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tv   Wolf  CNN  July 19, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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hello, i'm wolf blitzer, 1:00 p.m. in cleveland, from wherever you are watching around the world, thank you very much for joining a. it's day two of the republican national convention, kicking off in cleveland again in just a few hours. day one saw its share of unrest with outbursts of accepting the rules. could have a similar scene today in the official actions since today is the day donald trump will be officially nominated. the theme tonight is make america work again. special focus tonight on jobs,
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the economy, and the narrative that hillary clinton presidency would be equal to a third term of president obama's presidency. making that case on the establishment side will be the republican leadership in the house and the senate. the house speaker, paul ryan, house majority leader, mccar th and mcconnell speaking to former rivals taking the stage, and kris kentechris christie who wa running for the vice president slot, didn't make it, and dr. ben carson, the first of the primary rivals to support and back donald trump. also tonight, two more members of the trump family will be speaking. tiffany trump, the youngest daughter, recent graduate of the university of pennsylvania, and donald trump, jr., hear from them later tonight. family, clearly, very important theme in this trump convention. last night, it was trump's wife,
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melania, with the prime speaking slot, but her message, a powerful strong message, may have gotten lost in the aftermath because of similarities to the speech that michelle obama gave at the democratic convention back in 2008. listen to this. >> barack and i were raised with so many of the same values. >> from a young age, my parents impressed on me the values. >> you work hard for what you want in life. >> that you work hard for what you want in life. >> that your word is your bond, that you do what you say you're going to do. >> that your word is your bond, and you do what you say and keep your promise. >> and here's another passage. listen to this. >> we want our children and our children in this nation to know -- >> because we want our children in this nation to know --
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>> that the only limit to the height of your achievements is the reach of your dreams and willingness to work hard for them. >> that the only limit to your achievements is the strength of your dreams and your willingness to work for them. >> the trump campaign chairman called the accusations, and there's a lot of accusations of plagiarism out there, and he said that was absurd. he's more at the briefing earlier this morning in cleveland. >> we don't believe there's anything in the speech that doesn't goes with what you're thinking, and she says it's -- you know, comfortable that the words she used are words that were personal to her, care, republic, compassion, you know, those are not extraordinary words talking about family value words. it's politics. we recognize it. we're going to move on.
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we're focusing on the message that melania trump asked, and people focused on it last night were very pleased about it. >> the republican national committee chairman said he'd fire the speech writer, and sources tell cnn that donald trump is furious. so far, no reaction, no reaction at all from michelle obama. here with us, a sample of the co-chairman of the donald trump campaign, a key adviser to the republican presumptive nominee. thank you very much for joining us. >> always welcome. great to be here. >> what do you think of the acquisitions of plagiarism? you heard how similar michelle obama said and what melania trump said. >> that was the first time i heard them side by side, and i think that the language is common enough, and it would not be impossible in order to believe they would come to the same conclusions or same language. it is ironic in some places they are exact. we see it often. i'm an academic.
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we do a lot of writing. we see it when we check each other's work, and that's why we have peer review. sometimes you go back, if there's similarities, people paraphrase and do other things. >> it's one things if it's one or two little lines, but there's three separate passages extremely similar. >> yeah, but in an 18 minute speech, talking 30 seconds a speech there out of the 18 minute speech. i thought the interesting thing last night, i was spell bound once she came out on stage. one, there's no way to describe how striking she is. i mean, just in her physical presence, and then her eloquence last night was beyond belief, and so i think, really, what's happening here is we're seeing politics take away from what i thought was an extraordinary performance by the next first lady of the united states. >> if , in fact, it was plagiarism, should someone be fired? >> that's up to someone else.
