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tv   Americas Choice 2016  CNN  July 20, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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not being prosecuted. two sets of rules, one for the rich and powerful. that's not what happened in the trump administration. >> as long as you don't mess it up with how you run the campaign. >> we'll see you all tomorrow. "newsroom" with carol costello starts right now. and good morning. we're live from the republic national convention in cleveland, ohio. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. donald, a night to showcasing their dad as the guy with the soft side. he locks in the nomination, and also in the spotlight, hillary clinton. republicans taking every opportunity to skewer the presumptive democratic nominee.
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>> in case you don't understand what they're chanting, they're chanting "lock her up." "lock her up." let's begin with phil mattingly, hi, phil. >> reporter: good morning, carol. throughout the last 24 hours, the convention advisors and trump supporters would say the same thing. wait until you hear from donald trump's kids. that happened last night. they delivered. >> it is my honor to be able to throw donald trump over the top in the delegate count tonight. congratulations, dad. we love you! >> reporter: donald trump, formally clinching the republican nomination. >> i'm so proud to be your nominee for president of the united states. >> reporter: trump's children, stealing the spotlight with emotional speeches about their father. >> donald trump has never done anything halfway. least of all as a parent.
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>> reporter: his 22-year-old daughter, tiffany, getting personal. >> i still keep all of my report cards, some dating back to kindergarten, because i like to look back and see the sweet notes he wrote on each and everyone of them. contrary to what you might expect from someone who places an emphasis on results. >> reporter: eldest son, donald, jr. >> i was by his side in conference rooms from the time i could walk. he didn't hideout behind a desk in an executive suite. he spent his career with regular americans. he hung out with the guys on construction sites, pouring concrete. >> reporter: trump's children from different marriages delivering powerful testimonials of their dad. >> for my father, impossible is just the starting point. that is how he approaches business projects. that's how he approaches life.
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>> reporter: now, carol, when you talk to republican whose have been working with or speaking with donald trump over the course of the last year, all of them say the same thing. it is a different man behind the scenes. that is exactly why you've heard from trump's family in the first two days and you're going to continue to hear from them going forward. the idea, the strategy here, paints a fuller picture of a guy who can sometimes be a little bombastic on the campaign trail. give voters who may be uneasy a reason to go his way. carol. >> he can be a little bombastic, phil. that was a good way to put it. thanks so much. hillary clinton also had a staring rolling in the big party. her named mentioned a whopping 79 times. >> if hillary clinton were elected, she would be the first president who couldn't pass a basic background check. >> we didn't disqualify hillary clinton to be president of the united states, the facts of her life and career disqualify her. >> not since bad dead bob has there been a public figure with
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such a tortured relationship with the truth. >> are we willing to elect someone as president who has as their role model somebody who acknowledges lucifer. >> okay, so let's talk about all of this. i'm joined by trump supporter and talk radio host, john phillips. welcome. i'm joined by the director of university, larry sabato and former speech writer for president bill clinton. welcome to all of you. okay, so john, i want to start with you. >> sure. >> so donald trump, jr.'s speech was so positive. tiffany's speech made me smile. very sweet. positive. up beat. but then you had all the other speakers going completely negative on hillary clinton. and it was supposed to be about the economy. that was supposed to be the theme last night. >> you know, i think last night ended up being hispanic outreach
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night, because donald trump brought a pinata and its name was hillary clinton. it was a two-fer. a majority of the american people do not believe hillary clinton is an honest and trustworthy person. so by attacking her -- >> don't republicans get that by now. >> but by attacking her and attacking her character, you're appealing not just to republicans, but the majority of americans. if you look at the field of 17, they had stark disagreements on trade, on immigration, on foreign policy. the one thing the republicans all had in common was they thought that hillary clinton also was a dishonest, untrustworthy person. >> so the idea, larry, is to paint hillary clinton as a criminal, because if she is a criminal, and if you vote for her, you're going to put a criminal in office, and it is better to put airm man who mayb doesn't have the experience that she does, right? >> essentially. let me make clear my view is it was completely over the top. lucifer, really?
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lucifer? be beyond that, look beyond ben carson and look beyond the chants of jail her, jail her, jail to the chief, i guess we're back to nixon, i think essentially what they were trying to do is to concede that it is much more difficult to sell donald trump. it is far easier to attack and degrade hillary clinton. because again, these two candidates have extremely high unfavorables. so you know, how are you going to spend your time. you are going to try to rebuild donald trump's favorables. good luck with that one. you're going to continue to undermine hillary clinton, and that's what they tried to do. >> so david, during the democratic convention in philadelphia, will we see mr. trump being portrayed as a racist over and over and over again? >> i think you're going to hear a lot more positive from and about hillary clinton and her running mate than you heard anything positive last night. we were told that the theme last
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night was going to be something like put america to work again. and instead, the theme seemed to be let's bash hillary clinton all over again and over again. and having worked in and observed campaigns since 1984, i think that's the harshest rhetoric i've ever heard from either party in a national convention. i remember that in 1980, president reagan, ronald reagan, candidate reagan, had a stump speech where he said how wonderful it would be if jimmy carter lost his job. and in 1992, bill clinton had an acceptance speech, it took for one more american to lose their job, and mr. president, you are that man. but saying that your opponent needs to go to jail and lock her up, the litany of the night, that's a new kind of rhetoric for either party to have. >> and john, do you really think that will attract moderate
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voters or voters who may not have made up their mind, young people who dunoesn't like rhetoc like that. >> hillary clinton will have a positive, op ptimistic conventi. we've seen elizabeth going after donald trump, they've begun going after donald trump's jugular, just as much as it has been going the other way. >> so on the subject of donald trump's children, because i thought their speeches were fantastic last night, and there are more to come, right? >> there are more to come. there are six trumps, six people in his immediate family who are featured speakers. i know history is a stubborn thing. so i went back and checked all of the post world war ii conventions, democratic and republican. the kennedys, the clintons, the bushes, the fords, the carters, they've had loads of kids, never, never has there been six members of a family or anything close to it as major speakers
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pushing a candidate for president. it is obvious why. >> well, tell us it is obvious why. >> trump has made a virtue of necessity. the truth is that most of the republican establishment has had to mow their lawn this week. they've had some important duties that have been on the calendar that have kept them away from cleveland. a lot of normal speakers, former republican candidates or nominees, they were really busy and couldn't come. so they had to fill the time, this humanizes trump in a way that others couldn't. maybe it does good for him. but let's remember why they're there every single night. >> you know, and i'll get to you in a minute, david, but i want to pose this to you, john. it is great to hear from mr. trump's kids, but they don't know how to run a government. isn't that what the concessiven is to showcase, why he should be president, why he is qualified to be president of the united states, as a voter, wouldn't i
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rather hear from people who can tell me that, who know a thing or two about government. >> one of the things that's been viscously attacked so far in the cycle is his character. they said he is a racist, a bigot, misogynist. he respects women, he is someone who is very involved in their lives. >> i know, but so he is a great father. that doesn't mean he is going to be a great president. >> well, the attack is he is a misogynist and racist, the people that know him best would say that he is not. >> david, what do you think? >> as a speech writer, i've always believed that a speech or any kind of communication needs an emotional structure as well as a logical structure. i would agree that the speeches by his children were very effective yesterday. but a couple of the warm feelings with the kinds of harsh attacks that you had on the same
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evening in the same hall, i think it says clashing. you don't have a hallmark kind and indictment right next to each other. >> david, i did want to ask you about this, because this of course going, supposedly donald trump, jr. said he wrote his own speech, but they noticed a passage in a book by dave buckley. he said you know what, i helped write the speech, it is okay he took my line. i'm okay with that. and i don't know, what's wrong with saying someone helped me write my speech. you're a speech writer. do you care people use your words without attribution? >> well, i think many americans now are getting a tutorial in sort of the informal, ethics of the informal profession of speech writing. and i think the first rule is you don't borrow large amounts of content from someone else without attributing it.
