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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  July 14, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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happening now, the finalists. donald trump seems likely to choose mike pence to be his running mate, but with trump's showbiz flare for the dramatic, other candidates should not be ruled out. dress rehearsal, all eyes are on donald trump, but hillary clinton is also narrowing her list. did she just appear on stage with her number one choice for the number two post? >> and dead heat, and frantic man hunt, the look for a serial killer goes to other states, police are vowing to catch the serial killer behind seven murders. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room."
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donald trump will announce his vice presidential pick tomorrow morning just 18 hours from now. the list has been whittled down in recent days. multiple sources say the indications are that trump has decided on mike pence. the times is crucial because pence faces a deadline tomorrow to withdraw his candidacy for reelection as governor of indiana. hillary clinton appeared today with a possible running mate of her own. campaigning with senator tim kaine. a former governor and party chairman, he has contacts and credibility with mainstream democrats and is reaching out to progressives. that comes as a ad turns trumps
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words against him. and shawn duffy, our correspondents, analysts, and guests will have full coverage of the day's top stories. so, does donald trump have a new job in mind for the indiana governor? >> well, wolf, today has been chopped full of intriguing moves by the pence team here. really signaling that at the very least they are potentially preparing for just that. what we do know is there has been no phone call by donald trump. he has not made any formal offer to any of the candidates yet, even though the wheels do appear to be in motion. >> it may be trumps most important apprentice choice. and the man most likely to say "you're fired" is ready to hire mike pence. >> high quality person, a wonderful guy. >> he called the 57-year-old
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overnight. cnn learned that call set up a flurry of activity by pence's team. >> i'm here to have a meeting. >> for the pence campaign, not the trump campaign? >> i'm still with the pence campaign. >> at the governor's mansion, visitors coming in and out including the state's lieutenant governor who could run to succeed pence, but the red state governor played coy delivering a speech on economic innovation. >> i'm very excited to announce the next step in building a state that works. >> they he would bring message
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discipline to the potential ticket. his emergence in the last 24 hours comes as trump has backed off of his insistence that his vp pick must be an attack dog. >> i'm not looking for an attack dog, i'm looking for someone that really understands what we're talking about. >> as the vp drama plays out, pence and the other contenders are going about their daily business. pence taking a morning bike ride with his wife. and newt gingrich taking the trash out at his home. >> and he says i'm two years older than trump and pence is 20 years younger than me, a beyonder voice would have some advantages. and suggesting that he and trump might be too stlar in style. i thought he had a choice
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between two pirates on the ticket, or a pirate and a stable more normal person. >> another finalist saying he is ready for whatever decision donald trump makes. and here mike pence's residence where he was huddled for most of the day amid a flurry oftivity here. he just departed in the last hour, wolf, to destination unknown. the announcement taking place tomorrow morning. so whoever the pick is has to make their way up there. >> thank you very much. jim acosta has been tracking every move in this race. he is joining us live and that is where donald trump will make his announcement. could this all be potentially misdirection from trump? >> wolf, that is one of the questions out there.
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i have been told by multiple advisors we're down to these three candidates and mike pence is where donald trump is leaning at this moment. i had a chance to exchange some messag messages. he is trying to tamp down some of that narrative out there that there are acquisitidivisions in world. he says he will give us the decision tomorrow afternoon. i keep reading about the drama, that the family is torn, but that's nonsense. they said we told our father and he will make the call. there is no rift or lobbying. and he is trying to have a little fun on twitter, just a few moments ago, wolf, he posted these sweets.
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the vp pick is actually ivanka trump. could not resist. he is trying to have fun with this. i did talk to another senior campaign advisor just a few moments ago, and said part of the reason for this delay, and hearing from donald trump, and the fact that trump has been on the west coast fundraising today and that is part of the reason it has slowed county a little bit. there is no division in trump world. >> we will find out soon enough. joining us now, shawn duffy. thank you for joining us. >> good to be here, wolf. >> you think it is governor pence? >> yes, but i would not put it by donald trump to go in a different direction.
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but if it is, we have a house guy that understands how to get things done. he is a social and fiscal conservative. i think that can tamp down some of the concerns. so all in all, if it is mike pence, he would be a good choice. >> he spent ten years on the house affairs committee. worked his way up to the republican leadership, and spent four years as the governor of indiana. there are significant public differences between trump and pence, governor pence has not backed all of trump's policies. for example he tweeted in december of last year, not so long ago, calls to pan muslims from entering the u.s. are offensive and unconstitutional. you know what trump has proposed. >> i think you will never find two candidates that agree on everything. >> but donald moves on this
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issue, says we have had a ban on people coming from hotter areas of the world. >> you can point to everybody who doesn't aagree. i think there is some concern from folks on what donald will do on foreign policy, and far guy like mike pence, understanding foreign policy, and i think will be a good steady hand if they win to decide how to navigate some of the big challenges in the world. >> a key issue for donald trump, trade, there seems to be a huge gap between the governor and trump. governor pence said trade means jobs and it means security. the time has come for all of us to urge the swift adoption of
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the transpacific partnership and you know who hates that? >> donald j. trump. >> so this trade and tpp, he say it's is a disaster. >> you know that donald came to the house of representatives last week and talked to many of us in the house conference. many of us are pro trade, but we agree that the trade deals have to be good deals. i think that donald is not saying i'm opposed to free trade, i don't think it doesn't grow american jobs and breed more security, i just want to make sure it is good. so at first blush they may have differences in their positions, but if you drill down a little bit, i think you will see they have more in common. trade is good but good trade is good for -- >> trump wanted a temporary ban on muslims in the united states until the u.s. can figure out what is going on with isis and other terrorists. on this tpp which donald trump says is a disaster, there is a significant difference. >> if you have two people, one
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is for trade, one is opposed to trade, that is a difference you can't mend. both men say trade is good, it's just are we going to make good trade deals. >> he says the tpp that trump says is horrible. >> again, i think that whoever these candidates pick, if it would be newt gingrich, there are issues that each side will have that are different. >> what about you, where do you stand on the temporary ban of muslims and tpp. >> on the muslim ban. i think it is okay if we have people coming from hot regions of the world, and we can't verify who they are, my first commitment is to keep us safe. if we can vaerify who want to come and work. >> i don't believe in a muslim ban, but i think donald trump has come more to the center to
