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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNNW  July 13, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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great sense of what young african-american males, and females, go through. and then it will give some of us a better insight of what our law enforcement, what they go through as well. and we have to be -- >> congressman, we got to wrap it up. we're out of time, unfortunately. but we'll continue these conversations. congressman cedric richmond of louisiana. that's it for me. the news continues next right here on cnn. hello, everyone. i'm john berman in for brooke baldwin. if you are going to indiana today, you could be the next vice president of the united states. donald trump engaging in a virtually unprecedented public vetting process to pick his running mate and doing it right now. jeff sessions, alabama senator, on his way to indiana. newt gingrich, he was already there. he had lunch with trump and family. breakfast was a surprise
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sit-down with indiana governor mike pence at his place. and the presumptive republican nominee brought the kids. don jr., eric, ivanka, her husband, jared kushner. a trump advisor says the younger trumps are pushing mike pence but we are told trump's own instincts are telling him to go for another governor, new jersey's chris christie, the one guy on earth not in indiana today. but i suppose there in spirit, at least. he did meet with some of the trump family yesterday. so what is going on? cnn chief political correspondent dana bash in indianapolis right now. dana, tell us everything. >> reporter: okay. well, first and foremost, donald trump is still here in indianapolis. remember, he was supposed to leave yesterday but ended up staying to have dinner with mike pence. he had breakfast as we were report being real time on location with mike pence and his wife, and the adult trump children this morning. then he came back here and had a
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meeting with newt gingrich. that has wrapped up. we saw newt gingrich leave, along with trump's family and his -- the person who's running his campaign right now, paul manafort. they have all left but again, donald trump is still here. why is he still here? well, jeff sessions, who is somebody who had been talked about for a potential running mate a while ago but has been more of an advisor type. he is coming to meet with donald trump. he actually flew on a plane with our own sunlen serfaty. we haven't seen him come in the building yet but that what's going on. those are kind of the palace intrigue nuts and bolts that have been going on. again, real time all morning as we have watched. and, john, you mentioned in your intro that this is almost unprecedented. and it's true. this is -- we've kind of been having internal e-mail exchanges
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about what reality tv show this is most like, whether it is the "apprentice," or "the bachelor," who is going to get the rose. but i'm sure in your history and experience covering presidential politics and this very intense vetting process and finalization has done a lot more cloak and dagger kind of behind the scenes quietly. this is not being done that way. it is certainly the decision making and the discussions are all in private, but the fact that we know a lot about the meetings is kind of unusual. >> i'm going with "the voice." i want to know which candidate is going to get four chairs. along those lines, talk to me about chris christie. he's not in indiana today but he did get some sit-downs with the family which seems to be key here. >> exactly. the thing to remember about chris christie is that he is a unique figure in this list of finalists. because he is genuinely very
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close with donald trump. they've known each other for almost 15 years. and more importantly, he has kind of become his political north star since chris christie endorsed donald trump before the primary season was over. so they have conversations a lot. in fact, christie, as we speak, is in washington, d.c. working on transition issues because his formal role now in the trump campaign is to lead up and head up a potential transition to a trump administration. so keep that in mind. having said that, he is very much on the list, i am told. he is very much still in the running to be donald trump's running mate. the two of them talked this morning. my understanding is that they did talk about the vp process. but again, i should underscore, we shouldn't read too much into that because the two of them do speak a lot. but more importantly, as you mentioned earlier, i was told that chris christie went to trump tower yesterday while
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donald trump was here in indiana having an event. went to trump tower and met with ivanka trump, with jared kushner, ivanka's husband, and also with donald trump jr. and had a meeting about the vp process. so that kind of gives you a sense of how much he is still in the running. but my understanding is that there are very different kinds of approaches that these finalists are taking. newt gingrich, i am told by a source, asked to come here. he flew to indianapolis in order to have a meeting with donald trump because trump is actually going to the west coast from here. he's going for fund-raisers in california. so he is being a lot more aggressive in that. and chris christie is being more -- less obvious about it but just being what he has been for some time, which is a trusted advisor. so for somebody who goes with his gut, like donald trump, that might play into it. but then of course, we can't
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forget mike pence who had several meetings now for the past 24 to 48 hours with donald trump and their families. >> stand by, dana. want to bring in cnn political commentator amanda harper who used to be communications director for senator ted cruz who is not, we believe, in indiana today. amanda, former spokesperson for newt gingrich, aplan today, who is it going to be? no one knows for sure. maybe even donald trump doesn't know for sure. but mike pence leads the meal count right now. he's had two meals with donald trump over the last 48 hours. that, plus what you are hearing from officials inside and outside the campaign. if you had to bet, it seems to be people are saying, probably mike pence. >> but i would say my money is still on newt gingri. i feel like trump is putting us through a dog and pony show of sorts. he's sort of parading mike pence around saying look at me meet with him. will this make it better for me among republicans and conservatives. i think donald trump wants to see who gets a pop, who's going
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to help him bring unity at the convention. he's not getting that with mike pence. i understand that a lot of trump insiders think pence is the guy, but people who are in the never trump camp want to see trump put someone around him who has the guts to stand up to him every once in a while, someone who can say, listen, trump, that's not constitutional, you can't do it that way, here's an alternative. mike pence doesn't fit that bill for me. neither does chris christie. and although i think people have a lot of decent reservations about gingrich, they know he would bring him that advice. >> so andrew, you use andrea, y work newt gingrich. however, asking to fly to indiana to meet with donald trump when he is meeting with other people doesn't look like the guy who wants to turn it down. >> no, i have no illusion that newt read my op-ed and somebody decided he's going to pull himself out of contention. but i do think that donald trump
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is a walking repudiation of everything that newt represents in terms of conservative principles and policy issues. newt worked for the first balanced budget from a generation and trump's plan would add $10 trillion to the deficit. newt was a free trade advocate who helped get nafta through and trump needs no explanation when it comes to his threats to start trade wars around the world. immigration. newt was looking for some rational reform and voted for it when he was in congress. you go down the list and there are very few issues where the two of them actually came to agree on the policy. newt for a generation of young conservative activists was a person who led the party out of the wilderness, led it back to taking over the house for the first time in 40 years, served as an inspiration on policy matters, and i hope, and i have written that i would urge him to
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serve that inspiration in the troubled period that's likely to follow this election and help rebuild the republican party rather than joining the trump ticket. >> amanda, what do you make of the public process here? everyone's joking, we've all made jokes, everyone here in the last ten minutes about this being like a reality show. but what's wrong with doing this out in the public and trying to generate excitement? you're trying to win a campaign here and build excitement leading up to your convention. >> i think this is a fine thing to do because trump does need some buy-in from republicans who don't trust him. so this is a fine way to go about it. for all this hype about mike pence, i have such a hard time seeing how there is any chemistry on these dates. these are guys who operate on different planes. donald trump is a trash talker, mike pence is genteel, kind, considerate, conservative, christian. i don't even know what language they talk to each other in. and so i think this is a big head fake, but there is a lot of
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people, trump supporters, who want to see him pick mike pence because they think it is going to win people that support a cruise over. >> that language might -- it might just be politics. all right, dana bash, andrew weinstein, amanda carpenter. if anyone shows up in indianapolis, call us. moments ago, hillary clinton just unleashed on donald trump over race relations, his comments about the constitution, and more. plus, an emotional plea from the young son of the man killed by police in baton rouge. what he is now asking americans to do. and a live look now at the white house where president obama is preparing to meet with law enforcement. hear what he is doing today and tomorrow night to discuss race in america. a heart attack doesn't care if you run everyday, or if you're young or old. no matter who you are a heart attack can happen without warning. if you've had a heart attack,
