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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  July 18, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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g to multiple layers of law enforcement there in about the yn ruth. and you will hear from a number of different law enforcement analyst here. sitting with art roderick, in the final seconds i have with you, he was saying that is the most extraordinary, most emotional and raw conferences you have heard from law enforcement. 20 second. >> riveting chilling and the tactics just blew me away. you dent see press connen fromferences like this. >> you don't. we are going to jake tapper. jake, to you. >> live from the republican national convention. allow me to gavel myself in. i'm jack tapper. welcome to "the lead." in cleveland where lebron james is normally king and reigns larger than life over the
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devoted masses. donald trump assumes the thrown for at left a week as he hopes to paper over a vicious primary season and finally unite the republican party and regain the white house. he too, wants it make cleveland believeland and inspire the republicanes who have misgivings about his take over of the party but even before today's programming snips, in time donald trump could possibly get embarrassed at his own convention before it even begins. the never trump forces. the gremlins. those declared dead are very close to forcing a lengthy state by state roll call vote on the rnc rules. we will keep monitoring this. we could see it play out in the floor, on the floor in just minutes. as for tonight, the convention headliner is someone the trump campaign says they thought would never get to say yes to speaking in front of thousands of people here and millions watching at home.
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donald trump's wife melania trump, will step into the white hot spotlight in just a few hours. but as republican delegations from every state in the union fill this arena, some with better seats than others of course trump's task is much more than just putting on a good show. he needs to show undecided skeptics out there that he can be the strong leader to guide this country through these turbulent times. the latest evidence of the divisions fracturing the country of course coming just a little bit more than 24 hours ago. a gunman assassinating three police officers in baton rouge. we'll have the latest on that continuing story in a bit. first, let's begin with cnn's senior white house correspondent jim acosta. can you hear him to the tunes of "shook me all night long" going on behind me. trump is not scheduled to speak until thursday when he assuredly will shake it all night long. but given the fact melania is
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speaking this evening it is possible we will get a glimpse of him on the stage before me -- behind me before then. jim? >> yeah jake this convention hall is shaking right now. shaking with some uncertainty, i can tell you. that is because as you mentioned a few moments ago, there are some of those never trump forces. you heard they were dead. turns out they are mostly dead. and they are attempting right now to force some kind of full floor vote on the rules govening this convention. and if they succeed in doing that there are some in that movement who hope that this could somehow deny donald trump the nomination. now i talked to people inside the trump campaign who are really dismissing all of this as delay tactic that would just eventually embarrass the party's nominee. but they did not see this coming until one source and what they are doing on the floor is there are officials with the trump campaign cajoling different members of the delegationes from different states attempting to get them to take back their
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signatures authorizing this. and it just goes to show you, even though the theme for today is make america safe again, donald trump's mission this week is to make this party whole again. donald trump has never had an audience quite like this presumptive gop nominee with a tough-talking brand to sell this week that when and his running mate is spinning out of control. >> we are both ready. i have no doubt. we need toughness. we need strength. obama is weak. hillary is weak. >> after police killings in baton rouge, trump slammed the violence and a long ordered response. >> he has been a great divider in this country. i think race relations now are as bad as they've ever been. i watched the president and sometimes the words are okay but you just look at the body
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language and there's something going on. >> when pressed he wouldn't clarify what he meant by body language comment but this week the optic says all trump. trump will be at the convention tonight it introduce his wife melania, before she addresses the delegates. she is one of the big headliners on day one of make america safe again with lieutenant general michael flynn who was on trump's vice presidential short list along with the tribute to former gop nominee and world war ii veteran bob dole. but the party is still a house divided. as high profile republicans from george w. bush to mitt romney to the governor hosting the convention john kasich are skipping trump's big moment. while planners did land "laphappy days" actor scott baio after tim tebow wouldn't come. >> he is embarrassing the state frankly. >> a top kasich adviser fired back tweeting manafort bringing
