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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  July 28, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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hello again from philadelphia where the country's history began and where tonight it will be made again. i'm wolf blitzer. anderson cooper are join us shortly. welcome it the final day of the democratic national convention. now officially understand way and in just a few hours, the first woman lfr accept a major party presidential nomination here in the united states. it's just that simple. whether you plan to vote for her or not, history is being made tonight. what hillary clinton said tonight and where she goes from here is neither simple nor easy. so tonight as we bring you all
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the excitement from the convention floor, we will look at some of the cal thihallengesg her, as well. dana bash, the final day, who can we expect to it hear from tonight, what are the major themes the democrats are trying to hammer home? >> well, the theme tonige speecl be of course from hillary clinton who will be accepting the nom nags of her party to be the first woman of a major party to run for president. and to get this position. so in a obviously is going to be the culmination of the night. and of this entire convention. and she's got a pretty high bar. we have had speech after speech by orators. her husband, the current president, current vice president, but they say inside the clinton campaign she is ready and the theme is going to be stronger together, which we've seen on signs and in speeches all night. but that will be the thrust of
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what she will talk it b. tonii tonight. >> and i know you have more details about how the secretary has prepared for her speech. >> one thing that might surprise you is that she had still been working on it as of about a couple hours ago. kind of putting final touches on it. it was not complete. she started working on it as you can imagine several weeks ago. her chief speechwriter and also one of her long time aides who worked with her at the state department we're told worked on it but then they also solicited help and ideas from old speechwriters, old friend, people who know her very well. >> you have also been on the convention floor all week for us. what is the mood like today at this the culmination, let's say compared to monday day one? >> compared to monday, it's very, very different. on monday, the bernie sanders delegates still had kind of their last gasp. hillary clinton had not been formally nominated. and so there was a lot more, you know, discord frankly on the
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floor. you don't feel that right now. there is a lot of exabout assignment. you really can sort of sense it, it's palpable. not to say that the bernie sanders did he elegates aren't but since then, bernie sanders has made a speech and others have been trying to unify them both in public about and very intensely here on the floor. so there is no question that there is an intense amount of excitement as you can imagine there is for any convention when the person that they voted for for president accepts the nomination. but especially because at the realize how historic this is. >> all right. stand by. thank you very much. joining us now to talk more about secretary clinton's speech tonight and what her campaign hopes to achieve, our cnn political director. you're getting more information are. what are you hearing? >> well, in talking to some of her senior campaign officials, she will try to accomplish two major goals in the speech. one, to explain to the country why she's running for president.
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and really reassert what it is that got her into this race. and then this is key because this will be a contrast. what she plans do as president. they believe that donald trump did in his speech a diagnosis of all the problems, but they claim didn't offer very specific solutions. so she will talk through what she plans do as president. >> and some suggesting that we need to know more personal stories about her, get to know her a little bit better. are we going to do that tonight? >> you're seen all week long that they have brought in everyday americans, some that know her, some that don't, to talk about the fights of her career. she is going to cap that off all week long much like her husband started it towards the beginning of the week, connecting her biographer each stage of her life with these policy fights that she has fought. so she will take us through those stories in her own time line, as well. >> all the polls show her trustworthy numbers not very good. how is she going to try to combat that, improve those
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numbers? >> so you remember a few weeks ago back in chicago, she started talking about this differently. in a more candid way saying i understand why you have questions about this this. and i am going to work to earn this trust and i will do it by showing you how i'm going to fight for you. and i think that is what you will hear tonight. she has been acknowledging this on the campaign trail now. she understands there is a question mark about it. and so i think she will walk on this stage tonight and for these delegates who are all with her obviously or most of them are, she will take that head-on. >> david chalian, we'll be watching with all of us. thank you very much. anderson, over to you. >> yeah, let's bring in the panel. john king is joining us, and michael smerconish, gloria borger, and also maria cardona, lieutenant governor andre bower,
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and also christine quinn, plus bill press who came into the convention staunchly behind bernie sanders. are you now on team clinton? >> for four more hours. sorry, on sanders team for four more hours. >> i see. okay. >> so bill, what do you want to hear secretary clinton talking about tonight? >> you know what, she'sed is so much advice from so many people, the last thing she needs is more advice from me, but i want to hear who hillary clinton really is. it's funny, she's been 24 years on the public national stage and there is a lot of her that we don't know about. we've learned a lot from bill clinton. i want to pick up on what david chalian was saying. i would hope that she would tell her story. i'm a mom, i'm a grandmother, and i'm a fighter, fighting for this group, this group, and now
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i want to be president because i want it fight for you. ic that would address the trustworthy issue. if i were her, i would almost avoid donald trump. let's get to know hillary clinton. >> as a supporter of secretary clinton, do you worry that she needs to come out of this convention with a clear easy to understand message of why she is running? i mean donald trump we know make america great again, law and order candidate, if somebody asked that of secretary clinton, would she be able to give that kind of an answer? >> i think so. i think she would say and i think it's what we've lettered a heard week, she running for president to make america better for every single american. we are the greatest country in the world, but that greatness doesn't trickle down to every
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american. as sonia sotomayor said, we may be in the same race, but we don't start at the same starting line. so she's running for president to make sure everybody who starts farther back so to speak gets to be in the race and win it just like everybody else. i keep thinking when i'm here about the moms and children i work with at the homeless shelters i run. she's running for them. because one thing that never was thought of in in the minds of the people at the rnc in my opinion are those women and children. so that in new york, they can get out of shelter, can get a home and can get a good job. and she's doing it not by trash talking merg, but by taking america's greatness. >> and we have seen time and time again that she seems to have a problem -- not a problem, but seems reluctant to kind of reveal herself. she has -- you can argue it's justified after a long time in the spotlight.
