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tv   Americas Choice 2016  CNN  July 20, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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>> plagiarism is plagiarism. i'm glad they admitted it, get it off the table. >> inadvertent error. >> plagiarism is plagiarism. but you make a mistake, admit it. >> thanks very much. that's it for me. i'm back at 5:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room." the news continues next right here on cnn. here we go, top of the hour. live in cleveland, ohio. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you so much for being with me. we have definitely an exciting hour ahead of you. we are talking planes, helicopters, donald trump, mike pence, you name it. day three, rnc. breaking news here though. we are learning that the writer who wrote melania trump's speech that contained
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plagiarized passages has offered her apology. much more on that. but first, live pictures from the skies. the republican presidential nominee will make an entrance unlike any other thus far in the convention. the first night he walked through smoke to queen's "we are the champions." the second he appeared via satellite there in trump tower. now mr. trump is on board this plane. he will be emerging. once he lands here in cleveland, hopping on a chopper, as one does, and then rolls in for tho big welcome event with the man he's chosen to be on the ticket, mike pence. trump is landing at a tiny airport nearby here. as we watch the approach, he has just about touched down. you know we're going to stay on this live because it is fun. we're watching for the man of the hour. here you go. the trump plane, touching down
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here in cleveland. this is a huge, huge day for him because this is the mega day when he will be standing later this evening on the podium here at the quicken loans arena introducing to the rest of the wror world who he has chosen to be on his dikt. we also have live pictures once he exits this plane he will jump on a helicopter to greet mike pence who will be traveling to the location via motorcade. we'll be watching. we know some of his adult children, don jr., eric trump is there, lots and lots of people waiting for his arrival. that is where -- let's just get straight to martin savidge. he is watching from that chopper landing location over at the science center.
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martin, big crowd. >> reporter: it's a good crowd. music blaring. that's a good sign we're getting close to something here. we did just see trump's 757 pass right by this position on final approach into the airport there. the distance from where he's landed to where the helicopter will touch down is about 800 yards. so it shouldn't be a long helicopter flight unless he decides to take a couple of laps around the cleveland skyline which he could do. but we've already seen family on hand. we've got a crowd of supporters that are on hand. he said that his running mate is also on hand, mike pence, so we've got an eye out for them. it should be quite an entrance. not just one but two landings in cleveland in the span of a few minutes. we definitely know that donald trump is a man that knows how to make an entrance, brooke. >> all right. martin, we'll stay with you as we'll watch for him to head from one mode of transportation to the next.
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we can tell you that mike pence is in this crowd, i'm told. there he is in the middle of the screen, governor mike pence awaiting mr. trump. i have jim acosta also standing by. tell me where you are and what you are seeing. >> reporter: hi, brooke, that's right. i'm standing not too far from where martin is. he has a better view, i would say, than what i have. this one might get a little better in a few moments. as you mentioned, trump's plane came through here a few moments ago, trump force one, as it is called. he'll chopper over here and rendezvous with his running mate, mike pence. we expect that to happen just behind me. we're waiting to find out whether or not he is going to make a few comments, donald trump, that is. it all sort of depends on if they lower the volume of this blaring music that they're playing right now. but donald trump is arriving in cleveland not only as the republican nominee, brooke, but to a host of new questions. obviously there is this whole issue of whether or not ted cruz, the texas senator, his old rival will offer up some kind of endorsement tonight.
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there's also the saga over melania trump's speech on monday night. trump has just put out a statement on that explaining that a speech writer for the trump organization was the person responsible for those passages, plagiarized passages that appeared in melania trump's speech. then of course there is a new flare-up in the fight between donald trump and john kasich, the ohio governor, who is refusing to attend this convention here. so as melania trump said the other night, brooke, it would not be a trump contest without some drama and excitement. but if he lands here, when he lands here and rendezvouses with his running mate, mike pence, we'll be wondering if he'll take a couple of questions. we'll be ready to see if that happens but that should all unfold behind us in a few minutes. i'll stand out of the way, as we zoom in, you can see mike pence and mrs. pence moving toward us. they're standing just below first energy stadium where the cleveland browns play. we're right out in front of the science museum here in cleveland. and behind the pences, you can see ivanka trump, you can see
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eric trump, tiffany trump, other members of the trump family. donald trump jr. so this is a real moment of unity for these two men. both top and bottom of this republican ticket. i think in a way, brooke, this is a way for donald trump and mike pence to say, okay, now this is really our convention. you have some speakers on monday night. you had speakers or erers on tu night but tonight we'll here the vice presidential running mate. tomorrow night we'll hear from donald trump. we might how donald trump is, all bets are off. this ticket really coming together in its own here in cleveland. >> jim acosta, thank you so much for the play by play. we'll stay on the picture. i have a mega panel, just take my word for it. i've got about eight people standing by on the full political spectrum but we have to take a moment.
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let me just begin with you, your man knows how to make an entrance, doesn't he? >> this is big, bold and beautiful. we're doing right now what he wants all of us to do. >> talk about him. >> waiting for his emerging from the plane, waiting for him to get on the helicopter, waiting for him to buzz the tower as he jumps around earlier today. this is what donald trump wants and he's getting what he wants. i think it is going to be great. >> thoughts? room nati ruminations? >> the donald trump entrance is the most entertaining part of the get tom selleck in the magnum helicopter -- >> here we are. >> i'm hoping he'll be lower down, like on a rope. that will be good. i'm interested for his main trick tonight which will be drinking a glass of water whi while while
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pence speaks. >> what will trump say tonight, what will pence say. he's also got to sell him on why he really is the right pick. >> if he hasn't sold it to him already, it's too late. what he's got to do is sell it to the american people. tell them that there is message discipline, that there is a sense of where this ticket wants to go. one of the things we haven't heard at all is there is a philosophy of governance. what we know is they want hillary clinton in jail. but other than that, it is not clear what they want to do. so tonight is a big flight for them to set the destination of the ticket. >> i think pence is actually a decent person to do that job. the question is will donald trump upstage him while calling into another show while this is going on. that really is the question. >> the other night he called in to fox. craig dunn, you are so important in this conversation.
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as a republican -- i'm being told, no, craig is on a stakeout for now. david, to you. talk about the picture, the plane, the chopper, the entrance. >> we've spent so much time talking about these speeches and what people say. conventions are also about images. pageantry. and donald trump is the king of images and pageantry. frankly, even with this helicopter/train/planes/ automobiles entrance, it takes a little bit of the coverage away from it the plagiarism controversy that's been dominating cable news all week. trump has always overcome a media narrative, i think. i think even if convention -- even though this convention has been rocky for two days, maybe it is rocky tonight, i think he can change it with one big speech tomorrow night. because rarely do you remember a monday or tuesday night of convention history. it is all about thursday night and trump has the ability to completely change the narrative. >> there's been a lot of news on the speech writing bit.