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professionalism to trump. attacking john kasich this morning just another pivot after a great vp rollout. clown show. despite differences with trump on issues like the iraq war. >> i'm one of the few that was right on iraq. >> he is entitled to make a mistake every once in a while. >> spending all this week in cleveland selling a new boss who is still looking to close the deal with republicans. >> because this man is on with the american people and not intimidated by the world. and donald trump, this could good man, i believe, will be a great president of the united states. >> i love what he just said. >> one thing we will look for later on tonight is how donald trump introduces his wife melania, to the crowd. you will recall over the
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weekend, jake, his introduction of mike pence lasted 28 will minutes including big portions of donald trump's standard sum. speech asking whether we might see a repeat of that tonight i talked to a trump delegate pro trump delegate here earlier this evening. who said well, it is donald trump. jake? >> thanks jim acosta. obviously we are anxiously watching the floor to monitor this developing story on the convention for the never trump force trying to force a potential state by state roll call vote. trump forces saying it is to embarrass the nominee. speaking of never trump movements, it is worth pointing out that the primaries were so contentious and mr. trump remains so controversial on so many of his fellow republicans, that there are, as jim noted, so many high profile republicans who will not be here in cleveland this week and whether you think good riddance or you receive this list more in
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sadness than in anger. the void is rather telling. presidents george h. bush and george h.w. bush will not be here. mitt romney won't be here. incumbent republican governor of this crucial battle ground state, john kasich will not be here. none of them here in cleveland to give the trump/pence ticket their enthusiastic stamp of approval. but who is here michael scar monish malia malik henderson, kevin madden jeffrey laura, donna brazile and senior adviser o donald trump's campaign ed brookeover. ed, let me start with you. what do you make on this move on the floor to force a roll call vote that would in some ways i suppose demonstrate that there are delegates who are opposed to
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donald trump and i guess the theory is just embarrassing. >> well it is not unexpected. they've been trying to claim from day one and beaten back every step of the way, starting with primaries. mr. trump was seen 14 million votes. unsuccessful in rules committee and ultimately i think unsuccessful on the floor. but even if something would happen mr. trump will be nominee. program will go on as scheduled and present him to the american public as they learn more about donald trump. >> what is the game plan kevin? why force this if the trump nomination is truly all but inevitable? >> these events themselves are just pathgeantries and shows. so on principle they need to demonstrate they are still in opposition to donald trump. on the other side there are a lot of pro cruz folks. people looking beyond 2016 to 2020 and a lot of efforts they are making towards changing rules are geared towards looking to that potential next election and possibly a reform of the
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republican party and the way they nominate nominees in the future. >> let's look at some comments that donald trump made earlier this morning. president obama of course condemning murders of the three baton rouge police officers calling the assassination cowardly and reprehensible. this is donald trump commenting on what president obama said. >> i watch the president and sometimes the words are okay but you just look at the body language and something is going on. look there is something going on. and the words are not -- >> what does that mean there's something going on. >> just bad feeling and a lot of bad feeling about him. i see it, too. >> so we will talk about that in a second. but let's go to the floor of the house where the rules committee is going through what is a challenge from the never trump forces. >> for our convention and our party, i move the adoption of
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the resolution and yield back the balance of my time. >> thank you. without objection, the previous question is ordered. the question is on adoption of the resolution. all those in favor say aye. [ cheers and applause ] all those opposed, no. and in the opinion of the chair, the ayes have it. and the resolution is agreed to. without objection, the motion to reconsider is laid upon the table. [ cheers and applause ] the chair now recognizes the delegate from the state of west virginia for the purpose of offering a resolution.
