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tv   Americas Choice 2016 Super Tuesday 5  CNN  June 7, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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democratic primary voters. >> social has. david, thanks very much. we're standing by to hear an historic speech by hillary clinton and donald trump and bernie sanders as well. >> tonight, clinton is playing the title of presumptive democratic nominee even as she and bernie sanders fight to the last vote. >> announcer: right now from the california coast to the jersey shore it's the final super tuesday battle to the america's choice. >> we are going to unify the democratic party and stop donald trump. >> and voters in six states weigh in, the democratic front-runner has finally locked up the nomination, and is ready to spar with her republican rival, full time. >> donald trump is a fraud. >> lying hillary, she is a liar. >> tonight, in the democratic race, hillary clinton eager to put the bruising primaries behind her, hitting the presumptive gop nominee harder than ever. >> donald trump's ideas aren't
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just different, they are dangerously incoherent. >> bernie sanders, hoping to upset clinton in california. looking for momentum, as he vows to keep making his case all the way to the convention. >> i want you as super delegates to take a hard look at which candidate and which campaign can beat donald trump. >> on the republican side tonight, donald trump prompting fresh concern among party leaders and going for the jugular in his escalating war of words with clinton. >> hillary clinton is unfit to lead our country. she's unfit. >> now it's time for voters to have their say, setting the stage for a brutal fight in the fall. >> he is trying to scam america. >> clinton and trump, jamming at each other's most vulnerable slots. >> she'slty as hell. >> after months of attacks and astonishing twists, the presidential race is heading into a critical new phase. right now.
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>> welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer in the cnn election center. tonight a watershed moment of the 2016 presidential race and in the history of american politics. we're standing by to hear from hillary clinton, we're expecting her to celebrate her ground-breaking acheechlt ingi the first woman to lead the first political ticket. all three candidates will deliver important speeches that will frame the election going forward. donald trump facing the challenge of reassuring very worried party leaders right now who are in an open revolt over trump's remarks about a federal judge's mexican heritage.
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the controversy exploding, even as hillary clinton makes her case against trump with new authority. bernie sanders will signal whether he's determined to lead his revolution to the democratic convention in philadelphia, or begin the process of helping hillary clinton unite the party. all this, on the last big primary night of this campaign, with contests in new jersey, new mexico, north and south dakota, montana, and california. california is the top prize, with a whopping 475 democratic delegates, it may be a cliff hang hanger. we're counting down to the first results of the night, 8:00 p.m. eastern an hour from now when the polling places will close in new jersey. jake? >> wolf, it is a big night and we're going to check in with correspondents who are covering all the candidates on this pivotal night. first to jeff zeleny in brooklyn, new york, clinton campaign headquarters and jeff, what are we expecting exactly
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from former secretary of state hillary clinton this evening? is she going to, if she crosses the threshold officially, is she going to declare victory? >> well jake, hillary clinton is going to mark this moment tonight and what a moment it is. it's a moment she of course has been waiting some long eight years for, but i am told that she's going to frame these choices now facing america. this is about much more than just six election contests tonight. it's about much more than this democratic primary fight she's been engaged in so long. her advisers tell me she will brake this choice playing out across the country for the next five months with donald trump. we've seen a glimpse of that in the foreign policy address last week in san diego but she will repeat some of themes and amplify some of the themes to a wider audience tonight. she is going to take a moment to take in this history-making moment and take indeed it is that. she's also i'm told going to allow some other people to make
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note of that for her. the campaign will use a video tonight to mark just what kind of a moment this is to have the first woman president potentially here, but she's going to dwell on that much less than her surrogates. she's going to get down to business here. this is a celebration but this is also a moment to mark the fight ahead and jake, one thing she will not do is call for bernie sanders to get out of this race in any shape or form. she advised her surrogates and aides and others to give him the space she needs. eight years ago she gave the speech in washington, d.c., to finally leave the 2008 presidential campaign. it should be remembered that was not a concession speech on that primary night. that came four days later, so she told her aides he deserves the time here. the question is if he takes too much time she'll move forward. tonight it's all about the choice facing america. jake? >> jeff zeleny in brooklyn with
