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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  July 12, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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and we're back with house speaker paul ryan. we are down to our last few questions for you, speaker ryan. we're going to start with jason hill here, a commercial banker from new york city, a registered republican. he is supporting donald trump but he says it's only because he would never vote for hillary clinton. jason? >> good evening, mr. speaker. >> hey, jason, how are you doing? >> very good, thanks. i'm a republican primarily because i believe in strong fiscal conservatism. many people i talk to agree with republican policies over economics but refuse to vote for our candidates because of issues
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on racism and change the perceptions that paint us as intolerant? >> that's a good question. i hate the fact you feel the need to even ask that question because the principles that we so dearly believe in and behold are those foundation principles that are equality for all before the law. we are all equal in the eyes of god. we're all equal, whether you believe in god or not. that is the foundation stone of who we are and what we believe in in our party. what we strive for in our ideas and our principles are to provide for equal opportunities so people can make the most of their lives. so what i guess i would say to people who have different views on different issues, if you take a look at the core of our party that attracts the most people to our party, it is opportunity, it is upward mobility, it is free enterprise, it is freedom, it is self-determination. those things are what animate
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our beliefs and our principles. we believe in family, believe in family being able to meet their potential, hard work reaps rewards. those are the kinds of things we feel strongly about and those are inclusive principles. that apply equally to everybody. so that's whey why i think take a look at not the harsh rhetoric you see here or there but go to the actual ideas. two to and lotell me does that not speak to the problems you're facing in your life? does it not offer a solution to a better job, better economic growth, a better economy, to have a more secure family, provide national security and opportunity. by the way, in fiscal, look, we have done five budgets that show you exactly how to balance the budget and pay off the debt. i wrote the first four, which says we know exactly what we need to do to get this budget balanced, to pay off this debt and, by the way, if we don't start working on this pretty fast, if we blow another presidency and don't get our fiscal house in order, it's
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going to get really ugly. the point i keep saying on this is because baby boomers are retiring, our fiscal situation gets worse and we see it coming. it's the most predictable economic catastrophe we've ever had and we know it's coming. so the reforms we're talking about, the reforms on health care and the rest, will guarantee that anybody in or near retirement sees no change in their benefits, but those of us who are younger, we have to reform these programs so we can cash flow them for current seniors so they'll be there for us and we don't bankrupt the country. if we don't reform government soon and get our fiscal house in order soon, our debt will take the rest, it will take over and we will guarantee we'll give the next generation a lower standard of living, lower quality of life. by the way, then when we get around to fixing our fiscal problem after it's gotten really bad, you'll have to cut benefits for everybody. after people have retired. this social compact is important. government has made promises to
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people and we need to honor those promises and with our reforms we can honor those promises and get our fiscal house in order so your kids and your grandkids get a de-free future. if we stay on the path we're on, we're not going to have that. that is why the situation is so dire and that is why we're doing everything we can to give the country a choice so we can earn the right to put these reforms in place. >> let's bring in marie tacee, she serves as the executive director of new jersey right to life right across the bridge there. >> good evening, mr. speaker. like so many americans across the nation, i was deeply disappointed when the supreme court issued their decision striking down a texas law that sought too implement common sense -- >> absolutely. >> -- health and safety standards at abortion clinics. in light of this disastrous decision, what can congress do to advance the pro-life issue? >> i agree with that. we have the same law in wisconsin.
