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tv   Wolf  CNN  June 16, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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with him to the community of orlando. also saying that the president's life has been personally touched by his interactions with the people that endured these terrible tragedies and says that he himself in the past has indicated he draws on his faith as he considers fulfilling these kinds of responsibilities. as we watch the president depart, air force one in the, now in the background of this image here you're now seeing. i'll turn things over to my colleague, wolf blitzer. >> thanks very much. wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. here in washington. wherever you're watching from around the world, thanks very much for joining us. only moments ago president obama touched down in orlando, florida, coming to the scene of yet another mass shooting. this one at the pulse nightclub in orlando where 49 people were gunned down, making at any time worse single shooter mass killing in the united states history. you see the president walking down the stairs from air force
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one landing in orlando only moments ago. the president and the vice president joe biden they both will visit that hour with family members of some of those victims as well as some survivors of that terror attack. they will also speak with law enforcement and medical professionals. we expect to hear from the president later today from orlando. we will, of course, bring you his remarks. one of the victims being remembered today is eric ortiz-rivera, a 36-year-old newlywed who came to florida from puerto rico looking for a better life. he's being laid to rest today, his family is beginning the process of burying their loved ones. 49 loved ones. we have a team of reporters covering the story for us. our cnn correspondent boris sanchez is on the scene. our white house correspondent michelle kosinski is at the white house. and drew griffin is in florida as well. boris, the white house says this will be an emotional trip for fortunate. what's his schedule?
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>> reporter: hey there, wolf. the president as you just saw arriving moments ago at about 1:30 he is set to meet with families and survivors of this brutal attack. the white house saying this is an emotional trip. also a trip that the sprt familiar with. he's made similar trips like this before most recently in san bernardino and charleston last year and newtown, connecticut. not something he's unfamiliar with. the white house yesterday describing the president as a symbol of the american people so what he's trying to do here is show comfort and support to those who need it most right now. essentially they are saying he'll be meeting with not only the families and victims and survivors but also with surgeons and doctors and nurses that tended to those that were wounded and also he's meeting with law enforcement and first responders who were on the scene when all of this happened. one interesting note, wolf, as you saw the president arrived on air force one with senator marco rubio and representative from
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central florida, corrine brown. the idea is to solidarity dessfiet political differences, to show they are yunited. >> michele, boris makes a good point. this has been a frequent, unfortunately a frequent occurrence for the president. he's often over these years had to take on the role of comforter in chief. a role he doesn't want. but he does it on so many occasions and certainly it will affect his legacy down the road. talk a little bit about behind-the-scenes, what drives the president in moments like. >> reporter: you sense the emotion. whenever the president speaks about these. what we've seen over the years again, he's made these trips nine times before today for mass shootings. we heard speak in the briefing room and elsewhere just following them so many times.
