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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  June 15, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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we want to end tonight with a story posted on facebook a. flight attendant said on a recent flight, the mo ether of one of the victims was make a journey to her dead grandson aloneb and she was not alone for long. and the flight attendants passed around paper and they wrote condolences of page after page of sorrow condolences, and at the end of the flight, the strangers told her one by one they were sorry and they hugged her and cried with her. it took a while according to the flight attendant, but nobody complained that it was taking so long to leave the aircraft. that is what happened on a flight to orlando. that does it for us, and we will be here tomorrow as well. "cnn tonight" with don lemon
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starts right now. this is cnn breaking news. >> good ooevening, the breaking news that we are learning more about the shooter, and there is new video of the orlando nightclub killer who was part of the documentary, and this iscnn tonight, and i'm don lemon live in orlando. there are conflicting stories of what the wife knew about the husband's plan to commit terror. and the grand jury will d side if she should face prosecution. noor salman says that she was with mateen on at least one occasion to buy ammunition, and all of of this is rich fodder on the campaign trail. >> and we are not smart, and we have to go and maybe check respectfully the mosques and we have to check other places. >> not one of donald trump's reckless ideas would have saved a single life in orlando.
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>> we are going to get into all of that tonight, and the other tragedy here in orlando, and the horror at walt disney world, the body of a toddler attacked and killed by an alligator and the body is recovered tonight. could this tragedy have been prevented? we will discuss that, but i want to begin into the investigation of the orlando nightclub mas massacre. joining me is correspondents pamela brown and brian todd. and pamela, i want to start with, you because there is a lot of news about the investigation, and start with the news of omar mateen's wife, and what do we know? >> well, she is under intense scrutiny, don. we know that the invest gay strors been speaking to her for several days and interviews and initially she claimed that she had no inkling of what the husband night be up to on the day of the attack, and since she has made contradictory statements according to the law enforcement sources saying that she had a suspicion that he might lodge an attack, and perhaps it would be at the pulse
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nightclub, and she claims that she tried to talk him out of it on the day of of the attack, and the problem of course is that she did not call police, and that is something that the investigators are looking at, and she claims that she didn't know anything specific about his plans, and so what is also capturing investigator's attention is that the fact that on at least one occasion, she went with him to buy ammunition, and we have learned that she went to pulse nightclub with him in early june. all of these things are things that investigators are looking at, and no conclusion has been reach and no channels have been filed, but as i say, she is under intense scrutiny. don? >> yeah. anymore about the movements of him leading up to the attack? what are your sources telling you? >> well, we have learned that they have been able to pull some data from the phone that is helping officials piece together a time line of what he was doing in the hours leading up to the
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attack, and they have also been able to use the data from the service provideers as well. we know, don, he called a friend when he was inside of that nightclub, and he called a friend here in florida to say good-bye, and so that friend of course is a very important person in this investigation, and the fbi has been interviewing that person, and wants to learn a little bit more about what this friend may have known, of course. >> so, indication that others may have known about the attack besides the wife possibly -- is that what you are saying? >> well, right. i mean, right now they have not ruled out by any means that no one else knew about this attack, and in advance, and i think that in this point, the thinking of the law enforcement is that it is a lone wolf and he acted alone and whether or not somebody knew and didn't come forward to the authorities is a different story, and we know that he was seemingly more radicalize and then a couple of weeks prior to the shooting looking at more jihadist prop
