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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  July 14, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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campaign nationwide. >> you got to do it pretty quickly. >> quinnipiac came out with a poll yesterday that shows that donald trump is ahead in the state of florida, a battleground state that we need to win strong hispanic support there. i-4 corridor is critical and in the gop platform puerto rico is being pushed as being our 51st state. >> we got to go, unfortunately. we'll continue this conversation. i'll see you in cleveland in the coming days. that's it for me. the news continues next right here on cnn. thank you so much, wolf. i'm brooke baldwin. great to be back. major breaking news in the race for the white house. multiple sources now saying the staff for indiana governor mike pence should prepare to be named donald trump's running mate.
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our own jeremy diamond was on the same plane as mark lauder who's representing run pence's re-election effort. here he was. >> are you on here to meet with campaign for the pence campaign? not for the trump campaign. >> so those are just some of the signs that pence is the man. though we have no official word of any sort of formal offer yet. trump, a pageant producer, reality tv star, businessman, master of making the most of the final round here, he has hailed his big vp reveal just 21 hours from now. we know it happens tomorrow morning, 11:00 eastern. let's begin this hour with cnn's jason carroll and sun llen serfaty. you are outside the governor's
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mansion. what do we know about trump's decision to go with mike pence? >> reporter: brooke, there are considerable signs that all point to mike pence but of course nothing confirmed or official just yet. as you said, we are outside the governor's mansion where governor pence, we believe, is still inside where he's been hold up for the last about three hours now. we have seen just a flurry of activity over the last few hours just a few minutes ago, a flower delivery, a large display, bouquet, came up driveway. we also saw his lieutenant governor come and go. you could see pence the at door sending him off. that's important because that could be the man, if pence is chosen for vp, that could potentially take over as governor. we know from cnn's dana bash's great reporting today that the pence team is also preparing the necessary paperwork to get him off the ballot here in his re-election campaign for governor here in indiana. an important step widely seen as a trigger that would potentially indicate that he has been
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chosen. it's been interesting to watch donald trump really wrestle with the qualifications that he's looking for in a vice presidential candidate. as little as just a few days ago he was saying he really wanted a fighter. he really wanted an attack dog. a lot of people said that was not mike pence. he is known as being mild mannered, well disciplined in his words. and then just in the last 24 hours, donald trump shifting and saying, no, no, i'm not looking for an attack dog. i'm actually looking for someone solid, someone who's strong, who's policy focused. a lot of people believe that is mike pence. but again, just a flurry of activity here as so many people wait to hear what's coming out of the governor's mansion. >> you mentioned dana. we'll get the scoop from dana bash in a second. i love that we're to the point we are reporting on flower delivery activity. jason, you are across the country there in sunny california. trump is there, he's scheduled to have a couple of fund-raisers. what are you hearing?
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>> reporter: well, a number of things, brooke. first, trump was able to raise $51 million just last month in terms of fund-raising. some of the folks out here in southern california feel as though mike pence would add to his fund-raising efforts here in this state. there are a few reasons why -- several reasons why in fact. they feel as though mike pence -- you've heard about this many times before -- he checks a number of boshgsxes. he speaks to evangelicals, he speaks to christians, he speaks to people still nervous within the gop about coming over to the side of trump. those i've spoken to out here in southern california feel somewhat excited about having the prospect of a mike pence on the ticket. but they also feel excited about the prospect of having a governor chris christie on the ticket as well. they feel as though that was the man who could have really gone after hillary clinton in many ways. in terms of what's happening out here in southern california, trump expected to attend a number of fund-raising events out here. one big one in belaire later on
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this evening. tickets topping out at some $400,000 in order to meet with trump. trump expecting to hear a lot from folks out here in southern california about the vp pick. but in terms of some of those i have spoken to, they are excited about the prospect of having pence on the ticket. >> okay. so rumblings of pence, christie, newt gingrich, we'll get into that. thank you both so much. former house speaker news beginni, newt gingrich may provide some insight in the next hour. he says he expects to learn trump's choice around 1:00 or 2:00 eastern today which is right about now. gingrich who, make no mistake, wants the job, he does see the appeal of mike pence. >> in all fairness, you look at what mike pence did in the congress, and then you look at what mike pence has done in indianapolis as governor, building on the extraordinary
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record of mitch daniel, indiana has a great story to tell. but his style is different than mine. in many ways, donald trump is like a pirate. he's outside the normal system. he gets things done. he's bold. he's actually like a figure out of a movie. in a lot of ways my entire career has been a little bit like a pirate. i've taken on establishment of both parties. i've been very prepared to fight in the media. one of the really hard questions he's got to weigh on the way to california, do you really want a two-pirate ticket? >> okay. so much to discuss. two pirates and beyond. with me now, cnn's chief political correspondent, dana bash. pete seat, former chief communications director for the republican party. our chief political analyst, gloria borger. welcome to all of you. dana bash, i defer to you with the scoop. what are you learning at this very second? >> well, as far as we know, the call has not been made. which is really, really key,
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brooke. because until donald trump picks up the phone and says, governor mike pence, would you be my running mate, and mike pence says yes, it is not a done deal. i have to say, sunlen and jason were just reporting on kind of the ins an outs. but broadly and following donald trump for over a year, how unusual it would be for someone like him to pick somebody he doesn't know or has just gotten to know over the past few weeks. but it is not just that. he also has -- mike pence has not been the kind of good soldier that donald trump really likes to hold dear, someone like chris christie who has defended trump to the nth degree even in trump's darkest of days. remember mike pence didn't even endorse donald trump in the indiana primary -- >> right. >> he endorsed ted cruz who ended up losing by double digits to donald trump, and then dropping out shortly after. so mike pence makes a lot of sense on paper for all the reasons that you heard sunlen talk about, the fact that he is
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a christian conservative, that he is somebody with experience in washington. he's not going to rock the boat. he's kind of the ying to donald trump's yang. but it is not usually the way he operates. and which is usually based on loyalty, i should say. one thing i just want to kind of share with you based on the experience that i had, i was in indianapolis yesterday where there was this really unusual public display and scramble as people were being kind of shuttled back and forth. donald trump had plane troubles. jared kushner, his son-in-law, around his wife, ivanka trump, and brother don jr. flew last-minute early in the morning to go have breakfast with mike pence and his wife. they flew senator jeff sessions who today is saying he is a mike pence fan in order to spend the time with donald trump. even though we are hearing based on sources that those people, including jared kushner, is very much in the pro-pence camp, just
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watching the way that they have operated in trying to kind of circle the wagons and urge and push donald trump to go with mike pence as opposed to chris christie is very interesting. >> let me piggyback off of that. gloria, on the family note, you think of donald trump, you think of how he's really almost like produced this whole thing like a celebrity"celebrity apprentice" everyone's sort of paraded out. his advisors speak to the media. he says initially he wants an attack dog and somebody splashy. then fast forward to the family introduction to potentially this mike pence, maybe family being more protective versus a gut choice from trump. how do you weigh all of that? >> i think if donald trump had gone with his gut, it would be chris christie. he values loyalty. chris christie ended his presidential campaign, went to donald trump. has been a loyal soldier. they like each other. they've known each other a long time. but what we saw, what dana was just describing with the family
