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tv   Americas Choice 2016  CNN  July 25, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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tonight. he's one of the prime time speakers, congressman, thanks for coming in. >> thanks, wolf. >> that's it for me. i'll be back 5:00 p.m. in the situation room. all night long we'll bring you the latest from the democratic national convention. our special coverage continues right now. top of the hour, i'm brooke baldwin, happy to be in beautiful philadelphia. you're watching cnn's special live coverage here from the democratic national convention. just a short time from now the big dnc will be kicking off and hillary clinton gets her chance to respond to donald trump. secretary clinton poised to become the first woman to headline a major party's presidential ticket and tonight some powerhouse speakers due to take the stage behind me to address the democratic faithful from liberal hero elizabeth warren, the darling of the left, to first lady of the united
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states michelle obama to clinton's former rival who is here, bernie sanders, and therein lies a big problem for the clinton campaign. how to get senator sanders' supporters on their side. we know he has endorsed her. he wants her to beat trump come november but as far as supporters are concerned, not exactly an easy task considering what we just witnessed at a sanders' event moments ago. we have got to defeat donald trump. [ boos ] and we have got to elect hillary clinton and tim kaine. [ boos ]
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brothers and sisters -- [ boos ] brothers and sisters -- [ boos ] this is -- this is the real world that we live in. >> that happened moments ago, we have to talk about that. also the backdrop of all of this e-mail hacking, a leadership coup and a big bounce for donald trump from his convention. no dearth of news on this monday. let's kick things off first with manu raju, cnn's senior political reporter and the fbi investigating russia's alleged role in an e-mail leak. that has just brought down in part the head of the dnc, debbie wasserman schultz, who we have now learned, manu, will not be gaveling in in two hours from
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now. >> not even speaking, either, brook. the clinton campaign really did not want her to have any role in this convention after those e-mails surfaced suggesting that dnc staffers were trying to sort of tilt the scales to help hillary clinton even though they were supposed to be neutral in that democratic primary. i had a chance to ask robbie mook, the clinton campaign chairman, campaign manager earlier today about whether he had any concerns with debbie wasserman schultz speaking. he would not comment, which is very telling about how the campaign felt. now when debbie wasserman schultz herself addressed the florida delegates earliion todas not pretty. >> there are other speaksers as well. >> thank you all so much. [ boos ] we know that the voices in this room -- [ boos ] that are standing up and being
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disruptive, we know that that's not the florida that we know. the florida that we know is united. [ crowd chanting "debbie" ] >> now the bigger picture here, brooke, is that the clinton campaign and folks in the democratic party establishment need to get those bernie sanders supporters behind hillary clinton. they're concerned that a lot of these folks are not there yet even though tonight's theme of the convention is unity and that's the whole point of elizabeth warren and bashar al assad both trying to speak to that progressive space. as we saw to date and that bernie sanders event, there's a lot of folks who are not sold on hillary clinton yet. >> you saw the woman in the shot holding up the sign that just read "e-mails." we'll talk about that with my panel in a second but let me ask you, on the bounce for from the rnc for mr. trump, how big of a bounce was it? >> it was very significant, not only did he say he has a five-point lead but also really
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banking on the support of independent voters that went his way, a very significant shift, both independent voters and white working class voters as well which is interesting to note because the clinton campaign is going to be campaigning, barnstorming in ohio and pennsylvania after the convention to get those supporters back in their camp. they're hoping they get the same bounce and erase what donald trump gains from the republican convention last week, brooke. >> manu raju, thank you so much. let me bring in my panel now. i have susan paige, washington bureau chief for "usa today" senior writer for "u.s. news and world report" and our old eric bradner, cnn politics reporter. just out of the gate, we just learned about this debbie wasserman schultz news. we heard about the boos this morning but the fact she is now not only gaveling this entire convention in as the dnc chair, she's not speaking. are you surprised by that? >> pretty messy start to the convention and they had a chance
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yesterday to put this to bed by saying she wouldn't speak and they didn't so this was one of the points we made at the beginning of the republican convention that they didn't settle the controversies they had brewing that they let them stretch over more time than they needed to. this this is an example of the messy start that spotlight it is divisions the in this party. >> it is united together is the theme tonight and this is how this week -- you laugh. >> well -- >> but it's not a good look. >> her position was untenable and if she came out on this stage it would have been the biggest scene of the night and all the rest of the speeches, i don't care if bernie sanders hit it out of the park, you guys will be replaying that video over and over. i was in the room for the florida delegation breakfast. >> what did that feel like? >> it was chaotic. and you had florida -- floridians yelling at each other. because you had a contingent of debbie wasserman schultz supporters and they said "knock it off, calm down, do you want donald trump to be president?" you had internal fights on the sides of that room beyond what
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was going on on stage. it's something i've never seen. she had to be escorted out by security because people were coming at her. there were police surrounding her. her own party figuratively and literally drove her out of the room. >> obviously she won't be on the stage. she's got to be in the room. we know she's stepping down in the wake of the e-mails at the end of the week but to you, sir, everyone is thinking if it's not debbie wasserman schultz, who is it who will be valvie in gaveli. stephanie rawlings blake. >> stephanie rawlings blake, a figure much less likely to be booed when she steps to the stage. democrats are hoping to put this behind them tonight. they have bernie sanders and elizabeth warren, two people have who have a lot of credibility with the parties left speaking. we saw sanders get negative feedback earlier in a pro-sanders crowd when he declared the need for democrats to rally around hillary clinton and tim kaine.
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tonight there will be hillary clinton delegates here. those boos will be drowned out by some cheers. >> let's marinate on the boos for a second. my biggest takeaway -- i got off the train from new york and being around downtown philly before coming down to this arena, so many people decked out in bernie swag and bernie gear and that struck me because this week is about hillary clinton. i know he's smoking tonight but to hear those boos this morning when he was saying we have to support tim kaine and hillary clinton, what did you think about that? >> bernie forces are out in the masses around philadelphia. i see more pro-bernie anti-hillary signs than anything pro-hillary just walking around downtown. we made so much about the never trump movement and it petered out in cleveland but pro-bernie anti-hillary movement is alive in philadelphia. my question is how many of them make it into the room tonight for bernie's speech. you played that tape. his people are against him on this get on board. they're not -- >> the bernie or bust. >> the bernie or bust.
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but how many of them are delegates and how do they act when he speaks? their leaders speak. >> we're looking at pictures. there's this bernie or bust -- i don't know the official name of this protest going all the way from city hall in downtown philly to where we are. i've heard numbers in the thousands and this is apparently supposed to happen everyday. susan page, i'm wonder whether or not any of them get in the hall. but, two, what does he say tonight to say to these die-hard bernie fans? you've got to support hillary clinton. >> what can he say beyond what he said this afternoon and -- at the event that got booed from his own people. it's tough because he's -- he's led this movement but there's an energy around progressives who are happy with hillary clinton and unwilling to sign on now. young people who have not -- who have been reluctant to support hillary clinton, i don't know what he can say now. they do have elizabeth warren starting this off. she's got some credibility, we think she'll be positive. there is a sense that if the
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evening goes well we'll forget about the debbie wasserman schultz event with the florida convention but this party hoped to put a united front forward, especially after the very divided republican party we saw. they haven't done that so far. >> at the end of the day what we learned from the rnc in cleveland last week, as much as we chewed on the side stories through the whole week at the end, it's the message. according to cnn polling, it's the candidates' message. so it's really thursday night and hillary clinton in driving that home. i'm wondering though, eric, with these supporters, is this their final demonstration sign of strength but at the end of the day they will support hillary clinton or are they just -- >> it's a great question. polls indicate that most bernie sanders supporters will get on board but there are people who could conceivably support jill stein or who could stay at home.
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on trade and every other issue there's a big disconnect there so we don't know -- we kind of expected this to be the night that rallies democrats, got them on the same page. but with the way events have played out the last couple of days, it's anybody's guess right now. >> you mentioned donald trump, and, yes, he's trying to woo the bernie folks about trump counterprogramming plan for the weekend, including we'll take it live in the 3:00 hour, he's with men mike pence, he's doing an ama reddit on wednesday. so he's trying to grab the attention to himself as well. let's move along and get the clintons' campaign reaction to this breaking news that debbie wasserman schultz, the chair of the dnc, will not be gaveling in, will not be speaking less than two hours from now and we'll talk to them about the
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boos towards senator sanders saying you need to support hillary clinton. also ahead, we have to talk about russia, is russia trying to meddle in this u.s. presidential election? the new information about who is behind the hacking of top dnc officials and more on who's speaking tonight, including the first lady, michelle obama, who, think back eight years ago, didn't exactly see eye to eye with hillary clinton. lots to talk about on this monday, i'm brooke baldwin, you're watching cnn's special live coverage from philadelphia. you pay your car insurance premium like clockwork.
