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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  July 18, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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hello, everyone, i'm kate bolduan live in cleveland where just a short time from now the republican national convention is kicking off. we're getting word at about possibly a surprise appearance here tonight. >> i'm john berman live in baton rouge where a gunman unleashed a deadly attack on police officers. and we have breaking news. brand-new information about the ambush. and it is now being called an ambush. a source with knowledge of the investigation tells cnn a tape of the attack shows a meticulous planned approach toward the
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officers. three policemen were shot and killed. three other officers wounded. one overnight clinging to life. the fallen heroes, husbands, fathers. 32-year-old montrell jackson had a new baby boy, just 4 months old. matthew gerald, army veteran, had two daughters. he worked on a helicopter crew in iraq, on several tours. and 45-year-old brad garofalo was the father of four. authorities trying to learn more about the killer, an ex-marine who ambushed the police in their own neighborhood, just about a mile from where i'm standing now in broad daylight. the officers were responding to a 911 call about a man dressed in black, armed with an assault-style rifle. police did kill the gunman in a firefight. cnn's boris sanchez is at the scene of the shootout, just down the street from here. what are you learning this morning?
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>> here's what we know so far about the investigation. gavin eugene long, a 29-year-old, was the shooter. he actually carried the attack out on his birthday yesterday. we know about him so far, he was active on social media. involved with conspiracy groups and anti-government websites. we know that shortly after the attacks on dallas, fewer than two weeks ago, he rented a car in his hometown of kansas city and drove to dallas where he filmed a youtube video calling for people to take up arms against police. at some point after posting that video, he came here to baton rouge. we don't know exactly how long he was here but investigators tell us he was not alone. we don't know who he was with or how much they knew about this plot against police officers. what investigators have told us is they've interviewed several people. they were interviewing persons of interest up until 1:00 a.m. so far, no arrests have been made. no charges were filed against those persons of interest.
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we're expecting a press conference at 3:00 today where we're hoping to get more information about any potential accomplices or whether or not more charges may be pending. in the meantime, we're still holding out hope that this officer, this deputy in critical condition will pull through. his name is nicholas tullier, he's 41 years old, and he dedicated 18 years to the east baton rouge sheriff police department. we're told he's fighting for his life right now. obviously the entire community is pulling for him to get through this. >> boris sanchez, just down the street from us here in baton rouge. i'm joined now by mayor kip holden, longtime mayor of baton rouge. you've been going through so much. thank you for being with us. we heard him talking about the officer who was wounded, critical condition. we were told he was clinging to life overnight. can you give an update. >> basically there's not a lot of change. it's a very serious wound.
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some have said he might have to have another operation or two. we're all praying for him and his family and all of the other officers involved in this terrible tragedy. >> the latest information we have in the investigation is this was a meticulous attack. the colonel with the state police said this killer was certainly seeking out police officers. you could tell by the way he was moving. there was something about it that made it clear he was targeting police officers. can you elaborate on that? >> basically all of the information we're getting right now is indicating this guy was not just a kook out there. you look at his military background. you look at how he planned this out. some are saying he was in baton rouge several nights even before this happened. we're finding out somebody that was methodical in the planning and really an outright murderer in terms of taking the lives. somebody who knew how to position them so they can be within range of him killing them. >> he had been here for several nights, you said maybe in contact with other people.
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>> right now, we are getting some new information that will maybe be divulged later this afternoon but there's something we're looking at based on other tips we're getting -- >> people? >> whether or not there were other people involved in this and some people stepping forward and telling about suspicious things they saw. >> anybody else in custody? >> not anybody else in custody but we're looking at the fbi, atf, state police, sheriff's office, city police and all the intel that's coming in, i would say we are following up every lead and we're not going to let this rest until everybody involved in this is brought to justice. i can tell you, these men and women go out there either day and make an effort to make sure we're safe. i told some people yesterday they're our first responders. now it's time for us to be their first responders. because they set a lot of things aside. and yesterday morning, when you walk into a room and his
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7-year-old daughter is there and the mom is crying and holding a baby in her hands and so the young lady said no, my daddy is not dead, he's coming home this afternoon. man, you talk about gut-wrenching. because there's nothing anybody can say. she's holding out a hope that her dad will come back and unfortunately the news was already there. >> same officer fixing up a car for a 15-year-old daughter who is getting ready to drive. that's just the kind of guy he was. you have been talking about the rhetoric, the level of discourse going on in this town. you said it's time to dial it down to zero. >> without a doubt, you know, you got people there going back, protesting the sterling killing or shooting. okay, then they called, they wanted me to resign. i told them i resign 12/31 of this year, my last day in office. you have folks out there trying to stoke things.
