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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  July 6, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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the news business. the place was packed and everybody was having a great time considering the subject is no good because the subject is about our country and our country's in trouble. between the debt and between the joblessness and let me tell you with the phony 5% numbers you hear about unemployment, it's a phony number. it's a phony number. it's a number when someone looks for a job and i don't want to have you raise your hand because you might be embarrassed. i would be a little embarrassed. somebody looks for a job and they are good people and they're unbelievable. they can't find a job, right? and they give up. now they're considered statistically employed so we show this phony number and on that i don't blame obama so much because, frankly, this was to make the presidents look good and make politicians look good which is not an easy thing to do, okay? because they want to show how wonderful the economy. just as i was getting off the plane today, we announced trade deficit numbers for the month
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which were almost record setting. we have trade deficits that are worse than ever before. all i've done for years is talk about trade deficit. i used to talk about japan and now i talk more about china, but it's still japan. it's everybody. it's everybody. we don't make good deals with anybody, but last night i was talking about trade because i love it. it's my favorite subject. that and strengthening our military and taking care of our vets. they're my favorite subject. they're my favorite subjects. [ cheers and applause ] >> other than my children or my grandchildren. i can talk about my grandchildren, let's see, he was 35 minutes in the back of the plane talking about it. ladies and gentlemen, the president will talk about his grandchildren. he has two. i have eight, he has two. how long did they talk about it? >> i'll bet two -- two beautiful children. they're beautiful.
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they're really smart. they're really good. i love them so much. they're unbelievable. you know, one is brand new, beautiful little baby. okay, after about a minute, what can you talk about? you can say here's a picture. look. look. so that's one minute out of the 39-minute time, right? then we talk about golf, right? so you say, jack nicklaus who endorsed me. i love jack. i love jack. he's the greatest. jack, did you know jack endorsed me? do you know how young jack was when he won the ohio state championship? jack nicklaus. he is the greatest guy and he's a friend of mine and he endorsed me. i didn't ask for the endorsement. i feel sort of guilty when i ask these people for endorsements. i don't want to do that. jack, endorse me. i said thank you, jack. he said you'll do a great job. you'll shake things up. when you talk about winners, is jack a winner, right?
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did you see the u.s. open was on the other day and jack nicklaus was on the top ten, like, i think it was 18 times? he was in the top -- i've never seen anything like it. his record is unbelievable. he won it four times. top ten, 18 times. this guy is a winner. so when i get endorse chlts from jack nicklaus, bobby knight. bobby knight. bobby will be speaking at the convention. we have so many people. we have such a great convention planned, but i just have to go back. last night i made a great speech, standing ovation and everyone crazy. nobody talks about the crowd. every time i go home my wife says how was the crowd? they never show the crowd. i'll tell you, they only show when we have protesters. i love my protesters. don't we have any damn protesters today? because when we have protesters, the -- do you think you have one? no, he's -- no.
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he's friend or foe? he's friend. but i love my protesters because the cameras spin around and angles that you wouldn't believe. they do somersaults around, they look like a sausage. my first two speeches i had no protesters and every time i went home, i say did you see the size of the crowd? you can hear the side like last night you heard the size, right? many, many more than the president and hillary got, but -- so people would say, well, i hear it. they hear that sort of humming. that's not, like, from 12 people, but we have this -- so what happens is last night we have a great evening in north carolina. a great -- we're going to win north carolina. we're going to win ohio. we're doing great here. [ cheering ] by the way, the section i left last week, wonderful congressman
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and his wife and i said to them, i don't want to embarrass anybody, but i said did you endorse me? he said each if i don't like you, i have to endorse you. you have a 21-point lead. we're going to take care of our miners and steelworkers. hillary's not. she's going to put you out of business because if she ever won she would sign tpp which would make nafta, which was signed by her husband, which was in my opinion the worst trade deal in the history of this country and it's not even close, signed by bill clinton, and he didn't suffer from it. it was everybody that followed him that suffered from it where your jobs are moving. i look at your jobs where they're moving down to mexico, right? they're moving to mexico. china's coming in and dumping the steel and making it impossible for your steel plans and they're devaluing their currencies and we do nothing about it. folks, i'm going to do so much about it. it's going to be so easy.
