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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  July 13, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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>> thank you for being with us today. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. >> thanks, will donald trump go with his head or his gut? "the lead" starts right now. donald trump says it is probably down to two candidates, but which two, we don't know for sure. trump could make his pick any minute now as a whole slew of new battleground state polls shows the race is closer than ever. a nation says goodbye as five police officers murdered in the line of duty are given their final salutes. and then -- they wanted to kill cops. four suspected in baton rouge
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caught in the dead of night stealing guns so they could assassinate police officers. welcome to "the lead." presidential candidates normally employ all sorts of cloak and dagger tactics when picking their vp candidates, but donald trump is talking about tryouts for vp candidates. jim acosta joins me now, some in the party are pushing for mike pence. he is not the only problem. >> no, clearly there are divisions in the campaign, one
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advisory described it to me as a discussion. it has at times seemed like a reality show, but his search is shaping up to see must-see tv and the finale is days, maybe hours, away. >> donald trump's season of the apprentice has come down to this, an indiana cliff hanger. the trump campaign source told cnn their meetings in the last 24 hours went fabulously. >> i'm at three, potentially four, but in my own mind, i'm probably thinking about two. >> nothing was offered, nothing was accepted. >> he got his tryouts and showed off a skill -- >> i think it would be extremely
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careless to elect hillary clinton as the next president of the united states. who knows. >> which explains why jeff sessions was in indianapolis as an advisor. talking about the number two spot with chris christie calling in from washington. >> it is kind of like the apprentice, you'll find out who the last one standing is. but he is a tighter. gingrich is seen as loyal and a fierce debater and has vetting issues and pence has vetting that is completely clean but it is clean. >> i'm not doing this for
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surprises or anything. >> we need a president that puts the safety and security of our residents first. >> chris christie is someone that i have liked for a long time, he is a total professional. >> he is now a close advisor and he has known trump and his flare for the dramatic for years. >> donald and milania have been friends for years. >> donald trump, by the way, expected to announce his choice at an event this friday. it could all be eliminate pence,
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he must inform officials by friday if he is dropping out of his race. it is anyone's guess at this point. we have been told no decision as been made. >> our next guest is one of those potential vice president picks. he is michael t. flynn. he has a new book out, the field of fight, how we can win the global war against radical islam and it's allies. general, thank you for joning me, it's great to be here. >> you're being floated as a possible vp pick for donald trump, and you're heading to cleveland, as i understand it after the show. should we expect to hear from you one way or the other next
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week? >> i think one way or the other i will be in cleveland, it's an honor for me to be considered in this mix that is so important for our country. i am absolutely humbled by it, but yeah, i will be in cleveland for sure, and you will likely hear from me, and i would like to come in and see you when you're there. >> of course. it seems like it is down to pence, christie, and gingrich. have you been told one way or another if you're still on the short list? >> what i would just say is again, you have to talk to the trump campaign to find out where they're at. this is going to be a big decision for trump to make, it is critical, and i'm just honored to be in that mix. >> i wanted to play a clip from an interview you did over the weekend. >> i think women have to be able
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to choose what they have the right of choice. and then on monday, the next day, you told fox news that you're pro life and the law should be challenged. to a lot of observers, it looked like you said what you believed and then someone might have told you you're not going to be picked. i think that where i am, is i am for life, but i am also for the law. and i think it is very important for people to understand that going into this election, there are going to be big decisions to select the next group of supreme court justices. so if people want to change the law, which i am a big fan of the rule of law. so this election is going to decide on the supreme court of
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the united states for probably the next 30 or 40 years or longer. so i love life. i have my own children and grandchildren. i grew up in a family of nine brothers and sisters, but at the same time this is a legal issue. i know this is the current law of the land. >> you would like a change? >>. >> i don't know, i really don't know. it is an measure that is very complex in the short period of time that we have. >> let's talk about your book. the field of fight, you lay out in your book a plan to destroy isis and you say we have to attack the islamists everywhere and in every way. what does that mean for attacks
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in syria, what does mean? >> we are in a war. we're not allowed to say that. we have to clearly define the enemy. what difference does it make? it makes all of the difference in the world. second is to lay out a campaign plan. there is a lot of we have to discredit this ideology and we're not allowed to do that right now? >> because we're not allowed to say radical islam? >> right, we can't say this ism and go after it like communism or others. we should not fear that to challenge these kinds of
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doctors. we have a country based on christian principals. we should not be ashamed of that. we should challenge doctrines against our way of life. >> the field of fight is the book, lou tenant general michael flynn is the guest, i know you will be back again, good luck with the book and good luck with everything else. we'll see you in cleveland. >> the party of lincoln is welcoming the party of trump. that is a quote from hillary clinton delivering her newest line of attacks. will hillary clinton's new mess an resonate? that story next. we were born 100 years ago into a new american century. born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better.
