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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  June 22, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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game seven but those are pipe dreams by a writer on my staff who smokes to much marijuana. be sure to follow me on facebook and on twitter. that's it for "the lead." turning you over now to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." happening now, breaking news. world-class liar. donald trump comes out swinging trying to move his campaign forward after weeks of turmoil. trump accusing his opponent for bringing death and terrorism and destruction to everything she touches. a house divided. democrats take drastic action staging a sit-in on the house floor demanding action on gun control and vowing to stay until republicans allow a vote. and the house speaker paul ryan.
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and hillary clinton accusing the gop of outlandish lies and conspiracy theories. and un-stoppable. after half a dozen attempts, north korea completes a successful launch of a new missile able to strike military bases and allies in asia. is kim jong-un on the verge of creating a nuclear arsenal? i'm wolf blitzer and you're in "the situation room." we're following breaking news. a sharp new wave of attacks and counter attacks between the presumptive republican and democratic presidential nominees. donald trump turning his focus away from days of campaign turmoil and back to hillary clinton calling her, and i'm
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coat quoting him now, a world-class liar in a speech that condemned her record, her honesty and judgment. clinton fired back calling trump with outlandish lies. the first appearance with a never stop trump nemesis, senator warren will campaign with clinton next week in ohio. we're following another event happening in the house of represents. john lewis and fellow democrats are staging a sit-in on the house floor demanding republican leaders allow a vote on a gun control measure. we're covering all of that and much more at this hour with our guests, including senator lindsey graham and our expert analysis, they are also standing by. phil, this was donald trump trying to get his campaign back on track? >> reporter: no question about
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it. in the seven weeks since reince priebus named donald trump the nominee, there have been no shortage of issues but top among them, his lack of focus entirely on hillary clinton. today for 40 minutes, sticking very closely to the remarks loaded in his teletromter, he did just that. >> hillary clinton may be the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency. >> reporter: today, a disciplined donald trump staying on script and launching his fierce attack on hillary clinton. >> the other candidate in this race has spent her entire life making money for special interests and i'll tell you she has made plenty of money for them and she's been taking plenty of money out for herself. >> reporter: unleashing a scathing critique less than a day after clinton's second
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speech. >> just like he shouldn't have his finger on the button, he shouldn't have his hands on our economy. >> reporter: trump's speech comes as he has faced weeks of negative headlines, anemic fundraising and campaign turmoil. today, trump trying to turn the page and focus entirely on his general election opponent. >> she believes she's entitled to the office. her campaign slogan says, "i'm with her." you know what my response is to that? i'm with you, the american people. >> reporter: a more focused effort. one that a top gop official had hoped for, trump attacking clinton on her time as a private citizen, her years as first lady and her record as secretary of state. >> in short, hick hillary clinton's tryout for presidency
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has provided a disas sister after another. >> reporter: designed to reinforce clinton's sagging numbers in polls. >> hillary clinton and, as you know, she -- most people know, she's a world class liar. just look at her pathetic e-mail server statements. >> reporter: trump moved between broad assertions of clinton failures, like her support for the iraq war while, again, claiming he was always opposed. >> i was among the earliest to criticize the rush to war and, yes, even before the war even started. >> reporter: even though trump is on record in 2002 saying he's for it. >> are you for invading iraq? >> yeah, i guess so. you know, i wish the first time it was done correctly. >> trump raising more theories during the 2012 benghazi
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disaster. >> what she did with the victims was absolutely horrible. hillary clinton soundly slept in her bed. that's right. when the phone rang, as per the commercial, at 3:00 in the morning, hillary clinton was sleeping. >> reporter: claims debunked by investigations. >> she said she was under attack and the attack turned out to be young girls handing her flowers. >> reporter: trump often criticized for his campaign's lack of specific outline named priorities for the first 100 days in office, changes to immigration laws, a repeal of obamacare and, quote, massive tax reform. >> there is one common theme in all of these reforms, it's going
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to be america first. >> reporter: wolf, that speech came a day after the fund-raiser in new york city ands had campaign ramped up response after response, infrastructure in the campaign, all three issues that republican officials have said that donald trump needs to focus on if he wants to be successful. at least he was for now. the big question remains, how long will it last? wolf? >> phil mattingly reporting live for us in new york. i want to go to capitol hill right now in a move by house democrats. i'm showing you live pictures coming in from the house representatives. they are staging a sit-in and demanding a vote on gun control. our senior political reporter manu raju is on the floor. this is being led by a civil rights movement leader.
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>> the democrats are trying to push for a vote on either universal background checks or preventing suspected terrorists from getting guns. kevin mccarthy spoke with steny hoyer about getting a gun but there are no deals yet and democrats are prepared to wait it out. >> the sometime for patience is long gone. >> reporter: demanding a vote on gun control after the worse mass shooting in u.s. history. >> we're calling on the leadership of the house to bring commonsense gun control legislation to the house before. give us a vote. >> the business of the house wri grinding to a halt as dozens of democrats press for a bill that they say will prevent terrorists from purchasing a gun. >> a suspected known to be terrorist, why, why can you get
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a gun, a machine gun? >> the house went into recess with that camera in the chamber were pour we ared off. members took the protest online. democratic senators marched onto the house floor, too. online, support from like-minded senators. one north carolina republican calling it a disgrace, a reference to the historic 1960 protest for racial equality. on the steps of the capitol, democrats staged an emotional vigil. >> we'll be there as long as it takes every day. >> reporter: chicago lawmaker, whose own sun, bobby rush, was recalling his wife. >> i will never forget the primal screams of my son's mother.
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shot down in cold blood on the streets of chicago. it's time to end this course of primal screams in our nation and it's time to end it right now. >> reporter: now, house minority leader nancy pelosi just spoke with reporters and you're looking at pictures on the house floor. she spoke with reporters and was not clear what it would take for democrats to drop their protests. she said we want a bill and one of our colleagues tried to push her on that. democrats and republicans are trying to define who those terrorists are. if you deny a terror suspect a gun, that's a compromised bill being worked out in the senate by susan collins of main but both the right and left are not happy with it. nancy pelosi poured cold water on that bill a few moments ago. >> interesting.
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manu raju on capitol hill, dramatic developments, thanks. let's get more on all of this. senator lindsey graham of south carolina is joining us. thank you for coming in. >> got to love democracy. >> should a gun control measure at least be allowed to come up for a vote on the floor of the house of representativeses? >> we had four votes yesterday in the senate. i don't mind voting. when the senator tells the house what to do, at the end of the day, when you look at orlando, orlando doesn't have a gun control problem. they have a terrorism problem. having said that. >> i spoke with john lewis, a civil rights icon, as you well know. >> a good man. >> he said they are going to keep this sit-in going as long as it takes to convince the speaker of the house to at least let them have a vote. you used to serve the house of
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representatives. it's a sensitive moment. >> well, just let the housework its will. i really do believe my democratic friends are trying to turn this into a gun control issue when we should be worried about, how did this guy get off the list? why was he taken off the list? what are we doing about home-grown terrorism and there's a section where gun legislation and terrorism crosses and i'm going to support a measure in the united states senate that would disallow someone on a no-fly list, 800 americans, from buying a gun -- if you are on a no-fly list, i'm going to vote and say you can't buy -- >> you're is susan colins? >> yes. >> she's got a compromised piece of legislation she introduced yesterday. >> yes. >> when is that going to come up for a vote? >> i hope tomorrow. >> what do you need an ar-15 for?
