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tv   Wolf  CNN  July 14, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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hello, i'm wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. in washington, noon in dallas, 8:00 p.m. in bagdad. from wherever you're watching around the world, thanks for joining us. we begin with fast-moving developments in donald trump's vice presidential search. sources now say the signs are pointing to the indiana governor mike pence as trump's choice, but there has been no formal
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offer, we are told, at this point. we're digging into the latest information and getting new information right now. sunlen serfaty is joining us. you're there in indiana. what's the latest you're hearing? >> reporter: wolf, we're here outside the governor's mansion where we believe governor mike pence is still inside his residence. there has been a flurry of some activity here, a few people coming and going including we believe lieutenant governor, the man that could potentially replace him in the governorship should donald trump choose mike pence to be his running mate. earlier today he arrived back in the mansion about two hours ago, huddled inside for quite a few hours. earlier today he did make a public appearance in his gubernatorial capacity. gave an economic speech about economic innovation and brought with him a very straight poker face, wolf. he made no reference, made no indication. he seemed to be avoiding to have
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personal dialogue with people racing out of the building afterwards, jumping into his car and returning back here, not answering any press questions. so certainly trying to be a little bit under the radar today. earlier than that, he spent his morning clearing his head, went for a bike ride with his wife this morning, took off here around 8:30 from the governor's mansion to have a bike ride together. clearly mike pence, potential choice for donald trump, much has been said about how their relationship has been developing over the last few days. donald trump met here yesterday for a breakfast meeting with pence's family and some members of the trump family. sources telling cnn they've been getting along fabulously. it's interesting that trump has changed his tune about the qualifications he's looking for in a running mate. for so long he said he wanted an attack dog, a fighter. a lot of people noted then, wolf, that didn't necessarily -- wasn't in line with mike pence's
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personality, more mild mannered. in the last 24 hours, donald trump saying i'm not looking for an attack dog, looking for someone strong, someone solid. it's interesting he's also used the word solid, wolf, to describe mike pence. >> i want to bring in chief political correspondent dana bash working her sources as well. all signs apparently pointing to pence. >> they do at this pointed. that as we've been reporting for the last several days, he's been the choice of donald trump's kids, in particular his son-in-law who has been a more and more influential force, jared kushner. i've been told, number one, as you said, all signs lead to mike pence. however, within the last hour as far as we were told, the actual
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phone call has not been made. donald trump has not called mike important because, until that phone call goes, his campaign apparatus can be planning all they want for mike pence. but unless he gets the call, unless donald trump makes it formal, it's not mike pence. having said that, mike pence and donald trump i'm told spoke late last night where during that conversation trump leaned in to the negotiation that mike pence would be the guy that he's going to pick. and then the other thing is that the sort of apparatus of team trump has been gearing up in preparation for mike pence to be the pick in so much that, even pence's deputy campaign manager in indiana who is helping run his indiana governor's re-election campaign, he's on a plane right now heading to new york. our colleague jeremy diamond was on the plane with him. i think we have some sound of him.
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let's take a listen. >> i'm on the airplane with you. i've got nothing to offer. >> are you on here to meet with the campaign? >> i'm here to have meetings. >> for the pence campaign, not for the trump campaign? [ inaudible ]. >> hard to hear that, but i think the way we can describe that, a poker face. he was not saying very much. >> if pence doesn't get the vice presidential nod, he's got to file paperwork in indiana by tomorrow that he's seeking re-election as governor. >> exactly. i'll get to that in one second. just to make the final point, for people who might not understand the import of the deputy campaign manager going to new york, there would really be no reason for him to go unless he was going to try to raise some money other than the fact that he's being sent to new york to prepare for an announcement tomorrow. to your point about the
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paperwork, tomorrow is the deadline for mike pence to get off the ballot in indiana and make room for another republican to run. i'm told the paperwork is ready to go. all they have to do is take it in to the secretary of state of indiana, which is a big deal. i should also note part of the reason why we're told mike pence and the people around him have been in the past couple weeks more and more eager and interested in this role, because this was supposed to be a very tough re-election campaign for him. i was just there yesterday, and even in the neighborhoods around the governor's mansion you have "pence must go" signs in the yards around there. it wasn't easy for him in indiana. >> i want to continue this conversation, dana. stay with us. gloria borger, our chief political analyst also national political reporter may res at
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this time is with us. we know newt gingrich, the former speaker was one of the finalists as well. apparently now all signs pointing to governor pence. it looks like he went with the recommendations of his kids. is that right? >> reporter: look, i think not only his kids, but i think a lot of establishment conservatives such as paul ryan, for example, who all hinted very strorngly that they would be thrilled where a choice of mike pence because donald trump is suspect among conservatives. they don't believe he's a conservative, and mike pence truly is, also served in congress so he checks that box. this is a choice that's out of the ordinary for donald trump because, as you point out, he's kind of a gut decision maker. this is all about checking boxes, not somebody he knows very well.
