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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  July 21, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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welcome to "the lead." we're live inside the q in cleveland for the final day of the republican national convention. i'm jake tapper. hours ago we saw donald trump getting his bearings on the big stage behind me for what will be, i think it's fair to say, the biggest speech of his life. will he be magnanimous? will he speak to inspire the undecided voters that are skeptical of him?
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will he. presidential. the man that a majority of americans want to entrust with their lives and their futures. or, will he choose door number two? critics say his convention has too often been derailed by missed opportunities and errors. and last night, when a boomerang shaped like texas senator ted cruz smacked trump on the head. the republican party, of course, they fear that all of this discord only further fuels those undecided voters skeptical of mr. trump. can he quell the concerns? what is he going to say tonight? joining me now to talk about this all is former republican
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presidential candidate dr. ben carson. good to see you as always. what do you think he is going to say? have you seen the speech? >> no, i have not. >> what do you want him to do? can he be magnanimous? >> many people don't think he has the temperament that is necessary, but just look at what happened this week. people attacking his wife. others when their wife is attacked they go bezerk. it shows he has the correct fiber. i'm expecting him to really talk about some of the real policies that will help pit us on the right track. the things that threaten us are
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fiscal irresponsibility. >> on the issue of fiscal responsibility, i have not heard any big proposals from trump or his campaign talking about getting ahold of safety net programs, or addressing the debt and deficit in any way. >> behind closed doors he presented this to you? >> he has some excellent ideas. in turms erms of the entitlemen not necessarily going after them first, because encouraging capital investment. then you can concentrate more on the entitlements. >> let's talk more about ted cruz since you mentioned him, i think it is fair to say. he said republicans should vote their conscious.
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today he said he would not back somebody that insulted his wife and father. take a look. >> i'm not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father. and is that pledge was not a blanket commitment that if you slander and attack heidi that i'm going to come like a puppy dog, thank you for maligning my wife and father. >> some people are unable to take the personal out of it. >> those were person attacks from donald trump. >> there were personal attacks on me as well by mr. trump. it is about so much more than me. our children, our grandchildren, and the future of our country. what kind of country are we going to have? >> let me ask you how you got over it.
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the attacks on you by mr. trump were vicious. he suggested you have a pathological temper. he said child molesters are pathological. you have spent your life saving children, and trying to uplift the children of baltimore -- >> of the whole country. >> the whole country, but specifically in baltimore, talking about how you would do that, and he compared you to a child molester. >> i know it's not true, everybody else knows it's not true, it's a nonissue. if i let it stick in my krcraw, that means i'm self centered. the issues that affect the country are so much bigger than any individual. >> always a pleasure to see you, safe travels, i know you're
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welcome back to "the lead" here in cleveland. donald trump is just hours away from formally accepting the nomination for president. in a day or two, we're going to learn the name of hillary's running mate. short listers include tim kaine and tom vilsack. one man still remains on the short list, senator cory booker
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from new jersey, and look at that. i found him. what are you doing here. >> tell me the truth, you discuss ne ways you can't talk about on air. >> you have been one of the blessings to my senate career, you send me good text messages and try to get me on the show. >> that's true i'm a naked booker. i have to ask you about this speculation. i have been told by somebody who knows that you are on the short list. and you are, you might get picked. and i know you're not going to tell me, but do you know who the nominee is? >> i don't know, but she has tremendous choices, really quality people within our party. a strong bench, but it is really about who our nominees are. today this week we have seen such a stark contrast between the darkness and negativity spewed at this convention. something like i have never seen
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before. >> what have you not liked? what do you object to? >> everything, from her being referred to as if she is in a league with lucifer, to the chants. one this morning was hang the witch. the fact checkers, looking at everybody from the "washington post," the "new york times," the blatant lies. this is one of the darker and meaner spirited conventions of my lifetime. that is why i came to cleveland to object to that. it's not even the best of the republican party. over 20 of my colleagues are staying away from this speck t-
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spectacle. >> it has also attracted millions of americans and the polls show her and trump neck and neck. what does that say that somebody could possibly beat her for president. >> i have seen people reject this. you have everybody from paul ryan, calling what is coming out of trump's moat textbook racism. and people like john mccain who is a war hero. people programming into this, seeing this campaign -- >> people are programmed in. they are watching the debates are getting record viewership. according to a "new york times" poll, 67% of registered voters find hillary clinton dishonest or untrust worthy and that number went up after the fbi investigation. >> and it is after what you have
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seen in this convention. unrelenting attacks on things that independent sources are saying lie after lie after lie on her record. she is getting blamed for things the bush administration did. disbanding the republican guard, creating an environment where terrorists like isis can spring. they are happying it upon her like they're trying to reinvens history. >> again, you heard the chance. they are sitting next to the arena. it is a call that we have not heard since the days of segregationists holding course in the party.