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just in the last hour. sara murray, talk to us about this speech writer who's totally fallen on her sword and how the trump campaign has responded to her. >> well, it is really interesting, because for days the trump campaign has been saying they're not going to name the people who were involved in this, we've seen paul manafort out there saying melania didn't crib lines from michelle obama's speech despite the fact they were word for word in a couple of days. but today, there is a speech writer for the trump organization, she's done speeches for them, who came out with this statement. she essentially said, look, this is my fault, i'm responsible for this. she says she worked with melania on this speech and melania really admired michelle obama. she says she spoke over the phone. i'll read a little bit from her statement. "over the phone she, melania, read me some passages from mrs. obama's speech as examples. i wrote them down and later included some of the phrasing in the draft that ultimately became the final speech. i did not check mrs. obama's speeches. that was my mistake and i feel
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terrible for the chaos i have caused. now, she goes on to say that she actually offered to resign from the trump organization, and that donned and melania trump would not accept that resignation saying that people make innocent mistakes and they learn from them. that should still -- why did they wait and drive it into day three of donald trump's convention. >> tim, we were talking before the show started to you and other folks have said, sort of the lead or headline of all of that is the fact that melania trump, whose husband is the republican nominee's role model is the democratic first lady. >> yes. the best form of flattery is imitation. that's unbelievable. the second thing i'd like to say
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is that this speech writer has actually thrown melania under the bus because she's saying th. she's basically saying melania trump gave me these words. i had no idea she plagiarized them. so this is the weirdest, weirdest statement i could imagine. it is bewildering, actually. >> actually interesting to me these are the least offensive thing said from the stage yet was actually something that michelle obama said first. we're not going to talk about anything else. >> i want you to respond to all this. >> it all seems, you have someone like melania trump, someone not well versed in politics or well versed in political speeches. it turned out she grew her inspiration from someone who was in this position before. she had someone who was supposed to check. obviously the speech writer didn't do her job.
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she offered her resignation. i think trump campaign is doing what the media asked for. accept responsibility, move on. pence's big speech is tonight. move forward. >> back to you, sara murray. because not only do we have that in the news -- this is a huge wednesday, folks. we also have a bit of news on the governor of the state who, when you talk to the trump campaign they're calling him a no-show. by the way, you got to win ohio when you look at history in order to win in november. sara murray, what is this reporting now between governor kasich and mr. trump some months ago? >> brooke, there are so many story lines coming in to this convention today. one of the more unusual ones that we're hearing is after john kasich dropped out of the race, there was apparently a phone call between one of john kasich's senior advisors and donald trump jr. and we're being told that by sources close to john kasich in which donald trump jr. was saying would he be
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interested in doing this, he would be in charge of domestic and foreign policy. this eventually led to donald trump and john kasich on the phone together in which john kasich sort of made it clear that they seemed to have very differing approaches to governing and to campaigning. he suggested that donald trump might want to read one of his speeches during the campaign. that really seems to be where it became very clear that they would not be a good match, that john kasich was not interested in this. now we have not heard an official comment from the trump campaign on this but just to give you a little bit of a sense of the background here, brooke, this is coming at a time where relationships between the kasich camp and the trump camp are very tough at the moment. paul manafort went out earlier in the week and said john kasich is very popular in ohio, is embarrassing his state by not showing up at the convention. that's made things much worse at this point between these two parties. this is a state that donald
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trump is going to have to win. he's all-in on his rust belt strategy and it may not have been the best move for the trump campaign to be out here insut g i insulting the ohio governor. but we'll see what the polls show at the end of this week. >> you have that story line emerging. that reporting between kasich and the trump camp. you have what we're learning about melania trump and this speech writer. you also have the question, will ted cruz, who essentially got silver in this whole race, who got under trump's skin a little bit, will he endorse trump as he really has the spotlight on the main stage this evening. here we go. i spot a chopper. listen. we're doing exactly what the trump camp wants us to do. all eyes on trump. we went from an airplane, now to this chopper which is landing. so just again -- if you're just joining us, trump chopper on the right. i see applause.
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you see mike pence there in the middle of the screen. bunch of the trump children, pence family, they're standing by, watching and waiting to have mr. trump land. this is part of a big welcome because really today is mike pence's day. this is a day that they will emerge on that stage this evening together listening to my panelists be with we're all watching, i'm hearing some chuckles. but again, this man knows how to make an entrance. brian stelter, having fun? >> i'm sitting here thinking we can mock this, we're covering this, but this is the message. this is the trump campaign's message. you were saying there is no philosophy we are a hearing. i think the philosophy is, what would you do if you had a plane? what would you do if you had a helicopter? you would fly in. part of the message from the trump campaign is money -- >> i'd have a helicopter? >> but the helicopter means something. >> i want to know how much he's going to charge the campaign for that transportation. a lot of the campaign spending was to trump enterprises.
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like i mean i wonder if he's not being a savvy businessman. >> that's part of the message of this helicopter as well. >> whatever it costs, it's worth it. >> if barack obama had a helicopter -- >> we'd be on it. >> i'm just waiting for him to do a nixon wave when he gets out of the helicopter. that would be a fine touch. >> it's the brand. the brand is -- it is more just the trump brand. in this story about kasich where they said you can handle foreign and domestic policy, kasich then allegedly says what would you do? he says he would make america great again. that's the brand. >> he would fly on marine one. >> he's the official spokes model for america. he is the brand ambassador for america. which he does embody a certain kind of america. that's the people -- actually, it was funny -- i am really looking foord to seeing how people react to him. but talking to people who are
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actual delegates, they are not the same as the trump rally. >> that's a great point. >> i think the support has been absolutely tremendous. i don't know what you're hearing. >> well, okay. >> you even have some delegates coming out -- >> they support him. >> wait, i think you're misunderstanding me. it is not that they don't support him. i'm saying this is literally a different crowd than a trump rally. >> it is not a mega, screaming rally. lot of young people. it is a different crowd. it is a little bit feeling. >> it is literally not the same people. it is not the same demographic. >> i'm saying it is a different kind of rally. >> the test will be tomorrow night. first two nights, look, between 10:00 and 11:00, people start emptying out and going to parties. if that arena floor is empty for
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trump, then i think that's big. >> here we go. he's landed. take a moment. look at the crowd. and watch the chopper land. i mean to rock 'n' roll. this is how trump rolls. >> a lot of people in the crowd are the new york delegation. i know a couple of states might have been primarily made up of delegates and alternate. >> the whole thing's been unorthodox and it's done really well for his out of the box. >> i wonder what a candidate four or eight years from now may learn from donald trump.
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it looks like something out of the start of the "apprentice" on reality tv. >> next week we're going to see a robotic entrance by hillary clinton with her focus group, political wave. >> the next president of the united states, mr. donald trump j. trump! [ dramatic music ] ♪ ♪
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[ dramatic music ] ♪ ♪
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[ dramatic music ] ♪ zblr thank you, everybody. this is really an honor. we're going to win ohio. right? we're going to win ohio. we're going to win it all. we're going to make america great again. that's what we want to do. but the last time i got accused of speaking a little bit long so this time we're going to speak a lot short but i just wanted to introduce a man who's become a friend mine, somebody who's going to make an unbelievable vice president of the united states, governor mike pence. >> let's hear it for the next president of the united states of america, donald trump! [ cheers and applause ] >> it is such an honor to join your family to welcome you to cleveland. we're excited to hear your presentation tomorrow more. exciting to hear more from your
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family tonight. and i'm convinced what begins in cleveland will end in the white house! thank you and god bless you and welcome to cleveland! >> thank you very much, mike. i just want to also congratulate don and tiffany and eric is going to have his shot tonight and eric's going to be great. an ivanka tomorrow night. and my whole family. karen, i just want to say your whole family is an incredible family and we love having you with us in this endeavor. hopefully we'll do an amazing job for country most importantly. and kids, congratulations. fantastic job. thank you. >> thank, everybody. we'll go and start working. >> for those of you wondering with that theme song was, that was a theme song from air force on big, dramatic entrance.
