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tv   Wolf  CNN  July 27, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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i can't believe we just put the biggest crack in that glass ceiling yet. >> she's a natural leader. and she's the best darn changemaker i ever met in my entire life. >> she knows that when a young
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black life is cut short, it's a loss. that diminishes all of us. >> i would love to see a woman become president of the united states. but she would be so wrong. >> donald trump is a one-man wrecking crew. >> according to donald trump, my body is probably like a 2. >> and according to donald trump, i'm probably a rapist. >> but we're not a government where some strong man orders people around, banishes enemies. >> the things he says make absolutely no sense. it worries me. >> now, be honest, i specialize in nail-biters. >> thank you all. i can't wait to join you in philadelphia! thank you! hello, i'm wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. here in philadelphia. wherever you're watching from around the world. thanks very much for joining us.
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it's day three of the democratic national convention. it kicked off in a few hours with major star power for the democrats tonight. i'm talking about the vice president, joe biden. the presumptive vice presidential nominee tim kaine. and president barack obama. he'll be here tonight. first up will be the sitting vice president who passed up the chance to run for president in 2016 for personal reasons. he's expected to make the case for hillary clinton on the economy, as well as touting the experience gap, he says, exists between hillary clinton and donald trump. tim kaine is hillary clinton's choice to succeed joe biden as president of the united states. the senator walked the convention floor. he checked out the podium earlier. he's expected to lay out the stakes of his election and what he considers the dangers of donald trump becoming president. but the most important job is introducing himself to
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democrats, indeed to the american people. closing out the night will be president barack obama. he's the first outgoing president to speak at his convention. and touting his administration's accomplishments over the past eight years. our white house correspondent michelle kosinski is joining us right now. she's here with us. you've got a little advanced thinking on what the president of the united states will say in this major speech? >> yeah, the white house has been talking about this. they say he's been working on it for weeks. he's absolutely feeling the weight of this speech. i think it's easy to say a speech won't necessarily change the world. when you look at that 2004 speech that we're all talking about now. some people consider that to be one of his best, if not best speech, that he's given. and it jettisoned him ultimately
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to the presidency. this speech tonight, a america that is divided. his theme back then there's one america. his theme don't is going to be unity. look at the time period now, for him to think that possibly, this speech could contribute to what would ultimately be the next four years. the next eight years in america. the white house says he's aware of the significance of that. and he wants to hit three things. he wants to highlight hillary clinton's capabilities. he wants to make this a continuity of his record. and he wants to counter donald trump. may not name him. >> he never mentions him by name. >> we don't expect him to name him. which in some aspect it's weird. we all know who he's talking about, michelle obama didn't name him when she spoke, now, he has to follow her and bill clinton so no pressure there for him or anything. >> that's going to be interesting tonight, the president, michelle. stay with us. as we enter the third day of the
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convention, we're also learning some starting new information about the hack of the democratic committee's e-mail server, the white house tells cnn that there's little doubt that russia is behind the attack. president obama and vice president biden saying it's possibly done to help donald trump in the november election. >> what the motives were in terms of leaks, all that, i can't say directly. what i do know is that donald trump has repeatedly expressed admiration for vladimir putin. >> is it possible in your mind that the russians would try to influence the u.s. election? >> anything's possible. >> you know, everybody is making a big thing and saying he's a friend of putin, i don't buy that. but here's what he's doing, he's playing directly into the hands of a guy who says, your father will tell you, his overarching goal is to break up nato and to
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fracture europe. makes him stronger. >> i want to bring in cnn's pentagon correspondent barbara starr joining us live from the pentagon. on the latest on what's worrying, a potentially significant development. barbara, what more can you tell us about this? >> well wolf, there are just breathtaking security implications here. thousand, what u.s. officials are saying, very little reason to doubt, strong evidence that the russian intelligence services were behind the hacking. as they began to trace this, it had that trail back to russian intelligence services. officials say. why didthy say this? because they were already tracking intrusions into government systems, the white house, the state department, the pentagon. right here the joint chiefs of staff had their e-mail hacked for three weeks several months ago. that trail had the cybersignature of the -- of hackers working for russian
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intelligence services. what was the motivation? it may well have been, perhaps, just so-called routine russian hacking. it may well have been the russians making a play within the dnc computer system to try and upset the system to influence the presidential election. now, all of this front and center. the second question, however, is once they got their hands on these e-mails from the dnc, how was it leaked out into the public? wikileaks, the organization that put them out there, still not saying where it got them. not admitting. not acknowledging that, oh, that they got them from the russians. and the trump organization saying it had nothing to do with any of this. so the mystery continues. but the implications only seem to grow. wolf. >> and i know for a fact that u.s. officials, especially democrats here, are bracing for a lot more leaks in the coming day, and weeks. we'll see if in fact that
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happens. barbara, thank you. donald trump is responsing to the accusations that russia is behind the hacking and releasing the e-mails to help the republicans. here's what trump said, just a little while ago. >> why do i have to get involved with putin? i have nothing to do with putin, i've never spoken to him, i don't know anything about him other than he'll respect me. he doesn't respect our president. if it is russia, it's probably not, nobody nose who it is. if it is russia, it's there for a different reason because it shows how little respect they have for our country when they would hack into a major party. and get everything. but it would be interesting to see -- i will tell you this, russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. i think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.