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each time he kind of steps up that emotion and we've seen him grow increasingly angry and frustrated. we've seen the president shed tears over these mass shootings when he was talking about meeting with families of the victims of the sandy hook massacre. so the president has tried increasingly tried to get the point across that congress needs to do more. he's tried to take executive action a number of times. he's had more than two dozen executive orders while she's been president, while he's been in office. but those only go so far. some say they really don't do much at all. some are toothless. some require congressional approval that doesn't come. so it's been difficult for him to try to get his agenda accomplished in the area of gun control, or more research on shootings. we've seen him try time and time again. what's been hard, of course, not just in this area built in other areas is trying to build
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consensus, trying to find a compromise, to get more done. now there's another opportunity to do that. we see congress trying to come up with a compromise at least in the area of keeping bhoerm on a terror watch list from easily getting their hands on weapons. that could potentially be one of the accomplishments that the white house will be able to claim. but he's described it as one of his biggest frustrations, that this has been such a stalemate in the u.s. and i think some more of that emotion is absolutely going to come across today. but it goes the point, wolf, where these things keep happening and the president expresses more and more anger and frustration that comes across quite powerfully at times. it is surprising to see the president of the united states shed tears during a speech on this topic. but then what more really can doe? what more can he really say? the white house is aware of that. there's only so much anger and frustration that will come
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across and address and, course, the upshot that is what action, then works that spark if any. so it will be interesting to see about 4:00 today, after the president has these very private, very emotional meetings. what does he say to the american people? is it going similar to what we've heard before? will he take -- the events leading up to the attack. i know your getting your sources. >> attempted to buy body armor at a gun store about 15 miles from his home which is behind me but now we're learning from one of the store managers there that the store became suspicious and four or five weeks ago, wolf alerted law enforcement to this person who came in and was on a
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cell phone they said speaking what sound like arabic when he was asking to buy body armor. we have not been able to confirm which law enforcement agency they contacted but, again, this is part of a growing body of evidence that all along the line going back years there have been warning signs of what this person might be up to. >> what about, drew, the wife of the terrorist, noor salman. how long before we know whether this grand jury that's now convened might consider, might actually recommend charges? >> reporter: well, you know, she's not going anywhere. she's apparently no threat to anybody. we've heard they are going take their time presenting whatever kind of charges they are asking for. but seemed to have taken a little turn for the worse for miss salman yesterday when she seemed to have conflicted herself. she now says or reportedly telling authorities that when her husband left this home on saturday, she had suspicions he
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might be heading to attack. that's different than what she has told before that she knew he was planning some sort of attack, that she was trying to dissuade him. she had no idea about the planned attack in orlando. this i believe ramps up the potential case against her that she's now changing her story to investigators, at least that's what our sources are telling us. >> boris and michele and drew, guys thanks very much. we'll of course get back to you. when it comes to the debate over gun control following the attack democrats are declaring at least bit of a victory. they say republicans have now promised to vote on two important pieces of legislation following yesterday's nearly 15 hour filibuster. that filibuster was led by democratic senator chris murphy of connecticut. that's the same state where 20 children and six adults were shot and killed in the sandy hook massacre. murphy recalled the tragedy throughout his more than 14 hours on the senate floor.
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>> we just persist this week as if it's business as usual. why did you sign up for this job if you're not prepared to use it to solve big problems. we're right on the precipice of getting to the point in this country where we accept this level of gun violence and gun homicide as just a normal facet of life in this country. i want to introduce you to dillon christopher jack hockly who in this picture is age 6. he idolizeed a woman named ann marie murphy. ann marie murphy was his special education teacher when adam lanza walked into that classroom instead of hide, instead of panicking, ann marie murphy found dillon hockly. if ann marie murphy could do that then ask yourself what can you do to make sure that orlando
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or sandy hook never ever happens again? >> joining us now senator richard blew m blumenthal. senator, thanks very much for joining us. >> thank you. >> as you know, republicans have now promised to vote on two measures that would expand background checks, stop those on the terror watch list from being able to buy guns. do you think those votes will actually take place any time soon? >> i think they will take place as early as tuesday. i was very, very proud to be on the senate floor for the full close to 15 hours that the filibuster proceeded and it had an effect. it got attention from our republican colleagues who were in the majority. and we have a path towards a vote. can't predict what the outcome
