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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  July 23, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is cnn special coverage of the democratic choice for vice president. these are live pictures you're seeing right now. there is florida international university in miami where pretty soon hillary clinton will make it official, virginia senator tim kaine will speak as her vice presidential running mate now for the first time. we have a team of reporters and analysts all standing by. let's pe again with brianna keilar who is at the rally in miami at florida international university. brianna, i hope you can hear me. i know it's livly other there. we're told that hillary clinton and tim kaine we believe they're still at the fountainbleau hotel in miami beach. their motor cade has not left. it's still a significant drive from the fountainbleau to florida university where you are. supposed to start at noon. it's clearly going to start a little later. set the scene for us. tell us about the audience there, the crowd that has
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gathered. >> reporter: well the speaker is already underway. you see debbie was lman schur m. it is a little ways from the hotel where they are staying so there's going to be a break after she speaks, a short break we're told and then there's going to be a big video rollout. you can sort of imagine what has been produced by the clinton campaign. i'm sure it's something that they tried to make inspirational about this running mate pick, tim kaine and then we're going to hear from hillary clinton first and then tim kaine second. but this is a large crowd. you can only see really a small part of it. this is only large auditorium. this is a large public university and it's a very diverse student body here at florida international university. this is really the demographics
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that the clinton campaign has been trying to appeal to, that' propelled her where she is today. but she's introducing to this crowd a running mate who is someone who is maybe going to take a little bit of selling when it comes to the liberal wing, for instance, of the democratic party. tim kaine, while for instance for the environment has opposed things like the keystone pipeline, he's also in favor of off-shore drilling. he's favored some abortion restrictions, like a partial birth abortion -- a ban on partial bother abortion which is a late term, a term for late term abortion with restrictions for the life and health of the mother. and so he has a number of positions, including on trade that you would consider more moderate. she's certainly going to be trying to do some selling. but we're told, wolf, by aides close to this rollout process that in the end it really came
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down to hillary clinton picking someone she felt comfortable with that she could work with for years and that tim kaine she decided was the man for the job. >> brianna keilar is over at florida university. you're seeing debbie was lman schultz. we're awaiting the arhode island of hillary clinton and tim kaine. gloria borger is with us. we went back and checked. back in 2007, shortly after barack obama, then freshman senator pretty much unknown announced he was running for the democratic presidential nomination, tim kaine endorsed him and said this. >> i've been thinking hard about this race and even though it is still early, i'm very happy to say that it is a very simple decision for me in terms of what i think is important in my assessment of where the nation is in these candidates to
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endorse senator barack obama to be our nation's next president. >> interesting. i picked that clip because it was a simple decision for him then. you know who else was running for the democratic presidential or about to formally announce but everybody knew she was going to be running for the democratic presidential nomination at that time? >> hillary clinton. the world comes full circle. i think it says a couple of things. most important is that it tells you a lot about tim kaine. campaigns are nasty. that campaign was hard fought, nasty, tough, competitive. hillary clinton didn't much like tim kaine for what he did that day. but what doe it tell you about the character of tim kaine that both hillary clinton and bill clinton, right, like him now enough to put him on this ticket and respect him enough to put him on this ticket. of course he's the favorite of president obama's who was thinking of putting him on his ticket but he felt like he
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needed someone with more experience so he went with biden. but i think it is sort of a testimonial, if you will, to his character. >> exactly one week ago we were talking about mike pence, he was at his first joint appearance with donald trump. mike pence, his first choice this time around was not donald trump. as you remember, dana, you remember it was. it was somebody else >> ted cruz. it was fascinating to watch mike pence fipg out how to handle the point. >> i point that out because it's interesting that both pence and kaine they had other first choices when they were making their endorsements. >> that's very true. and to that point, you know, we've been talking a lot about the demographic help that tim kaine could help hillary clinton with, the fact that he could be a solid -- he brings the policy and the governing part and the
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political map part of this. but having covered tim kaine in congress since he's been there, he also hasn't been afraid to anger his own party. and he was very early on really the first person to press barack obama on getting congressional approval for action against isis. and they didn't want to do that in the white house. and so, you know, he has a history of trying to buck his own party. i'm sure that is something that did not make president obama happy about. but he felt it was something necessary to do. one other thing i want to say -- that's the policy part. on his biography, we've been talking a lot about the fact that he's from virginia, mayor of richmond and so on and so forth but he grew up in kansas city, missouri. he had midwestern roots. he can talk the talk to people