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>> our senior white house correspondent jim acosta was at that trump news conference in dorell, florida. what else did he say, jim about russia, the alleged economic ties between russia and the trump organization. he answered a lot of questions. >> that's right, wolf. i think donald trump wanted the spotlight back on him during his week of the democratic national convention. and he certainly got that. i think what he said during his news conference here at his golf resort at doral, florida, certainly making america great again. that it's go to be a new day. not only did he say in that sound that you just played that he essentially is inviting russia to go ahead and hack into whatever e-mail system they have to hack into to get hillary clinton's missing e-mails as he likes to call them the 33,000 missing e-mails as he likes to call them. i asked him point blank, will
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you call on vladimir putin to stay out of the this election? he edeclined to do so. i asked him whether or not he would come to the baltic states with the alliance that an attack on one is an attack on all. he denied to commit on that as well. at the same time, you have democrats suggesting that donald trump is taking the softer approach because he has business dealings in russia. of the donald trump said at one point i have nothing to do with russia. i reminded him that he did hold a miss universe pageant in russia several years ago and did have business relations with russia over the years. here's what he had to say about that. >> we were doing miss universe four or five years ago in russia. it was a success. there were developers in russia that wanted to put developments in russia.
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they wanted us to do it. frankly, i didn't want to do it for a couple of different reasons. we had a major developer in particular. numerous developers that wanted to develop in moscow and other places, but we decided not to do it. >> a couple other important things to note, mike pence, the vice presidential running mate put out a statement almost immediately after donald trump wrapped up the news conference if discovered behind the hack of the e-mails that there would be, quote, serious consequences. donald trump did not come close to any language during this news conference. it's important do note, in the last several minutes, newt gingrich put out a tweet suggesting that donald trump was joking when he invited the russians to hack into hillary clinton's e-mails and release them. we should point out in the last hour or so, donald trump put out another tweet, essentially doubling down on this request. he said if russia or any other country has hillary clinton's 33,000 illegally deleted e-mails
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perhaps they should share them with the fbi. donald trump is doubling down on this. he's not backing off of this. i suspect we're going to be hearing more throughout the course of the week. donald trump held this press conference today, wolf, to poke at hillary clinton to point out she has not had a news conference in a very long time as often is the case with donald trump in the news conferences he can create a cycle of his own. >> what did he say about his own tax returns and when he might release them? >> i asked him about that, because as you know, paul manafort said in one of the morning shows this morning, his campaign chairman, that we should not expect to see that before election day. and donald trump seemed to say, while he's still under this routine audit as he likes to call it over at the irs. and until he gets out from under that audit, he's not releasing the taxes. he seemed to be backing up what
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paul manafort said earlier this morning. he did not rule that out. he did not close the door on that during this news conference, but it did not sound promising for anyone who wants to have a look at donald trump's tax report. >> jim acosta, doral, florida. joining us david gregory host of the daily show podcast and jeff zeleny and mark preston. certainly didn't sound like he was joking that tweet he just put out, david, when he said russia or any other country has hillary's 33,000 illegally deleted e-mails, perhaps they should share them with the fbi. it's a pretty serious situation. >> it's astonishing. this is so beyond politics. this is so irresponsible. this is clearly an indication that donald trump has not taken any steps to really know what he's talking about with regard to foreign affairs.