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now you have the big day for governor pence. i have my entire panel here. we've been watching from the airplane to the hospital to now here on ot ground, new york delegation there on the ground to greet them. entire family. minus melania trump. do you think that was a good move not to have her there? just brush it off shoulder and roll on past cleveland? >> i don't know. but like i said, the person who had the role in all this, the speech writer, came out and said i take responsibility. whole campaign's trying to move forward. the focus clearly what we're seeing right now is on governor pence tonight. that's who he greeted immediately when he got off the plane. i'd love to be a fly on the wall with camp clinton right now. i imagine they're sitting around a booth chuckling a little bit but at heart i think they're realizing that they can't compete with this. this is very difficult to compete with the amount of coverage that this is getting, the presidential nature of all this. he essentially looks like he
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came off air force one on his helicopter. they can't compete with this without -- probably spending taxpayer money to do it with the president. i think it is a great message. >> i was wondering, this reminds me of something, the swelling music. the arrival by helicopter -- apocalypse now. that's where i go with this. but other people may feel differently. >> i'm also happy to move past the melania stuff because it was the least offensive thing that's been said at this convention. there are things that are far more worrisome to me. i'm hopeful that pence will get a chance to talk about had is record tonight which is a record that i think some of the american people feel deeply uncomfortable. one of the reasons trump has been able to appeal to some swing voters is that he's been a social moderate authority. he sort of had an interesting evolution on reproductive rights, let's say.
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and pence has a strong record that will appeal to a lot of perhaps fear but it is incredibly conservative. >> craig dunn, republican chairman, indiana's fourth congressional district, indiana delegate and a kasich supporter. craig dunn, first i'd just love to have you react to this entrance by mr. trump and mr. pence but also governor pence, the man, the record and what he needs to say tonight. >> well, we've got a saying in indiana when we're talking about a good hunting dog, that "this dog will hunt." it's never been trur wier than a governor like mike pence. he can get the job done. indiana's proven it time and time again under mike pence. we've had a tax cut every year he's been in office. we lead the midwest in economic growth. in fact we have greater job situation right now in indiana than ever in our history before. so we're really excited to see governor pence help out the trump team on a national level, bring the great indiana success
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story to the people of the united states. >> what about to anna marie's point, as a dem on the panel, the fact that looking at governor pence's record, and some of his issues, how he has -- what he said in years past on the far, far right, yes, it will play well with the base in a place like cleveland here this week, but in the next couple of months when you're trying to grab those folks in the middle, may not sit well. >> well, i think if you look at a situation that the united states doesn't all live on the east and west coast. there is a lot of people between those two coasts that actually do appreciate family values and the more traditional values that makes the republican party great. i think mike pence is is not just going to be some sort of a polarizing person. he wasn't brought on the ticket for that reason. he was brought on the ticket to reassure social conservatives that the trump ticket was
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serious about maintaining those social values. sure, there's going to be people that disagree with governor pence on certain issues. i've been one in the past myself. but by and large, you are getting a top-quality vice presidential candidate. no matter what you'd like to say about mike pence, he is a first class individual and family guy. his word is his bond and he brings a sense of humility and of humor to anything that he does from a political standpoint. and i think if you judge by the quality of the man, the people of the united states will be very happy with him as their vice president. >> mr. dunn, stay with me. let me also bring in the panel. because another big question. ted cruz who real ly did seem t get under mr. trump's skin. he's extended this offer to speak prime time. he said heck, yes, i'll take that. thank you very much. we don't know if he'll endorse.
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do you think he will? >> i think ted cruz has always tended to be a little too cute by half and to want to walk a line. i hold out the possibility that he will not actually endorse from the stage and he will do a rousing speech. i think his supporters still have a bit of a chip on their shoulder about donald trump and i think he's going to be able to say i'm smart enough to walk this line and i can please everybody at the same time. we'll see what happens. maybe i'm wrong. >> at the rally just now trump supporters booed when they saw trump's plane coming in. >> ted cruz is having a rally right now, thanking delegates. he has been working the network of the republican party all week. tom cotton, senator from arkansas, has hit almost every delegation, had a big breakfast. cruz is very active. scott walker is active. these guys have both feet and both hands. they want to seem as loyal as they can but not going whole hog and be completely tied down to
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donald trump if he goes up in flames in november. i've had republicans say to me, 2020 is going to be a harder election for hillary clinton. 2016, fine. but 2020, watch her try to get re-elected and have 16 straight years of democrats. >> i would say i completely agree with this. in some ways this is an unfortunate situation for hillary because she's not having to work as hard as she might have to to beat donald trump. she's able to play to her own strengths in this regard. all she has to be is the adult in the room and she's probably going to woin. and this is an opportunity for the rnc to learn some lessons. >> i feel like they've had a lot of shots at that. often refuse to learn it. but this might do it. i guess you're right. i think -- >> i think you are right about hillary as well, that she needs to present as the adult in the
11:31 am
room. >> i can hit pause? i know we have amazing voices here. there is so much going on on this wednesday. we've seen airplanes, choppers, donald trump, we've seen governor pence. we have so much to talk about. don't move, we'll be right back.
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our party now has a nominee. and i don't know -- >> boo! no! >> all right. that was pretty well orchestrated. [ laughter ] but jess, did you e-mail them to fly the plane right when i said that? >> oh, my goodness. this is amazing.
11:36 am
ted cruz there. pointing out that he got this close of maybe taking this nomination away from mr. trump, cue the trump plane buzzing the tower. >> we know he's on ground. we're talking about the incredible entrance here of donald trump, his running mate mike pence, meeting him on ground. that's what happened. we'll roll it back for you. meantime, a lot of other themes today including the governor of state, john kasich who, too, once upon a time wanted to be here as the nominee instead. here is the news. this is what we learned according to governor kasich sources that in the search for trump's vice president, that trump's son, don jr., actually reached out to senior aide on the kasich team to see if governor kasich would be interested. apparently in the initial conversation, according to the sources, don jr. said kasich
11:37 am
would be in full charge of all domestic and foreign policy and that if he agreed on, according to "the new york times" reporting, apparently this aide then asked back to don jr., well then what would mr. trump be in charge of, and the response was, well, he'd make america great again. the trump folks today saying this is absolutely entirely false. alex burns, thoughts? >> hey, brooke, think what you've seen today and for the last few days just how awkward it is for the republican party to try to unite behind donald trump. this news about the overtures from the trump campaign to governor kasich to try to bring him inside the tent clearly were not well received and turned into something of an embarrassment to this point. kasich and now ted cruz over the
11:38 am
last few days speak in ways that their supporters see as a tacit signal that they are looking to 2020 as opposed to trying to rally the party. you've had boos from trump supporters to congressional leaders like mitch mcconnell and paul ryan and for governor kasich's name when it was submitted on the floor of the convention. you have this heroic effort from trump and his allies to try to project this image of a strong and unified party but, brooke, the reality is, it is just not there yet. >> not only in that you talk about the bad blood that is sort of bubbling right now in cleveland because apparently they didn't actually -- the trump team didn't go far as officially vetting governor kasich but some documents were put together and to quote this i guess trump campaign, kasich's vetting read like a trashy novel. that's what we're hearing now, and also look at the timing here. this is the vice president's day, this is mike pence's day and this is when all of this is coming out. joe, care to respond.
