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tv   Wolf  CNN  June 3, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> that's the father you saw leaping. his daughter was one of three women killed by michael madison seen there in the orange jumpsuit. terry giving what you call the victim's impact statement when he reached and called the breaking point. restrained by the deputies. madison for his part sentenced to death for killing those three women. this all happened back in 2013. and later today, that father is going to be interviewed by our own brooke baldwin at 3:00 p.m. eastern time. thank you so much for watching, everyone. wolf starts right now.
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he is temperamentally unfit. he said i know more about isis than the generals do. believe me. you know what? i don't believe him. >> she does not look presidential. that, i can tell you. four more years of this stuff, we're not going to have a country left. >> if you believe america is weak, then you don't know america. and you certainly don't deserve to lead it. >> hello, i'm wolf blitzer. it's 10:00 a.m. in culver city. wherever you watch around the world, thank you for watching us. game on. they're in full effect right now and giving us a preview of what's to come in the presidential race. the candidates are back on the
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campaign trail today after clinton unloaded on trump during a speech yesterday. trump wasted no time firing right back calling the speech pathetic and sad to watch. take a look at this, looking at live pictures from culver city, california. we'll be watching and keep you updated on the latest comments. trump, meanwhile, campaigning in redding, california, after a rally last night in san jose. scuffles broke out between trump supporters and anti-trump protesters. take a look at this. hillary clinton's campaign chairman strongly condemned on twitter. one fight is against the prominent hispanic leader within his own party in a nearly complete about-face, trump tells a new mexico newspaper that he
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now wants the endorsement of the state's republican governor, suzanne martinez, not just respects her but always liked her. this is the same one that trump blasted last week during a rally in albuquerque. >> she's got to do a better job. okay? your governor has got to do a better job. she's not doing the job. hey. maybe i'll run for governor of new mexico. i'll get this place going. she's not doing the job. we've got to get her moving. let's go, governor. >> following those statements against governor martinez, republican leaders immediately pressured trump to backtrack not only because a fellow republican but the only female latina governor. two groups that must win to make it to the white house and the head of the republican governor's association. until now, the presumptive nominee refused to do so even defending his comments recently
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as tuesday. >> she was not nice. and i was fine. just a little bit of a jab. but she wasn't nice and you think i'm going to change? i'm not changing including with her. >> trump's new olive branch, will it be enough to win governor martinez's endorsement? here's what she told a reporter from a santa fe newspaper. >> he needs to address his plans for us. and new mexico people deserve to get that answer. he's not addressed it yet. >> is it possible you might not endorse him? >> i'm waiting to hear from him as to addressing the issues facing mexico. once i hear that, we'll see. >> let's get some reaction from the trump campaign. joining us right now is the senior advisor, ed brooke. thank you very much for joining us. >> glad to be here, wolf. >> are you surprised about this turnaround by donald trump only last week, strongly criticizing her and then all of the sudden, this olive branch saying he
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anxiously wants her spoth. >> not at all. she wasn't at the rally. as he said, took a shot at her. but we were in the business of making friends in the republican party and she was an endorsement we would appreciate. >> it wasn't a little shot. basically said she's not doing a good job. that's hardly a little shot. >> in mr. trump's speech, he was talking about a lot of different issues. we do think he addressed issues facing new mexico and now extended an olive branch. >> is this the result of pressure he's been under from top republicans, hey, you've got to cut it out. you can't go after suzanna martinez, head of the republican governor's association. >> i think it's a result of mr. trump continuing to want to grow his campaign, to reach out, to include more republicans and for us to move forward to go after hillary clinton like we did earlier. >> was it a blunder to say what he said about her in albuquerque? >> i don't think it was a
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blunder. i wish she was there. we want to move forward now. >> let's talk about this trump university lawsuit. his latest comments in the "wall street journal" interview against the judge in this case suggesting he's not a fair judge because of his mexican heritage. you said he has an inherent conflict of interest. the director of the latina outreach program for the hillary clinton campaign said the fact that donald trump doesn't see judge curiel and family and clearly an american and born in indiana and a federal judge. these comments about him. they've caused a lot of outrage. >> this judge from day one has overreached in our minds. put together this lawsuit that has little foundation and from day one, we think he's been unfair. >> he accepted the lawsuit. >> he accepted it, but that's his responsibility as a federal judge. >> he could have turned it down, we thought would have been the
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correct thing to do. >> so if trump's lawyers thought he was being unfair, why didn't they ask to have him removed, or recuse himself? they never took any legal step like that. in fact, the judge accepted some of their request to delay any trial until after the election. >> i don't know about the legal strategy. i'm not talked with them about that but we think the lawsuits are without foundation and when mr. trump is not afraid to take the facts and let them become public on the case. >> when a presumptive nominee calls a federal judge a hater, if you will, and he offers these ugly words about a federal judge, that raises all sorts of questions about interference and separation of powers between the executive, the legislative, the judicial branches of the u.s. government. he's being widely condemned for this. i'm sure you appreciate it. how does he walk this back? >> i think these comments around this case, he's not talked about overstepping bounds in this case. he's talked about his reaction to private citizen to a lawsuit.