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why do you need that? >> why do you read the books you read? i have a constitutional right to own a gun within boundaries. if i'm a felon, i can't buy a gun. if i'm an irresponsible citizen, i can't buy a gun. but my reserve unit in afghanistan, several people bought ar-15s, which are a semiautomatic with a logo of the unit that we were in. but i will say this to you, we may not agree on ar-15s being banned but i agree with -- >> if you're on the terror watch list you shouldn't be able to watch a gun, right? >> you get on the terror watch list, i would say wolf blitzer is sympathetic to isil. that's a million people. the 100,000 list, that's people and to get on that list you're put on by the fbi so it's not
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gossip or innuendo. there's credible evidence that you're sympathetic to the terrorist cause. if you get on that list, i believe the smart thing to do, anti-terrorism, counterterrorism measure would be to say you can't -- >> susan collins and the 60 votes to pass? >> if you're on this list, you can't buy a gun but if you're wrongfully on this list -- >> it doesn't do anything to extended background checks. >> no. this deny as gun sale. this denies the sale. >> somebody could go to a gun show, come in from europe, go to a gun show and buy a gun from a private citizen without any background checks. >> private citizens can sell at gun shows. that's a fraction of -- >> do you like that idea? >> i want to pass a gun to someone in my family. >> that's different.
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anyone at a gun show can buy a gun without a background check. >> >> i'm not for that. >> did you listen to the donald trump speech? >> no you heard some of it? >> i heard the eight things that he wants to -- here's what i would tell mr. trump. most americans don't trust hillary clinton. the problem he has, most people don't think he has the knowledge or temperament for the job. if i were you -- why should i give him advice? he beat me. take it for what it's worth. he's leading her on the economy and in terms of who is best able to fight terrorism. he has a shot at this thing but losing miserably on temperament and knowledge and with the hispanics and young people, he's getting wiped out. so my advice would be to make the case that you have the temperament, knowledge and judgment to be president, go after her in areas where you
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think she is weak but that's the mountain you've got to climb. >> he said hillary clinton may be the most corrupt person to run for president of the united states. you agree with her? >> no. i don't have a list of all of the people who have run and i don't think anybody listens to that. one one politician calls another politician a bad name, nobody listens anymore. >> he called her the world-class liar. >> i think most people are looking for leadership. and the question is, is donald trump have the temperament, judgment, knowledge to be president. >> do you think he does? >> i'm not supporting him because i don't think he does. i'm not supporting her because i don't see the change coming from her to win a war that we continue to lose and continue economic policies that makes it harder to create jobs in america. >> i want to take a quick break, senator graham. much more coming up with senator lindsey graham right after this. bp wind farms are monitored 24/7 at our remote operations center, so onsite teams can count on early warning of approaching weather.
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we're following the breaking political news. sharp new attacks with trump calling his democratic rival the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency. we're back with republican senator lindsey graham of south carolina. he's only got $1.3 million in the bank for his campaign and sounds like he's blaming republicans for statements he's made. he doesn't think they are necessarily committed to his ability to become president and may have to go on his own. what's your reaction when you hear that? >> number one, he beat me. so again, i want to let that be known. donald, not only did you beat me but listen to my advice. your immigration position is a problem with the hispanic
2:22 pm
community and making it far worse. your idea of deporting 11 million including their american-born children, it hurts us politically. america first, that's a code to some and isolationism. i don't dislike hillary clinton. i think she's taken the country in a wrong direction slower maybe than obama but still in the wrong direction. with mr. trump, it's unnerving his policy choices, his policy proposals. at the end of the day -- he says he can finance his own campaign. i wish he would because that would free up money to help the republican house and senate. so mr. trump, if you can finance your own campaign, do it. because the people that would have given you money for the house and senate now want to hold the house and senate. >> if you can't vote for hillary clinton, who are you going to vote for? >> i probably won't vote for hillary clinton or donald trump
2:23 pm
it hurts to not support your party but he's taking the party in a direction i cannot go on immigration, foreign policy. i hate the fact that i can't support my party nominee. i want to help my house and senate colleagues and i'll support them enthusiastically. >> marco rubio was running for president, as you well know, he's criticized the senate on multiple times. we were going through his statements, yes, i work for the statement but i'm not of the senate. he said back in 2011 he couldn't think of a real high point. he says we're not going to fix america with senators and congress men. are you surprised he's seeking re-election? >> i'm glad he is. i think he's got a bright future. and clearly he wants to be in
2:24 pm
the senate. i'll help marco in any way you can. >> yesterday you were at a confirmation hearing for the incoming africon, and he told you he will not have the authority to strike isis in libya once he's the commander if, in fact -- >> they have a foothold in europe that could affect us. i think wherever isil goes, we should have the ability to confront them, detain them, destroy them, attack them. we are not really at war when it comes to iraq and syria, it doesn't have an end game. the military strategy is not hitting on all cylinders. tell that to the yazidis.
2:25 pm
it will not lead to the destruction of isil. >> you don't blame the president for all of that disaster whether in syria, iraq, libya. >> i most definitely do. >> you blame president obama -- >> i blame the president -- >> what about all of the people who live there? >> i blame isil above all others but i blame the president's foreign policy to allow isil to come about to begin with, to have a caliphate the size of alabama, to destroy the yazidi people, kill people in mass, kill 400,000 people and now be in libya. i absolutely blame him. you know, it's okay to blame a president when their foreign policy doesn't work. nobody had a problem blaming bush, including me. >> senator graham, thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> senator lindsey graham of south carolina. coming up, his republican rivals largely ignored donald trump but hillary clinton getting as good as she's getting, we're going to hear her response to trump's later barrage. plus, north korea unleashing
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shoshow me more like this.e. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. we're following breaking news in the presidential race. donald trump beginning his long awaited general election attack on hillary clinton saying her decisions, and i'm quoting him now, spread death, destruction and terrorism everywhere she touched. let's get the inside of real clear politics reporter rebecca berg, s.e. cupp and chief correspondent dana bash.