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but she's been knocked around. >> no question about that. and she actually has acknowledged that. probably more so in this campaign that have ever when she has said that she's not good at interviewing for a job, if you will. she's graeat when she's had a job, but she's not good at interviewing for it because of exactly what you said. i think what you will hear tonight to add to what christine said is this theme that this is an america for all of us. and she is going to be speaking to all americans. because i think one of the things that we've heard in these last three days is very specific messages to the diversity that is the country. but i think a lot of people worry about, well, what about white working class americans that she hasn't been really focusing on that much. she is going to be speaking to all americans and the theme that will come out of this convention is that this is a country that is great. we can do a lot better, but we can do a lot pbetter when we're stronger together. >> and we will also hear floor about national security. they attempted to do it last
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night. there were demonstrations and some of the speakers frankly got thrown by a few people in the crowd. >> yeah, i thought it was a very disjointed moment when secretary panetta was on stage and members of in particular the california delegation soon after his mention of the catholic priest whose throat was slit on an altar near normandy, they started to chant no more war. and he looked befuddled. it's hard in this room, an could you say acoustics are not the greatest. i don't think that is what should have been presented. she need to present a plan for the war on terror. >> general allen will set that up tonight. and he was general in afghanistan when she was secretary of state. but let's be honest, this comes down just as the republican convention came down to donald trump, democrats are thrilled, they think they told a story, they think they have laid out some issues and some contrasts. that all gets washed away if she
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doesn't make her case. and isis was a center piece. security, toughness. and she has to address that. first woman commander in chief. part of the package anyway, but the idea that you want me there. i'm calm, i'm steady, but i'm strong and i'm tough. you want me there, not him. that's part of it. on the domestic side, i talked to a close friend with her and they try not to overtalk to her. she want her to be comfortable with this. you can't make the trust issue go away in one speech. you can't make the likability. but the point, make people comfortable with you. when they throw their eye, i'm comfortable with this person about as my president and i learned something about what makes her tick that i didn't know before. >> the irony for a woman candidate is that i think she for a lot of americans is easy to see as the tough strong commander in chief, but, and this is what is iconic for a womans they don't really feel like they know her or they think she has an edge or they don't trust her. so i think she has to acknowledge that skepticism to a
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degree and then talk about it. because people don't normally trust people they don't know. they have to get to know them. and she needs to open up a little bit that way. >> and i think in terms of style, she has to sound conversation allea conversational. i think a lot of people have shouted into the microphone. think she has to figure out how to deal comfortable up there, sound conversational but strong, as well. >> we have to take a quick break. when we come back, one ever our regular panel members michael nutter will be speaking. we'll bring that to you. also the question of how to build on president obama's endorsement of secretary clinton last night. we'll go to clinton's top message shapers to talk about the impression she hopes to leave voters with tonight. very big night for any nominee, but uniquely so for her.
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ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. looking center stage, we're just after 10:00 p.m. eastern tonight, hillary clinton will accept her party's presidential nomination. daughter chelsea will introduce her. chelsea's raemarks expected to e mainly personal and not political. joining us now, political secretary, ryan what is the main message that hillary clinton hopes to deliver tonight? >> first of all, we're really proud of how the convention has gone leading up to tonight. so her speech will really be the culmination of what has been for
2:18 pm
us a very productive and well produced convention. i think she will communicate to all americans. last week at the republican convention in cleveland, you saw donald trump really just try to narrow cast to his core supporters. i don't think he expanded his appeal at all to any about of those persuadable voters that will help determine this election. hillary clinton will appeal to the universal values that dwib us as americans and really speak to everyone, democrats, independents and republicans alike. and sgd pecondly, americans hav lot of anxiety about number one keeping ourselves safe in the face of the ongoing threat from terrorism and secondly, from an economic tap point, there continue to be lingering economic anxieties. but she will have a very different approach than donald trump. donald trump has suggested that he is the only one that can solve these problems and he has
2:19 pm
suggested that by dividing each other and pitting ourselves against each others turning on each other, that therein lies the solution. hillary clinton will be quite clear that we can only face these challenges together and when we bring everybody together, lift everybody up and allow everybody to fulfill their god given potential. >> we know there were some, not many, but some disruptions during leon panetta's speech last night by bernie sanders supporters. what if anything can you do to prevent that tonight? >> well, we want everybody voice to be heard here and in some cases there will be those folks that continue to express themselves during the speeches. but i think overall we've been very pleased by the amount of cooperation we've been able to have with the sanders campaign. our floor teams have merged their operations so both campaigns working arm in arm to try to keep everyone respectful of the speakers. i think that has been the case since monday night. and overall we've had a great sense of unity achieved here. we'll have some additional
2:20 pm
speakers here tonight like general allen who helped lead the american fight against isis. i hope during the remarks that we hear from him that we get respect from the crowd here. can't control everybody, but i think by and large we've had a pretty respectful unified atmosphere. >> she has tough acts to follow, the first lady, her husband, the president last night. expectations are pretty high for her. >> well, in one sense all of these speeches all have had the same goal which is to talk about hillary clinton from the first lady to vice president biden, president clinton on tuesday night and of course one of the xwra great speeches from president obama. why americans can trust her to fight on the issues that are most concerning to them. so in that spach, this is not a competition of sorts. the real goal is to explain to america why they can trust hillary clinton to deliver for them.
