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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  July 13, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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wlak people to speak a certain way and act an certain way is no way. >> bush said yesterday, we need to remember our loyalty to humanity, obama said, we have to define it. d.l. hughley, i feel like you're doing both. thank you for being here to continue the conversation. >> indeed, thank you. >> our coverage continues as well. let's get to newsroom with ann nap cabrera. anna. happening now in the news room. stolen guns and a mad search for bullets. to target police. how officers foiled the plan. >> we are not as divide as we see. and she say he's a faker. he sails her mind is shot. the feud between justice ginsburg and donald trump just got more intense.
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let's talk in the cnn newsroom. good morning, and thanks for joining me, i'm anna cabrera on this wednesday. we begin with a national debate over the police killings of african american men and the very personal heartbreak of one victim's son. just minutes from now, we will hear from cameron sterling, just a teenager, he will speak at louisiana convenience store where his father alton sterling was shot to death. you see him there just crumbling under the weight of his grief there on the left with his mom. meanwhile baton rouge police are saying they uncovered a plot to harm local officers in louisiana in the wake of sterling's death. two men are now under arrest as well as a 13-year-old who is now being identified because of his age. a fourth suspect still remains at large, and what police are calling a credible threat. joining us now with the latest, police know who they're ser
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searching for? >> that's a question this morning anna, we know that officials mentioned there was a possibility that there may have been a fourth individual they were trying to track down, but at this point, we are still waiting more information. this all started over the weekend with a break-in at a local pawnshop. reports now indicate that there was at least eight handguns stolen from that business. throughout the course of the investigation, officers tracked down at least three individuals and arrest them as well as recover many of those guns, however, during the interview process with some of these individuals. very disturbing detail that emerges here from antonio thomas, the 17-year-old in custody. he said, they planned to look for bullets to kill police. now it's unclear whether or not he actually meant it or if there was actually a plot in the works to target officers in and around the baton rouge area, but at the same time, its been seven days or so since the dallas shooting. information like this, statements like this is something that would not be taken lightly by investigators as they continue to keep a close
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eye on the protests and those demonstrations which i have to tell you so far have been relatively peaceful. obviously things did clear up over the weekend, did lead to several arrests, last night there was a fairly small demonstration on the street quarter here in baton rouge and there are, i guess you could call them marshals that are essentially keeping that crowd on the sidewalk, keeping things under control as we await to hear from 15-year-old kevin sterling at the very spot where his father was shot and killed. just over a week ago. >> so heart breaking, thank you very much. the families will hold funerals now for three of the police officers killed in last week's dallas ambush. senior corporal lorne ahren, d.a.r.t. officer brent thompson, this after president obama and george w. bush spoke at a private memorial service for all five of the slain officers yesterday. now today, the president tries to bridge a growing kas m, bringing together leaders in
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both civil rights and law enforcement. cnn's athena jones is at the white house where this afternoon's meeting will be held. good morning, i should say, athe athena. >> good morning, anna, that's right, this long and difficult conversation about race and policing continues here today. you talked about the president needing to try to bridge a gr growing kas m. we heard him saying that amidst the anger and pain, it's a if the deepest faults have suddenly been exposed, perhaps even widened. and yet, a central part of his message is that we aren't as divided as it seems, and that it is possible to find common ground if people who offer different perspectives just listen to one another and try to understand one another. take a listen to more of what he had to say in dallas. >> we cannot simply turn away and dismiss those in peaceful protests. as troublemakers or reverse race
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m. to have your experience denied like that, dismissed by those in authority, we also know what chief brown has said is true. that so much of the tensions between police departments and minority communities that they serve is because we ask the police to do too much and we ask too little of ourselves. >> reporter: and we expect those two points the president raised there to come up in this afternoon's meeting, for him to urge all sides to listen to one another. and also to address this idea that police are asked to be social workers, parents, teachers, drug counselors, there's a lot that has to be discussed when he meets this afternoon with activists, civil rights leaders, faith leaders, law enforcement leaders, also elected officials will be part of this conversation. the goal of course, trying to keep people safe, how to build
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trust between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve. and of course, to find that common ground, the president's central message today will be that progress is possible. just look, he'll say, most likely as he did yesterday at the recommendations from the task force that came up with all kinds of ideas over a matter of months. a series of meetings and testimonies, came up with recommendations for how communities like the dallas pd and others, what they can do to include the trust in the community and he he has held up dallas as an example of al police department that is, that is done, done a lot to try to implement those recommendations. we expect the recommendations to be part of the discussion today as well. anna. >> certainly an effort to make changes and to make progress. athena jones, our thanks to you and give you an idea of the current climate and the challenges this country is facing. i want to take you live to minnesota where protesters are again taking to the streets, you can see them here. this is in minneapolis on interstate 35 where you see
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traffic is at a standstill right now on the interstate because of protesters currently trying to advance on to the roadway there. we will continue to watch these pictures, of course, minneapolis and that area is where philando castile was killed last week. sparking a lot of outrage, especially after his girlfriend who was in the car next to castile during this fatal traffic stop started live streaming the aftermath, sparking a lot of emotion again in this part of the country. this picture from minneapolis this morning, where protesters have shut down interstate 35. let's turn to politics. lots of news to thought about morning and the next 48 hours could be some of the most important in donald trump's political career. the presumptive gop nominee is set to be getting much closer to picking his choice for vice president. and the rumor mills largely focussed on a couple of people. indiana governor mike pence, and former house speaker newt gingrich, but this morning a source now tells cnn another
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high profile is still in the mix. let's goat sarah murray covering the developmentings for us. >> i think we need to be skeptical about ruling anyone out until donald trump rules them out himself. what we are hearing is that new jersey governor chris christie is still very much in the mix for this. we know that donald trump campaigned of course with mike pence last night, and part of that is still about getting more of a sense about how comfortable he is around governor pence. they don't know each other particularly well and trump said in an interview with the wall street journal that he wants someone he has good chemistry with but also an attack dog. we certainly saw mike pence on the attack last night. went after hillary clinton about her e-mails and her personal e-mail server. went after her about benghazi. chris christie is still in the mix and part because he's very close to donald trump and they've known each other for over a decade. they have a good working relationship. and we all know that christie knows thousand go on the attack.
