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tv   New Day  CNN  July 25, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> most of us stopped the name calling in the fifth grade. >> the dnc was not running a fair operation. i'm not shocked. >> i'll take her rights over her any day. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to "new day." it is monday, july 25th. 5:00 in the east. chris and i are coming to you live from philadelphia where the democratic national convention begins today. hillary clinton hoping to unite the democrats, but the consequen convention is off to a rocky start because of the leaked e-mails. >> wikileaks may be striking again. what does it mean for the campaign? how do they handle it? will they own it or go in denial mode? we know how that worked out last week. the good news is the tim kaine effect. what does it mean coming into this week? we will discuss that. we have every angled covered.
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let's start with cnn's manu raju. manu. i'm with her. >> reporter: democratic chairman debbie wasserman schultz forced to resign among a massive e-mail leak showing dnc staffers favoring hillary clinton over bernie sanders during the democratic primary. more than 1,000 sanders supporters marching in philadelphia in protest. sanders himself calling for debbie wasserman schultz's resignation for months. telling cnn he is not surprised the dnc was working against him. >> it is an outrage and sad that you would have people in important positions in the dnc trying to undermine my campaign. >> reporter: clinton's campaign
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manager pointing his finger as russian hackers. >> experts are saying the russians are releasing these e-mails for the purpose of helping donald trump. >> reporter: trump's campaign chairman flatly denying. >> it is absurd. it is crazy. >> reporter: on capitol hill, debbie wasserman schultz had few defenders. senate minority leader harry reid was pushing to replace her. including loading his number two, dick durbin as a replacement. the interim is donna brazile. brazile has tie was clinton and sanders, warned democrats that friday's leak may just be the tip of the iceberg. >> more e-mails are coming. i don't know the substance, but i know lots of stuff we might have to apologize for. >> reporter: trump quick to pounce on the turmoil.
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posting this tweet. the democrats are in a total meltdown. the biassed media will say how great they are doing. e-mails say the rigged system is alive and well. this scandal threatening to shatter the uneasy truth with sanders progressive base and the party. ahead of the convention theme united together with bernie sanders and elizabeth warren and michelle obama will headline the first night. ♪ ain't no mountain high enough ♪ >> reporter: the controversy over the vice presidential pick. senator tim kaine. the ticket sitting down for the first interview together keeping focus on the republicans. >> i don't know what their convention was about other than criticizing me. i seem to be the only unifying theme that they had.
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>> reporter: kaine showing he is ready to defend his running mate. >> when i see crooked hillary or lock her up, it is ridiculous. look, most of us stopped the name calling in the fifth grade. >> let's discuss as we start off this week of the big democratic national convention. if you hear weird and ugly noises behind us, it's not me. there's a rain storm. there's thunder. there's lots of stuff going on. that's what you are hearing. we're fine. let's get to the panel. we have david gregory. our favorite analyst. host of the david gregory show podcast. we also have maeve reston. a.c. was just battling what our party headline is. do you see it of debbie
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wasserman schultz out because of the wikileaks e-mails. and the artificial hillary standard with truth and character. where do you see this with the headlines? >> just like we came into cleveland, there is a question about party unity here. what hillary clinton has done and trump has not done is to consolidate the democratic party fast. getting bernie sanders in the fold and supporters in the fold. the wikileaks do not help. the party acted swiftly and with political exhibi expedience get debbie wasserman schultz out. >> do you think they are the real deal? >> yes. they sound authentic. it is hard to manufacture those. >> somebody said they are not authentic. it can only go to his argument that vindicated him. you had a party apparatus that
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is for her. >> and therein lies the crux of the issue. debbie wasserman schultz not a household name. the system is rigged. this is exhibit a. >> one of the things is nobody knows what the democratic national convention stands for or debbie wasserman schultz. >> tell them all. >> transcribing. >> it just so happens to be what donald trump is tweeting about. that resonate. today is supposed to be the title of the day. together united. unity as david was pointing out. this under cuts that by really ripping open a lot of wounds that existed. they unified more quickly than anybody else.
