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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  June 18, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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when i went over there to stay with william and my mom we had a good time. you could never tell he was a bad person. he got angry but he never took it to extremes in front of us. >> shortly after that, it all turned tragic. he started beating tammy p. >> you can watch the hunt tomorrow night at 9:00 eastern right here on cnn. >> 5:00 eastern, i'm jim sciutto and you are live in the "cnn newsroom." in about two hours, donald trump is set to speak in phoenix. police there are already bracing for protests. people have been gathering despite the intense heat. several roads have been shut down around the event to prepare for possibly raucous crowds. i also want to show you this. it is a giant, inflatable
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mock-up of donald trump. it has been inflated featuring the presumptive nominee wearing a kkk robe and swastika. beside it, it says, make america hate again. joining me now from phoenix is anna cabrera, right there where the protesters have been gathering and from inside the event, cnn political reporter, jeremy diamond first, what happened to the inflatable? when we talked to you last hour, it was right behind you. >> the inflatable gone and so are the protesters. just over my shoulder, one last remaining sign. this is what's left of that gathering. that began earlier this morning and ended around 1:00 p.m., which is what event organizers told me they had planned to do. they wanted to send their message before it got too hot out jo sid outside. it is supposed to be 110 degrees
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outside. they were not looking to confront but to make sure this was their message fwu against what donald trump they believe he represents. there is still a very large police presence around this event site where he is expected to speak. in the past here in arizona, when he came last in march, there were protests an clashes between protesters and donald trump supporters that resulted in a few arrests. protesters shut down an entire roadway trying to prevent supporters from getting to donald trump's event back here in march. police took precautions, planned ahead. they are working with local, federal, and state law enforcements in holding this effort. they are holding this at an indoor venue heavily surrounded by a big cement wall.
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law enforcement can control the access. they are preparing for potential conflict. they are hoping for the best here, jim. >> we just saw one of those potential conflicts right on camera there. jeremy, you are inside the venue there. what is the mood like there? i can see the crowd gathering behind you. >> people have started to come in here. we are about two hours away from donald trump speaking here. a lot of the protesters outside are talking about immigration and protesting immigration. donald trump is also sure to talk about that hot button issue which is a key issue here in arizona, a border state. this is donald trump's fourth visit. the last three times, there was a big immigration focus. today's visit comes in the wake of the last week during which donald trump has hammered home his points on national security in the wake of the orlando terror attack. he has tied those two issues.
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donald trump has seized on the issue of terrorism saying the united states needs strong border security, needs a wall and also reinforcing its point about the muslim ban. he wants to temporarily ban all foreign muslims from entering the united states. we have certainly seen the convergence of those issues in the united states. >> on ka cabrera, jeremy trump. i want to play for you something that donald trump said in las vegas. >> forced into a corner by crazy bernie. >> bun thing about bernie, he doesn't give up. this guy doesn't give up, right? crazy bernie, he doesn't give up. he is crazy as a bed bug but he doesn't quit.