2:21 pm
so in that sense, i think it will be a cap to all those speeches. >> during donald trump's speech last would he be, he spent a lot of time going after hillary clinton. will she spend time tonight going after him? >> she will use his name for the purposes of laying out the contrasts. we can give into the division. donald trump has suggested that the answer to keeping ourselves safe is to turn on each other and block muslims and abandon our allies and nato that we will need. from the economic stab point, he is someone who throughout his career has proven that when it comes to making himself successful, he doesn't care who he leaves holding the back. small business contractors, workers he didn't pay. investors. so this is not somebody that represents middle class workers. i think we've communicate that had this week and she will plain in clear terms that those are
2:22 pm
the issues that we face. >> michael nutter is speaking. let's listen in. >> philadelphia has always been a friendly place for democrats. but i have to say that this week there is a little extra brotherly love and sisterly affection in the air. for if eight year, i was privileged to serve as the mayor of this great american city, philadelphia. i'm very proud that my administration and the host committee brought our convention to philadelphia. i hope you've had a great time. philadelphia is my town. i grew up here. i built my career and raised my family here. and so it's with tremendous pride that here in a city known
2:23 pm
for its history i cast my ballot for our historic nominee, hillary clinton. now, i've known hillary for decades. i've known her as a champion for our cities. i've known her as a change maker for our citizens. and i've known her as a leader whose career has been defined by a simple creed, g-s-g-s-d. get stuff done. as a city mayor, that is what we're expecting toed to do every day. our neighbors holds accountable for our problems, whatever they may be. complicate problems don't have simple solutions. so we need a president whose ideas and attention span is long every than 140 characters.
2:24 pm
hillary clinton is a leader who won't let complexity be the leader of opportunity. when she sees a problem, she makes an action plan and she gets stuff done. she has a plan to make an historic investment in jobs. she has a plan to reform our broken criminal justice system. she has a plan to keep us safe from the epidemic of gun violence that is killing so much of our children. especially so many young black men. what's more, hillary clinton's plans have details because details matter. now, trump says he has some plans. but when you're looking down at america from the top of trump tower, you can't see the details because there are none.
2:25 pm
after eight incredible years of progress under president obama, we can't afford to hand our country over to it a con man who thinks the presidency is an entry level job on the apprentice. hillary is the champion we need and she will be the president our citizens and nation deserve. hillary clinton gets stuff done. thank you. love you, philly. . >> michael nutter, political n contributo contributor. 79% of i said voters say they do not find her honest and trustworthy. how will you be addressing that? >> i do think in this speech tonight she is going to address
2:26 pm
that pretty head-on. she's done that now over the last few weeks beginning with the speech that she gave at the rainbow push coalition in chicago. she started to address this topic directly. i think tonight the way she will go about it is to acknowledge that even as some voters may be turned off bay why by what they from donald trump, there is still skepticism about her. so i think she will address it by how she grew up, the values that they instilled in her and what helped her make certain choices. and i think in telling the biographical details about herself and the values that have propelled her, it will help communicate the trueness of her purpose and the real motivations that have caused her to devote herself to public service. >> and donald trump now says he was being sarcastic when he said
2:27 pm
the russians should hack and find the missing personal e-mails. do you accept his examination he was being sarcastic? >> no, i don't. and the reason is you have yet to hear him speak out and condemn this act. his fascination for vladimir putin is quite peculiar. he's taken policy positions clearly seeking to advance russia's interests even against the interests of our you're pea an allies. he just last week changed the platform at the republican convention to take a pro-russia stance with respect to ukraine. so on issue after issue, he's shown a strange affinity for putin and russia. i think it's the latest instance of why he can't be trusted. >> and do you still think the russians are leaking these e-mails to try to help donald trump become president? whil all the evidence suggests that
2:28 pm
it is the russian government clearly behind the hack. and this is clearly an intrusion on the independent u.s. elections. and it should be universally condemned in the twway that spe ryan spoke out about yesterday. >> thanks very much for joining pup and pup. anderson back for you. >> andre, are you skeptical when you hear clinton supporters say tonight is an opportunity to reintroduce hillary clinton to the united states? counseli do you think opinions with formally forme at this point? >> i think bill clinton and president obama did it excellent. i don't think anybody be could have done a better job. watching hillary clinton is actually enjoyable. she is defending this function. it's not just about the democrats. it's the dysfunction and the distaste of washington.
