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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  July 19, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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but the top aides, we know virginia senator tim kaine who has not lost an election as well as elizabeth warren has been vetted. tom vilsack, and sharon brown. >> thank you so much. that is it for "the lead." here is wolf blitzer and anderson cooper for "the situation room." >> hello, i'm wolf blitzer from the republican national convention here in cleveland. dramatic developments are unfolding and they will unfold on the convention floor momentarily. also drama at fox news right now. we're watching a developing story. joining us, our senior media
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correspondent. word from roger ailes. >> yes, gretchen carlson sued him, but other women have come forward with similar stories and tonight there are exit talks under way and they most likely will mean his departure. he created a massive cable news empire. ailes is fox and fox is ailes. we're looking here at the republican national convention, and fox is the favorite network of conservatives. this news will shock the delegates here in cleveland, and shock fox news viewers. there have been reports online,
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but he has not left yet, he is negotiating his exit. >> you have reports coming out that he is out, there is a separation agreement. people are starting to walk back some of those reports. so we'll have to wait and see when exactly, what will happen, but as ryan side we look at this convention, we think this is where the republican party comes up with the agenda and the plan for the past 20 years. one of the key places for the american party comes up will be fox news, and the reason for that is roger ailes. his exit, it is hard to overstate -- >> fox is the virtual public square for the republican par tan the conservative movement in america. he was a kingmaker for decades before creating fox news. he is now under this weight of
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sexual harassment allegations. most recently,s meghyn kelly accused him of sexual harassment. we have been trying to reach her and she has not commented yet. >> a dramatic moment in deed for fox news. assuming he is gone, and we have not confirmed it, but assuming he is what happens next? >> i have spoken with a number of trfgs neelevision news execu they say there is only one roger ailes. he created the organization. how do you bring someone in to fill those shoes? you can't. so what the murdochs are doing, looking at who is within fox
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news. they're looking at their broadcasting company in england, but how can you bring a brit in to run an american organization. >> most likely the case tonight or tomorrow by the end of the week he will be leaving fox news. that is something that no one could have imagined two weeks ago. he has vigorously denied these agencies, and whether they are false or true, he may not be at fox news to defend himself any more. >> once you get more information, let us know. let's get back to the convention. there is a story unfolding all under us here on the convention floor. the convention opened with a floor battle. there could be one last night, at least one final skirmish that is about to take place in just a few hours if all goes as expected. donald trump jr. speaking for the new york delegation will put his father over the top. the official presidential
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nominee of the republican party. if all goes as expected. however, there is still a possibility, a slim one, perhaps, that the unexpected could happen in the next few minutes. here to walk us there that is our cnn political director. will another dramatic shoe drop? what are we expecting in the next hour? >> we should also be prepared to expect the unexpected at this convention. we're learning that the trump campaign expects that donald trump will be the only person placed into nomination on the floor tonight. as you know, ted cruz was the runner up here in the nomination fight, and he has, if he can gather a majority of the signatures from eight states, he would be able to get himself a place in the nomination. it does not look like that
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exists yet, but we're waiting to hear from the whip operation. right now we're waiting to see if ted cruz will also be placed into nomination. we're told that ted cruz wants no part of this. >> it would simply be a symbolic move to try to embarrass donald trump a little bit. if they don't get the eight states, when the role call begins we will hear the name ted cruz coming up. >> yes, some of the delegates are pledged and pound. so as they call the role, each state will say x number of of votes for donald trump, x number for ted cruz, but clearly what is going to happen at the end of this is something none of us
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would have predicted a year ago. >> and they work it'd out so his son will make it official. that will with the new york delegation. >> yes, there is always stage graft. the trump family has been critical to this convention week. so getting donald j. trump jr., a delegate from new york, an opportunity to clooef that, they will stage it in a way that when it comes time to go over 1237, it will be new york, and donald trump jr. that delivers it. >> a new yorker will be the republican nominee. we'll see if any drama unfolds behind us. i want to go to dana bash in the iowa delegation. >> yes, i'm in iowa, and i just want to give you a sense of the
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active delegation that we're in now. we talked about the floor whips going around right now to all of these delegations as they're hearing things from their colleagues and rumors about whether or not certain states are okay, and are going to go in for trump, and whether or not there is a chance as david was talking about, there could be snuff states, they would need eight total, for people who support ted cruz for him to formally put his name in nomination. i'm told right now as we speak, it is a moving situation. states like colorado, they were very unhappy with all of the chaos yesterday. the state of minnesota, and utah. there are delegates most up set.
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i came to iowa because it is the first in the nation, and it is one that donald trump did not win, ted cruz won. i came to see the party chair. they feel confident that there will be no problems. they will be able to nominate donald trump. and if you see, i wanted to show you the microphone, this is where he will come. people are standing the microphones, at all 50 delegations to formally list the name, most of them starting with trump, and just to give you a sense of how intense it is here, i came over to iowa also because i was told by a source here that there was a rumor of a walk out. that kind of rumbling and discussion is going on in
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delegations across the floor here. >> interesting that there is rumbling and discussions going on even at this very, very late moment, even if it is only for symbolic purposes. donald trump will be the republican nominee. dana, we will get back to you. we're waiting for the role call to officially begin. anderson will bring us our panel discussions. the fallout from this, from melania trump's speech. we'll have a lot more from the republican national convention here in cleveland right after this. [engine sounds] the bud light party believes in change. that's why bud light has a new look...
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welcome back to the republican national convention. we're waiting for a role call and a possible symbolic protest maneuver on the convention floor. in the meantime, powerful people taking the stage tonight, tonight, how's speaker paul ryan, mitch mcconnell. governor chris christie. dr. ben carson, and two trumps tonight. donald trump jr. and tiffany trump as well. the focus now continues to be on what melania trump said last night. it resembles what michelle obama said at a democratic convention eight years ago. >> that your word is your bond.
