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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  July 23, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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i think being the first woman president would be quite a change from the presidents we've had up until now. i'm a progressive but i'm a progressive who likes to get things done. donald trump is tempermentally unfit to be president and commander in chief. >> if hillary clinton were man i don't think she'd get 5% of the vote. the only thing she's got going is the woman's card. >> fighting for women's healthcare and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in. >> i'm here today because i believe in hillary clinton. >> first time in our nation's history that a woman will be a major party's nominee.
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stronger together. let's go out and make that case to america. thank you. god bless you and god bless america. >> hello everyone i'm fredricka whitfield we're live in philadelphia in sister city's park which is -- center city i should say. we're days away from the democratic national conveng, two da days away if you're counting. hillary clinton will be introducing virginia senator tim kaine as her vice presidential running mate. she tweeted i'm thrilled to announce my running mate, tim kaine, a man who has devoted his life to fighting for others. you're looking at live pictures from florida international university in miami where the two are set to appear together just minutes from now. cnn's senior washington correspondent jeff zelany is live.
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what a clinton and kaine expected to say and do with the supporters there? what is the energy level feeling like today? >> reporter: fredricka this is the moment where the democratic ticket, this newly minted democratic ticket has the opportunity to try and seize some of the spotlight from the republican party from donald trump. they've been getting so much attention because of their convention in cleveland. this is a moment for hillary clinton and her new running mate to offer a rebuttal. i'm told it's going to be a sharp line of attack at donald trump. but also a serious speech about why she believes they are the better governing pair. that's one of the central reasons are she picked tim kaine. a former governor, a current senator. she believes he's a steady and seasoned hand here. i can tell you we're getting finally our first look at the new sign of this democratic ticket. clinton kaine. the kaine was added to the bottom of the clinton sign
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overnight to uphold the secrecy of this pick here. and that is one of the things that i think is striking if you compare donald trump's rollout of his vice presidential nominee to hillary clinton's. it did not leak. it was very secret. secretary clinton and tim kaine have been having private conversations, they've met twice over the last ten days or so. she had a comfort level with him. we'll see that on stage. he'll be speaking spanish. he learned spanish when he was a missionary student in honduras. it's why we're in florida. ground zero for politics. that will be front and center as they have their debut. fredricka? >> all right. we'll rejoin you in miami when it happens. thanks so much. for more on hillary clinton's pick and what this means for the democratic party going forward, i want to bring in the executive director of the new york state democratic party. dnc platform committee member and bernie sanders at large
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delegate and republican strategist boris epstein. good to see all of you. thanks for braving the heat with me. oh, my goodness. good morning to you. so senator kaine, also calls himself the happy senator and also very boring. why? is he a compliment to hillary clinton? >> i think he is, actually. that two things that stand out to me for senator kaine, he's worked at every level of government. hillary to me is really conversant in public policy. she's someone that's focused on trying to find ways the federal government can implement policy at every level. i think for her this is someone that can help her do that. his views on gun control. he's been solid on that over the past few years, especially after the incident in her home state. a lot of what she's been talking about with respect to gun fight
