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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  July 22, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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happening now, a terror rampage. eight people are shot dead, and up to three people are still at large after an attack in munich, germany. a major city coming to a halt. president obama is being briefed and efforts are under way to account for americans. hours after a carefully crafted speech to accept the republican presidential nomination, donald trump goes off message again. he revives a experience theory. and is hillary clinton
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ready? we're waiting for her to announce her choice of a running mate at any time now. will she go with a safe, experienced pick for vp or someone that can go on the attack. we want to welcome our viewers around the united states and the world. i'm wolf blitzer and you're in the situation room. >> this is someone breaking news. >> breaking news, gunfire at a shopping center right in the middle of a major city. eight people are dead, and up to three gunman may be on the loose. munich germany is on lock downright now as police carry out a massive search. residents are being told to stay home or take shelter. they say there are three people with firearms and that they don't know where the shooters are. president obama has been
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briefed, the u.s. military and state department are trying to account for americans right now. . it comes hours after donald trump said the world is in a dark place. and any time with a first joint appearance. i will speak with the congressman committee, and our kcorrespondent correspondents, analysts, and guests. let's start with the mass shooting in munich. brian todd is joining us. what are you hear something. >> police said on their official twitter account, they're looking into the possibility that one of the dead bodies belongs to one of the shooters. tonight, wolf, police are treating this as a terror
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attack. >>. >> frightening video of a man appearing outside of a mcdonald's. i saw one dead body and one injured body. >> tonight, place a searching for this marn. police say there could be other shooters and are treating this as a terror attack. it started at a crowded mall in munich. tonight the death toll is unclear. police say at least eight are dead and they are searching for up to three men believed to be armed and dangerous. one witness told cnn her son saw a gunman load his weapon in the
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bathroom of a mcdonald's. >> it was a pistol. >> then she saw him come out and shoot at people, including children. >> he is killing the children. they make nothing, the children were sitting to eat. they can't run. >> she said the gunman was young with long hair and dark clothes carrying an orange backpack and that she was just inches from him. i hear allahu akbar. >> and then is panic and all run. all persons from all around screaming. everywhere there is blood. everywhere. >> tonight, police conducting a city wide man hunt have stopped all train and subway service and they asked drivers to clear the highways. they assume the attackers are still in munich, but they have
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had -- >> police saying nine are dead, but one of them may be the shooter. there is a police operation in another part of munich underway right now. >> at one point there was. there was a massive police operation at the second point in the center of the city. we don't know the outcome of that. police said gunfire was reported in several locations. thank you, i want to go live to the pentagon right now. barbara starr is learning new information. what are you learning over there. intelligence services across europe and here in washington tonight are trying to gather all of the information they can to try and determine what they know about this. at this hour, it is not known that there is a credible claim of responsibility for this attack, there just does not
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appear to be one. so a couple scenarios are being raised. it could be right wing extrem t extremists in germany. the anniversary of the attack, in no wa a masked killing, set to be a right-wing extremist, could it have inspired someone in a sick fashion to carry out an attack with that motivation. could it be isis? we don't know the answer to that. intelligence services have been watching the scenario for some time now that isis is trying to end send operatives back into europe. we have seen this potentially time and again. only a few days ago in germany, a young afghan refugee carrying out an attack on a triain.
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warning citizens in munich to take cover, stay home, not to go out, and the u.s. military is trying to track down tonight all 62,000 u.s. military members assigned tow europe. they want to make stlur aure the none tonight. >> joining us now, congressman adam shift. thank you very much for joining us. i know you're being briefed on this, what is the latest you're hearing? >> the latest is still from open sources, and either possibility could be the case. it could be isis inspired directed attacks. it could be a right-wing group. i think it is a terror tack of one variety or the other. they were not going in to rob people in the mall, but we don't know yet how many attacker there is were or the motivation. we do know that there has been a great deal of intelligence over the last year or two.
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about the threat posed to germany. i think belgium, germany, france, the top targets in europe for isis if is not a surprise. there was a hatchet attack by a young man in germany just a week ago. not sure if that inspired other attacks by isis. >> it could be islamic terrorists if you will, or it could be right-wing terrorists. we know from one eyewitness that brian todd interviewed saying she heard the shooter scream out allahu akbar. god is great. that could be misleading, maybe not isis or al qaeda related. >> you would certainly think so if that witness is accurate. at the same time there are conflicting public reports that people heard things suggested that this is was a right-wing
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attack by native germans. we're still desperate to find out but we don't have the answers. >> germany has been on a heightened state of alert since the other day when an afghan refugee went on a rampage with an action and started attacking individuals. is there an isis plot under way. they are stepping up their activities and their terror elsewhere. >> absolutely i think that is the case, and they would be attacking the west regardless of what the battlefield situation was. but i think that losing so much ground in iraq, they lost ground in syria and libya, if they want to continue to attack new followers, to inspire people to commit these acts of terrorist at home, they need to do things to grab the public attention. this is what they're doing.
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now in a place like germany, it has a multiple set of motivations. not only does it attract followers for isis, but if this is an isis attack, it also puts enormous pressure on thegiven a migration flow. it destabilizes europe and it is part of the isis play book. >> the shooting took place at a mcdonald's at a huge shopping mall in munich. when i heard mcdonald's, i began to think maybe they were targeting something associated with the united states. >> that is exactly my thought as well. in some of the attacks that we have seen, sometimes at airports, they may target an american carrier, the ticket line there in hopes of killing americans or westerners. my thought was the same as yours. if this attack took place at an
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mcdonalds, maybe they picked that because it was a symbol of the west, maybe more westerners might be at that location. that could be suggestive of that. but again very early to draw any conclusions. >> how worried are u.s. officials that what is going on in europe right now in nice, france, belgium, germany, could spread here to the united states in a more robust way? >> there is a lot of concern about this. the concern is two-fold. the first is isis. we had a lot of homegrown radical attacks in the u.s. and they are committing more directed attacks. and the second part is over al qaeda, the group, you know with all of the attention on isis, we can't lose focus on the fact that al qaeda also wants to desperately attack us in the homeland. we're seeing a greater priority
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by al qaeda. >> they want to do something aqap. they have some sophisticated techniques. congressman, more to discussion, more information coming in, i need a quick break. we're following the breaking news. the shooting spree at a german shopping mall. more after this.