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the clinton campaign. of course it is potentially a history-making night. it was 100 years ago women couldn't vote in this country and we're on the cusp of a woman being a nominee from a major party. let's go now to brianna keilar, she's with bernie sanders' campaign in santa monica, california. we've been hearing a lot of suggestions from the sanders' campaign that they're going to take this all the way to the convention, even if clinton gets the majority of pledged delegates and the majority of the popular vote. >> that is what they have saying, jake, and as of moments ago senator sanders was at his hotel in the los angeles area meeting with top advisers figuring out where to go literally as well as figuratively. his campaign manager jeff weaver said the senator would return home to burlington, vermont. certainly the campaign is aware of the optics of a home ward
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retreat. what that could look like or signal. they're discussing whether or not senator sanders will be headed to washington, d.c. he has a rally scheduled there later this week and having spoken with one aide who said that senator sanders and his promise for anyone who wants to vote in a democratic contest that they should have that vote, he sees the washington, d.c., primary, which is a week from today as really the end point, not today, even though these are huge contests, so many delegates at stake, even if washington, d.c., may be inconsequential to the math he thinks that is important to making good on that promise. now his other promise has been he's going all the way to the convention. the question will be as we move forward today, as the polls close here in california, what does bernie sanders say then and that is the great question today, jake. >> brianna keilar in santa monica, california, with the sanders campaign, there would have been a lot more attention on the potential history that
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secretary clinton might make this evening, and on the civil war and the strive within the democratic party, except, of course, a lot of the day's news has been consumed by the republican presumptive nominee donald trump. sarah murray is at trump head quarters and sarah, obviously mr. trump is expected to win the primaries today. what kind of speech is he expected to give this evening? there has been so much tumult today, so many republican party leaders criticizing him. >> reporter: that's right, you'd expect tonight to be a joyful occasion but instead trump has had to deal with party leaders criticizing him publicly, distancing themselves from him. he released this statement about the judge controversy trying to neutralize that issue to allow him toe pivot back to going after hillary clinton. we are expecting him to deliver a speech from a teleprompter and a number of his advisers, his supporters could come as a
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relief to see a more formal speech from clinton clinton if he shifts from hitting hillary clinton hard. couple people raised concerns whether trump is taking it seriously that he is running for president, whether he's willing to step away from his businesses. i spoke to one trump adviser saying you need to hammer home your message, hammer home hillary clinton. the adviser says any time hillary clinton is feel pain we should be adding some to that and they feel like clinton is limping out of the democratic primaries and they need to capitalize on that moment. >> sarah murray at new york at one of the golf courses in westchest westchester, thank you so much sarah murray. dana, one of the things that's interesting this idea that donald trump is going to speak looking at the teleprompter this evening. he hates the teleprompter first of all. he belittles politicians who use the teleprompter when i interviewed him last week and talked about the speech
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secretary clinton gave said she didn't give a speech. she read a speech somebody wrote for her. he looked down on that idea but party leaders are pressuring him to stick to the script so he is at least we've been told he's going to be reading a speech this evening. >> reading a speech. look, he is a political neophyte who understands this much, that this is a moment, and when you have a moment in a campaign that you have to mark, you don't want to make a mistake. he also i think is probably is self-aware enough to know it should be something he should write and read and not leave it to chance pause when he does, he makes maybe gaffes. he says things that he means but it takes the entire speech off message so that is why this is going to be a speech and just like sarah said, my understanding is that they're hoping that this turns into a thank you republicans, i'm going to turn my guns on hillary
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clinton now. >> you talked about it being a moment and also a moment more of one i think it's fair to say for former secretary of state hillary clinton. it is a moment of history. we have never in this country, never had a woman who was a major party presidential nominee and she's going to declare herself that and cnn has also another news organizations have had says she has enough delegates to have the zr the nomination and a moment where a lot of people are watching her especially perhaps sanders supporters. she's going to need to bring them in. >> she does need to bring them in, a big reason why she has been very reluctant to embrace the fact that cnn and other news organizations have said that she is the presumptive nominee, because she needs to not alienate them first and foremost and look presumptuous, while there are still people out there who are going to go vote's sf l