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i know what we do in academic circles. >> what do you do? >> you go back and sit down with people and students, i have a lot of students, and we turn it in all the time, and we check all that stuff, and sit down, ask, what's the intent? sometimes it's not intentional. sometimes you'll hear something, and this is -- or oftentimes in speeches, you hear a speech, a line that sticks with you, plug it in yourself, and you don't realize it was, you know, that that may cross a line with some folks. >> standby, mike pence is speaking in a restaurant right now. i want to listen in briefly. >> my fellow conservatives, it is very humbling for me from a small town in indiana whose grandfather came in this country in 1923 to think that i would step to a podium and accept my party's nomination to run and
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serve as the next vice president of the united states of america. [ cheers and applause ] h honored to be with you today and honored to thank the conser conservative union for everything you've done for the cause and the country throughout my 57 years. i'm joined by the highest ranking official in the state of indiana, the future second lady of the united states of america, karen pence, is with us. with our daughter, charlotte. [ applause ] i'm so grateful for the introduction and great leadership. after all those kind words, i prefer a shorter introduction. i'm a christian, a conservative, and a republican, in that order.
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[ applause ] my own journey may be like yours, an interesting one in public life. i actually started out in the other party when i was a young person. i became active -- i was the youth coordinator in indiana. a community organizer, if you will. after i heard the voice and ideals of the 40th president, i knew that i knew that i knew in my heart that my place was in the republican party. [ applause ] started our family, married the girl of my dreams, and started running for office. it took me three times to get elected to washington, d.c. we made it. it's been a fascinating journey that many of you in the room were a part of and continue to be a part of.
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a journey that came with choosing a speech and candidate, barry goldwater could my nates in the election of rapronald ra and the revolution that took over the congress after decades of democratic control. [ applause ] but i actually ran for congress first before the republican revolution, but, frankly, i felt like i was elected after it was over. by the time i arrived in washington, d.c., the priority of the republican president was no child left behind, one of the largest expansion of federal government's role in education in the history of the department. the sooner i found myself battling against a president and leaders in my own party on that issue, on the expansion of entitlemen entitlements, and i'm proud to say i was one of the first to fight against the wall street
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bailout on capitol hill. [ applause ] i watched as our party lost their way, and not surprisingly lost the majority in 2006, but then i had the privilege of being part of a renewed republican conference, and i was part of the leadership team that retired nancy pelosi as speaker of the house in 2010. [ cheers and applause ] in 2012, it was back home again to indiana. i had the opportunity to be governor of the great state of indiana. i followed on the heels of a great friend and champion of conservative ideals, and a great, great leader in our state, mitch damniels. he put our fiscal house in order, but i knew if we allowed the people of i understand, make
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the investment in reform, made right investments in the kind of government that the hoosiers expected, we go from good to great, and we did. in the last four years, we passed the largest state tax cut in indiana history, and now are home to the largest school voucher program in the united states of america. [ applause ] up employment in indiana was over 8% when i was governor, and it's below 5% today. businesses large and small created more than 150,000 net new jobs, and here in our bicentennial year in my state, we have more hoosiers going to work more than ever before in the 200 year history in the state of indiana. [ applause ] but that's what's strong republican leadership gets you. and that's exactly the kind of strong republican leadership that donald trump will bring to
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the white house! [ cheers and applause ] trust me when i say this, when we come together as a party and a people reelect strong majorities in the house and senate and elect this good man as the 45th president of the united states, i know in my heart of hearts we will make america great again. at home and abroad. [ applause ] he's a builder. he's a fighter. he's a father. he's a patriot. i have to tell you, having had some time to spent with this man and his family, i know that donald trump will be a great president of the united states of america because his heart beats with the heart of the american people. [ applause ]
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i honestly believe, i honestly believe in the collective wisdom of the american people and the capacity of the people of our nation to know who we need, who the right person is at the right time for america. it happened in 1980 when ronald reagan was chosen that we had a man like our nominee this year, although he achieved great heights in his own career, never lost touch with everyday americans. to be around our nominee, as i had the privilege to be, not only the campaign trail, but out among his associates, people that he's employed for years, and among his family. i had a sense of this man. i have a sense of his heart, i have a sense of his hands on style of leadership, and for all the world, he reminds me of ronald reagan.
