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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  July 17, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. we're live in atlanta. i'm natalie allen. >> and i'm george howell. we continue following the breaking news this hour in the state of louisiana. a gunman from missouri ambushed and killed three police officers in baton rouge wounding three early sunday. >> and one of those officers is in grave condition. police received a call of a man carrying a rifle dressed all in black walking along a busy road. when officer ace arrived, the shooting began.
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>>. >> the gunman died in a shootout with police. keep in mind the situation in baton rouge was already tense after the police shooting of alton sterling on july 5th. just last week louisiana state police anoupsed they received threats against officers in the city of baton rouge. >> the officers had been identified as matthew gerald, montrell jackson and brad garafola. president obama called the baton rouge shooting a, quote, cowardly assault and again c condemned all attacks on law enforcement. >> regardless of motive, the death of these three officers underscores the danger that police across the country go through every single day. we have to be loud and clear that it nothing justifies violence against law enforcement.
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attacks on police are an attack on all of us and the rule of law that makes society possible. >> we are learning many things about the gunman. >> and talked openly about the need to fight back. drew griffin has more on the shooter. >> police are calling this an ambush that took place here in baton rouge on this terrible morning in which three officers were killed, three others injured. the shooter dead and as they look into his social media presence, they are painting a a picture of a confused young man, former marine. he's 29 years old, african-american out of kansas city, missouri, which means he would have had to have driven 800 miles just to get here. police believe based on where he was this morning that he had been here and knew the terrain and had actually staked out where he would strike and kill these police officers. on social media, youtube postings he talked openly about
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the need to do more than protest the killings of blacks by police officers. he basically gave a call to action and even gave instructions as to what people should think of him should anything happen if he would not be around. police continue to investigate this terrible shooting while they are also trying to deal with the alton sterling killing that took place in baton rouge that sparked massive protest in the city. all of this going on while the republican national convention gets underway in this country and people are just trying to get through what has been a very deadly summer. drew griffin, cnn, baton rouge. >> three officers killed. one had posted about how tired he was both physically and emotionally. montrell jackson talked about trying ties in his post from july 8th, one day after the dallas police ambush and three days after alton sterling's death. >> let's take a moment to listen
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to what jackson wrote. i swear to god i love this city, but i wonder if the city loves me. in uniform i get nasty, hateful looks and out of uniform some consider me a threat. i have even experienced so much in my short life and in these last three days have tested me e to the core. earlier anderson cooper spoke with his uncle and said he was dedicated to making baton rouge a better city. >> he was 33 years old, going to be 34 this december. and just a tremendous dedicated individual. really believed in what he was doing, believed in helping people. >> he had a young baby. >> yes, i think three or four months old. any time i had had an opportunity to talk to him, he was all about what he could do to help other people. he just wanted to do things that
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he thought he could do. something to help baton rouge be a better city. such a tremendous young fellow. >> he had written online in the wake of the alton sterling shooting about some of the pressures he was facing, the difficulties he was facing. but being a police officer, is that something he always wanted to do? >> yes, that's because he always wanted to be somewhere he could be protected and dedicated to helping people. he just was a motivate ued person who thought he could do something to help other people be better. he's been like that all his life. he was just a dedicated young man. that's the way he was. >> the mayor of baton rouge old spoke to our colleague don lemon earlier. >> he said it's up to the public to support the police that work
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to protect them. >> nobody expected this to happen. we were winding down from the other activities with the sterling family. and then we pretty much had started getting into a mode of drawing down some of the officers that had been working 18 hours a day and saying we will relieve you now and cut back on some of the time you're having to put this. this morning the first thing we are hit in the face with another incident. i called upon the community to understand those people killed and injured are first responders. and i said now is our time to be first responders for those who are victim os of the senseless killing and let them know we are standing there for them and we are going to be with them and we are not going to let this define baton rouge. >> baton rouge is already very tense after the police shooting of an african-american man there alton sterling, who was killed on july 5th. >> and his family has come out
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condemning this violence. his aunt pleaded for peace in light of the violence. here she is. >> we don't call for no bloodshed. that's how this all started. with blod shed. so go home, go wherever you come from. this is our house. at the end of the day, these people call these families and tell them that their daddies and mamas not coming home no more. i know how they feel because i got the same phone call. no justice, no justice, no peace. that's what we're calling for. stop this killing. stop this killing. >> you really get a sense there of the pain that so many people are feeling there in baton rouge and throughout louisiana. earlier i spoke to a u.s.