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it's going to be so easy. >> it's going to be so easy. so last night, we had this, and then we wake up and say number one, i love saddam hussein. i hate saddam hussein, but i love saddam hussein according to the press because they're dishonest as hell. they heard what i said, ask number two, they said it very, very strongly. he should have spoken about hillary clinton longer. i wrote out four pages that i wrote out, and i read it point by point by point, and after a long time -- i don't know, many, many minutes, i got thousands of people, and this really stupid guy, chuck todd. i refuse to use his name. i refuse to call him sleepy eyes. i'm not going to call him sleepy eyes anymore. he had an opportunity to hit hillary clinton. did you see what i did to her last night? am i correct? [ cheering ]
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i mean, it got to a point -- i was hitting her so hard and the problem is i'm a professional, and i'm hitting her so hard, and i know it doesn't mean anything because the system is rigged and it's fixed and it's broken. so i'm doing it, and i'm doing it because i feel i have to do it, and it's sort of boring to do it, to be honest with you. i wanted to get on to the vets. i wanted to get on to these other subjects. i wanted to get on to terror because we are going to experience things that you won't even believe, folks. watch the predictions. lots of predictions, right? and ied to get on to terror, and one of the reasons why the women are liking me a lot lately is because -- thank you. thank you! [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you! because they feel i'm going to keep our country safe. i'm going to keep our country safe.
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and they love ivanka, and they love melania, and melania and ivanka and eric and tiffany and don are going to be speaking at the convention. so we're going to see. and by the way, so just to finish, by the way, so i get hit this morning, like, he had the opportunity to go after -- i had a great speech. i'll tell you how bad my speech was last night. cnn covered it from point to point without a commercial. fox covered it practically from beginning to end. others covered it -- that's how bad my speech was yesterday. that's how bad -- you know, if it were bad, folks, these guys. they don't care about polls. they don't care about anything. they only care about one thing. what's the one thing? ratings! ratings! so i made a speech last night that some of the folks gave an a to. some of them gave an a-plus to, but when i saw nbc and sleepy
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eyes chuck todd this morning, he had a chance to really go after hillary clinton. oh, what i did to her, but after a while we have to talk about other things, okay. here's the story. we're going to make america great again. [ cheers and applause ] we're going to make america great. we're going to take you on country back, for everybody, not for us. not for this room. not for the overflow room. not for the people outside. we're going to take our country back for everyone. we're going to take it back for african-american youth who have a 59% unemployment rate, by the way. 59%. we're going to take it back for african-american youth who have a 59% unemployment rate and have no chance. they have no chance in our society. you know who i just spoke to? big don king.
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big don king. just spoke to him ten minutes ago and i said don, i would love for you to speak at the convention because you know what? you beat the system. he's a friend of mine. big don, biggest boxing promoter of all time and mike tyson endorsed me and don king endorsed me. don king owns a newspaper. donald trump for president, bernie sanders for vice president and he put a big ad in the paper. his paper. he wants bernie sanders for vice president. i said that's a new one. big don king. so -- [ crowd chanting ] >> i like that, too. i like newt. i'll tell you what, newt has been my friend for a long time,
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and i'm not saying anything, and i'm not telling even newt anything, but i can tell you in one form or another, newt gingrich is going to be involved with our government. that i can tell you. okay? he's going to be involved. he's smart. he's tough. he gets it, and he says i'm the biggest thing he's ever seen in the history of politics. newt's going to be involved if i get approval from his wife. that may be tough, but that's okay. you know, i have somebody else very special here, so i have wonderful children, and i'm lucky they were smart. they were born smart. they were smart. god was good, and they went to great schools, and they did well, and they're in business and they do well and they feel so strongly about what i'm doing.
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they don't even like it in terms of doing it themselves. they love what they're doing and my one boy is here. eric trump. eric. [ cheers and applause ] and i'm very proud of eric. he's done a great job in the real estate business. now i threw him into this political business. he's doing a damn good job, but he loves the real estate, and you know what i did? let me tell you a little story. i love this crowd. isn't it nice when you don't read from a speech? ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for being here or hillary with the teleprompters every single time. and whether you go north and south or east and west, donald trump is a bad person. donald trump made a lot of money in atlantic city, but he hurt the little people. she calls it the little people. he didn't. he made a lot of money and government, what they did, i'll tell you.
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did you see that sham? i left seven years ago, but she goes on this and after a little while. did you ever notice after 12 minutes people start leaving? we can't do that. the nice part is, let me tell you, so i go to scotland, and i know i'll get killed when i go to scotland because the press is so dishonest. i went there to make sure that my boy -- i bought turnberry, and we are going to do this massive renovation just like we're opening the old post office and we're a year ahead of schedule and i want to open it as soon as possible. does that make sense to you? i was going to open it in august, and i'm delaying the opening because i want it to be so close because even if i delay it a month or two, the hotel will open sooner, but i want to say we'remore than a year ahead of schedule and we're under budget and the product is even better than what i said it was going to be. maybe i'll open it on november 7th, the day before the big day.