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ronald reagan achieved great things if his life and his career, a movie star, a celebrity, governor of the great state of california, but he never lost the common touch, did he? cherished speeches of ronald reagan was his farewell address in the oval officer. in fact, he talk about being in a motorcade, and i can report to you at, i came over on my first trip in a motorcade today. [ laughter ] i actually got out of the car in the alley, and i saw all these cars, and i turned to the security official, and i said, are they all with us? [ laughter ] welcome to our world, dear. i'll never forgot those words, and i'll paraphrase them if
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you'll forgive me. when reagan talked about speeding by and seeing everyday americans waving and how in his heart of hearts, even after eight years, it literally transformed our nation and transformed the world, ronald reagan spoke about how he wanted just to reach out and touch the people that were waving along the roadsides. because that's where his heart was at. i submit to you today, having met this good map who is our nominee. donald trump may have achieved great heights in business, industry, in the world of intertape meinte entertainment, but his heart is with everyday americans, and he will fight every day to strengthen this nation and bring america back. [ applause ] so the time has come for us to come together, primaries are over. it was a big stage up there with
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a lot of extraordinarily talented men and women, but i say to my fellow conservatives today, it's time for us to come together. time for us to come together around this good man and reelecting republican majorities in the house and the senate because this is no ordinary time in the life of our nation. the truth of the matter is the agenda barack obama and hillary clinton weakened america's place in the world and stifled our nation's economy, and so we must decide here and now that hillary clinton will never become president of the united states of america. [ applause ] for the sake of our troops who deserve a commander in chief to
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have their back, for the sake of hard working americans and businesses who deserve a president who will get washington, d.c. off their back, and for the sake of a supreme court that will uphold the sanctity of life, our second amendment, our god-given liberties, we must elect donald trump as the 45th president of the united states of america. [ applause ] we must be confident, but this i'll close, we must be confident in the choice the american people will make and have made. i got a chance to meet ronald reagan in 1988 when i was preparing to lose my first campaign for congress.
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[ laughter ] we went to the white house. you can probably google it on line and find a picture of someone who looks alarmingly like my son sitting next to ronald reagan. [ laughter ] we were waiting anxiously, karen and i were in the east room with a short line of candidates, waiting for the photo op with the president. they'd handed me a card about what to say, something about we needed a bridge or we needed a road or something about indiana that we could put in a press release, and i turned to that young lady over there, and i said, you know, this man is the reason why i became a republican, and i just would like to say something from my heart, and my wife, as she always does, says, just tell him what's on your heart. so i sat down, it's in the blue
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room, i sat down across from the president, for all the world, i felt like i was talking to mt. rushmore. i was a little nervous, but i collected myself, and president graciously asked as cameras were clicking, he said, mike, how's the campaign going? and i said, well, it's going fine, but i got something i'd like to say. he said, well, say it. i said, mr. president, i would just like to thank you for everything you've done for this country, and everything you've done to encourage my generation of americans to believe this this country again. and for all the world for the rest of my life, i will believe in that moment that the 40th president of the united states of america blush ed, and said,
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well, that's a very nice thing of you to say. [ laughter ] [ applause ] like he'd never heard it before. [ laughter ] then a few minutes later -- >> mike pence, presumptive republican vice presidential nominee speaking at the american conservative union here in ohio making the case for donald trump. you know, sam, we're talking to sam for the trump campaign, national campaign, co-chairman, it was interesting, he's going to be officially nominated tomorrow night. speeches mentioning him, videos, and last night, barely heard his name mentioned. did you notice that? >> i did notice that. i was pretty -- it got off to a a roaring start there. i will tell ya, very emotional, and i think that the speech that marcus gave, and it's because i