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he thinks it's unfairly brought against him. >> let's talk about another comment last night. didn't really respond to hillary clinton blistering back on national security but did say, really went saying she belongs in jail right now because of the e-mail controversy. isn't that going way too far, that belongs in jail. >> if you believe she broke the law. >> she hasn't been charged with a crime. >> but there's this ongoing investigation. >> but while there's an investigation, you don't belong in jail. >> not while the investigation is going on, but i think he was referring to down the road, these actions, this cover-up she's undertaken deserves the utmost kind of punishment because she set an example as secretary of state with our national security. >> is the rhetoric going too far? basically, is donald trump's rhetoric against hillary clinton, her rhetoric is pretty brutal against him as well and
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basically saying he's not fit to be president of the united states but he's saying belongs in jail. >> he's trying to make the point about how serious these charges are. they are serious and put national security at risk and going to continue to make these charges as long as we need to make the point about the risk of her at as president. >> this is hillary clinton going after donald trump. >> she has continued to lie about it. said the lawyers signed off on it. >> the donald trump's ideas aren't just different. they are dangerously incoherent. they're not even really ideas. but just a series of bizarre rants, personal feuds, and outright lies. he is not just unprepared. he is temperamentally unfit to hold an office that requires knowledge, stability, and immense responsibility.
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>> it's about a 45 minute speech after her attack, he didn't really respond to the specific accusations she levelled against him on national security and foreign policy. he went after her on other issues. why didn't he respond to those specific complaints that she put forward? >> well, if i had her record of secretary of state, i would do what she did too and try to lash out and cover it up. she didn't talk about the russian reset or his decision to go to make a regime change. we could go on. so i think he believes that if she wants to have a substantive discussion, we'll take a shot at that but she was wanting not to talk about her record but to talk about him. >> after he spoke last night, there were some ugly demonstrations outside the venue. let me play a little bit. you could see it going on between trump protesters and some of the trump protesters. you could see one of the supporters there being hit.
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apparently, he was sucker punched over there and went to the police. the individual was arrested we're told, as a result of that. but unfortunately, this is happening now all too frequently. these very, very ugly demonstrations. what can the candidates do? your candidate, donald trump, other candidates do to try to calm things down. >> i think it's a couple things. one, continue to condemn the violence outside. peaceful protests, everybody is for that. that's part of what america was built on but have to condemn the violence. secondly, our folks, try to keep a cool mind and then allow the police to do their jobs and so let them do a jobs and there's a place to gather to be recognized, great. don't cross the barriers. do peaceful protest. and allow a democratic process. >> do you think you'll hear a statement about that from donald trump? >> he already condemns the violence and doesn't condone
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that kind of activity. >> he's got to calm things down and the other side as well. >> it's a little heated. >> very heated. >> thank you very much. >> thanks, wolf. donald trump says when someone hits him, he hits back even harder and he's now responding to hillary clinton's blistering speech. not with necessarily on policy talk but with calls for her to be put in handcuffs. listen. >> after what she said about me today and her phony speech, that was a phony speech. that was a donald trump hit job. i will say this. hillary clinton has to go to jail. she has to go to jail. that was a phony hit job. she's guilty as hell. it was pathetic. it was so sad. >> joining us for this new level of counterattack, what it means for the race ahead. the colorado democratic governor john hickenlooper. thank you very much for joining
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us. >> you bet, wolf. >> you want hillary clinton to be the next president of the united states. what do you think of what donald trump just said that she really belongs in jail? she's, quote, guilty as hell, from setting up a private e-mail server in the years she was secretary of state? >> she hasn't been charged with a crime yet. sounded like he wanted her to be in jail because she had the audacity to attack his volatility, the temperament. >> but what are you suggesting? elaborate on what you just said. >> well, i think that what she was talking about is that his temperament makes him unfit to be president. talking about international politics, but if you look at it just from the economy, one of the things that any good business or good economy is based on is predictability,
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reliability, confidence to know what's going to come next and i think donald trump throughout this entire campaign has been the opposite of predictability. who knows what he's going to say next and businesses, especially like in the six months before a presidential election, capital investment goes down and not sure who's going to be president, if someone was elected by some, i'm not sure any business would want to make large investments in the capital because the predictability would be too high. think about the trading partners all over the world. the unpredictability would make it hard for them to be good partners. >> governor, you've suggested that the whole clinton e-mail investigation would be treated differently if she were a man. why do you think gender is playing a role in all of this? >> well, i'm not saying it is. what my point was, she's done 11 hours of testimony. there's no charges filed. released thousands and thousands of e-mails.
