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tv   Americas Choice 2016  CNN  July 26, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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here we go. we're live on this beautiful outdoor set here in philadelphia. great to be with you on this tuesday. i'm brooke baldwin. thanks for hanging with us. joining me on day number two at the democratic national convention. it is a day that will we wie'll witness to a milestone, just a short time from now.
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delegates here will begin the roll call to officially nominate hilla hillary rodham clinton. she will become the first woman to be a major party's presidential nominee. folks, this is a landmark 96 years in the making after the 19th amendment granted women the right to vote. it puts her husband in an unprecedented spotlight tonight. he will be the first president to endorse his wife for the white house. but the big question right now -- will that moment -- might that moment this evening be marred by bernie sanders delegates in the wells fargo arena. listen, i was in there all night last night. you heard the chants, bernie, bernie, you heard boos, pervasive. today senator sanders himself again pleaded for his supporters' cooperation. >> what we must do or forever look back and regret is defeat donald trump and elect hillary
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clinton. [ crowd yelling "no!" >> in my view, it's easy -- it is easy -- it is easy to boo, but it is harder to look your kids in the face who would be living under a donald trump presidency. >> all right. so you heard even more boos there again this morning. let's go to our senior political reporter who has some breaking news here on this very important roll call that starts in just a couple of hours from now. what are you hearing? >> reporter: well, there's an effort under way now by the sanders camp and the clinton camp to showcase some unity amid the start of this pretty rowdy convention. this all has to do with exactly when hillary clinton is nominated later today to become the democratic presidential candidate. this is how it is going to go down. at beginning of this roll call
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vote hillary clinton will be nominated formally, then bernie sanders will nominate hillary clinton. the pledged delegates are going to vote for hillary clinton. but the time we get to vermont, at the end of the alphabet, vermont will pass. several states after vermont will vote, then it will come back to vermont. at that point we are told by the sanders campaign and other officials they will ask for hillary clinton's nomination to be accepted unanimously by acclamation. it is really symbolic but a gesture aimed at showing some unity in this party. we saw that among these really raw emotions yesterday. now on that point, some folks are very concerned about the way the bernie sanders supporters have been reacting. but not vice president joe biden. i had a chance to ask him earlier today how he felt, if he
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had any concerns about the way bernie sanders supporters have been acting. this is what he had to say. >> they're going to be fine. look, they worked hard. we got to show a little class and let them be frustrated for a while. it's okay. hey, they're all going to end up voting for hillary. come on, man. you think any of these guys are going to walk in and vote for trump. raise your hand if you think any of those people in there protesting or hollering are going to go vote for trump. >> some say they will. some say they will. >> well, then they didn't support what bernie stands for. >> reporter: some are still concerned, more concerned than the vice president is about this, including bernie sanders camp which is worried about the optics and they want to show unity which is one reason why they're having those discussions right now which we'll see play out on the floor later this afternoon. brooke. >> manu, thank you so much. the democratic national convention is dedicated obviously this week to hillary clinton.
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but its first night belonged to another very high-profile democratic woman. first lady michelle obama silenced the years. blew away the convention crowds with her speech. she got personal. and, listen, it wasn't just about her family. it was about her views of the woman who once competed for the nomination against her very own husband. >> when she didn't win the nomination eight years ago, she didn't get angry or disillusioned. [ cheers and applause ] she -- hillary did not -- hillary did not pack up and go home. because as a true public servant, hillary knows that this is so much bigger than her own
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desires and disappointments. [ cheers and applause ] so, she proudly stepped up to serve our country once again as secretary of state, traveling the globe to keep our kids safe. and, look. there were plenty of moments when hillary could have decided that this work was too hard, that the price of public service was too high, that she was tired of being picked apart for how she looks, or how she talks, or even how she laughs. but here's the thing. what i admire most about hillary is that she never buckles under pressure. [ cheers and applause ] she never takes the easy way out. and hillary clinton has never quit on anything in her life. [ cheers and applause ] >> let's have a conversation with senior political
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correspondent for mtv news, anna marie cox. former lieutenant governor of south carolina. mark lamont hill is in philadelphia with us. maria cardona, a democratic strategist. i was in the arena all night long. when we first heard we thought perhaps there would be some more boos and bernie chants. but it was a moment where everyone sort of stopped and looked up. >> yes. absolutely. more so than that, brooke, i was on the floor, and people were enraptured with her. >> michelle obama. >> yes. with michelle obama. every single word that came out of her mouth people were just -- it was sinking in to everybody's consciousness. there wasn't a dry eye in the room. >> it wasn't sinking in the consciousness of the true die-hard bernie supporters? >> well, yes. because there were no boos. right? there were no chants while she was speaking. which i think speaks volumes about what i think ultimately is going to be a unified party.
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her message was a message of unification. her message was one that resonated with every american, not just in the arena, but every viewer, every american out there. as a mother of two latina children, that speech was giving me goosebumps. but it wasn't because i'm a latina. i think african-americans. every woman, women of color, women of all communities, white women everywhere were i think feeling the kind of powerful message that she was sending that this is about america's children. and what that future means. >> it's funny, because i think the trump campaign has made a lot of the trump children and how polished and wonderful they are. i feel like the democrats are saying, okay, you want to talk about kids? let's talk about all of our children. let's not talk about how well the trump kids turned out. because, fine, they turned out okay. let's talk about race, our children -- >> more than okay. >> whatever. they turned out great. i'm happy to say that they seem like basically okay people.
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the boys shoot animals. but, you know, she made it a bigger argument about the children of our whole country. black, white, brown. i personally loved her talking about the black boy in the oval office. her black children in a home built by slaves. again, not a dry eye in the house. it was amazing. >> i am looking at the lone trump supporter on the panel. i want to hear from everyone here. it was sort of one of those nights were you wishing, gosh, i wish we had michelle obama? >> no. >> was it powerful to you? >> she is a well liked -- you know, nobody's fighting with the first lady. they all respect her. they respect the position she holds. and even a republican i think most republicans respect who she is. she carries herself with grace. i think part of the message, it is easy to praise her. she didn't write the speech. i'm not beating up the person
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who wrote the speech but it is the thought in government. she talked about we need someone who's going to look after our children for the next four to eight years. my impression is the donald trump impression on this one, we need somebody to look after our children for the rest of our lives to instill values for them for where they go forward. government is not there to take care of your every need. get out there and do it on your own. we'll give you the skills, the tools, a good education but we're not here for just four to eight years, we want to position you for the rest of your life. >> on michelle, i w obama, bein the hall, i'm wondering when hillary clinton steps on that stage on thursday will she get that kind of rousing applause that michelle obama got? it was almost like michelle obama is a better surrogate for hillary clinton than hillary clinton. >> so is mr. obama and so is mr. clinton. i think that's one of the challenges, getting hillary clinton to resonate, getting people to feel from her what they feel from the surrogates and people who are so passionate for her.