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will be but at least it will not be business as usual. remember when we arrived here on monday it was going routine consideration of an appropriation bill for commerce, justice and science. we have a commitment to a path forward on those votes. >> in order to pass that legislation in the senate will you need a simple majority, 51 or will you need 60? >> we probably will need 60 votes which obviously increases the difficulty, but i think we're really at a tipping point wolf. orlando crystallize and galvanized not just the president again and he has become in a way the comforter in chief but also the american people, the reaction to this filibuster was really uniquely overwhelming. the communications to my office as well as senator murphy and senator booker, we all worked as a team on this effort, was very,
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very powerful. so i think we have a decent chance and a growing chance because our colleagues are going to have to look at themselves and look at their constituents in the eye this move to. >> even if it passes, though, you get that 60 vote majority in the u.s. senate it's got to go the house of representatives. i want to you listen to what the speaker of the house paul ryan said just a little while ago about banning people trorn watch li list from buying guns. >> we want to make sure this doesn't happen again. everyone wants that. as we look how to proceed we need to make sure we're not infringing own people's constitutional rights. as the fbi director told us the other day he said this publicly if we do this wrong like the president is promotions we could actually blow our ongoing terrorist investigations. >> because the fbi director, as you know, and you're a former attorney general in the state of connecticut, what he said is if
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there are individuals on that terror watch list and they go and want to purchase a gun and they are denied the opportunity to buy a gun, and that may -- they may then realize they have been spotted and they are no longer going able -- the fbi won't be able to do to them what they were trying to do, find them in the act. you understand the concerns that the fbi director has which were reflected by the speaker today. >> i understand that concern well. not only as a former attorney general of my state connecticut but also as a former federal prosecutor. the u.s. attorney. and that's exactly why, wolf, we have built into the legislative proposal discretion on the part of the attorney general of the united states to pursue or not a barrier to that terrorist buying a weapon. remember we're talking about a fact based evidence-based determination by the attorney general of the united states that that person is engaged in
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or preparing to do terrorist activity. and there is a right of appeal. there's a due process but also discretion on the part of the attorney general whether to proceed or simply to investigate that individual, and avoid premature disclosure. so that's very definitely a concern that's addressed. >> because it's a real sensitive matter if you go ahead and you tip off someone who is under investigation for possible terror activities and undermines an entire investigation. it's obviously a very, very delicate hart you got to deal with, right? >> it is, but, wolf, equally so is the concern that somebody who is supported or inspired by isis or some other enemy abroad is going to do harm to as many as the 49 innocent individuals.
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and that individual in this case could have been stopped. we can't say with certainty he would have been. but if that individual had been on a terror watch list, if the fbi continued investigation, and if he had been stopped from buying that firearm with the law that we're proposing, 49 people might still be alive today and that is a real concern as well. >> it certainly is. senator thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> senator blumenthal of connecticut. up next donald trump says he'll got it alone without gop leaders if necessary but why aren't members of his own party lining up to give him the support he obviously wants. we'll take a closer look. also let's take a live look at the scene of new york 9/11 memorial as they hold a ceremony to honor the victims of the shooting in orlando. we now have a moment of silence.
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today's mark the one year anniversary of dltonald trump's
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candidacy. from riding down the grand escalator of trump tower. not all republicans are cheering or coming to his defense. many of the party faithful in washington are just wondering what he'll say next. we've seen think it week with trump talking tough in the wake of the orlando terror take. he's taken plenty of shots from president obama, presumptive democratic nominee hillary clinton both of whom called trump's ideas dangerous. but as reported donald trump has been forced fight back alone without the usual chorus of the republican calvary. >> reporter: senator ron johnson face tougher election battle in wisconsin just three months ago welcomed donald trump. >> will you stump with trump? >> stump with trump? just because it rhymes. ronald the donald. >> reporter: today he's changed
10:21 am
his tune. >> are you feeling any more comfortable with the prospects of donald trump being your nominee. >> i wouldn't say that's necessarily the case. >> reporter: tanning it shows trump has struggled to you night his party despiting the presumptive nominee since may. while hillary clinton gets daily support from democratic leaders there's a deafening silence from trump's own party. >> why have you not endorsed donald trump? >> i'm going to endorse the republican nominee when we have one. the republican convention is in july. it's the job of the convention to nominate the president of the united states. >> reporter: you don't think he'll be the nominee. >> i'm not sure. >> reporter: many are angry that trump's habit of making controversial remarks have overshadowed their agenda. make igtheir own election races harder. >> why haven't you endorsed? >> i disagree with his tone.