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and when i talk to sources about this, they said, look, chris christie already knows thousand handle the campaign trail. he's proven himself in a campaigner, but he can go out on the debate stage, interview debate and not only defend trump's positions, but go on the attack against hillary clinton and whoever she chooses as her running mate. these are all things donald trump will be considering in the final hours. we're expecting him to make a decision before the end of the week. most likely on friday. and so, we're very much in the throes of the veep stakes and high alert at this point, anna. >> he knows how to create suspense for sure, thank you very much. now the battle between donald trump and salespeople court justice ruth bader ginsburg is growing more intense. one demand, justice ginsburg has embarrassed all by making very dumb political statements about me, her mind is shot. resign. he writes. and this attack is after ginsburg hit trump during multiple interviews including
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one with cnn where she said that trump has no consistency about him. he says whatever comes into his head at the moment. with me now is cnn senior legal analyst jeffrey, good to see you. >> hi anna. >> ginsburg hasn't just gone after trump once now, she has criticized him multiple times and after she herself was criticized for making her initial comments, are you surprised? >> i am surprised. because this is really unprecedented behavior for a supreme court justice. in a supreme court justices express their opinions about all sorts of things relating to their work, you know, what the constitution means, what the laws mean, but, there has been a very strong tradition for judges not to express direct political opinions about elections. and justice ginsburg's statements have really been very unusual and frankly, in my opinion, very inappropriate for a supreme court justice. >> we read trump's tweet saying,
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ginsburg's mind is shot and calling on her to resign. what are your thoughts? >> no, i mean the -- it's quite clear that ruth bader ginsburg's mind is not shot. she remains a very active part of the supreme court, she writes as many opinions, she participates in an extremely vigorous. way. she is 83 years old, and like a lot of people, i think she's become more like herself as she has gotten older, and she has gotten more outspoken in her political views. but, you know, there are, there are guidelines, they're note laws, but there are guidelines that are very clear that they should not express views about pending elections. and i think those are wise rules. especially because, you know, as we all remember, 16 years ago,
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the presidential election wound up in the supreme court. and i think if that were to happen again, which obviously isn't likely, but if it were to happen again, justice ginsburg almost certainly would have to recuse herself after expressing these opinions. i think for all sorts of reasons, it's a good idea for justices not to express these kinds of views. >> you know, it's really interesting because her comments really have sparked a lot of, at least conversation, the "new york times" editorial board writing that trump is right, in fact i want to read you a quote saying, washington is more than partisan enough without the spectacle of a supreme court justice flinging herself into the mash pit. she did cross a line, possibly an ethical one from a political standpoint, do you think her comments are going to help or hurt donald trump? >> you know, i think by the time we get around to november, there probably will not be one person in america who is voting for or against donald trump because of
6:13 am
what ruth bader ginsburg said. there's a lot of stuff that's going to happen. i think it's characteristic. the "new york times" editorial page is a pretty liberal institution. very supportive of justice ginsburg in general. even they are saying, you know, she shouldn't be the talking this way. and i have heard, basically no defenses of what justice ginsburg has been saying, even among people like me, who are generally admiring her, she is certainly one of the most distinguished lawyers in the history of the country, not just in the history of the supreme court, she was the founding mother of the feminist movement. she argued many important cases before the supreme court before she became a judge. so this is a very formidable person, but that doesn't mean she's always right, and i think it's quite clear she's not right in what she's saying about this election. >> all right, thanks for your time this morning. >> all right. still to come, swing state surprise. both candidates fending off
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the gloves are on. the battle between hillary clinton and donald trump is tightening this morning. new polls are out this morning, changes are here. in florida, trump's leading by three points. it is close, but this is a big shift from just a month ago with clinton was leading by eight points. in ohio, trump and clinton are pretty much tied. similar to june and in pennsylvania, trump has edged ahead. leading clinton 43 to 41%. that's compared to what's likely for clinton last month. there's that one. let's discuss. john phillips a trump supporter and talk radio host is with us, tara, cnn political commentator, part of the anti-trump con tin jens and cnn presidential historian. no candidate since 1960, in
6:19 am
fact, has won the white house. that leaves two of the three states we just showed those polls from. it's early of course, we still have the vp picks. we have the convention, but how telling is this? >> well, it's -- look, any time you see change, even though it is early, any time you see change in respectable polls, you have to wonder, is this happening out there? the most important factors though are still going to be the conventions. and they haven't happened yet. >> uh-huh. >> next week's a big deal for donald trump. first of take command of the party. one of the things that people will be looking for is the extent to which he actually can manage. he's got to manage an operation. so, new mexico the conventions, i think these polls are really nevertheless the shift is large enough for people to begin to ask, what's changing people's minds? these polls are a little bit early for the e-mail issue -- >> because it began on june 21st is when this polling began.
6:20 am
>> perhaps orlando played a role, perhaps people were concerned about law and order. this is significant, but let's not push the significance yet. wait for the conventions. >> so this is pretty significant as someone, i'm no fan of donald trumps, but when you look at that, the trend lines are interesting. something else pointed out, hillary clinton's unfavorables in these polls are through the roof. they're higher than donald trumps in all three states. 65% unfavorable in pennsylvania. which hasn't gone red in a while. so these are the kinds of states that donald trump is trying to flip red this time around, in order to win. so, i think they are nervous in brooklyn. these trend lines have not been good for hillary clinton. now donald trump, considering that hillary clinton has been on the ropes and is so unlikable, it hasn't been anywhere close to you, she's been hovering around 40%, so have he. the american people are not happy with either choices, but the fact that donald trump shouldn't be beating her by 20. i mean this poll actually was
6:21 am
from june 30 until july 11th. so the e-mail scandal is included in this poll and people when they start to see, look further this in this poll, they don't find her trust worthy -- >> you're right, i think the poll that was previously was around june 21st, yes, that's correct. >> in the public eye for 25-plus years, people's ideas are set. i don't know how you change that. this could be very interesting. >> well, you're not a trump fan, but obviously you are still a republican. so we have to take what you say yeah with that grain of salt. i want to bring our other player here into the conversation, john phillips, you're with us, you are a trump supporter, the other big political news today is trump is set to make a vp pick in the next couple of days. sources telling cnn there are three likely candidates, newt gingrich and mike pence and chris christie. who's your guy? who's going to balance out your ticket in your mind? >> i've said that in general would be my close. you have to reinforce the product that you're selling.
6:22 am
trump is an outsider. so to bring someone in who doesn't come from the capitol dome but has government, does give credibility. just to go quickly back to those poll numbers for a second. i think we have fundamentally misunderstood the support that's out there for bernie sanders. we just assume that because they're supporting a guy who is a self-declared socialist that they want to push the democratic party to the left and they are true blue, left wing ideal logs. i think a certain element of bernie sanders support are people who was occupying the real estate of anyone but hillary clinton on the primary ballot, martin o'malley, jim webb, they would have voted for jim webb. what's interesting with these polls is, trump's margin of victory grows when you factor in gary johnson and the green party candidate. many of those same bernie people in my opinion are looking for anyone but hillary real estate and that's not just donald trump in the general, that involves
6:23 am
two other people. >> you are right about that, john. those polls do reflect that hillary clinton seems to lose more from the, you know, entrance into the polls of these third party candidates, like you said, jill stein, green party as well as gary johnson, the libertarian candidate. so what do you think is, is hurting clinton so much? >> well, there is -- >> you. >> part of it is that she is, she is very well known. and we've had this in american history where you have awe candidate that's well known, and a lot of the opinion about her stake in the bone. so you have a very small percentage of people who are, who can shift one way or the other. and they don't make up, in many cases they don't make up their minds until late in the game. the mentioned the importance of the convention and the debate.