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that you do what you say, and keep your promise. >> that you treat people. >> that you treat people with dignity and respect. >> morals in your daily life. >> because we want our children and all children in this nation to know that the only limit to the height of your achievements is the reach of your dreams and your willingness to work for them. >> cnn's jim acosta is outside of trump tower in new york and manhattan on how the candidate and the campaign are handling are controversy. a tough day. melania trump whethering widespread accusations of plagiarisms. >> we did catch a glimpse of melania trump. she stepped out, we did not have a chance to ask her any
2:17 pm
questions. we did hear from a trump campaign official that said an internal memo has been drafted and circulated throughout the campaign instructing people in the campaign for what the messaging and talking points are when it comes to dealing with this controversy. basically from what i understand, talking to officials familiar with this memo, it lays out what officials have been saying. from paul manafort saying it was not plagiarisplagiarism. and chris christie saying 93% were all melania. and earlier today, they said one of the portions from her speech could have been something uttered by a character from the cartoon "my little pony." so they have been straining to be explaining all of this.
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paul manafort blamed this on the clinton campaign. the clinton campaign shot by, a spokeswoman from the clinton campaign said nice try, you can't blame every problem on us. >> mr. trump also planning to speak tonight via satellite, what do we know about his appearance later tonight. >> that's right we found out their making preparations here at trump tower for trump to appear via live video conferences into the republican national convention. not clear at what point during the evening they will be talking, but there will be a special moment. donald trump jr., the candidate's son will be putting his father over the top during that roll call vote. that might be an appropriate moment for it, but we'll be seeing more of the family, more of the pence's here in the coming day.
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the trump campaign putting out a press release earlier this afternoon saying donald trump and his family, mike pence and his wife holding an event tomorrow afternoon. mike pence will deliver his speech tomorrow night and donald on thursday night. sounds like they're trying to hit the reset button after a difficult night. back to you. >> jim acosta, thank you. >> melania speech was meant to leave viewers with good feelings about her husband. now their message has been crowded out. here is what sean spicer had to say. >> we're talking about 70 words, three passages. this idea of plagiarism, if we want to talk about, it talk about it. she said you work hard for what you get in your life.
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kid rock said work hard to be anything you inspect life. melania said work hard for your dreams. twilight sparkle, a my little pony said -- if you want to run a list of phrases through google to see who else said them, you could do it all day. >> john king, senior reporter michael smerconish. also gloria borcher, former senior advisor, jeff phiffer. you said it was a concern, what do you make of the response of the trump campaign today? it seems to me had they just
2:21 pm
said yeah, somebody did this -- >> i think they would have made life easier for themselves. yes, i do. i personally -- if they don't want to fire someone, i'm all for a public flogging, let it go at that. this is not a good thing, let's be plain, but other candidates, president obama, senator obama, they have been caught up in this kind of stuff, joe biden -- >> but at this point does it say something about the campaign and how they handle things. how they would hand it will in the white house? >> yes, but it says something about these other folks as well. i think that this is a -- i'm almost concerned to use the word on the air, a kerfuffle. it is totally unfair to mrs. trump. it just infuriates me. >> she probably had nothing to
2:22 pm
do with it. >> but they need to figure out what happened -- >> the "my little pony" defense. >> i'm not one of those that jumps to conclusions that this isn't melania trump. we reported she worked on the speech for five weeks herself. i think she did her studies, she did her research. i think she had a lot of input and wrote this speech. she admitted in past articles that she admires michelle obama. i would hold her at fault if she did write this, i hold the fault of the editor that did not say we don't do that. if you believe in the core values that both parties believe in, let's make it more your words. i think it was authentic melania. >> do you think if the campaign just came out early on and said mistake, it has been dealt with, it would still be at 5:00 in the
2:23 pm
afternoon afternoon. i think with every kerfuffle they have had, that is what makes this go longer and longer. >> how does something like this happen? >> it is just an abject feeling on behalf of the campaign. every speech i have seen. every word of everyone that speaks is vetted carefully by a team of researches. the idea that they would not vet the speech of the candidate's spouse is mind boggling. i agree if they came out and admitted it, said it was a m mistake, we would have moved on today, but they have compounded it. from paul manafort to the clinton defense -- >> we knew he could apologize or double down. and they doubled down because that's the way the campaign is operated. there is no way to say there is
2:24 pm
a mistake, even if it wasn't a donald trump mistake. and probably not a melania mistake. i don't think it was. they still won't admit a mistake. so -- >> what is interesting is often times when donald trump said something that people have pushed back on, whether it was making fun of a "new york times" reporter for his disability, the response from the campaign is that's just not what happened. basically telling people the way they have perceived things, with what we have all heard, that we're all just idiots for believing what we actually saw. >> and most of the people in the room would say you're making too much of this, but the video doesn't lie. there is no way around it. to dan's point, people in any campaign will tell you the number one job is to protect the candidate, and sometimes be more protective of the candidate's
2:25 pm
spouse. if the spouse is mad at the candidate, it makes it difficult for everyone. >> maybe she deflecting, i don't know, he is furious. the kids, i'm told the trump kids are saying this is why you were brought in, as the adult, he was brought in as the convention manager. brought in to make sher these four days are donald trump's reintroduction to the liemt. are people going to vote on what happened with her and plagiarism? no, but what does trump say? this is different. he is supposed to be different. not politics as usual. number two, he says everyone in government and every administration is stupid and i hire smart people and duo things right. >> that's the thing. is the campaign just too small? all along, they have made much of the fact that they're a hardy
2:26 pm
band. jeb bush and hillary clinton had bloated staffs, we have loyalists, do they need more people? >> that is part of the issue. i have a son here as a runner for cnn during the convention. he said there is an app for this. he makes sure that inadvertently he has not quoted something without attribution. this is no longer about plagiarism, it is a character flaw. to have a leader incapable of saying i erred, i think it is danger. >> the best template for what kind of a president he would be is how he runs his campaign, who he surrounds himself with, and how he responds to incidents like this. >> what do they have to do, when the speeches begin tonight, will
2:27 pm
that move beyond -- what do they have to do to move beyond this? >> number one, 93% of that speech last night was pretty good. some people said she didn't have great perm anecdotes, she has not been in the political sphere before. she can be an asset to donald trump. slight advantage clinton right now, but he has a chance to win the election. do you think melania trump is ready to go back on the campaign trail? he needs these four days. the convention is a unique platform, you own the spotlight for four days, and what are we talking about as we wait for the second night of his convention? not the attacks on hillary clinton, not the questions about her judgment, or not the anazing opening. we're talking about plagiarism, character questions, staffing
2:28 pm
questions, management questions, confidence questions. >> we're going to hear from paul ryan and tiffany trump jr. paul ryan didn't mention, does paul ryan, what does he say tonight? >> i think he talks about his agenda that he has been talking to donald trump about. i was at lunch with him and he made it clear he is urgenting trump on his agenda that they hope to get through the united states congress and rather than focus on donald trump, rather than focus on trump, he will talk about the republican agenda that his candidates can run on when they run for reelection. and he believe that's will be the unifying factor in the republican campaign in donald trump is not.