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this is an ally she'll have. >> hillary clinton still needs bernie sanders' supporters, you're continuing to be a bernie sanders supporter. is kaine on the ticket going to help her in that position? >> all honesty, there's not much we can do at this point. right. we need to unify and find ways to unify. to defeat donald trump. but it would have been a much stronger ticket if secretary clinton would have chosen someone like tom perez who had a strong labor background who is part of the administration, who is actually latino. you know, the problem with senator kaine is he ran the dnc in the years when they changed from being 50 state strategy to fund raising strategy. we have a whole new wave of progressives entering the party. the choice of senator kaine may have been strategic in a conventional way. it didn't do anything to excite the base that needs to turn out to defeat donald trump to unify
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the party. she needs to do more work at this point to really listen, get on the ground, hear what their concerns are and change some of our policies, not just on the platform but the rules of the party. the rules committee is meeting to discuss these things. >> trust has been a huge issue and will continue to be a huge issue for both candidates, trump as well as clinton. that kaine is on the ticket with hillary clinton, and we've already heard a prelude from hillary clinton she'll make a lot of references to the rnc, it was scary, it painted a dark picture of the road ahead under a trump ticket. how do you see a kaine running mate as balancing the trust issue, the trust problem that hillary clinton has? >> the kaine vp pick does nothing but hurt hillary clinton. it plays into the narrative that the democrats are bought and sold by special interest. we talked about that before. tim kaine has taken hundreds of
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thousands of dollars on trips, an island where only the wealthiest of the wealthy vacation. taking $5,000 in clothes to pedal influence. it play s into the narrative the clintons are in the pocket of special interest. that's taberrible for bernie sanders supporters. so as she said the bernie sanders supporters are not going to be excited by tim kaine. they're scared by tim kaine. the fact he does represent the old line dnc and the fact he's terrible on trade. on trade, he is in the same place where hillary clinton is. donald trump is the one that's against the tpp. he's for negotiating nafta. my inbox is full of bernie sanders supporters saying this pick did nothing for them. >> look, i have to jump in here because what i don't hear from boris' comments or anybody
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else's comments, is that never in my 20 years of politics and policy have i heard a nominee of the party make such a speech that was so laced would fear mongering. it was devoid of hopefulness. donald trump does not -- did not do anything to grow his party's platform. the platform the republicans would put forward have been the most anti-women, anti-lgbt, anti-immigrant. i have never seen anything like that. >> can i respond to that? >> whatever difference is, whatever differences that bernie sanders and hillary clinton have had -- >> boris -- >> we will find a way to -- >> i'd like an opportunity to respond. >> go ahead. >> over 70% of people in this country feel the country is going in the wrong direction due to the prestancy of barack obama and hillary clinton being secretary of state. all donald trump did was he's voicing those people. he's saying it's been bad. here i am to move you forward. it was hopeful. unlike you, i was there for the speech. the speech was hopeful. it was exciting. talking about national security. >> that's not what happened.
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>> talking -- >> boris, hang on a second. >> let me finish. securing our borders -- >> we've heard this. >> making sure we're strong on trade and making the country a -- >> he has no record of doing this. >> let me -- >> 13 seconds. all right. boris i'm going to -- >> you're a surrogate for your campaign for donald trump. and -- >> and proud to be -- >> it was a lot of poll tested rhetoric. and the problem with his message is not just that he's trying to tackle the white working class voters. he has no record of doing this stuff. there is nothing in donald trump's history. he says that 70% of the country wants a certain direction and they vote for donald trump. he split his vote between 17 candidates in the republican party. 16 candidates, majority of the republican party did not vote for donald trump. >> over 80% of republicans are behind donald trump right now. >> boris, we've got a few hours to go today. this is the beginning.
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this is the spring board. we'll get chance to continue this. we'll have you back a little bite later on. thanks so much. we'll take a short break. coming up, hillary clinton and her new running mate, tim kaine are set to hit the campaign trail for the first time together. you'll see them together for the first time in miami. we'll have that live. new details about the nine victims shot to death in munich and what may have motivated the gunman. all that straight ahead.