11:39 am
>> i don't think it is surprising the trump campaign maybe had informal conversation with team kasich about being vice president. that was something kind of widely reported anyway. i don't want to speak about alex's reporting, your friend, but i highly deny donald trump jr. would actually say that. >> make america great again line? >> yeah. why would you say that someone who's not even an ally with the campaign. so i doubt that is accurate. as far as governor kasich overall, despite how he feels about donald trump, we've seen so many polls here in ohio where he's doing good, if not outright beating secretary clinton without spending a dollar. so it's one of those moments where leave, follow, get out of the way, governor kasich. i would say at this point, get out of the way. >> i was going to say, i don't think dick cheney was given that offer in 2000. this is not the first time that an offer -- let's assume that an offer like this was made. ronald reagan's people offered
11:40 am
gerald ford the opportunity -- former president gerald ford a position on foreign policy if he ran as his running mate. i think it shows -- these are terrible leaks. there have been awful leaks the last couple of days. melania trump's speech issue i found most importantly, not because of plagiarism -- i'm a college professor. it is a bad thing. don't do it. but former george w. bush people leaked the initial story because they didn't want to claim plagiarism. but they need the kasich organization to win this case. >> what's interesting about the story is it shows sort of the complete lack of understanding of how the mechanics of policy and how rivalries and how alliances are formed. trump thinks it is really like a
11:41 am
sports game, like you all shake hands on the field. like he doesn't see there is a need to actually bridge policy differences, that once he's one, you can just collect your all-star team. >> let's not forget ohio is so crucially important in every presidential election. i believe mr. trump said last night i will win ohio but we heard from lieutenant governor of ohio and she said, she said without kasich support, trump won't have it. >> look, trump is in a dead heat right now. obviously kasich has been a problem. i attended a speech kasich gave yesterday and it was striking. >> how so? >> he never mentioned donald trump's name but he said he was troubled by three things that are going on in america. an increase in nationalism. an increase in antiimmigrants, policies and rhetoric. and antitrade rhetoric. that is the donned ald j. trump campaign for president. kasich's going around to these little lunches, little
11:42 am
briefings, not talking against trump but talking against his policy platform. that's a real problem as trump tries to message through this convention because that's what he's running on, ripping up trade deals, building a wall and make america great again, america first. kasich is out there and he's just hitting him with a knife and really -- >> last word. >> kasich is looking at this campaign and watching the melania story play out which could have been in this early, they decided to go down the road of denying it for two days, then deciding to put out a statement right before we get to step on entrance with the statement. so he's looking at that beast and going, i'm not riding that bronco. that's not where my future lies. that's the decision that every single republican has had to make. >> i just want to thank all of you for an hour of television this week in cleveland. thank you so much. still ahead, they're rolling into cleveland under the banner bikers for trump.
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i talked to the founder who says, as i hopped on the back of his harley yesterday, by the way. talks to me about why they're here and who they want to protect. >> what do you have in there? >> i'm not very well received by certain demographics right now po for the simple reason of being so outspoken. i understand there are a lot of people who would like to do some harm to me. \ s moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice.
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11:48 am
back here live in cleveland, i'm brooke baldwin. thank you so much for being with me today. donald trump arrived at the rnc by chopper. some of his most ardent supporters have their own ride. bikers for trump. bikers from all around the country have descended upon cleveland here. thousands are patrolling the streets not only to back their nominee but they told me to act as a force to protect police against dissenters. met the founder of this group and hopped on the back of a harley to go for the ride. >> thought we were coming here several months ago to stand up to the establishment that would be trying to steal the nomination. after cruz and kasich dropped out, we thought we'd be coming here for a victory dance. we feel like it is open season on cops, an assault on decency.
11:49 am
we're obviously here to stand with donald trump, but we are also here to back the badge. we want to show support for the police department, first responders and firemen, not only here in cleveland but across the country. >> you all are bikers for trump. >> right. >> you started this whole thing. >> yes. >> but the priority this week is protecting law enforcement. >> yes. and it is pretty sad that civilians have to come forward to protect the police officers. and our hearts are going out to the officers and not only in baton rouge but in dallas. >> cleveland police, really police from all around the country are here. how do they feel about being protected? >> it is our job to per see that we stand up for one another. our last line of defense are police officers and law enforcement. and the event that that institution crashes, we're going to have chaos and mayhem in the united states. we feel inclined to be here to protect the police if they need it. >> what is the reaction from police been to you guys? >> we couldn't have a better
11:50 am
reaction. last night as i left the convention i was getting a lot of pats on the back and thumbs up from cops. they know exactly who we are and why we're here. >> that is why we need donald trump. >> last night we saw the protester, the code pink. what was your interaction with her? >> well, as soon as i realized what was going on, i heard the boos, i stood up, i looked around and i reacted almost like a germ. sheppard. it was only a split second before i was heading that direction. when i recognized small petite woman, i knew gentle in the situation. i wanted to make sure i didn't touch her or wasn't too intimida intimidating. i just wanted to keep the banner from being read and i wanted to try to put my hand in front of her face without touching her just so she wouldn't be recognized around the country and patted on the back for having disrupted the rnc. we have to be very careful not to agitate the age tatar, not to makes things worse. >> you're not here to intimidate. >> no, by no means.
