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tv   Wolf  CNN  July 6, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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hello, i'm wolf blitzer, where ever you're watching, thank for joining us. we begin with breaking news here in the united states, just moments ago, hillary clinton wrapped up a no holds barred speech. speaking in atlantic city, new
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jersey, a now shuttered trump casino, attacking him on his multiple bankruptcies and accused him of crushing job losses. >> now, three weeks ago, he said, and i quote, i'm going to do for the country what i did for my business. now, when he says things like that, he is probably hoping nobody will checkup on what he has said. because what he did for his businesses and his workers is nothing to brag about. in fact, it is shameful. every single voter in america needs to know about it, so we don't let him do to our country what he did to his businesses. >> katrina pearson speaks for the donald trump campaign, joining us now live. thanks very much for joining us.
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i wanted to get official reaction from the trump campaign. you're the official reaction. hillary clinton says donald trump calls himself the king of debt. donald trump did file four bankruptcies over the years in atlantic city. i want to get your immediate reaction to this very blistering attack on his business record. we just heard from hillary clinton. >> well, you know, wolf, mr. trump had four bankruptcies on business side. never a personal bankruptcy. a lot of times, you have use restructures to preserve jobs. hillary clinton talks about atlantic city, where donald trump got out, because he saw the way it was going in atlantic city, and you have to look at the politicians and place at the time. we've seen from the federal level how burdensome regulations always hurt the business environment. the reason why mr. trump is running is simply because things like nafta, something that hillary clinton pushed, and is currently pushing for the transpacific partnership is what kills jobs and that's why we
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don't make things in this country any more. mr. trump believes in putting your oxygen on mask first before helping others. what he has done for his business creating a global empire, employing tens of thousands of jobs, is exactly what this country needs. >> well, she went through, you heard the speech, katrina, you she went through small business owners who suffered hundreds of thousands of dollars for work they did for donald trump, he never reimbursed them, they had to go out of business as a result of not getting paid by donald trump for various assignments, if you will, various contracts. does he have a moral responsibility to repay these small business owners in atlantic city? he says he is worth more than $10 billion. >> well, that's assuming, you know, about the contractual terms of the agreement. that's something hillary clinton didn't put out. nor have been public. so yes, she can continue to make those claims at the same time,
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look at the number of people in this country that lost their homes, because hillary clinton pushed for the banks to not be able to go into bankruptcy. look at the number of people who are in generations of debt, college tuition, because hillary clinton once again pushed to keep wall street wall street. we are talking about apples and oranges when it comes to what a trump administration would look like we economy versus hillary clinton, considering she has not created a single job in the private market. >> katrina, legally he probably doesn't owe the small business owners, because he filed for bankruptcy, he doesn't have to pay them back. but morally, and we heard from these individuals speaking before hillary clinton, recounting the stories of how they did work for him, they had a contract with him, he filed for bankruptcy, he never paid them hundreds of thousands of dollars. so forget about legally whether he has to reimburse them, but would it be appropriate for him
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to say to these individuals, you know what, you lost a lot of money, here is the money. >> well, i this you're talking about the difference between running a private business and working in government, who just doles out checks without any repercussions or accountability as we've seen recently with hillary clinton. no, when you have contractual obligation, you either fulfill it or don't. those are the types of things that happen in businesses. >> but those small business owners did fulfill their contractual obligations. >> you don't know that. >> they did the work, the glass work, the -- whatever work they had to do for the trump casinos. >> wolf, have you seen of the contractual obligations. you don't know that. you cannot say that you know they fulfilled their contractual du duties. let me say this. donald trump has created tens of thousands of jobs in this country, and the fact that hillary clinton gave an entire speech slamming his business of which there is isn't a person on the planet that doesn't know
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donald trump is an extremely successful businessman and has created tens of thousands of jobs all over the globe, goes to show you how tone-deaf and doesn't understand how business works. >> you speak for the trump campaign. if these small business owners in atlantic city can prove they did the work, they hired the contractors, did the work for donald trump, but never paid them for that work, if they can prove that, should he reimburse them. >> well, i think that question is best suited for the spokesperson for the trump organization, not the campaign. but what i will say is that you don't have the contractual obligations. you don't have the specifics of anything that hillary clinton talked about, because these are just simply her talking points. she is trying to paint trump as a bad businessman, when in fact, everyone knows he is extremely successful and created tens of thousands of jobs. >> there were individuals who spoke about their business experiences with donald trump, in atlantic city. but let me get, and we don't
