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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  June 10, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning everyone, i'm john berman. thank you for joining me this morning. we're following two major stories unfolding this hour. a final farewell and a meeting
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we just learned about between hillary clinton and elizabeth warren, a meeting now fueling speculation and probably designed to fuel speculation that warren could end up on the democratic ticket. we begin in louisville, kentucky, muhammad ali's hometown, funeral procession for the boxing legend about to get underway. tens of thousands of fans expected to say goodbye. ali helped plan his own funeral. he wanted today to be a celebration, a true celebration. a tribute to his life, his legacy, his faith, everything he stood for. cnn's pamela brown, who knew muhammad ali is on the ground there in louisville. we'll go there in just a moment. but first, the big moment that has vp speculation at 11 on a scale of 1 to 10. show you live pictures right now, the clinton home in washington, d.c. hillary clinton, arrived there just a few minutes ago.
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she'll be holding a private meeting with massachusetts senator elizabeth warren inside that house. elizabeth warren endorsed hillary clinton last night. now, the mere fact of this meeting shows that the clinton team is totally willing to stoke all kinds of vp speculation. this comes on the heels of hillary clinton picking up her two biggest endorsements to date. president obama and vice-president joe biden. >> whoever the next president is, god willing in my view, it will be secretary clinton. >> look, i know how hard is job can be. that's why i know hillary will be so good at it. in fact, i don't think there has ever been someone so qualified to hold this office. >> one key endorsement is still missing. that of bernie sanders. the senator held a rally, a campaign rally, a vote for him rally in washington, d.c. last night. he isn't ready yet to declare
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hillary clinton the presumptive nominee, but he is not attacking her either. a athena jones is live at the white house this morning. >> reporter: good morning. coming together swiftly and go on the attack swiftly, even before sanders has bowed out. you're talking about senator warren and speculation about her being a possible vp pick for clinton. she says they haven't talked about this, asked about that in an interview last night. she said there has been a lot of speculation about this, but that she enjoys the work that she already does for the people of massachusetts. but she was also asked if she is ready to be a vice-president, therefore, ready to be president. and she said she thought that she was. but this is just so interesting in contrast to what we're seeing on the republican side. which is still coming together to unify and struggling with their presumptive nominee's rhetoric. take a listen to vice-president biden and senator elizabeth
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warren going after trump last night. >> i find donald trump's conduct in this regard reprehensible. >> he says judge curiel should be ashamed of himself. no, donald, you should be ashamed of yourself. >> i don't think the framers envisioned a presidential candidate accusing a judge of being incapable of reaching a fair decision because of his ethnic decent. >> trump is picking on someone who is ethically bound not to defend himself. exactly what you would expect from a thin-skinned racist bully. >> reporter: so pretty strong words there from biden and warren. talking about trump who had raised questions about judge curiel's ability to judge his case as trump university case because of his mexican decent.
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well, of course, we've seen donald trump responding on twitter this morning, just about an hour ago. using one of his favorite nicknames for senator warren, he said boek ho pocahontas is at i. she has a nasty mouth. hope she is vp choice. well, warren, who has shown she is absolutely willing to go tit for tat on twitter, his preferred means of communication, she tweeted 20 minutes later, no, seriously, delete your account. that is echoing a tweet from hillary clinton's camp, saying he should do that. and so it's interesting to see both war reb and biden come out. warren moved up her endorsement by several days after president obama made his endorsement yesterday. now, on the republican side, as i mentioned, we're seeing continued criticism and questions about trump as a nominee, both senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and
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speaker paul ryan say they want to make sure he picks a vp who has a lot of experience and knows how to dillonate policy matters. >> a whole lot going on this morning. athena at the white house. you heard elizabeth warren going after trump, vice-president going after trump. president obama is getting in that game too. going after donald trump in his own way, he did it last night on "the tonight show" with jimmy fallon. listen. >> his first two terms ended in such a hurry. wish he could go for three, like my man, steph curry. >> now, now, there will be no third term. i can't say forever. besides, daddy's got a hawaiian vacation booked in about 233 days. but who's counting. that being said, the american people face an important decision this fall. the entire world is watching,
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and they look to us for stability and leadership. now, i know some of the presidential candidates have been critical of my foreign policy. i don't want to name any names. >> sounded about donald trump. >> a long clip, the slow jamming in the news with the president and jimmy fallon. you need to see the whole thing. we'll play it for you later this hour. i want to talk about everything going on in the world of politics. right now, let's bring in jason johnson and rebecca sinderbrand. if hillary clinton wanted to meet with elizabeth warren and have nobody know about it, she could. she could talk about important issues with elizabeth warren privately, but that's not the path that they chose. they chose a public meeting in washington, d.c., let it leak to the "washington post" and other news outlets. why, why does the clinton team want the world to know she is
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meeting with elizabeth warren this morning? >> because this is comfort food for the bernie sanders supporters, okay. hillary clinton wants to feed them this idea that, look, if i don't pick bernie sanders as my vp, i might pick elizabeth warren. but i think people should remember, about a year ago, hillary clinton and elizabeth warren had a meeting, i always think clinton, you don't want to run for president and probably convinced elizabeth warren to not get into the race. i think they're going to play footsie for a while. she wants to tease this out as long as she can. >> yeah, the issue of whether or not hillary clinton wants elizabeth warren as her vice-president is different than the question of whether hillary clinton wants people to think she is considering elizabeth warren today as her vice-president. the answer to that question is a decided yes. >> yes. >> and rebecca, elizabeth war n warren, perfectly happy to engage in national politics. we're watching a lot of suv movement at the clinton household.
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we expect elizabeth warren to arrive soon. this national game right now of attacking donald trump, she is engaging him directly. you see it on twitter this morning. she is causing him to engage her directly. that tweet, where he calls her poke cahonta pocahontas, where donald trump is pressing buttons, he seems to be willing to do it here as well. this came up in her 2012 campaign in massachusetts, where elizabeth warren where some people say she exaggerated her native american roots. >> you have elizabeth warren, who clearly relishing tangling with donald trump, and pretty good at it so far. she seems to be getting under his skin a little bit, pushing his buttons. on the other hand, donald trump does not seem to have figured out how to push back. in the past, he has gone with crooked hillary, lyin' ted,
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these candidates, elizabeth warren to voemteters, goofy won play well, and pocahontas, at a moment when he is facing criticism for his ethnically loaded language, that's not going to play well with the republican establishment. so he is struggling to find his footing a little bit in his interaction with her. >> elizabeth warren doesn't hold punches either. she doesn't use that. everything going on in these controversies if you will about what he believes or doesn't believe about other races, obscuring what could be tough news for hillary clinton, continued tough news. all sorts of reports this morning in the "wall street journal" and other places that some of the e-mails that hillary clinton had on her server as secretary of state dealt with issues of drone strikes in pakistan. now, vague references, we are
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told of the possibility of drone strikes. again, showing the e-mail issue will not go away. showing there could be things of interest to a lot of voters. >> absolutely. you know, you have the drip, drip, drip of these constant regulations and of course the continued testimony in the civil suit you seem to have a headline a week. the biggest thing, you know, hillary clinton basically owes donald trump a fruit basket because all of the headlines coming out of the campaign for her could be a pretty big issue, could bring into question of matter of her judgment when donald trump is dominating the headlines, it gets pushed below the fold and she has him to thank for that. >> we keep looking at the clintons' house and we expect elizabeth warren, do you think she'll come out and talk afterwards, in her interest to discuss this public affairs? >> i think it is in her interest to play this out as long as possible. i mean, i wouldn't be surprised if hillary did a decision, this is who i'm finally going to
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pick. everyone benefits from associating themselves with this campaign at this particular point. in large part, because one, it is the biggest political story we have left. two, because as long as hillary clinton appears to be the sane error the less complicated of the candidates, whether you're joe biden, sharrod brown, i wouldn't be surprised if warren doesn't say something. maybe not as soon as she leaves the house, but maybe this afternoon. >> stick around, stay with us. a lot more to discuss today. democrats unleash new attacks. how is donald trump going to respond. he has been on twitter this morning. but what about when he is on a stage. he will speak in just a little bit. we'll talk about what he says next. there we go. which means you need to know your heart rate. when you're going up that hill. or holding up that post. or hiking on that trail.
