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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  July 13, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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she said. donald trump asked "her" to step down. that's no surprise given the kind of people he would like to appoint to the supreme court. the abortion law, he thought the law should have been upheld which would have restricted access to abortion and women's health across the country. that's the type of justice he wants to appoint. >> that's not us. that was our cutoff right then. thank you. we appreciate it. >> "legal view with ashleigh banfield" starts right now. pref hello, everyo pref. hello. i'm ashleigh banfield. we're going to take you to springfield, illinois. the presidential candidate about to speak on the lincolnesque theme of a house or more aptly a nation divided. we're going to bring you the
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remarks from hillary clinton about 30 minutes from now. our live eye, give or take 30 minutes. when she hits the microphone you'll be privy to what she has to say. first i'll take you from illinois to dallas, three of the five police officers gunned down by a sniper at a protest last week. we have live pictures as well from prestonwood baptist church in plano, texas, where the funeral for senior corporal lorne ahren just began. he was 42, leaves behind a wife and two children. in fact, his wife katrina spoke with our anderson cooper about her husband. she is a detective and they met on the police force during
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training. katrina described him as tough as nails when he needed to be and soft as a teddy bear when he needed to be. >> there's certain people that can do this job. a lot of people try. a lot want to and never can. very few can do it and be as good at is as my husband. he was here because it was where he was supposed to be -- >> it's where he wanted to be. >> if he hadn't been there that night, he would have been so upset. he would have been livid if that happened and he wasn't there. >> so it's a lot about the kind of guy that he was. >> it really is. he would have taken a bullet voluntarily for any of his
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fellow officers. again, if he was able to fight and see it coming and save one of their lives, save his partner krol, he would have done so in a minute without thinking about anything. that's who he was. >> also the funeral for officer brent thompson, 43 years old. a nearly seven-year veteran of the dallas area rapid transit force. a silent tribute to that officer. brent thompson had just gotten married in recent weeks to another transit officer emily thompson.
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she spoke at his funeral just moments ago. have a listen. >> tuesday june 21st, 2016, was one of the happiest days of my life. i married the most amazing, caring, loving, selfless man i've ever known. brent was a fighter, warrior, hero, and quite the scrapper. the kind of guy you want fighting with you. brent was also an amazing husband, father of six beautiful children that he talked about all the time. brent was a son, a brother, an uncle, and an all around phenomenal guy. brent showed me even though i would doubt myself from time to time, i'm strong and can do anything. thursday july 7th, 2016, at 8:58 p.m., that was all ripped from me in an act of senseless violence. it took some time to process
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everything and try to understand why. i can't. >> there was also a private mass this morning for sergeant michael smith. he was 55 years old. married to his wife of 17 years. michael smith had two daughters, aged 14 and 9. a family friend told us they had just gotten back from a short trip to florida. the day he was killed was his first day back from vacation. at the funeral mass today, the priest spoke of a conversation he had with smith's daughter. >> then caroline asked me, why did god do this. i immediately answered and said, caroline, god didn't do this, the anti-god did this. the evil one did this. then a little while later, heidi
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shared with us before mike left for the evening he told caroline to kiss him good-bye like it was his last time. i immediately looked at caroline and said, caroline, now, god did that. that's what god does. >> smith joined the dallas police department in 1989. a viewing was held where fellow officers had a chance to pay their respects and salute their fallen comrade. a public service is planned for tomorrow. sara sidner joins us live from dallas headquarters. if you look behind her, it's obvious the tribute to those officers, the memorial, so to speak, is growing and growing. it looks remarkable behind you, sarah. take me there and tell me what's happening? >> ashleigh, every single day it
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grows. they have police from michigan, messages to the family saying we are with you. we are with you for the fallen officers. they have messages to them as well. there are paintings and teddy bears. take a look at this painting. almost a ghostly presence that someone has painted there. that is the city of dallas skyline with five people representing the five officers who lost their lives. right next to it, you see the teddy bears with the last names of each of the officers who died. three of those officers, as you mentioned, got laid to rest today. i do want to show you some other parts of this. it's really ponyie -- poignant, some of the messages left. someone left, we support and love you. there's also two large message on the side of the police car. one of them says, back the blue