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rushing to indianapolis is essentially an intervention, kind of saying, you know what? wait a minute. you can't do this. hold on. let's look at mike pence because he checks all of these boxes. conservatives are suspicious about you. he's a conservative. check. he deflates the anti-trump movement -- check. you're an attack dog, you don't need another attack dog. check. then he go es es to indianapoli. he plays out his internal conversations. because he tells people what he's thinking. >> who was it that laughed, pete or rich, when gloria made the intervention comment? which one of you guys? >> it wasn't me. >> i smiled. >> go ahead, rich. >> well, now we're zbrg t are gy
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the same thing 57 times. the thing about newt and christie, they can make news by themselves. they don't need -- trump doesn't need them on the ticket to play that role. number one. number two is, pence does know how washington works. obviously, so does newt. christie does not. he's never been on the national scene. he does all that stuff. but the political equivalent of thank you for playing, take our home game with you is that maybe newt gets to be secretary of defense and christie gets to be attorney general. pence gets to be vp and everybody goes home happy. >> so maybe that happens. but to my indiana man on the panel, so pence was six terms in the u.s. house, ultimately ranked number three in terms of house leadership during the uprising of the tea party and tea party caucus. but i want you to tell me why perhaps governor pence may not be such a swell idea. >> well, the only con that i see
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is that he doesn't come from a battle ground state. he doesn't come from an ohio or a florida or a virginia. i think he would play well in a lot of the rust belt states like pennsylvania, ohio, wisconsin, michigan, because of his record here. i think he is the most well rounded of the individuals on the short list, as has been discussed. i would also say that, to the point made about christie and gingrich, that would be a donald trump pick, a pick that makes him feel good. mike pence is an olive branch pick. and it is a pick about saying to people who don't support him right now, hey, look, i'm going to bring good, smart people in to my administration. this isn't just going to be about rhetoric and being outlandish. i really want to be president and do a good job. that's what he would signal with mike pence. >> that's the paul ryan -- >> this might be the most important pick for vp since
11:13 am
kennedy chose johnson that actually accomplishes something that's important politically. >> you think? >> well, it also tells you something about, in a way, about how he would govern. because this is his first presidential decision, and what -- if indeed he makes that phone call to mike pence today, which we expect him to do, it tells you that he is willing to say, okay, my gut was chris christie, but you know what? i'm listening to other people and i need to hear them. and these are conservatives and they don't trust me. so you know what. ? >> i'm going to do something so they start trusting me. >> i tell you what's been kind of odd and i am sure that this is playing into the anguish in making this decision is that chris christie, i sort of call him donald trump's political north star. he has been, since, as gloria said, chris christie dropped out of this race and began to support donald trump, has been not just a supporter and a public advocate, he has been a
11:14 am
private advisor and confidant. because this is not easy for anybody, especially somebody who's never run for public office before. but now he can't ask chris christie for that advice because chris christie is somebody who he is considering. so it is -- to gloria's point, the decision that he is going to have to make based on what -- again, his family believes, based on what other republicans and advisors believe, that he needs versus what he wants in his heart of hearts and in his gut. >> gloria, rich, dana and pete, thank you all so much. i appreciate it. we'll continue to watch and wait. thanks. meantime, tennis balls? canned goods? cameras? among items banned from the event zone at the convention next week in cleveland. but find out what you actually can bring. we have that for you. also republicans reveal their speaker list for the convention next week which includes celebrities, former trump rivals and his kids. we have those names for you.
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welcome back, you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. calvin klein model, an astronaut, a ton of trumps. the republican party dropping its unconventional convention speaker list but don't think we will escape the usual faces at next week's republican convention in cleveland, including some former donald trump rivals. phil mattingly is in cleveland for us ahead of the convention. before we get into specifics as far as who's taking the podium, let's talk about the bizarre rules for this convention event zone. >> so security is obviously paramount here. look, brooke, i'll preface this with this segment will probably be your favorite of the entire
11:20 am
day. >> that's a high bar. >> 72 items were not allowed within the event zone. it was for security purposes, decided by the city and the police department in may. they include tennis balls. stones. containers of bodily fluid. umbrellas. it's kind of an eclectic mix of things that maybe you wouldn't expect to be on a list of things you can't bring into an event, something that's not on that list -- guns. ohio is an open carry state. i've actually been to donald trump rallies in this state during the course of the primary where people have brought guns to those rallies. totally legal. those can be brought in to the area. but a list of 72 items, somewhat random items, can't, brooke. >> note to self -- no containers of bodily fluids. that said, let's talk about the speaker list out today. sort of this eclectic mix. run through who will be on that stage. >> so what's interesting is, donald trump made very clear, this was going to be an unconventional convention.
11:21 am
this was not going to be a list of speakers that you were going to expect. but he is including some traditional gop stalwarts. you've got snart majority leader mit mitch mcconnell. marco rubio has committed to speak through video. you don't have any of the presidents. dana white, head of ufc. a former underwear model and tim tebow, the former heisman winning trophy quarterback. obviously this is not the traditional way republicans go about holding their convention but trump advisors made clear this -- it is a cross section of people that they think will reach a broader group of viewers in america. people who wouldn't normally tune in might be interested to watch tim tebow, might be interested to catch up with what antonio sobatto jr. has been doing over the last decade or so. i think while it is not the traditional way of doing it, you'll see a different
11:22 am
convention in philadelphia. for trump, it works for him. >> we'll see you in cleveland in a couple of days. let's keep talking about trump here. keeping it in the family, a washington examiner columnist, author of "the selfie vote. >> reporter: millennials are leading america and how republicans can keep up." and a donald trump biographer who wrote many books, including "the truth about trump." michael, we were talking about it a second ago but i'm so fascinated with trump leaning into his family. if you were going with a gut, perhaps you would choose -- we still don't know -- a chris christie. but gloria borger called it an intervention with being the family coming to indianapolis and having breakfast at the governor's mansion. how influential ivanka, eric,
11:23 am
don jr., jared kushner. >> supremely. these people have always had his back and protected him. especially the three adult children. they've intervened in the past. they actually told me that they'll get together and if they think that their father's off on the wrong track as a group they'll sit with him. now he doesn't always take their advice. >> i was going to say, does he listen? >> no, not always. sometimes they'll have a cover story. like there was a moment when the birther issue was raging and it was reported that the kids went to him and said, look, you've got to back off a little bit on this. later they had deniability but i'm pretty sure they did it. because they have a different sensibility. they're aware of what a variety of people perhaps outside of donald's orbit may be thinking and how they're responding to his performances. and so they will rein him in and protect him from himself. >> you know, the next obvious thought is, if trump were to be elected and we're watching how close he is with his family and their influence, what kind of
11:24 am
influence they would have if he were in the oval office? >> i think it would be very positive, actually. >> you do. >> yeah. because again, he's a fairly isolated guy and he does deal from the gut. and his gut is pretty reliable when it comes to business. >> what if the family goes against the gut? >> then they'll have a conflict and one would assume he'd have a chief of staff who will be part of this process. but america would see something very different from what we've ever seen before. we'd have a family really engaged. the trump organization is a family business, and donald actually played a similar role with his own father back in the day. so he was the guy who was out front for his dad and protecting him sometimes against his own instincts. so this is a familiar pattern for them. >> we know, chris, just turning to you, tiffany, don jr., eric, ivanka, his wife melania, they're all on the speaker list for next week in cleveland. who among them are you most excited to hear from?