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republicans. today, he speaks to faith and freedom coalition, a largely evangelical audience. from there, to a campaign rally in virginia. this comes as some in his own party, the last holdout of the never trump movement are raising the notion of a potential challenge at the convention. we're all over this story, jeremy diamond at the place of the speech this morning. chris frates in washington. jeremy, let's start with you. an evangelical audience, any sense of what donald trump plans to say today? >> well, we don't know exactly. they've been pretty silent on what we'll say. what we can expect is rally his base. evangelicals have been a component of the republicans. he has done pretty well throughout the primary. a big part of the speech will be to reassure the people, make sure they know he is still with them, motivated to vote for him in the general election, and of
6:18 am
course, talking about supreme court nominations for example. that's one of the things that evangelicals have been reassured him talk about, nominate a lot of strict constitutionalists in the model of the late judge antonin scalia for example. certainly, donald trump, rallying his base as he moves into the general election. he has to both look for new voters, and make sure that his base sticks with him. john. >> any sense, jeremy, if he is using a teleprompter today? a lot of republicans were happier with the scripted donald trump. will we see that today? >> there are some teleprompters here. it is unclear if those are for the speakers before him or for donald trump. but certainly, it would be in keeping what we've seen lately from donald trump. >> very interesting to see. all right, chris frates, i want to turn to you now. paul ryan has been talking a lot lately. something new everyday. a lot of it, very critical about donald trump. what is he now saying this morning about donald trump's criticism of the judge gonzalo
6:19 am
curiel? >> reporter: paul ryan is continuing to ride what is an awkward line. he is essentially condemning trump's comments while still urging people to support him. ryan is trying to make the case that despite what even ryan himself has called trump's racist comments, the conservative ideas and policies that is champions are basically better served under president trump than president clinton. but whether he is talking to the national media or he is talking to local reporters back home in wisconsin, this whole policy argument he is trying to make is getting drowned out by his condemnation. take a listen to what he said this morning. >> this is something that needed to be condemned. that comment is beyond the pale. that's not political correctness, suggesting a person can't do their job because of their race or ethnicity. that's not a politically incorrect thing to do. that's just a wrong thing to say. >> and look, paul ryan is not alone here, john. other republican leaders have called trump's remarks racist. many are shaking their head how
6:20 am
far off course trump's bluster has pushed his campaign a all of this controversy has some anti-trump republicans, well, does this give them an opportunity to overthrow trump at the convention, bill kristol, a conservative who has tried and failed so far to field an independent challenger to trump used about a convention coop on twitter last night. he wrote, quote, i've been focused on independent candace see, and still am. but struck by sudden level of interest in possible delegate revolt at convention. he also wrote this. a convention of conscience in cleveland would be quite something. made easier by the fact trump only won minority of total primary votes any way. a delegate revolt is a long shot, if not a pipe dream for a couple of reasons. one, trump has filled many of the conventions most important posts with delegates loyal to him. that's not any surprise. number two, this is as crucial as it is obvious here, john.
6:21 am
no one to challenge trump. bill kristol's attempt to field another candidate have fallen flat. another there is another choice, this whole conversation, john, is largely an exercise in wishful thinking. >> he won the primaries, he beat 16 other people, pretty convincingly there. very hard for those other people to change that now. chris frates, thanks so much for being with us. let's bring back rebecca, jason johnson and a serioxm radio. paul ryan keeps on talking, beyond the pale to talk about the comments made by donald trump. beyond the pail isn't just over the line. it's way, way over the line. his comments keep coming from paul ryan, who says he wants to see donald trump getting elected, yet he knows they can't be helping him get elected. >> absolutely, but of course, paul ryan has two priorities here. number one, getting donald trump
6:22 am
elected, a republican in the white house, but he has to think about his own caucus, think about lawmakers in the house, some of whom in the purple or swing districts are feeling a loy little nervous, certainly making a dents in the republican majority. of course the story has been the two parties, at least at this moment, moving in opposite directions. you have democrats making the sort of show of unity that might have been almost inconceivable last week, and you have republicans the wheels coming off the trump train at least right now. the campaign looking to steady nervous stoners, republicans, and so we'll see over the next few days whether they've calmed the waters. >> one of the things that jeb bush says is apologize for the statements about judge curiel. scott walker says he won't endorse donald trump until he apologizes. apologizing is not something that donald trump does a lot by his own admission. >> right. >> i want you to listen to a
6:23 am
conversation that trump had with anderson cooper, i think it was back in march. >> you said on the radio right here in wisconsin the other day that you do apologize and you believe in apologizing. when was the last time you actually apologized for something? >> oh, wow. no, i do. i don't know. i'll think. can i think? but look, i do believe in apologizing if you're wrong. but if you're not wrong, i don't believe in apologizing. for instance, i could have apologized, we started this with corey, my campaign manager. will you apologize. i said apologize for what. i see the tape. i would love to apologize, it would be so much easier. polt jazz, corey, you're fired. >> you don't know of a specific example of when you apologized. >> i apologize to my mother years ago for using foul language. i apologized to my wife for not being presidential on occasion. she is always saying, darling,
6:24 am
be more presidential. >> so he doesn't do it often, but he does admit to doing it, jason. in this case, for attacking judge curiel, pointing out the fact that's mexican, when in fact, he is not. he is american born in indiana, coloring his decisions from the bench. any chance we'll hear an apology. >> it is like he has become the most offensive man in the world. i don't often apologize, but when i do, it is politically expedient. it is not required of him. the people who love donald trump love the fact that he makes decisions, sticks with them, whether they're right or wrong, one way or another. i will say this. elizabeth warren made a good point last night when she said it is fascinating that donald trump picks a fight with a federal judge who is federally and legally bound to not respond to his attacks. the more he attacks someone that can't fight back, the more it makes him look like a bully
6:25 am
instead of a tough guy. >> jason johnson, rebecca, thank you for being with us. it will be interesting to see what he does today in the speech to the faith and freedom coalition, whether he addresses the judge issue at all. we'll be watching that closely. another thing we will be watching closely, a big, big interview, cnn exclusive. mitt romney sits down with wol blitzer in the situation room. what does he say now? what does he say about donald trump's latest comments. he will tell wolf only on cnn. still to come, thousands of people lining the streets in louisville, kentucky. look at that. what a beautiful picture that is right there. that is what today is meant to be a. a beautiful celebration of the life of muhammad ali. we'll take you there, next.
