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tv   CNN Special Report  CNN  June 28, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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we'll see you right back here tomorrow night. cnn's live coverage of the terror attack in istanbul continues with john vos in london and amara walker in los angeles. good night. welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. i'm amara walker in los angeles. >> i'm john vause in london. you're watching the breaking news coverage at the airport in istanbul. >> turkey's government says 36 people are dead. 147 people wounded. the video of the attack is graphic and some viewers will find it disturbing. a surveillance camera at the airport captured the moment one of the three bombs exploded and you can see there are people just running for their lives before the blast, then debris falls from the ceiling as the area starts to fill with smoke. now, another camera captured what appears to be one of the
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attackers falling to the ground after he was apparently shot by police. you can see his gun slide away from him along the floor, the man then fumbled around for a bit before eventually detonating his suicide vest. no one has claimed responsibility but the prime minister says the signs point to isis. he says the three attackers arrived at the airport by taxi and started shooting before they blew themselves up. >> cnn photo adjournijournalists live. what is the scene right now? >> john, the scene, much changed
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from last night, when i arrived last night as you saw in those pictures, there was chaos, people running away from the terminal from the airport, we are about 800 meters from that terminal where this happened and moments ago i just walked the area, the terminal has been reopened, there are passengers going into the terminal, there is a lot of destruction, i don't know if you can see these pictures, moments ago i walked through the terminal, was able to see the devastation and i can tell you, it is very, very bad. >> reporter: and joe, officials have stepped up security at the tlarpt in recent years. is there a sense that without the security perimeter, the death toll in all of this could have been much higher? >> i'm sorry, don, i cannot hear you. can you repeat? >> sure, joe, in recent years, the government has increased
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security at the airport there. is there a sense there without the security perimeter in place, the death toll could have been so much higher? >> there is so much security at this airport, as you arrive at the terminal, at the airport, this sign behind me is the first sign of security. there are always police men, turkish police men with machine guns checking cars. there are cameras all over this airport and at the moment inside the terminal, there are crews cleaning up as quickly as they can all of the debris, all of of the broken glass, but security is still quite high and in fact, just as i was walking into the terminal there, was a scare and there was of course, as there always is, a rumor that there was another bomb but nothing.
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>> and joe, overnight, the turkish government called a crisis meeting. what is the likely response? >> i'm having trouble hearing you, john. >> okay. i think we might leave it with joe, but we appreciate you being with us, joe duran, cnn photo journalist. thank you, joe. amara? >> thank you so much, john, turkish president called for a unified international fight against terrorism. he says the attack which took place during the holy month of ramadan shows terrorism strikes with no regard to faith or values nor do terrorists stingish between the victims. make no mistake, for terrorist organizations there is no difference between istanbul and landon, ankara and berl lynn. unless all government and the entire mankind joined forces in the fight against terrorism,
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much worse things than what we fear to imagine today will come true. jared melson is joining me live. good to have you. you're there in istanbul, just give us a sense of what the last few hours have been like. the atmosphere considering the fact that this is one of many terror attacks turkey has seen this year. >> that's right, i just returned from the airport myself after spending most of the night there. it was an extremely harrowing scene. we're talking about one of the busiest airports in europe and the middle east and the whole world that was completely pair lier paralyzed by this attack. there were hundreds of passengers and airline workers stranded in the airport during attack and in the immediate after math and then crowds of people streaming out trying to
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find their loved ones and i think it is a water shed in terms of these kind of attacks we've seen as you mentioned, both attacks from isis as well as kurdish rebels based in the southeast of turkey who are both separately staging campaigns against the government, so -- >> yeah, we know that turkey has been facing a lot of security challenges, not only from isis but also from the pkk which are kurdish separatists. let's talk about the isis threat because a lot of terror experts officials in turkey, officials in the united states are saying that this attack bears a hall marks of an isis attack if you look at the target it was an international target, suicide bombers were used as opposed to typically what the pkk targets, it is more of a domestic target, correct? >> yes, that is absolutely right. this is obviously a civilian
