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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  July 14, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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welcome back, everybody. just going on 10:00 here in los angeles. it is 7:00 a.m. in nice. we like to welcome our viewers in the united states and all around the world. >> breaking news this however, people in nice, france, celebrating bastille day on the beach ran for their lives when the driver of a large white truck opened fire on them ask then plowed into the crowd. >> french officials put the death toll at 80 bodies lying in the street covered with white sheets. amateur video of the attack is graphic and disturbing.
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>> authorities say light arms, grenades and explosives were inside the truck. police found the identity card of a 31-year-old french-tunisian man. they're now trying to figure out if that belongs to the driver. >> french president oh legion has extended the country's emergency by three months in the wake of a terror attack.he flew back to paris friday early to deal with the situation. >> mr. hollande says france will remain strong despite those who want to launch these kinds of attacks. >> this is of an act of which terrorists -- a terrorist attack cannot be ignored and this is of absolute horror. and it is clear that we have to do everything to ensure that we
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can fight against the scourge of terrorism. >> our nic anderson joins us from paris with the latest. becky, we're being told anti-terror prosecutors have taken over the investigation into what happened in nice. what more can you tell us? >> well, this was certainly attack that caused absolute terror. 80 dead, including children. and 18, we are told, critically wounded in this awful attack. this was carnage on the prom in addition des anglais, which is the main thoroughfare along the beach in nice in the south of trans. thousands gathered to celebrate bastille day and to watch the fireworks display. this was around 10:00 at night. it is now 7:00 in the morning and france waking up to the front bajs in the newspapers today, which simply are
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headlining horror, carnage in nice, and a deadly 14th of july in this southern beach. we do know that this white truck was along the promenade des anglais relatively slowly for as long as two kilometers. this was an area, a road which we are told had been cordoned off. so it is unclear at this point how the truck actually made it on to that road. once it did, the driver drove it along, spraying bullets out of the windows and mowing people down in his wake. that identity card you rightly point out is of a 31-year-old tunisian man, a resident of nice, but as you have said, that at the moment authorities are trying to identify whether that card belongs to the driver whose body was pulled out of the cab of this truck after authorities shot and killed him.
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and the president is saying earlier on this morning in an address to the nation at some 3:30 in the morning that had authorities not intervened as quickly as they did, this being the police and security down there in nice. things could have been a whole lot worse. it seems unimaginable things could have been any worse. but i with guess he's making a very good point. >> becky anderson joining us there from paris with the latest. becky, appreciate the update. >> tony jones us on the line from nice. he was there with his wife and his son when all of this happened. tony, it's been many hours now. how are you coping and i guess how is your son dealing with all of this? he's only 14 years old and saw it all. >> yeah. and, you know, it's hard to say at this point. i think he's okay for the moment, but will need to do a lot of rossing with this. but, yeah, it won't be an easy one. >> tony, where were you when this was unfolding.
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walk us through the moment when you realized something terrible was happening. >> sure. just to give you an idea where we're located, the negresco, which is somewhat central to where this incident occurred, we're just to the west of that. and we had watched the fireworks from the balcony of the apartment we're renting for the week. the fireworks started at about 10:00 p.m. here locally. we were in awe looking across the way as the fireworks were going on. just at how many people, you know, were crowded out there in the beach and the prom in an in addition des anglais. and the prom nain addition is a very wide area where you would normally feel comfortable walking. they had a lot of the street blocked off to traffic. so as soon as the fireworks were over, we kind of stood out for a little bit watching the crowds just, you know, come into the streets as they're leaving the beaches. .ask we step inside, close the
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balcony door and within about two, three minutes, we're hearing like trumping outside. and crowds start to just -- like a roar. so initially, i thought, well, maybe they're doing more fireworks. so i opened the door. my son and i walked out and my wife quickly joined us. and as we walk out, this is when we see this panel truck coming into our field of vision ask just, you know, plowing through the crowd in front of us. and i estimate it had had probably gone about half a mile in at that point from wherever it began because it took us, you know, a couple seconds to realize, they hear the noise, go outside ask just see this truck plummeting through people in front of us. so it went through, you know, unfortunately we did see people getting hit and people scattering. it was a little odd because with at the time, just before all