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and i think the second rule is you don't set up a situation where you're going to claim credit for the person's speech in real time. and what mr. buckley did, and order near ordinary circumstances was understandable. he had something written under his own name and used it in a draft for a public speaker. but coming after the controversy about the borrowing and mrs. trump's speech, he should have pulled that material or paraphrased it or done something, because it set up a situation where he had to come forward and claim credit for very effective words that the candidate's son had spoken and he had to do it in real time. >> all right, i have to leave it there, larry, john, david, thanks to all of you. still to come in the "newsroom," it is one of the tough issues if not the tough issue of the election. that will be the economy. did voters get the answers they wanted last night?
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it is day three of the republic national convention. today's theme, make america first again. 16 people expected to speak tonight, among them three rivals, wisconsin governor scott walker, senator marco rubio, and senator ted cruz, who is not expected to endorse trump tonight. the vice-presidential nominee, indiana governor, mike pence will also take to the podium, as well as trump's son eric. donald trump will return to
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cleveland today, and his arrival will be anything but subtle. the gop is expected to helicopter in later today. m martin savage following that story. hi, martin. >> reporter: hi, god morning. another beautiful day here in cleveland, ohio. and they're getting set for the arrival now of donald trump, and let me tell you, we all know donald trump does not do anything by just half. so here is a breakdown of how it will happen. first, he is going to fly into the airport here. now, it is not going to be cleveland's main airport. it is burke lakefront airport. the trump 757 landing at the foo foot of cleveland. it will be parked right there with this beautiful backdrop of the city behind him. after that point, he gets aboard his helicopter. it is roughly 800 yards to go from where he lands to where his
6:19 am
helicopter will touchdown. but still, this is all part of the fanfare of imagery. a he will do a couple of loops around cleveland. you can drive around it fast. he'll fly it around a couple of times, and touchdown on that cement pad at brown's stadium and expect today be greeted by friends and family. maybe he'll get out and do a rope line thing, but it will all be donald trump. it should be something to see and i'll be here to watch. >> i graduated from cleveland center, i took three years off. it was the 60s. >> oh, here we are, martin savage, i'm sorry. i was talking. having a great conversation. we found out we both went to kent state university. we were thrilled with that. martin, i know you're also from cleveland. >> reporter: i am. >> martin, thanks so much. i appreciate it. well, let's talk about last
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night's theme at the republican national convention. the theme was to make america work again. you probably couldn't tell that from the speeches. in the prepared remarks, hillary clinton was mentioned 79 times. that was more than donald trump, business, jobs and the economy were mentioned. despite that, supporters say trump has a sound economic policy, one better than hillary clinton's and president obama's. i'm joined by trump economic advisor, andy pusner. >> hi, carol. >> andy, thanks so much for being here. >> pleasure to be here. thank you. >> so donald trump, jr. gave a terrific speech and painted his father as this blue collar billionaire. you also worked for mitt romney, who is also another rich guy, right. but mitt romney didn't connect in the same way donald trump is connecting to blue collar america. why do you think that is? >> i'm not sure. it really is true that working class americans don't resent
6:21 am
donald trump as a billionaire or a rich guy. they actually see a success and want to emulate it. i love it. >> what is donald trump saying that mitt romney didn't say? >> i don't think he is ashamed of his wealth at all. and i don't think mitt was ashamed of it, but he thought it was not a plus in the campaign to be this very, very rich guy. donald trump comes in, he is very authentic. this is who i am. this is what i am. a rich guy but i understand what you want. i know what you're feeling. i know blue collar people. i know working class people. with donald trump, you never doubt that you're getting exactly what you see. you may not like it, but you're going to get who he is. i think people, particularly in millennials respond to that. they like authenticity. he is an authentic guy. >> i was so intrigued by the notion, donald trump, a wealthy man, i went to slovac village.
6:22 am
you know where that is. i talked to two men who are republicans, mike and joe, and asked them how -- why donald trump resonated with them. here is what they told me. >> what is it that donald trump has that you also have that you can relate to donald trump? >> what's the word. his work ethics. no such thing as no. you work. you earn a living to bring for your family. we have seen him go through bankruptcy and come back. >> my dad brought me up and said the world doesn't owe you a living, all right. you've got to go out there and get it your service. i think he comes along the same lines. he got -- he inherited some stuff from his father, but he has the same core values that i have. >> interesting, right? so mike and joe, they're really counting on donald trump to make their lives better. they are. but they want specifics too.
6:23 am
because they also told me you know what, we think he is going to help the economy in ohio, but we done know how yet. that does frustrate them. >> i want to address that. one thing i really liked in that is they talked about the fact that he failed and come back. that you know, the democrats are trying to use the fact that he had a few bankruptcies to overshadow his much vaster success. henry ford, his first car company went under. he changed the world. ste steve jobs, he came back and changed the word. people respect that in donald trump. >> but the difference here is donald trump was still a wealthy man and came back. >> yes. >> these two guys are not wealthy men. if at the declared bankruptcy, it may be a whole different story for them. that's why when donald trump tells blue collar america he can help them, he better deliver. it will hurt them deeply. >> how will he deliver. we need growth. that's the one thing that will create jobs and increase inco s incomes. it doesn't require a government mandate. if you have growth, then ep
6:24 am
employers will compete. >> pro growth, tax policy. his policy would encourage capital investment. hillary clinton's tax plan is basically an income redistribution plan. it is not a growth plan. energy, he is all of the above. wants to make america energy independent within five years. hillary clinton's plan, basically a climate change plan. it tries to repress -- wants to get rid of coal workers. >> going back to the energy independent thing, in many ways, we are in ohio, but now there is a glut, right, so the natural gas industry isn't quite as effective for people who bought into that, right? >> well, with energy prices down, right, what you have is you really should have an economic boost, because people are paying less at the pump, and businesses are paying less to use energy. unfortunately, we have counter baling factors holding the economy back, but low energy prices are not only important for the economy, but they're
6:25 am
important for the national defense. our biggest problem isn't climate change. it is radical islamic terrorists, and when we're sending oil dollars that may support the terrorists, then we're threatening our safety as well. the last thing is regulation. look, this guy, donald trump, built buildings in new york. he knows what regulation can do to hold businesses back. he wants to reduce regulation. he wants to get rid of president obama's executive orders, where he kind of bypassed congress to get his agenda passed. he'll get rid of that. hillary clinton, every problem she sees, she thinks has a government solution. we need private sector solution, economic growth. >> will we hear more specifics in donald trump's speech on thursday? >> i hope that you will. you know, obviously i haven't read his speech. i don't know who reads his speeches, but it is not me. >> we're wondering that too. andy, thanks for stopping by. >> pleasure to be here. still to come in the "newsroo "newsroom," digging in the heels
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good morning, i'm carol costello, thank you so much for joining me. i'm live at the republic national convention in cleveland. cleveland looks beautiful, doesn't it. it does. it is half time here at the r in. c, but the controversy concerning melania trump's speech far from over. >> the speech had portions of it that came from michelle obama's speech in 2008. it is as plain as day to look at them side by side. can you acknowledge that and then move on? >> what i'm going do chris, and you're right for the final time, is to say that the speech that
6:31 am
melania trump gave was a speech that she felt was very personal to her, a speech that talked about her love of a country. how she immigrated here, the opportunities that america gave to her. as she came here. it talked about meeting a man named donald trump who she fell in love and raised family with and wanted to talk to the american people about those personal feelings and thoughts. the speech was very effective. it communicated those feelings. the controversy that you're talking about is not meaningful at all. she is not a candidate for office. she was expressing her personal feelings about her country and her husband, and why he is best for the united states. and agree, that's the final word. >> except, paul, all of that can be true, except that you are denying by failing to acknowledge something that is also true, which is that some of those words came from michelle obama's speech in 2008.