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target, an international target, there is an erie echo of the attacks in brus yells and the turkish prime minister says that the signs are pointing towards isis. there has been no claim of responsibility but i mean, this kind of indiscriminate attack on civilians, this is the kind of thing we've seen from isis before and in turkey including just here in istanbul there was the attack on tourists in march, another one in january, and you know, really, these kinds of indiscriminate killings of civilians, just getting more and more devastating here in turkey which is getting drawn more and more into some of the violence from the civil war in syria. >> jared, how do you think turkey will respond to this
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attack, especially if it turns out indeed it was isis that was behind this, because every time we've seen turkey, you know, react to isis, you know, crackdown on the porous borders so fighters don't crossover into syria or help in the u.s. led coalition, we see retaliation from isis. how do you think the government is going to respond to this? >> well, as you say, the turkish government is already at war with isis and we've already seen them stage a kind of course correction in clamping down on the border. launching air strikes on positions in syria. really, the larger law enforcement challenge for them is cracking down on existing isis networks that are operating inside turkey and there has been
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some research and investigation that has happened into those because it is now, it is now painfully obvious that they are, you know, that these attackers are able to operate and so that is really the big challenge facing turkish law enforcement and it is not going to be easy. >> yeah, it really, really is a difficult time for turkey right now. jared malsin with time magazine, we appreciate your perspective. thanks for that. >> thank you. turkey has seen a wave of terror attacks this year in january, at least ten germans were killed in a suicide bombing in istanbul. february 17th, 28 people killed, an explosion in ankara, a kurdish militant group claimed responsibility. days later, terrorists bombed a tourist area in istanbul and just a few weeks ago, an attack
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in istanbul claimed 11 lives and wounded 36 people. they targeted a police bus during the morning hours. rafael panpucci joins us on the line in georgia. there is a lot of suspicion isis carried out the attack. the theory being it does not fit the profile of pkk. can you explain the thinking here? >> well, i mean, at this point it doesn't -- it is not entirely clear who has been responsible for the attack. we have a government here that seems to be claiming that this is sort of an isis linked attack. what we apparently seem to know at the moment is that we have an incident involving a number of attackers who apparently had guns and detonated skploetives that -- explosives that killed themselves and others which suggests that -- [ inaudible ] with an isis rather than a group like the pkk or other terrorist
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groups active in turkey. >> so if this was isis it would be the third suicide attack in turkey this year. so clearly turkey has a growing security threat from isis. would you say that the government has underestimated that threat? >> well, i think that the government has realized that it is facing a quite substantial threat at home for some time. this is one of a number of attacks if it is connected to isis that we've seen the group launch in the country against various soft targets. the fact that it was against the international airport will attract a lot of attention and will unfortunately have some sort of impact on the economy. i think the government is aware of the problems they're dealing with. they're dealing with clearly quite a substantial threat and i think it is one that is probably only going to get more difficult and complicated as they come under greater pressure on the battle field and groups having to reposition because of losses and things happening here.
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>> right now, where is the bigger threat to turkey? coming from isis or is it coming from the pkk? >> i think that is a very difficult question. isis has the attacks that tend to be against soft targets, tend to be against tourism targets, not necessary governmental ones outside ones that are more terrifying ones and more dramatic and see an international audience. i think the pkk has a solid track record of trying to attack institutions and the police and army and we see that it is trying to sort of bring attention to itself and the domestic context. i think for an international audience, it will seem more menacing than the isis threat. they're not the only groups active in the country. we have the dkhcp which is sort
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of an extreme left wing organization. that also launched a couple of attacks. they've been quiet at the moment but they've attempted to launch attacks against the american embassy in ankara. i think turkey is in a difficult spot facing a number of different threats. internationally, turkey the one from isis will seem more menacing. >> okay. rafello panucci on the line there. cnn senior international correspondent clarissa ward joining us now from washington. so clarissa, c in fn obtained dramatic security video of the events that happened inside istanbul airport. if you can start with the disturbing graphic video of a person walking inside of the airport, it looks like with a weapon and detonates himself. >> that's right.
