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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  July 21, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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here. congratulations. >> thank you very much. we're so proud and blessed. thank you all so much for joining us "at this hour." >> a special "inside politics" from john king from inside the rnc starts right now. welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king live from the cnn grill. it's 2e69ing time for donald trump and explaining time for ted cruz. that we're even talking about ted cruz on what is supposed to be the day of donald trump's big solo. in some ways that tells you everything you need to know about the republican party. mr. trump will have an audience of millions. it's an unrivaled opportunity.
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the closing act of the most unconventional convention belongs to the most unconventional candidate of our lifetime. most people like to remember trump's first big entrance in cleveland. >> tonight mr. trump promise also be very different. >> i'm not looking for entrance, i'm looking for a good grouping of words that will talk about our country and the problems we have. we have deep problems, deep seeded problems. it's not about the words, it's about getting the words done. the only way to get that taken care of is we have to in november do very well. >> now, can republican, as trump puts it right there, do very well in november if the party still has so many raw, open wounds? we'll find out in 110 days.
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if the answer is no, if republicans lose, ted cruz says don't blame me. >> what does it say when you stand up and say "vote your conscien conscience" and supporters of our nominee begin screaming "what a horrible thing to say! "if we can't make the case to the american people that voting our party's nominee is consist accident with voting your conscience, defending freedom and being faithful to the constitution, then we're not going to win and we don't deserve to win. >> if that's drama enough, read "the new york times," donald trump putting a price on keeping a promise that has defined u.s. foreign policy for nearly 70 years. with us to share their
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reporting maggie hager man of "the new york times," jonathan martin of "the new york times" and cnn's maeve reston. normally day four, the big acceptance speech is the final act. but what we're seeing in cleveland is very different. forget careful. the trademarks of the trump campaign are chaos, controversy and conflict. >> instead of a disciplined round one of trump versus clinton, what do we have today? a contentious round 999 of trump versus cruz. >> stand and speak and vote your conscience, vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the constitution. >> senator cruz was heckled as he left the hall, declared an
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ingreat. this morning at a contentious meeting with the texas delegation, senator cruz stood his ground. >> this is not a game. it is not politics. right and wrong matters. we have not abandoned who we are in this country. >> if anyone thinks i was eager to come to this convention and give a speech laying out supporting a great many of the policy positions laid out by donald trump, laying out why hillary clinton is utterly unfit to be president, despite the fact that neither he or his campaign has never taken a word back said about my family, i promise you i was not eager to do that. >> i would like to first ask about trump's speech and maybe talk about the vice presidential introduction to the country last night. hopefully we'll get to those things. on the morning of donald trump's convention, he still in this
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running battle with ted cruz, trump is stoking it, his forces are stoking it and ted cruz is stoking it as well. is it a sideshow? is it two men just stubborn. >> it tease main event at this convention which is a party that is in complete disarray, a campaign that is veering into chaos and a convention the likes of which we haven't seen in decades. these affairs are supposed to be well choreographed, well staged pr events. news is not supposed to break out. every day has been -- every hour even. and from the booing last night. i was at the cruz breakfast this morning. never seen anything like that where the home state delegation is berating their own senator for half an hour, a senator who won the primary in that state five months ago. >> who gave a green light to say i am never trump, i can't do it. yes, i always vote republican,
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no i can't vote for republican. he said he won't vote for hillary. he says maybe i'll get there. he didn't say he'd vote for donald trump and this is donald trump's convention and ted cruz wants a future in the republican party. >> he used the c word. i've been here 11 days now, conscience. that word is like yelling fire in a movie theater to these republicans that are gathered here. the moment he said it last night, he sed off the boos. that was the crux of the rules dispute that was really underlying all this, causing all the unease, especially for the eight states that had signatures to put his name in the nomination. for him to do that after they thought it was over tuesday night i think is what makes a lot of these folks who don't like cruz even more angry. >> i think that's why the speech was so different on the page than it was when he actually delivered it, because of that word, conscience. all across the country there's
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been this discussion among republicans about whether or not they can support him or not. for ted cruz to go out and use that phrase, it's like a nuclear bomb he was setting off. >> if you don't like ted cruz, the delivery of that speech, and i agree with you, is what reminded you of what you don't like about him in many ways. he is showy, about his own future and so forth. if you don't like donald trump, you liked that speech a lot. if you're a republican who doesn't like donald trump -- i heard from a number of republicans who are either never trump or silently never trump or whatever who said he stood out in a way that no one else who has opposed trump in the party, including the state's governor, john kasich, has done. he took a real stand. >> the first part of that speech was unlike anything he had ever delivered. it grabbed the room unlike anyone else had grabbed the room up until that point. it's the fact he said the c word and did what he did. >> most of america will think he
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went out there and raked donald trump over the polls which is not true at all. he mentioned his name once, but didn't get to that endorsement speech. that was such a warm crowd for trump by that point that it went electric. >> it was his 20/20 debut speech. ted cruz made his name in texas and washington as a hard line red meat conservative tea party hero. he gave a speech talking about the gop of the party of civil rights, talking about the mother emanuel church tragedy, talking about how the country is suffering through this partisan rancor. he was trying to mainstream himself because he wants to run again for national office. >> let's hit the positives for a second. i want to come back and get to the two personalities and what it means for the republican party. this is donald trump's big night. let's get to tonight for a second. silly me. everything about this convention is strange and awkward.