2:31 pm
trump read a speech today from a teleprompter and tried to deliver a steady, consistent message. is this a sign that he's finally ready to run a more disciplined campaign? >> you know, it's kind of ironic. he has been the most unconventional of candidates and this was the most conventional of moves that he made today for a politician. you want to change the subject? make a big speech and talk about your opponent in the way that you never would have before and also laid out his own parameters for what he wants to have going forward. that is something that we have not seen. he's been effectively the presumptive nominee for seven weeks and it's one that republicans have been dying for him to give for a whole host of reasons, not the least of which is to turn his sights and focus
2:32 pm
on hillary clinton in a big way so that a lot of the discussion that he's been having or has been happening around him for the speeches that he's given, for the things he's said, the financial turmoil inside his campaign, will this be the first day for the rest of his campaign, we'll see. he's certainly gone further in making republicans breathe a sigh of relief than he has in many, many weeks. >> s.e., as you know, donald trump, the fact checkers are having a field day right now. he cited questionable conspiritorial items when you have the fact checking coming in. >> let's be clear. neither of these candidates have a particularly good relationship with the truth. hillary clinton has lied about her own biography, hillary clinton -- many people she lied
2:33 pm
about benghazi and her e-mails. she has crazy high unfavorable numbers when it comes to her trustworthiness. donald trump, as you point out, keeps fact checkers busy 24 hours a day. you know, he elaborates, embellishes, i believe he lies sometimes. so it's almost like these two liars kind of cancel each other out. i don't know if voracity is an important issue for voters. they both have a real problem with the truth. >> ana, we've seen similar speeches from trump in the past, discipline speeches, reading it from a teleprompter. he stays on message for a couple of days. before returning to what some would call outrageous rhetoric and proposals on the campaign trail. will having a new campaign manager help him pivot towards the general election and help him become, quote, more presidential? >> oh, wolf, if i knew the answer to that, i'd give you the
2:34 pm
numbers for the powerball. the bottom line is, we just don't know what kind of donald trump we're going to see from now on. so far, he has exhibiting the discipline of a 13-year-old. he has a very hard time repressing his natural instincts and he's in a catch-22. he must stand there and say to himself, well, being politically incorrect, being myself, blurting out whatever is in my head, causing controversies, making statements that are outrageous has worked for me so far, has brought me this far along. and so the tight rope he has got to walk is how does he, on the one hand, remain true to himself, keep that persona that has brought him this far along but become presidential enough so that he gives a lot of other republicans and other american voters a comfort level, that he's got the minimum level of temperament required to be the period of time of the united
2:35 pm
states? >> rebecca, he reached out to the bernie sanders supporters asking for their support. >> take a look at this cnn/orc poll when asked what sanders thinks of trump. are you afraid of a trump presidency? 78% voters said no and 22% said no. 22% said no. but do you think realistically he has any chance of getting a significant number of those sande sanders supporters? >> certainly there is an overlap in message. bernie sanders ran as an outsider, had an anti trade message bringing jobs back to america, focusing on the working class. so there is some working class but let's remember that bernie sanders has been uniquely passionate about their candidate and uniquely loyal to him and when he comes out and endorses hillary clinton and campaigns against donald trump and we expect that he will, of course, endorse hillary clinton at some
2:36 pm
point, it's very likely that his supporters will follow his lead and go where he tells them to go and that's not to say that they are not using critical thinking. but usually that is what you see in politics. they respect his opinion and respect him and are loyal to him and so when he sends the signal, i think we'll see most of his supporters go to hillary clinton. >> she needs those supporters if she's going to win the general election. dana, there's drama playing out on capitol hill. you used to cover capitol hill for us. congressman john lewis leading a sit-in with his fellow dems. will this pressure the house speaker paul ryan to act on their demands and actually bring a gun control bill up for a vote? >> certainly makes it harder for him to say no. nancy pelosi, the house democratic leader, just told reporters that they are going to continue this until he does. so we'll see how that standoff ends.
2:37 pm
but, look, this is one of those fascinating, as you said, dramatic moments, particularly because on both sides of congress, the minority sort of party doesn't have as many rights to set the agenda but that is even more so when it could. s to the house of representatives. they have very few tools at their disposal to, you know, effectively protest not just what is happening but what isn't happening. so this was a clever, creative way to talk about it and to have all of us talk about it. i mean, it is theater in a way that they are getting people's attention on this. i asked a member of congress whether it had anything to do with trying to insert into the day that donald trump is having. the answer was no, that this was
2:38 pm
really the first opportunity that they had. but it was noteworthy that after hillary clinton was having a meeting with them. >> guys, stand by. everyone stand by. i want to alert our viewers as well. i'll speak with house speaker paul ryan. what does he think about the house sit-in, donald trump's latest attacks on hillary clinton? stand by for that interview. be the you who doesn't cover
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we're also following breaking news on the democratic side of the presidential race, paying almost no attention to what she calls donald trump's outlandish lies. she gave a long, detailed speech about her plans to produce jobs. let's go to washington correspondent jeff zeleny. jeff, she did respond to trump's attack on the foundation. she and her husband run. >> wolf, she did indeed. there was far more name calling and insult trading but she responded by saying it helps poor people. donald trump, she said, exploits them. ♪ this is my fight song >> reporter: hillary clinton is striking back. >> he's going after me personally because he has no answers on the substance. >> reporter: hours after donald trump's searing attack, clinton offering a poignant rebuttal calling donald trump unfit to
2:44 pm
lead the u.s. economy. >> he has no real strategy, just a string of empty promises. and maybe we shouldn't expect better from someone whose most famous words are, "you're fired." >> for a second straight day, clinton hammering trump hard, not ignoring him as so many gop rivals did. >> donald hates it when anyone points out how hallow his sales pitch really is. and i guess my speech yesterday must have gotten under his skin. >> reporter: a discussion that was never high-minded seems to be sinking by the day as the race boils down to a he said/she said campaign. trump raising questions about her faith in a private meeting with religious leaders. prompting this response. >> as we methodists like to say, do all the good you can to all the people you can in all the
2:45 pm
ways you can. >> reporter: and clinton offering a rare reply to trump's attack on her family's foundation. >> the clinton foundation helps poor people around the world get access to life-saving aids medicine. donald trump uses poor people around the world to produce his line of suits and ties. >> reporter: amid the cross fire, clinton is bringing in the calvary, inviting elizabeth warren to join her on the campaign trail next week incense flat tea. it's clinton's third trip to ohio in two weeks. but it's her debut with warren. cnn has learned she's among the handful of democrats being eyed as a running mate. despite warren's popularity as a liberal firebrand, democrats aren't sold on the idea. a new cnn/orc poll shows just 34% say warren should be on the ticket. 54% say they'd rather see someone else. rnie sanders won't be on the ticket. and while he officially hasn't dropped out of the race or endorsed her, he conceded
2:46 pm
reality today in this interview. >> it doesn't appear that i'm going to be the nominee. >> reporter: visiting capitol hill this morning, she praised sanders. >> we are going to win this election. >> reporter: and told house democrats the party must come together. behind closed doors, cnn learned she reminded them of this moment. from the 2008 convention. >> i move for senator barack obama of illinois by for president of the united states. >> reporter: she is hoping that sanders doeshe same thing for her next month. >> before he starts adding his voice to all of that trump criticism, wolf. >> fascinating developments. thank you, jeff zeleny, reporting. we're counting down also to cnn's libertarian town hall. former governor's gary johnson
2:47 pm