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one thing michelle obama did yesterday and cory booker did, too, they said we're going to be more patriotic than you all. we'll talk about how extraordinary the american empire is. very different picture. that's going to appeal to independent folks, black folk for reasons you stated. it is a very interesting move that they made yesterday. the question is can hillary clinton carry that out on thursday. i'm worried not that she won't have a powerful message -- and she'll be well received, it's her convention. i'm just worried she won't get the organic love the others got. >> this is a sign that the democratic ticket is more patriotic and more religious. i heard from the stage -- let's talk about what they said. because you know what? there were plenty of flags on stage at the rnc but i didn't hear people talk about -- >> i saw flags. >> i heard from that stage people praising --
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>> i know what i thought michelle obama did brilliantly? >> what? >> it was a methodical takedown of the proposals and the values, if you can call them that, and the principles that donald trump has been espousing for a year. it was a methodical takedown about how divisive and corrosive they are without mentioning of his name once. >> i think i heard somebody say something like it was like a surgeon with a precision -- >> it was magical. >> that's why it resonated with so many people. what donald trump and the republicans don't understand, andre, is that words matter. what he has said for over a year in dividing our country on words -- >> you're right, they do matter. >> let me hit pause on trump. what about biden? what about the bernie factor? >> i found that troublesome a bit. >> and biden saying it's okay for bernie supporters to be frustrated. >> biden said two things. let them vent, let them have their moment.
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i'm cool with that. we said the same thing about hillary clinton supporters eight years ago. but he said is anybody else going to vote for trump? somewhat dismissively. they may stay home. they may vote green. i'm voting green. they may make a different choice. think it looks dismissive and frankly condescend be to suggest they don't have a choice. i think that's not what you want to do with people who don't feel well served in this election cycle. especially after last week. >> so much more to talk about on trump this week, in addition to vice president. also sarah silverman. how about that line? >> zing. >> calling out the bernie or bust protesters there on the floor. five of them actually will join me live. will we hear bernie chants when hillary clinton takes to the stage thursday? let's ask them. also ahead, bill clinton giving what could be his most important speech. not necessarily as the president but as the spouse of a woman who
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would like to become president. might be add lib? will he stick to script? and what happens if there are chants? and the oldest and youngest delegates of the convention join me live. we'll talk about a special moment on stage, what happened behind the scenes. i'm brooke baldwin. we're in philly. cnn's live coverage continues right after this. clean food. words you don't often hear. words we at panera live by. because clean food is food as it should be. with no artificial flavors, preservatives, sweeteners, and no colors from artificial sources. we think clean food tastes better, feels better, does better. 100% of our food will be clean by year's end. every bite will be food as it should be. ♪ the earth needed to find a new waytury, to keep up with the data from over 30 billion connected devices.
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let's take a sneak peek inside of the wells fargo arena. you see the back of her head. i have been told that's meryl streep. she's getting a little bit of a walk through, lay of the land as she is speaking tonight at the dnc, night number two. we are here in philadelphia. the roll call is really big story line for part of the day today. the roll call vote that would essentially seal deal is set to begin next hour. numbers are crunched. it is not enough to push senator bernie sanders to the top as the nominee and now reps from the sanders and clinton campaigns are in discussions about how this historic nomination moment will unfold.
11:19 am
but the so-called bernie or bust delegates are hoefdi inholding . this is emotional for a lot of them. >> i understand that many people here in this convention hall and around the country are disappointed about the final results of the nominating process. i think it's fair to say that no one is more disappointed than i am. >> all right. so we wanted to hear from the bernie supporters, the bernie sanders delegates. i have gregory schafer here with me from pittsburgh, kate miller from hamburg, new york. sanjay patel from satellite beach, florida. tony bach from philadelphia and brian nowak from buffalo, new york. thanks for rolling by the set. welcome. quick show of hands as we look ahead to the roll call, how many of you are saying yes to bernie
11:20 am
all right. all five of you. did you see what vice president joe biden said earlier? let me just quote him. in part he was on the dnc floor and he knows about the bernie love here. he said we have to show a little class and let them, you all, be frustrated for a while. it's okay. is frustration the right word? is it emotional? >> it is emotional. i think we're grieving. we had a candidate that all of us poured countless hours, our souls in to to getting this man elected. for him to not get that nomination in the way that that happened, i think there is some disappointment. it is emotional. we've grieving. i love bernie sanders. i love that man. i can honestly tell you that. >> you said it's emotional for you. why? explain. >> well, we've been riding with bernie for a year and we really believe in him. it is not about bernie, it is about the issues. we are passionate about the
11:21 am
issues. it is not about bipartisan. it is not about anti-hillary. we're passionate about these issues. we want them expressed and we want to hold whoever is the presidential nominee accountable to those issues. >> interesting you mention the word grieving. tanya, in whole spectrum in the end there is this sense of acceptance, right? the stages of grief. shouldn't you be at acceptance by now? >> well, here's the thing. i feel as though we don't actually have the privilege of not feeling this way. we have to absolutely feel this way, but at the same time this is about issues. greg was absolutely correct. and it is because of bernie sanders that the platform is as strong as it is and i'm grateful for the process that this has taken to get where we are. is there a part of me that would have absolutely celebrated bernie sanders as the democratic nominee? absolutely. and i understand that there is
11:22 am
some painful experiences that we're go to go under. but again, privilege. we do not have the privilege of not supporting the situation that we're in right now. >> i want to ask you about the support and sort of pivoting. i'm sure you all heard sara silverm silverman. i was in there as well when she delivered this line. roll it. >> listen. listen. >> unity. unity. unity. the bernie -- can i just say to the "bernie or bust" people, you're being ridiculous. [ cheers and applause ] >> kate, how do you respond to that? you're being ridiculous. >> i think it's understandable that, to the outside it may look ridiculous to some people. but i think it is a mistake.