11:25 am
>> i'm very excited to hear from ivan ka. for all of the things people have criticisms of donald trump that are completely valid, when you look at how ivanka's turned out, one great thing donald's done is raise a very eloquent, poised daughter. ivanka trump has built her own brand. she's built an empire in terms of fashion. you walk into almost any department store these days and there are ivanka trumple clothes, shoes and accessories. she's got a presence online and a presence in media that is not particularly political, but that is really one that i think resonates with a lot of young women who would aspire to have great careers in business. and when her father has asked her to give speeches out on the trail, she is always extremely eloquent. so she's somebody that i think is really poised to have a big rising star -- or a big star moment at the convention. >> what do you think she'll say? >> well, i think she's just very proud of her father. again, i don't necessarily view
11:26 am
her as being a hard right conservative or even necessarily strongly political. but certainly strongly loyal to her father. and i expect trump's children will really try to use the opportunity to talk about their dad as a person. there are plenty of other speakers who are these congressmen or leaders in the republican party who i expect will have a political message about him making america great again or the different policies trump has talked about. but i suspect that his children will be there to talk more about the person that they know and have grown up with. >> absolutely. kristin and michael, thank you so much. coming up, a highly anticipated document about to be declassified. the saudi government's alleged talking points to the 9/11 hijackers. a 28-page secret document about to be released during a difficult week of high-profile shootings. the only african-american republican in the u.s. senate delivers a sobering message to his colleagues. we'll play that for you coming
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welcome back. you're watching cnn. mourners, including the governor of minnesota, are gathered now to honor philando castile, the shooting death of the 32-year-old school cafeteria supervisor rekindled nationwide protests over the use of excessive force by police after his last breaths were live streamed by his fiance. they apparently were pulled over for a broken taillight and
11:32 am
castile's death followed the fatal shooting of alton sterling by baton rouge police and came a day before a rampage left five dallas police officers dead. bryn, you're outside the funeral. my understanding the procession made its way past where he worked? >> yeah, it had plans to do that, brooke, but it sort of detoured and didn't actually go past the school just for timing sake, is what we understand. but it's been a gloomy day. it's rained at some points and cold. just as peel are starting to file out from the cathedral of st. paul because the funeral is now over, the sun is peeking through the clouds, rather. pretty emotional scene as people are starting to leave this funeral which lasts for about an hour. before that, there was a two-hour visitation period. i'm talking about strangers, i'm
11:33 am
talking about family, friends, even children were going in to say their final good-byes to philando castile and give their respects to his family. we know valerie castile, philando's mother, said she wanted the service to be about prayer, she wanted it to be about peace and reconciliation. we are expecting soon to hear from the castile family attorney who is celebrity judge glenda hatchet. we'll learn more about the mood inside of this service. but even still, we can hear gospel music as people begin filing out. so we imagine it was emotional. it certainly was an emotional experience all day as you described quickly that horse-drawn carriage carrying the casket sort of we have had through the streets here in st. paul bringing that casket of philando castile here to the cathedral of st. paul, brooke. >> thank you so much. it has been an extraordinarily tough week in this country. i want to bring in just a bright spot for all of us, a familiar and friendly face for the show
11:34 am
to give us some perspective on the issue of police/community relations. officer tommy norman of the north little rock police department joins us now. officer norman, it is awesome to have you back. it's been little more than a year, and just quickly, we have a mutual friend in common, he is a killer rapper. now sadly here we are again. how are you doing? >> you know, i'm doing good. a little disturbed by the recent events across the united states. but as a police officer that loves his community and community policing, still a big honor to make a difference throughout all the hurt in the world. >> we had talked to you before and we're talking to you again just because of the phenomenal way in which you work in your community, constant posts on instagram, youtube. you really use social media to the best of your ability to show a lot of young people who just
11:35 am
to be frank don't look like you and why that is so important for you in those communities. but i'd love to ask you about what senator tim scott said, south carolina senator, offering up a very personal brush with law enforcement. he was speaking on capitol hill just yesterday. here he was. >> in the course of one year, i've been stopped seven times by law enforcement officers. not four. not five. not six. but seven times. in one year. as an elected official. was i speeding sometimes? sure. but the vast majority of the time i was pulled over for nothing more than driving a new car in the wrong neighborhood, or some other reason just as trivial. >> i mean we have heard stories like that. but to see senator scott give
11:36 am
his own personal example as an officer, how will you respond to that? >> you know, brooke, i can only speak for police department here in north little rock, arkansas. we have a positive reputation with our community. we have none of those issues here on our police department. sorry for the senator, what he's dealing with. but we have a positive reputation as i speak throughout the community, every single day. we're all really a big family, community and police officers that serve that community. >> you know, remind people, folks who aren't as familiar with your involvement. the photos i spoke about earlier. how is it that you are so involved? what do you do? >> it's my heart. when you step out of that police car, feet to the ground, you lead with your heart. as a police officer, your job goes bond the badge and uniform. they're a human being and you should treat people with respect. >> president obama delivering
11:37 am
that eulogy. this is what he said the other day. >> we also know what chief brown has said is true, that so much of the tensions between police departments and minority communities that they serve is because we ask the police to do too much and we ask too little of ourselves. [ applause ] >> do you think we're asking too much of you all, of law enforcement? >> personally, i don't. every day we want to do more. now we do ask that the dmunt engae community engage with us more because it takes all of us as a team to make the community a more peaceful place to live. there's not a day that i don't want to do more. our chief of police, mike davis, sets our standards high and he encourages us to go out and make a difference every day. even if it is one life a day, two minutes a day you spend with one who needs that hope and
11:38 am
promise, you got to get out there to do it. >> i'll say it again -- we need more officer normans in this world. thanks so much. my best to you and i just appreciate your time. thank you. >> thanks, brooke. it's been a big honor. thanks a lot. >> thank you. let's move along. just in to cnn, new developments involving that july 4th explosion in central park that seriously injured a tourist. investigators revealing what caused the blast. live report next. ♪ so nice, so nice. ♪ st. john a real paradise. this summer experience us virgin islands nice. book 4 nights at before july 16th to receive the 4th night free, plus $350 in spending credits.
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company in any industry. you can feel confident we can help you protect the people who matter most to you with guaranteed acceptance lifensurance. call us today at at this number. call now! breaking news just in to us here on cnn. a fourth of july explosion in central park that left a tourist seriously injured, turns out it was not the result of fireworks but rather made from the homemade explosive tatp.
11:43 am
that explosive most recently used in the paris terror attacks. he have been perez, our justice correspondent, has these new details. tell me more. >> reporter: as you mentioned, this has been the explosive of choice for terrorists, especially in the paris terrorist attacks, as well as the shoe bomber, richard reid. it's been used over and other. what we know so far is the lab work has been done on this explosive and what they found was household chemicals that were used to make this tatp. now it is not exactly clear what the intent was here. it was placed in this bag. they managed -- investigators managed to trace the source of the bag actually to a bakery that doesn't exist anymore in new jersey. they still have no idea who placed it there, even how long it was there. we know from the weather, it rained overnight, then during the day might have heated up. these chemicals are known to be very unstable and it appears that this tourist simply set it off by stepping on it. it's an explosive that's very hard to keep stable and simply
11:44 am
the temperatures that day in central park might have caused it to crystallize and would have made it more easily to go off. now as far as whether or not this is a terrorist attack or somebody who was trying to plan a terrorist attack, that's something obviously that's at the top of minds of investigators. they've not found any indications of that. they didn't find any fusing device. they didn't find any ball bearings or any type of thing you see in the devices that are made by terrorist groups. but obviously it is something that's very, very concerning. this was simply a tourist who was walking around fourth of july weekend in central park and jumped down from a rock, managed to set off this explosive. he was severely injured. his leg was severely injured. and it is something now obviously that is going to change his life. obviously this is something the investigators at the nypd and fbi are very, very much focused on, simply because we -- they know that people test out these types of explosives using homemade ingredients. but it is not clear exactly what the intent was here, brooke.