and william weld join chris cuomo. watch tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern. coming up here, after a string of failures, north korea finally launches a medium-range missile. how big of a danger does that pose to the united states? and we'll hear exclusively from the speaker of the house. i'll ask him about donald trump. this sit-in of the democrats on the house floor and the republicans' plan to replace obamacare. one. and we leave out corn, wheat d soy. for your pet, we go beyond. wannwith sodastream®er? you turn plain water into sparkling water in seconds. and because it's so delicious, you'll drink 43% more water every day. sodastream®. love your water. i thought my bladder leakage meant my social life was over. it scared me and caused a lot of disappointment
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we are standing by to hear exclusively from house speaker paul ryan, stand by for that. we are also following ominous breaking news, what appears to
2:52 pm
be north korea's first successful test of a medium range ballistic missile. let's bring in chief national security correspondent jim sciutto. how big a threat is this to the united states. >> reporter: this is an immediate threat to u.s. bases in asia, south korea, guam, alaskan islands. this particular can't reach the u.s. main land, it uses the same engine as the long range icbm. this moves pyongyang one step closer to threatening mainland u.s. these are powerful nuclear capable missiles, able to strike several u.s. military bases and allies across asia. today north korea launched two of the intermediate range missiles toward japan. the first one failed, dropping into the sea of japan, 93 miles after launch. two hours later a second launch succeeded, traveling 249 miles after flying all the way into
2:53 pm
space, a u.s. official says, following the trajectory of a successful ballistic missile launch. it is the first success for north korea in a half dozen attempts of the musudan this year. >> they learn from failure. easy to laugh when something doesn't go right, but that's a learning moment, so they get better every time they do it. >> an intermediate range missile with strike range of 1500 to 2500 miles places south korea, japan, and military bagss as far away as guam able to be struck. they issued a condemnation. >> it will only be to strengthen the resolve of the international community that has serious concerns with north korea's behavior. >> reporter: joined by ally
2:54 pm
south korea. >> they should realize that self destruction await at the end of reckless provocation. >> reporter: made enormous progress toward becoming a fully nuclear nation. successful long, medium missile tests and miniaturizing a nuclear device to deploy the missile. >> they have the pieces and what they say is they haven't put them all together yet. two problems with that. one day someday they will put them togeer, good to be prepared for that. the other is stop daring them. >> stop daring them. the state department says they'll raise tests with the u.n. security council and u.s. officialers consulting with beijing on a joint response. the range of options is limited, more sanctions, harsh words, that combination of it hasn't deterred them before. that's the thing. they keep making progress, the west hasn't figured a way to
2:55 pm
stop them. >> doesn't look like anyone is trying to stop them, certainly the u.s. or south korea or japan. china has a little influence. >> has influence, less than the past. china has made a strategic decision, they consider that bigger threat a unified peninsula than nuclearized north korea. >> reporting dangerous stuff there. breaking news next, watching developments in the house of representatives where democrats are staging a sit in, demanding a vote on gun control. i'm talk about that and more in my exclusive interview with house speaker paul ryan, that's just minutes away. at is changin. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank. now a person is able to start a business, and employ somebody for the first time. the microsoft cloud helped us to bring banking to ten million people in just two years.
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happening now. breaking news, trump's take down. he is accusing hillary clinton of being the most corrupt presidential candidate in history with a deadly foreign policy record. stand by for a reality check on the republican seering new attack. frustrated democrats stage a protest on the house floor demanding action on gun control after the terror in orlando. i'll ask house speaker paul ryan for his reaction and why he won't allow a vote. hillary hits back. clinton tries to turn the tables on trump hours after a speech, accusing him of reckless ideas and outlandish lies. which candidate is binning the battle of the barb. and the real regime. kim jong-un tries to show it as a workers paradise, but the propaganda back fires big time. we will show you embarrassing outtakes of a film project gone wrong. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world.
3:01 pm
i am wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." breaking news tonight. donald trump delivers his most blistering attack on hillary clinton's policies, her record and character. the presumptive republican nominee trying to shift the focus to his democratic rival as he lags behind clinton in new polls and fund-raising. in a scripted speech, he accused clinton of being a world class liar whose foreign policy cost thousands of lies and perfected the politics of profit. tonight, hillary clinton says donald trump is attacking her personally because he has no solutions or substance, but she also unleash scathing criticism of her opponent claiming his policies are reckless and would drive the u.s. economy into recession. also breaking. a dramatic protest by democrats, a sit in on the house floor. they've's been demanding new
3:02 pm
votes on gun control, chanting no bill, no break. stand by for reaction from the house speaker paul ryan on these stories and more. an exclusive interview. and our correspondents, analysts and guests have full coverage of all the news breaking now. up first, let's go to senior white house correspondent jim acosta. jim, donald trump added a few new attack lines to his familiar criticisms of hillary clinton but he really did not hold back at all. >> reporter: it was scathing, wolf. a top adviser said the theme could be summed up as, quote, hillary is bad, and to the delight and relief of his staff and supporters, that's exactly what donald trump delivered. >> hillary clinton and as you know she -- most people know she's a world class liar. >> reporter: with his team and teleprompters in place, donald trump stayed on script, unleash the focused, unrelenting attack on hillary clinton that had even
3:03 pm
skeptics in the party cheering, not cringing. >> hillary clinton may be the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency of the united states. >> reporter: call it operation pivot as the presumptive gop nominee made his first attempt at defining the general election for voters. >> her campaign slogan is im's with her. my response to that is i'm with you, the american people. >> reporter: it is no secret why trump's assault focused so much on clinton's character. look at the numbers. new orc poll finds more trust trump than clinton, so trump tried to chip away at her foreign policy credentials. >> her decisions spread death, destruction and terrorism everywhere she touched. >> reporter: doing so he made statements that weren't true, his claim he opposed the iraq
3:04 pm
war. >> i was among the earliest to criticize the rush to war, yes, even before the war ever started. >> reporter: even though it is on tape repeatedly voicing support for the invasion. >> you are you for invading iraq? >> i guess so. i wish the first was done correctly. >> among victims of the late ambassador, chris stevens, what she did with him is absolutely horrible. he was left helpless to die as hillary clinton soundly slept in her bed. when the phone rang as per the commercial at 3:00 in the morning, hillary clinton was sleeping. >> reporter: that's also wrong. the siege at benghazi happened at night in libya, back in the u.s. it was in the afternoon when clinton was awake. and there were other whopers. trump said he started his real
3:05 pm
estate business with a small loan. that was $1 million from his father. trump claimed clinton wants to apolish the second amendment. fact checkers note that's not true. trump accused clinton of doing fabricating of her own. >> look at her pathetic e-mail server statements or phony landing in bosnia where she said she was under attack, the attack turned out to be young girls handing her flowers. >> reporter: trump drilled down on that team accusing the clintons of profiting off ties to the rich and powerful. >> they totally own her and that will never, ever change, including if she ever became president. god help us. >> reporter: i thought trump's speech was a sure sign the changes he made monday are moving this campaign the right direction. he is on message. >> reporter: michael caputo who resigned the campaign after celebrating firing of campaign manager cory lewandowski said he
3:06 pm
is skeptical he can win. >> people are skeptical if he can stay on message and moving the right direction after his pivot. i think mr. trump is completely up to the task. >> reporter: trump's speech is certainly receiving positive reviews inside the gop, but one trump source says there's no way trump would have won the nomination with scripted speeches. to keep the base fired up, he will have to leave the teleprompter to give the crowds what they want. now to breaking news on capitol hill, the sit down to push for action on gun control. manu raju joins us with an update. what's the latest? >> reporter: the republicans are meeting now in an unusual meeting downstairs in the house basement with the entire house republican conference to try to figure out what to do about the protest going on all day that house democrats waged to demand votes on some sort of gun control bill.