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this, we were walking down the street a couple hours before and there were, you know, law enforcement and military everywhere. and when this happened, it was a little odd to look down. it felt really odd to although and see, you know, fought much of a presence in that specific area where we were. so it just felt very helpless to be looking down and seeing this unfold and not be able to do anything about it.. the panel truck continued on. we lost sight of it as it went down probably another half a mile or so. and we heard a few seconds later the barrage of gunfire. >> so wrb tonso, tony, you say d the military presence before all this happened. there was a lot of military there, a lot of police on the streets. were they armed? did you notice anything about that part of the security? >> yeah. in fact, we had dinner near the ka se casino area, which is where i
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think it ended, somewhere in that area. and when we were in that area, there's bands -- there were bands set up, spread out throughout the boardwalk. so military and police were just walking, doing patrol. a lot of police cordoning off areas, streets. there was a huge police presence. i'm assuming police. law enforcement-type presence out in this area. that whole time frame that we were walking around. >> and tony, from your vantage point as this truck made its way down the promenade, what could you see of the driver, if anything specific? could you see him firing out of the truck? we have heard some reports of that. what did you see? >> i could not see the driver at all. and in the area that he passed in front of where we're staying
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at, he did not appear to be firing a weapon at that time. based on what i heard, he was doing that before entering the area where we were at. >> tony, was there a moment when you realized that this wasn't a drunk driver who lost control of the vehicle, that this was an attack, that this person was aiming to run down as many people as possible? >> yeah. that happened very quickly. my initial thought was, when he walked out and i see this truck hitting people, my first thought was might be a drunk driver. but that faded quickly as i saw him zigzagging through the crowd at about 25, 30 miles per hour and just, you know, it appeared very purposeful at that time. i think that idea of it being a drunk driver quickly went away and at that point, it was unbelievable, hard to actually, you know, manage those thoughts that this guy is purposely
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taking people out. >> and the people who were hit by the truck, were they helderly people, were they children? what did you see? >> i cannot tell at all at the time. they appeared to be -- the people that i saw got hit appeared to be adults just based on body size. i can tell you right now, even across the street from where we're at right now, daylight just broke about an hour ago and they haven't even gotten to our area. i counted at least 14 covered bodies and they appear -- i mean, again, it's hard to say, but they appear adult size from where we're at. >> and, tony, just to pick up on that point, just so that we're clear, the bodies, as far as you can tell are still lying out there on the promenade, you can see them from your vantage
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point. what else are you seeing in terms of first responders and security out there? set the scene for us. >> sure. a couple hours after -- well, i would say maybe about an hour after the incident itself, it was flooded with law enforcement, obviously, and first responders in general. and it looked like they turned the area that's just east of our location, a building east of us into a makeshift hospital or triage center. just by the way they were kind of setting it up. that seemed to have been taken down maybe a couple hours ago. it seemed like we saw a lot of possibly investigators arriving because, you know, a lot of men in suits. they were showing up and appeared to be giving directions. and it was at that point that they started cordoning off a lot of the scene itself and my take
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on it would be they're starting at one end and working there way this way. >> tony, we are thankful that you are safe and we appreciate you just shaning what you saw. we wish you the very best. i know this is a tough time for you and the family, but thank you so much for speaking to us here at cnn. u.s. president barack obama is calling this a horrific terrorist attack. >> in a statement, he said on this bastille day, we are reminded of the extraordinary resilience and democratic values that have made france an inspiration to the entire world. we know that the character of the french republic will endure long after this devastating and tragic loss of life. >> presumptive republican nominee postponed the official announcement of his vice presidential pick, which this is because of the attack in nice. he's expected to name indiana governor mike pence as his running mate. trump had this to say about thursday's violence when he was speaking to fox news.
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>> would you go to congress and ask for a declaration of war? >> i would. i would. this is war. if you look at it, there is war. coming from all different parts. >> well, democratic rival hillary clinton responded to trump's comments earlier on cnn. >> it's clear we -- we are at war with these terrorists groups and what they represent. it's a different kind of war. and we need to be smart about how we wage it and win it. >> let's bring in cnn intelligence ask security analyst, bob behr. bob, is there anything unique to the south of france which makes it particularly susceptible to islamic extremism? >> well, john, i think paris is better protected. they're looking for it more. they've got with people under surveillance.