11:45 am
>> yeah. i remember we talked about it at the time, think it was a college student who was in town and now he lost his foot as a result of stepping on this. evan perez, thank you for the update. all right, so it is arguably the biggest decision of his campaign. it is playing out like an episode of the apprentice. sources telling cnn signs point to donald trump choosing indiana governor mike pence as his running mate. but to be clear, to quote dana bash, the call has not been made. joining me now, cnn's senior media correspondent and host of "reliable sources," brian stelter. and jeff stein is with us. he has a piece out, "the way we pick vps is terrible. the tesalternatives are much
11:46 am
worse." first, brian stelter, i read an article likened to "the bachelor." it is all very public. >> even more than ever before. maybe that's before donald trump is such a media savvy candidate and we live in this social media era. right now newt gingrich is on facebook answering questions from his facebook live followers. he only has a few thousand people watching but he's talking about this process of being interviewed for hours as a candidate for vp, running mate potential. yes, there is a 113-question survey he had to answer. so he's being very open about this and we don't normally see that about the contenders for the job. i think it is probably because gingrich is lobbying for are it openly, even though pence seems to be one that's in the lead. trump has said gingrich will be promised a position somewhere in the administration. will trump surprise us with these other announcements, will he promise jobs to other people in the coming days. >> meeting the families this
11:47 am
week. this gets the final rose. jeff, to you and your piece, you say in whole selection method that it is a mistake. why? >> i think the main critique that my piece makes of our current vice presidential selection method is basically that we force our presidential nominees to pick between a short-term electoral interest and what's actually best for the country. right? do we really want the next leader of the free world to be chosen based on the fact that iowa looked like a gettable state one year? that doesn't just doesn't seem like a great way of doing things. >> it's not like this is new. you are thinking of rounding out the ticket. years past this has been done. >> of course, i don't have any grand delusions that a piece will prompt a constitutional amendment. i think it is worth zooming back every now and then saying, wait, why do we do it the way we do it? >> no, it is a point we're taking. you think that this person is a heartbeat away from the presidency and interesting the country's best interests in mind, you would like to think
11:48 am
that's priority numero uno. we are talking so much about trump because we're on the precipice of cleveland, the republican convention. >> yeah, we're not hearing about clinton's choices. and she likes it that way. during the skconvention she'll make those choices. maybe she's happy not to have that intensive coverage. we know donald trump is a reality tv star, on the apprentice for a number of years. 11:00 a.m. eastern time tomorrow in the hilton ballroom, he's going to have a giant stage for this announcement. it does feel like he is leaning in to his reality tv past, his producing past as he does this decision. >> we'll all be watching. jeff, brian, thank you both so much. 11:00 tomorrow morning is when we officially find out. up next, the long classified document alleging ties between saudi arabia and the 9/11 hijackers is finally being made public.
11:49 am
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just in to us here -- we are about to learn a little bit more about potential ties between saudi arabia and the 9/11 hijackers. we're talking about the so-called 28 pages. this is all part of a 2002 congressional investigation into the september 11th attacks. these pages are classified. they have never, ever been made public. but now according to sources in to cnn, they could be released as early as tomorrow. cnn chief national security correspondent jim sciutto is working this one for us from washington. remind us just in terms of ties with saudi arabia, significance of the documents and what are we expecting to learn? >> i've spoken to people who's read these 28 pages which are actually 29 pages, i'm told. keep in mind, they are classified until they come out tomorrow. but in general terms it will show what this 2002 investigation found about employees of the saudi government or people with ties to the saudi government, particularly in the l.a. area had in particularly with two of the 9/11 hijackers. keep in mind these were early
11:54 am
leads. couple years later the 9/11 commission report found -- concluded there was no official saudi role. but i have spoken to people who have read them and said, listen, there were some leads that weren't fully explored in their view. now it will be in the public eye and there are going to be a lot of people piping in saying that there's more there thank the governmethe government admitted at the time. for now, straight ahead -- multiple sources, clues, perhaps even a flower delivery all pointing to indiana governor mike pence as donald trump's pick to be his running mate. we'll discuss that next. hmb has plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you. yourbut the omega-3s in fish oil differ from megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body. megared.
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11:57 am
for the privilege of flying higher and higher, together. ♪ here we go, top of the hour. i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn. it appears the trump veep stakes could end in indiana. multiple sources now saying that staffers for indiana governor mike pence have been told he should prepare to be named donald trump's running mate. sources say pence's deputy campaign manager is now headed to new york city. our own jeremy diamond who's actually on the plane with mark
11:58 am
lauder who is helping run pence's re-election effort. >> i'm on this airplane with you. i've got nothing to offer. >> are you on here to meet with campaign, anything? >> i'm here to have meetings. >> for the pence campaign, not for the trump campaign? >> those are just some of the signs that governor pence is the man, the selection. though we have no official word of a formal offer. trump, reality tv producer, a businessman, he is a master of making the most in this final round. he has been promoting his big vp reveal just 20 hours from now. we will all learn from massive ballroom in the midtown manhattan hilton hotel tomorrow morning, 11:00 eastern. joining me now, cnn's sunlen serfaty is in indianapolis just outside the governor's mansion there watching everything from comings and goings, including flower deliveries to the governor's mansion. we have senior white house correspondent, jim acosta. and we'll get dana bash in a
11:59 am
second. sunlen, you've been trascking comings and goings. the deal is not done yet. right? >> reporter: that's right. that's what our sources are telling us, brooke. but certainly here on the ground in front of the governor's mansion, there definitely is a flurry of activity around mike pence's house. we saw a flower delivery, as you mentioned. he also got a visit from his lieutenant governor a few hours ago. pence could be seen standing at the front door when he was escorting him out. this is the person that could potentially succeed him if he indeed goes on to join donald trump's ticket and onward. so definitely a lot of activity outside the governor's mansion. earlier today -- i should note, he's been inside for now about four hours. earlier today he did tend to some gubernatorial duties. he gave a very formal economic address, launching some innovation -- initiatives here in indianapolis. and we are at that speech and he
12:00 pm
was absolutely poker faced all morning. he seemed really to avoid any sort of personal exchanges. he didn't stay and shake hands afterwards. in fact, he made a bee line straight out of the speech to his car. he would not take any reporters' questions. of course he understands everyone has the same question today. the big question we now have is has he been informed? what sort of discussions is he having? inhe's been inside the governor's mansion for about four hours, brooke. >> so that's what's happening in indianapolis, sunlen. jim acosta who's been globe trotting is with us now. all right, so you have mike pence and it seems like -- we're coaching all this -- all signs point go. call hasn't been made but also the rumor mill, chris christie, newt gingrich. if they're not selected, might they have other positions? what are you hearing? >> couple of things. first, i want to point out, no call has been made, no decision has been made. i actually just talked to a senior trump campaign official in just the last five minutes
12:01 pm
who said be cautious. >> be cautious. >> urging caution. >> what's that mean? >> the horse is out of the barn a little bit to encage gage in indiana parlance. seems like everybody is saying, yes, mike pence is the guy. i was talking to a senior trump campaign official earlier this morning who was saying that donald trump is leaning in that direction. but if past is prologue, there have been times when we thought it was brand a and ended up being brand b. i just want to get that out of the way to say that. but you're right, if it is not newt gingrich or chris christie, these two gentlemen are very much in line for positions inside a trump administration should he be elected. there's been talk of chris christie being attorney general for donald trump. there's talk about newt gingrich being a chief of staff for donald trump. both of these guys have been pretty loyal. i will say there have been times when newt gingrich has sort of strayed off script, off the donald trump script. whereas chris christie has
12:02 pm