6:32 am
you have any kind of experts and anybody with eyes who sees that, you keep ignoring it. i don't understand why. i don't understand why you keep making this an issue. >> because it is a speech that she gave, talking about letter feelings. she is not a candidate for office. i could get into all the reasons again. it doesn't make sense to go backwards. i think what we want to talk about today, they have a nominee for president. the nominee who started a campaign about a year ago, everybody said was a long shot and then as it got the chances got shorter and more likely, everyone said why it wouldn't happen. last night, at 7:17, donald trump became the nominee of the republican party, defying all the conventional wisdom and put himself in a position to become the 45th president of the united states. that's the story. he is the candidate running for president. it is his vision that the american people are going to be talking about. and we are all excited that in the last two nights, between
6:33 am
melania's speech and the speeches by don, jr. and tiffany yesterday, the american people are beginning to get a glimpse beyond the campaign imagine of donald trump into the real man. we're excited about it. the convention is working as far as we're concerned. we're especially excited that governor pence is going to get a chance to come out on stage and present his credentials, which we think will full further embellish the chances of the party. >> paul, i understand all of that. the reason that this matters, though, frankly, you're distracting from the story line by refusing to acknowledge something that's true, and it plays into two issues. the first is, a big part of the case i'm hearing here at the convention for why donald trump needs to be president is that hillary clinton can't be trusted, that she doesn't level with the american people, which is another way of saying she lies. that's what this is going on right now with this issue that should be small about this speech. you don't like that you got
6:34 am
caught with some of michelle obama's language in the speech. who knows how it happened. you had a big group working on it. you don't want to acknowledge it. that's the way this campaign works. that plays into the second problem. faced with something you did wrong, you just deny it no matter whether it is true or not. whethers the man who has a developmental disability who works for "the new york times" and donald trump mocks him and says no, i didn't. whether it is a star that represents the star of david, and you say no, it is a sheriff's star. there is a pattern, whether it is baron, john miller that was really donald trump, there is a pattern of denying the obvious. what happens when you're running the government of the united states, and you don't want to deal with what happens then? that's the concern. that's why i don't understand you won't just own this little thing, and move on. >> well, chris, i guess it is all in the eye of the beholder. the pattern i see is a pattern of the media not being prepared to look at what is really going on in america. not looking at what is really happening in the trump campaign. look at what is being tapped
6:35 am
into and why it is working. not why it is failing. why it is working. because you know, over the last ten months, as you all have been pointing out things which aren't true, to say this is going to be a problem for the trump campaign, you've been wrong. consistently. the american people disagree with your perceptions of what you've just said. >> two things. >> it is the same thing. a you're looking at things that don't exist and not focusing on the broader message, which people are responding to. >> but paul, that is untrue that's untrue. i don't know where you were at the beginning of this campaign, but i would have loved to talk to you then and say do you think donald trump will be the nominee. i don't think it makes you crazy or jaundice to have been surprised by it. there is also no question you deserve a lot of question for getting him where he was last night. you know i've said that openly and often. i've got to go back to this other point, paul. i just have to. the idea that we're ignoring something that doesn't matter flies in the face of what we're
6:36 am
about. this is about the truth. it is about the truth. that's all it is about. the language came -- >> the truth -- >> michelle obama's speech. >> the truth is the feelings that were expressed by melania trump that night. it was the message she was communicating. that's the truth. >> of course i want to focus on it. we say she gave a good speech. we say it was compelling. >> then move on. move on. >> the words were the same as michelle obama's. i can't move on because you keep lying about it. >> chris, i'm not lying about anything. >> we have to talk about what is true. did the language, a portion of the language of that speech come from michelle obama's speech? yes or no? >> as far as we're concerned, there are similar words used. we've said that. but the feelings of those words and the commonality of those words do not create a situation which we feel we have to agree with you. you want to have that opinion, fine. you want to talk about it for the next six months -- >> it is not an opinion. that's the problem. >> okay, well --
6:37 am
>> hey, listen, paul. i'm not here to beat you over the head with t i thought you were going to come on and own it. >> i came on to talk about -- i came on to talk about what's going on in this convention and the fact that donald trump was nominated yesterday against all conventional wisdom to be the president of the united states. and the party is united and as we move forward tonight, we're going to have the vice-presidential nominee. i came on to talk about the things the american people care about and the party is feeling here for the convention. i hope you eventually can start focusing on those things too. >> we've been talking about it all morning long. no question what you're trying to do here is working to a large degree. i'm just giving an obvious suggestion, which when i'm on the convention floor at night, which as you know, we're there every night. people are saying hillary clinton, i can't trust her. i think she lies. donald trump won't lie to us. that's what this situation goes
6:38 am
to. and as you know people are wondering why the campaign handled this way. you make it impossible to move on when you won't acknowledge it, and you're blaming us for us. >> you spent seven minutes talking about something that is not relative to anything but you and the media and not to the american people. >> the truth isn't relative to anybody about us? >> i'm telling you the truth. i'm not a liar, contrary to what you just said. >> no, no, i'm not calling you a liar. >> you did call me a liar. >> care ack character assessmen that's not my place. we both know they did. >> okay, they went on and on from there. but we were curious, how did those three passages come to be in melania trump's speech. did she write them herself? did someone help her with that. we've been looking into that, and what have you found out? >> well, it is still a lot of this is still a mystery.