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oh, we're going to have -- and the press will be there. they'll be there by the hundreds, but they won't say we're under budget. they won't say we're ahead of schedule, but that's okay. people know! what happened is we have children, and i want to support my children. i think i've been a good father, and i want to support them. so i putteric trump on individual things. ivanka's great and tiff thee just graduated from college and baron has great potential, but he's 10, but he's got great potential, but i put my children as they get older in charge of dint jobs and i putteric in charge of the great turnberry resort in scotland, the home of the british open which now they call the open championship, and eric spent the last year going back and forth and he spent two years there and then came back and he got contractors and got great contractors and they did an unbelievable job.
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i've been hearing about it. if i go over there these dishonest, horrible human beings, will say trump went over to play golf in the middle of the campaign, i can't do that, but i have to support my children, right? so i said, you know what? i want to fly over and i'm going to fly back, and i want to support my son. so what happened, but just to show you how it is. no, no -- just to show you how dishonest hillary clinton is and the press. so i go out and we have the bagpipes and we have everything and the ribbon cutting on the 9th tee overlooking the ocean and the beautiful lighthouses and one of the beautiful courses everywhere in the world. we rebuilt the course and the hotel and everything. it's great. and that was the day that europe had the big turn where uk left, right? they left. [ cheers and applause ] and i said, not bragging, but i have a pulse, right? that's what we need, right?
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we need somebody with touch. we have horrible people with no touch, no brain, no nothing. >> you have obama who said they'll go to the back of the line. >> think obama might have been the reason why they broke away. >> he actually said that the uk was looking at the back of the line. can you imagine if i said that? the back of the line, boy, would i be killed for that statement. i said, no, i think they'll break archway and they want their independence and i see what's happening against their will to take people. they don't want them and building these wonderful places where they can ultimately go back to their homeland where they want to be, anyway, they're just being forced. germany is a disaster right now. sweden, parts of sweden. things are really bad.
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>> so i said i think they're going to -- by the way, the odds are 20% that i would be right. 20%. they said they're going to approve and that will be the end of that. i was right. they broke away. they broke away. i was right and then the next day they said trump was right. the same thing can happen in the united states. because we're tired of incompetent people and we're tired of incompetent leadership and incompetent people. hillary clinton, bad judgment, she's incompetent. the only good thing she's ever done is get out of trouble when anybody else would have been in jail by now. that's the only thing that i've ever seen her do that was a great job. i've got to give her credit. i've got to give her credit. i have to give bill clinton credit for going to that plane and saying for 39 minutes he talked about his grandchildren and he talked about golf.
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there's no way you could do that. i told you, two minutes for the grandchildren and two minutes for golf. we have 35 or 36 minutes left. let's talk about hillary! and hillary then talks about, i think i would reappoint the attorney general, and you're waiting for a decision by the attorney general and you're saying you're going to give her a job. you're not allowed to do that. that's bribery, folks and then the attorney general comes out as newt said, but the attorney general comes out and the attorney general says no charges. that's bribery, wouldn't you say? that's bribery. she said she's going to reappoint the attorney general and the attorney general is waiting to make a determination as to whether or not she's guilty and boy, was that a fast determination. wow! she could have at least waited a
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little bit longer. don't just come out with one or two sentences. talk about it a little bit. so, look, again. trouble. here's what happened. gi to scotland. beautiful, the weather was beautiful and the waves are crashing up on the rocks. we're opening the course and getting ready to cut a ribbon. we have so many press. we had over 400, how many? 400. 450. it was unbelievable because they're all there for brexit and they were all there to see what was going to happen. will the uk break away? and now that's about six hours old so they're bored. they want the next story. the next story is trump. so i go there. and all of a sudden i start hearing these things. what's trump doing in scotland? he's playing golf. i have a news conference. it was a great news conference. even newt said that was a great news conference. he's a very critical guy. he sometimes says i don't like what he's saying, but there, i did a good job, right?
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newt! newt! so let me just tell you, i said any questions? i'm not talking about the -- any questions and the place goes crazy. the cameras. i'm telling you, we had as big a group of media as you've ever seen. they all drove up from london and everybody just converged and i'm taking questions. one of the questions was, mr. trump, if the pound goes down how will turnberry do? so i say, i didn't bring this up. i said, look, here's what happens. if the pound goes downturn berry will do very well a lot of people will travel to scotland and turnberry will do very well. that's it. i answered the question. the next day it's in an ad by crooked hillary clinton and i'm all over the place, but they don't show the question. here's the thing. did you hear donald trump? all he talked about was his resort and they show me.