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welcome back to "the lead." hillary clinton is taking the unusual step of calling for unity in a place of tremendous
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historicalism. not because senator obama announced he was running for president, but because that's where abraham lincoln gave his famous house divided speech. the presumptive nominee saying the party that lincoln himself helped found is becoming a party of donald trump. brianna keiler is in springfield illinois. clinton pacically calling trump the anti-lincoln. >> yes, and the symbolism not very subtle. coming to the old state house where abraham said a house divided against itself cannot stand and she tried to cast dond trump as a divider who is
1:16 pm
dangerous for the country. >> hillary clinton blasted donald trump. >> this man is the nominee of the party of lincoln. we are watching it become the party of trump. and that is not just a huge loss for our democracy, it is a threat to it. >> clinton is criticizing trump in the wake of the police shootings of black men. >> this campaign is as divisive as any we have seen in our live times. it is built on stoking mistrust and pitting american against american.
1:17 pm
everything he says and everything in he promises to do. >> there are still some black americans who believe that the system is biassed against them. they believe the american system, because they're black, they don't get the same kind of shot, they don't get the same kind of fairness that whites do. what do you say to them? >> i have been saying even against me the system is rigged. when i ran for president, i could see what was going on for the system. >> clinton pounced. >> even this, killing of people, is somehow all about him. >> clinton also called for criminal justice reform, a potential weakness for her it contributed to the era of --
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>> tuesday he described himself as the law and order candidate and criticized the black lives movement. the term is very divisive. >> clinton also reportedly told house republicans that he would defend article one, two, and 12 of the constitution thousand there are only seven articles. >> the first thing a new president does is take an oath to protect and defend the constitution. you have the respect -- >> as donald trump is playing out very publicly, hillary clinton is more hush hush. one name is retired four-star admiral, the former head of
1:19 pm
nato, he is being vetted according to the times, and we know that hillary clinton will be campaigning tomorrow with senator tim kaine in virginia, another person considered to be high up there on your short list. >> will donald trump go with a pick his children like? >> and a man hunt is under way for a possible suspect. a model needs vibrant hair color to light up the runway. schwarzkopf presents color ultîme. its color blend formula locks pigment in for brilliant, vibrant colors. discover runway colors that last. color ultîme, developed with claudia schiffer. from schwarzkopf. ii've been a republican to my all my life.