2:29 pm
people are fed up with all of them.bums out year. she has a 68% negative, so there will be a lot of warm ths in this room, but this isn't where she needs to make any head way. she has to make it in the trenches and defense people that she can create a better economic situation than they currently have. how she does that, i have no idea. >> you know the numbers, are there a lot of people who are still on the fence who could still convinced one way or the other? >> often at this point we start talking about the mythical huge poll of undecided voters. most either lean right or left and vote right or vote left in most election. so it's not as big of a middle as we think. and he we see the evidence because of the direction of both conventions. this convention is driven to reach out to republicans.of the conventions. this convention is driven to reach out to republicans.
2:30 pm
this is about turning out democratic voters. it's not about reaching out to some republicans out there. but -- >> let's listen into the next two speakers making history tonight, congressman sean patrick maloney of new york, his co-chair of the equality caucus sarah mcbride, and first openly transgender person to address a major party convention. >> good evening. my name is sean patrick maloney. i'm the first openly gay person ever elected to congress from the state of new york. the great state of new york. you know, last week a speaker at the republican convention called equality a, quote, distraction. who cares he asked?
2:31 pm
well, i care. my husband, randy and our three children care. these lgbt leadering stan ins sh me care. the authors of our declaration of independence signed right here in philadelphia cared. americans the accept in a came fall, selma and stone cawall, t cared. and hillary clinton cares, too. fall, selma and stonewall, they cared. and hillary clinton cares, too. i want to tell you a story. on june 26, 2015, i was walking to work past the supreme court. a crowd was gathered awaiting the historic marriage decision. the news hit like a thunder clap. a lot of us went. then spontaneously, hundreds joined together to sink our nags
2:32 pm
national anthem. i called randy. i could barely speak. you see, randy and i have been together for 24 years. love you, honey. 23 of those year, we have been raising children. yes, our family is a little different, but we read bedtime stories the sale. we tie shoes and check home work the same. we dream and we comfort the same. but until that day, we weren't the sale. not really. so as i listened to our national anthem, i realized that our family, our love was no longer less than. we were now equal. you know, it's a beautiful thing
2:33 pm
when your country catches up to you and win yohen your basic ri and your very family are on the line. it matters what happens in those beautiful buildings with marble columns. it matters who is leading the country and it matters if they care. america, we have a choice. donald trump isn't care about some families. he's against marriage equality. he wants to go back when i first met hillary clinton in manchest manchester, new hampshire 24 years ago, i was a nobody. i was a nobody. i was some gay kid sleeping on a couch, i was scared to death that who i was wasn't going to be okay, it would mean that i would not be able to be who i was and that no one would ever care about me. and here was this incredible woman about to become our first lady and she cared. and over the last 24 year, she's
2:34 pm
kept right on caring about me, about my husband, about our kids, and she has seen us really seen us. and i've seen the way my kids look at her. knowing that she cares about our family, that she cares about your family. that she cares about all families. and that is why we must care about this election. now, i want to introduce sarah mcbride. sarah mcbride is a courageous young leader and she is right now the first trans person ever to address a national convention. sar sarah.
2:35 pm
it's about time. it's an honor to make history with you because we are stronger together. >> thank you so much, congressman. my name is sarah mcbride and i am a proud transgender american. four years ago, i came out as transgender while serving as student body president in
2:36 pm
college. at the time, i was scared. i worried that my dreams and my identity were mutually exclusive. since then, though, i've seen that change as possible. i witnessed history interning at the white house and helping my home state of delaware pass protections for transgender people. today i see this change in the work of the lgbt caucus and in my own job at the human rights campaign. but despite our progress, so much work remains. will we be a nation where there is only one way to love, only one way to look and only one way to live? or will we be a nation where everyone has the freedom to live openly and equally, a nation that is stronger together?
2:37 pm
that is the question in this election. for me, this struggle for equality became all the more urgent when i learned that my future husband andrew was battling cancer. i met andy who was a transgender man fighting for equality and we fell in love. and yet even in the face of his terminal illness, this 28-year-old, he never wavered in his commitment to our cause and his believe that this country can change. andy and i married in 2014. and just four days after our wedding, he passed away. knowing andy left me profoundly changed, but more than anything else, his passing taught me that every day matters when it comes
2:38 pm
to building a world wherer person can live their life to the fullest. hillary clinton understands you are defensive our fight. she will work with us to pass the equality agent, and to end the hiv and aids epidemic once and for all. today in america, lgbtq people are still targeted by hate that lives in both laws and in hearts. many still struggle just to get by. but i believe that tomorrow can be different. tomorrow we can be respected and protected. especially if hillary clinton is our president and that's why i'm
2:39 pm
proud to stand here and say that i'm with her. thank you all very much. >> sarah mcbride, sean about patrick maloney. coming up next, donald trump now he's saying his remarks about vladimir putin and hillary clinton's e-mails weren't really serious. the latest on the fallout as our convention coverage final day continues. now she writes mostly in emoji.