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i think he should continue to go forward, folks. he should continue to go forward. he should fight to the last end. he is waiting for really the fbi to do what everybody thinks they are going to do. i think that is it. i think he is saying, let's hang in there, ultimate whether i, it is called the fbi quon vengs and then we'll be the only people and we will have done something like trump did. i want to be like trump. i think he is waiting for the fbi convention. everybody knows what the right thing is. >> some classic donald trump there to hash this out. i have got cnn politics reporter, tom lobianco, as well as host of reliable sources,
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brian seltzer. let's interpret those comments there. was that an entritty to sanders supporters perhaps i would take that as him digging in with hillary. trump had a bad handful of weeks here in what is effectively the general election now. what he still has is a foot hold within the democratic party. it was expected that maybe sanders would get out by last thursday, by a few days ago or at least dial it back. he didn't give a very strong indication. he said he wants to hire more progressives to run at the local levels. he wants debbie wasserman schultz out. it was not a sign he was leaving. trump is finding that rench ale
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and pulling at it. he did this with his opponents. trump had a big social media fumble when he tweeted this. this big poll showing him losing to hillary clinton. we know donald trump. he doesn't run this through a team of editors or any sort of committee before he does it. is this something that has some staying power or is that a 24-who ary story and we move on to the next thing? >> i think it amused some people. normally, trump is very aware of his polls and status. earlier this week, he was quickly reciting his successes. this poll had him down. it is a better performance than most of the polls we have seen
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recently. the narrative about trump's performance has changed wildly in the past month. less than a month ago, you are talking about the polls tightening, hillary and trump being right here neck and neck. we've seen a real widening in the past two weeks. it is dangerous to read too much into conventional wisdom. right now, trump is relatively far behind clinton in most of the professional polls. he picked out this one poll where he was a little better. he starts to acknowledge he is behind clinton a bit. it will be interesting to see how he talks about that in the days and weeks coming forward. >> brian stealth zer, tom l lobiancho. >> as unusual as this presidential campaign has been, it is more unusual when you consider neither presumptive nominee is particularly popular? chief national correspondent and
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inside politics anchor, john king explains. crooked hillary. >> temperamentally unfit. >> if you listen to the rhetoric, it is rock-em, sock-em. crooked hillary, dangerous done. >> for hillary, it has always been about kids. when millions couldn't get health care, this first lady worked with republicans and democrats to fix it. >> why is hillary clinton doing that? one reason, she knows, both donald trump and hillary clinton have sky-high unfavorable ratings. 54% say they view her unfavorably. they don't like her. 66% say they view donald trump unfavorably. soft ads saying hillary cares about children, health care. hillary is fighting for you.
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she is doing it in important places, colorado, nevada, ohio. interestingly, north carolina. romney won that in 2012. obama won it in 2008. hillary clinton trying to stretch the map. we would like to show you a donald trump ad countering that. he is not running any. that has a lot of republicans frustrated. 55% of americans say they have a favorable view of president obama. he is above water, if you will. above 50%. if you put him on this chart, it would be 43%. these are the two people that want to replace this guy. he is doing okay. these two have a lot of work to do. if you are watching this election, one of the questions you get, what about the libertarians or some third party candidacy? is that possible. these two candidates are
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disliked so much. it is a problem for her, a criescy for him. we are in that very critical phase right now. they are beginning to use the resources to change these bad numbers. a lot of republicans are saying, mr. trump, mr. trump, you have to do things differently. he says, i did it in the primaries and it worked for me. he doesn't think normal campaign metrics apply. we're going to find out. >> john king there ahead live in the "cnn newsroom." final good-byes as family and friends of the victims memorialize their loved ones. investigators piecing together the orlando killer's final days. tragedy at disney, new signs and fences go up at walt disney beaches. in the wake of a deadly attack, is this enough? high-tech, hijacking, why one man is hijacking the twitter accounts. replacing terrorist propaganda with gay pornography.