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in those swing states. policy wise he's not going to make a lot of democrats happy because he's staunchly free trade. but again in terms of the cultural sensibilities that he has, it's not just southern, it's also midwestern. >> and it is true that typically for the vp slot, you think about someone who could be an attack dog. but he isn't that way. he's going to lower the temperature. i think that's something everyone thinks this campaign needs. and most voter wills come to know kim kaine through television. he's not going to go greet voters in every state. and he's able to telegraph a certain warmth via the television which is important in this campaign. >> it's interesting because there be three presidential debates in september and october, one vice presidential debate. how will the vice presidential debate, mike pence, tim kaine
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unfold? >> they couldn't be more different in terms of policy but they're similar in terms of their midwestern roots and the humbleness and warmth. it will be interesting to see if there are sparks that fly in between nem in terms of attacking each other. >> it could be low key and substantive, god forbid. >> might be boring. >> both of them have run for office and so they're not -- you know, they're not novices at this. they know how to crack attack lines, if you will. they know how to sharpen a message and they've been successful politicians. it will be substantive >> they know policy. >> but they do know policy. but i also think they know messaging. >> you're already in philadelphia and you've studied this for a long time. a lot of political experts, mark preston -- ron bronstein, a lot of political experts point out that as far as a vice
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presidential nominee is concerned, by and large people don't vote for the vice president. they vote for the person on top of the ticket for president of the united states. do you think that's still true? >> reporter: yeah, i do. i know any colleagues on the panel have different views. but it hasn't been very important usually because trump and clinton are such vivid figures. people have such strong popinios about them. on the one place where the vice president does matter somewhat has been in their home state. an virginia is a very important linchpin state for democrats in the way that the electoral college is evolving. democrats average under 44% of the vote in virginia from '92 to 2008. president obama has won it twice and perhaps more important, democrats carried it in two off-year elections when they don't get the surge of minority and younger voters.
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if kaine can help them hold virginia and they hold the blue wall states, the 18 states that have voted democratic, they are right on the brink. so i think that in the broad sense, not likely to be really important but if he can help them even just a lit bit in virginia, that by itself is significant. >> scotty i want you to weigh in as well. you're a donald trump supporter. in this election, i think it's fair to say, people are e fer going to vote for hillary clinton or donald trump. their running mates while important and clearly if one of them is elected president of the united states clearly important but almost all americans are going to vote for hillary clinton, they'll like her or they like donald trump. they may vote for a third party candidate. but who is atop the ticket really matters. >> reporter: i do think it matters. mr. trump always believed in a legacy. when he is elected in november i
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think he's not looking at this whether it's a four or eight-year deal. i think when he picked of mike pence he thought of a 16-year. regardless of the candidate going in, republicans were at a disadvantage. we're talking show shored up virginia is for democrats. why would terry call up on friday when the state supreme court came in and rejected the idea, he's going to sign off and allow felon to vote, more than 200,000 felons with the state supreme court said no they are not going to be allowed to vote but now the governor is trying to sign them individually. if virginia is a blue state, why fight this issue to allow convicted felons to be allowed to vote in the state. >> mark preston is our cnn exec ty editor. you are there in philadelphia getting ready for this convention as well. we'll all be there tomorrow. but as you look at this pick of tim kaine as hillary clinton's running nate, what goes through
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your mind? >> reporter: well, a couple of things. we're making a lot about the fact that tim kaine knows thou speak spanish and they're doing the announcement in florida and how he'll shore up the hispanic vote. i don't think there's anybody on this panel to think that the democrats are not going to win the hispanic vote. i think when we look ahead for the coming months, i think that we need to watch where tim kaine actually campaigns. is he going to be campaign in the midwest? he grew up in the midwest. he's spending a lot of time getting the blue collar voter to vote them are for them? is he going to be in north carolina, states that are on the edge but tend to be a little more red? i mean the fact is tim kaine also offers hillary clinton something that she really, really lacks, and that's the niceness factor. she doesn't come across as somebody who is warm. tim kaine has that. in retrospect, you look at
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donald trump, mike pence offers donald trump the experience factor, the ability to connect with the republican base. so while these are two not dynamic picks, i think they are important thicks in the fact that they both offer the two running mates something that they don't have. >> i just want to show the viewers on the upper left part of your screen, that's miami beach, the fountainbleau hotel. the motorcade, i don't think it has left yet but maybe it will be leaving momentarily, make the drive over to miami, to florida international university where she will introduce tim kaine as her vice presidential running mate. back in july, tim kaine was with hillary clinton and she seemed to be auditioning for this vice presidential spot and he said this. listen to this. >> what will be remembered about the failed candidacy of donald trump is you're fired.