3:07 pm
republicans are sort of divided about the strategy going forward. a lot of them don't want to give in, don't believe they should reward them for hijacking the house and upending business on the house floor. others say we can have a vote and vote down what democrats are proposing and move forward. we will see what comes of that. on the senate side, negotiations are happening over a compromise bill by susan collins of maine, dealing with how to prevent terror suspects how to get guns. a lot of democrats aren't excited about it, think it is too narrow a bill. some republicans are open to it, others are violently opposed, believe it could undermine constitutional protections. harry reid said he would support that bill, but republican leaders aren't behind it because the nra is opposed to it. with all the things happening on the house floor now, not a lot the two sides can agree on. wolf? >> joining us, speaker of the
3:08 pm
house, paul ryan. mr. speaker, thanks very much for joining us. >> my pleasure. thanks for having me. >> you rolled out part of your a.m. bishts legislative agenda, repealing and replacing obamacare, i want to talk about that and get reaction to donald trump's major speech today. first i want to ask you about the drama unfolding on the house floor, the sit in because you won't bring it to vote. house democrats tried to force a vote on all this week on how to prevent those on the terror watch list or no fly list from purchasing a gun. here's a key point. the poll shows an overwhelming majority of republicans, 90% of republicans support that idea. why won't you allow a vote on the floor of the house? >> first, i will tell you, wolf, this is nothing more than a publicity stunt, point number one. point number two, this bill was already defeated in the united
3:09 pm
states senate. number three, we are not going to take away a citizen's due process rights, not taking away constitutional rights without due process. that was already defeated in the senate. let's focus on the issue at hand, terrorism, find out what we have to do. if a person is on a terror watch list and they try to buy a gun, we have procedures to deal with that. we want those done correctly. that's something we should do in a calm, cool manner without the publicity stunt tactics to try to bring a bill that already died in the senate to the house floor. >> why not at least allow a vote up or down? >> first of all they know we will not bring a bill that takes away a person's constitutional guaranteed rights without due process. we don't agree with that. the senate already doesn't agree with that. i think the point here, wolf, is
3:10 pm
this is a publicity stunt. they're trying to get you to ask me that for publicity sake. this is trying to get attention. >> a lot of critics blame the national rifle association. we did some checking. over your 17 years in congress, you received about $36,800 from the nra. the nra clearly doesn't support this legislation. here's the question. is the nra the key reason nothing is happening in the senate or house of representatives? >> no, the constitution is. >> explain. >> people have a guaranteed right. the heller case proves it. people have an individual, guaranteed right to second amendment rights. we're not going to take away a person's constitutional guaranteed rights without due process. wolf blitzer could be thrown on the terror watch list tomorrow, wolf blitzer could be on the no fly list tomorrow with no recourse and your rights would be infringed upon. we're not taking away your
3:11 pm
rights without your due process. that is what the constitution requires. we're going to stick with the constitution. that's why we conservatives do what we do. we think that there are a lot of issues that need to be dealt with as relates to terrorism. radical islamic jihad, home grown terrorists getting radicalized. there's a lot to do. let's focus on this. we believe if someone is on a watch list trying to buy a gun, they need to notify authorities. we agree on that. that's what we should work on codifying instead of publicity stunts. we are not talking about terrorism, we are talking about gun control that goes beyond a person's constitutional rights. >> the senate itself, john lewis and other democrats on the fl r floor, wasn't televised because you called a recess that shuts off cameras. some are suggesting you're
3:12 pm
trying to censor the protest. >> this is the way the rules work in the house and they have ever since we had tv. we had a similar protest when we were the minority in 2008, not only did the cameras not go on, they turned the lights off. this is what you do when you go to recess subject to the chair. these are the house rules, they have been this way for years. >> i want to turn to donald trump's major speech today. were you proud of what he said? >> i have been a little busy today, haven't seen it or read it. i heard it was a good speech. that sounds promising, could be candid, i was busy with zika and other things in congress. but i was told by a number of colleagues he gave a very good speech and gave a speech you want the nominee to give. >> do you agree with the presumptive nominee that hillary clinton in his words is a world class liar? >> yeah, i think she has problems and challenges with the truth, that's for sure. i think our nominee needs to focus on the fall, he needs to
3:13 pm
focus on contrast with hillary clinton and i think that's the kind of contrast republicans want to see so we can have the race we need which is one we can win. >> he also said that hillary clinton may be the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency of the united states. do you agree with him on that? >> i don't know. i would have to look at the history i suppose, i do think she has a lot to answer for. look, having a server in the basement, i can go on and on about clinton scandals, i think people are clinton scandal fatigued, not to mention she held herself above the law and standards with her e-mails. yeah, i think there are legitimate questions about the veracity of her claims and conduct with respect to ethical standards. i think that is legitimate territory. like i said, i didn't hear the speech but i think it is totally fair game that he questions those things. >> do you think hillary clinton's quote, decisions spread death, destruction and terrorism everywhere she touched? >> wolf, i'm not going to give
3:14 pm
you a tit for tat on a speech i haven't heard. not taking things out of context. my understanding is he gave a good speech dealing with the race and the person he is running against and that's what he should do. i am not taking slices of quotes out of a speech i haven't seen yet. >> he said adoption of the trans-pacific partnership would cause the united states in his words to lose millions of jobs and our economic independence for good. do you agree with him on a substantive policy issue like that? >> sure, yeah. i think tpp has to get worked out to be better. i think potentially has great promise but i believe the administration screwed up a number of things in tpp. i don't think it is ready to go, to pass. i think the administration made some critical mistakes negotiating this trade agreement but i hope we can get a good one, i hope we can change it to make it a world class agreements. he wants great trade agreements, i also do that are good for america. what's at stake is whether
3:15 pm
america writes the rules for the global economy with our allies or other countries like china, who do not share our values, whether they write the rules. the key is, wolf, get it right. so far the administration has not done that. >> in almost every speech he has given in the past year, there are three main pillars of the speech. he says as president, he wants to build a wall on the u.s., mexican border rngs mexico would pay for it. deport 11 million undocumented people in the united states, wants to temporarily ban muslims entering the united states. says it in almost all of his speeches. you totally agree with him on all three of these pillars, right? >> i have been pretty clear about this. we obviously don't see eye to eye on everything. we agree on securing the border. i think there's a better way of securing the border. if you look at plan, we put out a comprehensive plan on national security that includes border security, albeit
3:16 pm
differently than he is proposing it, and i don't agree with the muslim ban and mass deportation, but there are a lot of things we do agree on. no two people are agreeing on things. there are big things we disagree on. i am not going to sugar coat it. there are a lot of areas we do agree. >> you disagree on these three main points. here the question. if he were president, would you try to block these proposals legislatively, through the appropriations process, for example, would you take active steps to prevent the three pillars from being implemented? >> these are things that have to go through congress. look, here's how we see our job in congress. we are a separate branch of government, equal branch of government. and if you want to change a law, you have to pass a law. presidents don't write laws, congress writes laws. and so if you want to change a policy, you have to change a law, and we will have a say so here in congress on how those will be written. i have been very clear with my views, as many of my colleagues
3:17 pm
are about how laws should change. the third thing we put out in the plank on a better way agenda is how to restore the constitution, article one powers so the legislative branch writes the laws, not the executive branch. that's something we believe in. separation of powers of the constitution of government by consent, not having executives like president obama is doing unilaterally writing laws, that's not the job of presidents, that's the job of congress. yes, we will have a strong say so in how laws are written. >> sounds to me, mr. speaker, you would try to prevent three pillars from being implemented legislatively? >> congress will work its will like it does in any situation with any president. and congress will make its own decisions, independent of the executive branch. we with the nominee see more eye to eye, more common ground than we don't. we have virtually no common ground with hillary clinton,
3:18 pm
that's for sure. >> let's talk about fundraising. what does it say that trump campaign hasn't been able to raise real money, 1.3 million in the back now, your own fund-raiser said there's a criesi crisis in effect. >> they were winding down the primary campaign, haven't booted in the general election campaign and that they started that in june, they didn't do it in may, which is the reporting period. i take them at their word on that. >> will you host fund raisers for the trump campaign? >> i have no plans to but basically because i am helping house republicans. i used to be with the presidential trust which helped the nominee before i became speaker. now that i am speaker my goal is on house republicans, keeping a strong majority. >> you said the only way your agenda gets passed if donald trump becomes president of the united states and signs your legislative agenda into law, so isn't it in your best interest he get elected president? >> yeah, i don't want hillary clinton to be president.