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say we have to look at regions. we have to verify their coming for the dream. >> he evolved to a certain degree, where do you stand on the transpacific partnership. >> if you look at syria, you can't verify who people are. innocent americans dieing because people have a radical opinion or belief based on religion. >> what about christian refugees from syria? >> if you can verify who they are and they don't buy into an ideology of death and killing people? >> should christian refugees because their in syria. >> christians are not killing people. >> they're being killed. >> look at san bernardino, orlando, boston. random muslims coming in killing folks. you don't want a complete ban, but you want to plekt trotect t
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american people. >> are you with him on tpp? >> i have some concerns with tpp. i understand his concerns with it. do i think it is absolutely horrible, not at all, is there improvements that can be made to make sure we shore up american jobs. if he wins, i take heart in the fact that he understands that trade grows opportunity and jobs, but you have to make sure you protect american industries and workers. >> we have more to discuss. stick around and we'll continue this conversation. shawn duffy after this. [rickie] a romantic what? [squeaking noises]
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breaking news we're following is that indications are that mike pence is likely to be donald trump's running mate. we're back with the republican congressman. some social conservatives, especially tony perkins, they don't love governor pence by any means. i think there would be a number of conservatives that would have problems. i'm not saying there will not be any support for pence, but i'm saying it would not be optimal for him. >> he is a pro life, pro gun, and protraditional marriage guy. and he said those things, and she a social conservative. i think it makes mike pence feel
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betting. he rose to be the number four in the leadership. >> he was number four, and if you look at the at it, he was very effective in talking about policy and ideas, and i think when you look at what donald trump has to do to be a successful president, you can't just have biggies, you can't just talk to the american people, you have to bring them with you. i think the mike pences of the world knows the world. and that is key if you're going to be successful in your presidency. people like joe biden. he has relationships and
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friendships, he can cut deals across the isle. >> trump said he wants somebody with that washington political experience, and he is a business guy that wants that experience. >> i think newt would be a great choice, but so many of us are concerned about the debt, and how do we get our hands on it, paying a trillion on the debt in ten years. and so i think that also, on the fiscal side, makes people feel comfortable that donald trump is a sound advisor. >> a lot of our viewers know this, but before you were a congressman, you were a reality tv star yourself. you had a reality tv show you used to work on. so here is the question. are you impressed the way that
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trump has played this presidential election? >> yeah, so thank you for pointing that out, i did "the real world" back in the day. my wife was "a couple in america." that is our claim to fame, trump knows how to played media. i think his vp stakes show just that and that is why i would not be that surprised if he might be sitting us down, the pence lane, but he could surprise us and go in a different direction and have a huge, bigger story than just a traditional vp pick. >> like the season finale of "the apprentice." >> maybe he could be there with a rose and hand it to one pick -- >> that is "the bachelor."
2:22 pm
different reality tv. >> monday night at 9:30 eastern, 8:30 central. >> what will you say in. >> i'm looking forward to you covering it live. i'm there with my wife, we have eight kids, we're going to do it together. the kids will not be with us, just our newborn, and this is a great chance to talk about the immigrants and the immigrant dream, and how we have to get this right. people leave because of socialist policies and for the great idea of american opportunity and prosperity. i think we're going to go down that avenue and i think it is a message that resonates with so many americans. hillary clinton has a job for bill and chelsea, but nobody else. donald trump hired thousands of people with good paying jobs, and it is guys like donald trump
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we're following breaking news. significant signs that donald trump is leaning towards picking governor mike pence as his vice presidential candidate. i'm joined here with our experts, mark preston is already in cleveland. the latest information, working your sources. pence about to be selected at the vice presidential running mate. >> we're all on pins and needles waiting for donald trump to pick up the phone and ask mike pence to be his running mate, and mike pence saying yet. we spoke to sources, and at this point that call has not happened, but it could be happening as we speak. that is what we're waiting for, and really at this point it is
2:29 pm
the systems are moving, pence confidents and those that work with pence moving towards new york city to be prepared for an announcement tomorrow? >> yeah, brianna tomorrow morning in new york city. pence has a decade of experience on capitol hill, and trump has said he wants someone with that kind of experience. >> he was in republican leadership in the house, that is something that pence certainly brings, but he has a liability in the way he handled this religious liberty issue last year. he got in wrong on both sides of the debate. that could be a liability for him, and he speaks to some of the weaknesses that donald trump may have. he is not someone that will pull in a lot of millennial support or get millennials excited.
2:30 pm
when it comes to hispanic support she is enjoying by a large amount at this point. talking to republicans in washington, that you expect the candidate, the presumptive nominee would be able to do. but this is an acknowledgment that he can't. >> many see him as a safer pick for that matter. >> i do think shehe is a safer pick. you avoid re -- with pence, i don't think it he is a game changer. what are you hearing mark preston? >> there is concern that brianna
2:31 pm
mentioned. you and i spoke about this yesterday. an organization of conservatives, meeting in a hotel near by. the big issue has to do with mic pen -- mike pence. i was told that there was heated confrontations between those conservatives who say we need to embrace mike pence, he is one of us. he talks the way we talk, he walks with us. having said that, i do think that we will have some conservative base coalesce behind mike pence. >> as i pointed out. a ban of muslims, the
2:32 pm
transpacific partnership, he said last year that calls for bans on muslims are offensive and unconstitutional. tpp the trade means jobs and security. those are important issues for donald trump and they seem to be totally at odds on those two issues. >> i was in indiana earlier this week with mike pence where he was getting peppered with those differences and he, understandably, tried to downplay them saying he has been in the house of representatives before, and this is no different. but i think to david's point earlier, those who are thinking about broadening the trump coalition, that that might be, even though they disagree, that might not be a bad thing. you know, and it is the guy at the top of the ticket that sets the agenda. having said that, knowing trump and the way he is, and the way
2:33 pm
he really, really thinks loyalty, being by his side and standing up for him is so important. that is something that chris christie has been lock step with him on. particularly the muslim ban which he got across the board criticism for in the republican party. >> this is donald trump, don't be surprised if there is a big surprise when all of the dust settles tomorrow morning. stand by, guys. we're also watching important developments in hillary clinton's search for a vice presidential running mate. she was out there a little while ago campaigning with someone a lot of democrats think is near the top of her short list of potential vice presidents. i heard we have a wonderful presentation. calling all nine-to-fivers and night owls. with uber - a little drive goes a long way. start earning this week.
