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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  July 13, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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england. they interviewed her five years ago. she was home secretary, her opposite number, she said how important that relationship was and i think that is what we will hear going forward if. >> that's it for "the lead." turning you over to wolf blitzer. >> happening now, "the apprentice." donald trump is closing in on choosing a running mate, and a day of media chasing motorcades. who will get the job? supreme confrontation. ruth bader ginsburg calls trump a faker. trump says her mind is shot, resign. >> far from finished, a call for continued rasht dialogue and new efforts of national unity. hillary clinton unloads on
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donald trump labeling him dangerous and divisive. a frantic search for a gunman who is responsible for seven deaths, victims picked at random. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room." tonight, multiple sources are telling us that donald trump wants to name his running mate in the next day or two. trump and his family met with mike pence today in indianapo s indianapolis. newt gingrich came to indianapolis also to speak with trump. we're also hearing other big names remain under consideration. trump is jockeying to pig a running mate as clinton hit him with a blistering new attack
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today. standing in a place why lincoln once warned that a nation divided cannot stand. polls from swing states show a tight race right now. we're also following the urgent man hunt for a gunman and possible accomplice linked to seven killings since march. he arrives in a car, gets out, opens fire, and then drives away. and correspondents, analysts, and guests will have coverage of the day's top stories. let's start with trump's search for a running mate. live in indianapolis, what are you hearing about those meetings? >> wolf, sources tell cnn no
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decision has been made yet, and the flurry of meetings showing that he is still debating and beckenning those on his short list. having last minute phone calls. sources say his gut is with chris christie, but there are those behind the scenes fighting for mike pence and newt gingrich. >> donald trump is nearing a final decision and possibly one of the most important of his campaign. his choice of a running mate. the presumptive republican nominee and his family having a private breakfast with mike pence at the governor's mansion in indianapolis. >> it was warm, one family meeting with another. we were honored to have mr. trump and a number of his children. >> a trump campaign source tells cnn that trump and pence in their families are getting around fabulously during the trip.
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>> donald trump knows that the boundless potential of the american people awaits and we can make america great again. >> and pence got a chance on tuesday night to audition. >> i think it would be extremely careless to elect hillary clinton as the next president of the united states. >> but trump is not tipping his hand. >> i don't know if he will be a governor or your vice president, who the hell knows. >> trump holding a flurry of meetings with other vp contenders today in indianapolis including newt gingrich who has support among trump family members. >> it is a little like the apprentice. >> trump also speaks to chris christie.
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sources say that christie remains a finalist with trump looking for a fight e erfighter. trump also taking a meeting with jeff sessions, the alabama senator flying from washington dc to indiana this morning to help the billionaire through the decision process. not on the list of meetings, michael flynn who is traveling to cleveland tonight for a speech on thursday. he has not spoken with trump recently, but did talk with paul manafort in recent days. >> amid all of this, sources also tell cnn that the trump campaign did reach out to condoleezza rice this weekend to gauge her interest.
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she did not talk to donald trump, but she said she has no interest. the announcement could come potentially on friday, but that saturday announcement is now on the table. >> we'll see what happens. the convention starts on monday. thank you. our senior white house correspondent has been keeping tabs on his hunt for a running mate. like a season finale of "the apprentice." he and chris christie have had a relationship for about a decade? >> yeah, i talked to a trump source earlier today that said yes, they had a phone conversation about being his potential running mate, but they talk on the phone all of time, he is perhaps his most trusted advisor of all of the exrivals that trump ran against. and christie was the first rival that came out and supported
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trump. he is very high on the list. he is potentially the person that trump wants to go with at this point, but there are other people saying there are two other options here to talk about. >> let's talk about newt gingrich right now by all accounts he has been vetted. >> the vetting on newt gingrich like chris christie showed some problems and that is something the campaign will have to deal with. talking with a trump source today, if you have newt gingrich on the ticket, you may automatically win the debate. there are vetting problems and issues of loilt. people in the trump campaign feel like newt gingrich is loyal, but there has been times when in recent weeks he has criticized donald trump pretty strongly. >> trump and their family went to see governor mike pence of indiana. by all accounts he has been vetted as well.
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>> that's right, i was told their meetings when fabulously. one thing that exists in the trump campaign. a discussion not a division, is what does mike pence eventually bring to the ticket? yes, he will calm people down at the republican convention in cleveland, but at the same time do you want someone so toned down it emphasized how bombastic he can be on the campaign trail. trump wants a fighter, and is mike pence that person? do you want the attack dog or the dog that might bite the campaign. that is where they are right now. >> we'll see if these are the three finalists or if there is a surprise out there. >> let's see what happens. it's donald trump he is capable of bringing us surprises as we all know. thank you very much. joining us now from cleveland is the chairman of the republican
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national committee, reince prebus. who do you like among the finalists? >> you know you're going to get not a fedex cup answer from me, i think they're all good choices. they all bring something different. there is a different case to be made for each of the people you were just talking about. and it comes down to a personal decision for donald trump. it's who he feels will be best for him and our country. the choices are good. it's just at this point it's up to him. >> these are the three most visible finalists, do you think there is a surprise out there potentially? >> you know what, it is possible. it would only be par for the course with this primary season so far, that we would have a final twist, perhaps, but i'm not sure. i'm communicating with the team and donald, but at this point i
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think it is his decision. >> i know he calls you and you discuss these issues all of the time, have you given him your recommendation? >> we talk about these sorts of things all of the time, and i guess i just leave it at that, wolf. >> okay, let's talk about other issues that have come up today. ? the past you suggest that there should be diversity and that should be important as well. these finalists all seem to be men, white, what do you think, it was a mistake not to seek, for example, or go with a woman or someone else? a minority? >> well, i know that all of those things are on the table and i think it also comes down to who he thinks is most compatible, and who would be best for our country. there is also diversity of
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experience, and sometimes something that would be beneficial that i think he is also looking at. he has been pretty clear that having experience in matters in both governing a state, policy experience as another issue to be thought about and discussed. so diversity from donald trump as an outsider, a successful businessman, is these choices that he is looking at. these are experienced people, but they all have a different personality and a different amount of experience that they all bring to the table. so i think that is really where donald trump is looking for. >> he said he wants someone with extensive political experience. someone with washington experience, which he doesn't himself have. so you were specifically
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referring to what for diversity? >> look, for each presidential candidate, the diversity that you seek in the spot that you're, you know, the vice presidential spot can be a lot of things. it can be all of the above, experience, gender, race, that is an important ingredient. i think he made it a priority to make sure that whoever he picks he has the inside political knowledge that he has been talking about now for quite awhile. i want to get your reaction to what hillary clinton said and more with the chairman of the republican national committee, she in cleveland, right after this.