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they don't show the question. if the pound goes downtu turnbey will do very well. they gave me a golf club. i don't want to touch it. i don't want to touch golf. i'm leaving. i inspected the hotel. i inspected the course. i said eric trump, you did a great job. i'm getting the hell out of here now because i want to be back campaigning. i want to get out. congratulation, my boy, i love you. come up, eric, come up. i love you, my boy! i love you! [ cheers and applause ] that's my 6'6" boy, but he's always going to be my boy, right? i said eric, i'm out of here, i'm going. i'm leaving. i've got to go. mr. trump, do you want to -- i don't want to touch a club because i know if i touch a club these horrible, horrible human being, plus the hillary clinton
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thousand-people staff that she has, right, will come up with a clip of me holding a golf -- so i don't want to touch it. we cut the ribbon and we inspected the property and i'm very proud of the job he did. unbelievable job, and i got out of there. i was in scotland one night. that's not easy. that's a long trip, right? i was there one night and i was out of there. so here's what happens. the next day the news comes on, donald trump who went to scotland in the middle of the campaign to play golf, but here's what's worse. they took my statement on the pound. if the pound goes down turn berry will do great. everyone thinks i'm bragging, but here's the worst. so that crooked, crooked, disgusting group that works for hillary clinton, now remember, i never touched a club!
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i never -- they show me hitting a ball. donald trump playing golf in scotland during the troubles and everything else of the world, and they put it in an ad, but the picture was from two years before at a different course! the only good thing -- no, it's true. and they said playing golf at turnberry. so two good things happened, sir, did you take an ad because we're being swamped with business. i said, really? that's good, right? that's good, and the other thing is the swing looked good. they didn't put one of my bad swings. the swing actually looked good, so hillary, thank you very much. you know what? how dishonest is that? so they show me, playing golf at turnberry and i didn't play golf. the picture was two years old or more. in fact, it was more? you know how i can tell it was
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more? i was even thinner. actually, i loved the swing and i looked thin. well, relatively thin, okay? but i just want to say, this young guy, my daughter, my other son don, my wife who puts up with a lot with all that is going on, this is big stuff. this is big stuff, but my family has been so -- my sister who is incredible. my sister who is a federal judge, court of appeals. my other sister, elizabeth. my brother robert, who is a great guy. i have one brother who passed away, but i have great children, tiffany has been so amazing. my kid, my family have been so unbelievable and this is not easy for them. they go out. mostly people love it, but some people don't. you know, the one thing that's interesting, and i told this to eric on the plane, my wife said, you know, when you go out, everybody loved you.
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now most people love you, but there are people that don't. you've never had those people before. i said, but we have to make america great again, and ultimately, hopefully, my biggest dream is to have those people love me, too, not because of me, but because we're going do such a great job. does that make sense? [ cheers and applause ] so i'll introduce -- i'll introduce eric trump. eric trump did an unbelievable job. he's doing an unbelievable job and he was pushed into the world of politics not because he wanted it, but because i said good luck on television tonight. you're doing the show. so eric trump, everybody. >> wow! wow! wow! thank you. we have some good fans over there. my father is just the greatest. i truly say this from the bottom of my heart, i love him to death. as a family, we love him and thank you for loving him.
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you know, as a family, we are so proud of him. you know, he is going to win this. we are going to win this. he is going to make america great again. we are going too beat crooked hillary clinton, no question about it. we'll bring this country back and thank you guys so much for all of the support from our entire family. thank you. we love you, ohio! [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you, eric. thank you. your brothers and sister, thank you to everybody and the family has been just incredible. when i was getting off the plane i wanted to tell you a couple of good things and a couple of bad things and the country and what's going on. terrorism is at a horrible, horrible level. people don't feel safe. polls are coming out saying they feel more unsafe right now than they have at any time for many, many years. we're going to make you feel safe again. remember that. you will feel safe again. [ cheering ] i'm very, very proud of the fact
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that when we ran that in the history of the republican party i got the most votes ever by a lot, almost 14 million votes. more than anybody that's ever run, and i'm very proud of that fact, and maybe more important, and i want to thank the rnc and reince priebus, he's been great. i have to tell you, reince has been great, and i mean that 100%. he's been so amazing, and he works hard. he'll fly if there is an event in california. he will fly on that plane and he'll be there and i'll say, weren't you just in washington? yes, i flew to be at the event. the guy is really terrific, but it was just announced that the republicans, in terms of the primary voters, final count -- final count, 62% up from four years ago. it's unheard of. that's an unheard of number. [ cheering ] that is an unheard of -- did you know that, newt? that is an unheard of number. the democrats -- ooh, was there
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a mosquito. i don't want mosquitos around me! i don't like mosquitos! i don't like those mosquitos. i never did. speaking of mosquitos. hello, hillary, how are you doing? [ cheering ] so the democrats -- the democrats were down with all of the bernie sanders stuff and everything you hear and all this. by the way, the crowds are so much bigger than his, it's not even close. the democrats are down 21% from four years ago. there is no real enthusiasm. they had enthusiasm for bernie, but bernie was outflanked by the establishment. he was really outflanked and he never had a chance and frankly, i never would have a chance except we were wonning by such large numbers and florida, 21-point victory and won 66 of 67 counties. new york, pennsylvania,
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connecticut, and you look at all of these different places and rhode island, maryland, delaware. we had a group where we won every single county in every single state. in california, i got 78% of the vote and there were still lots of names down there, and when you have the largest number of votes in the history of the republican party and we had 17 people running, folks and that's big opposed to two, three or four so it's impossible to win that number when you have 17 people and we won easily, more than ronald reagan, who we love. more than richard nixon, more than the bushes, more than dwight d. eisenhower who did have a lot to do with the second world war victory, in all fairness, right? that was a good thing. the bad part is this. in coming off the plane i heard that our trade numbers are a disaster. a disaster. getting worse than ever before. we're losing so much money.