6:24 am
>> do you think the vp pick that hillary clinton makes is important? >> yes. when bill clinton was running, he surprised everyone by choosing another young, white southerner, choosing a southerner to run with him. nobody thought that two people from the same region run together. that shook up the way in a positive way. hillary clinton has can add some pizazz to her. i would say it is a bit early to be saying that, you know, pennsylvania's done and ohio is done. donald trump has a big decision to make. >> yeah. >> you know, let's not forget that john mccain lost support, not just above among independents, but among some republicans when he chose sarah palin. because people said that's your first presidential decision, and you blew it. >> yet she fired up the base too. >> she was a great for a day, and then it really hurt him. >> very quickly, i'm sorry, we
6:25 am
have to wrap this conversation up. tara, i want to give you one last final word in terms of the vp decision coming up here in the next couple of days. >> i actually agree with john, i thought that trump needed to bring a general, stability because he's been all over the map on foreign policy, he's a complete fight on issues of the world, but it looks like, michael flinn initially looked like a good choice for that possibly, i think he disqualified himself with the abortion comment and he didn't really show that he's ready for prime time. the outsider issue, trump folks brings in like a new -- >> who's going to convince you? >> i would say, ronald reagan can come, i would never vote for donald trump. >> well there you go. >> nothing i stand for. i think he's completely disingenuous which is a problem, that's why trump, he's never on message. he has too many other issues and morally i object a lot to what donald trump stands for and does. >> right. >> that's why for me, i'm in a different situation than other people, but as a conservative,
6:26 am
obviously i'm concerned and the future of this country and considering we have two awful candidates, it doesn't look good considering the state of affairs. >> we'll have to end there, thank you all so much for joining me, appreciate it, john, tara, and tim, thank you. still to come, burst into tears as his mother discussed how his dad died. just minutes, we're going to hear from cameron sterling, he's going to speak about his father, alton. plus president obama says words can be inadequate to bridge the gap between officers and protesters. his own words, he acknowledged have done little to change things. so today, he's taking action. ♪ when you can take your hands off the wheel to get out of a tight spot. when you can relax with your foot off the brake and stay put. and when you enjoy 400 horsepower that's both smooth and controlled. that's the more human side of engineering. this is the lincoln summer invitation, hurry in now to your dealer for limited time offers! lease an mkc for $289 a month or get 0% apr for 60 months
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this is cnn breaking news. breaking news out of indiana where donald trump apparently is having breakfast this morning with indiana governor mike pence
6:31 am
who of course as you know, is rumored to be on the very short list now for his vice presidential pick. this is him last night at a rally in indiana, the two working together there. donald trump has said that he is looking for somebody who has some government experience, somebody who's a fighter. somebody who he feels he has chemistry with and three people and set to be looking at last night. mike pence and newt gingrich. breakfast this morning, feeling even more -- fueling more speculation about whether pence will be his guy. we'll follow any developments on that rate. opening bell on wall street this morning, let's look at the big board here. of course we know that the dow starting the day at the highest point ever and appears to be in positive territory again this morning. allison is joining us from the new york stock exchange, allison, we are now at record territory. why suddenly it surge?
6:32 am
>> well you know what, gone are the worries about the brexit vote, crashing oil prices we saw and china's economy slowdowns which seems that wall street is putting all of that on the back burner. on friday, so what that's translating to is two all time at the highest level ever after a three-day winning streak. s&p 500 hit it's all-time high monday. it sure has been a wild ride for stocks this year. the nasdaq hitting a significant mark, the first time we've seen it turn positive for the year. dow and s&p 500 are put up nas great news for as many fun reflect the major arches. just couldn't bear to look earlier in the year at your portfolio, i would say today is a good day to check your account. anna. >> thanks very much. i want to take you now to louisiana where any minute we are expecting alton sterling's son cameron to speak at a news
6:33 am
conference in baton rouge. alton sterling was shot and killed a the a convenience store after being pinned down by police. his death fueling the nationwide protests and a lot of anger about the killings of african american men. that anger and that tension and police in their community is the focus of president obama's speech yesterday during that memorial service for five officers killed in dallas. >> faced with this violence, we wonder if the divides can ever be bridged. we wonder if an african american community that feels unfairly targeted by police and police departments that feel unfairly maligned for doing their jobs can ever understand each other's experience. i understand how americans are feeling. but dallas, i'm here to say we must reject such despair.
6:34 am
>> the president acknowledging that his words have done little to usher change. he visited the site of a massive shooting now 11 times since he took president. i want to start with you, polo, you are standing by where we will hear from the son of alton sterling. we saw him so, so heartbroken the last time he appeared. what are we expecting today? >> reporter: anna, this is obviously very significant because this shooting has led to a raising debate and the tragedy, regardless of where you stand on this debate, what you have is a 15-year-old young man who lost his father to a police shooting that happened just outside of this convenience store just over a week ago.
6:35 am
any moment now we do expect cameron sterling, the 15-year-old son of alton sterling to take the mikes that you've see no far from where i'm standing where he will share the story. let me introduce you, what will he touch on when he sat in front of cameras just over a week ago, he was overcome with emotion as you may imagine. it was very difficult for him to speak about the loss of his father, but now as he is able to harness that energy and certain extent the courage to speak in front of so many cameras and talk about his loss. it'll billion interesting to see what he touches on. touch on perhaps what is this increase in hostility that we have seen in several americans city and the tension that continues to grow? and the growing call for bridging that disconnect between some communities and the law enforcement agency that they believe may not be protecting against serving them. it's going to be interesting to see what he touches on as he takes the mike here in a few moments. >> what a courageous young man. he's just 15 years old. polo, we are planning to take the comments live as soon as he
6:36 am
starts talking. we will be monitoring that, but let me bring in my other guest here with me to talk more on the broader conversation. we know yesterday at that memorial service, president obama did not shy away from talking politics and talking about really implementing something that could bring about some concrete change, you know, he talked about leader's failure to invest in mental health services, allowing their cities to crumble and become impoverished. we talk about the lack of gun control. and clip on that. >> we flood communities with so many guns that it is easier for a teenager to buy a glock than get his hands on a computer or even a book. and then we tell the police you're a social worker. you're the parent. you're the teacher. you're the drug counselor.
6:37 am
we tell them to keep those neighborhoods in check at all costs. >> darren, what's your reaction to what you heard the president say there? >> well, applaud the president as the leader of our nation in making the statement because tragedy to say the least, but i can hear -- i can see a lot of officers that have a disdain for this speech because they feel like the president is not providing the proper vacuum. however, the president is necessary to introduce on a national level because it's clear that we do have a problem with a lot of these shootings of african americans in these communities within our nation. now, policing oftentimes breaks down into two components. we have maintenance which focuses on enforcement, then the public servant which binds the policing community relationships. oftentimes you see police departments have these robust that they focus maintenance component, and that's the enforcement.
6:38 am
however, tremendously lacking as the public service component. therefore, we need to intensify the resources in that public servant piece. that's where the officer has that on a day-to-day with people in those particular neighborhoods. so, a lot of officers. >> it is important as maintaining the law enforcement side. kind of dabble in these areas that are that way. >> when you invite the president to the funeral of citizens, you're expecting some political dimension, he's not coming to read the bible. he's not coming to give a normal homily, he's speaking to the bigger picture. he mourned those five officers. he raend about the five officers. he did the things you did at a funeral, but open possibility. you can't have hope and possibility unless you're honest
6:39 am
about what's going on in the world. i think that's what the president tends to do. i think the president was wrong as we hit. there are two different conversations going on. this isn't a question, and also the president tends to establish equivalency in people in power and white people like this, black people don't like that. >> trying to acknowledge both sides of the argument, but the problem is, one side has the tower and the other side does not. we're talking about how vulnerable people feel against state power, how vulnerable people feel when they're being policed when order and maintenance becomes a way of, honestly overpolicing black and brown communities and leading them to jail. right, when those things happen, you can't say one feel likes this or that. we need to keep police safe. no one deserves to die but we have to do something else here. >> we have this presser now with alton sterling's son, let's listen in.