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we're back, you're watching cnn's special live coverage. we are live inside the democratic national convention officially kicks off. but already some storylines. let's fill you on what's happening for the last couple moments. the theme tonight is united together. they want unity when it comes to hillary clinton. the spotlight for the moment is on a couple of thing. on an e-mail scandal, on an
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embattled dnc chair and possible russian meddling in this u.s. presidential election. so i've got brian fallon with me, press secretary for hillary for america. nice to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> looks great in here. you start to feel the energy but i have to ask you about debbie wasserman schultz. i mean now we've heard she's not even gaveling in. was that her decision? >> it was, just like the decision yesterday was her decision. i think yesterday she made the call she would step down at the end of the week. she was hoping to eliminate distractions because she's committed to the display of unity we want to see at the convention, have a distraction-free event where we can communicate our message about hillary clinton's belief we're stronger together versus donald trump's agenda. >> did she make the decision today? could have made it yesterday. >> i think a lot of folks thought her stepping down may have eliminated the distractions. in retrospect she decided to take this added step and it's a tribute to her willingness to do
11:18 am
whatever it takes to have a distraction free convention so we can come together as a party. there's plenty of evidence that's happening. bernie sanders will give a great speech that shows our party is united. >> you saw him this morning at event and he was telling this crowd you have to support tim kaine and hillary clinton but at the same time it was a boo fest. >> well -- >> i mean -- >> sometimes it takes the supporters longer than it does for the candidate so i remember if you think back to the 2008 convention when hillary clinton gave her concession speech there were tears on the eyes of the delegates. >> they didn't want to let go of hillary clinton eight years ago and a lot of these people here in philadelphia walking around, they don't want to let go of bernie sanders. something my panelist brought up a second ago is you could have some of them sneaking into this arena tonight. are you worried about boos from within the convention hall? >> i can't control what any individual delegate might do but
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we have a powerhouse lineup tonight. when you think about progresses, think about people like senator cory booker, senator elizabeth warren, senator bernie sanders will be speaking tonight along with first lady michelle obama. i think the power of those appearances is going to be -- these are people who can vouch for hillary clinton's credentials when it comes to addressing issues like income inequality that is such an issue with disaffected voters who are still feeling the brunt of the recession. we've come back a long way under president obama but there's a lot of residue. we still haven't seen wages get going again. these are some of the best credentialed people to talk about those issues and they'll be putting their firepower behind hillary clinton. those will be tremendous surrogates. >> i know you have seen the convention bounce for donald trump from last week and i also know that a lot of the hillary camp took one listen to his speech last thursday and thought oh, no, doom and gloom, that's not our america. is it possible that the clinton campaign doesn't have their finger on the pulse of what americans are thinkings?
11:20 am
>> no, i don't think so. there manpolls that have come o today -- >> trump 44%, clinton 39%. >> the cbs poll has them tied. the bottom line is the race is close. the convention bounces of the past where you saw double digit jumps, those days are gone. but there's probably a little ground to be made up when you have a week's worth of focus on you and your agenda and party but we'll have a great week and the race will resettle after two conventions happen and going august i think we'll hit the ground running right away with a bus tour with senator kaine and secretary clinton hit ohio. those are the voters donald trump thinks he will win over. we'll cam pete for those rural working class voters in southwestern ohio. >> let me follow up on what robbie mook was saying.
11:21 am
do you think russia is meddling with this election? >> there's ed that they are. the fbi has opened an investigation. it's one thing to do espionage and collect information. a lot of countries do that. this would be tampering in an election in an attempt to produce a particular candidate. in this case it looks like they're on the the side of donald trump. that would explain a lot considering donald trump is going around suggesting crazy things that are even causing republicans to blush in terms of suggesting we withdraw from nato, suggesting we shouldn't defend those eastern european nations. >> and hillary clinton jumped on that today with that event with veterans. >> as she should. and he has been going around praising putin for a long time now. i wouldn't be surprised if putin is rooting for donald trump in this election and if government sponsors of hacking and cyber terrorism are engaging in this breach of the dnc. i think there's a lot of cyber experts that independently have come to that conclusion already. >> we'll see with donald trump how he responds to hillary clinton responding. he's gotten a event with mike pence next hour in north
11:22 am
carolina. just finally on bernie sanders speaking tonight, which is huge, have you had conversation for any of his messaging, will you be taking a look at it before he steps up there? >> i don't think we're going to try to stage manage bernie sanders. we have confidence based on the appearance he did with hillary clinton in new hampshire that he'll tell a great story about how hillary clinton is the fighter we need against donald trump. >> will you see it ahead of time? >> i'm not sure. he was kind enough to share his remarks just prior to the new hampshire event and you know what? they were perfect. so i don't think there's a lot of concern about what we might here from bernie sanders tonight. we have confidence he's going to talk about the high stake of the election and make the case for hillary clinton. >> brian fallon, good luck. day number one at the dnc. coming up next, we'll talk about tonight's speech by michelle obama, what we can expect her to say. stay with me.
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i definitely understand that. i have three children, i was a stay at home mom, i didn't have money to pay the bills, and so i put myself in their shoes. and i'm going to do all that i can to lower their bills and to help their situation. to choose the rate plan that works best for your family, visit together, we're building a better california. we are back here live in philadelphia. question -- is russia meddling with the u.s. presidential election? hillary clinton's campaign, you just heard brian fallon talking to me, seems to think so and they say it's all to help donald trump. let's go straight to washington to our justice correspondent evan perez has been working this line for us. we know officially now the fbi is looking to the suspected
11:28 am
russians hacking, or their role in the hack, i should say. what do you know? >> well, brooke, there is strong evidence according to officials that this hack of the dnc was the work of the hackers -- of hackers working for russian intelligence. as you said, the fbi is investigating this. so far people tell me the evidence points to at least one group of hackers that the u.s. is very familiar with. this is a group that was involved in hacking of the non-classified e-mail systems at the state department, at the white house, at other federal agencies. investigators believe russian intelligence has been also behind the a wave of cyber attacks of political organizations and think tanks here in washington. recently we sat down with james trainer who is in charge of the operations. here's what he had to say about what he's seen. >> yeah, it's fair to say there's been aggressive targeting of that sector, the
11:29 am
various campaigns think tanks in the washington, d.c. area. >> now the release of the e-mails by wikileaks adds another wrinkle to this. we don't know where they got these e-mails from, they're not saying and we can't say for sure the russians did this to help donald trump. what we do know is that this is the type of activity we've seen from the russians before in 2014, they leaked a phone call between a u.s. ambassador in ukraine and it was intended to help influence the events happening there at the time. it was a very embarrassing issue. we've seen attacks by the russians in the ukraine and the power grid in the past year so the issue the whoever is behind the release of these e-mails over the weekend is already having a tremendous impact on the u.s. presidential elections, brook brooke. >> evan perez, thank you.
11:30 am
susan page and david is back with me to walk through what evan just reported. just on balance, do we know of any rnc e-mail hacking or this straight up dnc? >> we don't know of any rnc. >> okay, curious. and talking to brian poll lon with the campaign he was saying to me putin's pal is donald trump and this is curious and potentially intentional and especially when you look at e-mails that date months back and here just released on the eve. >> pretty extraordinary and i think americans would be very concerned if they believe that russia is aggressively interjecting itself in our politics. we know donald trump has spoken about putin. i don't know if that would be part of it or not. >> comments he made to the "new york times" on nato; on nato that's more in line with what russia would like to have our position be. but these are serious charge wes need to know more about before we can draw big conclusions. >> it's pretty circumstantial.