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we have trade deficits that are so massive, not only with china. not only with mexico which is massive. i take my hats off to the leadership of in, co for tmexicb they've done on us. they treat us like we're babies, they treat us at the border and with trade. i think i won indiana largely because carrier air-conditioning company -- i love indiana, i also won because of the great bobby knight, right? bobby knight! i told you the story where bobby called up and said, sir, you're going to run for president. that was a year before i did it. you've got to run for president. i said is this bobby knight? when i ran and when i got to indiana, somebody said, do you think you could ever get bobby knight? i said i think so, and i pulled up a stack, and i had his paper and i had his number and he picks up the phone and said i've been waiting for you to call.
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he's a cool dude. he won 900 games. he won three championships in indiana. he won the olympics and won the panam games and he had the last undefeated season in college basketball. he's a winner and jack nicklaus, a winner and jack, in ohio, to me having his endorsement is so great, but jack and bobby. we have so many unbelievable champs endorsing. so many. here's the story, folks. we're going to turn it around. we're going to bring our jobs back to this country and we're going to bring them back big league. we're not going to let companies -- we're not going to let companies leave our country without there being consequences. consequences. as an example when carrier left and they left 1400 people -- and those 1400 people, many of them followed me all over indiana. they love trump because i'm the only one that spoke their language.
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they were fired like dogs. they were fired by a mid-level management guy. they had jobs, some of them for 30 years, they were fired viciously like you never saw anything like it and fortunately, somebody had a cell phone or i probably wouldn't be talking about it right now and it was all over the news and it made a big impact and i've been talking about it long before it went to indiana and these other guys started to talk about it to try and win because that was the fire wall. trump is going to win new york, but trump will win pennsylvania and these other states and connecticut and we're doing great in connecticut, too, by the way, but when we get to indiana, that's the fire wall! trump's not going to win the fire wall and we won the fire wall in a landslide! that was a big, big -- [ cheers and applause ] and then everybody just said, you know what they said? we just can't take it anymore. we're leaving and that was the end of that, right?
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but we've had an amazing period of time, but what i would have told carrier air-conditioning, and i would if i would have gotten there in time. i would have said enjoy your plant. hot weather, pretty hot up here, by the way, too. hot weather. enjoy your plant. make lots of air conditioners, but when you start selling your air conditioners through our very strong border, because we'll have a very strong border and we want people to come in. i want people to come into the country that are going to come in by the thousands, but they're going to come in by the country legally, right? legally! [ cheers and applause ] so -- so i'm going to say, meaning myself -- i always kid with this. i say to my wife, i want to call carrier, and she'll say, you're the president of the united states. you're not supposed to be calling an air-conditioning company, but it's so much fun, and i'm so good at this stuff. i get carl icahn to call.