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last night was the vice presidential rollout. mike pence made a good speech. democrats will take issue. he made a case for change. secretary clinton is the status quo. his running mate came out, talk about awkward. donald trump is a germaphobe. mike pence in this speech as we showed you this awkward speech, in that speech mike pence gave a traditional republican strength on foreign policy, donald trump will stand with our allies, donald trump will restore american integrity, a reaganesque speech about our place in the world. maggie, before the speech you were having a conversation with donald trump in which in this newspaper article he took 70 years of u.s. foreign policy and said, i'll think about it. in part, let me read from this here. this is a conversation with you and your colleague david sanger. can the members of nato including the new members in the
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baltic count on the united states to come to their military aid if they were attacked by russia and count on us fulfilling our obligations. donald trump, have they fulfilled their obligations to us? if they fulfilled their obligations to us, the answer is yes. if you're late on your rent and russian tanks roll into the ball ticks, you're on your own. >> you have it right. this is the second extended, and the other was longer, foreign policy conversation david sanger and i have had with trump. in both of them he views every foreign policy, treaty, approach, everything through the prism of a deal, financial deal, economic deal. he was approaching it very much this way. the problem is, as you said, this upended not just 70 years of past practice, but what was said by his own vice presidential nominee later on in the evening. however, this is what trump thinks. what i came away -- it's not particularly different than what
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we have heard him say at other points. it is a sharper version. it is a more extreme version. he has hinted about wanting changes within nato. >> the fascinating part. you're right, he's touched on this before with you and david. the american people i think are with donald trump if he says, these countries are not spending as much as they should on their defense, they should contribute more to nato. i think the american people are with donald trump when he says i might rip up some trade deals. >> article five. >> article five. this is the premise of the west, premise of post world war ii cold war, post 9/11. the only time article five has been invoked is to help us to go after the taliban in afghanistan. i was joking last night this is like ronald reagan said, mr. gorbach gorbachev, i would like you to
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tear down the wall, but germany is behind on the nato deal to leave it up a while. >> it was very surprising to most of us. you can read the transcript and see the extended remarks. it will be interesting to see whether he gets to any of this in his remarks tonight. we've seen throughout this campaign dichotomy between where some advisers hope trump to go and where trump is. i think this is just a fundamental -- this is his view. he does have -- he has been on two sides of a number of issues, but there are certain focal points over 30 years where he has at a base level been fairly consistent and that the u.s. is being treated unfairly in some way or another, has been one of them since he kicked off his art of the deal tour in 1987. this is in keeping with that, but it is very, very different. >> if you're a foreign policy conservative, if you're an internationalist, if you're a hawk and you are scared of an
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emboldened putin in moscow, the notion of the republican nominee being much more of a nationalist than a conservative is deeply concerning. it's a deep ill straks of why so many conservatives are nervous about endorsing him. he's more of a nationalist. >> you saw how quickly when maggie's interview went up last night, the clinton campaign leapt on this and talked about his past comments about putin. they want to use issues like this to say to those i understand depth voters, this guy is not going to be studied on foreign policy in a way that you're comfortable with, and they're going to go after those people. >> as reporters, we can appreciate the fact that this shows again there is no editorial consistency right now in this convention, in this campaign and in this party. the fact that he would say that to you and then send mike pence out to say something else, this convention is in desperate need
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of a managing editor. it has not had that at all. >> i hate to tell you, the intern, the managing editor is one guy and he speaks tonight. for all the talk about being off the rails for three days, the biggest event is the speech tonight. up next, let's go inside the trump-cruz showdown, is it a nightmare. is senator cruz a selfish jerk or a principled warrior? (vo) stank face.