6:39 am
let's just say that from the outset. you know, what i know from talking to sources yesterday, who were familiar with, you know, the speech writing process is that jared kushner, who is obviously donald trump's son-in-law, trusted confidant, approached matthew scully and john mcconnell, two prominent speech writers who worked for george w. bush in the past in june, asking them to draft a speech for melania. they drafted a speech. the speech that she delivered on monday night was entirely different from the draft that they delivered. it was really curious, because there was really good feedback to the scully speech, within the campaign in june when it came back, but then there was a kind of poli silence. >> it is in melania trump's hands at this point and she is saying i don't like this. >> it is not my voice and of course, that's a common thing that happens as we know in every
6:40 am
campaign. certainly, the candidate would want to make it her own. we know you know, from campaign sources that she reached out to others as well for suggestions, for guidance. it is just not clear how the plagiarized language ended up in the speech, and what is so interesting about this, and what paul manafort is not acknowledging here, this is a bigger illustration of the holes in the donald trump campaign. over the last two weeks, they have done some things really well. paul manafort came in with a team of 100 lawyers, crushed the revoflt in rules committee and there are huge gaping holes. they don't have the communications staff to drive the message that they need. their ground game is very much being done by the rnc right now without a lot of guidance from the campaign. the finance team is still just a couple of people. compare that to mitt romney's
6:41 am
campaign, you know, in 2012 or george w. bush's campaign, it is night and day. so i think what this shows is that you know, something that is so important, this crowning moment for melania, the fact that that speech wouldn't have been vetted by many people, going through, making sure there was no similar language, there are programs that could figure that out, it is just a mystery and the campaign is saying no one is being fired. that makes it, you know, even weirder, because you think you would want a fall guy. >> i want to bring in jason myers and seth. jared kushner who is kind of running things right now, he supposedly approves this speech. so does it seem to you that melania trump went rogue? >> i don't think so. she doesn't strike me as the type that goes rogue. you know, i worked for a reagan speech writer, i was the communicatio communications director for seven years. i looked at this whole thing in horror, because i know the process, especially at this
6:42 am
level. it is so carefully combed through and usually it goes through several edits, and the fact that this could have been a shining moment for the trump campaign, they've been waiting for melania's introduction tots world basically. this was that chance. it was a blown opportunity, because of mistakes that never should have been made. they had a professional campaign operation, and it looks like they tried to do that. but then some forces seem to come in and intervene and turn this back into the amateur operation that has been so frustrating to understand. >> here is the sad thing for melania trump. she has to appear here again, especially on thursday, and this whole thing has become this big, national joke. i'll show our viewers one example of that. >> melania did it. she found something less original than being a model married to an old billionaire. >> donald trump was like,
6:43 am
michelle owes melania an apology for stealing a time machine and stealing her best lines, okay. but at least donald trump didn't steal, make america great again. >> make america great again. >> whatever. what's your problem? what's the big deal. >> so jason, you see where i'm going here. poor melania trump has to pair thursday, and i'm sorry, that has to weigh on her mind. she is a human being. >> i feel really bad for melania trump. because the way this campaign has responded to, deny, deny, it is like the taylor swift, kanye level. we have receipts, right. we have the speech from 2008. we know that you sort of lazily didn't use spell check. i would have failed a student. it is put on her shoulders, and all she wanted to do is talk about the man she loves. they should be embarrassed to put their first lady to defend
6:44 am
their disorganization. >> some sources said very explicitly to me when talking about how this all came together that melania was the victim here. we don't know what happened inside, but you know, there is -- that's what some people are saying. >> the problem, again, here is that the -- it is the cover-up that's worst than the crime. as a crisis, they have no crisis communication skills whatsoever in this campaign. they go out, like paul manafort has done in embarrassing fashion, insulting the intelligence of the american people, as if -- you could see the frustration in chris cuomo's interview, because we're all crazy and they're not. they've done this time after time. speech writers are the cuss towedians f -- cuss tow custodians, they gave multiple responses. >> the other factor, too, donald trump doesn't have the support of many african-americans,
6:45 am
right. when you look out into the audience of the republic national convention, it is mostly a white aud yenls. most of the speakers are white, right. so melania trump lifted passages from an african-american woman's speech. and that resonates in the african-american community, doesn't it. >> i mean, if that's the fantasy they want to live under. here is the thing. trump, and i'm an ohio voter, trump is at 0% in ohio. that means pastor darrell scott isn't even voting for him in the polls. that's what we're looking for. lifting a speech from mitchell obama, i don't care if he changes his name, he is not going to magically resonate if he doesn't come up with policy that is appealing. paul ryan can. mitt romney could. you could start by talking to the naacp, but trump seems -- >> which he did, romney did that. >> other presidents have. for some reason, trump wants to ignore every single piece of common sense, campaign advice that everyone has used before. >> but if the trump campaign
6:46 am
would say, yes, melania trump admires michelle obama. >> that was my suggestion. i said that yesterday on the show. they could have easily killed this story and said okay, whoever, they know who wrote the speech and who approved it, but they could have said okay, you know what, we admire michelle obama. despite our policy differences, the story of the obamas is part of the american dream. i can relate to that as an immigrant who came here and embraced america. i felt inspired by her words. dot, dot, dot. that's what they should have done. it would have been over with. but no, here we are, almost three days later, still talking about this. and that shouldn't be. but unfortunately, it is indicative of the constant missteps of this campaign. it reminds people of, you know, the campaign is a microcosm of how someone would govern. this is a problem. whether the trumps can get over it, and the pomp and circumstance, and the cosmetic aspect that they're trying to put forward, it remains to be
6:47 am
seen. >> i don't know that it can. >> they certainly can. we ivanka who will introduce her father later this week. what a lot of people worried about the cloud over the speech has really potentially hurt him with the women he was trying to reach, who he is struggling within the polls. they have an opportunity here to move past this, over the next couple of days, but we'll have to see how that goes. >> yes, we will. thanks so all of you. still to come in the "newsroom," a major shake-up coming to fox news. the become shell repo the bombshell report, next. .
6:48 am
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6:51 am
do you feel the earth shaking? the top boss at fox news could be on his way out. in talks to leave the network after damning allegations from his staff. joining me now, senior media correspondent brian stelter.
6:52 am
there are many conflicting reports about this. >> he has not left yet. roger ailes is still in charge. they have decided he must leave, which is a staggering development. he built fox news 20 years ago from nothing into this conservative cable news powerhouse. amid these allegations of sexual harassment by gretchen carlson, by other women, possibly by megyn kelly, he is on the way out. i would argue this is almost as significant development as donald trump's nomination in cleveland. for the republican party, roger ailes has been a king maker. he's on the phone with donald trump all the time. so the consequences of this, we don't know exactly what they will be, could be far-reaching. >> it's amazing because usually women who accuse powerful men of sexual harassment don't come out the victors and gretchen carlson should very much come out the victor if roger ailes leaves.
6:53 am
>> yes, as much as -- >> you don't know how unusual that really is. because, right, bill o'reilly was accused themselves. usually they pay the woman off and she goes away and is never heard from again. this didn't happen. >> this lawsuit by gretchen carlson and other women who say they were victims, in some cases, many years ago, of roger ailes. a lot of buzz in the industry about what this means for fox. are stars of fox going to leave, what's to happen to the network. it may encourage other women in other workplaces to feel more confident speaking up in these situations. >> brian stelter, thank you so much. decision, decisions. hillary clinton will soon pick her running mate. next. ♪ is the world truly ready for a vehicle that can drive itself? an autonomous-thinking automobile that protects those inside and outside.