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actually tomorrow we're bringing a bill i've been working on called the conscience protection act. i'm pro-life. you probably know that. i would like to think we could at least get con sense news this country that taxpayers shouldn't be funds abortions. >> absolutely. >> that the government shouldn't be forcing people to conduct proce procedures, especially health care workers against their own conscience. our 1st amendment is right of conscience, religious freedom. yet our own government today particularly in california is violating that right and not allowing people to protect their consciences rights whether they're catholic hospitals or doctors or nurses. tomorrow we're bringing the conscience protection act to the floor and passing it. it's diane black's bill. it is to give those citizens in america who want to protect their conscience rights their ability to defend those rights. that is one thing we're doing tomorrow to protect the conscience because i believe we need to cultivate a culture of life and at the very least stop the government from violating our conscience rights. >> you talked earlier about aspirational politics. i want to introduce you to kerry
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cahill. his father, michael cahill, was tragically killed in the ft. hood shooting in 2009, a domestic terror attack that killed 13 people. now this remarkable story, she and the shooter's cousin speak together traveling across the country, talking to students about fighting extremism. she's not registered with a political party. carrie. >> so i hear you and i hear what you have to say. but donald trump is proposing a ban on muslims from entering this country. and you have said that that is not what the principles of your party or your country and i agree with you. how do you explain to the 1.6 billion muslims that we trade with that we ally with, that live next door to us how you endorse a man who has that proposal on his agenda? >> i disagree with him on it. it's just that simple. look, no two people agree on
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everything. again, let me go back to what we said in the beginning. we have a binary choice, donald trump/hillary clinton. i pick donald trump. the libertarian is basically voting for hillary clinton. that's just my point. that binary choice. so when i hear something i don't agree with, a religious testify, i was just defending the 1st amendment right of conscience. applies to this as well which is we do not discriminate against religion. we need a security test for people coming into the country, not a religious test. when i see those principles being violated or compromised, whoever is doing it, i'm going to speak out about it, whether they're doing it to catholic nurses in california or a republican is doing to muslims. it's being consistent in defense of your principles. you know i don't agree with him on that particular policy but on the other 92 policies like this agenda and everything else and
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in putting good judges on the supreme or the so we don't have rulings like that on the supreme court, in the balance of things he clearly -- the good clearly outweighs the things i don't agree with. that's just the way it works in government, in politics. we don't have people who run for office who 100% reflect all of our views. it doesn't work like that. we have to find people who reflect most of our views and whose views are more reflective of our views than the other candidate. that's the kind of decision we're facing right now. by the way, thank you for doing what you're doing. that is very cool. i mean, seriously, to be able to have the trauma that you and your family went through, which was islamic terrorism, and to have someone -- to have someone in that family work with you to go out and spread awareness and to deal with confronting this, that's a service to your country. so thank you for doing that. by the waythat's one of the things we're talking about in our agenda, our national security platform, which is how
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do we confront the ideology. how do we confront the ideology of jihad? look, i've been -- i met with other heads of state in saudi arabia and egypt and jordan about forming a coalition of governments, of moderate muslim countries, to work on confronting the ideology so the 10-year-old boy in peshawar, pakistan, doesn't go to madrassa to jihad. >> how do representatives trade go for us if they're told the leaders of saudi arabia they can't come to this country? >> the point is, on balance clearly donald trump is going to give -- >> i know that. i afree. the point is on balance, clearly donald trump, he's going to give -- he already gave us a great list of judges to pick from for the supreme court. very impressive judges.
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the kind of people you want to see on the court. so again, you're not going to have a candidate in probably any election that shares your views on 100% of the issues. the question is where does the balance go? and to me, without a doubt, it is on the republican side. >> one last question from the audience. >> thank you for doing what you're doing. >> we are all so sorry for your loss. and thank you for being here this evening. one last question. that's for stephen cohen, independent from nassau county. he's here tonight with his daughter, jordan. >> mr. speaker, thank you for taking my question. when you became speaker, you insisted very specifically in carving out time for your children. >> say it again please? >> put that microphone closer. >> sorry. >> you insisted on carving out time for your children when you became speaker. i think that makes you a very positive role model for our generation. what advice would you have for fathers for carving out time for their children, particularly those who don't have as much career flexibility as you do?