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because someone i call dad is on the force. just above that, there is a letter electric a woman that we saw coming for this memorial who fell on her knees weeping. we asked her what was wrong. she said i want to be here to support the police because they were there in my time of need. her name was juwanna franklin and she was homeless. she said dallas police were there for her when she was raped. >> i trust my servant, which is the dallas police department. i thank them. god was ready for them, y'all. we have to come together as a nation and come together right now not tomorrow, not next week. we've got to do it right now. >> i want to also show you a picture from above, a bird's eye view of this memorial, because it gives you an idea how large
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it has gotten. can you barely see the two police cars underneath all the messages and flowers and balloons. there are t-shirts, quilts, people have taken the time to make sure dallas police know that they are loved. ashleigh. >> sarah, incredible sight. brings back boston strong, all these tributes when those were unfairly killed in such a graphic way are memorialized by their community. sara sidner, thank you. >> rush hour in minneapolis this morning when suddenly a crowd of black lives matter activists shut down a large area of 35. they just stopped their cars and blocked the highway backing up cars for miles. police came in and broke it up after close to an hour of
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demonstration. several people were also arrest arrested. now to memphis, tennessee, the call no justice, no piece echoing as protesters tied up traffic outside of graceland for a couple of hours on tuesday. we're seeing scenes like this one all over the country, large and small groups, all of them passionate and loud and committed to this cause. >> one of the member who sparked this wave of black lives matter activism is said to be laid to rest himself tomorrow. philando castile, 32 years old, shot one week ago by a police officer outside of minneapolis. his funeral is scheduled for tomorrow at a church in st. paul, minnesota. and one of the other men shot dead by police last week, alton sterling, yet another funeral,
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and it is set for friday, scheduled to be on the campus of southern university. alton sterling died in an altercation with police outside of a convenience store in baton rouge. today sterling's teenager son, just 15 years old, spoke to reporters. his name is cameron sterling and he says he's troubled about the violent demonstrations in the wake of his dad's death. >> i want everyone to protest the right way. protest in peace. not guns, not drugs, not alcohol, not violence. everyone needs to protest in the right way with peace. no violence. none whatsoever. >> of course as there are so many tributes, memorials and funerals, for the next three days cnn will continue our coverage to make sure there is significant note to each of the lives that were lost in this
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last week. i want to move on for a moment to other news. just getting word donald trump is meeting with another of the men on his short list of potential running mates. cnn's dana bash scooping up the details. i'm wondering when we're actually going to get some definitive word, dana bash. but it turns out what might not be top of the list might be right back up on the list. have i got you? >> reporter: yes, you hear me, ashleigh? >> i got you. >> reporter: we're standing outside a hotel in downtown indianapolis. inside that hotel is donald trump and his family and newt gingrich, former house speaker who i am told got on a plane this morning and flew here, wanted to come and have a final meeting with mr. trump to make
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his case about why he believes that he would be the best vice presidential pick. interestingly several sources made it clear three final contenders, newt gingrich, chris christie and mike pence said gingrich has been the most obvious about his desire and really lobbying the hardest and having people around him lobby for the job. that's the place here. very interesting that the objects of it and kind of where it shows you things stand that gingrich flew to the midwest to have the meeting with donald trump because he was here and trump and his family, they went to the turf, if you will, of mike pence this morning to his residence where we were earlier today to have breakfast with the
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trump family, governor pence and his wife. it is definitely the final round. the process is that trump truly has not made this decision. that's part of a process taking place right now. another interesting development's, a couple of things. number one, are on the way to indiana, on the plane with him, talked about not aggressively in the past several weeks but has been talked about as a potential running mate. he's on his way to indiana now. we'll see if he shows up at this hotel where we are to see if he's another people that had a final meeting with trump and the trump family. i've been working sources and talking to people close to the process. chris christie, who as of yesterday some people were saying was -- has kind of fallen