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welcome back, i'm fredricka whitfield. we're live in philadelphia at sister cities park. come join us for a cup of coffee. we're here for the upcoming democratic national convention and we're waiting to hear from hillary clinton and her running mate tim kaine. other news making headlines, we're following german police are saying the shooting rampage in munich was the work of a lone attacker. [ gunshots ] nine people were killed when a gunman opened fire at a munich
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mall. it's early in the investigation but police are also saying there doesn't appear to be any link to terror groups. will ripley is in hemunich for . the shooter is 18 years old and police are saying he had been the victim of bullying? what more do we know? >> reporter: we know that there were incidents when the attacker would have been 13 and 14 years old where he was beaten up by a group of young people, fred, and also the victim of theft, apparently. we don't go for sure if that is the motive. police say they haven't found a suicide note. they have very little to go on. they found extensive research in his room in the apartment where he lives with his parents, research about shooting rampages, about why students kill and the attack itself happened on the fifth anniversary of a mass murder in norway. this is the mcdonald's, the area is blocked off. the road adjacent to the mcdonald's and
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the olympia mall, one of the largest in bavaria here is back open there are lots of international press, but also people families with their adolescent kids who wanted to come out here to lay down flowers and stand in solidarity and send a message that they are not going to be fearful about what happened here. one thing that police haven't found is evidence of radicalization. even though there was a lot of talk because here in bavaria in this state in germany a few days ago there was an attack, a young man with an ax attacked people on a train. he had isis propaganda in his room. people were fearful this may have been caused by a refugee. the authorities said this was a young man who was born and raised here in munich who committed an act where many people died. 27 others were injured. you can see all of these flowers and candles.
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the majority of the victims all but two of the nine were teenagers. >> horrible situation. all right. thank you so much. coming up we're following another deadly attack, this one in afghanistan. more than 50 people have been killed by an explosion in kabul next. hi daddy! gain the freedom to fumble with the new water and shatter-resistant samsung galaxy s7 active. buy one now and get the samsung gear s2 for free. exclusively at at&t.
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welcome back. i'm fredricka whitfield in philadelphia. isis says its fighters were responsible for a suicide attack in kabul, afghanistan. the blast killed more than 60 people and wounded 265 others. you can see the chaos that followed that murderous moment. the terror group claims in an online statement that two of its attackers blew themselves up during a large demonstration
8:23 am
near kabul university. a third attacker was shot and killed by police. cnn's senior international correspondent nick paton walsh has the latest from beirut. >> reporter: devastatingly enough the death toll has risen again. the interior minister of afghanistan saying 80 people have lost their lives in that attack. we were talking about 31 merely hours ago. it continues to rise. over 200 people seeking urgent medical treatment in hospitals. this targeting the shia minority of the muslim faith. a group predominately there to protest for trying to get more electricity put into the area of afghanistan where many of them hail from. attacked by three isis attackers, two detonating their explosive belts in the densely packed peaceful crowd and the third was shot dead by police. it could have been worse potentially. afghanistan really suffering since u.s. forces began to draw down.
8:24 am
they're keeping a few more later than expected. barack obama handing the big decision on to his successor most likely there in afghanistan. despite a lengthy attempt by afghan military backed by the u.s. to kill isis out of the village and hills where they've had so much of their strongholds, they're back, they now try to terrify people in kabul, the capital. >> nick paton walsh thank you so much. appreciate that. coming up, the democratic ticket is set, hillary clinton about to introduce senator tim kaine as her running mate. the two set the take the stage in miami at any moment. our special coverage of the event begins with wolf blitzer. i'll see you again later on this afternoon.