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chris christie he's known. loyalty is something donald trump values. mike pence was a ted cruz supporter. mike pence tweeted that the ban on muslims was unconstitutional and offensive. so while this kind of deflates the anti trump movement to a degree, these are not two people who have been in sync the entire time. whereas chris christie was somebody who joined the trump train as soon as he got off the campaign basically. i'm sure this was a very tough decision for donald trump. it's the first one we've seen. when candidates make decision about who their vice president is going to be, it tells you a lot about the candidate. and what donald trump is doing if, indeed, he funerally makes that phone call to mike pence, as we expect him to do, what he's doing is nodding to, in fact, some of his detractors and his family and others who are
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saying, you know what? this is the right decision for you to make because you can help bring the party together which is what donald trump has been saying he actually wants to do. >> live pictures from the indiana governor's mansion over there. we're trying to monitor governor pence and see what his plans are. as far as we know, he's still there right now. may, let's talk about this tweet we heard from the trump campaign chairman paul manafort. he tweeted this, donald trump vp decision will be made in the near future and the announcement will be tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. in new york. that could be simply a technicality even if the formal official phone call hasn't yet been made, all signs do, in fact, point to governor pence being the vice presidential running ma running mate. >> reporter: that's right. paul manafort said the same thing last night as we were chasing him up the elevators
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here in cleveland saying this pick would come friday and the formal decision. what's important to know is while the campaign would like to keep the suspense going by saying no decision has been made yet, i know his spokesman tweeted that recently. it is important to recognize among donald trump's detractors here in cleveland, so many of them say that pence is the favorite for exactly the reasons that gloria was talking about. it's not necessarily a nod to social conservatives and the decision to try to unite the party, but also to other voters out there, women within that 35 to 55 age range who are really unsure of donald trump's temperament, trump advisers have been saying that pence might help to kind of assure those voters that donald trump is going to make a calm, rational digs when it's his first big decision. you have to imagine that chris christie and newt gingrich would have been a lot more fun than
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mike pence on the trump plane. clearly pence would have been the calmer person. for people looking for signals, that may be what the pick signals if he does choose them. >> what else are you picking up, dana? >> this is coming from our colleague manu raju who just spoke with senator jeff sessions who was flown in yesterday to indiana which was the center of the trump universe yesterday because he had plane issues. sessions just told manu he is a big supporter of pence. why is that interesting? i think for a couple reasons. think the point gloria made earlier which i think is really, really key, the people who are very, very close to trump, who want mike pence, whether it is paul manafort, jared kushner, his son-in-law, or even some of his other children, they made a
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very, very active effort to get to their father, donald trump and to get trump in front of people who are going to push for pence. there's kind of a little question that jeff sessions who is kind of his travel buddy yesterday likes mike pence, his kind of conservative. he's evangelical, are similar in nature. on the other hand, you also have the kind of more gut feeling of donald trump where, if he was going with his gut, he probably would go, as gloria said, with chris christie who he's very close with, who he feels inherently and innately comfortable with. i think you also saw the shift in what donald trump was saying publicly, kind of follow what we have seen in terms of the developments from maybe leaning towards christie to leaning
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towards pence over the past 24 to 36 hours. >> basically saying he doesn't need another attack dog. he wants somebody with policy. mike pence served a decade in the house of representatives, on the foreign affairs committee, rose to number four among the house republican leadership. he was four years ago elected governor of indiana. he brings into play that executive experience, plus the congressional experience. a lot of political experience. plus he also brings into play very conservative record, and presumably, if it works out, if, in fact, he is the vice presidential nominee, he could help donald trump unify various elements of the republican party which he clearly needs to do. everyone stand by. much more coming up. a trump campaign advisor will join us live. we'll taug about where donald trump's mind is when it comes to his vice presidential choice. plus, hillary clinton hits the campaign trail with a potential running mate. it's not the only thing.