6:40 am
>> they don't need to be put out. what's happening is positive. it may be a little struggle, it may be uncomfortable. struggle wl change, and there must be change in policing. so it's uncomfortable. it looks difficult. but it's okay. it's okay. nothing has gotten insanely out
6:41 am
of hand with the demonstrations because they've been peaceful. what we won't allow is one radical person who's going to do something so heinous to stop a positive movement because it is unrelated. this movement is just about change for a community that hurts. and the bowty of it is plaque, white, hispanic, everyone has now seen that maybe certain changes need to happen. and now you'll hear from the voice, the son, of alton sterling. >> good morning, everyone. i came to talk to everyone about one about the death of my father, two, and how i feel about people in general. first i want to talk about how i feel about people in general.
6:42 am
i feel that people in general, no matter what the race is, should come together as one united family. there should be no more arguments, disagreements, violence, crimes, everyone should come together as one united family. my father was a good man. that was a sacrifice he showed everyone what has been going on in life. and it should give everyone a push that everyone should be together, not against each other. everyone needs to be on one accord, not a different note. everyone needs to be together. and i truly feel that my father was a good man, and he will always be a good man, but, at
6:43 am
the same time, he has a lot of loved one out here that are really here to support me, my mother, the rest of my brothers and sisters, and my father. they're here to support everyone. and i want to thank everyone that are supporting us, i want to thank y'all very much for supporting us. and another thing, the protesters. i feel that everyone, yes, you can protest, but i want everyone to protest the right way. protest in peace. not guns, not drugs, not alcohol, not violence. everyone needs to protest in the right way. with peace. no violence. none whatsoever. thank you. >> again, we were just listening to some comments from the son of
6:44 am
alton sterling. a man who was killed in baton rouge, louisiana, his son, cameron sterling, gentlemen, is just 15 years old. he was so composed. mark joining me, darren, both darren, you say you were so impressed. >> i was impressed is aunds statement. for him to introduce that level of poise in the wake of his father's death, and it kind of brings me back to one thing that president obama mentioned yesterday, he mentioned that how people came to grieve for these police officers, and then you had the protesters, the two entities conjoined and they realize that look, this is now a time of coming together, not separating. and that is clearly an example of what his son mentioned in his speech today. >> he said, he said, no more violence. he said he is calling for unity, and he said protesters can protest, but do it the right way. >> this is his message in execution. >> does it have an.
6:45 am
>> that's a sbovl everything that's going on. certainly the bigger conversation that's been going on forever in america. and i think the idea of unicity great, again, unity can only happen when the precondition is justice. in other words, we can't come together on a false premise. until we figure out what the problem is, and figure out how to redress the problem, it's going to be different. three different languages, having different conversations with one another. and we need to shift that. seeing that boy up there is heartwarming, it's compelling, but the thing that scares me is, he reminds me of mike brown. and i worry that that same boy we're all saying is a genius and beautiful, we talk about his warmth and emotionality, when he's walking down the street later tonight, he's going to be seen as a potential threat to a lot of people. and that's the world we live in. that's the paradox in american life, and that's what we have to fix. >> well put. thank you both for joining me. i appreciate it. also want to let you know tonight we're going to be talking about this whole subject.
6:46 am
black, white, and blue. america in 2016, why are police and civilians alike in the line of fire. this is hosted by don lemon tonight at 10:00 eastern only on cnn. all right, back to the breaking news. the political front this morning, we know donald trump is getting very close to naming a vice president. these live pictures now outside the indiana governor's mansion where donald trump is having breakfast with mike pence. the indiana governor. first term governor who spent many, many years in the house of representatives. he fits the bill as somebody with government experience, somebody who will really echo echo what conservatives want to hear and so he is rumored to be one of potentially three people that he will narrow down to. we have dana bash en route that. we'll bring it to you here on cnn. (man) what i love about the tempur-breeze bed is it's cool. you're not too hot, too cold, you're just perfect. you just get in and it naturally adapts to your body
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6:51 am
back to indiana now. live pictures from outside the indiana governor's mansion where donald trump is currently meeting, we understand, with indiana governor mike pence, somebody who very well could be named donald trump's vice presidential pick. we do understand he also dined with the pences last night prior to his joint rally with governor pence there in indianapolis. we are anxiously awaiting any word from what's happening inside this meeting, whether or not donald trump may be offering him this opportunity to be his vice presidential candidate. we understand it's down to governor pence, governor chris christie and newt gingrich, who may be the vice presidential pick, as we're leading into the gop convention next week. we'll continue to monitor what's happening in indiana and whether or not there's any news to
6:52 am
report. we'll bring it to you here on cnn. all right, on the democratic side, more news to talk about. hillary clinton stumps in illinois, just a few hours. back in march, she barely beat out bernie sanders there to win the primary. now, she is vying to win over sanders backers following his big endorsement yesterday. >> hillary clinton will make an outstanding president and i am proud to stand with her today. thank you all very much. >> so are bernie sanders supporters buying it? joe, are they buying it? >> i don't think the die-hards are there yet, ana. this is a big moment for hillary clinton. it was a long time coming. the clinton campaign's been working hard to try to incorporate a number of the sanders campaigns key issues in hopes of persuading sanders
6:53 am
voters to vote for the secretary of state. a lot of people i've talked to who attended sanders rallies, especially at the end of the process, said they would likely support clinton after it was all over but after the endorsement, i think it was clear hillary clinton still has some work to do to attract those die-hard sanders supporters, especially the never hillary democrats who said they took issue with things like her trustworthiness, for example. the biggest uniter for the democrats so far has been the guy you were just talking about, it's not the issues, it's donald trump, and the concern he could make it into the white house. those ideas were very much on display in new hampshire when sanders endorsed clinton. listen. >> this election must be about bringing our people together, not dividing us up. while donald trump is busy insulting mexicans and muslims and women and african-americans
6:54 am
and our veterans, hillary clinton understands that our diversity is one of our greatest strengths. >> to everyone here and everyone across the country, pour your heart and soul into senator sander's campaign, thank you. and our country needs your voices and involvement and so does this campaign and so does the democratic party. >> so another important day for hillary clinton this campaign cycle and for the democratic party unity. but it looks like some on the far left of u.s. politics aren't buying it. as expected, green party candidate jill stein criticized the endorsement. tweeting many hearts are breaking now. she also tweeted it sounds like the only good thing bernie can say about hillary is that she is not donald. so on the left, they still have
6:55 am
a lot of work to do with those progressives if they want to persuade that group that really doesn't like hillary. >> the new numbers from the swing states, florida, ohio, pennsylvania, are another sign that it's not so encouraging to the clinton campaign. we continue to watch that race too. joe johns, thank you very much. let's check top stories this morning. david cameron resigns. a standing ovation last hour as cameron closed out his final cabinet meeting as britain's prime minister. he signed off giving this advice to his successor theresa may. keeping the uk as close to the european as possible. cameron is going to head to buckingham palace where he will tender his formal resignation. north carolina's a.j. is slamming a new law that makes police body cam and dash cam video off limits to the public. under this new law, a person would have to submit a written request to even look at a recording and then petition a judge to try to get a copy or release it. the governor claims the new law
6:56 am
will promote uniformity, transparency. critics say it deepens the mistrust that so many police involved shootings have caused. the fbi is looking and closing the book on one of its longest and most exhaustive investigations. the last time anyone saw d.b. cooper he parachuted out of a seattle-bound airplane with $200,000 in ransom strapped to his body. the book is now closed. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" begins right after a quick break. in a world held back by compromise, businesses need the agility to do one thing & another. only at&t has the network, people, and partners to help companies be... local & global. open & secure. because no one knows & like at&t.
