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tv   Americas Choice 2016  CNN  July 21, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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and no colors from artificial sources. we think clean food tastes better, feels better, does better. 100% of our food will be clean by year's end. every bite will be food as it should be. ♪ here we go. i'm brooke baldwin. we're live once again here in cleveland, ohio. welcome to cnn's special coverage of the final day here of the republican national convention. minutes ago i can tell you that donald trump walked through the convention stage preparing for what could be the biggest speech of his life in just a couple of hours. he will formally accept the republican nomination to become president of the united states. and yet right now we're not totally talking about that.
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instead we are talking about trump's former arch nemesis stealing the headlines today. talking about ted cruz. in his speech before the rnc last night he refused to endorse mr. trump. that then set up this cacophony of boos within the convention hall. listen for it. then fast forward to this morning, the texas senator off the stage and up close met with his delegates there the a the rnc and he revealed why he did not endorse donald trump despite taking a pledge in the campaign and pointing out over and over why he did this at the arena,
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the q. senator cruz explains that family loyalty supersedes party unity. >> this morning -- and god bless texas -- one of the things i love. one of the things i love -- thank you, sir. god bless you. i addressed the convention because donald trump asked me to. and when donald trump asked me to, he didn't ask me to endorse. indeed three days ago i spoke fon the phone with him and told him i'm not going to endorse him. >> why not? >> well, let me answer that. sir, sir, i'm happy to answer that but i'm not going to engage in a screaming fight. i assume there is a reason the trump campaign wanted me to speak. they saw my speech several hours before i gave it. they knew exactly what i was going to say. i said we should vote for candidates that you trust. we don't just put on red jerseys
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or blue jerseys and "yay!" and so with that, i'm happy to answer any and all of your questions. >> are you going to vote for trump? >> his vote is private. >> i'm watching. i'm listening. i can tell you, i'm not voting for hillary. [ laughter ] i'm going to be listening to donald's speech. i'm going to listen to how he and the campaign conducts themselves every day from here to november. i'm not going to lie to you and what i said last night, i believe. so yes. >> i didn't say support donald trump. i said support the party. the party. >> you know, so your point was support the party. the republican party. and i will support -- >> the party's spoken. >> i am not in the habit of
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supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father. and that pledge was not a blanket commitment that if you go and slander and attack heidi, that i'm going to nonetheless come like a puppy dog and say thank you very much for maligning my wife and maligning my father. >> this is politics. get over it. >> no, this is not politics. i will tell the truth. i will not malign. i will not insult. i will not attack. i will tell the truth. this is not a game, this is not politics. right and wrong matters, we have not abandoned who we are in this country. >> so let's start there. sara murray, let me just bring you in. we had ted cruz last night. we saw ted cruz from this morning. how has the trump campaign reacted to that? >> well, first i think we have to acknowledge that, yes, the
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trump campaign did see this speech ahead of time. but there was still some hope that even if ted cruz wasn't going to endorse that maybe he would at least have nice things to say about donald trump and that is not what happened. but today they are basically out there casting ted cruz as a sore loser and donald trump of course took to his favorite medium to do this. he tweeted, the party is very united. great love in the arena. brooke, i can tell you from being there last night, there were delegates who supported ted cruz who were angry at the senator for doing this, for going out there, for not endorsing. i talked to a number of republican donors. these are not necessarily donald trump supporters even who were also very frustrated by ted cruz. they felt like it was a snub to trump but also to the party around also to the convention. we see a little bit of that anger, a little of that frustration from donald trump jr. today. listen what he shade to cnn. >> i think he galvanized everyone behind my father. i didn't see the divisiveness
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they were talking about. i saw a lot of unity. if you heard a couple stragglers, they were all in our court because we understood our primary mission was to put someone in the office that's my father and not hillary clinton. ted cruz does what's good for ted cruz. ted cruz isn't thinking about those things. ted cruz is thinking about if hillary clinton gets this, i can run again in four years as opposed to waiting for eight when my father would finish up his second term. i think it's pure showmanship. >> reporter: there are certainly people who will never be on board with donald trump who were watching ted cruz from home last night. i'm sure this invigorated them but from the view of the trump campaign and many of his allies, they believe ted cruz actually brought them one step closer to bringing that arena together. they are expecting donald trump to get a very warm reception tonight, brooke. >> sara murray, thank you very much. senator ted cruz had a lot of critics inside that texas delegation meeting this morning, but so did trump.
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one delegate says trump still has a lot of healing to do from p her perspective. >> he needs to remind us he's the president we were hoping for, that you will preserve our values, that he will do the right thing and shut up his ugly mouth and quit saying nasty things about people. that hurts our country. >> okay. this is the final day of the rnc. there is a heck of a lot to talk about. with me now, cnn political commentator, mary katherine hamm. david gergen, cnn senior analyst. first off, watching ted cruz this morning with his texas delegation, show of hands -- who thinks ted cruz -- explaining that this is personal.