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and with these plans, there could be low or no copays. you do your push-ups today? prepare to be amazed. don't wait. call today to request your free [decision guide], and find the aarp medicare supplement plan to go the distance with you. go long. this is cnn breaking news. >> this is cnn breaking news coming into the situation room. dozens are reported dead in france after a truck crashed into a crowd. jim has been working the story for us, what are you learning? >> it's early but the early reports from nice is talking. it was in the middle of bastille
2:39 pm
celebrations. tens of people dead after a truck crashed into the crowd there. i'm seeing the french ambassador tweeting maybe shotguns as well. maybe terrorism pip should skaugs that we don't know it is terrorism yet. but you have the mayor of the town saying that the death toll quite high in his words dozens dead, rather tens dead, and he is encouraging people to stay in their homes. a witness said she doesn't understand how the truck got through, she heard the metal crash. you saw the crowds running. we have seen pictures now of bodies on the ground appearing to be. tens den says the mayor of nice,
2:40 pm
france. a terror cause is not established yet. they're encouraging people to look at fire works celebrations. it was at the peak of the celebrations that a witness told me when the truck crashed through the crowd. the focus now on treating the injured and dead. >> the occupants of the truck, and this wasn't a little truck, it was a huge truck, actually after they rammed into the people, killing them, exchanged gunfire with police. on the scene, which indicates this is a planned terror operation if you will.
2:41 pm
i know you're working your sources. this vehicle running after vehicles. it has been promoted by terror organizations out there. >> yes, it happened in france before. you have people used, inspired by isis, we don't know if this is terrorism, but there have been people that attacks civilians and police officers. we have seen it in canada and israel and elsewhere. you're seeing on the screen there now the emergency response. these were crowded streets, a single vehicle ramming into the crowd could cause, and has caused, a number of deaths. the reports of there being gunfire, it is early, not confirmed yet, but you have french officials mentioning it and a witness that i have been in touch with on the ground
2:42 pm
there says she heard what sounded like gunshots, the question is could you distinguish that from fire works because it did happen during a fireworks show. we don't know yet but these are the early reports. >> this happening on bastille day, a national holiday in france. we don't know officially that it is terrorism. the french mayor of nice is suggesting that it could have been terrorism. the fact that it happens on a national holiday, like bastille day, equivalent to the fourth of july, that would not necessarily be extraordinary on this. >> we know they like spectacular events. we don't know who is behind it. we know there are casualties,
2:43 pm
some dead based on what french officials are saying the early images are concerning out there. when you get to intentional, speaking to a witness she said the streets were blocked off. people walking through the crowds, having a truck breakthrough, it was not just driving through as part of traffic, it seems to have been driven through intentionally through whatever barriers there were. certainly very concerning. they v not established a terror c connection. we have a very disturbing picture. these are bodies on the street after this truck rammed into a huge crowd. we don't know if they're dead or wounded, but this is very, very
2:44 pm
disturbing right now. the reports, the mayor of nice i want to point out has just tweeted out that there are, in his words, tens of dead in nice after this huge truck rammed into a crowd. he writes this, the mayor of nice, dear nice residents, the driver of a truck appears to have caused tens of deaths, stay for the moment in your homes, more information to come. the image we just showed our viewers very, very disturbing in nice. there have been a series, we don't know if this is terrorism. it sounds like it is. the mayor is suggesting it is. there seemed to have been gunfire after the truck stopped and rammed into the crowd. so clearly they had weapons as well, but this comes on the
2:45 pm
heels of several disturbing incidents. >> yes, the attacks in paris both tied to isis. if there were attackers with guns, what we're not seeing now is an exchange of gunfire with police. where are the attackers now? that is the detail there that we don't have confirmed yet. you have witnesses who say they heard gunshots, but they say this was during a firework show. i would be looking for evidence that there are gunman on the streets and we have not seen that in the few images that we have there from the scene. what i can tell you that a witness told me she heard, she didn't hear necessarily gunfire, but she heard a metal crash. and a truck that side, based on the pictures we're seeming of this truck, a cargo panelled truck, the damage that could do to a crowd that was in the
2:46 pm
streets at the time, so the truck is a deadly weapon whether or not there was firearms as well. >> our affiliate, our tv affiliate, bf mtv m tv, they're saying occupants, plural, of the truck that ran into the crowd exchanged gunfire with police. that is a very disturbing element in this as well. and if there were several people in that truck, they had weapons, and they exchanged gunfire with police after that truck rammed into that big crowd on bastille day in france. that would suggest a plot potentially, a terror plot, right? >> we have seen precedent for even just vehicles by themselves being used in terrorism. other countries, canada, israel, and the addition of gunfire, if
2:47 pm
confirmed, would be an even more complex planned attack, and then you think about the target as well. bastille day, july 4th, heavy crowds, a major city, and a city where you have a lot of foreign tourists. and that goes to, and again, if you look at precedent groups like isis, they like to target places where you have a number of nationalities that would be affected. this would be the kind of event, the kind of city, the kind of timing to accomplish that. >> we're showing viewers pictures, it is approaching midnight now in nice. 11:47 p.m. these are live pictures we're showing our viewers. you're seeing the emergency vehicles. the crowds, the people there being told to go pack to their homes, stay in place. this from the mayor of nice. this is an important day in
2:48 pm
france, bastille day, a national ho holiday. and if this was a terror attack that could be devastating. if it is isis, and i want to be careful and let our viewers know we don't know if it is isis related or any terror organization at this point, if it is, this would be one more manifestation of an effort to show they're still relevant. >> france suspended their emergency laws that they had in november of last year. emergency laws that give them tremendous lee way to hold, to interrogate possible terror suspects. months later they made the decision to lift that and if
2:49 pm
this does turn tout be terror, what unfortunate timing that would be. i'm seeing that this is the mayor there, i believe, yes, the mayor of nice, that was his tweet there in friend, the effect being that it was the driver of the truck that has, and again, the tweets disappeared, but saying it the driver of the truck that drove into the crowd here. he is the same person that the mayor tweeted earlier, that there were a number of dead, one encouraging people to shelter in place. which would, frankly, wolf, be honest. you do that when you think there is a continuing risk. there are reports of a hostage situation. perhaps at a restaurant along the waterfront there. that might explain if you did have attackers with guns. i should caution that is unconfirmed. a lot of this is
2:50 pm
stand by for a moment, jim. our correspondent for france 24 is joining us right now. phillip, what are you learning. >> reporter: this is clearly not over yet as jim just said. the people are staying indoors meaning this situation is all but over. the number of dead is pretty unclear when you look at the french media reports at this point. tens, possibly dozens or so reports of many, many dead. main street, the promenade and the time that this happened is particularly tragic for france because it's happened at the very end of the fireworks display. france's national day, bastille day. this is in fact the day on which the emergency measures were supposed to end as announced by the french president. this is a country that wants to get over the terrorist attacks of the past.