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>> mr. chairman the purposes of explaining -- >> let's just explain to the viewers what exactly is going on right now. i want to bring in cnn's john king. john explain what's going on. who are the people yelling? what is happening? >> we have a protest on the floor. they seemed to adopt rules on a voice vote there and the chairman said the ayes have it. trying to say the rules are adopted and yet delegates on the floor say not so fast. we know the anti-trump forces believe they have it and the state by state roll call. forces went to the rules committee. leaders of the scone vengs. they say they submitted enough signatures to have state by state roll call. i think we will have that right new on the floor of the republican convention. >> the people yelling right now, people yelling aye, are trump forces. people yelling ney are saying rules should not be adopted. and ayes -- what are the neys --
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roll call vote. >> roll call vote. >> these are never trump forces. >> they want a vote on the rules. their displeasure with the republican national committee. they can see they don't have the votes in the end. they can see the trump forces have more votes. but there are people inside the trump war room say they could have as many as 600 votes against the rules, meaning against donald trump. last votes against donald trump. they are trying to send a signal. i think ed ed is right. i think they will be defeated. trump forces have been working the floor. but there is a lot of resentment. i was on the floor. some trump lieutenants were trying to cannot vince people to withdraw signature and pressure them to back off. they say we need party unity. we don't want to embarrass the nominee. but delegates say hey, this is my right to demand this. don't pressure me. >> former attorney general from common wealth of virginia just
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went up to the microphone and put his credentials on the ground. dana basher on the floor. i don't know if you saw that happen. but who are the forces and explain what is going on from the point of view from the floor. >> yeah i'm not sure if you guys have explained this already. it is hard for me here. you can hear it is very very loud. but the most important thing to know about what just happened from the chair, if you will from the podium is that they called the ayes have it and gavelled. what does that mean? they just effectively tried to quash this whole movement to try to open up the rules package, basically to have effectively an open debate that would allow for amendments of all kinds on the floor of the convention. the picture of the manure seeing
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there, i can see, that is -- >> dana i want to listen to senator mike lee. republican of utah who is a supporter of ted cruz and -- >> these are the very same people that run the country. who are going to need to be the engine for our nominee come november. and in months leading up to november. so those who are calling for unity, those calling for unity need to keep that in mind. treat us respectfully as delegates. >> >>. [ inaudible ] >> well it's not clear what they've done. the podium has been abandoned. there is someone standing at the podium. there is absolutely nothing that has happened. so that's utah senator, mike
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lee. he is an ally of ted cruz. he is one of those individuals who believes that the delegates should be allowed to vote their conscience and not be bound by how their state voted. this is a movement. some call it the never trump movement. there are people who are trying to seek in their view a different and better candidate to challenge hillary clinton. obviously donald trump won the nomination in terms of delegates. these people are trying to change the rules so the delegates are unbound. and can vote their conscience. because as you may or may not know when donald trump effectively wiped the slate clean, he had not won a majority of the dellegates at that time. but he had not won 51%.
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so there are people like mike lee. we will listen in on him who say unbind the delegates. >> never seen the chair abandoned like that. they did it in stakes entirely. [ inaudible ] >> normally in this kind of circumstance people would raise a point of order or maybe make a motion. that would be addressed. that would be dealt with by the chair. when the chair abandons his post as happened just moments ago, there was no rule for that. it is completely unheard of. to just walk off the post. maybe there was a medical emergency. maybe bad news from home. i don't know. >> with rule 39. sevens. majority. [ inaudible ]
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>> go alabama or alaska and so on. each of them reads their votes for the rules. how many for and how many against. that's a roll call vote. that's all we're asking for here. and apparently it is too much. too much. >> you're listening to the former attorney general of the common wealth of virginia. he said he will vote for trump in november but he is also one of the ones leading for the charge here for a roll call vote and trump forces feel that is an attempt to show how many people are not in favor of donald trump just to embarrass him. cuccinelli was a ted cruz supporter during the primary. let's listen to what he has to say.