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know marcus and that's probably one of the reasons that it affected me so, and it set the tone for me for the rest of the night. i was really anticipating really gang busters evening. i was not disappointed. i think they really blew the doors off of the place, and i felt that dave clark, sheriff dave clark, was just spectacular in his articulation of the case he made, and finally, melania, and not to diminish any of the other speakers. you know, my good friends up on the stage last night, too, joni ernst, and others, but it was a great evening, and marcus was the one to get it started, setting the tone for everything. >> a lot of powerful speeches, and from your perspective, sad that the plagiarism is taking over. >> i think it is a detraction on
10:22 am
this whole issue, and that's unfortunate. it is politics. we understand that. >> sam, thank you very much for joining us. >> always great to be with you. >> thank you. donald trump is an unconventional candidate so no surprise this is a different kind of republican convention here in cleveland. for more on that, the chief strategist, communications director for the republican national committee. thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. >> what's your reaction to the plagiarism melania? you must be upset, rather than focusing in on powerful speeches we heard all of last night, well-delivered, introduction, stage craft, it was first rate, but then the comparisons to michelle obama's speech eight years ago, and this speech of melania trump last night, all the sudden, that's dominating the plil news on this day. >> i agree with sam. the speech was phenomenal. her presence, delivery, first rate, and people who never heard melania trump last night were
10:23 am
blown away and impressed. for speeches, put it in perspective. we had a 2,000 word statement, 70 words, three pass samgs. talk about plagiarism. you work hard for what you have in life, john legend said works hard. kid rock says work hard to be anything you want in life. she said strength of dreams and willingness to work for them, sparkle said, this is your dream, anything you do in your dreams you do now. take a bunch of phrases and run through google and say who said them? there's a list in five minutes. that's what it is. it is really sad we've taken this amazing moment with the world introduction of melania trump and gone through and allowed the clinton campaign to say, hey, we googled a bunch of phrases matching it up to three things mrs. obama said. >> similarities were stark. >> i just quoted twilieght
10:24 am
sparkle from my little pony. did mrs. obama plagiarism her? i would never say that, but they are common phrases. i give the clinton campaign credit. they did a good job taking three phrases and matching them up. i think mrs. obama gave a great speech and melania trump hit it out of the park, and to diminish this is sad. go down a list of people that said exactly the same thing over and over again. >> with the clinton campaign, people recognized, a guy on twitter who will be interviewed later who saw the similarities, and everyone else -- >> right. in the same way you make similarities to mrs. obama. you can make them to house of pain, public enemy, john legend. at some point, it's either everybody's plagiarizing each other, but three common phrases were used. if you say, my word is my bond, i've used that a bunch of times too. you probably used that. >> here's the question, your boss, the chairman of the republican national convention,
10:25 am
he said the speech writer should be fired. >> no, he didn't. if you found that your speech writer had done that, would you fire them? probably, but it depends on the circumstances and how the things are written. the question that reince was asked, if your speech writer plagiarized, do you fire him? the answer is yes. if the speech writer for the trump campaign did that, they would be fired, but they didn't. this is -- it was a silly hypothetical question, and he answered it. to suggest it's plagiarism, go down the list of people using the same phrases, we can go through over and over again. >> so you're saying it was just a coincidence what michelle obama said in 2008 and what melania trump said just happened to be the same words -- >> if you say that, say michelle obama, again, a list of people who said the same phrase prior to mrs. obama using it. at some point, everyone plagiarizes everybody or it's a silly exercise pushed by the clinton campaign.