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i get party loyalty. but there's loyalty to your country... and the things donald trump says... about immigrants and women... veterans... i mean, how can we put up with that? how can republican members of congress support that? if he's our standard-bearer, what the heck happened to our standards? the dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. welcome back to "the lead." amanda carpenter is joining us
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here in studio. steve mcmahon is joining us as well. thank you all for being here. let me start with you. mr. trump said today she probably down to about two candidates for vice president. will it have any impact one way or the other? >> i'm sure that he is gathering information from many sources, i talked to his candidates personally. it will be key for him. he wants to pick a vice presidential nominee that will join him in his fight and to turn america around. >> if i could stay with you for one second, what do you think if it is between christie, gingrich and pence, what do you think ultimately will be the thing that makes the decision, who he thinks will be the best attack dog? who he has the closest relationship with. who will help him governor the
1:25 pm
best? >> i think first and fore most the relationship between the two. and then secondly, things he thinks will help him governor best. and his motivations for getting in the race was to change things and make america great again. >> and donald trump had this to say yesterday. >> he understands the frustrations and the hopes of the american people, like no other american leader in my time since ronald reagan. >> i should also point out that in the last few months, governor pence who supported ted cruz called trump's comments about the indiana judge inappropriate. he said that this muslim ban was
1:26 pm
offensive and unconstitutional. do you think any of the earlier comments may hurt his chance today. >> here is the thing about this veep stakes thing. the trump campaign is really trying to manufacture some chemistry with one of these candidates. going through these dates with mike pence. i think he is looking for some pop. nonof these candidates are really generating that. so it is almost as if he is uncapable of making a decision at this opponent. he is dragging it out too long. i think he will come back to newt gingrich. among the people that i talk to, that is the person people are most comfortable with. >> i have to say i think the one that he has the most chemistry
1:27 pm
with is chris christie. >> but that is not an exciting pick. >> he has gotten very, very good at holding mr. trump's coat and -- so that might work out pretty well for that. >> let's talk about hillary clinton in the new battleground state polls. she lost ground in a couple key battleground states. florida, pennsylvania, and ohio. look at that, he dominates her in this poll. it looki iss like the benghazi hearing may have had an impact in the last few months. >> yeah, i'm not going to sit here and lie to you or spin you, these things can be elastic. over time you pop back up and you see that pretty consistently. this is a six or eight point lead for hillary clinton pretty
1:28 pm
consistently. and i think what you will see is as it recovers, she will end up where she was. >> ed, i want you to take a listen to this. the speaker was asked about his support from donald trump. take a listen. >> i cannot and will not support donald trump and it concerns me when the republican leadership is supporting someone openly racist. >> things have been said that i, too, disagree with. what i'm going to go fight for, the principals and solutions that i believe in, and the candidate i feel is so much more likely to put those into law, because i know hillary clinton will not do that. it is donald trump or hillary clinton. >> that is just an excerpt. at no point did he said that donald trump is not a racist, does that bother the campaign at
1:29 pm
all. >> we know he is not a racist. i think the larger point is for americans that know about donald trump, respect his options, are coming together because this is a trump administration, and it is not the changes we need for someone making changes like speaker ryan. all right thank you. they broke into a store to steal firearms because they said they wanted to kill police. that story next. honors members save up to 25% on brands like hampton, doubletree, hilton garden inn, and waldorf astoria so stop clicking around. book direct at now that's satisfaction.
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obama is behind closed doors meeting with people about the dallas shooting last week. three of the five police officers were laid to rest today. sergeant michael smith, lauren aarons, and michael thompson. they are honored as officers, fathers, sons, and brothers as well. it seems that the entire city of dallas has become a memorial for these fallen officers. >> it feels like the entire city wished it could be inside those three churches as those funerals were happening today. three funerals broadcast on local television stations here and it seems like the entire city was watching as they said fair well to a son.
1:35 pm
he was a best friend. ♪ >> my heart is broken and i am full of rage. he was taken so senselessly. violently. unjustly. i hear my brother in my head telling me to conquer my fear. and i will do that.