9:14 am
he's a you're fired guy, outsourcing jobs, stiffing contractors being against minimum wage, being against equal pap for women. he's a you're fired guy. if you want a you're fired president, you've got a choice. but we've got a different choice. we want a you're hired president. >> is he going to be an attack dog out there on the campaign trail? >> no, i don't think tim cain is going to be an attack dog. i don't think you can make somebody something that they're not. he adds to the decency quotient. everyone knows that hillary clinton has unfavorables or issues with honesty and trustworthiness. tim kaine balances that out. you will have barack obama, like elizabeth warren who are your attack dogs. but at the end of the day tim kaine is a very very good man and in politics oftentimes that subtle characteristic gets lost,
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whether it's lindsey graham talking about the quality of the human being. hillary clinton went out and looked at somebody who could govern, not only a civil rights champion she said i'm about to have a very good person on the ticket. i expect to see a lot of tim kaine in florida, north carolina. if they go the way of hillary clinton, that's a beautiful election night for democrats in november. >> michael nutter is with us as well. hillary clinton supporter. mayor, do you think that this ticket, hillary clinton on the/tim kaine will be able to recreate the barack obama coalition which impressively won the presidency twice? >> very much so, wolf. and again going back to something baccari said, people vote for the president. where the vice presidential candidate comes in handy is are
9:16 am
they a good candidate, can you then split the presidential candidate and the vice presidential candidate in the different parts of the country and have a multiplier effect? that's what you're going to have with senator kaine. and we saw the same thing with then senator barack obama and then senator joe biden. all across the country speaking to democrats, keeping us all together. you're going to see a sea of unity in the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection this week. in contrast to the disastrous side show that we painfully watched last week. >> how worried are you that gary johnson of the libertarian party, jill stein of the green party will take votes away from hillary clinton? >> we'll have to wait and see what those folks are all about. i think secretary clinton and senator kaine, we know where our base is, we know where the votes are. and because of the divisiveness
9:17 am
of donald trump, we actually have access to some other voters who may not particularly want to be a part of that activity. and so again, this is a group that will bring people together all across the united states of america and it's going to be fun to watch. a hard campaign but a lot of fun to watch. >> we're waiting for hillary clinton and tim kaine to arrive for their first joint public appearance. we'll be back with our panel and special live coverage right after this. with travelocity, there's no fee to cancel or rebook most flights within 24 hours. travelocity® wander wisely™
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just a couple of minutes ago. there it is. the motorcade, hillary clinton and tim kaine, they left the fountainbleau hotel. they're driving over to florida international unit for this event. they will be speaking -- hillary clinton will speak first, welcome and introduce her vice presidential running mate, kim kaine. interestingly enough it was exactly a week ago at this time we heard first from donald trump announcing his vice presidential running mate, mike pence.