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president obama moments from now will meet with leaders of the black lives matter movement and law enforcement. he's going to bring several mayors into the conversation as well about lhow to keep protest peaceful and bring about better relations between police and minority communities. this as hillary clinton, the presumptive democratic nominee,
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gives her own message of healing and unity but not all healing and unity because she slammed donald trump. hard. at a campaign event in springfield, illinois. >> and in times like these, we need a president who can help pull us together, not split us apart. [ applause ] and that is why i believe donald trump is so dangerous. his campaign is as divisive as any we have seen in our lifet e lifetim lifetimes. it is built on stoking mistrust and pitting american against american. >> divisive and dangerous at a time she says when the country needs unity. that is her clear message. brianna keilar, cnn's senior political correspondent joins us right now. brianna it wasn't just that message. she went after him on everything, including his
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constitutional prowess. >> reporter: that's exactly right. she did. she went after donald trump calling him a divider. she described him as dangerous, something that we've heard her say a lot, john. but she also went after him questioning just how much substance there is to what he said in the wake of a report coming from house republicans who met with donald trump last week where someone asked limb in that meeting would he defend article 1 of the constitution and he said he would defend article 1. he would defend article 2. and he would defend article 12 even. of course there are not 12 articles. there are seven articles in the constitution. obviously some sort of confusion on his part and hillary clinton took aim here in springfield, illinois today. >> given what we have seen and heard, do any of us think he'd be restrained? and he has shown contempt for
11:17 am
and ignorance of our constitution. last week he met with house republicans in washington to try to assuage their serious concerns about him. one member asked whether he'd protect article 1 which defines the separation of powers between congress and the executive branch. here's the answer he reportedly gave. "i want to protect article 1, article 2, article 12." [ laughter ] well, here at's the thing. there is no article 12. not even close. >> reporter: but largely, hillary clinton's comments here today, john, were based around the recent violence that we have seen. the police-involved shootings of black men in minnesota, in louisiana, and then the killing of white police officers by a black gunman in dallas.
11:18 am
that was really what she based her comments on around today. and remember, hillary clinton has some vulnerabilities herself. even as she calls for criminal justice reform. because of her support in the 1990s for anti-crime legislation that ultimately helped contribute to this era of mass incarceration that she now speaks out against. >> we just lost brianna keilar who was in springfield, illinois where hillary clinton just spoke. you heard hillary clinton was talking about race relations. also talking about donald trump. two things she will continue to talk about i think for the remainder of this election, just as he talks about her for the remainder of this election. we'll get back to that in just a moment. first, i want to show you a powerful moment from alton sterling's teenaged son today. we first saw cameron sterling last week after he broke down in tears just hours after his father was shot and killed by police outside a baton rouge convenience store. but this morning standing in the very spot where his father died, the 15-year-old offered this message to protesters. >> i feel that people in
11:19 am
general, no matter what the race is, should come together as one united family. there should be no more arguments, disagreements, violence, harms. everyone should come together as one united family. my father was a good man. that was a sacrifice to show everyone what has been going on in life. and it should give everyone a push that everyone should be together, not against each other. everyone needs to be on one accord. not a different note. everyone needs to be together. not apart. and i truly feel that my father was a good man and he will always be a good man, but at the
11:20 am
same time, he has a lot of loved ones out here that are really here to support me, my mother, the rest of my brothers and sisters, and my father. >> everyone needs to come together, not apart. a message from the 15-year-old. joining me now, cnn's don lemon and baltimore ravens tight end benjamin watson. he is also the author of "under our skin, getting real about race, getting free from the fears of frustrations that divide us." along those lines, you just heard that 15-year-old young man talking about being united. you heard president obama yesterday said that the nation is not as divided as everyone has been suggesting. is he right though, ben? i've been listening to people the last week. there are a lot of times this doesn't seem like a united nation. >> it doesn't at all. it doesn't at all. that statement actually reminds me of the young man whose mother was murdered in charleston when he came forth and he talked about forgiveness. i was just amazed at his character. that speaks volumes for him to be payable to say that. but unity is something that we are grasping at i think right
11:21 am
now. when you look at social media, you look at things that are happening on tv, you see everyone's response to all these things that are happening, you realize that there is a lot of disunity in this country. we are in a much better place than we were but we still have a long way to go. >> president obama's speech yesterday was like a rorschach test. some said it was just right. some said he should only be talking about the police. some say why wasn't he in baton rouge or st. paul. three different responses to the speech. >> depending on which side you are on. for people who just want, as cameron sterling says, peace, i think the president hit it just right. i think if the president didn't talk about one he was going to get criticized. he was damned if he did and damned if he didn't. i think he did what was right. he honored the people who died. he honored their service, their family members, the police department, and he talk about the issue that we have when it comes to different members of the community and policing. so i think it is sort of your reaction to it is where you are on the political spectrum.
11:22 am
if you don't like president obama, then you didn't like the speech. >> ben, president obama's meetingality the white house today. he's talking. don lemon, you are hosting a town meeting tonight where there will be a lot of talking. president obama is going to another town meeting televised tomorrow night where there will be a lot of talking. how much can the talking. >> doing a lot of talking. that's very important but the talking has to be entered with humility. we have to honestly say how we feel about these situations as a white man, a black man. how do we look at the same situation and have totally different perspectives? what are our biases that we need to repent from and forgive? it is not good enough just to talk about it. there needs to be action. that young man pointed to unity. and unity comes by seeing people the way god sees them. it comes from seeing people with inherent value, that life has value from the womb to the tomb. life has value and how we treat people is a direct reflection about how our heavenly father
11:23 am
treats us. >> i bet you people yell and get angry on your show tonight. >> and we want them to. you said unity. that is a big part. but for me the biggest part is empathy. so as i was listening to the president yesterday, i wasn't listening to him as someone who is a republican or a democrat or what have you. i was listening to him as an american who has empathy for police officers, who has empathy for police who are out in the community who feel and who are being victimized by certain members of the police department. not all members. we keep saying that not all members. we know that most members of the police department are good. not all members do bad things. we should not have to couch that. we know that policemen are good on the whole. but there are some who do some very bad things. there are some who carry badges and they carry weapons and they do shoot people and they do overuse their authority. so i think what we are going to do is hash is out. what we're going to do tonight, john, is get to the conversation. right? because when you say town hall,
11:24 am
it is about the town. when you talk about the victims, yes, honor them. but we're going to also listen to people in the audience, hear from police officers, hear from certain members of the community and we will hash it out tonight and you are going to be involved. >> there's not a lot of listening that's going on. >> there's not a lot of listening. >> as you mentioned, things politicized and no matter where you fall on the spectrum is what you thought about the president's speech. there's not a lot of listening because we all have our guards up. immediately when someone says black lives matter or all lives matter in response we get defensive and it has to come to a point where you say, you know what? i may not agree with you right now but i want to give you the chance to explain yourself and just maybe let me put myself in your shoes for a minute. i might not agree with you but let me experience what you're experiencing and it might be valid. >> stop judging and listen. >> you have five children? >> five children. 7 to 10 months. >> good lord. >> my wife's unbelievable. >> are you asleep now? >> no, i'm on auto pilot.