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we tell people tune them out. doubt in to people telling you the right things to do. these are people, regardless of what an officer does, they paint everybody in the same brush. they're going out here to protect the community. give them a break. because they've given us a break every day we get up and we're safe. >> this guy drove 800 miles across the country to do this act. we're not aware he's in any connection with the protesters on the ground. >> i can tell you, i'm just going to speak gut instinct, there's a gut instinct this guy just didn't come here, i would venture to say, and this is not attributed to anybody else, that this guy probably has somebody here he was in contact with. >> that's your gut instinct? >> that i my gut instinct. >> what does this tell you about the community coming together to move forward now? >> we've come together in many circumstances, you know, over the course of my professional years. i've also been public information for the city of police.
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this community's very resilient. we've gone through the first year i've had katrina, other disasters but something special about the people here, their hearts, their minds, their bodies, their souls. we will not be defeated. all the spirit i'm trying to put into all the officers in the community, it's basically based upon job. ye though you slay me, i will rise again. >> officers around the country feel like they're being targeted. >> not only that, i received calls from many mayors just this morning and last night. we're all speaking with one voice. we're all together. many of those mayors are saying we're going to be there, or send representatives there, because we want you to know we stand by you. all across the country, even the mayor, mayor raulings of dallas called this morning. he said last week, mr. mayor, i was going through this. this week, you're going through this. we'rened staing by, whatever you need for us to do, we're willing to do. >> thank you for being with us. you do a great job.
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>> thank you. >> keep the city moving forward. >> yes, sir, thank you. >> kate, let's go back to you in cleveland. >> all right, john, thanks so much. we'll get back to john in baton rouge throughout the hour. any minute now, hillary clinton will be giving her first remarks since the deadly police ambush in baton rouge. she's expected to talk about race and talk about policing. we'll bring that to you live as soon as it happens. plus this, there's something going on. those are donald trump's words talking about president obama's response to deadly police shootings in america. what is trump suggesting here? we're live in cleveland. we got a lot to discuss. the republican national convention kicks off just a short time from now, stay with us. can'tzero heartburn! ahhh the sweet taste of victory! prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn.
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phil mattingly joining us live from the q which you'll be hearing a lot about tonight. what are we expecting today and tonight? >> i think today is going to be a good jump off point from what you'll see for much of this week. they really have two primary goals. one, give a fuller picture of donald trump. that's why you're going to see trump speaking every single night of the convention. tonight, it's melania trump. you haven't heard from her much throughout the course of this campaign. donald trump is going to introduce his wife, his campaign announced today, something we don't normally see. the other aspect of this is trying to highlight insecurity within the country. now, you note today's theme is make america safe again, and the speakers are going to be rolled out, whether they're senators, congressmen, even actors. talking about how the united states is heading in the wrong direction on domestic and international security. donald trump's thought process
8:15 am
according to advisers is this, he believes there's growing unease in the country. if you look at the racially driven attacks we've seen. that is a segment of society he believes we can tap into. he believes is an indictment to the obama administration and as such an indictment to hillary clinton as well. what we'll see is a two pronged approach. make him a different person than what you see on the campaign trail. also continue to happier home the idea that what is happening now is a problem, it's a problem that democrats are making, it's a problem that donald trump and his administration will go a long way to asubjea long way to asubjesawage you, k. >> we're going to go to the white house where president obama will be awarding the medal of honor to retired army lieutenant colonel charles kettles. the ceremony is just getting under way. charles kettles will be receiving this award for conspicuous gallantry for his fighting in vietnam in 1967.
8:16 am
he saved the lives of 40 soldiers, 4 of his own flight crew in vietnam. the ceremony is getting under way right now. let's listen in. >> for those who face the perils of terror and danger as they serve their brothers and sisters, lord bless this ceremony. the acts we honest. that they may strengthen the values that we hold dear in this nation in our military and our families and our way of life. and we ask all this in your holy name amen. >> good morning, everybody. please have a seat. welcome to the white house. of all the privileges of this office, none is greater than serving as the commander in chief of the finest military that the world has ever known.