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good morning, everyone. john berman in for carol costello this morning. thanks so much for being here. today, the world says goodbye to boxing legend and truly international icon, muhammad ali. these are live pictures from louisville, kentucky. flower pedals spread on the ground there. a beautiful image. a procession is about to take place, tens of thousands of people, lining the streets. you can see some of them right there. everyone coming out to pay their respects to muhammad ali. president obama, among those reflecting on ali's legacy and the impact he has had on the lives he touched. cnn pamela brown knew muhammad ali personally. she is on the ground in louisville this morning, and pamly, you are outside the center, which itself is a beautiful, beautiful tribute to muhammad ali and all he stood
6:31 am
for. set the scene for us this morning. >> reporter: you know, it's often been said, john, that muhammad ali belonged to the world, but here in louisville, kentucky, he is a hometown hero and evident everywhere you go throughout the city, not just behind me where you see this huge tribute to muhammad ali at the ali center, but really throughout the city. people are wearing their shirts, their posters, everywhere, a big screen right next to here that will be showing fights from the past. we know the procession is about to get underway. this is a procession that muhammad ali planned himself. this is exactly what he wanted. he wanted it to go past his childhood home, the home where he had his bike stolen when he was a kid. when he first decided that he wanted to be a boxer. and from there, it will come here through the muhammad ali center, and throughout the city, and then it will ends up at cape hill cemetery where he will be laid to rest, where tens of
6:32 am
thousands of people are here. this afternoon, there will be the funeral, and dig dignitaries from around the world will be there. bill clinton will be giving a eulogy. rabbi michael learner, i just want to talk about how you new muhammad ali and what it means to be speaking at the funeral today. >> it is a great honor for me to be representing the jewish people of the united states, but also, the people who have stood up for peace and justice. muhammad ali is loved not just as a heavyweight champion, there have been lots of heavyweight champions, but he refused to serve in the war in vietnam and recognized it was totally inappropriate to be killing people around the world, as he put it, his own, people of color were being killed here in the streets of america. that kind of moral courage is the kind of courage we need to see much more of today in
6:33 am
america, and the way to honor him, to honor his memory, is to be muhammad ali, to each of us, be willing to stand up to the powerful, to tell the people who have power that we are not going to accept an unjust society, a society destroying the environment. we are going to stand up in the same way muhammad ali did. >> and initially brought you together was the fact that you were both against the vietnam war. that was several decades ago. what was it like to get that phone call that you would be speaking today? >> it was a great honor, and i was amazed at it. i was -- i had been in contact with him about two decades ago. he loves our magazine, tikkun magazine, liberal and proeg sieve jews and allies. he supported our network of spiritual progressives, and but still, i had no idea that he was actually a fan, as i was told by his family.
6:34 am
he was a fan of mine, and a fan of the magazine, a fan of the spiritual professors. it was wonderful and amazing to hear it, and reaffirmed what he told me long ago. he was willing to stand up with progressive jews and with progressive christians and to stand up for justice and stand up for peace. i have tremendous respect for him, overwhelmed that i was chosen to be a representative of the jewish people and progressive voice in the united states. >> certainly a reflection that muhammad ali celebrated today. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> john, back to you. >> thanks so much. all right, we do have breaking news this morning. more sad news from the world of sports. gordie howe, legendary hockey player, his name was mr. hockey, he passed away this morning at
6:35 am
7:55 a.m. his career spanned over six decades in the nhl. most of it, much of it, with the detroit red wings. sadly, carol costello is not here, from detroit, a big red wings fan. not here for this today. he led the detroit red wings to four stanley cup titles. he was 88 years old. he had suffered a stroke some time ago, and had been in poor health. cousy him right there, skating like he did. again, for decade after decade after decade, as legendary as they come. gordie howe has passed away at the age of 88. we'll be right back.
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all right, you're looking at live pictures right now of hillary clinton's home in washington, d.c. she is there, soon we expect elizabeth warren, the senator from massachusetts to go there. elizabeth warren endorsed hillary clinton last night. the last female member of the
6:40 am
senate, democratic member of the senate to do so. she will meet with hillary clinton today, which is no doubt, meant to fuel speculation that elizabeth warren could end up on the democratic ticket, along with hillary clinton. that's the kind of thing that progressives want to hear, or at least want to speculate on. so we'll keep watching this house for any signs of elizabeth warren's arrival and keep you updated at the meeting. other political news. it is no rare occurrence it to hear president obama tout his own achievements. it is, though, to hear him do it set to music with background vocals, bashing donald trump. that's exactly what happened last night when president obama slow jammed the news on "the tonight show" with jimmy fallon. >> i'm president barack obama, and i too would like to slow jam this news. >> hit me eight times.
6:41 am
♪ >> it's been an honor and privilege to serve as your president over the past eight years. when i first took office, our nation was facing one of the worst recessions in its history. since then, we've added more than 14 million new jobs and lowered the unemployment rate to under 5%. through the actions was my administration, we were able to stimulate the economy, and get our country back on track. >> oh, yeah. president obama stimulated long-term growth. in both the public and the private sector. in 2008, the country wasn't feeling in the mood. it was too tired. stressed, said it had a
6:42 am
headache. tom barra barack lit some candles, told the american people, yes, we can. >> yes, we can. it's all right. >> he created tons of jobs for you and me, and he has got one more left for hillary. >> as president, i'm proud of the many progressive steps our country has taken in recent years, both socially and environmentally. the united states has been a leader in developing clean energy to ensure the health of our planet for future generations. thanks fought affordable care act, an additional 20 million americans have access to quality health care. same sex couples across the country now have a constitutional right to marry. in short, climate change is real, health care is affordable and love is love. >> mmm, mmm.
6:43 am
commander in preach. you gotta listen to my man, bariziz. he has accomplished a lot in eight years, even when congress tried, he found a way in through the back door. republicans gave him lemons, he made so much lemonade, beyonce started calling him the one with the good hair. his first two terms ended in such a hurry, wish he could go for three, like my man steph curry. >> now, now. there will be no third term. i can't stay forever. besides, daddy's got a hawaiian vacation booked in about 223 days.