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it's -- in southern france, there's a lot of big population, you know, of north african descendants in that area. and i think the fact that it occurred in nice was particularly shocking and the promenade des anglais on the 14th, which is france's fourth of july is very shocking to the french. i mean, you know, there's just a number of people and the fact a truck, something simple, was used. i wonder if he was actually firing out of the truck, you know, it could have been the police firing at him. and the police down there are prepared for this. they carry automatic weapons, military-style weapons. but the point is, a truck like that of that size, you can knock down most barricades. you would need hes is co barriers, big cement and rock-filled things and you can't do that in the city in france and everybody is vulnerable in france and there's no easy solution. and i think the french president, hollande, more or
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less said that. you're going to have marshall law effectively for the next three months. they have a problem with disaffected people in front much more than the united states. you see it in britain. lesser so in germany. but the europeans don't know where to go next. the french police are very good, by the way. i've worked with them. they are smart people. they are not lax. but, again, this kind of attack is so hard to stop. >> people are asking the question whether we're seeing the evolution of terror tactics. what's your thought on that? >> i think they're very agile. i think they don't need to have multiple attackers like in paris or necessarily make bombs as they did in the brussels airport. and, you know, the islamic state -- now, we don't know it was the islamic state.
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so far there's been no claim -- has used trucks very effectively in iraq. at some cases, they back them up into a target and blow them up. in this case, it's the same effect. it's mass casualties and that's what they want. but i think at the end of the day, we have to look at the middle east. and i've said this over and over again. this is backlash. it's the politics of despair and they're getting a lot of people to identify with so much people dying in the middle east. and, you know, this is sectarian war. and we effectively, in iraq, are supporting iran. and we're not looking at this completely with clarity on this. and i think we really have to. yes, we can bomb rocket into rubble, but i think that's going to cause more problems in europe. >> bob, immediately after the attack, the french president said he would boost operations, sentinel reservivists would be drafted. along with the martial law, as
10:17 pm
you you call it. does that mean the military will be on the streets of every city, every down across france? >> well, you have the strange system for anglo-saxon law. but it's effectively the military. and they're going to have to beef up their counterintelligence, the dgse is. and it's mermged with the rg. and they're going to -- they're going to have to, you know, do aggressive policing. they've already been knocking down doors and they've been profiling. and they're going to do more of it. but the french, at the same time, know this is going to alienate more people. but they are stuck in this. and i'm very sympathetic to the french president. but, you know, what can you do at this point except say i'm going to get more aggressive. >> bob be baer, we appreciate t insight on this dark evening, a moment of great sadness in france. bob, appreciate it. thank you.
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welcome back, everybody. coming up to 10:22 here on the west coast. you are watching breaking news coverage of the lightest terror attack in france. officials say at least 80 people are dead in nice after a man plowed down bastille day resolvers with a truck. >> he fired into the crowd before running people over. >> police fired found firearms and explosives before shooting the driver. >> this video has been edited so we can show it to you. it is graphic. [ speaking foreign on language ].
10:23 pm
well, a short time ago, an american jonined us. he witnessed the attack and gave us an account of what he saw. >> i was on the promenade des anglais. we had just finished watching the fireworks show in the direction of where the truck was. we decided to stop for a minute or so just to listen to the music because there was a festivities going on. and then sudden ly there was screaming and people running for their lives. and i was shocked for a moment. i didn't know whether i should hide or if i should run with everybody. thank god my partner was with me. excuse me. >> all, are you okay?
10:24 pm
paul? >> yeah. my partner was with me and thank god he grabbed my hand and he pulled me along and we just ran. and i just thank god that we're safe and i feel just horrible for all the lives lost and just to say that, as well, we were about -- probably about 200 meters from where the truck had stopped. we couldn't see too much because, obviously, everybody was running in the opposite direction and it was just more a case of not even looking back. you just had to run and people didn't even really know what they were running from yet. most people didn't know what they were even running from. they just knew that something terrible had happened and that we had to get the hell out of there as soon as possible. excuse my language. >> paul, it's been eight hours now since all this happened. clearly you're upset.
10:25 pm
how are you coping? how are you coping? >> i am not coping very well because -- well, i mean, i haven't slept a wink since i got back to my place. i am trying to contact my friends back in the states and my family so let them know that i'm fine. >> paul, we are all grieving with you and this is such a terrible moment for so many people. as you were running in that moment with your partner, what was going through your mind? what were you processing as you dashed away with the crowds? >> to tell you, i was processing the fact, really, realizing how short life is and to value every moment that you have living and to live and love for now.