10:22 am
just don't think you know his tone as far as hispanics, his tone towards women and quite frankly his tone towards universities. >> reporter: after donald trump said an american judge could not rule fairly in a case against him because ever his mexican roots. >> he needs to focus on what his policies are and quit spending time bashing judges. >> you're not endorsing him? >> no. >> reporter: trump as comments have put top republicans in a tough position as they are pressured to back up a party's likely nominee. while democrats bas trump daily gop avoid commenting on him at all. the latest trump controversy, doubling down on his demand to temporarily ban muslims from entering the u.s.. in the aftermath of sunday's deadly massacre in an orlando nightclub. >> i don't they muslim ban is in our country's interest.
10:23 am
>> reporter: do you think there's any effort up here to abandon trump if he continues to say things like this? >> i don't know. i distance myself including the muslim ban a long time ago on specific issues and agree with him on other issues. dealership the double edge sword. senate republicans in difficult election races are keeping their distance but need trump vote towers support them in november. >> i'm going see how this plays out and see if donald trump can earn the support republicans like me. >> our senior political report certificate joining us live from capitol hill right now. also here with me our chief political analyst and washington bureau chief for the "daily beast". you heard it here yesterday during a live campaign event this hour donald trump saying he was ready to go it alone if necessary if the establishment republicans won't get behind him publicly and vocally. can trump go it alone while democrats seem to be increasingly coalescing around
10:24 am
hillary clinton? >> well it's going to be hard. look, one school of thought is the establishment in washington is not very popular so who needs them behind you. other school of thought these are the folks that can help unite your party, help fundraise for you and create that echo chamber that's missing for donald trump right now. when he says something folks are not littering the air waves pushing his message, pushing his agenda. that's not happening. we see that on the democratic side. that does have some effect. paul ryan just addressed reporters a short time ago and i asked him specifically are you considering rescinding your endorsements at all for donald trump given the things he keeps saying and the concerns you keep having with his comments. here's what he had to say. >> that's not my plan. i don't have a plan to do that. look we'll agree to disagree on some things. that's just the way things work. mitt romney and i didn't agree onk. what we do agree on we don't want another democratic in the white house and we do have a lot
10:25 am
of common ground on a left things that will move us in a better way in this country. we don't agree on that. everybody knows that. you also know if i'm asked a question i'll answer it honestly and if i'm asked a question about a proposal that i don't agree with i'll say i don't agree with it. just that simple. >> reporter: he also said it's not my plan at the moment to walk away from that trump endorsements. clearly, wolf, the concerns from the republican leadership is that things donald trump says overshadows their agenda, overshadows what they are trying to sell to voters and undermines their bid to hold on to congress. >> up have an important article that you posted on raises the possibility of somebody else at the convention, the republican convention in cleveland, you mentioned scott walker. his name has come out. the wisconsin governor second republican to dropout of the presidential contest. explain what you're hearing. >> this gives you the idea, wolf, of how desperate the republicans are. and i was talking to two sources
10:26 am
yesterday who are anti-trump sources who have direct knowledge of two conversations that governor scott walker had where people raised the issue of would you potentially allow your name to be thrown in the ring, and walker replied that he was quote intrigued by the idea. walker's office, of course, issued to me an immediate denial of this and saying he's only interested in being the governor of wisconsin. so we don't know if this would ever develop, wolf. but it does give you a sense of the desperation. you have the democrats orchestrating a ballet, right. they are so coordinated in their attacks on donald trump. you know, the president, hillary clinton, the vice president. and then you have a republican train wreck. look at the piece. i've never seen so many uncomfortable republicans, senators trying not to answer a question about whether they support their own nominee.