6:44 am
but who's counting. that being said, the american people face an important decision this fall. the entire world is watching, and they look to us for stability and leadership. now, i know some of the presidential candidates have been critical of my foreign policy. i don't want to name any names. >> talking about donald trump. >> but i believe it is of the utmost importance to work alongside other world leaders, that's why i signed the iran nuclear dealer, we opened diplomatic ties with cuba. transpacific partnership, tpp. >> now hold on there, perrez dispens dispenser. are you saying you're down with tpp? >> yeah, you know me. look, jimmy, the tpp allows american businesses to sell their products both at home and
6:45 am
abroad. the more we sell abroad, the more higher paying jobs we provide here at home. it's that simple. >> so you're saying is this trade deal will help put everyday americans back to work. >> work, work, work. put us back to work, work, work. he put us back to work. >> work, work, work. >> now, mr. president, since you're here, i gotta ask. have you been watching all the election coverage this week about donald trump? >> no, but i have been watching my new favorite show, orange is not the new black. >> whoa. i'm going to need you to netflix some chill. i get it if you're little wound up after all this time. i mean, i can't imagine what it would be like to do the same job for eight straight years. >> jimmy, you probably never
6:46 am
will. >> does obama care. >> america's best days are still yet to come. >> thank you, mr. president, from all that you've done. track, and that is a fact. once you go for rap, you will never go back. thank you for leading, the red white and the blue. that is how we slow jam the news. >> oh, yeah. >> give it up for the president of the united states, barack obama. >> jimmy fallon, the roots and the president of the united states, barack obama, slow jamming the news. i'm joined by cnn media correspondent, brian stelter, host of reliable sources. >> i could not slow jam half as well as the president. >> you haven't had much practice. he has. >> he has. >> he does this. he goes on the late night shows more than any president we've seen for a purpose. >> in some ways, he contradicts
6:47 am
what he said to fallon in the interview. which this is a serious job. this isn't reality tv. this was a slam against trump, but in some ways, it is reality tv, and this white house has recognized the importance of entertainment formats. what i was wondering, what would it be like to watch hillary clinton or donald trump slow jam the news. his critics agree, he has great comic timing. even if it is unfit for the presidency, he reaches young viewers. >> one thing about jimmy fallon, he gives everyone the outlook, jeb bush was on it, donald trump mass been on with him before. i don't think donald trump has slow jammed the news. >> he should start practicing. >> i saw the timing, and i thought it was striking. obama endorses hillary clinton, when hillary clinton is trying to reach out to younger voters here. the president, shows up on jimmy fallon, slow jamming the news, getting a plug in for hillary
6:48 am
clinton and hitting donald trump. >> a white house trade-off here. he gets time to talk about great energy and tpp and then he has to stand there and let fallon make sexual, awkward jokes. it is an interesting trade-off. but it works. it is effective for him. these of course get shared millions of times online. you think about how the white house wrote out the announcements. this was taped on wednesday, but perfect timing after the endorsement came out on thursday. >> they knew it was coming out. brian stelter, great to have you with us. still to come, delete your account. the twitter war, a preview of the general election twitter war, and the actual general election battle, that's to come. . the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq.
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6:53 am
checking some top stories now. president obama has signed off on changes to fighting rules for u.s. troops. this is according to a senior military official. the changes will affect forces in afghanistan and will allow service members to accompany conventional afghan forces in the field. right now u.s. participation is limited to supporting afghan special forces. according to the official, the pentagon does not believe the new rules would put troops in direct combat though they are already in plenty of danger. hundreds of people have beenorsbeen forced to leave a town in arizona. yarnell is the same town where 19 firefighters were killed in a fast-moving fire in 2013. investigators will soon examine what could be more pieces of wreckage from malaysian airlines
6:54 am
370. the debris found on opposite sides of the indian ocean. thr it disappeared in march. for months of not really getting engaged in a twitter war, hillary clinton finally opened fire and she wasn't the only one to jump into a fight. here is cnn's jeanne moos. >> reporter: it's twitter war on one keyboard. >> crooked hillary. >> on the other keyboard -- >> he can say whatever he wants to say. >> reporter: may the best tweeter win. after president obama endorsed hillary clinton -- >> i'm with her. >> reporter: donald trump fired first. obama just endorsed crooked hillary. he wants four more years of obama but nobody else does. >> to which hillary's campaign tweeted delete your account. her followers made it seem like the greatest insult ever. they posted gifts expressing shock and awe over hillary's
6:55 am
comeback from oh, snap, to boom, to a congratulatory toast. not all of us understood the magnitude of delete your account as a zinger. >> it's just smack talk. >> i didn't even know what that means but our producer said that's what kids use to say they don't like you. i think the technical term is -- >> reporter: the delete your account dis was presumably send by a hillary aide. the chairman of the republican national committee, reince priebus, jumped in tweeting at hillary, if anyone knows how to use a delete key, it's you. last week hillary tweaked the donald for his twitter habits. >> i'm willing to bet he's writing a few right now. >> reporter: and sure enough, his counterattack to delete your account soon arrived. how long did it take your staff of 823 people to think that up? and where are your 33,000 e-mail that is you deleted. >> crooked hillary clinton.
6:56 am
>> i really could care less. >> reporter: but how could we not care when someone unexpected chimed in on the subject of hillary's delete your account tweet. too late for some of us, dead panned anthony weiner. there's nothing like a war of tweets to put the twit in twitter. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> thanks to jeanne for that. again, we are looking at pictures right now, there's a moving van in front of the clinton's home in washington, d.c. that's where bill and hillary clinton have a home in washington. hillary clinton is inside the house right now. we are expecting massachusetts senator elizabeth warren to arrive shortly. they have a meeting there fueling speculation about what this means for a possible vice presidential pick. speculation that the clinton team no doubt happy to fuel this morning. again, not sure what that moving truck is doing there. we'll get to the bottom of all of it. the next hour of cnn "newsroom" begins after a quick break. of control... legislature. stand up to this price gouging. prices... relief act. of control... legislature. stand up to this price gouging. prices... relief act.