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down on the list is very much on the list. in fact, ivanka trump, her husband jared and donald trump jr. were in trump tower yesterday with chris christie having a meeting with him, having a discussion while their father -- about this vice presidential pick. >> you know what, i'm going to talk to sarah murray about the inside reporting she has on that particular breakfast meeting. i'm trying to do geographical pap. unit alabama senator jeff sessions on his way to indiana. the meeting with mike pence in the governor's mansion. the meeting you're reporting on with newt gingrich is ongoing. yesterday, again, follow the bouncing ball here, we had news fox news channel, i'm going to have use the right word here, severed or suspended its
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relationship with newt gingrich, given the fact he's part of the news and perhaps that doesn't give a good appearance of commenting on the news and we have the chris christie story going on as well. newt gingrich, jeff sessions, out in front of mike pence's home. sarah murray is with you. sarah murray, if we can pop her up on camera for inside reporting of this is always a parlor game to find out who the running mates will be. what's the insight? >> this is beyond parlor game to full on donald trump spectacle. what we saw today last night donald trump originally planned on leaving. he decided to stay in indiana. he had dinner with both of the pences and showed up this morning with his adult children at the governor's mansion where he had breakfast with mike and
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karen pence. as we were talking to folks going into that meeting, they made it clear donald trump had not made up his mind about who he was going to pick. he was going into that meeting to spend a little more time to see if he could get comfortable with the idea of mike pence being his vp. the other thing we learned, after that meeting he had a scheduled call with new jersey governor chris christie once again to talk about the vp pick for christie to give his pitch and what he would bring to the table as vp. that call already happened. they had that conversation. now we're onto the meeting with newt gingrich and jeff sessions. it does have an apprentice-like feel. >> i'm juggling a couple of things. if you've already said this, my apologies. did you report there's a school of those from children pushing him towards indiana governor mike pence but that he, in his
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gut, is favoring chris christie. >> it's a head in the heart scenario playing out with donald trump right now. that's part of the reason he's been so undecided about who to go with. we've heard from a trump adviser that a number of the members of trump's family feel like mike pence is the stronger pick in the situation. he's steady, rust belt state governor. he brings a wealth of political experience to the table. he can bring a lot of the party, social conservatives behind donald trump. trump has known governor christie for a long time, known each other over a decade. chris christie was one of the earlyie officials to endorse donald trump. he endured a lot of blowback because of that. he stayed loyal to that. he defended donald trump publicly after trump set up a number of media fire storms. that's all the stuff that really matters. he also looks at chris christie as a guy who knows how to navigate campaign, knows how to
9:19 am
be attack dog and good on the campaign stage. trump feels more comfortably perfectly in his gut. >> he's a good attack dog until he hugged president obama faithfully and that brought a lot of ire. donald trump that the past year has been known for is the notion of let trump be trump. i'm wondering about let trump pick who trump wants is going to play out in this vp choice or how much trump needs some guidance from the experts now that he's in the big race, general election race. how much of those two philosophies are batting heads right now. >> that's the core question at the heart of this decision. trump has the sense and some around trump had the sense he's followed his gut to this point and it's gotten him this far. presumptive nominee, a number of polls showing him tied with
9:20 am
hillary clinton despite having a rocky couple of weeks. that's the one hand. the other, a general election is a reset in many ways. this could be a new battle, a new campaign. we saw the exodus of corey lewandowski, rise of paul manafort and the children in the campaign. the question is which way does trump feel comfortable at this point? does he feel like he needs to trust his children, trust top advisers right now and choose a guy he didn't know as well, isn't quite as sure about or does he trust his gut again. everyone is waiting to see what decision he comes to in the next few hours. we know this has to happen by friday. >> there is that, yes, important deadline. stand by, i want to bring back dana bash live on the phone and still working her sources on what is her other phone, bat phone. you have more news on the chris christie phone call? >> i wanted to follow up on what sarah was reporting on on donald trump and chris christie
9:21 am
speaking this morning. the thing to keep in mind which really helps inform what she was talking about, it's not unusual for donald trump to be on the phone with chris christie. they talk a lot. that just kind of gives you a perfect example and illustration of how comfortable he is with him. they talk a lot. is and has been sin the moment chris christie -- one of husband most trusted northern light politically. no question that is something that could be and obviously is feeding donald trump as he goes along and tries to make a decision. chris christie heading -- excuse me, donald trump -- excuse me. even in d.c. doing work for