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especially in big blue states like california and needs to treat hem independently and the man at the top of the movement bernie sanders himself tenderly. lot of it depends what he does at the end of the day, whether he follows her lead from eight years ago and says supporters it's time to get behind this guy. we cannot underscore enough where you started the comment, just as didn't matter what party you were in when president obama became the nominee and then the president, everybody and stopped said this is a moment in american history, so is tonight. >> it is remarkable. anderson when i interviewed bernie sanders offer the weekend he made it clear he thought the onus was on hillary clinton to convince his supporters she for all her wall street speeches and the like is the right person to carry their mantle. >> and interesting to see what happens how quickly bernie sanders starts to kind of wrap
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his mind around the situation he finds himself. david axelrod you lived through this in 2000, hard-fought race between then snnt clinton and senator obama. how do you see the transition now? >> well, i will say there are a lot of conversations going on leading up to the end of that. there were people on both sides trying to land the plane. >> conversations between the campaigns? >> yes and i suspect that's going on now as well. now you have a president of the united states who's probably in the middle of that mix. he spent quite a bit of time on the phone with bernie sanders this weekend, there are intimations he'll make an endorsement soon. i think the next week is important what people say, what people do, but i do think the groundwork is probably being laid for it. and i think it will involve real tangible concessions on the part of the clinton campaign and her supporters, as to party rules, as to platform items that they find acceptable, to send a signal that the sanders people
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are being heard. >> i spoke with a sanders adviser today who said exactly that. he said in order for bernie sanders to get on board and to campaign and be active and a full partner in this, he has to be able to tell his supporters honestly their agenda is going to see some daylight. >> yes. >> and that means at the convention, they're going to have some demands and i think there has to be an agreement beforehand that yes, she'll -- >> if it goes to the convention something is wrong i think. >> it has to be within the next two weeks and they're going to go back to vermont after tonight and as he said to me a long plane ride and try to figure it out. >> incredibly historic night for hillary clinton and given the history of the women's vote in the united states. >> a woman has known for hillary clinton a long time, she said it's an historical import of
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this moment, she has so much work to do going into july with bernie sanders but it is an historic moment. women's rights convention, sojoruner truth, black women are part of the movement for enfranchising women, too. all of these events, people picketing in front of the white house in 1917, telling woodrow wilson america is no democracy, if 20 million women can't vote. this is a long line of many things women and men have done across the country for almost 200 years and part of a culmination and we'll see other moments if she wins it will be the biggest -- >> if you're donald trump do you acknowledge that tonight? do you give a head nod to that? >> it would be so out of character for him to do so. it doesn't mean it would be the wrong thing to do. i add to what nia has said and recognize presumably she gets
4:16 pm
that tonight or already getting there, as a credentialed candidate, i could never have forecast a year ago we'd be in this environment where bernie sanders would have run such a strong race and where donald trump would be the republican nominee and that hillary clinton with those credentials to her strong suit would nevertheless be able to do as well as she has done. >> those credentials may be what makes her a strong candidate against donald trump, that sense of stability and experience may play well in an environment with an opponent who can be a little bit impulsive, when you're running for president of the united states. one that struck me about jeff zeleny's report was the suggestion she will not play up the historic nature of the night. it reminds me of our own campaign in 2008, almost never did barack obama address the fact he'd be the first african-american president. even when he gave his speech at the convention it was only when we were practicing the speech
4:17 pm
and he got to this point, something about martin luther king that he became very emotional and so i think it's right for her, she's not running to be the first woman president. she's running to be the american president. >> we take a quick break as we count to the first results on super tuesday. standing by with the speeches from hillary clinton, donald trump and bernie sanders, plus the outcome how it could affect the election battle starting in earnest right now. ♪ [engine revving] the all-new audi a4 is here. we're here with bud light party super delegate michael pena to talk about diversity. america is a nation of immigrants. we're a schmorgasbord of cultures. a korean taco of togetherness. an everything bagel of unity, each one of us a different seed.