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we have new details on the investigation into the massacre at a gi nightclub in orlando. that is just moments away. first, it is a day of mourning. one more day of mourning in orlando. heartbroken families and friends are gathering to say their final good-byes. five funerals today honoring victims of the ram panel at the pulse nightclub. corey james connel. joel saton and jules velma and stanleyal modovar and antonio v
2:16 pm
brown. 19 remain hospitalized, four in critical condition. three victim ns guarded condition. 12 of the wounded are in stable condition. since the attack, surgeons there have performed some 54 operations to try to help these victims recover. now, on to the investigation. the fbi is questioning a friend who called the orlando shooter during the rampage, while it was underway. we know the two discussed at the same time medication. it is not clear whether the friend knew that the massacre was underway. new evidence suggestion that the killer made financial provisions for his family in the weeks leading up to the attack. he bought his wife a very expensive piece of jewelry. we want to bring in ed laugh endara, covering the investigation from the ground in orlando, florida. we hear the fbi is scrutinizing what could be a crucial clue from inside the nightclub. tell us what they have in their hands now. >> a crucial piece of evidence. probably excruciating to watch. it is surveillance video from
2:17 pm
inside the pulse nightclub. as rain falls here in orlando, those investigative teams continue to work the scene. this area still blocked off to traffic as investigators have mobilized here in this block. they continue to do the forensic work inside of the nightclub gathering all the clues and evidence they can possibly gather. we are learning about the surveillance video. it is hard to imagine this kind of video would see the light of day. they need to take a look at this video to see for themselves how everything played inside that nightclub during those horrific three hours last sunday morning. >> we are learning now about the killer's spending habits in the weeks leading up to the attacks. it looks like he was making preparations to die. >> right. investigators have been saying that this wasn't an attack that was quickly carried out or was a spur of the moment decision by
2:18 pm
omar mateen to attack this particular nightclub last sunday morning. they point out a series of clues, evidence like having visited this area and driven up to this area in the weeks leading up to the attack as well. looking at financial documents in the family that omar mateen had changed bank accounts to include his wife's name on those accounts as well as documents related to his life insurance policy as well as the thousands of dollars that he spent on the weaponry that was used in the weeks leading up to this attack as well as you mentioned off the top there buying a very expensive piece of jewelry for his wife as well. they found to all of those clues as evidence that this was a premeditated attack. >> premeditated mass murder. ed lavender aright from the scene. the orlando shooter pledged his allegiance to isis and warned of fresh isis attacks
2:19 pm
upcoming on the u.s. soil. we'll talk about the terror group's ability spire often troubled young men without even speaking to them or contacting them.
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welcome back. in the middle of his shooting spree, the orlando shooter stopped to call 911 and pledge allegiance to isis and posted an ominous warning on facebook promising more attacks in the coming days. c.i.a. director john brennan told congress that the orlando shooter had no direct links to isis but was inspired by the terror group on line. let's talk this over with kimberly dozier. we have been here, not just in terms of terror attacks but mass shootings. i wonder if there is anything different about the reaction to this attack that you see in your experience that might spell a different response, something more comprehensive, whether it is gun control or how it would have a political effect or are you seeing more of the same?
2:24 pm
>> i see more of the same. we have to find a way to stop isis from broadcasting its messages all over the world going to tens of thousands of people who then self-radicalize, they are told, make a bomb, use your car, run people over. that message is a steady drumbeat. i don't see any way we are going to stop that. as long as they can control territory to produce those inspiring messages that go out every day, until we stop it, they are going to keep going out. people like this guy and others, there will be more in the future, will take action. they will do something at some point. it will be up to the authorities and the united states and all over the world to try to read their mind and figure out when they are going to cross the line and go active. >> kim, we heard c.i.a. director, john brennan making a
2:25 pm
grim assetment this week. he said isis is as strong of a terrorist group as ever despite their battlefield losses in iraq or syria. we talk about isis ace primarily a terrorist group. is there focus on inspiring terror attacks abroad? or is there real focus on fighting a battle there on the ground in iraq and syria? >> they do have a few dirn areas they are trying to reach out to people too. we are still holding ground in iraq and syria. they are fighting hard to get us out. it is not easy for them. yet, we are still here. they are moving to other areas where there is instability. across africa, yemen, places or
2:26 pm
parts of afghanistan and pakistan. places where the government is there and the security system is there, also fairly weak. they can simply move their ideology to another location. they are also trying to inspire people with direct mail. they are hoping there will be a few people who will want to use their mantle, their banner and come up with their own skills to carry out an attack. >> tom, just to help our viewers at home explain. they heard the report that is the fbi looked into this shooter, 2013, 2014. they had him under investigation for ten months. he had posted some things on facebook, social media in the past, made comments and yet he is able to carry out this attack. today, how many folks fall into that category from the u.s.?