8:17 am
and of all the military declarati declarations that our nation can bestow, we have none higher than the medal of honor. as many who know him said, nobody deserves it more than charles kettle of yipsilanti, michigan. many believe that, other than chuck. as he says, this seems like a hell of a fuss over something that happened 50 years ago. [ audience laughs lightly ] even now, chuck defined by the humility that shaped him as a soldier. at 86 years old, he still looks sharp as a tack in that uniform. i pointed out, he obviously has not gained any weight. and his life is as american as they come. as the son of an immigrant, his father signed up to fly for the
8:18 am
united states the day after pearl harbor and filled his five boys with a deep sense of duty to their country. for a time, he even served in the eastearmy reserve. for a time, even as he served in the army reserve, chuck ran a ford dealership with his brother. to families who drove a new car off that lot, he's the salesman who helped put an american icon in their driveway. to the aviation students at eastern michigan university, chuck is the professer who taught them about the wonder of flight in the country that invented it. to the constituents he served as a rare republican, in his hometowns of mostly democratic city council, chuck is the public servant who made sure their voices were heard. and to ann, his beautiful bride, who grew up literally as the girl next door, chuck is a devoted husband. next march, they will celebrate their 40th anniversary, so happy
8:19 am
early anniversary. [ applause ] so in a lot of ways, chuck kettles is american and to the dozens of american soldiers that he saved in vietnam half a century ago, chuck is the reason they lived and came home and had children and grandchildren. entire family trees made possible by the actions of this one man. we're honored to be joined not only by ann but also eight of chuck and ann's ten children and three of their grandchildren. it's the kettles family reunion here in the white house. we're also honored to be joined by chuck's brothers in arms from vietnam. and some of chuck's newest comrades, members of the medal of honor society.
8:20 am
may 15th, 1967, started as a hot monday morning. soldiers from the 101st airborne were battling the heavily armed north vietnamese in a rural riverbed. our men were outnumbered. they needed support fast. helicopters to get the wounded out and bring more soldiers. chuck kettles was a helio pilot. just as he volunteered for active duty, on this morning, he volunteered his hueys even though he knew the danger. they call this place chuck valley for a reason. above the riverbed rose a 1,500-foot tall hill and the enemy was dug into an extensive series of tunnels and bunkers, the ideal spot for an ambush. chuck jumped into the cockpit and took off. around 9:00 a.m., his company of hueys approached the landing zone and looked down.
8:21 am
they should have seen a stand of green trees. instead, they saw a solid wall of green enemy tracers coming right at them. none of them had ever seen fire that intense. soldiers in the helios were hit and killed before they could even leap off. but under withering fire, chuck landed his chopper and kept it there exposed so the wounded could get on and so that he could fly them back to base. a second time chuck went back into the valley. he dropped off more soldiers and supplies. picked up more wounded. once more, machine gun bullets and mortar rounds came screaming after them. as he took off a second time, rounds pierced the arm and leg of chuck's door gunner roland shank. chuck's huey was hit. fuel was pouring out as he flew away. but chuck had wounded men aboard and decided to take his chances. he landed, found another
8:22 am
helicopter and flu roland to the field hospital. by now, it was near evening. back in the riverbed, 44 american soldiers were still pinned down. the air was thick with gun powder. the smell of burning metal. then they heard a faint sound. as the sun started to set, they saw something rise over the horizon. six american helicopters. as one of them said, as beautiful as could be. for a third time, chuck and his unit headed into that hell on earth. death or injury was all but certain. the fellow pilot said later. and a lesser person would not return. once again, the enemy unloaded everything they had on chuck as he landed. small arms, automatic weapons, rocket-propelled grenades. soldiers ran to the helicopters. when chuck was told all were accounted for, he took off.
8:23 am
and then, midair, his radio told him something else. eight men had not made it aboard. they'd been providing cover for the others. those eight soldiers had run for the choppers but could only watch as they floated away. we all fill figured we were done for, they said. chuck came to the same conclusion. if we left them for ten minutes, he said, they'd be p.o.w.s or dead. the soldier who was there said that day major kettles became our john wayne. with all due respect to john wayne. he couldn't do what chuck kettles do. he broke off from formation, took a steep sharp descending turn back toward the valley. this time with no aerial or artillery support. a lone helicopter heading back in. chuck's huey was the only target
8:24 am
for the enemy to attack, and they did. tracers lit up the sky once more. chuck came in so hot that his chopper bounced for several hundred feet before coming to a stop. as soon as he landed, a mortar round shattered his windshield. another hit the main rotor blade. shrapnel tore through the cockpit and chuck's chair. and still those eight soldiers started to sprint to the huey running through the firestorm chased by bullets. chuck's helio, now badly damaged, was carrying 13 souls and was 600 pounds overlimit. it felt, he said, like flying a 2 1/2-ton truck. you couldn't hover long enough to take off. but cool customer that he is, he says he saw his shattered windshield and thought, that's pretty good air conditioning.