11:23 am
i think it's important to keep in mind that what we're doing here is larger than bernie sanders. it's larger than hillary clinton. it's a political revolution to try and fix our democracy to bring our country up to the ideals that it should be standing for. we think that -- >> i'm just -- i talked to folks in all camps and, brian, he hung in there and fought the good fight through california. shouldn't it be time to sort of, yes, be part of this revolution and hope hillary clinton takes that in with open arms, but, no, she's the person. it's bernie sanders who is likely going to symbolically say she gets the nomination today. shouldn't you move and support that? >> are you talking about sanders supporters overall or me as an individual? >> you as an individual. >> me as an individual? i want to see what they have to say through rest of the convention. this isn't about bernie. it is much larger than that. we have a situation where people are essentially denied voting rights. we have a news media that's
11:24 am
complicit in that. we have a campaign finance system and all sorts of behind the scenes trickery that leads to a situation that me like me and all of us on the panel don't have a voice on a regular basis. when the cameras get turned off here at cnn, the feelings that people have behind the cameras are much different than they put on television. >> well, that's precisely why i wanted to invite five of you all on the show live to explain how you feel. the question is, then looking ahead to thursday and hillary clinton. she will be on that stage. she will be the nominee. will you boo her? >> no. >> no. >> no. >> no. >> no. >> no booing. no chanting "bernie"? >> you can boo ideas, not people. we will, however, be chanting "bernie" probably. >> i want to say dress what sarah silverman said because it really hurt. i think fighting for democracy. fighting for clean water. fighting for not bombing foreign
11:25 am
countries. that's not ridiculous, sarah silverman. that's what i heard when you said that. >> that's a good point. >> little while back barack obama said if the republicans were in power, they would have us in a war in seven countries. now let's think about the countries where we're conducting drone raids and foreign intervention. we've got iraq, afghanistan, pakistan, somalia, yemen, libya, that seventh one isn't coming to mind. we're already in seven countries. debate is over whether the degree to which we're doing the wrong and moral things we're doing. not whether we're doing them. the big part of the sanders campaign is get people more active in the political process and widen the acceptable narrative. because cnn and these other national media outlets don't allow that to happen because their primary objective -- >> i have no primary objective and i'm selling no merchandise so i do take offense to that. i do. i do. i'm sitting here because it matters to me to hear from all of you, to hear perspective.
11:26 am
and i understand it's on issues. i understand you are frustrated on issues. you want bernie sanders to be it. >> but the dnc e-mails show that at least msnbc or nbc was taking marching orders from the clinton campaign directly. >> but despite the e-mails -- i understand. i understand. i'm not trying to pick a fight with you. i understand bernie sanders has been waving the flag haul along saying there is favoritism. i understand. but at the end of the day, how can you take all of what you feel and your passion and turn it into action once not bernie but hillary clinton becomes the nominee? that's my question. >> we can turn that into action about being more honest about what's happening in this country. >> yes. okay. >> we can also be responsible. this is what this revolution was about. it is about us holding elected officials, religious leaders, accountable, as they should be. last time i checked, this is not a volunteer situation. they are paid. they work for me. but we forgotten that.
11:27 am
some way along the route we have forgotten who they work for. i think that the sanders revolution -- that's exactly what it is and it continues. >> yes. >> has helped us to redefine how we will look at everything from the home and school voting -- src, school reform commission in philadelphia. everything from the mayor. when somebody runs on something, we need to investigate, is that an actual fact? can that actually happen? >> he shook it up. he shook it up. that was a good thing. who are you voting for, may i ask? >> i am voting for the democratic nominee and her name is hillary clinton. and i am part of the bernie sanders revolution to make sure that not only will our president be accountable, but anybody that decides to be paid out of my tax dollars will actually do what they're saying they do or verbal warning or a written warning and you're terminated. by term nainateterminated, i me.
11:28 am
>> thank you you all for coming by. it is important to hear all of your voices. next on cnn, an historic tonight as bill clinton steps on the stage. he will be making his argument for his wife on the convention floor. keep in mind, he has appeared at the last ten democratic conventions. we'll look at the highs, the lows of previous speeches, what to expect this evening next here from philadelphia. covering is caring. because covering heals faster. to seal out water, dirt and germs, cover with a water block clear bandage from band-aid brand.
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converging upon philadelphia this week here. pictures outside of the wells fargo arena where all the action is happening for the week. welcome back. it is day number two. special coverage of the democratic national convention. i'm brooke baldwin. so nice to be with you. we are in the second day here. the dnc is about to get under way. but the big speech we are looking to this evening is president bill clinton, one of the most anticipated moments of the week here. tonight when he take the podium the former president will make history as he makes the case for his wife's election to the white house, talking about how she will be a change maker. bill clinton is certainly no stranger to delivering major speeches over the years at the dnc, especially in 1988. most of them well received, others, not so much. >> harry truman would be so proud tonight that his party and walter mondale are leading the way and giving a great woman the opportunity to run for vice president. >> michael dukakis will never,
11:34 am
never, never forget it. in closing -- >> well, i ran for president this year for one reason, and one reason only. i wanted to come back to this convention and finish that speech i started 40 years ago. >> thank you for your nomination. i don't know if i can find a fancy way to say this, but i accept. >> she's been a great first lady. she's always been there for our family and she'll always be there for the families of new york, and america. >> now, my hair's a little greyer, my wrinkles are a little
11:35 am
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let's talk bill clinton, past, present and future tonight, taking the stage in prime time to vouch for his wife. brad woodhouse, jackie kucinich, and david gergen. you get to begin.
11:40 am
2012, bill clinton basically like ad libbed half the speech. >> sure did. >> what does he need to do tonight? >> i think this is his eighth convention speech. i don't think anybody in history -- only fdr only had five. he started out, he gave a terrible speech. >> "in closing -- thank you." >> but last time he gave the best convention speech. his capacity is to tell someone's story better than they can do it. he told barack obama's story better than barack obama could. i think he tells hillary clinton's story better than she does. question is, can he compress it and keep it down. there is such a big difference between what he had's like to say tonight and what he can say tonight. >> this is his first mega speech as a spouse. >> yeah. this is why it is going to be so personal tonight. i'm sure we're going to hear the story about how the two of them met in the yale law library. you'll hear pieces of hillary that will make her a person and
11:41 am
i'm sure they'll get into the politician. but i think this is going to be a speech to get to know her through the eyes of someone who knows her best. >> how does he respond -- i was talking to a couple of great bernie supporters an they would say they would never boo a person. but you might hear sombesome b r bernie chants. how would he respond, do you think? >> i think if i had that opportunity, i would look at them and say look, bernie's with her, and we're with you, and we're all in this together. >> president clinton -- are you watching? >> we're all in this together. now it could be that if it is not very audible, you could do what elizabeth warren did last night and ignore it. certainly the way he did it before, you wouldn't want to see it. either ignore it are o bring them in this a nice, soft way. you don't want the story of his speech, the story he's trying to tell about hillary clinton, to be drowned out with a
11:42 am
confrontation with a few people. >> david gergen, if she is elected, what role do you think he'll play? >> as first lad? >> first gentleman. >> i think once they settle in she has to make sure her cabinet officers are the ones entrusted with real power. but i do think that he can play a very constructive role once she gets settled in as a special envoy say to the middle east or to some of these really tough situations. where secretary of state, if you go in the middle east, you get so mired there that you can't do anything else. i think there are useful roles he can play on that. and he can also be -- do a lot of outreach to the developing world which he cares about. i think he has to decide what he does with his foundation. that's going to be a tough question if she is elected. there is going to be a lot of pressure to shut that down. >> final question to you, brad. the bill clinton on the trail in 2 240008 versus the bill clinto the trail in 2016. what's the biggest difference?