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the potential to encourage a foreign power like russia to attack via cyberspace the united states government, a stop party or senior officials today or in the past, in the case of secretary clinton, only with further attacks, the consequences could be much bigger than the dnc e-mail system. this is really quite dangerous. and i'd be surprised, wolf, if you don't see top former government officials, a colin powell, a condoleezza rice. former republicans. to talk about how dangerous it to play around with world affairs like this. the fact that mike pence his running mate put out a more serious, sober minded statement is this an indication that the role of a potential vp would play, that the united states commander in chief would just shoot off from the hip like this without the consequences the fact that words matter when you're president?
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>> the fact that cia getting intelligence briefings on a daily basis. hillary clinton will start getting those as well. that's the tradition immediately following the convention. >> these are presidents in waiting here. either one of them. as david said, is this not just rhetoric here. so many republicans are speaking with much sharper language. the speaker of the house paul ryan called vladimir putin a devious thug. and now you have mr. trump, you know, if he was joking or not he did not denounce russia for doing this, if they did it, whatever. i think his language here. i'd be surprised if he doesn't walk this back even more. he may blame it on the press for not taking the joke but i think he would walk this back. >> who would joke about it? >> it's not a laughing matter. and we're also conflating so many things here. dnc e-mails were hacked. her private e-mail as far as we know was not hacked. who would have thought in a
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presidential campaign we'd be talking about technology and e-mails here? but it's not a laughing matter and i think it's going to end up in one of the speeches tonight, i doubt by the president but someone is going to talk about the consequences of this. the clinton campaign wants people to pay attention to this and say, he could be your president. >> right. right after his news conference, i called around to several republicans who are in the political world. first reaction is utterly dismayed. frustrated can't believe he could do it, going beyond politics and national security. quite frankly, as republicans, they're concerned that it's hurting their brand, the concern about the house and senate, and yet more concerned that donald trump could be so recklessly talking this way. second reaction, brilliant, masterful, mindful, the reason being, he's now disrupting the democratic convention. this is from one specific republican who doesn't even like donald trump.
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but he said now that he has taken us away from the democratic national convention here in philadelphia, wolf, we're talking about him again. >> this is like the former cia director. leon panetta just told our christiane amanpour. >> i find those kinds of statements to be totally outrageous, because you've got now a presidential candidate who is, in fact, asking the russians to engage in american politics. and i just think that that's beyond the pale. you know, a lot of concerns i have with his qualities of leadership. or lack thereof. and i think that kind of statement only reflects the fact that he truly is not qualified to be president of the united states. >> i assume, david, we're going to be hearing a lot more of that from other democrats? >> well, there's no question. and that's why i'm really looking for other republicans
10:18 am
who work in the national security space to talk about this in a way that can't so easily become politicized. let's remember our short history with russia since 2001. the bush administration thought they had a better relationship. that's what president bush thought. and vladimir putin had a free hand in chechnya. and putin is expert in trying to expose weaknesses, especially in u.s. leader where is he thinks he can get some advantage. >> very quickly, has it been, as donald trump said in the statement, 230 days since hillary clinton did what he did, had a full blown news conference? >> it was actually at the end of the last year with a full blown news conference. almost never takes her questions. he is right about that. her campaign said, look, we do interviews all the time with other outlets. in truth of a sit-down news conference, it's been a very
10:19 am
long time. several seasons. it was winter last time. certainly not winter in philadelphia. >> certainly very hot out there. in many respects. all right. stand by -- coming up, party heavyweights, including the president of the united states, president obama, set to address the democrats tonight. we're going to talk to one of tonight's speakers, connecticut senator chris murphy. that's coming up next as well. i work 'round the clock.