3:19 pm
i don't know how much clearer i can be on that. i know one thing for sure, hillary clinton will promote a liberal judge to supreme court, which means we effectively lose the supreme court for a generation, drift further from the constitution, point one. point two, she will continue the obama policy, she all but doubled down and basically promised that. 70% of the country doesn't like the direction america is going. we agree. we need to go a different direction. that's why we offer an affirmative, specific agenda how to go a different direction. yes, i believe a republican president, donald trump republican president is far, far more likely to help put the country in a better direction than hillary clinton is, so yes. >> if you believe that, why not raise money for his campaign, schedule fund-raisers with him? >> he can do fine on his own. we are trying to help house republicans. that's traditionally how it goes. i don't think john boehner did a fund-raiser for mitt romney and
3:20 pm
myself. the leader of the house helps the house, leader of the senate helps the senate. the nominee is the draw, not the other way around. >> you said you'll vote for him and support him. do you trust donald trump? >> look, i know the press likes these kinds of questions. we have a by narrow choice, liberal progressive democrat named hillary clinton, a republican named donald trump. i prefer the republican over the liberal progressive democrat. that's the choice we've got, that's the choice the voters in the primary gave us. it is binary. >> simple question. do you trust donald trump? >> like i said, depends on the issue, some things we don't agree on, some we do. we have to learn to work together in a separate but equal branch of government to work on these things and i know and believe that yes, he will be more likely to support things
3:21 pm
that we believe and values, the principles, solutions that we are calling for, and i know for a fact that hillary clinton won't. >> you said on sunday, last thing you would do is tell anybody to vote contrary to their conscience. your former running mate is not voting for donald trump because his conscience doesn't let him. do you have a clear conscience about supporting donald trump? >> i do because i as speaker of the house believe i have an obligation to keep my party and conference unified. i do not think it will be helpful to be the highest elected republican official in the country leading a split in the middle of the party to divide us in half, cut the party down the middle, and guarantee the leftwing the white house and the supreme court. because of the role i have, i believe i have an obligation and i am being true to that obligation. >> speaking of what you said about not asking people to vote
3:22 pm
contrary to their conscience, you're the chair of the gop convention. are you signaling to delegates out there that you're open to adding what they call a so-called conscience clause to the convention rules allowing delegates to prevent donald trump from becoming the party nominee? >> no, the answer, it was chuck that asked me, the answer was members of congress and their endorsements and conscience whether they make endorsement or not. i am not signaling anything to delegates, i believe in my job, which is pretty ceremonial, as chair of the conference, that i should not tell a delegate to do anything one way or the other. not trying to signal a single thing to a delegate because honestly, i see my job as being completely impartial, objective, not telling delegates to do anything whatsoever. the question is not whether a member of congress, from wisconsin, whether i should hold it against him for speaking his conscience. and of course i am not. that was the question. >> mr. speaker, stand by. we have to have a quick
3:23 pm
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hampton, doubletree, hilton garden inn, and waldorf astoria so stop clicking around. book direct at now that's satisfaction. we're back with my exclusive interview with house speaker paul ryan. moments ago we heard him acknowledge he does have some trust issues with trump. tonight ryan is also unveiling a new republican alternative to obamacare, going to ask him about that in a moment. right now, let's bring back senior political reporter manu raju. what's in the new republican plan? >> reporter: it is not legislative tax and there are no cost estimates. we don't know a lot of details. it is the most detailed
3:28 pm
blueprint any republican has put forward since the affordable care act was enacted, since republicans say it is time to repeal and replace it. a lot of ideas are familiar republican ideas they talked about, allowing insurance to be purchased across state lines and giving things like health savings accounts. also a lot of ideas that are fairly controversial, raising eligibility age for medicare and social security and turning medicare into what democrats call a voucher system, some of what paul ryan proposed in the past. they want to reform other things like medicaid. paul ryan is trying to push forward an agenda his party can campaign on, a detailed way of how republicans can govern. the question is whether or not donald trump will accept the ideas, wolf. >> manu, thanks very much. back with speaker of the house of representatives, paul ryan.