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>> make it your first priority in life. i guess i'm a little more sensitive. i lost my dad as a kid so i grew up wanting a father. i grew up with mentors that took me under their belt. i can't tell you how many times i've had conversations with people in their 60s, with tough, big, good, strong careers, time consuming careers who would always say, boy, i wish i spent more time with my children. i don't want to be one of those people. so i was always able to manage in congress all my weekends, every weekend at home in wisconsin with my family and then i'm in d.c. typically four days a week. i think if you're raising kids and they're at this formative stage, in our family, 11, 13, 14, they only grow up once. and it's just you don't want to miss that time. you don't want to have regrets. you want to be a part of their life. especially when you went wanting like i did when i was young. to me it was just one of those conditions. in congress they sort of expect the speaker to travel nonstop every weekend. i just wasn't going to do that. so i was not going to fulfill
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that expectation of this job, if people wanted me to do this job. i had to make it very clear. i didn't try to make a lot of news on this. it was just clear, you can't have my family. you can have my time when i'm in washington but not on the weekends. it's important to have that work/life balance. it's important for families to have that work/life balance so families are strong and in tact. so you enjoy life. that's the most fulfilling part of life is raising a family, at least in my opinion. so it was just nonnegotiable for me. >> house speaker paul ryan, thank you for being here. thanks to all of you in the audience for all the great questions and everyone at home for watching. "cnn tonight" with don lemon starts right now. >> all right, jake, thank you very much. this is "cnn tonight." i'm don lemon. our town hall with house speaker paul ryan coming after a rare moment of political unity. president barack obama and president george w. bush mourning five dallas police officers gunned down in the line of duty. meanwhile, hillary clinton gets the endorsement she has been waiting for from bernie sanders and donald trump gets closer to
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naming his running mate. there's lots going on tonight. my political dream team fortunately for me and for you, the team is here to discuss all of this. dana bash, mark preston and gloria borger. we listened to a little over an hour in this town hall tonight and many concerns about how conservative donald trump really is. what stood out to you? >> well, what stood out to any is that paul ryan clearly made the case that he ispicious of d conservatism. he said he wants consistency, what he called consistent conservatism. he made the case for having a conservative running mate. he came out and said i want a conservative. when he was asked by the member of the audience, you know, how can you support this person who may not agree with you on all the issues, he said basically compared to what? >> right. >> that it's a binary choice. >> binary choice, yeah. >> it's either donald trump or hillary clinton.
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he still can't get his arms around donald trump in no way. >> he's kind of twisting himself in order to do that. well, i don't agree with him on everything. >> he totally is, but he's leader of the party. he made the case, this is the case and the supreme court is valely important. >> as you said the vice presidential choice is really important. dana bash, donald trump appeared tonight with governor mike pence. we expect to learn who trump is going to pick as vp at any time. so what are you hearing? >> well, i'll tell withdrew what y i saw in this arena filled with people who were quite happy, at least the people here, to see their governor, mike pence, to give a rousing introduction to donald trump and hitting all the notes that he knew that he needed to hi t if he wants to b donald trump's vice president starting out talking about how great donald trump is, why he'd be a good president but also playing the classic attack dog
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role really going after hillary clinton. when it comes to donald trump, don, it was interesting, classic trump, toward the end of a very long speech that trump gave here, he started talking about mike pence. listen to what he said and we can talk about it afterwards. >> i often joke you'll be calling up mike pence. i don't know whether he's going to be your governor or vice president, who the hell knows. >> reporter: so, you know, definitely trying to build the suspense. keep the confusion going which is actually not unique to donald trump. he may be an unconventional candidate, but at this time, just days before, maybe hours before a candidate picks a running mate, they like to kind of scramble things for the press and keep the guessing game going and the buzz going. >> to mr. preston, this is such a strange political year. what do you think is driving
10:16 pm
this v.p. choice for trump? >> reporter: well, you know, all along we tried to figure out what is donald trump looking for in a running mate? is he looking for somebody who understands washington? for a fighter? for loyalty? somebody with foreign policy experience? he's touched upon all of those, certainly when we look at the remaining candidates supposedly that are under consideration. in the end, though, i do think if we are to believe where things are moving is that he is listening to critics within the republican party and advisers in the republican party saying go after a conservative to shore up the base. because the bottom line is, don, there's no way dronald trump is going to win the presidency without having a strong base that he can build upon. what we saw from mike pence today in indiana or this evening in indiana is somebody who can come out and be the attacker of hillary clinton, the attacker of the democratic party, perhaps take a little bit off of donald trump's shoulders even though he enjoys it, don, if you are the presidential nominee, you have other things you need to do.