almost been with donald trump in lock-step every step of the once. he was the first ex-rival to endorse donald trump. all along since that occurred, my internal gut feeling was, okay, it is going to end up being chris christie because he's been this loyal confidant. people inside the campaign say donald trump and chris christie talk almost every day. yesterday they talked on the phone about the vice presidential slot. other sources in the campaign saying they talk all the time so it is not that surprising. i think in the end if he goes with christie, if he goes with gingrich, that's the ultimate double-down. they're so much like donald trump in some ways. but if he goes with mike pence it is a move to calm things down. calm things down in washington, calm things down in cleveland, show republicans that there is somebody on this ticket -- you may not like donald trump at the top of the ticket, but there is somebody at the other half of the ticket that you can do business with. >> 20 hours can be an eternity when it comes to the big announcement tomorrow morning in manhattan. a lot can happen between now and then. thank you for the caution, jim acosta. minutes ago former house
12:03 pm
speaker newt gingrich finished up his facebook live chat on the race for vp singing praises of mike pence despite the fact that gingrich himself, as jim just pointed out, is also vie being f. >> mike pence brings the qualities of having governed very successful in indiana. having cut spending, having cut taxes. i think tomorrow i'm going to spend some time after the trump announcement, think whether i'm the person he announces or we have mike pence being announced, i'm going to do a facebook live and i promise you, if i am the nominee, ill he a be a nominee with facebook live. >> all right. so that said, let me bring in our cnn chief political correspondent, dana bash. a.b. stoddard is with us, associate editor for real clear politics. tim swarrens, editor for the indianapolis star. dana, off the top.
12:04 pm
again, no official call has been made. correct? between team trump and governor pence. >> as far as we know, the answer is no, no call to team -- from donald trump to mike pence saying will you be my nominee. the answer being presumably, yes, i will. and also my understanding is no call to other contenders saying you're not going to be the pick. so -- and that is important. i think jim acosta was dead-on in putting caution out there. because as we talked about in the last hour, brooke, mike pence is the right pick for donald trump, according to many people who are close to him. many people who are in cleveland and gathering and looking to actually win the white house in november and would be e sixcite about a ticket because they are looking for maybe a tried and true conservative. that is why we have seen this -- gloria borger last hour called
12:05 pm
it an intervention. i thought that was genius among the donald trump's closest family, his son-in-law in particular, his daughter ivanka, his two sons. they all flew to indianapolis yesterday morning at 6:00 in the morning, made it there, arranged a breakfast with mike pence and his family, made sure that jeff sessions, senator from alabama who has also been an advisor, was the first senator to endorse donald trump, but also kind of a kin kindered spirit. all of that is happening trying to sort of steve the ship toward the pence direction. the question is whether or not donald trump is there in his gut. and trump has said so many times, maybe up until the last 24 hours, that he is somebody who goes with his gut.
12:06 pm
and chris christie in particular has been so incredibly close to him, loyal to him, has been an advisor to him. maybe not on paper and politically the right pick necessarily when you're looking for a traditional running mate. but donald trump is not traditional and he knows that. >> dana, thank you. tim, i am looking at you thinking you are a guy in indiana. i was watching a video of you on the "indy star" watching about the intervention or tick-tock of the trump family and meeting governor pence and all of that. i want you to just tell me, as you know indiana politics, is there anything about the governor. i remember sort of an infamous interview with george stephanopoulos when the governor was maybe not the most eloquent response when he was trying to defend the state's religious freedom law. wondering how he would do on a debate stage. is there anything about him that should give donald trump pause? >> so he did have this
12:07 pm
disastrous interview with george stephanopoulosus freedom law wad last year. mike pence has a lot of history appearing before the media. his role in congress was to represent the republican caucus on the networks and he was on network tv quite often. but, that stephanopoulos interview, he was not well prepared, he did not handle hard questions in a good way. he had a deer in the headlight look throughout that interview. so that could give donald trump some pause. indications here in the pence camp and among others who are republican insiders in the state is that all indications are mike pence will be the pick tomorrow, but we're talking about donald trump so caution is always in order. >> okay. that said, barry bennett is ao with us, former trump advisor. barry, knowing trump, knowing who he needs to appeal to come november 8th, who do you think
12:08 pm
he should go with? >> well, think mike pence checks a lot of boxes. but so, too, does newt. they're just different boxes. i love the fact that mike pence brings a lot of conservatives, especially christian conservatives, home. i think his midwest roots. i love his middle class history. he's done a great job as mayor -- as governor of indiana, and he was great on the hill. my guess, i would choose mike pence. >> a.b., you know the hill. he served six terms, mike pence, in the u.s. house. rose to number three as far as house leadership. boehner, canter and then mike pence, rising as the tea party caucus was in existence. he does check that box. we've heard from donald trump as far as like washington, capitol hill experience. >> he has executive experience as governor in an important state and he has obviously the legislative experience. and he wasn't a big rebel, but
12:09 pm
he was certainly an opinionated member of the house republican conference, full of ideas and ready to fight back and push back, which i think that trump would like if he were to be his liaison to the hill as vice president. but talking about listening to the other guests and talking about the different contenders for this job, what donald trump really needs when he makes a decision this momentous, he says he goes with his gut. there's nothing about mike pence that is his gut. so i'm going to be shocked if he picks him, although i agree with barry that it is probably the right pick. it's probably the best, safest, most productive pick. but i'm not going to be surprised if he just veers off into someone we haven't even spoken about. because i think he likes the element of surprise and i just don't know if he's going to pick someone that, unlike gingrich and christie, doesn't really have the same kind of
12:10 pm
aggressive, combative persona that he so much enjoys. >> dana, would you agree with what a.b. said and also to your point before he hasn't always been this loyal soldier to donald trump as he has been for years and years. might we come tomorrow morning at 11:00 say, whoa! didn't see this coming! >> i think it is highly possible. i don't know at this point probable, but possible. we won't know until that phone call happens. because mike pence hasn't been a loyal soldier. maybe even just the opposite. in the state where donald trump really thought he needed the endorsement. he didn't turn out to need it at all. but in indiana he didn't get it. mike pence instead endorsed ted cruz. now i will tell you, that is precisely the reason those pushing for mike pence say that he should be donald trump's running mate in order to bring in ted cruz-like voters who are kind of more in line with mike
12:11 pm
pence's christian conservative philosophy and politics and so forth. so that is exactly the argument why -- that is being made to trump about why you need to kind of broaden the tent and broaden out beyond your comfort zone. chris christie is his comfort zone. the question is does he pick his comfort zone or does he pick politically who people are telling him he should pick. >> what about quickly, barry, then we'll go. normally you think of a rollout. mega rollout. huge background. and this is in what? a ballroom in the hilton in midtown manhattan? did you expect move from donald trump? >> well, my guess is we'll see more but i guess when you're stuck in manhattan, you're kind of limited. but this won't be the famous san diego jack kemp unveil, for sure. >> not a trump property, surprisingly. >> right! right. he's got a couple hotels but i hear that the balance room at the hilton is pretty big. quickly, a.b., what's the big
12:12 pm
surprise next week that we'll all be talking about in cleveland? >> you know, i don't think it will be negative. we've all been anticipating how this could blow up and become a disaster. but i think the big surprise would be if it goes very well without incident. and that the vp is someone that unites the party and that the speakers are great and that donald trump is great and he doesn't tweet something bad at midnight and i think that could be a great big surprise that would really scare hillary clinton. >> all right. barry and dana, a.b. and tim, thank you all so much. we'll be in cleveland of course all next week. who knows what a surprise could be. coming up though, with all eyes on donald trump, hillary clinton is holding a tryout of her very own. the presumptive democratic nominee expected to appear moments from now with virginia senator tim kaine, a name that's been floated as a potential running mate. we'll monitor that. and a city under siege. cnn takes a rare look inside aleppo, syria, where despite years of civil war now, a
12:13 pm
surgeon from chicago is trying to make an important difference. be right back. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways to be taken care of. home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks.