11:25 am
>> would you want your children going to some of these protests around the country right now if they were older? and how would you tell them, what should they be saying and doing? >> my children are plenty old enough to see what happened. i remember when eric gardner situation happened in new york, she's 7 now. she said daddy, what are they doing to that man? it was time for me as well as my wife to explain to her. i want her to know things happen, but race is something that's very important for us all to talk about in our homes. living room, the dining room is where change is made. the bedroom where we play with our kids before we go to sleep or we tell them that, you're no better than anyone else simply because of the color of your skin, because of your economic status, because of your talents. you're not better than anybody. that is whereas fathers, as mothers, we teach our children. we don't shelter them from the reality of the world. we tell them. but it is our job to filter that information through and give it to them in a way that they can positively affect the world when they gret to that age.
11:26 am
>> black parents have to have the talk with their kids. right? i think white parents should have the talk with their kids and the talk with their kids for white parents should be about racism and about bias. maybe you don't have to have a talk with your child about how to handle yourself around police officers, but maybe the talk that we should start establishing in white homes is about how certain people in society are treated. >> good place to start, reading benjamin watson's book, "under our skin." great place to start, watching don lemon, your special tonight on cnn at 10:00. "black, white and blue in america." live tonight, 10:00 eastern. benjamin watson, don lemon, thanks. next, the war of words between donald trump and supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg. did she go too far by jumping into the political arena and slamming the presumptive republican nominee. is trump going too far by saying her mind is shot? moments ago we just got a response. maybe a non-response from the white house.
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her mind is shot. "her," being supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg. the person who said it -- donald trump. this is what he said on twitter. "justice ginsburg of the u.s. supreme court has embarrassed all by making very dumb political statements about me. her mind is shot. resign." thing is, she started it. in multiple interviews, including one with cnn where she called trump "a faker," quote, trump has no consistency about him. he says whatever comes into his head at the moment. joining me to discuss this more,
11:32 am
aaron blakey writes for the fix political blog at "the washington post." aaron, you made quite clear in the post just how unprecedented it is for a supreme court justice to say the type of things that ruth bader ginsburg is currently saying. >> right. look, supreme court justices are people. they certainly have political opinions of their own. they very rarely discuss those opinions in public when they speak in public at all. and i can't find one other example of a supreme court justice weighing in specifically on a presidential election, whether for or against a specific candidate. so this is uncharted territory, at least as far as we've been able to determine. i think that's why there are some very valid questions being raised about just how appropriate it is for somebody from the judicial branch to be weighing in on the race for the leader of the executive branch. >> when you say you can't find one example, that by definition would make it unprecedented.
11:33 am
as you say, the reason it is not practical for someone running for the executive to weigh in on the judicial and visa versa, because she, if he wins the white house, could be deciding cases brought by his administration. >> right. so the worst case scenario would be i think according to the people i spoke to, at least, if we had a contested election situation like we did in 2000, a bush v. gore type situation where the supreme court, which justice ginsburg actually served on that case, would actually decide who becomes president. in a case like that, would somebody like justice ginsburg be able to offer an impartial and unbiased reading of the law in that case. but i've also spoken to other legal scholars who say this opens up, calls for recusal when it comes to basically anything having to do with the trump administration should he win the presidency. would she kind of have cast herself as too biased against trump as a person to fairly rule on his policy.
11:34 am
so a lot to unpack and of course, we're in uncharted territory here so these are all questions that we haven't been confronted with before. >> that's sort of the legality. your forte is politics. i'm curious. i spoke to brian fallon, spokesperson for the clinton campaign earlier today. while most people say it is inappropriate but he refused to criticize ruth bader ginsburg even a wee little bit. i think josh earnest was just asked about it from the white house and he, too, refused to weigh in. so from a political standpoint where are you not seeing that criticism? >> it is really interesting. i think maybe they're worried about it looking like capitulation. there have been democrats going on the record and saying that justice ginsburg should not have said these things. one of them being dick durbin, the senate leader from -- one of the senate leaders from illinois. chris murphy. we also have the editorial boards of the "washington post" and "new york times" really giving this story new life today by weighing in and saying that justice ginsburg went over the line in this case.
11:35 am
so i think from a political standpoint the tendency is to want to defend a more liberal justice perhaps and not weigh in against her. but this is certainly something that is causing a large degree of reflection about what the role of a justice is and from there, it is up to people to decide whether or not they think this is appropriate or not. >> aaron blakey, thanks for being with us here on the show. we're going to shift gears. next up for us, somber moments across texas today as 3 of the 5 officers killed in the dallas ambush are laid to rest. how those loved ones are saying good-bye. (man) what i love most about
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donald trump, you're on the clock. we expect him to announce a running mate by friday. so far today he has had lunch with newt gingrich. he had a breakfast, unscheduled, with the indiana governor, mike pence, and his adult children. jeff sessions just flew to indiana. sources tell us, by the way, that the trump kids want their father to pick mike pence. we're also told don't forget chris christie. sources say he is still in the mix. met with the trump children yesterday. i want to bring in a member of the veep stakes hall of fame. cnn's chief national correspondent and host of "inside politics," john king who's broken not one but two veep stakes stories in his storied career. john, what we know and what we don't know is so interesting right now with donald trump. we know he's meeting with all these people on the short list in a very public way. but that's it. >> that's it.