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that would be pretty good and i have so many people endorsing us, but we call up carrier. we say enjoy your new plant. i hope you have great success, but every single time you make a beautiful air conditioner and you want to sell it to the united states there's going to be a 35% tax on that air conditioner coming into this country. okay? [ applause ] now, a lot of conservatives, these characters that have been fighting me, never trump. never trump. never trump. here's a guy, you talk about a great conservative, but he gets it. some of these people don't get it. never trump. by the way, never trump is disappearing rapidly. you heard about the 51 million, anybody? 51. raised $51 million, right? 51 million. even newt couldn't believe that, right, newt? $51 million raised. so here's what's going to happen, and i just started in
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the middle -- listen, it sounds like a football game. newt! newt! are they booing or are they saying newt? it's one of those names, right? they do love newt. we all love newt. newt gets it. i'll tell you one thing, folks. i'm not saying it's newt, but if it's newt, nobody's going to be beating him in those debates, that's for sure, right? nobody. nobody's beating on newt in the debates. we raised $51 million and "the washington post" had a good story for the first time in a long time. they gave a great story and it said 51 million. nobody could believe it and i only started in mid-june. they were beating me up. trump was down and i'm raising the money for the party. i'm putting up a lot of my own money, i'm putting up a lot of my own money. okay, but here's what's going to happen, folks, here's what's going to happen. we're going to be so successful
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and when people call me, pundits, and people right up here in these platforms, look at these people. i can't stand them, but look -- look. one of them called who is here today and said, mr. trump, what you've done is incredible. sir, this is a pretty liberal guy. i was surprised he called me sir. what you've done is absolutely incredible and honestly, he said, you know, it's not so incredible. i haven't won. no, no. you don't have to win. you don't have to win. what you've done has never been done before in the history of politics. it's incredible. let me give you a little clue, if i don't win meaning the one person left and i've wasted a lot of time and a lot of money, i haven't done a damn thing. that's the way i feel about it. that's the way i feel about it because we're not going to be able to lower your taxes. we're not going to be able to get you good health care. we're not going to be able to save your second amendment which
4:37 pm
is under siege, by the way, and the national rifle association, the nra endorsed me with the earliest endorsement you've ever given to a candidate and hillary clinton wants to take your guns away and she wants to effectively abolish the second amendment and that's why they gave me the early endorsement because she is unthinkable for the nra. unthinkable, but all of these things are going to happen so let me just finish by saying the following. you've been listening to donald trump addressing a ground in cincinnati, ohio, appearing with newt gingrich. a possible vp contender and what he said was interesting just a moment ago. the former campaign manager corey lewandowski is with me, and hillary clinton supporter, baccari sanders and and john avalon, editor in chief of "the daily beast." all of them with me right now.
4:38 pm
let me start with you, john avalon. you just heard him say if it's newt, and i'm not saying it's newt, nobody's going to beat our newt in the debates. it was a pretty ringing endorsement. does that lead you to think that newt gingrich with whom he appeared on that stage tonight is indeed going to be the vp? >> i don't think you can say that newt will be the vp but this is the closest trump has come as he goes through this veep stakes reality tv show tour to really saying that this guy, i could imagine representing me in the vice presidential debate which is is really the moment for the veep to shine. he said in the rambling remarks that newt would be part of his government in whatever capacity. clearly, he seems to be having a good job on the stump, but that debate reference, i think, is significant. >> and bill crystal, you heard what he just said there, the never trump movement, slamming that movement. never trump is disappearing
4:39 pm
rapidly and bragging about his $51 million, which by the way, is a significant amount of money to raise, but does that give you pause? does that make you feel that, look, he is the never trump movement has no chance? >> no. there's an article just out in "the wall street journal" where trump's own delegate acknowledges that there's 680, delegates who are anti-trump and 900 who are up for grabs. i think trump could be denied the nomination if the delegates are free as they should be and if they historically have been to vote their will, to vote their conscience on the first ballot. i think what's necessary is that the chair of the convention, speaker paul ryan allow them to have roll call votes and vote as individuals and as delegates to a convention and not be some rubber-stamped results from months ago. never trump was not dead and that was an amazing speech. it was one of the most mind boggling and you come into the studio and it's half an hour with trump's on and you're
4:40 pm
thinking, gee, i'm thinkingp preempt preempted. it was gripping in its own bizarre way. it was pretty amazing and pretty entertaining, the golf course, the kids, the mosquitos. it was something else. there you go. >> corey? >> so i think we've converted another one. another trump supporter has gone from the never trump side to understanding now that this election is a binary decision. this is about donald trump or hillary clinton and i don't think bill will support hillary clinton and what it comes down to is the convention and there's 112 members of the rules committee. you need 28 members to sign a document to say that a rule will be considered and right now the never trump movement doesn't have 28 people to even have a rule looked at let alone a plurality or 57 people who will change the rules. so donald trump will be the republican nominee. the convention starts in 12 days. hillary clinton is clearly the person in this election who is crooked, who has just beat the
4:41 pm
fbi caucus. it looks like the democrats are starting to coalesce around here time for them to come together with the singular focus which is to put donald trump into the white house and make sure that we don't have four more years of a failed administration. >> david gergen, did he go in any direction to assuage the way bill crystal breaks down those delegates, that math does not look very good for donald trump right now if they're allowed to vote their conscience? i have to agree with bill crystal. it was gripping in its own way which includes the fact that you could be talking about jack nicklaus' stats and bill clinton's grandchildren's picture, a mosquito and a whole other lot of things that came together. >> it was ram belling and interesting, no doubt about that, but i must tell you from a political, calculation point of view, this was the second straight night in a rambling speech he's raised issues that sort of cloud out the hillary clinton story. he needs to keep the focus the