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the rigged system resonates. >> i went to talk to bernie sanders supporters at the demonstrations downtown yesterday. you would ask about the e-mails and debbie wasserman schultz. they would say, yeah, we told you the whole time. duh. this is not a surprise. it sort of reinforces everything they have been saying for months and months. a lot of the supporters i talked to yesterday say this is why i'm going to vote for jill stein or write in bernie sanders. it is reopening up that line of debate just when hillary clinton was sort of beginning to make some strides. the other thing that was interesting is the reaction to kaine among that crowd which was just utter distaste. particularly on trade. they feel like that kick was a betr betrayal for what sanders stood for. >> it is incredible.
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talking to scott pelley on "60 minutes" last night and what she wants to get done first are the first things bernie sanders wants to get done. she absorbed the progressive agenda as much as she can. she say centrist democrat. she already has a credibility problem. >> look, i think the headline from "60 minutes" is the hillary standard. the russians. you cannot forget about the russians. the idea that the russians hacked the dnc and now cnn is reporting that. we believe what the government is telling us. they traced it to russia. does this mean they want trump to win? they were unsuccessful getting the rnc hack done so they only had the dnc available? >> i think the reasonable thinking is the russians would like to meddle in the u.s.
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elections. vladimir putin is an autocrat to help people of power sympathetic to him. he looks at somebody like donald trump objectively. donald trump has been syst sympathetic to putin. i don't think there is any question about that. i think that's a bit of a sub-plot and fascinating one that has nothing to do with the fact that dnc was acting irresponsible. >> greg is paying attention. >> right. >> and paul manafort last night told erin burnet this is crazy and absurd and a plot out there. she me the truth. >> it did work for vershenko. >> the campaign pointing this out was one of those oh, wow. a campaign manager is not going to go out and talk about this
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unless they feel safe of the connection. the hack has been identified. >> or they wanted to create a side show. >> their willingness to go all this is a nice ball fake. in talking to the clinton campaign over the course of the last day, they are confident. >> let's take them at their word. the government is confident. it is a bit of a duck, maeve. it doesn't matter who did the hacking. should we release the e-mails or is that for another day? it goes to what she said on "60 minutes" the hillary standard. this is someone doing something to her. it is not her having what carl burnstein said. >> that is the headline out of the interview. it is so baffling to me that the problem that voters have with her is that they think she lives
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under another system. the clintons live under a different system. they get special treatment. she would go out and act like the injured party talking about the hillary standard. maybe there is one. as a candidate, i just don't know how it is smart to talk about that if you are trying to pull in all the people who think you operate by different rules and have trust issues with you. it sounds like an object of pity. >> you know there are a number of things that can all be true at the same time. people go after the clintons irrationally. and the clintons bring these on themselves. the idea that there's a clinton standard and she knows this and has known it for 25 years and she creates a private serve error destroys e-mails that were supposed to be turned over. i should point out that my wife's firm represented her top aides in the investigation. she still decided to do those things despite the fact she
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knows she say target for the criticism. whatever standards against them, they do bring it on themselves. >> stick around. we have more to talk about. also very interesting, in 45 minutes, we are getting our first look at the snapshot at the effect of the republican national convention. the first cnn polls that will be out at 6:00 a.m. they are very revealing. >> what was the bounce? was there a bounce? what does it mean for this week? all of this is going around the trump effect on the election. he is at it again. fresh from the convention. he had picked a new target. he is talking again. loud and proud. you won't believe who it is about. jason carroll is talking about that story. what trump had to say on "meet the press." >> reporter: good morning. donald trump taking aim at tim kaine by holding a town hall in his home state. he is also standing firm on a
2:13 am
number of controversial comments he made about banning muslims and nato. >> extreme vetting. a person can't prove what they have to be able to prove, they are not coming into the country. >> reporter: donald trump offering clarification on his ever evolving immigration stance moving away from the blanket ban he talked about this past december. >> total shutdown of muslims entering the united states. >> reporter: to omitting the word muslim entirely at the republican national convention. >> we must immediately suspend immigration from any nation that has been compromised by terrorism. >> reporter: trump now insisting he's not pulling back on the ban. >> i actually don't think it is a pull back. people were so upset i used the word muslim. i'm talking territory. >> reporter: the republican nominee ruling out banning from