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>> we're back with reince prebus, and he is joining us from cleveland. hillary clinton attacked donald trump saying she cannot connect with african-americans who think the system is rigged against them. >> last night he said he understands systemic bias
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because "even against me it is rigged." even this, he makes about him. >> does she have a point. she just vicious and taking rhetoric to a level that is in the butter and i don't think she should try politicizing a lot of these things. she talks about toning down the rhetoric, but her entire speech was rhetoric and a lot of vitrial. i think she should stop lying to investigators, and she should ask herself in the mirror what character and integrity is. i think anyone that lies to the
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fbi and has a director tell the world that she is a bon fide liar in regard to national secrets, the most precious secrets that our country has, is not call if ied to be pret. >> the director of the fbi says she didn't lie to the fbi because that would have been a crime he would have charged her with, but getting back to trump, what hillary clinton was doing was reading the words he said last night in that tv interview. he said the system is rigged against him and them. those were his words. well, look, i think he is just making a rhetorical point. and you can analyze everything up and down. she is the last person on the face of the earth that should be talking about rhetoric out of
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control, a person that didn't tell the truth to the american people, and you're right, she lied about many things in regard to her e-mails, she lied about confidential information. she is lying to the american people about something that the fbi is investigating while she was secretary of state. it is an outrage. is this person that lies about federal national secrets fit to be president of the united states. you can analyze donald trump all day long. she lied about national secrets. it's not comparable. >> but she didn't lie to the fbi because that is a federal crime, lying to the fbi. >> i agree. i don't know what -- maybe the fbi should release the transcript of her interview. >> back to the other point she
2:21 pm
was making against donald trump. you're saying it was rhetorical words that donald trump was using? >> i don't know, you have to ask donald trump about it. he thought the system was rigged. he dispute that. he is trying to appeal to the american people, he is trying to be the guy that we say in our party, the party of the open door, and he is trying to relate to people, and for her to start pointing out rhetorical
2:22 pm
grievances, she has no ability to point fingers. and cornell williams brooks told me yesterday like every four years they invited hillary clinton and donald trump to speak at the naacp conference in cincinnati. hillary clinton said she will attend, donald trump notified them he will not be able to attend because of the convention. even though mitt romney, four years ago, john mccain eight years ago, they spoke at the naacp conference. is he missing an opportunity now at a sensitive moment like it is right now? >> wolf, you have to ask him. i don't know what the scheduling is like. i have spoken at the naacp event. urban league, and a couple times at the urban league. i think the event was a different time than the convention.
2:23 pm
i don't know what timing is, i don't think it has anything to do with his heart. i think it is more of a scheduling issue. you have to ask them, it's the first i heard of it. >> the people at the naacp said he still has time to change his mind they would warmly welcome him. they would like to hear his thoughts, but for thousand he says he has declined. reince prebus the chairman of the national republican company, thank y -- committee, thank you for joining us. coming up more on hillary clinton's call for national unity. she admits her on short, comings but goes on to call donald trump dangerous. >> this man is the nominee of the party of lincoln. we are watching it become the party of trump.
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hillary clinton is calling for healing and sensitivity, but clinton is also taking the chance to offer a blistering critique of donald trump. jeff is here with me following the clinton campaign. >> she took a page from history traveling to springfield, illinois where nearly 160 years ago, abraham lincoln delivered his speech "a house divided against itself cannot stand." by taking on trump so
2:29 pm
aggressively, she acknowledged she, too, is part of the divide. hillary clinton excoriating donald trump today. >> i believe donald trump is so dangerous. his campaign is as divisive as any we have seen in our lifetimes. it is built on stoking mistrust, and pitting american against american. >> in the same hall, lincoln delivered his a house divided speech. >> recent events have left people across america asking hard questions about whether we are still a house divided.
2:30 pm
>> reporter: facing tight polls in battleground states, clinton is again trying to raise doubts about her rival. >> this man is the nominee of the party of lincoln. we are watching it become the party of trump. and that is not just a huge loss for our democracy, it is a threat to it. >> she called for healing in the wake of deepenning racial tensions. >> let's put ourselves in the shoes of police officers kissing their spouses good-bye every day and heading off to a dangerous job we need them to do. >> reporter: and she asked white americans to understand the families.
2:31 pm
>> let's try as best we can to imagine how it would be if we had to have the talk with our kids about hour carefully they need to act. >> calling himself the law and order candidate, trump is taking aim at the black lives matter movement. >> i think the term is very divisive. the first time i heard it, i thought you have to be kidding. >> when asked in the justice system is biassed against african-americans and i thought it has been biassed against me, i can relate. >> the killing of people is somehow all about him. >> her speech in springfield, illinois, was also an effort to improve her own political standing. >> i cannot stand here and say
2:32 pm
that my words and actions have not sometimes fuelled the partisanship that often stands in the way of progress. so i recognize i have to do better, too. a that is one of the reasons she gave the speech today. the clinton campaign is watching with great interest. their process is unfolding behind the scenes but getting close to the end as well. she may meet with a few finalists tomorrow in washington and is expecting to make her decision next friday after that convention. tim kaine keeps coming up in every conversation as one of the leading contenders. >> there is a couple others being mentioned and vetted as well. thank you. maybe more than just a couple, several others. i want you to stay with us, i also want to bring in our political experts, a national
2:33 pm
political reporter rebecca berg and mark preston joining us from cleveland. her speech today, the first half today was on race relations, and the second half was almost all a blistering attack on donald trump. is that going to be the format from now on? no matter the subject it will e devolve into an attack on trump? >> if it is from foreign policy, the economy, or this one on a divisiveness of america. the topic of a unity speech has to include a sub theme of how he is not the unifying candidate, but a challenge here for her is her negatives are in the same area that his are, so it is a
2:34 pm
race to the bottom in many respects here. every chance he gshe gets, she want to remind people about donald, and donald will do the same reminding people about who he calls crooked hillary. >> some battleground states are showing very, very close right now between clinton and trump. >> no doubt, we talk about national polling here to get a mood of the country, but the path to the white house is through six or seven states. let's look at the wall street journal. this showing clinton and trump are basically tied in iowa. a nine point lead over him in pennsylvania. the last time that republicans won pennsylvania was george h.w.