8:25 am
the cabin filled with black smoke as chuck hopped and ina skipped the helio across the ground to pick up enough speed to take off, like a jack rabbit, he said, bouncing across the riverbed. the instant he got airborne, another mortar ripped into the tail. the huey fish tailed violently and a soldier was thrown out of the helicopter, hanging on to a skid as chuck flew them to safety. couldn't make this up. feels like a bad "rambo" movie. right? you're listening to this, you can't believe it. so the army's warrior earthos is based on a simple principle. a soldier never leaves his comrades behind. chuck kettles honored that creed. not with a single act of heroism but over and over and over.
8:26 am
and because of that heroism, 44 american soldiers made it out that day. 44. we are honored today to be joined by some of them. chuck's door gunner who was hit, roland shank. the last soldier chuck rescued that day, the one who figured he was done for, dewy smith. and a number of soldiers, vietnam veterans, who fought in that battle. i ask you to stand if you can or wave so we can thank you for your service. [ applause ]
8:27 am
>> now, chuck's heroism was recognized at the time by the army's second highest award for gallantry, the distinguished service cross. but bill decided chuck deserved an upgrade. bill's a retired social worker who went to chuck's house to interview him for the veterans history project sponsored by the local rotary club. and overheard the interview from the other room and reminded chuck to told the story i just told all of you. this is something chuck and i have in common. we do what our wives tell us to do. chuck told the story. his trademark humility. finished it by saying, "it was a piece of cake." bill, hearing the story, knew it was something more. he started a five-year mission along with chuck's son mike, a retired navy pilot, to award chuck the medal of honor.
8:28 am
bill and mike are here, as is congresswoman debby dingell who along with her legendary husband, don dingell, went above and beyond to pass a law to make sure even all these years later we could still fully recognize chuck kettle's heroism as we do today so we thank them for their outstanding efforts. and that's one more reason the story is quintessential american. looking out for one another. belief that nobody should be left behind. this is -- this shouldn't just be a creed for our soldiers, it should be a creed for all of us. this is a country that's never finished in its mission to improve, to do better, to learn from our history, to work to form a more perfect union. and at a time when, let's face it, it we've had a couple of tough weeks. for us to remember that goodness
8:29 am
and decency of the american people and the way we can all look out for each other, even when times are tough, even when the odds are against us, what a wonderful inspiration. what a great gift for us to be able to celebrate something like this. it might take time. but having failed to give our veterans who fought in vietnam the full measure of thanks and respect that they had earned, we acknowledge that our failure to do so was a shame. we resolve that it will never happen again. it can take time, but old adversaries can find peace, thanks to the leadership of so many vietnam vets who had the kur courage to rebuild ties, i was able to go to vietnam recently
8:30 am
and see a people as enthusiastic about america as probably any place in the world. crowds lining the streets. and we were able to say on a whole lot of issues, the united states and vietnam are now partners. here at home, it might take time. but we have to remember everyone on our team, just like chuck kettles. sometimes we have to turn around and head back and help those who need a lift. you know, chuck says the most gratifying part of this whole story is that dewy's name and roland's name and the name of 42 other americans he saved are not etched in the solemn granite wall not far from here that memorializes the fallen from the vietnam war. instead, it will be chuck kettles name forever etched on the walls that communities have built from southern california to south carolina in honor of those who earned the medal of honor. of course, chuck says all this
8:31 am
attention is a lot of hubbub. but i'll survive. chuck, you survived much worse than this ceremony. and on behalf of the american people, let me say that this hubbub is richly and roundly deserved. as a military aide prepares to read the citation, please join me in saluting this proud american soldier and veteran who reminds us all of the true meaning of service, lieutenant colonel chuck kettles. [ applause ] >> the president of the united
8:32 am
states of america authorized by act of congress march 3rd, 1863, has awarded, in the name of congress, the medal of honor to you, major charles s. kettle, united states army. major charles s. kettles distinguished himself while serving as flight commander 176th aviation company, air mobile light, 14th combat aviation battalion, american division, republic of vietnam. on 15 may 1967. major kettles, upon learning that an airborne infantry unit suffered casualties, immediately volunteered to lead a flight of six helicopters to carry reinforcements to the embattled force and to evacuate wounded personnel. enemy small arms, automatic weapons and mortar fire infli inflicting heavy damage to the
8:33 am
helicopters. however, he refused to depart until all were loaded to capacity. he then returned to the battlefield with full knowledge of the intense enemy fire awa awaiting his arrival to bring more reinforcements. landing in the midst of enemy fire that severely damaged his aircraft. upon departing, major kettles was advised by another helicopter crew he had fuel streaming out of his aircraft. despite the risk posed by the leaking fuel, he nursed the damaged aircraft back to base. later that day, the infantry battalion commander requested immediate emergency extraction of the remaining 40 troops, including four members of kettle's unit stranded when their helicopter was destroyed by enemy fire. with only one flyable helicopter remaining, imaginer kettles volunteered to return to the deadly landing zone for a third time, leading a flight of six evacuation helicopters, five of which were from the 101st