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have i loft time, why donald trump seemed to praise saddam hussein in north carolina. he was especially pleased with the way donald trump -- especially pleased with the way saddam hussein dealt with terrorists. why did he decide to bring this up? >> let me just say real quickly there is a lot of people who have also done business with mr. trump that have been successful. with regards to saddam hussein, there was no praise. he was pointing out the facts that he was a horrible, horrible person. but he also pointed out the fact that there are people doing things in the middle east that are far worst. we have people being beheaded, and the point to bring that up is to distinguish the difference between mr. trump and hillary clinton, when it comes to foreign policy. hillary supports going into sovereign nations, over throwing governments, and leaving vast vacuums for terrorism to thrive for 15 years, we've been told we need allies in the arab nations.
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coalitio coalitions. hillary clinton wants to continue the same. >> i just want to be precise. does donald trump believe the middle east would be better off today if saddam hussein were still in power in baghdad? >> donald trump believes that any time you go in to a sovereign nation and overthrow their government, creating a vacuum for bad people, worst people to be in charge, it is a bad thing. saddam hussein did kilter orrisorris -- kill terrorists. look at libya. >> let me repeat the question. would the middle east be better off if hussein were in power. >> you're asking me to predict the future, and that's something i cannot do. but i will say that saddam hussein, although being a horrible man, he did kill terrorists, and we did not have isis at this point. >> let's talk about there is some news coming out right now,
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i want to be precise. senator corker, the chairman of the relations committee, apparently just told the "washington post" he is taking himself out of consideration for the possibility of becoming donald trump's vice-presidential running mate. what can you tell us about this? has donald trump been informed of this decision? >> well, i have not seen that article yet. and if that is the case, he has every right to do so. >> would you be surprised? >> no, not at all. there are a lot of individuals who love what they do and want to continue doing that. there is a lot of opportunities with a trump administration to further the conservative cause, and this could be one of them. >> because he was out on the campaign trail, senator corker, with donald trump yesterday, in north carolina. he was there speaking together with him. they were showing video of it. pretty
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pret pretty effusive. this is news to you, is that what you're saying? >> yes. i will say the important part of this, what you mentioned, the campaigning with mr. trump, is the simple fact that mr. trump is bringing members of the party together. >> bring -- because there is a lot of other candidates potential candidates saying they're not interested in being his vice-presidential running mate. who is at the top of the list? >> historically they say they are not interested. mr. trump is keeping the list close to the vest. he is taking it seriously. this is very personable. this has nothing do with a gender or carrying a certain state. mr. trump wants to choose someone that's going to help him put forth his vision to make america great again. >> all right, katrina pearson, from the trump campaign. thank you for joining us. >> thanks, wolf. let's get reaction, analysis. joining us now on the political
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panel, here in washington, cnn national political reporter, maeve reston, ryan lizza, david chaleon, and christina a lessi. this is pretty surprising, corker appears with him and now he is not interested with being his running mate. >> not just at the rally, but also spent time with donald trump and his family members in trump tower before flying down to north carolina. and spoke of that experience. what he tells the "washington post" is you come to realize there are things you're good at not the best fit for you. after discussions, he said lengthy discussions over some period of time here, that he has come to the conclusion this is not the right role for him. it is going to raise a ton of questions about how serious in contention was he, was there something that came up in
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vetting that he thinks is not worth going through. because as you know, this is a process, where you hand over every piece of paper you have, everything you've ever done in your life. so whether there was something in that process that caused concern, or whether we take him at face value, i'm sure more will come out about this. but what corker says is this is not the right fit for him. whether or not as you just heard katrina pearson say, perhaps he sees himself better served if donald trump were to win in a different role. >> what is your reaction when you hear that? we know newt gingrich will be out in ohio later today. he is on the short list as well. >> it seems like the list seems to get narrower and narrower. usually when you have these kinds of vetting process sees, there is tons of candidates that are dying to be the prie vice-president. in this case, it may be a vetting issue of some kind, but there are just a lot of