10:26 am
>> it's over with, nobody should be fired? >> no! i think you get fired when you do something wrong. if there's evidence something was wrong, get fired, otherwise, we have to start looking at the substance of the speech and say that mrs. trump delivered a phenomenal speech, should be proud of it, and i think the world got introduced to an amazing woman to be the next first lady. >> reports that donald trump is furious? >> i'm sure he is. his wife delivered a speech, flew down here to introduce, see the love they have together when he got out on stage, so proud of her, and to see this happen to her speech like this, to the introduction to the world, i would be furious too. i can't believe he's not, you know, blowing up right now because i would be up, as a husband, if someone can that to my life to the world stage, i would be furious as well. >> she's upset herself. >> of course. i get it. why wouldn't you be upset? >> don't you think someone on the staff should have checked the speech just to double check to make sure, you know, there's all these opportunities to go back and take a look at her
10:27 am
speech to ensure there were no allegations that could come up with plagiarism? in other words, the vetting -- >> right, but, again, i read phrases -- >> could have been better, right? >> i don't know. i think she did a phenomenal job. >> no doubt about that, but the context of the speech. >> rather than my word is my bond, say the word is mine. we're talking about word placement. this is silly. so i guess the answer is, there are times when you probably go on air and give a similar report to something that was said on msnbc or fox, and no one says, well, you said donald trump said the following tonight. that's exactly how, you know, brett phrased it. that's insane. there's certain common phrases we all use, and suggest somehow because you used the same common phrase as someone else, you are are lifting something from them is ridiculous. >> i know we have to run, but what's the main hope for day two? >> talking about putting america back to work, and i think you hear a lot of the great speakers, chris christie, ben carson, don, jr., and tiffany
10:28 am
trump. we know trump's an entertainer, and hear the father and family man that he is, the businessman that he is and relationships he has, there's a reason people work for him for 20 and 30 years because he's gracious, caring, and to peel back that image a little bit and let people know a little bit about more about who he is is going to be what you really get from tonight. >> i hope they go through the speeches and vetting them right now to make sure you don't have tomorrow when you come back here, a similar conversation. >> i'm sure. >> if you know there's a lot of people out there taking a close look at every paragraph. >> one last thing, mrs. trump knew she was on the world stage, 30 million people watching. do you think they wouldn't have thought, hey, look, i mean, she knew what she was doing, looking at a speech from somebody else, she would know this was the world -- she was on the world stage. i think the idea that it was lifted in any way doesn't even make sense. >> everybody will be watching. i don't think -- by the way, if someone on the staff, a speech writer did that and plagiarized,
10:29 am
she didn't know about it. i mean, sure she had no idea they were similar to what mrs. obama said eight years ago. we'll leave it there. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> you bet. >> one-on-one interview with the new jersey governor chris christie, thoughts on melania's speech, and what he's going to say tonight in his prime time convention speech. much more right after this. your insurance company
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welcome back to the republican national convention in cleveland. we're live at the cnn grill. chris christie will take the stage tonight at the quicken loans arena. we spoke to christie about the prime time speech and about being a vice presidential finalist, but she started with the take on the controversy surrounding melania trump's speech and whether chunks of it were plagiarized. >> well, first off, you know, 93% of the speech is absolutely words that were different from michelle's speech eight years ago, and they were not ground breaking thoughts, that people were raised in the country to work hard, to go for what they want, to make sure their kids reach their dreams, and so i just don't see it. if we're talking about 7% of a speech that was really universally considered to be a
10:35 am
good performance by melania, i know her. there's no way that melania trump was plagiarizing the speech. >> there are phrases that are strikingly similar. >> listen, if you look at plagiarism, and i remember this from back in school, you know, you're talking about much broader than what we saw last night, how people were copying and lifting from speeches. one, i know her, i don't believe she would do that, and i don't believe that last night sounds like anything other than melania trump. i was not sitting there, saying, wow, that sounds like michelle obama to me, but it sounded like melania trump to me. >> she had help with the speech, though. do you think by accident phrases were left behind in putting it together? >> who knows first off, but i'll tell you this, if it was by accident, we're not talking about plagiarism. plagiarism is an intentional act of stealing someone else's work and passing it off as your own. that's what plagiarism is.