11:31 am
we don't know the motive. these types of hacking incidents, from what i understand from other people's reporting, they're very hard to track but politically we know the clinton campaign wants to link trump to a tyrant. they want him associated with putin and trump seems to want that as well, which is sort of an odd -- that they sort of ay from on that. >> the one other thing is we don't know what other e-mails may be out there to get dumped. we don't know that all the dnc e-mails having leaked. there might be more of those. >> 20,000 so far. 8,000 attachment, it's a lot. it's a lot. >> this may be a story that keeps building. this may be chapter one of a story. >> people have asked me why haven't any republican e-mails been leaked. regular people have asked me that and i don't have an answer and that's where the motive come into play. >> have you seen al gore's tweet? >> i just did. >> al gore officially on twitter, here he is. "i'm not able to attend this
11:32 am
year's democratic convention but i will be voting for hillary clinton." i didn't realize he hadn't endorsed? >> he hadn't endorsed her. almost all the democrats who have been in the position al gore has been, i think he's the only living presidential candidate who won't be here. not a surprise. is he going to endorse donald trump? not a surprise he would endorse hillary clinton. >> it just seems a little late and he's trying to mail it in. it's odd a sitting vice president of her husband's administration is too busy to be at her convention. that tells you a little thing. and just two days before she accepts the nomination of course we've seen. >> it a lot of previous presidents not at the convention last week. >> that's true. >> quite a year. >> thank you guys, so much. coming up next, let's talk about tonight. elizabeth warren, bernie sanders, michelle obama set to take to the stage here in the wells fargo arena to speak night number one at the democratic national convention. what we want to know is what
11:33 am
should we expect from the first lady? plus what is donald trump -- what is his week looking for. could his counterprogramming shift the spotlight as he's hoping away from the party in philadelphia and away from the democrats? let's talk about that, too. you're watching cnn's special live coverage. you both have a perfect driving record. perfect. no tickets, no accidents... that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. yeah. now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claims centers are available to assist you twenty-four seven. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at
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our children and grandchildren will look back at this time... the choices we are about to make. the goals we will strive for. the principles we will live by. and we need to make sure that they can be proud of us. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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let's look ahead to tonight. talk about a show of force on night number one in the democratic national convention here in philadelphia. the dems coming out of the gate with some of their strongest heavy hitters. among this evening's speakers,
11:38 am
you have first lady michelle obama, the political superstar known for her straight talk, candor, she's become increasingly popular among generations on both sides of the aisle. tonight the first lady will not only use her prime time spot to make a case for hillary clinton but she'll also talk about continuing president obama's legacy. here to discuss, kate anderson broward, she is the author of "first women, the grace and power of america's modern first ladies." kate, awesome to see you again. welcome back. >> thanks for having me, brooke. >> all right, let's rip the band-aid right off and be real about this. >> president obama there was a lot around the edges during the
11:39 am
clinton administration, the president's expressions and also the idea that on hillary's side that michelle obama hasn't done enough as first lady, you know, she should have had a west wing office like hillary did. there's west wing offices. michelle obama said she wouldn't vote for hillary clinton if her husband wasn't running. so these are two very different women. one can't wait to leave, one can't wait to come back. it will be fascinating. >> on michelle obama, "vanity fair" dubbed her the coolest first lady but this isn't just about hillary clinton tonight. i think in one of the papers i was reading there's almost like the beginning of the passing of the torch from the obamas to as dems hope to the clintons. >> i think it's about cementing the president's legacy.
11:40 am
michelle obama doesn't like politics and donald trump has attacked her husband and questioned his citizenship. this is personal for her. she's there for hillary clinton but she's also there for barack obama. i'm sure she'll be passionately defending hillary in the general election going out on the campaign trail even though she doesn't particularly like campaigning. i think she will do it and be gracious and excited. she's a great advocate for hillary because her poll numbers are higher than her husband's. >> do we think a week ago everyone was watching melania trump and what do they say about imitation is the finest form of flattery. i imagine there will be no mention of the "t" word trump tonight but just so many people mindful of these two women taking this megastage. >> it would be really interesting. the only person who could do it
11:41 am
would be michelle obama, to do it in a very light hearted funny way. i doubt she'll do that because first ladies traditionally don't go right after the spouse of their husband's opponent. it's just unlikely but she would be the one to do it if she said imitation is the sincerest form of flattery or something like that. it was incredible to see melania have to say -- the trump campaign that she admires michelle obama that's extraordinary to hear that so we'll have to wait and see what happens tonight. >> all right, kate anderson broward, thank you very much for coming on. i appreciate it again. your book, wonderful first women. thank you so much. >> thank you so much. coming up next, not exactly the picture the democratic party wanted to kick off the week. we'll take a look outside of philadelphia's city hall here. bernie sanders supporters are marching through these city streets as i speak. can he convince them to vote for
11:42 am
hillary clinton and tim kaine? also ahead, any moment donald trump will be holding an event with his running mate mike pence in roanoke, virginia, just an hour before the democrats kick off their own convention, obviously he's hoping to upstage them. how successful might he be? stay here.
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there she is in a gorgeous red jacket, that's congresswoman gabrielle giffords here. she's here. i believe you see her husband, kelly there to her right waving. wonderful to see here. welcome back to philadelphia. i'm brooke baldwin. this is day number one of the democratic national convention. we have breaking news though involving the woman in charge of all of this, debbie wasserman schultz, the outgoing chairwoman
11:47 am
of the dnc, will not ghaavel in these proceedings. she will not be speaking, either. she's not opening the convention. no doubt she was feeling crusheringcrusher ing -- crushing pressure from critics. she announce shed would resign after leak e-mails revailed top staffers showing a bias against senator bernie sanders during the primaries. her resignation goes into effect after the convention is over. if her public event today, her first one was any sign, democrats avoided a scene of major chaos and boos by keeping debbie wasserman schultz from gaveling in. let me show you what happened at a delegate breakfast for her home state of florida. >> let's hear from our speaker and other speakers as well. >> thank you all so much. [ boos ]
11:48 am
we know the voices in this room that are standing up and being disruptive, we know that that's not the florida that we know. the florida that we know is united. [ applause ] >> let me point out she is not the only reason for some boos we have seen here at the convention area in philadelphia. look at what happened an hour ago at a bernie sanders rally. >> we have got to defeat donald trump. [ cheers and applause ] and we have got to elect hillary clinton and tim kaine. [ boos ] . [ boos ]
11:49 am
>> just being out and about in philadelphia, there's a lot of bernie fans in this city. let's go to brianna keilar traveling with hillary clinton in charlotte, north carolina. so two story lines, bianna, two major story lines, manifestations of perhaps a lack of unity in the party. i know the theme tonight is united together. how does hillary clinton plan to address that? >> she hasn't really addressed it yet, brooke. she was asked about it during her "60 minutes" interview she did, a co-interview with tim kaine. she basically dodged the question and said, you know, she didn't know much about it. but her campaign has been out there saying the people response blg for this. who we saw the e-mails go between them, that they should
11:50 am
the disciplined but it's interesting because they're rejecting the idea that this affected the primary outcome at all. you've also heard that from bernie sanders campaign manager. he said he wasn't sure it would have affected the outcome. what hillary clinton has been focusing on in charlotte, north carolina, is the promise that the democratic national convention is going to be different that than the republican convention. >> we're going to have a very different kind of convention than they had last week. [ cheers and applause ] watching the divisiveness, finger pointing, fear-mongering. whoo, i'll tell you, it is a site to behold, talking about building walls, a very different vision about bringing americans together. i am very excited about contrasting our vision and values with what we saw from
11:51 am
donald trump and republicans because this election poses such a stark choice, doesn't it? >> now that was hillary clinton speaking earlier at an organizing event. she's had two very different audiences today. the other was here at the veterans of foreign wars convention where vets certainly -- they're more likely to be republican than democratic so what we saw was a very polite reception but there wasn't a lot of energy for hillary clinton and she altered some of her comments. she took on donald trump but didn't mention him by name she said he insulted the military, the way he's characterized the progress that needs to be made in the military, she said he's been insulting the military. she's obviously trying to strike a chord with this crowd that takes so much pride in that. and she also took him on for saying positive things about vladimir putin and saddam hussein while not saying his name again, brooke.