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again dashgs and propaganda and he had been talking about for years of an attack, and that part what the wife said, and others have told the investigators that he is capable of violence, and it raises the question of why didn't they come forward and one source called him the boiling kettle and looking for one excuse to become violent, don. >> there is a new video, and i think that you seen it of mateen speaking in the documentary about the bp oil spill called the big fix. take a listen to this. >> and nobody gives a [ bleep ] and just hoping for more oil to come out and more people to complain so they have the jobs, because once people get laid off, it will suck for them. they want more disaster to happen, because that is where the the money-making is. >> it is all about the money, right? >> all about the money, exactly. >> pamela, what do you know about this and what do you make of it? >> yeah, it is a fascinating
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window into the gunman several years ago just listening to him talk there is quite eerie and i can tell you that the law enforcement is aware of this, and the company that shot this documentary of the bp oil spill was brought to their attention that he was nit, and immediately the company called law enforcement, and notified them and of course, law enforcement has it in their position, and it is just another piece of the puzzle for the law enforcement to look at and another layer. there are so many elements that the law enforcement is considering in the investigation, and this is one of them. >> yeah. >> so pamela, you mentioned that he called a friend, and he also made a phone call to the local tv station while the attack was under way, and he spoke to matthew gentility. listen to this. >> i was 45 when i had received the phone call of someone claiming to be the orlando shooter. i answered the phone as i do saying "this is matt. " ""and on the other end, they said, do you know about the shooting? and i said, yep, getting
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information and receiving the calls right now, and he cut me off, and he said, "i'm the shooter." i didn't know what to say, because it was alarming to say the least. he sounded really calm on the phone. he started saying that he did for it the islamic state, and he did it for isis. >> interesting. what more do you know about t s this, pamela? >> yeah. so we know that the fbi has interviewed that tv producer in addition to this friend that he call and said good-bye to, and it shows you, don, that this gunman wanted notoriety and he wanted people to know what he was doing, and what is interesting is that to law enforcement, he is making the claims that he did this in the name of isis, but what i am being told is that the two weeks before the shooting, he was looking at a lot of propaganda from various terrorist groups and not just isis, but isis' enemies al nusra and other groups, but he was looking at the propaganda, but i am told
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that he was not looking at it that much, but he was not immersed in jihadi prop again d -- propaganda, and so was he doing this or other influences at play? that is something that the investigators are look hard at. >> and i want to bring in brian todd, and there is new information with the gay dating web sites, and what can you tell us about that? >> well, don, we are learning that omar mateen befriended several transgendered women in a gay chat room, and it is not clear what the content of the interacti interactions with the people was, but they, it is part of the rolling mosaic of omar mateen's activity online in the gay community, and it is prolific, and we are getting a picture more and more each day of how much he corresponded with the gay community, and constantly trying to make overtures and trying to get information on their event, and with the
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transgendered women, some of them have been interviewed by the investigators and according to the sources, they say that the nature of it was to pique his curiosity about the lifestyle, but the question is if he was doing this because he was genuinely interested in the gay lifestyle or to scope them out for a possible attack, and it is a huge question tonight. >> and it is fascinated good or bad by the members of the lgbt community, and of course, that played out when he killed those people. you spoke to several people today who communicated with him? >> that is right. >> and what did they tell you? >> there is a lot of activity on the gay apps and it is constant and he was a big part of it. i talked to a man named cord cedeno and he contacted him on a app called the grinder, and short and abrupt, and kept saying hey to him, and this guy would ignore him, because he didn't know anything about him,
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and he finally blocked mateen from approaching him, but he did recognize him from the pictures and the messages, and he said that he also saw ma tooep at the pulse nightclub on at least one okay case, and we asked him what it was like on those occasions, and this is what he said. >> he seemed like a loner, and quiet at the club. i seen him at the bar once maybe getting a drink. >> do you have any indications that mateen had a physical relationship with another guy? >> i mean, i don't believe he had a relationship, but i mean, i think that he continually tried to hook up with men. he was openly gay on the dating apps, and he would tell people that he was married. >>m hmm. >> reporter: kind of a growing mosaic, don, of how the man may have been leading a double life, and married with a child but on another hand, he did a lot of activity on the online apps and