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>> dana basher on the floor. what do you want to point out? >> you are right. so many delegates are upset that they don't think they have their voices heard are those who are not for donald trump. but there is also a very important movement going on here that we need to sort of let our viewers know about. which is not as much about donald trump but about people like mike lee, senator you're looking at right now on the left side of your screen. and others who are trying to push a movement to make the process in the next election. in 2020. tilted more for a conservative candidate. let me explain to you what i mean by that. some of what you saw going on here and the reason why trump campaign and the republican national committee were very surprised by this. because there was a very quiet
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under the radar movement. to gather signatures from states -- in order to open up the rules package, you need seven states. majority from seven states -- >> hold on one second. back to mike lee. dana b bash hold on, back to mike lee on the floor. >> i'm not being coy. i have no idea what is going op. the chair walked off the stage. completely abandoned his post. we have a jazz band doing a great job. playing lovely music. i dent ne what the song is but it is a real nice soothing rift. people have taken time off work come from all over the united states to be here. people can be unheard anywhere. they can be unheard at their workplace. they can be unheard at home. unheard with their friends and
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neighbors. they don't travel thousands of miles to be unheard at their own party's national convention. >> did they just completely not seen take up signatures at all? >> delegates. once again i need your help and your cooperation. with that objection, the chair will put the question on adoption of the report from the committee on rules. denovo. the chair would remind the hall that it is absolutely critical that we are able to discern the ayes from the neys.
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those in favor of the rules package, will say aye. [ crowd says aye ] >> doing the vot voice vote that took place a few minutes ago, people yelling aye, want rules adopted as they are. >> people against, say no. [ crowd saying no ] >> the nos are shouting right now. >> the ayes have it. [ cheers and applause ] >> the ayes have it.
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a second time, the ayes have it.
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he chair of the utah delegation. i make a motion to have a roll call vote on the rules. >> democracy in action. you're watching congressman of arkansas trying to bring order to a contentious -- >> the secretary received requests from a total of nine states requesting a roll call vote on adoption of report on the committee on rules. subsequently the secretary received withdraws which caused three states to fall below the threshold required under the rules. accordingly, the chair has found
1:25 pm
insufficient support for the request for a record vote. >> you see him waving his hand ken cuccinelli former attorney general for common wealth of virginia who is pushing for a rel call vote. a roll call vote with antipathy for donald trump are calling for opinion
1:26 pm
chanting? >> first of all, most important thing that just happened is -- >> recognizing the chair from west virginia to offer a resolution. >> didn't have the signatures to do so. let me just explain to you because it is hard to follow i'm explaining what i'm getting via information through text from people involved in this. and the answer to that is -- let's listen for one second if we will. >> i am honored to yield to the co-chairs of the committee. senator john boraso, congresswoman virginia fox. thank you. >> i now have the honor of recognizing the chairman of -- >> what i was trying to explain is happening a.
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>> we speak and it is relatively unprecedented. as we were reporting before some of the never trump forces and others upset about the rules were trying to get seven states, majority of delegates in seven states to force a roll call vote. what the chair just said was that they did not have a sufficient number of states. what i'm telling you, based on a source explaining what was going on behind the scenes is they actually had nine states. nine states had majority of signatures who wanted to have a roll can call vote. three of them withdrew. now jake the reason they withdrew is because for the past couple of hours, there has been a mad scramble on the floor here by republican national committee forces who didn't want this to happen and by trump forces to try to get a people who had put in their signatures to take them back. that has been going on.
1:28 pm
actually almost been physical arm twisting that we have seen this scramble like never before and it looks like they were successful in doing that. that is sort of the headline of what just happen had here. looks like what the republican national committee and trump campaign were able to quash this last gasp of never trump forces. another thing that is important to undercore, part of it is never trump. but part of it is a group of very conservative delegates who are allies of senator ted cruz including the senator you were talking about, mike lee, ken cuccinelli of virginia former attorney general, trying to force this open discussion and amendment process on the floor, to change the rules, try to make it so a conservative candidate can more easily get elected in 2020. this is much more about the here and now as the next time around. jake? >> thanks dana.