2:29 pm
clearly he doesn't believe donald trump will be and you know how long it took him to endorse him. so it's not like they're close. >> this role call tonight, what should we expect? folks say it is the last opportunity for the never trump delegates to do something. >> i think the idea of what they're trying to do is get signatures from eight states. to have ted cruz's name placed in nomination. i think that has fallen by the wayside. i'm watching the whips walk around here, i think they not succeeding in that. i think there might be some walkouts. so i think now they're working to stop them from walking out. >> how do they do that? >> encourage them, say please don't do this. appeal to their sense of the party and what it will do. i think it is, you know they're really at that level.
2:30 pm
my entire political career, we have had people saying conventions used to be so fun, a real whip count and votes. last night was the most live ball you have had at a convention since maybe '54. they can't do anything. they can't stop donald trump from being the nominee, but they're trying to have a demonstration. >> does it worry you at all? >> what we found out yesterday is that when they signed on, they thought they would have seven states or 11 states, they said this is what you're voting for, they said this is not we want. that is my fear right now that they're being told that is encouraging them to walk out. i hope they're educating themselves riegtsd now. i hope walk out, i hope they get on the hillary clinton buss. >> a lot to watch for coming up.
2:31 pm
we'll take a short break coming up. just ahead, the latest from the convention floor itself. stay tuned, see what happens next.
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republican convention. the role call to nominate donald trump. all of the states will get a say in how their delegates vote. donald trump will officially become the republican nominee. jake and david are here with me, we're expecting this roll call within minutes to begin. >> first, see if you can tell where i am on the floor based on the side of the hats of the delegates. this is texas. god bless texas. >> don't mess with texas. >> the delegation from texas is here, and something very interesting is going to happen, the role kal, and senator ted cruz is still officially a candidate and the delegates here
2:37 pm
are bound by rules to vote for the candidates for whom they were assigned during the texas primary. so what you will hear in a few minutes, when they get to the teams is the lieutenant governor will stand up and declare the texas assigned 100 plus delegates for ted cruz and so many for donald trump. this is not any sort of insurrection or rebellion or coup. it is just that ted cruz, while it was that he is still a candidate. so that is what is expected here in the sea of large cowboy hats here in texas.
2:38 pm
>> if there is some they don't have the votes, donald trump will be the republican nominee. >> absolutely, donald trump will be the republican nominee, but ted cruz has not released his delegates. it is more about him not having have released his delegates. they are bound at least in the first couple rounds to say they're supporting ted cruz. i think it is all pretty much assumed here the delegates ultimately will go for donald trump. >> i'm a ted cruz delegate, and on the first round i'm bound to vote for him. >> you're bound now, but you know the delegation will ultimately go for donald trump. >> i think the entire delegation will have the first round vote to come the nomination. >> there you go, wolf, thank
2:39 pm
you. >> it is getting lively over there on the floor. people are having a good time. >> yes, and this is one of the most celebratory moments. so it is an exciting moment. just remember even if ted cruz is not placed in the nomination. there are or ways that folks can still play with the role call. they can command that the chair of delegation take a vote. they can try to speak over the chair at the microphone. we may see some of that. we may see some states protest and walk out. we're waiting for the official
2:40 pm
start. the role call vote is about to begin. we'll have that live coverage for you when we come back. the latest from here in cleveland where the rock and roll continues. ♪ the new 2017 ford fusion is here. it's the beauty of a well-made choice. ♪
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♪ and the home of the brave? ♪ the national anthem here on the second night of the republican national convention. the theme of tonight "make america safe again." tonight is "make america work again." wolf? >> all right, we're waiting for the start of the role call to begin momentarily. that will make donald trump's
2:47 pm
delegation official. we will be waiting to see what members of the so called never-trump movement, what they may do, if anything. what are you seeing, what are you hearing in. >> we're hearing, a number of states are considering polling their state's delegation. that means dragging out the proceedings. asking their delegates to count their votes. what that would do is delay the proceedings going forward. there is frustration, they have heard voices that have been squelched by the republican party leadership. we have been told by someone that the reason why they're concerned is yesterday on the floor of this convention hall, the republican party leadership did not allow a vote on a rule's
2:48 pm
package they believed deserved a roll call vote. expect some states, any state delegation can ask for a poll. for their delegation to count the votes in their delegation. if they do that, it will grag out the proceedings. we don't know who will do it yet. that is something that we have to watch. some of the politicians involved in that are not involved in this, including mike lee, who was at the center of that fight he is not going to do anything like walk out like other delegates may consider doing. >> okay, we'll stay in very close touch with you. >> yeah, can you walk it through for our viewers, what we can
2:49 pm
anticipate seeing? yes, there will have to be a motion made to nominate him someone will give a speech on that. then you move into the voting portion of this -- >> are the speeches made from the floor itself? and people have made a name for themselves with those speeches. if there has been 50% of the speeches in eight states, if that doesn't happen they will just move into a roll call vote. i have not heard that they're in that place. then it is just the people that want to make a statement, they could walk out, they could boo. they could make a demonstration on the floor, but donald trump will be the nominee so it's really
2:50 pm
over. >> the folks walking around in the neon yellow ishaats with ear pieces in, the there a central control office. >> that's the whip team, one of the things we've been talking about. the trump campaign with the speech and how well they've done organizing themselves and the whip operation has been really, really good. we thought we were going to have a problem last night with the roll call vote on the rules package and getting enough states to get signaturesfeated . the whip team did a good job on that. >> let's listen to the paul ryan. >> hey, hey, wisconsin. hello, everyone. it is an honor to be here. before we begin, i would like to remind the delegates of the provisions of the rules which require that each candidate for nomination for president of the united states demonstrates sufficient support prior to the presentation of the name of the candidate for nomination.