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welcome back. we're standing by for three important speeches tonight. hillary clinton will be speaking at the brooklyn navy yard later tonight. that's coming up, we'll have live coverage. donald trump is speaking in westchester county in briar cliff manor, we'll have live coverage of that and bernie sanders is speaking at santa monica, california, certainly live coverage of that as well. we're counting down to the polls closing in new jersey, right at the top of the hour, 38 minutes or so from now. let's go over to john king over at the imaginic wall. let's take a closer look at the democratic delegate battle we projected that she has enough between the pledged delegates and super delegates to get that democratic nomination but there's still a battle under way. >> six states voting tonight. new jersey closes first. here is where the race is in terms of pledged delegates. she's just shy of a 300 pledged delegate lead. the reason we've put her over the top is 572 super delegates
4:22 pm
told us they will vote for hillary clinton at the democratic convention. we allocate them to secretary clinton which puts her over the line. the only way bernie sanders has a comeback is to do so well a significant slice of the 572 change their mind or pull back to undecided. here is the delegate math as it stands and the big question is can senator sanders make up the ground tonight. we can switch maps and bring this over here. new jersey, then we go out here to the western states, the prairie states, new mexico and california, realistically, sanders has to go 6 for 6. cause a panic in the democratic establishment, cause jitters among clinton supports. will that happen? the clinton campaign doesn't think so. >> california the biggest prize of the night for the democrats, 475 delegates at stake. >> without a doubt. this is a difficult moment in the campaign for senator sanders. he'd like to win the democratic nomination. he believes if he can win 5 of 6
4:23 pm
or 6 of 6 maybe can he convince the super delegates. most think that's unrealistic. winning california, getting as many delegates as possible out of california increases his platform and talking about the convention to hope convince the super delegates. when you look the it, wolf, the tale of the tape as the race almost comes to a close. district of columbia a week from tonight. 6 of 7 contests tonight. bernie sanders to catch hillary clinton in the pledged delegates, he has to win 71% of the delegates on the table tonight. 714 total remaining, this includes the district of columbia. he has to win 71% to catch her. he's only won 46% of the delegates so far. she's won 54% of the pledged delegates. is it realistic to think bernie
4:24 pm
sanders can win them all tonight? some people think so. clinton campaign says no, thinks it will win new jersey, new mexico and california is close. even if bernie sanders were to win them all. is it realistic to win california by 70%, new jersey by 70%? i don't think that is realistic but the goal in the sanders campaign is get as close as you can, narrow the pledged delegate gap and try to convince the super delegates to switch. >> among the democrats all states are proportional. they divided up proportionally. >> congressional district in heavy minority communities, bonus delegates. when you see the results coming in, in new jersey, eight not exact but roughly you see the percentage clinton/sanders that's ball park for the delegates. we start counting in new jersey new jersey. yesterday we thought new jersey would put her over the top and the super delegates putting her over the top. we'll know as the results come in is senator sanders in any way to pull off the miracle math
4:25 pm
meaning a sweep of all six states. we'll know that soon after the polls close. >> 2008 in california hillary clinton did back eight years ago. >> it's a great thing to look back at. california was not on the time date this last year, this is almost the final day with the district of columbia to come. this is one of the wins in the clinton campaign they said look we just beat you 51%, she received senator obama at the time was at 43%. this was one of the wins where she was trying to make the case late in the campaign i'm winning the big state. this is the anchor of the democratic party and presidential politics. 50 plus electoral votes to get you started in the race to 270. i'll be more competitive against john mccain. he still had more delegates and she was unable to convince the super delegates to switch. that's similar calculation senator sanders could be having at the end of the night. let's count the votes first and for sanders he really needs 6 of 6 or 5 of 6.
4:26 pm
this is the basket of delegates and the message state he hopes to win it. >> we'll spend quality time the magic wall tonight. still ahead, has bernie sanders run out of arguments for challenging hillary clinton now she's the presumptive democratic nominee? stay with us. my belly pain and constipation? i've heard it all.