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trump urging people not to watch the democratic convention tonight, concerning his latest controversy suggesting russia perhaps hack into his opponent's e-mail, trump now says he was just being sarcastic. jim acosta is joining us from davenport, iowa where trump is talk right now. so trump how says he wasn't really being serious, he was joking, what else can you tell us about that? >> that's right. donald trump is in davenport competing for eyeballs in battleground states over the last several days. he is saying that he was not being serious when he said at a press conference yesterday in florida that russia should hack into hillary clinton's e-mails and get to the bottom of where the missing e-mails are. but that's despite the fact that his own campaign was saying yesterday trying to explain these comments saying that donald trump was only asking the russians if they had the e-mails
2:45 pm
to turn them over to federal authorities. but the trump campaign still focused on the missing e-mails. as a matter of fact in a donald trump statement issued in the last hour in response to what is being said in philadelphia, trump again goes after those missing ec-mails and he says in the democrats fantasy word, in is no problem with hillary clinton maintaining an illegal exposed server full of classified information that could have been hacked by any foreign enemy and in which hillary clinton risked prison time. we have not heard donald trump criticizing the russians for what they alledgedly did with those dnc e-mails. as a matter of fact what we're hearing is that they like the fact that donald trump brought this up yesterday and talked about this at length and stirred up this big controversy because it got all of us talking about it and they're starting to tell reporters that maybe they will do this every week, hold more press conferences to get donald trump out there.
2:46 pm
>> jim acosta, thanks very much. anderson, back to you. andre, as a trump supporter, do you think it's a good idea, do you think this is a net positive for donald trump that he made these comments yesterday and took 24 hours to then say he was actually kidding even though that seems to go against his previous explanation which was on twitter after he matt initde initial comments? >> you know, i have not been anywhere but here, so i can't get a feel of what the -- i work with working people every day and usually i'm out there and i get the different buzz. but i did have the guy driving me here today, black fella, said i consider are donald trump the people's champion is what he called him. and it kind of call me off guard since he knew most of folks here were democrats. so there is an undercurrent so strong that a lot of things donald trump is saying don't even matter. >> my cab driver said he thought honest to god, he's a prison
2:47 pm
worker here in philadelphia, took the week off to drive for cnn because he wanted to be part of history. and to quote him, hillary clinton is the bomb. and he just kept saying the bomb over and over again. >> drivers aside -- >> they are the pulse of america. >> i think this is a commander in chief question. and, you know, he's clearly -- we saw the statement that he released. he's clearly disqualifying her, trying to disqualify her because of benghazi and because of the e-mails. and all of the speakers we've heard this week and i'm sure from hillary clinton tonight is disqualifying him because they say he doesn't know what he's talking about. >> but it just seems like donald trump is clearly a candidate who never will say i'm sorry, never will say i misspoke. and who will just give out multiple explanations. and maybe nobody cares about that. maybe that doesn't matter. >> his base doesn't seem to care about it. what we presume to have been
2:48 pm
foiables during the course of the caucuses and none have been a set back. we sat here last night and an admiral took the stage and said that donald trump wasn't fit to shine john mccain's boots. and i thought to myself where was john mccain saying that back occurring t during the primary season. it's a commander in chief moment for her, as well. and i maintain if an e-mail surfaces from her server that is of the public's interests, and it wasn't released to the fbi and jim comey, it's a big is you for her. and i think brian fallon was setting a predicate in saying is this all about trump and the russians and trying to portray trump as more on the side of the russians than the americans. >> a lot more to come. michael dukakis will have thoughts on the convention in just a moment. now she writes mostly in emoji.
2:49 pm
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2:53 pm
not long from now, hillary clinton will accept the democratic presidential nomination. dana bash is in the massachusetts delegation with someone who knows the feeling, michael dukakis. >>. >> that's right. you are one of handful of people on the planet who knows how hillary clinton is feeling now about to give the speech of her life accepting the democratic nomination. you did it in 1988. what is she feeling right now?
2:54 pm
>> well, it's pretty something. here i was, the kid of immigrants, my 85-year-old mother is in the hall, came over here when she was nine and her son is accepting the nomination for the presidency of the united states. it's quite something. most of us have been at this a long time. it's not faisal shahz it's not as if you haven't made a speech. we did something new. i entered the convention hall from the outside and walked through the convention and the delegate which is was fun. it was probably the best speech i gave. >> you had some tough words for donald trump and also for your party. you feel the party and campaign isn't hitting him hard enough. what do you think she need to do to accomplish that? >> i'm not sure that's what i wanted to convey. if i learned one painful lesson from 1988, it's that my decision
2:55 pm
not to respond to the attacks from the bush campaign was just a terrible mistake. this guy's a screw ball. he's saying things every day that really nutty, but we have to convince the american people of that. it's not just the candidate. those folks we listen to last night and the night before have got to be fanning out across the country. we, rank and file democrats have got to be working the ranks. >> you know how a lot of people are upset and donald trump is banking on that. >> trying to tell them that the country is in terrible shape. we have come miles from where we were in 2008 when we were many the midst of the worst recession since the great depression. we made enormous progress. i thought it was important that the president and vice president said we've never been more optimistic about the future of this country. it's important for that message to get out.
2:56 pm
>> when you ran and were defeated in 1988, it was the first time since post world war ii that a party, that time the republican party, kept the white house after a two term president. george h.w. bush beat you after reagan. what lessons do you think there are for clinton? >> the only lesson that i came out of the the '88 win, is you cannot let the other guy beat you up without a good strong response and secondly, the grass roots make a huge difference. we've got 50 states and we've got thousands of democrats and we've all got to be out there knocking on doors and connecting with the american people. >> thank you. back to you. >> a lot more ahead on this historic final night of the democratic convention. we'll be right back. you pay your car insurance premium like clockwork.