2:35 pm
bush. let's look at flip it, florida is in there, of course, wolf you know a very important state. trump has a three-point lead so basically tied in the state of florida, but let's look at ohio, it matches the same as what we saw in the wall street journal poll. if you look at pennsylvania, it shows you how polling is a science but it could be a little different. donald trump is flown having a two-point lead over hillary clinton. a very tight race. >> as you say, national polls are important. in key battleground states, that's where it will be decided. you're doing some reporting on the vice presidential effort. what's the latest you're hearing? >> she still in the process of
2:36 pm
making his decision. some of the leading contenders. he huddled with mike pence, the governor of indiana, and he met with senator jeff sessions who has been part of the campaign from very early on, and newt gingrich came out as well. the family also getting involved. so as you know, donald trump really values the opinion of his children and they have been very close advisors on this campaign. they are clearly involved in the presidential selection process. >> what i'm hearing, jeff, and i'm sure you're hearing the same thing, those children, his three children, his son-in-law, ivanka's husband, daughter, and
2:37 pm
son play a very significant role. at the end of the day, this is a candidate's decision. a gut decision that he has. the family is important as we have seen here, but donald trump is used to making big decisions here. i think he could still follow his own beat here. of all places for this to be unfou unfolding, i was talking to republicans who were gob smacked about how this was unfolding at their top hotels in the town and the governor's mansion. >> and trump's plane had mechanical problems overnight. >> perhaps or he was controlling this day in television once again. >> mark preston, what are you hearing? >> there l. >> butch: a divide no matter who he picks especially among
2:38 pm
conservatives. the leading people are meeting here under the umbrella of the council for national policy wolf. the council for national policy is meeting, they will over the next couple days, and i'm hearing there is angst about mike pence when it comes to social conservatives. they feel like he let them down. newt gingrich is well liked by conservatives and he has been married three times and that is causing some angst. one uniting factor is they do not want to see chris christie who they feel is too liberal to be his vice presidential running meat. coming up, cnn investigates a former instructor at the former trump university. . you both have a
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lawyers for donald trump are in federal court today where a judge is considering whether or not to release depositional video about their client answering questions about trump university. the lawsuit says that trump university failed to live up to it's billing. drew, tell us what you learned.
2:44 pm
james harris southern says he was one of the best salesman at that school. they raked in $40 million from people who thought they would be taught the secrets of donald trump's success. >> we were making a lot of money >> were you the top guy? >> from week to week to week, my numbers were in the top one or two. >> his job was to get people to believe they, too, could be as successful as real estate as donald trump. reel them in, sign them up, and get them to pay up to $34,000 that the next seminar, the next class, would teach them all they need to know. >> what do you know about real estate?
2:45 pm
>> it is a very wide and huge business. i got in bonds in real estate myself at the '90s. >> and if you attended a seminar, you would hear more about the claims of success. claims made in this verbatim seminar. >> you said i'm a former licensed agent broker. at 29 i was the top in the country. i build homes in atlanta, georgia, and i used to live in beverly hills. >> if i said those things it is true. i did live in beverly hills. >> we have no record of you living in record beverly hills. we can't find your broker's license, and i have no idea what homes you built in atlanta, georgia? >> i'm not prepared to answer those questions today. >> this is part of your pitch.
2:46 pm
is any of that true? >> again, i'm not going to answer those questions because i have not seen it. >> you certainly know what you have done in your life. >> i don't know where it is coming from. >> it is a transcript submitted in court. >> i have never seen it. a taped presentation you made in san bernardino, california. >> it is a court document. >> okay. >> what do you know about real estate. >> i'm not prepared to answer those questions today, this is about trump university. the aisle flashing his rolex. - >> james says the school was a fraud and so was his teacher. >> did you have dinner with donald trump? >> i never had dinner with him. >> bob was in one of your conferences and you said i just
2:47 pm
had dinner with donald trump. >> i don't have any recollection of that. >> james harrison admits his job was to sell real estate seminars, with the goals of hooking his audience to buying more classes. >> i was told to promote and sell the trump university packages and the programs they were offering, and that's what i did. they had to pay a fee to come to further their training at the next event. so it was, it went from event to event to event. >> is that step by step as it has been described, up sell, by up sell, by up sell. >> kind of sort of, yes. if you pay this amount we're going this far. if you pay this much we'll go further with you. >> i just spoke to austin and irene. the couple that had the $30,000 balance from the gold.
2:48 pm
it will be another $35,000. your partner says these peoples don't know what are coming up. >> this is a typical e-mail between two sales people working on a deal. i don't know if they had the money or not. they could have been putting up their last dollar. >> do you care? >> of course. but i'm doing my job. >> regardless whether could afford it or not? >> regardless, i didn't know if they could afford it or not. that was not my position or my job. other people did that. i don't know if they could afford it or not. we were told to show them all of the ways they could afford it and could come up with the finances to get into the
2:49 pm
business. period. end of story. >> under oath, donald trump could not even remember who james harris is. not a single one of their real estate experts, that videotaped deposition is what is being argued about in a san diego courtroom right now. the hearing is over in san diego, the judge took it under advisement, he has not made a ruling, he said he will do that in writing later. >> what does later mean, in the next few days? >> i would guess so, he usually takes all of >> great reporting from drew griffin for us. amazing reporting, i should say. thank you so much for that report. drew griffin doing his excellent, excellent work. police in phoenix say a serial killer is terrorizing their city. we will tell you about the disturbing pattern around a string of recent murders.