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it is pretty graphic video so our viewers should be warned. essentially what we appear to be looking at is one of the attackers sort of stumbling into this hall, he falls to the ground and drops what appears to be an ak-47 or some sort of semi automatic weapon. he appears to be injuried and you see coming up near to him, again, what appears to be some sort of security personnel from the airport that seems to possibly shoot him again and then run for his life apparently. it is not clear, was he able to see that the attacker was reaching to detonate a vest? there then appears to be one more shot. you see the attacker's body convulse and he detonates. again, not clear if he actually pulled the trigger himself or pushed the button himself so to speak or whether as a result of the shots that somehow the device went off, but certainly
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very dramatic, deeply disturbing video, amara. >> and clarissa, if you can put all of this in perspective for us, over the last two years or so, we've seen turkey be the target of several terror attacks from isis and terror attacks by the pkk. can you talk about when and why turkey has become such a vulnerable target? >> well, turkey has been hit many times in the last six months, particularly and they have targeted everything from tourists in the old city in istanbul to peace rallies in the capitol in ankara, the two main culprits traditionally have been kurdish separatist groups such as the pkk and of course, isis. isis in recent months has really stepped up the number of attacks on turkey and that has been a direct reaction to the fact that the turkish have been cracking down on isis, trying to sale the
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border but -- seal the border between turkey and syria, a border that was porous that isis relied on heavily to move weapons and move fighters back and forth. we've seen the turkish forces shelling isis villages across the border. we've seen the turkish cooperating with coalition efforts and coalition bombings which are going from a turkish airbase, for many reasons now, isis perceived turkey to be enemy number one or one of their top enemies. >> and is there a significance in the timing of all of this considering the fact that isis just in recent days has been weakened on the battle field particularly in fallujah. i know two years to the day, right, that isis it has been since isis declared the caliphate and it is ramadan. can you bring this together for us? >> for a number of reasons, the time saeg symbolic.
9:17 pm
it is ramadan. it is the last ten days of ramadan which traditionally are the holiest and traditionally a time when we see an up tick min attacks. we heard from the spokesperson coming out earlier in ramadan and calling everyone who supports isis, inspired by isis, to launch these types of attacks. and of course, finally, as you pointed out it is two years to the day since the declaration of the caliphate or the declaration of the islamic state and we have certainly seen as the pinch has gotten harder on isis, on their territory, as the coalition has been bombing more, as kurdish and syrian democratic forces backed by the coalition have ni we've seen attacks, targeting soft targets, targeting the west
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and countries that support the west. >> great to get your perspective. clarissa ward for us, thank you. when we come back, much more on the istanbul terror attacks. if this was isis, could it mean a strategic shift for the terror group? we'll be back in a minute. ...with summer ale barbeque sauce, ...and new lobster and shrimp overboard. overboard? nah,'s just right. so hurry in.
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welcome back, everybody, i'm john vause live. we're following breaking news on the terror attack in istanbul. at least 36 people are dead, 147 wounded. three suicide bombers who are also armed with guns attack passengers at the ataturk airport on tuesday. two of the attackers were at the international terminal. a third in a nearby parking lot. a surveillance camera captured the disturbing moments before one of the bombs exploded. it shows people running from the blast, debris falling from the ceiling. the area was filled with smoke. joining me now, c in nn's analy
9:23 pm
bill baer. if this attack was carried out by isis, does it represent some kind of escalation by isis towards turkey? >> i think we're having audio problems there with rick, so we'll work those out. i'll pose the question to you, bob. if this was attacked by isis, is it an escalation in the war if you like, with turkey. >> i think it is an escalation all through the region. i mean, two weeks ago, there was an attack in jordan on a border post claimed by the islamic state. attacks in lebanon, yesterday there was an attack in yemen, a devastating attack. what you're seeing is after the fall of fallujah, the islamic state is striking out, lashing out to let us know they're there
9:24 pm
and they may lose ground but they're still a potent force. >> in the past, isis has gone off of soft targets, airport in brussels which did not have the same level of security that they did in istanbul. what is to say now that isis carried out the attack on an airport which was apparently well protected in a well coordinated attack? >> well, remember, these people, john, are battle hardened. they've been fighting in iraq, fighting in syria, they can make bombs go off. they can hit hard targets like the airport and again, you can't predict the airports 100 %. you keep moving out the security perimeter further and further but wherever people are waiting in line, they're easy to hit and they can get high casualties like this. there is really nothing you can do with that. especially in a place like turkey where the islamic state has cells everywhere.
