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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  June 3, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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thank you. i appreciate your story and laughter is everything. quincy jones, thank you. >> thank you. have a wonderful weekend. keep it right here. big, big interviews on "the lead." hillary clinton and donald trump with jake tapper. "the lead" starts right now. thanks, brooke. we're live in the golden state, california, and it's just four days until californians head to the polls in this delegate gold mine. and the hits that hillary clinton and donald trump are dishing at each other and this is the only show where you will hear from both of them one on one with me today. "the lead" starts right now. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we're live in culver city. what we have today, this hour,
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my interviews with both secretary of state hillary clinton and the presumptive nominee, donald trump. these interviews were just done in the last 24 hours and there's been an intense back and forth between these two candidates. those interviews coming to you in a moment. first, how in the world did we get here? and by that, i don't mean a parking lot in culver city. cnn's jeff zeleny is joining me here. we are not even done with the primaries yet. bernie sanders is out there fighting saying he can become the nominee. you would think, based on what is going on, that the trump and clinton showdown is where it is. >> no doubt about it. this is the sound track of this campaign we're going to hear for the next five months over and over. what donald trump and hillary clinton are telling you. they are also telling voters here, it's one of the reasons that hillary clinton is going so hard after donald trump, to persuade all of the democrats who may still not be on board but it's time right now to get on her side. hillary clinton's going back at donald trump today for another
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round. >> he doesn't really have ideas. he just engages in rants and personal feuds and outright lies. something that our country cannot afford in a commander in chief. >> reporter: a day after a eviscerating trump in the toughest speech of her campaign, trump is taking aim at her character. >> lying, crooked hillary. i love to say that. because she's a liar. she made up my foreign policies. >> reporter: the insults are flying back and forth at a dizzying pace. with violent protests erupting outside again at a trump rally last night in san jose. from her e-mails -- >> she has to go to jail. she's guilty as hell. >> reporter: to his temperament. >> he is temperamentally unfit
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to hold an office that requires knowledge, stability and immense responsibility. >> reporter: here's why she's making that argument. nearly six in sen voters say clinton has the right personality to be president. only 33% say the same of trump. tonight, trump also under fire for his escalating fight with the federal judge who is hearing the civil fraud lawsuits over trump university. trump telling "the wall street journal" there is a conflict of interest because he's of mexican heritage. >> i don't want anyone to think that what he says and how he conducts himself represents who we are as a nation. >> reporter: both candidates, 57% of registered voters saying they hold unfavorable views of
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clinton and trump. >> my temperament is so much tougher and better than her temperament. and by the way, we need a tough temperament. >> reporter: and shaping up to be the toughest presidential race in realtime. >> we all know the tools that donald trump brings to the table. bragging, mocking, composing nasty tweets. i'm willing to bet he's writing a few right now. >> reporter: and, in fact, he was. bad performance by crooked hillary clinton reading poorly from the teleprompter. she doesn't even look presidential. >> presidential will take about five months time before we know that but she's the presidential nominee almost. she said today that by tuesday she will be the democratic nominee and will go forward again, jake, to start challenging donald trump even more aggressively than she has
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now. >> we'll see what happens on tuesday. jeff zeleny, thank you so much. now we're going to bring you interviews with both donald trump and hillary clinton. they are each campaigning in this delegate-rich state. donald trump is firing back after hillary called him thin-skinned and accused clinton of having led the country into war. first, i just sat down minutes ago with secretary of state clinton to talk about her trump takedown and her disappointing jobs numbers out this morning. madam secretary, thank you for doing this. >> thank you, jake. >> you have very strong comments about donald trump yesterday. i asked him specifically about the ones where you said you couldn't trust him with a nuclear code and not hard to imagine bringing us to war because someone got under his thick skin.
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his response was, hey, she's the one who voted to go to war in iraq. how do you respond to that? >> well, i think the speech yesterday was really an attempt to present to the american people everything that he has said, what he has proposed that he would do which violates republican and democratic agreement about how to be strong in the world, how to present ourselves, how to protect our allies and our friends, how to take on our rivals where necessary. and i'm happy to put my record up against his comments, his rants and his outright lies any time. >> but his specific criticism was why would you accuse me of going to war when you actually brought us into a war that he criticizes as an unnecessary one. >> well, he supported it. we have evidence and audio of him supporting it. i said, look, it was a mistake to vote for that but i have a lot more experience as a senator, as secretary of state
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that i am more than happy to talk about throughout this campaign because when people vote, they are voting for the president who is our commander in chief. and i have said and i believe this with all my heart, he is not qualified to be commander in chief neither by experience, preparation or temperament. >> there were some really ugly images on the tv screens yesterday, some really reprehensible attacks by anti-trump protesters against people who support donald trump. do you condemn the violence? what is your message to people who are protesting donald trump? >> i condemn all violence in our political arena. i condemned it when donald trump was inciting it and congratulating people who were engaging it. i condemn it by those who are taking violent protests to physical assault against donald trump.