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you need to sell your vision and not spend all of your time attacking your opponent. that's what the v.p. should be doing. >> go ahead, dana. >> reporter: i was just going to say, you know, mike pence is not a household name, so to mark's point, he proves here that he can be an attack dog, but he is a conservative. he is an evangelical. and he is somebody who is maybe not well known, you know, kind of in the broad public but among evangelicals, he is and he's trusted among those in the conservative base. and that is something that as mark said i'm hearing as well that is important because, you know, there is skittishness. you even heard house speaker paul ryan talk today about how he knows mike pence. mike pence served in the house of representatives. he has the experience. that could help. whether it helps with the independents, moving to the middle, getting people from the democratic side, that's a
10:18 pm
different story. >> gloria, i want you to respond, but give me the answer to this, is the money on pence? is he the odds-on favorite? >> i think he's the safe choice for donald trump. i'm not saying donald trump ever does the safe thing but when you hear someone like paul ryan say i want a conservative, i never thought pence was an attack dog, by the way. but i heard him tonight and i changed my mind, okay? he can go on the attack. the only thing i don't know about is the personal chemistry between the two men. so that's up to donald trump, obviously, but i would have to say that he is -- that he is the safest choice that would be resoundingly approved by the establishment conservatives that have been repelled by him. don't forget, pence endorsed ted cruz and a lot of the anti-trumpers were cruz people. >> yeah. >> so this kind of deflates all of that to a degree in he were to pick pence.
10:19 pm
so it's all in the mix. who knows what donald trump does. >> he's the most steady choice. probably the most steady of all of them. i have to ask you, there's a new pew poll out. it shows hillary clinton beating donald trump among registered voters 45% to 36% with gary johnson. should donald trump be worried about that? >> hillary clinton has had a consistent lead by as many points, it kind of varies a few points, you know, either way. heading into your convention, what you want and you guys no this as well as anybody, what you want is to get a bump out of that convention and you'd like to be ahead going into your convention. so it's a little bit more difficult for donald trump but, sure, they're worried. they're worried when they see any poll that shows him behind. >> mark, i want to get to this and ask you about ruth bader ginsburg with negative comments about donald trump. she told the "new york times" she couldn't imagine the country
10:20 pm
led by trump. today she said this to cnn "he's a faker. he has no consistency about him. he says whatever comes into his head at the moment. he really has an ego. how has he gotten away without turning over his tax returns? the press seems to be very gentle with him about that." is that comment appropriate? has she gone too far? >> in my lifetime, this is the fifth presidential convention i've covered. i've never seen a supreme court justice weigh in on a presidential race, let alone a candidate. but if you take a step back and wonder how will this impact the race, this might help rally conservatives around donald trump who are already concerned that the court is going to shift to the left demonstrably if hillary clinton is elected. so you could perhaps see those on the right take these comments and really try to rally a base around donald trump. they might not like him as a
10:21 pm
person put they see him as we saw paul ryan say earlier that it's a binary choice. he's choosing donald trump and conservatives should as well. >> here's hue donald trump responded to "the new york times," "i think it's highly inappropriate a united states supreme court judge gets involved in a political campaign, frankly. i think it's a disgrace to the court and she should apologize to the court. i couldn't believe it when i saw it." go ahead, dana. >> reporter: there's a reason why ruth bader ginsburg supporters call her the notorious rbg. they think she's one of their heros, a folk hero. however, like mark said and more importantly for all of us, what jeffrey toobin, a student of the or the said earlier today on cnn, that he's never seen this and it isn't appropriate. politically, mark, i think, is absolutely right. there is no quicker way to engage the conservative base
10:22 pm