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welcome back to "inside politics" from the cnn grill. you know the old saying, sometimes you get what you ask for. in the primary campaign donald trump called ted cruz's wife ugly and suggested cruisekrusz' father had a role in the jfk assassination. maybe it was a bit much to ask for an endorsement. >> i want to congratulate donald trump on winning the nomination. >> that's about as gracious as it got. on the flip side, this is donald trump's convention, his house. bad manners not to be more polite. donald trump who had an advanced copy of the speech showed up just in time for this. >> -- and to be faithful to the constituti constitution. >> boos from the floor, donald
9:20 am
trump looking on to enjoy it. trump campaign is insisting they did not orchestrate that. if you look at the floor, all those florescent hats are floor whips and happen to be standing in the places on the floor where the boos were the loudest. speaking to erin burnett on cnn, donald trump, junior just said his dad didn't appreciate it. >> ted cruz does what's good for ted truz. he's thinking, if hillary clinton gets this, i can run again in four years as opposed to running for eight when my father would finish his second term. >> i need access to the internet. >> donald trump, junior is going to run for something and run for something soon. i woke up this morning thinking that donald trump was running against hillary clinton, but clearly i'm mistaken. >> remember when ted cruz said
9:21 am
everybody was waiting for a cage match between he and donald trump and it wasn't going to happen. >> the second half of that sentence was donald trump is terrific. the problem for cruz last night -- i do think that for people who wanted to see someone say -- for people who are movement conservatives, say this is not the party of trump, and many movement conservatives do believe that. they were very happy to see what ted cruz did last night. we're now at politics at its rawest form. you see what the candidate's son is saying, what cruz himself is saying. he said ex-kups me if it was a little much to assume an endorsement. >> let's play that. you're a great tv producer. last night the cruz people were saying, this isn't about the personal stuff, not about the attacks on heidi or the father. this is about principle. he's a principled conservative and he thinks donald trump is a
9:22 am
fraud. he says i can't support him because i don't think he's a small government conservative. guess what? this is personal. >> i am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father. [ cheers and applause ] and that pledge was not a blanket commitment that if you go and slander and attack heidi that i'm going to nonetheless come like a puppy dog and say thank you very much for mall lining my wife and mall lining my father. >> i saw some florida types last night, cuban american population quite plentiful saying this is possibly the most cuban thing he could have done. it's a pride thing. there's an understanding among
9:23 am
certain people today that that's why they did it. that's perfectly acceptable. it isn't just movement conservative. remember jeb bush isn't here to say that, john kasich isn't here to say that. he's not speaking for those folks. >> after the sound bite you just played, somebody said go over it. that caused cruz to up the volume more, and he said this is not a game, not politics. he tried to make it about principle. when he did that, he's not in the habit of supporting folks that attack his wife and father, it was fascinating to see him avoid going there until finally after questions and questions, he said, you know what, if he attacked your family, how would you respond? >> i know ed had interesting reporting on this, too, that ted cruz had leverage here this week. he could have added names, put
9:24 am
nomination, there were a lot of people that wanted to see that fight on the floor. perhaps the trump folks is the lesser of two evils. >> help me. parties go through transformations, parties sometimes nominate somebody and the rest of the base is saying wait a minute, is it a one-shot wonder? a lot of people are make that bet, it's an aberration, an accident, donald trump is going to go away. it's easy to say this is, forgive me to go a little "saturday night live," donald trump or ted cruz. s is that in some ways because this is personal. this is about serious instructional, directional, ideological, philosophical party positions in a republican party that donald trump says is changing and he's telling everybody deal with it. whether you're ted cruz, jeb bush, mitch mcconnell or paul ryan, we don't want a change. we hope to ride the rodeo bull and get rid of him.