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all of which, when she was using them, they weren't top secret or secret information when they were sent. at a certain point, shouldn't we move past this and i struggle to understand why this has become, i obviously understand it's a political campaign and both sides are attacking each other, but this does seem, we've exhausted and gone through it again and again. >> we've got to wait to see what the fbi decides. their investigation is ongoing and not necessarily all that much longer before they reach final conclusions, make their recommendations to the u.s. attorneys and the attorney general of the united states. we'll see what happens. there's still a lot of stuff out there. we'll see what happens. let's talk about the vice presidential pick from the hillary clinton side and her campaign. your name has been mentioned. what, if anything, can you tell us, are you being vetted right now or has anyone had a serious discussion with you? we're seeing some other
10:16 am
potential picks. >> i think the clinton campaign is very focused on their primary with senator sanders and obviously focusing on the risks that donald trump presents. and i haven't been vetted. no one called me or asked questions. i think they are, as they should be, focused on the campaign. >> and if they do call you and say, you know what, we want to see your tax returns, we've got some questions for you. we want to put you on that list of potential vice presidential running mates, what would your answer be? >> i do have the greatest job in the world. to be governor of colorado is a gift, but if the candidate calls and says it's important for the country and i need you for these reasons, obviously, it would be hard to say no. >> that sounds like a yes to me. thank you very much for joining us. >> you bet. thank you. >> governor hickenlooper of colorado. by the way, our jake tapper has interviews later today with the
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two presidential front runners. he'll sit down separately with donald trump, part of the interview will air later today on "the lead" and the full interview airing on state of the union sunday morning and will also interview hillary clinton and that will air later today on "the lead" at 4:00 p.m. eastern only here on cnn. up next, the u.s. state department under fire as questions remain over who's responsible for doctoring an official governor briefing video to take on a key question about u.s. negotiations with iran. we have the former spokeswoman for the state department, the current communications director at the white house, jen sakie, her first television interview on the sensitive subject. that's coming up.
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answers for the admission from the state department. the agency now admitting in archive intentionally edited for the iran negotiations. been quoting him now, in tampering with this video, the bureau of public affairs has undermined its mission to communicate timely and accurate information with the goal of furthering u.s. foreign policy, end quote. this is all the more troubling and given that the video in question dealt with hugely consequential nuclear negotiations with the islamic republic of iran and, quote, from ed royce, additionally, it was blamed on a technical glitch. our global affairs correspondent takes us through the sequence of the events. >> were there secret -- >> a startling admission from the state department. a critical exchange from a press briefing about secret talks with
10:23 am
iran cut from the video version of the briefing posted online. >> this was a deliberate request to excise video. >> it began in february 2013. u.s. officials were secretly meting with iran yians about nuclear talks. >> with regard to the kind of thing you're talking about on a government to government level, no. >> revealed later, jen faced tough questions about whether the state department was lying. >> there are times where diplomacy needs privacy in order to progress. this is a good example of that. >> but when a reporter tried to refer back to the exchange from the video archived online, said a critical section of the video had been edited out. the initial excuse? >> genuinely, we think it was a glitch. >> but now a different explanation after learning the 9 minute exchange was deliberately
10:24 am
removed at the request of an unknown official that called one of the video technicians. >> the individual who took the call doesn't remember anything more than it was passed on from the public affairs bureau. >> sakie denied involvement on twitter saying i had no knowledge of nor would i have approved of any form of editing or my briefing transcript. no word from the state department who gave the order or whether something like this happened before. >> we don't have the time and the resources to look at every single briefing from the past. >> critics of the iran nuclear deal said the incident proves their claims, the obama administration misled the american people. republican senator tom cotton insisting the state department identify the official who ordered manipulation of the iran video and impose appropriate discipline. the episode comes on the heels of a top aide to president
10:25 am
obama, ben rhodes, telling the new york times magazine that the administration created, a quote, echo chamber for the media in favor of the deal. now the state department said it put in place policies and make sure it never happens again but the debate continues. fox released new e-mails between james rosen, the reporter involved in the exchange and asked for clarification of her denial saying he denied involvement in the transcript, not the video. sakie responded she had nothing to do with the scrubbing or the briefing of any form and accused in vilifying her with no evidence, wolf. >> thank you very much for that report. joining us now, the white house communications director, jen sakie, the state spokeswoman with this controversy. first interview since the state department admitted it was not a technical glitch but someone deliberately told that video