2:51 pm
the chair wishes to inform the delegates at this time that it has been furnished in a timely manner with evidence of sufficient support of the candidates who will be presented for president and vice president of the united states in compliance with the rules of the convention. [ applause ] also, as described under the rules, the total time for nominating speeches and seconding speeches for any candidate for president or vice president shall not exceed 15 minutes. it's also been custom at past convention for the chair to recognize non-delegates for the prp purpose of making nominating speeches and seconding speeches. without objection, the reading of the roll call for states presenting the names for candidates for nomination is dispensed with and non-delegates
2:52 pm
sh shall be permitted to make nominating and seconding speeches. the chair now recognizes the senator from alabama jeff sessions for the purpose of nominating. please give him a warm welcome. [ cheers and applause ] mr. speak er, americans love ou country like no other people on earth. but we have gotten off course and the american people know it. our political system is not
2:53 pm
working. we operate like the trench warfare battles of world war i where hundreds of thousands die but no ground is gained. good americans will stand for this no longer. they want the political games, the posturing, and the show votes to end. [ cheers and applause ] they want their country on the right track again. median incomes have declined, terrorist attacks are increasing. respect for america has fallen. crime is rising and the president? he blames the police. the president does not lead. congress is deadlocked. the political, corporate, and media establishments, they say calm down, don't overreact, don't be politically incorrect.
2:54 pm
unstated is a threat, if you persist in your complaints, we attack you. but this time it's different. [ cheers and applause ] one man, donald trump, was not intimidated. [ cheers and applause ] he would not be silenced. he spoke the truth. he gave voice to the people's concerns. he said that the hyped trade deals have hurt america and her people. that our border must be secure. [ cheers and applause ] that our nation must be strong. that we must defeat the terrorists who threaten us. that we must restore law and
2:55 pm
order and support our courageous law enforcement officers [ cheers and applause ] the american voters heard this message and they rewarded his courage and his leadership with a huge victory in our primaries. [ cheers and applause ] he dispatched one talented fine candidate after another, momentum continued to grow, a movement started. democrats and independents responded. he received far more primary votes than any republican candidate in history.
2:56 pm
[ cheers and applause ] let me tell you about the donald trump that i know. he has a wonderful family which he loves intensely. in his personal relations he is unfailingly courteous and generous and he's positive by nature. he has tremendous energy and strength, he is a warrior and a winner. [ cheers and applause ] he loves his country and is determined to see it be a winner again. i have been proud of this party and its principles since i was a teenager. it is not given to us to know the future. i certainly don't, but i came to believe some months ago that donald trump is the singular
2:57 pm
leader that can get this country back on track. [ cheers and applause ] he has the strength, the courage, and will to get it done. he and the american people share a common goal and together we will make america great again! mr. speaker, it's my distinct
2:58 pm
honor and great pleasure to nominate donald j. trump for the office of president of the united states of america. thank you. and god bless. [ cheers and applause ] >> jeff sessions, the first u.s. senator to go ahead and endorse donald trump. jeff sessions of alabama making it official the nomination going forward. i want to quickly break away and go to john king over here. john, we're about to get a bit of drama unfolding on the floor of the convention momentarily. explain what we expect to see. >> wolf, we're going to watch this play out. here's the delegate count from the end of the primaries. you see donald trump well ahead, well over 1500 delegates when it comes to pledged delegates and unpledged delegates who promised their support to him. let's watch where the math ends up. as david and you were talking about earlier, ted cruz has a lot of delegates. those delegates are bound so here's where the delegations are on the floor. this is the speaker's podium, you can see the elephant here.
2:59 pm
the pennsylvania delegation, the ohio delegates, most of the delegation is front and center of dark red. that's donald trump. we'll start with alabama. you see the peach color? those are the ted cruz delegations. if there are disruptions or problems we expect them to come from states with a heavy cruz delegation. colorado no mistake, look where colorado is. way back here. the most restive pro-ted cruz delegation, anti-trump delegates tends to have the worst seats. that's the way it works in politics. but here's the ohio delegates, frustration in the ohio delegates, frustration because donald trump and the governor haven't made peace, not even made detente, but you'll see kasich votes here. if you watch this play out, there's no question, just look at this dark red, there's no question, bring up california at the end, donald trump will get most of those delegates. remember, kasich and cruz dropped out at the end, that's why the margin is so big. we'll go through the roll call by the alphabet.
3:00 pm
if there are disruptions we'll take you to places on the floor. our correspondents are out there. the math as we said in the end of the campaign is overwhelming. we'll see what happens on the floor, see how the politics play out but as we go through the alphabet again, just looking at the states like that, i'll go back to the map, this is how we ended the primary season and because of, that because of all that donald trump on that map, that's why the republican convention looks like this today. dominated by donald trump after the primaries. we expect to be dominating in this roll call vote but we'll watch and see if there's shenanigans. i want to go to dana bash. dana, you're at the utah delegation and there's not a lot of support for him in utah. >> utah is ted cruz country in 2016. i
3:01 pm
i just witnessed a trump person come over to you and almost physically try to twist your arm because you are planning to nominate ted cruz, not donald trump. >> well, it's not nominating, we're casting our vote for the candidate who received the majority of the vote, 70% of utah's residents voted for ted cruz. and as the delegation chair, i will be casting our vote for ted cruz. >> and what i just witnessed, which i'm sure was one of many, many interactions that you've had was somebody, an individual from the party trying to convince you otherwise. >> well, there's a lot of different thoughts throughout -- >> that's a yes. >> there's a lot of people trying to get people to change their votes. the candidates were bound, even more so than we were so yesterday so utah will be voting for ted cruz. >> there's the microphone you'll
3:02 pm
use. there's your utah sign. you're going to be the person who we'll see at the microphone and you're going to say that utah goes for ted cruz not donald trump. >> i'm not going to say it's not for donald trump. i'm going to announce what our residents voted for in the state of utah, our delegates go to ted cruz. >> wolf, as i toss it back to y you, what's going on here is that symbolically, what the trump campaign is hoping is that when they get to the magic number of 1237 which formally nominates donald trump to be their presidential candidate that that will be new york but the way the map goes and the way the alphabet goes, they're going to have to get states to abstain and pull back and i'm told by sources here they're having some trouble getting states to pull back in order to let new york formally put donald trump over the top. wolf?