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democratic national convention. we're here in philadelphia, where right now, the focus, not necessarily on the convention, but on russia. that's because the u.s. official tells cnn there is, quote, little doubt russian hackers are behind the attack against democratic national committee's e-mail server. president obama says it may have been carried out to actually help donald trump become the next president of the united states. and trump responded just a little while ago. >> i think president obama has been the most ignorant president in our history. he has been a disaster. as a president. he will go down as one of the worst presidents in the history of our country. it is a mess. and i believe that hillary clinton will be even worse. >> let's bring in senator chris murphy. he's a member of the senate foreign relations committee from connecticut. your immediate -- you heard what he just said about the president of the united states and the former secretary of state. >> well, listen, i think these
10:25 am
comments this morning are absolutely over the top. frankly, i think what donald trump is suggesting is treasonist. the republican candidate for the president of the united states has openly called on a foreign government to try to influence knowing that the evidence already points to the e-mails. i don't know what the legal definition of treason is. but this is extraordinary that he's inviting a foreign government, adversary of the united states to try to play a role in his election. i think we should take this seriously because it points to the type of administration he's going to have. he basically opens it up for putin, it would be incredibly damaging to the world order. >> we just got the statement from the speaker of the house paul ryan on baffle.
10:26 am
speaker, russia is a global menace led by a devious thug. putin should stay out of this election. i assume you agree with the speaker of the house? >> yes, i agree, but what's missing is the condemnation of donald trump inviting vladimir putin to play a greater role. i think it's pretty clear that donald trump is going to form an alliance with vladimir putin. it's clear that paul ryan the conscience of the republican party is going to come out and say donald trump next president of the united states. there's an inconsistency there. >> do you agree with trump that nato, nato in his words is out of date. that 28 nato allies like the united states, they have to pay their fair share in order for this alliance to be robust? >> talk to the poles, the
10:27 am
lithuanians. they have watched the russians invade the ukraine in frankly an unconventional way and they feel threatened themselves. talk to the american servicemen in nato in afghanistan, who were part of a nato coalition who fought on baffle of the united states against the taliban in afghanistan. nato is still relevant to eastern europe. it was relevant to the united states when it was called to our defense in the wake of 9/11. while, yes, european countries should pay their fair share, it is still a vital international institution. and it incredibly damaging to have a president talking about walking away from it. it would just invite more russian aggression in eastern europe. >> you're going to be speaking tonight at this convention. but your subject, and there's a whole segment on it involves guns in america. the major point you want to make tonight? >> the point i want to make tonight is this is an issue, we can tackle as a country, right? there's no inevitability to the
10:28 am
cascading mass murders that are enveloping this nation. background checks. bans on assault weapons. stopping potential terrorists from getting weapons. these are things that will make a difference. and i think it's extraordinary that this issue which is the third rail of american politics just four or five years ago is now being featured in prime time on the second to the last night of the democratic convention. that's because swing voters in places like virginia, florida and ohio, they are coming to the polls wanting candidates to take on the gun lobbyist. >> donald trump says that hillary clinton wants to effectively end the second amendment to the constitution which gives an american the right to own a gun? >> i think people know that's false. the first thing he would do is mandate that guns are allowed in schools. he would ban gun-free school zones. he would roll back the president's orders expanding back ground checks. he's more liberal than the nra
10:29 am
on this. i think this is relevant, and that's why we're talking about it tonight. >> chris murphy, senator from philadelphia. thank you so much. tonight, working together, is the party's message of unit getting lost amidst the democratic committee's e-mails? at last, the interim chair, donna brazile is here with me. plus, the bombshell announcement out of baltimore. all charges, all charges dropped against the police officers accused in the death of freddie gray. the mayor of baltimore standing by to join us live. there she is, she's here at the cnn grill. we'll discuss with her right after this. and the most crab dishes of the year. so dive into whatever floats your crab-loving boat. like crab lover's dream. crack open tender snow and king crab legs, and twirl creamy crab alfredo.