2:50 pm
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the city of phoenix is on edge as a string of eerily similar murders has police on the lookout for a serial killer. brian todd is digging for details. what can you tell us? >> reporter: it is like the d.c. sniper case a few years ago. we have spoken to phoenix police several times today, they're engaged in an intense manhunt, tracking a cold-blooded random killer who even targeted children and may have an accomplice. this 12-year-old shot and killed with her mother and a friend as
2:53 pm
they listened to music inside their car. their murders the latest in a series of shootings in the phoenix area which police tonight call the work of a serial killer. her grandfather says the shooter was indiscriminate. >> didn't care there were little babies in the car, they just want to shoot somebody. >> reporter: police tell cnn they believe the same man killed seven people, wounded two others since march. police release this composite sketch. the suspect believed to be a white or hispanic man in his 20s and he may have an accomplice. >> we have no plier known contact between our victims and our suspects. >> reporter: police tell cnn they know part of the killer's m.o. is hitting them at night, hitting them at random. the killer arrives in a vehicle, a sedan, gets out of the car, opens fire, and quick departs in the vehicle. >> he is hunting people he knows he can have access to, that they are vulnerable and accessible,
2:54 pm
those are the two keys, and that they have no idea this individual is behind them or in front of them. he is looking for the best targets. >> reporter: another key part of the pattern, the target area. most victims shot in the western part of phoenix, a cluster in a neighborhood called maryvale. >> what does that tell you? >> that tells me the individual knows the area well. two major thoroughfares you can come into and go out on. >> reporter: two are outside, in total in 50 square miles of the phoenix area. they say the same weapon was likely used in each shooting, a semi automatic hand gun. as the manhunt intensifies tonight, experts say the killer could be watching media coverage and may become more cautious or careless as a result. >> these individuals tend to be ar ganlt, grandiose individuals. now they're holding west phoenix kind of hostage. people are fright end. that for the offender is a rush. that in and of itself can cause
2:55 pm
that person to take more risks and possibly make more mistakes. >> reporter: experts say law enforcement will use every resource possible to catch the killer or killers, they will use surveillance footage, automatic license plate readers that scan plates and feed that information into databases and use tips from the public. there's now a $30,000 reward for information leading to the killer's capture, and the fbi and u.s. marshals joined the manhunt. >> there was that case of the freeway shooter last year. any connection? >> reporter: police had a suspect in that case and then dropped the charges against that suspect. they haven't caught that shooter either. that was a shooting of vehicles on interstate 10 in the phoenix area. phoenix police tell us there are no indications at this point that cause them to believe there's any relationship between the two cases. >> brian, thank you. coming up, last minute comings and goings as donald trump meets face to face with possible running mates.
2:56 pm
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who do you talk to for military advice right now? i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... while donald trump watched tv, as secretary of state, hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza. a reduction in nuclear weapons... took on vladimir putin... and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a steady leader in an unsteady world.
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happening now. narrowing the field. donald trump's short list of potential running mates now down to three. all of them talking to trump in person or by phone in the past few hours. who will trump pick and when? party of trump, hillary clinton denouncing trump's takeover of the party of lincoln, accusing the presumptive nominee gop nominee of dividing the country. he is tied with clinton in some battleground states. emotional plea. the son of a man killed by baton rouge police pleas for peace.
3:01 pm
rejecting violence, urging demonstrators to protest the right way. and tonight, new details about the police shooting of castille. what happened when the filming stopped? moving forward. president obama meets with black lives matter activists and police, civil rights leaders at the white house as he tries to build trust. tonight, the groundbreaking cnn town hall about race and policing in america. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." it is a real life drama playing out in real time that reminds many people of one of donald trump's reality tv shows, but the stakes in the search for a vice presidential running mate are very real and very high. it is believed to have come down to three men.
3:02 pm
indiana governor mike pence, new jersey governor chris christie, and former house speaker newt gingrich. an announcement could come as soon as tomorrow. meanwhile hillary clinton was denouncing trump's campaign as divisive, pitting americans against america. she was at the capitol in springfield, illinois where abraham lincoln once argued against slavery, clinton lamenting the party of lincoln is becoming the party of trump. over at the white house, president obama meeting with black lives matter activists. law enforcement officials, dozens of local and religious leaders, civil rights leaders among them to discuss tension and violence between police and african-american communities. the forum sparked by controversial police shootings of two black men last week and the deadly ambush that left five dallas police officers dead only days later. we're covering that and much more this hour with our guests,
3:03 pm
including congressman darrell issa. and donald trump and the search for a running mate. in the final frenzied hours. jim accoosta is joining us. >> reporter: i am told he is making the decision in the next 24 hours during a campaign fundraising swing through california. as for back and forth discussions going on as to who to pick for running mate, i am told it is not a decision that's up for discussion. the vp search is must see tv and the season finale is days, maybe hours, away. donald trump's season of the apprentice veep stakes edition has come to an indiana cliff hanger where trump and his family huddled behind closed doors with indiana governor mike
3:04 pm
pence. a trump campaign source says meetings in the last 24 hours went, quote, fabulously. >> i am narrowing it down. i'm at three, potentially four, but in my own mind i probably am thinking about two. >> nothing was offered, nothing was accepted. >> reporter: pence got a trump tryout last night, showed off a skill that's prized by the campaign, attacking hillary clinton as untrustworthy. >> to paraphrase the director of the fbi, i think it would be extremely careless to elect hillary clinton as the next president of the united states. >> reporter: presumptive nominee sounded impressed but not convinced. >> i don't know if he will be your governor or vice president, who the hell knows. >> reporter: he met with pence and other contenders, newt gingrich and senator jeff sessions who was there in indianapolis as an adviser, he talked by phone about the number two spot with chris christie, calling in from washington. >> it's a little bit like the
3:05 pm
apprentice. you find out sooner or later who the last one standing is. >> reporter: of the three finalists, the choice is selecting an attack dog that doesn't end up biting trump. the vetting turned up issues like bridge gate, but he is a fighter. gingrich is loyal, fears debater, has vetting issues. and pence whose vetting was clean but is more low key. >> i'm not doing this for surprises or games, i'm doing this because i want to help -- >> we need to have a president who puts the safety and security of our citizens first. >> reporter: it is christie viewed by some as trump's top choice. >> i tell you, chris christie is somebody i liked a long time, he is a total professional. >> reporter: first ex-rival to endorse trump, he is now a close adviser and knows trump and his flare for the dramatic for years. >> the governor thing doesn't work out, the apprentice might be a good deal.