3:03 pm
>> dana is in utah. jake tapper is there. they want donald trump, jr., to make it official, the 1237 in new york state but some states may not cooperate. >> that's right. but where i am right now, new york, the empire state, donald trump's home state, they are eager to see this. the seats are better than the utah delegation has. this is front row center, we're here with congressman peter king of new york. thanks for joining us. you have not been a huge supporter of mr. trump throughout the primary process but you're on board now. >> yeah, donald trump was not my first choice but he's my final choice. he's the nominee of the party and on the key issues between him and hillary clinton there's no doubt donald trump is superior in homeland security, supreme court, defending the police, all of that i support donald trump. we still have differences but it's a big party, a unified party. >> has there been a new york
3:04 pm
president since franklin roosevelt? >> not one. eisenhower was living in new york at the time. franklin roosevelt is the last one. >> so this must be kind of exciting for you guys, right? >> usually we're sitting back in the men's room somewhere, this is great to be up front. a good hotel, up close. i'm here with john lavell, first chairman to endorse him. it's great. >> if anything else you have great seats, thanks so much, congressman. >> i'll invite you to the inauguration, we'll have good seats then, too. >> we're here with the panel, mike shields, our delegate analyst and former chief of staff of the rnc. you've been impressed by the whip operation that the trump campaign and the rnc have put together on the floor? >> the point i was making before was we talked about his organization and how failings have led to things like the speech problem last night but this convention, they faced more challenges than a lot of whip operations of other nominees, all of them that we know about.
3:05 pm
and they've succeeded. they've done a good job of quelling there was a question would they get enough signatures to put ted cruz's name in nomination. they won't have it. that's a reflection on the organization with these hats walking around. it is centralized. it's going through paul manafort. he knows what he's doing when it comes to organizing whip operations. it's worth talking about. >> we heard one of the delegates telling dan ining dana bash thas have been going around saying "don't cast the votes for ted cruz." how is this organized? there is a whip office, these guy in -- men and women in the dayglo hat, they have ear pieces, they're told where to go on the floor? >> they have it broken out in the map on the states and who goes to who. some people from the states or working in the states have relationships in those states and the point about utah is once donald trump gets new york to put him over the top it's sort of a nice thing where all the
3:06 pm
other states will say he's already won it. for them to keep even at that point saying no, we're going for cruz, it's just saying it wouldn't make a difference but wouldn't it be nice for party unity? but they'll say the rules are the rules. >> what do you make of concerns that some states won't defer to allow new york to actually put donald trump over the top. >> that's another problem. i think that's frankly getting to the level of being petty. it's one thing to have a demonstration, you're trying to make a point. you won't allow his home state after he's won the contest, millions of voters voted for him. regardless of what we think of trump, that's getting to the point where it's a disservice to the party. >> jeffrey? >> there was a precedent for this in 1960, barry goldwater is remembered for giving his famous speech let's throw up conservatives. the reason he was on the podium is because the louisiana delegation gave him 10 votes over richard nixon who was, like donald trump, the inevitable
3:07 pm
nominee. so goldwater had to step up there and say thank you but no thank you and i know some of you are unhappy but let's work for richard nixon and let's grow up, conservatives, we want to take the party back. interestingly, this candidate, so-called, is ted cruz so whatever happens here in the fall election, you wonder in terms of is ted cruz another barry goldwater in terms of the movement that begins at the convention? >> we hope so because he'd like to get the nomination if there's no incumbent president next time around. i'm not so sure he wouldn't even challenge the incumbent president. but what we're talking about is mischief at this point. it's not serious. they're going to nominate somebody else. yesterday when we were talking about the problems yesterday we were thinking this could be a serious issue. we might get a walkout, you might get people not showing up, maybe they won't let new york put them over, maybe utah will raise a stink but overall the whip operation is in charge here
3:08 pm
and whether it's paul manafort in concert are republican national committee who knew this kind of stuff was going to happen and so they're kind of keeping -- they have an iron fist here. >> michael smerconish, does the mischief matter? >> the mischief matters only so far as at the end of the night donald trump will be the nominee and we won't be talking about plagiarism. frankly i think it's a good thing for him. >> but what we've dealt with today,aul manafort is excellent at this. the campaign side of it, which is the issues we've had today, though, the campaign said he's never really been a campaign -- he's been a delegate organizer. i think this seeks to widen what he had, two people serving in these roles, one that handled the campaign, one that handled the delegates in the convention. >> paul ryan is back on. let's listen to him. >> as required by rule 37 of our
3:09 pm
convention rules, during the roll call the states will be called in alphabetical order. any delegation may pass when its name is called. without objection, the state of new york may cast its votes out of order. [ cheers and applause ] that's not an objection, for the record. during the roll call, the chairs of each respective delegation or their designee will announce the vote of each state. during the roll call of the states, the secretary will announce each state, its total number of available votes and the number of votes bound to each candidate. as required by rule 37c, no delegation will be recognized to change its votes under all delegations who have passed have been given a second opportunity to vote. additionally, the chair would
3:10 pm
like to remind all delegates that the secretary is required under the rules of the convention to announce and record delegates' votes in accordance with their obligations under rule 16 of the convention rules, state law, or state party rule to reflect the voters' preference in each state. [ cheers and applause ] the official results from each state are those announced by the secretary. the chair wishes to announce that if a delegate requests a poll be taken of their delegates under rule 37, the secretary will send representatives of the convention to supervise the polling of the delegation. after the poll is completed, the results will be delivered to the secretary and the secretary shall announce the result at the end of the roll call of states in accordance with the rules.