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ed. police saying nine people are dead after a shooting at a mcdonald's in munich, germany. others may still be on the laos. police are calling it a
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terrorist situation. the city has been shut down. you can only imagine what is going on at the u.s. consulate. they say all americans are adviced to shelter in place, review your personal security plans, remain aware of your surroundings and monitor local news stations for updates. maintain a high level of vigilance and take steps to enhance your personal security. that is pretty ominous words they're telling all citizens right now. >> it is a big job for them to try to track down particularly when they don't know how many people are involved.
2:18 pm
it could go in a number of directions. that may short circuit the hunt. on the other hand, if it is a right wing attack, and they have no idea who is responsible, it's a big city to be hooking for people. >> and we just learned that munich police brought in special forces. >> yeah, they have very capable police officers, capable intelligence agencies. we're far ahead of where belgium was, and remember how long it took to track down some of the plotters and some of those providing support in the paris
2:19 pm
attacks. it took months to apprehend or kill some of those suspects. there they were looking, they knew the neighborhood to look in, and did not find the perm traitors for quite some time. i think the german authorities are quite advanced. they're very capable. >> they have taken in hundreds of thousands if not a million or two million refugees from syria, iraq, libya and elsewhere. they have take nn a lot. and there is concern right now that maybe their open accommodation is causing them a huge problem. you know the discussion going on here. >> absolutely. imagine if we took in a million refugees. we have taken in a couple thousand, and even there it has been a tremendous political
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issue. germany has been enormously generous in providing sanctuary to people. this is enormously destabilizing not just for germany but all of europe. i think it has in part lead to other countries thinking the same thing. >> and isis has issued advisories to their supporters, infiltrate the refugee population, get in the countries, and kill the infidels. >> and what is important for people to understand is that people came into europe in the thousands, tens of thousands, often with no vetting at all. we have a much different process for the relative small number that has come here. it is nothing like the lack of vetting taking place in europe. >> congressman adam shift in california, thank you for coming
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in. we'll have more on the breaking news. nine people dead after a shooting rampage in munich. one of the nine dead may be the gunman, others on the loose they believe right now. more coming up here on "the situation room." ♪ [engine revving] want to know what makes us, us? by the time other people start doing what we've been doing, we've already moved on. the lexus gs 350 f sport, with better overall handling performance than the bmw 535i m sport. ♪ jack knocked over a candlestick, onto the shag carpeting... ...and his pants ignited into flames, causing him to stop, drop and roll. luckily jack recently had geico help him with renters insurance. because all his belongings went up in flames.
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following breaking news. police say nine people are dead after gunfire broke out at a shopping center in munich germany. one of the dead may be the gunman. joining me now is paul crookshank.
2:26 pm
paul fuentz, and michael weiss, coauthor of "isis: inside the ha army of terror." >> cnn has been analyzing a video that came out of the attacker on a rooftop in munich showing in german. and he said words to the effect "i'm in medical treatment. i'm in medical treatment." that is open to different translations and dreptations, it could be suggestive that this person had mental health challenges. also, the german police looking into the fact that one of the dead bodies could be an attacker. they have strong scriptures
2:27 pm
against killing themselves in these attacks. they have to be killed according to their theology as they launch the attack themselves. so if this attacker took their own life, we have no reports of them taking out the attacker, it could be pointing away. but in recent facts, we have seen attacks where there is a blend between mental health factors and radicalization. >> one of the bodies may have been a shooter, but they're looking for others right now. there is a massive manhunt under way in munich right now. there is a lock down throughout the city, so we don't know, farce the u.s. is concerned, there is a strong warning to all americans in munich, shelter in place. >> yes, shelter in place, don't go out right now. make sure you're in a safe
2:28 pm
place. the state department has been warning americans don't go to where tourists are gocongregati. so they're asking americans to be very safe. the white house came out with an early statement, and this is an apparent terrorist attack. we know the state department has not come out with something because perhaps they're looking for more clarity. >> yeah, if someone killing eight people and wounds others -- there was a lot of gunfire. so it is terror when something goes tout do that, or if it is a group of people. police have not said if the shooter or shooters have been apprehend apprehended. there is a massive manhunt under
2:29 pm
way right now. what is likely happening? >> they are getting information from the businesses in the area. trying to monitor social media if there has been any postings before, during, or after the attack. i think they really, really want to get their hands on at least one of the people if that person that is dead turns out to be one of the chairs. it will be very important for them to find out and try to determine if it is islamic terrorist or right-wing terrorism designed to cause a backlash against islamic people in germany. that is a possibility as well. they had aize of extreme right-wing groups as well. attacks like this are not readily apparent to police. >> the shooting did occur at that mcdonald's outside of the shopping mall in munich.