2:57 pm
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as long as you love me, it's alright bend me shape me, any way you want me... shape the best sleep of your life. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology adjust any way you want it. the bed that moves you. only at a sleep number store. right now the democrats are building towards a crowning moment of this convention. tonight, hillary clinton accepts her historic nomination for president of the united states. i'm wolf blitzer. welcome back to a special edition of "the situation room." we're told she will lay out the stark choice in this election. she face a crucial challenge.
3:01 pm
to try to convince undecided voters she's relatable and trustworthy and she understands their fears the about the future. she will get help by her daughter. chelsea clinton said she will speak from the heart about why she's so proud of her mother. we're standing by one of the big performances by the music legend, carol king. dana bash, pamela brown. dana, first to you. set the scene for us. what's happening now, and where are we heading? >> we're heading for the culmination not just of the night, but the entire week. the speech of hillary clinton's life where she's going to do what she has been trying to do since 2007, which is accept the nomination of her party to be the first woman to do so. she hopes to be the first female president of the united states. the challenges are vast and the clinton campaign understands that very, very well. what she is going to try to do
3:02 pm
is make the point that there is a big contrast wean between her and how she will lead the country. talking about how everybody needs to work together and also talking about her past and her personal story, wolf. they understand as public and well known and the fact she's probably the most famous woman on earth, people have a perception of her that might be different, that is different in some ways from the one she wants to put forward. she'll tell a lot about her personal story growing up to be more relatable to the people who aren't so sure about her yet. >> dana, jeff is out there on the convention floor as well. you're getting more information about what to expect. what are you hearing in. >> the line that president obama delivered last night in his address that really excited this crowd but resonated was we will not be ruled.
3:03 pm
that was a direct response to donald trump's convention speech last night. i'm told by a senior clinton campaign aide that she will do a similar response to that. her speech has been changing since donald trump gave his convention speech. her speech is infused to rebuttals to what donald trump was saying. one thing we will not hear is any apology or any acknowledgement of any flaws. we heard president obama say i've made mistakes. she's made mistakes. we've all made mistakes. i've heard she will not say that. her aides said they believe tonight is not the night to acknowledge any shortcomings. that's an interesting decision because that is one of the things that many voters have questions about her honesty and trustworthiness trustworthiness. she will be focused on donald trump than her own shortcomings.
3:04 pm
>> pamela brown is on the podium, what are you hear something. >> one of the most anticipated speeches is chelsea clinton. hillary clinton's only child. we expect her to try to humanize her mom and talk about some of her accomplishments a and why she made decisions she did such as working for the children's defense fund rather than going to a large law firm. her goal is to try to be a character witness and try to bolster her mom. the bar is high following the speeches we heard from the trump kids that had very favorable reviews. chelsea clinton has been very close with her mother. she was born into the public eye, raised in the public eye and hillary clinton put a lot of effort to try to shelter and give her as normal a life as possible and also we're being told by the advisors to the clinton campaign that this is really important for chelsea clinton. now she's a mother herself.
3:05 pm
she has two children. in a sense this is more personal and more urgent for her tonight. wolf. >> going to be exciting night all around. standby. everyone stand by. anderson, over to you. >> coming up, we'll be bringing you tammy duckworth who is running for senate in the state of illinois in an effort to try to retake the senate. in terms of -- we're going to be hearing from chelsea clinton. it will be interesting to introduce her mom. it will be interesting to see how her speech about her mom compares to ivanka trump's speech about her father. >> ivanka trump's speech was a lot about politics. she promised her father would do a lot for women and child care issues and working moms and that kind of thing. she talked about being in business with her father. i think from chelsea clinton, we'll hear something very different. this is a young woman who grew
3:06 pm
up before our very eyes when she was in the white house. she's the daughter of a president and someone running for president. i think what she's doing to do is talk about her as a mother and as a grandmother and someone who has been a role model for her. ivanka did a lot of the role model stuff, but i think it will be very, very personal. >> they have a long relationship. chelsea clinton has been with them through the ups and downs of politics. i'll tell you a story the clinton campaign probably would not like me to tell. on "60 minutes." hillary clinton said i'm no tammy wynet standing by my man. i began an interview with them. we went down in the elevator and a car ride out to logan airport with the clintons. when we got to the airport, he
3:07 pm
was going back to new hampshire to campaign. i stayed with him. they embraced on the tarmac. she went home to arkansas because she said i need to be with chelsea when this interview airs. she was a month shy of her 12th birthday. she was in the white house when the monica lewinsky thing happened. i remember her as an awkward little girl when they were moving out of mansion. i think she had braces. now to see the poise she has. we talked about donald trump's children and how you judge people. chelsea clinton, whatever your politics is an amazingly poised, accomplished young woman. they should get some credit for that. >> in a campaign like this, you provided very few moments where you get to wipe the slate clean and allow people to take a fresh look. the announcement is up with of those phases. tonight is very important.