9:25 am
>> things are changing we don't know what it's going to look like, if we assume donald trump is losing after november 8th. this is an ideological fight but it is actually about something somewhat different. this is fight for the heart and soul of the republican party. it's not the way we saw it in 2012 where mitt romney was the establishment candidate who was not be loved by a bulk of the party for most of the primaries and faced a series of anti romneys. this is very different because trump's behavior is very different. what you see in ted cruz i think, and i might be putting him on the couch too much, there is something of a raw anger, he attacked his family after cruz, as i mentioned before, called him terrific. cruz is a tangible reminder that basically no one laid a glove on trump in the primary. what i mean is, his opponents basically, gaze averted, hope it's a one-shot wonder and it
9:26 am
goes away. >> hang tight. we'll continue the conversation in a minute. donald trump's big night and huge choice. plus grading his convention. has donald trump accomplished his cleveland mission? big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy.
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see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
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welcome back. it is the final day of the republican national convention, donald trump's convention here in cleveland. coming in the trump campaign had two overriding goals, unify a fractured republican party. good luck with that, and convince americans who don't like trump or who like him but worry he doesn't have the temperament to be president, to
9:31 am
have them take a second look. a lot of republican elders are giving this convention so far a failing grade. the final test, the one that really matters most is tonight. it's up to donald trump and pretty much donald trump alone to make the case. here is a question. which donald trump will we see? >> we don't make great deals anymore, but we will once i become president. i promise you that. >> build that wall! >> don't even think about it. it will be built, and it will go up fast, and it will be big and high and strong. >> we must maintain law and order at the highest level or we will cease to have a country. >> saddam hussein was a bad guy, right? he was a bad guy, really bad guy. you know what he did well? he killed terrorists. >> now, i assume the safe money is that we see teleprompter trump, it's a written speech and he stays on script. however, he's had speeches
9:32 am
scripted for some of these rallies and he tells people afterwards, the crowd seemed flat so i decided to light them up a little bit. can he do that tonight? >> one of the things that's great is with the speeching, when they give you the text in advance, is to read along -- he reads a room like no political performer that i've ever seen. that's because he's not a political performer. he comes from a different realm. he can sense, as you said, when the crowd is not with him. he has said a few times that when he feels the crowd's energy sagging, he'll say, "and are we going to build the wall?" this is a different kind of crowd. this is not a rally crowd. >> but can he resist tonight when they start chanting "lock her up?" >> no. i think a lot of the raw anger against hillary clinton which our colleague, allan rappaport
9:33 am
wrote about this week, i think it's going to be very tempting for him to tap into and do a call-in response for. i don't think his team would object to that. where it becomes problematic is when he strays off certain policy issues. >> he has such an important objective, such an opportunity to not just get that crowd fired up in the room and all of the voters whose anger he's chamd, but really to try to build a bridge to the many independent women who are very concerned about the direction of the country, don't like hillary clinton at all. he's trying to find a way to craft his message so that he gets to them on national security, on jobs. but we've not seen that happen at this convention yet. that's what he has to do tonight. that's the big imperative for him. >> if you look at the dynamics of the race, look at the state-by-state polling, the infrastructure, what she inherits from the obama campaign, advantage clinton.