11:52 am
>> brianna keilar, thank you very much. we'll see you in philadelphia soon enough. for now in charlotte. thank you, my friend. hillary clinton and her running mate, as brianna just mentioned, that i sat down for this first joint interview, "60 minutes," and secretary clinton spoke about how she feels a special sort of burden. here she was. >> i often feel like there's the hillary standard and then there's the standard for everybody else. >> what's the hillary standard? >> unfounded, inaccurate, mean spirited attacks with no basis in truth, reality which take on a life of their own. >> let's begin there with my cnn political commentators, all women, i love this. angela rai, an attorney who served as executive director of the congressional black caucus. scottie nell hughes, and sally ko kohn, a clinton supporter. ladies, the hillary standard. you heard, angela, let me begin
11:53 am
with you. do you think she faces a hillary standard? >> i think it's fair. i think the challenge is i think the hillary standard is one thing when you're talking about the way in which they've continued to stay she wants to abolish the second amendment and we know that's not rooted or grounded in any fact. i don't think she should take that and apply that to the e-mail challenges she's had at the state department. i also think she should allow surrogates to talk about the hillary standard and not go all bernie sanders on us in the third person and use that same type of thing i just love that he goes "bernie sand beers --" needs to be careful. >> why are you laughing? >> i'm just happy to be here. [ laughter ] that was a funny illusion, angela made me laugh, that's all. which was nice, i have to be honest i laughed because i want to laugh right now because my heart is sort of -- is really hurting, feeling really heavy over the behavior of some bernie sanders supporters this morning. >> boos. >> both to debbie wasserman schultz and senator sanders
11:54 am
himself. >> ai was a faithful and devout bernie sanders supporters, i still believe in his vision, i am from the warren wing of the democratic party proudly. you know, we agree on so much more than we disagree on and our -- >> tell that to the thousands of people marching through philadelphia right now. >> and 85% of bernie supporters are backing hillary clinton, which is a higher percentage of hillary clinton supporters than backed obama in 2008. so they have the right to keep speaking, to keep protesting, i support that right, i'm a community organizer by training and heart, i would like to see us do in the a way that is civil and does not sink to the insults and jeers and hurtful behavior that i think of -- with donald trump and his party. we're better than this. >> we saw mr. trump do this multiple times, i imagine perhaps as we see him in roanoke next hour. the trump folks -- and i'm
11:55 am
looking at you -- want those bernie or busters. >> we see there's a lot of thicks they do have in common. they put american workers first. listen, i agree with you. my heart is breaking, this is deja vu for us. i feel like i've been in this seat a week ago. i think the bump mr. trump had in the polls comes from the fact that the ted cruz people are supporting mr. trump after what happened so i think bernie sanders and his supporters have to understand they'll be a part of that post-convention bump and it's up to the entire democratic team to bring them in. that will be your goal, your job. we obviously have done a good job with it because everything is showing that last week was a success in continuing to unify the republican party. now it's your turn. >> i'm watching your face angela rye. >> i love scottie but there's one point, you can't say that bernie sanders and donald trump have the same agenda for workers -- >> absolutely. >> no, you can't say that. >> why not? >> because it's not true. >> it is. they put the american worker
11:56 am
first. >> so i think that sometimes you have to dig into the definition of things, when you talk about putting -- >> tpp, he supports. >> it let me finish. when you talk about putting the american worker first, there's a difference between doing that in word and doing that in deed one of the best ways to put the american worker first, simply raising the minimum wage. if donald trump is willing -- >> that is not a proven fact of how to help the american people. >> that actually is. it helps the economy. >> no, it -- if you look at the states that are you cannot sit there and raise the federal minimum wage when you're -- we're already pushing businesses out of the united states. >> i'm from the city of seattle -- >> ladies, ladies, ladies, you get the final word. >> states that have higher minimum wage, workers are doing better, businesses are doing better. but -- >> when their taxes are so high -- >> when we talk about donald trump as putting working people first, you say american workers. i'm curious why he didn't put them first when he was making his products overseas or bringing foreign workers to run
11:57 am
his company or when he said -- >> forget it. >> are you going to allow me to respond. >> i'm going to finish first. he said american workers are making too much money so i'm a little confused what putting the worker first. >> it sounds good. >> three things. he did not necessarily -- take it in context when he said american workers are making too much money. the key is he was talking about that they don't need to sit there and raise the federal minimum wage. we've already strangled businesses out. tpp, he ran in and had to make stuff across the board because the regulations were too much to have a price point for a product here. over 30,000 jobs he has made. how many as your guy or girl made? none. it's not exactly -- >> tell me about the worker. tell me about -- >> i'm happy to. >> this is where we are right now in this country. off couple months. we have a couple months. november 8. >> bernie sanders people can see the real choice. >> numbers don't lie. >> thank you, thank you. coming up any moment now donald trump, he's in virginia with mike pence holding an event
11:58 am
there just an hour before the democrats kick off their big party in philadelphia. we will take both. stay here. you pay your car insurance premium like clockwork.
11:59 am
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>> all right, here we go. top of the hour, i'm brooke baldwin here in the wells fargo arena in philadelphia. it's the 2016 democratic national convention day number one. we're just an hour away from the official opening of the event. the proceedings, the gaveling in. hillary clinton gets her chance this week to respond to donald trump, hillary clinton poised to become the first woman to headline a major party's presidential ticket and tonight have you seen the speaker list? powerful speakers due to take to the poed dwroum address the democratic faithful from the darling of the left, liberal hero elizabeth warren to first lady of the united states michelle obama and clinton's former rival who has now endorsed her, senator bernie sanders. but already, even though the theme tonight is united together, we are seeing party unity getting hammered on multiple front this is afternoon. the loudest example happening just a little more than an hour ago at this bernie sanders
12:02 pm
event. he spoke to a large room packed with his supporters and directed them to do what is really the essence and spirit of this convention to support hillary clinton and tim kaine. >> we have got to defeat donald trump. [ cheers and applause ] and we have got to elect hillary clinton and tim kaine. [ boos [ boos ] brothers and sisters -- [ boos ] brothers and sisters, this is
12:03 pm
the real world that we live in. he has insulted mexicans and latinos. he has insulted muslims, he has insulted women and african-americans. [ crowd chanting ] >> clearly so many people across the country and those in philadelphia they still want bernie and ladies and gentlemen it's day one of the dnc. this outgoing chair of the democratic national committee who is responsible for this entire week, debbie wasserman schultz, she will not gavel in
12:04 pm
as initially scheduled. she won't speak. she no doubt felt the pressure to step away after e-mails leaked revealed some of her top staff showing favoritism against senator bernie sanders during primary season. so for that, let's begin with sunlen serfaty. i was talking to brian fallon with the hillary camp and he said it was her decision, what more do you know? >> brooke, it certainly was and it definitely i can say no question was turning into something of more of a potential distraction for democrats and debbie wasserman schultz admitting she kind of felt the pressure here, faced that intense scrutiny and backlash over the e-mail controversy. she spoke this afternoon with her local hometown newspaper and she said, look, i just wanted to be able to start the convention on a high note, thus she is not gaveling in. that to me was the most blatant admission on her part that she was, indeed, turning into
12:05 pm
something of a distraction for the democrats and that admission coming just hours after she had that really brutal is welcoming at a breakfast in philadelphia with her florida delegation, i should add, where half the room cheered her and said "debbie, debbie, debbie." but there was a loud and vocal other half of the room yelling shame, shame, shame over and over again. here's just a small part of it. [ boos ] >> first of all, i want to ask everybody to join me in acknowledging that we had a tragic shooting in ft. myers just yesterday. [ boos ] where there were children who were in harm's way and people lost their lives.
12:06 pm
[ boos ] >> so debbie wasserman schultz trying to regain control of that room and she ignored reporters' questions as she left. all of this is a mark of irony here, brook, that all of this is going down the day that the democrats are trying to focus on unity. unity is their theme for the speakers tonight. you have bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, michelle obama and certainly this is not the backdrop, not the foot that they want to start their convention off on. brooke? >> just to remind everyone, bernie sanders set to speak tonight in prime time, we'll listen for his message and for any potential boos as well. sunlen, thank you so much. so you have the dems but on the republican side, we'll call it the trump counterprogram, it is beginning today as well. donald trump and his running mate governor mike pence moments away from speaking at a town
12:07 pm
hall in roanoke, virginia followed by a rally this evening in winston-salem, north carolina. mr. trump for his part enjoying a nice post-convention bounce when you look at the new cnn/orc poll showing him leading clinton by six points. on all things republican let's go to jason carroll in roanoke where trump and pence are set to speak. so we know what the plan is for today, for the rest of the week? >> well, here's what i can tell you about today, town hall is scheduled to get under way just about a few minutes from now. in fact, trump was expected with pence just about 15 minutes ago so he's running behind. about 1500 people in the room initially we were told it might be q&a, we're unsure. but with the trump campaign you have to roll with it. that's how it goes. one thing i can tell you, what you can expect in the room tonight, a lot of gloating. the donald trump camp is feeling very good about the bounce they got after the convention.