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facebook activity, and all over the place in the gay community. >> and it is not that the apps are to scope out a place, but it is usually trying to hook up, and meet people. >> exactly, and the, he seemed according to the people we talked to like cord cedeno that he had a genuine interest of meeting people. and the club owner said he tried to friend him on facebook, and he said, the club owner said that i put all of the club's schedules and events on facebook and he thinks that he was trying to friend him on facebook to find out when he would have big events at the club, and more gatherings. >> and this is a different story, because you want to meet people, you go on the facebook and instagram, but if you don't want to, go google grindr and you will see the headless torsos and the other body parts, and that is what it is. and he was immersed in na? >> yes. >> and thank you, brian todd. orlando is a city in mourning and grieving for 49 innocent young people, and tomorrow,
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president barack obama and vice president joe biden are going to be meeting the wounded city to meet with the families of the vick tims and the white house says to stand in solidarity with the orlando community, and with the gay community around the world, and yet so many questions remain unanswered here about why the killer felt the need to inflict such deadly harm, and i will bring in stephan, an acquaintance of the gunman and you heard me talk to brian todd how he was active online, and fascinated with people, and how did you know him? >> well, i frequented a gym, gold's gym in port st. lucie, and on a number of occasions, i engaged everybody in the immediate vicinity, and he is sometimes one of those people. >> what kind of conversations, political or talk radical in any way? it is more about bashing
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women or saying vulgar things about the women when they came by. >> what did he say? >> one thing is that he was talking about moose nknuckle, ad looking at a woman, and he called it a moose knuckle. >> that is disgusting. >> absolutely. >> and so did he ever try to -- and -- you said that he was trying to overcompensate for something? >> yes. i mean i don't want to spread any disinformation and i personally, and the people that i trained with thought that he might have been gay. i mean -- >> why so? >> well, just, he would try really hard when the girls would come around, or if we were all in a group talking, he would puff up the chest and do things of that nature, and sometimes in the circles, some guys were working out, we call it how we see it basically. >> because you don't have to do all of that unless you are
7:14 pm
overcompensating. >> yes. >> and what about being a muslim? did he talk about being a muslim or devout or show any religious tendencies? >> no. he just -- no. he never really said anything about religion at all. but it is more about the town that we lived in. how there is nothing go g ing o and things of that nature. >> and some say that he was angry and ainngry and yet homophobic, and did he make any off-color remarks, because if you go to the gym, you will see a gay man, and say anything in your presence? >> no. >> and what about ainnger? >> ainge e, yeah. he had that thousand yard stare after doing a set, he would, and i mean, we all do, stare in the mirror when we are in the middle of a set or something, but with him, it was a little extreme, and a little strange.
7:15 pm
>> i spoke to the ex-wife and she said that he had issues when it comes to anger and violence, and did you see him get upset? >> well, i have seen him slam the weights around, and i have seen him, you know, if there is a very small corridor between the barbell or, yeah, the dumbbell rack and the benches, and somebody happened, and this is one instance and i remember specifically a guy trying to walk through, and he was like, excu excuse me, and he just stood there with the chest puffed out, and he was not giving him any room. so that is just more of the aggressive nature. >> yes. and anything looking back about his behavior that, you know, that you are looking back that may have been an indication that he might do something no one would think that he would do something this terrible, but especially to the lgbt community or commit an act of violence? >> yeah.
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this is is a personal history about myself, because i was shot a few years ago and i was wor g working out at the gym, and boxing with the police league at port st. lucie and i was rehabbing and i told him a story of what happened to me and i got shot, and he got really intense and he said, oh, man, if anybody shot me, i would frigging kill them and kill their family and kids and all and dog, and somebody has to die if they shot me, and it is really intense, and he was young, and i just didn't expect him to come like that. >> how are you doing? >> i'm fine. >> you all right? >> yes. >> and thank you for coming on. >> thank you so much. don't go anywhere. >> and next, donald trump is calling for the surveillance of mos ok mosques and appears, appears to be changing his position on one key issue.
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more on that after this.