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7:00 am
good morning, i'm ana cabrera in for carol costello. thank you for joining me as we begin with breaking news. donald trump joining indiana governor mike pence at his home for breakfast this morning and he's accompanied by his children, don jr. and ivanka and this meeting coming as speculation swirls around
7:01 am
trump's potential vice presidential pick. the short list that pence is rumored to be part of. the two men teaming up at a rally in indiana just last night. watch. >> so we must come together and elect this good man. because hillary clinton must never become president of the united states of america. >> i often joke you'll be calling up mike pence. i don't know whether he's going to be a governor, vice president, who the hell knows. >> joining me now, cnn chief political koescorrespondent dan bash and political reporter sara murray outside pence's house in indianapolis. since you are there on the ground, what is the latest you are hearing? >> that's right, we are both here, we're both at the event last night, ana, that you just
7:02 am
played clips from, and this was a bit of a surprise to say the least. we expected as of last night or at least earlier in the evening for donald trump to be returning or leaving indiana, but he didn't, for lots of reasons. one of them obviously was he wanted to be here. we are outside indiana governor mike pence's res sense residence. you see those cars, those vehicles behind us, it's because donald trump is here as well. sara murray is joining me. you've been getting incredible reporting from your sources. >> donald trump was supposed to leave. he decided to stay. he had dinner with the pences last night and he's back here for breakfast this morning. i was speaking to a trump adviser who tells me he's not walking in there to make an offer to mike pence. he's still trying to get a better sense of what it will be like spending 4 to 8 years governing in with him.
7:03 am
but he's also supposed to talk to new jersey governor chris christie today. two sources tell me they're supposed to be on a phone call later and the trump adviser says, look, these are the final efforts. this is a chance for both to pitch themselves and say here's what i bring to the table, and so we're all just kind of waiting to see if donald trump goes with his head and what many of his family wants him to do, go with mike pence, or go with chris christie, this guy who has came out and endorsed him early and he's known for a decade. >> i'm hearing from sources there's no question donald trump is somebody, and he's actually said it explicitly in the last 24 to 48 hours, goes with his gut. it's gotten him this far. chris christie has not only been a good friend to him but an incredibly invaluable adviser. maybe in the way that people don't realize behind the scenes. he's kept a pretty low profile publicly but he has been in there, talking to them about management, about politics,
7:04 am
about speeches, about communication. you know, you can't underestimate something like that. especially with somebody who's never done this before. i mean, few people in the world have ever run a general election campaign but doing it as donald trump is doing is pretty unique. having said that, he is here. you know what, sara, i'm struck by, our producer was talking about this as we were racing here this morning, remember when reince priebus, the rnc chair, got everybody to sign pledges, reince priebus went to donald trump. donald trump is here on mike pence's turf. and that might be -- i know he was already here in indiana as an important state but it also i think is a telling sign. >> it is telling. he didn't summon the governor to come meet him at his hotel. he said, i'm going to bring my family here. we're all going to have this discussion and try to get comfortable with one another. that is a huge part of this.
7:05 am
you guys are spending a lot of time together on the campaign trail in the short term but trying to govern together in the long term. trump has made it clear he wants a partner in governing. he wants someone who can help him pass his legislative agenda. he doesn't wasn'tnt a vp that i just going to park it somewhere. >> yesterday, i spoke with mike pence a little bit. he was at an official governors event in the afternoon. the minute he started talking to myself and a group of reporters, it is so obvious how much he clearly wants this job. talking in trump language about making america great, comparing him to ronald reagan. last night, the event, which, no question, was an audition, doing that, but also going a step further to show he's got the power and the punch to be aggressive, an attack dog, the traditional role of a running mate. >> it sounds like, from source,
7:06 am
he has not been sort of lobbying as much for the vp slot behind the scenes but essentially saying i will help you with whatever i can do but he's been invaluable on the campaign trail. he has defended donald trump in controversy after controversy, stood by him, very careful not to criticize him very publicly, and he got a lot of backlash for being one of the first to company out and saying donald trump is going to be the nominee and that's not something trump forgets, loyally. >> to that point, david chalian, i'm going to bring you in here. the man who lives in residence, mike pence, meeting with donald trump as we speak, he has not been as loyal or as supportive publicly. he has very publicly broken with donald trump over the past weeks on very important issues that have been tough, tough issues for donald trump, black eyes for him really politically, on the whole controversy over the federal judge right here in
7:07 am
indiana, saying he was mexican, even though he is of course -- was of course born in the u.s. he disagrees with donald trump on what has been a sig issnatur issue, which was the muslim ban. last night mike pence was telling us we of course have disagreements with everybody and that's what we hear from potential running mates when they're eager to be picked. that there's no family in the world that doesn't have disagreements. what do you make of that, david? >> i remember those lines from sarah palin about certain interviews with john mccain, i remember getting on the page about that stuff as well, you're right, but i think the key point sara was talking about we should underscore here is this is the most unconventional politician any of us have covered and the whole notion of sort of gut versus head, i think that is where we are right now. since you guys have reported no decision made yet. we're clearly in the window
7:08 am
where he's getting so much advice from people that he does listen to closely. whether his family or the closest advisers who all -- a lot of that world thinks mike pence is the smart safe politically asuit pick for a whole host of reasons. the liaison to the establishment. any time a house or senate republican or a governor across the country is concerned about donald trump saying something off message at a rally, it's always call mike pence, he has credibility with these folks. in addition to having the conservative wing be on his side, they can kind of get the turnout up. you hear that he wants this street brawl, somebody that can really take the fight. that kind of character trait. i think pence, as you mentioned, way kind of putting that on display last night in indiana a little bit.