3:06 pm
donald is a good friend and melania, are kind friends, he has been supportive. always great to have donald trump talk about you, he is as good a salesman as anybody. >> reporter: this is no game show now. keep your eyes on governor mike pence, he is favored by some in the family and senior campaign advisers. trump expected to announce that choice at an event perhaps in new york city on friday, but wolf, any movement of that unveiling before the convention if it happens this weekend or moved to this weekend, that would eliminate mike pence. he must inform officials by midday friday he is dropping out of the race for re-election as governor to become donald trump's running mate, so the clock is ticking. >> certainly is, especially for mike pence. stand by. i have more questions for you. trump just wrapped up we are learning a meeting with one of his top advisers, senator jeff sessions of alabama. cnn sunlen serfaty is at the hotel in indianapolis. you have some details of the meeting? >> reporter: that's right, wolf.
3:07 pm
well, that meeting wrapped up a little over an hour ago here at this hotel in indianapolis. you may recall that senator sessions was once considered as a potential vp pick for donald trump, he went for vetting by the trump campaign. sources telling cnn that's not the nature of his meeting here in indianapolis tonight, that it is more of an advisory role here, sessions acting more of a sounding board with donald trump meeting as he grapples with the final decision, weighs pros and cons going through the final options. senator sessions was the first u.s. senator to endorse donald trump and has remained fiercely loyal throughout the campaign. clearly someone that donald trump trusts and values his advice. certainly very indicative of how final these deliberations are, that he is summoning senator sessions to the hotel, they met for a little over two hours, hearing his advice and thoughts, in addition to donald trump's family who was here earlier
3:08 pm
today. wolf? >> sunlen in indianapolis, thanks very much. we'll get back to you when more information comes in. a quick question to jim acosta. chris christie, you heard him say almost like the season finale of the apprentice. some people believe he could be the vice presidential selection. >> that's right. there are people inside the campaign, republicans close to the campaign who are pushing for chris christie. donald trump believes apparently in his gut that chris christie is this guy, part of that is he was the first ex-rival to come out and endorse donald trump. don't forget that. they have known each other many years. they've been on the phone almost on a daily basis, that's something somewhat underreported in this campaign. yesterday they talked about the vice presidential selection process, but donald trump trusts chris christie immensely, he is running his transition program inside the campaign right now, even if he doesn't get the vice presidential selection, one would have to bet he is going to play a prominent role in the administration if elected. >> see if the announcement comes
3:09 pm
tomorrow, friday, or saturday. >> friday, it is just across the river from new jersey. >> jim acosta, good reporting. thank you. let's get more on all of this. congressman darrell issa from california is joining us. thanks very much. >> thank you, wolf. this is an amazing vetting process that is going to give us the next vice president i hope. >> who do you want? >> i want somebody that complements donald trump, we don't need another business man, we don't need somebody to say i've got a plan, we need somebody that can work with congress and be allowed to work with congress. joe biden is a person that if he had been allowed to work with congress could have made a real difference in this administration, so my hope is that he picks somebody with that kind of background and experience. >> of three finalists we have been talking about, chris christie, mike pence, newt gingrich, two of them served in congress. mike pence, newt gingrich. chris christie has not. of those three, who do you want? >> mike pence is a classmate of
3:10 pm
mine and a friend. i'm going to go with him with the fact we came into congress together and served together. even chris christie has worked with the state legislature of the other party, and so all three have real experience about getting legislation passed. newt worked with hillary clinton and got a lot done. both sides say still made a difference. each takes credit for, but newt was there when it happened. >> welfare reform, balancing the budget, and led the fight as far as impeachment was concerned. and on substantive issues. do you think newt gingrich would be a good vice president? >> when you have three friends you hate to get in the middle of it. mike pence came into congress with me together, we traveled together, i know him personally. i probably have the closest relationship with him and i know he would be good. i have no doubt the other two candidates are well qualified.
3:11 pm
newt is almost always if not always the smartest guy in the room when he's in the room, and there's a lot of value to that. but as you say ultimately this is a vetting process of the presumptive nominee, and he has to work with somebody he trusts every day. >> donald trump, he likes to makeup his mind, likes to make his own decisions. do you see him working in a collaborative way with the vice president? >> i do. there's two donald trumps. the one you're talking about, he is resolute, but this is also somebody that does joint ventures with people, let's them run the show, he simply makes sure his name is well used in these operations and promoted. this is also a man that met with speaker paul ryan and made it clear in that meeting and paul ryan i believe said this publicly, said look, you work out the details, i'll sign them. i think you have somebody that wants to be big picture and that will be refreshing. i think ronald reagan was the
3:12 pm
last big picture president we had. >> darrell issa, i want you to stand by. we have more questions, there's other information coming into "the situation room." i want your reaction. we'll take a quick break and be right back. the big hilton world sale is on honors members save up to 25% on brands like hampton, doubletree, hilton garden inn, and waldorf astoria so stop clicking around. book direct at now that's satisfaction.