1:29 pm
let's listen in to senator john ver raso republican of wyoming. >> as our founding document and our enduring covenant. we believe our constitutional system limited government separation of powers federalism and the rights of the people must be preserved uncompromised for future generations. we believe that people are the ultimate resource. and that american people -- >> republican of wyoming, speaking now obviously trying to change the subject from what we just saw on the floor of this convention. rather contentious. we have our panel here and we also brought in a special guest,
1:30 pm
mike shields, former chief of staff at republican national committee, and an expert on rules. what just happened? >> well one way to see what happened is you saw the start of the 2020 campaign on the floor there. there was a rules hitty. they passed rules. it would be voiced by protest that erupted to try and stop it from habing and a joeps quote and ken cuccinelli sort of corralling them together to get seven states to have a majority of seven states delegates. force an open roll call vote where you have to name every single person as they vote for the rules. if that happens you can open ahead for amendment. >> this would not be a roll call event to nominate donald trump. a rel call vote just on the rules of the party. in the right. than they would attempt to add
1:31 pm
amend the and presumably offer amendments that quote unquote align the delegates allowing them to vote their conscience as opposed to who who their state is voting for -- >> i think they would have lost the votes and strengthened donald trump's votes here -- >> what are they looking to -- >> change the 2020 rules by having closed primaryies. those negotiations have been going on for days to change the effort p. this is what is not going anywhere because people didn't want close primaries on the other side of this. >> that presumes that donald trump will not win. >> of course. >> so that is the -- >> and it makes you wonder whether ted cruz will keep his speaking slot at this convention. because ken cuccinelli has been the nemesis of the trump campaign all along in the delegate count. and there is sort of saying you
1:32 pm
know what we don't want independent voters to vote in our primaries. keep it all republican because the independentsenss or people voting in either primary are are the ones that got donald trump the nomination. we as conservatives like ted cruz cannot allow this to happen again. this is as john says ted cruz 20/20. meantime embarrass trump. but they failed. >> failed. let me ask you as manner of math. i did not ask you before to crunch numbers, but if every primary would have been closed would donald trump still not be the nominee? by wait let me just make sure our viewers understand. a closed primary means only members of that party can vote. many states have open primaries, independence or people changing their party that day, donald trump did very very well with independents. >> trump supporters might say well in that field he might have done this or that. but donald trump when he
1:33 pm
announced he was running, he understand the rules. he knew democrats could cross over. could donald trump in that field of 17 candidates could they vote on all primaries? my thought is no. but this is a whacky year. evangelical voters i will get that conservative swat. in a crowded field, donald trump might have won just republican primaries. we can't answer that. but no question he benefitted from the play in the republican primary. >> he did expand our party which is what winning in the fall is all about. i argue we look at states in the south, midwest that he won, very conservative states. he won those with the republican primaries or open primaries and he won those. >> he won fair and square. at that point they have a very crowded field. we just don't know. game played by the rules an
1:34 pm
donald trump won fair and square by the rules in place in 2016 period. >> must be wrapped inside a riddle. >> yeah and that language if he won fair and square exactly what af heard a delegates say. she was approached this morning by people trying to get her so sign the condition. an she said it is time to get on with it. donald trump won fair and square and no need to delay and he will be our nominee and she intended it back him. >> jake can i just say, sometimes my mouth doesn't but my ears do. i know what i heard. the ayes didn't have it. certainly didn't have it on the first vote and second vote is tied at best. >> so you think -- >> i think the chairman was quick to throw down the gavel. the congressman to get off that stage. they didn't ne what they did. but to say that ayes have it that's not what i heard. >> some disagree. the people talking about this they were going to lose --
1:35 pm
>> but on the voice vote it was a voice vote. >> there is another interesting point here let's go back to colorado republican caucus i don't know if you remember that. a very, very close caucus. trump campaign saying rules are rigged. cruz people saying republican rules are fine np is perfect. literally switch places now. cruz people are shouting. what you hear them saying after this is we got screwed. we're victims. >> right. >> and trump say we play by the rules. got gavelled down by a -- >> exact op rit of the primaries. >> these folks are very animated about their resistance to donald trump. >> i think the folks that are pro trump right now, and this is a big problem were on at least i should say challenge, that can be overcome, many people in the room supporting trump are resigned to it. they don't have a great passion.