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top u.s. allies including france and germany and the plan to tax american goods produced in other countries. >> world trade organization is a disaster. >> reporter: ahead of the democratic national convention kickoff, trump with a divide and conquer. slamming hillary clinton for naming tim kaine as her vp pick. >> what happened with tim kaine was a slap in the face to sanders and everybody. i was shocked. >> on his worst, worst day, tim kaine is 100 times better than donald trump. >> reporter: this as michael flynn stirs new controversy for the campaign. retweeting a cnn link to an interview with an anti-semitic
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comment. flynn writing all. this is what is meant to be retweeted. the earlier tweet was a mistake. this is the latest flub from trump's team and this tweeted earlier this year that some critics say was a star of david. and chris, donald trump doubling down on nato nations suggesting he would not come to the aid of nato nations that do not pay their own way. mitch mcconnell said that was a rookie mistake making that comment to which trump said he is 100% wrong. chris. >> how long will they keep saying it is a rookie mistake when someone has been in it for over a year. jason, thank you. we will get back to politics in a second. we are following breaking news. this is in ft. myers, florida. police are saying two people are
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dead. a dozen wounded because of a shooting at another nightclub. we have boris sanchez on the way to the location. he is on the phone. boris, if you can hear us, what is the early word you understand from police? >> reporter: good morning, chris. as you can imagine, details are hard to come by right now. you said, my producer and i are on the way to ft. myers. two people dead. 14 to 16 people wounded. some of them with life threatening injuries. all of them in the hospital right now. from what we understand, this happened at club blu. the shooting happening outside of the club very early this morning. very few details of the suspect. a person of there was apprehe apprehended not far from the club. there are multiple scenes here. the person of interest was
2:17 am
involved at a home and vehicle was shot at. one minor injury there. that person was apprehended. the police are canvassing the area hoping to find a suspect. from the glimpse of the club blu web site, apparently it was a teen night where no identification was required to get in. witnesses tell cnn affiliate it was a mad house. people ducking for cover and people outside the club calling for their friends and parents to make sure they were okay. obviously still very fluid scene. alisyn. >> all right. boris. when you get there and get more information, let us know. we will cut back to you for that developing story. meanwhile, back to politics in philadelphia where chris and i are for the democratic national convention. donald trump has sounded fairly supportive of bernie sanders throughout the primary season. now he is calling sanders pathetic. we'll explain why when "new day" continues.
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donald trump managing to stay in the headlines as the democratic national convention in philadelphia gets under way. the republican frontrunner, nominee, i should say. he is both. he says bernie sanders is getting the short end of the stick after hillary clinton tapped tim kaine as her running mate. >> he has been gamed. it is a rigged system against him. what happened with the choice of tim kaine was a slap in the face to bernie sanders and everybody. i was shocked. i love it from my standpoint. >> let's discuss this with our cnn panel. we have host of the david gregory show podcast and phil maltingly and maeve reston.
2:23 am
maeve, it does look like the system is rigged and from the leaked e-mails. quickly before we move on to trump, has the dnc justified with the e-mails? were they trying to undermine sanders? >> it seems like they were trying to move the story line to the russian hack as opposed to actually talking about addressing the content. >> when in doubt, go with the russians. >> but i think to be really interesting to see if the issue is addressed at all and how it is explained to bernie sanders supporters. we haven't seen a lot of that yet. obviously the clinton campaign is saying this is concerning and we want an investigation into this, et cetera. sanders has said he has seen victories this week with reforms to super delegates and hoping that the next chair will be
2:24 am
imparti impartial. for trump, this fits into his argument. he is trying so hard to pick up some of those voters who were attracted to sanders' messages and in states of the rust belt were he needs a clean sweep. and in trade where the system is rigged against him. this is a good argument for trump. >> you have the situation with trump where he is taking bernie's chin. poor bernie. then he gets up and says bernie's pathetic. obviously this is what he does. what is his case? trump? once a victim, but at the same time pathetic. go ahead, phil. >> i'll take this one. it doesn't make sense. he has been very blunt in the outreach to sanders supporters. there is no strategy or working behind the scenes to bring sanders supporters his way. now he will criticize him.