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as secretary of state, hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza. a reduction in nuclear weapons... took on vladimir putin... and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a steady leader in an unsteady world.
12:17 pm
you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. we know that today secretary of state john kerry is meeting with russian president vladimir putin in moscow, possibly on the agenda discussing an agreement to share intelligence for air
12:18 pm
strikes inside of syria against isis. it is inside of syria where the human misery is, in a word, unimaginable. our senior international correspondent spoke exclusively with a surgeon from chicago who worked in a hospital in one syrian city under siege. he spent two weeks witnessing the horrors forged by years of civil war and he wanted to share it with us. i have to warn you, some of what you're about to see is very graphic. >> the road smelled of rotten flesh, burnt metal. there were plumes of smoke from ordnance that had fallen previously. >> reporter: the main supply route into aleppo. this road is known as the road of death. >> and the driver was driving really fast and at every moment you thought you might get hit by a bomb or a missile or a bullet. >> reporter: this doctor is an american surgeon.
12:19 pm
we met with him in the turkish border town after his return from a mission in to aleppo with the syrian-american medical society. this is what sam arrived to find. a pregnant woman had two children killed when a barrel bomb directly hit her house. a paralyzed child. he, too, passed away soon after this picture was taken. >> july 1 the market was hit. later on we learned about 25 people were killed. but there were a lot more injured and that's really when all hell broke loose. >> reporter: amid the chaos, the doctor did the best he could to document what he was seeing. children crammed three to a bed. little bodies wrapped in white shrouds awaiting burial. and everywhere, blood. each day became a litany of the dead and the dying. >> we had to stop doing cpr on a child that was severely injured in order to save someone else
12:20 pm
who was bleeding to death who we knew could be saved. and -- >> and the child couldn't. >> the child could have if we had had the personnel and the resources. but when you have that many people who are injured you have to make decisions on who you are going to save and who you have to leave behind. >> reporter: and even when you make the decision, there are no guarantees. this 8-year-old arrived with his intestines spilling out of a gaping wound. after hours of painstaking surgery, he survived only to succumb to shock days later. and everywhere dr. attar said. human rights groups estimate hundreds of health care professionals have been killed in the volleys of syrian and russian bomb boardmenardment. many doctors working today believe they were intentionally
12:21 pm
targeted. >> you destroy a hospital, destroy a school, destroy civilian infrastructure, you're sort of trying to take away hope from people. and you destroy a hospital, you're not just killing the doctors and the patients in that hospital, you're killing automatic of the future patients that could be treated in that hospital. >> reporter: but even here, there are moments of respite. >> right now living my worst nightmare surrounded by all these screaming kids who are trying to climb on top of me. >> did you have any sense of those days and nights, how many patients you were seeing? >> there were hundreds. every day after july 1, every day kind of blurred together. it was just -- in the emergency room, it was just one person after another, child after child, after patient after patient, and you never -- you're so busy you never really know who makes it, who's alive, who's dead. >> how did you feel when you crossed over? because you were the last car out of aleppo.
12:22 pm
how did that feel looking back down the costello road and knowing that that's now closed? >> you always leave a piece of yourself behind. you meet a remarkable group of people. you get to take care of a lot of people, but you always feel like you've abandoned them when you leave. so i feel a bit broken and empty. >> would you go back? >> i would go back. >> in spite of everything? >> the way i see it, if there are syrian colleagues of mine who are doing it, and my life is not more important than theirs.
12:23 pm
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12:26 pm
so this is kind of cool. two of my colleagues, on the left shasta darlington, on the right, arwa damon, blowing a kiss. i hear the applause.
12:27 pm
how awesome is that? they get to run the olympic torch as it makes its way winding through brazil en route to rio de janeiro, of course the site of the olympics this summer, next month. arwa damon an shasta darlington, go girls. let's listen. >> arwa damon. normally see her in war zones. that's kind of a nice change of pace for her. nice assignment there, arwa and shasta in brazil with the olympic torch. back here at home, as the republican national convention is taking shape, we now know who will speak ahead of donald trump. the presumed nominee has been promising an a-list lineup. a convention speaker role is highly coveted, it is a
12:28 pm
potential springboard for the party's rising stars. it is also the first insight into what the republicans want to say to the nation. among the top celebrity candidates, you have former nfl quarterback tim tebow. ufc president dana white, professional golfer natalie gulbis. ted cruz, rudy giuliani, we also know marco rubio is speaking via teleconference. joining me, our executive editor for cnn politics, mark preston, joining us from cleveland. hello, my friend. as far as speakers are concerned, we also know four of trump's adult children will be speaking. anyone we should pay particular attention to? >> well, certainly we want to hear from ivanka who really is a driving force behind her father's campaign. but also melania trump is going to speak, donald trump's wife. she's given some interviews in the past, but she's kind of been in the background a little bit.