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who thinks cruz is walking away looking good? show of hands. >> well, this is like -- >> i'm not trying to do verbal jujitsu with you. >> i personally think he looks good but that's because i have an opinion that standing up to donald trump is a good thing. people here, i'm not sure if they think. i think trump would tell you he embarrassed himself. >> before we get to trump thoughts, why do you think maybe he looks -- >> because i think -- >> -- strong. >> this is a divided party. the idea that it was going to get papered over and solved here was false from the beginning. there is a real group of people in that arena that liked him standing up to trump. another group of people are on fence and saying i don't know how to say no to this, and he's saying, here's the way. to me it looks like some courage and i think down the road when we look back and say what does it party actually stand for when it comes to character and when
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it comes to values, it is not just personal. it is about this is a man who caught people lying in many, many ways and does not do the bare minimum to make up for it. just by asking for endorsement, for instance. >> this is actually all personal. there is actually no policy on the table here at all. he didn't single out a single policy issue either last night or this morning that he disagrees with trump on. when they campaigned -- >> he basically talked about -- >> i the speaker before ted cruz got on. i watched the whole thing unfold before me. i've never seen anything like this. that is an 80% ted cruz room. these are red texas delegates. all with their cowboy hats and everything else. after last night, that room had switched the other way. you had cruz people in that room who were really, really upset. the drama in that room tells a lot about what's going on in the party. but the key thing there was, not about the policy disagreements. just as you said, there is a
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protocol to all this and they felt like they got bamboozled by a guy they love and respect. i love and respect him, too. they felt like they're out there making the case for trump even though they don't know trump that well and they want their senator to be there with them. >> hold on. to david gergen just for a second. >> i think he's perfectly reasonable to be angry about these attacks on his wife and the attacks on his father. they were totally gratuitous. shouldn't have happened. but you know what? if he was going to come here and be disloyal to his party, disloyal to the cause like so many people are here, he should have stayed home. he could have just stayed home. >> people like seeing him being disloyal to the party. >> the purpose of this convention is to help republicans win the election in november. that's the sole purpose of this convention. and for him to come in here and tear apart the third night and cause this more discord only
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sets back that cause. >> do you know, did the trump campaign -- they invited him -- invited three of them to come on. one theory is did they orchestrate the boos. >> no. >> no, they didn't orchestrate the boos. >> they are claiming to have. >> clear it up. clear it up. >> had this campaign been as maniacal about checking out what's going on on stage? no. they knew what ted cruz was going to do in his speech. it was an open question whether the endorsement was going to happen. i think it was good of them to still allow him to have his moment. i think for much of the speech i think the cruz people, good people -- hell of a great campaign -- they wrote a speech that they thought would really showcase our conservative values. they did it. it was a great speech. they really had the whole room -- they had that room so excited -- going off the expectations, oh, my god, it is
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really going to happen. when it fell off the cliff, the crowd got confused. those weren't trump boos. i was in that crowd. those were not trump boos. they were so shell-shocked -- >> what about also you see if you're watching on television you see, cut to donald trump sort of off to the side, thumbs up. was that orchestrated? >> he was going to come out and sit in the family box for eric's speech. but i don't know if they knew exactly what he was -- ted cruz would be saying from the stage. what surprised me -- i give ted cruz credit, he stuck to that script mostly. he had one little phrase there in the beginning that newt gingrich reiterated. the guy's tough. only problem is he didn't perceive what was happening in the hallway. i think he really hurt himself but just trudging through and being so tone deaf. >> in a normal year the purpose of a convention is to help the party win. put on your jersey and get out there and win. the central question for this party is -- when, at what cost?
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and ted cruz has decided that there is this line. and further, when you invite somebody to a party and they come and everybody says, then don't throw the drinks on the table, it's rude -- well, he sent him a letter saying this what i'm going to do. and trump campaign, indicative of the problem with the campaign -- did not say, hey, maybe not. >> it's not just win at what cost, it's lose at what cost. that's what real will you upsets these delegates. we can have this whole conversation about who will be the best nominee -- >> oh, boy. gosh. >> he shouldn't have done that. >> he shouldn't. but i was talking to a republican operative who told me that he thinks tonight is going to be substantive. that's what's going to be on stage tonight. i think, oh, man, like teleprompter trump is not very compelling. right? he hates being on a teleprompter. my interest is if he's going
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to -- >> it may and little bit of both. >> how about scott walker who memorized a lot of his speech, looked like it was ad lib. >> i mean it was okay. >> they're going to sit down and coach him on what he's going to say. of course he'll make some remarks. i don't think he'll go to any -- he just wants to re-open this. tonight is a much, much wbigger speech. >> what's tonight? >> i think the surprise ought to be that he's turn into a presidential candidate. >> that would be a surprise. all right. thank you so much to all of you, very, very much. more to talk about with this "new york times" interview with mr. trump. definitely sparking some backlash after donald trump says it is possible the u.s. may not defend its nato allies. what exexactly he told the "times" is really significant.
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we also have the majority leader of the u.s. senate speaking out on this. also ahead, hear from ivanka trump who is introducing her father this evening about why she says he sometimes doesn't listen to her advice. also ahead, disturbing video of this african-american therapist who was out trying to help this autistic client. had his arms up in the middle of the street and ends up shot by police. hears happens, what the officers are saying. you're watching cnn's special live coverage.
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donald trump causing shockwaves across the foreign policy community today after comments made to the "new york times" in the thick of this convention here. when you read through this, essentially the headline is, if elected president, would not necessarily defend u.s. allies, nay know nations, if they were attacked by a foreign power, like, for example, russia. why? well, here is, in part, what mr. trump told the "times." "you can't forget the bills.
11:20 am
many nato nations are not making payments, not making what they're supposed to make." when pushed on whether the u.s. would come to the aid of members of nato if they were attacked by russia, he replied, "have they fulfilled their obligations to us? if they fulfill their obligations to us, the answer is yes." with that, ben juna, david gergen, before we talk to both of you, david gergen, manu raju is here on the capitol hill in cleveland. he just talked to senate majority leader mitch mcconnell who's reacting to those explosive comments from donald trump. here's what leader mcconnell said. >> what do you think about his foreign policy, specifically his comments he made today about nato. >> yeah, i disagree totally
11:21 am
today about what he said about that i tonato many americans dot know operation afghanistan is a nato operation. i want to reassure our nato allies we will come to the defense of any member that is threatened. >> so leader mcconnell totally disagrees. want you to comment on his comments but also the timing of these comments the day before he gives this huge speech. >> one, minor surprise -- why in the hell is he doing this in the middle of the convention and causing yet another uproar from the main event and that is trying to convince people he should be president over the next four years. nobody can understand that. the more serious thing is foreign policy community is very rattled yet once again because they see it this is mitch mcconnell, just as he said, nato is not only the most important but the most successful military alliance in history.
11:22 am
since world war ii. we had two world wars in europe, and then we formed a nato alines and for 70 years we've kept the peace. it was famously said when it was created, the purpose of nato is to keep the u.s. in, russians out, and the germans down. and that's what it's done. and it has preserved peace. everybody loved it. but at the moment, as noted from "the new york times" in the conversation, the baltics are feeling real pressure from russia. putin seems to be threatening. the baltic nations are all members of nato. if the united states is not going to support them they really deeply and rightly worry the russians are going to come in and -- >> on that, that's why i wanted to bring ben in on this show, he's written so much about putin. how do you think these words are sitting with vladimir putin?