2:25 am
i was talking to rnc officials yesterday. they are attacking tim kaine as too conservative. they are taking the sanders track here not to bring the sanders people on board, but suppress the willingness to vote. what trump is doing is going off on his own right now. you talk to opponents and david as a better understanding of this. opponents don't understand what he is trying to do. >> by the way, rnc chairman reince priebus, ask him if he would like the system to be more rigged on the republican side. ask him if he would like more super delegates. he would say yes, please. i think did the never trump, never hillary movement in both camps? i think it has to be bigger on both sides. tim kaine, it is the opportunity
2:26 am
to consolidate support among the white collar voters. particularly republican that he can keep in the fold. again, i think sanders himself is indicative of the fact that his votes have fallen in line. he said yes that the resignation of debbie wasserman schultz will promote healing. he is on board. he doesn't want trump to be president. >> let's talk about something else. donald trump went on "meet the press." he explained the new iteration of his muslim ban. he said it is an expansion of the total and complete ban of muslims coming to the united states. listen. >> i actually don't think it is a pull back. you could see it is an expansion. i'm looking now. people are upset when i use the word muslim. remember this. i'm okay with it. i'm talking territory instead of
2:27 am
muslim. remember this, our constitution is great. it doesn't necessarily give us the right to commit suicide, okay? >> so now it is about any country compromised by terrorism. that means france, that means britain. that means us. >> it can mean germany. during world war ii antianti-ses specifically told roosevelt, don't let the jews come in from germany. the u.s. government prohibited jews from coming in. more jews were murdered than would have been murdered otherwise. it is really useful to bear history in mind with protocols to screen for immigrants and these extra curves on the illegal immigrations. >> that is what scares people about the america first logo. it makes sense and logic, but in
2:28 am
the historic context, that is the sentiment that led to the policies. we know what is going on here. that is donald trump trying to get away from the word muslim. what he is doing is he overreached, phil. he is saying it is not just about muslims, but anybody. now he will get caught in it is limitless. it could be anyone. if we travel abroad, if the u.s. is not compromised by terror. >> the issue is less about the policy is right now. he hasn't defined territories. it is still the initial muslim ban which is on the web site. the broader issue here is over and over and over. top republican officials have told me and told maeve, backing up. he is getting in general election mode. the pivot is never going to happen. on this specific issue, republicans said when you talk to him behind the scenes, he is
2:29 am
walking this back a bit. he clearly is not. he is throwing it back in their face. reince priebus talked about it. they believe they are walking back the muslim ban. now donald trump is throwing it back in his face. other than donald trump doesn't like the idea he is walking anything back. >> i will say i'm not sure how this will play. i was out talking to voters in the philadelphia suburbs over the weekend. this is an issue that swing voters bring up. refugees and immigration. tying those together. when you look at the polling on this, it just gets at the fear that's out there and what he is trying to stoke. so he may have is just made the calculation that he will get more people activated and excited by sticking to his guns on this issue than not. >> makes a challenge for hillary clinton. this week, she has to make the case why he is all talking fear
2:30 am
and misinformation. if she doesn't capture the mantel. >> and a lot of happy talk from the decline campaign. we will see how those messages line up. >> panel, thank you. we will see you for the rest of the program. >> it is raining too hard for them to go anywhere. >> torrential rain here in philadelphia. meanwhile, three terror attacks in one week in germany. a suicide bomber targeting a music festival. what we are learning about it at this hour. that is next on "new day." is a delicious, beef-flavored chew that kills both fleas and ticks. so it's easy to give, easy to take. reported side effects include vomiting, itching, diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures. why mess around? for powerful flea and tick protection, ask your vet about nexgard.