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7:01 am
good morning. john berman here in for carol costello. thanks for being here with us. we are following two major stories unfolding this hour. the world is saying good-bye to boxing legend muhammad ali. there is a procession going on in louisville, kentucky, this morning. also this morning, a meeting between hillary clinton, the presumed democratic nominee, and elizabeth warren, the senator from massachusetts. this now fueling speculation, could elizabeth warren end up on the democratic ticket, and you know what? this meeting is meant to fuel speculation about whether elizabeth warren could end up on the ticket. we begin this morning in louisville though. muhammad ali's hometown. a funeral procession for ali getting started shortly. he wanted today, muhammad ali wanted today to be a celebration. he was involved in planning this event years ago, and he wanted today to be a celebration a
7:02 am
positive event, a tribute to his life, legacy, faith, and all he stood for. also a way for fans to come together. cnn's pamela brown who knew muhammad ali personally, pamela is in louisville. we will take you live there in just a moment, but first the meeting that all democrats are watching this morning and meant to be watching. hillary clinton is holding a private one-on-one meeting with massachusetts senator elizabeth warren, and, yes, this has led to all sorts of speculation. could this mean that elizabeth warren would join hillary clinton on the ticket? is that what they will discuss this morning or is this all meant just to make us wonder about whether or not that is what they're discussing this morning? you're looking at live pictures or pictures from just moments ago from outside hillary clinton's washington, d.c., home. that meeting is expected to take place soon. elizabeth warren endorsed hillary clinton last night, finally. the last democratic senator, the
7:03 am
last female democratic senator to do so. this comes on the heels of hillary clinton picking up really her two other biggest endorsements yet, president obama and vice president biden. >> whoever the next president is, and god willing in my view, it will be secretary clinton. >> look, i know how hard this job can be. that's why i know hillary will be so good at it. in fact, i don't think there's ever been someone so qualified to hold this office. >> now, elizabeth warren, as we said, just endorsed hillary clinton officially last night, but she had already been going after donald trump extremely, extremely hard on twitter, out loud in recent weeks, and last night she went even further. listen. >> even disqualifying judges based on their professional background isn't enough for donald trump. trump tells everyone who will listen that he is a great businessman, but let's be
7:04 am
honest. he is just a guy who inherited a fortune and kept it rolling along by cheating people. in america we have the rule of law, and that means no matter how rich you are, no matter how loud you are, no matter how famous you are, if you break the law, you can be held accountable even if your name is donald trump. trump is criticizing judge curiel for following the law instead of bending it to suit the financial interests of one wealthy and, oh, so fragile defendant. now, trump also whined that he's being treated unfairly because the judge happens to be, we believe, mexican. and when he got called out, he doubled down by saying, i'm building a wall. it's an inherent conflict of
7:05 am
interest. he has personally, personally directed his army of campaign surrogates to step up their own public attacks on judge curiel. he's even condemned federal judges who are muslim on the disgusting theory that trump's own bigotry compromises the judges' neutrality. you just can't make this stuff up. we will not allow a small, insecure, thin-skinned, wannabe tyrant or his allies in the senate to destroy the rule of law in the united states of america. we will not. >> that was elizabeth warren last night speaking to obviously a liberal audience there, fans of hillary clinton, not fans of donald trump. michelle kosinski has more from the white house this morning. michelle, again, that was elizabeth warren last night, and
7:06 am
this morning it sort of set off a new twitter exchange between two renowned tweeters, elizabeth warren and donald trump. >> reporter: yeah. and what would politics today be without a good twitter back and forth? so this morning donald trump tweets his response to all of that with pocahontas is at it again. goofy elizabeth warren, one of the least productive u.s. senators, has a nasty mouth. hope she is vp choice. and then warren responded to that tweet with her tweet, no, seriously, delete your account, making a reference to hillary clinton's response in a tweet to donald trump yesterday, which was simply delete your account. so donald trump pulling out some more controversial name-calling there. obviously he knows that's going to get headlines and get people talking, but the twitter back and forth and the bashing donald trump continues because, you know, now you have democrats really trying to show unity as
7:07 am
much as possible. unity in supporting hillary clinton and unity in their opposition to donald trump because even in trying now to get bernie sanders fully on board, the talk is that there is one unified democratic goal, of course, and that is to prevent donald trump from being president. so that's been the rallying cry for the last day, and we're only going to see much, much more of this to come. john? >> michelle kosinski for us at the white house. thanks so much. by the way, the poe co-hahn tas reference refers to an issue that came up in her 2012 campaign in massachusetts against scott brown. scott brown and others questioned elizabeth warren's native american roots and whether she was exaggerating them. that's what donald trump is doing with that phrase there. to talk about all this, want to bring in ron brownstein, cnn's senior political analyst, senior editor for "the atlantic." ron, thanks so much for being with us. obviously all kinds of speculation today about what's going on behind closed doors. what's going to happen in this meeting with hillary clinton and elizabeth warren, but i think
7:08 am
almost as interesting as what is actually said is the fact that it's happening and the fact that the clinton team wanted this out there is publicly this morning. so what is the message being sent specifically, i suppose, to progressive voters? >> right. i think there's no figure in the democratic party who is better suited to be a bridge between the sand ertion forers forces a clinton forces or the progressive forces and the more establishment than elizabeth warren who was bernie sanders before bernie sanders. she was the original choice of many on the left to run against hillary clinton. she's a very popular figure there and this conversation is fascinating because, you know, elizabeth warren seemed to face the same problem that cory booker and sherrod brown did as a potential vice president. she's in a state with a republican governor. if you named her vice president, you will allow the republican governor to pick the replacement and thus potentially threaten your senate majority even if you won. no one would really want to do that, but there's a striking story a few days ago in "the boston globe" which is that harry reid commissioned a legal analysis in massachusetts on the
7:09 am
law about filling her seat, and basically concluded that there would be a very narrow window for governor baker, charlie baker, to fill it with a republican. there could be a special election as early as april. the way that story came out, it certainly gave you the impression elizabeth warren was harry reid's favorite for that vice president role. >> no shortage of people suggesting she could help the ticket there to be sure. that will be interesting to see. you know, ron, you're starting to see the democratic party, leaders of the democratic party, by that i mean president obama, vice president joe biden and elizabeth warren, they're lining up behind hillary clinton. so you're seeing it at the top. any sense you're beginning to see it at the bottom? is there any sign there is this democratic unity which hillary clinton needs? >> i think you're going to get there and bernie sanders is in a very difficult position right now from an argument point of view. from the beginning he's argued superdelegates, you know, were essentially illegitimate or countervailing, countermanding the will of the voters.
7:10 am
now he's in a position where if he does want to go forward, he basically has to say superdelegates have to overturn a primary season in which hillary clinton beat him by 3.7 million votes in the popular vote and as well that she beat him in 15 states by more than he beat her in any state. so i do think that it's hard for him to make a plausible argument and as he recedes, i do think you will see more democratic unity. the trend of modern politics is that you're getting about 90%-plus on each side self identified partisans voting for their party's candidate in presidential elections. by the way, if you did pick elizabeth warren for vice president, it would be an indication that you believe that the key to this election is more mobilization of your team than persuasion necessarily of independents, which is also the directions both parties have been going in since george bush in 2014. >> want to move from democratic un unity, the issue of republican unity and the struggle donald trump is facing at the top of the republican party. house speaker paul ryan has been scathing in his criticism.