2:51 pm
remember the european football championships just ended in france without a terrorist attack. that had been fears there might be one. there was supposed to be a page being turned in france and might not be the case at this point. we don't know if it's terrorism or not. it obviously has all the marks and france is one of the countries most prepared for a terrorist attack and most conscious that it could happen on its soil. belgium being another of those countries. jihadists were based in france and belgium. no indications right now as to what exactly the origin of this attack or accident was. >> in, if fact, this report from bfm tv is true then occupants in the truck which ran into the crowd exchanged gunfire with police. that would suggest it wasn't just a driver losing control of the truck running into a crowd if there was an exchange of
2:52 pm
gunfire after the truck ran into this crowd. >> reporter: and it's an awfully similar situation to things that happen in cities around the world and indeed in paris over the last year, the attack on the sha charl charlie he dull head quarters. that might be the case again. these are tactics that france has known and across the world that are known. something that you see more often in the likes of afghanistan where truck bombs or trucks are used to get through some kind of security. in this case there wasn't one. this is supposed to be a joyous occasion. the fireworks display, and place that tourists like to flock to. an occasion where one was not expecting a terrorist attack.
2:53 pm
and when you think about it, you might even consider it's almost a soft target. paris is the main target for terrorists in france. nice, not as much. again, we're not entirely sure who exactly did this and what is happening right now. the only thing we know is it's an ongoing situation that that warning remains from the mayor of nice for people to remain indoors and people are being encouraged to open their doors right now so that people inside of their apartments, so they can shelter from whatever is happening in the streets or indeed on that one street, the promenade being the main thorou thoroughfare there on the south side of nice. >> tens of people are dead.
2:54 pm
jim, what else are you picking up? >> i've just spoken to a witness, an american pilot who was there as this happened. he was 15 minutes away as this -- he described it as a tractor-trailer rammed into the crowd. he watched as the driver of this tractor-trailer was mowing bodies over and as he was doing it, as he would hit people, he would accelerate as he hit them. this witness as he watched this saying to me there's no question this was intentional. he saw only one driver, only one person in the cab of this truck. as he understandably ran away from this, he was very close, 15 minutes away -- feet feet away rather. he did hear gunfire. he said from where he was, it was unclear as to whether it was coming from the truck or being fired at the truck. but again, he did see the driver mow people down, accelerate as he mowed people down. just further buttresses that
2:55 pm
this was certainly an intentional attack. >> jim, stand by for a moment. everyone stand by. we'll stay on top of the breaking news. horrific story coming out of nice, france. tens of people reportedly dead as a truck rams into a crowd. we'll have extensive coverage coming up at the top of the hour. come to the lexus golden opportunity sales event this is the pursuit of perfection.
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. happening now, breaking news, in nice a large truck plows into a crowd celebrating a national holiday killing many. is this another terror attack
3:00 pm
targeting france? we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer and you're in "the situation room." we're following the breaking news. developing in nice in france a truck rams into a crowd on a national holiday, bastille day killing according to the mayor of nice, tens, tens of people. unclear at this point whether this is a terror operation but one of the french tv networks is saying that there was an exchange of gunfire with the police from, quote, occupants inside this large truck. jim sciutto is our chief national security correspondent. we have teams working on this. jim the latest? >> so you have the mayor saying tens dead.
3:01 pm
french ambassador mentioning as well the possibility of gunfire. i spoke with a witness, an american pilot 15 feet away he said which this truck drove into the crowd. his description was the truck, the driver was mowing bodies over, that he accelerated as he hit those bodies. he said to me that he only saw one driver, one person in the cab of the truck. as he ran away, he did hear gunfire. wasn't clear to him -- >> take a look at the picture on the right. that's courtesy of our affiliate appearing to be the truck that rammed into that huge crowd. >> that's right. sadly we're seeing pictures of many bodies on the ground which helps explain the death toll. as a matter of context, vehicles have been used as weapons of terror in france including 2014 including attacks on police. i've spoken to u.s. officials
3:02 pm
which say say it's too early to know if it's terrorism. it would take time to make such a determination. >> government firms are saying perhaps as many as 30 are dead and 100 injured in this horrific ramming into this large crowd by that truck that you see in the middle of your screen. evan? >> france has been on high alert this entire month. the soccer tournament just wrapped up. they were on high alert from possible attack from isis and other terrorist groups and managed to get through that period without any attacks. now this is bastille day, another symbolic time for such an attack. the french ambassador here in washington already tweeted saying he suspects it is possibly terrorism and obviously that's the first thing as jim mentioned that u.s. officials are thinking there's very little information other than what they're doing the same thing
3:03 pm
we're doing is checking the reports and trying to verify as much as they can. it's still an ongoing situation and appears to not be over in nice. >> the occupants of the truck, those -- the driver and some other people in the truck were supposedly exchanging gunfire, jim, with police after that truck rammed into the crowd. earlier we showed disturbing images of what looked like bodies. i'll show it again. it's very disturbing. you can see the aftermath of this. it's a horrific situation right there. but it does have the hallmarks of a terror operation. >> one, look at the event, bastille day. not just french in the crowds but international crowds. >> height t of summer. >> height of summer. think istanbul. you're going to affect a number of nationalities. we know there's precedent for using vehicles. that's a deadly enough tool
3:04 pm
particularly a truck of that size. there's precedent for that. and sadly, all of us have been involved in covering terror attacks over the last year. "charlie hebdo," january last year, the paris attacks last year. sadly today france lifted its emergency laws which gave them enormous ability to arrest and interrogate suspects. they had a sense of they were getting control of things. >> if you look at the pictures, the promenade where this appears to have taken place is one of those places that's so hard to defend. you see the size of that truck. even if you sealed it off for pedestrians only it's still something difficult, even if you put up barricades. it's one of the hardest things to stop if someone has the intent, you can steal a truck and do a lot of damage with simply that truck. as jim has said, even if we don't have any guns any