9:22 am
they've been doing it in the same format, on the friday before they issue a tweet or sent out an announcement to their supporters, then they have this big event on saturday, then they tape an interview with 60 minutes that will air sunday night. >> it's to avoid the frenzy that accompanies a vice presidential pick. so i think in the age of social media, you just put it out there, you give yourself a day, everybody adjusts and then you set up a rally. now i will predict that hillary clinton's rally will be a little different than donald trump and mike pence. what was stunning to me about the trump/pence announcement was that it wasn't really a rally and it was much more about donald trump spending 20 minutes talking about the campaign before he really introduced pence. i think hillary clinton will do it very, very differently. you'll see both of them together immediately and you'll see a
9:23 am
huge rally as we've been looking at the pictures right here on our screen. >> and donald trump said a week ago today when we were sitting in these very seats talking about the flip side of this, donald trump said explicitly, he picked mike pence to unify the party. while there are a lot of similarities in terms of persona, not a lot, some similarities of persona and look between them, hillary clinton chose him for another reason. she clearly made a calculation that there's no getting around the fact that she is seen as the ultimate insider. so picking an outsider, what's that going to get her? it's not going to get her much at all. tim kaine is a career politician. i mean he certainly has other experiences in his life that he's going to talk about but he's a career politician. something that donald trump is tweeting about and he had some
9:24 am
fodder there to say this is a team of insider. and in the year of the outsider, it's a little tricky but they figure what's the point? >> there may be political ramificatio ramifications, but the most important thing a presidential nominee needs to do is to find someone who would be qualified to serve as president of the united states if something were to happen. you can criticize the policy positions on various issues, but both of them, tim kaine was a governor, mike pence is now a governor, tim kaine was a senator, mike pence is a member of the house of representatives, one of the leaders in the house of republicans within mike pence conservative, tim kaine not rate, more liberal if you will. but when all is said and done, they both have the qualifications to be president of the united states. >> they can govern and you can see them in the white house. it was something, i think, that john mccain didn't probably think through enough in 2008
9:25 am
when he picked sarah palin, so many questions about whether or not she had the experience and the background to actually govern and be the president. but yeah, i think on balance this is a good pick for hillary clinton. it tells you something about what she really wanted to do, which is to pick someone she liked, to pick someone she thinks could be president and pick someone who she thinks could help her govern, who knows the senate, who knows foreign policy as well. he's on the senate foreign relations committee. i think we know something about sort of the electoral strategy in terms of what they need on the map but also what they think they'll need in terms of governing. >> here's something about tim kaine. i don't think he's been sort of bitten by the presidential bug. this is nobody somebody on everybody's short list, a senator who is likely to run for president. he is somebody who has been a career politician. there's a fine line between
9:26 am
career politician and public servant. >> true. >> this is a man who spent almost 20 years as a civil rights attorney. >> yes. >> he was a mayor of richmond. he's got a resume almost as robust as hillary clinton's in many ways. but he never ran or thought of running for the presidency. if i were picking a vice president, that would be attractive to me in an interesting way because the ambition is not so overriding to become president that it would seem to me that he would be a good choice to be a number two. >> jeff zeleny is in miami for us. what else are you spepicking up right now? >> reporter: when you talk to the democrats here at this rally, when you talk to hillary clinton supporters, they're excited about this moment in the campaign. they quite frankly don't know a lot about tim kaine. one woman i talked to earlier said she's eager to learn about him. she didn't know he had been a gof nobody. she didn't know me was a spanish
9:27 am
speaker. this is an introductory moment here. that's why they're in miami. but one other thing i'm struck by is the president. the president released a statement this morning for the first time commenting on this. he said tim kaine is a good man, also a true progressive. the clinton campaign and the white house know they need to get ahead of this criticism that he's not a loib rale, he's not a progressive here and they think tim kaine will make the argument better than anyone. he knows how to work all constituencies of the democratic party. he was the chairman of the democratic party. this is one of his jobs behind the scenes, to sort of win over and smooth any of those, you know, questions about why a more liberal was not appointed. bernie sanders may be helpful in this. they're fellow senators. they have a cordial, warm and friendly relationship. that could help as well as elizabeth warren. she has not said much about this
9:28 am
pick. i'm told in recent days she knew she was not going to be selected even though she had a meeting last friday with the secretary. she knew in the final days she was not going to be picked here. but watch for understood occasions and clues that she'll be given to her supporters as well. democrats are entering their convention in a formal unified fashion, republicans. they believe they'll be able to put out the brush fires in the words of one adviser this morning. but today is about sort of cementing their partnership. but we'll see how it goes. tim kaine has been on the national stage before but never before at this level. he's entering a new phase of his political life as well. his speech will be less attack dog and more introductory and certainly more building up hillary clinton. >> jeff, you know, dana as we get ready for the democratic convention in philadelphia and tim kaine will be officially accepting the vice presidential nomination wednesday night,
9:29 am
hillary clinton will be speaking thursday night. we went through all of the same stuff with the republican side in cleveland. this speech today, let's focus in on what we're about to hear. how much of what they say will be an attack on donald trump and how much will be talking about their qualifications who they are, especially introducing tim kaine to the american people in. >> i would imagine that because just as jeff was saying with there's a lot of trepidation out there about tim kaine who were hoping she would pick an elizabeth warren or bernie sanders type, it's going to be biography. it's going to be what you're hearing from the president of the united states. just because he's from a purple state like virginia or historically purple state like virginia, he's not -- and he has moderate tendencies, he also as progressive sensibilities. you're going to hear a lot of that. filling out his biography.