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we're waiting to hear three very, very important consequential potentially very historic speeches that's coming up later tonight, hillary clinton her first big speech as the presumptive democratic presidential nominee, we'll have live coverage of that, donald trump is coming under a lot of criticism from within his own republican party, we're anxious to hear what he has to say and then bernie sanders he's got to make some critically important decision in the coming hours and days. very important speeches live coverage coming up, jeff zeleny, over to clinton campaign headquarters in brooklyn right now. jeff, this is one of those moments that a lot of people have waited for, for a long time. >> it certainly is, wolf, and hillary clinton supporters are filling in to the brooklyn navy yard here. if it looks familiar to some of
4:31 pm
our viewer this is is the final debate between hillary clinton and bernie sanders what set this race going. this is a turning point in this race tonight. starting tomorrow morning the clinton campaign is going to do something it's not done yet, raising general election money. an e-mail went out to top donors a few hours ago telling them to get ready to reach out to fund-raisers and donors tomorrow to reach out to their people who they've been raising primary money from and start raising money for the general election campaign. that is on the heels of general election travel that secretary clinton is planning to make on her own, planning to be in ohio on monday, pennsylvania on tuesday tuesday, so they're blocking out the next chapter of the race. they are watching donald trump carefully here and trying to see if there are any opportunities out there and any other only battleground states or new battleground states as this electorate shifts in the unusual election campaign. this race is going to pivot
4:32 pm
quickly, bernie sanders is directly out of the race long before we know it, secretary clinton is making the pivot as early as tomorrow. >> we remember that location, anderson, where the democratic debate took place. >> fiery debate it was. lot to talk with paul begala, pro-clbt clinton super pack waiting for this day for a long time. what do you expect to hear from the candidate tonight in. >> i think she needs to build bridges to the folks who did not vote for her. having been married for 27 years, the three most important words are not i love you. i hear you. i hear you about income inequality. here's my plan. i hear you about global warming. here's my plan. i hear you about campaign finance reform. that's the first thing. second thing, there is some commentary on the historic nature of this. i'm thinking of jeanette rankin, first woman elected to the congress from montana, 100 years
4:33 pm
ago and she said i may be the first woman elected to congress but i won't be the last. hillary may be the first woman to be major party nominee she won't be the last. not just it's history, women and girls across america, all around the world looking to her and she carries that with real responsibility. frankly i think -- shall. >> she hasn't been getting young female voters' support. does she make more of an effort starting tonight to do that or does she -- >> yes but i think it's about the ideas andish use. she is a role model in the same way the president carries that with grace. i think it's more about talking about issues. i hear you about these. the truth is she is close to senator sanders on many issues. she needs to make the case. the highest respect you can pay someone. i listened to your issues and agree with many of them. here's how we can get this done. >> a couple things. first of all to the ex-extent the republicans have been feeling a sense of shame today, because of some of the trump
4:34 pm
stuff, democrats feel pride today. first of all you may not like hillary clinton, you may think you don't like hillary clinton. when she is the nominee you will get the good bumps. the same with owe bbamobama. when he walked out there, every american felt a little bit more proud. they'll feel that way about hillary clinton. sense of pride for hillary clinton. bernie's people also have a sense of pride tonight because they feel they have done the impossible and they feel that they're little davids. they went up against the big goliath of the media that wouldn't pay attention and able to break through that. little david up against the goliath of the dnc, the goliath of the clintons, they're proud of what they've accomplished. not just the policies, they also want the process to be different. they feel the big money is an issue. that's not policy, that's process. the umpires weren't always fair
4:35 pm
so they want to be heard, seen and respected on the policy, also on t process but there's pride in both lanes of this party and today is a good day to be a democrat and also a good day to be an american. >> it's called the pivot. >> i don't see jeffrey lourd or s.e. cupp getting ready for goose bumps tonight. >> i'll let you know. stand by. >> a little one. >> i think you're right, van, that whether you're a fan of hillary clinton's or not, a republican or a democrat, you have to acknowledge that it an historic night when she clinches the nomination. it's historic for women. it's historic for democrats. >> by the way we're just seeing bernie sanders meeting supporters there in california. >> i don't want to rain on everyone's parade, but that's why you have me here i assume. it's interesting also because she's a very controversial feminist. this is not a comfortable or
4:36 pm
easy position that she has assumed over the course of 30 years. there are women within her own party who find her controversial. progressives who think she mishandled some of the bill clinton issues with other women. it's something that will be studied, i think, in terms of her rise, and allegations that it might have come at the expense of other women, and all of the things that her supporter also say that she's done for women. i know when she's most often asked or her surrogates are asked one accomplishment she had while at the state department, a lot of the times they say look what she did for women. it's just going to be a very interesting dissection how this woman in particular got to this moment. >> do you expect your candidate donald trump to acknowledge the historic nature of this? >> probably not. probably not. one of the problems that she is going to have here is that she is uniquely a product of the
4:37 pm
establishment. woman, man, she is the establishment and that, in this particular election year, is an enormous problem. this is why the success of bernie sanders to this point, this is why the success of donald trump to this point. we're focused on donald trump and the problems and the historic nature of a woman being nominated for president of the united states, she is also going to be carrying this burden here, and that plays an important role. >> we have to take a quick break. closing in on the first primary results of the night in new jersey, also standing by for remarks by donald trump. can he calm fears among party leaders he's thrown away the party's chances at victory? much more on that ahead. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me.