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this has to end. he set a very bad example. he created an environment in which it seemed to be acceptable for someone running for president to be inciting violence, to be encouraging his supporters. now we're seeing people who were against him responding in kind. it should all stop. it is not acceptable. >> at the end of the day, do you think that those violent anti-trump protesters actually might be helping him in a way by showing his opposition in such a horrendous light? >> i don't think any of this -- people who were peacefully protesting against trump, help trump and i don't think that people who are protesting and using physical violence against people is helping anybody.
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i don't want to talk about the political implications. i want it to end. the police have a hard enough time to make sure that we're able to gather and talk about the issues facing our country. and trump has lowered the bar. and now is it a surprise that people who doipt like him are stepping over that low bar? i don't think it is. he needs to condemn all violence by everyone. i have and i will continue to do so. >> there was a really disappointing jobs report that came out. 38,000 jobs, not enough to keep pace with population growth were created in the month of may. thousands and thousands of americans disenheartened leaving the jobs force. what would you do to help create jobs that president obama is not doing? >> first of all, we've had 75 months of straight job creation. yes, the numbers that have come out this week are disappointing to anybody because we want to keep jobs growing. we want the unemployment rate,
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which did drop again, to be reflective of a tighter labor market, not people leaving. >> and that's a big problem. >> and it's a big problem but i really believe that we've got to do more to create more jobs, to have more infrastructure jobs, something that i've been advocating for. >> how would you get it through congress? >> it should have bipartisan support. we don't have enough jobs in america with rising incomes to provide hardworking americans with the kind of purpose, dignity and rising standard of living that we deserve here in our country. i think president obama inherited a terrible situation. i've said that repeatedly over the last year and we have come a long way out of the ditch we were dropped into by the failed republican policies. donald trump wants to go back to that in a more exaggerated form that will, i believe, throw us into a recession again, create a
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lot of economic hardship for people. so let's get republicans and democrats to agree. we need to fund more infrastructure jobs. we need to come together to encourage the private sector. that's why i'm supporting a national infrastructure bank to do that. there's good public/private partnerships. we have a couple million behind repairs, airports, roads, water systems, sewer systems. we need to be reimagining and configuring our electric grid. we've got clean renewable energy jobs out there waiting. and this is one of those moments -- and we've had them in the past -- where the government needs to create the incentives and the funding to get those jobs and the last thing i'll say about this, it's at the centerpiece of my campaign, how we create more jobs with rising incomes. the united states is doing
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better than anybody in the world. we have to tend to our own business at home in order to create more growth and fairness in our economy. and we have to have somebody who knows how to deal with the rest of the world because problems abroad in asia, europe and elsewhere can come back to hurt us economically. so you can't really separate the job of president, having good stewardship for the economy with the job of really being the global leader to make sure that we not only enhance peace and prosperity but that it creates a condition for us to build our economy here. when we come back, we have more of my interview with former secretary of state clinton. why can't she seal the deal here in california? and my interview with donald trump, that's coming up next. stay with us.