7:11 am
donald trump's attacks on judge gonzalo curiel over the last few days. paul ryan called it a textbook definition of racism. i believe that was tuesday or wednesday, i'm losing track. just this morning to george stephanopoulos on abc, he called the comments beyond the pale. ron, we just learned that donald trump and paul ryan spoke wednesday night. this is after paul ryan made the comments about donald trump's words being racist. they spoke by phone wednesday night, and the word is that trump initiated the call, reached out to paul ryan to talk about this. that could be a sign, i suppose, that donald trump is trying to smooth things over. >> well, look, the language from paul ryan, first of all, this past week is pretty much unprecedented in american history. it's hard to find another example where the presumptive party nominee is facing this kind of criticism and it's not only from paul ryan. maybe even more striking is mitch mcconnell, the senate majority leader who is much more of an insider player, less with
7:12 am
a distinct tiff ideological vision of what the party should be. mitch mcconnell has been virtually as critical as ryan. i mean, you know,ed a several republicans have used the phrase un-american to describe the criticism of judge curiel from donald trump. there's nothing quite like this. you go back to 1960 there's a great clip on youtube, you can watch harry truman saying maybe john kennedy should wait a little longer before he puts himself up at the convention for president. but that's what we're talking about as the precedent here. so what we're looking at at a high level of discontent over the way the nominee is positioning himself, his language, i don't think we've seen anything quite like this, and it does reflect -- the republicans are in a very difficult position. they can't really run away from trump in the sense that there's more -- less split ticket voting and more correlation between the way people vote for president and lower ballot offices but they're clearly reluctant to let trump define the party. if trump brands the republican partiesy s as a party of racial
7:13 am
implication, the backlash could go way beyond november. >> thank you, ron. still to come, donald trump today with a big speech in front of evangelicals. this is his first big speech in a few days, certainly since the latest round of controversy began. how will he try to heal his fractured party?
7:14 am
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high potency probiotic, life feels a little lighter, livelier, a little more you. ultimate flora probiotics. live pictures from washington, d.c. that is hillary clinton's home inform washington, d.c. we believe that she is inside. we also believe that senator elizabeth warren of massachusetts is due to arrive for a private meeting with hillary clinton. this, of course, has fueled all kinds of speculation about whether or not elizabeth warren could end up on a short list to be on the ticket with hillary clinton. no doubt speculation that the
7:18 am
clinton team is eager to fuel today. elizabeth warren endorsed hillary clinton last night, the same day that barack obama, the president of the united states and joe biden, the vice president of the united states, endorsed hillary clinton. so while you are starting to see democrats lining up behind the democratic presumed nominee, donald trump, her rival, he is working hard to keep republicans in line. today he's got a chance to do it. he is speaking in front of a group of evangelicals wanting to keep those on board with him through the convention, through the general election. he will need all of that support behind him. joining me now to discuss at this event, cnn politics repo reportrepor reporter jeremy diamond. also joined by chris frates in washington. jeremy, first to you. what is this event we are seeing today and what is donald trump expected to try to do? >> reporter: hi, john. yeah, well, donald trump, of course, is starting to pivot towards the general election.
7:19 am
you know, he's looking to woo those independent voters, but today his task is a little bit different. a key component of his base is the evangelical voters who helped put him over the top in several of these southern states in particular, and that's kind of part of the coalition that donald trump is hoping to assemble as he goes into the general election. this is one of several overtures he's making to conservative evangelical voters this month. he's also later this month going to be meeting with about 500 evangelical leaders in new york city. that's organized by phony perkipe -- tony perkins the head of the research council. he's making sure he softens his position on certain issues but also that he can maintain and motivate these conservative voters who have helped him win the primaries. >> jeremy diamond. there is a teleprompter set up on that stage. we do not know if that
7:20 am
teleprompt ter teleprompter is for donald trump. some republicans like the fact he stayed on message with that. we don't know if he will do that again today. now to chris frates. chris, we've been dealing with the issue of insurrection. a lot of folks -- not a lot of folks, a handful of folks in the republican party, the same folks who were part of the never-trump movement, that last breed of folks there saying, well, now we should try to stop donald trump at the convention. break the rules. make new rules somehow. possible? >> reporter: you know, it's possible, but it's a long shot, and it comes, you know, as you're seeing these party leaders like paul ryan continue to ride this really awkward line of condemning trump's comments while still urging people to support him anyway. while he's trying to make this case despite what even he himself had called trump's racist comments, the conservative ideas, the conservative policy that is he promotes are better served under a president trump than a president clinton. but whether he's talking to us
7:21 am
in the national media or talking to his local reporters back in wisconsin, this policy argument he's trying to make is getting drowned out by all the condemnation of him saying that these are racist comments. look, paul ryan is not alone here, john. other republican leaders have called trump's remarks racist and many are shaking their head about how far you a course trump's bluster has really pushed his campaign, and a lot of those folks are going to be getting together with one of the party's most influential anti-trump voices, of course, mitt romney. he's holding his annual power conference and both ryan and reince priebus will be in attendan attendance. both ryan and priebus not as much anti-trumpers as others there. this all comes as some of the anti-trump republicans are wondering aloud again whether this newest trump controversy gives them an opening to overthrow trump at the convention. bill kristol, an influential
7:22 am
conservative, who has tried and failed so far to field an independent challenger mused about it on twitter last night, but, you know, whether or not that's possible, it's a real long shot here for a couple reasons. trump has all the delegates locked up in the important positions, john, and, frankly, there's nobody to challenge him. you need a candidate. you need an alternative. that is at this point a pipe dream. >> and the fact that he won by a lot in the primaries. you mentioned mitt romney. a lot of people eager to hear what he has to say right now which is why it is so fortuitous that he's sitting down with wolf blitzer at 5:00. want to talk about the situation in the republican party. joining us is jeffrey lord and maria cardona. jeffrey, i want to start with you because mitch mcconnell, the senate majority leader, a republican, the same party as the presumed republican nominee, donald trump, he just keeps throwing shade on your candidate, donald trump. listen to what he told bloomberg on the issue of who donald trump
7:23 am
should pick as a possible running mate. >> he needs somebody highly experienced and very knowledgeable because it's pretty obvious he doesn't know a lot about the issues. you see that in the debates in which he's participated. it's why i have argued to him publicly and privately that he ought to use a script more often. there's nothing wrong with having prepared text. it indicates a level of seriousness that i think is important to convey to the american people about the job you're seeking. so, you know, i would have somebody deeply experienced in government and who knows how things work. >> jeffrey, it's pretty obvious he doesn't know about the issues. that was mitch mcconnell, the senate majority leader, a republican, about donald trump. i know you disagree with mitch mcconnell. my question though, jeffrey, is this can't help donald trump to have the senate majority leader keep on saying stuff like this.