2:30 pm
obviously a prominent american brand, do you believe americans were being targeted? >> it could be, it is also a popular ger man and french brand. that same video, the shooter describes himself as a german. someone is screaming at him using racial epithets. and the guy replies and says no, no, i'm a german, and that he was in a medical treatment. there is another point to this. if this guy is someone who was deranged, this calls into question if there is three shooters. the police have not been able to confirm that. as you say there is still an active money hunt under way. what in this is the only guy. look at this point, it is way too soon to tell. there is such a, you know,
2:31 pm
contradictory information being floated out there. and i'm tending more away from isis at this point. and it could be, isis painted an enormous bulls eye on countries such as germany. and we saw what happened monday aboard that train. there is something not right about this and i'm not getting the same sense that i got in paris and brussels. >> we saw terrorism in france, belgium, and certainly if in fact, the other day, an afghan refugee going out with an action and slashing people. what is your assessment based on what we know? isis related? >> we don't even no that it is terrorism with a political
2:32 pm
motive at this point, they have not found any motive politically. it could be islamist, it could be right wing, but it could also be one mentally disturbed person. i can tell you in the past few days, german intelligence have received intelligence that isis operatives have been reaching out to people inside germany urging them to try to launch attacks. they want to get attacks through because they're losing ground in syria, iraq, and libya. >> more breaking news coming up. nine dead. a massive search still under way, so who is responsible? we'll be right back. [burke] at farmers,we've seen almost everything,
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well have more on the breaking news. nine people are dead, the gunman or gunmen may did be on the loose. the city is on lock down this afternoon. it comes hours after donald trump accepted the gop nomination. now trump is going off message once again, lashing out at his main formal rival, the
2:38 pm
nonendorser, ted cruz. we are following this as part of the story for us. quite a turn about today. >> that is right, it certainly was. he is the first official gop nominee. he was supposed to have a simple meeting. he really threatened any post convention momentum that republicans were hoping for. >> we had an amazing convention, that was one of the best. >> the newly minted nominee is trying to move forward. >> the party has just come together. >> 12 hours after delivering the most carefully tailored speech of his life. >> i don't want his endorsement.
2:39 pm
>> renewing old fights. >> someone got booed out of the place by thousands and thousands of people. >> resurrecting his feud with senator ted cruz and raising a baseless attack on ted cruz's father. >> all i did was point out that there is a picture of his father and crazy lee harvey oswald having breakfast. he never denied it was his father. >> trump's tyraid could overshadow his momentum. the nominee capped off the week delivering a more serious address. >> i alone can fix it. as he accepted the gop nomination thursday night in cleveland. >> our convention occurs at a moment of crisis for our nation. the attacks on our police, and
2:40 pm
the threatening -- >> homicides last year increased by 17% in america's 50 largest cities. that's the largest increase in 12 years. >> that drawing a quick rebuke from president obama today. >> this idea that america is somehow on the verge of collapse, this vision of violence and chaos everywhere, it doesn't really jive with the experience of most people. >> countering the gop's claims about rising crime rates. >> the murder rate today, the violence rate today, is far lower than it was when ronald
2:41 pm
reagan was president. and lower than when i took office. >> and as is typical, the newly formed ticket will hit the campaign trail together next week. they expected to hold joint events at least on monday. of course that is day one of the democratic convention here in philadelphia. >> i want to bring in dana bash, gloria borcher, and gloria, what do you think of the return today, the day after the convention of the donald trump we have known all these months of the primaries. >> i think the donald trump we saw during the convention speech was restrained. . he was trying to audition for the american public. and i think that the donald trump we saw today was donald
2:42 pm
trump. and you know he could not resist taking another whack at ted cruz and john kasich, and that is the donald trump we know and that people voted for and you will continue to see him. >> but bringing up the old issue of the "national inquirer." and ted cruz and that his father may have been involved in the plot to kill jfk, can that help him? >> i can't imagine it does. one of the most priceless parts this morning was having mike pence, who endorsed ted cruz before the primary in his home state of indiana, try to figure out what to do with his face. he was standing there listening to donald trump's rant. by all accounts, our sources said, one of the main reason recame out and upstaged ted cruz during the boos and at the end of the speech when he failed to
2:43 pm
endorse trump, is because he was furious. he was furious. and that clearly, that is what we saw today. we could not do it on the big stage at the big moment, but it was bottled up and you saw the cork come off this morning. >> what we heard from trump today saying you fwhee? i don't want ted cruz's endorsement, i will not accept his endorsement, is that a smart move? >> not smart in the sense that this is a distraction from what he wants to be talking about. it is that what didn't he do? he canceled an event in ohio they planned initially. this is an event they put together more quickly. here is the mother of all battleground states. he had a very strong stern
2:44 pm
message last night about everything that is wrong, and he is the guy to fix it, and that should have been amplified this morning. surrogates on all of the morning shows, a big battleground state rally, and he heads out of his convention in the small petty stuff with cruz that does not serve him well at all. i'm sure he doesn't want cruz's endorsement now, but i think you just perpetuate this side show. >> my favorite part is when he said "he never denied it was his father. going back to the assassination conspiracy theory. it is crazy for him to do that right now. why continue this argument against cruz whom he defeated. and john kasich who is the governor of ohio. he can't help themselves, but it
2:45 pm
doesn't help him as a presidential candidate. >> he can't help it. it is personal and he is furious. they want to go out, they want to make him the law and order candidate and say as hillary clinton is preparing for her role out of her nominee and her "i'm with her slogan." he should have been, for anyone who was a traditional candidate, would have continued with his slogan "i'm with you." >> he won those primaries, why go back like that instead of looking ahead? >> i don't think he can help himself in certain situations. this is donald trump, it is just who he is. we should caution. every time i look and i'm like wow, once again they're not doing everything that every
2:46 pm
other presidential campaign i have ever covered would do, that has been his course all along. so when we try to apply traditional presidential campaign tactics and strategy, we run into a brick wall because they just don't play by that play book. >> and we don't know who hillary clinton's vice presidential nominee will be, but her rollout of her nominee will be very different from the one that we saw with donald trump who came out after 20 minutes, finally got around to introducing mike pence. today he had a great opportunity for a joint event with pence in a very important state, and it didn't really happen. >> and they were watching the speech last night, and this morning, even more so, saying this plays right into hillary clinton's main message, which is "she is the stable one, she is
2:47 pm
the one who has the experience, and that presumably, if she picks tim kaine or tom vilsack, the former governor of iowa, those picks will be a way to amplify that message to say look, i'm solid, and i have my solid running made. >> donald trump has just weighed in, he put out a statement, let me read it to our viewers. our prayers are with all of those affected by the horrible attacks in munich. this cannot continue, the rise of terrorism threatens the way of life and we must do everything in our power to keep it from our shores. we're also continuing to follow the latest developments on that terror attack and how it is affecting, potentially hillary clinton's plans to announce her
2:48 pm
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hillary clinton is speaking in florida right now. she's really going after donald tru trump, his convention. listen to this. >> we americans are kind of helpless. we need to be rescued. i can't really imagine him on a white horse, but that seems to be what he's telling us.