11:41 am
john, this is donald trump once again proving he's very different from campaigns past. normally you don't see it so publicly. you don't know about these meetings. you don't see people going in and out. you don't see the children who ivanka trump, the two trump sons and ivanka's husband are very involved in this process, without a doubt. getting some conflicting information from inside team trump. some say ivanka and eric and do you recall jr. are for mike pence but others say, no, they're actually quite enamored with newt gingrich. the two leading contenders, mike pence, indiana governor, newt gingrich, former house speaker, and chris christie still said to be in the mix. most people in november don't vote on vice presidential picks but a lot of people in the party want trump to use this to prove he can unify the party and send a message to conservatives saying he'll seek their guidance and counsel. as always with trump, it is a big, dramatic moment. >> i want to know what mike pence is saying about it right now. i just got word he's talking in
11:42 am
indiana. let's check in with the indiana governor. >> -- family. but, frankly, i really do think it is more a testament to the progress the people of indiana have made over much of the last ten years. >> you think you can help him more -- >> i'm sorry, what? >>. [ inaudible question ]. >> i think he's giving it very serious consideration and we're very humbled to be a part of it. there are a number of noteworthy americans that they're considering and i'm just honored to be on that list. >> do you think you pleaded your case? it seemed like you've had a little extra time with him as a good choice if he were to go down that road? >> oh, gosh. i'm governor of indiana. i'm seeking re-election. i'm honored to be considered. and humbled to be considered. but the conversations that we've had between two families are something karen and i will cherish the rest of our lives, whatever the outcome. >> do you think you could help
11:43 am
him more as vice president or as governor of indiana? >> i think that would be for others to say. i can just honestly tell you, karen and i, and our daughter traveled about a week ago, spent time with this family. we saw him off the campaign trail, among friends and members of his company and these are good people. these are people who have the best interests of america at heart. i truly do believe that donald trump has the right vision for america. i think he's going to provide the kind of strong leadership at home, and abroad, that's going to make america great again. >> if he gets elected --
11:44 am
>> a cnn reporter got on a plane earlier today to make the case to be the -- >> john, you saw governor pence there saying all the right things. said he was humbled, he said he was honored. a lot of indiana republicans are worried he could get humiliated. he has a deadline of friday to withdraw. if trump picks somebody else, what do you do if you're mike pence? democrats are making the argument in indiana don't elect him, he's not that interested in the job, he's not there 24/7 and flirting for the vice president makes that an interesting case. you asked about speaker geng gingrich in the end, some people inside the trump campaign, trump said he wants a washington insider. he's never worked here, never held elective office. he wants somebody who can help
11:45 am
him do the business, cut the deals. well, speaker beginni eer gingr perfect at that. even when he was a personal nemesis of bill clinton on personal issues, he was cutting deals. i'm told campaign veterans inside the trump campaign want pence. they think he's safe, he has washington experience and he's conservative. they're worried with newt if trump tries to make the case you don't want to bring the clintons back, you don't want to bring the bill clinton back, why would you put the chief republican protagonist of that era on the ticket? >> john, a quick question about polls. this morning some quinnipiac polls that came out that looked good for trump, including a little bit of a flip in florida where he had been trailing, now leading. but then this afternoon there were different polls that came out which showed things better for hillary clinton, essential what are the polls saying? this is close? >> very close. very, very close. a lot of democrats are walking
11:46 am
around saying there is in the bag already because of donald trump's standing among women, donald trump's standing among latinos, donald trump's standing among african-americans, this is going to be a blow-out. if you don't think donald trump can win, look at this polling. very close races in pennsylvania, florida and ohio. guess what? put the obama-romney map up from 2012. flip just those three states. if donald trump can win florida, pennsylvania and ohio and nothing else changed, donald trump is the next president of the united states. 273-265 in the electoral college. >> i sense a magic wall in your near future. john king, thanks so much. next up, the people of dallas saying their final good-byes to 3 of the 5 officers killed in last week's ambush. how their partners in blue will keep their memory alive. stay with us. clean food. words you don't often hear. words we at panera live by. because clean food is food as it should be. \ s
11:47 am
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three dallas police officers gunned down in the dallas ambush last week are being remembered in separate services today. ♪ i once was lost but now i'm
11:51 am
found ♪ ♪ was blind >> memorial for officer brent thompson leaves behind his new wife emily, a fellow transit police officer. also his six children who gave a tearful good-bye to their father. >> every child thinks that their dad is a hero, but the six of us up here can hold our heads up high knowing that our dad is a hero. i think it is really important to remember he was just not a hero to dallas but to the world. he fought overseas for many, many years. not fighting just for us but for everyone as well. one thing i would always say to my dad when he walked out the door was good-bye, daddy. i love you, be safe. and tonight we say our final good-bye, daddy. we love you. be safe. >> heartbreaking. sergeant michael smith, a 25-year veteran of the dallas
11:52 am
police department leaves behind his wife and two children. smith's sister spoke of the love he had for his family. >> as a father, nothing was good enough for his daughters, caroline and victoria. he worked tirelessly to provide more for them than he had, not just materially, but spiritually, intellectually, emotionally. he wanted them to be strong, happy, intelligent, and well-rounded young women. >> services were also held for 48-year-old dallas police senior corporal lorne ahrens. he leaves behind his wife katrina and two children. right now, president obama is hosting a conversation at the white house on community policing and criminal justice with members of law enforcement, elected officials, community activists, as welling a civil rights and faith leaders. they are discussing ways to keep
11:53 am
americans safe while building community trust and ensuring justice for all. that's the goal. joining me now from arkansas to discuss this is north little rock police officer tommy norman, founder of the popular robin hood project and conservative commentator and blaze radio network host, lawrence jones. i think, lawrence, i have you -- okay. lawrence, let me start with you. you heard president obama's message yesterday. i want to play a little more of it right to you. >> we also know what chief brown has said is true. that so much of the tensions between police departments and minority communities that they serve is because we ask the police to do too much and we ask too little of ourselves. [ applause ] >> lawrence, you're there in dallas. i'm curious, how is that message being received today?
11:54 am
>> for me, i think that the message was way too political. i don't think it was the time to go to memorial service of five fallen officers and talk about a political agenda, even though i do believe that we have a ways to go as it relates to the community and community policing as it relates to the black community. i think it is a difficult issue to discuss. i believe that community policing is going to be a step that we can take to get there. but i just didn't think that the memorial service was the place to discuss that agenda. >> he did talk about, though, police, how much they do, how they are heroes. is that something you think that the men and women in blue wanted to hear? >> i do believe that the men in blue have felt abandoned by the president because of this agenda that he had. but i like to note that i do believe that there is a conversation that needs to happen as it relates to the police and the black community. it's been happening for years
11:55 am
and we just won't come out and admit it and i think it's made us go back in time because we haven't addressed that issue. but as it relates to the memorial, i believe that it was the time for the family, as well as the country, to come together to say thank you to those officers and grieve with those families. >> we've been talking to people who saw it. everyone who saw it had a different opinion of what was said and what was not said. a lot of people liked it, some others do not as you are saying right now. lawrence, you also had a chance to speak to the parents of the killer. we've seen a little bit of that interview. more is going to be released today at 5:00. what else did they tell you? >> when i spoke with the family, they asked me to come and talk with them. i'm the only person to talk with the family of micah johnson. they really wanted to get their story out. they wanted to correct some things on the record. and my job was not to repeat what they had to say but to give them the opportunity to respond to some of the claims, to talk
11:56 am
about their son, and to try to bring healing to the nation by trying to prevent this from ever happening again. >> all right, lawrence jones, thanks so much. appreciate you being with us. >> thanks, john. next up from us, a passionate message from a 15-year-old standing near the very spot where his father, alton sterling died, after being shot by police in baton rouge. what this teenager is asking americans to do now. we'll be right back. your heart loves omega-3s. but the omega-3s in fish oil differ from megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body. megared. the difference is easy to absorb.