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm here in the state of california. the primary is just in four days but for hillary clinton and donald trump, the focus is squarely on the general election and upon each other. in just a few minutes, we'll get to my interview with donald trump. first, a little more of my sit-down interview with former secretary of state hillary
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clinton. the sanders campaign has been mounting a very strong challenge against you here in california and, in fact, it's neck-and-neck according to public polling. anybody could win. eight years ago when you were behind then senator obama, although you were closer than sanders is with you, you said if obama is so why is he having a hard time closing the deal? you are inevitable in your view. you will be the nominee. why is it a tough landing for you in california and elsewhere? >> we'll see what happens on tuesday. i'm very proud of the campaign that we're running. on tuesday, i believe i will have decisively won the popular vote and i will have decisively won the pledged delegate majority. you can't get much more than that out of a primary season. in fact, the contest between then senator obama and myself was much closer by some
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standards i actually led a little bit in the popular vote but i fell a little short in the pledged delegates. so i have a decision to make. a lot of many i supporters said, hey, let's keep going, you know, let's make sure that we go to the convention. i said, no, i ran to become president because i have deep values and beliefs about what should be done in our country. i am much closer in the goals that i think we should be pursing with barack obama than i am with the republicans. the same is true with senator sanders and myself. we both want to make sure wall street never wrecks main street again. we share so many of the same goals. we have different approaches, different ideas of how to achieve those. so if you are a supporter of minor senator sanders and you look at this contest which has been largely on issues, compared
1:19 pm
to the republican side, which has been largely on insults and plans that never would be feasible. >> it's gotten tough with sanders. >> it's nothing like what we saw on the republican side. and so after tuesday, i'm going to do everything i can to reach out to try to unify the party and i expect sanders to do the same and we will go to the convention in a unified way to make our case to leave the convention to go into the general election to defeat donald trump. >> there's one other thing that i want to ask you about donald trump and that is, when you were launching your criticism, your attack against trump university, which is right now in the middle of civil suit for fraud, the trump campaign started hitting back which questioning donations to the clinton foundation and how the money is spent. there have been questions in the
1:20 pm
media about that. do you think those questions undermine at all your argument against trump university? >> not at you will. this is really like an absurd comparison. we have disclosed everything. you can see what we do we put out reports. we can find you millions of lives that have improved because of the work. contrast that, the attorney general of new york have said that trump u is basically a fraud. it's a fraud. where donald trump has preyed on people, has taken them by asking you to max out the credit cards to a point of financial despair. i'll let the lawsuits go on. it's very clear from the testimony we've already heard about from his close associates that even people working in it
1:21 pm
find it fraudulent. >> madam secretary, thank you so much. good luck in california. tough race. >> we're doing well. we're going to go all the way to the finish line. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. right after the break, donald trump doubling down on his suggestion that the judge presiding over the trump university lawsuit has a conflict of interest because his parents are mexican. and trump wants to build a wall. he calls that a conflict of interest. we'll ask him how is that not racist? his response, coming up.
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welcome back to "the lead." live from california, as we speak, donald trump is about to
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take the stage in northern california for a rally. yes, even though he is already the presumptive republican nominee with no real opponents in the races. the event today is an attempt to turn this blue state red in november. cnn's jason carroll is traveling with the trump campaign and is in redding, california. tell us what is going on where you are right now. >> reporter: a very hot redding. it's 100 degrees out here, jake. i can tell you a few moments ago we saw the trump plane go by. he should be taking the stage at any moment from here. the heat is nearly 100 degrees. some of those in the trump camp hoping that the heat will keep away those protesters, like the protesters that were seen in san jose yesterday. once again, the end of that rally met by demonstrators clashing outside that rally, throwing eggs, punches before police were finally able to break up that melee there in san jose. meanwhile, at the trump rally in
1:27 pm
san jose, trump going after clinton after she gave that blistering speech going after his foreign policy point by point. well, he went after her saying, listen to that speech was like taking something to put him to sleep. he attacked clinton not only for her using her private e-mails while she was secretary of state but also going after her for her judgment for supporting the war in iraq. >> hillary clinton has to go to jail. okay? she has to go to jail. that was a phony -- she's guilty as hell. crooked hillary said, oh, donald trump, his finger on the button. i'm the one that didn't want to go into iraq, folks. and she's the one that stupidly raised her hand to go into iraq. >> and jake, right now you're
1:28 pm
looking at live pictures of the trump plane. folks have been standing out here in the blistering heat waiting for donald trump to take the stage. the hispanic vote is extremely important here in the state of california. as you know. also, after listening to many of trump speeches, he says he's very popular among the latino community but that's not the case if you look at the polls. what's not happening him, jake, he went after new mexico governor susana martinez. jake? >> jason carroll, thank you so much. before donald trump jumped on that impressive jet to redding, california, he sat down with me and he was quick to launch attacks at the democratic front-runner. hillary clinton was giving a speech and had some very tough things to say about you.