3:29 pm
mr. speaker, the affordable care act was signed in 2010, it is six years later. why did it take so long to roll out this very detailed, lengthy alternative? >> first of all we are rolling out a very detailed lengthy alternative, a comprehensive alternative to obamacare. that's very important. we spent six years on the issue where you had a lot of members of congress offering alternatives. tom price, a physician, phil rowe, comprehensive alternatives. we have ourselves on the same page, as a unified republican caucus offered comprehensive replacement of obamacare. it is driving up premiums, reducing choice, health insurance plans are dropping people left and right. we think the law is failing, it is hurting families, businesses, and jobs. we offered a comprehensive alternative. yes, this is consensus. this is we win and get a
3:30 pm
president that signs these into law, we can replace obamacare and get a patient centered health care system far better than we have now. >> the plan as detailed as it is does not include cost estimate or actual legislative language. why not? >> because we are not passing a bill this year to have a guy named barack obama veto it. this is for 2017. our entire agenda, this is the 2017 agenda. that's why we offer blueprints and not bills that will go nowhere with with an obama presidency. this is our plan to take to the country to ask for a mandate, for permission to put these in place with a president that can sign these into law in 2017. >> what do you say to those americans currently on obamacare, getting health insurance, who would lose coverage under your plan. >> i would say to them relief is coming. we're going to give you more choices, access to more affordable health insurance and yes, we will give you assistance. you'll have assistance to buy
3:31 pm
good health insurance. if you have a pre-existing problem, we believe in making sure you, too, can get affordable health care. we have a plan coming. >> donald trump wants to repeal and replace job killing obamacare. obamacare he said is the biggest job killer. but since 2010 when it went into effect, 10 million jobs have been created in the united states. what he is saying about job killing isn't true, right? >> that's kind of a non sequitur argument. if you ask the cbo, they'll tell you 2 to 3 million hours, job equivalent will not have been worked. here's the problem with obamacare, it disincentivizes work. as you go to work, make more money, get a better job, you lose by going off obamacare subsidies. it has a perverse incentive that kills jobs, not to mention the fact huge tax increases killing
3:32 pm
jobs and things like medical devices, not to mention the fact that cuts to health care providers and rationing down the road will create job loss. it is a job killer in many ways. it disin sent vices work, taxes manufacturers and producers, a job killer, because it injects uncertainty in the health care community that they won't hire people as a result cht yes, it is a job killer in many different fronts. that's why we think we are offering a better way. go to and look at our plan. >> only way if it becomes law is if there's a republican president. >> that's right. >> i assume he is on board with your plan. hillary clinton if she were president would veto it. >> she would not only veto it, she would double down on obamacare. that's why we don't support hillary clinton, one of the reasons we don't support hillary clinton. >> is trump on board with your plan? >> yeah, he likes the direction we're going. we spent a lot of time talking about this. we are far more comfortable with the notion an idea he will help
3:33 pm
put this agenda into practice, into law, and we know hillary clinton will double down on a health care system failing us miserably. >> mr. speaker, thanks very much for joining us. >> all right, thank you, wolf. take care. just ahead, our political team on speaker ryan's issues with donald trump and trump's new tongue lashing of hillary clinton. which candidate's attacks will hold up under scrutiny of voters and fact checkers? >> hillary clinton may be the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency of the united states. >> donald hates it when anyone points out how hollow his sales pitch really is. and i guess my speech yesterday must have gotten under his skin. bp drilling teams train in virtual reality simulators in here, so we're better prepared for any situation out there. because safety is never being satisfied.
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we are back with breaking news. house speaker paul ryan telling me awhile ago he has a clear conscience about supporting donald trump, even though they have some big disagreements and there's a trust gap on certain issues. let's bring in senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin, loni chen, policy director for mitt romney, david chalian, and chief political analyst gloria borger. gloria, you heard house speaker paul ryan's response when i asked him if he trusts donald trump. he sort of laughed, said it is a
3:39 pm
binary choice, doesn't agree with trump on some issues. does that response in still confidence in republicans that are grappling with the idea of donald trump as the nominee? >> you know, wolf, i'm not sure it inspires confidence but what it does is it shows them a path forward to getting to yes. i was struck about how he kept talking about the by narrow choice, which means compared to what. he kept saying over and overlook, i may disagree with donald trump. i think when compared to hillary clinton, donald trump has a better chance leading this country in the direction i want to take it, so he doesn't have to say look, i agree with him on everything, which he clearly said to you he doesn't, but he kept going back to a notion of i don't want hillary clinton leading the country for a host of reasons. and that's why i'm going to be
3:40 pm
here for donald trump. and talking to republican strategists, wolf, i can tell you they tell me the same thing. they're telling their clients you can disagree with donald trump as much as you want, but don't cross that rubicon and say you can support hillary clinton, and this is exactly the strategy that the speaker was laying out to you. >> if speaker ryan is right when he says donald trump is the best option, why won't he go out and fund raise, campaign for him. why is he holding back? >> because he can't do it sincerely. the disagreements that paul ryan and donald trump have are real, policy differences are very real. at the end of the day for paul ryan, he is a policy guy at the core. it will be difficult for him to be engaged, involved to raise money to do it enthusiastically. at the end of the day, i think it is important for donald trump and paul ryan to be able to get
3:41 pm
together on a few issues. that will give paul more comfort as well. >> good point. david, you heard me ask the speaker if he would block some of donald trump's core proposals in congress. he suggested he would. what does that tell you about the type of relationship the speaker would have with a trump administration? >> well, it is certainly not one of blind faith, that's quite clear and i don't think that's a terrible thing. give paul ryan credit for defending the institutional integrity of congress and that it is co-equal and separate branch. washington probably has a chance working better than it does when everybody doesn't put on their partisan jersey blindly, go to partisan corners, whatever the leader is doing, they step in line. you get a more robust conversation and perhaps maybe better results for the country out of congress if indeed there is a little more negotiation.
3:42 pm
what is clear in listening to the interview from paul ryan, he didn't even need to hear trump's speech today, he said, he heard from aides what it was, and it was this take on hillary clinton, trying to take her down. that was comfort to his ears. this is what republicans have been wanting to hear, and paul ryan didn't need to sit through the speech to know if donald trump is focused on hillary clinton. he is headed on the right path toward november. >> jeff, clearly trump's harshest speech against hillary clinton to date. a lot of fact checkers are checking some of the facts in there, having a field day now. to voters out there, does that matter? >> i do think it matters to a certain extent if someone has a pattern of telling serial untruths, but the core of his speech were statements like world class liar, most corrupt person to run for president. she feels entitled to be
3:43 pm
president. those aren't fact checkable assertions, those are opinions. and i think donald trump deals mostly in opinions and those people are either going to accept or reject. >> another major development today, gloria, senator marco rubio of florida spoke to manu raju about his decision to run after all for re-election, this after rubio repeatedly denied he wouldrun, mays very disparaging comments about the senate. are we seeing senator rubio set himself up for a possible re-run, presidential run in 2020? >> yes. i think he would have been running in 2020 had he been in the senate or not in the senate. a lot of people came to him and said the state of florida is in danger, they're worried about down ballot, about keeping control of the senate. they don't want to have to spend a ton of money in florida to keep that seat where if they
3:44 pm
have marco rubio there they can spend money in other states they need to spend it. i think he came under a lot of pressure. i think he was sort of a man struggling to figure out what he was going to do next. i think he is going to run for the presidency, but after criticizing the senate over and over again, it was kind of interesting to see him say okay, i'm going to hang around, and i think what was most notable was the notion that the senate has to be there to check on whomever becomes president. meaning either hillary clinton or donald trump and you heard that same argument in a way, wolf, from paul ryan i think. >> and by the way, marco rubio does not have a cake walk to get reelected, he has a primary and it's a swing state with democratic turnout, with bigger turnout in a presidential year, so he's going to have to raise more money, he is in debt from his presidential campaign.