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. let's get back to the developing story this hour. donald trump's possible vice presidential choice. take a look at this. we've got live pictures coming
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in from outside governor mike pence's gubernatorial mansion in indianapolis. cameras are staked out there. there are strong indications that governor pence will be named donald trump's vice presidential running mate. senior trump adviser tells cnn trump is leaning toward picking pence as his vp. sources familiar with the process say the trump camp is planning for that scenarios. let's talk about this with someone on the inside, co-chairman of the trump campaign same clowe vis. where does it stand right now, mike pence, donald trump? >> i don't want to get in front of my headlights as my father used to tell me. we'll leave it to the campaign manager and the candidate to make the announcement. i think that will be in due course. >> the formal announcement could be tomorrow. it will be at 11:00 a.m. at the
10:19 am
new york hilton midtown hotel. not at trump tower. presumably they want a bigger ballroom, a lot more people there. and he wants to do it tomorrow before the convention starts on monday. >> absolutely. >> also word he wants to do it tomorrow so they can tape an interview jointly with "60 minutes." >> the other thing, it takes advantage of the friday news cycle, a great lead-in to the convention. this person will be probably on all the sunday talk shows and will absorb that news cycle as well. it's tremendous momentum going into the convention. >> so that's that. if it is mike pence, and you don't have to tell us. if it is, i know you don't want to get in front of donald trump on this sensitive issue. my sense is he has a lot of congressional experience, gubernatorial experience. a lot of conservatives like mike pence. he can help unify various wings of the party.
10:20 am
is that the way you see it as well? >> i do. we had great choices. speaker gingrich and governor christie were in the mix as well. we have a great bench, very fortunate to be able to do that. i think governor pence brings a tremendous amount to the table. one of the things we'll have as we come to washington, we'll bring a lot of outside people into this. you still have to make law, still have to get along, do bipartisanship in our congress. it's going to take a steady hand. i think someone like governor pence would bring a lot of credibility to that effort. >> i'll play a new ad that hillary clinton's campaign just put outgoing after donald trump. i'll play a little bit of the ad and then we'll discuss. >> i love the old days, you know what they used to do to guys like that, they'd be carried out on a stretcher, folks. >> and you can tell them to go [ bleep ] themselves. >> it goes on. you have these little kids
10:21 am
listening to various controversial statements that donald trump made. you're a professional. that's a pretty powerful ad. >> it's an interesting ad. the other thing is you have to recognize the fact of who is going to support donald trump? who is her audience, what is she trying to do? is she trying the solidify her own base? or is she trying to come over and poach votes from us? the people that have made up their minds about donald trump have made up their minds regardless of what has been going on. i think that's very solid support. we've seen this across the country. we're also continuing to attract people to the campaign. out can't imagine what the grassroots effort is like in this country and the upswell that we're seeing in the grassroots to support donald trump. i think it's going to be a shocking result in november. >> you saw the new national poll in "the new york times" that came out today. it's effectively tied. this is registered voters. >> we were not anticipating
10:22 am
closing this quickly, and i think this goes a lot to the fact of what the message has been. people are coming to our message. they understand our candidate because he speaks plainly and speaks the truth. i think this is an issue that for a lot of people this whole issue of truth telling is going to resonate under the see us state for the entire campaign. >> will we see a more subdued donald trump? >> i don't know about subdued. we'll see a lot more movement as we come out of the convention, of course. we have a strong platform. we're going to be supporting that platform. we're going to be out there enhancing the policy positions in different areas, building out our coalitions. that's one of the things i'm doing in town this week is working on coalitions. that's what we'll be doing next week in cleveland and the following week after that, help billed out some of the national add vialsry committees in different areas. >> you see supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg has expressed regret for her
10:23 am
controversial comments about donald trump saying they were ill-advised. does he accept her al polling? >> you'd have to speak to him about that. the notion here is he doesn't have to respond to this at all. this was an issue that i think justice ginsburg is going to have to deal with. her strongest krit criticism will come from here peers on the court. that's where the criticism will come. if she's been taken to the wood shed, that's who ought to do it. i think it's already been done. >> sam clovis, thank you for coming in. >> always great to be with you. hillary clinton meets with four vice presidential candidates in a single day. we'll get an update on her day on capitol hill, if she's any closer to her vp choice.