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3:16 pm
donald trump's controversial call for water boarding drawing sharp reaction from the cia. we are back with darrell issa, member of the house foreign affairs committee on terrorism. congressman, trump says torture works, water boarding, wants to go further. today, the cia director weighed in and said this. listen. >> if a president were to order one of the agencies to carry out
3:17 pm
water boarding or something else, it will be up to the director of cia and others within cia to decide whether or not that direction and order is something they can carry out in good conscience. i can say as long as i am director of the cia, irrespective of what the president says, i'm not going to be the director of cia that gives that order. they will have to find another director. >> i would love to get your reaction, congressman. >> previous cia directors dealt with it differently. i think one thing any president has to do, and i am sure donald trump will, career professionals when they brief him in detail on tools they use, how they work, what they get. what we found obviously is the military active duty, for a long time, we train as military personnel on being water boarded. we don't water board. we have two standards, clearly the military doesn't do it, the cia has at times done it,
3:18 pm
currently they don't. quite frankly i hope in the future we use effective techniques and not necessarily techniques so publicized because that hasn't been good for our reputation around the world. we want to make sure we get what we need through techniques that work and they can't be torture. >> you think trump would walk away from his support for water boarding and other forms of torture? >> i think donald trump is somebody who will take career professionals' advice when explained fully. i came from private sector, was a business man. there's a transition. you go overseas, meet with leaders, meet with station chiefs, learn what they do, how they do it, you gain a respect for procedures they use, and i think that's the important transition that's first of all important to pick a vice president hopefully that's along that way, already knows some of that, and second of all that he listens to career professionals. this is somebody that built his empire by finding other people that know their business and
3:19 pm
hiring them, particularly very bright women who have run major parts of his company. this is a man who understands he doesn't know what he doesn't know and he learns. >> the supreme court justice ruth bader ginsberg told cnn, i will read what she said, he is a faker, has no consistency about him. he says what are comes into his head at the moment, he really has an ego. how has he gotten away with not turning over his tax returns, to which donald trump tweeted this. justice ginsberg has embarrassed by making political statements about me, her mind is shot, resign. was his response, i know she was very tough on him, was his response acceptable to you? >> his response was very trump-esque. and donald is donald. look, he's a politician that says it like it is, who says what many of us would have said. i think the justice, i am saddened she was take a partisan
3:20 pm
tone and one that was inappropriate. i serve and work with judges and justices all the time. i find it's almost impossible to determine from talking to them how they got appointed, what their background was, and that's the way it should be. the third branch of government needs to be apolitical and i'm sorry she's lost that ability to speak above the politics of the day. >> when he said her mind is shot, she's 83 years old, what was he trying to suggest? >> well, you know again donald trump has his way and his way is gruff and uses terminology to express hypothetically how we're thinking. i don't know madam justice, how well her mind is, how sharp she is, or why she fell asleep during a joint session. what i do know is that in the past i would not have expected her or any justice of the supreme court to utter any statements like that, and i
3:21 pm
really think what she should do is apologize to her fellow colleagues on the court because she has diminished the supreme court standing by making statements like that. beyond that it is up to her and her doctor to determine whether she can continue to serve. >> i want to mention you have a new book that just came out, entitled "watchdog, the real stories behind the headlines from the congressman that exposed washington's biggest scandals." congratulations on the new book. quickly, what's the biggest scandal you exposed? >> the biggest scandal we exposed was failure to turn over documents that were legally requested under subpoena. a number of investigations. that's where the scandal came. certainly fast and furious wasn't a scandal until the coverup occurred for ten months and continues to be a scandal, for example, because eric holder's e-mails are only now being released and we're discovering he was part of a willful obstruction, that he used his e-mail to suggest how
3:22 pm
not to deliver documents. but this book is more than about scandals, even though former speaker newt gingrich is on the cover talking about how important it is and how it should be read, the fact is it is about the future, about how we fix a broken system. so yes, i used the investigations under several chairmen during my tenures on the committee as examples, but i also talk about how we go forward, how we get transparency. most people didn't notice but elijah cummings and i passed bipartisan legislation on freedom of information that expands and improves the ability for the public to get information. so it is a hopeful book, in addition to being a book about scandals i saw on my watch under multiple chairmen, including myself. >> darrell issa, author of that new book. congressman, thanks very much for joining us. >> thank you, wolf. just ahead, more on donald trump's vice presidential pick, an announcement expected soon. we're learning new information. his father was shot and
3:23 pm
killed by police at a controversial confrontation that sparked protests around the country. now this teenager is making an appeal. >> not guns, not drugs, not alcohol, not violence. everyone needs to protest in the right way, with peace. no violence. none whatsoever.
3:24 pm
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they're among his closest advisers and donald trump's children appear to be playing a very important role in a search for a vice presidential running mate. let's dig a little bit deeper right now. gloria borger is with us, anchor don lemon with us, senior reporter nia malika-henderson, and david swerdlick. trump and his children, eric, don junior, ivanka and her husband, they had breakfast at the indiana governor's mansion with mike pence. how telling is this. he involves his adult children in his vice presidential search? >> they're intimately involved in this campaign. they're adults, he trusts them with his business and with his presidential campaign. the way trump manages is he has a few close people, not a huge group, that he brings in and the rest is his family.
3:29 pm
if you look at the way this campaign has been run, not only his children but also his son-in-law, jared kir shall ner is involved in the running of this campaign. i believe they have strong opinions on who ought to be vice president, not sure they all agree on who ought to be vice president, in the end they know that it is up to trump and trump is kind of a gut decider and they may not be. so in the end i think the final decision will be up to him, but he does poll members of his inner circle and members of his family about important decisions like this. >> he certainly does. nia, do you think it comes down to alignment on substantive policy issues with a vice presidential running mate or personality, does he get along great with this individual. >> i think the policy part would be much harder because he is often vague on policy, the policies i think he is specific on, he is out of step with much
3:30 pm
of the gop and republican on free trade and building a wall and temporary muslim ban, i think the policy part would be harder. i think the personality part would be much easier, and he has a personality driven campaign. in that vain i think he would have chris christie to choose from, in some ways chris christie was the original tell it like it is guy before trump was, and then i think also newt gingrich, he also known in the same way as a bomb thrower in terms of rhetoric, but for gingrich, he puts more intellectual machine on trumpism, i think that would be a good pick. he needs to decide does he want echo of the trump brand or expansion. if he goes for expansion, it would be pence. >> what do you think of the way he is conducting this, it is visible publicly. >> i think the trump campaign clearly enjoys the attention and spotlight that's been put on it. i talked to someone close to the trump campaign today who kind of
3:31 pm
backed up what gloria was saying a moment ago, even though trump sort of trusts his children, does seek out their input, he is a gut decider. >> don, you heard newt gingrich and chris christie suggest it looks like they're almost getting ready for the season finale of "the apprentice." >> and are we surprised? basically donald trump has taken the reality show theme on the road, he is the biggest reality star outside the entire kardashian family, probably more popular than any singular one of them. nia malika-henderson makes a good point. he basically beat out chris christie at the board room table, outchris christied chris christie. now he is the nominee. it is like the miss universe pageant. he is bringing them on the stage, he's trying them out, and the public or whoever, members of his family are saying i give
3:32 pm
this one this mark, i give that one that mark. that's what he has done the entire time and it has worked for him. >> it builds up a lot of excitement out there. >> a lot of excitement there. almost like maybe too much excitement, right? when he finally unveils this pick friday or saturday. >> whoever gets the rose. >> oh, yes, the bachelor, bachelorette. you wonder, there's all this build up, i shaved my legs for this come friday or saturday. >> gloria, you wanted to make a point? >> i think what we're seeing with trump is a hard head issue and that he wants another fighter to back him up and that might be somebody like a newt gingrich. in his gut, his heart, he might want them. his head might tell him the safe choice would be governor pence who was assure conservatives who
3:33 pm
are worried about trump with good reason that he's conservative enough, so i think he's having this struggle and what he's also doing because he's a show man, he's got all of us talking about almost nothing else. >> exactly. >> he's raising the sort of profiles of all these men. even if pence doesn't get it, this is good for his tight re-election race in the state of indiana, even if he doesn't get chosen, thank you very much, right? this is not bad for chris christie, this is not bad for newt gingrich. so he's helping these people. and by the way, even if one of them, two of them aren't chosen, they're going to wind up in his administration in one way or another, so he's just raising their profiles and raising his own profile at the same time, if that's possible. >> and he's doing it in a way that's so vintage donald trump. >> it is vintage donald trump, and as gloria said, one of them could kind up as vp, one as attorney general, one white house chief of staff. it is not outside the realm of
3:34 pm
possibility. >> you wanted to weigh in? >> i think initially he said he wanted to wait to unveil the vp pick at the convention, and what he has done in this way sort of the constant drip, drip, parading them, pageant like in the past couple days is very different than what he initially thought he wanted to do. >> if it were a reality show, don, there would be cameras in all those meetings right now, presumably -- >> basically there are, we are all there. except for sitting around the board room, mike pence's house, the board room table having breakfast and interviewing him, ivanka is at the board room table as well. basically the cameras are there, they're just not really inside the house, and again as the biggest reality show stunt is to get people talking about you as gloria said and what many people have sort of criticized him for, especially establishment republicans, doing these stunts
3:35 pm
in their estimation to garner media attention, and that's exactly what he's doing with this. again, going back to my initial point, it is not surprising, it worked for donald trump. if it worked, why stop. >> there are new polls out in battleground states that show it is, in fact, working for donald trump, very close contest in some of the key battleground states. we will pick up on that right after this.
