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tv   Americas Choice 2016  CNN  July 27, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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history made in pennsylvania. we are live in philadelphia, outside the wells fargo center, site of the democratic national convention. good morning, everyone. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. hillary clinton locks up the nomination, and the party faithful embrace her moment in history. democrats become the first major party to name a woman as their presidential nominee. >> and i can't believe we just put the biggest crack in that glass ceiling yet. if there are any little girls out there who stayed up late to watch, let me just say, i may become the first woman president, but one of you is next. thank you all. i can't wait to join you in philadelphia. thank you.
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>> we will hear clinton speak tomorrow. but tonight, a star powered lineup. new york former mayor, michael bloomberg will endorse hillary clinton. tim kaine will accept the vp nomination and vice-president joe biden and president obama will take the stage. the former president has the crowd buzzing. >> in the spring of 1971, i met a girl. >> bill clinton gets intensely personal about his wife, weaving a love story more private than political. let's start with michelle, inside the convention hall. hi, michelle. >> reporter: hi, carol. an emotional night. historical night. it was hillary's night. but bill clinton was very much apart of that history. here we have a former president, but here in the role of her
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husband. it wasn't the usual bill clinton we see talking about the issues passionately. he wanted to tell us a story. to counter that parody as we see as this robotic political machine, driven by ambition, i mean, she herself has at times participated and laughed at that joke. he wanted to tell the story of hillary clinton, the woman, the mother, driven by public service. he sort of told the series of anecdotes that spanned her entire life, beginning with the moment that they met. here is part of what he said. >> i was driving her to the airport to fly back to chicago, when we passed this little brick house that had a for sale sign on it. she said, boy, that's a pretty house. it had 1,100 square feet. an attic fan and no air-conditioning, in hot arkansas. a screened in porch.
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hillary commented on what a uniquely designed and beautiful house it was. so i took a big chance. i bought the house. m my mortgage was $175 a month. when she came back, i picked her up. i said you remember that house you like. she said yeah. i said while you were gone, i bought it. you have to marry me now. the third time was the charm. she is curious, she is a natural leader, good organizer. and she is the best darn change maker i ever met in my entire life. this woman has never been satisfied with the status quo in anything. she always wants to move the ball forward. that is just who she is. those of us who have more yesterdays than tomorrows tend to care more about our children
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and grandchildren. the reason you should elect her is that in the greatest country on earth, we have always been about tomorrow. your children and grandchildren will bless you forever if you do. god bless you. thank you. >> reporter: it was interesting how he countered donald trump to describing hillary clinton as real and him as not real. likening him to a cartoon. but bernie sanders also had an emotional moment yesterday, when larry sanders cast the vote for his little brother. listen. >> i want to be before this convention the names of our parents, eli sanders, dorothy glassford sanders. they did not have easy lives and they died young.
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he makes me proud, the accomplishments. they loved him. they loved him and would be especially that bernard is renewing the mission. it is with enormous pride that i cast my vote for bernie sanders. >> thank you very much. democrats abroad -- >> reporter: the story yesterday was just full of emotion. tonight, we hear from president obama, the white house says he very much feels the importance of this moment. they say he has been working on this speech for weeks, carol. >> all right, michelle, reporting live from inside the convention hall. let's talk about all of this. i'm joined by cnn political
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commentator, sally cohn. donald trump supporter, scot sc nell hughes, and larry sabato. welcome, all of you. >> thanks. >> i want to focus on the historic nature of this night. michaela, as you watched the glass shattering and hillary clinton appearing with all of those little girls, what went through your mind? >> it was incredibly powerful. to think, you know, i was thinking my daughter and who has seen a black president, and now a woman nominated. i was thinking about shirley chisolm, we have to change the conversation, white men. it is not a concept. it is not a met at that faphor . people feeling the history is possible. just lifted the doom and gloom that we've -- we were in an
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intense moment. the country needed to see that we are moving forward, no matter what side you're on. this is proof. this is a fact that happened. history happened. it was incredibly powerful. to make it, to center the conversation on children is such that no one candi dispute that. no one can say children don't matter. the whole conversation was on our children and our future. i felt it from my daughter. >> and sally, for younger women and younger men who think that, oh, well, you know, so first woman is nominated by a major political party in the country, if you think about the first man and how weird that sounds, that we might have a first man, it sort of brings it to focus. >> look, i was actually in a room, you know, going about our business with -- happened to be a group of all women, diverse in age from about early 20s and
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maybe 40s or 50s, and suddenly someone said to me she is about to cross the threshold. we all stopped. some of us had, myself who supported senator sanders, some had worked tirelessly for hillary clinton. we all stopped. it was one of those moments that we all held each other and cried. i'll remember it forever. it was a proud moment. i don't care if you're a democrat or republican. hi, honey. when she was about 3 years old, i got her a playing card, deck of the presidential cards. she started to memorize them all. she is quite good at it. at a certain point, you know, she got around to the 30s, mama, why are there no girls. like she like all children grow up in that amazing country where we have women and men and we tell -- people of color, white folks, immigrants, citizens, we tell everyone that you can be part of this country, that that
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is what makes this country great. it is. but we haven't really shown that at the very top of the american -- of the american political power ladder, and now we have a shot to do it. i don't care who you are. how would you vote for. it is a great moment to be an american. >> so larry, bill clinton spoke on behalf of his wife and mostly, he talked about hillary clinton and not himself. was it a good speech in your mind? >> well, it was, but first, i've got to say as the only male on the panel, it is also -- >> you can be president too, larry. >> you can be first lady. >> you can be first lady. >> thanks a lot. look, this is good for men, too. i happen to be at the university of virginia, my president, theresa sullivan, is a woman. i love having a female boss. it would be good for everyone. >> yes. >> not to say it has to be hillary clinton, it could be a republican woman. but i think it is a good thing, all the way around. as far as bill clinton is concerned, i've already heard
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all the usual criticisms. i say that as unfortunately an aged long time pundit, back in the '90s, every time bill clinton gave a state of the union address or some big speech, we could come on and say way too long. he he meandered, then the polls would come in, 75% approval. i guarantee you, if we had the instant polls for that speech, that would be precisely what they show. we may think some of it was excessive. i believe the average voter, who doesn't pay close attention to politics, learned a lot from that speech. i learned things i didn't know about their relationship. >> okay, scottie, the theme of the night seemed to be when it was all wrapped up, it seemed to be it will be women who defeat donald trump. and i think that the president of planned parenthood put it in those stark terms. so he want you to comment on what she said after we listen to her remarks.