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with nbc sports live extra. i'm getting ready. are you? x1 will change the way you experience nbcuniversal's coverage of the rio olympic games. call or go online today to switch to x1. from announcing his vice presidential pick, the pressure is on for hillary clinton to choose a running mate. clinton is campaigning in washington today. our cameras captured this unscheduled stop as he laid flowers at the national law enforcement memorial, making a stop in honor of the five police officers killed in class. moments ago she arrived on capitol hill for a closed-door meeting with senate democrats. >> great to be back here in the
10:29 am
senate. >> are you concerned you're in a dead heat with donald trump? >> very happy to be here. >> what's your message today? >> some of the democrats are said to be on her short list for vice president including cory booker, sherrod brown, tim kaine, elizabeth warren. clinton is expected to make her decision next week. her selection process is in contrast to donald trump's who si plag it out like a reality show. let's bring in senior washington political correspondent joe johns. we seem to know pretty much where she is on that short list. >> that's true. as you said, wolf, this really speaks to the contrast in styles between the trump and clinton campaigns. the trump campaign teasing this out with tidbits, some information, nothing dispositive
10:30 am
and, yes, very much like a reality show. i was on the elevator just a little while ago with senator ted cruz who also ran for president. i asked him about it. he said he had no clue what was going to happen here. he said he was watching television just like everybody else. meanwhile, on the clinton side, they're handling it much as a policy wonk would, looking for individuals whose background and history matches the story hillary clinton is going to try to tell in the race for november. again on that side, the democratic side as well, no idea which way she's going to go. i saw senator harry reid, the democratic leader at a news conference, i asked him if he had any advice for hillary clinton and what they planned to talk about in that meeting at the capitol. listen. >> this is going to be, for lack of a better word, a celebration, celebration for a number of things. first of all, it seems
10:31 am
appropriate to me after 240 years that we're going to have a woman be president of the united states. we're going to have a good time with her today. >> reporter: the other thing to point out about hillary clinton and her decision on a running mate, she has the advantage of time. she can go after trump makes his decision and the campaign has indicated that hillary clinton is probably going to take that time to see who trump chooses and how he rolls it out before she makes her decision public, wolf. >> joe, as you know, virginia governor tim kaine is considered to be very high on the list, if not on the top of that list. she'll be appearing with him later today. i'm also hearing that the agriculture secretary tom vilsa vilsack, the longest serving member is seriously being vetted, two-term governor of iowa with a compelling personal story. what are you hearing about these various people on the short
10:32 am
list, if you will, including senator tim kaine, a former governor and former governor vilsack, now the agriculture secretary? >> reporter: it's very difficult to say because the campaign is keeping all the information close to the vest. nonetheless, if you talk to people on capitol hill, including senators involved in the vetting process before, they will tell you their belief is the big favorite right now is senator tim kaine of virginia. that's because of his experience with guns, handling it as governor of a state that had that terrible tragedy at virginia tech in 2007 in april. there's some suggestion tim kaine may be on the short list. i spoke not long ago with senator richard durbin who suggested to me he thought tim kaine was one of the favorites as well. nonetheless he says she may be
10:33 am
looking for something completely different. that's when you get into the names like elizabeth warren, the labor secretary of governor vilsack. a lot of choices there including one i think that's really interesting, sherrod brown, of course, a personal favorite of hillary clinton. the problem with picking sherrod brown is, if he were to leave the senate, he'd be replaced by republican senator who would be appointed by a republican governor. there are a lot of factors here for this candidate to consider, and she has a little bit more time than donald trump to do it, wolf. >> we're told she wants to do it also by next friday, the friday before the democratic convention in philadelphia, the day after the republican convention is wrapped up. donald trump and his vice presidential pick do the 6 to m 60 minutes interview that will air that following sunday
10:34 am
we'll see if that scenario plays out. joe johns, thank you very much. coming up, other news we're following right now including the long classified pages that detail what the saudi government new about the 9/11 hijackers became public. what about those documents? are they going to be public as early as tomorrow? stay with us. (vo) change your sleep, change your life, change to tempur-pedic.
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multiple sources telling c nnchsn a long classified report detailing alleged ties between the saudi government and the 9/11 hijackers could be released asser live as tomorrow. the so-called 28 pages document, part of a 2002 congressional investigation. those 28 pages have been classified since the report was completed and made public.
10:39 am
joining us now, our chief national security correspondent jim sciutto. how soon do you think the 28 page also be released? >> likely before the weekend as long as about to go out of town on recess. it's going to come out of congress because this was originally a congressional document, produced by the house intelligence committee in 2002 and classified since then. the president made a public commitment in april in an interview to declassify and release the pages to the public. shortly after that, the director of national intelligence, james clapper, said that process should be completed around mid june, that's the declassification because the intelligence community has to take out anything they see as secret. then you have the political process as to who is going to send it out into the public sphere. the decision is made because this is a congressional product originally, back in 2002, it will be coming out of the hill, most likely the senate and house intelligence committees.