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congressman from that state and i u asked him how the community was coping after the last few weeks. >> you look at south louisiana. we have been through some of the worse hurricanes. we have been through some of the worst environmental disasters. we have dealt with it all here. and we have been able to come back. we have been able to recover. this community is very, very close knit. people give their shirts off their back to help one another. and to have a situation like this in the wake of the alton sterling shooting is just awful. it's an effort filled with hate and trying to divide this community. i think you're going to see very quickly that this community is going to come right back together and not let this dictate our future. >> i want to focus on the fact that we don't know much at this point. we don't really have any indication as to exactly what the motive is from investigators. this investigation certainly underway, but i want to point out what we do know. that the person behind this followed several conspiracy
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groups devoted to surveillance and monitoring. law enforcement sources say he had two websites. he described himself as a freedom strategist, mental game coach, nutritionist author and spiritual adviser and part of a black sovereign group. so there are a lot of questions about who he was at this point. >> there certainly are, but bottom line is you can track this thing. you can think about strategy. this whole shooting that occurred today leads to nothing positive. it leads to no outcome no matter what group you're associated with. and then to have this type of death and injury in our law enforcement officers, the folks that are out there defending our community it's senseless. >> you want to ask you again just from people that you have talked to today. what are people saying about this and how is that community
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trying to heal? even given what happened. >> reporter: people are really just disgusted by what happened today. this isn't us. right after we heard about the shooting, we were talking to people and said right then and there this is not somebody local. it's not the way we react and not the response of somebody from here. and we didn't know anything about this suspect. only to find out later that he is from out of state. the protests that happened here after the alton sterling shooting for days there were peaceful protests. the police weren't even in the vicinity and it wasn't until folks came here and began making this a more aggressive protest and actually tried to engage police officers. they came right here to have protested police headquarters rather than where they were gathering peaceful for days.
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>> tom fuentes joins us from virginia to talk about what happened. tom, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> first of all, latest information is this was an ambush. police were lured there by possibly a 911 call. what does this say to you? >> we have seen this actually in the u.s. for many years. and now lately we're seeing it in this situation. it's been a threat when i went through rookie police training in 1973 we were hearing about calls where police officers were lure d to a location and then ambushed when they got there. so it's not a brand new phenomenon, but it's relatively new in the recent times. >> one more thing police officers have to think about. i want to talk to you about that. police in louisiana had just had a statewide conference where they talked about an increased sense of vigilance and the police chief says they have to maintain professionalism and protect and serve despite the tension. what about that?
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how should they be doing their jobs right now? >> it's very difficult because we have had isis threats for two years that have put out messages saying kill police officers. we have the attack of new york city police officers with a hatchet a year and a half or so ago. then we have white hate groups that want to take on law enforcement. the fbi stopped a plot in 2010 involving a militia group out of michigan that wanted to kill hundreds of police officers with explosives. that was thwarted, thankfully. now we have a couple black hate groups or individuals inspired to avenge black people who have been shot by the police and in their mind get revenge or retribution by killing white police officers or for that matter any police officer. >> right, so these are such sensitive times. if there's a time that needs a sense of trust and sense of respect on both sides, it perhaps is now.
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though you use a lot of examples during history to show police officers have a lot of threats against them. but the question is how do we get there right now? this was a u.s. marine that for certain reasons decided to take his anger out in a violent way and kill people. >> that's true. we hear so much in this country about community policing. dallas police have one of the most extensive and successful community police programs in the world. and yet the shooter that went and attacked and killed dallas police officers last week lived in another town. he had lived in a suburb of dallas. so all of the community policing in the world wouldn't have reached him. and in baton rouge, we don't know. e we hear that the relations aren't as good with the community and with the police in baton rouge. but this shooter came from kansas city, missouri, hundreds of miles away. that's part of the problem. police at the local level can do a great deal in their community
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to try to win trust, but when you have people driving hundreds of miles to attack officers in a town that they have no affiliation with and no reason to do it, i don't know how you fight that. >> that's a good question. we have heard from president obama appealing for calm as he always does and even donald trump said our country is a divided crime scene. these are very difficult times. we appreciate your expertise, tom. thank you. >> thank you, natalie. we are following other news around the world in turkey. the crackdown is in full swing against alleged plotters of a failed coup attempt. why this might lead turkey to apprise the death permanent. ow . now that i work there, i value the food even more. i feed it to yoshi because there are no artificial colors, preservatives and it's made with real chicken. i'm so proud to make dog chow natural in davenport, iowa.