3:36 pm
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3:40 pm
this afternoon, hillary clinton invoked abraham lincoln. brianna keilar has details. she spoke there in springfield, illinois, the old statehouse there. tell viewers how it went. >> reporter: well, the symbolism, wolf, was anything but subtle. hillary clinton coming here to the old statehouse, the very spot where abraham lincoln referenced the bible and said famously a house divided against itself cannot stand, as she tried to cast donald trump as a divider who is dangerous for the country. hillary clinton blasted donald trump in springfield, illinois where abraham lincoln delivered his famous anti-slavery speech. >> this man is the nominee of the party of lincoln. we are watching it become the
3:41 pm
party of trump and that's not just a huge loss for our democracy, it is a threat to it. >> reporter: clinton is criticizing trump in the wake of police involved shootings of black men in louisiana and political anayl minnesota. >> his campaign is as divisive as any we have seen in our life times. it is built on stoking mistrust and pitting american against american. it's there in everything he says and everything he promises to do as president. >> reporter: seizing on recent comments about racial tensions. >> there's still some black americans who believe that the system is biased against them, the american system, because they're black, they don't get the same kind of shot, don't get
3:42 pm
the same kind of fairness that whites do. what do you say to them? >> well, i have been saying even against me, the system is rigged, when i ran for president, i could see what was going on with the system, and the system is rigged. >> reporter: clinton pounced. >> even this, the killing of people is somehow all about him. >> reporter: clinton also called for criminal justice reform, a potential weakness for her in light of her 1990 support for anti-crime legislation that contributed to the era of mass incarceration she now derides, but it is a vulnerability eclipsed by trump's comments on the topic. tuesday he described himself as the law and order candidate and criticized the black lives matter movement. >> i think the term is divisive. first time i heard it, i said you have to be kidding. >> reporter: trump reportedly telling house republicans he would defend article one, two,
3:43 pm
even article 12 of the constitution, though there are only 7 articles. >> the very first thing a new president does is take and oath to protect and defend the constitution. to do that with any meaning, you've got to know what's in it. and you have to respect what's in it. >> reporter: meanwhile, as donald trump conducts his search for a running mate, very much out in the open, hillary clinton, wolf, is more hush hush about this. "the new york times" was the first to report that retired four star admiral stavridas and head of nato, it is unclear how serious or close to the top of the list. tim kaine, considered high up on the list, wolf, she will campaign with him tomorrow in virginia. >> thanks very much, brianna keilar. a family spokesman tells cnn
3:44 pm
the son of a man shot and killed by police in louisiana will meet with president obama in washington tomorrow. and today that young man made an emotional plea that was caught on camera. boris sanchez has more. there are new developments on several fronts tonight. update our viewers. >> reporter: well, wolf, it was a heart felt message from cameron sterling. a spokesperson saying he is set to meet with the president tomorrow. right now, the president is meeting with a large contingent of community leaders and law enforcement, two representatives from here in louisiana. the governor, john bell edwards, and colonel mike edmond son, part of the baton rouge police department, all of this unfolding as there's a search for a fourth suspect in what investigators say was a plot to kill police officers. >> everyone needs to protest in
3:45 pm
the right way with peace. no violence. >> reporter: alton sterling's 15-year-old son speaking out for the first time today, steps from where his father was killed by police last week. >> my father was a good man, that was a sacrifice to show everyone what has been going on in life. >> reporter: his plea for peace comes as baton rouge police say they were the target of a violent plot believed to be made in retaliation for sterling's death. >> this is substantial, credible informed we received. >> reporter: three african americans, including a 13-year-old, were arrested for stealing 8 guns from a pawn shop early saturday morning. afterwards, police say at least one described their plan. >> we learned from that suspect that was taken into custody that the reason the burglary was being done was to harm police officers. their goal and objective in the
3:46 pm
burglary was to get bullets. >> reporter: police raided homes and arrested another person in connection with the alleged plot. one other is still missing along with two guns. all of this as police defend their response to recent protests. >> i think the threat speaks for itself. we can't take anything for granted any more. >> reporter: 1,000 miles away, new details are emerging about the shooting death of fill and oh castile. an african-american man killed by a police officer during a traffic stop near minneapolis a week ago. >> told him to get his head up. >> reporter: castile told the officer he was carrying a gun before he was shot, a document provided by castile's family shows he was licensed to carry that weapon. and there are conflicting reports about what happened after castile was shot. >> nobody takes his pulse, nothing. >> reporter: his fiance, diamond reynolds, who streamed the
3:47 pm
shooting aftermath live on facebook says no one came to castile's aid as he lay dying, but the police chief tells cnn officers did respond. >> roseville officers performed cpr, started minutes after they arrived. >> reporter: crowds, linked arms to block the road in rush hour. tensions are high as the country seeks to better protect citizens and police officers alike. ♪ one day after memorializing five police officers killed in dallas, president obama met with community leaders, activists and law enforcement, a discussion about solutions for a nation at a turning point. wolf, officials are looking for the fourth suspect and two guns that were missing, stolen from the pawn shop. it is important to point out,
3:48 pm
though, the suspects that were involved allegedly in this plot, none of them have been charged with conspiracy or making terrorist threats. we are waiting to see evidence that indicates how expansive or thought out the plot might have been, wolf. >> let us know if you learn more information. boris sanchez in baton rouge. all of this will be the subject of a very special cnn town hall tonight on race and policing. don lemon will be moderating. we'll talk about that with don and the rest of the panel right after this. the big hilton
3:49 pm
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3:52 pm