3:05 pm
explosives you can do a lot of damage and sadly the reports are we're talking about more than 30. >> i've been in france on bastille day. sort of like july 4th here in the united states. a national holiday all over the country. >> i spoke to another witness who said this street was closed off, it had become a pedestrian street. when those witnesses saw the truck, they knew something was wrong. that truck shouldn't be there and then it's behavior and as the witness was saying mowing bodies over, accelerating as it hit people. just a sickening case of murder. vehicular murder in effect. >> it doesn't sound like the driver of that big truck, jim, lost control. looks like a deliberate act to ram into that crowd and to speed up and try to get as many people as possible. >> particularly because there were cord dons keeps people and cars away. >> and gunfire exchanged between
3:06 pm
the occupants of the truck and police. we don't know -- do we know what happened to the driver? >> we don't know. that might be the police trying to stop the truck and if you look at the pictures we have been showing, it appears the truck is damaged and they might have been some gunfire might have been used to stop the driver. it's not clear if that is the only person part of this, whatever happened here, if it's just one person or more than one person that was involved in this, wolf. but it is obviously just the signs that we're seeing here really leads you to believe that this was a terrorist attack whether one person or if it's a group. again, it's been a very, very tough period for the french. all their police, they have had hundreds of thousands of officers on the streets trying to guard against terrorist attacks all over france because of this. soccer tournament that they have been hosting, it remarkably went on without any problems whatsoever. they had some issues with fights
3:07 pm
between russian fans and english fans but nothing of the terrorist nature. it's been a surprising thing that they were able to get through all of that and now to have their big celebration marred by this incident, it's exactly the worst fear. >> there's a new report here coming from our aye affiliate that the driver of the truck was beaten apparently the crowd got to him. again, it's an early report. but the first report i've heard and seen and this is from our affiliate bfm tv, that the driver was apprehended. we're waiting for confirmation from french authorities. >> i want to bring in our senior law enforcement analyst, tom, you're watching these images and hearing as we're hearing these disturbing reports, maybe 30 people dead, maybe more. maybe 100 injured as this large truck rams into a big crowd on bastille day in nice, france. this is unconfirmed. we don't know if it's a terror operation but if there was an
3:08 pm
exchange of gunfire with occupants in the truck, certainly -- it would certainly appear to be an act of terror, right? >> it sure would look like it. and it's right out of isis' playbook. they have been putting out messages, you don'texplosive, ur car or truck and run people over if there's a group of people on the street or sidewalk. in essence, that's what you have here. apparently. but you know, we have had a couple of instances in the united states where we have just had people that were either very drunk or mentally deranged that also drove a vehicle. but this one has more of an appearance of a deliberate acceleration into the crowd as opposed to maybe a deranged driver. >> especially, tom, if the driver of that large truck and maybe there's some other occupants in the truck, if they had weapons with them driving in the truck in france with weapons is not driving in a truck in the
3:09 pm
united states with weapons right? >> absolutely. france has strict gun control which hasn't appeared to be too strict with all of the attacks over the last year. we don't know if maybe the police were fearful that truck would never stop and they were trying to shoot through the windows and stop the driver. so we don't know if there were occupants of the truck shooting. even if there were shots fired. >> peter, our national security analyst is with us as well. an expert on terrorism and appears to have a lot of the hallmarks of an act of terror, peter? >> yeah. selecting a day of national celebration, that's a leading indicator. the size of the death toll. the appearance of a deliberate act. the fact isis specifically calls for these types of attacks with trucks or cars. other terrorist groups have called using cars or trucks.
3:10 pm
all adds up to a terrorist attack. >> in some of the al qaeda and arabian peninsula and online images they specifically said it would be great if you could come fight here and kill the infidels but if you can't get over to iraq or syria, do it where you are and if you don't have a gun, use a vehicle. >> yeah. there's a rather famous issue online magazine which they show a big truck with almost like daggers attached to the wheels and drive it into the crowd and kill as many people as possible. >> it's that kind of image online in that magazine which would inspire a home grown terrorist a lone wolf. >> yes in almost any case we've seen in the united states inspire magazine has been something people have been reading including in the boston marathon attacks. >> we'll show another -- this is
3:11 pm
a new image of the truck. this is the truck that you can see. it's a relatively large truck. this is that we just got this image. you can see that there are looks like gunshots in the window. bullet holes in the window of that cabin of the truck. >> that's right. it appears from -- we're getting information from the local government there that they believe there may be as many as 30 dead, over 100 injured as a result of this incident. now as you mentioned this is the kind of truck that frankly would not draw a lot of attention. the celebrations there would cause them to close the promenade. people were there gathering to celebrate the holiday. it would obviously be not something that would draw a lot of attention until you get right to where the streets are closed off and that's the reason why they could take people by
3:12 pm
surprise even if you have dozens of police there, it's really impossible -- it's possible to stop somebody like this if they really want to do the damage and it appears they have done a lot of damage here. >> would isis or other terror group after an incident like this if it were a terror attack, peter, claim responsibility. >> i think they would quickly generally speaking unless it's in particular countries that they did claim responsibility. we saw in orlando they claimed some form of responsibility in about 24 hours. i would anticipate if this is terrorism they would pretty quickly. >> our cnn terrorism analyst is with us. phil, very, very disturbing for viewers just tuning in, probably 30 people dead, 100 injured when this large truck rammed into a crowd on bastille day in france. what's your analysis of what's going on here?