7:24 am
>> two things, number one, part of what mitch mcconnell is saying donald trump himself has said, that he doesn't want to duplicate of himself on the ticket. he wants somebody who is experienced in government that knows his way around capitol hill and all of that. so donald trump himself has said that. so i don't think there's anything that mitch mcconnell said in terms of that that's out of line. the rest of it, however, i would just suggest this is the reason donald trump is the nominee in the first place. what mitch mcconnell is talking about, he's representing, if you will, the quote, unquote, political class of washington, d.c., republican and democrat alike. this is exactly what voters in the republican party, 13.2 million people strong, have vetoed. they don't want this. they don't want that in their presidential nominee. so to that extent when i hear mitch mcconnell say this, all that does effectively is reinforce the image of donald trump that got him nominated in the first place. >> republican voters don't want
7:25 am
someone who knows a lot about the issues? that's what mitch mcconnell is saying. >> what they don't want is somebody who is a washington insider who is playing the game for their own benefit, who's, you know, part of the club and all of that kind of thing, which mitch mcconnell indube bitablely is. not just mitch mcconnell, republicans and democrats alike, a lot of them. we had a primary group of candidates in which we had, you know, very distinguished people, former governors, sitting governors, senators, et cetera. they were all thunderously rejected. so when you hear this from somebody who was a sort of class "a" represent at this of the political class, i really do think that just reinforces donald trump's image and reinforces why he's the nominee in the first place. >> it's an interesting argument, that criticism within his own party only helps him, but we will let you make that case. maria cardona, on the subject of lingering problems, for hillary clinton there's a new story coming out of the "wall street journal" today that says that some of the e-mails on her
7:26 am
private server had information about drone strikes or discussions about drone strikes that the cia was going to engage in in pakistan. again, not clear, certainly not stated anywhere in this article and no official says that they believe this was illegal, but the idea that these are among the e-mails that were out there on this server, doesn't it raise fair questions once again about what hillary clinton was doing? >> i don't think it raises any new questions. i mean, certainly this is why the fbi is going through their process of looking through what actually happened. i think the bottom line that hillary clinton continues to say is that she never sent or received any e-mails that were classified at the moment that she sent them or received them. and so we'll see what happens with that, john, but that is what is being looked at right now. in terms of this issue that will
7:27 am
continue to be used by republicans, of course it will continue to be used by republicans. they are in desperation mode because of clearly what is going on on the gop side, and the debacle that they are seeing, the implosion of their party, at least at the moment, in terms of two their nominee is and the fact that so many in the republican party cannot stomach the fact that this is their standard bearer, and with reason. and i don't blame them for not being able to stomach the fact because jeffrey is right, he won fair and square with the majority of the republican base that went out to vote during the primaries, but guess what? a general election is very different. a general election electorate is not going to accept with hook, line, and sinker the kinds of divisive, degrading rhetoric that donald trump has thrown out there as red meat for his base. he needs to add voters to his
7:28 am
group of voters if he wants to get to the white house, and right now he's subtracting and if he continues to do that, there is no viable pathway for him to the white house. >> it will be an interesting summer with questions being faced by both candidates. jeffrey lord and maria cardona. thanks so much. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> thank you for your time. still to come, a super hero friend. that's how cnn's pamela brown describes her friendship with muhammad ali. what a friend to have. we'll speak to pamela next. plus, take you live to louisville. you can see the funeral procession getting under way for muhammad ali there. thousands of fans paying tribute. there's mike tyson. there's will smith. there's lennox lewis. they are all involved in this event today. to louisville in just a moment. i'm terrible at golf. he is. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you.
7:29 am
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7:33 am
good morning. john berman in for carol costello today. thanks for being here. just moments ago in louisville, kentucky, we saw the funeral procession begin to get under way for muhammad ali. you can see some of the pallbearers there. that was mike tyson. there is will smith, lennox lewis, a former boxing champ in his own right. they are all there along with so many others to take part in this special day, a day meant to be a celebration for muhammad ali. this was a process that muhammad ali himself helped plan while he was alive. he wanted people to gather together to celebrate his life and honor all he stood for, all he fought for over the years. again, this is just the beginning of a days' worth of festivities in that city. our own pamela brown, who knew muhammad ali, who could call
7:34 am
muhammad ali friend, is there for us today watching these events. good morning, pamela. what are you seeing? >> reporter: good morning to you, john. tens of thousands of people are turning out to pay their respects to muhammad ali. it's been often said that he belonged to the world, and muhammad ali really wanted the world to be a part of his funer funeral. in fact, he has been been planning his farewell to the world for years now and you really see this playing out. people flying in from all over the world to be a part of this today, including the president of turkey, king abdullah of jordan among others. the procession is just now getting under way. it will go by some special place that is meant a lot to muhammad ali, including his childhood home here, the ali center where we are right now. a lot of people are turning out. those who knew him, those who didn't know him. one of them that did know him is here with us today. a very special guest who met muhammad ali more than four decades ago and developed a lasting friendship. that is my own father, john
7:35 am
wyatt brown, jr. dad, you first met muhammad ali when you invited him to a basketball game so many years ago. what stood out to you then and throughout your friendship? >> he was an entrepreneur. as you know, i was. i just admire what had he did to stand up to the u.s. government and put his career on the line and really forward the important things in our lives here as his cause. avenu he was a boxer first but he built a platform where he was world famous. if you didn't know it, he told you. he got us to believe he was famous and he was the greatest. i had the good fortune of being a part of starting this back with lonnie and larry townsend. we feel very strong it was a legacy worth saving that the world is going to share for decades yet unknown. >> reporter: he had a long fight
7:36 am
with parkinson's and he fought until the very end. he had a full and rich life. what did you see in that regard and how he handled his disease because so often he would say, you know, i am beautiful, be proud of who you are, and he was even proud when he was fighting parkinson's. >> i'm glad you mentioned that because no one else has really addressed, but i was with him so many occasions, travels, and the pain and the discomfort and lonnie, his guardian and comforter and her sister. it was incredible watching him marching on. never complaining and knowing sometimes often the last 15 years he couldn't talk and often in our meetings and raising money, starting the center, he'd go to sleep and wake up and keep going. one night at dinner we were tired after a number of meetings. i leaned over and i said, champ, don't you get tired with all this travel? and he thought for a minute and he leaned over and whispered, he said i can rest later. he's resting in peace with all the world applauding and loving
7:37 am
him. >> reporter: and what are some other stories like that or anecdotes that shed light on who he was that people might get a glimpse into the champ. >> one of the best i remember is after he lost the foreman fight, a good friend and i, john j. hooker, ran for governor of tennessee, and was a big fan of his, a friend of ali. after the loss, he went up to ali's hotel room at ceasars palace and sallie was in slumped over the bed with his face in his hands and john j., 6'6" kneeled down and looked up at ali with a tear coming out of his eyes and the champ took his thumb and rubbed a tear and he said john j., don't cry. remember, i'm still muhammad ali. so that self-confidence, he transferred to people everywhere. you're good enough. black is beautiful. look at me, i'm beautiful. >> reporter: and that's a message he wants to send out to everyone today. don't cry. i'm still muhammad ali and he wants his legacy to live on. >> he was a humble man. loved children.
7:38 am
i remember one time talking about impactful things about when he came and we had a racial problem we had never had and he stayed in our home and went to church with us. i went to church the night before, but he settled the whole town down. he sat on the bench and just his presence. he couldn't talk. it means at peace. >> he was a peacemaker and he always had that twinkle in his eye. dad, thanks for coming on and sharing your stories. john, back to you. >> pamela brown, former governor john brown, thanks so much for being with us. appreciate it. coming up 1:30 a.m. don lemon will host a cnn special event, special coverage of the muhammad ali memorial service. speaking there, president bill clinton, bryant gumbel, billy crystal. they will all eulogize muhammad ali. this will be something to see. elizabeth warren now arriving.