9:34 am
i think 270, electoral college, slight advantage for clinton. but the dynamic in the country for change, people saying we're off on the wrong track, whoa, what's going on after cops getting shot. that's a huge opening for a challenger. pence tried to make it last night. you don't like what you've got? you have to get something different. a lot of people say we've had three days about side shows, about plagiarism, ted cruz, this and that. he's very competitive in this race. he has an opportunity tonight to reshape it. >> i don't know if he has an opportunity to reshape it. he has an opportunity to make an introduction -- i think certain things from this week and all of the weeks prior are going to be hard to erode. he has a huge challenge which is basically his negatives are enormously high. if he doesn't start addressing that, it's hard to see how this works in his favor. i agree with you that he does have a chance to win. i think people who are telling
9:35 am
themselves he doesn't are being naive. but i do think that one speech alone is not going to do it because the problem with trump has been consistency. i think an important thing to watch for tonight is going to be what his daughter says in introducing him. that's going to set the tone. >> ivanka trump will introduce her father donald trump tonight. the trump children have been the main stars, the trump family, melania as well, have been the main stars so far. ivanka trump, everyone will tell you inside the organization, there is no one in the organization more influential with her father. listen to her talking to gloria borger. she says, yeah, sometimes he gets off the rails, and that's where i step in. >> once in a while he'll say things, and will tell him, he can probably do with ratcheting back. >> and he listens? >> sometimes and sometimes he doesn't or sometimes he listens for limited periods of time. >> but you can tell him. >> i think it's part of what
9:36 am
%-ps people. he is authentic. nobody tells him who to be. he is himself. ultimately he makes his own decisions. >> i think maggie just made a great point in the sense that she introduces him. donald trump gets to speak last. it's his moment. her mission is kind of saying, look, please, open your eyes, please open your mind, look at this man. >> if you were to just take done, junior, eric, more, melania and just watch and you were someone who didn't like him, you have to walk away with at least a little more appreciation. i think that was the goal this week. all this our stuff draws away from it. who better than her? i've had people across the country, friends, colleagues, casual observers saying why haven't we seen her. >> even in the way we explained
9:37 am
that to gloria, that's such a relatable thing, to many of us daughters out there. we sometimes are the only ones that can keep our fathers in line. when ivanka trump is able to explain his behavior, put it in context, explain where he's coming from, that is his bridge really to those women voters, to the people worried about his temperament. >> jonathan, you look skeptical. >> there's no question she's an enormous asset to her father as are her siblings. to me, she can give the best speech in the world, but if her dad gets out there and hear it is chants in the hall of "lock her up" and he veers off script, the voters are going to be reminded why they don't like him in the first place. >> i agree. >> he's lebron, john. >> lebron in the q, i like that. >> no one is using that. >> i suspect she's working on her speech today and will drop in on dad and say no lying ted.
9:38 am
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welcome back. we're here in cleveland. this the donald trump's big day. but hillary clinton is feeling a little nostalgic. >> hij i think is a ter lisk woman. first of all, i know her very well, and i know her husband very well, and i like them both. they are just really terrific people. i think she does a good job.
9:43 am
>> that web video released by the clinton campaign as you would expect because they have been friendly be donald trump in the past. donald trump has said nice things about them. we can show our viewers, donald trump invited bill and hillary clinton when he married melania trump? does any of this hatter? it's smart to have throw back thursday, have fun at social media. essentially we can laugh about it. what they're hoping is don't believe what he says tonight. they've been friends in the past. >> here is the problem with that in my mind. it's true he has a long history with the clintons, but the clintons have a long history with him. that's the flip side. number two, it's very hard to say don't believe what he says about her but do believe every other thing he says about russia, foreign policy. it's been a problem for the clinton campaign and they have been concerned about this when it became clear to them, it became clear to take trump seriously quite late, as it was for many people, that he's a
9:44 am
target-rich environment, as two of her advisers put it to me, and they felt sort of swamped by the number of courses they had to go at him. you saw very early on, part of the reason he was going at elizabeth warren so hard, she framed a very specific case against him and has never let up on it. clinton borrowed portions of that. things like that remind you -- the chaos we're all caught in this week, they are, too. it's hard to know exactly what to aim for. >> a long list of donald trump negatives. next week we'll be talking about the long list of challenges and negatives. >> to be fair, 17 of all of his opponents couldn't figure out exactly how to go after him. it's been interesting watching the advertising in this campaign. i know ucla has been doing research and seeing at times a backlash effect to hillary clinton ads that feature donald trump in a negative way. people don't react to him in the
9:45 am
same way that they do others. >> they met him as a reality tv star and celebrity and not as a politician, so he gets a lot more slack. >> the democrats have nominated somebody is the picture of a washington insider in a cycle that is, once again, a change election. she's not only the personification of washington establishment, she's somebody polarizing because people just don't believe her or trust her. >> she has the jeb bush problem in a way now in the sense that she doesn't say change. we know it will be trump-pence leaving cleveland. it will be clinton leaving philadelphia. we know she's looked at a number of people, met a number of people. a lot of democratic insiders, people who say they've talked about her. people in recent days have said this is a two-man race between senator tim kaine and tom ville sec. today cory booker has bubbled
9:46 am
back up. i'm told that when she's look at other people, julian castro, tom paris, two latino candidates, she loves them but doesn't think they meet the president test. any indication, do we think they're floating things around to confuse us? >> i think the booker thing is slightly a float. we could be proven wrong in 24 hours. the two hispanic contenders have come to the conclusion they're not it. widespread disappointment and bitterness and this is designed to assuage the concerns of the minority wing of the party that saw an opportunity here. >> is there anything that's happened here that would influence her thinking? >> i think what's influenced her thinking is not what happened here in cleveland, but what happened in nice, france, and that has brought national security to the for. i spent time yesterday reporting about what's going on. bill clinton talked to two long-time friends last week in
9:47 am
which he signaled that he was sort of warm on tim kaine. the hesitation with kaine, though -- >> does that help or her kaine? >> depends on the week. >> you could lose that seat in virginia by january of '18, one year after she becomes president because they have to feel the seat in a special in november of '17. a small thing but it matters. >> she lived through the bill clinton and al gore dysfunction. she wants a real working relationship which i think rules out the elizabeth warrens unless she needed it. sit tight. our reporters share from their notebooks next, including a new republican effort to make sure voters who can't stomach donald trump don't stay home on election day.