12:29 pm
she hasn't been out there as publicly as one might expect but she will be someone interesting to hear make her testimonial on behalf of her husband. but i do think what's important, too, as we talk about these speakers that are coming together is that we are seeing a republican party that many thought would be absolutely fractured at this point right before the convention. we're actually seeing this republican party come together, brooke. so in many ways, donald trump is going to accept this nomination here in cleveland. i do think he is going to have the backing -- or majority of the backing of republicans across the country. >> are you surprised sarah palin isn't on that list, mark? >> well, i thought it was interesting what donald trump said that she lives too far away to come to cleveland to actually speak on his behalf. she was one of the first supporters of donald trump and has been very vocal for him so i don't think it says anything about her support for donald trump, but it is a little
12:30 pm
puzzling that she decided no the to come out here, at least in my estimation. >> by the way, just because somebody's name may not be on the sheet that was blasted out today, there could certainly be prizes next week. >> no doubt. this is a partial list of speakers. these are four very long days. let's not forget that there are a lot of speakers that are going to be plugged in at different times. but i do think you are right, we are going to see some surprises. look, donald trump has not only proven to be a very adept presidential candidate -- say what you will about him, you like him or don't like him -- but he is also a showman and knows how to sell himself. i wouldn't be surprised if we saw some surprises next week. >> it's almost been this public audition of potential vp choices. we've been watching the governor's mansion in indianapolis. mike pence. but no one has made -- there has not been the phone call from donald trump to governor pence to necessarily seal the deal. what are you hearing? >> well, brooke, isn't it
12:31 pm
amazing that we're seeing this play out so much in public? we haven't southeasteeen anythi this certainly in the past. newt gingrich, mike pence, chris christie. what we know, look at the sign that point toward pence. newt gingrich talked publicly about mike pence. chris christie seemed to indicate that it is not going to be him. we've heard from our sources that it is going to be -- or seems to be indicating it is going towards mike pence. listen, who is mike pence? i think most americans are probably wondering. he is a very conservative governor from indiana. he was once very powerful in the u.s. house of representatives. he is a conservative. however, there is some concerns among social conservatives who are very upset at him about how he wavered on religious freedom. but i've got to tell you, i was hearing that yesterday, they were trying to push back, social conservatives, about mike pence being the pick. having conversations with social conservatives today they seem to be realizing that they're going to need to rally around mike pence. >> okay.
12:32 pm
mark preston, see you in cleveland. thank you. speaking of the city of cleveland, it is increasing security measures at the quicken loans arena. although ohio is an open carery state, the actual arena does not allow firearms inside. police are concerned with the event zone outside the arena where gun owners can arrive armed. though firearms are okay in the event zone, officials have just released a list of 72 items banned from the space just outside of the convention door. here is a sampling of what you can't have. air rifles. paint ball guns. blasting caps. switch blades. knives with a blade longer than two and a half inches. no billy clubs. swords. hatchets. axes. sling shots. bb or pellet guns. metal knuckles. nunchak nunchakus. don't take them. mace or pepper spray. shovels. fireworks. rockets. that's a no-no.
12:33 pm
satellite application chicks. drones. aerosol cans. umbrellas with metal tips. no water guns. no water cannons. ropes. chains. cables. wire longer than six feet. that's a no-no. glass bottles. ornaments. light bulbs. padlocks. gas masks. no tents. no. sleeping bags. no mattresses, stoves, coolers. ice chests. lasers. non-plastic containers, bottles or cans. hammers, crowbars. canned goods and tennis balls. one item noticeably not banned in the open carry state of ohio -- guns. we'll be right back. i laugh, i sneeze... there goes my sensitive bladder. sound familiar? then you'll love this. incredible protection in a pad this thin.
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i didn't think it would work, but it does. it's called always discreet watch this. this super absorbent core turns liquid to gel, for incredible protection that's surprisingly thin. so i know i'm wearing it, but no one else will. always discreet for bladder leaks
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12:38 pm
friends and family celebrating the lives of two people killed in last week's violence. [ playing of bagpipes ] in dallas, public farewell for sergeant michael smith, a police officer being remembered as a patriot, a perfectionist and a peacemaker. smith was 1 of 5 officers killed in that brutal police ambush just one week ago today. the dallas police chief with a message to smith's family. >> my brothers in blue, and khaki, let's stand. [ applause ] this is your family now. this is your family. thank you, brothers and sisters. and we're here for you.
12:39 pm
>> also, somber day in st. paul, minnesota, funeral for philando castile, the driver shot by police whose death sparked protests across this country. you see the horse-drawn carriage, brought his casket to the cathedral of st. paul. our cameras captured an unscheduled stop by hillary clinton as she laid flowers at the national law enforcement memorial in washington. making a stop in honor of the five police officers killed in dallas. we'll speak live to a police officer here coming up. but first, let's go to this hillary clinton event with a potential vp pick here, virginia senator tim kaine. >> -- wonderful presentation from a great example of our dreamers earlier. give it up for the dreamers! [ cheers and applause ] and to so -- right here!
12:40 pm
[ speaking foreign language ] we've got fantastic elected officials. if i named them all, that would take up the entire speech. but i got to say to our members of congress right here, give them a big round of applause p [ cheers and applause ] so, are we ready for hillary? [ cheers and applause ] i think that's a yes. i think that's a yes. [ cheers and applause ] yeah. >> hillary! hillary! hillary! hillary! hillary! hillary! hillary! hillary! hillary! hillary! [ speaking foreign language ] so, a little bit of a vocabulary
12:41 pm
lesson. if you want to say ready for hillary in espanol -- [ speaking spanish ] when this great group of grassroots folks around this country, before secretary clinton decided that she was going to run, formed and chose the name ready for hillary. and a lot of them were right here in virginia. right? it was very exciting for me that they chose that name and let me tell you why. ready for hillary, powerful phrase. and we were so excited when she got in the race. but if you say it in spanish, it's [ speaking spanish ] and the word ready in spanish is a little bit different than the word ready in english. so if we say in english we're ready for hillary, it usually
12:42 pm
means we're waiting or it is kind of about the time i'm ready to go to the store, something like that. but when i lived in honduras, the best compliment you could pay to someone was not to say they were intelligent. nobody ever said that about me. it was not to say that they were beautiful. it was not to say that they were friendly. it was to say that they were ready. because in spanish, in honduras, ready means nmore than just on time. it means well prepared. it means you're ready to get on the battlefield. you're ready to fight. you're somebody that can be counted on. and so we were -- and we were ready for hillary because hillary's ready for us. hillary's ready for virginia. hillary's ready to be president.
12:43 pm
hillary's ready to be our leader. hillary's ready to make history. [ cheers and applause ] and that's why we're ready for hillary. secretary clinton just came from a very tough day yesterday in springfield, illinois. i hope you had a chance to hear her talk about very difficult issues of violence and division and fear and anxiety. but also of hope and unification. it was the kind of speech that you, frankly, don't want to have to give, but tough things happen. and then leaders have to rise to the occasion. and she is a leader. she is a leader. and so she went to springfield, a city that's really important in our history and she laid out the right way to lead, which is about bringing us together. i know she's going to talk about
12:44 pm
th that. what i want to do is just ask you three quick questions, then i'll introduce secretary clinton. and i'm asking you questions because this is a college. i mean this is like a test. all right? the questions are about the presidency and they're about our nation. so here they are. on the economy, on the economy, do you want a "you're fired" president or a "you're hired" president. right? [ cheers and applause ] right? n now, what is donald trump known for? "you're fired." in fact, i predict after this whole thing is over, what will be remembered about the failed candidacy of donald trump is "you're fired," and, maybe one other phrase. "trump u." okay? >> no!
12:45 pm
>> but he's a "you a're fired guy," stiffing contractors, being against equal pay, being against a minimum wage. he's a "you're fired" guy. if you want a "you're fired" president, you've got a choice. but we're making a different choice. we want a "you're hired" president. a "you're hired" president. it starts with fairness. equal pay for women. raising the minimum wage so that you can live on it. infrastructure and building and creating jobs and growing this nation and doing it in a fairway, education from prek to post grad, the debt-free college plan. anybody out here like debt-free college? all right. i told secretary clinton that virginians were pretty smart. so you guys seem to know that like a "you're hired" president is better than a "you're fired" president. so we'll.