10:27 am
>> they won't even say his name. that has to be unprecedented. we're seeing this confusion on the republican side. even bernie sanders and hillary clinton you're seeing that come together. but yet you have paul ryan saying -- you can't make this stuff up when he's asked about donald trump and him and mitch mcconnell. >> lamar alexander fromton saying there's no nominee yet. let's see what happens after the convention. technically he's right. there's a presumptive nominee. the nominee will only be the nominee when the roll call occurs. >> there's these last-gasp scenarios. the walker thing is a last-gasp scenario. they are trying to figure out a way to get around donald trump. i doubt very much that they are going to be able to do it. the fact that the establishment doesn't like donald trump is good for donald trump with his base. right? but he has to broaden that base and republicans are looking at these polls, wolf. one recent one 55% of bloomberg
10:28 am
poll said they would never vote for donald trump under any circumstance. hard to win an election that way. >> some other numbers, disturbing numbers not just for trump hillary clinton as well, the question of trustworthiness, good judgment, qualities for the candidates. this new cbs news poll you can see it up there as far as hillary clinton, is she trustworthy 33% say yes, trump 32%. does she have good judgment 43% say yes as far as hillary clinton only 25% says donald trump has good judgment. she does a little bit better than him but not glowing for either. >> a race to the bottom when it comes to these coordination. the clinton campaign just releasing two new ads that are biographical ads about hillary clinton. softening her image and showing the other part of hillary clinton which they are trying to push out there. she hasn't been able to get out
10:29 am
from under these honest and trustworthy problems this entire election. they have a lot of work to do there. >> thanks very much. still to come, the latest on the search for that alligator that snatched a little 2-year-old boy. how disney is now dealing with fall out. we'll have that and more right after this. ♪ and while we're at it, let's give you back your 'do ♪ ♪ and give her back the guy she liked before you ♪ ♪ hey, that's the power to turn back time. ♪ (vo) get the ultimate all-included bundle. call 1-800-directv. thisproof of less joint pain and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis with humira.
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10:34 am
his body was recovered yesterday afternoon. an autopsy should confirm whether drowning or attack itself caused his death. word of the alligator attack came as disney was dealing with the lost of a cast member in saturday's nightclub shooting in orlando. victor blackwell is joining us from orlando. and joining us from new york is our senior media correspondent, the host of cnn's "reliable sources". victor, have search crews found the alligator responsible for the take? >> reporter: wolf, we've been working all day to get an answer from that question. they have not confirmed whether they have or not quite possibly they don't have an answer to that. at least count they killed five alligators that were pulled from the seven seas lagoon. they will be conducted forensic tests on those five alligators to determine if one of them dragged lane graves into that
10:35 am
body of water. they have also committed to finding the alligator if it is not one of those five but that sounds much easier than it actually is to do. now we know there's a network of canals that lead to other larger bodies of water so there's no guarantee that gator is still in the seven seas lagoon. this search will have to expand to much larger waterways if they keep that promise. >> ryan, we know disney has got a lot of problems right now as a result of this. how are they dealing as this huge media operation, huge business, how are they dealing with this tragedy? >> reporter: we've heard from disney several times in the past couple of days. as you mentioned they were dealing with safety concerns in the wake of the pulse nightclub attack. there were reports from evan perez and pamela brown the gunman in that case cased disney properties as well. that was not a good headline for disney. meanwhile this was supposed to
10:36 am
be a triumphant week for disney. the ceo has been in shanghai opening up a brand new park there. that's all still true but off to the side now because of this crisis in orlando. a iger putting on a statement. as a parents and grandparent my heart goes out to the graves family during this time of devastating loss. my thoughts and prayers are with them and i know everyone at disney joins me in offering our deepest sympathies. he spoke with the parents from shanghai. there's speculation whether disney will face a lawsuit with family or settle with family. in the meantime there's questions about the safety of the lagoon. in many ways disney is the safest place on earth as well as magical. around this lagoon there were no signs specifically about alligators. there were no swimming signs. but there were not signs
10:37 am
indicating the presence of alligators and that's what has some people now concerned and asking a lot of questions to disney. snundsably so. thanks very much. victor blackwell thanks to you as well. just ahead she's the first british lawmaker killed in office since 1990. we'll have the latest on the investigation into who killed joan cox and reaction from david cameron. that's coming up next. why pay for insurance if you have to pay even more for using it? if you have liberty mutual deductible fund™, you could pay no deductible at all. sign up to immediately lower your deductible by $100. and keep lowering it $100 annually, until it's gone. then continue to earn that $100 every year. there's no limit to how much you can earn and this savings applies to every vehicle on your policy. call to learn more.