3:08 pm
it's a milestone. the debates will provide another opportunity. i think that chelsea setting up mom's speech and this has gone well so far puts her on the platform in way she needs to be to now try to explain where she, she meaning hillary, needs to take the country. she's got to offer plan because the status quo as has been said here is not enough. >> americans are always fascinated with the children of celebrities, with the children of politicians. it's a draw. i think this is a re-introduction to chelsea. people have seen her for all these years but a lot of people don't know what her voice sounds like. she's been not so much in the public eye. >> remember them on the white house lawn and chelsea standing sort of sticks out in my mind. chelsea holdi ining her father'
3:09 pm
hand and her mother's hand heading toward that helicopter. >> i sort of feel like all of us are god parents of chelsea. she's a remarkable young woman. >> we haven't heard her though. >> she has come out in the campaign. she's so poised. she really, it's in her blood. i was really impressed by the trump children as well. i had the feeling when they were talking, they were talking more like an employee of their father than son or daughter. that's not the way it is with chelsea. >> tammy duckworth coming out now running for senate in the
3:10 pm
state of illinois. >> 12 years ago i was co-piloting a black hawk helicopter over iraq. a rocket propelled grenade ripped through our cockpit and i'm only here tonight because of the miracles that followed. some i can explain like the bravery of my crew determined not to leave me behind. some i can't, like the shrapnel passing through the blades without destroying them, allowing us to land. what i do know is i started that day doing what i loved. i ended it knocked down, surviving only because my buddies refused to leave me and wouldn't stop even as they
3:11 pm
struggled to carry my body with its missing limbs. 11 days, 11 days later i woke up with a debt that i can never repay. i still wake up every morning trying to be worthy of them and their struggle, of this miraculous second chance. my family and i had been knocked down before. my dad a proud marine lost his job in his 50s. for a little time, my dad did odd jobs. my mom took in sewing. i got a minimum page job. we relied on food stamps to help us get by. the summer before i started college, my parents walked everywhere instead of taking the bus. once a week, they would hand over that saved up bus money, $10 to the university housing
3:12 pm
office, a deposit so i could move into the dorms in the fall. thanks to pell grants, work study, affordable student loans and lots of waitressing, i fulfilled my dream of college. i worked hard, but i had a lot of help from my community and my country. my story is not unique. it's a story about why this is the greatest nation on earth. a nation that so many are willing to die defending. a nation that says if you keep working hard, we won't abandon you. of course, in donald trump's america, if you get knocked down, you stay down. by the way donald trump, i didn't put my life on the line to defend my democracy so you can invite russia to interfere
3:13 pm
in it. you are not fit to be the commander in chief. my fellow americans, we can choose a different path. ten years after my helicopter was shot down, almost to the day, i got my most important job. i became a mom. we named our little girl after abigail adams who urged her husband to remember the ladies as he and his colleagues first declared our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness just a few miles from this very spot. my abigail already knows that women can fly helicopters in combat. in 102 days, when we elect hillary, my daughter's first memories of a president will be
3:14 pm
of a woman. democrats, tonight, let's go forward with confidence and pride in who we are and what we believe. we're democrats because we stand up for the most vulnerable among us. we embrace the notion that lifting one another up doesn't cost nearly as much as leaving other americans behind. we stand up for immigrants and people with disabilities. we defend the basic values that have made and will keep america the greatest country in the world. may god bless each and every one of you. may god bless our troops and always may god bless with united states of america. >> straight head, carol king performing live on the convention stage. we'll be right back.
3:15 pm
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liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. the great carol king performing "you got a friend." >> please welcome carole king. >> hello, idaho.
3:20 pm
♪ when you're down and troubled ♪ ♪ and you need some loving care ♪ ♪ and nothing, oh nothing is going right ♪ ♪ close your eyes and think of me ♪ ♪ and soon i will be there ♪ to brighten up even your darkest night ♪ ♪ you just call out my name ♪ and you know where ever i am
3:21 pm
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3:22 pm
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3:23 pm
got a friend ♪ ♪ we got a friend ♪ yeah yeah ♪ you've got a friend ♪ i got a friend ♪ i got a friend ♪ hillary's got so this friends ♪ ♪ and bernie too ♪ and all of us together ♪ good to know ♪ it's so good to know ♪ ain't it good to know ♪ ain't it good to know ♪ ain't it good to know ♪ ain't it good to know ♪ yeah yeah yeah ♪ you've got a friend
3:24 pm
>> thank you. we're going to do it. thank you. >> the great carole king performing "you've got a friend" which she wrote and recorded back in 1971. dana bash is a huge fan. >> who isn't? >> did you see beautiful on broadway? >> no, but that's a sore subject. >> i've seen the musical which is about all songs. she's amazing. >> she is. i had a chance to talk to her yesterday and she talked about meeting hillary clinton back in 1982 when she became active in bill clinton's campaign. she said you're the one who should be running for office. she said she was so impressed by her. she also said that she thinks that people really do need to know that part of her. one other thing i thought that was very interesting, she said
3:25 pm
the amount of criticism that hillary clinton get s akin to carole king doing what she did here, singing you got a friend and the entire arena saying back to her. you suck. that's a quote. >> the amazing thing about carole she wrote so many great things that other artists performed before she decided to go out and do it herself. >> she did. she was very much behind the scenes for so long. i asked her about that not just as a song writer but as a female breaking barriers in the music business. she said that she just kind of went out a did it. nobody ever told her she couldn't. she said it's different from what we have seen in politics. >> katy perry will be performing later. james clyburn in the house of representatives from south carolina. >> thank you. thank you very, very much.