2:27 pm
how many hundreds or dozens fall into that category that gives law enforcement and counter terror officials a chance to make a judgment call? how many folks do they have to deal with? >> having run these case ns my time, there are a number of cases, thousands that the bureau opens, looks at, does everything they can and ends up closing, because the person has not crossed the line or hasn't radicalized yet. it may be the case with mateen. he wasn't ready or going operational when they were looking at him introducing informants, trying to see what he was doing. that was a ten-month investigation. that would die up a couple of agents and analysts. if he is not radical, they cannot talk him into it. if he is not ready to do it, there is nothing they do about
2:28 pm
it. as far as guidelines, how long to keep the case, the bureau doesn't have guidelines on that. we have other rules and regulations and constitutional requirements that kick in that prevent the bureau from investigating somebody forever if there is no new information. we are hearing that he started to do a lot of things in the last couple of weeks. he bought two guns a week before the attack. he was trying to buy body armor. we are hearing about the jewelry and the quitclaim deed on his home and other activities. that's all within the last couple of months. that is not what was happening in 2013 or 2014. >> was this more of a mass shooting or a terror attack?
2:29 pm
it is looking more like a mass shooting. a disturbed individual that was looking for a reason it carry it out. he wanted to make this attack look noble in some way. he bought into the message being sold by isis. he doesn't seem to understand that these different groups don't get along or work together. mass shooting. isis has designed it that way. they say essentially do whatever violence you want, against whatever targ get you choose. claim allegiance to us and we will give you our cover. >> cover for something horrible. >> tom fuentes, kimberly dozier, thanks very much again. coming up live, the new precautions disney is taking after that little boy was killed there by an alligator. we are hear fing from that
2:30 pm
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welcome back live. walt disney world is instituting precautions after an alga tore dragged a little boy to his death. barriers and new warnings signs at several beaches. brin grass joins me from lake buena vista florida. how far are they going to warn guests of this danger? >> reporter: we know that disney said they were going to surveys all their properties. they realized two dozen properties where there is water needed those extra precautions, so far, they have gotten to about nine areas, waterfront areas that need fencing or extra signage. some of that extra signage,
2:34 pm
where this incident happened, on the 17th lagoon, it just said no swimming. there are going to be other science. danger, alligators and snakes in the area. stay awhich from the water. do not feed the wildlife. >> this family is still suffering. we are hearing from them now. what do they have to say? >> well, melissa and matt graves, they are back home in nebraska. they were welcomed home by their neighbors, by members of their community who actually put up blue bows on their home to ease that suffering and know they have family and friends around them. today, they did release a statement to everyone thanking everyone for that support. in part, i want to read some of that statement. melissa and i continue to deal with the loss of our beloved boy, lane and are overwhelmed with the support and love we have received from family and friends in our community as well
2:35 pm
as from around the country. they wanted privacy. they have this unimaginable task of laying little lane to rest this week. they do want that time to help this grieving process. >> god knows they deserve it. brin gingrass, thanks very much. disney world, the happiest place on earth. what happens to the brand of the company when a tragedy like this happen sns brian joins me. it has been a really tough week for disney. you had this alligator attack. the focus was supposed to be opening this huge new disney world in china in shanghai. you mrs. have something of a tie to the pulse nightclub attack. we know there were signs that he might have been casing disney properties as well. does this impact the company measurably. >> it was supposed to be their best week and it was the worst.
2:36 pm
>> bob iger, the ceo of disney was over there. they were opening this $5.5 billion resort in shanghai. he was able to reach out to the family, get them on the phone and express his condolences. there was speculation about whether with this gator attack whether there will be a lawsuit against disney or some type of settlement. the family says they cannot speak. they can no the speak. they have nothing to say at this point. all that talk about lawsuits is way down the road. for now, for disney, this has been an ugly, very bad week for them reputationally. it is unlikely to have long-term implications. as one of the popular disney blog wrote, part of the experience of going to disney world is to be close to nature. the worst case outcome as we saw in the park. even before the gator attacks, there were issues because of
2:37 pm
that atk at pulse nightclub. even though it is many miles away, you think of dmisney as being this hermetically punctured place. it has a different response for the short-term. >> a lot of it comes down from the way company response in the public. how do you think disney has respond snd. >> a somewhat slow response from the top executives because they were over in shanghai. they were in china, a time zone difference which did make it difficult. the president of walt disney world result board the first fly back to orlando to oversee the response. what more could they do besides put up these signs and warnings areas? we have seen pictures of the signs that have been posted.