10:26 am
tape editor to delete seven or eight minutes of the official video. have you gone back and looked over who was responsible for asking that video tape editor to remove that video, that sensitive video? >> i don't have anymore information than you do but this is a stunning case of poor judgment. whether that was incompetence or lack of experience or both. i don't know the answer to that. the fact is, as was stated in the previous piece, i had no involvement with the editing, nor would i have approved of it. the republican you referenced before, i agree with the sentiment that the whole purpose of the state department briefing to provide a forum with reporters from the united states but all over the world about a range of issues. i spent two years doing that and many of my predecessors spent more time and this really flies in the face of that effort and something many of us spent time really believing in and
10:27 am
hopefully delivering on from that podium. >> do you want the inspector general of the u.s. state department to launch an official investigation? they asked that the inspector general find out precisely what happened. who asked that video tape editor to delete that video? is that a good idea for an ig report to begin right now? >> well, wolf, i'll let the state department and their lawyers speak to that. i will say, you know, i think i understand why people at home who are watching this inside the beltway debate in many ways can't understand why nobody would be held accountable and why they can't get to the bottom of it. >> there are demands from the hill from members of congress and house committees to have their own investigations. will you fully cooperate? >> of course. i have absolutely nothing to hide here, wolf, but i will say,
10:28 am
again, i had no involvement and no knowledge here. and i think this is raising an interesting debate you probably had on your show before and we've all discussed many times over the years whether diplomacy should be given the room to develop and to grow with the secrecy that's sometimes needed. many could argue, i would certainly argue we would not be the place we are with cuba and not where we have a deal with iran or they've agreed to not move forward on creating a nuclear weapon. had we briefed out these discussions publicly. and that's something that going back to schultz and kissenger. >> as you know, it's one thing to be discreet and not release all the information to the public for sensitive reasons, whether it's classified or diplomacy but another thing to
10:29 am
flat out lie to the news media and the american public which is what your predecessor did when she was asked back in 2013, whether or not there were secret bilateral government to government negotiations going on with iran and she said no. that was a lie, right? >> well, wolf, i think you'd have to speak to my predecessor about that. what i can tell you is that what i was doing, not just that day when this question was asked, the fact is, a week before this, i proactively talked through every aspect of the back channel at the state department briefing and the stories that came out before that. my role was providing information. i was an advocate of that about the back channel. it was at the time where we could do that because of where the diplomatic negotiations were. there's a long history for decades, again, of not being able to provide information when it's at a sensitive time that could have an impact and that certainly was the case earlier
10:30 am
that year. >> but then there was this, when you were the state department spokeswoman, subsequent e chaxce with james rosen with why victor victor victoria newland lied. i'll play the clip again. >> is it a policy of the state where secret negotiations are concerned to lie in order to achieve that goal? >> james, i think there are times where diplomacy needs privacy in order to progress. >> the accusation against you and i want to give you a chance to respond, you were defending that earlier lie from victoria newland. >> i think you could speak to tori or anyone else what she knew about that but what i was doing that day and the weeks prior was providing information about the back channel, about the negotiations from the years
10:31 am
past. i do believe, as i said during that exchange, there are certainly times where negotiations and important diplomatic discussions require not briefing the public on what's happening. not because we don't want to have that conversation with you, wolf, but that means all parties are weighing in and becomes a public debate instead of a private negotiation that, as you know from covering these type of negotiations for years, is often needed in order to make progress. >> the point being though that it's one thing not to release all of the information you need for national security reasons or diplomacy or whatever. it's another thing to lie to the media and the american public as a result of that. is it ever justified? this is my final question because i know you got to run. is it ever justified for a u.s. government spokesperson to lie to the american people? >> i think that's a fundamental value that i have always valued to not to and providing as much
10:32 am
information as you possibly can including being an advocate when you can provide more and that's what i did on the iran back channel. >> jen sakie, the white house communications director. thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you, wolf. great to be here. the presumptive nominee and the gop governor of a key swing state. you can bet they'll have a lot to talk about when they meet on monday. standing by live, the florida governor, rick scott. i'll ask him what's on the agenda when he sits down on monday with donald trump. every time i drive. ...want my number? and cash back for driving safe. and the power to automatically find your car... i see you car! and i got the power to know who's coming and when if i break down. must be gerry. hey... in means getting more from your car insurance with the all-powerful drivewise app. it's good to be in, good hands.