8:34 am
aviation company. he was informed all personnel were on board and departed accordingly. army gunships supporting the evacuation also evacuated the area. then he was advised eight troops were unable to reach the helicopters due to enemy fire. with disregard for his own safety, major kettles passed the lead to another helicopter and returned to the landing zone to rescue the remaining troops. without gunship, artillery or tactical air support, the enemy concentrated all firepower on his lone aircraft, which was immediately damaged by a mortar round that shattered both front windshields and the chin bubble. despite the intense enemy fire, major kettle maintained control of the aircraft and situation, allowing time for the remaining eight soldiers to board. in spite of the severe damage to his helicopter, major kettles once more swiftly guided his heavily damaged aircraft to safety. without his courageous actions and the superior flying skills, the last group of soldiers and his crew would never have made
8:35 am
it off the battlefield. major kettles' selfless act are in keeping with the united states army. >> let us go forward with joyful
8:36 am
with these words. when you pass through waters, i will be with you. through rivers, you shall not be swept away. when you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned, nor will flames consume you. let us now go forth into the world in peace. dedicated to your service. amen. >> an amazing american. an amazing american. an amazing man. an amazing story. as president obama awards the nation's highest military honor, the medal of honor, to lieutenant colonel chuck kettles. it was an amazing story that he laid out. he says it's almost too amazing to be true. going into rescue soldiers in vietnam, taking on enemy fire, going in not once, not twice, not three times but four times to get his men out. getting that amazing award
8:37 am
today. he said the message, president obama said the message is we leave no man behind. he also said that's a message that applies today. acknowledging, in the president's words, we've had a tough couple of weeks. saying that we can and should look out for one another. there from the white house. chuck kettles. lieutenant colonel chuck kettles, we salute you today. going to take a moment for that. then we're going to get back to cleveland where we're watching the republican national convention getting ready to kick off. hillary clinton will be giving her first remarks since the deadly police ambush in baton rouge. she's expected to talk race and talk policing. we're going to bring that to you live when it happens. we'll be right back. she spent summer binge-watching.
8:38 am
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or you have unusual changes in mood, behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. trintellix has not been studied in children. do not take with maois. tell your healthcare professional about your medications, including migraine, psychiatric and depression medications to avoid a potentially life-threatening condition. increased risk of bleeding or bruising may occur especially if taken with nsaid pain relievers, aspirin, or blood thinners. manic episodes or vision problems may occur in some people. may cause low sodium levels. the most common side effects are nausea, constipation and vomiting. trintellix did not have significant impact on weight. ask your healthcare professional if trintellix could make a difference for you. welcome back, everybody. we are live in cleveland to talk about the republican national convention. it's kicking off just hours from now. let's talk about the convention and the week ahead. what is all going to happen today. rob frost is here.
8:41 am
he is chairman of the republican party here in cuyahoga county, ohio. thank you for being here. so what should we be expecting this week? there's been a whole lot of lead-up to the convention. >> right. >> and today it gets under way. >> a lot of build-up, a lot of anticipation. great kickoff events last night. as you've spoken about, opening night, the theme is security, national security, international security. what we're thinking with here is keeping cleveland safe. i really want to give kudos to the state of ohio. a lot of presence of state troopers around. but also really to the city of cleveland. i intend to make a motion in the afternoon session to thank the city of cleveland for all they've done to keep us safe, to put on a great convention, and to be great hosts. as the republican chairman here in cleveland, that means a lot to me, not just as a republican but as a clevelander. >> there's a lot of concern, a lot of questions about security at this moment. that is the theme tonight.
8:42 am
i want to ask you about the theme in just a second. this morning on their way to the convention this morning, paul man mannafor, donald trump's campaign chairman, he was on "morning joe," he was asked about the fact governor kasich is not attending the convention. what manaforth said was that john kasich was embarrassing his state. is governor kasich embarrassing his state right now? >> no, what governor kasich is doing, what we've been doing with governor kasich is here in ohio building a broader tent, a bigger, more inclusive, more diverse, more tol rent republican party. we've heard governor kasich talk about that. >> right. >> he's not holding out with any sort of kind of grudge. he wants to see a positive message. what we know, if you know ohio politics, is you don't win here unless you've got a positive message. we're going to work with donald trump. we're going to support him fully here in ohio.