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>> donald trump has called women fat pigs. and dogs. he wants to punish women for having abortions. and he says pregnancy is, quote, an inconvenience for a woman's employer. well, mr. trump, come this november, women are going to be a lot more than an inconvenience. yep. because women are going to be the reason you're not elected to be president. >> agree, scottie? >> completely disagree. last night was historical. let's put it in the history books. but if a woman walks into the voting booths and pulls the lever just because she is a woman is sexist. we had a great opportunity, and hillary clinton when she was in the room of girls, said if are a daughter girl too, this would be an excellent opportunity,
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whether you're boy or you're girl, both of you, my job will be to make sure it is equally an option for both of you. that's the problem we've done. we continue to say we want equality. we want equal. but then tear down one group and try to build up another. that's what i heard last night. when she says that. >> hillary clinton tearing down men? >> i think she was to a certain extent. what about my son. does my son, from what she said, your daughter can become as well. i immediately, what about my making it equal, so both of them have the opportunity. why is it that she is going to sit there and put favor on one. that's the problem we have with today. we have that issue with race, we have that issue with with gender, and while i'm celebrating the fact, yes, she got the nomination, but we have to go beyond that now and actually look at their policies. >> these two women are sitting here aghast at what you're saying. >> i'm glad you say that's what you heard, because there is no disputing your lens, like that's what you heard. but it is just stunning how when you can say something positive
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about one group that it is a negative on another. i think that's really where the discourse gets so convulted. >> hillary clinton is not -- if she gets elected not just for women. >> so i'm so sorry. acknowledging hillary clinton is a woman, that it is a historic accomplishment to break that glass ceiling that has existed, and wait, wait, wait, not the same as saying we would only vote for her as a woman. but scottie, i love you, but saying that is sexist. >> hold on. wait. >> wait a second. let me also say to the larger point of the either-or. the a group of mothers whose sons and daughters have died for whatever we can -- they have
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lost their children at the hands of -- of -- many, many, many cases, unfortunate police actions. let me just say, jordan davis' mother said the majority of police are doing a good job. where was that coverage? you want to turn everything into you're saying black lives matter so you're anti-cop. woman candidate, you're antimen. that's not what is being said in that convention. >> can we address what we're talk bug in th talking about in this segment. what hillary clinton was talking about, that's our problem. we continue to make this a difference. you and i, none of us at this table right now because we're women. anybody that would give me a job because just because i am a woman, no, it is because we worked hard. we' we've done our job. if there was a glass ceiling, we ignored it.
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we put our time into it. carol costello is not hosting because she is a woman. she put a lot of time and work. >> let's have a conversation we're actually -- >> actually let's turn to larry. larry is sitting there. >> carol, i'm so grateful you left me out of this. it is perfectly okay to continue with the women members of the panel. look, i think we ought not to get sidetracked. i think we can all agree, it is a terrific thing and another symbol of american progress. it is something everybody can celebrate. a woman has become a major party presidential nominee. it should have happened years ago. margaret thacher got in in 1989, et cetera. it has happened. it is a great thing. this is progress. this is something to be -- to refresh your patriotism about. >> yes. >> how can you have a conversation with no historical context? like -- >> we've had amazing female leaders. margaret thacher, carly if --
6:16 am
>> if the republicans had just nominated a woman to be president, which i hope to see in my lifetime, you would be up here, saying how important that is for this country and for that party -- >> i don't think that's the -- we look at the assets of both males and females. >> all i heard -- >> the democrats want to sit there and make females higher than men. why don't we actually try working together. >> wow. >> okay, i think that's a good place to end this. sally, angela, scottie, larry, thanks so much. still to come in the "newsroom," powerful words from the mothers of african-americans killed by gun violence. what they had to say and the criticism being hurled at democrats, next.
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a big night at the dnc with a major lineup of speakers, president obama will make the case. vice-president joe biden will also speak, presumptive vice-president nominee tim kaine will talk, and new york city mayor michael bloomberg will also speak. he is expected to endorse mrs. clinton tonight. last night, making powerful moments. these nine mothers, whose unarmed african-american children killed by law enforcement or gun violence took to the stage. let's bring in cnn political reporter manu raju to talk about that. good morning, manu. >> reporter: that effort to reintroduce hillary clinton in the eyes of voters, a difficult
6:22 am
task, given how well she is known across the country. but an effort to personalize hillary clinton and show that she is someone who is sympathetic and responsive to people in times of need. >> she knows that when a young black life is cut short, it is not just a loss. it is a personal loss. it is a national loss. what a blessing tonight to be standing here so that sandy can still speak through her mama. >> reporter: the mothers of the movement uniting to endorse hillary clinton on the national stage. nine mothers showing strength in numbers, after losing their sons and daughters to gun violence and racial injustice. recalling details of a private
6:23 am
meeting they had with clinton, after their lives changed forever. >> hillary clinton isn't afraid to say that black lives matter. she isn't afraid to sit at a table with grieving mothers, and bare the full force of our anguish. she doesn't build walls around her heart. >> reporter: framing clinton as a criminal justice reformer. >> this isn't about being politically correct. this is about saving our children. that's why we're here, tonight with hillary clinton. ♪ >> reporter: first responders and this 9/11 survivor, talking about clinton's personal commitment after the attacks. >> hillary showed up. she walked into my hospital room and she took my bandaged hands
6:24 am
into her own. for years, she visited, called, and continues to check in, because hillary cares. when i needed her, she was there. she was there for me. and that's why i'm with her. >> reporter: california senator, barbara boxer, opening up about clinton as a devoted family member and friend of more than 20 years. >> i know her as the loving aunt who helped plan my grandson's birthday parties, when he was just a little toddler. and i saw her rush over after a busy day at the state department, to cheer him on at his high school football games. >> reporter: a night of testimonials, aimed at humanizing the democratic nominee. and quelling the tensions from
6:25 am
the bernie sanders supporters. >> they worked hard. show some class and let them be frustrated for a while. it's okay. they're going to vote for hillary. move on. do you think any of these guys are going to walk in and vote for trump? >> reporter: now that was a personal side of hillary clinton. tonight, we'll hear about the military side. speaker after speaker will be talking about her as possibly commander in chief, how would she command the military. all of course an effort to turn around the sliding poll numbers. a couple of days ago, we saw the cnn/orc poll that voters do not trust hillary clinton. carol. >> all right, manu raju, reporting live for us this morning. i'm joined by pennsylvania senator bob casey to talk about all of this and more. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> nice to have you here. you probably missed our first conversation, before the break. it was rather raucous. one of donald trump supporters said this democratic convention was all about pitting one group against the other. can you address that?
6:26 am
>> well, that's the usual republican tired line, when they're not doing so well. they had a terrible week in cleveland. i'm not sure there has been a convention -- >> they did get a bounce. >> look, i think they had a really difficult week, because it was all about whether it is from their nominee or from the party, it is fear, smear and divide. our party is coming together. it doesn't mean we don't have raucous debates, like you just had here. >> specifically what scottie nell hughes said is last night was tearing down men, white men. >> i didn't see that. >> you're white man. do you feel torn down? >> no, not -- at least not this morning. no, but believe me, i think that what happened yesterday was a series of testimonies from people who know hillary clinton. who know her personally. i know her as well. we saw yesterday the hillary we
6:27 am
know, the person we know. a person of strength and character and faith. and also, a person who cares deeply not just about her own family, but the family of the country. and tonight, we'll know know more about national security and steadiness and strength. >> on the subject of national security, president obama was on the "today show" this morning and he talked about donald trump's lack of knowledge about national security. he also talked about what point he wanted to get across in his speech tonight. so let's listen. >> i hope my headline is that the president of the united states is profoundly optimistic about america's future. and is 100% convinced that hillary clinton can be a great president. >> all right, so it seems like
6:28 am
we're living from two different americas, because the democrats, they say america is already great. the economy is improving. people should feel good about america. republican convention was totally the opposite. which america are we living in? i think voters are confused about that. >> i think first of all, the president is right about hillary. but we are living in a time now where even though the economic data is good, the unemployment rate is low, it is not only low, it was cut in half in president obama's eight years. >> but the perception is that some people aren't doing that great. >> and 14 million jobs, 20 million people with healthcare. we're at the end of 40 years of not a lot of wage growth. one estimate, 9% wage growth over 40 years, we're at the end of that. that's why hillary from the beginning of this campaign focused on the main, i believe the main challenge we have
6:29 am
domestically and that's raising wages for hard-working americans. so that is going to be the challenge we face going forward, and i have no doubt that hillary's ideas and her experience will be able to focus on that problem attack it and come up with solutions. the amazing thing about donald trump and it is not amazing, it is disturbing, he doesn't seem to want to learn anything about these big issues. how to raise incomes, how to better secure the country. and that's troubling in a very dangerous world. >> senator casey, thanks for stopping by. >> thanks, carol. still to come in the "newsroom," hillary clinton makes history and actually, so will her husband, if he becomes the first man.