11:51 am
>> if we come across a police officer who's being overwhelm and overpowered with be we'll certainly step in. we're not here to take the law into our own hands. we've only got one guy here who's carrying and he is a retired police officers with a lot of experience. we aren't trying to pour if he fuel on the fire. first ingredient of a biker, a patriot, is courage. that's the first thing that we roll on. then the second ingredient that we're going to bring into effect is diplomacy. >> what do you have in there? >> well, i've got a vest on. i'm not very well received by certain demographics right now for the simple reason of being so outspoken. so from what i understand, there are a lot of people that would like to do some harm to me. at my mother's request, i am wearing a flak jacket right now. >> you are ready to take fire. >> oh, yeah. >> to protect these guys. >> if it comes to that, we certainly are. >> you're prepared noor. >> well, in the event i'm
11:52 am
collateral damage, it is only going to bring more patriots forward. we're patriots who happen to enjoy riding motorcycles. we don't have any 1%ers in our group. that's a totally different breed. i don't have anything bad to say about those guys but these are mostly patriots, these are retired police officers, and the majority of the guys are veterans. >> have you met mr. trump? >> yes, i have. i've had dinner with mr. trump. he saw me in the crowd. he pulled me to the side and he told me i was doing a very good job and invited me to come in to the back room and have dinner with his family and donald trump three nights ago tweeted out, thank you, chris cox and bikers for trump. i'll never forget what you've done for us. together we'll make america great again. he got my attention when he started about fighting isis, calling it what it is -- radical islam. he got my attention when he started talking about building a wall. we're hoping that donald trump can re-invent the party as ronald reagan re-invented the party. >> explain though what it's like to ride with these guys on the
11:53 am
streets here in cleveland. what does that feel like? >> it feels good. we've been having such a big red "x" on me, i'm surrounded by patriots. i'm here because as a civilian we don't have a lot of opportunities to serve our country and i see myself serving my country right now. and i'm with guys from across the nation. i didn't know any of these guys when i got here five days ago. whenever i go into a city i don't know the guys. i roll in alone and within a week or so i'm hanging out with 300,000, 400,000, 500,000 guys. >> chris cox, thank you again so much for that. by the way, my mother is watching and was like, you're riding on the back of a motorcycle? mom, they went slow. sort of slow. the other story dominating conservative media today, one of the media's most powerful players is being ousted. fox news ceo roger ailes is in tax to leave the network after
11:54 am
receiving allegations of sexual harassment. what's the latest? >> he's in the building, running the network but it won't be long. they're negotiating an exit deal. one thing is clear, his boxes, the murdoches, decided he must leave. he's denied the allegations. he vows to fight gretchen carlson in court but he won't be doing that as the ceo of fox news. >> if we were sitting in cleveland and the rnc being the dominant story, we would be covering this from top to bottom. >> roger ailes, a nefarious genius, is the most important non-office holding political figure of the last 20 years. he has influenced america as no
11:55 am
non-politician has. the cultural wars, he is the ultimate cultural warrior of the right. he has put this organization together that claims to be fair and balanced when it is neither. advocacy to-saucalled news organization, and he has built an empire on conservatism that's undermined liberalism in this country in a way no other force has. >> there are so many people in there that are extraordinarily loyal to this man. my question is, when he goes, who will follow? >> bill o'reilly, greta van susteren, have clauses in their contracts that allow them to walk out the door if ailes is out the door. it is possible even if not right away some of those stars could leave. question is what is going to do? start a new network that rivals fox? does he want revenge? or does he want to actually take
11:56 am
it easy for the first time in his life. >> the nature of the settlement, he's hired susan estrich as a lawyer, who's known as a feminist. he's vowed to fight as hard as he can without coming forward with any admissions. that's the state of play right now that i can gather. he's very active, and has been, with donald trump. but one of the interesting things we've seen in this campaign is, fox has driven trump's candidacy less than matt drudge. drudge is really great new factor in this election in terms of media. he is -- drudge, that site has been unapologetically in trump's pocket from the beginning. and i would say a large measure of why donald trump is the nominee goes to matt drudge in much the way that fox has --
11:57 am
when you use the word kingmaker, i'm not sure it goes quite far that way, but is an influence unequalled. it started with right wing talk radio. and roger ailes came out of the nixon white house where he was also a nefarious genius and helped humanize nixon in terms of nixon always was stiff and awkward and made him much more palatable to audiences. he couldn't do ultimately anything in water gate to help nixon, but he tried. and then he found a way to take the techniques of pr and mold them with politics in such a way as to create this entity such as it never existed. but a lot of it came from right wing talk radio. and for a while the left, i think, in the 2008 election coalesced around "the huffington
11:58 am
post" the first time there was a kind of community -- news community the left could move towards. but nothing equal to, nothing whatsoever. >> without ailes, is there still a fox? >> that is the bigger question. i know you are following all of this, making phone calls as much as you can. thank you both so much. next here on cnn, we have just learned what happens behind melania trump's speech. the staffer responsible is now speaking out.
11:59 am
12:00 pm
what an extraordinary afternoon it has been here in
12:01 pm
cleveland. thank you so much for being with me. i'm brooke baldwin here in the great state of ohio. coming to you live from cnn's special coverage of the republican national convention, the quicken loans arena where everything is happening each and every night. today, number three. minutes ago the city witnessed what we'll call the newly minted republican presidential nominee donald trump emerge from the skies initially in his trump plane, then hopping that helicopter emblazoned with his name. he then landed and was greeted by this mega crowd, including his own family and also the man he's chosen to be on his ticket, indiana governor mike pence. his family as well. here was part of that moment, if you missed it. [ dramatic music. ]. >> thank you, everybody. this is really an honor. and we're going to win ohio. right?
12:02 pm
we're going to win ohio. we're going to win it all. we're going to make america great again. that's all we want to do. but the last time i got accused of speaking a little bit too long, so this time i'm going to speak a lot short. but i just want to introduce a man who's become a friend of mine, somebody who's going to make an unbelievable vice president of the united states, governor mike pence. [ cheers and applause ] >> let's hear it for the next president of the united states of america, donald trump! it is such an honor to join your family to welcome you to cleveland. we're excited toear you address the nation tomorrow night. it's been exciting to hear from your family. baltimore to come tonight. and i'm convinced what begins in cleveland will end in the white house. >> so you had that mega entrance minutes ago here in cleveland not too far from where i'm sitting. you saw the whole family minus
12:03 pm
this woman, minus mrs. trump. hours ago, the speech writer who says yes indeed, she is the one responsible for the packages in melania's speech and explained how it happened, and even offered to resign. dana bash, what did she say? >> well, she said just that, she gave an explanation, that her friend, and that's really what melania trump is, but also the person that she was working with, called her and gave her some ideas, talk about the fact that she had been very much in admiration of what michelle obama said in 2008 and that when this woman, meredith macgyver, was writing things down, she jot the down the phrases, and that ended up as a large part of the speech. and in the statement she said that she regrets doing that, she
12:04 pm
regrets not checking it and that she did, as you said, offer to resign. and donald trump said, no. this is a woman who has been involved in the trump organization for quite some time. she helped donald trump work on some books. so this is not someone who was kind of brought in as a political figure to help melania trump. it is somebody who they had known and have worked with and sort of a trusted figure in trump world. but still, i think we should note that this i think -- you hear this, when i hear this, you think, okay, that's a plausible explanation. you get it. the question is, why wasn't this the explanation that we all heard two days ago before this became so entrenched and engrained in the narrative and the discussion all around the streets and inside the hall of this convention. good news for the trump campaign, brooke, is that i think this kind of puts a button on it, makes people say, okay, and now they can move on to the kind of pictures and the story
12:05 pm
that you were just playing with the nominee now and his vice presidential pick. >> we'll get to the plane and the chopper in just a second with my panel here. let me just follow up. we also got a bit of back-and-forth from some aides on this conversation between the ohio governor, john cakasich, a mr. trump some months ago when he was determining who might be on his ticket. >> i'll just tell you, this all goes under the headline of not everybody is unified. donald trump and the governor of this state where we are right now, john kasich, trump's former competitor. what we are reporting, myself, sara murray and others was that -- confirmation of a "new york times" story that bag in april or may, as part of a series of conversations the trump campaign had in trying to convince john kasich, the ohio governor, to be on donald
12:06 pm
trump's ticket, that don jr., trump's son, even went so far as to call john weaver, an aide to john kasich, to say, well what if he would be in charge of all domestic and foreign policy? which is -- everything. kind of what the president does. and we were told by kasich sources that the answer was, kind of, are you kidding me? they kind of couldn't believe that that was the offer but never took it seriously or any other overture that they got. but we can tell you this in the context, i started by talking about the disagreement, the context of the fact that kasich has not only not endorsed trump, he is refusing to come inside this hall in the convention of his own party in his own state and the back-and-forth has gotten so intense that donald trump just put out a tweet, i'll read it to you in response to it story. john kasich was never asked by me to be vp. just arrived in cleveland. will be a great two days. so the fact that he feels the
12:07 pm
need to respond just shows how the animus and animosity that is going on between the two of them that is now playing out in public, in the press. >> okay. so you have the melania speech writer news. you have the kasich/trump news. dana bash, thank you very much. you also have ted cruz speaking tonight prime time. will he endorse. amid everything -- the chopper, the plane, there was also this remarkable moment of timing. watch what happened when ted cruz, he was out here in cleveland just a couple of minutes ago speaking to a crowd. just as the trump plane flew right on over. >> our party now has a nominee. and i don't know -- >> boo!