8:43 am
we're also going to help make him a better candidate. that's going to start that unifying theme tonight. >> you are mentioning unifying. what paul manna for says, is that helping unify? john kasich's got some pretty great approval ratings in the state. does that help the party now? >> sometimes you see this sort of back and forth and paul manafort, very experienced political hand. i'm sure he knows what he's doing and there's conversations going on behind the scenes as well. what means a lot to us, we have seen concerns around the country, issues with police, violence against police most recently, concerns about violence at the hands of police as well. we've had incidents even here in cleveland in the recent years. what we haven't seen here though because of the great relationship particularly led by governor kasich and mayor frank jackson, a republican and a democrat, is a great community police relationship. so people might be upset, might be deeply upset at times, but we've been able to handle those
8:44 am
incidents with civil disobedience, peaceful protests, and been able to work through that and make our community stronger. that's what's on display here today. it's also a stronger republican party in cleveland because of those efforts. since 2008, democrats in cuyahoga county have gone from 400,000 registered democrats to 200,000. republicans have gone from about 70,000 to about 150,000. we've narrowed the gap on registration. and john kasich in re-election carried cuyahoga county, the first republican governor ever to do that. >> when you talk about security, let's hope it's a safe and secure convention. and protests planned, hope they're peaceful. thank you nor your time. thanks for having us in cleveland. we'll head back to john in baton rouge. some breaking news coming in. john. >> all right, thanks, kate. we've got some new information coming in on the investigation into the terror attack in france. prosecutors say the man who drove the truck into the crowds there on bastille day, he
8:45 am
searched online, we're told. joining us, will ripley. what are you learning? >> all of this seems to indicate this was a premeditated and coordinated plot, possibly with the help of others. there are three others, three suspects in paris speaking with investigators right now who have 24 hours to come up with charges or release these people. we're told one of them received a text message from the attacker mohamed bouhlel just before the attack on july 14th, bastille day celebrations, talking about the acquisition of weapons. he texted somebody. he also visited the promenade des anglais several types leading up to the attack. he took selfies including in the crowd on the night of the attack. he also took selfies with himself, with his truck. in addition to searching for decapitation videos, he was searching for things like "fatal car accident, horrific car accident." so this seems to indicate there
8:46 am
was a rapid radicalization. he started growing his beard out just eight days beforate tack. he spent 1600 euros to rent this 20-ton truck he used to kill 84 people. of which some still are not identified. and injured more than 200 others. that's just the beginning of what investigators say they're discovering. they say even if he hadn't directly pledged allegiance to the terror group isis, he was certainly inspired by their online propaganda. this is somebody who had before this a wild sex life, a history of violence against his wife and his children and his in-laws. he used to throw parties, he was a heavy drinker. but yet in a very short period of time this man who fit the profile of essentially a petty criminal with perhaps mental health issues, he became a radical jihad worst committed the deadliest terrorist act in the west. conducted by one person. so it just goes to show the challenge investigators are facing.
8:47 am
they're tracking thousands of people in france right now. this guy was never on a watch list, never on anyone's radar, until it was too late. john. >> boy, will ripley for us in france, thank you so much, will. meanwhile in baton rouge, we're getting brand-new information on the deadly police ambush here. a source with knowledge of the investigation tells cnn a tape of the attack shows a meticulous planned approach toward the officers. the killer, an ex-marine, armed with an assault-style rifle. he died in a shootout with police. he'd come to this neighborhood about a mile from here, police headquarters, to carry out this attack. joining us here right now grayson police chief mitch brayton, president of the louisiana associate of chiefs of police. thank you so much for being with us, i appreciate it. >> yes, sir, thank you. >> we're learning how from officials it does seem as if this killer targeted police specifically, he went out of his way to kill police officers. what are you now hearing from your officers around the state? >> well, in my term as president
8:48 am
of chiefs ended last friday, so i'm technically the past president. at our meeting last week prior to the baton rouge attacks and then again since these attacks, i'm hearing a lot. we're trying to balance being able to provide the same level of service to our citizens and to our communities they've come to expect and they deserve with our need to stay safe and go home every night. and so it's a new day when things like this came to us. we're having to adapt. a lot of agencies are requiring an amount of officers that respond to calls. some things are being investigated further over the telephone before officers are being dispatched. just an overall sense of cautiousness. >> the need to stay safe and get home every night. you're feeling that in a new way because -- >> you know, it's always there in the back of your mind, but now it's at our back door. when people are actually coming and targeting us, any time an
8:49 am
officer puts this badge on and goes out the door, they know they could try to stop someone from committing an act and lose their life in the process. but now you can simply drive up somewhere and you're the target. so it's a whole new field of events we're having to be prepared for. >> you say you're trying to balance it but that means in some cases giving up, perhaps, speed, running to a scene. >> unfortunately. you know, if the administration says that there needs to be two cars or whatever they may choose, it may add seconds to that response time to get those cars together and get there, which is something we definitely don't want to do, but right now it's the only tradeoff that we have. >> can i ask you one question, there's been a lot of talk about the president. the president spoke out about the need to support our police. donald trump said it wasn't enough. donald trump says just look at the body language of the president. there's something going on. >> well, i'll be honest, i've said from the beginning, i'm not
8:50 am
going to do a referendum on a president based on officers' blood on the street in baton rouge. >> i respect that, chief. mitch brayton, thank you for being with us. our thoughts go out to you and your forces >> john, thanks so much. we are live in cleveland at the republican national convention. it is going to kick off in just a few hours. at the very same time, hillary clinton is set to give her first remarks since the deadly police ambush in baton rouge. she will be speaking at the naacp national convention happening in cincinnati, ohio. she is expected to talk about race, talk about policing in america, talk about these tensions. we'll be waiting to hear her remarks, what tone she sets. we'll have that for you as well. we'll be right back. y, the earth needed to find a new way to keep up with the data from over 30 billion connected devices. just 30 billion? a bold group of researchers and computer scientists in silicon valley, had a breakthrough they called...