3:13 pm
>> reporter: couple things we have got to talk about. the first is in the attacks we have seen recently going back to the major attacks in brussels and paris to the attacks in particular in turkey and bangladesh we saw sophisticated cells of individuals using suicide vests that required some expertise. you have got a contrasted event that don't require that expertise. it might be an individual inspired who doesn't have training to build the device. i look at this initially, and say is this one of those thousands of people who is not really an isis person but just said i'm with the movement and go out and do something, wolf. >> very disturbing development. jim sciutto, new information as well. >> i just spoke with another witness in nice. she has an apartment over where the attack took place and said she heard gunfire very clearly and said to me the fireworks
3:14 pm
show had stopped at that point. you know, you might wonder if people were confusing fireworks with gunfire. she said she saw the truck plow into the crud. very large truck and moving fast and immediately afterwards she heard gunfire. she said before it happened she saw a number of french military patrolling, armed and this is standard in france today in the current environment. it is possible that gunfire was directed at the truck as opposed to coming from it or it's possible it came from the truck and -- came from the police as well. to be clear she could very clearly hear gunfire. from her window she still saw this large truck that we have shown pictures of before in the same place where it was when it hit those people and sadly she sees a number of bodies on the ground covered in table cloths still as they try to react to this. >> and the bottom right hand corner you can see the image of the truck.
3:15 pm
you see the front window of the cabin with bullet holes right there. disturbing development. it's now after midnight in france. we're watching the story and stay on top of it. breaking news. disturbing situation, at least 30 people dead, 100 injured after this large truck rams into a crowd on a national holiday inn nice, bastille day. we'll be right back. the big hilton world sale is on honors members save up to 25% on brands like
3:16 pm
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3:20 pm
truck. you see the bullet holes in the front window of that cabin. we're getting a lot more information right now on this situation. it's very disturbing information. we have disturbing images as well. it appears to be a terror attack but we don't know that for sure. jim sciutto, you're watching this very, very closely. it looks like there was an exchange of gunfire with occupants of that truck cabin. at least according to french media. >> and speaking to witnesses on the ground they saw the driver intentionally plow into the crowd, one saying he accelerated as he hit people and he was in his words, mowing people down. another telling me after that, she heard gunfire. so the question becomes was it coming from the truck or going into the truck and as you see in the lower right hand corner of our picture there, there appear to be bullet holes in the window of the truck.
3:21 pm
it's possible this was the police response to the attacker as opposed to the attacker shooting out or it could have gone in both directions. what is clear is this was intentional. not an accidental driver driving down the street because we know the streets were closed off. there were security that kept all vehicles off the street because this was a pedestrian corridor to watch the fireworks and the witnesses we have spoken to as well as other reports coming outs of france is the driver intentionally drove into the crowd and we know this is a tactic done before sadly and isis encouraged followers to run them over, quote in your attack. that is a possibility. i'm sure french authorities are looking at whether this has terror precedence. >> that's what american authorities are doing now, the fbi and intelligence agencies are trying to find references if there's anybody who has sent my messages on social media.
3:22 pm
as you know, the u.s. intelligence agencies collect a lot of e-mail and a lot of communications overseas especially in the area and one of the things they're doing is analyzing and seeing if there's any references from anybody who was about to do something. we know from what we saw in bangladesh, the terrorists took pictures of what they were doing and sent messages back to isis to sort of give them proof of what they were trying to do. that's one of the things that obviously u.s. intelligence analysts are doing to see if they can find anybody who was perhaps trying to claim this in the name of a terrorist group obviously because of the high death count. it's the first place that they're starting to look. >> peter, you studied terrorism. do we know if there was any specific threat in advance specifically to nice. >> i don't think there was any specific threat to nice itself.
3:23 pm
general calls for attacks have been propaganda particularly a call on may 21st that jim just mentioned who called for attacks in the west. as isis -- >> the isis spokesman. >> yeah. this is a good place to kill a lot of people attending a holiday celebration packed in one place. jim mentioned the deliberate nature of this, exchange of gunfire, highly symbolic holiday. isis has called for truck attacks all adding up to this type of attack. >> are we have seen terror attacks in the past not only in france but elsewhere in israel there have been attacks along these lines. >> yeah. there was an incident in the united states where a student plowed -- who seemed to be influenced by jihad ideology plowed into people.
3:24 pm
>> i'm sure the u.s. will be helping france. walk us through how the u.s. will get involved. >> the fbi office in paris, france works closely with the french police and intelligence services and they'll be working very closely with this. again as any information, the identity of the driver where that truck came from, who may have rented that truck, if there's any other reporting of a cell in that area, that will all go through the fbi to check if there's any information and any fbi database or source reporting indicating who might be involved in this. >> phil, there have been warnings from various terror groups, whether aq, ap and the arabian peninsula or isis that kill people with a truck. phil, are you there?
3:25 pm
unfortunately i think we lost phil. jim sciutto is getting new information. >> the french sort of national police force is tweeting now. this is how often they share information with the public that an emergency operation is still under way in central nice and continue to -- they're telling people to avoid the downtown area and stay in their homes. and they're being told not to go outside. the french police saying there is still an operation under way. still a danger. . >> we're also getting word from afp, the french news agency. president hollande is going back to paris for emergency crisis talks. one of our terror analysts, paul, what are you learning? >> well wolf, local authorities believe that this is some kind of attack. the interior ministry of france
3:26 pm
has not confirmed at this point that this is terrorism but it certainly looks like that based on all the eyewitness accounts that we have coming in of a driver of a large truck going on to the promenade on the waterfront in nice. i've been there many times. during the fireworks. so the 14th of july, the french national day and just plowing into people. i'm hring perhaps more than 30 people killed in this attack. they say the ultimate casualty count is going to be very high indeed. they're scrambling to respond to this point. it would appear that the driver of the truck was shot dead, wolf, by police. but this comes at a time when there's an unprecedented threat, terrorist threat to france mainly from isis and its supporters. it comes just four days after
3:27 pm
the end of the euro 2016 soccer championship. there was enormous concern in france that that could be targeted. there was one terrorist attack during the month-long tournament northwest of paris when two cops were killed by a radical jihadi. but the rest of the tournament they didn't see attacks and there was a sigh of relief after that. there was significant concern today because of the fact that the french national day because of the fact that isis has already been ratcheting up and france is the number one target of this terrorist group. but to be able to say who is responsible and very much in scramble mode on the ground in nice, wolf. >> we clearly see all the reports suggesting at least 30 people dead, 100 injured when this truck rams into a large
3:28 pm
crowd in nice. let's take a break and resume our special coverage after this. guess what i just did? built a sandcastle? ha, no, i switched to geico and got more. more? 24/7 access online, on the phone or with the geico app. that is more. go get some mud... all that "more" has to be why they're the second-largest auto insurer. everybody likes more. mhm, i think so.