7:09 am
i do think you can just see trump right now wrestling with the head and the gut. >> dana, let me ask you, because you are working your sources there on the ground. last night, we were talking about mike pence and newt gingrich being the final two. now we're hearing chris christie. what i'm hearing from you both, just to clarify there, sara and dana, is it sounds like now it's looking more like either chris christie or mike pence. so is newt gingrich out of the running at this point? >> you know, the truth is, we don't know for sure. i'm going to let you know that sara can't hear you because this is on the fly live breaking news reporting so i'm just going to say her question was a good one, which is last night we were talking about it was newt gingrich and mike pence and maybe chris christie was not as high on the list, so what about newt gingrich? i mean, my answer to that is he's still very much could be out there, it's just that donald trump is here, behind us, in the
7:10 am
governor's mansion. i think because chris christie in the kind of zeitgeist had fallen off, some people are trying to get him back on the radar for various reasons. >> right, there are certain people who are downplaying newt right now and this is the kind of jockeying we expect to see in the final hours of a vp pick. when you get down to such a small number of candidates, you really have to wait until they make the announcement or until someone in the campaign says his mind is set. what we're hearing right now is his mind's not set. he's talking to pence today, he's talking to chris christie today. but it's easy for him to add a conversation with newt gingrich today if he feels like he wants to do that. you have to be careful about saying anyone is out the mix entirely. >> that is exactly right, and, ana, i have been through this process several cycles. i know sara was deeply involved
7:11 am
in 2012. but this is, you know, donald trump is not a traditional candidate, but this is as traditional as it gets. you get down to the final minutes. you get down to the final hours. and any candidate understands how crucial his decision is. but i do think that for romney or john mccain or barack obama, people who had legislative or even elective experience at all. it's one thing. for donald trump, who has none, it's even more. it's probably the biggest decision for any presumptive nominee we've seen in i don't know how long. >> all right, dana bash, sara murray, keep us posted on what you learn there. david chalian, stick around. i want to bring in our panel. larry sabato, center for virginia politics. and maria cardona, clinton supporter and democratic strategist. larry, we're hearing ivanka,
7:12 am
even don jr. are there at this breakfast meeting this morning. we know they've been very involved in the campaign. is this a hint that maybe pence is the leading candidate at the very least at this point? >> i'm going to give you a definitive answer, anna, maybe. there's one thing we've learned about donald trump, it's he's completely unpredictable. you know, in a way, i'm kind of reminded of lyndon johnson in 1964. filling his vice presidency. at least three people came to the democratic national convention thinking they were the choice. lyndon johnson had led each one to think he was going to be vice president. so look, i don't know what it means. obviously, it means he's looking at pence very carefully. i'll tell you one thing, though, pence, gingrich, christie, they all perform some of the same
7:13 am
functions for trump but none of them bring any intellectual votes. i'm sorry, there's just not any there. new jersey's not going republican. not a chance. georgia is already going republican in all likelihood and inn idiana inn certainly is. we're talking about a vice presidential nominee who will be tough on hillary clinton, who will complement donald trump in leveling those attacks against democrats. i think that's the main focus as well as having somebody who knows government, as trump does not. >> right, but david chalian, you talked about this experience factor, experience with government, as well as the ability to connect with the establishment republicans that donald trump has had a hard time connecting with. we did hear from one of those republicans earlier this week, pennsylvania representative charlie dent who actually said maybe pence wouldn't be such a good pick because who's he going to bring into the party it he
7:14 am
may only registry with the base. >> yes, again, i think this is -- a pick at this point for donald trump is less about bringing electoral votes or even shoring up a position of the party. i think donald trump is within grasp of this election as recent polls have shown. this is a competitive election. i think his pick and the role of the vp is all about the most important thing here, ana, about the reflection on him. does he pick a serious contender who can step into the job at a moment's notice if needed? does he pick someone who helps his message to white working class voters out there, that are sort of the fuel of his campaign? and i think any of these contenders who are here cana do that. i think it's much more about reflecting donald trump's decisionmaking ability. >> you talked about how important that chemistry also is
7:15 am
for him. maria, on the flip side, you represent the democrats. clearly, there's been a lot of speculation on hillary clinton's vice presidential pick. we learned just yesterday that elizabeth warren who is rumored to be on her list, has been given a speaking slot at the democratic convention. having all of this play out before the democratic convention and having donald trump likely make his pick first, do you think it will impact the choice she ends up making? >> i don't think so. i think what hillary clinton will focus on what she has said is to have somebody as the vp, that she has great rapport with, she has a good relationship with. most importantly, somebody who can slip into this position if needed on the first day and not need any training. and so i think that is the most important pick. that i think is what the american people are looking at. but i also think that whoever hillary clinton picks, whoever is on her short list, is going
7:16 am
to be a huge contrast to the gop ticket donald trump and the three folks that he is looking at, because what you have in the gop ticket is a group of people, two people who are going to be completely out of touch with the american people in terms of what they're looking for from a commander in chief. at the end of the day, voters do not vote for the vice president. so this is going to be a hillary clinton versus donald trump ticket, no matter who each one picks as their vice president. and in that contrast, hillary clinton will continue to underscore how incredibly unqualified, completely unprepared and wholly unfit to be president donald trump is. and that's going to be a contrast i think when all is said and done she's going to be able to win in november. >> joseph, is it going to matter who trump picks as his vp?
7:17 am
>> yes, i think it does. i hate to say i agree in some respects but i think it will be primarily a race between trump and clinton. if somebody wants to talk about being out touch, look at the recent poll numbers that came out this morning, where we see independents breaking towards donald trump especially in swing states like ohio, pennsylvania and florida. these are states where if trump wins, he wins the presidency. each of the finalists have a unique characteristic to offer donald trump but the one thing that's consistent is he's not picking a vice president based on whoever checks a racial demographic or geographic boxes. i think he wants someone who will be a teammate. that's what we've seen as a contest between the final three in the last days, who is really going to be donald trump's teammate? chris christie out of all of former rivals has beenne in his camp the loudest but we see gingrich and pence emerging as attack dogs.
7:18 am
anyone can talk about how hillary clinton lies and the scandals that followed her and her husband for decades. newt i think brings some gravitas to that. on the flip side, pence does come from a rust belt state and we know essentially trump campaign is targeting those. >> and you mentioned those poll numbers, we just showed those. we'll end on those numbers because, david chalian, hillary clinton is losing ground in those three key swing states, ohio, pennsylvania, florida. when you add in the third party candidates, the green party, libertarian candidates, johnson and stein, trump has an even larger lead in some of these polls. how telling is that early in the game? >> first, look here, pennsylvania and ohio are the same as they were the last month when the quinnipiac poll -- >> they're very close. >> she's not losing ground or gaining ground. florida in this poll is very different. >> was a flip. >> very different than it was previously. we need more polls out of florida to see if this is an
7:19 am
outlier or not. to me, you look at the three in totality. what you have is a really close race. there's a close battle going on here. and we're going to start paying less and less attention to national polls, which are instructive about certain things but not the horse race necessarily because the battle for 270 electorate votes takes place in these critical states. what i will say also is what is amazing that we've seen is that hillary clinton and her allies are spending a ton of money on television. and that doesn't seem to be moving the needle or opening up some lead for her. compared to donald trump. in the battleground states, it's like 40-1 she's outspending him now. you have to wonder are television ads where all that money goes having the impact they once had in presidential elections. is that another thing that is so different this cycle. and will the campaigns adjust. >> everything seems so
7:20 am
unpredictable this cycle which makes it very exciting for all of us, right, to talk about. david chalian, others, thank you all for joining us for that conversation. still to come, his father died in the scuffle with police. one week after he broke down in sobs, this teenager there on the left speaking up. he has a powerful message and he shared with all of us here live. we're going to play it for you in case you didn't get it and talk about more of this situation of race and policing in america when we come back.