10:36 am
if it was, that's an accident. there's certain thoughts and phrases, go back in all first lady speeches or potential first lady speeches and what they say, and that was last night. >> paul said it was ridiculous, they are common words and values, and he then went on to blame hillary clinton. he said, this is once again an example of when a woman threatens hillary clinton, how she tries, seeks out to demean her and take her down. it's not going to work. really? is this hillary clinton's fault? >> i'll let paul speak for himself. >> there is this sense that whether it's donald trump or the campaign, no one is ever willing to admit they made a mistake. isn't that a little silly? >> donald certainly is not one of the mea culpa foeapologiz fo forgive me forgive me, and the
10:37 am
american people had enough of that, want a president willing to stand by the decisions he makes, and that's what they get in donald. >> okay. talk about chris christie. >> okay. >> last night, when donald trump walked out, a big moment, you're going to give your speech tonight, what are you walking out to? >> i have no idea. i have no idea. they have not told me yet. i'm going through the walk-through later. i don't know what they are doing whether there's any kind of special music. >> i know you're going to give me a copy of the speech ahead of time as a preview, but until i have a chance to read it, what is the message? >> i think what you'll see tonight is someone who is drawn upon their entire career to bring a message of the delegates tonight as to what i think we need and don't need in a president of the united states in 2017, and so i'll be drawing on my experience as a candidate myself, drawing on my experience as a governor, and drawing on my experience as a federal
10:38 am
probation report, and, you know, probably with a 14-year relationship with donald trump's. >> you got criticism because you endorsed him so quickly, and you have been so loyal to him that you've taken a lot of hits. you've become punch lines for some jokes, do you have any regrets about how you've handled the end dorsment? >> you know what, the media hates donald trump. they just do. so if you wind up being a friend of his and speaking out forcefully for him, endorse him before other establishment figures do, they are going to take off after you, and try to mock you. that's the way it goes. i got broad shoulders, and so i don't really care. >> talk to me a little bit about the vice president. you were one of the finalists. i know you well enough to know you were disappointed. >> sure. >> did you think he was going to pick you? >> no. i never had a feeling i knew i was close, but i didn't think i was there.
10:39 am
you know, like you said, i don't like when people come on a show like this and say, oh, no, no, i didn't care in the least. come on. no one believes that. i'm a competitive person. when it was clear that donald wanted me to compete for this job and to be considered, i wanted to win. of course you do. it's not, like, my lifetime dream was to be vice president of the united states, and so i'm disappointed, no doubt i was disappointed, but i'm over it. if i'm over the presidential race, i'm certainly over the vice presidential vetting. >> between us, are you interested in the attorney general? >> really just between us? >> just between us. >> no, i'm not telling you. >> you know many republicans are mia at this convention. there's no bushes. there's no romney, no mccain, 18 gop senators are not here, and the governor of the great state of ohio won't come in to this convention hall, john kasich, do
10:40 am
you feel you need them for donald trump to win in november? >> i don't know, but here's my concern and focus is on folks like jeb and others, who signed a pledge. if you sign that blej and you're not supporting donald trump, you broke your word to our party, you broke your word to the american people. >> jeb bush says he will not vote for donald trump. you say to jeb bush? >> it's a binary choice, buddy. if you're republican and not voting for trump, you're voting for hillary clinton. >> do you think jeb bush, kasich are sore losers, bitter about it, or do you think they have just such a feeling that donald trump is not presidential material, doesn't have the judgment, doesn't have the templerment? >> if they feel that, i think they are wrong. i disagree with them. i'm not going to get into name
10:41 am
calling. they are both friends of mine -- >> but? >> no but. there's only two choices. the next president of the united states, the 45th, is either going to be donald trump or hillary clinton. if you're not for him, you're for her. >> and jamie is with us now. sounds like christie is being very loyal to donald trump on the plagiarism allegations. >> absolutely, and let's just clarify one thing. plagiarism is plagiarism whether it is on purpose or accidental. it's, you know, he's going with the campaign's line that these were just common words and doesn't believe it, but i will say this, i think the thing that chris christie said about there's not a lot of may ea cul in donald trump's life is really what's going on here. they are clearly behind the scenes, very upset about it, but no one's going to admit this was
10:42 am
a mistake. >> donald trump does not like to admit mistakes or apologize. good work. >> thank you. up next, donald trump's campaign chairman blaming hillary clinton for the controversy surrounding melania's speech claiming the democratic candidate launched a, quote, demean her and take her down. hillary clinton's senior adviser is here with us, the campaign's response, and much more when we come back. clean food.