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this is cnn's special coverage of the democratic choice for vice president. you're looking at life pictures right now of florida international university in miami. in just a few minutes hillary clinton will officially introduce the virginia senator tim kaine as her running mate. clinton first announced the news with a text message to her supporters and on twitter saying i'm thrilled to announce my running mate tim kaine a man who has devoted his life to helping others. miami is significant, recognizing florida's pivotal importance in november. it's a chance for kaine, affluent spanish speaker to attract latino voters. and trump is all -- and donald trump is already attacking the choice. he tweeted quote, tim kaine is and always has been owned by the banks, bernie supporters are outraged. was their last choice. bernie fought for nothing. that's from donald trump. we have an all-star team of reporters and analysts standing
8:30 am
by for full extensive live coverage. let's begin with our senior political correspondent brianna keilar. she's at the rally in miami. do we expect some of kaine's remarks to be delivered in spanish today? i assume he will. >> reporter: i think we are going to hear that, wolf. you'll recall a little over a week ago when tim kaine and hillary clinton campaigned together in virginia, his home state. he did deliver some of his remarks in spanish, they were well-received. it's something the clinton campaign sees to be an asset. they were emphasizing yesterday that one of the things hillary clinton and tim kaine discussed in their two meetings ahead of her picking him as her running mate was his time in honduras working with missionaries. this something they're emphasizing in the absence of her picking a hispanic running mate. talking to hispanic supporters of hillary clinton's who have been essential to propelling her to where she is. i think they would have liked to
8:31 am
have seen a latino represented in her pick. but the campaign is clearly making a calculation that hillary clinton is more vulnerable when it comes to her moderate side. when it comes to white males. this is an area that bernie sanders out performed her on. this is an area that her campaign is worried donald trump could certainly out perform her on. for instance, pennsylvania and ohio to a degree that could hurt her. certainly, i think this is going to be -- i think the campaign thinks it's an asset he'll speak in spanish. this is a very diverse university. it's a university where roughly half of the students are hispan hispanic, i think the campaign is expecting it's going to be an audience really receptive to that, wolf. >> he's ten years younger than hillary clinton. he's 58 years old. he knows her quite well. but early on, he was eight years ago he was an early supporter of
8:32 am
barack obama, not hillary clinton when she was running for the democratic presidential nomination. clearly they've all gotten over that. this is a moment, though for tim kaine who is not all that well-known outside of virginia to become a whole lot better known right now. he's got his own agenda in place right now, right? >> reporter: i'm having a hard time sort of hearing you. it's warbly. i'll tell you that. i think you're asking about tim kaine having a chance before with president obama and certainly that he has had i think a different body of work than hillary clinton in recent years. he's someone who is seen as a moderate for a number of reasons. one that's interesting and we've seen a change is that tim kaine used to support the transpacific partnership. president obama's very key trade agreement. this is something hillary clinton supported before she
8:33 am
changed her mind during this election. tim kaine we have learned from a source had a conversation with hillary clinton very recently. we learned this last night. and b basically says that the t, this trade partnership is something that you cannot support in its present form. even though he voted yes on a key procedural movement for it in the senate. perhaps you'll see him moderating some of his views to align himself more with the left side of the party, wolf. >> that's what's usually happens. we'll get back to you. brianna keilar is on the scene for us. i want to bring in gloria borger. "the new york times" called this choice pragmatic. he does have an even temper, he's highly regarded in the u.s. senate. >> he's regarded as one of those people who is a work horse more than a show horse. very much in the hillary clinton
8:34 am
model. when he got to the senate he learned what he didn't know and learned issues and he worked hard. you know, if hillary clinton were making a political choice, she could have picked senator brown from ohio or governor vilsack from iowa. i think she went from somebody whom she knows, who works hard, who can help her govern. yes, he kind of helps out with his working class roots as we were talking about last night, his fluency in spanish and catholic voters perhaps in the state of pennsylvania. but this is a choice about someone she's comfortable with, someone she can work with. and somebody who knows his stuff. >> you covered the congress for a long time. you know he's well-regarded not just by fellow democrats, but republicans. jeff flake the republican senator from arizona, a big critic of donald trump for example flake tweeted this, trying to count the ways i hate
8:35 am
tim kaine. drawing a blank. congrats to a good man and a good friend. he has worked closely with republicans. and some progressive or very liberal democrats are concerned right now because he's a more moderate democrat. more of a centrist. >> the irony is i think he's not more of a household name because he doesn't throw partisan bombs which tends to get people more attention. he is a throwback. there's no question. i watched him in the senate. he's a throwback to the time when people wanted to get things done and reach across the aisle. that is good for, you know, the kind of messaging you clearly are going to see hillary clinton do with tim kaine. solid choice, we can get things done. even though i'm a washington insider, we can actually maneuver the system. however -- i know i've been talking to people who have very liberal social media feeds, facebook and twitter and so forth who are saying that