11:43 am
>> i think the biggest difference is he's tried to advocate for her and not get into a contrast back and forth with her primary opponent, for example. i think the most effective thing he can do tonight is what david said, and that is to tell her story. plenty of people will talk about donald trump and plenty of people, including her, will talk about what she wants to do as president. i think the thing he can do most effectively is tell her story as someone who's been grounded in children and families her entire life. >> guys, thank you so much. really appreciate it. looking ahead to bill clinton this evening. coming up next though, let's talk about michelle obama's candid, powerful comments, specifically on race an her daughters. >> today i wake up every morning in a house that was built by slaves. [ cheers and applause ] and i watch my daughters, two beautiful, intelligent back
11:44 am
young women playing with their dogs on the white house lawn. they think that it's sad. i think it's important for everyone to know that there is so much more to memory support than the stigmas you hearabout. that these residents still have lives and their lives still matter and that they are still living their lives. that they're not locked away and that they still have a lot to live for, you know, that they have people that care about them and they have people that love them and i love them, so (laughs). call now to find out how we can put our 30 years of understanding to work for your loved one today.
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welcome back. we're live in philadelphia. i'm brooke baldwin. it is so wonderful to be here. it is day number two at the democratic national convention. today is the day hillary clinton will be making history as the first woman to become a major party's presidential nominee. tonight mothers of the movement, mothers whose unarmed black children who have either been killed by police or gun violence will make their case for hillary clinton. >> we know secretary clinton even as senator clinton has been dealing with these kinds of issues with gun violence, gun violence prevention, mass incarceration, criminalization, poverty. she's been dealing with these kinds of systemic issues all along so her record speaks for itse itself. she didn't just join the game. >> that comes on the heels of an electrifying and emotionally charged speech last night by first lady michelle obama. her powerful words on race, on
11:49 am
slavery, and her own two daughters. here she was. >> leaders like hillary clinton, who has the guts and the grace to keep coming back and putting those cracks in that highest and hardest glass ceiling until she finally breaks through, lifting all of us along with her. that is the story of this country, the story that has brought me to this stage tonight, the story of generations of people who felt the lash of bondage, the shame of servitude, the sting of seg zba segregation but who kept up striving so that today i wake up every morning in a house that was built by slaves. [ cheers and applause ] and i watch my daughters, two
11:50 am
beautiful, intelligent black young women, playing with their dogs on the white house lawn. and because of hillary clinton, my daughters, and all our sons and daughters, now take for granted that a woman can be president of the united states. [ cheers and applause ] >> joining me now, cultural critic and writer, mckayla angela davis and former naacp president, ben jealous. it is so wonderful to see both of you. >> i just love hearing that speech! i can't hear it enough. >> were you in the hall? >> i was. i was in the hall with the people. i wasn't in a box. it was as moving as she thought it would be. as much as she got into that little time that she had. i felt like it was like self-made american aristocracy.
11:51 am
it was the closest thing to that full dignity as an american dignitary. like it was moving. it was smart. it was -- she let people know whether it was the people jeering or -- she let people know. this is what struggle really is. saying that she woke up in a house built by slaves and she's watching her children play with dogs on the white house lawn. like so much was packed into that. like the american process and the american promise was built on backs that you don't understand. so calm down, get together, strategize. like you don't know what struggle is in this beautiful eloquent, elegant, emotional way. it was 1 00%. >> what did you think? >> i'm not so into like aristocracy. >> i said self-made. >> yeah, but that doesn't matter.
11:52 am
aristocracy, that's not what we need more of in this country. with that said, we need more of -- i mean we need more of mrs. obama being herself and speaking out. we need to hear her voice more. it should be very powerful on the campaign trail putting this. just making the choice clear. the reality is that donald trump is a huge threat to everything that most people in this country hold dear. and she helps to make that clear in a way i think that's very persuasive and that goes deep with people. that's a powerful thing. >> what about these other women? i wanted to ask you about the mothers in the movement. we heard allison talking to some of them this morning. what will their message be? a. and, b, it is also important, i was talking to a delegate who is a police officer. he said are we going to see police officers on the stage as well talking about police lives? >> it was interesting, i was talking to ben off the stage. it was because the mothers of the movement and other black women that work with hillary
11:53 am
that got me involved. because i organically am with black women. right? and so when i found out shah sybrina fulton, gwen, lucy, maria, all of them were with hillary, i wanted to know why. literally i sat down with them at the annual gathering of the mothers of the movement. be clear, there were also mothers from sandy hook there. they weren't just -- i mean they're primarily black mothers with black children, but it's all these mothers that are losing children. right? so they were telling -- and gwen kind of summed it up. she said i endorse hillary because hillary endorsed me first. nicole bell also let me know that two days after her fiance, sean bell, was killed, hillary called her two days after, as the senator, and said what can i do to help. they all have stories like that. hillary was the one that got them together, without press, and really helped them sort of become this coalition. that was how she was saying that
11:54 am
she was with me. when i saw them at the dinner, hillary came and gave a very organic, personable speech. and it was clear to me that she had a relationship with these women. they had inside jokes. she didn't just come and speak and leave. she was with them. and they had very clear policy on the table. it is about guns for them. so it is not that she's perfect and that she's a queen -- we all have a complicated relationship with the clintons in general, but they are on the side of their issue, with yhich is gun reform. >> as a sanders supporter, do you agree with that? how major do you think this moment could be tonight hearing these mothers on stage? where are you on the spectrum of support? >> look, i'm first and foremost a civil rights organizer. that's what i've been my entire life. the reality is that these women come forward in the tradition of mamie till. who said look at what the world has done to my son. it's really -- at the same time
11:55 am
i certainly understand the concerns of folks in law enforcement, especially their families who are very -- my grandfather was in law enforcement for 30 years. i spent all my summers in a community of black law enforcement. to be warriors with nina turner on sanders campaign. her son puts on a uniform every day and goes out as a cop. her husband was a cop as well. but there is a difference between somebody who signs up to take a risk as part of their job, and somebody who was born into a world where they should be just as safe as everybody else. so we need to absolutely value our first responders, make sure they are as safe as possible. but we can never equate the risk one takes as an officer and say that somehow that's the same as just somebody walking down the %-p you took that risk, was those people walking down the street could do so safely. and i just want to be clear that
11:56 am
there is a difference here. why these women have so much power is that people who swore to respect and protect every life took their son's life. >> they'll be speaking this evening. the police chief in pittsburgh will be one actually introducing these mothers. it is the mothers of the movement. ben and mckayla, thank you so much. i appreciate both your voices here in philadelphia. reminder, just a short time from now, history will be made. hillary clinton will be the very first woman nominated at the top of a major party ticket. we have the scoop. live in philadelphia. you tell your insurance company they made a mistake.