3:45 pm
this is not a walk in the park for him to get reelected. >> when i was in park city utah you were at the mitt romney event he was holding, interviewed him there. he told me he can't vote for hillary clinton, can't vote for donald trump, but will take a closer look at the libertarian party ticket. we have a town hall later tonight with the two libertarian candidates. you know mitt romney well. what would it take to hear from the libertarian candidates to sway him? >> i think it is challenging for mitt to be in a place to support them. the cultural differences are significant. you brought up marijuana legalization in the interview with governor romney. that's one issue he and gary johnson are not going to see eye to eye, some social issues will be a great concern to governor romney. end of the day, one thing that helps is the relationship with bill weld. they know each other, weld was
3:46 pm
predecessor of governor romney in massachusetts. the social chasm i think is too wide. >> he served as adviser today, brent scowcroft, said he is endorsing hillary clinton for president. dramatic move. could that sway other republicans wary of a trump presidency? >> probably not something scowcroft envisioned in the '90s that he would be endorsing hillary clinton for president. listen, i don't think this is some gate opening for a flood of republicans coming across to support hillary clinton. i think it is illustrative of the more mainstream establishment, preneocon national security folks who have expressed concerns about donald trump, having his finger on the button. you may see some of these old hands who have a totally different world view and approach to foreign policy than
3:47 pm
donald trump portrayed so far, perhaps through support to hillary clinton, but i don't think this represents something we should look for republicans in congress or active people in the party today just coming across to support hillary clinton. >> gloria, i'm curious what you think? >> you know, look, i think brent scowcroft represents a wing of the party that hasn't been well represented in the last decade. even george w. bush didn't agree with brent scowcroft and his father on a whole host of foreign policy issues. i think he is well respected, well regarded and i don't think as david says that it's going to kind of open a door for other people to rush right through. >> all right, guys, stand by. there's more coming up, including hillary clinton's returning fire to donald trump today preparing to go public with potential running mate as well. we will update you on that. stay with us. (avo) after 50 years of designing cars
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more breaking news tonight in the presidential race. hillary clinton responding to donald trump's most scathing attack yet. here's our senior political correspondent, rihanna keillor. >> donald hates it when anyone points out how hollow his sales pitch really is. and i guess my speech yesterday
3:53 pm
must have gotten under his skin. >> reporter: hillary clinton firing back, responding to donald trump's harsh words this morning. >> hillary clinton's message is old and tired. >> reporter: clinton is focusing on the economy in north carolina today, where she's hoping a state that president obama narrowly lost in 2012 after winning it in 2008 will go her way in november. >> maybe we shouldn't expect better from someone whose most famous words are "you're fired!" well, here's what i want you to know. i do have a jobs program. and as president, i'm going to make sure that you hear "you're hired!" . >> reporter: her remarks one day after a scathing speech on trump's business record in the battle ground state of ohio. >> he's written a lot of books about business. they all seem to end at chapter 11. >> reporter: she spent the morning on capitol hill.
3:54 pm
meeting with house democrats, telling them her campaign won't just be about vilifying donald trump, but promoting their agenda, trying to help democrats pick up seats in congress. >> we are going to win this election, we're going to take back the house and the senate. >> reporter: democrats are still trying to unify their voters after a fractious primary fight. maryland congressman, elijah cummings says they are working to build bernie sanders' positions. >> it seems we're going to be able to reach an agreement, hopefully by saturday afternoon. >> reporter: and clinton's running mate pick could help that task, as well. if she goes with the liberal who appeals to sanders' supporters, such as elizabeth warren. war less than has become a persistent trump attacker. >> he have day it becomes clearer he is a thin-skinned racist bully. >> reporter: warren is scheduled to join clinton next week, where
3:55 pm
she is sure to continue hitting donald trump. but some observers say warren would not help clinton expand to moderate and independent voters. a new cnn orc poll shows only a third of democratic voters say clinton should pick warren as vp. although 51% of democrats do have a favorable opinion of her. brianna keilar, cnn, raleigh, north carolina. and please stay with cnn tonight for a town hall featuring presidential and vice presidential candidates gary johnson and william weld. chris cuomo is the moderator. 9:00 p.m. eastern only here on cnn. also tonight, the white house is condemning north korea's new launch of two missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads. one test appeared to be successful, raising new fears that kim jong-un is making progress towards his threat of being able to strike as far away as the united states. this as the regime is suffering a new setback in its propaganda war. let's bring in brian todd.
3:56 pm
brian, looks like there's been a major blunder. what happened? >> there has been, wolf. tonight it is really angering kim jong-un's regime. in fact, the museum of modern art in new york, which was scheduled to show this film in february, cancelled that showing, concerned that the north koreans might retaliate in some kind of a sony type cyberattack. the north koreans hoped this documentary would glorify them. but there was friction. and what the north koreans didn't count on, the director of this film kept rolling during moments they thought were off-camera. for kim jong-un's regime, it seemed the ideal film project "under the sun," a profile of an 8-year-old girl as she prepared to join the union. the north koreans commissioned for the project, which they hoped would depict a paradise. but tonight, fallout. the project back fired. >> translator: everybody stabbed up stand up and loudly say
3:57 pm
congratulations. can you say that? i won't say it again. >> reporter: a north korean minder, coaching how to act at a clothing factory. >> translator: why was your applause so weak? >> the minders seemingly thought they weren't being recorded. but the director kept his camera rolling. >> translator: he is sitting with straight legs. why are you sitting so funny? like that. sit like that. >> they would come to the scene and tell the people what they have to do. where they have to sit, how they have to sit, how they have to smile. >> translator: try to say more. let's do it! don't forget to smile. smile! everyone smile while your cam rad is speaking. and they appear to do just that. at a dance class, she is driven to exhaustion and tears. >> translator: more! do you understand comrade?
3:58 pm
do you understand or not? so what should we do, if you can't even learn these steps? >> reporter: in scene after scene, minders are shown prodding, scolding film subjects to be more zealous. >> translator: when the teacher speaks, repeat after her. yes. recover soon. and stop eating. ♪ >> translator: still too gloomy. do it with more joy. you can do it more joyfully. >> reporter: the producer says there was constant argument between the director, manski, and his minders. the north koreans eventually skultsed the project, ticket kicked the director out of the country. but they didn't keep full control of his footage. . >> i think the biggest foughtout for the people who allowed him to enter the country and secondly to the minders who guided his crew. they might be in trouble. >> reporter: at the end, he is asked what it means to join the
3:59 pm
children's union. >> translator: now you feel responsible for your mistakes. and you wonder what else you should do for the respected leader. >> translator: stop her crying. >> reporter: we dried to get north korean officials to respond to the documentary. but her mother has expressed her outrage on a north korean government-run website, saying, quote, is manski a human being? we thought he was making the documentary for the purpose of a friendly, cultural exchange. i had no idea that he would make my daughter the main character of his anti north korea movie, wolf. >> how did this director get all that footage out of north korea without the regime catching him? >> one of the producers says manski shot each scene with two disks inside his camera. he would always hand the north koreans one of the disks and kept the other one. he gave the uncensored disk who would take it to a bathroom and stash in her clothing. >> amazing stuff.
4:00 pm
good report. thank you very much. remember, you can always follow us here in squgs "the situation room on twitter." be sure to go there. follow me at wolf blitzer. thanks for watching. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. >> "outfront" next, donald trump calling hillary clinton a world-class liar the most corrupt candidate ever. hillary clinton firing back tonight. and donald trump calls himself the king of debt. is that a good thing? and breaking news. democrats staging a sit-in on the house floor, demanding action on gun control. will it finally work? let's go "outfront." good evening, i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, the war of words. donald trump and hillary clinton hammering each other, getting personal. trump today relentlessly attacking hillary clinton.


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