9:30 am
tim kaine is not a household name. we know him because we cover him in the senate. he's going to show the progressives that he has some of the elizabeth warren in him, that he can go beyond what you heard in jack's piece earlier, that we want to say you're hired, not you're fired. but it's not who he is. >> he's going to be introduced. a lot of people don't know who tim kaine is and a lot of people don't know who mike pence is. we're waiting for hillary clinton and tim kaine to arrive for their first public event as presumptive pedestrian dental nominee and a vice president presumptive nominee. we'll be back with the panel. a lot mf coverage. you'll see it all right here on cnn. ♪
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pretty soon momentarily we're told the democratic presumptive nominee hillary clinton will be there together with tim kaine, the senator from virginia. you'll hear every word they have to say as we await their arrival at florida international university, i want to bring in ron brownstein. ron, the polls show that in the battleground states, the key battleground states, donald trump and hillary clinton are neck in neck right now. she might have a slight advantage but it's pretty close. presumably he'll get a bump i assume out of his convention and hillary clinton will get a bump out of the democratic convention. that's the way it normally is. but if this is a close race, people staying home not voting, going to a third party, that could make a difference, right? >> yeah. for hillary clinton, the real risk on that front is young people. if you look at the overall landscape here, donald trump is
9:36 am
underperforming slightly among nonwhite voters. slightly only because republicans are starting at a very low paint. he's overperforming among blue collar whites which is why he's so competitive in the rust belt states but also underperforming on the white collar. that's where tim kaine comes in. the suburban voters. that's why clinton is in a stronger position than president obama was in north carolina and colorado. the biggest blind spot on the board for her is she is not running nearly as well as president obama did with young people. that's where you see the potential with gary johnson and the green party. there was a poll out this week in new hampshire, a battleground state where a quarter of voters under 34 said they were going to vote for one of the third party candidate. that is the biggest risk to her, that young voters to the labor
9:37 am
tarn platform might pull away and that will make some of the states that she's counting on like north carolina and virginia tougher if young people fall away to the third party alternative. >> and you and i remember the election in 2000, what happened in the state of florida which was decisive and clearly getting then president bush elected over al gore. it was a third party candidate who got 90,000 votes in florida and a lot of those votes the assumption was that al gore presumably would have received, right? >> without question. i mean the 95,000 votes for ralph nader, it's hard to imagine that al gore would not have gotten the share of them and there would have been plenty to put him over the top. we have an unusual situation here. we're heading to an election where the odds are high that on election day the majority of the voters will say they have an
9:38 am
unfavorable view of both of them and that is a wild card. what happens with those voters. some of them in the end won't vote. which is why e despite the television ratings, turnout may or may not be up. and on balance, i think that helping trump more than clinton. it's hard are for donald trump given his own polarized feelings about him, it's harder for him to get close to 50% than her. if the number you need to win comes down, because voters peel off to a third party candidate, his chances go up. >> baccari, you're a hillary clinton supporter. i want to read to you a few of the tweets. within the past hour donald trump has been active on twitter. i will bring back jobs, i will bring jobs back and get wages up. people haven't had a real wage increase in 20 years. clinton killed jobs. then he tweeted tim kaine has been praising the transpacific
9:39 am
partnership. another tweet, funny that the democrats would have their convention in pennsylvania where her husband and her killed so many jobs. i will bring back jobs. and the fourth tweet within the past hour, crooked hillary clinton has destroyed jobs and manufacturing in pennsylvania against steelworkers and miners. so you get the point, what trump is trying to do. go ahead, respond. >> well, i get the point but donald trump is a person who stands adamantly opposed to raising the minimum wage. i think donald trump is on the wrong side of many issues. there are going to be many people out there touting the position of progrowth policies. but you also have people who were very sound in that message, like elizabeth warren, like bernie sanders . the fact remains that the team that the democratic party put together whether you're talking about the bully, michelle and barack obama or whether you're