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i'm not saying it to you this is the party of trump in is a guy that offers a bounty on people if you take physical violence. this is someone, if you have a disability, if you latino, african-american, has systematically insulted and demeaned parts of our culture and aspects of our country. that even newt gingrich that spewed lies about her last night. >> but this is what democrats do, you ask a question about hillary clinton, and issues that she might have, and you change the subject to how horrible donald trump. i'm not saying because he bear any responsibility. she said things that the fbi director said were not true. she admitted she made a mitts
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take and that -- admitted that it was a mistake. more than the jfk association, than the 9/11 attacks. every time secretary clinton is involved in something, it gets drawn out, infused with conspiracy theories. when she says i'm not perfect, i made a mistake, we now have folks that will not only not allow that to go on, but that twist it into a perversion that has no semblance of the truth whatsoever. >> abstractly, theoretically, if someone was almost exactly my age, and his job resume looked like seven years of mayor of a major city, three years in the
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senate under his built, would that person have the qualifications to be vice president? >> i think that this hypothetical hurts and the reality is i trust this morning -- >> i forgot stanford, university. >> the fact that you didn't exaggerate my football rear hurts. we have someone who is incredibly qualified, paying close attention to detail. she will pick a qualified and great person. i think we will go into the convention ready to elevate the country, appeal to our higher angels, not the darker ones, and talk about how we will get greater under her leadership. >> if she picks you, you called yourself a great person. >> you just called yourself a great person. >> when will you shave your head like me. >> i don't have a skull like that, it's hideous. >> stay with us, senator cory
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booker, it all comes down to tonight, donald trump's big speech. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay?
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welcome back to "the lead." we're live in the land of cleveland.
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at the republican national convention. donald trump the man of the night here in cleveland. we're getting te tails about his big speech and what he is going to say. dana, what are you hearing about the republican nominee? >> those who have been paying attention for the last 13 months will hear a familiar theme. they said don't expect him to pivot off of what he as been saying over and over again, but it will be written in a more structured organized way. build a wall, china is beating us, crooked hillary. those are the kinds of things you will hear. i was told the theory is that trump has been pretty consistent for the past 13 months since he first aspounsed about those
1:24 pm
broad themes. he veered in and out of different specific issues based on the news, but those have been the core structures of what his message as been. i'm told he had his first real practice run this past seasoned, and his children, especially his son-in-law had a lot of contribution for it. >> i really am, it crystallized last night when i was standing in the texas delegation. ted cruz's home state. the people working tirelessly for him for years and years and years saying it is time for him to move on, even we support donald trump.
1:25 pm
i heard that across the board. people who are reluctant, but they say the time has come, having said that, this is a self selecting crowd. you know a lot of people, i know a lot of people, who are die hard republicans, they didn't want to show up or come. for the grass roots, the party chairman, they're more behind him than i expected. >> the theme tonight was make america one again. let's go live to jim acosta on the convention floor. trump now has ground to make up, i think, in terms of the narrative of the convention after that speech last night by mr. truz. . >> all of those people last night were yelling at ted cruz to get off of the teenage. we were watching all of it and
1:26 pm
it was amazing to see something like that unfold at a convention. i can tell you from the people inside the campaign and what we have been hearing all day long, they just feel that ted cruz had the opportunity, and that he just flat out broke that pledge that all of the candidates signed at the beginning of the process. no love lost there. i can tell you from talking to convention sources, they feel like they got the sort end of the deal because they gave ted cruz an extra eight minutes. he got 20 minutes and what happened as a result is he divided the convention, resulting in a lot of boos being rained down from the rafters and it pushed mike pence off of the radar screen and out of prime time into they are furious with him. donald trump does that v that chance tonight to hit the reset
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button. i'm told he will be speaking tonight and he will be using a teleprompt t teleprompter. >> now trump allies are saying he committed political suicide. we'll ask our panel what they think, next.