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10:42 am
custody. david cameron just made a statement a few minutes ago. >> this is absolutely tragic and dreadful news and my thoughts are with jo's husband and two children and the wider family. we lost a great star. she was an mp, great mp with huge compassion, a big heart. and people are going to be very, very sad at what has happened. dreadful. dreadful news. it's right we're suspending campaigning activity in this referendum and everyone's thoughts will be with jo's family and her constituents during this terrible time. >> let's go to our cnn international anchor richard quest who is in northern england. very shocking, richard. she was clearly a very popular lawmaker. a rising star. how shocking is this. you're from that area where this
10:43 am
occurred. >> reporter: absolutely. i grew up in leads. her constituency is only a couple of miles from where we lived. and, wolf, the last time a member of parliament was killed was in 1990 and that was by the ira. there will be unbelievable horror and shock in the same way with gabrielle giffords in the united states when she was attacked. in this case we don't have the same culture in the uk of guns and here this woman, this mp, this much loved, much respected, very much part of the political establishment, she was beaten, stabbed and then shot several times. the motive, wolf, it's believed to be, we don't really know except there may be a connection in some lunatic way to the
10:44 am
currents referendum taking place in the united kingdom. campaigning for that referendum has now been suspended. there's a moment of enormous introspection, reflex, perspective, if you like across the political spectrum tonight, wolf, as britain comes to terms with the murder of one of the member of parliament. >> their referendum on whether britain should stay in the european union. we'll stay in close touch with you, richard. a shock story indeed. thank you for updating our viewers. still and the cia director issuing a chilling new warning about isis and it's terrible global reach. humira works inside my body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to my symptoms. in clinical trials, most adults taking humira were clear or almost clear, and many saw 75% and even 90% clearance in just 4 months.
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some extremely grim assessment this morning. cia director john brennan warning lawmakers that despite loss on the battlefield, isis terror capability and global reach have not diminished. >> we judge that isil is training and attempting to deploy for further attacks. isil has a large cadre of
10:49 am
western fighters who could serve as operatives for attacks in the west. and the group is probably exploring a variety of means for infiltrating. furthermore, as we've seen in orlando, san bernardino and elsewhere, isil is a attempting to inspire attacks by sympathizers who have no direct links to the group. >> let's discuss what we just heard with our two guests, former nato spleem ally commander and the dean of the fletcher law of school and diplomacy at tufts university and a veteran of the wars in iraq and afghanistan. admiral, let's begin with you. a very dire assessment from the cia director. yeah they may be making some gains against isis in syria and iraq but the global threat is intense including infiltrating
10:50 am
people come hearing to the united states and causing terror attacks. do you agree with that assessment? >> i do, wolf. the more we squeeze in on them, the more they're going to want to imploy acy metric means of attacking us and keep the flow of recruits coming to them. so they get in a very bad downward spiral if they cannot broaden their attack geographically. so, unfortunately, i think we are going to see more of this. and whether it be home grown if you will, the orlando piece or operatives directly targeted to come in, we'll probably see more of both, unfortunately. >> congressman, how do you deal with the threat of isis trying to get people, infiltrate people to come here to launch terror attacks, by refugee flows or planting isis terrorists as part
10:51 am
of a refugees, smuggling routes or legitimate traveling of tourists or business people from some countries in europe, they don't need visas. >> that's a big issue. you know, at the end of the day, there's -- it's going to be tough. we don't want to say there's a magical solution to prevent anybody to do harm from coming in here. we have to have good screening programs, ensure a visa no matter from the middle east to europe and ending here. when's counter productive is to ban an entire religion. this is a civil war within the muslim community and that talk feeds into the wrong side of that but the other thing that's missing in a lot of this talk is in chicago i jokingly say when the bulls are doing well, everybody wears a bulls jersey. when they're not, people don't. a reason an orlando shooter swears an allegiance to islamic
10:52 am
state is because they exist. destroys the narrative that this is the next caliphate because it's obviously not if the marines and our allies in the area destroyed it. >> admiral, i want you to listen to what president obama said tuesday about isis. let me play a little clip for you. listen to this. >> this campaign at this stage is firing on all cylinders and as a result isil's under more pressure than ever before. so far we have taken out more than 120 top isil leaders and commanders. ear up on message is clear, if you target america and allies you will not be safe. you will never be safe. >> that assessment seems to be a bit more upbeat than we heard from the cia director during his testimony today before the senate intelligence committee. you think they're both on the same page? >> i think they're roughly on the same page.