7:39 am
you're looking at live pictures of elizabeth warren arriving at hillary clinton's home. this is a meeting in washington, d.c. we just learned about it this morning. hillary clinton inside that house. now the massachusetts senator arriving. what will they discuss? perhaps not as important as the mere speculation about what this might mean about the democratic ticket. we'll be right back. poor mouth breather. allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right. legalzoom has your back. for your business, our trusted network of attorneys has provided guidance to over 100,000 people just like you. visit legalzoom today. the legal help you can count on. legalzoom. legal help is here. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat
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you're looking at live pictures right now. actually pictures from just moments ago from washington, d.c. that is massachusetts senator elizabeth warren arriving at the home of hillary clinton. this is a meeting we've been hearing about for the last few
7:44 am
hours. a closed-door meeting between the presumed democratic nominee and the senator that many people think is on a list of possible running mate selections. what are they talking about? perhaps we will learn after this meeting which just got under way a few minutes ago, but one thing is certain, it is a picture that the clinton team very much wants to send out, send out particularly to progressive voters, maybe even voters who supported bernie sanders, the types of voters who had been asking for elizabeth warren perhaps to run for president some time ago. other news, a spokesman for the santa clara county jail sass former stanford university student brock turner is in protective custody to keep him away from other inmates who might try to harm him. the six-month sentence handed down for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman after a campus party sparked national outrage as too lenient. with jail overcrowding, it may
7:45 am
reduce his time even further. it may be only half of what some people call an all too brief sentence. dan simon has been going over hundreds of pages of documents in the case released today. what are you learning? >> reporter: we have the entire court case file. nearly 500 pages. we're still going through these documents, but inside them you can actually see some photos of the defendant using what appears to be marijuana. he's smoking out of a bong. he's smoking a pipe. john, the real takeaway here is that it contradicts brock turner's own assertions that he had no real experience when it came to drugs and alcohol before attending stanford. you know, the defense tried to project him as sort of this clean-cut stanford athlete. for critics, this is more fodder than this was a terrible sentence, that he should have gotten more time, and that's exactly why there is this effort under way to recall the judge. the person leading that effort is actually a stanford law
7:46 am
professor and here is what she said earlier this morning. take a look. >> well, you know, she's obviously very disappointed in the sentence and very angry that the judge did not listen to her and wasn't moved by her statement in spite of the fact that millions of other people were. i think she's gratified by the support she's receiving from the community, but it doesn't make it better that she was ignored, her rights were ignored, and her pain was ignored by judge persky which is why we're going to recall him here in california. >> reporter: it turns out that at least ten prospective jurors are also having a problem with this judge. they asked to be released from an unrelated case. one juror apparently stood up and said, you know, i cannot believe you did this, and the judge basically said, okay, and excused him from service. that's according to the san jose mercury news. john, we'll send it back to you. >> dan simon, thanks so much.
7:47 am
obviously the outrage over the six-month sentence for sexually assaulting a passed out woman has reached the highest levels of the federal government. vice president joe biden penned an open letter to voice his furious anger as he called it. want to bring in ashleigh b banfield. it was interesting to hear what the vice president had to say about this and fascinating he chose to weigh in. >> in this manner. i mean, i don't know how you felts when you read this letter, but i couldn't help picture the young woman actually holding it in her hands and realizing that the vice president was speaking directly to her over and over referring to her and the movement that she has start. i will say this over and over again. the pros that she elicited, that she articulated in court and the viral nature that that statement has had has done more for this movement, john, than anything else i have seen. every case that's been litigated and made headlines.
7:48 am
every documentarian who has written something, produced something to try to get change, this woman is the woman who has been able to do it and joe biden even said it. he said you have changed the culture. you have shaken thousands. people will be saved because of you. she can only feel that if she didn't get the justice that she deserved in that courtroom, she can certainly feel that she's getting it elsewhere. >> he was speaking right to her which was fascinating. what about the case itself. we're seeing those photos now, brock turner with drug paraphernalia, a bong. what effect will that have in. >> nothing. judges have discretion for a reason. not every case is the same. i found it fascinating one of the supreme court justices in new york say justices and judges don't take character letters into account that seriously. they accept them. they read them. they don't put a lot of weight on them. one of the letters that was on the judge's desk was from the defendant himself before sentencing saying, i was inexperienced in the alcoholic culture.
7:49 am
i was young and from a small town and from a long way away, and then what's really hard to sort of understand is that the prosecutor stood up and refuted that and told this judge you have been lied to. these photos show that when he was in 12th grade he was doing bong hits and he had an alcoholic, you know, familiarity. he was making deals for drugs and alcohol. so this is a lie, that he wrote this to you. and usually that affects judges deeply. >> well, you just said though that judges have a lot of discretion. that is how the system is set up here so then what is the likelihood that this recall effort will have any real success? >> recall is one thing. changing the sentence obviously we know double jeopardy laws apply in california. you can't just do that. recall, it doesn't matter there are a million signatures on it doesn't matter that there are 800,000-plus on another you know petition to have him recalled. what matters is his constituents put letters together, put
7:50 am
numbers together. 600 of them can force a write-in in the ballot so that a write-in candidate can challenge him in november. close to 80,000 have to actually -- of his constituents -- >> that's a lot. >> have to actually sign a petition, put their signatures to paper to actually force a recall, but you know what? we've seen it in california before with the governor, gray davis. so it isn't like it hasn't happen. >> ashleigh, thanks so much for thanks for everything you've done in this case. >> my pleasure. >> we'll be right back. you both have a
7:51 am
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the world has lost a true legend this morning. gordie howe, mr. hockey, passed away this morning just before 8:00 a.m. eastern time. he was 88 years old. he played hockey for, you know, 60 of those years at a very, very high level. andy scholes joins us live now to look back at this just incredible legacy. andy? >> john, yeah, as you said, howe was known as mr. hockey with a career spanning six decades. you can imagine six decades playing hockey. howe led the detroit red wings to four stanley cup titles. he was a 23-time nhl all-star.
7:55 am
23, 6-time mvp and his career started in 1945. and he loved hockey so much he suited up for a game at the age of 69. he first put his name into the record books in 1963 when he became the nhl's all-time leading goal scorer. by the time he retired, howe would also own the league record in assists, points, in games played. wayne gretzy who idolized howe would go on to break many of those records. howe was known as one of hockey's toughest players. he built a reputation with his fists as much as he did with his stick. even today players refer to a gordie howe hat trick and that consists of a goal, an assist, and a fight all within the same game. howe had suffered a stroke back in 2014. he was 88 years old. many people have gone to social media to share memories of howe.
7:56 am
justin trudeau, the prime minister of canada, tweet the recently by condolences to the family of gordie howe, the detroit red wings, and all his fans around the world. he will always be mr. hockey. a sad day in the sports world, especially for all those fans of t.o.w. in the city of detroit. >> sandy shoals, thanks so much. gordie howe played so much he had a chance to suit up beside his son. what a legacy. thanks so much for joining me today. i'm john berman "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts after a quick break. me down♪ ♪lost love is sweeter when it's finally found♪ . "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts after a quick break. "at this ho bolduan" starts after a quick break.
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8:00 am
i'm with her. >> trump is picking on someone who is ethically bound not to defend himself. exactly what you would expect from a thin-skinned, racist bully. >> i am going to do everything in my power to make sure


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