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the florida republican governor rick scott will be at
10:37 am
trump tower in new york city on monday to meet with the presumptive republican presidential nominee, donald trump. the reason? a strategy session to try to win scott's home state of florida in november. let's ask the man himself, governor rick scott joining us now from naples, florida. thank you very much for joining us. since march, you've been a supporter of donald trump's race for the white house. talk about the meeting on monday. who initiated the meeting? what's the purpose? >> i called donald. i talked to him quite a bit and said, i want you to win florida. i predict he'll win florida but we're talking about how we won in 2010 and 2014. i was not the establishment candidate and we won and i want to tell him what it takes to win. romney did win the state and i believe donald trump can win big if he does the right things. >> a lot of people as you know, governor, speculating this is a potential audition for you to be his vice presidential running mate. what, if anything, can you tell
10:38 am
us about that? >> i'm going to pass on that. i'll have two years left when donald gets e llected. we had 1.1 million jobs. if someone in the white house cared about jobs, think of what i could accomplish my last two years. >> if he asked you to submit your personal documents, income tax returns, and go through some interviews to potentially get on that short list, would you say yes? >> i'll say no. i like this job. i worked hard to get this job. i love the 20 million people in my state and 100 million tourists. i'll do my best the last two years to make sure this is the number one place in the world for jobs, education, and public safety. >> that's a flat no. you have no interest. you don't, under any circumstances, want to be his running mate. >> no. i want to continue. i predict donald will have a big win but i want to finish my job here as governor and do all the things we can to make the state
10:39 am
people can live to get a great job and a great education. >> i'll take that as a hard no. close to your heart, my heart. the zika virus. i know you want more federal aid. you need more money. how serious of a problem is this right now? we get ready for the summer season. mosquitos in florida. how worried are you about this? >> think about it. congress goes on recess. on vacation. zika is not going on vacation. we have 165 cases. we're blessed with that, but work hard to make sure we do our job. but the federal government supposed to be a part of a natural disaster, that's what this could be. we need the federal government to show up. i wrote a letter to president obama this week. we have 30 counties with mosquitos saying we need help with insecticides, training, protective gear. we need help with more additional personnel because when this, if this happens in our state, we're going to be prepared.
10:40 am
our state's known for being prepared for disasters. hurricane season started. it's going to warm up with more mosquitos but be prepared but the federal government should do their job. >> but you know, both houses of congress are controlled, or the majority are republicans and many seem not interested in providing the funds that you say you need. what do you say to your fellow republicans? >> first off, it's a disappointment that congress went on vacation before they did this. but the funds and can do these things and we also ask, by june 15th, we need to work how we work with fema if we have mosquito-borne illnesses and they could provide funds for all the things we ask. we were detailed in our request. our department of health is doing well and county and this could be a national issue and they should show up. >> governor rick scott of
10:41 am
florida. good luck to you and the floridians. i know it's a source of deep concern down there. stay in touch with you. thank you. >> bye, wolf. just ahead, the flight for fallujah intensifying right now. an update on the battle to retake the strategic city. not far from baghdad. we go live to iraq. you both have a
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that can camp out in between our teeth, if we'll let it. use gum® brand. soft-picks®. proxabrush® cleaners. flossers and dental floss. gum® brand. the battle for fallujah in iraq is intensifying right now. coalition war plans kukconducte air strikes. the tunnel networks and the iraqi agency reporting that dozens of militants have been killed. for more, let's go to senior international correspondent, ben in baghdad right now. tell us more about the air
10:46 am
strikes. what are you learning about the state of this assault on fallujah? >> this is a specific air strike that the iraqi intelligence was referring to. that was a coalition air strike on what they describe as an isis command center in southeastern fallujah. now, they say that the process that several dozen isis fighters were killed significantly, they say, they believe there was a meeting that was going on in the command center at the time and that running the meeting may have been the so-called commander of isis forces in fallujah itself. so that could be a serious blow to isis in the town. at this point, wolf, the city is completely surrounded by the iraqi army. we know we spoke to representative from unicef that said over the last five days, around 900 civilians have been able to flee the city. in all sorts of ways and there's
10:47 am
one part of the river, the euphrates river people cross upside down bed frames, surrounded or tied to entire inner tubes. so they get out however way they can but that came under fire from isis. so the escape from fallujah is no small task at this point. as this battle rages on, wolf. >> certainly does and perhaps as many as 50,000 civilians trapped inside. 20,000 children for that matter and all of them potentially in danger. you be careful over there and we'll stay in close touch with you. just ahead. from the refugee crisis in europe to the bloodiest battles in iraq, arwa damon has seen global conflicts up close and one of the courageous journalists and here in washington with me. we'll talk about the turmoil in the region right after this. you ready? one, two, three.