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just take a look at the tomorrow's edition of "boston globe," and the opinion piece of "make it stop. make it stop." that is the "boston globe" tomorrow. events here in orlando are amplify i amplifying the differences of the two candidates between president, and with the reaction to the massacre here, donald
7:21 pm
trump is doubling down one of the more controversial policy proposals, and here is cnn's sarah murphy. >> tonight, donald trump is recalling the call for surveillance of mosques. >> we are not vigilant and we are not smart, and we have to check respectfully the mosques, and we have to check other places. because this is a problem that if we don't solve it, it is g g going to eat our country alive. >> reporter: as he continues to slam president obama's response to the orlando massacre. >> he gives a speech yesterday, and a long speech that at the end of it nobody knew what the hell he was talk about. >> reporter: and trump is floating the idea that the president is sympathetic to the islamic radicals, and then trump taking aim at hillary clinton as well. >> hillary is a rank amateur, and she has been doing it forever, and she still doesn't get it. >> reporter: and while clinton
7:22 pm
unleashes on trump saying that the proposals would do anything to prevent future attacks. >> a ban on muslims would not have stopped this attack. neither would a wall. i don't know how one builds a wall to ep keep the internet out. >> but in a new twist today, tr trump is open to new gun control measures and tweeting, i will be meeting with the nra who has endorsed me about not allowing people on the terrorist watch list or the no-fly list to buy guns. the nra says it welcomes the meeting, but the position has not changed saying it is up to the fbi to investigate anybody on the watch list who tries to buy a gun. and trump's latest suggestion comes as many republicans have distanced themselves from the presumptive nominee while he is struggling to find the political footing in the aftermath of orlando. >> we have to have the republicans either stick together or let me just do it by myself, and i will do very well. >> reporter: and today, he appeared to suggest yet again that the tragedy is only going
7:23 pm
to send his poll numbers climb i ing. >> take a look at the poll numbers after the horrendous, and the horrible, and the something we have stop fast attacks. take a look over the last couple of days, because i will tell you that people are tired. >> reporter: and the new polls showing that trump is in serious trouble, and a staggering 70% of americans view trump unfavorably in a new washington/abc poll compared to the same who say the same about clinton. and 43% said they would not vote for clinton as 29% said they were favorable to trump. >> well, is it is a long night on the senate floor, and look at the night for the democrats in the 11th hour of a filibuster calling for gun control legislati legislation, and again, these
7:24 pm
are live picture, and they are going to filibuster as long as they can. and i want to bring in kaleigh mcnenny and our other political contributors, and man, it is a long evening for democrats. and mae, you first. because you are saying that you were struck in the aftermath of orlando that the donald trump pivoted to the gun issue. i want to show a new cbs poll out tonight, and majority of the americans 5 5 -- 51% are disapproved with how trump is handling it, and do you think that he is focusing on the wrong thing? >>le well, what is different is that if it is about radical islamist terrorism, and that is going to help trump, and the gay issue, and it has been about guns, and here is donald trump, you know, another example of how he is really not more of a
7:25 pm
conservative philosophy and not winning friends with the conservatives and the republicans. this watch list sounds like a very reasonable common sense thing, and in fact, it is the federal government unilaterally deciding to take away somebody's constitutional rights, and there is no due process involve and no way to get yourself off of the list if you are erroneously put on it, and the fbi director comey says it can be harmful, because it could botch the operations that they are running if somebody is denied a purchase, and it could sort of tip off the terrorists and mess up what the fbi do, and there is a lot of bad reasons here, and if you are a conservative, and you are hoping that donald trump is your guy, here he is coming out on the wrong side of the second amendment, and i don't know if you will have a lot of reason to give him money if you care deeply about the issue. >> and kaleigh, can you respond to that? >> well, matt makes good points, and the list is overinclusive,
7:26 pm
and two the things need to happen here. and one, we need to make it more difficult to be put on the list, and include only those who are truly a terrorist threat, and it is common sense to make it harder for people who are being investigated for terror connections from the fbi to get a weapon, and if it makes it harder, then, fine. but donald trump did not make this a centerpiece of his candida candidacy, and he is saying that it is about islamic terrorism, and it is not about guns, and we can pass this bill, and take it off of the table, and ki promise you this and i know that donald trump believes it, too, it is not going to be stopping the next terrorist attack and we can do it with the temporary ban of muslim immigration and surveillancing mosques until we know what is going on. >> and kaleigh, i watched his speeches and he said that i will save the second amendment, and he says that hillary clinton is going the try the take your rights away, and he spoke about
7:27 pm
it for more than 15 seconds about it. >> and in the first speech after the attack, the entirety of the speech, and 99% of it was about islamic terrorism, that is is the focus, and he did talk about the guns today, and more than he did in the aftermath of the attack, but the focus is islamic terrorism. >> so, bob, let's talk about this, and chris murphy and the democrats are filibustering, but the senator chris murphy who was representing the district where sandy hook is, and he wants to close the terror gap, and expose the background check, and a can the laws change right now, and this is going to make a difference? >> well, every time, and nothing as outrageous as this has happened and when you have a massive tragedy like sandy hook, they try, and they try to do everything they k and the president of the united states has tried every time, and the nra is that strong, and the perception is that strong to be able to knock it down.