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. welcome back to cnn. we are live on the floor of the republican convention. i have with me here senator mike lee of utah. someone trying to push for that roll call vote. senator, you lost your effort. why did you try so hard? why was it such a big deal to do it? >> at every republican convention one of the first things we do is adopt a rules package. there were a number of changes to the rules that were not in this package. a number of things in this set of rules that a lot of delegates didn't like. for that reason majority of delegates in i believe, either 8 or 10 or 11 states not sure which yet, submitted petitions calling for roll call vote on the rules package so we could have additional debate and discussion on the rules. it is not clear what happened. at one point the chair walked off the stage. i have never in my entire life seen that in a parliamentary setting. and what happened afterwards
1:41 pm
still has to be explained. >> they got three states changed signatures so your off or the would be -- they quashed the effort. my question is as we were waiting to come on the air, a trump delegate was screaming at you, sour grapes. was this about you trying to embarrass donald trump? >> no. this is about the future of the party. the ability of party convention grass roots around the country coming together at the national convention this year in cleveland and have their views heard and talk about their view for the future how we expand the party, make sure that we have good candidates. and this is not about mr. trump. this is about having a good fair rules process. >> is it fair to say that part of what you hoped to do if you opened up the process was to change the rules it make it easier for a conservative like ted cruz to get the nomination in 2020? >> we're always looking as conservatives to make sure that our rules are good. >> is that a yes? >> that we get good candidates. sure i would like to have
1:42 pm
conservative candidates in the future. this is not about thissier or any one year. it is about the future of the party. it is not our understanding there were nine states. we believe there were 10 or 11. if in fact three states we haven't heard which states but if three states withdrew petitions, if we're correct then we either had 7 or 8 remaining which still had petitions in. i'm still looking for answers. trying to figure out if there were 9 states or as they say or 10 or 11 as i've been told. and regardless which states withdrew their petitions. >> but bottom loin for people who were sort of coming up from the weeds here i think on what this means for the republican party, for people out there looking at this with a lot of screaming and chanting an yays and neys what should people take from this? >> when this convention comes together or any like this they have to agree by the rules by which they will be bound. all we're asking for is a vote.
1:43 pm
>> what does it say about the state of the republican party that you have this kind of division? which we haven't seen under a generation on the floor. >> it says there is an honest disagreement about the rules. and we want a vote on the rules. that's all it says. >> but rules are about the fundamental direction of the party. >> sure. the rules are about all kinds of things. that's my point. people are trying to make this a simple debate between people who favor donald trump and those who don't. and what i'm saying is that we ought to be able to have a vote. rules allow us to have a roll call vote on this. we knew it would be close. we heard when there was a voice vote it was difficult to tell which had it ayes or neys. >> i want to tell our viewers that while you and i are talk some clearly trump supporters or delegate are surrounding us to
1:44 pm
say we want trump to try to drown you out. >> that's great. they have a right to do that. i want to talk about rules. we want our rules. we want our delegates from all over the country to decide and have a hand in what rules govern the convention. what governs now and in the future. >> appreciate it. jake back to you. >> thanks dana bp that is utah's republican senator mike lee. part of that remarkable display we just witnessed on the floor, never trump forces or at least cruz 2020 forces trying to jam a state by state roll call vote on the floor. trying to close the primary process so only republican voters can vote no independent. not the show of unity that trump campaign wanted. we have with us right now -- hold on one second. let's listen in. something is going on on stage. >> will the resolution for the