10:26 pm
that's what i was thinking of is that everything could have finished for me right then and there. and it wasn't my time. and i felt very lucky and i thank god for that. >> paul delane there who witness today carnage in nice on bastille day. >> it is 7:26 in the morning in nice. let's go there live now because there are some images there of the truck which was involved in this attack. you can see it there. and one thing to know about this truck is you can see there in the distance the bullet holes in the windshield which there was about two dozen or so of those bullet holes which presumably were fired by police at the driver trying to stop this vehicle. it continued on for more than a mile as it plowed through a crowd of thousands of people as they were watching the bastille day fireworks display. >> the sequence of events is
10:27 pm
still being worked out. we're hearing that he fired out of the truck and got back in. it's still unclear how it occurred moment by moment. but what we do know is that an individual got wind the wheel of that truck and brought chaos ask despair to crowds who were there enjoying a day on the promenade. >> inside that truck, authorities found light weapons, grenades, explosives. obviously that is a key part of this investigation, to try and find out if he was acting alone, who else may have been involved, whether he was a lone wolf -- >> and an identity card. >> which identified him as a 31-year-old nice resident as a national from france and tuni a tunisia. we're back in a moment. you're making money now, are you investing? well, i've been doing some research. let me introduce you to our broker. how much does he charge? i don't know. okay. uh, do you get your fees back if you're not happy?
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welcome back, everybody. you're watching cnn's breaking news coverage. i'm john vause. >> and i'm isha sesay. french media now saying 84 people were killed when the driver of a large truck plowed through a crowd celebrating the french national holiday, bastille day in nice. we must point out a short time ago it stood at 80. it has now risen to 84. >> and police shot and killed the truck's driver. this is the live scene there right now in nice where it is 7:31 in the morning on a friday. police are trying to work out if an identity card which was found in the cab of the truck actually belonged to the driver. it identifies the 31-year-old french tunisian man. there's a report coming from the press that possibly there was an inactive grenade ask several
10:32 pm
what they're calling fake rifles inside that truck. we had been told by authorities a few hours ago that they had found those rifles and explosives inside that truck. now the press reporting that they may, in fact, have been fake. >> information that we are trying to verify ourselves here at cnn. but we want to show you this video that cnn has obtained. the am pure video purporting to show gunfire during the terror attack and the images are chilling. [ speaking foreign language ]. >> becky joins us now from paris. becky, as we look had at these heart stopping images, truly terrifying.
10:33 pm
this is the third attack in france in 18 months. this attack happening, this latest once on bastille day, a day where france was celebrating everything they hold deal. >> yeah, that's absolutely right. this is the front page of the first newspaper that we could get our hands on this morning. on this front cover, quite frankly, shouldn't have been like this because one would have expected on the 15th of july for that front cover to have had an image of francois hollande at the parade here. it was a day of celebration on the national day, a day that turned into an evening of absolute carnage. and those videos that our viewers are seeing witness to that. what we do know at this point is that in 90 minutes or so from now, the french president, francois hollande, who is now back in paris, he will be holding or lead ago security and defense council meeting. after that, he will accompany
10:34 pm
the prime minister to nice where they will go to show support for those who have lost family members and those who are injured. let's remember, in that death toll of at least 80 people, probably as high as 84, there are children involved. we also do know there are as many as 18 people in the intensive care units at the hospitals there. and those hospitals have been appealing for blood donations throughout the evening. we've just seen another appeal go out by those hospitals in nice, a beach resort town. our viewers may be well aware of this. they may have visited this town, a beach resort town in the south of france. this carnage occurring on a road called the prom in addition des anglais when this white truck simply spray -- mowed people down in front of it and the driver spraying those around with bullets ahead of -- ahead
10:35 pm
of this moment of carnage effectively. this moment of carnage, let me tell you, lasting as long as two kilometers. the investigation is being led by the an eye terror unit here. one of the first things that they will be trying to establish is why that truck was on that part of the promenade des anglais. it was supposed to be, we are told by authorities, cordoned off in order to allow those celebrating bastille day and watching the fireworks to get on with it and enjoy their night. this is certainly not what happened. >> becky, thank you. and about 3:30 in the morning local time, about four hours ago, president hollande dress addressed the nation saying france is under attack and the attack in nice is a terrorist incident that cannot be ignored. >> he also asked the state of emergency in france be extended by three months. it had been set to expire later
10:36 pm