7:28 pm
there is no reason, because you the same gown purchase legally at some of the several terrorist s attacks, but going back to trump, and i could not script a worse response to a tragedy than he gave day after day, and the least of which was, you don't need to congratulate me on the position for the muslims, and this is a time when you go to healing, and you don't try to get partisan and you don't talk about the polls. i don't know what the guy thinks, honestly, and he has a tin ear when it comes to something like this. >> is he maybe saying i have foresight, and you need to listen, or just don't go there, bob? >> there is nothing that he said that could have altered the situation with this particular fellow who happens to be a muslim, and so, it just doesn't make any sense. >> you can use the surrogates
7:29 pm
for this, and trump should not be tooting his own horn, and have somebody else, and let somebody a friendly media figure or a surrogate talk about how trump is right, and this story, as i mentioned it is about several things, but the dominant part of the story is about radical islamism, and the threat, and is so in a way, trump, you know, sort of snatched defeat from the jaws of victory here. >> and what was it that he said, matt, that was precedent here? what exactly did he say -- >> well, this is -- >> go ahead. >> matt, and then kaleigh. >> well, i will, because i'm not in the business of defending donald trump, so. >> so. go ahead, kaleigh. >> well, the temporary ban on the muslim -- and the temporary ban on the muslim immigration would have stopped tasine malik from coming into san bernardino,
7:30 pm
and it would have stopped the other terrorists entering, and with the gun ban, yes, make it harder to get guns, and the last four terrorists attacks happened in france under french law, and we can ban them entirely, but attacks will happen, and he has been pressing and focusing on the terrorist, and he is the only candidate who has been prescient on that since the beginning. >> and the shootings that we have covered recently that have happened recently have been homegrown terror, and not from people who came to this country. >> sure, so it would not have stopped -- >> don, you are right, but the mosque surveillance, and perhaps that would have stopped it, because this shooter was under investigation with the fbi in 2014 because of the connection to someone in his mosque, and they said it is a casual connection to the first american
7:31 pm
suicide bomb, and so maybe if we had been surveillancing the mosque and we would have d discovered thar to radicalization. >> i will let you respond and we will take a break and be right back with the conversation, and don't go anywhere.
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we are back here in orlando where a grand jury will hear evidence that could lead to charges of the nightclub killer. and i'mkayleigh mcenany and so, donald trump is casting himself as a better friend to gay americans than hillary clinton, and here is what he said. >> ask the gays what they say and do and not only in saudi arabia, but many of the countries in the gay community and just ask and you tell me who
7:36 pm
is your friend? donald trump or hillary clinton. >> so, matt, twitter has been going crazy over that remark, and they go crazy over everything, but it is ask the gay gays and people are making fun of it, and do you think that the gays as he said, the quote, that he says will take him seriously and he is going to be a better lgbt to the lgbt community? >> well, i dont n't know about that, but i do think that it is interesting that it is anecdotally speaking that the gay republicans that i know like trump a lot more than they ever liked mitt romney, and fundamentally it comes down this, if your identity is tied to your sexual orientation, and if you are an lgbt leader and activist, i think that you are probably going to be voting for hillary clinton. but if instead of sexual orientation being the defining thing about you, and if you are a also a small business owner, and a taxpayer, and somebody who's, you know, on the pta and somebody concerned about getting
7:37 pm
blownup in a nightclub about a radical islamist, then maybe you would consider donald trump, and so he might do better among the cohort than we might normally think that he would do, just, based on the talking about the gays. >> well, bob, i think that matt may have a point here, and i know lots of gay people, and there are gay people who say they will actually, they actually would consider donald trump, and system of the rhetoric they are concerned about, and is sol of the rhetoric he never seems to back off, but they don't believe he is a bad candidate, and the human rights campaign blasted trump while the president of other organizations are saying, you know, he is not a bad thing. what do you think? >> well, first of all, let's keep in mind that trump's politics is based where he is learning politics and playing politics in new york city which is heavily, heavily muscled by the gay movement rightfully so, and so trump is, he would almost
7:38 pm
instinctively being a new yorker would not come out to say anything negative about the gays. but i don't think for a minute that by saying this he is going to get any gay votes away from hillary clinton. that is the issue. donald trump has no place to go if he cannot pull the votes already out there for somebody else, and he has to change the perception, and he is is not going to be changing perceptions in the gay community, the black community, the latino community or the female community, and so that is why he cannot win. >> and the lgbt community, kayleigh and there are gay muslims and mexicans and on and on, and why should they support a candidate like donald trump? >> well, i mean, you are definitely right to point out that within each of the communities, hispanic, and muslims and gay community, it is made up of people who think differently, and it is a mistake in identity politics to assume that a community is going to go
7:39 pm
one way or another, but what donald trump is pointing out is important. hillary clinton's kacandidacy i riddled with hypocrisys and the most egregious accepting $25 mi million from countries like saudi arabia and kuwait and qatar, and some of the countries where if you are a gay person in that country, the penalty is death, and how can you be for the death -- >> the clintons -- >> the clinton foundation. >> the e global initiative. >> yes, and absolutely, if you are in your heart of hearts are for gay americans and gay issues and promoting the issues and how are in the world are you accepting money from countries where the penl for being gay is death, and donald trump is right to highlight it. >> he took the projects for hunger and children, and it had nothing to do with the gays, and it is not hillary clinton, but it is the initiative that took the money. >> you take a stand, and do not take money from -- >> no. i take exception to that.