11:23 am
is this trump, whether he realizes it or not, giving putin the green light to go in, take those eastern bloc countries? >> trump believes nato is somewhat of a rhetorical thing rather than a real thing. sooner or later there will be opportunities presented by american weakness to chip away at this. trump is confirming his belief. i think that what trump said will will be looked at a lot more closely in moscow than maybe have been in the american media, which is he's just sort of opening up a possibility he might not defend. he didn't say he wouldn't. i think that it will encourage people in the russian establishment who think that sooner or later a moment of american weakness will present itself and that imperial territory could be reclaimed. >> essentially what he's saying is, depending on which country
11:24 am
it is, he would want to take a look as far as what they've done for us and whether or not we, the united states, would want to defend this nato nation depending on the circumstances. then, take that and juxtapose that with what we saw from his vice presidential pick, mike pence. this is what governor pence said last night. >> key cannot have four more years apologizing to our enemies and abandoning our friends. america needs to be strong for the world, to be safe and on the world stage. donald trump will lead from strength. donald trump will rebuild our military and stand with our allies. >> stand with our allies. >> stand with our allies. that's right. what mike pence has said is sort of standard republican belief four years from now. by the way, nato has bipartisan support. every president, going back to truman, has supported nato, have
11:25 am
thought it was fundamental. and nato entirely depends on the notion that you can count on the united states being there, whether you paid your dues or not. if the russians come, you can count on the united states coming to your aid, every other country coming to your aid. yes, donald trump ought to go. of course he ought to go and see if they can't get them to pay up. and yes, they're not pulling their load. you can't get there -- you just scare people around the world when you begin questioning the commitments, the treaty commitments of the united states. >> quickly, he has to talk about foreign policy. >> he does. >> does he double down on these notions? >> i think he does. i think in time he may change. he's evolved on a lot of other issues. i think this is a signal in the middle of his convention that you don't know where he is going to go. the taking us out of middle
11:26 am
east, taking us out of southeast asia, the world becomes a very dangerous and chaotic place and the u.s. is threatened. the whole point is we're not just trying to defend the mainland of the united states. the whole point is to defend europe and make sure the chinese don't expand. >> thank you both on the putin perspective. coming up, even though ted cruz was booed, did he steal the show? my next guest argues senator cruz made one of the most consequential convention speechers of a non-winner. obviously not everyone agrees with that. even some of cruz' texas delegates raising those cowboy hats around. we'll talk to all sides next. [beekeeper] from bees to business expenses,
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into the classroom. together, we're building a better california. welcome back. bottom of the hour, you are watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin here in cleveland. today is a huge, huge day for donald trump. but let's talk ted cruz. texas senator ted cruz did not endorse him, and he got booed for it, right there on the stage here at the q, at the republican national convention. but trump's runner-up and arch nemesis made it clear he will not be silent.
11:32 am
senator cruz speaking out to his constituents this morning at the texas delegation breakfast saying this is personal. >> i am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father. and that pledge was not a blanket commitment that if you go and slander and attack heidi, that i'm going to, nonetheless, come like a servile. youly puppy dog and say thank you very much for aligning my wife and aligning my father. >> nice to have both of you here. i'll defer to the lady first. reading your piece, you say this is the most consequence speech from '80 and ted kennedy. why? >> in 1980, ted kennedy let it
11:33 am
be known dream lives on. that's essentially what ted cruz has done today. it is astounding actually that the trump people let him go on if they actually read the speech because -- >> they said they got it two hours ahead of time. >> number one objective of this convention was unity. even though they may be excoriating ted cruz, they're only proving his point, that the party has not unified behind this individual. just today, for example, we saw how prescient ted cruz was given his remarks about nato, about the dissolution of nato. i've been on the phone all morning -- >> let her finish. >> they tend to bully. >> i'm not bullying at all. >> i spent all morning on the phone with european members of the british parliament. you create an international incident when you have the brits, germans, all the eastern europeans. this is the big leagues. you want to be commander in chief. you want to be a world leader and you created an enormous
11:34 am
controversy even before you actually have taken the stage? >> let me step in and say, basically part of the crux is the "new york times" interview. the word wasn't dissolution although we've heard that. it was that the u.s. under a trump presidency may or may not go to defend a nato ally. >> if you're not going to stand by your allies -- >> that's a big deal. >> now can i answer? >> please, sir. >> what actually happened in the transcript, donald trump spends a lot of time saying that i want to support our allies. i will support our allies. he says do you have the mike on to be sure you hear what i'm saying? i support our ael litz. but if they do not adhere to nato, to the treaty where they have to spend 2% of their gdp, that's a deal any organization, if i buy a house together, you put up half the price, i put up half the price -- 82% of
11:35 am
republicans according to the "wall street journal" support donald trump coming into the convention. i guarantee it will be higher coming out of the convention. ted cruz got booed off the floor. >> in consequential. >> ted cruz right now is an absolute inconsequential senator. but that's looking backward. we're going to look forward. the party is united. >> it was so personal for ted cruz. donald trump once upon a time basically said his wife was ugly and accused -- >> he said a lot of really nasty things about donald trump. >> he never said his father was involved in the jfk assassination. >> cruz said nasty things about donald trump at the end of that primary before he lost in indiana. he lost, he's out. people all over this media who support cruz say to me, we're --
11:36 am
we as a party look forward to defeating hillary clinton november 8th. that's what republicans are focused on, led by donald trump. >> listen to ted cruz on mitch mcconnell. not to go back to nato, he totally disagrees with what trump says, too, in the "new york times" and also totally disagrees with the cacophonous chants of "lock her up, lock her up." jeff flake tweeting the republican party jump the shark on that. >> it is up to those leaders to say what they wish, say what they want. 14 million voters voted for donald trump in the gop -- >> and more voted against him, actually. >> let her jump in. >> the problem is he also has more republicans vote against him. i think the trump people may understand intellectually they don't really understand viscerally that he now has to get 65 million americans or more to vote for him. hillary clinton got more votes.
11:37 am
donald trump's opponents got more votes. he has a problem. what are we talking about on a day that should be his crowning glory? we're talking about that the party is united and this horrible gap that -- >> who's not united? hillary clinton? >> oh, please. >> i would much prefer to have bill weld at the top of the ticket rather than the bottom who was an excellent governor. >> donald trump leads hillary clinton by a wide margin without a libertarian in the polling. >> there have been surprises this whole time. whether it was on monday or the boos of ted cruz. tonight is mr. trump's night. i know we'll be talking about it tomorrow. hopefully -- good luck. >> it is going to be a great night. >> i know you are totally excited. >> we're going to have a blast. >> i'll have a conversation with you. i appreciate both of you very
11:38 am
much. coming up next here on cnn, from cleveland, we will talk about one of the most highly anticipated moments, not just your man, donald trump, but before that, ivanka trump, his daughter, stepping into the spotlight. she will be introducing her father to the nation. our gloria borger sat down with her to ask about donald trump as a father, as a businessman and as a mentor. >> i, as a woman, i, as a person, could never support someone who was sexist or racist. i just couldn't. i would not be able to be okay with that. but i know who he is as a human being and i know that things are not true. >> stick around for an incredibly candid conversation about ivanka trump's dad. don't you dare follow your dreams. think big.