9:25 pm
>> okay. and to rick, i understand you can hear us now. with isis losing ground in iraq and syria, of these attacks now, a extstrategic shift? >> we've seen this for siem time, as they started to least ramadi and fallujah. they know the days in iraq and syria are numbered. they have to find somewhere else to operate. that is why they're seeing a lot of the folk yuls shift to libya. they're looking for failed states. famed states is where they can operate. libya is a prime example. other areas in africa, we're looking towards the future. they know that eventually the weight of the iraqi government led supported by the u.s. coalition and the syrians and russians will take their toll on their self declared caliphate in the area. they have to go somewhere else and we're seeing that and i
9:26 pm
think they realize that turkey is vulnerable. i think they may be miscalculating how resolute the turks might be going after the airport, i think may have been a tact tall victory for a few days but the turks may really clamp down on the border and on the airport going to cause isis a lot of problems. >> and rick, one u.s. official was quoted as saying a long summer of discontent has just begun. in other words, brace for attacks like these. is he right sng. >> i think so -- what we're seeing right now is this is the last ten days of ramadan. earlier on, we heard calls that ramadan would be particularly bloody and they were urging people not only isis people controlled by isis but people that were inspired by isis. so we may see other attacks around the world, including in the united states during this time period and as the summer continues, we could see an uptick in operations as they become squeezed in iraq and
9:27 pm
syria, they'll lash out in other areas. bob is exactly right on that. >> and bob, at this point, it appears very little chatter and very little indication that this attack was in the pipeline, is that surprising sng is that a worry? >> it is a big worry, john, the french have told me that some of the bombers there in paris were actually listening to their telephones before the attack. they were able to cover their conversations encoded and the french had no idea they were getting ready to attack. they're using communications, discipline like we've never seen, so you know, the national security agency may have picked up some chatter, there was a warning on monday from the state department, but those warnings are so abstract and without detail, there is not really much you can do to react to them and the united states would, by the way, if they knew there was an attack on the airport, make it public in advance if they in fact knew that.
9:28 pm
>> and rick, finally to you, the big picture here is all of this leads back to syria until there is some kind of resolution to the conflict going og in syria. these attacks will continue to be carried out. >> yeah, i think you're right. i can see a solution in iraq, but then, and no matter what happens, then you have to address the issue in syria and syria is where the nexus of every problem in the middle east comes to roost. . what do we create? a large failed state? big, big problems down the road for syria and turkey is right next door, they know that and they're very, very concerned. >> colonel francona and bob baer, thank you for being with us. >> we'll have reaction from donald trump and hillary clinton have been saying. >> good morning, good morning!
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welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm john vause in london about 5:30 on wednesday morning. >> i'm amar'a walker. we're covering the terror attack at the airport in istanbul. they think isis is behind the terror attacks that 36 and wounded 147 others. no one claimed responsibility so far. the video is extremely
9:33 pm
disturbing, a surveillance video shows crowds of people running for their lives before one of the explosions. the three attackers took a taxi to the airport and then opened fire before detonating their explosives. witnesses described just pure chaos with blood everywhere. officials say two of the bombers blew themselves up inside of the international terminal, the third in a nearby parking lot. now to the political shock waves out to the brexit vote in the u.k. prime minister david cameron met with eu leaders in brussels on tuesday. he emphasized u.k. control of immigration was at the heart of the debate. german chancellor angela merkel
9:34 pm
said there would be no cherry picking and nicholas surgeon sturgeon will meet. they voted to stay in 62% of leaving. corbyn has lost a nonbinding confidence vote within his party. he won't step down but a path is cleared for a leadership challenge. london mayor is calling for greater autonomy after the exit. nigel farage was welcomed with large boos at the eu parliament. he didn't flinch. he insulted members of the parliament. >> what i would like to see is a grown up and sensible attitude to how we negotiate a different relationship. now, i know, i know that
9:35 pm
virtually none of you have ever done a proper job in your lives or worked, or worked in business or worked in trade or indeed ever created a job, but listen, just listen. >> farage may have brushed his comments as a light hearted joke. he is urging members to stop name calling and get to work. this is what he told our richard quest. >> let's stop threatening and being silly. you need us far more than we need you. let's crack on, have a terror free trade deal and allow us to be free, to go off and pursue our global ambitions. >> the brexit vote wiped out a record $3 trillion from the global markets friday and monday, but there has been something of a rebound.