12:08 pm
up by some six points or so. i spoke to one gop operative who said look, this is going to help in terms of a number of thing, fund-raising, that's first. second in terms of the platform, many critics who have been out there taking issue with things trump has said about nato, building the wall, the ban on muslims. going forward, this is going to give the campaign more momentum given what they feel is a mandate given to them by the people. but this is what happened back in' 0 in '08. if you look at mccain and the bounce he got, he was up by some five points so they're looking at this closely. mccain was up by five moints. we know what happened there, obama beat him. up by six point this is go around, they're happy, expect trump to gloat about it when he takes the stage here a few
12:09 pm
minutes from now but still watching things very, very closely. brook. >> we'll take it when it happens, jason carroll for now in roanoke, thank you. with me now cnn political commentator charles blow, op-ed columnist from the "new york times." i have bill press, author of "buyers remorse, how obama let progressives down" and ana navarro, a republican strategist. it's great to be here. charles blow, to you first. on the big piece of news with debbie wasserman schultz. just when we're finally deciding it was apparently her decision to bow out from the gaveling and speaking stephanie rawlings blake replacing her. thoughts? >> i don't think she had a choice. at a certain point she was going to be a distraction in this convention. >> already started to be a little bit. >> absolutely. both in the piece before this, her speech, bernie's speech, people very upset about that, it
12:10 pm
feeds that particular narrative. i think no matter who you are, which party you're with you have to stand up for integrity and those -- some of those e-mails lacked that basic integrity. i understand that in a large organization there will be people who have political preferences but if the sole purpose of your organization is to remain neutral, you have to check that at the door and if you're not checking it, in fact, if you are trying to figure out ways to influence other people's opinions about those candidates, that's a problem and it starts at the top and it's hers to take, she had to fall on the sword and he did it, that was the right move to make. >> she's out after this week, we mentioned the boo fest. your buy, bernie sanders, listen, he's trying to get his loyal soldiers to support tim kaine and hillary clinton but the boos were loud. the biggest thing i've been
12:11 pm
noticing in downtown philly is bernie swag. >> i've been impressed by that. i've been pleased by that. >> that's not good for hillary clinton. >> yes, it is. they're here and part of the process and it's very healthy but we have to realize my hotel, across the street is a quaker meeting house. i walked into the quaker meeting house which is usually a silent place of thoughtful prayer, it was a bernie sanders rally going on but we have to realize there are a lot of bernie supporters here, there are a lot of bernie delegates here. they're not necessarily the same, they're like the sandernistas, i call them. >> i fled the sandinistas, they scare me. >> if you look in that room, i would defy you to count how many delegates are in that room. bernie will be much better received tonight in this hall when he says -- which he will -- "i endorse hillary clinton and tim kaine, you have to do the same, we have to elect her." that's his message. i understand these kids may not
12:12 pm
be there yet but they won't for donald trump. >> the clinton camp was saying to me "it's just like people with tears in their eyes when hillary had to bow out. it takes the supporters longer than the candidates themselves." but you, ms. navarro, are you loving this? >> honestly, i can't stop watching, 2016 is a tv reality show. >> crazy. >> and every episode gets more exciting, crazier, it's a roller coaster ride with twists and turns and ups and downs and just when you think the ride is about to come to an end, about to slow down it plunges down again and you're careening you your neck. look, this is crazy what's going on here. i've got to tell you, i think debbie wasserman schultz did the right thing, she did the right thing not only for democrats, debbie is from south florida. absentee ballots go out this week. the primary election is a month
12:13 pm
away. debbie -- the optics of this booing by the florida delegation by the floor here are just horrible for anybody running on the ballot. remember, she's not just the chair of the dnc, she is also a congresswoman, a well-regarded well-respected congresswoman but she's got a real primary in florida. she's doing the right thing go. home, girl and laser focus on your race. you've got work to do. >> also thinking of trump. >> why would you look at me? >> you have not been shy in your lack of love for him but you saw the convention bounce, the five, six point he is got. i mean, is it possible you -- you said -- what was it? i was watching you last thursday night it was a disgrace, his speech, fill in your pejorative adjective. were you wrong? >> well, i think i saw a different speech than a lot of america did and by the way that's how it is, america is
12:14 pm
very polarized right now and some people found trump's speech disturbing, pessimistic and dark. some people, i think it spoke to them. i also think it helped that we here in this period of anxious that we're seeing unrest and turmoil in europe and around the world just after his convention speech so i think -- there is no doubt that donald trump speaks to part of america. he doesn't speak -- >> i know you want to jump in but let me go to miguel marquez because a lot of these fervent bernie supporters have been marching around city hall. tell me how many people you see and who are they. >> i can hear you. it's several hundred in this group. there are a few hundred up ahead of where we are at marconi park and then there are several hundred more still all the way back at city hall. i want to show you a little bit of this. it's basically everyone. it's sanders supporters, it's hillary clinton haters.
12:15 pm
i mean, they are chanting -- one of the big chants today was "hell no, dnc, we will not vote for hillary." it's also people who are here who will say that will leave the democratic party if bernie sanders is not put at the develop of the ticket. they are coming to marconi park where only a few blocks now from where the dnc where you are where the dnc is being held and it is not clear how it's going to go. i had a chance to talk to richard ross, the police commissioner here in philadelphia the police are following along here, everybody is boisterous but they are playing by the rules so far richard roth said they are prepared for whatever might be coming. they don't know if they are going to get 50,000 people. the biggest concern is the heat. everybody is soaked through with sweat. brooke?
12:16 pm
>> i remember when we were expecting these scenes in cleveland and nothing happened? >> we were holding our collective breaths. >> i wanted to get back to the donald trump bounce. again, this is great, these are people interested in the issues and willing to come out on a hot day like this and protest for the issues, but i don't think you can identify them with all the people who voted for bernie sanders in the primaries who are part of the democratic party, part of the caucuses and the primaries and who will follow bernie's lead. 80% of them from the polls said they'll vote for hillary. they won't vote for donald trump. >> but it's important to remember what the issues are here. what these e-mails say and don't say. there's no indication so far in what has been released that the hilary campaign was coordinating with the dnc in any way. there have's no indication that the dnc had success in the suggestions they made about trying to influence coverage,
12:17 pm
none of that is in there. and, in fact, when you look at the overall landscape -- i have so many problems with the democratic nominating process. if you look at the overall landscape of that, it tilted towards helping bernie more than hurt him because the democratic process has for more caucuses than the republican process does. caucuses are inherently undemocratic because they actually hurt the very people that bernie wants to help or says he wants to help which is poor people, people who cannot afford to have health care, to take care of kids and be at a place at one time at six or seven hours at a time. >> so you don't see favoritism which is what bernie sanders has said all along. >> what i see -- >> charles -- >> one second. i see a process that's rife with issues that could be improved and some of them seem to tilt towards clinton and some of them seem to tilt towards bernie. >> i strongly disagree. the process was rigged against bernie. he was right when he said that,
12:18 pm
number one. >> when you say that and he says that it's a destructive thing for the democratic party. >> well, i'd like to point out the ways in which you're wrong. the super delegates. it's crazy. even hillary doesn't like the super delegate. they have a to power they should not have. >> i don't like them. >> and closed primaries worked against bernie sanders. sure there were caucuses but the closed primaries whey where ins couldn't votes. that hurt bernie and the e-mails show the dnc was coordinating with the clinton campaign on fund-raising. >> hang on, let me jump in. >> i have written about that. >> what i think is fascinating about this is the timing. we've known for two months the dnc had been hacked. they sat on these things and wa waited until three days before the convention. maximum drama. >> on that, and i'm listening to you but trying to listen to my control room to tell me to guess go to jessica schneider who is
12:19 pm
outside with more protesters. >> quite a scene. for the past half hour, the protesters out here have been storming up to the gates, these are the gates separating fdr park and the protesters from the actual convention center so you can see this gate right here, bernie supporters lining up to shout to the delegates and anyone else who might be walking into the convention center here. so as these people walk by, the crowd gets louder. right now there's a lull but they'll start to fire up as soon as somebody walks by. they're chanting "bernie" and yelling that to the people walking inside. let's look down this way. you can see the line of the protesters here getting rowdier as people walk by. as you can see just past the gates there, that's where the convention will be taking place inside the wells fargo center. these protesters have been
12:20 pm
permitted, they've been here since yesterday marching down from city hall. they're mostly camped out in fdr park across the way. all of a sudden at about 3:00 they said let's make our way as delegates and other people start walking into the convention center. they've been diligently chanting "bernie" as well as "dnc, never hillary. "so a lot of anger that's been brewing out here. nothing violent. police are letting these protesters have their say but they've got quite loud and making their voice to everybody walking in on the other side of these gates. you can see more of a crowd now but these people are loud but they are not being let anywhere near the other people who are walking into the convention center. and they say they'll be out here as people continue to walk in just making their voices heard as they have been for about the past day. brooke? >> wow. all right, it's hot out there.