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we are live outside the wells fargo center, the site of the democratic national convention in philadelphia, pennsylvania. good morning, everyone, i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. any minute now, we're expecting clinton leaders and speaking soon, of course, we're going to monitor that and bring you any new developments. history has been made here in philadelphia. hillary clinton has been nominated for the president of the united states. the glass ceiling, shattered.
6:35 am
for younger people, unphased by clinton's accomplishment, consider this. 96 years ago, women could not even vote. try to wrap your mind around a first man. it sounds weird, right. it sounds so weird that no one can quite figure out what exactly, like, what would a first man's role be. with me to talk about this is presidential historian, alan lickman, and jane hampton cook, the oather of "the burning of the white house." welcome. alan, first of all, do we call h him a first man if bill clinton becomes the -- see, i can't even say it. >> he is not the vice-president. you called -- >> i know, but some people think that. >> the first gentlemen, the advisor in chief.
6:36 am
good buddy. whatever you want to call him, it doesn't matter. it is still historic. the glass ceiling has been shattered nearly 100 years. let me say this. it is not going mean all that much for women, unless women flood into the edifice of politics, and that's to start to win other offices. women are still completely under represented in the congress, in the senate, governor ships. these are the recruitment areas for presidents of the united states. so my advice to american women, take it over. run, run, run. this won't matter as much as you might think. >> jane, i don't know how much sane people would want to run for public office. i hear a lot of people say that. but that's a whole other topic. let's focus on the first man's role. you know, i slipped and said vice-president, but some people do think, jane, that bill clinton will be more of a partner than a first man, if
6:37 am
hillary clinton is elected president. >> well, sure. in 1992, when bill clinton ran for president, he told americans that they were getting two for one, because he was so proud of his successful wife, hillary clinton. so you know, who knows. it really, you know, the constitution does not dictate what the president's spouse does. it is not in law. it is cultural. so this is breaking new grauoun. it will be up to the clintons, kind of how he wants to carve that role. he had such a successful presidency when it came to the economy, 4% growth average, that i wouldn't be surprised if she gave him something like that to be a focal point for him. i don't know. but that just seems like a logical thing to do. >> see, that's kind of the strange thing. we're talking about, and i know bill clinton was the former president and all of that, but we're not talking about the first man lighting the christmas tree or picking the white house china, or redecorating the white
6:38 am
house. who the heck is going to do all that stuff, alan? >> maybe bill clinton will. you know, it is time to shake up gender roles. gender roles are socially conditioned. they're not fixed. let bill clinton bake some chocolate chip cookies for a change and maybe set up the china. but let it be more of a partnership. that really is what modern marriage represents. the old patriotic ideal, as much as some would like to restore it, perhaps donald trump, really is no longer viable in the modern world. >> well, th they do but it is sa contrast between with the republicans, right. because melania trump will likely be a traditional first lady. and she'll adopt something like, you know, she says she wants to help children, right. so how different between the two parties, jane? >> there is a difference, because there a gender difference. there is an experience
6:39 am
difference. in geraldine ferraro, who was the first vice-presidential nominee, if she had become president, her husband wasn't a former president. so that makes hillary clinton much -- the situation much different than it would be if someone had come through with a partner who wasn't in politics. that's one reason we're having this conversation. we don't quite know what to do it. they've had social secretaries and staff to handsle the cookie. it will shake up the gender roles a little bit, but it will bring in partnership when it comes comes to democra comes to diplomacy. >> i'll be right back. i have to leave it there.
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with russia behind the dnc e-mail hack, well, president
6:44 am
obama says anything is possible. the scandal still rocking the convention here in philadelphia. the president and vice-president are both weighing in. barbara starr has more. >> reporter: good morning. there is strong evidence, they say, that the hacking into the dnc e-mails was conducted by hackers doing it on behalf of russian intelligence, strong evidence. this is really breathtaking. what the russian motivations were, was it just routine hacking, if you will. they do engage in that type of activity, the u.s. says, or were they in fact trying to dis result the presidential election by embarrassing the democratic national committee and supporting donald trump. that's unknown. but the president and the vice-president weighing in with their thoughts on the matter. >> the russians hack our systems. not just government systems, but
6:45 am
private systems. what the motives were in terms of the leak, all that, i can't say directly. what i do know is that donald trump has repeatedly expressed admiration for vladimir putin. >> i don't know about this particular dump with e-mails. but we do know that this is the modus of russia. >> what would it say if they were trying to influence our election. >> totally consistent with who putin is. >> do you think he wants trump to win. >> i think he doesn't want hillary to win. >> what was the detective trail here that is making u.s. officials say russian intelligence was behind it? the u.s. was already tracking some cyber intrusions into white house and state department e-mails. there was even an intrusion here at the pentagon into the unclassified e-mail of the joint chiefs of staff. the cyber signature, if you will, from those hacking events took them to the dnc, and it
6:46 am
appeared to begin to match some of the more official, if you will, russian hacking events that took place on behalf of russian intelligence. now, the trump campaign is saying that he and his campaign have no affiliation with russia, with any of this. carol. >> all right, barbara starr, reporting live from the pentagon this morning. thank you. breaking news to tell you about. no more trials. no more trials for the baltimore police officers charged in the death of freddie gray. the cases have been dismissed. miguel marquez on the phone with more on the story. hi, miguel. >> reporter: good morning, carol. this is an enormous change in the situation in baltimore. the cases against garrett miller, who was due to be tried today. alicia white, who was on scene when freddie gray was arrested
6:47 am
as well, and during the time he was being transported and officer porter, who was going to be retried. all the charges against the officers have been dropped by the prosecution. those cases will now go away. the prosecutor herself has a press conference scheduled for 10:30 a.m. in baltimore. all of this, happening against the backdrop of what we see not only here in philadelphia, but in baltimore and other places. it is very unclear how this will be seen. but the prosecution has failed to make their case in three of these trials so far, and it did not look well going into this fourth trial, and here we have the results. the charges against all three of the remaining officers of freddie gray will now be dropped and unclear where baltimore goes from here. the baltimore mayor was serving
6:48 am
as the dnc just last night. we know marlin mosbley will have a press conference, an i'm sure the officers involved and their attorneys are glad this has happened, because the gag order, the protective order that was on this case, will now be lifted and they'll most likely be speaking very shortly as well. carol. >> interesting. so we'll check back if that happens. miguel marquez reporting live on this breaking news. shocking news out of the city of baltimore. with me now, joey jackson. joey, what do you make of this? >> good morning, carol. i make of it that the prosecution had to make a decision based upon what has happened in the case so far. and clearly, the judge williams has rejected the theory that -- you know, at the outset, we should say it is very difficult to get a conviction based upon inactivity. generally, whenever you see cases, you know, you talk about the mental state of a
6:49 am