12:08 pm
all right. that was pretty well orchestrated. did you e-mail them to fly the plane right when i said that? >> that just happened. for the record, no cruz endorsement of trump. at least this afternoon. we'll see tonight. when ted cruz goes before the prime time audience here at the q. so much to get into. i have a mega panel to bring in. i hope i don't run out of breath. thank you so much for being with me. thank you, thank you, thank you for all being here. i just love this. i love being in cleveland. i love everything we get to talk to you about today. just speaking with you on what we just saw with ted cruz, i
12:09 pm
don't think there is a question there will be an endorsement tonight. but that was sort of fun. >> very nice timing by trump. i think the thing that a lot of republicans like cruz and others are going into the status of denial and grief. i hope at some point they'll get to acceptance. then once they get to acceptance, that they'll realize in october there is a big issue with judges and things like that, will help reach some clarity on who they'll be voting for and supporting in november. my hope is some of these people are a bit ambivalent where trump is at will realize it is a binary choice. one or the other. there is a lot at stake in the november election. talking with people this week, the judges, a big issue. he selected mike pence. i think that's helping some people get off the fence going toward trump. i hope coming ow of the convention they'll start working on some of the fundamental
12:10 pm
ground game, fund-raising. trump will stay disciplined on message and start to give people a reason to be more confident. >> let me explain to our trump surrogate on the other end in boris, do you think cruz will finally endorse your guy? >> for the life of a trump surrogate, i just ran from over there to over here. >> thank you so much. >> i'm not sweating because i'm nervous, brooke. >> i talked to senator cruz, the party is absolutely unifying behind donald trump. you saw mitch mcconnell. you saw paul ryan, governor cristie speak. we're not concentrating on the 14 million voters who did come out for donald trump, more than ever in the history of the republican party. more than for reagan. more than for eisenhower and a lot of the establishment republicans. there is an overwhelming amount of establishment republicans who are here. we are bringing the party
12:11 pm
together between those establishment republicans, those disaffected voters who want a new leader and a lot of independents. i think it is a great couple days, great two days going forward. >> on the piece dana was reporting on governor kasich -- again, trump folks vehemently deny. you just saw mr. trump's tweet, no, i never officially offered governor kasich to be on my ticket. it is happening on the day, governor pence day, the vp day and it is his time to talk tonight. what do you make of all the timing? >> it is all very interesting to me. first of all you have this interesting situation where i think that part of the people who have not come around. those who haven't, it's not just about policy. it's about character. you just saw a character test failed by this candidate for the past 36 hours. why did he have his people out there defending what was obviously a little mistake, it was not that big a deal. he had some of the best people
12:12 pm
in the world, including newt gingrich out there defending something that later on he has to come back and say, guess what? i'm talking about melania trump's speech. if you can't -- if you're going to burn through 36 hours of your convention on an oopsie because you just can't say you made a mistake, that's failing a character test. >> that's a process story. right? that's process. >> if your kid did that, you would have kid in time-out. >> hold on, to be fair. everybody on tv spoke vehemently that melania trump did not do x, y, z. now we have the news that that's exactly what happened. she did not do this, it was not meant for her to do this. it was messed up by somebody who admitted to a mistake. let's put that to the side. what's ridiculous, somebody said that -- kasich said it was ridiculous. it is ridiculous to say that somebody who won 1 out of 50 states was offered anything. team behind kasich is very well
12:13 pm
known for these kind of leaks. all they're doing is for their own betterment. >> if i can just comment on the melania trump thing. i think the explanation that they gave is actually kind of endearing. because you can picture this woman who has been thrust into the spotlight -- >> never been through anything like this in her life. >> right. you can almost see her at home behind the computer researching first lady speeches. you know? then she gives this thing that she was inspired by to her -- >> michelle obama was a role model. >> right. to her speech writer. that is the whole reason why the party needs to get behind her now. we don't have time to lick our wourndz because now the guns are blazing from the democrats. it's time for the whole party, the never-trumpers that i once was, the establishment, to get behind him. >> for the record, this is the kindest you've ever seen on
12:14 pm
donald trump. >> well, that's my point. brooke, you of all people know how i worked so hard to get the message out there that i did not like his character. >> where are you right now? >> trying to get behind him. >> there you go. there you go. >> because my point is, getting behind him now doesn't mean i suddenly don't have the same concerns. it means between hillary and trump, our party just adopted an amazing, very constitutional platform. which party is going to get -- which party is going to help get the senators elected, help restore respect to congress. >> with due respect, listen. i think we should salute miss macgyver for coming forward. i mean she deserves credit for doing that. the speech writer as well.
12:15 pm
but you still have to deal with the fact that 36 hours-plus have been squandered here at the convention. and that goes to do things. one is as a staff misplaying this, mishandling this before she spoke, and clearly this team -- it is just not organized enough to do that,ing but more importantly was coming out afterwards and basically after telling reporters you're making richard nixon, 1968, your role model for your convention, and them you come out an stone wall the next day which is effectively what they did, as late as this morning, the campaign manager was saying there's nothing here, we didn't make any mistakes. >> what they should have done, deal with, move on, let the bigger story be the rest of the convention. i think here's the deal. donald trump could get more out of this convention than i think hillary can get out of her convention. this is his chance to take a jump, move on.
12:16 pm
>> i was going to say that i was one of the party people who wasn't -- donald trump was not my first choice. our delegation in california is 100% unified and that includes a lot of people who supported cruz, kasich, rubio and others. there is a lot of sympathy for melania. nobody thought she was the blame. the political expedient thing would be throw the speech writer under the bus, drive over her, drive back over her, reverse over her an move on. that's not the instincts of the trump campaign because they don't think that way. >> the reason that the 36-hour story is because the media continues to go with the story. you say well we wasted 36 hours. we haven't wasted it. i'd love to talk to you about -- i would love to talk to you about anything else. >> first of all, i know you
12:17 pm
pretty well. i don't think you would tolerate this in your own organization. let's just be clear. there is a way to handle these things to let the media move on. why didn't you handle it in a responsible way? if you want the media to move on, that ball's in your hands. >> i will tell you, if this were to happen in my organization i would not fire somebody within ten hours. no one lies. there's no lies. >> the statement was -- >> wait. i can ask you a question? what's the difference between hillary saying it was only a video, and then weeks later saying was it -- >> hold on, hold on. your question was? >> is hillary a role model? you just said well look at
12:18 pm
hillary. >> people who are criticizing trump, i agree with you. this is one of the character things that i still -- the same people who are criticizing well he should have come out earlier are giving hillary a pass for -- [ interrupted ] >> hold on, hold on, hold on. david, van, commercial break. this is what we have to do. >> ishlly in the past on panels like this, hillary clinton has been hammered. hammered over the e-mails. it is not a double standard. same standard is being applied here. the question is why does the trump campaign basically come out and for 36 hours said there was nothing wrong happened here. [ interrupted ]
12:19 pm
>> first of all, what i have had hillary clinton do when she makes a mistake -- she has made many mistakes -- she actually apologized and said she made a mistake. hold on. what i've yet to hear from donald trump is ever the word sorry. >> hold on. time-out. i have so much more for you. let's talk about newt gingrich. an endorsement that no one sees coming. we have that for you. also ahead, new details out of baton rouge about the killer who ambushed those police officers down in louisiana. sources reveal what he struggled with in recent years. lots to come for you on this wednesday. cnn's live special coverage from cnn's live special coverage from cleveland. psori be the you who shows up in that dress. who hugs a friend. who is done with treatments that don't give you clearer skin.