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candidates who don't seem ready to stand with him. >> who do you see at the top of the short list? >> oh, god. you know, we are a always wrong about these pick, the "washington post" reported newt gingrich, and chris christie, the governor of new jersey are at the top of the list. they've certainly been the most two pro trump republicans out there. they come with a lot of negatives. christi's approval rating in new jersey is in the 20s. the last time newt gingrich was in the spotlight, his approval rating was in the 20s. if he is looking for someone to add a little bit of more popular person, those aren't the two that would jump to my mind. the corker thing is very unusual. i can't remember the last time someone at this -- who is being vetted, campaigning with the candidate, all of a sudden went public with the fact that he didn't want the job. he told robert costa of the "washington post" he is more of a policy person, not a political person, but if you're willing to be vetted for vp, you know you're getting into a political
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role. >> almost an emotional way when he was out on the stage. >> with trump. it does make you wonder if something about their relationship didn't gel. he is the chairman of the foreign relations committee. they definitely have different views about foreign policy. and i wonder if that was it. if corker decided they were too far apart on the foreign policy questions. >> corker, over this process, has publicly scolded maybe too harsh a word, but expressed his dissatisfaction about things trump has said. he has not been a pure rara cheerleader. he said donald trump has a few weeks to turn this thing around. part of what he was douglass night was to address that issue and say i am on board. but he was not sort of from the beginning just a loyal trump partisan. >> i think the interesting thing we're going to see when trump is out there with newt gingrich, because over the last couple of days, newt gingrich has said all kinds of things that donald trump that donald trump probably didn't like to hear. whether that's a game they're
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playing, not clear. but it will be interesting to see how much of that trump can take. >> one name i've heard recently, i don't know if it is serious or not, governor scott walker. have you heard that name as a possibility? >> did you see his endorsement of donald trump. i would be very surprised. it may have been the most understated endorsement. but remember, he had a public meeting this weekend with mike pence, the governor of indiana, so clearly, there are some real contenders here. and we're probably not much more than a week or so away from hearing. >> what donald trump is somebody who is loyal and be with him 100%. >> right. >> that would -- that would make a case for chris christie, who has been loyal arguably to a fault. >> mike pence too? >> you know, pence, in the indiana primary, pence was not exactly a trump super fan. he -- >> he said he would vote for cruz. >> it wasn't an overwhelming endorse. he said nice things about trump. he did endorse trump in the end.
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conservatives really like pence. if trump felt his number one problem was convincing conservatives, pence would be a good choice. >> i want to play one of the remarks hillary clinton played. listen to this. >> he doesn't default and go bankrupt as a last resort. he does it over and over again on purpose. even though he knows he will leave others empty-handed, while he keeps the plane, the helicopter, the penthouse. >> christina, walk us through trump's bankruptcy history because you've done some research on that. >> absolutely. trump has filed for bankruptcy four times i should say trump's businesses have filed for bankruptcy four times in atlantic city. hillary really going after his defense of these bankruptcies, because we have heard him say multiple times, i did this, and
10:17 am
so do other successful businesses. other successful businesses use bankruptcy. that may be true. but this shows a frequency of using the bankruptcy system and that is what hillary is attacking here. he is using -- she is using the number of times that he has used bankruptcy in atlantic city to show a pattern. not only that but if you look a bit deeper and look at the actual numbers, do successful businesses use bankruptcy, yeah, they do. but if you look over 30 year period, only about 20% of publicly traded companies with assets over $1 billion have used bankruptcy protection. and i can tell you, wolf, that i have interviewed numerous ceos and none of them would be proud to go into bankruptcy proceedings. they are messing and cost millions of dollars in legal fees, instead of investing that money in a business and growing
10:18 am
it, and perhaps managing an orderly decline. what you're doing is sending a shock waive that actually costs massive layoffs, and that is what she is going after. it is not just his use of the bankruptcy protection laws in this country, it is the frequency and it's the way that he used them, wolf. >> all right, christina, good work. thanks very much. everybody else, stand by. we have more breaking news coming in here. bernie sanders, he is standing by to join us live. we're going to talk about why he is still in the race for president of the united states. what he thinks about the investigation into hillary clinton's private e-mail servers, and president obama's troop commitment in afghanistan. a whole lot more. bernie sanders will join me live, right after this. om food . let's do more... ...add one a day men's 50+. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus it helps support healthy blood pressure with vitamin d and magnesium.