4:42 pm
hillary clinton story for the next few days. last night he talked about saddam hussein, totally unnecessary and gratuitously talked about that and got attention for that and today talked about newt gingrich, and might be his vice president and taking attention away from the main driver for him right now between now and the convention is going to be this email story, and with the hearings coming up you'd think he would focus on that and where that might go, but he's being donald trump. now i will say this, i think that coming out of the fbi determination on the emails, that there is a very good chance hillary will pay a price in the polls in the next few days. if that's the case, it will only strengthen donald trump's hand at the convention. i think it's almost certain now that he'll be the nominee. >> and i want to talk about what happened today because of course, there's a significant development on the email story, but before we get to that, among things he brought up tonight, he
4:43 pm
brought up the star, of course, from that tweet that the campaign, social media director had sent out and they subsequently removed under criticism of anti-semitic and replaced it with a circle. it had come from a white supremacist site. he said in this rambling speech that they shouldn't have taken it down and doubled down in defending it. how big of a possible mistake was that? bill? >> i think it was a mistake, and i think it's very revealing. no question it came from an antisemitic website and instead of saying my social media director was overswamped and didn't realize what it signified. the end. as david gergen said it would have been the end and let's get back to talking about hillary clinton's emails and the agenda and what it is for america. he could have accused the attorney general of the united states of bribery. he said bill clinton bribed her and it is unclear how the attorney general would have convinced james comey the fbi director to do the right thing as trump would have seen it, but i guess he's accused the
4:44 pm
attorney general and the fbi director. the fbi director is a pretty well-respected bipartisan guy of accepting a bribe and being pressured. david gergen made a very important point. the hillary clinton story is very damaging and let it sit there and let it develop and the questions tomorrow should be in my opinion does donald trump really believe that james comey, the director of the fbi was bribed to not prosecute hillary clinton? >> all right. we'll hit pause on that for just a moment. you're all going to be with me because he did, in fact, use the word bribery. no beating around the bush about it, and this comes just an hour or so after the attorney general loretta lynch made it official there will be no charges for hillary clinton. we're going have that and what donald trump had to say about it and our panel will be back and then the other major news story today. a deadly police shooting and it is absolutely unbelievable footage when you see this. we have shocking new video to show you so you can see for yourself whether this was a cold-blooded killing or not. that's coming up.
4:45 pm
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breaking news. the attorney general loretta lynch officially closing the clinton email investigation just about an hour ago. there will be no charges. lynch slamming the door on any possibility that clinton could face criminal charges for her use of a private email server while she was secretary of state. moments ago donald trump came out using the word bribery. >> hillary then talks about i think i'd re-appoint the attorney general, and you're waiting for a decision by the attorney general! and you're saying you're going to give her a job. you're not allowed to do that! that's bribery, folks. >> of course, clinton has never said she's considering keeping lynch on as attorney general. that's just speculation out there. my panel back with me so let me go straight to you, baccari. bribery. >> i heard my fellow colleagues on the panel saying donald trump's speech was gripping a
4:49 pm
little while ago and that shows you how we've become a culture of low expectations because he's set the bar so low. we've set the stream of lack of consciousness where instead of slamming hillary clinton, hillary clinton, hillary clinton, he threw out the conspiracy theories like the bribery and he went to mosquitos and don king and he did all of this stuff without policy prescriptions and he's the only candidate that would go on stage and talk about african-american youth and not mention alton sterling and mention mosquitos and not talk about the zika virus. it's not gripping. it's appalling and i think we should characterize it as such. >> we'll talk about alton sterling just a moment on this program, but let me get your response, corey, to that, bribery. he said it tonight after lynch closed. is it irresponsible for him to say such a thing, alleging bribery of the united states when there was no bribery that
4:50 pm
there was nothing like that in any way, shape or form. >> the new york times head of source said hillary clinton thought about reappointing loretta lynch if she's president of the united states. this isn't something mr. trump made up. this is a source from "the new york times". >> that's not a source saying there was a quid pro quo. that's very different than saying would you exonerate me. >> what you need to look is at totality, and the private meeting between bill clinton and loretta lynch. 87% of the american people think people of stature get treated differently. they disagree with the fbi's decision not to prosecute and 25% of democrats agree with the fbi's decisions not to prosecute hillary clinton. the bottom line is the fbi and if you look at alan dershowitz's piece today he talked about the decision and how fundamentally flawed it was of him to get up and making those statements and
4:51 pm
what he should have done was his job that put together the evidence and turned that over to the prosecutors and let them decide and not make his recommendation and that is what has flawed the system and loretta lynch is taking that and it's amazing how within 24 hours of the fbi director making a statement and they've closed the case and we're not going to move forward. they've given nobody the time to review the evidence and it's amazing to me. >> of course, she said she would accept whatever the fbi recommended and they recommended no charges. >> she was going to allow the prosecutor in this case to review the do you means and take their recommendations is what she said. so the fbi was supposed to turn over that documentation to the professional prosecutors and she was going to take the recommendation of the prosecutors. for a case which has gone on for a year and a half, to have the fbi director come out yesterday and make a recommendation and within 24 hours that case is close side really astonishing and a tragedy to justice. >> john, astonishing and let's just talk about this.