7:21 am
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7:24 am
the national dialogue over the police killings of african-american men gets painfully personal. just minutes ago, we heard from cameron sterling, the 15-year-old son of the baton rouge man who was shot to death by officers last week. the teen stood out by the baton
7:25 am
rouge convenience store where his dad, alton sterling, died. cnn's palo sandoval is there. >> obviously there is this debate that continues, but regardless of where you are, what side you may be on in this debate, it's very difficult. you have to at least recognize this level of grace and also courage of a young man that, the reality is, will not see his father yet again. he stood on the very spot where his father was shot and killed last week. and rather than focus on ang er and this call for justice, his main theme of what he spoke to is unity, as you're about to hear. >> i want to thank you very much for supporting us. and another thing, the protesting. i feel that everyone, yes, you can protest. but i want everyone to protest
7:26 am
the right way. protest in peace, not guns, not drugs, not alcohol, not violence. everyone need to protest in the right way, with peace. no violence. none whatsoever. >> just hearing from his son, 15-year-old cameron sterling who again was focusing more on this call for unity, on this call for peace, and also went on to describe his father as, quote, a good man, as he continued to ask the country to come together. we are also hearing from the family's attorneys, especially after we hear reports, as several people have brought up mr. sterling's criminal past as possibly being a factor in what happened here last week. i want you to hear directly from attorney l. chris stewart who basically dismissed what is the past of mr. sterling and wants to focus, rather, on what took place in this parking lot as the
7:27 am
investigation presses on, as the civil rights division continues to weigh in on this division. >> i think the more that is reported on, it shows how strong our case is that he was murdered. because the way you have to make the world not care is to make him look like he's someone that's not worth caring about, but we're not believing that. we know charges eight years ago, seven years ago, have nothing to do with what happened. the video speaks for itself. they can assassinate his character again but it strengthens his case. >> and, again, you're hearing from the sterling family attorney there, basically saying whatever happened before last week should not be relevant in determining whether or not that deadly use of force was justifiable, ana. >> all right, polo sandoval, thank you very much. we have some breaking news right now. want to take you back to indiana. we understand donald trump and his family are just leaving the governor's mansion there after he met with governor pence this morning who, there you see him,
7:28 am
both men together. almost like they stopped just for the cameras. this is a moment ago. we're doing a tape turn here. you can see there are family members with trump as well. we understand ivanka was part of that conversation, her husband, jared kirshner, also don jr. on the ground, dana bash. what can you tell us, dana? >> just watching them get in the car, including, as you said, the presumptive republican nominee, donald trump, but also his family, his adult children, his daughter ivanka, his son-in-law jared kushner who is playing a very key role in the campaign of late and his sons eric and don jr., all here, all finishing breakfast and getting into the trump motorcade to leave here. now, this was, as we've been reporting -- i don't know if you
7:29 am
can see the pences, the governor and his wife there, waving good-bye. knowing we all have our cameras at the sidewalks trying to get the shot through the trees. so there you have the end to clearly what has been a pretty dramatic and suspense-filled morning here at the governor's residence in indiana. this was something that was not planned. this was actually not even supposed to happen because donald trump wasn't even supposed to be in indiana this morning. he was supposed to leave last night but decided to stay. our sara murray reporting the two men had dinner last night and this morning they had what appeared to be a lengthy breakfast, with mike pence and his wife, and donald trump's adult children, so influnl in his campaign, helping him make
7:30 am
key choices, that they were here is incredibly telling. there is no question that governor pence is on the shortist of short lists right now. there's also no question based on the audition that he had at a rally here in indiana last night. i'm going to actually hop in front of the camera right now because now we don't have a shot that i can block. but i just want to say there's no question that mike pence is very much on the short list. that this is something we have not seen from donald trump making the effort to go on to somebody else's turf, to come to the residence, to have a quiet, dare i say, as normal as can be normal breakfast. and i want to -- well, i'm going to bring in sara in one second. but sara murray has also been doing some incredible reporting on this. i think the bottom line we have to remember here is even though this happened, donald trump has not made a final decision. because he is going to be
7:31 am
speaking to another finalist, chris christie. before i throw it back to you, i want to bring in sara, who has been doing reporting on the chris christie angle on this. >> i think one of the things we need to remember is it's very telling donald trump showed up here with many of his children to have breakfast with mike pence. we are expecting him to speak to christie. i have to imagine part of that call is sort of christie's opportunity to give the last pitch, to say here's what you should keep in mind before you finally decide which one of these folks you're going with. we're going to see how this breakfast went. we're going to reach out to our sources of course. the hours are dwindling. at some point, trump is going to have to make a decision. >> we've been reporting at least right now the plan is to make that announcement on friday. >> i'm still hearing that is still the plan. that donald trump is still expected to go to california to do fund-raising tomorrow and then make this decision on friday. as we learned last night and this morning, these plans are
7:32 am
definitely subject to change. >> as i toss it back to you, because newt gingrich and chris christie are both -- for people who, you know, cover politics, even those who don't are national figures. mike pence is not. he is the sitting governor. he's running for re-election in a very tight re-election race. the other bit of kind of the subplot here is that in order to get off the ballot and allow somebody else to run as the republican for governor, it has to be by noon on friday. that's the other reason why if mike pence is the guy the timing and the window is very ties. he is the governor but he also was in congress for a dozen yearns. he was a member of the house republican leadership. has relationships with the quote/unquote establishment but is also a evangelical christian. can talk the talk that donald trump just can't. at least people who are pushing for pence who we talked to inside the trump camp think he is the guy who can begin to coalesce the fractured
7:33 am
republican base, which still very much exists, that they need to really get out there. and we're talking not just about christian conservatives but so-called country club republicans who don't think donald trump is the right person to be president, ana. >> we did hear from speaker paul ryan yesterday also, giving a big nod to mike pence, saying he's a good guy, would be a good vice president if he were picked. thank you so much, dana bash and sara murray. we hope you'll come back with any breaking developments on the ground. we appreciate it. and we will be right back. t-mobile covers your business in more places. so you can take your business just about anywhere. plus, our extended range lte reaches twice as far
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7:37 am
just moments ago, you saw
7:38 am
donald trump and his family living the indiana governor's mansion here on cnn as he was just coming out of a meeting with indiana governor mike pence, who could be donald trump's vice presidential pick. we understand he's on a very short list. that announcement of who it's going to be should come in the next couple of days. i want to bring in bob cusack, editor and chief of "the hill." before we talk about this pick, whoever he may be, listen to this sound, mike pence, when he endorsed ted cruz in may. listen. >> i'm going to support the republican nominee but my choice in the indiana primary is ted cruz. because i believe he's a principled conservative who, like me, cherishes and has fought for the reagan agenda of less government, less taxes, traditional values and a strong military and i'm proud to stand with him. >> all right, bob, clearly donald trump was not mike pen
7:39 am
pence's first choice for president or to be the nominee for the republican party. is mike pence going to be trump's first choice? >> it looks like he's a favorite, anna, i mean, donald trump definitely favors loyalty. i asked him a while back, are you going to pick someone who backed you in the primary, and he said not necessarily. politics is all about the way you do it. and pence did back cruz but he said a lot of nice things about donald trump. i don't think pence at the time was thinking he could be a vp candidate. he might have been thinking about his re-election campaign in indiana. but he said some very nice things about trump and trump certainly took notice of those remarks. >> we heard him in that clip also talk about how important conservative values are to mike pence. a lot of people say that's why mike pence would be a good choice for donald trump, because he could help to maybe, you know, calm the fears of some of the establishment republicans who say well donald trump's been all over the board when it comes to his positions, is he a true conservative. is he more advantageous in that department compared to some
7:40 am
other vice presidential picks like a newt gingrich or a chris christie? >> he's definitely a lot more conservative than christie. he's a fiscal conservative, he is a social conservative. he was a member of the republican leadership, but he is not an establishment republican. he took on the establishment. he took on president bush on no child left behind, on medicare prescription drug coverage. so mike pence does -- does i think offer some comfort to conservatives, but at the same time, a lot of conservatives are not comfortable with trump at the top. however, i do think pence is very media savvy. when he was in congress, in the halls of congress, he would often say i'm a conservative but i'm not angry about it. he does not make gaffes. and he obviously showed last night, going after hillary clinton, a pretty effective attack dog. >> he has method discipline. you talk about the attack dog. that is a traditional vice presidential role. you could argue donald trump is
7:41 am
his own attack dog becauso does really need that characteristic in a vice presidential pick? >> i think he needs someone who can talk policy a lot. donald trump is thinking big picture. doesn't reveal a lot of specifics about his policies. mike pence having served in congress was elected in 2000 and then went on to win the governorship in 2010. he knows a lot about policy and he can go deep on a lot of things that donald trump has proposed and possibly offer more specifics that people want. so i think -- now, i think there's a question of does mike pence bring in the women vote. does he help with the hiss spabic vote, hispanic vote? that doesn't look very good as far as hispanic vote but i think overall mike pence could be a good messenger. clearly it comes down to relationships and chemistry. it looks like he does trust mike pence. >> we understand he'll be speaking with his friend chris christie as well. we're going to be keeping tabs on all this.