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welcome back. we're live here in philadelphia at the democratic national convention. we'll get back to all the dramatic moments unfolding. there's been breaking news we're following. a very surprise announcement from baltimore state's attorney marilyn mosby in the freddie gray death case. >> after much thought and prayer it's become clear to me without being able to work with an independent investigatory agency, without have the state of whether our elections proceed over a state or jury. without oversight in the community without substantive reform to the current criminal justice system, we could try this case a hundred times and cases just like it, and we would still end up with the same result.
10:35 am
accordingly, i have decide not to proceed on the case that -- >> marilyn mosby said, yeah, she stands by her decision to charge those six police officers in the april 15th death of freddie gray. but after three officers were acquitted, she saw the remaining cases ending with the same result. joining us now is baltimore mayer stephanie rawlings blake. she's here and secretary at the convention. mayor thank you for being here. >> my pleasure. >> from what you just heard from marilyn mosby, were you, "a," surprised by her decision? >> if you take a look at the facts and you actually read what the judge has said in the previous cases, it's not a surprising announcement. i think the way she made the announcement is surprising. i said all along justice is not a verdict, it's a process. the process allows a defendant
10:36 am
to decide whether it goes before a judge or jury. that doesn't make it unjust. it doesn't make the system rigged. that is our justice process. and to talk about an independent prosecutor, when she made her initial announcement -- i mean, independent investigatory practice, she was very clear that she said she used outside investigation to make the determination. so, i've taken a look at what the judge has said, and i think she made a wise decision. because the judge has found in the past, that the cases were thin. >> she basically indicted the entire criminal justice system in this particular case, saying you can't believe the police in an investigation like this. >> she said you can't believe the police, you can't believe the judges. and i think we have a very big responsibility as elected officials, to uphold the law, participate in the process. and when the process is wrong,
10:37 am
we fight to change it, just like i have with the law enforcement officers bill of rights. way before the death of freddie gray, i've been fight to include accountability and transparency in the police department. and fighting for reforms in the law enforcement officer's bill of rights. it's been a bane in the community for members that police proceed by a different set of rules. this is a lonely fight, after the tragic death of freddie gray, everyone is on board with these things but, you know, the fight is sometimes lonely, but it's ongoing. >> the fraternal order of police just issued this statement moments ago. let me play it for. you. >> the comments made today about our officers by miss mosby were outrageous and uncalled for and simply not true. the detective assigned to the case conducted very thorough
10:38 am
investigation into the tragic death of freddie gray. but the state's attorney could not -- simply do not accept the evidence that was presented. she had her own agenda. >> you still have confidence in the state's attorney? >> yeah. i do, and i'm optimistic. that everything that we do in life whether it turns out whether we want it or not is an opportunity for growth and learn. i have never and will never use my position to give -- to give the impression to the community that they should not have confidence in the people who have sworn to serve me. >> we as got reaction from freddie gray's stepfather to this really important decision by the state's attorney. listen to this. >> what can i said that marilyn
10:39 am
hasn't already said, except that we're pissed about the decision and outcomes and trials that happen in the city. we're very proud of the prosecutors that handled the case, and did their best to their ability. we stand behind marilyn and her prosecuting team. and i'm very proud to have them represent us. thank you. >> what do you -- i know you're here in philadelphia, not very far away from baltimore. what's been the reaction so far in the community? >> well, i think despite the efforts of many of your peers that want to portray baltimore as a city on the edge, that's not been the case. the community has been patient. they under the justice and reforms that we want to see take time. they've been protesting and they've been peaceful throughout the trial. whether people agreed with the verdicts or not. and i anticipate that to continue. >> i want to also play one quick reaction we got early this
10:40 am
morning at the donald trump news conference in doral, florida, he was asked about his decision in baltimore. listen to this. >> i do have a reaction to the prosecutor in baltimore who indicted those police officers. i do. i think she ought to prosecute herself. okay. that's my reaction. i think it was disgraceful. >> do you want to react to donald trump? >> no. donald trump is -- you know, sometimes, i don't know if he believes that he says. you know, he's good for grabbing the headlines and becoming part of the story. but, no. no reaction. >> you'll pass on that? >> i'll pass. >> the mayor of baltimore stephanie rawlings-blake. mayor, you've got a lot of work over there. good luck. coming up, i'll speak live to the incoming chair of the democratic national committee.