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that's why i run on quickbooks. details. i use the payments app to accept credit cards... ...and everything autosyncs. those sales prove my sustainable designs are better for the environment and my bottom line. that's how i own it. welcome back to cnn newsroom. the president of turkey won't rule out the death penalty for those behind the coup attempt. at least 290 people died. >> erdogan has called on supporters to continue rallies like the ones you're seeing. pro-government protesters foiled the coup attempt.
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arwa damon has more from istanbul. >> reporter: it's the choking sorrow of loss, overwhelming both young and old. some barely even able to walk. others collapsing under the weight of their emotions. loved ones, neighbors and strangers came to funerals acrossi istanbul for those who perish ed. this is a nation deeply divided, united in this moment by grief. 48 hours after friday's failed coup, many are still trying to come to terms with it all. >> translator: every bit of news we got that night, every explosion was not something just happening outside. it was as if each one tore our soul apart. >> reporter: few know how or if their country will come together. >> security is understandably
11:20 pm
tight as top government official ace tend these funerals. this is a nation that, yes, had been bracing itself for more violence, but they were expecting something in the form of yet another horrific isis attack or strikes carried out by the pkk. no one who we have spoken to said they ever imagined that an attempted military coup would be what brought the country to the brink of such instability. amid-the pain at one of the mass funerals, calls for capital punishment, banned by turkish law. the president said he would take to relevant authorities and the decision cannot be delayed. a chilling promise. he does have significant support and most of those who oppose what they describe as his
11:21 pm
increasing authoritarian rule do not support removing him from power in a coup, but there are growing fears he will use this to purge the nation of any voices of dissent. thousands have been rounded up in sweeping operations. most members of the military, including the commander of the air base from where the u.s. launches anti-isis attacks. also detained judges, prosecutors and others. and the government is demanding that the u.s. detain an extradite, the cleric who the turkish government is behind the coup. an allegation he's denied. the people power that arguably saved erdogan is still in the streets continuing to heed his call. creating an odd celebratory atmosphere as turkey is dragged
11:22 pm
into uncharted territory. cnn, istanbul. >> cnn is live in turkey this hour. our international diplomatic ed tor nic robertson is on the story outside a courthouse. 27 men accused of leading that coup are due in court there. >> they are. they haven't been able to see their lawyers yet. the first time the lawyers will be able to get to talk to their clients would be inside the courtroom when they are there stepping up to face trial. these are 27 men that the government alleges led the coup. in pictures we have seen that really still pictures and video releases released of the men appear to have got bloodied and bruised faces. one has been badly bruised and rope burns on it as well. all the men paraded in front of the camera with their hands behind their backs.
11:23 pm
there was just seconds ago a protest outside the courtroom here from supporters of the president erdogan party. his supporters here protesting calling for the death penalty. we know in parliament in ankara they are going to examine that question of whether or not the death penalty can be reinstated for the people alleged to have led this coup. so 27 of them leading military generals will appear in the courtroom. this is just the tip of the iceberg. 6,000 people have been detained so far. at least several thousand military officers, several thousand judges also rounded up. we have also seen photographs that have been at are showing some people that have been rounded pup with their hands behind their backs in what we understand is a horse stable.
11:24 pm
we also understand that many of these detainees are not going to be able to see lawyers like the lawyers until they actually arrive in court. also not entirely clear what those formal charges will be. >> i'd like to get your analysis on this point. we see these images of people who are being taken into courtrooms there in that country. critics question also whether this is an opportunity for the president, who is popular with some and unpopular with ores, whether it's an opportunity to defang the military and round up those who oppose him. the question as people in that country see these images, is there a sense that the president will become stronger from this? >> that's the picture that's emerging. that he will become stronger. there are people that worry about the amount of power that's been transferring through
11:25 pm
constitutional efforts by president erdogan to have more authority passed to him. he used to be prime minister. now he's become president. he's been urging parolment to pass more powers. it was a new prime minister in recent months. the impression it's created for those worried about president erdogan is the impression that's being created. but at the same time, he does have a very large popular base. he is very popular. the people demonstrating here support him. people have been out on the streets recently and here and in istanbul and elsewhere in the country they support him. you only have to listen to the seasoned international diplomats like u.s. secretary of state john kerry urging president erdogan to use restraight and to follow international diplomatic law.