6:54 am
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6:55 am
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6:58 am
we are now just days away from knowing who hillary clinton's running mate will be, and right now there are two vp names flying high above rest. with me now, cnn washington koesht joe johns. tell us more, joe. >> hey, carol, two at the top of the list for the campaign making sure to say this election process is not over or at least if mrs. clinton has made a decision she hasn't disclosed it. now we're taking a closer look at the travels and statements of people who have been mentioned. multiple sources told me and my colleagues at cnn that virginia governor tim kaine is right up at the top of the list. today, kaine making an appearance in his home state virginia. potentially a good choice, a member of the senate foreign relations committee which means he has foreign policy experience
6:59 am
and he's been vetted at the highest levels already. the other democrat we're told at the top of hillary clinton's list is agriculture secretary and former iowa governor tom vilsack. today, he's expected to be here in washington for the white house summit on global development. vilsack has a close relationship with hillary clinton that goes back year, and years. coming from iowa, it's hoped he cab he can help the campaign draw in white men. other names, massachusetts senator elizabeth warren and ohio senator sherrod brown. campaign telling cnn they have not been ruled out, carol. >> so have not been ruled out. progressives might be a little disappointed that elizabeth warren's name isn't at the top of the list. >> definitely potential for that. sherrod brown could have helped, the problem is, if he leaves the senate, they're in a situation
7:00 am
where the republican governor of ohio would appoint a republican senator, so the democrats in the senate would lose a vote, and that's concerning to the entire party. >> oh, politics. joe johns, reporting live for us this morning, thank you. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. good morning, we're live from the republican national convention in beautiful cleveland, ohio. what a gorgeous day it is. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for being with me. donald trump officially locks in the gop nomination. >> and it is my honor to be able to this row donald trump over the top in the delegate count tonight. with the 89 delegates!
7:01 am
congratulations, dad, we love you! >> the message for trump's kids during last night's convention. their dad is a blue collar billionaire with a soft side. also in the spotlight, hillary clinton. republicans taking every opportunity to skewer the presumptive democratic nominee. while donald trump jr. and tiffany trump republican each getting a big thumbs up. vice president nominee pence also expected to take the stage. let's talk more about what went down last night. let's get to cnn's phil mattingly. >> good morning. there were more than a few republican eyebrows raised when donald trump made clear he would have his kids speaking in prime time on every night of the convention. unorthodox, no question about it. but last night, it was on display as to why, why donald trump's advisers have been the most confident in the picture that this would paint. take a listen to donald trump
7:02 am
jr. talking about his dad not in the board room but behind the scenes. >> you want to know what kind of president he'll be? let me tell you how he ran his businesses. i know because i was with him from the time i could walk. he didn't hide out behind some desk in an executive suite. he spent his career with regular americans. he hung out with the guys on construction sites, pouring sheetrock and hanging, pouring concrete and hanging sheetrock. he listened to them and valued their opinions as much and often more than the guys from harvard and wharton locked away in offices away from the real work. >> and, carol, it's worth noting after donald trump jr.'s speech, i got a number of notes from people asking is that the guy running for office or does he possibly have a political future. that's how well received that speech was.
7:03 am
he wasn't the only trump offspring speaking last night. tiffany trump, donald trump's youngest daughter, recent college graduate, telling -- reporting a story about donald trump from home. >> i always looked forward to introducing him to my friends. especially the ones with preconceived notions because they meet a man with natural charm and no facade. in person, my father is so friendly, so considerate, so funny and so real. my friends walk away with a glimpse of all that he is and all that he means to me of the strong protective kind enduring man i am so proud to call my father. >> and they will be followed tonight by eric trump, tomorrow by eye vonk ka trump. all the trump children except for his youngest, baron, speaking in cleveland. there's a strategy here, carol,
7:04 am
a deliberate effort to paint a failure picture of the guy we've seen on the campaign trail, relentlily attacking anybody in his way. they want voters who are, in large part, have a negative opinion about donald trump to come away from this convention, seeing him as somebody different. if last night's any indication. even after the tumultuous first 24 hours of this convention, they're on the right track, carl. >> phil mattingly reporting live for us, thank you. the gop is also uniting against a common enemy in cleveland and they coalesced around a common goal, put hillary clinton behind bars. >> lock her up! lock her up! lock her up! >> okay, they're saying "lock her up." that rally cry spurred on by new jersey governor chris christie, trying to dim clinton's path to the white house. >> she'd be the first president
7:05 am
who couldn't pass a basic background check. we cannot promote someone to commander in chief who has made the world a more violent and dangerous place with every bad judgment she's made. >> she's lied about her e-mails. she lied about her server. she lied about again gaez. >> they are offering a third obama term brought to you by another clinton. and you're supposed to be excited about that. >> and as first lady, you viciously attacked the character of women who were sexually abused at the hands of your husband. >> let's talk about this. i want to bring in my panel. former michigan governor and senior adviser to the clinton coordinated super pac correct the record, jennifer grand holm. republican congressman from tennessee, scott decharlier.
7:06 am
and host of the ben ferguson show, beb fergferguson, welcome all of you. scott, the hillary clinton, lock her up, put her in jail, i mean, ben carson spoke last night and compared her to lucifer. isn't that over the top? >> i think what we're seeing, you know, is not just democrats -- or not just republicans but democrats across the country have this perception that maybe hillary is a little above the law. when questioned jameis comey a few weeks ago, he said about the potential commander in chief, she was careless, sloppy and not as sophisticated as people thought when it comes to handling top-secret information. >> as far as i know, she's not a convicted criminal who should be locked up and maybe she's not lucifer either. >> i don't think people feel that justice has been done yet the way loretta lynch handled the investigation and the way
7:07 am
that she came out basically saying that she was going to accept the fbi's recommendation, which is kind of unusual. meeting with bill clinton on the plane i think was a little bit unusual. i just don't feel like people feel like justice has been done and they want more answers. >> in a certain way, this is very effective because of what they're trying to communication, do you want a criminal in the white house. >> chris christie's the one who tried to deliver that message and who is under investigation but chris christie, a little bit ironic. here's what's really surprising about last night, carol, is they spent so much time on hillary clinton. 13 speeches against hillary clinton and only 6 in favor of donald trump. 115 mentions of hillary clinton. only 65 of donald trump. so they seemed like an being anry clot of griefances and that is really not a way to inspire people to vote for you. it just can't be all mean and visceral. >> have you heard what hillary's been saying about donald
7:08 am
trump -- >> i know she called him a racist and bigot. >> well -- >> i mean, come on -- >> but the point i'm making is last night's theme was about making america work again. and you didn't have people talking about the economy. you had people talking about hillary clinton. you have to put some meat on the bone. >> well, i think if you're a republican right now, you're saying, there is meat on the bone. many people believe if hillary clinton didn't have the last name "clinton," she would be in jail right now and she would be prosecuted -- >> before that decision came out, everybody loved james comey, he was the guy -- >> she is above the law is what was shown in that situation. you said he's an amateur, he is a horrible human being, a terrible person. when you criticize donald trump, there's a difference. there's not investigations around him. there's not creepy meetings on airplanes. there's not someone using an e-mail server to get around the
7:09 am
law and to have classified information that now has been put at risk and hacked into. that's a theme when you look at hillary clinton, her biggest vulnerabili vulnerability, ask bernie sanders, is trustworthy issues. >> let's look at the trustworthiness issue. donald trump and the speakers last night came out with raft after raft of statements that have been evaluated by fact checkers and found to be false. >> give me one. >> donald trump has 85% of -- >> give me one though. >> okay so chris christie comes out and says boko haram, when she was there, they started a twit campaign against boko haram. she left office in 2013. boko haram attacked in 2014. that twitter bring our daughtersback came in 2014. chris christie -- >> well, you asked me for examples, you have to let me -- >> yeah -- >> -- and chris cox saying she
7:10 am