2:53 pm
i, alone, can fix it. well, he doesn't understand that americans, we americans, we are strong, big hearted, result oriented, generous people in america. >> i've spent a lot of time, a lot of wonderful times traveling across our country. i've seen people fixing all kinds of things. i've met entrepreneurs who get up every day and work hard. when they make a contract for their goods or services, they
2:54 pm
expect to be paid. >> let's go to brianna keilar. we'll monitor hillary clinton. what do we know about the process of announcing a vice presidential running mate? >> reporter: as we understand because of what is happening in munich, it is influx. the campaign is sensitive to this. they say nothing has changed. we have been reporting the first joint event between hillary clinton and whatever she picks will be tomorrow in miami. there was also an expectation that perhaps news come out in a tweet as early as today. there's been no tweet yet revealing who her running mate is. this speech she's giving here in tampa is about responding to donald trump. about responding to his speech last night at the republican convention in cleveland.
2:55 pm
he said that hillary clinton -- she said she was listening. it was a speech of fear, anger and resentiment. accu said he's describing in america in decline and she disagrees with that. this is all happening, wolf. so many things coincidesing at once. this situation this munich where we're still learning details about it. she and her campaign are trying to figure out how to announce that. >> let's see if she makes that announcement in an e-mail to her supporters after this event where she's appearing for this joint appearance with her vice presidential running mate tomorrow. stand by. much more on the breaking news. the mass shooting, the terror operation in munich, germany right after this.
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happening now, breaking news, terror at the mall. a deadly shooting spree at a popular shopping center believed to be a terror attack. multiple shooters are believed to be on the loose. residents are being urged to stay indoors as an intense man hunt unfold. did the killers target children? trump's tricks. fresh from a rousing and focused speech at the republican convention, donald trump returns to his more familiar campaign style. he lashes out at ted cruz and says he can keep his endorsement. was the convention a turning point for trump or a one off. announcement delayed? hillary clinton is considering
3:01 pm
postponing unveiling her pick for vice president in the wake of the latest terror attack. the democratic convention just days away. who has she chosen and when she reveal her running mate? we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." we're following the breaking news that leaves nine people dead in a shooting at a mall in munich, germany. this is being treated as a terror attack. police are searching the entire city in the area for multiple suspects. the city is on virtual lockdown and people are being warned to seek shelter and stay indoors as the man hunt for the killers unfold. donald trump has just put out a statement saying the rise of terrorism threatens the way of life for all civilized people
3:02 pm
and we must do everything in ou power. tru trump vowed to restore law and order saying he alone can keep the country safe. we're covering breaking news this hour with our guests including retired u.s. army general wesley clark. our expert analysts are standing by. barbara, you're learning new information. >> authorities have no real idea who carried out the attack and what their motivation may be. as they look for additional intelligence, this major european city on edge. the killings have shut the city
3:03 pm
down. the u.s. embassy warning americans to take cover and stay indoors. covered bodies outside the munich shopping mall. already german police have made one determination. >> this is a terrorism situation. >> reporter: who is responsible is not clear. isis, right wing extremists or others. authorities brought much of the city to a halt and continued man hunt. >> we believe there's three perpetrators. we have contradicting information, but up to three. >> reporter: shooting broke out at a mcdonald's a the popular munich mall. dozens of people fled. eyewitnesss offering what information they could.