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12:00 pm
john berman here in for brooke baldwin today. just a little while ago, hillary clinton took the stage in springfield, illinois with a message about healing and unity, but not just healing and unity. she had some brutal words for her rival, the presumed republican nominee, donald
12:01 pm
trump. >> and in times like these, we need a president who can help pull us together, not split us apart. [ applause ] and that is why i believe donald trump is so dangerous. his campaign is as divisive as any we have seen in our lifetimes. it is built on stoking mistrust and pitting american against american. >> now that speech held at the old state house in springfield where abraham lincoln once delivered the words a house divided against itself cannot stand. hillary clinton now claims what was once the party of lincoln has become the party of donald trump. she says a party marred by division and hatred. this as president obama is at the white house right now trying to bridge the growing chasm in this country as he meets with leaders of both the black lives
12:02 pm
matter movement and law enforcement. this of course in the wake of last week's shooting by police of two african-american men and the massacre of five police officers in dallas. joining me now, cnn's suzanne malveaux at the white house. suzanne, the meeting today at the white house, what's on the agenda? >> reporter: well, this is really interesting because it started about 15, 20 minutes ago. it is expected to go beyond 5:00. that's when there is going to be a pool spray, a group of small reporters who will be able to at least see who is in attendance at meeting, as well as the president with any remarks. it is amazing when you think about this, the group that's inside talking to one another, the white house being very gentle about it saying there are civil rights leaders, activists and law enforcement officials. but we have learned specifically some of those individuals who are going to be in that meeting. first and foremost, louisiana governor, john bel edwards. it was in baton rouge, the capital of louisiana, where alton sterling was shot and killed by police. he is going to be in the room with the president.
12:03 pm
also black lives matter. d'ray mckesen. he was recently arrested and released in baton rouge, he says unlawfully by police. police say he wasn't following the rules of protest. but essentially he, too, is going to be in that room. there are also traditional civil rights leaders. we understand the head of the national urban league. we don't know whether or not there are any congressional caucus leaders in that room. they just wrapped up a meet being so it will be interested to see if they were actually included in this group. but a very diverse group that's going to sit with the president and essentially try to hash out how can they talk to each other, where does the dialogue begin, how can they start to trust one another. these are the kinds of themes that we have been hearing over the last week and really over the last course of the last couple of years as things seem to deteriorate between some police departments and the communities that they are protecting and policing. so that is really the main goal,
12:04 pm
john, of this meeting. and i should let you know as well, this is not the first time that the president has sat down with a representative from black lives matter. it was brittany packet from the black lives matter movement actually recruited to be a part of the white house task force on 21st century policing. and he talked about this at the howard university commencement saying, look, it's not just good enough to disrupt. you have to engage, you have to listen and you have to take arcs. so the president clearly feels that this is something that the black lives matter participants have to do, and a lot of listening and action on the side of the civil rights leaders and law enforcement as well, john. >> suzanne malveaux at the white house, keep us posted when we get cameras into that meeting. family and friends of three of the dallas police officers killed last week remembered their loved ones at funeral services today. the widow of officer brent thompson, an officer herself,
12:05 pm
said good-bye. >> tuesday, june 21st, 2016, was one of the happiest days of my life. i married the most amazing, caring, loving, selfless man i've ever known. brent was a fighter, warrior, hero, and quite the scrapper. the kind of guy you want fighting with you. brent was also and amazing husband, father of six beautiful children that he talked about all the time. brent was a son, a brother, an uncle, and an all-around phenomenal guy. though i'm heartbroken and hurt, i'm going to put on my badge and my uniform and return to the street, along with all of my brothers and sisters in blue. to the coward that tried to break me and my brothers and sisters, know your hate made us
12:06 pm
stronger. >> one school in dallas became the center of thursday's ambush. five officers were on duty at el centro community college when the sniper's gunfire shattered the building's doors. two officers were in the line of fire. >> i was moving too quick to be scared. didn't have any fear. >> he shot what? seven, eight times? and i barely got grazed? i mean if god hadn't been watching over me, i wouldn't be here. >> those officers, corporal detective brian shaw and officer john abbott. they met with president obama and president george w. bush at the interfaith memorial in dallas yesterday. their police chief, joseph hannigan was with them. he joins us. talk to us about that meeting. not often anyone, let alone two officers, get to meet the president. what was it like? >> it was unbelievable. really was. we knew that president obama was flying to town, but to actually see president bush right behind
12:07 pm
him was a great pleasure. >> talk to us about what happened that night, last thursday night. there were protests. everyone knew there were protests. but then those shots rang out. what orders did you give your officers? >> well, my officers realized there was gunfire on the street. they went to investigate it and as they were exiting the doorways, the glass exploded. so the subject started firing his weapon into the locked doors and one of my officers received a bullet graze to his abdomen. my other officer experienced leg injuries from the flying glass. but they both did what they were trained to do and that's why they're alive today. >> they both were hit with shrapnel. but then their job didn't stop. they kept on working. yes? >> they kept on working. they were both bleeding heavily. they both donned on tactical gear and rifles, long guns, and
12:08 pm
they posted their selves at strategic locations where this subject might turn up. >> now you've had to see memorial services -- go ahead. chief, i was saying, you had to sit through these memorial services, watch these memorial services. i know you want to be there to honor those officers that have been lost. how emotional has this been for you? >> it's been extremely emotional, john. i just came from officer brent thompson's memorial service not longer than an hour and a half ago. i knew officer thompson. it is going to be a great loss to the city of dallas. he was excellent, excellent police officer. the guy from that night just -- he came out to shoot police officers. he just opened up on uniforms, and of course when you're responding to calls of shots fired, you have no idea that you're the target. you automatically assume that it's other rival factions or a
12:09 pm
robbery or barricade situation. but you never realize that you are the target. and, unfortunately, that's what it was on thursday night. >> now, chief, i know you are back out doing your job today, just as you do every day. i know your officers are out doing their jobs today, just as they do every day. that's what we expect of you and that's what we have come to appreciate from you. but, it's got to be different. i mean what does it feel like now to walk the streets, to be out there after what happened thursday night? >> actually, strangely enough, it's not different. besides the hurt from a loss of the five men, as you can see, the community is out here showing their appreciation and that's humbling. so it's a strange twist between grieving and hope and happiness that people out here precious. so our job hasn't changed. our mission hasn't changed.