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standing together for shared values. each and every one of them -- [ audience boos ]
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>> welcome back to "the lead." we're live from the rnc. ted cruz getting heckled off of the stage last night. let's get to our guests. katrina pearson, carly sellers, let's get to that speech last night, that nonendorsement. here she trying to explain why he did what he did. >> i'm not going to get into criticizing or attacking donald trump, but i will just give you this response. i'm not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and my father. >> and that pledge was not a blanket commitment that if you slander and attack hidy, that
1:33 pm
i'm going to come like a servile puppy dog and thank you for maligning my wife and my father. >> katrina, there you have it from senator cruz. was it worth it? that retweet that donald trump made that was insulting heidi cruz? was it worth it going on "fox and friends" and spewing that nonsense about lee harvey oswald and his dad? >> i will also say this as a simple excuse. if you go back to thomas jefferson and john adams, there are way far attacks. cruz pledged to support the nominee, and the fact that he wants to use this excuse to get out of it is absurd. >> in march, donald trump
1:34 pm
appeared on a cnn town hall, and he discussed it. let's roll that tape. >> he doesn't have to support me. do you pledge to support whoever the republican nominee is? >> no. >> you don't? >> no, we'll see who it is. >> how can the campaign claim there is an important pledge when donald trump said he would not honor it. he didn't care if ted cruz supported him. >> i have seen many primaries come and go. when you get to the convention, you're supposed to rally. go back in history and, you know, all sorts of people were called all kinds of things. that is absolutely correct. so this is the time to unify. ronald reagan stood up there in
1:35 pm
1976. he was not happy, he did use the word endorse in that famous speech from the podium that night. he called on republicans to support the platform. he went out there a champion. i think ted cruz blew a big aren't. >> carly, your name has been invoked -- >> i think he gambled on himself last night. he did what he does best. many senators in his own party do not like him. he put himself first. if donald trump is president of the united states, ted cruz is still powerful. but it donald trump does not win, ted cruz is the last person that stood up to trump. he is now a conservative icon. he put all of the chips on ted cruz. >> and he is the most compelling
1:36 pm
figure to come out of this. if you look at those that were -- mike pence was overshadowed by everybody. marco rubio did what marco rubio tends to do is play both sides. so i think he did himself some good. . i think in that way, he did emerge as something different in this entire process. >> we're having a conversation today, donald trump or ted cruz? this is supposed to be the turning point. we won't know until after the election. donald trump wins, donald trump loses, that will play itself out. ted cruz a hero -- >> let me put a word in for the conservatives that felt like
1:37 pm
smin who was speaking for them. look at where we started. the idea that you can erase any normal way at these events i don't think applies this year. there is sesm interest for sure here, but donald trump is a candidate that crosses every line, and then does the bare minimum to make up for it. he didn't ask for an endorsement, he didn't take the tweet down. a little magnanimity would go a long way. >> so here is my point. why didn't cruz do what kasich did. why not just not come? >> because he got a national tv platform. >> and hundreds of delegates. but i think he wanted the national platform. he is making a bet that donald trump will lose. if he loses, he will be the
1:38 pm
conservative who kept himself pure. on the other hand, lots of republicans, particularly those trump supporters, might blame him for the loss. this is a real gamble. >> can i say, was it a good thing that ted cruz did that haultly? >> i think not, he can say he maintained his virginity in this respect, but i think he did a favor. i think he did a favor for donald trump. i think he looked sour. trump vanquished him. it was like being at veteran stadium in the old days and we could not see is there a fight or what's going on. trump came in right at the critical moment he knew when it was time to take the spotlight away from cruz, and he thrived with managed chaos.
1:39 pm
every time he makes a mistake, he comes like a winner. >> let's talk about what we need to hear from donald trump this evening, meaning trump supporters, what do you want to hear? >> i want him to continue to get his message out. i just want him to make a broad run. and be done. >> katrina, we heard from dana that themes like crooked hillary will be in the speech. is this a red meat speech for his base, or is any part reaching out to the skeptics here? or the skeptics at home? >> not so much for the media, but what i can tell you is the
1:40 pm
general philosophy he had will be continued and reaching out to a lot more of the disenfranchised democrats and republicans. it is that philosophy. it is a bigger philosophy because it is completely different than any previous republican in the past, and very different from hillary clinton. we're talking about from education reform to immigration reform. >> you were wincing like you were -- one thing that donald trump has not done is broaden the republican party. he made the republican party smaller. this year they have the fewest number of african-american delegates at the rnc than they have had in over 100 years. the people in this room, tonight if he wants to be president of the united states within he has to come out and show some magnanimity. he has to come out and show --
1:41 pm
show things he has not shown before. contrary to what jeffrey is saying, that requires substance. >> the kind of person that i'm wondering if he can reach out to is mary katherine. you're a republican, you're skeptical of him, what does he need to do, what do i need to do to have you drive away in this car. >> nearly unimaginable for me, but i'm going to keep an open mind. i think there are people easier to convince than i am. if he resists the urge to go out and spank lying ted, and talk more like donald trump jr., have
1:42 pm
a great entrance, i think many reluck tan conservatives will feel like maybe he is the lightly better joyce. enough to win them over, but not enough to win the general election. i think that is part of it. he is -- the speech is trump from the primaries. build a wall, ban muslims, or have an antirefugee policy, i think the key is can he explain them in a way that gets back at what the democrats have been saying for months. this is all about him. can he connect the policy proposals? he still needs to win some people over. >> we always hear donald trump
1:43 pm
talk about himself. he needs to talk about the american public, what he saw and what he can do for the american people. that is a shift for him. he has to get off of the primaries. sop with everybody else, and he has to go in a different direction. there are big moments. he has a convention speech, and then he has the debates. he has to kill this tonight, and let the american people see a different side of him, and let them know what he is going to do. >> and i think just from the presentation side, he has to maintain some trump looseness while still reading from a teleprompt te teleprompter. >> speaking of, just in, roger ailes, behind fox news, is out.