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republicans in congress want to know more about the fbi's assessment that no charges are warranted in the hillary clinton e-mail case. they've called on james comey to appear before the oversight committee. that will be tomorrow morning. we'll of course have live coverage. here now is bernie sanders, he is still a democratic presidential candidate. is that correct? >> we got 1,900 delegates.
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we're off to philadelphia. >> i want to get your immediate reaction. a story that just moved our cnn senior congressional producer, i assume you know deirdre. i'll read you the line that jumped out at me. house democrats roughed up senator bernie sanders in a closed door session wednesday after he deflected questions about when he would formally back hillary clinton for president with a group of members booing him at one point, according to three democrats who attended the meeting. >> well, a bit of an exaggeration, but we have differences of opinion. >> what happened? why are the democrats booing you. >> because we look at the world differently. what i'm trying to do and the reason i ran for president is to help transform this country. to deal with income, wealth, inequality, so many of the young people leaving school deeply in debt. i'm happy to tell you that today, secretary clinton came out with a proposal on higher
10:24 am
education, which combines what her campaign had talked about and what my campaign talked about. it says, wolf, that in america, any family of $125,000 or less will be able to send their kids to college -- >> you welcomed her proposal today? >> will be able to send their kids to college. >> can i finish? tuition free. tuition free. that's going to take four years to get there. that is a revolutionary break through. for the middle class and working class of this country. every young person in this country will be able to go to public college or university tuition free, regardless of their -- i think that's pretty good. >> you welcome that decision. >> i sure do. >> by the secretary. is it enough for you to endorse her if. >> we're working on other issues. at the end of the day, what i believe is that this country faces enormous problems. we need a president. we need a congress who are prepared to address those problems. a congress that is prepared to take on big money interests. that is what i am fighting for.
10:25 am
that's what i fought from day one. >> are you fighting for the democratic nominee to be elected president? >> am i fighting to make sure that a democratic is elected president, you bet your bottom dollar on that. >> because she has won the nomination. >> she is the presumptive candidate, absolutely. >> when you look at the numbers, she won 3 million more popular votes than you did. she has 2,219 pledged delegates to your 108,326,789 obviously a lot more super delegates. >> a lot more super delegates. >> she won 33 contests. you won 22. she won fair and square. >> no. >> so it is over. >> no, what is over is you go into the democratic convention. but you know, what is over is the fact that she has more delegate thans i delegates than i do. >> so she won the nomination. >> but the nomination is not only aspect of what politics is about. what politics is about is do
10:26 am
well by the middle class and working families. that's what i'm struggling to do. today, what we announced, as a result of the two campaigns, a major step forward that will revolutionize higher education in america. we're looking at other ideas as well. >> here is what a lot of democrats are saying. why can't -- she lost to barack obama eight years ago and almost immediately endorsed him, went out and campaigned with him, did everything she could to make sure he would be elected president of the united states. why can't you do the same thing? >> because what i want to do is to make sure that a, we have the strongest democratic platform out there that represents working families. we have made progress on that. we have language in the democratic platform up to now, which will break up the large financial institutions, re-establish -- we're talksing in the platform of expanding. >> but if you endorsed her, you couldn't get that leverage. >> we're continuing the fight. we're going to orlando next week. one of the issues that concerns
10:27 am