3:11 pm
shh. shh. lastly i wish to remind our delegates, our alternates and guests that maintaining order during the roll call is extremely important. if the convention is not in order, it is difficult for the secretary or the presiding officer to hear the votes announcement or otherwise acknowledge delegates seeking recognition. to conduct the roll call of states, i am pleased to introduce at this time our distinguished secretary of the convention, susie hudson and assistant secretary jeff kent. [ cheers and applause ] >> delegates and alternates, let us commence the call of the roll
3:12 pm
of the states. alabama. 50 delegates with the following bound delegates. 36 trump, 13 cruz, 1 rubio. >> mr. speaker, the great state of alabama, the home of national champion football teams alabama and auburn -- [ cheers and applause ] -- the home of the saturn 5 rocket that took us to the moon, the place where we had two of the greatest trump rallies in the nation's history, mobile and huntsville is proud to cast its votes, one vote for marco rubio,
3:13 pm
13 votes for ted cruz, 36 votes for the next president of the united states, donald j. trump. [ cheers and applause ] >> pursuant to the announcement of the delegates and the rules of this convention, alabama. 36 votes trump, 13 votes cruz, 1 vote rubio. >> alaska, 28 delegates with the following bound delegates. 28 trump.
3:14 pm
[ cheers and applause ] >> alaska, we proudly vote the way the people of alaska voted. 12 votes for cruz, 11 votes for trump, five votes for marco rub rubio. the great state of alaska reports exactly as our people voted and we support the nominee of this party, donald j. trump. [ applause ] alaska, the largest state in the union. alaska, more coastline than the rest of the continental united states, where energy, the arctic, fishing, tourism, the
3:15 pm
great lands and last frontier god bless alaska! [ cheers and applause ] thank you. >> pursuant to the announcement of the delegation and the rules of this convention, alaska 28 votes trump -- [ cheers and applause ] >> american samoa. nine delegates. >> mr. chairman hello world. hello, america. the territory of american samoa in the southernmost reaches of u.s. soil, the greatest eximportanter of nfl players.
3:16 pm
[ laughter ] the whole kit and kaboodle, all nine delegates to the future, immediate future president of the united states donald j. trump. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. >> we're here with our delegate analyst mark schultz, what's happening right now? >> they're just doing the roll call of the states. no one has skipped yet. >> pursuant to the rules of this convention, american samoa, nine votes trump.
3:17 pm
[ cheers and applause ] pretty routine at this point. >> arizona. [ cheers and applause ] 58 delegates with the following bound delegates. 58 trump. [ cheers and applause ] >> madam secretary, my name is robert graham, chairman of the arizona republican party. i'm reporting and happy to announce from the hottest state there the country for job growth, arizona delivers 58 bound votes to the nominee donald j. trump, the next president of the united states of america! [ cheers and applause ] >> pursuant to the announcement of the delegates and the rules thov convention, arizona, 58
3:18 pm
votes trump. [ cheers and applause ] >> arkansas, 40 delegates with the following bound delegates. 16 trump. >> arkansas, land of opportunity and birthplace of johnny cash and al green, we're open for business and growing jobs and manufacturing and high tech and republicans control every statewide office, the legislature and the entire congressional delegates. [ cheers and applause ] . unemployment is at its lowest in history. we got the best duck hunting on earth, we're number one in rice production, we raise delicious catfish, we cost our lines for world class trout, we cast 40 votes. 15 votes for ted cruz and 25 votes for the next president of
3:19 pm
the united states donald j. trump. [ cheers and applause ] >> pursuant to the announcement of the delegates and the rules of this convention, arkansas, 25 votes trump, 15 votes cruz. >> california. [ cheers and applause ] 172 delegates with the following bound delegates. 172 trump -- [ cheers and applause ]
3:20 pm
>>. [ chanting "we want trump ] >> hold it down, california. >> mr. chairman, my name is shirley hoosar. i am the mother of three boys of the greater los angeles area. mr. chairman, it is so important that my sons, my three sons have hope and opportunity for their future, that they are good jobs and that there are families that need safety in their communities. mr. chairman, donald trump is the candidate that can provide for my boys and all californians the hope and opportunity of the
3:21 pm
true america. [ cheers and applause ] that's why i am honored to stand before you today on behalf of the great state of california. [ cheers and applause ] california that is 100% rock sol solid pro trump delegation and i am proud to place 172 votes to the nominee of the next of the united states, donald j. trump. [ cheers and applause ] god bless you and god bless
3:22 pm
america. [ chanting "we want trump" ] >> pursuant to the announcement of the delegation and the rules of this convention, california, 172 votes trump. [ cheers and applause ] >> colorado. 37 delegates. >> mr. chairman, the frontier state, the great state of colorado where the plains meet the rocky mountains on god's most beautiful piece of real estate, home of senator corey gardener, future senator darryl glenn and the world champion denver broncos -- [ cheers and applause ]
3:23 pm
the centennial state votes 31 votes for ted cruz. [ cheers and applause ] two votes abstain. and four votes for the next president of the united states donald j. trump. >> pursuant to the announcement of the delegation and the rules of this convention, colorado four votes trump, 31 votes cruz, two abstentions. >> connecticut. 28 delegates with the following bound delegates. 28 trump. >> well, mr. chairman, i come from the land where we manufacture pez, nuclear
3:24 pm
submarines and the home of the wwe where men are men and the women are champions. the great state of connecticut is casting all 28 delegates for the next president of the united states, donald j. trump. [ applause ] >> pursuant to the announcement of the delegation and the rules of this convention, connecticut, 28 votes trump. >> delaware, 16 delegates with the following bound delegates, 16 trump. >> madam chair, the great state of delaware, the home of former governors pete dupont and mike castle, the state that with a diverse slate of millennial candidates will win control of its state senate this year for the first time in 44 years, the
3:25 pm
state that is going to elect 20 air force reserve veteran hans regal to the united states costs all of its 16 votes for donald j. trump for president. [ cheers and applause ] >> pursuant to the announcement of the delegation and the rules of this convention, delaware 16 votes trump. >> district of columbia. 19 delegates with the following bound delegates. 19 trump. >> no! roll call! roll call! >> madam secretary, mr. chairman, the district of columbia, whose local gop organization was instrumental in the creation of the republican national committee back in 1856, the district of columbia delineated by george washington and graced by abraham lincoln,
3:26 pm
the district of columbia, home of the great republican frederick douglass and capital of the greatest country in the world and in accordance with the will of its citizens, our delegation is duly bound to cast 10 votes for senator rubio and nine votes for governor john kasich. [ boos ] >> pursuant to the announcement of the delegation and the rules of this convention, district of columbia, 19 vote, trump. [ cheers and applause ] >> florida.