9:22 am
donald trump. >> our dana bash reporting on the ongoing negotiations, discussions, pitch meetings so to speak for donald trump and his potential vp candidate choices. we'll continue to update you as we get information and then on the other side of the race, we're also expecting any moment to start hearing live from illinois from hillary clinton next few minutes. campaign trail activates again. she's going to be addressing the police shootings as well as the protests from the very place where abraham lincoln made his historic house divided speech. back in a moment. red carpet shows on tvhe now, i'm walking them. life is unpredictable being flake free isn't. because i have used head and shoulders for 20 years. used regularly, it removes up to 100% of flakes keeping you protected live flake free for life
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more breaking news. this coming from maryland. the six flags america theme park just east of washington, d.c., is closed after some sort of threat and subsequent to the threat a discovery of a suspicious package in the park. a source in the prince george's county fire department says the threat came in after employees had showed up for work but -- and this is a very important but -- before the park actually
9:27 am
opened to any visitors. there's no word on the nature of the threat or any word on what the discovery is. workers moved out and the bomb squad at this point is investigating. we'll bring you more information. six flag tweeted out working with authorities after bomb threat. safety of guest and employees is top priority. as precaution, park closed until cleared. very busy time for six flags. summer vacation and kids flock to six flags during center vacation. we'll bring you details as we get them. watching the clock and live mics. in a few minutes hillary clinton will be speaking live from that podium. it is the state house in springfield, illinois. we'll bring you that speech as soon as it gets under way. amid vp speculation swirling
9:28 am
today, republicans are still tweaking and adjusting and nip tucking their plat form and they will do that up until the start of their national convention, which is days away, gets under way monday. here is what's doing on in cleveland. delegates using remaining preconvention days to put prefinishing touches on that platform especially when it toss to a few issues that are divisive. fill mattingly is in cleveland live right now. he's been looking at what the issues are and how gop shifted. the totality of the platform right now, phil, they really moved to the white. they have moved farther right than donald trump is. i wonder if that's a negotiation tactic. maybe they will end up farther than they want to be with donald trump. >> there's a question of strategy. looking over the platform and sitting through the marathon meetings over the last couple of days related to that platform made very clear. on two specific issues donald
9:29 am
trump wins. the language on trade, language on building a wall in mexico, those are trump staples, those are in the platform. specifically on social issues, this was a committee dominated by social conservatives. a lot of people uncomfortable with donald trump, they took the platform further in their direction than a moderate republican or from what you've already trump. delegates over and over again tried to insert language that was more friendly to lgtb individuals. over and over again that was rejected. an interesting view of a republican party struggling to unify, a strong base of social conservatives despite language we've seen from donald trump over the course of the campaign specifically related to lgtb issues, ashleigh. >> one of the things significantly different with regard to lgtb issues, the push for a marriage amendment is not
9:30 am
there. there's language about marriage between a man and a woman, there isn't that similar push for changing the constitution to red cross nice that. is that being considered as significant as it sounds? >> yeah, i think so. i think the interesting thing if you look at past platforms and why we've noticed this has clearly moved on the whole cared to 2012, there is a supreme court decision that literally legalized gay marriage that changed since the 2012 platform was considered. you saw the delegates trying to grapple with that reality as it stands. there's no question about it, republicans as it stands, social conservatives, still very uncomfortable with this issue as jim bach, a strong social conservative made it clear. they believe it is identity politics. they don't want it mentioned in their platform let alone recognized through farce parts of it. the divide is there win the republican party. >> here is a dumb question but
9:31 am
i'm going to ask it anyway. every time we're leading up to a big convention we talk so deeply about the platform and how it's going to work its way into the convention, how important issues are and then we don't talk about it again. how significant is the platform and how much does it get raised after we stop talking about it? >> yes, we'll probably talk about it again a lot in july 2020. you're right. the reality is -- you made an important point in the beginning why it's strategic for trump campaign to have advisers in the meeting who were around, weren't making specific elements on the platform, trade and the wall with mexico, because they recognize this is not binding to donald trump, not binding to the party, not binding to lawmakers on capitol hill. what it is is a statement of principles. core tenants the direction of the party wants to go. if you're trump team, ime i've