perpetrator, that's a person accused of a crime. they're doing something. in this particular case, the theory is you didn't seat belt, you didn't take proper precautions, you didn't provide medical attention, things you didn't do. and so the question then becomes, not that it makes inaction right, but if it makes it for example negligent, that matter has of course been resolved inasmuch as the civil settlement with the family, but the judge in his skepticism in the case it could be criminally neglect jenlt, excuse me, but is it criminal. so i think the prosecutor, based on the acquittal of three officers, in addition to the bench trial where there was a hung jury, had to make a calculated decision and that is, should we move forward knowing the judge is skeptical of our theory, knowing there is facts in dispute in the case in terms of whether the regulations
6:50 am
required seat belting, you know, did they have time to seat belt because the crowd was milling around. the judge has been very skeptical not only of this theory but the facts they advanced of viewing them from the prosecutor's perspective, so they decided it was time. it was time to move forward. they attempted to get convictions. that was not happening. so you have two or three others in the queue. they opted to say, you know what, we're going to cut our losses and we did the best we can on behalf of the community. finally, the prosecution has a responsibility and that is only to move forward in the event they believe they can prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. in the event you do not believe that you can meet that standard, then ethically and legally, it's time to move on and i think they said, look, these are our facts, this is what we advanced, this is our theory, we don't believe we can prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. and therefore, it's time to turn
6:51 am
the page and move on to other matters. >> all right, joey jackson. thank you very much. we understand the state's attorney and the city of ba baltimore, will be holding a news conference. we'll monitor that for you. we have more breaking news. it's a busy morning. brian todd is here to tell us about the assassin of president reagan, what's happening with him. >> the u.s. district judge has handed down a ruling saying john thi hinckley, who's now 61 years old who a tempted to assassinate reagan 35 years ago can be released to live with his mother. there's a lot of restrictions handed down here. some of those restrictions including mental health monitoring at st. elizabeth hospital in washington and some other restrictions especially on his mobile phones and computers. some of those restrictions can
6:52 am
be fazed out after a year. and that will remove hinckley from the court's control since 1981. he's been staying at st. elizabeth's hospital here in washington, a hospital for the mentally ill, which also has a detention facility attached to it. he's been there for, as we said, 35 years, since the attempted assassination of president reagan in march of 1981. he will be free to live with his 90-year-old mother in a gated community in williamsburg, virginia. again, a lot of restrictions placed on his movements. he will be monitored. many of those restrictions will start to fade away if he adhered to them in 12 to 18 months. so in about a year and a half, john hinckley could be basically a completely free man. >> astounding developments this morning, brian todd reporting live for us on this breaking news. ♪
6:53 am
6:54 am
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6:56 am
i want to take you live to the convention floor, that is tim kaine, going through his run-through, because he'll be speaking tonight. you might say it's the speech of his night tonight. he pointed to the cameras and waved. he's talking right now. we'll let him get right back to it. he's also the former president of ubs investment bank, welcome. >> thank you, great to be here. >> as you look at tim kaine,
6:57 am
what goes through your mind? >> i've known him a long time. big fan of his. i think he'll help very much in virginia. i think he's someone really strong for the swing states. just a good person all around. well respected by both sides. >> well, progressives, you know, of the bernie sanders stripes, they're not so happy with the pick. >> i'm not surprised. >> they don't think he's tough enough on wall street. >> yes. >> mr. banker. >> seems like no one's tough enough on wall street for the last few years. the far left and the far right is never too happy with someone who is center left or center right. if you look at where the election's going to be run or lost, it's going to be center left or center right. the far right tea party is
6:58 am
voting for donald trump and the far left is voting for secretary clinton. because at the end of the day, you cannot have more of a differential option. >> this wall street thing isn't going away. i was looking at donations. hillary clinton got a lot of money from wall street somewhat, $41 million. donald trump's gotten very little money from wall street. i'm sure donald trump will point that out. >> i like to tell people, wall street, when i was on it for 30 years, i'm not on it anymore. it was just a job. it was not about what my job was. it's not about where regulation was, is going or was going. we all know regulation's coming. it's about supreme court. it's about where we are socially. where we are fiscally. when i look at some of the most important book ends being our next supreme court justice choices and where we need the economy to go and foreign policy, there's no question to me she's the right option for the country. >> you know her wall street speeches are going to come again
6:59 am
and what's in them and what did she say, right. >> as someone who has heard many, many speeches, okay, when you listen to secretary clinton or whoever the speech is, we want to hear her thoughts. most of her speeches i guarantee was much more about foreign policy and secretary of state. what people fail to realize at the end of the day it's not going to be a choice of whether she did wall street's speeches or donald trump has trump university and has not shown his taxes. it's going to be about who keeps our country more safe and who's better for the economy. the two book ends don't change. >> another big issue are america's trade policies, right, tpt, right. so for these voters, what are they to think? >> you have the right person on stage because as a hillary supporter, i am on the president's export council and i
7:00 am
am a staurj nch supporter of tt. i've had conversations going back to september and october of 2015. they could not have been more adamant where they are against ttp. so there's no question to me, i know there's a lot of people that want to make it she's for trade or she's for that. businesspeople, elected officials, need to be for smart trade, okay, when it's fair and balanced. the secretary, although i disagree with her, i am for ttp but she is not. >> definitely not. she's not going to negotiate a better deal like , you know, terry mcauliffe said that yesterday. >> we cannot put a moat around the united states of america. we have to trade with partners. >> thank you for stopping by. >> i do appreciate it, sitting there in the heat. >> thanks so much. the next hour of "newsroom"
7:01 am
starts right now. and good morning, thank you so much for joining me live from philadelphia, pennsylvania, the site of the democratic national convention. i'm carol costello. all right, let's go right to the convention floor. our senior political reporter manu raju is there. tim kaine's going through his run-through for his big speech tonight. tell us about it, manu. >> yes, that's right, tim kaine walking through the stage right now, carol, talking about virginia, one thing, the message he just gave, look how close virginia is to the convention floor. he said, look, this was not the case several years ago, virginia used to be way, way far back but now things are different. i shouted a question to him, do you think virginia can win, he said i think we'll do well. the question i posed to him, are you concerned about some of the
7:02 am
bernie supporters. he said, well, i love them. another question, are you opposed to ttp. he didn't respond to that. this will be the biggest moment of his political career, introducing himself to the nation. the poll from earlier this week, tim kaine waving to some supporter, right now. the poll found that about 80% of the country does not know who tim kaine is so this will be his opportunity to introduce himself. now, carol, it's not just tim kaine's night, it's also president obama's night. he'll have to defend his record over the last 7 1/2 years. and also present hillary clinton as change, talking about hillary clinton as someone who can do something different if she were to come to washington. listen to how he described his
7:03 am