me. >> that's where they're going to finalize -- >> that's where they meet. i want to see that the transpacific partnership, the tpp, which i believe is a disaster for the middle class and working families of this country, i don't want to see is it get onto the floor of the united states congress. and we'll have that debate. i hope we can win it. >> is that the biggest argument with her you still have in. >> it is not even with her, frankly. >> because she said she opposes the tpp, even though when she was secretary of state, she thought it was a good idea. now she said it isn't. isn't that good enough for you? >> no, what's good enough, it is not a game, this is whether we continue a disastrous trade agreement. so what i want to see happen is the democratic party go on record as saying the tpp should not get to the floor of the u.s. house or u.s. senate. >> that's the demand you want in the platform, if you don't get it, what happens? >> it is not a demand. it is something that we are fighting for. there are other things that we want. but the goal of this whole
10:28 am
effort is it is not a game, you know. it is not, you know, silly business. this is to create public policy. i know media is not always interested in public policy. but working families are. they want to know whether or not they're going to have access to health care. they want to know whether or not their kids will be able to afford to go to college. these are real issues that impact real people. >> explain to me why you can't pursue those kind of real policy issues if you endorsed her and said -- and went out on the campaign trail. needs your base, the millions of americans who joined your campaign who supported you. if she is going to beat donald trump, she needs them. why aren't you telling them right now i'm with hillary clinton? >> first of all, i'm going do everything i can to defeat donald trump. i think donald trump would be a disaster for this country. it is inconceivable that we have -- would have a president who insults mexicans and latinos and muslims and women, and african-americans. i'm going it do everything i can
10:29 am
to defeat donald trump. but what i am trying to -- you mentioned the fact that we have, we did, we got 13 million votes. i'm trying to represent those 13 million people. what they have said to me is, bernie, we want to have a government that represents all of us and not just wealthy campaign contributors. we want to deal income inequality, so it does not continue going to the 1%. that's why i am fighting for. that's what my campaign is about. >> you've heard the criticism, and maybe it came up with the house democrats this morning in the closed-door meeting and some of them a apparently booed you. >> let me say if i may. by and large, the response was pretty good. there was some people who were in disagreement. >> did you hear booing? >> i don't know, a few people who were dis contentsed. most of the people were friendly and appreciative. what the california people said from a political perspective is they were delighted that in california, 46% of the vote, the turnout was so large, the
10:30 am
democrats won the first and second slot in the congressional primaries, meaning they don't have to worry about a republican. >> here is what they say, your critics. by your not doing today what hillary clinton did, vis-a-vis barack obama, because bernie sanders is not a democratic. >> they can say whatever they want, you know. they can -- >> are you a democratic? >> look, many of these great pundits are the people -- >> these aren't pundits. these are other democrats. >> they had a strategy by the way, which two years ago, i have to tell you, resulted in an incredibly low voter turnout and republicans taking over the senate and doing even better in the house. what my job is to make sure the american people understand that the democratic party is on their side, and not on the side of wall street and big money interests. that's what i'm trying to -- when we do that, jake. >> wolf, wolf. >> wolf, i'm sorry, wolf. i'm looking at the sign over there. there will be a large voter turnout, and i think democrats
10:31 am
will do just well. >> i know you're sticking around. there is a lot to talk about, including the james comey announcement yesterday, the fbi director on hillary clinton, her use of private e-mail. >> yep. >> servers, classified information, you're sensitive to this issue. we'll take a quick break. much more with senator sanders and me right after this. you pay your car insurance premium like clockwork. month after month. year after year. then one night, you hydroplane into a ditch. yeah... surprise... your insurance company tells you to pay up again. why pay for insurance if you have to pay even more for using it? if you have liberty mutual deductible fund™, you could pay no deductible at all. sign up to immediately lower your deductible by $100. and keep lowering it $100 annually, until it's gone. then continue to earn that $100 every year. there's no limit to how much you can earn and this savings applies to every vehicle on your policy.