12:10 pm
we're still out here to protection the public and we will do that. as long as we wear this badge. >> chief hannigan, you are an example of the unity and healing and just perseverance that this country needs. thanks so much for being with us. >> thank you. thank you, john. thank you. next up -- all eyes on indiana as the trump running mate selection process intensifies. that's an understatement. he's at all kinds of meetings today. there are more people headed to indiana at this moment. he could be close to making a final decision. hear who is on the short list. hear what donald trump's gut is telling him. hear what his kids have to say. but wait, there's more? donald trump suing a former campaign aide for $10 million? that's next. dentist if an electric toothbrush was going to clean better than a manual. he said sure...but don't get just any one. get one inspired by dentists, with a round brush head.
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12:15 pm
so you want to be a vice president? you better get to indiana. donald trump taking part right now in a virtually unprecedented vetting process to pick his running mate which could happen really any minute now. alabama senator jeff sessions, he just got to indiana. newt gingrich, he was already there. he had lunch with donald trump and family. breakfast was at the indiana governor's house. mike pence was there with his family. donald trump brought his kids as well. don jr., eric, ivanka, her husband, jared kushner. a trump advisor says the younger trumps are pushing mike pence. minutes ago, governor pence spoke about the morning meeting. >> it is just very humbling for our family to have the opportunity to meet the next president of the united states, to get to know his family, and obviously to be considered for a position of this magnitude. >> what was the discussion like this morning? >> it was just very warm and just one family meeting with
12:16 pm
another. we were really honored to have not only mr. trump but number of his children. son-in-law joined us at the governor's residence. it is great to have them in indiana, great to have a chance to break bread. nothing was offered, nothing was accepted. >> maybe -- yet. we're also told trump's own instincts are telling him to go for another governor, christie,e guy on earth who's not in indiana today. cnn's dana bash is in indianapolis where it all seems to be happening. >> reporter: it sure does. jeff sessions, senator from alabama, who was the first sitting senator to endorse donald trump and has become an advisor to him. he is here. he flew commercial with our own sunlen serfaty to indianapolis. we saw him go in about a half-an-hour ago to this hotel where donald trump has been for
12:17 pm
the past many hours, including for the lunch that you spoke of that he had with newt gingrich, another person who flew in here to meet with donald trump. i'm told when it comes to jeff sessions, the meeting that's going on as we speak, that it's not so much a do you want to be my vice president, it's who do you think i should pick for vice president. that he's really trying to use sessions as a sounding board. he's trying to get a sense of what the best route to go is. now, having said that, john berman, i know you covered the bush-cheney campaign in 2000 where there was another man who was used as a sounding board and he became the vice presidential pick. so you never know what happens in these situations when they're meeting. but this is definitely a situation where -- i was just told before coming on with you, there is no question that donald trump has not made up his mind yet. he is in the final stages of deliberating and we're just watching it all play out, oddly, on the streets of indianapolis. >> all right, dana bash, thank you so much. yes, i'm old enough to remember
12:18 pm
when dick cheney was asked his advice on a running mate and it ended up being dick cheney. joining me now, cnn politics executive editor mark preston who is in cleveland where the republican convention will happen next week. he is the howard counauthor of "american governor, chris christie's bridge to redemption." mark preston, start with you. conservatives watching this pick very closely. how will they react? >> well, john, as we speak right now, there is a group called the council for national policy. they are meeting at a hotel here in cleveland. they're talking policy, they're talking politics and they're talking about who mr. trump should choose as his running mate. these are the folks who are behind some of the business organizations now in the conservative movement. this appears to be a split on whether mr. trump should choose governor pence or should he choose newt gingrich, or as one person told me, tony perkins who
12:19 pm
is the head of the family research council, just got off the phone with him. he told me he'd like to see someone like jeff sessions chosen. the reason being, he thinks that mr. pence last year caused a lot of concern when he rolled back religious freedoms on many businesses in indiana. so there's a lot of talk out here amongst conservatives. the one uniting factor though, john, is they do not want to see chris christie as donald trump's running mate. >> we have craig dunn from indiana i think on with us still. craig, i've been talking to people in indiana the last week. people have said to me on ground there, everyone thinks it will be mike pence. all the movements have been that it will be mike pence. what are you hearing today? >> first of all, i need to correct you. i'm actually a district chairman for the indiana republican party, not the state chairman. i would concur. i believe that mike pence will be selected and the reason why is that he ticks off so many boxes on the selection process.
12:20 pm
he's done an absolute amazing job in the state of indiana. it's no secret nationally that indiana has been the island of prosperity in the old rust belt midwest. we actually have 156,000 more people working in our workforce today than we did eight years ago. whereas the national trend has been a declining workforce participation rate. and we've cut taxes a couple of different areas, corporate income taxes. and also inheritance tax. he's just done a wonderful job. our economy's humming. everything's moving along great. and he has a great relationship with evangelical voters who i think are somewhat concerned about donald trump and some of his positions regarding right to life and some of those issues. but generally i think not only is it just hometown pride that we believe that mike pence will be selected, but we also think he's the best person for the job at this point in time. >> matt katz, i want to talk about chris christie.
12:21 pm
not only is chris christie not quite as popular with some social conservatives but there's also some just strange baggage there when you're talking about chris christie and trump. right? because chris christie was the prosecutor who put donald trump's son-in-law's father -- follow the bouncing ball here, in jail. jared kushner's father. so how will that play out? >> that's why we're hearing that jared doesn't necessarily want christie as the nominee and favors pence. christie was u.s. attorney in new jersey about a dozen years ago and he got a conviction and sent jared's father, charlie, to prison for a couple of years for tax evasion and for hiring a prostitute to blackmail a witness, a cooperating witness. so there is bad blood between the kushner family and christie, to say the least. apparently they've broken bread and they've come to some terms in recent months as both are involved in trump's transition. of course, christie is the chairman of the trump transition team. and this is seen by team
12:22 pm
christie as a problem in terms of whether christie will be chosen but not insurmountable. they're trying to sell trump on christie's other attributes like the fact he is a great attack dog, that he can kill it on the debate stage and that he'll be loyal to the candidate. and they also have pretty good chemistry. trump and christie have known each other for about 14 years now. >> shakespearean, to say the least. mark preston, make the case for newt gingrich. the one candidate we're getting reports that he asked to fly to indiana today to make his final case. >> let me just make this case for you. assume mike pence is actually chosen to be the vice presidential running mate. what position could newt gingrich take? he could become the chief of staff for donald trump in the white house. some people would say, well that doesn't seem to be a very good consolation prize. but only go back to 2008 when rahm emanuel, the current mayor
12:23 pm
of chicago right now, was a house democratic leader on the fast track perhaps on the way to becoming speaker of the house once nancy pelosi would to leave. rahm emanuel left congress to essentially run the government. that's a role pence could play. having said that, as a vice presidential running mate, newt gingrich is clearly, clearly schooled within policy. he is well liked by a lot of conservatives but there is still some concern. he would have some of the same problems pence would have when it comes to all conservatives in uniting them behind him. >> mark preston, matt katz, craig. dunn, thanks dunn, thanks for being with us. ruth bader ginsburg calls donald trump a faker with and ego problem. trump then tweets that she should resign. next hear how the white house is weighing in. calling all go-getters. all providers. all self-motivated self-starters.