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breaking news from germany
2:35 am
for you right now. we are learning more about the syrian national who detonated a suicide bomb at a music festival. this is the third attack in germany in one week. we have frederik pleitgen at the scene. what have you learned, fred? >> reporter: alisyn, there is concern in the town and country. the latest that we're getting is the attacker was a 27-year-old syrian national. he had been in germany for two years. about a year ago, his application for asylum here in the country was rejected by the german government. they could not send him to any other country because of the war issues. apparently, the police knew about him. he had been involved in some petty crime here in the city as well. he had also tried to commit suicide twice. police giving information. police say at 10:00 p.m., he
2:36 am
went to the scene of the music festival at the town. he was not let in. he loitered around the entrance and blew himself up. he was the only one killed. there were 12 other people wounded. the authorities say it was a good thing he was not let into the concert. they found sharp metal objects on the scene which were part of the explosive device. certainly after three high profile attacks here in the south of germany over the past couple days, a great deal of concern. one other note to you as well. this town ansbach is significant to the u.s. as well. a huge u.s. military unit here. about 5,000 u.s. military here on three bases. they will be very concerned at this point as well. chris. >> fred, we will see if that played into any of the thinking or if this man was deranged and meant on violence.
2:37 am
fred, thank you. back here, all supposed to be about the democratic national convention. they want to avoid the early pitfall that plagued the rnc last week. then we had wikileaks. hackers exposing what bernie sanders has been complaining about that they were against him at the national party. how deep does it go? how much does it mean? next. [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a romantic rodent. [rickie] a romantic what? [squeaking noises] i'm a sucker for proposals. and we covered it, april twenty-sixth, 2014. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis,
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the democratic national convention is kicking off here today and there is some controversy along with the launch. e-mails leaked show party officials did seem to favor clinton over sanders in the primaries. actually forced the head of the party to step down. let's discussion the implications. we have national spokesperson
2:42 am
from and we have the strategist hillary rosen. kareen, i start with you. how big a deal are these leaks? >> it is unfortunate, chris. this is not the way the democratic party moves. you cannot give plays to the other side. the thing that is really important is unifying the party. that is the number one thing we need to do. two things need to come from the convention. besides nominating the nominee, we need to jump start the general election and focus on the base. >> how do you energize the base? i'll take it a step further or you, hillary. this goes to what bernie sanders was complaining about. this is a closed game. this is an insider's kind of
2:43 am
clubhouse. the people don't get to parti participate the way they should and hillary clinton rigged it from the beginning. how do you get the sanders people in the tent when that is what they were worried about? >> the e-mails don't prove anything other than the few staff people had certain feelings. in the things they actually had control over, they ran a neutral process. having said that, this is a unified party now. there was an almost ten-hour long rules committee meeting on saturday where sanders supporters and clinton supporters came together and developed a unformed proposal that they will put forward this week and say how should we look at the process? concerned about how we make sure that independent ws who want to vote in the democratic election? the standing committees are
2:44 am
coming together this convention. i think there has been a lot of progress. >> debbie wasserman schultz is out. donna brazile is in. is that the right thing to have happened? >> i think so. i think brazile is a straight shooter. we're happy she is at the helm now. i think it is a smart move. absolutely. >> what does this mean heading into this? the first thing, what did we see last week? small thing. melania trump. they picked up language from michelle obama's speech. even the campaign admitted it. not right away. do you think hillary clinton needs to own what is revealed in the e-mails which is that there was a bias against bernie sanders? does she need to own it and talk about it and move forward or talk about the hillary standard she believes there is an artificial standard over her
2:45 am
against other politicians? >> these e-mails have nothing to do with hillary clinton in that way. are there e-mails from both sides working the ref? oh, yeah. that's how you do it. >> you have proof from people who did not wanted sanders to win. wanted hillary to win. >> when you look at the process, you don't have that outcome. hillary clinton won the primary not because staffers at the dnc felt better about her than sanders. she won because she got more votes. she doesn't have to apologize for anything. the contrast this week that hillary clinton will make and the thing that is most important is last week's biggest scandal wasn't melania trump in my view. the biggest scandal was this dark, pessimistic, angry view of america that donald trump is trying to sell voters on. that's, i think, what you will see which is the biggest contrast. >> karine, you guys traffic in
2:46 am
this culture of frustration. i don't mean that as a criticism. i'm saying people are angry. you have half of the country outraged by what is happening. okay? how does the party negotiate that going into this week that people are frustrated and angry and what they see in the e-mails, they see a rigged system. >> bernie sanders ran on the message of a rigged system. it resonated. here is what will happen tonight. bernie sanders will speak tonight. he has endorsed hillary clinton. we will lean in just as hillary clinton leaned in for then senator obama. >> how with the e-mails? i walked in the hotel. all of the berners were upset. >> here is what we saw. a four-day circus last week. to a non diverse crowd.