9:40 am
talking about a lot of the speakers we'll have this week is a lot better than donald trump and his band of family reunion members that he's put together out on the trail. the fact that donald trump has tweeted so much underscores the fact that when we looked at his speech last thursday he gave many ideas without substance. and i expect wh you'll hear today is the begin og f a substantive campaign. you have a campaign that is fact free in the donald trump campaign and then you have a hillary clinton campaign that's very substance driven. wednesday night is going to be the biggest speech of tim kaine's life. he's going to introdoous himself to the country and the world. and i think his foreign policy chops, which we haven't talked about a lot in munich, nice, everything going on around, us his civil rights history are going to be impressive. and i'm going to challenge my friend tim kaine don't be boring. we're looking forward to it. >> we're looking forward to what he has the say in the next few
9:41 am
minutes, introducing himself to a national audience as well. scotty, i want you to respond to what we just heard. trump supporter and political commentator. >> i think it's interesting that we have to go after tim kaine, the vice presidential candidate when hillary clinton was secretary of state. but i want to talk about, you mentioned bernie sanders supporters and going in as a united front. i thought we were united last week. we had a little bit of an issue. we've just had 20,000 e-mails leaked by wikileaks. these are very damaging, damaging e-mails as they talk about when the dnc and bernie sanders and the majority of them are talking about how the system was rigged, as mr. trump said. they're very argumentative, pointing out a lot of people within the movement. and you've got 13 million bernie sanders voters with, 45 and under which is the young group
9:42 am
that's going to be needed. it's not enough for hillary clinton to recruit them, she has to engage them and make sure they don't stay home. a lot of the young voters might have something better to do on election day, which helping mr. trump. >> jeff zeleny is there in miami at florida international university. scotty just brought up the leaks that have just come out from the dnc suggesting that they were -- that at least some of the dnc were trying to help hillary clinton as opposed to bernie sanders. we have not confirmed those leaks. what's been the reaction that you're seeing? because bernie sanders supporterings including bernie sanders themselves, they were very blunt throughout the campaign saying the dnc was not fair, they were trying to help hillary clinton. >> wolf, this could not have come at a worse time for the clinton campaign in terms of the peace that had been reached
9:43 am
between the clinton campaign and the sanders' campaign. over the last month the temperature went down between their fight largely because of the work behind the scenes. but now bern my sanders supporters who i talked to who are in philadelphia are outraged by this. they've been reading the leaks and if the e-mails are true, they believe what they suspected all along, that the chairwoman of the democratic national committee in fact was in the tank for the clinton campaign. so at this point there's very little that can be done in a process way about it. but i'm told it's opening old wounds. there's a rules committee meeting going on right now, this afternoon in philadelphia and it is potentially going to be causing some problems. i talked to one rules committee member last night who said it's simply pouring gasoline on what had been a doused fire. my guess is that hillary clinton and bernie sanders may talk this through and bernie sanders may tell his supporter to quiet down. but it certainly does not, you
9:44 am
know, do much to get party unity internally in the convention. this is an internal fight. it's not going to spill over onto the floor in a way that we saw last week in cleveland. but it certainly is going to leave a bad taste with bernie sanders supporters who thought that the system was rigged in terms of if the dnc establishment leaders were putting the finger on the scale for the clinton campaign. >> you make a good point. it comes out, the wikileaks, all of these documents comes out at a really awkward moment, on the eve of the democratic convention in philadelphia. mark preston is in philadelphia for us. and i want you to weigh in as well. donald trump, he's already tweeting about this, that the leaks certainly are embarrassing to the dnc. you can see the bernie sanders supports are furious are the choice of tim kaine who represents the opposite of what
9:45 am