approach when asked about that earlier today. >> the president of the united states is profoundly optimistic about america's future and is 100% convinced that hillary clinton can be a great president. >> so now of course this will come as tim kaine here prepares for his big speech on this stage right now, interestingly, his aides are sort of assessing his wardrobe. ties, different ties they're holding up in the light to see how they look, so no detail is too small right now for such a big moment, not just for tim cain but president obama, also on this major stage, probably the biggest stage he'll have before he leaves office here, carol. >> i'm sitting next to hillaary
7:04 am
rosen who said, couldn't they, like, tested out the ties, not on television? now tim is standing there. and wouldn't he be wear like a blue tie? >> that's probably one of the thicks they're assessing at this very moment, carol. no detail's too small. >> talking about fashion -- no detail's too small. >> they probably have three, four ties right now. >> just like you, manu. >> exactly. >> all right, thanks, manu raju, thanks so much. bill clinton of course rocking the dnc last night, hillary clinton's historic night. let's get right to that and michelle kosinski, she's in the convention hall as well. >> that was an extraordinary moment too, this is bill clinton, former president, but here in the role of hillary clinton's husband. bill clinton talking about policy or on the issues. that was very much more bill
7:05 am
clinton telling us a story about hillary clinton, the woman. the mother. it was anecdotes about how she helped people virtually throughout her entire life and her story began with the moment they met. listen. >> in the spring of 1971, the first time i saw her we were, appropriately enough, in a class on political and civil rights. she had thick blonde hair, big glasses, wore no makeup. and she ex-you'ded this sense of strength and self-possession that i found magnetic. after the class, i followed her out, intending to introduce myself. i got close enough to touch her
7:06 am
back, but i couldn't do it. somehow i knew this would not be just another tap on the shoulder. >> the story got very personal there. i think much of the crowd you could tell, many hadn't heard any of these details before. they were poignant. he talked about how it took three tries to get hillary clinton to marry him and he described each of those tries and how they went. he talked about the day their daughter chelsea was born. now, still, i mean, maybe you couldn't help but think while he's talking about this lengthy relationship that they've had some problems in this relationship too. haven't they. caused by him. but none of that of course was ever mentioned. but even so, even if you had that thought in your head, even that would have played into the point that he was making that hillary clinton has been through a lot in her life but she has kept trying and she has persevered, carol. >> all right, michelle kosinski,
7:07 am
reporting live, as we continue to look at tim kaine going through his run-through tonight. let's talk about that and more. i'm joined by former speechwriter for president bill clinton don baer, cnn political analyst and washington bureau chief for the daily beast jackie kucinich, cnn political commentator hillaary rosen and e co-chair of trump's new york campaign joseph bo relli. as we watched tim kaine go through -- there you are. it's like, oh, my goodness. as we watched tim kaine preparing for tonight, what do you tell the candidates, you know, the speech is ready to go, what do you tell candidates to do in that convention hall prespeech? >> they've got to feel the crowd. these things are interactive experiences, right, that's the great thing about a speech like this, they actually can play off the crowd and understand what's going on from the audience. of course, these are very
7:08 am
skilled speakers. tim kaine has done this many times. he's spoken to large audiences before. but hopefully the speech is done. and a lot of today is about really making sure that he's hitting the lines that he wants to hit right and it does express what he wants to express. >> i would imagine though when you're speaking to such a large excited crowd and there could be several boos, who knows, how do you tell a candidate how to handle boos? >> you move past them, right. >> just ignore them? >> well, just move past them, you keep going. by the way, they've anticipated all of that. they know where the lines are that maybe are going to draw those and they understand. but this is about getting up there and being optimistic and positive and keep moving forward. you know, there's a message. there's a message here to this campaign. you saw it last night with bill clinton. i thought -- a friend of mine talked about this, that for hillary clinton, her one big chance is much like george hw
7:09 am
bush's in 1998. she needs to convince this country she's better than the image of hillary clinton they've been led to believe and this is her opportunity to do it. bill clinton went a long way towards doing that last night. you think about the real audience for that speech last night, i don't think there's been much talk about this. millennials seeing hillary clinton as someone they can relate to, they understand. we know millennials say they want their work to have a sense of purpose, they want to make change. she is the person who's been doing that since she was 23 years old and they understand that in a way they have not seen before. >> is that why hilary, the speakers talk so much about hillary clinton's work in other countries and her work with children and things like that, to attract millennials? >> here's the campaign thinking, and don's right, which is, you know, there are certain things that donald trump has effectively made hillary clinton vulnerable on. one of them is she's just another old politician, having been a politician for many, many
7:10 am
years. another is that she is -- he's pushed back on her strength in foreign policy and tried to turn that into a weakness. what you see is -- and that she's not trustworthy. you see the progression all week. where the first night, you add michelle obama, i trust her with my own life, my own children, and we can trust her with america's children. last night, you saw a number of women out there making the case what she's done behind the cameras, before the cameras ever started shining on her, fighting for women and families and this, you know, powerful moment of these mothers of gun violence victims talking about how she relates to them. and then bill clinton talking about those moments, as don said, that show that she hasn't been a politician her whole life. she's been a servant her whole life, but not a politician. she has cared and done things found ways to get to helping
7:11 am
people that young people today are actually interested in doing without entering politics. so, you know, tonight we're going to see the guys, right. we've led up to women, we've led up to those issues. tonight's the guy's turn. you know what, guys, you can feel good about hillary clinton too. you're going to have tim kaine and bloomberg and the president of the united states. >> president obama was on the "today" show this morning. he's already on the attack against donald trump. i want our viewers to listen to that before i get into the question. >> where some strong man orders people around -- >> do you see shades of that with him? >> well, i think that it is important for us to remember that we live in a democracy.
7:12 am
the way we solve problems is by everybody participating. and arguing. occasionally having to compromise. >> obama also called mr. trump many intellectually incurious. he said trump doesn't even care to spend time to figure out the difference between sunni and shia. >> it's laughable the president is talking about open democracy in the wake of this e-mail scandal which shows his own party was validating what bernie sanders said all along, rigging the system against an open and democratic process. to don's point, i don't know as a millennial you're the best person to convey the message -- >> i'm a father of two of them so i know a little bit about it and i work with about 1,000 but that's fine, go ahead with your attack, that's good. >> tim kaine -- >> you don't know how old i am either, but go ahead. >> i think you look great. >> thanks. >> you've seen the disjointed message of the campaign. i think it's change reacting to
7:13 am
some polls. 10 of the last 13 polls saw donald trump ahead. >> 10 out of the last 13? we just saw his bump. >> we saw his bump which is fine. you see the clinton campaign reacting to that. if she's now becoming the change maker, why did she pick someone who's sort of the embodiment of establishment long-term career politicians? i think it's an odd message. you mentioned mike bloomberg. last night, you had a highlight on black lives matter. some people were insulted by that. fine. now tonight you have someone who basically took stop and frisk in the new york city police department, made it a quantifiable tool for cops, and has said that african-americans were stopped less than statistically they should be. i think the message is becoming disjointed. >> you're saying the right facts but the conclusion is wrong.