12:21 pm
just add that in. i love that they're allowed to be out there. get them some water. it's not a pretty picture in philadelphia but they have the right to stand there and protest and speak up as they have today on day one. just a reminder to all of you, we're covering this whole thing inside and out and senator bernie sanders himself has the stage this evening. we'll be listening for his message that he will be speaking not only to the people in this room but folks outside as well. thank you all so much. coming up next on cnn, is russia trying to specifically mettle within this presidential election in the united states? the information about who is behind the hacking of the dnc. also ahead, donald trump, just a reminder, he's set to speak, roanoke, virginia, to counter the start, here's mike pence up to the poed dwroum counter the democratic convention. we will dip in in just a moment on a mild monday. stay here.
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12:26 pm
20,000 e-mails published by wikileaks, some 8,000 additional attachments all appearing to reveal plans by the democratic national committee to undermine senat senat senator bernie sanders. who is behind the attack? we're telling you the fbi is honed in on russia. we're going to evan perez and live from moscow, jill doherty, international center for defense and security. so welcome to both of you and evan. before we talk about the dnc hack, what about the rnc? have the russians or anyone tried to hack the rnc? >> well, the chinese and others have been trying to get into
12:27 pm
this type of information from other campaigns, from the rnc, from the two major political campaigns as well as some of the others and what we know so far is that there's no indication of any breach at the rnc or anywhere. now as far as the dnc hack, there's strong evidence that indicates it is the work of russian intelligence and officials tell me that the evidence that the fbi has collected points to at least one group of hackers that is familiar to u.s. counterintelligence. now this is the same group that was involved in hacking into non-classified e-mail systems at the state department and the white house and other federal agency. now the investigators believe that russian intelligence is behind a wave of cyber attacks on political organizations and even think tanks. now we know that what happened over the weekend is that wikileaks released as you said, 20,000 of these e-mails. what we don't know is where they got it from and we don't know whether or not the russians did
12:28 pm
this if it's indeed the russians that did it. whether they did this because they wanted donald trump. this is obviously at the top of the minds of the fbi investigators looking at this, brook brooke. >> if it is russia, the question is why. what would the motivation be and how is moscow reporting to the allegati allegations? >> there's a non-response, really, the kremlin not really touching it, the spokesperson who is the president said he would have no comment, that he did refer to donald trump, jr.'s comments which said essentially it's a lie. you got the technical thing we're just hearing about then you have the why, which is the more interesting part of it. what would it do? why would russia want to do this, if they are. it obviously damages the democratic party. it obviously damages hillary
12:29 pm
clinton. does it really help donald trump? well, because it hurts her it might help him. but does it directly help him? not necessarily. in fact, being perceived as someone being aided by vladimir putin in this political context might be bad. there's another idea, too, here, brooke. the russians blame the united states for interfering in their politics in russia and around the former soviet union and there are experts thinking maybe this is a payback to show, yeah, you kind of muck around in our business we can do the same to you. that could be part of it. >> evan perez, jill doherty, thank you. let me bring in a man i didn't think i'd see in philadelphia, rick santorum, former republican u.s. senator for great state here of pennsylvania. i kept bumping into you in
12:30 pm
clevela cleveland. >> this is your first dnc. >> it is my first dnc. i'm doing a lot of selfies. >> behind enemy lines. >> yeah. >> russia, based upon the changed language in the republican platform last week, more pro-putin and the "new york times" about nato and not quite sure if perhaps an eastern bloc nation were to be attacked would the u.s. defense. do you think with that language mr. trump is giving russia, giving putin the green light? >> i think donald trump -- if you think donald trump isn't going to be tough in defending u.s. interests and the interests of our allies, you're completely wrong. this is a tough character. what he said with nato was a shot across the bow saying look, time for everybody to ante up. >> do you agree with what he said? >> i agree there are nato allies who are not doing what they said they would do which is to keep
12:31 pm
up their defense and be a part of this alliance but interesting enough, the ones who are are in eastern europe which are the ones most directly threatened by the russians. >> would your fear be under a trump presidency if putin were to go meddling in those nations that that would -- that putin would feel free to do that because of the language for mr. trump? >> i think if there's anybody he'd feel free to do that it's the followfollow on on administ of the administration that allowed them to do it. who was the person who argued eight years ago for the russian reset? that was hillary clinton. hillary clinton was saying we can deal with putin. now donald trump is the weak one on putin. donald trump has been threatening eastern -- putin has been threatening eastern europe with no consequences, entered into syria with no consequences and if you look at any situation
12:32 pm
since the second world war, it's been hillary clinton and barack obama. i think if you're the russians you like what you know is a very soft presidency as opposed to one -- >> i think the democrats would take issue with that given the u.s. allegiance with what happened in ukraine. >> we did nothing. we did nothing. let's just be honest. we did nothing. putin has solidified his gains. he has the territory he took and we did nothing. >> it's fears that would be more of a green light with what he said with regard to nato. i'm telling you that's what democrats would say. >> i know that's what democrats would say but look at the reality of what's going on. >> let me ask you, we've heard mr. trump and what he said about this muslim ban and now. he expanded who he wouldn't allow in this country. >> i don't think it's a pullback. you could say it's an expansion. i'm looking now at -- people are so upset when i use the word
12:33 pm
"muslim." you can't use the word muslim. remember this -- and i'm okay with this because i'm talking territory instead of muslim. >> so if you have terrorism -- paraphrasing in your country, not allowed in the u.s., your reaction? >> that was the position i took during the cam main. it's a position almost every republican candidate took a position. most took the position that if you are in a state that cannot -- that's a muslim state that is heavily influenced by and has a heavy presence of radical elements then we're not going to allow muslims from that area of the world to come in. the reason is because we can't properly vet them. syria is a good example. how can you vet someone from syria. impossible. same thing with iraq and iran. places because of the geopolitics of that country, proper vetting is literally impossible and if you have a high proportion of radical elements you won't open that
12:34 pm
opportunity to this country. >> he's speaking now. we heard hillary clinton being strong and tough against him this morning. mike pence is with him. >> then you see the e-mails. can you imagine? they talk about religion. they talk aboutry lidge i don't kn know. can you imagine if that was me? i would be on the front page of every newspaper, it would be horrible. and they're trying to play it down, well, that wasn't so bad. that wasn't so bad. can you imagine? seriously, such a different standard. so here's the story. debbie was totally loyal to hillary and hillary threw her under a bus and it didn't take her more than five minutes to make that decision. man, i don't want her covering my back, i'll tell you right now. it's true. [ cheers and applause ] now, the other thing i'm
12:35 pm
surprised at, you know it's not when you're not reading speeches, isn't it, really? because i can talk about current events. this stuff happened 10 minutes ago. if you're reading speeches -- i see these guys, i dealt with a lot of them. i've been a very political person all my life, i've always been on the other side but now for 14 months i've been doing this and i like this side in a certain way better because we can do things better. they used to love me when i was just a contributor. i'd give millions of dollars. i was a contributor. i like this better. [ cheers and applause ] i like it. i like being non-establishment better. but with with bernie when you look at what happened the thing that surprises me most is how he folded. he folded. i thought he was really hanging out tough, tough, tough. then they find these horrible e-mails talking about his religion and is he jewish and is he an atheist and what and that's not going to play well. man, that's rough. and that's not as bad as some of
12:36 pm
the other ones. and i said there's no way that bernie sanders shows up to make a speech. there's no way that he can ever endorse crooked hillary clinton anymore. right? there's no way. and today i see them trying to make the case and his own people are out there booing. and i'll tell you, hillary clinton, i've been saying this for a long time and i got it from bernie sanders because he said she suffers from bad judgment. right? bad judgment. she suffers from very bad judgment. her instincts are bad. they're no good. her instincts are defective. her instincts are defective. but she's got -- she's low energy, she is low energy. she'll go home, take a nap for four or five hours then come back. no naps for trump.