behind a candidate who has promised to deliver judges that they like by name than for ruth bader ginsburg to start talking about donald trump. especially when this is not a hypothetical. there's an actual vacancy on the court right now. >> there's a reason she's a judge and not a politician. because she played right into donald trump's hands with this. i'm not quite sure she knew she was doing that. >> everybody stay with me. when we come right back, in dallas today president barack obama said we're not as divided as we've seen. is america at a turning point? >> baton rouge, st. paul, dallas. america on edge. >> this is not just a black issue, not just a hispanic issue. this is an american issue. >> what is really going on? why are police and civilians alike in the line of fire? what happens when race, law and order and guns collide every day on america's streets? don lemon brings all sides to
10:23 pm
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president barack obama at a memorial service for a fallen dallas police officers today speaking candidly about race and saying american sorrow after a week of violence can make us a better country. back with me now, dana bash, mark preston and gloria borger. it was a very moving day and besides being a tribute to the fallen officers, a memorial in dallas today was kind of a national reflection on race. i want to play a clip of the president's speech then we'll talk about it. >> i know americans are struggling right now with what we witnessed over the past week. first the shootings in minnesota and batton rouge. the protests. then the targeting of police by the shooter here. an actdimented
10:27 pm
violence but racial hatred. all of it left us angry and hurt. this is the deepest fault lines of our democracy have suddenly been exposed, perhaps even widened, and although we know that such divisions are not new, though they've surely been worse than even the recent past, that offers us little comfort. i understand how americans are feeling. but, dallas, i'm here to say we must reject such despair. i'm here to insist that we are not as divided as we seem. and i know that because i know america. i know how far we've come against impossible odds. >> gloria borger, how many times has the president made a speech like this and do you think it was different this time?
10:28 pm
>> i could sense his frustration. he doesn't want to give any more of these speeches, don. i think he's done it at least 14 times in the aftermath of mass shootings and you could see the depth not only of the frustration but the disappointment and the pain while he was speaking. you know, he's given a version of this speech too many times. and i think when he leaves office and somebody asks him the question what are the hardest moments for you or the greatest disappointments for you, the toughest time as president of the united states, i think he would have to say that these kinds of speeches and talking to the families of the victims are the hardest things for a president can do. and you could see it in his his speech and could see it in george w. bush's speech as well. both of them sharing this as former presidents. >> this one is, he had to tackle
10:29 pm
the issue of race, dana bash. he was remarkably candid about how complex and difficult the issue of race is. let's listen to another clip and then we'll discuss. >> we know that the overwhelming majority of police officers do an incredibly hard and dangerous job fairly and professionally. they are deserving of our respect and not our scorn. [ applause ] and when anyone, no matter how good their intentions may be, paints all police as biased or bigoted, we undermine those officers we depend on for our safety.
10:30 pm
we also know that centuries of racial discrimination, of slavery and subjugation and jim crow, they didn't simply vanish with the end of lawful segregation. they didn't just stop when dr. king made a speech or the voting rights act and the civil rights act were signed. race relations have improved dramatically in my lifetime. those who deny it are dishonoring the struggles that helped us achieve that progress. but we know -- [ applause ] but, america, we know that bias remains. we know it. >> dana, i mean, he had to walk
10:31 pm
a tightrope there. how tricky is it in this very highly charged environment, political environment, this climate, to both honor the lives of the police who were murdered while supporting the efforts of those who want reform, you know, and bias in policing and racism elsewhere? >> reporter: incredibly, incredibly complex, and, look, you know, no matter what you think of barack obama politically, i think it's hard to listen to and watch that speech and not understand how he is able to tackle these complex issues and use the words that he used in his book, in his autobiography all those years ago that put him on the national stage. the one thing that -- speaking of words, the other thing that i thought was so fascinating about his speech is him admitting, this man who, again, became who he is because of his ability to speak, because of his eloquence, admitting that his words have not been enough.