11:26 pm
. french foreign minister as well saying don't use this coup attempt as a blank check to round up all your opponents. so the international message seems to say that a lot of the international community fear that is what president erdogan is doing is stripping out those who might criticize him in other institutions. >> cnn international diplomatic editor nic robertson live for us in ankara. thank you so much for your insight and reporting. turkey's president is demanding that the u.s. arrest or extradite the cleric he blames for the failed coup. he lives in pennsylvania in the northeastern u.s. he denies any involvement in this attempt. the u.s. secretary of state spoke earlier with cnn about this. >> i made it very, very clear to the foreign minister of turkey yesterday the united states is not harboring anybody. we are not preventing anything from happening. we have never had a formal request for extradition and we
11:27 pm
have always said give us the evidence, show us the evidence, we need a solid, legal foundation that meets the standard of extradition in order for our courts to approve such a request. >> the cleric has a loyal following in turkey but after a fallout he now considers the movement a terrorist group. >> we are following the story of more violence against plifrs. america is in mourning. more about the wounded and fallen officers in baton rouge, coming up. plus two more people are being questioned by police in connection with the terror attack in nice. we'll have the latest in a live report. t golf for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you.
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welcome back to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. i'm natalie allen.
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>> and i'm george howell. we continue following the breaking news here on cnn. authorities in louisiana are investigating the motives of a gunman who shot and killed three police officers sunday in baton rouge. his name gavin long and he was very active online identifying himself with a black separatist movement. though there's no indication he was directed by any particular group. he found several conspiracy groups devoted to government surveillance and monitoring. law enforcement sources say he had two website where is he described himself as a freedom strategist, mental game coach, nutritionist, author and spiritual adviser. >> the three officers killed have been identified. matthew gerald, montrell jackson and brad garafola. president obama says there can be no excuse for this kind of violence. >> we as a nation have to be loud and clear that nothing justifies violence against law
11:32 pm
enforcement. >> the louisiana governor's mansion, as you can see here, lit up in blue in honor of the officers. >> cnn law enforcement contributor steve moore joins us now live from las vegas. he's a retired fbi supervisor special agent. good to have you with us this hour. given what happened in that state as a member of law enforcement yourself, talk to us about the concerns of those who go out every day and wear the badge. >> concerns are fairly obvious, i'm sure to you and the rest. you don't know from where the danger is coming anymore. policework is traditionally been dealing with people one-on-one and you at least know where the threat is coming from. now they are being ambushed. they are being shot by snipers or set up or ambushed by people
11:33 pm
with high powered rifles. and i can tell you that police officers second guess themselves under normal circumstances. law enforcement officers do because as you're going into a situation, it's not like there's this perfect way of doing it. it's kind of an art. making sure that you are doing it as safely as possible. so each time you go into a potentially dangerous situation, you're critiquing yourself as you go. >> i think it's important to point out what we know and what we don't know at this point in the investigation. quite frankly, we don't know a ton. we do know that law enforcement there from baton rouge at one point indicated that they don't believe that this is a race-related case. he was very active online and
11:34 pm
followed several conspiracy groups devoted to surveillance and monitoring and described himself as a freedom strategist and nutritionist and author and spiritual adviser. it's a very complex picture of who this guy was. >> absolutely. but it may not have been race based. it may have been attacks against police. either way terrorism is defined as violence aimed at changing political or social values. so he may have been after police. maybe not just white police, but police in and of itself. the other thing is mental instability. obviously, the guy was mentally unstable. i don't know that very many people that go out and kill others mass shootings are anymore sane. so i understand exactly what you're saying. we can't tell whether this was race based, police anger or
11:35 pm
whether it was just pure insanity. but the fact that five officers were killed just a few days ago and now three officers here and the coincidence of the city leads a reasonable person to believe that there's a strong possibility that it's related to police actions and retaliation for that. >> there are several se ncenari. there's one that's even been considered that in the list of possibilities suicide by cop. there's so many se ncenarios ou there. but as you indicate, we have to wait for investigators to go through that process. >> you don't have to go 800 miles to get suicide by cop, though. >> yeah, we'll just have to wait and see for this investigation. steve moore live for us in l.a., thank you. >> thanks. the u.s. presidential candidates are reacting to
11:36 pm
sunday's attack there in baton rouge. hillary clinton called the shooting an assault on all of us. the democrats presumptive nominee says there's no justification for violence, for hate, for attacks on men and women who put their lives on the line every day in service of our families and communities. donald trump had strong words about president obama and the state of the country in the wake of the shooting. the republicans presumptive nominee tweeted, president obama just had a news conference but he doesn't have a clue. our dcountry is a divide crime scene and it will only get worse. trump spoke in a tv interview with mike pence. >> we need toughness, we need strength. obama is weak. hillary is weak. and part of it is that, a big part of it. we need law and order. >> so we'll hear more from donald trump. mike pence as they get ready for the convention. not to march anywhere they want
11:37 pm
in that city. how cleveland plans to keep a lid on protests at the republican national convention. >> that's coming up here. new details emerging about the suspect who carried out the deadly terror attack in france. what his lawyer says about the petty criminal that became a killer. that's next. it's how i try to live, how i stay active. and to keep up this pace, i need the right nutrition. so i drink boost®. boost® complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones, and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. in three delicious flavors. i'm not about to swim in the slow lane. stay strong. stay active with boost®.