9:32 am
talked about this. let social conservatives have this. i'm wary of donald trump. this helps mollify them, brings them closer into the fold as this party tries desperately to unify in the final days before the convention, ashley. >> i wonder if that's punctuated by trump saying duly noted. next. coming up donald trump says ruth bader ginsburg should resign from the supreme court over what she said to him. don't hold your breath for that to happen. did the liberal justice cross the line? even some democrats say, yeah, you bet. still waiting on live comments from hillary clinton, presumptive democratic nominee about the recent police shootings an protests speaking from the very place abraham linked made the historic house divided speech and where barack obama launched his campaign to be president of the united states. back in a moment. 73% of americans try...
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light up. if that looks familiar, it should. if you remember back in '07, president obama launched his candidacy for his current job, a job that's about to end. that's where hillary clinton plans to make a pitch to get that job. that's coming upny mom. we'll bring it to you live just as soon as it does. meantime supreme court is on its summer holiday. that's awfully nice. one justice is still putting out opinions. she's taking heat like she never
9:38 am
has before. ruth bader ginsburg, oldest at 83, mainstay, given three interviews in the last week. that is extraordinary for any supreme court justice. then there was this, in each one of those interview she effectively trashed gop nominee donald trump. justice ginsburg told cnn, quote, he is a faker. he has no consistency about him. he says whatever comes into his head at the moment. she quipped to the associated press she might consider moving to new zealand if trump is elected. to the "new york times" a somber ginsburg said, i can't imagine what the country would be with donald trump as our president. for the country it could be four years. for the court it could be -- i don't even want to contemplate that. nach, trump is sharing opinions
9:39 am
about justice beginberg, and i quote donald trump, justice ginsburg of the supreme court has embarrassed all about making very dumb political statements about me. her mind is shot. resign. end quote. joining me with more on this extra judicial firestorm is cnn legal analyst and supreme court biographer and giggling only because it seems so jaw dropping. you were there. you were doing the interview with justice ginsburg she told cnn that pretty spectacular nugget. was this jaw dropping in the moment as you were sitting across from here as it certainly seemed in print? >> no. i'll tell you why, ashleigh. she based on remark earlier and i covered lots of subjects with her, then i said, what about what you said earlier about donald trump. i frankly thought she might walk it back a bit. it's gotten a lot of attention.
9:40 am
i wouldn't have guessed she would want this kind of attention, so i was prepared for her to say, i was just joking. she first laughed about her new zealand comment, the fact her late husband martin ginsburg quipped they should move to new zealand under other circumstances. then it came on stronger. it was as if she was presenting a legal brief to me. then elaborate on what it is about donald trump. that's when she went through the whole litany, he's a faker, inconsistent, says what pops right into his mind. what about the fact he's been allowed not to release his income taxes. i have known her for a long time. i know she speaks her mind. you said earlier let donald trump be donald trump. there's something about ruth bader ginsburg at this point in her life where she's going to be her self. it wasn't that surprising to me
9:41 am
she said it, she reinforced it. got my attention certainly. the fact that it's been part of this firestorm in this unusual election year, that is not surprising. >> might be why she has the moniker notorious rbg. what's interesting there, and i have to wrap it, but there might be calls to resign at her desk. great work. thank you. coming up, brand-new twist in the donald trump story about the university, trump university. cnn's investigative correspondent drew griffin sits down with former instructor to talk about his real estate seminar. but our cnn team found that the claims he was making didn't always add up. he had to face that with live cameras rolling. it's really something you have to see. (friend) wish we could start it from the beginning. (jon bon jovi) with directv, you can. you see, we've got the power to turn back time
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going to be in a california courtroom where a judge was going to hear arguments over whether or not to release deposition video of donald trump while he's testifying. wile asked questions about donald trump university, a series of lawsuits, it's one of those lawsuits that suggests despite promises trump university wasn't a university, that will school did not teach donald trump real estate secrets and teachers and mentors were neither real estate experts nor handpicked by donald trump. those are the allegations against him. you're going to hear from a so-called expert. you can decide for your self.