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we're back with senator bernie sanders, vermont, the presidential candidate, still technically the presidential candidate. what did you think of james comey's conclusion yesterday, very dramatic, no charges should
10:36 am
be filed against hillary clinton for use of private e-mail server, but she was basically derelict in her responsibilities. >> well, as you know, the process continues. yesterday was a big part of the process. the fbi released the results of its investigation. and now we'll hear from the justice department. >> the justice department, loretta lynch, has already said before comey spoke out yesterday, she will accept the recommendations. >> well, it goes to the justice department, and you know, she will, and we will see what happens. >> you have confidence in comey? >> i don't honestly don't know him very well. seems to have done a thorough investigation. >> was this a fair conclusion he came up with? >> i didn't -- i don't know the answer to that. i mean, it seemed to be a reasonable -- he is a serious guy and it was a serious investigation. >> what about loretta lynch, the attorney general? do you have confidence in here? >> yeah, i do. look, jake, all i could tell you, you're asking me questions, all i can tell you is there a process underway.
10:37 am
>> it looks like the process is over with. >> no, it is not. >> except for them to accept -- apparently the justice department will release a written statement saying they accept the recommendations. >> then the process is over. >> so the question is do you have confidence in the way hillary clinton handled classified information during her four years as secretary of state? >> i think what the fbi report said is it was serious problems. and you know, that's what the case is. >> the speaker of the house, paul ryan, says he doesn't think she should have access to classified information if she is the democratic nominee. as you know, both candidates get classified briefings on a daily basis after the conventions. >> we can be 100% assured of, the republicans will politicize this issue and do everything they can to keep it in the papers. >> comin' me wey was tough on h >> i think he did a serious investigation. but when you have republican out there, they want to keep out of the media they want to cut
10:38 am
social security, cut medicaid, they don't believe in climate change. those are not the issues they want to talk about. >> should hillary clinton have classified information as the democratic presidential nominee. >> i'm quite sure she should. >> what about donald trump. >> i suppose he should as well. >> you think they should -- >> jake, you're asking me what's. what do i know. if you're the presidential candidate and crises around the world, your job is to know what's going on in the world. both of them should. >> you have confidence in her judgment? this was an issue that came up a while ago, and when you were still very competitive with her -- >> hillary clinton and i disagree on a number of issues. and we agree on i a number of issues. once again, we agree that every kid in this country regardless of income should have the right to get a higher education. we agree that we have got to move to universal health care where every man, woman and child in this country should have health care and do whatever
10:39 am
every country should be doing. wealth and equality in this country is appalling, and that the wealthiest people have to pay their fair share of taxes. what i believe, as you know, wolf, what i have run on, the concerns of the american people. not just attacking candidates all over the place. it is no secret. hillary clinton and i have our disagreements. that's the way it is. >> the issue of judgment. >> on the issue of judgment, she voted for the war, i voted against the war. i think was right. i think history will indicate that. >> what does that say about her judgment today. >> it says she voted for the war. i voted against the war. i'm not going to be sitting here analyzing or criticizing hillary clinton or anybody else. but it does say as a country, we've got to start focusing on the real issues. maybe we've got to be talking about why the middle class of the country has been declining for 35 years. how much do we talk about the fact, and how many of your viewers even know that we are the only main or country on earth not to guarantee health care as a right. we don't talk about climate
10:40 am
change and the scientists, despite donald trump, are almost unanimous in telling us we have a gigantic on our hands. those are the issues in my mind, not just attacking one or another candidate. >> don't you think president obama, with obama care, the affordable care act, has done a lot to make sure that millions of americans who didn't have health insurance now have access to health insurance? >> yes, i do. somewhere around 20 million more americans have access to health insurance. that's a major step forward. but 28 million americans still today have no health insurance, and even more have inadequate health insurance in terms of high deductibles and high copayments, and by the way, we pay the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs, and there are people dying in america today. they're dying, because they can't afford medicine. >> we're getting out of time. very quickly, the democratic platform in orlando, you say the
10:41 am
tpp, that's the biggest issue, you need them to say the tpp in the platform won't come up for a vote. >> in the lame duck session. >> what are the others you' are demanding. >> demand is a strong word. what we're going to fight for is the federal government's minimum wage is $15 an hour. >> you want that number, 15 ds in the platform. >> yes. we ban fracking, and that we go forward with a tax on carbon. which i think we need if we're going to address climate change. >> if you get those four elements in the platform, what happens? >> we got a pretty good platform right now. it is by far the democrats have ever presented. i want to see it more progressive. secretary clinton and i are working on other ideas. >> we're wrapping up. are you a democratic? >> well, i ran as -- >> you ran for the presidential nomination, but if you're not going to the nominee. >> in my state, you can't even register, you vote. you get a ballot.