this month. >> translator: nothing will lead us to get into our will to fight against terrorism. and we're going to continue to strengthen and front those attacking us on our very soil. >> colonel, going up against isis in iraq and syria. but what are the french military options right now? >> well, they're going to continue to be part of the coalition. they've been part of the coalition all along. ironically, the president announced this evening that he was redeploying the french aircraft carrier to the eastern mediterranean to participate, again, in the air strikes. but, john, there's something ironic about this. as we have more military success
10:37 pm
against isis -- and we're assuming it's isis -- it's causing them to launch these kind of aa tacks. we may tb to see this success o ground and leading to these attack attacks in europe and possibly the united states where they're striking out. they're trying to do something to replace the successes they've had on the ground in syria. so we may be seeing more of this. >> colonel francona, is this a battle that can be won from the skies? >> i doubt it. at some point, someone will have to go back and take the land back in syria and that denies them a geographic state so they become stateless. then they have to reorganize themselves into another nation. they look for another failed state or they morph into more of an al qaeda operation where they've got places around the world where they can operate. and, again, also conducting
10:38 pm
these kinds of attacks. i think the french are particularly vulnerable because they have this large north african population that doesn't assimilate well. >> colonel francona, you talked about air strikes not being enough. eventually someone is going to have to go in on the ground to retake the territory. donald trump said a short time ago that he would go to congress and ask for a declaration of war. while technically or legally that's not needed for the u.s. to go in. but could that be, you know, some kind of action before sending in u.s. ground troops? >> well, if you declare war, that gives the president to exercise any of those options. .but the president, as you said, already has those options. we don't really declare war any more. we get authorizations for military use of force, which is essentially the same thing or are we going to introduce u.s. ground forces into the area. i really don't see that
10:39 pm
happening. i think we're going to be looking at some sort of a local ground force, whether it be the kurds, the iraqis, better trained syrians, the turks. but it would be a major, major change in both policies if we were going to put u.s. forces back on the ground. >> and colonel francona, what of arab nations in the coalition. one would anticipate francois hollande would be looking to mobilize further. >> this has always been the issue. we would like to see more arab ground forces and more arab cooperation in this fight. most of the arab countries by overwhelming majority are muslim countries. this has to be a muslim solution to a muslim problem. right now, this has the appearance of outsiders coming in ask trying to fik the problem. what it needs to be is an internal problem. the king of jordan has addressed this. general cece has addressed it. there has to be a local
10:40 pm
solution. but when you talk to the militaries in these countries, their answer is always the same. we'll send our forces when you send your forces. if you're not willing to put your troops on the ground, why should we? >> colonel fron kona, good to speak with you. thank you, sir. short break, when we come back, no claim of responsibility for the attack in nice. but in the paftd, an isis leader has called for similar attacks. more on that in just a moment. h! whoo! st, an isis leader has called for similar attacks. more on that in just a moment. don't you dare. i don't think so! [ sighs ] it's okay, big fella. we're gonna get through this together. [ baseball bat cracks ] nice rip, robbie. ♪ raaah! when you bundle home and auto insurance through progressive, you get more than just a big discount. i'm gonna need you to leave. you get relentless protection. [ baseball bat cracks ]
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welcome back, everybody. the france news agency afp is quoting french authorities with who say at least 84 people are dead after a man in a large truck plowed through a crowd of people in nice, france. >> that would increase the death toll which earlier stood at 80. and the french president, francois hollande calls this a
10:44 pm
terrorist attack. so far, no claim of responsibility. >> and meanwhile, witnesses tell us they were horrified and shocked by what they saw as the attack unfolded. >> my wife and i were having dinner at a restaurant on the beach watching the fireworks. the beach is about three meters below the promenade you a gray. at about 10:30 or so, as we were paying the bill, my wife heard -- we heard these sounds, pop, pop, pop b, pop. i don't know how many, but my wife, despite the fact that she's deaf actually recognized that sound as gunfire and we saw people jumping from the promenade des anglais to the shelter where the restaurant
10:45 pm
kitchen in and toilets and whatnot. >> i was having my dinner on the other side of the street opposite the scene. we were watching the fireworks because it's a national day of fun. i was this close to being on the other side of the street taking pictures of the fireworks, but thank god i wasn't there. but we were just eating and a huge crowd ran into us, they were screaming and crying and we had no clue what's going on. and so i -- i asked people and they were crying. they said there was a big white truck that ran over a time of the people. then i went to that area.. i was walking amongst bodies, dead bodies, and wounded people and families gathering around the bodies. >> there was a fireworks show. we were outside watching and as soon as it was over, just like, you know, where we're from, the
10:46 pm