8:36 am
liberal -- many liberal grass roots voters are livid. because they think that she is kind of abandoning them. so the challenge for tim kaine and the clinton campaign -- i know they know this -- is going to be to explain his record. yes, he's sort of a centrist from virginia. but he actually has more traditional liberal policies and positions than people might think. >> he's flip-flopped on the tp., >> that's a key problem for him. >> so did hillary clinton though right. >> exactly exactly. you're going to hear them talk about the fact he went up against the nra in a pro gun state virginia. you'll hear them talk about the fact he has been working very hard on issues of education. like first hand. in fact he's not just been sort of legislating about it or working at it from a policy position from the governor's mansion. he was actually kind of in the
8:37 am
trenches as a younger guy. those are the kinds of things you'll hear to try to assuage the liberal side. >> it will help hillary clinton in the battle ground state of virginia. >> 13 electoral votes. you can see the republican strategy with mike pence. that's a rust belt strategy. for hillary clinton, it's the sun belt strategy. florida, virginia, north carolina, the states that are much more diverse than the rust belt. if you look at virginia, obama won by 4% in 2012. it's a very diverse state. 20% african-american. 5% latino. florida is a state obama won by 75,000 votes. it's 20% latino. about 10% african-american. so, you know, they are going to need tim kaine's ability to really i think key into some of these diverse voting blocks, not
8:38 am
only latinos but african-americans. he has a past of african-american voters. he was the mayor of richmond in 25 years. and he has a strong in terms of civil rights. for housing discrimination. those two voting blocks tells you the strategy they're going for. >> bernie sanders is not going to raise a stink about tim kaine. he already said he likes tim kaine. he's a good guy. would he have been more enthusiastic for an elizabeth warren, sure. absolutely. >> maybe not. >> yeah. >> or himself. >> yeah. >> okay. >> elizabeth warren was i think vetted. bernie sanders was not. >> you know, and look, kaine is not known as a progressive, even though they're calling him a progressive every minute they can. sanders isn't -- >> hold on a moment. i want to bring in our panel from philadelphia as well, where
8:39 am
the democratic convention is about to begin on monday. hillary clinton made her announcement just before the democratic convention kicks off. we have our political analyst with us, and political executive politics executive editor mark preston is with is. the former mayor of philadelphia, he's proud the city is hosting the convention. mark preston, i want to show you this tweet from republican senator lindsey graham. let me put it up on the screen. i find the vp candidates, governor mike pence, and senator tim kaine more palatable than the presidential nominees. both of those nominees are polarizing candidates. you're hearing a lot of that, aren't you? >> no doubt as you noted earlier, jeff flake came out and said i'm trying to find something bad to say about tim
8:40 am
kaine and said i can't. you have lindsey graham saying he's given the check mark to hillary clinton assuming and taking on tim kaine on to her ticket. this goes to show you over the next four or five days that the democrats right here in philadelphia are going to try to show unity. we saw that last night. immediately after the tim kaine pick. you saw all these groups come out and say that they were supportive of it. having said that, there is the progressive liberal part of the democratic party that is not very happy about this. we'll see how loud they are. at the same time you have donald trump working right now to try to unify his party after this convention. he brought some of it back together but has more work to do. >> donald trump pouncing on sizable gifts kaine received as lieutenant governor and later governor on virginia. he did report them and at the time virginia did allow
8:41 am
officials to accept gifts. could it hurt him now? >> republicans will try to raise it. i think the kaine pick reflects some fascinating political calculation. first she doesn't need something big and dramatic to rev up the race. the sun belt is now more of a fire wall for hillary clinton than the rust belt. that's a big change in american politics. she's relying more on those diverse younger white collar states like virginia, colorado, november, north carolina and florida than perhaps having the confidence in the rust belt states. tim kaine is a creature like mayor nutter of urban america. the democratic party is now the party of metropolitan america. in 2012, wolf, president obama
8:42 am
won 86 of the 100 largest counties in america. he lost the other 3,000 counties by 7 million votes. it was plenty to win. tim kaine's pick is a reminder that especially against donald trump, he will be strong outside of urban areas the democratic party is betting heavily on the biggest places in america. >> all right. everyone stand by. we have a lot more to assess. we're standing by to hear from hillary clinton and tim kaine. their first join appearance with him, tim kaine as her vice presidential pick. when we come back we'll take a closer look at tim kaine, his background, record, past endorsements and a lot more. stay with us, our special coverage continues in a moment. meet godawgs, the fastest food truck in brooklyn. meet mylanta® tonight. it's also fast, but unlike godawgs, it makes heartburn after dinner, history. new mylanta® tonight. faster than heartburn.