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we're awaiting very important historic speeches, coming up. we'll have live coverage from hillary clinton her first speech as the presumptive democratic presidential nominee. she's speaking in brooklyn. donald trump is speaking outside of new york city. he's got a lot to answer for. seems to be a serious revolt among republicans right now, based on the controversial
4:42 pm
comments he's made on about a federal judge bernie sanders anxious to hear what he has to say moving forward in the face of hillary clinton becoming the presumptive nominee. 18 minutes or so from now we get the first results, the first democratic presidential primary in new jersey, there's 126 delegates at stake, we'll watch that very closely, five more states right after that. we go over to john king standing by at the magic wall. john, bernie sanders has bitterly complained about the system that the democrats have, put in all this benefit on the super delegates as they're called. if there were no super delegates would the situation be different? >> this is a tough night for the sanders campaign. if you look on social media his supporters are complaining me and other media organizations put her over the top. the super delegates don't vote until the convention. let's start with where we are.
4:43 pm
as we wait for the results in new jersey, the numbers will change once we allocate delegates through the six states here's where we are in terms of pledged delegates. the current democratic party magic number in the system. you have pledged delegates and you bring in the super delegates what puts her over the top. 2383 needed to win. 2384, the number will go up with more super delegates coming out and as we start allocating delegates from new jersey. this is why we can say as of this moment she's the presumptive democratic nominee because she's crossed this finish line. if the rules were different, let's look at it this way. what if super delegates were awarded, senator sanders this many times, where are the super delegates write won big. in this scenario winner take all hillary clinton would be ahead not by quite as much. what if you said proportionally if you win the state with 55 she gets 55, he gets 45 or either
4:44 pm
way you get them, the super delegates are awarded based on the proportion. secretary clinton would be ahead, the margin is different but still leading the race there. if you decided forget super delegates abolish them, the current number of pledged delegates decide the nominee. key point that's missing in the social media conversation about this is that means this number would drop. you get rid of the super delegates they don't exist, the number is not above 2300. it becomes 202026, the majority of the pledged delegates. if you had no super delegates hillary clinton would not be the presumptive nominee. watch the number at the end of the night. does she get to 2026 a majority of pledged delegates by the end of the night if you get rid of pledged del dpats. if you want to score this as a democracy she's won 29 cop tests, he's won it 1. seven left, six tonight. see if sanders can narrow the gap. 13 million voetsz for him, 10 million plus for senator
4:45 pm
sanders. he's won some of the caucuses, a smaller turnout so some people don't like this number. it is the raw vote numbers we have from the contests that report raw votes. there's caucus states involved so some people think this isn't a fair number. the clinton campaign likes it because it shows her so much ahead. we can try to change the rules in any number of ways, some of the ways the sanders supporters suggested and in every scenario you run she still leads in many of those scenarios still across the finish line. if you abolish super delegates you need a majority of pledged delegates. >> these are the democrats and their rules are 50% of all the delegates go to the so-called super delegates, those are the rules right now. >> let's talk about what bernie sanders is thinking tonight. david axelrod a delegate line. he has to figure you the what he
4:46 pm
quants to say. >> he has to bring his plane in for a landing. 7. >> as john king just went through, hillary clinton has won this race. he has to make that transition to help build that bridge to walk across. he was very hard on hillary clinton this weekend, perhaps harder throughout the race raising the clinton foundation. oesht issues he hasn't raced before, i think he's sincere, bernie sanders is sincere when he says donald trump can't be president. that's what he believes. tonight with her as the presumptive nominee, he has to begin building a coalition back together to make that a fact.