10:40 am
>> the question is, bob graham, former chairman of the senate intelligence committee, he and other members of the panel suggested there's very embarrassing information to the saudis. what are you hearing? >> i've spoken to people who have read the pages. of course, the information until tomorrow presumably has been classified. so they can't talk much about it at that point. but what it details are connections between two of the 9/11 hijackers in particular and individuals tied to the saudi government. at least one working for the saudi government. now, to be clear, this was early information. this was as an investigation was being done, initial leads in the investigation which were to be checked out and what, for instance, saudi officials will say and i'm sure you've heard as well as i have, there were leads, the 9/11 commission that came out after that 20 '02 report, the final report was the
10:41 am
saudi government was not involved. but, as you know, in investigations like this, some question whether these leads were followed up fully, 100%. senator bob graham, for instance, says, listen there are leads that weren't fully followed. we've waited this long. it has to be out in the public sphere. we need a full airing of this. you have that view. in fact, in part to serve that purpose, the administration, the hill, intelligence agencies are getting it out there, getting the full light of day. >> i've spoken to saudi officials, the former saudi ambassador to the united states. he says release the 28 pages. we know 15 of the 19 hijackers were saudis. all that is well known. what worries the saudis right now, pending legislation on capitol hill that would allow family members, victims of 9/11 to sue the saudi government for literally billions of dollars, remove their diplomatic immunity, if you will. the president says he'll veto
10:42 am
that legislation. >> no question that is the context. 9/11 is always going to be an issue. on any other day, this would be a big deal. on the hill you have debates of whether the families can sue the saudi government for involvement. now you have the pages being thrown into this as congress makes that decision. listen, as you and i know, the lawsuits will be referencing -- whether it's been checked out or not, those lawyers will be bringing up this information in those lawsuits with possible consequences. that's the sensitivity. one other note for our viewers, these pages have been referred to as the 28 pages, i'm told actually by a number of people who read them that there actually are 29 pages. tomorrow you and i and the rest of the world will get a chance to read them. >> we'll see what they say and have a good opportunity to go through them line by line. thanks, jim, for that report. coming up, secretary of
10:43 am
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. a deal between the united states and russia on syria appears to be in the works at this hour. the secretary of the united states john kerry arrived in moscow earlier today, meeting with russian president vladimir putin. they're expected to discuss possible agreement to share intelligence and targeting data for air strikes in syria. we'll see if that emerges. joining us is colonel chris garvey, head of the u.s.-led coalition against isis in iraq and syria. thanks for joining us. what, if anything, can you tell us about this new initiative, the new effort for the u.s. and russia to work together to expand this war against isis and destroy isis jointly? >> wolf, as you know, secretary
10:48 am
kerry is negotiating that right now. we'll let him do that. what i can tell you is the coalition is focused on defeating isis and anybody else that wants to come in fighting isis as well will be welcome to do that. we've seen russians in the past who said they were here to defeat isis, but we've seen them do other things as well. if you're going to come into the coalition, you're going to work with us, we'd want you to be 100% focused on fighting isis. >> the media wing, as it's called, of isis claims a high-ranking isis commander was killed in fighting knew mosul, a city of almost 2 million iraqis that isis still controls, that he was killed four months ago. actually four months ago the u.s. thought they had killed him in syria. is this guy dead? >> well, we certainly hope so. that was certainly the target of the attack, as it was, four months ago. but because of what happened,
10:49 am
clearly we're being very conservative in our assessment. we won't to make sure before we announce it we know for sure. it will have a significant impact on the isis-led operation -- the isis fight around that area, around the south side of mosul. >> mosul a key target for the coalition right now. isis took over mosul two years ago, they've been in control ever since. this is the second largest city in iraq. how does it look for the liberation of mouse selsul? is it going to begin this year? >> the operation is on going, wolf. we've been shaping the fight in mosul with stripes for several months. the iraqi forces conducting that attack are in route now. they just took the kiara air base. we definitely will see the operation continue forward.
10:50 am
the iraqis are making good progress. we're seeing them fight well on the ground, they're defeating daesh, defighti >> besides the u.s., who else is launching air strikes against isis in mosul, in that area? >> well, there are 16 members of the coalition that are providing strikes inside iraq. so you've got the british, the french, a wide variety of the coalition members that are here, contributing nations to the coalition, that are conducting those strikes inside mosul, and the iraqi air force itself is attacking inside mosul as well. >> i just want to be precise. the french, the british, the other partners that the u.s. has, their warplanes are involved, they're actually engaged in air strikes against isis? is that right? >> absolutely. we're all tied together in one coalition air operation.