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if you're part of the fabric of the community, you've got to ensure that you do things right, environment included. learn how you can save at together, we're building a better california. any minute now democratic presumptive presidential nominee
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will introduce her running mate tim kaine. while he's well-known in political circles. in virginia, up on capitol hill. he has serious work to do in making a name for herself with the general electorate out there. cnn's senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny filed this profile of the man who could be one heart beat away from the presidency. he's joining us from philadelphia right now, scotty, what did you as a trump supporter think of this tim kaine announcement? >> i think it's interesting to look at the parallels between the two campaigns. i hate to be the one that's going to bust up the bubble that's going on here. i want to remind my fellow democrats that are sitting on the stage with me a little bit about his history. let's remember, he was chairman of the dnc when they suffered
8:48 am
the worst loss in congress since the great depression. when he gave up the governorship to a republican by a margin of 20 points. maybe that's because of the tax increases he did in virginia. there are a lot of things in tim kaine. he might be a nice guy, he's the only legislator to receive a lifetime score of zero. barack obama has a ten. he has a life time of zero. he's a progressive if you look at issues other than the environment and trade. everything else, 100% he actually will be one of those that actually i think will appeal more to the left than the right. >> jeff zeleny's report on who tim kaine is. i think it's ready. >> are we ready for hillary? >> reporter: hillary clinton and tim kaine. new partners on the democratic ticket. >> do you want a you're fired president or a you're hired president? >> reporter: it may be an
8:49 am
anti-establishment year, but clinton's running mate is an insider a u.s. senator from virginia and former chairman of the democratic national committee. >> if i have anything to do with it we'll win again. >> reporter: clinton is betting experience in government is the best way to defeat trump he's neither flashy nor showboat. a seemingly safe pick and steady hand. just what clinton told anderson cooper she's looking for in a vice president. >> i want to be sure whoever i pick could be president immediately. if something were to happen. that's the most important qualification. >> reporter: who is timothy michael kaine? a decade ago as governor of virginia, he introduced himself in the democratic response to president bush's state of the union address. >> i worked as a missionary when i was a young man and learned to measure my life by the difference i can make in someone else's life. >> reporter: it was that stent as a missionary in honduras that
8:50 am
distinguished him. he learned fluent spanish and still speaks it today. which makes him a different kind of attack dog against trump. >> if you're a latino he's going to trash born in minnesota and raised in kansas. the he built his political career in virginia rising from city councilman and mayor of richmond to lieutenant governor and governor. >> thank you so much. >> he's 58, ten years younger than clinton, known well inside the party but not well beyond. >> i'm not the one with the biggest profile. >> he signed on with clinton early, this time around endorsing her in 2014 more than a year before she declared her candidacy. for an original barack obama supporter, it was a chance to make up for lost time. >> give it up for tim kaine. >> his politics are more modern. he's catholic.