9:36 pm
andrew stevens joins us live from hong kong with more on the numbers and the stocks and the pound seem to be coming back a little. is that optimism that policy makers will be able to limit the fall out from the brexit vote? >> yeah, you're talking there, john, about the political shock. the financial shock, the echos of that are starting to recede. we saw a big rally in europe that was followed by wall street and that is true into asia not such a big rally across the asian markets of this state. this is the third day now that there has been some sort of positive response coming out of asia after the last sort of the friday, the really big falls on friday. so, what we're seeing is an improved mood. investors in this part of the world are looking at buying the beaten down stocks, particularly, i'm talking auto makers in japan, number one here, they've taken an absolute hammering down sort of around between 8 and 10% but they're up
9:37 pm
about 2, 2 1/2% today. there has been bottom fishing with japanese car manufacturers. the pound, which has been the very sharpest end of the reaction of brexit has stabilized at around 133 to the u.s. dollar. stabilizing is a sign that things are starting to ease at least in the mood. too early to say it is all over but certainly we have this respite which has shown some length, wait and see what happens in europe. europe does tend to lead this. we have so many political questions still unanswered. >> yeah, and with that in mind, andrew, i guess the markets will continue to be on brexit news. if the market is going up, if it is looking bad, the markets will
9:38 pm
go down. >> that is an absolutely fair assumption as we always say, investors, don't like the uncertainty so they will react to news as it happens, as they always do. they will react to whispers as they happen. there are so many about this, europe has made it clear they want the u.k. to trigger article 50, the formal release of the u.k. from the eu. the leadership of britain is showing no inclination to push that button. there is talk now, some of the newspapers, the financial times talking today about a lot of senior leaders want to stay in europe. i'm not talking about the people who actually wanted to stay like david cameron but other senior backed benches are looking at ways to make it work so britain doesn't have to leave, maybe a second referendum. those sort of scenarios still have to play out and they are all going to be highly, highly sensitive to investors.
9:39 pm
>> thank you, andrew stevens with the latest on the market reaction. appreciate it. a short break here. when we come back, the istanbul airport bombings echoed on the u.s. campaign trail. what hillary clinton and donald trump had to say in a moment. the u.s. house committee wraps up the investigation into the benghazi terror attack. who they fault for the tomorrowterror attacks, coming up. after a long day, dave stops working, but his aleve doesn't. because aleve can last 4 hours longer
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welcome back, everyone, we're following the deadly bomb attacks in istanbul, turkey and the video we're about to show you is quite disturbing. three suicide bombers killed at least 36 people and then wounded 147 others tuesday at the airport there. witnesses describe the screams, the panic, after the blast,
9:43 pm
people desperately try to get to a safe place. so far, there is no claim of responsibility, although isis is suspected. like many acts of terror, this one is also playing out on the u.s. presidential campaign trail. democrat hillary clinton saying today's attack in istanbul only strengthens our resolve to defeat the forces of terrorism and radical jihadism around the world and reminds us the united states cannot retreat. here is republican presumptive presidential nominee, donald trump. >> i wanted to talk to you about a few things. then as you know, we had another suicide bombing, istanbul, turkey. many, many people killed. many, many people injured. folks, there is something going on that is really, really bad. all right? it is bad. and we better get smart and we better get tough or we're not
9:44 pm
going to have much of a country left, okay? it is bad. >> and for more on how this attack is impacting the political rhetoric here in the united states, i want to bring in eric bowman the vice chairman of the democratic party and phillips, talk show house columnist and trump supporter. thanks for coming in. i want to start with you, john, we heard trump say we have to get smart, we have to get tough. what exactly does he mean by that. how does he suggest the u.s. will get tough on terrorism? >> well, you have to be able to identify the problem first and foremost, people do not feel safe. what happened in istanbul happened in an international city, it is a hub for turkish airlines, people fly there every day from the united states, people don't feel safe at the boston marathon, people don't feel safe at christmas parties and san bernardino recently, isis threat in san francisco, in las vegas, and identifying where the threat is coming from is key to defeating it. if you bend over backwards to
9:45 pm
pretend like you don't know where the threat is coming from, you're not moving forward to solving the problem. >> when you say identifying where the threat is coming from, you're talking about -- >> radical islamic terrorism. >> you think we'll hear more about policy going forward. do you want to chime in? >> saying it is bad, it is really bad, that is so bad, that is not a policy for foreign policy on how to deal with this. here is what the reality is. you need somebody who is schooled in the international intelligence of our world. you need somebody who is thoughtful and careful, not someone who is reckless and changes opinions three times in one day about what one attack is about. quite frankly, i think that is the reason why when you look at the latest poll numbers on who will protect america better for terrorism, you suddenly see hillary clinton's numbers jump up so much because they realize that this man is not in control and he is temper mentally unfit for this job. >> you talk about changing policies, when it comes to immigration, i know we'll be hearing from trump's campaign
9:46 pm
about changing his ban on muslims on changing it to a ban on immigrants coming from countries that may have links to terrorism. and we're also hearing trump kind of walk back those comments about a mass deportation of the 11 million undocumented immigrants, just want your take on trump's changing immigration policies. does it sound like he is trying to soften his tone? >> i don't think you've been able to trust what he has said from morning tonight. he shoots from the hip and the lip. hear is the reality, we need steady leadership in america, especially as it relates to the fight against terrorism. there are so many threats to americans, and you can't have somebody who one minute is talking about building walls and deporting 11 million people and the next minute is suddenly saying we're going to send muslims back out of america and the next is saying i only mean muslims from certain countries. this is not the way you define a foreign policy. >> donald trump gave his economic policy speech.