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the machine. it changed computing forever. and it's been part of every new technology for the last 250 years. everything? everything! this year, hewlett packard enterprise will preview the machine and accelerate the future. see star trek beyond. real is touching a ray. amazing is moving like one. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there's only one place where real and amazing live. book a seaworld vacation package and eat free. as the gop convention is set to get under way, donald trump is weighing in on the deadly police shootings in baton rouge
8:52 am
and on president obama's response to the tragedy. listen here to trump on fox just this morning. >> well, i watch the president, that sometimes the words are okay, but you just look at the body language. there's something going on. look, there's something going on. and the words are not often okay, by the way -- >> what does this mean, there's something going on? >> there's just bad feeling and a lot of bad feeling about him. i see it, too. there's a lot of bad feeling about him. we have a country that's -- >> you know -- >> we have a country that has not been like this since i can remember it. >> joining me now to discuss this and the whole week ahead, kansas secretary of state chris kovach, who is a trump supporter, cnn political commentators van jones, a former obama administration official, and lanhee chen, former policy director for mitt romney's campaign and margaret booker, who worked in the white house and for two republican campaigns and from new york, christine
8:53 am
quinn, former speak of the new york city council and a hillary clinton supporter. guys, thank you so much for being here in the wonderful city of cleveland. i hope, as you guys were sitting down, mr. secretary of state, you could hear that sound bite from donald trump on fox this morning. >> yeah. >> he said he's used this language before. and i like to argue, words matter. and i want to get your take on this. he says if you look at the body language that he has, there's something going on, there's something going on. what is donald trump suggesting, in your mind? what is donald trump suggesting here? >> i think it depends on which body language he's talking about, so i'd like to see the exact clip of the president that he's talking about. but you know, i think he may be talking about a broader sense of unease, that a lot of americans feel like we're not safe, we're not safe abroad, we're not safe domestically, and there needs to be a sense of urgency, a sense of restoring law and order. maybe he's picking up on that. it's hard to say without looking at the exact body language he's talking about. >> look, for me it was troubling to hear him say that because you're in a situation where
8:54 am
right now, you know, lives are on the line. increasing tension, increasing suspicion, increasing the idea that maybe the president is in on it or something, i think that actually makes everybody less safe. i think in these moments of national tragedy, what we used to do -- we talk about what we used to do -- we used to rally around the president. after 9/11, everybody rallies around the president. in this situation, it's almost like these national tragedies become an opportunity to further divide the country, rather than bring it together. >> you know, i think the reason why he's engaging in this is because he realizes he needs to unify the party, right? and this is one way to unify republicans, to attack barack obama. so look, i don't think the innuendo is good for the country in the longrun, nor for the republican party in the long run, but he's clearly trying to say, look, i will be the leader of this party, and i do that by attacking barack obama and hillary clinton. >> isn't there a way to unify the party without innuendos like this? >> yeah, previously when we've
8:55 am
had elections for president, candidates have used the opportunity to draw contrast between themselves and their opponent on substantive policy matters. this is something we haven't seen in this campaign. and again, what donald trump is doing is actually not so different from the innuendo he was drawing when he ran the birther campaign against barack obama in 2012. he's simply trying to suggest that the president is somehow illegitimate in terms of his office and where, from the position he comes at. >> you know, we'll be hearing from hillary clinton for the first time since baton rouge, christine, since the baton rouge ambush bp we're going to hear from hillary clinton very soon, actually. donald trump is talking about barack obama and how he's responded, saying there's something going on there with this innuendo. how do you want hillary clinton to respond? >> first of all, i just want to say, when the attorney general said, well, we have to see which clip and what body language? there is no body language from the president of the united states that indicates something's going on. and in fact, his statement right after that, donald trump's, was about how people feel.