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we are learning more about the investigation into the bastille day massacre in france. authorities have arrested an al bane yaen couple in connection with with the attack. six people are now in custody. the suspect's ex-wife was released sunday without any charges. investigators are trying to determine why a tunisiaen
11:41 pm
national drove a 20-ton truck into a crowd that had gathered to watch fireworks thursday night killing 84 people. he had a criminal record but not perceived as a terror threat by investigators. >> he was shot dead by police. his lawyer describes him as unintelligent and easily influenced. >> will ripley spoke with the attorney and has this. >> mohamed lahouaiej-bouhlel was a delivery drive with a wife and e three children. he threw a wooden palette at another driver. his lawyer got hinl a six-month suspended prison sentence. >> i told myself i did my job, but if i had done my job badly he might be in prison and never done what e he did. he struggles with a sense of guilt and shock. he says his weight lifting heavy
11:42 pm
drinking client was not an extremist but did have a record of domestic violence. he was very much the stereotype of a petty criminal, he says. there was nothing that would have suggested in reality he was a jihadist. he says the attacker didn't really stand out in the crowd and wouldn't have raised any suspicion when prosecutors say he came here to the promenade. not once, but twice in the days leading up to the attack. his brother says he even sent a foe e toe of himself looking happy in the crowd. prosecutors also say he sent a text message to someone just before the attack telling them to bring more weapons. police are questioning several people. a source tells cnn those who knew him say he began speaking in support of isis, the terror group called him one of its soldiers. he wasn't very intelligent, he says. i imagine he could have been easily influenced by religion.
11:43 pm
he was never overtly religious. never on a watch list. france's interior minister says he likely radicalized rapidly committing one of the worst terror attacks in recent history and nobody, not even his lawyer saw it coming. will ripley, cnn, nice, france. >> france is observing the third of three days of mourning for the vick items of the attack. max foster is live this hour in nice. max, your location there very poignant. set the scene for us. >> yeah, so this was probably the most gruesome part of the massacre. this is where the truck thundered through trying to target particular groups. that's what people have told me. and many children were injured. 12 of them died. 5 of them are still in intensive
11:44 pm
care. one story i heard was how there was a crowd of children outside the candy store and the truck had targeted them. which is when we look at these memorials there was so many cuddly toys. which for the child victims of this horrendous event also lots of messages from children as well. and i spoke to the minister responsible for victims at a recovery center where they are trying to help people. she said the best way of dealing with this is just to tell us what happened but i want to show you something here. this is one particular memorial where people are putting stones down with messages. a lot of it in french. i am nice. but if e we put the camera down
11:45 pm
the road, this is probably the most poignant part of today's events really. if you look down there, each cluster of flowers and candles is placed where the body of a victim lay. and the reason we know the bodies were in these positions is because of where the bloodstains have found but now covered up by tributes. a very powerful image. e we understand now that all the florists in nice are going to come down this afternoon and carpet this with white roses. so that's going to be a really powerful moment today. there were church services yesterday. also a service at a local mosque where ten people, ten members of the congregation died and were trying to come to terms with that. it's an outpouring of grief and not much more to say about it.
11:46 pm
>> tributes that stand on the bloodstains of men and women, husbands and fathers and children. max, thank you. and isis has claimed the nice terror suspect as one of its soldiers. the nice attack follows similar attacks on civilians in istanbul, turkey, and orlando, florida. but secretary of state john kerry told cnn the terror group is losing ground and these random acts as heinous as they are are a sign that isis is feeling threatened. >> people are acting out in various places, but they are not growing in their ability to do things. they are shrinking. we have taken back 45% of the territory they held in iraq. we're squeezing town after town, we have liberated communities. we are advancing on mosul, syria. they are not able to attack and hold towns. they are on the run.