3:27 pm
99 delegates -- >> we're going to continue to watch this dramatic roll call unfold. let's take a quick break. we'll show you during the break the roll call as it unfolds. stay with us. much more from inside the convention hall here in cleveland. [engine sounds] the bud light party believes in change. that's why bud light has a new look... and we want to share it with everyone... from our national parks... to our furthest shores... jackpot! to your living room. look under your seats! [squeals of delight] still the same refreshing bud light. with a new look. ♪ i wanti did my ancestrydna and where i came from.
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3:31 pm
hawaii right now is continuing with the roll call. >> donald trump 11 delegation.
3:32 pm
cruz, seven and marco rubio one. 11 delegation for the next president of the united states of america donald j. trump. [ cheers and applause ] >> pursuant to the announcement of the delegation and the rules of this convention, hawaii, 11 votes trump, seven votes cruz, one vote rubio. >> idaho, 32 delegates with the following bound delegates.
3:33 pm
12 trump. >> madam chairman, my name is ron crane and i'm from the state of idaho where we have famous potatoes. [ laughter ] idaho is the most republican state in the nation. we are so republican that when we say the pledge of allegiance, it's to the republicans for which it stands. [ laughter ] our entire congressional delegation is republican, all of our statewide constitutional officers are republican and our legislature is 80% republican. we are, indeed, a red state. we are proud to cast our vote as a result of our primary election, 20 votes for ted cruz -- [ cheers and applause ] and 12 votes for the next president of the united states, donald j. trump. [ cheers and applause ]
3:34 pm
>> pursuant to the announcement of the delegation and the rules of this convention, idaho, 12 votes trump, 70 votes cruz. i'm sorry. one moment. [ laughter ] >> 20. we'll do that one again. [ laughter ] pursuant to the announcement of the delegation and the rules of this convention, idaho, 12 votes trump, 20 votes cruz. [ cheers and applause ] >> illinois, 69 delegaties with the following bound delegates. 54 trump, nine cruz, six kasich. >> mr. chairman, i am the state representative from the great state of illinois, the only hispanic member on the republican side of the aisle
3:35 pm
serving the house of representatives. it's my honor -- [ cheers and applause ] -- to introduce our chairman tim snyde snyder. >> good evening, my fellow republicans. more importantly, my fellow americans. i'm a proud citizen of the state of illinois and the united states of america and we have the finest governor in our nation in governor bruce rauner. [ applause ] the state of illinois casts six delegates for john kasich and 54 delegates for the next president of the united states donald j. trump. [ cheers and applause ] whoo, whoo, whoo!
3:36 pm
>> pursuant to the announcement of the delegation and the rules of this convention, illinois, 54 votes trump, nine votes cruz, six votes kasich. >> indiana, 57 delegates with the following bound delegates. 57 trump. >> madam secretary, the great state of indiana who, under the strong conservative leadership of vice presidential nominee governor mike pence -- [ cheers and applause ] has a $2 billion surplus with over 150,000 private sector new jobs since 2013 with more hoosiers working today than ever before in our 200 year history cast its 57 votes for the next
3:37 pm
president of the united states, donald j. trump. [ cheers and applause ] . pursuant to the announcement of the delegation and the rules of this convention, indiana, 57 votes trump. >> iowa. 30 delegates with the following bound delegates. 30 trump. >> thank you, madam secretary. let me just start by saying go hawks! [ applause ] my name is matt schultz, former iowa secretary of state and chairman of the iowa delegation. representing the home of the two hardest-working u.s. senators, senator chuck grassley and senator joni ernst -- [ applause ] and the longest-serving governor in american history, governor terry branstad. pursuant to the rules, the state of iowa proudly casts its 30
3:38 pm
votes for the next president of the united states of america donald j. trump. [ cheers and applause ] pursuant to the announcement of the delegation and the rules of this convention, iowa 30 votes trum trump. >> kansas, 40 delegates with the following bound delegates. nine trump, 24 cruz, six rubio, one kasich. >> madam secretary, kansas, home of the great est fans of the reigning world series champions, the kansas city royals. [ cheers and applause ] proud home of the iconic bob
3:39 pm
dole. [ cheers and applause ] cast nine votes for the next president of the united states donald j. trump. 24 votes for senator ted cruz, six votes for senator marco rubio and one vote for governor john kasich. [ cheers and applause ] >> pursuant to the announcement of the delegation and the rules of this convention, kansas, nine votes trump, 24 votes cruz, six
3:40 pm
votes rubio and one vote kasich. [ applause ] kentucky, 46 delegates with the following bound delegates. 17 trump. >> mr. chairman, from the bluegrass state, the commonwealth of kentucky, the home of churchill downs and american pharoah, the source of blue gla bluegrass music and the home of bill monroe, from the state where the largest toyota manufacturing plant is located, the maker of the ford f-150 and the chevy corvette, from the state that produces all the b r bourbon fit to drink in the world -- [ cheers and applause ] from a state where our citizens still respect god and the constitution and our military and our police officers, it is our honor to cast our vote.
3:41 pm
seven for governor kasich, seven for senator rubio, 15 for senator cruz and 17 for the next president of the united states of america, mr. donald j. trump. [ cheers and applause ] >> donald trump well on his way to capturing that moment. 1237. let's take a quick break. we'll show you the tally, the roll call on your screen during this quick commercial break. when we come back, history will be made. donald trump will get 1237 delegates. he will be the republican nominee for president.
3:42 pm
3:43 pm
3:44 pm
3:45 pm
3:46 pm
>> welcome back to the republican national convention, the roll call continues, donald trump is almost all there. we just heard from massachusetts, listen to this. >> from the great commonwealth of massachusetts, cruz, 4, kasich, 8, rubio eight and, guess what? they may have said we are the bluest state in the union but we are casting 22 delegates votes for mr. donald j. trump. >> he will make america great again come november.