7:40 pm
>> and go ahead and finish the thought. >> i was going to say you take a stand and when you are taking money, and which the clinton foundation, 10% of it and 20% goes to charity and that is another conversation for another day, but if you want to take a stand, you don't take money from leaders who are killing people who profess to be gay or in the lgbt, and that is a basic principle that anybody should live by who supports the gay community. >> all right. that is the last word on that, and thank you very much, and two additional perspectives on which candidate would be better for the lgbt community, and the lgbt american americans.
7:41 pm
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our breaking news tonight, donald trump renews the call for the surveillance of mosques which brings me to an editorial in "the new york times," and it reads in part, while the precise motivation for the rampage remains unclear, it is evident that mr. mateen was driven by hatred towards gays and lezbyes yand a hate crimes don't occur in a vacuum, but where hatred is allowed to fester, and trag tragically this is the state of
7:45 pm
the corrosive politics that thre threaten lgbt americans. and good evening to both of you, and thank you very much, and some conservatives are upset about that editorial, and you have been a fierce critic of donald trump in the primary, and what made you change your mind? >> well, elections are about choice, and one of them is going to be the next president of the united states, and without a doubt for me, and i think for many lgbt americans, this choice is an easier, one, and it is donald trump in particularly in light of what happened sunday. i know that the left likes to talk about it, and it is a political slight of hand here, and this is not a hate crime, but it was an act of war, and 50 lgbt americans were slaughtered by a man driven by a radical ideology, and this is not a hate crime. this is not about politics, and this is about life or death. >> what do you make of that editorial?
7:46 pm
do you believe that it is a lot of people coming out now saying that i'm in support of the gay people, and this never should have happened when they have nef said anything positive or have never been on the side of the same-sex marriage, and what do you think of that editorial? >> well, i mean, i think that the editorial is crap. and i think that at the end of the day, donald trump is a friend of the gay community long before hillary clinton was. long before it was politically expedient to be for gay rights, and donald trump put the money where the mouth was, and the fact is that he had clubs that offered domestic partnerships and the record has nondiscrimination policies and hillary clinton is a johnny come lately to gay rights because it is a political winner for her now, and that is the reality. >> all right. i want to bring in david, and list listen, first to what donald trump said, and then i will get your take. here it is. >> why would we admit people who support violence and hatred.