1:29 pm
>> she was reading a speech that was written by other people. okay? but go ahead. sound bites. >> one of the things she said is it's not hard to imagine donald trump leading us into war because someone got under his very thin skin. what's your response to that? >> well, i don't have thin skin. i have very strong and thick skin. if you do a report and it's not necessarily positive but, you're right, i never complain. i do complain when it's a lie or when it's wrong. but i have a strong temperament and it's a very good temperament and it's in a very in control temperament or i wouldn't have built all of this wonderful company and number one best sellers, one of the best-selling books of all-time, tremendous television success. wait a minute, jake. i've been successful in every business i've been in, if you think. real estate, one of the most successful. television, "the apprentice." nbc came to me and wanted to
1:30 pm
renew so badly -- >> what does that have to do with temperament. >> you can't have that success without good temperament. and i will say that, i was thinking about the word temperament. we need a strong temperament in this country. we have been led by weak and ineffective people. countries have i ctaken advanta of us. we have taken advantage by everybody. i have a very strong temperament but i have a temperament that's under control. she says i'll bring us into war. she wanted to go to war in iraq. she raised her hand. i said, i don't want to go into iraq. iraq is going to destabilize the middle east and i was 100% right. >> i want to ask you about the comments you made about the judge in the trump university case. you said you thought it was a conflict of interest that he's the judge because he's of mexican heritage even though he's from indiana. hillary clinton said that --
1:31 pm
>> here's a woman who should be put in jail for her e-mails. let me just say, first off, i have a case where thousands of people have taken this course, thousands and thousands of people have said great reviews, great reviews. fortunately, just about everybody that took the case has signed a review, an evaluation, they call it. and it's gotten tremendous marks. i don't mean two people. thousands. >> right. >> i have a situation where the woman that brought the case brought the case. she's the plaintiff. she was deposed. she was found to be a disaster for them as a witness because she gave an evaluation that was like the best evaluation you've ever heard -- wait just one second and she did a tape like from your camera saying that this school was fantastic, it was fantastic. they went to the judge and said, urn, we don't want her anymore to be our plaintiff. they said, let's dismiss the case. okay. let's dismiss the case. he said, i won't dismiss the
1:32 pm
case and she doesn't have to be the plaintiff. >> what does this have to do with heritage? >> i've had ruling after ruling after ruling that's been bad rulings. before that, we had another judge. if he was still there, this case would have been over two years ago. i've had terrible rulings, i've been treated very unfairly. this judge is of mexican heritage. i'm building a wall. >> so no mexican judge could ever be involved in a case that involves you? >> a member of society, very pro-mexico, that's all fine but -- >> you're calling in to question his heritage. >> does he know the lawyer on the other side? i mean, does he know the lawyer? you know, a lot of people -- >> i'm not talking about that. >> that's another problem. >> you're invoking his race talking about whether or not he can do his job. >> jake, i'm building a wall. okay? i'm building a wall. i'm trying to keep business out of mexico. mexico's fine. >> but he's an american.
1:33 pm
>> he's of mexican heritage and he's very proud of it, as i am. >> but he's an american. you keep talking about it's a conflict of interest because it's mexico. >> i have a case that should have already been dismissed. i have thousands of people that say trump university is fantastic. i have a judge that never, ever -- now we lose the plaintiff. he let's the plaintiff of the case out. so we thought we won the case. >> you disagree with his rulings. i totally understand that. >> i've had lawyers come up to me and say you are being treated so unfairly. the plaintiffs have all said wonderful things. you know why? >> i don't want to litigate the case of trump university. >> if he was giving me fair rulings, i wouldn't say that. i wouldn't be talking to you this way. he's given me horrible rulings. >> i don't care if you criticize him. that's fine. you can criticize every decision. what i'm saying, if you invoke
1:34 pm
his race as a reason about why he can't do his job. >> i think that's why he's doing it. >> when hillary clinton says -- >> hillary -- >> paul ryan today said he didn't care this is not -- this is a case that i should have won. you know, the law firm paid hillary clinton hundreds of thousands of dollars to make speeches. you know the law firm -- >> i do. and we reported it on my show. >> okay. i'm glad. you're the only one. a law firm paid hundreds and thousands of dollars to hillary clinton for speeches. everyone fell asleep. >> before either of you were running for president, they did. >> do you know they've contributed tremendous amounts of money to her campaign? >> yes. >> do you know they contributed a lot of money to eric schneiderman? >> i did not know that. >> did you know they went to every attorney general practically they could and this case was turned down from almost
1:35 pm
every attorney general from texas to florida and to many other states. >> is it not, when hillary clinton says this is a racist attack, and you reject that, if you're saying he can't do his job because of his race, is that not the definition of racism? >> no. i don't think so at all. he's proud of his heritage. >> you said he can't do his job because of that. >> i'm building a wall. i think i'm going to do very well with hispanics because they are going to get jobs right now. they are going to get jobs. i think i'm going to do very well with hispanics. we are building a wall. he's a mexican. we're building a wall between here and mexico. the answer is, he is giving us very unfair rulings. rulings that people can't even believe. this case should have ended years ago in summary judgment. the best lawyers i have spoken to so many lawyers, they said, this is not a case. this is a case that should have ended. this judge is giving us unfair
1:36 pm
rulings. i'm building a wall. it's a wall between mexico. not another country. >> but he's not from mexico. he's from indiana. >> he's of mexican heritage and he's very proud of it. you can see my entire interview with donald trump this weekend on "state of the union." that was just a taste for you. "state of the union" sunday at 9:00 a.m. eastern and again at noon. coming up, how will donald trump's remarks about this judge of mexican heritage play in heavily latino california. we have a lot to discuss after this break.