3:04 pm
>> i went to the one of the exits and looked in his direction and he shot at two people near the stairs. i ran away. >> reporter: some saying the gunman aimed at children. >> children were sitting to eat. they can't run. >> reporter: german police began to assemble warning people to stay off the streets amid the confusion of the early hours with little intelligence about what was happening. u.s. officials were awaiting an assessment from german law enforcement and intelligence services. so far there's no credible claim of responsibility. one u.s. official says there's been concern for months about potential isis activity across europes attacks inspired by isis or directed by operatives back in syria and iraq. >> it's still an active situation. germany is one of our closest
3:05 pm
allies. we're going to pledge all the support that they may need in dealing with these circumstances. >> reporter: at this hour it has to be said again, there's no clear understanding of who or what group or individuals may have been behind this attack. the u.s. government remains extremely concerned about isis activity in europe. cia director has been warning for weeks that isis may be trying to send operatives into europe to carry out attacks. not clear if that's what happened in munich. >> thank you. bryan todd is working the story for us. bryan, we're hearing chilly descriptions from eyewitnesss. >> really riveting eyewitness account. the police said they're bringing in special forces from brevaria. they are tweeting public transportation remains disruptive. right now it's about midnight in
3:06 pm
munich. one woman we reached on a phone from the store right next door to the mcdonald's near the mall said she was inside the mcdonald's there that you see a couple of inches away from the shooter. it appears to be the shooter in this video shooting people outside of this video. we're calling this woman loretta out of concern for her safety. she says the shooter had her back turned -- had his back turned to her or she believed she would be dead. she was waiting for her 8-year-old son outside the bathroom. she said her son saw him loading. he came out and started targeting children. she gives an account of what the man said. >> i know this allahu. i only crying and screaming and
3:07 pm
take my children and go out. >> she got to a windowless store next to the mcdonald's. that's where we caught up with her a short time ago. she hid there with her two children ages 8 and 11. sgll any indicati . >> any indication where the terrorists might be? >> police assume they are still in munich. they have stopped all train and subway service. they are asking drivers to clear the high. police say they have had alerts in other areas. it's right now just after midnight in munich. the cover of darkness late at night. people are asked to stay in their homes. it's a huge city. >> shelter in place. that's what they're telling everyone right now. thank you very much. let's get some more on the breaking news. retired u.s. army general wesley clark, a former nato supreme commander. he's joining us now.
3:08 pm
thanks very much for joining us. these gunmen still on the run. it looks like a terror attack. how dangerous is this situation right now? >> i think it's more dangerous than one could anticipate because normally these people self-destruct. that's bad if people are nearby but in this case maybe they're not. maybe they decided to try to hit another target. this was a pattern in san bernardino, you may remember. the gunman got away and then they were caught. these people could be miles away. they could be in a different community. they would be hiding with accomplices. this is a really critical period of time. i hope the german authorities have complete electronic coverage of this area. they need to be looking at social media. they need to be looking at cell phone transmissions and everything else to try to determine who was communicating with whom at this time and where
3:09 pm
they are now. it can be done. >> i assume, general, you spent a lot of time in germany. you were the nato supreme ally commander. you know your counter parts are very good in this kind of stuff, aren't they? >> they're terrific. the german authorities are very, very confident. they are well equipped. they have a standard of information sharing and information collection and whether or not they have gone far enough and enough intrusiveness to be able to really identify people and have the kind of electronic coverage of cell phones they need, i assume they have but who knows. we're going to find out, i think. >> the shooting took place at this mcdonald's right at this major shopping mall in munich. do you believe that americans might have been targeted? state department warning all u.s. citizens to shelter in place just like the german government, the munich police are warning everyone to shelter
3:10 pm
in place? >> even if americans weren't specifically targeted, mcdonald's is a symbol of america. it could serve a dual purpose. you can kill children if that's who he was targeting. you can create even more havoc. what we haven't seen in the news media is why the german authorities believe there might be three shooters. maybe there's some information coming on that. >> that's because eyewitnesss have described three individuals, three shooters who look different, were in different locations. that's why they are suggesting there may be three shooters. there are nine bodies they found at the mall. they think one of them could be the shooter. that's why the man hunt is still under way. eyewitnesss have given various accounts of who the shooters might be. there is pattern unfolding. if it's isis, we don't know if it's isis or al qaeda.
3:11 pm
it might be right wing terrorists opposed to the muslim immigrants coming to germany. there's clearly a heightened state of alert in europe right now. that's totally understandable, right? >> that's exactly right. there should be because we know the cells that were in france and belgium were in germany. there were connections to some of these people, some have been arrested. we have to look at every one of these tragedies as an opportunity to go back and roll up networks and police and the military got to move very, very quickly on this. there's austria nearby, italy, switzerland. everybody has to be working this. >> germany has been on heightened state of alert since
3:12 pm
monday when an afghan refugee in germany, a 17-year-old started stabbing people on a train with an ax screaming out claiming he was isis inspired. isis claiming responsibility for this attack. the fear right now is what just happened at this shopping mall could be connected. do you believe it possibly could be connected? >> i believe it's probably isis inspired and it may be isis directed. we'll know more as we look at the behavior of the gunman. typically the isis people who have been inspired have not survivsu survived the innocencident. this sounds like something different. this sounds like to create havoc in germany and maybe elsewhere. new tactic. >> stand by. we have more to discuss.
3:13 pm
there's other information coming into "the situation room." much more with former nato supreme ally commander after this. ♪ ♪ for a limited time get some of our best offers of the year at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. this is the pursuit of perfection.