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let's close, as we always do on "inside politics" asking the reporters to share a nugget from their notebooks. maggie haberman? >> mentioned before that the clinton campaign sees a target-rich environment with donald trump. there is growing concern as the democrats head into philadelphia next week among some democrats who are allied with the campaign and some inside it ha the campaign is underestimating the chances that trump could win, that there are ways in which he could come back, that, yes, they both have negatives. she has more polling figures that are in her favor, but there is some concern that there's not enough of an aggressive voter registration effort, not enough of an understanding about certain ways they could be framing this election and a feeling that, for instance, last night they could have made more of what ted cruz did. ha is the kind of thing that you are hearing some disappointment and concern from democrats about leaving items on the table basically. >> to borrow from george w.
9:53 am
bush, they best not underestimate him. >> this is day 11 of covering the war in cleveland. every day there has been some little suggestion of drama or problems. >> news. >> well, specifically with the renegade delegates that don't like trump. the buzz today is some of these state delegations are struggling to fill their seats tonight because people who are upset by what happened last night with cruz or upset with the whole process are either leaving early and taking their credentials with them, of just going to try to hang out at a bar, maybe come here tonight instead of being in the hall. it's causing the chairmen to scramble. don't worry. they'll probably fill the seats. it shows more evidence they're fractured. >> and lining up the intern. >> and the alternates. >> the emmys have extras in the back to fill the seats. >> the anger deep in the heart of texas for ted cruz is not just limited to delegates. i talked to two members of the congressional delegation this morning at the breakfast, one of
9:54 am
which, pete sessions said it's all about ted. ted cruz was never a fan favorite among the actual colleagues from his home state, but clearly this has exacerbated tensions. here is why this matters. ted cruz is up for re-election in 2018. texas is not going to elect a democratic senator any time soon, but there's a primary there. does somebody step in against cruz, especially if trump loses this race and wave the bloody flag and says hillary clinton is on you, man, 2018. >> ted cruz got him by priming the establishment candidate in texas. >> maeve? >> we know the trump campaign going into august are going to ramp up their non-existent ground game. there are in these target senate states really interesting effort going on by the field teams of those campaigns to identify voters who are open to the republican candidates, but can't
9:55 am
stand donald trump, to get to those people early and often, make sure they're in contact and turn them out. >> make sure they're in contact and turn them out. this is one of the states where they're worried about this. i'll close with inner turmoil inside the trump campaign. no secret that paul manafort and fired campaign manager corey lewandowski don't see eye to eye. the bad blood runs deeper than teach. i'm told manna fort is of the belief some aides are sharing inside information with their old boss. paul manna fort wants that to end. michael glasser in, a lewandowski hire will shift over to the presidential campaign which will remove him from the day to day trump inner circle. insiders concede internally that tensions are high and one clear fallout from the plagiarism episode is a mannafort effort.
9:56 am
that's it for "inside politics." stay with us throughout this big last day of the republican convention. i hope to see you back here tomorrow. much more on the breaking news, the big last day in cleveland next with wolf. at the beginning
9:57 am
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hello, i'm wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. in cleveland. wherever you're watching, from around the world, thanks very much for joining us. today is the final day of what has been a roller coaster republican convention. donald trump will be in the spotlight as he accepts the republican presidential nomination and makes his pitch to the american people. he'll be introduced tonight by his eldest daughter, ivanka trump. hanging over his big night is last night and the antagonizing speech by texas senator ted cruz. cruz was treated to a round of


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