wants to take your gaunsway -- >> it is. >> that is total b.s. -- >> it's not total b.s. -- >> there would be background checks -- >> hold on, let me say this, you can't say hillary clinton does not want to take away guns in america. >> i can tell you -- >> you're telling me she wants to -- >> she wants the right -- >> she doesn't want to take all guns -- >> i didn't say all guns -- >> to clarify what you're saying -- >> hillary clinton obviously, you can't tell me she's a pro-gun candidate. >> she believes in the second amendment. she does not want to take the second amendment away. >> wait a second -- >> no, no -- >> the point is -- >> even saying she wants to get rid of the second amendment -- >> let's stop this argument for just a moment. a lot of republicans still aren't aboard the trump train. if there's one unifying measure -- >> it's hillary clinton. >> it's hillary clinton. >> yeah. >> isn't that really the reason they keep talking about hillary clinton at this -- >> that is the -- >> because that is the single
7:11 am
unifying factor. there are still many republicans who aren't quite sure about donald trump. >> that's the reason you saw a theme last night -- >> but is that enough? >> yes, it is -- >> you're going to elect someone just because you hate the other person? >> it's not about the hate, it's the fact she's corrupt and above the law. democrats have the same feeling. that's why bernie sanders did so well. 70% of democrats in exit polls said they had a trust issue with hillary clinton. >> they also have a trust issue -- not a trust issue but they don't really like donald trump either -- >> governor -- >> the family has been rolled out, the people have not really gotten to know donald trump because of the circus of the primary but now they're seeing the kids coming out and talking about the man, melania coming out and talking about the man -- >> here's the thing -- i got this from larry, all trump's children are going to speak. that's unprecedented in history, right? the reason so many are speaking is because he can't get past
7:12 am
presidents to speak on his behalf -- >> i don't know -- >> i disagree -- >> here's what i really believe. >> someone like general petraeus standing up an and talking on his behalf. >> donald trump, you need to soften them. when you have children who are nonpolitical come out and -- it's just like the bush twins in 2004, they wanted to be involved in their father's campaign. and they weren't political. they were not as polished. but it comes across as authentic and real when a child talking about their father. >> i totally get it but there are six of them that are going to talk. >> well, i think though those are your best six surrogates. >> you need more than that. >> there are. >> i get that everybody's speaking to the base but the regular voter out there wants to know what are you going to do for me, not how much you hate hillary clinton. you guys have done that very, very well. but what are you going to do for me. and we haven't heard any --
7:13 am
>> you bring up a great point. the average voter wants something other than the establishment. that's why donald trump got the nomination. >> he may be the average base voter in the republican party -- there are a lot of democrats who really would like to see hillary clinton in office -- >> the reason why donald trump has become the nominee is because people do understand that he's an outsider, and they know what he says he's going to do in washington. you can't say his message through the entire campaign has not been that i am the complete opposite of hillary clinton or any other -- this idea that last night was maced opportunity. the people know exactly what donald trump says he's going to do in washington. that's why they like -- >> no, they don't -- >> you may not, but republicans do -- >> what is he going to do to create jobs in america -- >> i think it's clear what he said, bring american jobs back -- >> all right -- >> i disagree with that and only because i went out and talked to republicans here in the state of ohio. blue color republicans who have absolutely no idea about how he's going to bring jobs back to
7:14 am
ohio except renegotiate trade deals. as far as anything else, they really don't know because he hasn't talked about that at length -- >> you look at here in cleveland, look at steel, great example -- >> i get all of what you're saying, i'm saying from mr. trump himself i haven't heard specifically what he's going to do to bring jobs back. >> when he talks about how he's going to bring back the american advantage, that is a theme that is a reality for many americans when they look at industries that have disappeared -- >> i'm from michigan, i totally -- >> -- you say you understand how to do these deals and understand how to do the business deals -- >> so that's the only thing he's going to do? >> that's one. >> he'll have a chance on thursday -- >> -- donald trump gets the economy and that's why people are -- >> she's got specific plans to do that, including making sure trade is fair, but you go to her website and you see exactly -- >> i've got to end this here. >> we're only halfway through. >> wait. >> i'll be right back. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
7:15 am
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7:19 am
it is day three of the republican national convention. today's theme, make america first again. 16 people scheduled to speak tonight. among them, wisconsin governor scott walker, senator marco rubio will appear via video message. mike pence will appear at the podium as well as trump's son eric. i'm joined by jan brewer, trump supporter. let's talk about senator cruz. he's going to speak at the convention but he's not expected to endorse mr. trump, why not? >> i didn't know he was expected to not endorse him. i would think he would come forward tonight and have lovely
7:20 am
things to say about the trump campaign. they agree about a lot of things. they agree that the people need a voice. they agree on the economy. they agree on taxes. >> but it was very divisive primary campaign, mr. cruz said terrible things about trump's family. >> it was an interesting time on both sides of the aisle. >> do you think cruz does endorse trump? >> we certainly would hope and welcome that endorsement. i think after the convention, carol, that people will come forth because the alternative is so much -- >> but shouldn't the convention itself unify republicans? the unification shouldn't come after. >> i think after yb yesterday and the day before and after tonight you will see many people coming forward. i've talked to them myself. you know, i'm from arizona and there was a big divide in arizona.
7:21 am
they've tossed it in, they're going. >> i have noticed senator mccain is not here, right. >>, you know, and i'm a supporter of john mccain, i've endorsed him, he's out there and he's campaigning. he's got a primary and he's very concerned about it, as we all should be when we run for re-election. >> but had mr. trump not kind of disrespected his war service, do you think that senator john mccain would have been here? >> no. i don't. i think john is a really hard campaigner. when he's running for election, of which he has done very successfully in the past, he's out there, a man with unbelievable energy and just goes, goes, goes. i've campaigned with him. he is a people person. >> involved in a very tight race, i do know that. the ohio governor john kasich, i mean, republicans have to deliver the state of ohio where they're not likely to win the presidency, right? so i'd just like you to listen
7:22 am
to why john kasich says he won't be here basically. >> i am thrilled to be in cleveland. i'm having the time of my life. it's just not for me to go. because that's not where i think i need to be in terms of what i have stood for through the presidential campaign. >> you know, he's still concerned about the negative of the campaign. he still doesn't feel comfort about mr. trump or where mr. trump stands on issues that he's passion nad about. won't that hurt mr. trump if he doesn't have at least some nice words from ohio's governor? >> well, i really like john kasich, i think he's a great guy. i served with him. he has done a wonderful job in congress. and in ohio. so i would hope that john mccain, that john kasich would
7:23 am
get on board. i think he would be very, very helpful. >> is he wrong not to show up here? >> i think that as republicans, once the nominee has been chosen, that everybody should get on board and support them to the best of their ability and their capacity. >> do you think for the good of the republican party that john kasich should show up here and at least voice some support for a republican who voters put here in the first place? >> well, i think it's unusual to come to a state where the national party is holding their convention and not be here. his opposition must run very, very deep. but, you know, there's still time -- >> doesn't that concern you? >> it does concern me. i really like john. he could do so much for the republican party if he would get -- >> should mr. trump call him up and say hey, john, let's put our differences aside, come to the convention? >> i think that would be grand, i think that would be wonderful. i'd probably do that if it were
7:24 am
up to me and maybe something i would suggest to the trump campaign. but sometimes people, they dig themselves in -- >> is that what it is? what would it take to get john kasich here? >> you know, people reaching out to him. i mean, i could probably try to reach out to him or text him or something, say, hey, john. but i think that some of these issues that are well known have run deep. but when we leave here this week and we get back out there, i think we will see everybody really coming together. i think some of these deep hurts will be gone. i do. i hope. i do. i want everybody to be unified. we want to win this election. we're going to win this election. >> jan brewer, thanks for stopping by. >> thank you, carol, thank you. >> still to come in the "newsroom," newt gingrich
7:25 am
defends melania's speech by saying democrats borrow language too. we'll talk about that next. mobility is very important to me. that's why i use e*trade mobile. it's on all my mobile devices, so it suits my mobile lifestyle. and it keeps my investments fully mobile... even when i'm on the move. sign up at and get up to six hundred dollars.