11:57 am
11:58 am
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12:01 pm
it is so nice to be in philadelphia. look at this for just sethere. we're kicking it outside the cnn grill on this tuesday afternoon here, 3:00 hour eastern. we are day number two here covering special coverage of the democratic national convention. i'm brooke baldwin. so nice to be here. and in a matter of hours, hillary clinton is to become the star of an event 96 years in the making. when women were granted the right to vote. hillary clinton will officially become the first woman to be nominated for president by a major political party, an historic event that she actually won't be present for. she is not here in philadelphia yet, but i can tell you that her former rival, a man who's now fervently endorsed her, bernie sanders, will be in attendance, and he may play a role in part of this process. sources say the two camps are working out a plan for sanders to play a role in the nomination. but will that sort of quell any
12:02 pm
concerns from bernie sanders supporters? excellent question. their "bernie" chants persisted throughout the convention's opening night. senator sanders still today pleading for their cooperation and support. >> what we must do or forever look back in regret is to beat donald trump and elect hillary clinton. in my view, it's easy -- it's easy -- it is easy to boo, but it is harder to look your kids in the face who would be living under a donald trump presidency. >> so, let's begin with cnn political director david shalian who can explain in 60 seconds or less, then we will bring a panel
12:03 pm
in, what to look for in the roll call. >> roll calls are always fascinating process to watch. every state and territory gets their -- >> 57 of them. >> -- gets their say and gets to say why they're the best state in the union and deliver their votes. it is a fun dynamic. why today is going to be particularly interesting to watch because in these negotiations between the sanders and clinton camps they have agreed to the full 57 states and territories going through the full roll call so that every state has their chance to vote, and that every vote is counted. they don't want to short -circut that process so everyone feels the votes were counted. both bernie sanders will be placed in to nomination from some of his supporters, and the clinton campaign just announced that barbara mikulski and john lewis, barrier breakers in their own right as the clinton campaign's calling them, will
12:04 pm
place her name in nomination. then we will see. manu raju has been reporting on these ongoing discussions to see if bernie sanders has a role where he can deliver -- >> the big punch. it's hillary. >> we'll see. stand by, bl ch acmr. chali. vice president joe biden says folks need to give the sanders supporters some space. >> they're going to be fine. look, they worked hard. we got to show a little class and let them be frustrated for a while. it's okay. hey, they're all going to end up voting for hillary. in the end, think any of these guys are going to walk in and vote for trump? raise your hand if you think any of the people protesting or hollering are going to vote for
12:05 pm
trump. >> some say they will. some say they will. >> well, they -- they didn't support what bernie stands for. >> let me bring my panel in. dan pfeiffer, former senior advisor to president obama. jackie kucinich is back, a cnn political analyst and bureau chief for daily beast in washington. cnn political commentator scottie nell hughes and david chalian is back. before we actually chat, i've been reading about eight years ago what happened on the floor at the dnc with then hillary clinton who obviously lost it to then senator barack obama. this is what happened eight years ago. >> in the spirit of unity, with a goal of victory, with faith in our party and our country, let's declare together, in one voice, right here, right now, that barack obama is our candidate and he will be our president!
12:06 pm
>> all right. so dan pfeiffer, let me just turn to you first having been on team obama. why do it that way? what did that mean for then senator obama moving forward? >> well, it is important to remember that the primary in 2008 was much closer than this one in terms of delegate count, in terms of popular vote. so you had very strong feelings from a lot of clinton delegates who thought that they wanted her to be the nominee. and it sent a powerful signal to them that while we might have had disagreements in the primary, when it is ultimately most important is winning the election. if bernie sanders can do this tonight i think it would go a long way toward quelling what we've seen thus far. >> when they started going through the states and territories eight years ago and she just declared by acla ma acclamation.
12:07 pm
>> t >> this resentment toward hillary clinton wasn't built in a day, and it is going to take more than just a convention to unring that bell which is why you're going to see bernie sanders keeping on this message through the summer as he campaigns for hillary clinton to sort of try to ease his supporters in to her camp. if he can. >> do you think they're bending over backwards a tad too much? what do you make of all this? >> i do think the clinton folks made a strategic decision going into this convention that at least these two days were the busine business getting done. today with the roll call vote. to allow this to be almost as much of a sanders convention as it is a clinton convention. it really feels that way in terms of what's going on on the floor and the business. doesn't feel that way on prime time, the big speeches. that's all about a clinton convention. but this part of the party business, they made a strategic decision to let the sanders
12:08 pm
folks breathe and have the space to move through each step of this, rather than trying to come in with an iron fist and shut it down and, no, we won, saying we won by even more than barack obama did last time. i think that's not the approach they took to try to have this be as non-contentious as possible. >> were you in the hall? were you in the wells fargo arena for michelle obama? i think -- i saw you earlier in the night. but just to feel that, there were sort of the "bernie" chants pervasive through the evening but the years turned to cheers for the first lady. take a look. >> when crisis hits, we don't turn against each other. no, we listen to each other. we lean on each other. because we are always stronger together. [ cheers and applause ]
12:09 pm
and i am here tonight because i know that that is the kind of president that hillary clinton will be, and that's why in this election, i'm with her. [ cheers ] >> scottie, i know this is tough to answer, but still, i mean as a woman, can you give it to michelle obama? i mean even some folks said she's a better surrogate for hillary clinton than she is for her own self. >> i think it was phenomenal. michelle obama definitely engages the crowd, she energized them, she talks in sound bites. she is perfect and i think she will be someone they're really going to utilize out on the campaign trail. the one thing that i think michelle obama did though is that she did sit there and try to at least cross over and say, listen, we might have had our times in the past. look at what michelle obama said in the past about hillary clinton. it showed that she actually grew up and got over that. at the end of the day, after the
12:10 pm
roll call, hillary clinton will be the nominee. what happens in the beginning and end can be the narrative, the headlines we talk about. we can talk about any of the sort of contention that might happen between different states. the ball is actually in the bernie sanders -- the pr ball is in the bernie sanders court right now. it will be real interesting to see who actually shoots for the hoop. >> i had five very strong bernie sanders supporters on the show a bit ago. you used a word earlier, i think they would have been saying, i don't know. resentment. it may seem that way with some of the boos and the "bernie" chants, but i felt it sitting with all five of them. they feel like they were part of a revolution and they're sad. they're emotional. it was fascinating to hear them describe them in letting that go, on the acceptance spectrum of grief, from grief to acceptance. what else can we expect tonight? bill clinton. there could be more "bernie" chants. >> i think we'll hear some of that all week.