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introducing donald trump for his big acceptance speech this evening will perhaps be his most effective supporter, his own daughter, ivanka trump. out of all the most subbliiblin she holds the most powerful asset. gloria borger here with us at cnn actually sat down with the eldest trump daughter. ivan ivanka offered a candid take on her dad. >> once in a while he'll say things and i'll tell him he
11:44 am
could probably do with ratcheting it back. >> and he listens. >> sometimes. and sometimes he doesn't. or sometimes he listens for limited periods of time. >> but you can tell him. >> look, i think it is part of what people love about him. it's also part of what angers people. he is authentic. you know, nobody tells him who to be. he is himself. he is his own man. he listens to the opinions of others. he respects the opinions of others. he profits from advice people give him but ultimately he makes his own decisions. my father's always elicited strong opinions in people. he is bold. he's unabashed. he's very himself. and i think for me, the ultimate -- the most important thing is i know the man. so when i hear things that are factually inaccurate, it's sometimes hurtful. i feel that as a daughter.
11:45 am
but i still know the man. i as a woman, i as a person, could never support someone who was sexist, or racist. but i just couldn't. i would not be able to be okay with that. but i know who he is as a human being and i know that things are not true. >> and n and not many people say those things, but when they do, it is easy for me to dismiss it because of that fact. >> when ivanka walks off that stage this evening, all eyes will be on her dad, donald trump, delivering the biggest speech of his life. just for fun, the republican nominee might consider taking a cue from an entertainer. joe piscopo. ♪ let me see what life is like
11:46 am
on jupiter or mars ♪ ♪ >> we're buying goods. >> actor, comedian, radio host, former "saturday night live" cast member, he is here in the cle. are you having fun? >> this town is great. i'm going down the street, you got to walk like two miles to get anywhere. a cop, i don't know if he knew i did sinatra, he just flew into ♪ fly me to the moon >> so you're bringing this showbiz to me, to the cnn set. you know your old pal, 20-plus years, donald trump. he promised showbiz and pizzazz, and i don't know what was up with the l.e.d. lights last night. has he delivered in your opinion? >> he really has. i'm not a republican. >> you're an independent.
11:47 am
>> i am an independent. i was a life-long dem. i think the republicans have crushed it. i think it's great. it is inspirational. you walk on the floor at q over there. people are excited about it. whether you like donald or not -- you know what's weird? you can feel like as the week goes on, they would say donald trump from the podium one guy would go like this. you know? as the week goes on, after rudy giuliani did his speech and mike pence hit it home and newt gingrich who people are undecided about, they said, wait, wait a minute, these people are talking in favor of donald. now everybody's on board. >> from the show and perspective, walking out on monday with the "we are the champions." >> oh, and the fog. >> then you have the next night, the gold doors and him appearing life via satellite from trump tower. we talked about the chopper yesterday. >> that was great! >> what does he need to do. from a show man, producer
11:48 am
perception, sir. >> fly him in. put a harness on him, fly him in, man. come in from the top. like "spider-man." just kind of land and run into a jog. maybe puarachute in from up top. >> that would be a little silly. people were laughing at the helicopter. >> i loved the helicopter. i loved the drama of it all. with due respect to the bush family, what if jeb bush was running? no one would be excited. there would be none of this. >> you might have a little more party unity. . i'm just saying. >> oh! no, i don't think there would be no show business, there wouldn't be any pizzazz. >> are you voting for trump? >> i am. >> you've known him for years. you were telling me during the break, you also like bernie sanders. bernie/trump. can you explain that to me? >> it is the fact that they're very particular to the fact that
11:49 am
they're committed. he's not part of the machine. >> not part of the machine. >> when bernie gross to the back door meeting with hillary, he doesn't say i want to be secretary of state, look, i want to be in this cabinet. he goes look, i want minimum wage, i want free this, i want free that. whether that is right or wrong, the man is pure. donald is pure in that way. it is all for america. i don't know that donald trump -- i think it is okay i say this -- he feels he has to do this. look at his children. >> you can't fake good kids, according to mike pence last night. all right. we'll have an over/under in the commercial break over this flying in, harness situation. >> what if i'm right? >> i'll bring you back. >> he should be singing. ♪ fly me to the moon ♪ let me swing upon that stage ♪ >> commercial break. ♪ my name is donald trump and i am the rage ♪
11:50 am
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if you have not seen this video out of miami, you do not want to turn away. let me tell you this story. this unarmed therapist who was trying to help a man, an autistic man, says he was shot by police. there he is. in the yellow shirt. lying on ot ground. hands up in the air. 47-year-old charles kinsey. police responded to a 911 call after one of his patients ran out of this assisted living home. kinzie, the therapist there in yellow, tried to defuse the situation, throws his arms up in the air pleading with police, don't shoot. he tells police he's not armed. and that his patient right sitting next to him is holding a toy truck. let's go to boris sanchez, he's live in miami. boris? how are police explaining this? >> reporter: brooke, they're not
11:55 am
explaining it in-depth. that's a big point of frustration. i'll get to that in a second. but first, mr. kinkinzie, aleas according to his attorney is doing well. he is expected to be released some time this week but mentally he is extremely distraught and distress. part of the reason he says because as the father of five he's struggling to explain to his children how he should act around police when he did everything he should have. as we said, he was tending to this patient who had come out to the street. he what's in the middle of the street with that toy. at some point there was clearly a misunderstanding with police. they initially were responding to a call that someone was inside with a weapon. obviously things did not go as mr. win zi expekinzie expected. >> when he shot, when he shot
11:56 am
me, it was like a mosquito bite. when he hit me, i say i still got my hands in the air, i'm saying, i just got slot. i'm saying, sir, why did you shoot me? in his words, he say to me -- i don't know. >> so getting back to police, the chief of police here had a press conference this afternoon saying the department is dedicated to transparency and to justice. he started taking questions but almost immediately left the podium. there is a lot of frustration in the community by the lack of answers from police. this happened on monday. this is the first time we're hearing from them today. the attorney for mr. kinsey says he's not spoken to the police but he has with the city attorney in miami and they hope to reach some type of settlement soon. >> we have a problem. boris sanchez, thank you. special coverage from cleveland continues in just a moment. thank you.
11:57 am
11:58 am
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12:00 pm
here we go. we are live in cleveland, ohio. i'm brooke baldwin. sweeping in there, the star of the show, the q. that is where we will see donald trump this fourth and final night here making his mega speech on this last day of the republican national convention. mr. trump has just completed his walk-through on the convention stage.