10:51 am
so they all participate as part of that, and we appreciate their efforts in what they bring to the coalition. >> so when do you think mosul will be liberated? >> well, that's the big question right now. the prime minister has said he wants to do that by the end of the year. we're going to do everything we can to help make that come true. >> colonel chris carver, spokesman for the anti-isis coalition, u.s.-led, in iraq, thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me, wolf. coming up, the republican national committee is working on its outreach to latino voters here in the united states. we'll talk to the new director for hispanic communications. we'll talk with her right after this. homeowners insurance life insurance automobile insurance i spent 20 years active duty they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids something that makes me happy
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the republican national committee is gearing up for its huge convention starting monday in cleveland, releasing its list of convention speakers and
10:56 am
prepping for the debut of trump's running mate. but will this choice help with the hispanic support for the republican party in november? the director of hispanic communications for the republican national committee joins us now live from cleveland. helen, thanks very much for joining us. >> well, thank you for having me, wolf. >> you know the hispanic community here in the united states. governor pence, if he's the vice presidential running mate, how is that going to play? >> well, you know, we don't know hot vice presidential running mate's going to be. certainly that they are very strong contenders. only mr. trump knows who that is going to be. i'm sure that when he makes his announcement it is going to be someone that we're all going to be able to get our arms around. what makes a really good running mate is someone who really works well with the presumptive nominee. when you've got a really strong team, that's what you're going to really need to get the mess j across. that's what we're waiting to hear for tomorrow when mr. trump
10:57 am
makes that announcement. >> as you know better than anyone, a presidential candidate like donald trump who keeps saying he wants to build a wall along the southern border, mexico will pay for it, there's been language, very controversial language a year ago from the day he announced he's running. the platform's got some tlaf controversial language now on the wall. let's play a clip of what he said a year ago and talk about how that is playing with hispanic voters. >> they're sending people that have lots of problems and they're bringing those problems with us. they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists, and some, i assume, are good people. >> you're in charge of the rnc's outreach to hispanic voters. how are you doing? >> well, i have to say that, first of all, when you look at mr. trump's polls with the hispanic community, he's polling at around 24% to 26%, which,
10:58 am
considering how some of the comments have been on the harsh side towards the hispanic mexican-american community, those numbers are actually pretty strong. but there's no question about it that there are people who are good people and bad people in any community, and there's no question about it that hispanics are wary when people address them because they're so used to be pandered to by both sides. i think when you look at mr. trump and you see mr. trump speak, you see somebody who's plain spoken, who's clearly outspoken, and someone who really has the better interest for the country and mind. he's not going to pander to you. he's going to tell you exactly what he feels. i think that's something hispanics are really looking forward to. i think that's something that you really hear. you heard hillary clinton today speak at a convention talking about immigration reform. well, hillary clinton has zero credibility when it comes to any community and her unfavorables are so high and they show that.
10:59 am
and hispanics are tired of being pandered to. for hispanics the real issue that's critical comes in one word. it is called security. be it job security, our national security. that's what we're really interested about. donald trump understands one thing for sure, that regardless of our heritage or background, we're all americans first. and that was the message that he was going to give last friday -- >> but you acknowledge, he's got an uphill struggle in winning over hispanic support in the united states, especially in those key battleground states where there are significant hispanic voters. >> there's no question we have our work cut out for us. that's considering that even though we have our work cut out for us -- and i think the hispanic community is one worth fighting for and i'm so excited that we're going to have that opportunity. mr. trump is at 24%, 25% according to the polls and he hasn't really even begun to
11:00 am
campaign nationwide. >> you got to do it pretty quickly. >> quinnipiac came out with a poll yesterday that shows that donald trump is ahead in the state of florida, a battleground state that we need to win strong hispanic support there. i-4 corridor is critical and in the gop platform puerto rico is being pushed as being our 51st state. >> we got to go, unfortunately. we'll continue this conversation. i'll see you in cleveland in the coming days. that's it for me. the news continues next right here on cnn. thank you so much, wolf. i'm brooke baldwin. great to be back. major breaking news in the race for the white house. multiple sources now saying the staff for indiana governor mike pence should prepare to be named donald trump's