2:47 am
you had the tent shrinking. the presidents did not want to come. the nominees did not want to come. they did not want to be a carnival of hate. you have the dooms day speech by donald trump. that is what we saw last week. >> karine, hilary, good to see you here. alisyn. >> chris, we are experiencing record-breaking heat as you know across the country and around the world. chad myers is going to join us next with the extreme temperatures. it srd. (tg)give i sure! it's free for everyone. oh! well that's nice! and checking your score won't hurt your credit. oh! (to dog)i'm so proud of you. well thank you. get your free credit scorecard at even if you're not a customer. you've wished upon it all year, and now it's finally here.
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i probably don't have to tell you there is a record-breaking heat wave across the country, including near philadelphia. meteorologist chad myers joins
2:52 am
us to tell you what you need to know. chad? >> in philadelphia, it will be 104 with the heat index or heat value. 54 million people in the u.s., eastern side of the country, now under heat advisories for today and tomorrow. likely, we will break records. record highs for today. heat and humidity in the plains, all of that has shifted to the east. it will be hot in many cities. washington, d.c. will be 100. that is not heat index. that will tie the record. 97 in philadelphia should break the record. how does it happen? we talk about heat dome. that is something that happens across the country when you have basically high pressure keeping down all of the heat down here near the surface. as the surface builds, sunshine hits the buildings. the heat is kept down here like a pressure cooker. a lid on the atmosphere which is
2:53 am
the high pressure dome. that pushes the air back down. when it tries to rise and get out of the way, it cannot get out of the way. it comes back down toward us. the heat is on. the heat building down here and all of the surfaces and buildings and in philadelphia where the weather doesn't go away for a week. above 95 degrees for the next four. above 90 for the next week. alisyn. >> wowsa, chad. it is all over the world. what else are you seeing? >> the next time you step outside and just sweat the minute you walk out, thank a soldier. 15 degrees hotter than we will ever feel. in riyad and kuwait, temperatures of 122 and 126. that doesn't break the record of death valley at 134. that is all over the united states and all over the world.
2:54 am
so far, june was 1.4 degrees above normal. we don't see any break for july. it will be a hot summer. the heat is on. call it global warming or co2 in the atmosphere. it is here. >> oh, my gosh. chad. thank you for giving us that perspective when you see the numbers in iraq. thank you, chad. here we have the skies opening up with the rain and a break in the humidity, but the campaign is heating up ever still. new national poll numbers. what kind of bump did donald trump get? the answers when "new day" returns. neither does frontline. introducing new frontline gold. with its new easy applicator frontline gold delivers powerful protection that doesn't quit for a full 30 days. its new triple action formula is relentless at killing fleas and ticks. frontline gold.
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keep saying it loud and
2:59 am
proud. i'm with her. >> what i suggested to be true six months ago turns out to be true. the dnc trying to undermine my campaign. >> i think i'll get a lot of bernie voters. >> you want a trash talking president or bridge building president? >> tim kaine is everything that trump and mike pence is not. >> death, destruction and weakness. >> in philadelphia, we will offer a very different vision for our country. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo >> good morning. welcome to your new day. it is monday, july 25th, 6:00 in the east. alisyn and i are coming to you with big smiles from philadelphia. the democratic national convention begins today amidst
3:00 am
huge thunderstorms here. also, thunder of the political variety, a seismic shift in the race for the white house. don't laugh at me, david gregory. you're not even on yet. donald trump getting a bounce from the republican national convention. want to take a look at the numbers? >> let's do it. they're just released. these are the new cnn/orc national poll. trump is now ahead of hillary clinton by five points in this four-way race when you count the other candidates. this is his largest lead in nearly a year. >> sure, he has not been up in a while. let's take a look at the two-way race. trump still has a lead, three points over clinton. now, let's take a look into these numbers. we have a great panel for you, but there's certainly bad news right off the top. 68% of registered voters feel clinton is not honest and trustworthy. the convention here in philadelphia already overshadowed on that score by


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