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7:29 am
and good morning, i'm carol costello, live at the republican national convention in beautiful cleveland, ohio, thank you so much for joining me. newt gingrich now weighing in on the plagiarism controversy surrounding melania trump's convention speech.
7:30 am
moments ago, gingrich dismissed the firestorm and pointed the finger right at the media. >> monday night, there was this controversy because there were these strikingly similar lines from michelle obama's speech. you think that's a problem? >> it makes me disgusted with the news media because she gives a long speech, okay -- >> wait a minute, why is it the media's fault? >> because the vice president of the united states stole entire speeches from kennedy. obama lifted entire sections of his speech from the governor of massachusetts. but after all, they're liberal democrats. nobody said joe biden ought to step down because he's a plagiarist. >> those other politicians have gotten called out too. is it a problem for donald trump this happened and no one is willing to say, you know what, there was a mistake -- >> who cares. the fact is, melania gave a good
7:31 am
speech. she is stunningly attractive. she's stunningly articulate. most of the people criticizing her can't speak five languages. she introduced herself in a way that's attractive. she's obviously very passionate about america and she introduced her husband. instead of saying in the middle of an extraordinary triumphful moment, there's a glitch. the glitch becomes the story. >> all right. newt gingrich with his thoughts on melania trump's speech. newt gingrich said a lot of interesting stuff. >> at least he did say "it was a glitch." that's the closest admission we've had. it was a glitch. >> it's just unimportant in newt gingrich's mind. i was talking to jan brewer, talking about how disappointed she was in the lack of republican unity at this convention. we talk a little bit about senator cruz. she was hoping ted cruz would come out with an endorsement for
7:32 am
trump tonight. >> so her wish may come true. we are going to show the rest of the interview as the day goes on. newt gingrich predicts that ted cruz probably will endorse donald trump tonight. >> really? >> and that he says the rnc -- he does not think has seen cruz's speech yet, but he thinks that's where it's going to go and he predicts the place will go crazy so -- >> interesting. okay, so on -- is newt gingrich disappointed he didn't get the vp spot and does he want a role in the trump cabinet? >> well, you know, he claims he's not disappointed. he has this line about donald trump didn't need two big personalities. up until today, he has said no, no, no, i'm very busy, my plate is full, but today he changed his tune. but he does not want a cabinet position, a traditional one. he wants to be in charge of fixing the government.
7:33 am
the government czar. all new position. not sure he's discussed it with donald trump yet. so word to donald trump, if you win, you have a government czar in waiting. >> well, that's interesting, because he has been critical of donald trump, right, of his campaign, and some of the things he says that don't sound so presidential. maybe he just wants to help donald trump pivot. >> unlike some of the others who have been much more -- newt gingrich doesn't mince words. he called done nald trump a gif amateur and i asked him whether he's gone from amateur to professional, can he be president, and he said he really thinks he's gifted, he stressed that word, but he said trump still needs to pivot, to reach out to women, to hispanics, in order to close the deal. >> interesting. well, i look forward to hearing the rest of your interview on cnn this afternoon.
7:34 am
thank you so much. you heard newt gingrich sidestep the question about melania's speech, although he did say it was a glitch. trump's campaign chairman still praying defense. listen to him spar with chris cuomo. >> it's about the truth and that's all it's about. the language came from michelle obama's speech. >> the truth is the words -- the truth is the feelings that were expressed by melania trump that night, which you don't want to focus on. it was the message she was communicating. that's the truth. >> of course i want to focus on it. we say she gave a good speech. we say it was compelling. >> then move on. >> the words were the same as michelle obama -- >> then move on -- >> but i can't move on. because you keep lying about it, so i can't move on from it. because i have to -- >> chris i'm not lying about anything. >> -- what is true. did the language, did a portion of the language of that speech come from michelle obama's speech, yes or no? >> as far as we're concerned, there are similar words that were used. we've said that. but the feelings of those words, and the commonalty of those words do not create a situation
7:35 am
which we feel we have to agree with you. >> okay, so here is what we're learning about melania's speech today. multiple sources are telling us the writing process started last month when trump son-in-law enlisted two speechwriters to start crafting melania's message. they handed over a draft to the trump campaign, one that did not contain any parallels whatsoever to michelle obama's 2008 speech. we're told that speech was very well received by the trump campaign. but then they were never contacted again by melania trump. what happened next is something of a mystery. the speech melania delivered was entirely different from that original draft. it is still unclear who is responsible for that. jackie, you're also a cnn political analyst.
7:36 am
>> thank you very much. >> all right, so we keep talking about this. we're curious as to how did this happen, right. we know jared kushner, run things for the trump campaign. they wrote a speech, gave it to melania trump, and who knows what happened from there. >> when someone in the immediate circle makes a mistake, that usually means it's the principal's fault whatever offending language ended in there. we don't know that for sure. but it certainly seems to be the case. >> you can't fire melania trump. >> it's all about feelings, not about words that words don't really matter it she spent quite
7:37 am
a lot of time going over it, where she was sort of adapting, but no one has yet drawn some sort of line between her being on the internet. there's no word that has occurred -- >> i think you want speeches to be in your own words and reflective of what you feel but the curious thing is why didn't anyone vet it before she delivered it or did they. >> there isn't a whole lot, so that's not unusual for the environment we're in but i think one of the most fascinating parts, if the campaign said this was a mistake, we're sorry, move on. we'd probably still be talking
7:38 am
about it two days later. it creates this long story. that probably could have gone away easily. >> making it clear all the responses are designed to protect melania, he will not have her hung out to try in any way. that's why you see paul manafort and the others refusing to go there. the problem is it keeps the story alive. there's no willingness to -- >> when you put it that way, he's protecting his wife, that would resonate -- >> that would resonate, absolutely. i think that -- i mean, the concern, too, is the campaign is still sort of so small bones. unlike hillary who has this whole speech writing staff and research and vetting that goes on in speeches. in this instance, they're working on don jr.'s speech,
7:39 am
ivan ivanka's, melania's, to be frank, rushing through a lot of this. but it is interesting, they don't want to admit, a struggle from donald trump from the get go, mistakes. they don't want to acknowledge, okay, something may have gone wrong with the perfect spouse. >> so will this go away after tomorrow you think? we're going to hear probably another powerful speech from eric trump because donald trump jr.'s speech was frankly quite good. and ivanka trump will introduce her father and we expect her speech to be terrific as well so once all this happens, won't all this go away? >> i think it could. i think it's a broader problem with the trump campaign, they will not admit faults. they will not admit any sort of -- anything went wrong here. until they do something like that, this is going to be playing out in another form. >> next week, the democratic convention will be a lot of comparisons between what they think will this be perfectly rolled out convention with all these big speechers versus the
7:40 am
republican, you know, sort of ups and downs. like this becomes a data point for that kind of a story. >> all right, interesting. we'll look forward to philadelphia for that. thank you for stopping by. still to come in the "newsroom," a major shake-up coming to fox news. we'll have the bombshell report next. happy anniversary dinner, darlin' can this much love be cleaned by a little bit of dawn ultra? oh yeah. one bottle has the grease cleaning power of two bottles of this bargain brand. a drop of dawn and grease is gone. callinall all self-motivated self-starters. drive with uber and put a dollar sign in front of your odometer. like this guy. technically i'm a cook. sign up here. drive a few hours a day. make $300 a week. actually it's a little bit more than that. that's extra buy-you-stuff money. or buy-them-stuff money. calling all early risers, nine-to-fivers and night owls. with uber-a little drive goes a long way. start earning this week.