9:47 am
cnn's senior investigative correspondent griffin the man who helped bring in the money for trump, trump university in particular, to sit down and have a chat about all the things he had said and done. this is how it went. >> we were bringing in the money, a lot of it. >> a lot of it. >> you said you were the top guy, were you the top guy. >> i don't know if i was. i'm really good at what i do. >> you said you were the top guy. >> maybe i was the top guy. i don't know whether i was or not. my numbers from week to week to week, my numbers were in the top one or two. >> james harris's job was toting people to believe they, too, could be as successful as donald trump, reel them in, sign them up, get them to pay as much as $34,000 on the promise the next seminar, the next class would teach them all they need to know. >> what do you know about real estate? >> real estate is a very wide,
9:48 am
huge business. i got involved with real estate myself in the 90s. >> if you attended james hit-and-run trump university seminar you would hear more about his claims of success and experience in real estate, claims made in this verbatim transcript of a trump seminar he gave in san bernardino, california. >> do you remember when you said this, i'm former licensed broker agent at 29 i became top 1% broker in the country. i build homes in atlanta, georgia, and i used to live in beverly hills. >> yes. if i said those things, they are true. i did live in beverly hills. >> we have no record of you ever living in beverly hills. >> okay. >> we can't find your broker's license anywhere. >> okay. >> i have no idea what homes you built in atlanta, georgia. you built in atlanta, georgia. >> i'm not prepared to answer those questions today. >> this is part of your pitch.
9:49 am
is any of that true? >> again, i'm not fog to answer those questions. >> you certainly know when you've done in your life? >> i don't know where that's come from. >> this is a transcript submitted in court of a taped presentation you gave in san bernardino. >> i don't know if that's a court document or not. i've never seen it. >> it's a court document. >> okay. >> what do you know about real estate? >> again, i'm not prepared to answer those questions today. this is about trump university. >> he kept working up and down the aisle flashing his rolex in our faces. >> bob guillo is trying to get his money back. said the school was a fraud and so was the teacher. he bragged he had dinner with donald trump. >> did you have dinner with him? >> i never had dinner with him. >> bob guillo was in one of your conferences and you said you just had dinner with donald
9:50 am
trump. >> i don't have any recollection of that. >> james hit-and-rarris at mittn goal was it sell seminars, with the goal of hooking them into more seminars. >> i was told to sell trump university packages and the program they were offering an that's what i did. they had to pay a fee to come to further their training at the next event. so it went from event to event to event. >> is that step by step as described, upsale, upsell, upsell. >> it's upsell, you pay this amount we teach you this much. you pay this amount we go further with you. >> here is an e-mail you wrote. >> just spoke to austin an irene, the older retirement couple who build 30,000 balance for the gold. she said it's done and will be in monday. that will be another $35 k. we'll have another $100 k hit by
9:51 am
friday. your associate, response, we've always been a dangerous team, brotherman. these peeps don't have a chance against us. smiley face. >> that's called sales. >> is that called ripping off an old couple? >> absolutely not. >> austin and irene. >> i never saw that e-mail but that's typical sales. that's typical e-mail between two sales people working on a deal. i don't know if those people had the money or not. they could have been putting up their last dollar, i don't know. >> do you care? >> of course we care, but i was doing my job. we did our job. >> articles of whether they could afford it or not. >> regardless whether they could afford it or not. i didn't know if they could afford it or not. that was not my position. that was not my job. other people did that. i don't know if they could afford it or not. we were told to show them all the way they could afford it and could come up with the finances to get into the business,
9:52 am
period, end of story. >> our drew griffin doing the reporting for us. did donald trump even know that man, james harris. the answer seems to be no. trump couldn't recall a single name of his live events instructors when he was asked under oath. even the self-described salesman who claims he was trump's number one. so as for that number one, james harris, the person you just saw, he's moved on. he posts easy money work from home. those are videos on the internet. yes, he touts his success at trump university as one of the reasons that you can trust him. i want to move back to a different kind of politic, the live kind, hillary clinton speaking live at the state house in springfield i will illinois. >> until it was gone entirely our country would never be truly united and at peace. so on june 16th, 1858, when mr. lincoln kicked off his campaign
9:53 am
for the united states senate, he delivered an address on how slavery was tearing our country apart. and that it must go. some thought that he ended up losing the senate race because of that speech. but then he won the presidency and some thought it was because of that speech. president lincoln led america during the most challenging period in our nation's history. he defended our union, our constitution, and the ideal of a nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. his legacy included laws and amendments that enshrined those values for future generations.