12:01 pm
he popped through as he prepares for what will amount to the biggest speech of his life in just a couple of hours. he will step forward in front of millions of eyeballs and formally accept the republican nomination for president. but his former rival, ted cruz, he is stealing some of the headlines on this third day. in his speech before that crowd at the rnc, the texas senator refused to endorse donald trump, setting off this cacophony of boos right there on the convention floor. that's how it played out. if you were standing on the floor last night. meantime, flashforward to this morning, ted cruz speaking to his texas delegation there defending his actions, explaining that it was personal. it was family loyally that superseded party unity.
12:02 pm
>> i addressed the convention, i addressed the convention because donald trump asked me to. and when donald asked me to, he didn't ask me to endorse. and indeed three days ago i talked on the phone with him and told him i am not going to endorse you. i am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father. and that pledge was not a blanket commitment that if you go and slander and attack heidi, then i'm going to nonetheless come like a servile puppy dog and say thank you very much more maligning my wife and maligning my father. what does it say when you stand up and say vote your conscience? and rabid supporters of our nominee begin screaming what a horrible thing to say.
12:03 pm
[ applause ] if we can't make the case to the american people that voting for our party's nominee is consistent with voting your conscience, it's consistent with defending freedom and being faithful to the constitution, then we are not going to win and we don't deserve to win. >> all right. first up, senior white house correspondent jim acosta. jim, let's talk about this evening. obviously donald trump wants to move on from some of the -- some of these headlines. what do we know about his speech this evening, what he'll do, how he'll enter? >> well, i can tell you just from being in that hall last night, it is going to be a very different reception that donald trump will have tonight versus what you heard aimed at ted cruz. there was no question about it as to how that crowd felt about ted cruz. this is a very pro-donald trump crowd, as you would expect it to be at the republican national convention. after all, he is the nominee.
12:04 pm
i just talked to a trump campaign official earlier this morning, yes, donald trump will try to turn the page. but from talking to and hearing from officials, they are not all that distracted from what ted cruz had to say last night. donald trump is still focused on delivering his vision to the country tonight. he's going to have a massive television audience, perhaps the largest television audience he's had so far as a candidate for the white house. this is what a trump campaign official told me earlier this morning as to what the real estate tycoon and gop nominee plans to do. he said -- this official said, "trump will paint his vision of a trump presidency tonight and the benefit it will have for every day families, a la how donald trump is going to work for you." he is going to try to take himself down off of that pedestal, you might say, of being this celebrity billionaire real estate reality tv star and try to speak in plain language as to what his policies and proposals will do for every day americans. then it also goes on to say that he's going to run through specific campaign themes, specific proposals as he lays out the contrast between a trump
12:05 pm
presidency and a clinton presidency. and so, brooke, does ha mean that donald trump's going to get his walk side on? i don't know about that. we don't hear that very often from donald trump. but it does sound like he's going to go through some specific proposals. and at the same time i think it is important to point out the warm-up acts for donald trump speak volumes as well. iv ivanka trump, daughter of donald trump, she's start the campaign, considered a secret weapon. she'll be taking the stage tonight after her brothers and sister, tiffany, did so earlier this week. we'll also hear from the oklahoma governor, mary fallen, and a texas billionaire, also openly gay and the first republican to speak at the rnc in an open fashion talking about how he is proud to be gay person and a republican all in one. and so those are the types of things you're going to be hearing tonight. that is a very different sort of night for the republican party, you might say, on the final day
12:06 pm
of a convention. but no question about it when you talk to people inside the trump campaign, donald trump understands this is his big moment. he certainly wants to take full advantage of it later on tonight. >> jim acosta, thank you so much. jim hit on so many points. democratic cnn contributor ben jones. and kaley mcnirny and margaret hoover. carl bernstein, author of "a woman in charge, the wife of hillary rodham clinton." happy thursday, happy rnc day number four. what does trump need to do tonight, what does he say, how much policy does he talk? >> trump tonight will reintroduce himself to the american public exiting officially into the general election. we're going to see a positive vision. that doesn't mean he will not mention hillary clinton. i've read reporting that suggests he might use a play on
12:07 pm
words which are "i'm with her" theme saying "i'm with you." i suspect you'll hear a little of that. more than that, you're going to hear what donald trump wants to do for the american people. >> wen? >> well, first of all, so far my view is, this whole thing has been pretty much mostly anger, not that many answers. a lot of side shows, not a lot of solutions. he needs to fix that. he could come out there and he could really give some specifics. i can't tell yet if you don't have a large number of people around him making a bet that the status quo is so untolerable for people that they don't need any answers? we've got to see tonight. what is the ratio of stoking the outrage, of painting the opposition in negative colors versus really showing specifically how he can make it better. if he actually does that, the democrats have something to
12:08 pm
worry about. because then you'd have several days despite all the distract n distractions with really painting hillary clinton in a bad light. >> he's got to talk policy. but this sort of explosive interview with the "new york times" and what he said with nato, he has to talk foreign policy. how much of that do you think we'll hear from? >> i hope we hear a lot because some of the things he said in that recent interview basically communicating that he doesn't have a real understanding on the purpose of nato or why it is important or how america benefits from our alliances in europe. are hugely troubling. if you're an honest american, whether you are a republican or a democrat, you've got to think, if the next leader of the preworld potentially doesn't understand what has kept the world in this sort of state after world war ii, it doesn't matter about the supreme court justices if we start on a path where we embolden our enemies to invade allies in europe. now we're starting to get to the
12:09 pm
place where we need presidents who understand what's kept us safe for the last 60 years, 80 years. >> carl bernstein, jump in on that. but also, does he touch, address, any sort of nuance to what happened with ted cruz? >> i think he's got a problem. he's had a successful convention in many ways thus far in terms of recon figuring a view of him that others are giving him a look that did not before. >> you think he's been successful doing it. >> somewhat. somewhat. >> the kids are amazing. >> somewhat. but i think that the noise outside the convention hall from other republicans, not just cruz -- bobby jindal calling him a madman. lindsey graham saying he's incompetent. et cetera. nikki haley, in really amazing terms, characterizing him as unfit for the presidency. this noise is really damaging and i don't think, so far, he's been able to substantively give
12:10 pm
a vision otherwise. that's the task tonight and i'm not sure that he's capable of it. >> can he appear presidential? >> i think this is a thing for panels of us to talk. >> david gergen believes he could be. he could appear that way. >> again, it is an appearance. i think does he have the substance to say, i know what a president needs to do in terms of policy and present it. so far the evidence is he's totally incapable of it. and look at the interviews today in the papers. >> can i just say something at the risk of spriurprising peopl? i don't know if a bunch of republican establishment people saying mean things about donald trump is a disaster for him. there is a rebellion in both parties. the rebellion in the democratic party was put down by hillary clinton but the rebellion won in this party. to me you got some sore losers in the establishment. i don't know if this doesn't help him, that he could say, look, they don't like me but i like you. >> van's right. you said this earlier in the