7:14 am
which that hillary clinton, like president obama said, is curious and brings people together. it is inclusive. she knows how to set a table where everybody has a view -- >> i know you're itching to get in. do the democrats have a cohesive message? >> last night was completely on message. i don't think anyone was off message last night. tonight when you look at the list of speakers there does seem to be the same thing. joe biden's speaking so -- >> the message -- [ inaudible ] >> say again. >> the message is -- >> were you at the republican convention? >> i was there. we talked about that last week. but this is a departure from the steady hand hillary we saw. this is now hillary the change maker. bill clinton had to go back to the 1970s to present the time when hilary was a young vibrant change maker -- >> that's not true -- >> for decades you have attacked her because she was a change maker and you didn't like the
7:15 am
change she was making which the american people did like. bill clinton's narrative, that's what it's called, he told the story of his life and her life together, is that she has been making the change consistently, persistently for 45 years. she's never given up because she doesn't give up into the face of the kinds of things that almost no one can imagine and she's been committed and is going to continue to be committed. >> i do understand what joe is saying, that she is a pragmatist. compared to bernie sanders who wanted to throw the whole thing out, that had been one of her issues during the campaign. >> progressive who gets things done. and that's the country we live in. hillary's point, she knows how to bring people together from diverse points of view, left, right, high, low, it doesn't matter. at the end of the day, we have to get to solutions and we have to stop everyone wanting pure answers to these questions because we're not going to have
7:16 am
any. >> i got to leave it there. don baer, hillaary rosen, thank so much. it's such a busy morning. this breaking news out of baltimore. all charges have been dropped against the remaining officers charged in the death of freddie gray. the baltimore prosecutor or the state's attorney merrill mosby is slated to speak to the press in about ten minutes or so. miguel marquez has more for us. what can you tell us, miguel? >> where she will hold that press conference, it's at least scheduled for 1700, where it is the exact spot where freddie gray was arrested and then died seven days later after being critically injured in a police van. the three remaining officers, another officer, garrett miller, was up for trial today. stood up and asked the judge to dismiss all charges against all officers going forward. garrett miller, alicia white, she was a sergeant on the scene
7:17 am
during the time that he was being transported that day, those charges will be dropped, as well as officer porter. he had earlier had -- he was the only officer to face a jury that ended with a hung jury and he was going to be tried again, last. all of this getting very complicated legally because the issues with the prosecutor and with evidence. but it is a stunning, stunning turn of events for battle moshgs given the way the state's attorney came out over a year ago and said she was going to prosecute these officers, had the evidence and clearly along the way realized she did not and now is dropping charges and trying to move on. >> all right, miguel marquez, reporting live for us on this breaking news out of baltimore city, this morning. still to come in the "newsroom," he tried to kill president reagan and now he's about to set free. more on the breaking news next. on dirt and grime
7:18 am
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all right, more breaking news to tell you about this morning. john hinckley jr., the man who shot ronald reagan, is due to be set free from a mental hospital. >> the judge issued this order this morning that john hinckley jr., 61 now, is no longer a danger to himself or others and can be released from st. elizabeth mental hospital here in washington, d.c. that hospital has a detention facility where john hinckley has been staying for 35 years since he attempted to assassinate president reagan in 1981. among the restrictions placed on hinckley, he cannot approach the news media. he is being barred from any contact with any member of the reagan family, any member of james brady's family. james brady, the presidential aide who was seriously wounded in that attack. also, he cannot contact the
7:23 am
families of the two secret service agents who were wounded in that attack and he is barred from any contact with jodie foster, jodie foster, the actress who he tried to impress 35 years ago when he tried to asass that's president reagan. she of course now is a successful director. john hinckley not allowed contact with her or the reagan family or the secret service families who were involved in that assassination attempt, carol. >> all right, brian todd reporting live for us on this astounding news this morning. thank you. it has been a busy morning already here in philadelphia for the vice presidential hopeful tim kaine. moments ago, cakaine was on the convention floor doing a quick walk-through. i'm joined by congressman james clyburn who helped advise the clinton campaign on their vp pick. so tim kaine, it is his big night, what will americans learn about tim kaine from his speech tonight? >> i think americans will get to see the tim kaine i've known for
7:24 am
a long time. i first came to know him when he was mayor of richmond. i watched him camp in and get elected lieutenant governor and then governor and when he was running for the senate, i campaigned alongside him. went into labor unions, labor hall, african-american churches. he was as comfortable in every setting as any candidate i've ever campaigned with. and so i think that americans will get to see that here's a guy, very smart, compassionate, down to earth, very articulate, and i'll tell you, he can sing a real good tune in an african-american church too. >> oh, my goodness, maybe he'll do a bit of that tonight, you never know. >> maybe. >> exactly. some progressives are worried about tim kaine. they don't think he's progressive enough especially on things like trade.
7:25 am
for example, ttp. >> right. >> he talked out in favor of it a week ago and now all of a sudden he's against it because he's the vp pick. can you explain? >> oh, yeah, we all have those changes of heart, especially when we change positions -- >> is it a true change of heart or is he just changing the tune because he's, now, the vp pick for clinton? >> well, there are certain thoughts i have about approaching things based upon my constituents and whether you can modify the ttp to fit what may be your view in the long run. but i think that what we've got here is a gentlemen who i will not agree with on everything. i am totally against off shore drilling. and he has, on occasion, expressed a favor for offshore drilling. i guess i'm more enamored with
7:26 am
the beaches of south carolina than he is the beaches of virginia i guess. but whatever may be the case. i've been married for 55 years, so i know what it is not to always agree. >> i wanted to ask you about this because i had so trump supporters on this morning and they say throughout this whole democratic convention they felt that the democrats are pitting one group against the other. >> i don't know what convention they've been watching. what i've seen in this convention is an effort to reach out to the various segments. not just of our party but of this great nation of ours. what we have seen even on the first night, you've seen more participation, more diversity, of the parparticipants, then yoe seen in the entire republican -- >> i think maybe they were talking about the absence of
7:27 am
white people. >> the absence of white people? >> or any discussion about, you know, how blue collar workers and middle america, specifically white workers, are feeling the pinch because of the economic conditions in our country right now. >> well, you know, when you put the economic conditions on income levels, you get beyond race, ethnicity. one of the things i've been pushing for a long time, and i think hillary clinton, in her speeches, adopted our concept put forward by the congressional black caucus. what that says is where you find a community with 25% below the poverty level for the last 20 years, ought to be invested in those communities. now, if you're in west virginia or kentucky, those are white communities. if you're in arizona or new
7:28 am
mexico, those are latino communities. native americans in south dakota or alaska. and you don't get to black people until you get down to south carolina, georgia, mississippi, alabama. so if that's not reaching out to people across backgrounds, across race, i don't know what is. she has embraced that in every one of her speeches. i don't know that you have to identify people by skin color or -- in order to say you've got their backs. when the president talked about west virginia, former president last night, i think he was reaching out to basically white people. >> congressman, thanks for stopping by, i do appreciate it. coming up next, more on the stunning decision out of baltimore city, prosecutors deciding to drop all charges against the remaining police officers in the freddie gray case. any minute, we're going to hear
7:29 am
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7:33 am
all right, more on our breaking news. you see the podium sitting up in the city of baltimore. the state's attorney marilyn mosby scheduled to speak i think in about half an hour from now. she'll try to explain why all the remaining charges against these officers charged with the death of freddie gray have now been dropped. some might say it's a colossal
7:34 am