10:53 am
and i think the president logically enough is going to put the best possible presentation to it. but our problem in our campaign against the islamic state is twofold. one is we have been very incremental in the way we have approached this. and secondly, we haven't resourced it sufficiently. we need to move from 5,000 troops on the battlefield to probably around ten to 15,000 troops to do the kind of support to the kurdish forces in the north, to the iraqi security forces in the south to enable us taking fallujah, starting to enter fallujah now. take out mosul. cut off the oxygen. amp up the bombing campaign. a number of steps i think need to put more emphasis on it. the way we are going, this is clearly a problem that will land on the desk of the next president. we won't get it solved in the short term. >> the congressman, let me ask if he agrees. >> the troop number is fairly
10:54 am
accurate. think about the surge in iraq, we have that many troops involved in only the surge aspect and that surge, you know, we basically unraveled aqi and taking out leadership is important, et cetera. the islamic state survives on having land and call themselves a state to have territory. when territory is liberated from the islamic state, it is count tore the narrative and very important so i agree. i think the incrementalism is harmful. you know, on the spectrum of zero troops to world war ii style mobilization, somewhere on there is the number of troops required to destroy this threat. no red lines or numbers. what is necessary to work with the allies to do the j.b. >> admiral, you are a former allied nato supreme commander. nato is invisible in iraq and syria. is it time for that to change? >> it absolutely is, wolf. and i will go out on a little bit of a limb and predict that at the warsaw summit of nato which will be conducted just days from now, you will see nato
10:55 am
step up and take on at least a training role, as an organization. that's a good step forward. it will allow some of the nations that as to fore have not come into the fight to join under the nato umbrella. let's hope we hear that. they have been in my view very, very emphatic by their absence thus far. let's get them into the game. >> yeah. a lot of people agree with you. i'm sure the congressman does, as well. i know you have been briefed on the orlando terror attack. is it still your assessment this was an isis inspired attack as opposed to a direct organized attack by isis? >> yeah. it appears to be that. an inspired attack. so m times, look, he looked at different organizations. the bigger point is he wanted to perform radical ji addism and isis was convenient at that moment. i think this is just as important to say that we have to stop this as had it been directed by isis.
10:56 am
this is the new front. >> adam, james, gentlemen, thanks so much for joining us. >> you bet. that's it for me. the news continues on cnn right after this a quick break. first ingredient? food's corn? wheat? in purina one true instinct grain free, real chicken is always #1. no corn, wheat or soy. support your active dog's whole body health with purina one.
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top of the hour. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me on this thursday afternoon. of course, we are here in orlando, florida, continuing the yn special live coverage of the massacre at a gay nightclub that left 49 people dead, dozens more wounded. right now, i can tell you that president of the united states and vice president here in orlando meeting with families just down the road from us who lost loved ones in the attack. president wheels down here in orlando a short time ago. and for those who are keeping