10:41 am
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hillary clinton takes the stage tomorrow night here in philadelphia to accept the nomination as the democratic presidential candidate. the first woman to lead the ticket for a major american political party. but even as the democrats prepare for that momentous occasion, it appears there's still discord in the party. let's talk about it by the incoming interim chair of the democratic committee, donna brazile. you're no longer a cnn contributor. you're going to be the interim chair of the dnc. what do you expect, first of all, to hear from the president tonight? you know what, let me play a clip. this was the president of the united states when he was a little known state senator. >> i remember. >> from illinois at a democratic convention 12 years ago.
10:46 am
>> there is not a black america and a white america and latino america. an asian america. there's the united states of america. the pundits, the pundits like to slice and dice our country into red states and blue states, red states for republican. blue states for democrat. but i've got news for them, too, we worship an awesome god in the blue states and we don't like federal agents poging around in our libraries in the red states. >> that was his introductory speech to millions and millions of americans who never heard of him, before we know what happened only a few years later. what do you expect to hear from him tonight? >> well, first of all, he's very excited about coming tonight. the president wants democrats for the enormous opportunity he's had over the last 7 1/2
10:47 am
years, he's going to talk about his accomplishments. there's for question. this was a president who took office when the country was still facing a really difficult economic challenge. 800,000 jobs being lost. almost 14 million new jobs created over the last few years. he's going to talk about the 20 million americans with health care. the president is proud of the record that he has achieved. and i believe, tonight, he's going to say we've come so far. we still have a distance to go. and the best person to lead us to the next stage is hillary clinton. that's what i expect to hear from him tonight. and also, i'm very excited to see the vice president. because vice president biden who has been there every day, every moment of this remarkable administration is also going to talk about the steps ahead. >> i know they'll strongly endorse and support hillary clinton. what will they directly go after donald trump? >> you know, given what donald trump did today, you know, every
10:48 am
day we have a new breaking news about donald trump. but let me just tell you, as the incoming chair of the party, i'm appalled that will trump encouraging a foreign power to interfere in the election. but more importantly to interfere in the affairs of the democrat national committee. i would be just as appalled if someone would suggest to interfere with the republicans. this is a matter of national security. and we need make sure that the leader of the republican party is not encouraging foreign, you know, operatives to hack into our system. i am someone with a clearance, a federal clearance, and as a result of some other hackers, i am on protect status, with regards to my own identity. so to suggest that a foreign power and donald trump should condemn the republican party -- once we can condemn those states, and we need to encourage, you know, better
10:49 am
protection of our cyberside of security. >> are you bracing for more leaks of the dnc, they say there's more that's about to be released? >> party was hacked. this is no longer curiosity of political theater. this is something that we all take seriously. we want to make sure that our system is safe. we have put in place a very, very good cyberteam to ensure that. but beyond that, i am going to sit down with staff. i'm going to sit down with everybody to ensure that our system is safe. and we will make sure we have an accountable and transferable system internally. but more importantly, we want to make sure that our security is mav maintained. >> you're becoming interim chair at the end of the convention. >> sometime on friday, at 5:00, i'll turn into a princess or diva. and then i won't see you as often. >> love you. >> love you, wolf, thank you. testimonials from mothers
10:50 am
who have lost their children to 9/11 survivors. will their personal stories about hillary clinton help sway voters who say they have trouble trusting her?
10:51 am
and my results ended up beinge african, european and asian. it was great because it confirmed what i knew in my gut with a little surprise. ancestry helped give me a sense of identity.
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
hillary clinton embracing history as the first woman to lead a major party ticket here in the united states. last night she made a surprise video appearance at the close of the convention to thank her supporters for putting the biggest crack yet in that highest and hardest glass ceiling.