12:11 pm
i'm very sympathetic to the bernie delegates. if you're heckling elizabeth warren, something's gone horribly wrong. what you care about is progressive policies. i'm sure if it had been hillary clinton who had barely beaten barack obama, i would feel the same way these bernie delegates do now. what i think you'll hear from bill clinton and ultimately from hillary clinton is why this election matters. if you care about things like overturning citizens united, put a democrat in the white house who's going to appoint supreme court justices consistent with the beliefs of bernie sanders and hillary clinton. if you do that, you make the case for why it matters, in the end people will turn out to the polls like we expect them to. >> we started a conversation with roll call. that happens very shortly inside that wells fargo center. stay tuned for that. dan, jackie, david, scottie, thank you all so much. the dramatic roll call vote set to begin a short time from now. also ahead, michael smerconish. we're in his hometown. he'll be joining me to say the
12:12 pm
hottest topic on his radio show today actually was not the first lady. it was not bernie sanders. but the mothers. the mothers who are set to speak this evening. why? we'll ask him. also ahead, he is one of the clinton family's closest and longest allies. we just learned terry mcauliffe will be one of the people helping part of this nomination process at the roll call this evening. he'll join us live, governor of virginia -- next. with my moderate to severe crohn's disease,... ...i was always searching for ways to manage my symptoms.
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12:16 pm
any minute now, the much anticipated roll call sealing the deal as hillary clinton becomes the first woman to officially become the presidential nominee of a major political party. but first, let's go to erin burnett standing by with terry mcauliffe, the governor of virginia. erin? >> all right, brooke, joining me now, long-time clinton friend, virginia governor terry mcauliffe.
12:17 pm
the co-chair of president clinton's re-election campaign. governor, you told me you've known the clintons and bill clinton for 36 years. >> long time. >> you know them. you know them deeply personally. you are friends with them. tonight when this nomination happens, you're going to be first one to speak. >> yep. i'm going to come out and be able to officially announce for the first time ever we have nominated the first woman to be president of the united states. as a friend but also as former chair of the democratic national convention and then to have my junior senator nominated as vice president of the united states of america, it's spectacular. i've known hillary clinton. she's seen all five of our children grow up. we've gone on vacation together. i can remember hours in the swimming pool playing mermaid with my daughter. when my son got out of the naval academy, went into the united states marine corps, first call he got -- hillary clinton. that's the kind of person she is. >> will we hear more from you
12:18 pm
tonight? other anecdotes? untrust worthy, highest numbers in a cnn poll ever. unfavorables, her numbers are sky-high. >> that drives me wild because i know her so well personally. i know her soul. i know how she thinks. she loves the country. she loves people. she wants to help children. i've spent thousands of hours talking to her. this is what she is passionate about. go on vacation, be honest, about 5:00 i'd be sitting with the president talking about medicaid, how we reform this or that -- and you're done. after about eight hours, i'll say. it is hillary first one to say, mac, let's go get a drink. >> really. >> no question. i love him, but he's a lot more fun on vacation. she's actually a lot more fun on vacation. that's who she is. a real person who grew up in suburbs of chicago. she's fun. she's got the great belly laugh. but you're right, it hasn't come
12:19 pm
through. you get the screen in politics and what you have today. but i know her so well. i know how she thinks about helping people. she's passionate. you know, she once said to me not too long ago, she and i were talking. she said, i could have been very happy sitting up at chappaqua as a grandmother. but she didn't do that. she got back in that arena. as you know, for 40 years they've been on top of her for this and that. what i love about her is that she gets up out of bed. they beat her down every day, she gets right back up again fighting for other people. she will take it on because she will help other people. i got to tell you, that's why i love her. >> tonight you're giving this speech and hopefully you'll share some of those anecdotes. last week at the convention for donald trump, it was those personal anecdotes that made a difference. you point out something about president clinton. he loves to talk about policy and the wonkyness of it. is that what we'll see? have you been working on him with his speech? >> i talked to him today.
12:20 pm
it should be no surprise he's still working on it. i got to tell you, bill clinton, when he knows he's addressing the country, and he knows he's out there talking about his wife, i mean there is nothing i've seen him take more seriously in his life. i remember when i was on vacation with him when he did the speech for president obama's re-election. he had the legal yellow pads. but so special tonight for him to be able to get up and talk about his wife and talk about what she could do for this country. obviously nobody knows her more than bill clinton. that's who he's going to talk about. only thing i regret a little bit, i always loved hillary's mother, dorothy rodham. she was such a special woman. she had such great spirit. she passed away a couple years ago. i just wish dorothy were here to see this tonight. are you kidding me. it would be unbelievable. >> so bernie sanders. the roll call today, the official nomination happens, there is expectation hillary
12:21 pm
clinton supporters were saying today, look, people aren't just going to throw their support behind her. people will be putting in their vote for bernie sanders, they're passionate about bernie sanders. it's been happening the past couple days. even today he came out, and was speaking, at an event this morning. yet again people start booing when he talks about hillary clinton. here's how he responded this morning, governor. >> what we must do, or forever look back in regret, is defeat donald trump and elect hillary clinton. it is easy to boo, but it is harder to look your kids in the face who would be living under a donald trump presidency. >> do you understand their anger? they are angry. it doesn't matter that he says vote for her. they don't want to. >> you know, erin, we went through this in -- i have supported many candidates for president. i've lost more than i've won. i chaired hillary's campaign in
12:22 pm
2 240u8. l 2000. you were there, it was a tough, long primary to the end. it was hard in 2008. but ultimately came together for the good of the country. hillary, they put her name in for the delegates. she then moved into acclamation. many of these folks, it is the first time they've been in politics and they loved it and thought they could make a difference. but they made a difference in our platform, they made a difference in how our party moves forward. they got to understand that. senator sanders has been spectacular. he tweeted yesterday. his speech was great yesterday. michelle obama was spectacular. elizabeth warren. it is now time to come together. you might have some outliers tonight. you're not going to get everybody in agreement. you might have some boos. it's okay. but vast majority, i think you'll see a different convention hall tonight. they realize this is about the future of the country. this is about donald trump. we have just nominated the first
12:23 pm
female of a major political party to be united states of america. you may have your differences but at some point, like we did in 2008, we came together with senator obama and, boy, we came out of our convention. i remind you, erin -- you're too young -- but in 1992 bill clinton went into the convention in new york in third place behind ross perot. we came out of that convention in first place and never looked back because bill clinton gave them a reason to vote for him and where we were taking america was going to fire up america. >> not only do you know them so well, you have your role tonight in announcing that nomination, the first speech. but also, tim kaine. you know him, you like him. virginia is considered such a huge swing state. but there are some who say tim kaine is not going to be able to deliver for sure for hillary clinton. are you sure? >> all the public polls had us eight, nine points before tim was selected. we on the swing states we have always -- we got a big operation
12:24 pm
on the ground. but i just announced a 3.7% unemployment rate in virginia. it was 5.3% when i became governor. biggest steepest decline by a governor. i've protected women's rights, protected the rights of lgbt. i'm restoring rights of felons. people are very happy. and tim kaine represents ja. so i think we're going to win virginia. but listen, she wanted somebody if somebody happened to her could be the president next day. she knows that with tim. i call him a moral progressive. he's been out there fighting on these issues to help people his whole life. >> you have to appoint his successor to the senate. this will be crucial when you look at control of the senate. who are you looking at? >> well, i've already had about eight best friends call me up and say they should be the next united states senator. what i've tried to tell everybody, erin, i will not even have a discussion until we win this election. we got to do that. i tell you why it is important