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cnn senior international correspondent arwa damon covered conflicts around the world. from isis and the iraqi national army, that's ongoing right now. to the bloody civil war in syria currently ongoing, as well. europe's refugee crisis, seen it
10:52 am
all. arwa's here in washington joining us now live. thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. >> isis right now, is it winning or losing? you have been to syria, iraq. update our viewers. >> here's the problem, wolf, when we talk about the status of the fight against isis is we can't term it as winning or losing. it is a battle against an ideology. yes, the u.s. likes to spit out a lot of statistics like 60% of territory is lost. x-amount of people killed and air strikes carried out. hoerl's the problem. the previous incarnations of isis in ten-plus years defeated at one time and managed to morph and emerge as something more powerful so whilst you can look at the numbers and say, maybe isis is being defeated, the army is not the problem. the army is isis is not the problem. we're facing on a global scale is battle against ideology and that we are actually losing.
10:53 am
>> the battle for fallujah right now, 50,000 civilians trapped inside, most are the sunnis. if the iraqi army backed by shiite militia, revolutionary guards, the head of the revolutionary guard supposedly on the scene, if they win, what happens next? >> that's one of the most critical points for iraq moving forward because fallujah's very much looked at as something of a blueprint then advance into mosul, iraq's second largest city. most critical thing to happen at that point of time is various different shia militias not to orb arbitrarily and killing the sunni population and the other thing to be careful about is how civilian lives are lost because isis isn't letting people out. they're struggling as we heard ben reporting right there and the iraqi army if they end up
10:54 am
killing too many sunnis, that's going to reflect poorly on them and perpetuate the notion that the government doesn't care about the population, the sunni population. >> you have spent a lot of time in syria, based right now door next to turkey. maybe 300,000, 400,000 syrians have been killed over the past four years of the so-called civil war. millions have been made homeless. any end in sight? >> it's very hard to see one. i do so fundamentally want to be wrong about that but it's very hard to see one in the next ten years or so because the problems are so intractable. it is not just about winning various different battles. we are talking about seismic change happening across an entire region. at the end of this, wolf, borders are probably going to be different. populations are going to be different. and it's not just going to have an impact on the middle east. the impact of this so-called crisis extends well beyond it. this is going to not just frame the middle east, per se, but it
10:55 am
also has the potential to frame how we are as a global community and how we interact with one another on a greater level. >> arwa, thanks very much for that update. welcome to washington. >> thank you. >> i know you're heading back to the region shortly. thank you very much. meanwhile, deadly floodwaters are rising in paris. take a look at live pictures there. the water level nearing 20 feet, the highest in more than 30 years. both the louvre are scrambling to protect arts like the mona lisa as well as one of michelangelo's skup l churs. staff are working around the clock to move more than 150,000 artifacts. the museum could be closed through tuesday. that's it for me. thanks very much for watching. i'll be back 5:00 p.m. in "the
10:56 am
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don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. hi there. i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn on this friday afternoon. thank you for being with me. one day after hillary clinton went after donald trump labeling him as dangerous for america and unfit to be president, secretary clinton is on the attack once more against the presumptive republican nominee. she just tweeted a link to the campaign page which features a litany of trump's own words outlining what she calls his, i'm quoting, incoheent comments on everything from the economy to isis. she is in california,