1:36 pm
>> though i am heart broken and hurt, i will put on my badge and uniform and return to the street along with my brothers and sisters in blue. to the coward that tried to break me and my brothers and sisters, you know your hate made us stronger. >> and that sense being made stronger and felt all over the city. this is a note left by a child that says do not be afraid or discouraged. we're seeing these notes throughout this memorial. this is a memorial outside of the dallas police department. noti notes, flowers, stuffed animals being left behind. a police car that when we first started here you can could see, and now it is covered with
1:37 pm
badges and other gifts. >> grief and fear are gripping police departments all over the country. in louisiana a state-wide man hunt is under way right now after an alleged plot to kill police officers was thankfully foiled. three men have been arrested after breaking into a store to try to still firearms to kill police officers. boris, the suspects are all young african-american males including a 13-year-old. do we know if these are copy cats inspired by the domestic terrorism in dallas? >> there is no indication this was a copy cat plan to far. the only evidence we got from police that there was any plot at all came from an interrogation of a 17-year-old,
1:38 pm
antonio thomas who was caught shortly after breaking into the cash america pawnshop to tale those weapons. he says they were there to get bullets to target police officers during protests. it is important to point out that none of those three that were arrested were charged with any kind of conspiracy. we're still waiting for law enforcement to provide us more evidence to find out how expansive this plot was. it comes at a time where as you said things are very tense for law enforcement all over the country. >> everybody needs to protest in the right way with peace and no violence. >> alton sterling's 15-year-old spon speaking out for the first time today. >> my father was a good man. that was a sacrifice that he shown everyone what has been
1:39 pm
going on in life. >> his plea for peace comes as police say they were the target of a violent plot, believed to be made for sterling's death. >> three african-americans, including a 13-year-old arrested for stealing eight guns from a pawnshop early saturday morning. afterwards, police say at least one described their plan. >> we learned from that suspect taken into custody that the reason the burglary was being done was to arm police officers. they're goal and objective was to get bullets. >> one other is still missing, along with two guns. all of this as police defend their response to recent protests. i think the threat speaks for itself. >> 1,000 miles away, new details
1:40 pm
are emerging about the shooting death of philandro castille. >> i told him not to reach for it. i told him to get his hand out. >> he told the officer he was carrying a gun before he was shot. a document provided to cnn by castille's family shows he was licensed to carry that weapon and there are conflicting reports about what happened after he was shot. >> his fiance, diamond reynolds who streamed it live on facebook says no one came to his aide as he laid dieing. the police chief says they responded. >> they performed professional and caring cpr on mr. castille and tried to save his life. >> crowds linked arms to block the road during rush hour.
1:41 pm
tensions are high as the country seeks to better protect citizens and police officers alike. one day after memorializing five police officers killed in dallas, they met with community leaders, activists, to discuss solutions for a nation at a turning point. >> now a update on that man hunt that you mentioned, a law enforcement source tells us there is every indication there is a fourth suspect out there and they're actively looking for that person. there are still two guns taken from the pawnshop that are missing. this is just one of two credible threats. one of the officers reported having been followed by someone suspicious. we don't have many details about how that incident unfolded. it is credible enough they're
1:42 pm
dedicating resources to it, so it is something they're clearly worried about, jake. >> okay, a nation on edge, thank you. she understands the racial tension in america, but she is not apologizing for her support of the police. he have join us next. then the uk has a new prime minister, theresa may. what does that mean for america's relationship with our longest held allies?
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president obama telling the nation that "we're not as divided" as we seem at his speech at the dallas police memorial today. it is hard to take his word for it. is the u.s. facing a new era of racial tension and division? let's bring in pamela harris who is also running for the u.s. senate, thank you for joining us. >> great to be with you, thank
1:47 pm
you. >> you said what happened in dallas is personal to for two reasons. i want to play you what you said the day after the attack. >> my heart is breaking. as a prosecutor, my heart is breaking. as the top law enforcement officer of the state. and as a black woman. >> very moving and candid moment, what was going through your mind when you made those remarks? >> so the occasion was a meeting that had been scheduled for months, convening law enforcement and community groups and professors to initiate a new plan that we have in california together everyone around to
1:48 pm