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12:24 pm
republican national convention, day three. i'm brooke baldwin. tonight, some huge names are set to take the stage inside the q, the quicken loans arena here in cleveland. among them, senator ted cruz, former house speaker gingrich. trump's son eric, and trump's running mate, governor pence. jamie gangel sat down with newt gingrich and talked with him about ted cruz and some of the convention's biggest no-shows. >> you've said about jeb bush, governor john kasich, that they are sore losers. they would say in this good conscience that they don't feel they can support donald trump because of the controversial things he said because they don't believe he has the judgment, the temperament to be preside president. are they allowed to be good republicans and not support him? >> sure. let me draw a distinction. jeb bush who was a great reform
12:25 pm
governor of florida and a terrific person raised more money than anyone else, ran a very traditional race and lost. now the republican party has been so good to the bush family going all the way back to the '70s, that there is some sense of helping the team because it is the team. it is a team that made them president. it is a team ma made him governor. kasich has a whole different problem. this is cleveland. this is his home state. there are thousands of people coming to visit. the least he could vo done is shown up the first night, never mention donald trump and said i just want to on behalf of the people of ohio welcome you. i hope you have wonderful convention and walked off. that's all he had to do. >> so you think they're being sore losers. >> i think they're being silly. >> in addition to your speech tonight, senator ted cruz is speaking. and word is that he has not shown his speech to anyone yet. he also has not endorsed donald
12:26 pm
trump yet. do you think he has to endorse him tonight? >> no, i think it would be good for him to endorse him. i think it would be good for ted's own career. i think the place will go wild if he doesn't. but cruz is a very effective public speaker. i am sure he has a message that will be powerful and he knows how to play and audience and he knows this audience. this audience just overwhelmingly nominated donald trump. for people to come in here around not be for donald trump is a little silly. >> prediction, you think he endorses tonight? s >> probably. but ted is an independent person. i can tell you one thing, i am confident he'll explain why i would never vote for tillry. >> that's a diplomatic answer. wonderful seeing both of you. first to you, i love the pushback of the sore losers on the bushes and kasich. but so i'm hearing you correctly, so the trumps are not asking to read cruz's speech ahead of time? >> i actually think since we
12:27 pm
spoke to the speaker this morning that they may have just seen it just a few minutes ago and there was a report that they are happy with what's in it. that does not necessarily mean that there is an endorsement. but it's pretty hard to imagine that cruz gets this big prime time speech and doesn't endorse him. i mean that would be pretty weird. but they have not committed yet but we're hearing people like newt, people like chris christie, pushing, pushing very hard. >> having other panel lists on now, now this is your perfect opportunity if you want to seize the moment. so we all know, congressman, though, as we sit in your beautiful state of ohio, thinking of governor kasich who is a no-show, do you think that with a is a mistake? >> i think, look. we're in a team game right now. i use the analogy of a team game. sometimes even though the wide receiver wants to score a touchdown he's got to throw a
12:28 pm
block. i think that's the real key to get his hands on. we need to move the ball downfield as a team. i think governor kasich is going to help in the end. he'll continue to work to support senator portman. we'll have this team moving down the field. >> while i appreciate the football metaphor, is it a mistake that john kasich isn't here? >> well, john was here yesterday. he's not at the convention. >> at the convention. >> i do believe at some point in time he has to get into the game. >> you are buddies with mike pence. we just saw him awaiting the big helicopter entrance. the man who is going to make entrance, donald trump. tell me had about mike pence the man and who we'll see tonight on the big stage. >> mike pence is a great man. he came in when i first ran. i was a business guy, didn't know much about politician. mike came in, supports my election. when i think mike pence is first family, then i think of faith, then i think of friendship. those are three things that are
12:29 pm
really important i think people are grog learn about mike pence. he really is a good man. it will be a great asset to donald trump. >> quickly on trump. you met with him one-on-one a couple months ago. we know senator mitch mcconnell had questioned his knowledge with issues. would you have splimilar questions? >> when i met with him, he said what can i do to help the party? those are the kind of comments he was making. he wants to change america. he wants us to go in a different direction. 70% of america aren't happy with the direction we're going. many people back home aren't happy with the direction we're going. that's how donald trump got elected. i think on a one-on-one he's a different person. that's the person who's going to put the team together to make america great again. >> he gets to make the great pitch tomorrow night. thank you. coming up next, montel williams will join me about an event he headlined with caitlyn
12:30 pm
jenner and other in cleveland today. the focus, how republicans can attract and support a number of voters and make the tent much, much bigger -- including those in the plth community. >> it was easy to come out as friends. it was harder to come out as republicans. okay? you're here to buy a car.
12:31 pm
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12:34 pm
i can't remain silent when
12:35 pm
we direct hate towards an entire race of people. hispanics, when we direct hate towards an entire religion. muslims. i can't stand silence! when we direct hate towards the lgbt community, we're hating our own daughters. our own sons. our own wives. it blows my mind that i put on a uniform to defend this constitution against all and we have people right here who would ask we take away the rights from as many as they could. >> montel williams speak iing a an event in cleveland calling for republicans to do more for the lgbt community. caitlyn jenner, talking about the difficulties of not only being trans, being republican. montel williams joins me now.
12:36 pm
what's your message? >> i looked into a room where i would think that probably ten years ago you would never have seen that many different cultures of people. all americans. from black, white, hispanic, asian, to people who were clearly straight, people who were clearly conservative, all there understanding that if we truly are the party of lincoln, we truly are the party of reagan, reagan himself said in 19484 -- we are the party that includes all. we are not a party and there is no place for bigots. >> you feel like the republican tent is not big enough? >> i feel like they've definitely shut the door and don't care. i think it is time to change that rhetoric. i stepped away from the party when the party completely stepped away from me and made me understand they didn't want me to be a part. i became an independent but that didn't change my conservative values. it didn't change the way i feel about issues. so i still like to lobby with, i want to be next to, i want to
12:37 pm
talk to. but why can't we even have a conversation? i was up this morning, i'm glad there was a group of people there willing to listen. >> we've talked politics, you are so passionate about the governor of this state. you wanted john kasich to be the guy. you wanted him to be on the stage. instead he's not even in the building. he is not showing up for donald trump. where are you now? what are you feeling? are you supporting donald trump? >> what i'm trying to do is get the rest of america to stop drawing lines in the sand and going along with other people -- >> who's drawing the line? donald trump drawn the line? hillary clinton drawn the line? >> you listen to rhetoric and don't study yourself, you draw the line. i'd like to see america stop for just a second and start reading the truth. all this garage over melania. we all owe that lady herself an apology. say why? it's not her fault! she got thrown into this whole mess and had to read words that someone put in her hands.