12:37 pm
no nap. i don't take naps. we don't have time. we don't time. you ever see hillary where she comes out and real a tell prompter and then she goes home and you don't see her for three, four days, then she comes back. firm iowa they put three or four people, really nice people in there sitting around a little table and everyone saying i'd like that ask her a question, no, no, no, you're too tough. how do you think isis is going to react? i don't think so. not going to be good. we have tough enemies out there. we have tough mean vicious horrible horrible people. these are horrible, horrible human beings. we need toughness, folks, it's about time. we need strength, we need toughness, we need smarts, we need warmth, we need compassion, we need everything. we need everything. but we don't need somebody that goes home and takes naps, we
12:38 pm
don't need naps. but what did surprise me was that bernie was so soft on this. i was amazed because i watched his speech, you know, "we must vote for hillary clinton." i mean, the hatred he's got, why would he do that? he looks better if he didn't do it. to me. hey, what do i have to do with it? i don't care. whatever he wants to do. but could you imagine if what's taking place now with the democrats took place in cleveland and, by the way, i have to tell you, cleveland did an amazing job. thank you, ohio, thank you, cleveland. what a job. [ applause ] i spoke to the police chief, calvin, did a phenomenal job up there but what we had and the secret service, working with the secret service, what a job they did. but cleveland's a beautiful place. i mean really, i was so happy, we had no problems. i know they showed this one square, a big square where they had a few people. they brick the cameras in close,
12:39 pm
really close. they don't want to show all the beautiful grass with know people on it. and i'll tell you why, people like our message, people like our message. they really like it and if you look at philadelphia, i went to school in philadelphia. i love philadelphia, if you look at philadelphia, what they're going through right now, looks like a lot of people, it's 100 degrees there. speaking that, by the way, i don't know if you saw -- did you know i went to the other room? so you have a second room and outside you have over a thousand people and it's 104 degrees out. [ applause ] it's the first time i ever did it. i said let's go to the second room first that's the anti room. we surprised them, we were nice. we love these people but you know what i also like, i don't have to do it later. [ applause ] and outside we have a lot of people and i wish they'd let
12:40 pm
them in, the fire department won't let them in because of the fire regulation which is very sad because they're outside, we have speakers out there, i think the speakers are burning up, folks. it is hot. i wish the fire marshal, is he around here? come on, fire marshal. if they can get in, fire marshal -- you have doors that go to the outside. i promise there's nothing like you don't have a problem. i feel badly. we have those people, we have people standing outside. you can get a few more people inside, if they could, let them in. that's the way a builder would talk,ing a? that's the way a builder would talk so you had the firing of the head of the dnc and that was a vicious firing. a lot of things happened. you had her firing. hillary clinton's total disloyalty was at play. people won't say that in the media. oh, if i did something with reince -- can you imagine if i fired reince? i wouldn't do that, because
12:41 pm
reince has done such a great job. reince priebus. what a job he has done. and i always used to say for months now i've been saying i'll take reince over debbie. and everyone said oh, but debbie is a superstar. i said so is reince, then it turned out debbie flamed out and she's gone but the disloyalty was incredible. and i mean that, because honestly whether you like her or not she worked very hard to rig the some that hillary got -- it's true, right? it's true. no, it's true. she worked very, very hard to rig the system. little did she know that china, russia, one of our many, many friends came in and hacked the hell out of us. can you imagine? can you imagine what they're hacking? i guarantee we'll find the 33,000 e-mails --
12:42 pm
[ cheers and applause ] why did hillary get rid of her middle name? huh? hillary? no, but why did she get rid of it? hillary rotten clinton. hillary rotten clinton, right? maybe that's why, it's too close. no, no, too close, it's too close. you think mike pence would say this? i don't think so. by the way, did i do a good job with mike pence? [ cheers and applause ] him and his family. what a high-quality person you have to vet people and we vetted mike and they came back -- and these are killers, they came back with many pages on certain people. many pages, i'd like to write a book. [ laughter ] many, many pages, with mike they came back with like nothing.
12:43 pm
he's like the most perfect human being this guy. i said, mike, did you ever do anything wrong in your whole life? no, i don't think so. [ laughter ] where is he? that guy is great. i love this guy. i love him i love him. but you know what i really like about mike? listen to this. to me a very important thing is her bad judgment. now whether you like her choice, tim kaine, nobody even knows who he is. [ boos ] he's done a terrible job for virginia. i assumed -- they said, oh, he got picked because of virginia. virginia's very important and i'm doing very well here. [ cheers and applause ] hey, hey, i'm employing a lot of people here and they don't employ anybody. i spent a lot of money in potomac falls, sterling, that area i spent a lot of money. we have great, great things happening next year we have the
12:44 pm
senior pga championship coming, thousands and thousands of people will come into virginia and spend a lot of money. thank you, love you, too, darling. but just think of it. so hillary clinton has almost a 50% of the people want a progressive. okay, we don't have to like that, but that's okay, that's where they are. they want to give everything away and raise your taxes. that's what happens. no, no, she will have a tax raise. by the way, i have the largest tax cut of anybody running for office, republican or democrat. [ cheers and applause ] . but hillary clinton, hillary clinton will have a tax cut that is not there, it's going to be a tax cut times 20 in reverse like a rocket ship. we have the biggest tax cut -- proposed i guess in the last four years and we'll get it through. at least we'll get most of it through. i tell you what, i'm going to try to get all of it through. but we have -- and it's policy,
12:45 pm
it's put out there. that doesn't mean there's not a little notion becauit willittle have to negotiate. hillary clinton will have one of the biggest tax increases in the history of our country because what she's proposing you have to pay for very simple. now maybe she'll -- after she gets rid of bernie get rid of all this stuff, it doesn't help you, by the way. but what she's proposing she needs to have a massive, massive tax increase, nobody ever talks about that, you notice she never talks about who's going to pay for it and how they're going pay? statistically she'll need a major tax cut. but here's something to me that's interesting 50% of that party is bernie sanders almost and they're very passionate. that's the much more passionate side. her people they fall asleep. with bernie's people they're really out there. say what you want about bernie sanders, he got it on free trade. he got it.