2:38 pm
i'm not sure what we can identify as another solution for the company. we are hearing that they were feeding alligators and some of the new areas that have been built were specifically designed to interact with the wildlife. that could be a problem as more and more come forward and talk about their experiences at the park. >> brian, thanks very much. >> in the war against isis, slightly different reports. >> either almost or perhaps totally cleared of isis fighters. our cnn crew went there to see for themselves. you are going to hear from them next. hmmmmmm..... hmmmmm... [ "dreams" by beck ] hmmmmm...
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a major development this weekend in the war against isis. this is the city of fallujah, just 40 miles west of the capital of baghdad. still, some scattered gunfire. a humvee flying the iraqi flag. all isis fighters are gone, pushed out. u.s. officials not yet convinced. american war planes have been pounding isis positions for weeks. our ben wittman was in fallujah.
2:43 pm
>> to save fallujah, iraqi forces have destroyed vast expanses of this city, block after block, one flattened building after another. the military looks forward to pushing the center of fallujah after days of heavy bombardment from land and air. >> we are in this iraqi army, humvee. >> heading inside one of the neighborhoods in southeast fallujah, we have already heard small arms fire crackling inside and also heard the thud of incoming artillery rounds. we'll see what we find inside. >> i asked the soldiers in the humvee if the arabic acronym is still inside the city. no response. there is no daj. he then qualifies his statement. there are pockets, one or two still fighting here or there.
2:44 pm
the pockets we soon discovered were many and deep. >> this is the neighborhood in central fallujah. it was, until day before yesterday, under the control of isis. now, we see lots of iraqi troops and humvees. this officer, he asked to be called simply abumedia. he encountered civilians fleeing the fighting. they were in a bad way, exhausted, he says. they were suffering from lack of food and water. first major by isis 2 1/2 years ago. iraqi forces have managed to push rapidly inside. officers insist resist steps is at best scattered.
2:45 pm
>> there are still two snipers. soon, we will finish them off. one group of fighters did mapage to liberate an isis banner, the liberation of the city, however, is still a work in progress. >> that's our senior international correspondent, ben wedeman on the very dangerous assignment in the key iraqi city as iraqi forces advance. i want to go to anna cabrera. i understand it is getting a bit messy there. clashes among protesters and supporters. still peaceful but definitely a few heated exchanges. the donald trump event is going to happen in a little over an hour from now. you can hear a lot of traffic, a busy intersection. this is where trump supporters are having to cross this street and walk through this crowd,
2:46 pm
protesters that are coming out with signs and megaphones. they are loud and they have a powerful message. not hate, not racism, which they believe donald trump represents. there is a very large police presence here. i want you to look over my shoulder. among these protesters are probably nearly a dozen police officers as well. some of the protesters and supporters get very close to each other at times. making sure that this doesn't escalate to a point of any kind of physical confrontation. up until now, only verbal. >> straight ahead, the story of a hacker hijacking the twitter accounts of isis supporters and replacing terrorist propaganda with gay pornography. eady to start a great vacation, huh.