9:54 am
they protect and guide us still. i'm here today in this place because the words lincoln spoke all those years ago still hold resonance for us now. remember, he said a house divided against itself cannot stand. i believe this government cannot endu endure permanently half slave and half-free. i do not expect the union to be dissolved. i do not expect the house to fall but i do expect it will cease to be divided. it will become all one thing or all the other. the challenges we face today do
9:55 am
not approach those of lincoln's time. not even close. we should be very clear about that. but recent events have left people across america asking hard questions about whether we are still a house divided. despite our best efforts and highest hopes, america's long struggle with race is far from finished. in just the past week we saw black men killed by police and five police officers called by a sniper targeting white police. there is too much violence and hate in our country. it can feel impossible to have the conversations we need to
9:56 am
have to fix what's broken. despite being the richest country on earth, we have too much economic inequality. that also undermines the foundation of our democracy. lincoln understood that threat, too. he deeply believed everyone deserved in his words a fair chance in the race of life. he saw it as a defining picture of the united states and believed it was vital that hardworking people be free to enjoy the fruits of their own labor. it's one of the reasons he was so strongly against slavery because it violated that entire notion. as president he took pains to use the tools of government to
9:57 am
create more kmek opportunity for americans at every level of society. so two must we fight inequality and create opportunity in our time. not just for some americans but for all so i come today as a mother and a grandmother to two beautiful children, who i want them and all of our children to grow up in a country where violence like the kind we saw last week and where the american dream is big enough for everyone. i'm also here as a candidate for president who is deeply concerned about the divisions that hold our people apart and
9:58 am
our nation back. i believe our future peace and prosperity depends on whether we meet this moment with honesty and courage. that means taking a hard look at our laws and our attitudes. it means embracing policies that promote justice for all people and standing firm against any attempt to roll back the clock on the rights and opportunities that so many sacrificed so much to secure. all of that starts with doing a better job of listening to each other. we need to listen to the families who loved ones have been killed in police incidents. alton sterling and philando castile are just the latest of a long and painful litany of
9:59 am
african-americans dying after encounter with police officers. remember killed a year and a half ago in chicago and sandra bland who died one year ago today. time after time no one is held accountable. surely we can all agree that's deeply wrong and needs to change. yes, we do need to listen to those who say black lives matter. to many black americans, especially young men, feel like their lives are disposable and they worry every single day. about what might happen. they have every reason to feel that way and it's absolutely unacceptable. everyone in america, everyone deserves to be treated with
10:00 am
respect and dignity. surely that is something we can all unite behind. we need to acknowledge the five latinos who also lost their lives in police incidents last week. their stories didn't get national media coverage, but their families and communities are mourning, too. at the same time we need to listen to the dedicated principled police officers working hard every day to rebuild trust with the communities they serve and protect. our men and women in blue put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe and keep our democracy strong. remember what michael krol, michael smith, lorne ahrens, patrick thompson and


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