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republican convention speakers last night unloaded on hillary clinton. one by one blasted her over her e-mail controversy, the deadly terrorist attack in benghazi. senior spokeswoman for the clinton campaign with me right now. the speakers went after hillary clinton on many points, three of
10:47 am
them saying she belongs in jail. listen to this. >> that's right. hillary for prison. she deserves to be in stripes. >> we all know she loves her pantsuits. yes, you know it's coming. but we should send her an e-mail saying she deserves a bright orange jump suit. >> if i did a tenth, a tenth of what she did, i would be in jail today. so, so crooked hillary clinton leave this race now. >> all right. so those were tough words. have you ever heard the opposition to a president -- not just criticize a nominee, but say that person belongs in jail. >> it was pretty ugly actually, wolf. they spent more time talking
10:48 am
about hillary clinton than zr p donald trump. i heard more anger, you know, bigotry and insults than i heard ideas, and i think that's their choice, if that's one how they want to spend their time, but the convention is supposed to be about telling a story about what your party stands for and what your vision for the future is, and i think in a point, people are tired of attacks and how do you help me send my kid to college or keep our community safe? >> by, karen, we'll hear attacks on donald trump next week in philadelphia at the democratic convention as well. hillary clinton keeps saying he is dangerous, he is wrereckless would be a disaster. >> certainly the kind of divisive attacks seen and language seen from donald trump, you know, talking about our allies, talking about demeaning muslims, how do you then go and build an alliance with the muslim country? that is dangerous. that is dangerous to the national security and dangerous
10:49 am
when you lean into such division and hatred and scapegoating of different people. that doesn't make communities safer. what you will hear next week, though, is a vision about where hillary clinton wants to take the country and hear about what she has done throughout her life to get results for people, whether it is health care for kids, a neonatal clinic in arkansas, and tonight hearing about donald trump and his business career, we won't hear about all the people he's taken advantage of to make money on their hard work. >> hearing attacks on donald trump next week in philadelphia as well from the podium. >> i think you're going to hear a lot more about what we want to do because we think that it's important. sure, we're going to draw a contrast. no question. what we saw last night was completely out of the ordinary. >> their point is the world is a more dangerous place today, eight years into the obama administration, part because of what hillary clinton did as secretary of state and make the point about libya, iraq, and
10:50 am
syria, and that when barack obama became president, our standing in the world was as low as it had ever been. most of our relationships around the world had been frayed. one of the things that secretary clinton did in all of her travels was to restore those alliances, restore those relationships. that was critical to a number of the things that the president got done, like a nuclear treaty with russia. do we really think that donald trump is going to be able to hold putin accountable and get him to the table for a nuclear agreement? >> let's talk a little bit about the vice presidential selection hillary clinton has to make. i take it, it will be announced this coming friday. >> i expect that's about right. >> then she'll do "60 minutes" with her vice presidential running mate the way donald trump and mike pence did. >> that's usually the way it's done. i don't want to spoil the surprise for you. >> that's the expectation. is it down to two or three finalists or has she already
10:51 am
made up her mind? >> you know what, wolf? i'm not going to do anything in spoiling the surprise of who the vice presidential nominee is going to be. that person is going to be revealed to the country in due time. you'll also get to learn about that person next week at our convention. >> what's your reaction to the whole uproar over melania trump's speech last night? >> well, i have to tell you, i was not surprised to see paul manafort come out and blame hillary clinton. somehow that really seems to be the way they've run this campaign and the way donald trump tends to run his business, which is to shame and blame other people and point fingers. we thought that it was more important to talk about what we heard last night, not her speech so much as again the divisive, angry language that we heard over and over again but no new ideas. >> at what point did people in the clinton campaign realize that there were these awkward similarities between melania trump's speech, three passages, from michelle obama's speech