12:11 pm
election. i thought it was such a profound thing. you said the fault lines might be a little bit different in this election, not so much republican/democrat or conservative/, establishment. what it is is, outsider/insider. you have a lot of anger in this country on both sides. we saw it with the bernie sanders voters. we see it with the donald trump voters. there is a reason two outsiders who have no shot at the nomination, political class proclaimed them dead from the start, they decide to fight on. bernie sanders in many ways decide to fight on. >> peter teal who is openly gay, here he is speaking on a mega stage this evening, silicon valley, entrepreneur. one look, it is a wonderful thing and major deal here at the rnc. but you're saying -- not so fast. >> first of all of, it is great. to have an openly gay republican addressing the republican national convention is a great retort, actually it is really
12:12 pm
progress on the republican side. there is nothing in conflict of being a republican for individual freedom and being gay. caitlyn jenner was here yesterday. montel williams, a straight ally, lobbying for lgbt but a conservative ally. i'm in this space as well. trump has had supportive rhetoric on lgbt freedom which is incredibly heartening for people like me who are activists on that side. when the rubber hits the road, however, the poignant thing is he hasn't been there because we have a 2016 platform that marriage is legal. but there are six traditional marriage references in this platform as the only way to be married. there is conversion therapy, a widely disreputed practice in this platform. this is the most anti-lgbt republican platform that we have had in history. it is worse four years later than mitt romney's platform in 2012 and that's really quite disappointing because for all the rhetoric that donald trump shared positively for lgbt
12:13 pm
freedom, when the rubber hirt the road in terms of creating a platform that reflected his views, his staff, his operatives, his team were totally -- >> also the pence pick. everybody i think has been -- so relieved that pence is a competent person. but the reality is his reputation on lgbt stuff is also bad. when you look at the platform and the pick, not going to help. >> i think we'll hear more about that in the coming months. to you, sir, tomorrow morning, what will we be talking about? >> i think we'll be talking about did donald trump reach people of the united states outside the hall? so far what he has done is he has identified in this country that people are disaffected, that our institutions are not working. he has done it with more success than any other candidate. his antenna has been better than any of the other candidates. now can he continue to do that and what i'm saying about jindal and the others is that for the first time, he is now being scrutinized much more carefully in terms of the wildness of a
12:14 pm
lot of what he is saying and it is not holding up. for the first time. and that is the test. can he get out of here, he's done this amazing thing, he's got this antenna vibrating with disaffected people in this country, and others who know that they have been screwed in this economy for the last 25 years. but, he also is saying things that are off the chart. he's never read a biography of a president of the united states, he just said in an interview. >> no matter what he does tonight, he will still land lower than he would have had the convention been executed bitter. there have been so many side shows. >> i don't know about that. >> i thought there were so many side shows that if he lands here, he could have been here. >> there have been incredible speeches. the kids have been extraordinarextraordinary they're adults. but mike pence said it best, you can't fake good kids.
12:15 pm
iv ivanka, talk about all eyes on her tonight teeing up her father. thank you all so much. we're all watching the q this evening. by the way, new interview with trump is definitely sparking some backlash today after he says it is not possible that the u.s. may not actually go and defend its nato allies. we have much more on that explosive interview he did with the "new york times" in the thick of his convention. we'll talk about that. also ahead, don jr. definitely never one to hold back. he reacts to ted cruz, talks about the relationship with ivanka and his siblings, especially over this past crazy year. and, we're now in that window for hillary clinton to announce her running plate. and we are now hearing that list has expand by one. hear whose name is rising. you're watching cnn special. clean food.
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12:20 pm
so it's not often that the white house actually issues a statement clarifying the stance of a presidential nominee, but they just did. after donald trump made some comments that have definitely had some in europe and beyond the foreign policy community a little nervous. mr. trump in an interview with the "new york times" in the last 24 hours saying he would not necessarily defend nato allies if they were confronted by a power -- a la russia. our senior political correspondent, brianna keilar --
12:21 pm
has more on what exactly mr. trump told the "times" and the response. >> reporter: there is so much response, brooke, coming from the clinton campaign, the white house, ahead of nato, european countries, for instance. but just to explain what this is, we are talking about nato, 28 member nations. one of the really important principles behind nato is article 5, collective defense. the idea that if i'm a nato nation and you are a nato nation and youwere attacked, i am going to back you up. this has been invoked once. after 9/11. this is the only time where nato really followed through on that, but obviously a very key moment. and donald trump was asked about this in an interview with the "new york times." ep said, you can't forget the bills. many nato nations are not making payments, not making what they're supposed to make. and then he was asked, well, what if a nato nation were attacked by russia? what would the u.s. do? and he seemed to put conditions on it. he said have they fulfilled their obligations to us? if they fulfilled their obligations to us, the answer is
12:22 pm
yes. so a lot of reaction. the clinton campaign saying ronald reagan would be aslammed. harry truman would be ashamed. referring to the speeches at the convention last night, they said tonight mike pence said donald trump would stand with our allies. tonight donald trump flatly contradicted him. the white house coming out as well saying, look, this is an ironclad pledge that the u.s. has to nato, that this is a steadfast xhim steadfast commitment. and privately a number of republicans are concerned about this. they, white house, the clinton campaign have a different point of view on the role of nato. it provides stability and we're seeing a real schism between that and donald trump who seems to view this as a one-way street where the u.s. isn't get being be the better end of this deal. >> and also perhaps this gives him his own vice president on the ticket. brianna keilar -- thank you very much.
12:23 pm
let me bring in columnist for the "washington examiner" and republican strategist and pollster. also, mark preston, executive editor for cnn politics. hello to both of you. springboarding off of brianna's story, but let's also mention, governor mike pence on the ticket, speaking out last night. do you have what mr. trump told the "times," then you have what governor pence said to the nation last night. >> we cannot have four more years apologizing to our enemies and abandoning our friends. america needs to be strong for the world, so be safe, and on the world stage donald trump will lead from strength. donald trump will rebuild our military and stand with our allies. >> so four last words -- stand with our allies. doesn't that contradict what mr. trump told the "times"? >> there is is a real hope on the republican side that mike pence can be this bridge between
12:24 pm
the things that donald trump just thinks in his mind and says, sort of shoots from the hip, and more traditional sort of republican thought on how to handle issues. mike pence can be somebody that says, hey, donald, this is what the real implications are of what you said. i think there's hope on the republican side that rather this being a split, sort of saying where pence can perhaps talk to the top of the ticket and get him back on the same page. >> what do you think of that and also why do you think he did this interview? >> who knows why donald trump does much of anything. but what's interesting is that they are diametrically opposed on so many issues where you have mike pence having truly robust, really conservative look at foreign policy while donald trump doesn't seem to have that. in addition, when donald trump goes out and says we may not defend our allies, going back a few months, he talked about they need to pay their own way, that the united states shouldn't be funding nato as a whole.