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welcome back to "the lead." you're seeing live shots of hillary clinton and donald trump right now. both of them on the hunt in californ california. trump is live in redding california. hillary is from earlier. you heard about the violence at trump's rallies. he's blasting back against hillary clinton and against her foreign policy speech saying that she helped lead the united states into a bad war in iraq. both candidates on attack. let's discuss. joining me now, california's own maeve reston. let's talk about donald trump going after this latino judge saying that they can't be fair
1:42 pm
and doing that at a time when he is come stirring the pot not just ramping up the antagonism towards him and his campaign and not building a bridge to those voters who will be very important in colorado and nevada and other states like that but he also is giving a very high level of discomfort to republican strategists and rank and file folks who are trying to figure out if they can get on board with him and this attack on the judge, you know, just is mystifying to people, why he would continue. the question we have to ask is whether it's tactical. does he want us to be talking about this controversy instead of the controversy of trump university. >> that's interesting. then, of course, the accusation is that this judge, because he's of latino heritage, cannot be fair is inherently anti-trump
1:43 pm
because he wants to build a wall. those are his words. that raises the question, then why does he go forward and say, i think latinos are going to vote for me, mexican-americans are going to vote for me. they love me. in the same breath. >> he's continued to do that. he's relied on very unreliable exit polls coming out of nevada and we know that his numbers are terrible and here in california we've seen a huge surge in registrations, particularly on the democratic side. and a lot of those voters when you talk to them are saying that they want to cast a vote against donald trump. the ripple effect that that could have across the country for him is something that he should be really concerned about as he looks ahead to the general election. >> speaking of concern, let's talk about hillary clinton for a second. there are two groups of people on social media that send me constant barrages of negative
1:44 pm
information about hillary clinton. bernie sanders and donald trump supporters, questions about the clinton foundation, about her private e-mail server. i asked her about the clinton foundation today, asked her about the e-mail server a few days ago. she's having a hard time in this state, at least according to polls. >> they were both campaigning on the same day and when you talk about bernie sanders supporters, they are having a really hard time with this concept that they may have to vote for her in november. the antipathy against trump is so strong but they are saying literally the most i can do is cast my vote for her but maybe not even that and certainly not volunteering with the enthusiasm that they would have with bernie sanders. so she argued to you that this whole unity thing is going to happen but i think she's got a long way to go on that. >> there's that whole bernie or
1:45 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we're live in the golden state of california. continuing with our politics lead, two big interviews one with democratic front-runner hillary clinton and the other with presumptive republican presidential nominee donald trump. i'm back with cnn senior political analyst ron brownstein. let's talk about it all. ron, first of all, why is it so tough for hillary clinton to seal the deal in california? she won the state eight years ago. it would seem to be a state, a lot of latino and african-american voters, where she would do well. >> she has one of the 18 states that voted and they are diverse. democratic states are all diverse and she's dominated among nonwhite voters. there's two reasons why california has been tough for
1:50 pm
her. one, it's an open primary. cnn polling ransom numbers f sor me. bernie sanders has won almost two-thirds of independents. >> independents voting here -- >> make a big difference. and even in the polling that's been done is showing her ahead of democrats. the other reason he's doing well is that his advantage among young people, one of the dominant stories for this whole primary, is extending across the racial line. it's running well among young african-americans. when you put those together and plus two weeks of personal campaigning, barnstorming the states and essentially writing off new jersey which should not be overlooked. they are conceding the math mat cal majority to her in a hope of making a political point that they can take to the convention. >> is hillary clinton going to have a tough time winning over
1:51 pm
sanders voters if she ultimately becomes the nominee? >> i think many of them will in the end driven by donald trump to vote for her. the biggest red flag for her in general election voting are the younger voters. bernie sanders has won a higher percentage of voters under 30 than barack obama did in 2008. barack obama was young, cool, historic. this is a socialist who looks like larry david and he's beating her even more. she's seeing the same underperforming. trump has very high negatives among young people. >> let's talk about donald trump in the general election as he continues to say things that offend many latinos, especially this campaign against this federal judge. he said it's unfair and recuse himself because he's of mexican heritage and donald trump wants to build a wall.