3:47 pm
>> purr supermarket to the rules this convention, massachusetts 22 votes trump, four votes cruz, eight votes rubio and eight votes john kasich. >> michigan, 59 delegates with the following bound delegates. 25 trump. >> madam secretary, michigan passes. michigan passes, minnesota 38 delegates with the following bound delegates. eight trump. >> madam secretary, on behalf of the great state of minnesota, home of 10,000 lakes, home of spam and home of the late, great
3:48 pm
prince and the state that has had the longest drought of casting our electoral votes for a republican president which will change this year cast the following, rubio 17, cruz 13, and eight for the next president of the united states of america, donald trump. if. >> pursuant to the announcement and rules of this convention, minnesota, eight voigts trump, 17 votes rubio, 13 votes cruz. >> mississippi, 40 delegates with the following bound delegates. 25 trump, 15 cruz. >> madam secretary, the great
3:49 pm
state of mississippi, the birthplace of america's music respects and pursuant to the rule rules will cast 15 votes for ted cruz and 25 votes for the next president of the united states and new york's favorite son, donald j. trump. [ cheers and applause ] >> pursuant to the announcement of the delegation and the rules of this convention, mississippi, 25 votes trump, 15 votes cruz. >> missouri, 52 delegates with the following bound delegates. 37 trump. >> madam secretary, congratulations, i'm proud of you, by the way. and kansas, i love you, but missouri is the home to the world series champions kansas city royals
3:50 pm
[ cheers and applause ] missouri, home of 11-time world champion st. louis cardinals. missouri, the birthplace of talk radio and a.m. 1120 kmox, the voice of st. louis. missouri, home of the 12-time delegate conservative icon with us tonight, phyllis schlafly. [ cheers and applause ] missouri, birthplace of ragtime music and our great senator roy blunt, missouri casts 11 votes for ted cruz and missouri casts 41 votes for the next president of the united states, donald j. trump! [ cheers and applause ] about. >> pursuant to the announcement of the delegation and the rules of this convention, miss our e
3:51 pm
41 votes, trump. 11 votes, cruz. >> montana, 27 delegates for the following, 27, trump. >> madam secretary, i am teresa manzilla from the great state of montana. we, the people of montana, grateful to god for the quiet beauty of our state, the grandeur of our mountains, the vastness of our rolling plains and desiring to improve the quality of life, equality of opportunity and to secure the blessings of liberty for this and future generations, do hereby cast our 27 delegates to donald j. trump. [ cheers and applause ] >> pursuant to the announcement of the delegation and the rules of this convention, montana, 27
3:52 pm
votes, trump. >> nebraska, 36 delegates with the following bound delegates. 36, trump. >> madam secretary, nebraska, the good life with great opportunity. the home of silicon prairie news, the university of nebraska cornhuskers, the number one beef-producing state in the union, a place where people find their happiness from honest work and where a person's word is their bond cast their 36 bound delegates for the next president of the united states, donald j. trump! [ cheers and applause ] >> pursuant to the announcement
3:53 pm
of the delegation and the rules of this convention, nebraska, 36 vote, trump. >> nevada, 30 delegates with the following bound delegates, 14, trump. 6, cruz, 7, rubio. 1, kasich, 2, carson. >> mr. chairman, i am nevada's attorney general adam laxvelt introducing chairman michael j. mcdonald. [ cheering ] >> mr. chairman, thank you. from the great state of nevada where blue lives matter! [ cheers and applause ] >> we are battle born, by the first republican president in 1864, we are very proud of our nation, from the great lake tahoe to the most entertaining capital city las vegas, nevada, this time what is in las vegas
3:54 pm
will not stay in las vegas. we are here to cast our votes. one vote, governor kasich. six, senator ted cruz. seven, marco rubio and 16 for the next president of the united states donald j. trump! [ cheers and applause ] >> right now we are waiting for nevada. that's the next state to make it
3:55 pm
official. we are about to get new york state. that's when they want to go over the top, 1237. that's the number of delegates you need to become the nominee. the new york state delegation presumably will have donald trump go over the top. donald trump, jr., the son of the nominee -- let's listen in. >> nevada, 14 vote, trump. six votes, cruz. seven vote, rubio. one vote, kasich and two votes, carson. >> new hampshire, 23 delegates for the following bound delegates, 11, trump. >> madam secretary, my name is corey lewandowski. i represent the people of the great state of new hampshire. the live free or die state. a state that has no sales or
3:56 pm
income tax, and a state that was the first to recognize donald j. trump and deliver the first victory on his behalf on a path to 38 victories that he achie d achieved. it is my pleasure tonight to read the votes on behalf of the people of new hampshire. two votes for marco rubio. three votes for jeb bush. three votes for ted cruz. four votes for john kasich, and 11 votes for my friend and the next president of the united states, donald j. trump! [ cheers and applause ]
3:57 pm
>> new jersey is next, then new york state. let's listen in to new jersey. new york state coming up, but new york may pass. >> pursuant to the delegation and the rules of this convention, new hampshire 11 votes, trump. two vote, rubio. three votes, bush. three votes, cruz and four votes, kasich. [ cheering ] >> new jersey, 51 delegates for the following bound delegates. 51, trump. >> madam secretary, i am the son
3:58 pm
of governor chris christie. [ cheers and applause ] new jersey, the garden state, the greatest state in the union and the state that cast the highest overall percentage of its popular vote for mr. trump is pleased to announce that it's 51 delegates will be given to donald j. trump for president of the united states. [ cheers and applause ] >> pursuant to the delegation, new jersey, 51 votes trump. >> new mexico, 24 delegates for the following bound delegates, 24, trump.
3:59 pm
>> madam secretary, i am governor susana martinez. [ cheers and applause ] i am proud to represent what beautiful, exciting and diverse a culture that is so diverse, an amazing state, the land of enchantment and the great state of new mexico, standing here with me is sam legun who is one of our youngest delegates and is part of our future of our party and of our country. >> madam secretary, i am proud to stand next to the nation's first female hispanic governor! [ cheers and applause ] she's the reason i'm such a committed republican and we are proud to cast new mexico's 24 votes to the next president of
4:00 pm
the united states, donald j. trump! [ cheers and applause ] >> pursuant to the announcement of the delegation and the rules of this convention, new mexico, 24 votes, trump. >> new york! [ cheering ] 95 delegates with the following bound delegates, 89, trump, six, kasich. >> madam secretary, new york, the empire state and the home of donald j. trump passes. >> new york passes. north carolina, 72 delegates for the following-bound delegate, 29, trump.


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