8:56 am
this is really, i believe, an un-american way for a presidential candidate to act at a time of really national crisis, if you think about it, to be throwing out these kind of unfounded attacks that are clearly an attempt to imply that the president is somehow involved in all of this. i just think it is completely outrageous. and in addition to that, he says it because he has nothing to say. we will hear real ideas and vision from secretary clinton. donald trump, as we saw over and over on the "60 minutes" interview last night has nothing to say about how to lead this country because he doesn't have the experience or the temperament to be president. >> i want to get to "60 minutes" in a second. i want you to respond, though, mr. secretary. is it un-american what donald trump's saying? >> not un-american at all. the way i read it is he's saying, look, the president doesn't seem sincere. when we see the president
8:57 am
talking about recent terrorist attacks and won't say "radical islam" -- >> do you think the president doesn't seem sincere? >> many times, especially talking about isis and our war on radical islam -- [ everyone talking at once ] >> attack? do you think he's unsincere on what happened in baton rouge? >> no, i don't think he's insincere, but i think what donald trump's talking about, when he's talking about he feels the president's body language suggests this, i think a lot of americans understand what i'm saying. he'll get out there and read the teleprompter, but you don't feel like he's angry or believes what he's saying. that's how i perceive it. >> hold on christine. one of the big things tonight -- >> sure. >> it's okay, satellite delay. security. make america safe again is the theme tonight from the rnc and from donald trump. last night, donald trump talked about security, he talked about isis, says he wants to wage war on isis. this is a little bit of what donald trump said on "60 minutes" last night. listen, guys. >> i am going to have very few troops on the ground.
8:58 am
we are going to have unbelievable intelligence, which we need, which right now we don't have. we don't have the the people over there. >> you heard that last bit right there. you ran policy for mitt romney in 2012. what policy is he laying out there? is donald trump suggesting that the military personnel we have on the ground are not the right people? >> it's unclear to me what he's suggesting, because the problem is, particularly if you look at his foreign policy, incoherence after incoherence. the problem is we're at the stage of the campaign where we have to get serious about this, because we're talking about selecting the next commander in chief, so he's got to lay out, what is he going to do differently from this administration when it comes to the deelgdz with isis, for example? how will he deal with the middle east differently, maybe thor than just pulling back from our alliances, because that the not going to get to done. >> if so incoherent, how did he win the primary? why do people support him? people like the message he's sending. >> let's talk about who those people were. it was a plurality of republican primary voters, who constitute
8:59 am
maybe 25% of people who vote republican, okay? he did not win a majority. more than 50% of republicans are dissatisfied with donald trump as the nominee. that's how we're starting the first day of the republican national convention. we need to remember that. but in terms of his foreign policy here, he's actually been incredibly consistent. he is this new isolationist, wants to pull back from the world. and frankly, what he's suggesting for isis is not that different from hillary clinton. she wants to defeat isis with a limited footprint on the ground and she wants to embolden our allies. frankly, if you apples to apples, there's not a lot of difference there. so if you're looking for contrast in how donald trump is going to defeat isis, the substance just isn't there. >> what do you think of the speakers tonight on this whole topic, van? you've got melania trump. she's going to be speaking. you have survivors from the benghazi attack speaking, will along with others. what do you think? they'll be unloading on hillary clinton, i can promise you that. >> well, sure. but i think sometimes we might be missing the point of what trump is trying to do. i don't think trump is applying for the job of the best prepared
9:00 am
person with the smartest military background. i think he's trying to say i have the attitude that has been missing, i'm tough and i'm willing to do whatever is needed to be done, because he's trying to deal with a sense of anxiety. what you're going to see tonight, i think, are the other side of trump. they're trying to do two things that don't usually go well together. they're trying to humanize him by bringing his wife out, but they also want to give him the opportunity to be mr. bluster. i don't think they've got a coherent strategy to present this guy to the country, so they're literally trying to roll out two products at the same time -- the warm, fuzzy father figure, also the blustery, crazy uncle who's going to throw a punch. >> one thing that continues to be unconventional about the convention is donald trump is expected to speak tonight, even introducing melania trump. we don't normally hear from our nominees this early in the week, but we will tonight. thank you very much. christine, thank you for joining us in new york. and thank you all for joining us here in cleveland. for me in cleveland and f


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