12:25 pm
what's interesting about that is, that plays pretty rel hewel in the united states when people are saying why aren't we spending that money here. that's been the message donald trump has been preaching. certainly that's why he won the republican nomination but it is going to cause problems in the republican party, no question. >> does he -- i mean he has to in the speech tonight address foreign policy. there has been this sort of ka cough in news cry for him to be specific on foreign policy. so we got some of that in this "new york times" interview. even talking about -- he's making some valid points but nato, when he goes back to world war ii -- this is a huge deal. does he address -- do you think he doubles down on this tonight? >> this is also something he's been saying about japan. speaking of world war ii. we said we'll defend japan instead of them having their own military. he sort of challenged that idea. in the polls, donald trump does really well against hillary clinton on the issue of the economy.
12:26 pm
he struggled on foreign policy. he needs that to pass his commander in chief test. he can't just pass tough rhetoric, he doesn't understand the geopolitical implications of what he's saying. tonight he needs to prove you can have me at 1600 pennsylvania avenue and i'm not going to do things that create a scarier world. that's going to be a tough test. >> there is going to be a lot of scrutiny on this speech given everything he says. if he stays with script -- which we know he will not. two, to be broad in what he talks about foreign policy. if he gets into specifics, guaranteed he will trip by tomorrow morning. we will wonder why did he say that last night when he only said six months ago something entirely different. >> tonight is the night. it is his night to speak and we will -- the world will be watching. kristin and mark, happy birth y birthday.
12:27 pm
25 looks very good. moving on, mshillary clinto meantime, in philadelphia next week for her show. she could be fewer than 24 hours away from announcing her pick for vice president. new jersey senator cory booker seems to be on the short list. you do all this research on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates. maybe you should've done more research on them.
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welcome back. i'm brooke baldwin. thanks for being with me at the
12:32 pm
rnc. a defiant ted cruz standing firm by his refusal endorse the man of the week here, donald trump, to be the next president of the united states. even amid boos from the convention floor last evening, and pushback today from a number of his texas constituents, senator cruz says he just cannot bring himself to support mr. trump after he criticized both his wife and his father. the texas delegates are split over his decision. >> that's a personal thing. but you have to get over some of that thing. i'm not trying to belittle it. i'm saying, hey, it doesn't help. i'm just saying that we're here today to support and unite the republican party and what he did was to tell tear the republican party down. >> my personal opinion is, donald trump has a lot of work to do. there are a lot of us that are upset at just not what he did to ted, what he did to many many
12:33 pm
people, he needs to come in and promise us he's going to be the president we were hoping for, that he will stand by the constitution, that he will preserve our values, that he will do the right thing and shut up his ugly mouth and quit saying nasty things about people. >> with that, let me bring in michael smerconish, host of cnn's "smerconish." you were saying with what ted cruz did last night, it was great for trump. >> i think so. i think that it made donald trump a more sympathetic individual, at least in this arena. when the week began -- you and i talked about there -- remember that 4:00 p.m. blowback on monday when there was a rules challenge and a little bit of activity on the floor and you started to say, wow, how much of this is a cruz delegation, how much of this is a cruz convention, and how much is trump? and what a difference 48 hours made because by last night, this place was on the side of donald
12:34 pm
trump. i think the sentiment was he's our nominee for better or worse, put it behind us, get together. and this is sour grapes on cruz's part. it is akin to you coming in to my house as an invited guest, you know i have a white rug, you get the cabernet and you pour it all over the floor. that's how i think it went over last night. i think trump loves this! i had bob costa from "the washington post" on my radio sho today. he was standing near trump at the moment he walked into the hall and he said almost these are not his words but almost like a gladiator, he was fixing his french cuffs. when he heard that cruz was getting booed, it was like, yeah, now i'm going in there. >> i'm looking at you and also thinking philly. you are a philly guy so i want to pivot and talk dems because we're in that sort of magic window when we will find out who hillary clinton selects as her
12:35 pm
vp. names floated out, kaine, vilsack. let me throw out cory booker. i hear he's very much in the consideration. you have this tweet from senator booker did with hillary clinton and him hugging. and then this morning, he was in cleveland with senator al franken. he was sort of this attack dog. listen to what he said. >> what really got me here was the level and intensity of the hate and cruelty that i've seen on the floor and come being oin speakers. this chant of "lock someone up," take away their liberty, throw them in prison, that's why we had a revolution in this country. against those ideas. but what's worse, is that's on
12:36 pm
the spectrum of things that's been spewed in this convention. that's one of the least offensive. >> all of this from cory booker today. what's up? >> i get the pieces of the puzzle but maybe he's playing us a little bit. i mean really look carefully at the tweet. that's a wonderful tweet for him to be sending, does it necessarily -- it is not like playing it backwards and saying call this day. i just don't see it the same way you see it. i think he's probably taking advantage a little bit of the opportunity to garner some spotlight. i agree he's on the short list. but it is going to be vilsack or kaine. i don't think she perceives the need to throw the long ball at this stage. i think they're nervous about donald trump keeping a very close eye on how this is
12:37 pm
unfolding, but slow and steady wins the race for her and i think kaine is the right pick. >> is philly ready for us? >> one of us needs to put in our luggage donald trump. because we need him next week. this has been too much fun. it's been raucous. entertaining. but whether it's been good for the country is another thing. but something tells me he will not be quiet next week. >> something tells me you are correct. michael smerconish, saturday mornings, 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. eastern. thank you. next, let's talk about mr. trump's adult children, don jr. comes to his dad's defense after ted cruz tries to steal the show. plus, ivanka trump opens up to cnn about what kind of father donald trump is. hours before she introduces her father to the nation. >> he wasn't long on diaper changing and things like that, but he -- i think maybe he was a
12:38 pm
little bit more traditional in that regard. but he was very accessible and very available. i never questioned that my siblings and i were his top priority. [burke] hot dog.seen it.covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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let's talk about donald trump's children. because they are playing a major, major role in his campaign and here at the convention. they have been a driving force on the stage here at the q, defending him, personalizing him as the party delegates and millions of eyeballs are watching. his eldest son, don jr., took to the stage to talk about his father. cnn's erin burnett talked to him
12:43 pm
today asking him to respond to ted cruz's controversial remarks to the boos and the texas lawmaker's refusal to endorse his father. >> ted cruz does what's good for ted cruz. ted cruz isn't thinking about those things. ted cruz is thinking about, you know what? if hillary clinton gets this, i can run again in four years as opposed to waiting for eight when my father would finish up his second term. >> it seems to be deeply personal for him. right? >> i think tuz will conveniently make anything look optically to try to sell a point. again, i think if there is one thing i've learned throughout this process, is there is not a lot of people who are truly genuine. it is all still politics. he is a pure politician. he tries to play the anti-establishment guy, yet guess what? during his initial stage he wanted to work with the bush campaign. no one wants him to. he's so unlikable. literally. no fans, no friends. and he only became antiestablishment when he couldn't be a part of the establishment because he couldn't get in there because no one wanted to be with him.