failure for marilyn mosby but she'll put it in her terms we think in just about a half hour. we'll take you back to baltimore live when that happens. we've heard a lot about russia and the accusations around the dnc e-mail hack. not only is the fbi looking into whether russia was involved, many people feel trump played a role into it too. president obama's response to that rumor, anything's possible. cnn's barbara starr at the pentagon with more on this. >> right off the top, the trump campaign says they had no involvement in any of this activity, but u.s. officials are telling cnn there is every reason to believe, little reason to doubt, strong evidence, all of those words, that the hacking into the democratic national committee e-mails was done on behalf of russian intelligence. they say this because they began to track some hacking that they traced to the russians into some
7:35 am
government systems several months ago. the white house, the state department, even here at the pentagon. there was an intrusion into the e-mail of the joint chiefs of staff. that cyber pattern is what, in part, took them to the dnc e-mails and, in part, has led them to believe russian intelligence behind it, the russian motive, was it just, if you will, routine russian hacking into u.s. storms, or is it an effort, fairly breathtaking, to consider that the kremlin is trying to effect the u.s. presidential election? trump seen perhaps as closer to the russians than hillary clinton is. both president obama and vice president biden talking about all of this. >> the russians hacked our systems. not just government systems but private systems. what the motives were in terms of the leaks, all that, i can't say directly. what i do know is that donald
7:36 am
trump has repeatedly express ed admiration for president putin. >> i know this is the modus operandi of russia. >> what would that say if they're trying to influence our election. >> totally consistent with who putin is. >> you think he wants -- >> if it is proven under the fbi investigation that it was the russian government what now, what could happen. russia is already heavily sanctioned, but experts are saying there could be an effort to place more sanctions, economic sanctions and law enforcement actions on the russians, carol. >> so just to make it crystal clear, barbara, investigators say russian hackers were to blame for the dnc breach, but there's no evidence that the russian government was behind it, is that accurate? >> well, let me go back over
7:37 am
that. that's a very interesting point. what officials are telling cnn is their understanding at the moment is there is strong evidence that the hackers who got into this e-mail system were hacking on behalf of russian intelligence. so if you believe that the russian intelligence services are representative of the russian government, you can draw your own conclusions. if you believe the russian intelligence services operate independently of the central russian government and independently of vladimir putin, i think it's fair to say there aren't too many people that believe that. carol. >> all right, that's why i love my barbara starr, thank you so much for making it clear for us, i appreciate it, barbara. with me to talk more about this is florida senator bill nelson, he's also a senior member of the armed services committee, welcome, sir. >> good morning, carol. >> what do you make of this? >> well, the russians are certainly capable, and i wouldn't put it past them to be
7:38 am
doing this, and we'll find out in time. >> do you really think that vladimir putin could be behind it? >> absolutely. former kgb. he loves to get in and disrupt. so of course he could. >> really? but why do -- if he is responsible, if he is behind it, is it more to spoil hillary clinton's chance at a presidency or does he really like donald trump do you think? >> well, that we don't know. time will tell. but whatever it is, it may have worked in the sense that it showed that people have opinions in the dnc, but beyond that, it's not going to affect the outcome of the election. >> well, there's still a drip drip drip to come, right? >> well, you know, i look at everything as an optimist, not a
7:39 am
pessimist. everybody said, oh, whoa is me, all the kerr fluffle on the first day, this place is united now and we're united going into november. >> i do think this russian thing is going to become part of the campaign rhetoric moving forward. trump has come out and said, look, i have no financial ties to russia. you're accusing me unfairly. you're intimating that i'm to blame, i'm behind this because of my relationship with vladimir putin, and that's ridiculous. >> well, i'm not blaming him. i think, again, in the big scheme of things, this is going to be just a little blip. >> really? >> yes. >> because if russian intelligence did hack into the dnc system, that's a big deal, isn't it? >> well, it is from an intelligence standpoint but from a standpoint of the outcome, who's going to win in november, that's not going to make that much difference. >> so what should the united states do if it's proved that vladimir putin was behind this hack? >> well, there's one country
7:40 am
that is better than the russians, and the russians are better than everybody else, and the better country, being able to use cyberattacks, is the united states. >> so you think the u.s. -- >> you mess around with us, we're going to go after you, and they ought to know that. >> so it will be sort of a cyber war between the united states and russia? >> well that goes on every day. they and the chinese are all the time trying to get into us. but they know our capability. and you go over that line and they're going to have suddenly some of their systems shut down. >> so if it's proved, did they go over that line and will we shut some of their systems down? >> i can't make that decision. that's made in the context of whoever is discovered. >> senator bill nelson, thanks for stopping by. still to come in the
7:41 am
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7:46 am
>> it's time for a president who can make america great again. with donald trump and mike pence, what we know is true, we can make america safe again. we can make america first again. together, we can make america great again for all americans. and when we elect donald trump, the 45th president of the united states, together we will make america great again. >> when my father says he will make america great again, he will deliver. >> and we will make america great again. >> but making america great again is not how the democrats see it. they think trump's got it all wrong. >> don't let anyone ever tell you this candidate isnountry is. because this right now is the greatest country on earth. >> it's when we fight together
7:47 am
and that's what makes america great. >> and the strength to lead our already great nation in this hour of challenge. did you hear what i said? already great nation. donald, did you hear me? already great nation. >> all right, so let's talk about that. cnn political analyst and editor in chief of the daily beast is here, john av lan. cnn political commentator errol lewis is here. welcome to all of you. >> good morning. >> so there's this image of two very different americas out there. i think maybe some voters might be confused. is america great or isn't it, john? >> well, often where you stand is a matter of where you sit. obviously, the trump campaign has a vest interested in saying the country's going to hell in a hand basket and only donald can save it.
7:48 am
were in recovery from the great recession. the reality is unemployment is down dramatically. we have seen upticks in crime in some areas but the country overall is not seeing anywhere near the crime epidemic that seemed to be evoked. by the objective metrics, it's tough to say that america is in hella shape. by objective measures, it's not. that's partisan spin. we're not in a perfect place so you don't want to fool yourself in that regard either but a lot of the stuff looks more like fearmongering to me. >> so, joseph, is america great? >> america's great. let's start there. >> on that we can agree. >> but start with your facts. last night, he spoke about how many people he was able to take off the poverty role rolls whi was president. we see 6 million more americans
7:49 am
are on the poverty rolls. what you see is hillary clinton being forced to walk this very narrow line between trying to link herself between some of the things which barack obama would characterize as successes of his administration and trying to be this new -- >> did barack obama have any successes? >> i'll tell you a funny story about that. when barack obama was doing his endorsement of hillary clinton, he went through a laundry list of things of his administration he touted as successes. not one of the things he mentioned was on foreign policy which was the thing that hillary clinton was in charge. she was in the wheelhouse -- >> sorry, i have to interrupt because your candidate donald trump is holding this impromptu -- i don't know if it's a news conference or not. l let's listen. >> -- who give her all these glowing reports should ask yourself why. i tell you why, because despite
7:50 am
the nice platitudes, she's been a mess. you look at what's happened with isis. you look at what's happening with law and order. they don't even mention our police. they mention everybody but our police. they don't have an american flag on the dais until we started complaining. and then they ran up with two small little flags. one that we saw. so, you know, i put myself through your news conferences often, not that it's fun. 235 days, no news conference for hillary clinton. you ought to check it out. because there's a lot going on. great disloyalty to the person who rigged the system for her debbie wasserman schultz. she totally rigged it. bernie sanders never had a chance.