4:47 pm
>> he also said to jake tapper it's really incumbent on hillary clinton to convince his supporters. >> it's sort of alphons gaston. president obama wants to talk about party unity and i think a lot depends on how bernie sanders does tonight. when i was talking to his adviser today, he said to me, look, this would be really great if we had a strong showing tonight, win 6 out of 6, if we could win california, if we could finnish this strong way we're going to end up probably at the same place, but we give our people -- >> leverage. >> -- give our people their moment. we have leverage. >> puts them in a much stronger position, if he were to win a big win in california it would put him in a stronger position in these discussions that are going to move forward what the platform will look like, what the rule revisions will look like. if she wins california that's
4:48 pm
less leverage for bernie sanders. >> he still thinks he's in a strong position. >> the knock on bernie sanders he has a limited revolution, that it isn't diverse. if he wins california, big diverse state, a lot of latinos there. that puts a different kind of spin on what he's been able to do the last many months. >> i don't think a year ago we could have forecast the stature he would have today but i'd go sofrs to say he runs the risk of jeopardizing the role he can play in the party going forward if as david says that plane doesn't begin to descend. >> interesting. i think the challenge is that there's three things that i think the establishment sees as one thing. there's bernie sanders snd a political leader, unlikely hero. campaign around him trying to deal with the dnc and the movement. the movement is a much bigger, much more unwieldy phenomena, and those folks are people who feel like they fought every battle. lot of them are first time
4:49 pm
people so any election irregularities, those of us who have been around know it's hard to vote in america. they didn't see hillary clinton come out for them, i'm upset and worried about young people not able to vote. so you have this bigger healing that even bernie can't accomplish by himself. it's important for people to recognize this is not the thing where you can calculate you get this deal and this platform and this deal we can turn the keys over. >> i think it's incumbent on bernie sanders to address with his supporters what the larger stakes are. lot of us remember 2000, there were some of the same reservations will al gore you hear about hillary clinton too moderate, too much of an establishment candidate and 80,000 of the people voted for ralph nader in florida. al gore lost by 527 votes and history was much different after that point because of what happened there. bernie sanders knows that
4:50 pm
history and he has a responsibility to impart the history of his supporters. >> i feel like a marriage clint. they point to the good things that secretary clinton has done but i think sometimes they're talking past each other. the things that are important to the sanders movement is not this platform thing or this thing -- >> i think reforms in the party are going to be important aren't they. >> they have to figure out what rule changes they want. parties should be able to pick their own people. if they're bad he wants them open. then you can't defend caucuses. caucuses exclude the disabled and elderly, people with young kids. i think tonight as important as california and new jersey are i
4:51 pm
think what he says matters more than what happens at the polls. the nomination is sealed and there's nothing that can change that. what he says tonight, there's a moment -- i don't think it's actually tonight but there's a moment that he may need to be barry goldwater speaking in 1960s when he said grow up conservatives. we need to organize and win more and we need to work at the grassroots. the truth is they lost because of math. >> it's all in how he does it and i agree i think it's up to bernie a little bit more than hillary. i think he's been driving this family car on a road trip across the country and he's going to get to wally world and the park is closed. does he storm the amusement park and ride the roller coaster or does he turn the car around and tell his very disappointed
4:52 pm
passengers to get on board of the hillary train. he has a chance to do that tonight and he's got to do it. >> will they go home even they he turns around. >> we'll have more movie an olgs coming up. >> we're counting down to the top of the hour. that's when primary voting ends in new jersey as the presidential race takes a historic turn. the democratic presumptive nominee expects a win over bernie sanders and that will add to her delegate count. 126 delegates are on the line in new jersey. on the republican side as donald trump anticipates another primary night sweep he's now embroiled in more kocontroversy and clashing with republican party leaders. we're standing by to hear from donald trump live on a night of speeches by all candidates. >> we are digging for new information about what we can
4:53 pm
expect to hear from the candidates this evening in these important speeches. let's start with jeff zeleny who is in brooklyn at clinton campaign headquarters. what are we expecting to hear from secretary clinton this evening? >> reporter: the final touches are being put on that speech tonight and it may not be entirely new they're hoping this bigger audience tonight it's directed at them and a lot of themes we heard last week in secretary clinton's san diego speech talking about donald trump and i'm told she will go after the latest wave of controversies that donald trump has had over this mexican flap over the judge born in indiana overseeing this donald trump university case. she will mark this as a history making moment and she will talk about carrying president obama's legacy forward. president obama he is one super delegate we've not yet heard from but he's going to be
4:54 pm