2:47 pm
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welcome back, live to the "cnn newsroom." twitter accounts belonging to isis supporters have been hacked, their jihadist content be replaced by gay pride content and links to gay pornography. laurie segall tracked down the tracker behind it all. >> how long does it take you to successfully take over an isis
2:51 pm
members' account on twitter? >> once i get the information i need, i can be in an account as fast as 60 seconds. >> isis has been waging a cyberwar online. the folks fighting against isis aren't doing it legally, they're hackers. one of them i've been talking to for months. he goes by the name wachula, that's his alias. his latest move is he's been taking down hundreds of isis members' twitter accounts and replacing the account with pornography and gay pride memorabilia. so i'm going to call him up and ask him, why he's doing this, and also how easy is it to hack into the twitter account of an isis member. hello? >> hey, laurie, how you doing? >> what exactly have you been doing with isis accounts? >> lately, we started hijacking their accounts, taking over their accounts, basically just to troll them, to annoy them and make fun of them, and take
2:52 pm
screen shots, phone numbers, ip addresses, the whole nine yards. i have all of that information on all the accounts i've ever taken. and we got the idea, there were others that had the idea, also, of spreading porn through the accounts. >> so why pornography? >> we thought putting the porn, naked images, would offend them. and i'm sure it's offended other muslims, but that wasn't our goal. >> now that this horrific tragedy has happened in orlando, you guys have also been putting up gay pride messages. can you talk me through that? >> i saw the news, and you know, i had all those people, those innocent lives that were lost. and all the people -- everyone was mourning. and i just felt there was something i could do, so i took their images, their flags, and i left a message on a lot of the accounts in support of gay pride. >> you don't believe that the government is doing enough. you don't believe that the social networks are doing enough. >> if social networks were doing enough, we wouldn't be on there doing what we're doing. i get beheading images, i get threats, we're going to kill
2:53 pm
you, we're going to do that. and that's great, because they're focusing on me right now, so that means they're not able to do something else. >> why is it so personal to you? >> sometimes, you just have to stand up for what you believe in. if you want change, you have to make that change. >> even if it means doing something illegal? >> even if it means doing something illegal. if the change is for the good, it's got to be done. >> in orlando, an emotional tribute to some of the 49 people gunned down in a nightclub. a wooden cross for each one of them. the man who has put thousands of these memorials together tells us why he does it.
2:54 pm
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welcome back. live in the "cnn newsroom." mourners in orlando are seeing many tributes for the victims of the pulse shooting, including 49 wooden crosses, lining the lake outside the orlando medical center. each one is built by hand who traveled more than a thousand miles to get to orlando. his story from my colleague fredricka whitfield. >> gilberto ramon mendez, and
2:58 pm
jonathan vega, a name for each cross placed at orlando's lake. 49 white crosses for the 49 killed in the nation's worst mas shooting. >> it's very somber. very, very somber. we live in a large city, but it feels like a hometown, especially in the gay community. and they hit home, that's close to the heart. >> each marker with a name and photo, placed here by greg zanis of illinois. >> you know, you've got to love your neighbor, love your brother, and quit all that judging. >> love for people he never even met fueled his 28-hour drive from aurora, illinois, to orlando, putting his hand-built crosses in place. >> we just need to honor them, and we look like we're a religious country and we're not. we have so much trouble. >> symbols, he says, of how he coped after the shooting death of his father-in-law 20 years ago. >> i just put the red hearts on there, just to show love. >> this time, his poignant tribute attracts dozens from
2:59 pm
dawn to dusk in orlando. over the years, the carpenter says he stopped building houses to make crosses for victims including those in aurora, colorado, and newtown, connecticut. at least 13,000 crosses, in all, across the country. no community could ever wish for a memorial like this, but for jeannette mccoy, who was with her friend, angel colon, who she feels was shot while trying to protect her, this has become a place of reflection and healing. >> something that we're going to have to live, and somehow cope and come together, as humans. >> i'm jim sciutto in washington. "smerconish" is next and i'll be back at 7:00 eastern with live coverage of donald trump's speech in phoenix, arizona. you're looking both inside and outside that rally right now. protesters and supporters lining up for hours ahead of the arrival of the presumptive gop nominee. that's the podium he'll be
3:00 pm
speaking from. arizona is a state where trump's stance on immigration and a border wall has served as a lightning rod issue for both sides. big latino community there. inside, those supporters are waiting to hear from trump. again, we will bring you those remarks live at 7:00 eastern time. you can see outside protesters lining up to make sure their voice is heard, as well. michael smerconish, it's been a tough week. the orlando massacre inspired an historic filibuster about gun violence. i'll speak to one of those senators whose proposed new legislation, the senate will vote this week on several gun bills. but maybe the courts will have to do what congress has not done.


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