1:45 pm
platform and the rules. the chair recognizes the delegate from guam for the purpose of offering a resolution. >> delegate from guam offering a resolution. i believe they will discuss the party platform. let's take the opportunity to talk to the former republican mayor here of new york city rudy giuliani. first of all, what do you make of this utah governor mike lee saying this is just about the rules? >> the rules, rules, rules. >> was this just about the rules? >> this is why donald trump won. this is inside the beltway. american people frightened about terrorism. frightened by police officers being killed. worried about their jobs. worried about their future. that's what they want us to talk about. not rules. and all this infrawarfare fwoing on pt. >> what do you make of the never trump forces and the fact that so many notable republicans,
1:46 pm
including friends of yours bushes kaines romneys are not here. >> look 33% of the democratic party in the last polly looked at isn't voting for hillary clinton. so what's new? the same thing is true in their party as ours. most republicans support donald trump. some don't. most democrats support hillary. some don't. that the way it is. >> let's turn to your address this evening. the theme of tonight is i believe, make america safe again. >> that's what i'm going to talk about. >> national security message. what are you going to say? >> well that's something i know about. i changed it from the largest crime center of america to the safest city of america. we have the injustices that people feel. we have to do more about it. how our party can do more about
1:47 pm
it. that doesn't justify ambushing and killing police. i'm also going to talk about how we have to be a lot more assertive against islamic terrorism. we can't be afraid to use the word islamic extremist terrorism. we can't stand in line like obama did and back down. we need a president who will stand up. anyone who knows donald trump knows he will not draw a line in the sand and back down. we need a president like that. a leader. >> so let's talk about your message. you just did make a nod towards the fact that there aren't many people in minority communities who feel that they are being treated unjustly including i'm sure you heard republican senator tim scott, talking about being pulled over time and time again. >> how would i not know that coming from new york city growing up in new york city and going to high school at bethridge iverson. of nours course i ne that. i think we have the answers. we have the answers in choice.
1:48 pm
vouchers. charter schools. which the teachers' union dominates the party. and refuses to allow black americans to get the education they should get. i think we have the answer with free markets. and donald trump who can negotiate better than anyone else to bring jobs back to m america. i took 600,000 people off welfare in new york. 500,000 with jobs. most of them were minorities. why do you think crime went down 85%? >> you have my vote. have you plimy vote sir, but you're not on the ballot. you said last week that black lives matter is inherently racist. do you think comments like that unite the country or further divide the country? >> i think they unite the country. >> to say that black lives matter is racist? >> well when you do not include
1:49 pm
that all lives matter. when you take someone like the governor of maryland and intimidate him after he said all lives matter to say no black lives matter that's dividing the country by race. >> i can't speak to the governor of maryland. but paul ryan was asked this question. we did a town meeting an someone, a new yorker republican pushed him. do you understand what people mean? do you understand why people say that? he said you're saying black lives matter because people feel they are being discriminated against and they are not safe because of the color of their skin. because people believe that we have to listen to that and hear about it and understand it and instead of just talking, let's try solving it. that's not what i hear from you or mr. trump. >> i agree with that 100%. what i don't agree with when they yell out in dem ononstrations, as i've heard them do, kill the police kill the pigs kill the police. >> that is a minority of demonstrators. >> then stand up against it.