bernie stands for. philly fight? this is an awkward situation. and as you remember, a lot of our viewers remember, bernie sanders actually went ahead and urged the chair of the dnc, debbie wasserman schultz to resign. he's supporting her challenger for this democratic nomination, her congressional seat in miami in south florida. it's very very awkward. >> very, very awkward. and you know there couldn't be a better christmas gift given to donald trump and the republican party than this wikileaks. i've talked to sanders in the lead up to run all the way through the negotiations. they always were suspect of where the dnc was and where debbie wasserman schultz was, on what side she was taking. when we talk about bad blood, when we talk about liberals and
9:46 am
progressives not happy with how things are shaking out, this is exactly to the heart of why they are not happy. think it is being stacked against them. they feel that the democratic establishment show as candidate before the race started. but you know, as we're about to hear, tim kaine address the nation as you said, to introduce himself to the nation, i do think we should take a step back and think about the politics of this and remove it for a moment. it's important for the viewers. you said at the top that tim kaine would be a heartbeat away from the presidency. he is absolutely qualified to succeed hillary clinton were something to happen. as well as if you look at the republican ticket as well, mike pence is as well. these are two men which who have served as governors, two men who have extensive coverage in congress. there is the idea of can someone get behind the wheel of the car and drive it down the road. i think we should take solace in the fact that we have two men on
9:47 am
the ticket that could step in if needed. >> i want to bring in michael nutter, former mayor of the city of philadelphia. we're waiting for hillary clinton and tim kaine to arrive at florida international university. they'll be addressing their supporters there, also all of us, our viewers in the united states and around the world. for the moment, put on your hat as a former mayor of guelph. i was in cleveland this past week. they did an excellent job. the organization was superb. they were really well-organized. how is philadelphia going to do this week? >> we're in great shape, wolf. first of all, we have one of the finest men and women in blue, philadelphia police department of any department in the united states of america. and the partnership between and wrong the philly pd and the united states secret service, which is actually overall in charge of security for these
9:48 am
events, these national special security events, we had one just last year with pope francis and the world meetings of families. we have a lot of expertise in doing big events. this is a big event. 50,000 people. different than the papal visit. very different. everything self contained at the well fargo center. the delegate experience was very important to chairwoman debbie wasserman schultz. the welfarego center is superior in terms of facilities and getting in and out should be relatively smooth. obviously a lot of people here. plan in adds vans for that. but they're going to have a great experience here. we were proud to put in that bid while i was in office with a great great team and a great host committee as well. and so that partnership has led to what will be an historic convention but also just a
9:49 am
really great time and a unifying moment for democrats. >> i want to applaud the leadership in cleveland. they did a great job getting us in and out. everybody was very, very pleased and hopefully you guys in philadelphia will be able to do the same thing. very quickly, what do you think about the wikileaks e-mails that have been released. how awkward is it right now. we haven't confirmed this independently but they clearly show, mayor, that there was an effort by some at the dnc to hurt bernie sanders, raise questions about his religious faith, his belief in god and stuff like that. as opposed to hillary clinton, trying to help her get the nomination. this is awkward for the dnc, isn't it? >> yeah, i think -- i mean, that's probably the word for the day, awkward. you know, the timing certainly doesn't help. all of these things, there's obviously a lot of pushing and shoving that goes on in the political realm. that does not -- folks will deal with this and secretary clinton
9:50 am
and senator sanders will deal with that. that does not take awalk from the fact that we have an exciting primary campaign, voters went out and voted. the dnc doesn't have anything to do with who voted. real people engage in this vote progress says and secretary clinton came through with more votes, popular votes, more super delegates. all of that process. is it helpful? of course not. will we get through it? of course we will. >> the mayor the there. he's already in philadelphia, the former mayor of philadelphia. gloria, we're waiting for hillary clinton, tim kaine to arrive. they're running a little bit late. >> at least we know they won't have a lot of traffic. >> but you know what? we're happy once they actually show up. it was exactly a week ago as you remember we were sitting in these exact same seats getting ready for donald trump to announce mike pence. now hillary clinton is about to announce tim kaine. >> look at that picture there. we were talking about this el.