7:42 am
bob cusack, thank you very much. still to come, david cameron bows out as britain's prime minister. the advice he just gave to his successor coming up next. clean food. words panera lives by. no artificial flavors, preservatives, sweeteners. no colors from artificial sources. 100% of our food will be clean by year's end. that's food as it should be. ♪ looktry align probiotic.our digestive system? for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness, hold on to your tiara kind of day. live 24/7. with 24/7 digestive support. try align, the #1 ge recommended probiotic. and i quit smoking with i'm chantix. i had a lot of doubts going in. i was a smoker. hands down, it was, that's who i was. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix definitely helped reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation,
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ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at next hour, david cameron will leave downing street for the last time to officially inform the queen of his resignation. earlier this morning, he received a standing ovation as he closed out his final cabinet meeting as britain's prime minister. cnn's max foster is live in london with more, max. >> he's going to leave in the next hour or so. he'll no longer be prime minister. he heads up to the palace for the traditional kissing of hands it's called, just a handshake between himself and the queen of
7:47 am
the united kingdom. he resigns there and shortly followed by theresa may who will take on the prime ministership. she'll head back here, she'll outline her thoughts in a speech. she'll go into number 10 downing street. the first woman since margaret thatcher to be the prime minister. so a big moment. she'll try to reflect gender equality in her new cabinet. she'll try to bring in as many women as possible, we understand. it will be interesting to see what kind of government she forms as a time that is very sensitive as britain leaving the european union. this is how david cameron handled things and left his legacy in the final prime minister's question time in the house commons just a couple of hours ago. >> i will miss the roar of the crowd. i will miss the barbs from the opposition. the last thing i will say is you can achieve a lot of things in politics. that in the end, the public service, the national interest, that is what it's all about. nothing is really impossible if
7:48 am
you put your mind to it. after all, as i once said, i was the future once. >> that was followed there by a standing ovation, which you don't often see in parliament. it's normally a pretty feisty affair. he did also -- there was a bit of back seat driving involved. he said britain should stay close to the european union. and that was a message really to theresa may, he takes over from him. he has a big challenge on balancing that massive referendum, which showeded more than half the country wanted to leave the european union while she campaigned to stay in, pretty sensitive. >> a tough time for her to step in to that role. but best of luck of course. max foster, thank you. still to come, friends and families are preparing to say their final good-byes to three of the dallas police officers killed in that brutal sniper attack. but was the attack on dallas police a hate crime? when josh atkins books at
7:49 am
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today, dallas police will say good-bye to three of their
7:52 am
own, private funeral services for lorne ahrens, mike smith and brent thompson. it's going to be a tough day. >> the city is in mourning. those funerals are just about to get under way, and what we have here behind me is the memorial. just to give you some idea of what people think about this memorial. there have been lines of people coming each and every day. and this memorial is growing bigger and bigger and bigger. we're going to give you a look at the memorial coming up in just a bit. >> sara sidner, thank you. i want to talk more about the situation in dallas. joining me now, cnn law enforcement contributor steve moore. he is a retired supervisory special agent for the fbi. we'll start with you. because the white house yesterday came out and made a
7:53 am
pretty bold statement saying president obama considers the attack on dallas police a hate crime. you know, the killer specifically mentioned he wanted to kill white people, especially white police officers, according to law enforcement there. how do you feel about the president defining this as a hate crime? >> you know, i have to say, i would not describe hate crime as the most comfortable word choice, considering these circumstances. there's so much we do not know about what took place what motivated this person. we only have the one account of law enforcement. we haven't had the opportunity to really look into his history in a meaningful way. when we use a phrase like "hate crime," we're typically referring to crimes against people of color, people of various religious groups, lgbt people, people who have been historically attacked, abused or disenfranchised on the basis of their identity. to now extend that to the majority group and a group of people that have a history with african-americans that have been abused, we can apply that to
7:54 am
either police officers or to caucasians, i think gets into very tricky territory. so i'd be curious to know if he was referring to the hate crime because he singled them out by race or because they were police officers. >> steve, do you agree with that, the fact that this man was targeting white people according to what he told police? does that fit the definition of a hate crime? >> it absolutely fits the definition of the hate crime. you can't just say that only certain groups are allowed to be hated. only certain groups can have crimes designated as hate groups, or hate crimes against them. that's racism. what you're doing here is saying that the actual truth of the matter is that hate crimes are defined as a crime against a spe specific race, doesn't list them, gender, gender preference group or membership in an organization.
7:55 am
that's how it's defined. you can't just say if you're white, nobody can commit a hate crime against you. this guy said i'm doing it because you're white and i'm doing it because you're cops. that's race and that's organization. it's a hate crime as far as legally and it's a hate crime the way the fbi would investigate it. >> we heard the president yesterday say our nation isn't as divided as it seems. is that true to you? >> i have to respectfully disagree with the president. to get back to the point about hate crimes and to connect that with what the president said, i think that there is a tendency to be intellectual dishonest about race in this country. i think it's something people do to perhaps protect themselves and protect others and it has not served us well. you can't compare the hatred that certain white nationalist groups have had towards african-americans with the feelings that many african-americans feel about how we've been treated in this country, how we've been
7:56 am
historically disenfranchised, abused on the basis of our race. there's absolutely no excuse for gunning down police officers. that is disgusting. that is just one of the most horrific things, to take a life away. however, when we start to imply we're all on equal footing here, that african-americans and police officers have the same reason to be distrustful of one another and that all we need to do is simply find a way to heal or just talk this out, then we're not being honest about the situation that people who look like me have been placed in in this country since we arrived here. >> jamilah, i'm sorry to step on you there, i don't mean to. really appreciate you joining us. as well as steve moore, thank you both for your thoughts today. we'll have you back on to continue the conversation another time. >> thank you. >> thank you all for joining me today. i'm ana cabrera. we appreciate you being here with us. "at this hour" with berman and
7:57 am
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together, we're building a better california. any day now, donald trump will make his vice presidential pick. >> you'll be calling up mike pence. i don't know whether he's going to be your governor, your vice president who the hell knows. >> it's a little bit like "the apprentice." >> trump intensifying his battle with supreme court ruth bader ginsburg, tweeting, her mind is shot, resign. justice ginsburg blasted trump as a faker who really has an ego. authorities in louisiana have failed a credible plot to kill police officers. >> they planned to, quote, look for bullets to kill police. >> we can't take anything for granted anymore. >> these five men gave their


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