10:32 pm
to me, that was such a moment for any president, particularly this president given who he is. and just one last thing, don, the fact that he was talking with how we've come so far and not saying what is the most obvious thing about that statement, which is that he's a black president giving those comments. >> yeah. he said i've seen part of the example is my own life but he didn't exactly say that. >> reporter: exactly. >> mark, will his message hit home or will the messenger get in the way of this, that people will hear what they want to hear in this president's words? >> reporter: i certainly think in the wake of tragedy we all come together for a moment and that moment passes and we forget about it until the next strategy. you know, what's interesting is that we're heading into these two politically charged weeks coming up ahead. we're going to see democrats attacking republicans, republicans attacking democrats. at a time when the country does need to come together.
10:33 pm
there is this big racial divide in the country. i would say it's worse than that, don. there is an economic divide that goes beyond the color of a person's skin. you have poor whites that are feeling disadvantaged and angry and frustrated as well. i would say this for barack obama. he is uniquely qualified right now in the 6 1/2 months he has left in office to create a legacy for himself as well as when he leaves office to try to bring the country together. he is uniquely positioned given the fact of where he came from, what the history that he made and his ability to bring people together. this could be quite a moment for barack obama and honestly probably a moment that this nation needs. >> all right, mark. thank you very much. mark preston, dana bash and gloria borger. up next, former president george w. bush joins barack obama on stage at the dallas memorial. what he said in his tribute to the fallen officers. have a good♪
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really was a rare moment of unity today, something we haven't seen a lot of lately.
10:38 pm
a sitting president joined at an event we his predecessor. george w. bush sat alongside president obama. here to discuss that is andy hart who served as president bush's chief of staff and i'm so glad to have you all. i thought it was a really special moment that we witnessed, many of us, hopefully most people in the country did live today. andy, we heard a lot from president obama's speech. former president george w. bush made a rare public appearance and his remarks were interesting as well. let's listen. >> to renew our unity, we only need to remember our values. we have never been held together by blood or background. we are bound by things of the spirit, by shared commitments to common ideals. at our best we practice empathy, imagining ourselves in the lives
10:39 pm
and circumstances of others. this is the bridge across our nation's deepest divisions. >> what are your thoughts on president bush's words today? why was it so important for him to attend and speak out? >> first of all, i was really pleased that president bush and president obama got together to speak not only to the people of dallas and to the people of the world. hopefully the united states will pay particular attention. i thought president bush's speech was very efficient speech but it was also extremely inviting for us to step up to the challenge of uniting. and i thought it was right for him to call for us to recognize the common purpose that we have, the shared values that we have and how those can trump all of the divisions in this country. we've got to learn to step up the responsibility of those shared values. so i thought it was a powerful and efficient speech that president bush gave and i was pleased to see him there with president obama. >> i watched today and president obama said something very
10:40 pm
specific that really touched me. he said "let me give you a new heart" citing the bible. you know him very well. why did he select that passage? >> he selected that passage from ezekiel because he was saying we need empathy revolution in this country. we need to figure out how to look at someone who's not like us and see the image of god and see ourselves. figure out why a white police officer can look at a young black man and not grow anxious but see someone who could be his son or brother. show bla how black folks can look at white police officers and see the same thing. that doesn't paper over our divisions and the very real policy issues out there. the president is saying we have to allow our hearts to break for one another and to replace these hearts of stone with tender hearts, hearts of flesh in the words of ezekiel that he quoted today. i thought that was an extraordinarily powerful moment along with president bush's speech as well which i thought was amazing. he also talked about seeing the image of god in each other.
10:41 pm
they seemed to be on the same page today. >> there is a sense among many americans that we are at a tipping point right now. the president spoke about that. listen. >> the deepest fault lines of our democracy have suddenly been exposed, perhaps even widened, and although we know that such divisions are not new, though they've surely been worse in even the recent past, that offers us little comfort. faced with this violence, we wonder if the divides of race in america can ever be bridged. >> i want to ask both of you, if you took the partisan political posturing out of this and say president barack obama and former president bush could get together in a room and hash things out, hash out ideas, what do you think they could agree on? first to you, andy. >> first of all, i do think that president bush and president obama know how to have a constructive dialogue. i do think they could help to
10:42 pm
bring people together. i witnessed president bush do that when he was president of the united states. he built remarkable unity efforts to challenge terrorism, for example. he brought comfort to a lot of people. but i would like to see the dialogue and all of politics today start to recognize the responsibility that we have to define a future rather than just complain about the present. we have to acknowledge the challenges of today but we've got to recognize the common values that are out there that we're all working for, that we hold dear and want to lift up. i think president bush and president obama could help to guide us to having a more constructive way to discuss some of these things in a political climate that will produce results rather than just debates. >> joshua, you believe the president was passing the baton on to us. what do you think they could agree upon?