12:46 pm
>> to question two. america's role in the world. now this is important to all of us. and the president embodies us in the world, so do you want a trash talker president or a bridge builder president? >> bridge builder! >> that's what's at stake. donald trump trash talks women. he trash talks folks with disabilities. he trash talks -- >> boo! >> -- he trash talks latinos. >> boo! >> -- to him it doesn't matter if you are a new immigrant or you're a worker who's been here for a long time or a dreamer, or if you're latina governor of new mexico, or if you are a federal judge. if you're a latino, he's going to trash talk you. he trash talks faiths like muslims and wants to have a muslim ban. he trash talks allies and leaders around the world. he trash talks alliances that the u.s. has like nato. i'll tell you one that gets me
12:47 pm
steamed -- donald trump wants to be commander in chief. >> no! >> donald trump is a guy who wants to be commander in chief who has said repeatedly, the american military is a disaster. >> no! >> hold on a second. 1.6 million young men and women volunteer to serve in a time of war, now stretching 15 years, and you have the guts to call them a disaster? i mean i don't want somebody who trash talks our troops and treats them with disrespect and contempt. he even said about john mccain, who worked with senator clinton on the armed services committee, and has high praise for her as an armed services committee member, donald trump said about john mccain that he was no war hero because he was captured and was held as a prisoner of war. >> no! >> all right, so tim kaine here, firing up the crowd there in
12:48 pm
virginia ahead of hillary clinton. he is former mayor, former governor, former lieutenant governor. he was head of the state democratic party and now he is a senator and potentially -- potentially -- a running mate for hillary clinton. let me bring in cnn politics reporter m.j. lee. talk more about him. jeff zeleny is there at that event in annandale, virginia. you wrote a column about how just a horrible day in our country and especially in the state of virginia. i was there. it was horrendous. sort of paved this way for him in office. >> right. it is so interesting because tim kaine has sort of gotten stuck with the label of "the boring guy," "the nice guy." but if you talk to his allies and his fans, they will point out that he has a very impressive and long resume. he ran the state of virginia. and when he was governor of virginia, virginia tech happened in 2007. as you know very well, that was the biggest mass shooting until orlando happened last month. and you talk to people in
12:49 pm
virginia who sort of watched him lead in the aftermath of virginia tech and they will say he came right home. he had just flown to japan for a trade mission. came right home and sort of began the process immediately of playing the role of healer in chief. i think a lot of people sort of looked to that and that kind of leadership -- certainly his fans in the democratic party -- and they say this is especially relevant right now because the country is grappling so much with mass shootings, shootings involving police. these kinds of issues that have people really worked up and they feel like he's someone who can take the stage and make a speech that is unifying and they feel like that comes off as presidential and that in that way, he would be a good pick for hillary clinton. >> jeff, m.j. tell me more about when we could hear when hillary clinton chooses and who else is on the
12:50 pm
table. >> we're about eight days away from an announcement or decision by secretary clinton. she tends to make this announcement immediately following the republican convention, i'm told. she has the benefit of seeing who donald trump will pick. she can adjust here. we're told this is limited now to just a handful of people. tim kaine high on that list, i'm told. only hillary clinton knows who is at the top. i'm told she has not yet made a decision. it includes senator brown of ohio. corey booker from new jersey, also very close to hillary clinton. she likes his energy, i'm told. she likes what he can bring to the party. elizabeth warren on the list, but her aides do not believe she will be picked. most clinton supporters don't
12:51 pm
believe she has in the mix. as one person said, you get warren no matter war. another name is tom vilsack. he would be a safe pick that would not affect the balance of power here. all of these things are being considered here, we'll know a week from tomorrow. >> jeff and mj, thank you. next, moving away from politics and talking about police. we'll talk about a florida office who was moved to tear by a simple random act of kindness recently. we'll talk to him, coming up.
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
let's celebrate these moments... this woman... this cancer patient... christine... living her life... loving her family. moments made possible in part by the breakthrough science of advanced genomic testing. after christine exhausted the standard treatment options for her disease, doctors working with the center for advanced individual medicine at cancer treatment centers of america suggested advanced genomic testing. the test results revealed a finding that led to the use of a targeted therapy that was not considered for christine before. now, they're helping fight her cancer on another, deeper level... the genetic level. this is precision cancer treatment, an approach to care that may help patients like christine enjoy the things that matter most in their lives while undergoing treatment. the evolution of cancer care is here.
12:54 pm
that's definitely something worth celebrating. learn more about precision cancer treatment at appointments are available now. despite battling sera disea he got to be a announcer for the
12:55 pm
chicago white sox. >> i was born prematurely. i was diagnosed with cerebral paulsy. i would have casts on or inserts in my shoes. i didn't have the strength and coordination for marching band and the director said why don't you be the announcer for our sets. there was a worry of will people want me on tv because i can't look directly into the camera. >> i forget how i walk until i walk past a mirror and then i think why did we invent mirrors. >> i think the message he sends people is that anyone can do anything. i don't think he views himself
12:56 pm
as an inspiration, but he truly is. >> up into the stratosphere. >> with all of the focus on t the -- someone caught our attention. it reads in part i went inside the police department with tearing running down my fate and had to compos myself in the hallway. this man's random act of kindness overwhelmed. pe officer patrick joining me now, thank you. tell me about this suv that stopped. >> yes, while i was walking into the police station to turn in paperwork, a car pulled up, we have our station by our courthouse, and people ask where parking is or where the
12:57 pm
courthouse is located, and he stopped in the middle of traffic, he honged and i turned and started walking towards his car. he got out and asked, he said thank you, officer for everything you do and he asked if he could give me a hug and it caught me quite off guard. i was not expected that. i said yes and i walked up towards him, he gave me a huge hug. he was quite a bit bigger than i was. he gave me a huge hug and that caught me so offguard with everything that has been in the media lately with all of the negativity about law enforcement officers and everything in the country, it just got me. >> tears going down your face, you have been an offer for a number of years. i am wondering with what happened in dallas, are you
12:58 pm
worried that fewer young people will not want to follow in your footsteps and not the to go into law enforcement. >> with the media publicity, we put on a vest, strap on a badge and a gun, and say goodbye to our families in the over and sometimes we don't come back. with the negative press and all of the negative we don't hear thank you very much. >> let me be part of the positive and let me say thank you thank you thank you for all that you do. just quickly, look i'm not a
12:59 pm
perfect person, no one is perfect, do you ever have any regrets or interaction on a street or a thought -- >> in your years, twhat helped you become the officer you are today? >> i served in the military before i became a police officer. everything i do, race, color, religion, i treat everyone equally. we're here doing this job because we care about america, our cities and counties and where you work. we care about the citizens that we deal with on a daily basis. and i just wish that people would realize that. it's getting out more and more and it's a great thing to see. we care about our country and we care about our people. it's not for the money or any of that. >> we're grateful for you in
1:00 pm
sarasota, florida. thank you for sharing your story. i don't know who that man was that wrapped his arms around you to say thank you, but i'm grateful for him as well. >> i am as well. his name was washington and i'm very grateful for him as well. >> thank you, officer, so much, and thank you all for being here with me in new york, "the lead" starts now with jake tapper. thank you, brook. hoosier daddy? is the governor of indiana trump's new right-hand man. there is, of course, still 19 hours left until trump formally announces his pick which means there is plenty of time for a surprise. >> the transcript front runner, he speebaks spanish, he hails fm a battleground state. senator tka