8:51 am
outwardly moved by pope francis's movement last year. his view ons abortion are more conservati conservative. >> law is what it is and i'm going to carry out the law,'m going to protect women's legal rights to make their own reproductive decisions. >> he's also spoken out forcefully against the administration for failing to seek congressional approval to fight the islamic state. >> the war against isil is just, it's necessary, it's noble but it's illegal. there's no congressional authorization for this war. >> it's an open question whether kaine fits the mold of today's red hot politics, yet his selection could help soften clinton's partizan edges. >> we need a bridge builder and we've got a bridge builder in hillary clinton. >> jeff zeleny, cnn washington. i want to bring in baccari sellers, a hillary clinton
8:52 am
supporter. you just heard that senate kaip may be more liberal than either hillary clinton or president obama. i want to keep your reaction to that. >> no, i actually think she's making the case for tim kaine right now. most people will be surprised not only by his liberal record, being opposed to the death penalty and the keystone pipeline. but more importantly, i was a fan of thomas perez and i know there are some who were fans of corey booker. but his record for civil rights for african americans and hispanics is outstanding. you hear the personalant dotes of tim kaine with his relationship at the university of richmond law school with the black law students association. he was the first person to give a speech in fluent spanish on comprehensive immigration. so i think that one of the things we're going to find out
8:53 am
especially for me and other african americans and hispanics who propelled hillary clinton to this point. it's fair to say he not only is a liberal but a civil rights champion. >> our cnn political contributor, the former mayor of philadelphia, michael nutter is joining us. we're going to talk later about philadelphia, the city ready for the democratic convention. but the fact that hillary clinton is welcoming, introducing tim kaine in miami right now, like pennsylvania, florida is a key battleground state and because of his proficiency in spanish, he will help her presumably in spanish. >> well there's no question about that, wolf. but also it's clear that secretary clinton is also focused on the most important aspect which is also governing. senator kaine, a city council member, a mayor, a governor and a senator. he knows about governing and how to run things. that is really one of the most
8:54 am
important qualifications for anyone who is going to be in a vice president situation. at the end of the day you have to run the kboft. >> he personally because of his catholic faith, he's personally opposed to abortion but he supports roe v. wade. is that an issue among democrats, do you think? >> i think until people understand where the senator understand -- i saw a great clip last night on cnn him speaking and answering the question. he was very strong and firm. i think as people get to know more about him and his real record. he has a record open is a champion on civil rights and supports a woman's right to choose. i think that becomes a nonissue. >> yeah, everybody is going through his record as a mayor, as a governor, as a chairman of the democratic national committee and as a senator in recent years. everyone, we're only minutes away, take a look at this, live pictures of miami where hillary
8:55 am
clinton and tim kaine, they will take the stage any moment now. it will be their first joint appearance, first appearance as running mates. we're going to bring you that live. we'll hear every word that they have to say. our team is standing by for analysis. s, 10 hours and 2 minutes you are going to be 67. and on that day you will walk into a room where 15 people will be waiting... 12 behind the sofa, 2 behind the table and 1 and a half behind a curtain. family: surprise! but only one of them will make a life long dream come true. great things are ahead of you when your health is ready for them. at humana, we can help you with a personalized plan for your health for years to come. when you have type 2 diabetes, like me, hi, i'm dominique wilkins. there's a moment of truth. and with victoza®, a better moment of proof. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill, which didn't get me to my goal.
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now you can watch nbc's coverage of the rio olympic games live at home or on the go. hello, i'm wolf blitzer.
9:00 am
we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is cnn special coverage of the democratic choice for vice president. these are live pictures you're seeing right now. there is florida international university in miami where pretty soon hillary clinton will make it official, virginia senator tim kaine will speak as her vice presidential running mate now for the first time. we have a team of reporters and analysts all standing by. let's pe again with brianna keilar who is at the rally in miami at florida international university. brianna, i hope you can hear me. i know it's livly other there. we're told that hillary clinton and tim kaine we believe they're still at the fountainbleau hotel in miami beach. their motor cade has not left. it's still a significant drive from the fountainbleau to florida university where you are. supposed to start at noon. it's clearly going to start a little later. set the scene for us. tell us about the audience there,


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