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♪ ♪
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♪ the new 2017 ford fusion is here. it's the beauty of a well-made choice. ♪ the top boss at fox news could soon be on his way out. ceo roger ailes is in talks to leave the network after damning allegations of sexual harassment from his female staff including of course gretchen carlson. joining me now, senior media correspondent brian stelter. >>er in thought we'd be saying
7:45 am
this but roger ailes will be leaving in the coming days. it's now down to negotiations over what the press release says. >> it's definitely true, he's on his way out? >> sources close to the family which own 21st century fox say he's leaving. it could be today, could be tomorrow, could even be next week. he may get a face-to-face with rupert muberbert mu dock, the b news. when there is an agreement it will be announced by 21st century fox. this is so significant, especially during the convention. because before ailes changed television, better or worse, depending on how you feel, he changed politics. he was campaign strategist for nixon and reagan. then he founded fox news and created this conservative media powerhouse and everyone wonders what it will be like without him. >> maybe it's better for fox this is happening now because people are focusing on the
7:46 am
convention. >> i heard that from an anchor there this morning, they're kind of distracted by the story of the donald trump nomination and they won't process what's happened with their boss until they get back to new york. >> what's the thing that, you know, the upper echelon wanted to get rid of roger ailes? >> there are two factors. one are the sexual allegations, not just from gretchen carlson who's suing but others. they same time, the murdochs are ready for a change. the sons who are taking power in the company are not as big fans. they don't agree with his conservative politics. some people believe fox news has hurt the united states by further dividing people, polarizing the country. there's lots of fans of fox too. the sons might want a slightly more moderate fox news. we'll see how it changed in the future. >> brian stelter, thank you so much. high-profile donors with deep pockets are skipping out on the gop convention and donald trump. but my next guest is not.
7:47 am
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we're now just days away from knowing who hillary clinton's running mate will be. right now, clinton is holed up behind these gates in her home in new york. here's a look at the short list. two names are flying high above the rest. virginia senator tim kaine, agricultural secretary tom vilsack. we'll keep you posted. many top conservative donors and businesses are skipping out on the republican national convention and refusing to back the nominee. that includes the wealthy koch brothers, hedge fund manager paul singer and businesses from
7:52 am
apple to wells fargo. billionaire donor foster fries joins me now to talk about this and more. glad to have you here. >> it's an honor to be here. this is pretty exciting. those speeches last night. rudy giuliani's speech. i texted hip, i said, rudy, you have a gift. >> i think that's an understatement, he was very enthusiastic. >> wonderful, wonderful man. >> let's talk about these big donors sitting on the sidelines. >> we, i don't think they're unsure about donald trump. i think they're unsure about the machinations that could have occurred yesterday on the floor of the convention. now that's been resolved. i think there's going to be a huge movement. you know, john kasich for example, he's not here, but he's still young, so he'll grow out of this, you know, i hear you talk about american heroes and john mccain who went through
7:53 am
torture, think about what a real american that guy is. as much as he was abused by donald trump, he's still saying he's going to endorse, support the candidate. >> but he's not here. he's not physically here. >> right, but i think the fact that mccain sets an example for what a true american patriot is. he rides for the brand. that's what all of us have to do. >> don't you think trump needs to say that about mccain? >> well, i think the damage was that mccain people might stay home but the damage has been repaired by the fact that john mccain says look, what's best for america. a lot of things people upset about trump are what he said. the things upset about hillary clinton is what she did. i think when this campaign comes out and brings out the clinton foundation. charles krauthammer wrote this unbelievable article that the money goes into the canadian
7:54 am
donation where you don't have to release the donors, it's anonymous. they take the money, send it to clinton foundation, and then the clinton foundation, i don't know what they do with it. somehow the clintons have a $200 million net worth from being broke in '99. but then hillary clinton approves, what, 20% ur rannian deposits get sold because of state department approval -- >> i haven't vetted any of that, so if that's what is in his column, what he's put forth publicly. i think the republican base already dislines clinton, right. so now the party has to move on un unify behind its candidates. >> you're right. >> so you have john kasich not showing up. senator cruz is going to speak. newt gingrich sort of intimated he might but we don't know that. how important is a ted cruz endorsement? >> i think, carol, what's more important, is all the people
7:55 am
donald trump is bringing to the people. plumbers, electrician, welders, farmers. the republican party's going back to what is originally should be. looking out for the little guy. i grew up in a little town of 5,000 people. came out with $800 -- i've been an underdog my life so i love the underdog spirit. >> you're describing john kasich for example, he's an underdog for himself and those things should attract him to donald trump but he's not attracted to donald trump. >> i don't think so much -- a lot of these people, kush nelly, mike lee, someone told me they have a different gender, they are more interested in trying to get a conservative, ie, ted cruz, in future years. so the way they think that, to position themselves is by getting these rule changes so the republican party has to have only closed primaries. now, that's -- >> so is that part of john kasich's strategy? not exactly that, but if he's going to run for president, he can't really put -- >> if john kasich wants to run for president, there's no way
7:56 am
that can possibly happen in my book when he's alienated -- i was visiting with ohio residents. they're embarrassed. his constituency is embarrassed. this is his home state. why isn't he riding for the brand? not the trump brand, but the american brand? america's future is at stake in this election. we've got a -- we've got to make it happen. >> foster friess, always a pleasure. >> carol, i'm just so thrilled to be here, thank you so much, god bless you. >> god bless you back, thank you so much for being here. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour" starts right after a break.
7:57 am
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we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place for our children to live. together, we're building a better california. hillary clinton lying to the american people. what's your verdict? >> are we willing to elect someone as president who has as their role model somebody who acknowledged lucifer. >> let's take our fight to opponents with better ideas. let's win this thing. >> my father is so friendly, so considerate, so funny and


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