10:42 am
when you go in and vote. i always get the democratic ballot. >> here is the question. you're going to stay in the united states senate. will it say i or d, vermont. >> i think it will say d. >> when will you change it to d. >> you can't change it. i am an independent. i will certainly go for the rest of this term, i was elected as an independent, and that's what i'll certainly stay. >> until you finish this term? >> absolutely. >> okay, good. >> thanks for joining us. >> thank you, wolf. >> at least you got the name. >> there you go. >> senator, thanks. >> you looked a little -- >> thanks very much for joining us. coming up, the trump campaign has announced a billing fundraising, while dr. ben carson is standing by to join us live. we'll talk about what donald trump has just announced, the vp short list, a whole lot more. you see him, dr. ben carson, standing by live. but his aleve doesn't. because aleve can last 4 hours longer than tylenol 8 hour. what will you do with your aleve hours?
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fast moving political developments today on the campaign front. republican senator bob corker of tennessee, has taken himself out of consideration for the role of vice-presidential running mate. he explained why to cnn's manu raju. >> you know, i think, you know, at age 63, you know, i know what i'm good at, and i feel like i'm better suited for other kinds of things. i think there probably better suited people for them. >> all right, let's discuss this and a whole lot more with the next guest. former 2016 republican presidential candidate, and donald trump supporter, dr. ben carson. dr. carson, thanks very much for joining us. let me get your immediate reaction to the news from senator corker. last night, he was on the campaign trail with donald trump
10:48 am
in north carolina. everyone assumed he was on the short list. now he has removed himself from the list. what's your reaction? >> senator corker has been a patriot, has worked very hard for this country. and is doing a good job for the people of tennessee. and has decided that he wants to continue to do that job. i don't see anything unusual about that. you know, people ask me the same thing. why did you not want to be considered. i didn't think that it was a good thing for me to do, either. so you know, i don't think there is anything unusual about that. >> are you helping donald trump in the vetting process for vice-presidential running mate? >> it is a conversation that we have from time to time. >> any idea when he will make his decision? when he will announce who he has selected? >> it will definitely be made obviously by the time of the
10:49 am
convention. whether it happens a few days before that or not, you know, he is taking this extremely seriously. pouring a lot of effort into it, and talking to a lot of people. i think he is going to make a careful decision and not the typical vice-president decision, where you look at who can bring me this state or who can bring me this demographic. he is looking for somebody who is philosophically aligned and can really help to carry out the various changes that will be needed to make america great again. >> it sounds like you're thinking of someone along the lines, i don't know if you want to get into this, let's say newt gingrich, the former speaker, the chris christie, is that what you're saying? >> i'm saying someone who is philosophically aligned who can help him. who can fill in in the areas where he may not have as much
10:50 am
experience, but who also can, you know, take on major programs, and kind of oversee them. >> the trump campaign just announced that the june fund-raising wlefls that they have raised $51 million. hillary clinton raised almost $69 million. do you think that donald trump can compete on a fund-raising level with hillary clinton in the coming months? >> i don't think it will be any problem at all. the fund-raising has really just begun. you can see how quickly it's accelerated. >> a little while ago hillary clinton blasted donald trump in a speech. i want to play a little clip and then we'll get your reaction. >> okay. >> this isn't about democrats versus republicans. this goes far beyond that. donald trump is temperamentally unfit to be president of the united states.