1:50 pm
and they should also say black lives matter, all lives matter. police lives matter. we're one country. where is the obama who said there's no black america or white america. there's one america. >> will you be saying that this evening? >> i don't think i will say it that way. but where is that obama? what happened to him? i remember his first speech when he said there is no black america, black lives matter. there is no white america, white lives matter. there is one america. that is what i think we should be aiming for. not dividing people. the minute we start putting racial tags on things we are becoming divisive and getting close to racism. >> we have to break unfortunately. i think the point is that african-americans, many people they are having racial tags put on them by people stopping them -- >> then that should stop and that shouldant and there is no excuse for that. but there is no excuse, none, for assassinating police officers and putting targets on
1:51 pm
their backs. we are seeing a repeat of the black panther movement. where police officers are lured to come and help black people and then are assassinated. >> that was a rohorrific in baton rouge and dallas. >> and don't tell me the atmosphere this nin this country isn't creating it. >> well i don't know what is creating it. >> you know when we go back to there is one america. not a black america or a white america -- >> do you think mr. trum trump is the best to do that. >> i think mr. trump is the best do that. i want to fight for the opportunity for everyone that white people have. >> you want to see him get is 00% of the vote? >> the african-american community has been tied to the democratic party forever. what have the democrats done for the african-americans in baltimore? in this city, cleveland.
1:52 pm
what have they done for them in detroit. ? the cities where there are republicans mayors like me they have been enormously successful. harlem is much more successful now than it was before. i put them to work. i got them better educations. better jbs. reduced crime by 65%. >> mr. mayor, i'm looking forward very much as i'm sure viewers, to your address this evening. tell us what you really feel next time. don't hold back. to the man who tried to push republican party to the brink right on the convention floor. that story is next.
1:53 pm
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welcome back to the lead. i'm jake tapper. we are live at the republican national convention in cleveland. we just witnessed something i can't remember in all any years covering politics. though i suppose it happened when i was seven. on the floor, never trump forces tried to defy the chair and force a state by state roll call vote on the rules. with me now, one of the men who led that effort former virginia attorney general ken cuccinelli. so first of all, i know that you oppose -- >> you just said anti-trump forces. >> did i? >> you just read it. >> many of them are anti-trump forces. >> but we're not. >> why are you not anti-trump? >> you know jake -- >> you're voting for trump.
1:58 pm
>> i said since ted cruz got out of the nomination that i would vote for donald trump. >> you would vote for the republican nominee. >> i would vote for the republican nominee. once ted got out, that's trump. now we have the situation where you've got unbinding people who are anti-trump. >> and you're not one of them. >> i'm not one of them. the majority of most of those states that ask for the roll call vote. >> time-out just to explain. you just had a banner under rudy giuliani that said it is anti-trump forces. >> i get that you reject that. and you say you can vote your conscience you don't have to vote -- okay they are part of the binding. what are you looking for? >> we wanted to see better grass roots rules. we had candidates run that way for a year. so with all of the delegate coming a unique opportunity to change the rules to sort of flatten out the power in the party. instead of centralizing it we
1:59 pm
want to decentralize it. that's not what they did here. >> what does that mean? >> not letting the chairman pick all of the committees. it means taking political power out of the hand of the chairman and spreading it around even among the members of the rnc. it also means incentivizing states to close their primaries to republicans which grass roots republicans are very supportive of. >> let's explain this a little bit. unpack this a bit for the folks at home. donald trump won -- first of all, he won, period. >> right. >> but he also did really really well in states where it was not just republicans allowed to vote in the republican primary. it was also independents and anyone else that might switch on that day. >> on that day. >> so the theory from people who are supporters of ted cruz and other conservatives is donald trump won because he brought people into the process who aren't republicans. >> look this isn't a new desire on the grass roots party. >> i got it. >> this didn't just show up in
2:00 pm
2016. it isn't about donald trump. this is an opportunity for the grass roots to finally spread power out in the party, unlike 2012. and instead we have a redo at 2012. we have chairman gaveling through. people who legitimately obeyed the rules. to get a roll call vote. this is disenfranchising dare i say. >> let me ask you, a lot of people out there. people suggesting that reason that you and utah senator mike lee to ted cruz supporters though i'm not sure what mike lee will do, by wattthe way. this is an opportunity -- >> let me stop you again. we add trump delegation at our rules coalition. we had kasich delegates. we have cruz delegates. and people who never committed to any candidate. we had people on our team on on the cruz team. >> you're way ahead of me. the idea is to close the process from independent, from