12:25 pm
for virginia. next year we have a governor's race. it may make thatsenateseatthe next seat for united states senate. when president obama ran it was 73% turnout, it then goes down into the 40s. the fate of the senate will be virginia next year which is so important for us. >> one thing before we go. the federal investigation. obviously you are in the midst of one right now over campaign contributions. bun co-nation getting a lot of attention is one from a chinese businessman donated money to your campaign, also donated $2 million to the clinton foundation. which is a large and complex organization that is under a lot of scrutiny for whether there was an implicit quid pro quo in any way for a donation and favorable treatment for the then-secretary of state. are you concerned that could be a problem? >> cnn was 100% wrong an they owe me an apology. this gentleman has never been
12:26 pm
under investigation. you're reporting -- >> this is the chinese man. >> your story was 1 00% wrong. and they actually came out the next day and said we aren't looking at this gentleman. he's never been contacted about it, nor have i. so, unfortunately for cnn, you got your news reporting wrong. just tell you in the news, get your facts right before you report them. >> that's your view on him. but what about the -- >> what do you mean him? >> the clinton foundation. >> i don't know anything about it. >> are you concerned it could become an issue for her? >>ive i think they've had a lot stories out there. but i know the clinton foundation very well. i served on the board there. i've traveled with bill clinton all over the globe. i've been to malawi and you see what he's doing, the women and children he's helping. this is a spectacular foundation. you're in politics, they're going to come after you, make these allegations. but i know this foundation and the millions of people they've helped around the globe, erwin, you could get beaten up a little
12:27 pm
bit. i'll take every bit of it when you look in the eyes of theets young children around the globe. the money he's put into aids research and trying to provide drug treatments for folks around the globe. that's what the clinton foundation is. i am darn proud of it. i tell you, everybody around the globe is proud of what bill clinton has done with this foundation. >> governor mcauliffe, thanks for your time. obviously that big speech tonight. brooke, back to you. >> all right, erin. thank you. governor, thank you. next, bill clinton speaking at his tenth consecutive convention this evening. while he has delivered many, many memorable moments, many expect this speech this evening could be much different than those previous years. we'll discuss next with my hometown man here, michael smerconish -- next. >> i want to nominate a man who's cool on outside. but who burns for america on the inside. and, by the way, after last night, i want a man who had the
12:28 pm
good sense to marry michelle obama.
12:29 pm
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together, we're building a better california. just about the bottom of the hour here on this tuesday afternoon. pretty pictures outside the cnn grill where we are hanging out before the action begins inside
12:33 pm
the wells fargo center for day two of the democratic national convention. great to be with you, i'm brooke baldwin live here in the city of brotherly love where in just a matter of hours we will hear from the star speaker of this evening's show, former president bill clinton. essentially make the case for his wife's election. it is a key role. he shas played a it multiple times in the past. here's a look back. >> reporter: tonight, hillary clinton is calling on her biggest advocate. >> she is a walking, breathing change agent. >> pretty good warm-up act, don't you think? >> reporter: as bill clinton embraces his supporting role. >> she's got the best ideas. she's got the best record of working with republicans. she'll be the grown-up in every room and she'll keep us safe and give us space. >> reporter: the former president planning to make the case for his wife's role as a change agent throughout her life. >> i believe she is the best qualified person for this moment
12:34 pm
in history that i've ever had a chance to vote for. >> reporter: an effective messenger for the party with a unique ability to fire up the base. bill clinton remains a beloved figure among democrats with 79% viewing hip favorably. but the former president's favorable rating stands at 50% among all americans, falling from 65% in march of 2015 just before his wife launched her campaign. as gop nominee donald trump has seized on bill clinton's past. >> have you ever read what hillary clinton did to the women that bill clinton had affairs with? and they're going after me with women? give me a break, folks. >> reporter: attempting to blame hillary clinton for her husband's personal failings. while also hammering clinton era policies. >> she doesn't understand trade. her husband signed perhaps in
12:35 pm
the history of the world the single worst trade deal ever done. >> hillary clinton has tried to make clear she's running on her own record. >> i'm not running for my husband's third term. >> reporter: but having to clean up for him at times, most recently when bill clinton held an impromptu meeting with attorney general loretta lynch while his wife was under investigation for use of her private e-mail server. >> my husband who i'm going to put in charge of revitalizing the economy. because you know he knows how to do it. >> my scottish friends say i should be called first laddie, because it is the closest thing to first lady. > reporter: aides to president clinton describe this as being
12:36 pm
an incredibly personal speech for president clinton where he will talk about his wife's character and her values. and he wrote the speech himself, brooke, apparently writing out the first drapt by hand on a legal pad of paper. >> by hand. old-fashioned. president clinton, all right, thank you very much. during this campaign the president did have a confrontation with some protesters, some black lives matter protesters. remember this? >> i heard it. can i answer? no, you see, here's the thing. i like protesters. but the ones that won't let you answer are afraid of the truth. that's a simple rule. be afraid. be very, very afraid. i talk to a lot of african-american groups. they thought black lives mattered. they said take this, because our kids are being shot in the street by gangs. because of that bill we had a 25-year low in crime, a 33-year
12:37 pm
low in the murder rate. and because of that and the background check law, we had a 46-year low in the deaths of people by gun violence. and who you think those lives were? that mattered? whose lives were saved that mattered? >> a look ahead to this evening with cnn little bit kol commentator and host of "smerconish," michael smerconish. thank you for having us in your city. >> hope you're having fun so far. >> i am having fun so far. hot so far. more about bill clinton in a moment. you have this radio show and you get passionate people calling in. the issue this morning for you wasn't bill clinton but was mothers of the movement. these mothers who have lost children to either police violence or gun violence. what was said? >> well, so the propriety of their speaking is the issue that we were debating. because the police union here in philadelphia is really upset
12:38 pm
about this. as a matter of fashth, they put out a statement saying they are shocked and saddened by the fact the dnc and hillary clinton would want these moms to speak, and in particular their objection is where are the police which had doze? where are the widows of cops who have been lost in violence and why aren't they be afforded the opportunity to speak at this convention? so you're right, we debated this for more than an hour on my radio program today. the audience was evenly divided. those who saw benefit from these appearances and those who thought it was patronizing and given the lack of representation of police officer widows, should not be taking place. charles ramsey, former chief in philadelphia, former chief in washington, d.c., co-chair of the president's 21st century task force, he will be speaking. there is another new york city detective who will be speaking as well but not a widow of a police officer. >> someone came up to me on the floor yesterday and said, brooke, i know you were at cleveland, i know at the rnc there was much emphasis on blue lives and about law enforcement. he was an officer himself in
12:39 pm
virginia, he was asking me who is going to be on the stage representing us and i wasn't entirely sure. >> you heard donald trump stand up last week in cleveland and say i am the law and order candidate. rudy giuliani sounded those same themes. so did chris christie. so now you are getting the flip side. frankly, i'm wondering what's trump's attitude about that which will play itself out tonight? we'll have to see what's said, most importantly. but i bet he likes the fact that this is the audience that they're trying to reach because he is going in a different direction. whether the two shall ever overlap, i'm not so sure. >> bill clinton tonight. how much of it is prompter versus ad lib? >> i hope a lot of it is ad lib. i think is he best when he ad libs but i think it makes some of those folks who support his wife a little nervous. he's the big dog. that speech he gave in 2012 for barack obama was the high point for the obama team in my view for that campaign. if he can do three-quarters of that for his wife tonight, she'll be in good shape.