9:47 pm
i want to play sound from that where he is basically slamming trade deals and talking about global observation and how it works against the united states. take a listen. >> she has it completely backwards much hillary clinton unleashed a trade war when she supported one terrible trade deal from nafta to china to south korea. no matter where she went, the american worker was hurt and you will be hurt worse than ever before if she becomes president of the united states. that i can tell you. >> hillary clinton also responded to this in a tweet and she said trump's speaking about out sources rieg now. here is one of hills shirts made in bangledesh. isn't there hypocrisy? he benefits from global observation whglobalizatio.
9:48 pm
in he has manufacturing deals in china and mexico. >> i think they will be effective. it cuts to the heart hillary's argument. when she was campaigning in the primary, particularly in the coal states and places like kentucky. she sent bill to campaign on those economic issues and said i'm here to pull up the people left behind. well, the question that donald trump needs to answer is left behind by whom? president obama has been president for eight years. she was part of that administration. what happened to the coal workers in the last eight years, what happened to the truck drivers in the last eight years. the people that lost their jobs or seen the industries in decline and i think that that is going to be a serious problem for her and all of the swing states. you look at pennsylvania, you look at ohio, you look at iowa, you look at wisconsin. those states will decide the election. >> when you listen to what trump was saying. he was promising a trade deal, blami blaming globalization.
9:49 pm
>> ultimately his level of hip chrissy is a -- hypocrisy is amazing. >> he plays by the rules that the obama administration and congress puts out. he is saying if he is elected, he will change those rules. >> all right. and quickly, you know, we want to talk about benghazi, after this two year investigation, the 800 page final report came out, prepared by the house republicans, i want to first play clinton's reaction to the final report and hear what she had to say about it. >> after more than two years and $7 million spent by the benghazi committee out of taxpayer funds, it had reported that it found nothing. i'll tleev to others to -- i'll leave it to others to characterize the report. i think it is clear, it is time to move on. >> this report didn't have new evidence of wrong doing by
9:50 pm
clinton, but again, don't you think this under scores, eric, that clinton has a credibility problem. >> i think there are three numbers you need to know about this whole thing. there were eight investigations, that they said about hillary clinton's responsibility for the deaths of four brave americans were nothing but political fodder. >> quick last word, john. >> hillary's experience is in foreign policy. they misidentified the level of threat going on in libya because it went against the administration's narrative that libya was a success and that's why in part, why those people died. >> john phillips, eric bowman, appreciate both of you coming in. see you next hour. thanks for that conversation. we're going to head back to our top story after the break. turkey, of course. a look at the sights and sounds outside following a terror attack at the istanbul airport. 8 what if we designed a stain for your deck...
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welcome back, everybody. you're watching cnn's breaking news couverage of the terror attack at the airport in istanb istanbul. i'm john vause reporting from london. >> i'm amara walker in los angeles where it's 9: 54 in the
9:55 pm
evening. the ataturk airport re-opened hours after the deadly attack. cnn photojournalist joe doran took these pictures inside the airport just a short time ago. just take a look at that. wow. three gunmen opened fire on passengers and then detonated suicide vests on tuesday. killing 36 people. and wounding nearly 150 others. no one has claimed responsibility just yet, but the turkish prime minister says the signs are pointing to isis. >> eyewitnesss describe a scene of total panic as the bombs exploded. an airport workers says no one knew what was coming. families and children were running for safety. and this is how it played out. [ sirens ]
9:56 pm
[ sirens ] >> thanks so much for watching. i'm amara walker live from los angeles. >> i'm john vause live in london. we'll be back with another hour of news from around the world shortly after this break. you're watching cnn. whatcha' doin? just checking my free credit score at credit karma. what the??? you're welcome. i just helped you dodge a bullet. but i was just checking my... shhh... don't you know that checking your credit score lowers it! just be cool. actually, checking your credit score with credit karma doesn't affect it at all. are you sure? positive. so i guess i can just check my credit score then?
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this is cnn breaking news. >> hello, everybody. thanks for being with us. we'll like to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm john vause in london where it just turn eed 6:00 wednesday morning. >> i'm amara walker in los angeles. it's 10:00 eastern ti. 36 people dead, 150 people wounded in an attack on the ataturk airport


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