4:52 pm
the donald trump that he has now used twice, bribery. >> yeah, look, that's absurd and he don't put too much stock in his speech. this is free association. we haven't seen anything like a political figure like donald trump since hughey long. this is a 45-minute, rambling speech. it's a good thing donald trump doesn't drink because you'd mistake him for something something the guy at the end of the bar says. his own golf course, jack nicklaus, zika virus and it's without structure and without argument and the worst part if you're a republican is it loses the opportunity to pros kite a point about the way that james comey took apart hillary clinton and even though he said he would not press charges. he dissembled hillary clinton and instead of hammering home that point over and over again it's rambling free association time with donald trump on the campaign trail. that is yet another unforced
4:53 pm
error and another sign of this candidate who isn't just unusual. he comes across as unhinged at times. >> thanks very much to you will of you tonight and more breaking news. you heard bakari mention alton sterling and new cell phone video of a deadly struggle between white police officers and a black man in louisiana. we have new video. we want you to be able to see for yourself. our report next. and if you love lobster and shrimp, ...check out all these new entrees. like new coastal lobster and shrimp... ...with summer ale barbeque sauce, ...and new lobster and shrimp overboard. overboard? nah,'s just right. so hurry in. walter!nncr: scorching heat today, stay cool out there! stop suffering with hot ac - cool it yourself with a/c pro. in just 3 easy steps, enjoy the comfort of 2 times the cooling boosters from the #1 selling coldest air. nothing cools like a/c pro. so we know how to cover almost almoanything.hing, even a ufh2o.
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breaking news. new video emerging tonight of a black man shot to death by a louisiana cop as he was pinned to the ground. the justice department tonight investigating the shooting. we want to warn you that this new video is graphic.
4:57 pm
nick valencia is in baton rouge with the breaking details. >> hey, bro! [ bleep ]. >> he's got a gun! >> shots fired! shots fired! >> the deadly confrontation between two white police officers and a black man on the streets of baton rouge, louisiana started with a 911 call just after midnight on tuesday. >> it's on the corner and gun in his pocket and he pulled a gun and he could be around there. >> cell phone video shot by a bystander outside of triple s food mart between the officers and alton sterling. the officers first tried to use a stun gun against the 37-year-old. he's then pinned against a car and wrestled to the car. someone shouts -- >> he's got a gun! >> with sterling on his back, one officer pulls his gun and aims it at sterling's chest.
4:58 pm
sterling lay dying on the street, known as the cd man, he sold cds and dvds outside the store. abdullah, the store's owner, said he knew sterling for six years and the two were joking around minutes before the shooting. >> after they shot him and got up his hand was on the side of him. there was no gun in his hand. after the cop had went inside his pocket and pulled it out. >> as word of the shooting spread, outrage grew on the streets. >> hands up! don't shoot! >> he's a good person! what? for what? >> he never caused problems for anybody. >> at a press conference, 15-year-old cameron sterling was inconsolable as his mother remembered alton sterling. >> the individuals involved in his murder took away a man with children who depended upon their daddy on a daily basis.
4:59 pm
>> a preliminary autopsy shows sterling died from multiple gunshot wounds to the chest and back. the two officers involved have been placed on administrative leave. one was involved in another shooting incident in 2014 and later cleared of wrongdoing. louisiana's governor turned over the investigation to the justice department and the fbi. >> certainly, the footage that i observed of the video that was made available, i have very serious concerns. the video is disturbing, to say the least. >> and this just in to cnn, a source with knowledge of the investigation tells me that those two police officers involved in the shooting death of alton sterling were interviewed last night by local investigators with the baton rouge police department at the request of the district attorney. two state police officers here in louisiana were there to monitor the interview, and this source also tells me that there is bodycam footage as well as dash cam footage, but that the two videos made public are more
5:00 pm
clear than anything else out there right now, and i'll tell you, erin, the activists here who have seen the video have made it very clear they believe that this was a murder caught on camera of a black man at the hands of two white police officers. erin? >> all right, nick, thank you very much. it is absolutely just unbelievable to watch that footage. thank you all very much for joining us. "a.c. 360" begins right now. good evening. john berman in for anderson. tonight, breaking news, word from attorney general loretta lynch no charge against hillary clinton or anyone else. also talks under way for a joint, clinton-bernie sanders next week possibly him to endorse her and more on that shortly. we begin with donald trump, fresh from speaking out against hillary clinton and against fbi director james comey and against a system he calls rigged and to some degree, controversially praising saddam hussein and for the first time saying he wishes his campaign would not have taken down a tet