no strategy to avoid losing. 32. oh. man, lost it all again. despite roulette's house advantage of 5%, i seem to be doing pretty well. >> find out how this turns out tonight on the premiere of "inside man." 10:00 p.m. eastern time. [plumber] i need to be where the pipes are.
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a u.s. congresswoman calling for an investigation after a cnn investigation revealed that an accused war criminal is working as a security guard in one of the nation's busiest airports. you heard right. cnn's kyra phillips was the
9:56 am
first to break this story. joining me live on an update. i can't get over it but tell me more. >> ashleigh, thank you for supporting the piece. you and your team. i mean, the reaction to this, needless to say, has been pretty intense. especially after we learned that the local and federal agencies that oversee airport safety knew about this guy's history. cnn first reported this exclusively. accused of committing torture, and mass executions while a military commander during somalia's brutal civil war has been living outside dc for about 20 years and not only living here, ashleigh, but working as a security guard at dulles international airport. you'll see here that our camera captured him guarding a security exit where ticketed passengers leave the airport every day and started a conversation with our producer and we questioned him weeks later just outside his apartment where he denied all the allegations against him and
9:57 am
we also spoke to his attorney as well. >> i just want to ask you a couple of questions about your time in somalia as commander of the fifth brigade. >> no comment right now, but we'll get my lawyer and then talk to you. >> how dare anyone call him a war criminal. those are just allegations. if he is indeed a war criminal, take him to the hay or if he's a war criminal, take it up with the immigration authorities. >> since cnn's investigation, the contractor that hired ali, master security, put him on administrative leave but when we tried to get answers about how exactly he was hired in the first place, we basically got the runaround. tsa, the fbi, airport authority and the department of homeland security confirmed that they all knew about ali's past but no one could explain why he was hired and why his background didn't raise any red flags.
9:58 am
>> four agencies. four. so i suppose it's understandable why there are calls from congress for an investigation. >> absolutely. virginia congresswoman comstack on the house transportation and infrastructure committee called it a failure in airport security. >> we also need to immediately do more investigation and i am not happy with the response. i spent and my staff did all day trying to get more answers. we're in the same boat as you are. we're not getting satisfactory answers. so that's why i'm going to the public also to ask them, provide us more information that you know about. we're going to hold people accountable. >> as we pointed out, ali is facing a civil case that's been going on a long time, ashleigh. part of the issue is that there isn't a criminal court anywhere in the world that can bring him to trial for these allegations
9:59 am
because those international courts didn't even exist in the 1980s during somalia's civil war. clearly, i think this piece pointed out there are gaps in the system and it's nice to see that individuals like the congresswomen are standing up to stand answers >> you might say that. thank you, kyra phillips. i want to turn to a cleveland courtroom where the father of a murder victim decided to attack his daughter's murderer. >> in my heart, to forgive this client. taken my child.
10:00 am
>> that's the father you saw leaping. his daughter was one of three women killed by michael madison seen there in the orange jumpsuit. terry giving what you call the victim's impact statement when he reached and called the breaking point. restrained by the deputies. madison for his part sentenced to death for killing those three women. this all happened back in 2013. and later today, that father is going to be interviewed by our own brooke baldwin at 3:00 p.m. eastern time. thank you so much for watching, everyone. wolf starts right now.


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