12:46 pm
now i'm totally -- i'm a free trader, i believe in free trade, they get it all wrong because they don't say it properly but i want smart trade. i want to trade with other countries but i don't want to use $500 billion a year with china. thank you, china, we love you very much but we're not going to lose $500 billion and i don't want to have a trade imbalance with japan where they send us millions of cars and we send them some beef and then they send it back and then we send some wheat, they send cars, we send wheat. sounds like we've got to send a lot of wheat, right? the trade imbalance is massive. with mexico we have an abunbelievably trade amount. so they kill us at the border, they kill us, they're killing us at the border and we have one of the biggest trade imbalances and what happens? >> all right, so let's pull away for a second. we've been listening to donald trump for a while here. we may be in philadelphia but he's got a whole plan to speak and have rallies all week long
12:47 pm
and we'll take those on balance but it sounds like we may have a new nickname for hillary clinton. hillary rotten clinton. donald trump saying he thought bernie sanders sold out too soon. that he was soft, that he sold out and jumped out of the race too soon and perhaps maybe stiching flames as we've seen sanders supporters in philadelphia irked it's not their guy at the top of the ticket. so beginning with those themes i'm lucky enough to have brad woodhouse with me, cnn political director david chalian and commentators paul bernstein and scottie nell hughes. on trump, david chalian, in case people thought he would go away for the week, that's not happening. >> that wouldn't be his style. this has been a tradition that's fallen apart in the last several cycles of the other side not giving the full week clean. hillary clinton held a couple events last week at the
12:48 pm
beginning of the republican convention but i do think the line about bernie sanders that he gave up too soon, bernie sanders went all the way through the california primary. i don't know what else -- i don't know how he could have gotten out any later than he did after every vote was counted. maybe he means in these negotiations around the platform or what have you. as you know, donald trump is big ago big play for sanders supporters and that's mission critical for bernie sanders on the stage tonight because i think his mission as now a hillary clinton surrogate is to try to speak to his supporters and explain why donald trump should not be a viable option for them. >> what about also just on bernie this evening brad, he got boo there is morning, boos saying we need to support hillary clinton and tim kaine. it's a different crowd in here than in that room but what does he need to say tonight to the
12:49 pm
millions of eyeballs on the screen? >> very similar to what he said when he appeared with her in new hampshire about what the stakes are and about the fact that this is a binary choice. either donald trump is going to be president and all that means or hillary clinton is going to be president and all that means and i think he needs to go beyond that and give her a healthy and hearty endorsement. >> but he has. >> well, but i mean i think he needs to do that in spades tonight, it's important to kick off the week, to get beyond this kosovo th controversy that we've seen. i think he'll do it. he didn't flinch on the sunday shows yesterday. he said i don't care about the e-mail, i'm with hillary clinton and i'm going to be with hillary clinton. >> i want to make sure you heard what he said, binary choice. we heard the same language at the republican convention last week in cleveland around the ted cruz. >> don't compare our convention to theirs. >> just to get to the state of this race and unpopular nominees, each side has to say the words binary choice to
12:50 pm
making sure they're getting their partisans around the idea that the other one is worse. >> i hear you david chalian, carl bernstein, what do you think? >> it's more unanimous a binary choice. this is gettysburg, this is the future of the country for the next 40, 50, 60 years. this is the definitive battle of the cultural wars of the last 30 years in america and this party is going to be united. after all -- after debbie wasserman schultz is an asterisk, we're going to see tonight these people come out here. michelle obama is going to come out. we're going to hear bloomberg. this is going to go -- and we're going to hear bernie sanders and they are going to bring the rafters down because they believe with some real facts on their side that their opponent is a very dangerous man for the world that's where this is going. >> but that's where this is going. this is about whether or not he is a danger to the fabric of
12:51 pm
america and to the world and they are going to make their case and they are going to unite. you know, there's a pew survey out recently, showing 90% of sanders supporters will support hillary. >> i have to imagine some folks, including you, scotty, are you enjoying a little bit of the untethered lack of, appearance, lack of unity with the boos today. >> it is nice to be on offense, i'll tell you. i got a long well with the panel eats parallel of the two campaigns, it sun canny. i imagine the grass roots of the left are a lot like the grat grass roots of the right. they don't care who the head person is. if you recruit the bernie sanders folks, it has to come from the underswell and rise up. not someone being their leader. bernie sanders they might have united behind bernie sanders. but he is replaceable. it is going to take leaders within that own grass roots community saying guys we need to motivate for hillary clinton. that's our problem with conservatives right now.
12:52 pm
that's why we had the because some saw what ted cruz did, a sore loser, and they have to get behind donald trump. same thing has it happen if you want it recruit bernie. >> let me just pivot to elizabeth warren. she is seen as the darling and she needs to point out that direction of this country needs to be hillary clinton. >> interestingly, until this morning, the clinton campaign and dnc wasn't using the word keynote and pointing out there is keynote speaker and it became clear that elizabeth warren is keynote speaker. >> why do you think that matters? >> with all of the, obviously, democrats have a lot of star power in their -- on their side with the president sitting, vice president, former president, the spouse, all of those things, but it was not clear there would be somebody that said let's prominently call this person the
12:53 pm
keynote -- >> that's what they are saying -- >> isn't that a back hand against michelle obama? she is the one that got record engagement in 2008. the obamas. i think it is a back handed president -- >> i don't believe it is a back hand at all. i do believe it is an appropriate choice. i mean, you know, she really does represent the sanders wing of the party that moved on to support hillary clinton. and she is going to be able to come out and one thing she can do is lay it in to donald trump. we have seen her do that over and over again. she is one of the most effective surrogates laying into donald trump late in the primary after she had come over to support hillary clinton. so i think it is great tonight. >> a lot of speakers. brad and david and scotty, thank you all so much. and not a dull moment here either and it is just day number one. we're minutes away from the opening gavel here at the democratic national convention. we now know as we've been reporting that the person who will be standing up there, with
12:54 pm
the gavel, will not be the chair of the dnc, will not be debbie wasserman schultz. she won't be speaking either. do not miss a beat. we will bring it to you live. special coverage from philadelphia. back in a flash. , it can be hard to breathe. it can be hard to get air out, which can make it hard to get air in. so i talked to my doctor. she said... symbicort could help you breathe better, starting within 5 minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. symbicort helps provide significant improvement of your lung function. symbicort is for copd, including chronic bronchitis and emphysema. it should not be taken more than twice a day. symbicort contains formoterol. medicines like formoterol increase the risk of death from asthma problems. symbicort may increase your risk of lung infections, osteoporosis, and some eye problems. you should tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. symbicort could mean a day with better breathing. watch out, piggies! (children giggle)
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scrap. this is the lead of the first day of what was supposed to be a unifying convention here in south philadelphia has gotten off to a start that can only be described as rocky. and not in the good rocky balboa way. we're minutes way from the official gaveling in from the convention, truly historic event, major u.s. party officially nominating a woman, hillary clinton, to be president. but in the last-minute surprise you will not see the chair of the democratic national
12:57 pm
committee congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz. she is out as dnc chairwoman as soon as the convention will be gavelled out. why? well, 20,000 e-mails published by wikileaks. showing what is a coordinated effort within the democratic national committee including cha chairwoman with the very least, discuss wayes it smear bernie sanders during his insurgent bid against clinton. among many, many other matters. senator bernie sanders will address the convention in prime time this evening. but just a few hours ago, his supporters angrily rejected his discussion of the presumptive nominee. >> on the dnc podium,
12:58 pm
approaching the official marking of this convention. dana, we saw a dramatic start with something after floor fight but my god, this is much bigger potentially. is there any chance of anything like that happening in philly, even bigger than what we saw at the rnc when the gravel drops in a few minutes? >> i can tell that you the clinton campaign does not think that will happen. but as you and i both know, the trump campaign and republican national committee didn't think it would happen to the extent that it did last week. so we are certainly waiting to see what the reception is here on the floor and how things go. one thing, as you said, we are waiting for on the stage behind me is to see stephanie raulins blake, not a household name. even for people who cover politics, closely. and watch politics closely. but as you said, she is the person to gavel in. not the chairwoman, debbie
12:59 pm
wasserman schultz. because she, for lots of reasons and first and foremost she was speaking to her own delegation, jake. the former delegation, congresswoman from florida, she was booed. that is not the start that she wants to the party that she helped shepherd forsome years as she has. so that's what we will be watching. but also as we go through the night, the big keynote speakers, big headliners, i would say. bernie sanders first and foremost, last one to speak. and there are so many bernie sanders supporters here on the floor who are very eager to hear that. elizabeth warren with the same report of the left flank of the democratic party and perhaps the biggest star of the democratic party at this point, michelle obama. who four years ago, you remember gave a rousing, rousing speech at her husband's second convention and i probably, i think, we're safe to say will be similar tonight. >> dana bash, thank you so much.
1:00 pm
clearly an attempt on the first night to bring out a lot of progressive voices. elizabeth warren, bernie sanders, to try to appease some very, very angry progressives and sanders supporters. big reason for today's gavel shake-up to avoid another scene like this one as dana just referred to. debbie wasserman schultz booed at a breakfast for the democratic delegation for her own home state of florida this morning. take a look. >> first of all, i want to -- >> jeff is on the convention floor. jeff, scandal now surrounding the very first event happening on the schedule here on the arena after a lot of back and forth. we now know we won't be congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz at the podium in a few minutes. >> the reality is, she had hoped to weather the storm. she hoped to keep enough support around her to be able to be speaking on that


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