basically be an advisory board to me on what we need to start collecting racial profiling data. so the meeting was scheduled for months and happened to take place within 72 hours of baton rouge, and minneapolis. it is a emotional topic for me. i started out my career at the da's office, i prosecuted everything from high to low level homicides. so the tragedy, the masker franly in dallas, it hit me very hard. and i mean, not nearly as hard as the families of those police officers, but it was difficult for all of us who have worked side by side with police officers. and know that when they take that oath, they take is
1:49 pm
seriously. they protect people who for the most part will never know their names. so i was feeling that emotion and the emotion of a black woman knowing the history and experience of, in particular black men in this country. and there is not a black men i know that is a family member, friend, or colleague that has not been a subject of racial profiling or an unfair or unreasonable stop. i believe very strongly that we're at a moment in our country where people are experiencing an incredible amount of pain. they are the family of all those in the last week who have died and we need to heal, and i think this is a moment in our country that calls upon all of us as americans, and all of us as leaders in our own way and our
1:50 pm
own right to do what we can to help our country heal. and i believe necessary -- >> i was just going to say black men being pulled over, philandro castille had been pulled over 52 times prior to being pulled over. >> i think there is no question that he was, based on the facts as i know it, that he would not be dead. that if that police officer perceived him differently. this gets back to the occasion for the video you shared and some of the work we are doing in california that i think is ground breaking and should be a nation nol model. >> california saw intense racial
1:51 pm
tensions. violent riots in the early 90s. are there lessons that worked that the rest of the nation should learn from? >> absolutely, absolutely. and we're still learning those lessons. we have not reached a moment of perfection, but we're striving to do that. most recently, through the department of justice, we have created the first in the nation training on implicit bias. and policing, where we are training law enforcement officers to understand that we all carry bias. but when you are charged by law with the ability to enforce the law, it is important that you recognize those biases and you do everything you can to not let them interfere with decisions you make about who you will stop, who you will arrest, and who may be shot or prosecuted. that is some of the work we have
1:52 pm
done. some of the other work is creating first in the nation open data nichetiinitiative aro data we collect. i run the california department of justice. we have an extraordinary amount of information about who was arrested and who was prosecuted. i decided to bust open california's criminal data and we're sharing information about who was arrested, deaths in dust custody, and police officers killed in the line of duty all with the idea that if we're going to improve our seasons, we have to be transparent and we have to speak treuth. all of those people show they're upset and they know and believe
1:53 pm
there are racial disparities. and the data shows that. if we're going to be better, we have to speak and acknowledge truth. and i think it will allow us to do it better. i think we should do it with the united states department of justice. >> good luck on the campaign trail, hope to be with you soon. >> and tune in to a special town hall. coming up, the new british prime minister sounds like bernie sanders or donald trump promising to make it work for erchlg, not just a privileged few. he's streaming my games. you can't get away with that. woo! oh, don't worry about it. they can't hear me, i'm just in your head, (announcer vo) no matter how you use your data, verizon's got your back.
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welcome back to "the lead." today's world lead, that was fast, less than a month after
1:58 pm
voting to leave the european union, the united kingdom has a new prime minister. theresa may is the second ever female prime minister. she replaces david cameron that served as prime minister since 2010. let's get to nick robertson. what did may address when she talked about the rent brexit referendum? >> she talked about a new climate. a new place where brit listen negotiate a better position and better status with the european union. she talked about wanting to be close, but access to the single market. what she said today was that she wants a better life for britain's underprivileged. and a brave new britain. >> we face a time of great national change. and i know because we're great
1:59 pm
britain, that we will rise to the challenge. as we leave the european union, we will forge a bold, new, positive role for ourselves in the world and we will make britain a country that works not for a privileged few, but for every one of us. >> and this is a prime minister now who has friends and allies that when they say something they deliver on it. a tough challenge given the new economic challenge here. that is her reputation. >> what might this mean, this new government for the u.k. relationship? >> i think this will be conti e continuity. she voted in 2013 for britain to support the air strikes in
2:00 pm
england. they interviewed her five years ago. she was home secretary, her opposite number, she said how important that relationship was and i think that is what we will hear going forward if. >> that's it for "the lead." turning you over to wolf blitzer. >> happening now, "the apprentice." donald trump is closing in on choosing a running mate, and a day of media chasing motorcades. who will get the job? supreme confrontation. ruth bader ginsburg calls trump a faker. trump says her mind is shot, resign. >> far from finished, a call for continued rasht dialogue and new efforts of national unity. hillar