9:51 am
last week when we were waiting here, it cousin donald trump in a room with a couple of hundred supporters. this is a well-choreographed rollout, more traditional of a vice presidential candidate who hillary clinton spent months thinking about, as did donald trump by the way. and i think you're going to see this huge enthusiastic crowd for this rollout which really helps propel tim kaine as he starts making appearances on behalf of hillary clinton. because, you know, as you were saying, he's not a household name. people in if senate now who he is. she has to give him a boost nationally. what she wants people to take away from seeing him today is not only that he's qualified to be president but they need somebody to be seen as likable on the ticket, really likable. as you know, that's hillary clinton's problem. people don't like her.
9:52 am
sometimes if you're with a likable person maybe you get more likable or people think better of you because you picked somebody they like. he has to be seen as somebody that people trust if they don't trust her and they don't like her. and i'm not saying that people don't vote for the top of the ticket because of course they do. but they have to look at him as some kind of a character witness for her. >> and it's the same thing on the republican side. mike pence is a nice solid guy. i mean we can all say that objectively just like you know we can say about tim kaine. they are both picks who maybe try to soften some of the rough edges in the eyes of viewers -- of voters, viewers too. but speaking of that, again to your point, which is so true. looking at that picture, the big rally with the big flag and the new sign and all of the people sitting behind as opposed to where we were last week watching donald trump talk for a very long time with missing a light
9:53 am
or two on his face. however, this is traditional. this is a traditional ticket. voters might not want traditional. certainly they didn't want during the entire republic primary process. >> exactly. >> we're all, again, kind of going back on what we are used to as political reporters and observers as to what works and what doesn't. everything is upside down this year. >> donald trump was hardly traditional in crushing 16 other very impressive republican governors and senators with enormous money, tens of millions of dollars, $100 million and he won that republican contest going away. >> he did, as he constantly like to remind us, he did win. and even if you look at his convention, that was very unconventional. you have the sort of cruz drama in the middle of that. in some ways trump like to embrace drama. he thinks all publicity is good
9:54 am
publicity. you have somebody in tim kaine who rejects drama. obama was always like that. no drama obama. very different. we're yet to see any sort of rally like this i think with pence and trump doing a kind of big rollout. >> they had been scheduled in akron but then they canceled it. >> and then trump gave a news conference, half of it spent on his relationship with ted cruz, going back through the highlights of the primary campaign. one of the things we're yet to see between trump and pence is real warmth. they had the air kiss moment. >> we saw a little bit when they arrived at the convention. it with us a made for tv moment, with the families and the helicopter and there was warmth there.
9:55 am
>> but this is your first big decision as a presidential candidate, tells a lot about you. and trump decided to go for somebody who he thought could balance the ticket, unify the party in so many ways. when you don't have a huge rally, the picture right be, well, i'm a little ambivalent. in donald trump's case, it's all about donald trump. and we knew that going in. >> take a look at the live pictures coming in from florida international university in miami. hillary clinton and tim kaine are expected to take the stage momentarily. stay with us. our special live coverage continues right after this. my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line.
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10:00 am
democratic national convention in philadelphia. you're looking at live pictures from the convention floor. but the big news of the day, the new democratic ticket. hillary clinton will be introducing virginia senator tim kaine as her running mate. tweeting, i'm thrilled to announce my running mate tim kaine, a man who has devoted his life to fighting for others. these are live pictures coming in from florida international university in miami where the two are set to appear just minutes from now. we have a team of reporters and analysts all standing by. let's go to the scene first. i want to bring in brianna keilar. she's on the scene for us. jeff zeleny is there as wl. set the scene for us. i take it we're only a few minutes away from both of them appearing? >> reporter: that's exactly right. they're running a little late. that's usual. but this is the


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