3:14 pm
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3:17 pm
abdbloating?in? you may have ibs. ask your doctor if non-prescription ibgard is right for you. ibgard calms the angry gut. available at cvs, walgreens and rite aid. we're following breaking news. nine people are dead at an apparent terror attack at a mall in munich, germany. the news may be prompting hillary clinton to postpone her pick for vice president. she was going to do it this afternoon. there's reports she's made her voice. a lot of people think it could
3:18 pm
billion the virginia senator tim kaine, a former governor. what do you think? do you think he's the guy? >> well, of course none of us know. that's a very personal decision that hillary has to make. she's got some really wonderful qualified people in the running. kim kaine is at the top of the list. i've known him for more than a decade. he did a great job as governor. he's a senator. he's smart. he's personalable. he's balanced. he's got so many wonderful qualities. he'd be a great pick. corey booker is in the pick. perez, the labor secretary. i love jim. he'd be a terrific pick. >> as you know, tim kaine is considered a moderate democrat. some progressives wanted someone more in line with bernie sanders
3:19 pm
or elizabeth warren. will this help rally the democratic base in november if he's the pick? >> it's hard for me to say because i'm not on the inside of that selection process, and looking at the polling and so forth. i did mention elizabeth warren. she's done so much to publicize the need to really strengthen employment and traditional work in network as opposed to the finalization in the economy. she's going to be hugely influential to hillary. i think tim kaine can rally if he's the pick. >> donald trump, today, once again critical of the u.s. spending when it comes to nato. let me play this little clip for you. >> look at the military where it's so depleted but we're
3:20 pm
taking care of other nations, and i want to continue to take care of other nations. there's a lot of good things about that, but they have to pay us. >> does trump have a point when he says these other nato allies should be paying more? >> they're all paying one way or another. it's not just nato but our allies. south korea and japan. they may a lot of money in base support and other payments to the united states government. could our nato allies do more in terms of strengthening their own forces, yes. every administration and every supreme allied commander since eisenhower has asked for that. with putin's behavior, the allies are getting on board. i think this is a case where the thrust of what mr. trump is saying about allies doing more, it's an old trumpet cry and it's being answered. the obama administration has done a great job of rallying our
3:21 pm
allies to do more for their own defense. i wouldn't want our soldiers to be paid directly by other nations. we're not a nation of mercenary . nato is in our interest. we made sure europe wasn't dominated by a power hostile to us. that's why we built nato. >> he put forward in a speech last night, let's say a more nationalistic tone. listen to this. >> the most important difference between our plan and that of our opponent is that our plan will put america first. americanism, not globalism, will be our credo. >> i want you to react to that. go ahead. >> wolf, that's just a bumper
3:22 pm
slogan. every president puts america first. you can be sure that hillary clinton, when she becomes president of the united states, is going to put america first. that's our national interest. that's the duty of the president of the united states. i've been in uniform since -- i went to west point in 1962 when john kennedy was president. i've studied, i've worked for a number of presidents. they all believer what they're doing best serves america's interest. nobody's in there to serve the interest of so-called globalism. they're doing it for our voters and our people. hillary is the kind of person who can best do that, in my view. >> general clark, thanks very much for joining us. >> thank you. >> we'll have more on the breaking news. there's new information coming in right now about the deadly shooting rampage at the mall in munich, germany. the man hunt for multiple suspects unfolding now.
3:23 pm
plus, donald trump fresh from his very serious and focused speech at the republican convention. now he's back on the attack and lashing out at ted cruz. >> i don't want his endorsement. ted, stay home. relax, enjoy yourself. ou clips a food truck. then your rates go through the roof. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claims centers are available to assist you twenty-four seven. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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a deadly shooting spree in a mall has set off a man hunt in munich, germany. police search for multiple shooters who may be on the loose now. let's get more from our national security analyst and former fbi assistant director tom fuentes is with us as well. evan, what are you haearing fro your sources? >> u.s. is talking to their german counter parts. this is a serious man hunt. they called in police reenforcements from the sour rounding areas in brevaria. the reason why they're looking for additional attackers is because of witness accounts. we have seen this over and over again. people often think they see
3:29 pm
other gunmen. doesn't appear that's born out by additional evidence. it never went to the central, the old town of munich. if you've been to munich you can take a metro down there. it appears some of the people who were showing up in the central district were actually people injured and maybe got on the metro to try to get away from the scene. it's very, very fluid right now. not a lot of information because of the time houfrt and this mr hunt is still ongoing. >> explain what's happening during this man hunt especially if they believe multiple people are involved and they believe multiple people may be involved because eyewitnesss gave different descriptions for the shooters. >> that's what they're looking
3:30 pm
at first. are there multiple shooters because it changes everything. if you have one shooter that was seen several times and described differently each time but it's still only one shooter then it has the possibility it's a mentally ill person. it's unlikely that the average mentally ill person in germany can get their hands on a long gun, unlike the united states where it's no problem. if it is multiple shooters, then it's unlikely that they simultaneously became deranged and initiated this attack. i think police are trying to pull video cameras taken by individuals or from the malls and the stores, gas stations, street intersections. that takes a long time to analyze to see if they can confirm three separate individuals, even more than one individual involved in shooting. >> german police are investigating if one of those bodies, they found nine bodies
3:31 pm
at the mall, may have been one of the shooters, assuming there's more than one shooter. if that's true, and in this particular case the shooter, let's say killed himself, that would not necessarily be in line with traditional isis type terrorists, right? >> i don't think so. we know so little about the motivations right now that it's hard to make any sort of assessment. this may provoke a bit of a discussion in germany about the way the police and the intelligence services share their information. there are sort of barriers for that as there was in this country before 9/11. not much data storage. this is all for sound and historical reasons in germany kind of suspicion of the government and intelligence gathering. i think this mass casualty attack will provoke a discussion about are they align in a way
3:32 pm
that can detect these things before they happen. >> the local authorities suspect it could be isis related terrorism. three days ago there was an isis related terror attack. a 17-year-old afghan refugee had an ax and started attacking on a train making it was clear he was supportive of isis. isis claiming responsibility of that. this is one theory this may have been a right wing terror attack. >> it's the fifth anniversary of that attack in norway in which right wing attacker tried to blew up a bomb at the parliament and went after a youth conference. the other possibility here is this person is just mentally ill and it might not be right wing or islamic related. they haven't found any -- so far the investigators haven't found
3:33 pm
any links to any terrorists groups. that sometimes take days to emerge as you saw in the nice attack. >> there's been evidence of mentally ill people who become obsessed with isis and go on a killing spree. >> yeah. there's some indications the nice attacker may have had mental ills. >> 84 people were killed. >> if you have serious mental problems, it's hard to carry out a sophisticated terror attack. he seemed to be planning this for a year. it was a predatory murder with a lot of help. >> a lot of help from other people helping him there. >> 84 people were killed in that truck attack in niece and hundreds more were injured. donald trump going way off script the day after his focused speech at the republican convention. is he slowing his own momentum? we'll update you. hillary clinton hammering away at donald trump today just ahead of revealing her pick for vice
3:34 pm
president. >> i mean, i never thought i would say these words but ted cruz was right. mmer binge-watch. soon, she'll be binge-studying. get back to great. this week these 1-subject notebooks just one cent each. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!"