12:24 pm
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12:28 pm
today in baton rouge, just steps away from where alton sterling was fatally shot by police, his teenage son delivered a message of peace. cameron sterling was overwhelmed by emotion a week ago when his family first spoke to the media, as you could understand. but today in just a moment that was so powerful, the 15-year-old urged those protesting police brutality to, as he put it, do it the right way. >> i feel that people in general, no matter what the race is, should come together as one united family. there should be no more arguments, disagreements, violence, crimes.
12:29 pm
everyone should come together as one united family. my father was a good man. that was his sacrifice to show everyone what has been going on. i feel that everyone, yes, you can protest. but i want everyone to protest the right way. protest in peace, not guns, not drugs, not alcohol, not violence. everyone needs to protest in the right way. with peace. no violence. none whatsoever. >> amazing. the video of alton sterling's death at the hands of police sparked one young woman to pour her thoughts about racial unrest into a poem that she read on facebook. that poem has been read more than 17 million times. she starts with an apology. >> i wasn't born rich but don't get it twisted, see how i look, my white skin is my privilege. i don't get watched when i go to
12:30 pm
the mall. if i get stopped for a tishth, it doesn't end in a brawl. i don't know what it's like to go out for snacks and end up lying dead on my back. my car's never been watched or followed around. my kids don't play in parks and then gunned down. i don't know anyone murdered for selling cisgs or cds, i've never been shot at by corrupt men in pds. i won't pretend to know how you feel but i have something to say that's true and it's real pendant and i'm sorry for how you've been treated. i'm sorry for scars you beared then and bore then and bear now because of wounds we have caused or allowed. >> savannah joins us. thanks so much for being with us. what made you finally write that poem? what made you share it and are you surprised at this point it's been viewed 17 million times? >> i'm surprised, yes and no.
12:31 pm
i'm surprised, yes, because i wrote it and i'm just a regular person. so i can't believe that it was me but i'm not surprised because i think deep down no matter how we were raised we all want the same thing and we all understand the value of a human life and we all stand against injustice so i think members of both communities were able to join hands and see that it was a message that they could get behind. it was just i kind of had enough. you can let injustice go on for so long before you say something. i think a lot of us struggle with that bystander effect, you know, someone else will say something so i won't have to. finally i got to the point where i was just like i can't not say anything anymore. so there it was. >> when anyone posts something online, it gets on facebook. 17 million people see it. i imagine there are a lot of comments on both sides. talk to us about some of these comments, both pro and i imagine there have got to be some con, as well. >> i'd say really about 85% of the reception has been positive.
12:32 pm
one of the main comments that we got that was kind of more negative was that my family or my husband and i or our church were anti-cop and that's absolutely not the case. we love cops. we have people in our family who are cops. we support cops. in the same way that we don't want a community to be spoiled because of one or two bad actions, we don't want people to think that we don't like cops because of one or two bad apples. and so we love and support cops but really that's the only negative commentary that we've gotten, was the question of our support of cops and we both think we can love cops but still address a broken system and that's what we did. >> it's interesting, i've been talking to don lemon, van jones, some of our friends here at cnn and they talked to us about the talk that young african-american kids need to get from their parents or that parents give their african-american children about how to behave, how to react if they are faced with police officers, just how to rehackett ar react and behave in society. one of the things they're saying
12:33 pm
is they believe white parents need to have conversations with their white children. i'm wondering what you think those conversations should be? >> i actually think it is kind of crazy that a black parent would have to tell their black child how to behave in front of a cop. when i was raised, my mom and my dad didn't have to tell me how to bow hav behave in front of a cop because they raised me with manners and respect. i think black parents all over the world raise their kids with respect and i don't think they should behave any differently. think on both sides of the community it shouldn't be an issue because you are black this is how you need to act around a cop. it should be because you are human, we need to honor and respect other humans. so we're going to walk in integrity, we're going to respect authority, we're going to be loving, we're going to value human life and we're going to be upstanding citizens. i think the majority of those talks are what parents are having with their children. i just think that it is a shame
12:34 pm
and that it is sad that black parents are having to give their kids more rules and restrictions for how to debbehave -- i have young sons who are white and i don't have to tell them a special way to act around a cop. they just know to be respectful. i think black parents are teaching their children the same thing and i'm sad that they have to teach them something more than what i'm having to teach my kids. >> savannah hartman, thanks very much for being with us. tonight a cnn town hall, don lemon brings together all sides to discuss what is going on between police right now with the community of color. don't miss, "black, white&blue." america 2016. live tonight at 10:00 eastern only on cnn. next, the cia director challenges donald trump's call to bring back waterboarding. what he says he would do if trump is elected president. your your moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. be the you who shows up in that dress. who hugs a friend. who is done with treatments that don't give you clearer skin.