7:47 pm
hillary clinton can never claim to be a friend of the gay community as long as she continues to support immigration policies that bring islamic extremists into the country and who suppress women, gays, and anyone else who does not share their views or values. >> so, david, he tweeted, i le fight for you as long as it brings in more people who will threaten your freedom and belief belie beliefs. what is your reaction? >> well, the reality is that most most gay people are going to be supporting the candidate who want tots bring us together and not rip us apart, and it is sickening as the country is mourning what happened in orlando that donald trump is out there somehow in a weird pandering for gay support saying what he said today, and the r l reality is that this is somebody who is an open racist, and who is a sexist, and i can't imagine g gays supporting that kind of bigotry, and then on the issues and on our own rights, donald
7:48 pm
trump has said that he would put judge s t judges on the supreme court that would reverse marriage equality, and rescind obama's executive o orders, and he said that he would talk about quote religious l liberty which is code for legal discrimination, and so donald trump has nothing to offer gay people, i don't believe. >> hmm. so he said that hillary clinton was a johnny come lately for gay rights and is that true? she did evolve on the issue after the president did? >> and absolutely not correct. >> on the gay marriage. >> and the reality is when secretary clinton was on the world stage, she took the world stage and said that gay rights are human rights and she fought against the regimes that do discriminate and tolerate and incourage tolerance against the gays and it came up in the last segment about the clinton foundation, and the reality there is that in one day, because of what the clinton
7:49 pm
foundation has done in cutting the costs of aids drugs in africa, the clintons have done more gay people than donald trump has done in his entire life. >> yeah, okay. i will give you the last word, chris. i am running out of time, and do you think that donald trump will get a significant portion of the gay vote? >> i do. because at the end of the day, hillary clinton, and it is hilarious talking about the pandering and donald trump is talking about protecting gay people's lives and that is not political pandering, but it is doing what a leader and commander should do, and donald trump will get a significant number of lgbt votes in novem r november. >> i think that this is a very important discussion that we are having here as david and as you know, chris, gay people are not a monolithic group, and have discussions about this, and republicans and democrats at issue, and sit is great for the world to see that. i appreciate both of you coming on the night. and less than 30 miles from where i am right now, another
7:50 pm
heart wrenching story that a family's disney vacation ends in tragedy after a 2-year-old is attacked and killed by an al alligator. do you believe that? if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis,
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7:54 pm
and in fact, heartbreaking news. not far from here, the authorities found a body of a 2-year-old taken by an alligator at a doesny resort. and i want to bring in jeff who is a ocean mysteries expert. and i want to get your expertise on this, because this story is so shocking to so many people, but as an expert, are you surprised at what happened here and why? >> well, i'm incredibly shocked, don. when i think of disney, i think safety to the level of steril y sterility. they make safety the superb yal ti, and this is shocking. they have a team of wildlife experts that are on call that specialize in preventing situations like this, and this is florida. and this is gator country, and this is a body of fresh water, don, and this is a very good chance that there is an alligator in there, and keep in mind that the disney property, itself, the mark only makes up a small portion of that, and the park is surrounded by thousands of acres of pristine habitat ideal for al ligators, and
7:55 pm
whether we believe it or not, they are constantly moving back and forth, and even in a manmade lagoon, but disney tries to keep up on that, and clearly, this animal got in there and wreaked absolute ha voshgs avoc that le absolute catastrophe. >> and you have a personal story here, because you got a phone call from your wife? >> yeah, my wife had been seeing the hits that i have been doing with you guys today, and she said, do you remember where we were two years ago right at this time, and we were staying at the grand floridian, and he said, your little girls were playing on the beach. i had to remind my wife, because this is so tragic and i don't know how a family survives this despite the valiant efforts of the parents to save the child, and unable to, and dispatched by this creature. this is is a rare event, don. disney has been operating this park for 140 years, and florida
7:56 pm
in last 70 years, only a few dozen times tragedies like this, and alligators do not naturally prey on human beings, a it is something else that happens, and it is when the people are cavalier and comfortable or feeding the al ligator and the animal will lose its natural sense of fear and calamity ensues, but in this case, it is such an anomaly. >> listen, the time is short, but quickly, can you tell me, what can the parents do? could that dad have done anything? and jumping in the water the right thing? what is the advice? >> that dad did what every dad would do, and he is e heroic, and his fight instinct kicked in and he fought and fought, and it did not work out unfortunately. the gator mouth is thousands offedof offed a -- of an adductor mus e muscle, and millions of pound,
7:57 pm
and so they have been living here millions of years unchanged, and so we were in the world, and it is an absolute trage tragedy. the father did what he did the best he could, but people have to remember when you are around a body of water, you have to keep the eyes out, and thinking about safety, and especially in place places where you know that animals like this could exist. >> thank you, jeff corwin, and we appreciate it so much. >> all right. don. ahead from orlando, e remembering the victims and we will talk to one man who talks about losing a friend in the massacre while another friend is fighting for his life. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain,
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