crowds just spread in the streets. so the area completely packed with people in front of us. we walked in and about five minutes later, we hear yelling. so my son and i come out on the balcony. and we're hearing sound. we're just -- we're just a little bit west of the negresco, about 50 yards. and so when we look out across, we see this white panel truck just plowing through people. even now, i'm looking in front of our area and i see about 10 covered bodies, unfortunately, just in the area in front of us. and it was just crazy. >> a lot of speculation isis or another terror group was behind the nice attack. this comes after a senior voice leader called on followers to use vehicles as weapons against the west. >> back in 2016, they said if you're not able to find a
10:47 pm
bullet, single out the disbelieving american or frenchman or any of his allies. slaughter him with a knife or run him over with your car or throw him down from a high place or choke him or poison him. >> and nice has another video which shows the truck moments before it plowed into the crowd. a warning. viewers will probably find this disturbing. >> take a look at it with us. you can see it. the white truck driving down the promena promenade des anglais. >> cnn contributor steve moore is with us with more on this. so is steve cohen. let's start with this truck which was used to attack. there was a time when you had to be worried about a truck bomb. now you have to be worried about the truck. we've talked about this. stopping a truck moving at speed, you're not going to stop it with barricades and you're probably not going to stop it with policemen with light
10:48 pm
weapons. >> no. you're going to stop a truck by firing at the individual who is driving it. you want to put as many rounds with -- you want to be able to calibrate accordingly or be able to escalate based on the escalated nature of the threat. so barricades do work, but they're limited. you have to have a lot of them up there and they have to be staggered in order for that truck to him one and slow down to creep around the next one. in this particular case, the training has to reflect terrorism, which means the police officers need to be trained to be able to fire their weapons into the thoracic cavities of the driver of the vehicle which is not easy to do. >> it's interesting. i keep looking at that picture because i'm seeing almost what seems to be about two dozen bullet holes. i can't tell what the caliber is. i didn't see them that slowsly. i didn't tell whether the rounds
10:49 pm
went into the vehicle or whether the terrorist was firing from the vehicle outside to the crowds. i understand the wheel would still be on the left side. in trans, if i'm not mistaken like in israel or like here in america as opposed to australia. kwo so i don't see bullet holes that are in the actual driver's side of the car, which leads me to believe that the shots were coming from outside of the vehicle. that is quicker than trying to get out of the car and opening fire. . we use them in special operations tactics. we use them intactics. we try and fire out those windshields because it's faster. those are specific tactics. our average security guard is trained to fire into windows and we protect that training for the average security officer because of the amount of attacks we've seen with vehicles. it is very specific.
10:50 pm
>> cnn has not confirmed this, but we're hearing the driver had fake rifles and fake grenades in that truck. again, afp is reporting i can understand a little bit. fake explosives. like grenades and i.e.d.s. that might cause panic and channel people. if you have an explosive, even a fake explosive sitting on a corner. you are going to deny that corner to law enforcement and you are going to channel the victims in a different direction. frankly, i'm baffled at this moment by the fake rifles. again, they may have wanted to bring other people in this. but going to john's point earlier, it is not difficult to stop a semi truck before it gets speed. all you have to do is park another vehicle across the road a similar-sized vehicle. the other thing is the fbi and
10:51 pm
erin is familiar with this, too, i don't want to say too much about it. there are weapons that i, as a sniper, was familiar with and trained on that can go through engine blocks and stop the vehicles. >> interrupting you, but all of this has to be predicated -- >> that's the point. that's what erin said. they should have anticipated at least the possibility of this. that is the failure here. france is very competent. froons france is good and i'm not jumping on them. i'm saying we're all going to learn a little bit from this. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, gentlemen. time for a quick break and french media reacts with horror to the nice attack. we'll look at the morning papers from paris and london. do stay with us.
10:52 pm
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they were taking the white tablecloths from the restaurant tables and covering bodies
10:56 pm
before first spopders arrived. welcome back everyone. 84 people are dead in the terror attack in nice. let's look at how newspapers in paris and london are covering the attack. first, the headline carnage in nice. the front page, photo as you see there, shows the street filled with dead body covered in white sheets. >> the horror in nice. the front page shows the white truck riddled with bullets. the daily mirror has the same picture with the headline, 75 killed, five terrorists. >> we want to show you this picture. the city you remember was rocked by a terror attack last week when a gunman shot and killed five police officers. >> the city was lit up in blue. they've added the colors of the flag as a show of solidarity. >> you are watching cnn breaking news coverage. i'm isha sesay.
10:57 pm
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