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we are following breaking news out of france, specifically nice where a large truck plowed into a crowd, people celebrating france's national holiday on bastille day.
3:33 pm
at least 30 people reported dead. 100 people injured. a horrific scene under way. you can see the truck in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. you see the bullet holes in the window of the truck. exchanging fire. police shot into that truck. we're getting new information. jim sciutto is working his sources. jim, you have been speaking with eyewitnesses who saw this unfold. >> they did. the sad fact is that this looks very much like an intentional attack. the streets were closed off. this large truck described as a tractor-trailer ramming into people. one eyewitness telling me it was mowing bodies over, accelerating as it hit people. these streets were closed off crowded with people. they just watched the bastille day, equivalent of the french july 4th fireworks. they were out in numbers on a beautiful summer night and this happens. i spoke to another eyewitness who said she heard gunfire immediately following.
3:34 pm
there were initial questions and that we still don't know whether it was coming from the truck or just from police. we see the bullet holes in the truck window. it looks like the police were responding at least. we don't know if the driver of the truck also had a weapon. two witnesses reporting they heard gunfire. police saying there is still a security situation under way and telling people to stay in place, to shelter in place, stay in their homes, do not go outside. they consider a risk still to be present although as my colleagues in europe have reported, it appears that the driver has been killed by police. the question is are there other attackers certainly still on a state of high alert. >> and the president returning to paris. evan, you're getting new information as well. >> we know u.s. law enforcement and intelligence agencies are now in contact with their french colleagues and trying to see what assistance they can offer.
3:35 pm
one of the things that the u.s. does a lot is collect a lot of intelligence, a lot of communications especially in that region. in southern france there is -- there has been a great deal of concern about isis supporters, about extremists. and obviously all over france. we just wrapped up the euro 2016 soccer tournament during which time the french were on high alert for possible attack. there was almost a certainty among officials that i talked to here in france and united states that there would be something that would happen and nothing major happened. it appeared that people were getting relaxed just today. the french president announced he was not going to be extending the emergency laws that have been in place as a result of the recent terror attacks in france, wolf. >> the reason, peter, authorities are concerned this may have been an act of terror is because there have been previous incidents where vehicles including trucks were
3:36 pm
used by terrorists, lone wolves and others to kill people. >> including in france in 2014. so we have also see even in the united states there was an event at the university of north carolina in 2006 where somebody, a jihadist plowed a car into a crowd. luckily he didn't kill anybody but injured nine. we have seen this before. unfortunately we're likely to see this tactic again because it's simple to do and doesn't require special training. >> paul, you're in brussels and getting new information from your sources. what else are you hearing? >> reporter: well, wolf, it's a fluid situation. my understanding is that we're going to come out of this with a really horrific casualty count. at least 32 people killed. probably more on the grounds in nice. with this truck just plowing
3:37 pm
through pedestrians on the promenade coming on a symbolic day for france, the french national day, july 14. there was a lot of concern that something could come through but not clear at this point what sort of perpetrator this was. whether this was somebody who was a radical or might have been somebody who suffered from acute mental illness and one of those -- the car collisions that peter was referring to in france in december 2014, prosecutors eventually ruled out it was a terrorism case because the perpetrator had been hospitalized a lot of times for acute mental illness. we just don't know yet whether this was terrorism but certainly has all the hallmarks of that at this stage.
3:38 pm
>> especially because isis and al qaeda have advised their supporters if you don't have a gun, if you don't have an opportunity to go fight in the region, use a truck, a vehicle to kill people. we have on the phone an eyewitness who is joining us from nice. zana, thank you so much for joining us. tell us where you were and what you saw. >> well, i was at home and i'm just sittis sitting where it ha exactly. right in front of where i live. first i heard -- it was right after the fireworks were over. i went outside on the balcony to watch the fireworks and went in because the music that they had live right across the street, the music was very loud. then i suddenly heard a crash and people shouting.
3:39 pm
when i went to the balcony there was so many people on the ground. and then some fire -- not fire -- yeah. gunfires were gun fighting was started. so i had to go in and switch off the lights because i didn't know what was going on. the people are still on the streets. i don't know. i don't understand how he went through because the road was blocked. it was all pedestrians. people were walking and there was so many people outside. so many people. >> are you still seeing, xana, people on the streets? >> yes. yes. they are still lying there unfortunately. >> people were wounded. including bodies as well? >> yeah. the wounded were taken away. the bodies are still there. >> really? and was there an indication from based on what you could see,
3:40 pm
there was more than one person in that large truck or were there several people? >> the truck is still there and according to the news, it was just one driver but the police are strictly asking people to stay in and they're not letting anyone out. the truck is still there. i can see the truck. >> based on what you saw and what you heard, that truck was making maneuvers back and forth to go after people and kill people as many people as possible? >> apparently it went straight through because the people are along 200 meters. and that's just -- >> so people are lying on the street. some 200 meters. is that what you're saying? >> yes. yes. >> and are there ambulances there removing the injured? >> yes. yes. yes. so many police cars. >> it's a horrendous situation.