1:44 pm
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we're back with some breaking news, a media bomb shell, and it is not inappropriate that i'm at the republican national convention as it it happens it's of interest of a lot of conservatives. roger ailes is now officially out after allegations of actual harassment surfaced. joining me now, dylan buyers and dillon selter. gretchen carlson first made the allegations, fox news said they assigned some investigators and lawyers, did the report come back and say horrible things? >> it came back that ailes had to go. clearly the initial findings were damaging enough they had to
1:49 pm
escort him out. he is resigning immediately, he will help rupert murdoch, but for now, the biggest media mogul is going to run fox himself. ailes reshaped news and politics. . now, he will no longer be running the show. >> i was just saying like you said, it is quite ironic almost that it happened here. the fact that donald trump could get the republican nomination. the fact that he will accept the nomination tonight could have only taken place in the climate that roger ailes and fox news created. he spent so much time stoking and leading the national debate over racial divide, cull cture wars, issues like that.
1:50 pm
so there is a irony here. >> after gretchen carlson, i can't imagine being her today. she must have fete like david against goliath. and she won. >> the only one on the list was meghyn kelly. she remained silent, and she spoke to the investigators. >> she did, she played ball with the investigators and she mentioned details. we have to see what she said, but there was multiple women that came forward and that put the nail in ailes coffin. >> and he continues to deny the
1:51 pm
allegations. i heard from my sources that don't believe it. they don't believe it, they say this is not the roger ailes i know. they believe this was a pretext for the murdoch sons to push him out. for now, rupert, the father, is in charge so it will remain much of the same for now. >> you have to think whatever feeling the sons have, and we know that james was not a huge fan of roger, they bring in billions a year. they were fans of the money he brought in. they don't want instability and speaking of instability, i will just say there are a lot of fox news anchors, producers, talent here tonight, who are very uncertain about their future and the future -- >> some had contracts tied to roger ailes. >> it is called a key man
1:52 pm
clause. if the key man leaves, you can leave too. so bill o'reilly sean hannity, they could all leave too. so now what does ailes do? he is a political master mind. some a wondered if he would join the trump campaign. i know i should not laugh at that, but roger could conceivably help trump. we know they talk on the phone, but -- >> there is a theory, and it's a fair one, that roger will stay on in an advisory role. there is a theory there it might be to prevent him from taking a more active role with the trump c
1:53 pm
campaign. >> what a treat to have both of you at the same time for the biggest media story. with just a few hours to go, the number of police officers outside of the q is growing. they are worried about one thing in particular, what is it? that story, next. she spent summer binge-watching.
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welcome back to "the lead." while donald trump is ready to take the stage behind me, a band
1:58 pm
is in the middle of a sound check. hundreds of people are protesting outside and police are bracing for the crowds. are ohio's hope carry laws, were the police unions, is that an issue out there at all for police? >> no, but they're very kafful to pay attention to guys like this with rifles strapped to their backs. the police watch them come in and walk around, and there are police rit lal literally everyw. you will see california highway patrol. state patrol there. from ohio, you have mounted police behind them. if you keep walking through here, you will see police from many, many, many different
1:59 pm
cities here. you have bikers for trump here. on the other side, if we go through this area here, you have code pink that was here. every time you turn a corner, you bump into a new lean of police officers. if you have a back back, they're going to see if you're pulling anything out of that. they say we need to take a look at that, or you need to back up a little. and they come in in force. and they come in quickly and separate the groups. we saw a little bit of that yesterday. and this is a public square. and the huge protests have absolutely not materialized.
2:00 pm
there are just small groups here trying to get their voices heard, jake? >> okay, that is it for "the lead." i am jake tapper, you can join me on twitter. wolf blitzer and "the situation room" with anderson cooper starts right now. >> thank you very much, jake. the man of the night right now, donald trump. however the man of the moment right now is roger ailes. he helped make richard nixon president of the united states. as of right now, he is out at fox. let's bring in our media reporter and cnn senior media reporter dylan