12:40 pm
>> michael smerconish. thank you so much. tune in on cnn hosting his show, 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. eastern, right here on cnn. coming up, the countdown to this official process of nominating hillary clinton this afternoon. what can we expect from this historic moment. you pay your car insurance premium like clockwork.
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12:45 pm
philadelphia with you. >> just talk about what to expect. what's going to happen? >> because it is going to be a little different than what we've seen in the past. every delegate from every state or territory is going to get all 57. what's that we're expecting. 57 states and territories. what we're hearing from the bernie sanders folks is that they've asked the clinton folks if they can go through this process. we think it will take about an hour and a half for every delegate in every state and territory will have their say. what they've asked for is that once you get kind. towards the end, actually don't end where you would end on wisconsin or wherever, end on vermont. so the idea being at the end it gets to vermont. and then -- we don't know this for sure but i think an expectation is that bernie sanders may move to nominate hillary clinton by acclamation. in 2008 it was a little different. delegates had their say once they got to illinois.
12:46 pm
then it was essential will i handed off to new york to hillary clinton's home state. then she is the one who moved to nominate barack obama by acclamation. it was seen as this moment where she's the one there doing this in her voice, making this key move. it was sort of a healing process. so we're waiting to see if that happens. >> i can see some folks when we had this conversation a minute ago where unlike eight years ago this year it seems like the hillary clinton campaign that's almost bending over backwards to placate the bernie sanders folks. do you see it that way? >> i see it two days. i do see it that way. that's because a lot of his delegates and a lot of his supporters have a lot of power. they have a lot of enthusiasm for bernie sanders and there is a lot of them. but it also speaks to his philosophy throughout this whole process. he said he'll going to go right to the very end. people thought, is he really going to do that? but he said i want everyone who wants to have a choice in this primary process to have a vote.
12:47 pm
i think it sort of follows with the same philosophy. it is something that he promised to his folks, to his supporters and he is making good, it appears, at delivering. >> all right, brianna, thank you. very much. >> of course. coming up -- i can't wait to talk to these ladies. have you seen these hats they're wearing? stand by for this. they are separated by 76 years. we'll talk to the youngest and oldest delegates at the convention here in philadelphia and the unique moment they shared on stage together. do not miss these two phenomenal women -- next.
12:48 pm
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okay, so we crunched some numbers here. more than 75 years separates my next two guests. they took the stage here to reviet the pledge of allegiance yesterday. together they will help make history tonight. here with me, the youngest and shall we call you the most mature -- that would work, right? i can accept that. >> 93 years young, and clarissa
12:52 pm
rodriguez, it is a privilege. >> thank you for having us. >> you have seen a little in your lifetime. >> i've seen a lot. >> did you ever think no matter who you are supporting, and i know who you are supporting, it's clear on your hat, but the change you have seen over decades, did you ever think you would see this day? to see a woman on the ticket? >> i knew i would when i broke the barrier and joined the navy in world war ii. i think that was the beginning when i really realized that some day i hoped to live to see a woman president. >> and what does that feel like? >> it is very exciting. it is very exciting that hillary is a woman running for president. but it is more exciting that she
12:53 pm
is the only qualified person to be president of the united states. >> clarissa is nodding along. >> of the great united states. we thank you for your volunte s volunteering, your service, and your navy service. for you, what is this like? you're 17 and taking an active role in the political process? >> it's crazy. every turn it is something political and it is political discourse every other sentence, and -- >> why do you care? >> because this is me. this is everything that happens here, and at these conventions, in the polls, it affects me. and i have come to acknowledge that. and i want to take part in it. it was very important for me this election to find my place in it, and i found my place here in philadelphia with ruby.
12:54 pm
>> the dynamic duo. >> yes, we just met yesterday and you know what? we're buddies. >> yes, we are. >> and this is what we should have done on that stage yesterday. last night i thought about it, ruby you really didn't do everything y should have done. >> i'm feeling the love. i'm feeling the love between the two of you. >> oh, yes. >> we can all hold hands, i'm good with that. i was in iowa in january and february, and i spoke to a lot of young folks like you that were bernie supporters, they said the notion of a woman president, it's no big deal. what do you make of that that the young folks think it is no big deal. >> i'm telling them they're the future of the democratic party and i'm the past. >> you're the present and the puch. >> no, i'm depending on them to
12:55 pm
run the country the democratic way, and i'll be watching them every day. >> watching them every day. the last 30 seconds, what do you, just ruby, you being here, and the roll call coming up. >> i'm excited for the role call. i'm hoping it stays civil and that we can come together, but it needs to be equal. everybody's voices need to be heard, and ruby it has been sch a pleasure to see you. >> i feel the same way about you, honey. i really do. >> you ladies have made my day, seriously, seriously. we have the best for last. >> and we have really bonded. >> we really have. >> ruby and clarissa, thank you so much. >> thank you. and i'm not finished, i just have to say goodbye right now. thank you for being with me, we're watching and waiting, looking forward to roll call.
12:56 pm
she will be officially nominated for president of the democratic party, they're hugging, we're hugging, thank you. >> thank you. >> that was awesome.
12:57 pm
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we are about to see something historic. welcome to "the lead." we're live from the democratic national convention in beautiful philadelphia, pa. very soon, a roll call vote will officially name hillary clinton the democratic presidential nominee. for the first time in the 240 years that the country existed, a woman will be at the top of the major party ballot in early


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