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we're following breaking news. an apparent terror attack on a
3:39 pm
munich mall that left several people dead with multiple shooters. i want to bring in sarah murray. trump spoke at length after the terror threat in his speech accepting the republican presidential nomination less than 24 hours or so ago. update our viewers on what he said. >> that's right. today donald trump is sending his prayers to the victims in munich. there's no doubt the trump campaign believe they hit the right tone in his convention address last night. the only question is whether that's going to be overshadowed by the remarks he made this morning relitigating the fights from the primary. >> today donald trump couldn't resist the chance to settle old scores from his perch as the gop nominee. >> i don't want his endorsement. ted, stay home. relax, enjoy yourself. >> at an event billed as a thank you for volunteers and staffers, he quickly veered from the task
3:40 pm
at hand insisting he doesn't want his endorsement and said he never endorsed his wife heidi cruz after he tweeted this unflatserring photo of her during the primaries. >> somebody tweeted a picture of melani, who i think is a very nice woman and a very beautiful woman. i think heidi cruz is a great person. i think it's the best thing he's got going and his kid, if you want to know the truth. >> trump stepping on his own moment just a day after accepting the republican nomination where he largely stuck to the script as he vowed to fight for the american people. >> i say these words to you tonight. i am with you. i will fight for you, and i will win for you. >> while trump used his thursday night address to try to rise
3:41 pm
abo above. >> let's defeat her in november. >> by friday morning, he was back to plumbing the depths of conspiracy theory. reviving a tabloid tail backed by zero evidence linking testified cruz's father to john f. kennedy asassin lee harvey oswald. >> all i did was point out there was a picture of him and crazy lee oswald having breakfast. i have a message to every last person threatening the peace on our streets and the safety of our police. when i take the oath of office next year, i will restore law and order to our country. >> today, president obama is pushing back maintaining that
3:42 pm
portrayal doesn't match reality. >> this vision of violence and chaos everywhere doesn't really jibe with the experience of most people. i hope people the next morning walked outside and birds was chirping and the sun was out. >> trump has tried to frame himself as a security candidate in that race and he continued with that in his statement on munich today. he said this cannot continue. the rise of terrorism threatens the way of life for all civilized people. we must do everything in our power to keep it from our shores. >> thank you. an aide to hillary clinton says the munich attack is not changing plans to reveal her vice presidential running mate. the announcement could come out at any time now, maybe even moment. one week ago it was the terror attack in nice, france that impacted donald trump's running
3:43 pm
mate announcement. what's the latest you're hearing about the hillary clinton announcement? >> hillary clinton directed her advisors to not disrupt their plans to announce her running mate. this is true now week after week that the waves are violence are going to become part of this presidential campaign. democrats we're talking to from the senate to the white house believe she's poised to name tim kaine as her running mate. he's not made that decision public. she will do it tonight. it's part of the democratic party's plan to seize the spotlight from republicans. >> hillary clinton has long been a political partner. now she's revealing her own. >> we have to be willing to stand as one. >> she was planning to unveil her running mate in an afternoon text message to supporters hoping to build anticipation before making their debut on the campaign trail saturday in miami.
3:44 pm
in tampa, clinton assailed donald trump and his message. >> i never thought i would say these words but, ted cruz was right. in this election do the right thing and vote your conscience. vote for your future, vote for a united states of america. >> in her search for a vice presidential candidate, cnn has learned senator tim kaine has merged as the leading contender. he has the backing of president obama, bill clinton and hillary clinton herself. he flew to boston for a fund-raiser. already being asked to sign autographs. he was tight lipped on the vice presidential search sworn to secrecy.
3:45 pm
on the campaign trail, clinton's been testing her comfort and chemistry with leading democrats. >> are we ready for hillary? >> cnn has learned the finalists include tom vilsack. >> good evening fellow democrats. >> he's a former iowa governor and loyal friend of clinton for nearly two decades. >> my support for hillary clinton as the next president of the united states is something that's very personal to me. >> he's spending the day in missouri and had kind words about kaine. >> i have a tremendous amount of respect. we did not serve together as governors but i know he's really solid guy. >> critical to defeating trump is winning over hispanic voters. kaine speaks fluent spanish. choosing a running mate opens a new chapter in her historic bid for the presidency. she was closely involved in her
3:46 pm
husband's selection of al gore in 1992. >> this is the next vice president of the united states of america. >> now she's picking partner of her own. she said her top priority is finding a seasoned hand in government who is ready for the presidency. she's also getting a musician if she selects kaine. he often plays the harmonica like here with the band jug masters back in 2012. it's a sign kaine is flashier than he first appears. >> you get him on a harmonica and he's not boring at all. >> tim kaine learned spanish when he was a missionary in his 20s in honduras. even before he's formally announced, some liberal groups are saying he's not liberal enough.
3:47 pm
the democrats have some discussing of their own to do next week. >> stand by. she could be making that announcement. we want to dig deeper with our chief political correspondent, dana bash. he's a senior editor at the atlantic and our cnn politics executive editor mark preston. we want all of you to stand by. we'll take a quick break. we'll be right back.