12:44 pm
>> did you even want the endorsement at this point? >> i don't care. we don't need it. we got it de facto from the people that matter. >> cnn's political director with me now. i thought mike pence said it best on the kids, that you can't fake good kids. aren't all of these -- don jr., eric, tiffany, ivanka, i mean they are all his best assets. >> weight a doubt. we'll get the star of the stars tonight with ivanka. they are his best assets, his best advocates. and they don't try -- i don't get the sense that they try to paint a false picture of him. i think they're pretty authentic in the way they talk about their dad, which is the best kind of validater you would want. right? because they don't try to paint him as like at home hanging ong the couch, playing board games. they're like he worked and everything but always stopped to make time for us, brought us into work. you get a real sense of the
12:45 pm
relationship. but not only that, they've grown into pretty practiced political advocates as well. >> do you think their stories and presence on stage has sort of shot through or do you think it's been overshadowed by some of the surprises, the good, the bad and the really not so great. >> i think so far it is the highlight of the week, are the children. think that they have broken through. i mean lots of people have tuned in. you have to remember, people at home don't watch this stuff the way we watch this stuff. we're waiting for every mistake or controversy or thing, then we draw the news out of it. people at home are sitting down and -- by the millions and just watching and getting more information. so i do think they break through in that way. clearly the news media conversation which has an impact obviously is not for one night yet has it been what the trump campaign had hoped and designed the convention to be. so there have been these unforced errors all week long that have thrown off this -- our
12:46 pm
conversation. but that doesn't mean that people don't still tune in and see tiffany or eric an don jr. and formed impressions are. >> the star of the star the children, ivanka. she introduces her dad. i'm curious, in a first family pass or would it even be possible to have an adult -- a child of donald trump serve in a trump administration in some capacity? >> you remember that john kennedy put his brother in as attorney general. i don't think we're in that place anymore. i think there would be -- >> you don't think so. >> i have a hard time imagining -- >> people want -- people love ivanka trump! >> that doesn't mean that she can't take on a portfolio and be a senior advisor. i just don't know that she'll have a cabinet secretary position. but i could fully envision, just like she does with the company, the trump organization, be a real senior advisor to donald trump and whether that's a little bit more behind the scenes and she takes a policy
12:47 pm
portfolio almost first lady style, right? and is able to take a piece of the policy portfolio like michelle obama did with veterans families and those who serve in the armed forces and their families, i could imagine ivanka doing something like that and being an advisor to her dad. >> okay. you said it. thank you very much. coming up here, some not feeling the love here totally in this area of cleveland. you will hear the politically infused statements that riled up the crowd here days ago in cleveland. we'll talk to the front man, steven jenkins, live next.
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all right, you know these guys. third eye blind. the rnc is also in town. this was not an rnc event. convention goers could be in the crowd. he decided to clarify his on political views and that's when this happened.
12:53 pm
all right, let me bring him in, steven jenkins is joining me here. they have a new album out called dopamine. we just saw some of your comments to the crowd. i know you won't say trump's name, but you took the charity gig this week. why was it so important to relay that message to the crowd? >> you left out the part if i said raise your hand if you believe in science, so i think the two things that i said were both one was a question, and the other was a fact. and the fact that i stated was that lgbt americans are not
12:54 pm
enfranchised in the rnc platform. and because i'm an artist, and not a song and dance man, i have to be playing in an environment that makes sense. so i think i didn't want to get painted by the rnc brush and that's why i brought it up. but what blows my mind, seriously blows my mind is that it is always about a back and forest in everything that is going on in this convention. and it is really hard to get down to the policy underneath it. i was talking about a policy, they still have conversion therapy, they want to amend the constitution on marriage, and that is in a convention without any single mention of global climate change. in this entire event, there has not been one mention of climate change. the only thing that is in it that has to do with science is
12:55 pm
repealing the epa. these are actual under lying policy bits. i think maybe this is like an act of evil genius where if they just keep it chaotic enough, no one will focus on the fact that there is either no policy, or really bad policy like -- things like let's not support our n.a.t.o. allies. that was the news the other day, or ted cruz. >> it was in the news today, and trust me we have been talking about it a lot. we also had a whole conversation, i had a outspoken republican speaking about lbgt rights saying this platform is nowhere near where it should be here in 2016, so i'm listening to all of your points, but tell me quickly i understand you were passed a note by a woman in the crowd that was a republican and what was her message? >> she was very sweet, she said i agree with what you said and we're not all bad and she had
12:56 pm
amazing penmanship. we have republican family members. most of our crew are, you know, hillary voters or bernie voters supporting hillary. we have one guy voting for trump. we love him, we think -- we don't understand him, but we love him, you know? i know you grew up in a republican household, are you trying to talk your parents out of voting for trump or are they staunch supporters? >> no, no, no, they're not voting for him, dad is a liberal, mom is a republican. >> all right, steven jenkins, i appreciate it, thank you for taking the time. for all of you third eye blind fans, catch them tonight in stanford and at lalapalooza. thank you for being with me. special coverage continues here.
12:57 pm
rnc day number four just after this quick break.
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welcome to "the lead." we're live inside the q in cleveland for the final day of the republican national convention. i'm jake tapper. hours ago we saw donald trump getting his bearings on the big stage behind me for what will be, i think it's fair to say, the biggest speech of his life. will he be magnanimous? will he speak to inspire the undecided voters that are skeptical


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