it's a topic that almost all of america is talking about and tonight the race and policing
3:53 pm
are the subject of ground breaking cnn events including a town hall. tonight, don lemon, you will be hosting "black, white and blue: america 2016." a town hall, two hours tonight and we're all looking forward to that, but let me give you some new numbers. yo "the new york times" came out with a new poll about race relations, 69% of the american public believe race relations are bad. in july of last year, 57% in april 2009 shortly before president obama took office only too 22% of the american public thought race relations were bad. only 22%. it's 69% now. you go back to may of 1992 after the l.a. riots it was 68% at that time. now it's even worse than then. this is a subject you're going to be dealing with at length
3:54 pm
tonight. >> and we are, and the big question, wolf, in that is this perception -- what's perception versus reality or is the perception reality in these particular cases because when you're dealing with -- when you ask that question are race relations better or worse? it's a sort of subjective question. how do you prove that? i guess you can prove that with some of the numbers if you actually crunch the numbers when it comes to discrimination and those sorts of thing, but that's a subjective question, but we're also dealing with the same thing when it comes to the town hall tonight about policing in this country, about discrimination and about police brutality and on and on. is it real or is it a perception? does it matter at this point because people believe that it's happening and we're seeing so many of these images. if you look at a number of different studies they point to different things. they tell you different thing, but all of them leading to that there is something when it comes to african-americans especially,
3:55 pm
black and brown people received despair tiff treatments by law enforcement. >> listen to what hillary clinton said about donald trump in her speech today. >> last night in an interview he said that he understands systemic bias against black people because, and i quote, even against me, the system is rigged, unquote. went on to say, i can relate to it very much myself. even this, the killing of people is somehow all about him. >> she delivered her speech on race relation, but the second part of her speech was a blistering attack on donald trump. >> it was. some people think maybe she could have talked about policy and she has talked about policy before and one of her first major policy addresses was about criminal justice reform. i thought this was a speech that
3:56 pm
was essentially telling the republican party that it's not the party of lincoln anymore. it's the party of trump, and she really went through a laundry list of things that donald trump has said about judge curiel and a temporary ban on muslims and all things considered low lives among democrats and even some democrats and republicans. so i thought it was a sort of a two-part speech. it's their attempt to hit him early and often on these issues. >> they think make him vulnerable and even among the obama coalition and african-americans and latinos and also white americans. >> gloria, just yesterday the president of the naacp cornell brooks was here in the situation room and told us that donald trump has declined their invitation to address their conference in cincinnati, ohio in the coming days. listen to what cornell said. >> you can't run for president
3:57 pm
and not talk about police broughtality and you can't run for president and not talk about the agenda and anyone running for president to provide a window into not only their policy, but into their heart and character as a candidate. >> hillary clinton will attend the naacp conference four years ago and mitt romney was there eight years ago and john mccain was there. is this a missed opportunity assuming he doesn't change his mind by trump? >> i think it is a missed opportunity, you know. donald trump understands that he has a very steep hill to climb with the african-american community and i think reince priebus told you earlier, wolf that perhaps it was a scheduling issue, and he doesn't know where was donald trump's decision to go and sometimes as a presidential candidate it can make a lot of sense to go into what you perceive is the lion's den, okay?
3:58 pm
and share your feelings and your experiences and reach out because a little bit of reach out goes an awfully long way so i do agree with him, and i do think it's a missed opportunity for trump. >> david, what do you think? >> no. it's definitely a missed opportunity and to gloria's point. trump knows he's not going to do well in november with african-american voters in general and parts of knowing that you have the capacity to be president is to say, look, i'm going to campaign and speak to your issues whether or not you're going to vote for me. other candidates have done that and mitt romney spoke and did a fairly decent speech to the naacp four years ago and it's a missed opportunity. >> once again, you're hosting and moderating this town hall tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern, "black, white and blue, america 2016" on cnn. what's the most important point that you hope emerges in this dialogue? >> that we start to talk, and
3:59 pm
some empathy is gained out of this and that people feel that they can say whatever they want to in that room and that it obviously will be broadcast around the world, and i want people to at least and we're going to try to figure out how the country should hold conversations, as well, and i hope people tune in to watch that because we shouldn't be as we have said over the last couple of days as the president and former president. we can't continue to go into our corners and do the same things the same way. the most important is that town, the town and town hall that everyone there gets to speak a question and gets to say how they feel and gets answers from experts so that we can go on facts and not emotions. >> i know you've invited a lot of people with very diverse views. we'll have the full discussion tonight on this really, really sensitive issue and it comes at a critical moment. the new york times poll just out says 69% of the american public right now believes race relations in our country are
4:00 pm
bad. we're looking forward to that. don will moderate tonight, 10:00 p.m. eastern and 7:00 pacific and the cnn town hall. black, white and blue america 2016. that's it for me. thanks for watching. ier inburnett "out front" starts right now. out front next, the breaking news, donald trump holding last-minute vp interviews and tryouts and he says in his mind it's down to two finalists. will he go with his mind or with his gut? >> the case of philando castile, what happened before the video started and after it stopped? tonight, new details and multiple people shot to death in the same neighborhood all at random late at night. is this the work of a serial killer? let's go out front. ♪ ♪ good evening. i'm erin burnett. out


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