11:47 pm
i believe what we're seeing are the desperate actions of an e entity that sees the noose closing around them. >> kerry is in brussels for talks with eu foreign ministers. terrorism and the failed coup in turkey will be on the agenda. for more, erin mclaughlin is there and joins us live. >> reporter: hi, natalie. that meeting between secretary of state john kerry as well as the eu foreign ministers is now under. way. the situation in turkey expected to be a dominant topic of discussion during that breakfast. so far we have seen from eu leaders a two-pronged approach in terms of the reaction to the situation in turkey. first a condemnation for the coup attempt, but also an insistence on the return to the rule of law. especially in light of the thousands of individuals who had been detained there in
11:48 pm
connection with the coup attempt. we heard earlier this morning from the high representative to talk about the need to return to the rule of law in tur koe. take a listen to what she had to say. >> it was the first during the tragic night to say the institutions need to be protected. we are the ones saying today rule of law has to be protected in the country. there's no excuse for steps that take the country away. >> so officials and diplomats i have been speaking to have talked about how they are concerned an undemocratic reaction to what happened there. also concerned that turkey could use this to increase its ruling hold over the country, rather the turkish government could use this over the government described as a potential water shed moment for turkey.
11:49 pm
and this could potentially complicate that deal. the migrant deal attributed for stopping that flood of migrants from turkey into eu. one fusofficial telling me it cd have consequences for turkey. the prospect joining the eu as a member state going forward. all conversations happening internally in brussels probably as we speak. >> the turkey situation another complication to follow in that region. thank you. >> let's talk cleveland, ohio. the republican national convention is about to start there but protesters got a head start. what city officials will allow on the streets and what they say is out of bounds as cnn newsroom continues. wow. these are awesome! this is my dream car. yeah, i like this. i've been waiting to get in this. real people have a lot to say about the award-winning vehicles at the chevy summer sell down. wow! the design is great. i love it. number one in my book.
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we have made it to the conventions in this election. whatever you call it. just hours from now, republicans converge on cleveland, ohio, where they are expected to nominate donald trump for president. >> at the same time, large protests are expected outside that arena.
11:54 pm
s t known as the cue. martin savidge explains how officials plan to control the demonstrations without stepping on the rights of people to be heard. >> reporter: establishing a protest zone hasn't been easy. you run up against two very different ideas. security versus freedom of speech. eventually there's come ppromis. where it all starts. it's got access to public transportation and a wide open area. but from here you don't see the cue unless you're up at altitude like we are thousand. across the valley, over the river. which is why demonstrations will be allowed to march a mile and three quarters toward downtown over a predetermined route that took months of negotiation. that's one of the guardians of transportation. it's a unique architectural feature of this beautiful 1932 bridge. the protesters will come right over this and get a great view
11:55 pm
of the cue. but they can't get near it. and it works out they are hammed in. if there's going to be trouble, it's going to be on the other side. there's no laws saying how much they'll. able to approach. they said it should be close enough for them to be seen and heard. this is the closest the demonstrators will be able to get to the arena. we're right at the end of the bridge we just crossed over. they are supposed to veer off in the op sis direction. something they are potentially not likely to do because they want to be seen and heard. this is also where the police presence is likely to be heavy. and that's why there's a good chance if there is conflict, it's going to happen right here because the demonstrators will be pushing in and law enforcement will be pushing back. police say slong everyone remains peaceful, there won't be a problem. but if that changes, they will
11:56 pm
be ready. martin savidge, cnn, cleveland. >> be sure to tune into cnn all week. we have among our team there christiane amanpour, kate baldwin and hala gorani. more from baton rouge after the break. >> the news continues on cnn, in a moment. i asked my dentist if an electric toothbrush was
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welcome back to you vurers here in the united states and around the world for our breaking news coverage. >> thank you for joining us as we continue to follow the shooting of three police officers in louisiana. this is cnn newsroom. >> in the state of louisiana. police there are trying to figure out the motive of a man who ambushed e three police officers in baton rouge early sunday. three other officers were wounded. police received a call of a man carrying a rifle dressed in all black walking along the highway. when police arrived, that'he


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