3:41 pm
>> and fire workers and -- whatever. >> how are you doing? >> i'm still on the shock. this is what we live every week in my country. but you never get used to it and we shouldn't get used to it. it should stop. it's not the same as we watch on tv. when you see it live, it's -- i don't know how many times it's worse. >> well, thank you so much, xana. >> you're welcome. >> and we're grateful for you eyewitness account. xana is an eyewitness and saw what was going on in nice. jim sciutto you're getting more information. >> just an update from the french interior ministry confirming that the driver of the truck in their words neutralized, killed, and that's something as we look at that picture in the low right hand corner, the bullet holes appears
3:42 pm
that police fired on him. but the interior ministry confirming the driver is now dead. we're beginning to see french officials use the term truck attack. categorizing this wolf, as all indications are that this was an attack. this was intentional sadly. and we're sadly watching the death toll rise. >> we'll take a quick break and resume our special coverage. a horrific attack in nice, france, at least 30 people killed, 100 injured. those numbers will change. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
3:43 pm
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3:47 pm
we're following the horrific news out of nice, france where a truck plowed into a crowd. our affiliate. bfm tv is quoting a local source as the prosecutor's office is saying 60, 60 people are dead in that truck attack. a lot more people are seriously injured. we're also now being told president obama has been briefed on the situation in nice. his national security team has been updating him as appropriate. the president of france francois hollande is returning to conduct
3:48 pm
emergency meetings on this situation. jim, this has all the ear markings of a deliberate terror atta attack. >> based not only on the circumstances but a crowded pedestrian plaza, midst of the fireworks. french people celebrating. many internationals there. we're hearing from witnesses that i've spoken to, one american pilot said he was 15 minutes away as he saw the driver of this truck plow into the crowd. there should have been no truck on the street. there was security keeping vehicles away. he saw the truck mowing bodies over, accelerating as he hit those bodies and sadly now we're seeing the death toll rise. it was after the fact two witnesses tell us they heard gunfire and we have the french interior ministry confirming the driver of the truck had been neutralized. the question is was the driver also armed? we don't know that yet. as a matter of fact, the truck
3:49 pm
was a deadly weapon enough to kill this many people in a matter of seconds witnesses say there. just a horrendous night for the people of france, for france who has already endured two horrible attacks in 2015 and now we have this in 2016. and europe as well. it's something that we're all getting used to. >> and you know, there's a lot of -- paul, i believe you're still with us. a lot of our viewers here in the united states and around the world will wonder why france, why nice if in fact this was a terror operation. let's say it was isis. we don't know that. but isis in the past, aqap, al qaeda, they told their supporters get a vehicle if you don't have a gun and start killing people. but why france? >> simply because there are so many french nationals that have gone to join isis in syria.
3:50 pm
hundreds and hundreds and hundreds. they have given isis the capability to launch attacks in france if this indeed is a isis terrorist attack. there must be some concern out this early stage that this could be a isis attack and also an just a few weeks ago saying that france was the most threatened country in the whole world when it comes to isis terrorism, that the intelligence is suggesting a very high degree of plotting from isis and its support eers against france. there was a sigh of relief after the euro 2015 soccer championships that there was not a major attack in france during
3:51 pm
those champion shops, during the month of ramadan. isis had called for attacks and there was one attack most of paris by an isis-inspired extremist who killed french police officers and broadcast it live on facebook, but french leaders for some time now, wolf, have been talking about this unprecedented terrorist threat to their country. >> stand by. everyone, stand by. let's take another quick break and we'll resume our special coverage. a horrific attack in nice, france. sources now say at least 60 people dead as this huge truck, and you see it on the bottom right hand corner of your screen over there with bullet holes in the windows of the front cabin, as this huge truck rammed through crowds that had gathered on a national holiday, bastille day, july 14th, in niecce, fran. we'll be right back.
3:52 pm
3:53 pm
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3:56 pm
this is cnn breaking news. the breaking news in france. the death toll from that truck attack in nice now at 60, that according to french tv citing prosecutors. witnesses say this large truck deliberately drove into a crowd celebrating bastille day, a possible of act of terrorism. brian todd is working this story for us. brian, you're learning new information. update our viewers. >> reporter: some late information that we're finding out. bfmtv, police have neutralized the driver and he is dead. the french interior ministry reporting he drove his vehicle
3:57 pm
for several meters. we have to caution, this is very early tonight. a lot of these numbers are changing. french tv reports 60 people were killed and could be as many as 100 people injured and french tv citing the prosecutor's office. bpmtv said the truck drove through the promenade des anglais, and we know vehicles have been used to attack people in public areas in recent years. this seemed to be a pattern. in january a driver was shot and wounded as he drove a car toward a group of soldiers guarding a mosque. one soldier was injured and the driver of that vehicle shot and wounded. that was in the wake of the paris attacks and that caused a real scare. in december 2014 two vehicle attacks in france in the city of naut. a van plowed into an outdoor christmas market. the driver stabbed himself after that attack, but survived and that was not believed to be terror related. that same month in dijon, france, a man shouting god is
3:58 pm
great in arabic rammed his vehicle into pedestrians and a dozen people were injured in that incident. the man was arrested. interestingly enough a couple of months before that in september 2014, mohammad al adnany, spokesman for isis, quote, run him over with your car. again, we have to stress, we don't yet know for sure in this incident in nice is an act of terrorism or not. this is a pattern we're looking at. we do know that mohammad al adnani, the isis spokesman did call for this, but very early on to say at all if this is terror-related in nice. >> it does appear, all of the indications appear to be that this very possibly was an act of terror. brian, stand by. we have a new image. we want to show you the truck in question. you see the bullet holes in the window of that front cabin. the driver, by all accounts now
3:59 pm
officially reported was shot ask killed by police. peter bergen, you see how many bullet holes are in that vehicle right there, but that truck, that one truck and maybe just one individual presumably killed at least 60 people and injured many more. >> yeah, and i think it says something about the lone wolf attacks if this is a terrorist attack and we saw 41 killed by one individual in orlando in the nightclub, and this is probably, as far as i can recall, if indeed this is terrorism, this is the largest single lone wolf attack in terms of the death toll that we've seen. the only other attack that comes close or even bigger was the -- you may recall, wolf, in norway anders breivik who was a neo-nazi who killed 77 people. it is very difficult to kill that many people, and if you get a truck and do what happened here in nice you can get a large death toll and you can bet that
4:00 pm
terrorists around the world are observing this fact. you don't need any special training to do this. this is something you can do very easily. >> some isis supporters celebrating online right now in social media. we're going to stay on top of this story. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." our breaking news coverage continues right now with erin burnett "out front." this is cnn breaking news. good evening. i'm erin burnett. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. we are following breaking news out of france. an attack that has left at least 60 dead. those numbers are climbing by the moment here. 60 dead. at the latest, we understand, at least 100 more injured according to sources. a french official tonight calling this a major attack. a box truck plowing into a crowd of people in the resort city of nice on the french riviera. panic in the street, the crowd was celebrating the french holiday of


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