10:43 pm
>> i think he was redrawing the lines of our democracy, saying although the black/white divide is a real he important divide to look at, there's an equally important divide. that's between those who would perfect our union and those who would seek to divide our union further and tear it down. on the one side, the forcibly placed protesters in that camp but he also put the dallas police department in that camp as protecting the space for democratic protest. on the other side, there are those who would either do violence to one another and divide us further. so that's really the camps that he's drawing here. which side are we going to be on? are we gng to work in our own ways every day to perfect our union or tear us down further? in terms of practical things i think they could agree on, i think first and foremost, they would agree that we have to have better human relationships
10:44 pm
police officers and departments around the country and the communities in which they serve. these sides have got to know each other a little bit better than they presently do. we have to create incentives for that. that's a practical thing that president obama and president bush and others around the country can work on and we should help them in that process. >> andy, did you want to respond to that? >> i think we also have to respect authority and authority has to earn that respect. so the police do a fabulous job. 99.9% of the police officers in this country do a remarkable job. president bush cited that. so did president obama. and we have to respect the burden that these police officers carry. they have to be -- they have to have the ability to address us and save us all the time. sometimes they have to address us in tough ways and sometimes they have to save us from very difficult circumstances and we know that they're carrying burdens. i thought both president obama
10:45 pm
and president bush also cited the value of the police forces that are out there helping to be peace officers in this great land and also to keep us as a law-abiding, respectful community. >> i think that's got to be the last word, josh, i'm sorry. i'm out of time. coming up, president obama fighting cynicism. is this a answchance for republ ans and democrats to come together? are. do i look smarter? yeah, a little. you're making money now, are you investing? well, i've been doing some research. let me introduce you to our broker. how much does he charge? i don't know. okay. uh, do you get your fees back if you're not happy? (dad laughs) wow, you're laughing. that's not the way the world works. well, the world's changing. are you asking enough questions about the way your wealth is managed? wealth management, at charles schwab. just checking my free credit score at credit karma.
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president barack obama calling for unity and action at today's memorial in dallas. here to discuss is matt lewis, senior contributor to the "daily caller" hilary rosen, political contributor and hillary clinton supporter, and also with me former donald trump campaign manager corey lewandowski who's still receiving severance from trump campaign. he will be the chair of the new hampshire delegation at the republican convention and he's a cnn political commentator. i think that is the longest introduction i've ever had for someone who does not have a book. listen, in the interest of all of you, in the interest of honoring the five officers who
10:50 pm
died and what the president, current president and former president said, let's try to get through this without name calling, invoking the other candidate and talk about solutions just to honor those people today. hillary, i'm going to start with you. president obama, a day of healing he spoke of. here's more of his spoech -- speech and we'll discuss. >> as a society we choose to underinvest in decent schools. we allow poverty to fester so that entire neighborhoods offer no prospect for gainful employment. we refuse to fund drug treatment and mental health programs. we flood communities with so many guns that it is easier for a teenager to buy a glock or get -- than get his hand on a computer. in the end, it's not about
10:51 pm
finding policies that work, but forging consensus and fighting cynicism and finding the will to make change. >> hilary, that is a list of democratic policy proposals. how likely is it that if hillary clinton is elected that she will have any luck forging consensus and fighting cynicism with a republican congress? >> we've seen this congress getting ready to go on vacation this week for the next two months without acting on the simplest background checks for purchasing guns. >> hilary, what i said earlier, how is she going to go about getting -- >> i'm getting there, don. >> i know, but -- >> i think the reality is that if there is a democratic senate, i think there is a much greater incentive for the house and the senate to compromise on legislation of mutual interest. i think we saw something -- in both president obama and george
10:52 pm