weighing in this race very soon, as early as tomorrow. he's stayed on the sidelines here, we know he had a conversation with bernie sanders by telephone here, but the president will be in new york tomorrow. it's not scheduled to meet with secretary clinton but we are about to get a sense of what he feels about this race. that's important because they believe that he is key here to unifying this party. so beginning tomorrow we are going to see this democratic party rallying behind secretary clinton. other people will be coming in and endorsing as well and they want this to be a unifying moment. it depends on what senator sanders to do here but it will only be olive branchs from this side, nothing but nice things about bernie sanders at least tonight. >> all right, jeff. thanks so much. that's very very important. the obama coalition, neither clinton nor sanders can lay claim to the full obama coalition. really they both have peaces of
4:55 pm
i it. let's go to brianna now. what are we expecting to hear from senator sanders this evening? is he going to be leading the charge all the way to the convention in philadelphia? >> reporter: we don't know exactly but if what we've been hearing from him recently and some defiance it does seem he's going to be talking about pushing ahead. here in california bernie sanders has been really betting the house on this. he's been here for -- this is his 18th straight day here so he sur rended new jersey to hillary clinton and he's banking on california to bring him an important win but a signal of what we're going to hear from him tonight is that his campaign just sent out an e-mail to voters in washington, d.c. ask them to commit to vote for bernie sanders here in a week during the washington, d.c. primary and also to volunteer
4:56 pm
during that time. now washington, d.c. only has 20 delegates but that is the marker that bernie sanders has set as the end of the primary season even though tonight is so huge and so many delegates are up for grabs. he said in this e-mail to supporters, he said at every turn of this election we have shocked the political establishment with our success. let's shock them once again in d.c. next tuesday. bernie sanders has said that this call to label hillary clinton the presumptive democratic nominee is something that was rushed. and to him and his supporters the word is a dirty word something that symbolizes he's called a rigged party system. the fact that the super delegates is pushing her over that threshold is something that plays into that and the idea that his candidacy is a political revolution, the way he feels about it and his supporters feel about it is it doesn't play by the normal rules
4:57 pm
of any campaign. >> all right. brianna in california. expecting results from the great state of california any minute now. dana bash, let's talk about these big speeches from all three of these candidates we're expecting to hear. let's start with secretary clinton. as important as it is to be a good looser in politics, it's important to be a good winner and there are going to be a lot of sanders supporters watching her speech, some of them reluctant to vote for her. what should she say to them? >> it's all about treading carefully and not being as brianna was talking about too presumptive that she is going to automatically get their support. i think that's probably something that most of them are going to want to hear, that she's going to work to earn their support. and the other thing is that she has got to somehow figure out
4:58 pm
and i'm sure this is going to be part of her speech how to weave in their core issues. it doesn't -- we know what they are. you can count them on one hand because bernie sanders has been so focussed and so clear on those issues. now, she's not going to bend and suddenly say let's have a universal health care or medicare for all. she's not going to do that but she is going to basically say i hear you and i understand you and that's the only way it's going to happen, but the end of the day bernie sanders is going to have to help that along. >> one of the things that could throw a wrench into this evening is what if bernie sanders wins california how are either candidate going to deal with that. >> these are going to be important speeches from all three candidates. let's go over to john king as we await only a minute or two from now new jersey is going to be closing the polls 90 seconds or so from now. >> it will be the first indication is there a miracle
4:59 pm
happening for senator sanders tonight. new jersey is the toughest contest for sanders. he would concede that. hillary clinton won it by ten points over obama in 2008. sanders has spent most of his time on the west coast. most of the democratic vote, most of it comes in the newwark area. the african-american vote is critical for clinton and a suburb here, you pop in burgen county, ten po10% of the popula. we'll watch how this plays out in new jersey tonight. is hillary clinton going to win a state tonight or is bernie sanders going to keep the hopes of his supporters alive as we go from new jersey to the west and then obviously the biggest of them all california.
5:00 pm
>> we're only a few seconds away from the top of the hour. 126 delegates are at stake in new jersey. they divide those up based on the percentages of the popular vote. we're about to get the first votes coming in moments but right now the polls are closed in new jersey. our first key race alert right now it's too early to call on the winner in new jersey. we don't have enough of the votes in yet but in moments the votes will be coming in. is this a state that hillary clinton can win or can bernie sanders surprise a lot of people and win in new jersey. we'll see what happens in new jersey. stand by. we're also waiting for major speefr speeches to come up within the next hour or so i should say. hillary clinton has a big speech coming up, a historic speech, the first one as the presumptive democratic presidential nominee


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