7:51 am
and total disloyalty. it's like you're fired, get out, fast. the e-mail situation. i call it the dark e-mail situation. both very serious. what was said in the last one is the dnc was horrible, absolutely horrible. if i would have used language like they used about religion, about race, about everything else they discussed in those e-mails, i would have had a run and hide and probably drop out of the race. with her, everything's just fine. so just ask yourself why she doesn't have news conferences and, honestly, the reason is because there's no way she can answer questions because the job she has done is so bad. when they talk about change, i noticed they have change. she's been there for 30 years.
7:52 am
30 years. there's no change. it's going to be the same. it's going to be an extension of obama. she lied about ttp. she was for ttp. she saw me on television knocking the hell out of it because it's a horror show, it's going to kill all our jobs. it's going to be almost as bad as nafta, maybe worse, which her husband signed by the way, which destroyed this country, destr destroyed manufacturing in the united states. and i'll do something about it. that will be so renegotiated. by the way, yesterday, for the first time, she said she wants to renegotiate trade agreements. first time yesterday. all because of me. she also saw me talking about ttp. and currency manipulation. and currency devaluation. and she heard it. she said, wow, she can't win that subject in a debate. she goes against ttp. her vice president is one of the biggest proponents of ttp.
7:53 am
and now he's going against it. and bernie sanders was right. he was against it. they will go for ttp and vote it in very shortly after the election. if she wins. which, for the sake of our country, we all hope and i hope that she doesn't. they will vote it in. just mark my words. hopefully, we don't have to worry about it. she'll change a comma, a paragraph of the 6,000 page document that nobody's even read. just so you understand, the other countries know every word, every paragraph, every sentence, every single comma and period. we don't even read it, our country. because we're led by stupid people. so she saw me talking about ttp. she realized she couldn't defend it. her special interests are pushing her hard because she's bought and sold by the special
7:54 am
interests. they're pushing her very hard. so she said she's against it. the day she gets in, which hopefully will never happen, she will approve, or shortly thereafter, ttp. and that will be another desafety, disaster for jobs in our country. any questions. yes, sir. [ inaudible ] it's just a total deflection. this whole thing with russia. in fact, i saw her campaign manager. i don't know his title. mook. i saw him on television. they asked him about russia and the hacking. by the way, if they hacked, they probably have her 33,000 e-mails. i hope they do. they probably have her 33,000 e-mails that she lost. and deleted. because you'd see some beauties there. so let's see. but i watched this guy, mook. he talked about, we think it was russia that hacked.
7:55 am
first of all, what was said on those that's so bad. i think he was live. he said we think it was russia that hacked. and then he said -- i'm just -- an innocent person sitting, watching television, as i've been doing. and then he said, ah, could be trump, yeah, yeah, trump, trump, oh, yeah. he reminded me of jon lovitz for "saturday night live" in the liar. where he goes, yeah, yeah, i went to harvard, harvard, yeah, yeah. this is the guy. you have to see it. yeah, it could be trump, yeah, yeah. so it is so farfetched. it's so ridiculous. honestly, i wish i had that power. russia has no respect for our country. if it is russia. nobody knows. it could be china. it could be somebody sitting in his bed. it shows how weak we are.
7:56 am
it shows how disrespected we are. sooiming it's russia or china. it's a total sign of disrespect. putin and the leaders throughout the world have no respect for our country anymore and they certainly have no respect for our leader. it's one of the more farfetched i've heard. yes. [ inaudible ] i never met putin. he said one nice thing about me. he said i'm a genius. i said thank you very much to the news and that was the end of it. i never met putin. >> -- treat putin as an adversary or ally -- >> i would treat vladimir putin
7:57 am
firmly but there's nothing i can thing of that i'd rather do than have russia friendly as opposed to the way we are now so we can go and knock out isis together with other people and with other countries. wouldn't it be nice if we actually got along with people? wouldn't it be nice if we actually got along, as an example, with russia? i'm all for it. and let's go get isis. because we have to get isis and we have to get them fast. you saw what happened with the priest. it's only going to get worse. hillary clinton wants to allow 550 percent more people from that region into our country, and we have no idea who they are, where they come from, where their documentation is. it's only going to get worse. it's going to start getting bad in our country. we're letting people come in by the tens of thousands. you see what happened to the french priest. a friend of mine, he said he was going to france like three, four months ago. i saw him yesterday.
7:58 am
i said, how'd you like france? he said, i wouldn't go to france. i wouldn't go to france. because france is no longer france. france is no longer france. they won't like me for saying that. but you see what happened in nice. you see what happened yesterday with the priest who was supposed to be a spectacular man. france is no longer france. and this world better be very careful and they better get very tough and very smart. and they'll never do it with hillary clinton. and, by the way, in terms of change, she's been there for 30 years. she's been doing this for 30 years. what, all of a sudden, things are going to change? she's bought and sold, 100%, by special interests and lobbyists. yes, tom. >> -- interests in russia -- >> none, none. >> why not release your tax returns -- >> because it's under order. i'll release them when the order is completed.
7:59 am
i've had orders for 15 or 16 years. when it's complete, i'll release them. but zero, i can tell you right now. i have nothing to do are russia. yes. >> -- tax returns that you release before the election -- >> i don't know, depends on the audit. not a big deal. i've released my papers. 104 pages of documents. i've built an unbelievable company, tremendous cash, tremendous company. some of the great assets of the world. you've seen it. you were very disappointed when you saw it actually, but that's okay. far greater than anybody ever thought. i have a great company. i built an unbelievable company. but if you look there, you'll see there's nothing in russia. and as far as the tax returns, as soon as the order's complete, like any lawyer will tell you, greta van susteren, she was going over it a while ago, she's a lawyer. she said, no lawyer would let somebody release a tax return when they're under order.
8:00 am
it's routine order. i've gone through orders which i think is very unfair for 15 years. i have friends that are very rich that never get audited. i get audited every year. maybe that's because of politics, who knows. i'm not going to tell putin what to do. why should i tell putin what to do? he already did something today where he said don't blame them essentially for your incompetence. let me tell you, it's not about russia or china or whoever it is that's doing the hacking. it was about the things that were said in those e-mails. they were terrible things. talking about jewish. talking about race. talking about atheist. trying to pin labels on people. what was said was a disgrace. and it was debbie wasserman schultz and, believe me, as sure as you're sitting there, hillary clinton knew about it. she knew everything. debbie wasserman sch


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