10:52 am
eight years ago. when did you guys realize that that was going on? >> i think we all learned about it at the same time when we started to see it come up on twitter. we'd actually left the hall, myself, when i started to see some twitter traffic going on about it. we learned about it just like everybody else. >> so this was not instigated by the clinton campaign as the eagles -- w eagles was that you created it and fed it to a friendly news media. >> the accusation is one of the more outlandish ones i've heard, almost there with the alien space baby that hillary clinton supposedly had in the '90s. >> thanks very much for joining us. look forward to friday when the hillary clinton announcement will take place. there is another major story we're following right now. want to quickly go to baton rouge, louisiana. we're getting new details on the gunman who killed those three police officers. police now say 29-year-old gavin long was stalking police officers right before the attack and at one point even having his rifle ready to shoot. president obama has been meeting with the fbi director, james
10:53 am
comey, and the attorney general, loretta lynch. they'll be meeting with them later today for an update on the investigation. he also is offering support to police across the country, saying in an open letter that, "we have your back," and adding this -- "some are trying to use this moment to divide police and communities you serve. i reject those efforts for they do not reflect the reality of our nation." brian, what's the latest you're learning from talking to witnesses of the attack? >> reporter: more than 48 hours after the attacks here, this area where the attack occurred, still a crime scene. state police detectives and evidence technicians have been here processing some evidence. they won't tell us what evidence they've been processing but they have been here for a couple of hours with detectives. and evidence technicians. gathering something from the scene of the car wash here. this is where part of the attack played out on sunday morning. we're also getting some riveting
10:54 am
detail from the state police about the shooter's movements that sunday morning, saying he basically did some recon in this area in front of the mart and car wash here, then encountered police behind that beauty supply store there. that's where three officers were gunned down. also we're told by a witness that i talked to just a few hours ago, marter brown, he was right over here at the car wash when all the shooting took place. the killer we're told by police went around these buildings behind them. brown told me what happened when he was over here and he saw two officers right at this spot approach the shooter's vehicle. take a listen. don't see the killer but you see an officer approaching this spot. what happens? >> he takes a head shot. >> right here? is there right here. before he gets to the vehicle. before he gets to it, he's shot. then obviously right here alongside this building where the bush is at, he's taking cover. he's shot also.
10:55 am
he was responding to let his partners know that he's been hit. >> reporter: brown says at that point the officer who he relayed that information to told him to get down, then get out of the ar area. brown says that officer then fired at the suspect. we are told a s.w.a.t. team member hit the suspect over there from about 100 yards away killing that suspect. at this hour what police are telling us is they are piecing together the shooter's movements in the days leading up to this attack, trying to find out anybody who he might have been in contact with. that's the state of the investigation right now, wolf. >> we'll stay very close touch with you, brian todd reporting for us from baton rouge, louisiana. that's it for me. i'll be back 5:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room." we'll be here all night to bring you the latest from the floor of the republican national convention. our special coverage continues right after this short break.
10:56 am
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hi there, i'm brooke baldwin. happy tuesday. it is day number two here at republican national convention. we are live in cleveland, ohio. you're watching cnn's special live coverage taking a peek there inside the quicken loans arena. for 13 months donald trump has been waiting for this very moment. and just a couple of hours. let's not lose sight of this -- the delegates will officially nominate him to be president of the united states. but this campaign highlight is now overshadowed by a convention low point. the accusations