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12:39 pm
just in to cnn -- this is interesting -- donald trump now suing a fired campaign aide for $10 million. cnn national politics reporter emjay joins us. >> sam number was the aide who was fired months ago after some racially charged posts that he had made on facebook came to light. now this is what we have confirmed and i just want to be careful to not talk about details that we haven't really confirmed yet. i did speak to sam on the phone and he confirmed that he is in fact the aide that is being sued. he referred all questions to his lawyer. i just got off the phone with the lawyer and he says that he is being accused of violencing certain confidentiality provisions by talking about donald trump after he was let go
12:40 pm
from the campaign. the lawyer also tells me that this has to do with information within the campaign, as well as relationships between various people within the campaign but he would not elaborate. as though the trump campaign needed more drama today. >> we knew that trump had confidentiality agreements. we now know that he plans to enforce them via lawsuits. thanks very much for being with us. donald trump also making other headlines today. he is demanding supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg resign from the bench. this is what he said on twitter. justice ginsburg of the u.s. supreme court has embarrassed all by making very dumb political statements about me. her mind is shot. resign." this all started when ginsburg shared her opinions on trump in several interviews in an unusual way telling cnn, "trump has no consistency about him. he says whatever comes into his head at the moment." now the white house is weighing in. >> she didn't earn the nickname
12:41 pm
the notorious rbg for nothing. >> joining me now is cnn's michael smerconish, michael, what do you think? who's taking it too far here? donald trump or ruth bader ginsburg? everyone we've spoken to says they've never seen a supreme court justice using the type of language that she's been using. >> well with be in t, in the en to your question is both have taken it too far. it is a shame for trump that he couldn't just stop short of questioning her competence and saying something like, "the new york times" editorial page and "the washington post," at least in this instance speak for me because, john, whether you get the "times" and the "post" editorial pages to take the side of donald trump as opposed to justice ginsburg, boy, you really know that something has been said that's out of the box and that's what this is. what i'm reminded of is the fact that no member of the district court, the federal bench district court, could say the sort of things that she could
12:42 pm
say because they would run afoul of the code of judicial conduct. but the code of judicial conduct doesn't apply to the supreme court justices. >> it's interesting, michael, i did speak to the clinton campaign earlier today, brian fallon. despite the fa kt that tct that "times" and the "post" say it is unprecedented, the clinton campaign won't criticize ruth bader ginsburg, not even close. >> well, i think that's a mistake. i think for credibility purposes you've got to call them as you see them. and sometimes get away from the talking points. look, john, just coming in to this segment, you reported on a story where there's now litigation -- he's a litigious guy. there's now litigation between donald trump and a former employee. he's involved in all sorts of private lawsuits. trump university, among them. i don't think that it's out of the question that if he were president of the united states, there would be a challenge of his executive powers or maybe there would be something that
12:43 pm
pertains to his conduct as a private citizen that would rise to the level of the supreme court of the united states. she would have to recuse herself from any of those things. and, frankly, people would look at the court generally and wonder how they're divided politically based on what she has said. she didn't do her colleagues any favor. that's my view. >> more news about the executive branch, michael. the cia director just responded to donald trump's repeated call to bring back waterboarding. in washington today, john brennan said, if a president wants that type of action for terror suspects, he wouldn't comply. listen. >> i can say that as long as i'm director of cia, irrespective of what the president says, i'm not going to be the director of cia that gives that order. they will have to find another director. >> chances are if donald trump became president he probably would find another director, i think that's shave to saafe to .
12:44 pm
>> i think you're right. what's interesting, in the blogosphere you read these allegations, these insinuations that perhaps some in the military command would not be responsive to the orders of a commander in chief named donald trump. but there are never names associated with these charges, with these allegations. this is pretty significant that you get director brennan saying, look, if i were in that position, i'm not following that lead. he could not, i guess, in good conscience serve trump to trump's satisfaction. >> michael smerconish, thanks for being with us. don't miss "smerconish" saturday at 9:00 and sunday at 6:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. next, the new british prime minister meets queen and faces the daunting task now of leading the uk out of the european union. we will tell you everything you need to know about prime minister theresa may. medicare parts a and b and want more coverage, guess what? you could apply for a medicare supplement insurance plan whenever you want. no enrollment window. no waiting to apply. that means now may be a
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it is official, britain has a new prime minister, theresa may. she is the second woman to assume britain's highest office, i suppose not including the queen. she did meet with queen elizabeth a short time ago. in keeping with british tradition, actually it was the queen who made her prime
12:49 pm
minister, invited her to form a new government. theresa may takes the job from david cameron who resigned earlier today as britain grapples with how to pull out of the european union. david cameron addressed the meeting as his family parted 10 downing street. >> it has been the greater honor of my life to serve our country as prime minister over these last six years and to serve as leader of my party for almost 11 years. and as we leave for the last time, my only wish is continued success for this great country that i love so very much. thank you. >> that was the old. let's talk about the new. cnn's nic robertson joins us now from london. nic, theresa may, she has been in office as home secretary for quite some time. what do we know about her? >> reporter: this is a woman who plays her cards close to her chest who generally doesn't come out and talk to the media very often. she's really highly regarded as
12:50 pm
somebody who, once they give their word, she keeps her word. she's somebody who's seen as working very hard behind the scenes, somebody who's perhaps at times. better read-in than some of the officials who work for her. she's respected. she's seen as somebody who can bring the party together and that's what we're already seeing here. she's already and she brought on the man who was working against her in the lead campaign, boris johnson being given a very senior role. the british foreign secretary. and that is the top job. he was one of the remaining people. so they are sort of playing it, bringing both sides of the camp back together to try to unify the conservative party. also talking about a more compassionate time of conservativism where the poor will get a better leg up. the fat cats of the big
12:51 pm
companies could face certainly more scrutiny about their salaries. when we stand here and listen to all of the different members of parliame parliame parliament coming through here, she had a very stern clear message for the scottish people thinking about the possibility of a second independence referendum. this is what she said. not everybody knows this, but the full title of my party is the conservative and unionist party. and that word unionist is very important to me. it means that we believe in the union. the precious, precious bond between england, scotland, wales and northern ireland.
12:52 pm
it also means we believe in a yun yoon not just between the nations of the united kingdom, but also our itseevery one in it someone that will let england break up easily. >> we're going to see a lot more of theresa may today and in the days and weeks ahead. >> next, a moment of calm in the wake of the tragedy of dallas. we'll join him to explain to us what moved him to play. you just get in and it naturally adapts to your body and creates the perfect temperature for you. (vo) sleep cooler, wake more refreshed. discover the new temper-breeze.
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a traveling piano player who
12:57 pm
brought his music to war zones and communities struck by terror, dallas no exception. he says the colors of my piano keys inspired me today. ly play in front of the memorial to promote peace. depty tt tty -- i have seen yo, i saw you in paris after the attacks, you do this, how do you get place to place with your piano? >> yeah, i'm traveling around the world, i want to promote
12:58 pm
peace and music. this is something i'm doing for about five years now. the first time informs turkwas a protest. and that was the first time that i saw music could heal such moments and promote peace in the moment. that's why i'm doing this once in awhile, and during my travels, sometimes it is happening that some violent situation are coming, and i'm using my piano has a way to promote peace. so this song is up with of the most powerful for me. and it contains all of the words that we need right now and that's why i played it.
12:59 pm
>> what did you see when you were playing that in front of dallas in front of the beautiful police memorial. what did you see? >> i saw people that very hardened people and family members of the police officers, but i could not resist the emotional, so i went away after i played the song, and i saw a little pain. and it was -- i can't describe the emotions. so yeah. >> well, thank you so much for being with us, and thank you for what you do. i know from the other places you have played, it is always welcome to have that music to help us get through those moments. thank you so much. >> thank you, too.
1:00 pm
>> thank you for being with us today. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. >> thanks, will donald trump go with his head or his gut? "the lead" starts right now. donald trump says it is probably down to two candidates, but which two, we don't know for sure. trump could make his pick any minute now as a whole slew of new battleground state polls shows the race is closer than ever. a nation says goodbye as five police officers murdered in the line of duty are given their final salutes. and then -- they wanted to kill cops. four suspected i