12:38 pm
who you should shall be going after is the party for having allowed that to happen. yet today i've not heard one person actually call out the people who ledded parrot the last two days and lied and lied. let's talk about lies. >> 20 minutes ago where were you with my panelists? >> lie, lie, lie, lie, lie. so, wait a minute. but that's not just to disparage one side. just go back to say, i'm going to do my research. if we find that exactly what transpired transpired is true, that will assuage my bad feelings. then i'll look at the other politics. what i want to know is what are you going to do for veterans. when you say both sides say i'm going to contain isis, that means you need truce. you know how often i've been here talking about until we fulfill the debt we have with troops, how dare you send more children off to die. >> you think it is good to send
12:39 pm
troops in? >> i want the rest of the american public to agree, understand, what i joined the military in 1974, 84% of our congress and senate had served or had a family member that has done the same. right now today, you have less than 16%. say it's less than 20% that are served or had a family member that did. how dare you send the rest of the 85% or 80% of this countries's children off to die when you wouldn't do it yourself? so, i'm just saying, before we commit more lives, let's agree to pay the debt we owe. what you've seen, brooke, in the last three months, we have two clear cases of people who were soldiers who were suffering from ptsd. we have a ticking time bomb in this country. i'm not disparaging my fellow soldiers because it is not their fault the debt has not been paid. >> come back once we have gone o
12:40 pm
off. coming up next, we do have new details speaking out about the deadly ambush in baton rouge. what the attacker there told friends and family about his own mental health and what says he was doing to save. visit legalzoom today. the legal help you can count on. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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we are back here live in cleveland but we have to talk about what happened in louisiana. motive remains unclear as far as why a veteran marine sergeant opened fire on six baton rouge police officers killing three of them. a source tells cnn that the gunman told family and friends that he suffered from ptsd. the source also says the
12:45 pm
29-year-old shooter had just filled a prescription weeks ago for an antiangst drug and also a sleep aid. meantime new video from the deadly ambush is shedding light on just this absolutely atrocious event here. this is cell phone video showing this tragic scene unfolding around the police officers. a driver trapped inside his car recorded. you can hear those gunshots. repo recorded the shoot-out. cnn's brian todd has more on the gunman's movement in the days leading up to the shoot-out. >> reporter: brooke, new information this afternoon from the louisiana state police about the shooter's movements, the superintendent of the louisiana state police there leading this investigation, telling cnn this afternoon that the shooter, gavin long, was spending a lot of time riding around this
12:46 pm
general area in the days leading up to the shooting. along this corridor on airline highway, he was riding around. we know this is the scene of the shooting. and we know he was riding in an area about 11 miles from here. superintendent edmondson has told us that they're interviewing everyone who might have come in contact with the shooter. even if it was just in passing. he says the shooter stayed in several locations over the course of several days while he was in this area. they are starting to try to put together some of those pieces, how many days was he here, who he interacted with and where did he stay. several locations is what we are told. a new video cnn has pulled from the shooter's twitter feed of him in a car riding around with another man narrating this video the entire time, he's talking to the young man who identifies himself only as a local rapper. the video lasts about ten minutes. in the video the shooter appears to be narrating the entire time and lecturing to the young man about basically giving him life
12:47 pm
advice, telling him to develop multiple sets of skills for his professional life, telling him essentially if he develops professional relationships, not to trust people of other races. that's some new information from this video that we've pulled from the shooter's twitter feed. so we're putting together some pieces about where he might have been moving around in the days and weeks leading up to the shooting. we're told he stayed in several places over the course of several days here. brooke. >> brian todd, thank you so much in baton rouge. next back here in cleveland, back to topolitics we go. republicans eniguniting in thei hatred, vitriol in cleveland. her name mentioned on stage more times than donald trump. also new reports that secretary clinton that is narrowed her list of leading vice presidential contenders to two. who are these guys?
12:48 pm
who are these guys? we'll talk about it coming up. than $300 a week te by driving a few hours a day. calling all nine-to-fivers and night owls. with uber - a little drive goes a long way. start earning this week. go to you know what they used to do with guys like that when they were in a place like this? they'd be carried out on a stretcher, folks. and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? it's like incredible. when mexico sends its people, they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists. you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy - ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like, "i don't remember!" our children and grandchildren will look back at this time... the choices we are about to make.
12:49 pm
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12:52 pm
hillary clinton, philadelphia is just around the corner as is her choice for her running mate. democrats familiar with the search say she will make an announcement to supporters on friday or saturday in florida. so, potential contenders include senator tim kaine of virginia and agriculture secretary tom vilsack. let ming bring in the deputy communications director of hillary for america and a former specific advisor to barack obama. welcome to cleveland. i know we'll all be in philadelphia next week, but thinking about her v.p. choices. whether it is a friday or saturday. talk to me about kaine versus
12:53 pm
vilsack. >> she has a lot of candidates. we're lucky as democrats because we have such a deep strong bench of candidates. >> what is interesting though is the new york times reporting saying the is looking at someone with national security experience as the number one priority. talk about experience, the former secretary of state, who she is up against whob is this successful businessman, when did she arrive at the point where that is what she is really looking for? >> there have been lots of speculation about what she is looking for, but she herself is trying to make a decision and those closest to her have not said that. i think we know she is the most qualified person ever to run for president of the united states. she, herself, is very strong in that area. as democrats we have a lot of strong candidates and she is
12:54 pm
picking among very strong choices. >> i know her name has been uttered that more of donald trump this week and you will have your turn to talk about donald, but how do you respond to the chants last night "locker her up." >> as a voter it is so disappointing to see that the republicans have nothing to offer. we have seen all this week, last night the theme was the economy. we didn't hear a single speaker talk about how they will create good paying jobs in the country or raise wages. they have no plans for this. we're seeing them just do what they do and attack hillary. if i'm a voter sitting in denver or at a rally, watching this, not seeing what they will do for me and my family. i also have to say we're not seeing a lot of enthusiasm for this candidate. >> there are some very
12:55 pm
enthusiastic trump supporters on the show -- >> i mean the speakers themselves. speaker ryan last night only said donald trump's name twice. they're really just focusing on hillary. >> you had rudy giuliani, pat smith. >> but you don't hear many speeches about why he is the right president for the united states. they just try to attack hillary's character. i think democrats demand more than that. we will see a difference next week. we will see an energized and unified party and our speakers very enthusiastic about her policy. >> we'll see you in philadelphia, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> from the hillary camp. back here in cleveland, talking about this is donald trump's week. we just learned that senator ted cruz will be speaking in prime time. he does plan to share his
12:56 pm
convention speech with the trump campaign some time this afternoon. more on that, looking ahead to this evening, our special live coverage will continue here from cleveland after this break. i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, it helps pick up some of what medicare doesn't pay.
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live from beautiful downtown cleveland, ohio. welcome to "the lead." we're at the republican national convention. i'm jake tapper and it is make america one again tonight. a call for unity and coming together instead of wedding bells, we heard helicopter blades, he is getting ready to walk down


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