10:51 am
so we can't let him roll the dice with our children's futures. we need to write a new chapter in the american dream, and it sure cannot be chapter 11. she was referring to the bankruptcies he's filed in atlantic city over the years in connection with his various casinos. your reaction? >> first of all, when people are involved in multiple businesses, not all of them are successful. i remember sitting in the living room of john kluge. at his peak he had 200 businesses. not all of them were successful. some of them failed. the more endeavors you're in, the more likely it's going to be. it's a matter of risk and benefit and weighs things, so that is a part of business. most people who are business in business will tell you that. so i'm not sure that hillary clinton, who doesn't
10:52 am
seem to know that much about business is really the right person to be weighing in on this. a short while ago, the president made an important announcement about u.s. troop levels in afghanistan. i'm going to play a clip for you on that as well. >> instead of going down to 5500 troops by the end of this year, the united states will maintain approximately 8400 troops in afghanistan into next year through the end of my administration. today's decision best positions my successor to make future decisions about our presence in afghanistan. in january, the next u.s. president will assume the most solemn responsibility of the commander in chief. >> you want that next u.s. president to be donald trump, dr. carson. if he's president of the united states, what do you think he will do in afghanistan? >> well, first of all, you know, let me congratulate president obama. he does seem to learn. that's a good thing. he recognizes that withdrawing
10:53 am
too many too quickly leads to disaster. so i'm glad about that. i believe that donald trump will set down with his generals, with his security advisers, will have an actual strategy that can be articulated, that actually makes sense, and then will do the things consistent with that strategy. over the weekend you gave an interview to the family research council's washington watch radio program. you said that donald trump is now turning to prayer to become less self-centered u. your words. one of his latest tweets said this -- i don't think the voters will forget the rigged system that allowed crooked hillary to get away with, quote, murder. come november 8th, she's out. do you think that kind of tweet represents more prayer on his part, a more subdued candidate, if you will? >> you're talking about his
10:54 am
personal relationship with god. i think that is moving definitely in the right direction. i don't have any problem, quite frankly, with him calling out some of the things that hillary has done, particularly, you know, with benghazi. i think that is the major issue that's been swept under the rug for way too long. some honesty is necessary, and the american people are tired -- they're just sick and tired of dishonesty and, you know, sticking our heads in the sand. i just hope, wolf -- i pray that individuals like yourself, individuals and the media, will stop picking sides and be objective about this, and recognize that our children, our grandchildren, our future is dependent on integrity and honesty. we can't just turn or heads and say, well, it's legal, well, let's dot this i and cross this t and it's okay. that's not doing a good job for those coming behind us.
10:55 am
>> i raise the question because of the tweet you put out yesterday, when you said social media provides a great platform for discourse, but we must be careful with the messages we sent out. that seemed to be a reaction to that controversial tweet he had with that, what was seen as the star of david. i want you to clarify what you meant by that tweet. >> i meant that social media has taken on, you know, a level of importance that is tremendous in our society today, and, you know, we all, democrats, republicans, you know, conservatives, liberals need to be careful about how we use it. it wasn't directed at any one particular person. dr. ben carsing joining us. as usual, thank you very much. >> thank you, wolf. all right. that's it for me. coming up, the trump campaign announces a big fund-raising haul, over $50 million. we'll break down the numbers
10:56 am
next. a lot more is coming up.
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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. hello. thank you so much for joining me. i'm pamela brown in for brooke baldwin. let's get to our breaking news. senator bob corkers is taking him off trump's short list. why now, manu? >> he spent a lot of time with donald trump, having discussions, actually submitting documents to donald trump about possibly being his running mate. yesterday he did also travel to north carolina with mr. trump, as he introduced him before his rally, but bob corker said just the timing didn't feel right. he says he's not really well suited to be a vice presidential