1:52 pm
a lot of latinos say that is flat-out racist. >> it's extraordinary and he's making a generalization that anyone of mexican heritage cannot be fair to me. "the l.a. times" poll out here, he was at 11% among latino votes in california. what mitch mcconnell said on your show yesterday is exactly right. 50,000 u.s.-born latinos turn 18 every month and are eligible to vote. the risk for the republican party, whatever happens, even if donald trump is able to squeeze out a majority almost entirely from white voters, the risk of being defined as a party hostile, not only latino but asian american and entire nonwhite population is a risk to republicans and you can't overstate the danger that this
1:53 pm
could put them in. >> mitch mcconnell comparing it to african-americans from the republican party until today, as he said. >> mitt romney in 2012 won a higher share than ronald reagan and lost by 5 million votes. the initial reaction to that in the republican party was, look, we're doing very well with white people. we've got to reach out -- >> latinos and asian-americans. the nonwhite share of the vote goes up two points every four years. it's likely it will be 30% of all voters in this election. it was one thing to lose the majority voters when they were 10% of the electorate. it's another thing when you give away 80% of 30% of the electorate. if that in fact happens, long-term trajectory and clinton wins and donald trump would have to win not ronald reagan's vote but his vote in 1984. >> which was? >> 64%. the biggest landslide of modern
1:54 pm
times is what he would have to match to get a national majority and that's asking a lot. >> ron brownstein, thank you so much. appreciate it. coming up, soldiers swept away in floodwaters in the lone star state in the state of texas and this regrettably by only be the beginning. that's a live shot there. that's next. hello welcome to holiday inn. running our own business, we've been traveling a lot. a hotel looking to help small businesses succeed is incredible. thank you. holiday inn is an extension of our team. book your next journey at
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watch on demand, and download your dvr shows anywhere. welcome back. i'm jake tapper. texas is in a state of disaster with historic floods washing out parts of the lone star. at least five ft. hood soldiers were killed and four others missing after strong, fast-moving floodwaters overturned their military vehicles on their base. let's bring in meteorologist chad myers. the sad thing is, the worse may not be over for texas, especially in richmond where you
1:59 pm
are. >> reporter: absolutely. you know, overnight, it took 24 hours, the water went down three inches. 20 minutes ago, we had a gully-washing storm that took it up two inches. what went down came back in 20 minutes. it's been an unrelenting storm after storm, 20 minutes of sunshine and then another storm. i was above this today because you can't get a feel for on the ground what these pictures look like. i've never been there but this river looks like the amazon. it's miles wide at times. now, where we have the levees, those fortunate people, usually more financial fortunate as well, are doing okay. but those that are a little less fortunate are the ones getting hit the hardest. you said historic and it certainly is. we're at 53 feet. it's 6 feet higher than it's ever been before. people who have never seen this water high are flooded this time
2:00 pm
and they were prepared but you can't be prepared for what is a life-change event today. jake? >> chad myers, thank you so much. that's it for "the lead." live from california. i'm jake tapper. this sunday morning on "state of the union," my interviews with hillary clinton and donald trump and bernie sanders will be added to the mix. that's at 9:00 a.m. and noon on sunday. happening now, breaking news. poor judgment? donald trump lashes out at a judge overseeing the trump university fraud case, suggesting he's bias because of his mexican heritage. >> no let-up. hillary clinton steps up her blistering attacks on donald trump saying he's not qualified to be commander in chief. but has trump found hillary's achilles heel with attacks on her e-mail? american