3:48 pm
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3:52 pm
welcome back. any moment now presumably hillary clinton will be sending out word who her vice presidential running mate is going to be, and presumably tomorrow there will be a joint appearance. gloria, earlier, just a little while ago, she was really, really in a fiery mood going after donald trump, and what he said last night in cleveland at his convention. let me play a little clip of hillary clinton. >> last night donald told us i am your voice.
3:53 pm
well, i -- i don't think he speaks for most americans, do you? he doesn't speak for small businesses like the ones he has consistently stiffed and driven into bankruptcy and financial peril. he doesn't speak for the workman that he's employed on his various projects and then refused to pay them. he doesn't speak for the housekeepers and the cooks and everybody working at a hotel in las vegas that he owns that have voted to have a union and he refuses to even talk to them. he doesn't speak for immigrants. he only speaks against immigrants.
3:54 pm
he doesn't speak for people with disabilities. he doesn't speak for our military which he has insulted consistently and in particular prisoners of war who sacrifice much of their life because they serve us. and contrary to what they tried to say at their convention, i don't think he speaks for women. i don't think he speaks for working families who would be devastated by his reckless economic policies. he doesn't speak for anyone who thinks our country should be standing together not splintering apart. he sure doesn't speak for me because i know we are stronger
3:55 pm
together and that's what we're going to be next year! >> and jackie, i guess that's a little appetizer of what we can expect in philadelphia in the coming days. >> it is going to be very clear that the democrats would be watching that convention very closely and at times it seemed like they may have been funding it. yes. absolutely. we're going to be hearing a lot about what donald trump said on that stage last night. >> and they're really going after him for last night and they're also doubling down this morning based on what he said bringing back all of that talk about ted cruz. >> sure. trump had three bad days of publicity last week and last night finally got the message out that he wanted that the world is to going to hell in a hand basket and he can stop the problems of america and he got back to campaign mode by attacking ted cruz. >> we could be hearing from hillary clinton on social media and some sort of e-mail to her supporters who the vice presidential pick is going to
3:56 pm
be. what are you hearing? >> well, look, all of the indications have been toward tim kaine. it will be very revealing if it is, wolf, because it would signal that the democrats are putting more of their emphasis, this time putting a bigger belt on the sunbelt swing states than the rust belt states and there are electoral votes, ohio, iowa, michigan, wisconsin, and pennsylvania to a lesser extent where there are a big concentration of blue collar white voters that he's strongest among. tim kaine, virginia, north carolina, florida, colorado, nevada are suddenly looking more important and gettable for hillary clinton because they are defined by the voters where donald trump are weakest and those are the white collar whites as well as minorities and i think kaine will be a signal of the shift. >> mark preston, maybe she would postpone the announcement because of the terror attack in munich. what are you hearing? >> well, certainly at this time we are told now reporting from
3:57 pm
jeff zeleny and others who are following hillary clinton very closely is that they're not going to put off the announcement and this is a very difficult situation for the clinton campaign to juggle with when you have an attack and we're not sure what kind of attack it is over in munich and yet she is trying to roll out her presidential campaign. the question is do you roll it out, wolf, and now show that you can chew gum and walk at the same time that you are able to deal with major crisises and do you call it back out of respect for what has happened and right now we are told that their plan is they're going to stick to it, so we could hear some time tonight who hillary clinton has chosen. >> and a joint appearance in florida tomorrow. that's what the speculation was. the whole notion of tim kaine, gloria, there's been some criticism from progressives in the democratic party that he is a moderate and isn't progressive enough and is he going to modify the effort to bring in the
3:58 pm
elizabeth warren supporters. the impression in politics is compared to what? will bernie sanders supporters support donald trump in huge numbers? i doubt it. he made a play for them in his convention speech. tim kaine is more moderate on issues like abortion. he personally does not favor abortion, but he considers himself pro-life -- sorry, let me -- pro-choice because he doesn't stand in the way and supports, he doesn't stand in the way of a woman's right to choose, but it's a nuance position, right? he's a catholic and has his personal beliefs. >> on trade, for example, he's very different. he's very different. pro free trade. pro tpp and this is a difference that he has with hillary clinton now and of course, with bernie sanders people. progressives that i've talked to say can't you come up with somebody else for us? >> it's true, but we all know the way the clinton campaign
3:59 pm
operates. they're very data driven. they don't do things without knowing where their numbers are, and at this point she has got to believe that she has the liberal, the progressive, the former bernie sanders/elizabeth warren voters enough in her corner that she can and maybe needs to move beyond that to try to grab some of the independents and even republicans who may be repelled by donald trump. >> she wants to re-create the barack obama coalition that got him twice elected to the white house. >> absolutely. and drive them right to the polls and you're also right about republicans and that's something i heard even at the convention last week and people musing about having to vote for hillary clinton because they couldn't get behind the man that was at the top of their ticket right now. >> that could be an interesting debate. tim kaine, mike pence and a vice presidential debate. >> i don't know. i think the clinton campaign needs to think this true. it could be an interesting debate, wolf, and i see this as a turnout election and --?
4:00 pm
momentarily, we might be getting that announcement. i want all of our viewers to stay with cnn because it will be very interesting to see who hillary clinton eventually picks. that's it for me. thanks very much for watching. erin burnett "out front" starts right now. "out front" next. the terror attack in a busy mall in germany. tonight, a massive man hunt out for the gunman. who is behind it? plus gunmen opening fire in a mcdonald's and a witness says children were intentionally target and hillary clinton will reveal her vp very soon. who will it be? let's go "out front." ♪ ♪ good evening, and welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm erin burnett. out front tonight, the breaking news. a man hunt for terrorists at this hour. a shooting rampage at a mcdonald's in munich. ni


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