bush today, which is the frustration of a president who believes that they see what needs to be done, who believes they see a path for bringing people together. and then expressing the frustration about how hard it is to move and i think you saw that wistfulness in george bush and president obama today. so i think that a lot of the power of their words is that one person alone cannot do this, that, in fact, that bully pulpit, that encouraging people to believe, to end the cynicism as president obama said, is as important a role for the president as anything. >> cory, to you now. which of these policies, investing in schools, fighting inner city property, funding drug and mental health programs, keeping guns out of neighborhoods and getting kids to computers and books instead, which one of these does donald trump support? which one can he get or ones he
10:53 pm
can get on board with? >> i think he supports all of them. you have a country that's hurting right now and i don't think anybody wants to make any light of that. and the difference is you have an opportunity to have a leader who wants to try and get something done and what that really is getting done is making sure our kids are safe, our police are safe, our communities are safe. i don't think there's any discouragement or disagreement between that. the question is what is the highest priority? the highest priority has to be our children, making sure they have good schools and they go safely and that the neighborhoods are safe. but that's not to say that we can't have law and order. law and order has to have a place in our society. donald trump has said he's going to be the law and order candidate. what that means is when you're a police officer and you swear you're going to uphold the laws and do your best to make your community safe, you shouldn't be targeted by a person who wants to kill people based on your race or because of your occupation. that's not what our country's about. let's do everything we can to make all of our community safe and that helps everybody.
10:54 pm
>> on the other side when you said targeting people because of their race, black and brown people feel that police officers are doing the same way in many instances. do you think donald trump understands that part of it? >> no matter what job you have there are some bad apples. and i think 99.9% of the police officers -- >> does he understand that? we get that. most police officers are good. we don't have to say that. most police officers do the right thing but does donald trump understand there are police officers who do discriminate against people of color? >> what i think you have, there was a study that said african-american police officers are more likely to be involved in an incident of shooting another individual. >> you're not answering my question. >> i can't tell you what donald trump thinks because i don't know what he thinks. >> but you're a supporter of donald trump and i -- don't give me talking points. hang on, hang on. i said that at the beginning of this. i don't want talking points. do you think that donald trump understands that there are people who are discriminated against and treated unfairly by police in this country?
10:55 pm
>> what i think is that anybody who is treated unfairly based on their religion, based on their creed, their ethnicity is wrong. i think donald trump agrees with that. and our goal is to treat everyone the same. >> you still didn't answer the question. >> i can't tell you what he thinks, because only he can. >> you tell me what he thinks on other things and on other things but on this particular issue you can't tell me what he thinks? >> what i can tell you -- >> what do you think he thinks? >> i think he thinks everyone should be treated the same. if there's discrimination -- >> you don't think he thinks people are discriminated against? he kept asking house speaker i think that we have certain people in this country who feel that they are being discriminated against by police officers rather than there are a certain group of people in this country who are being discriminated against by police officers. that's two different things. and no one asked him that question tonight. he didn't really talk about that. he said people who feel that way, as if it doesn't exist.
10:56 pm
>> you're right, don. i heard that, too. i thought it was a mistake. it's like when you're apologizing to somebody and you're like if i made you feel bad, as opposed to that i did something wrong. maybe it's just a verbal tick. i'm going to give paul ryan the benefit of the doubt. >> he said it three times. >> yeah, he did. i think it was a mistake to say that. i don't know if we should read into that that this suggests that he believes everything's hunky-dory, that there's not a real problem or if he's just suggesting that the perception is that there's a problem. but you're right. i picked up on that, too. he needs too correct that and i don't know if it's in his heart or if it's just a verbal tick. >> thank you. i have to go, hilary. i'm sorry, i'm out of time. i appreciate all of you. thank you very much for coming on. when we come right back, new threats against police in baton rouge just a week after a fatal
10:57 pm
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