10:55 am
watch this. >> if there are any little girls out there who stayed up late to watch, let me just say -- i may become the first woman president, but one of you is next. thank you all. i can't wait to join you in philadelphia! thank you! >> joining us now, the democratic congresswoman from california, barbara lee, as well as the first female mayor of nashville, megan barry. ladi ladies, thanks for coming in. what was your reaction when you saw that hillary clinton appeared via satellite at this convention. >> i loved every minute of it. when she talks about the fact that she's going to be the first, that many will come later is always so empowering. >> congresswoman, you were late in endorsing her. how do you feel about her now? >> my first election and campaign was with the honorable shirley chism when she ran for president as the first woman and
10:56 am
first african-american. for me last night was just phenomenal. i know shirley chism is smiling. she paved the way. let me also just say i did not endorse in the primary because i wanted to be on the drafting committee for the platform so that we could embrace many of bernie sanders -- >> how do you feel now? >> well, i endorsed her. i'm an enthusiastic hillary clinton supporter. despied being booed at the california delegation because i think she is the most qualified and a great person. >> why are her numbers on honesty and trustworthiness so bad? >> i don't know because i will tell you one thing that she speaks so highly about is unity. when we talk about unity and as a mayor, it is about bringing people together in a city and actually getting things done. that's what she's going to be able to do. >> what's your answer to that question, why she rates poorly on that very sensitive question? >> well, think when you've been
10:57 am
around a long time in politics, you have a history. i think we need to focus on her history of service and what she has done. think after this convention this week, which is a phenomenal convention, telling the stories of ordinary people and why they support her, i think people will recognize she is the most qualified, the most experience and she deserves to be elected because the thought of donald trump being in the white house first of all is a thought that we don't need to even consider. >> the vice president, joe biden, was asked today why donald trump seems to be resonating more with white working class voters and he said this. i'll read it to you. "i think the democratic party overall hasn't spoken enough to those voters. they've done the right thing for the voters, but haven't spoken to them." you agree with the vice president? >> i would say that there is definitely a feeling in this country that there are folks who have been left behind and folks do feel that way. i think that donald trump has
10:58 am
captured a little bit of that. but i think democrats win when we are progressive and when we are pro-business. those two together are what i know mayors in cities look for. >> polls show this is very close nationally. in fact, in our most recent poll, he got a little bounce out of the republican convention, slightly ahead. but in key battleground states, it is neck and neck right now. he potentially could win this election. >> i think in key battleground states we need to put forth our platform and what we stand for. we recognize there is a lot of pain, a lot of suffering, a lot of inequality. people have lost their jobs. we have to remember the bush era tax cuts, three wars, fought-off budget. we also have to accept the fact and realize that the democrats have a plan. in our platform we talk about making sure there are good paying jobs for everyone with benefits for everyone. >> mayor barry, you are the mayor of nashville. how is hillary clinton going to do in nashville but in tennessee in general? >> she's going to take nashville. and tennessee's a little bit of
10:59 am
a red state. so i'm not sure that that is going to resonate in the whole state, but in nashville she is wildly popular. >> what's the biggest message that you want to hear from ms hillary clinton in the coming weeks? >> the biggest message that i want to hear from hillary clinton -- i know she's communicated this already -- that she wants unity and she wants to make sure the people understand that she is the most experienced, most qualified and has a history of service and wants to make sure that the change that we are all fighting for is there and becomes real. >> the barack obama coalition that got him twice elected be on board for her? >> we're going to activate and make sure the barack obama coalition, as well as senator sanders, wonderful, progressive coalition, come together. the reverend jesse jackson, rainbow coalition. everyone's going to come together to make sure hillary clinton is elected as our president. she stands for equality of opportunity for everyone in the country, even in states that are red states and blue states. >> congresswoman barbara lee,
11:00 am
thanks very much for joining us. mayor megan barry of nashville, tennessee, thanks for coming in as well. that's it for me. thanks very much for watching. i'm be back 5:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room" and all night long we'll be bringing you the latest from the democratic national convention. our special coverage continues right now. here we go. we are live in philadelphia. pretty pictures of the skyline here as we swoop on across to the set just outside of the cnn grill on this third day of the democratic national convention. great to be with you on this wednesday. i'm brooke baldwin. let's begin with this. in a matter of hours the nation will see president barack obama do his part to try to make a case to try to help democrats make history for a second time. the first time this happened when the party's first -- with the party's first female