3:26 pm
my fellow democrats and hello, south carolina. as a father of three daughters and grandfather of two adorable grand daughters, i'm proud to stand before you and offer the american people an opportunity to smash through the ultimate glass ceiling in our nation by nominating for president of the united states, a person who is more qualified by education and training, more experienced in temperament than anyone who has ever offered for the job. when it comes to current occupants, it ain't even close. the changes we seek for our great country will not come easy. to achieve a stronger and better america, we need a leader who is
3:27 pm
willing and able to fight for the dreams of all americans. if there's one thing i know about hillary clinton, it's this, she is a fighter. she fights with her head and her heart. in my momenthome state of south carolina, we say you can tell what a person will do by looking at what he or she has done. when she graduated from law school, hillary clinton came to south carolina to help reform our juvenile justice system and travel across the region to make the 1965 voting rights act real in the lives of all americans. in arkansas, she sought to
3:28 pm
reform education as first lady. she fought for universal health care and succeeded in helping secure the children's health insurance program that provides health care for millions of children and laid the ground work for the affordable care act. as a senator and secretary of state, hillary clinton always worked to advance our nation's pursuit of a more perfect union. hillary clinton knows that we must take effective action on the issue of income ainequality. she has embraced the 102030 plan to target federal resources into areas of persistatn poverty.
3:29 pm
her first speech was on criminal justice reform. she will work to get rid of mandatory minimums and mass incarcerations and private for profit prisons. she does not care about getting outside of her comfort zone. she knows that we are a stronger nation when we work together. she embodies our nation's motto, out of many, one. john f. kennedy challenged us to reach for the moon, and we did. lyndon johnson tackled poverty and inequality in america and his achievements continue to lift our communities and sustain
3:30 pm
our citizens. dr. martin luther king junior pointed us to the mountain top and although we're not there yet, we're still climbing and with president hillary clinton, america will rise even further. my standing before you tonight is a testament to the strength of our party, the goodness of our people and the greatness of our nation. our nation is strong, but we can be stronger. americans are good but we can be better. america is great, but it can be greater. my fellow democrats, america's brightest days are yet to come. we have bigger and better things
3:31 pm
to achieve. achieving bigger and better things require working together and working harder. let's emerge from philadelphia working together to make our nation stronger, americans better and america greater by electing hillary clinton the next president of these united states. god bless each and every one of you and god bless these united states. thank you. >> james clyburn of south carolina. we're going to hear from the one person who calls hillary clinton mom. the democratic presidential nominee takes the stage for her historic acceptance speech. soon, she'll type the best essays in the entire 8th grade.
3:32 pm
get back to great. all hp ink buy one get one fifty percent off. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great.
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3:36 pm
it's final night of the democratic national convention. we're counting down to a big speech by hillary clinton. the speech that could help determine whether she wins the white house. brianna keilar is watching what's goi what's going on. what are you hear something.
3:37 pm
>> she's been working all day on her speech. her daughter who will introduce her has always been working on her speech. of course, she's going to tell some stories that show a softer side of her mother. i understand she's going to be approaching this as much as a mother of two small children as she is going to approach this as the daughter of hillary clinton. one of the ads that this campaign has out has been out now for two weeks in eight battleground states. it's an ad called role models. it portrays small children watching television of donald trump saying some of my more controversial comments about megyn kelly and the disabled reporter. this is something the campaign thinks resonates as they make a case about donald trump's temperament. it's a point we should expect chelsea clinton to be driving home tonight. >> i want to go to jeff. he's getting new information about the speech. what are you hearing? >> i was talking to a senior
3:38 pm
clinton campaign advisor. they tell me the speech will be focused on all americans. not simply these democrats in this hall but americans across the country, particularly republicans as well. she's going to try to make the case through her speech using the words we have arrived at, a moment of reckoning. they believe this is a moment of opportunity. this election is more unique where she can bring across the aisle and bring in voters who are skeptical of donald trump. that's tall order. interestingly, post-convention as she goes on a bus tour across pennsylvania and ohio, the third stop is in state of nebraska. the delegation right behind me here has prime real estate. it's going to be a place where she tries to make the case to republicans in that red state that it should be a time to listen to her message, at least. it's one of the two states that split their electoral votes. president obama got one electoral vote in 2008. the clinton campaign hopes to
3:39 pm
get one as well. it's part of her cross country tour that ends on thursday in las vegas. >> jeff knows nebraska. he's from nebraska. let's go over to dana bash. you're with an old friend of hillary's going back to arkansas. >> that's right. thank you for joining me. appreciate it. you're telling me that you knew hillary clinton when she was hilly rodham when she first moved to arkansas. what was that like when you saw her first sort of appear on the scene? >> it kind of brought back some memories when president clinton was talking about her. when she came to arkansas, this is a woman who didn't worry about wearing makeup or her contacts being in. she had thick glasses. she didn't take her husband's name. southern women were a little shocked in arkansas that this is who he has chosen to come to arkansas. >> were you one of those women, shocked? >> i wasn't as shocked as some but i probably was a little bit. >> then you got to know her. your daughters were friends?
3:40 pm
>> they weren't best friends but in a lot of activities together. i was so amazed at what a good mother she was and how she came to all activities. she was so busy and she showed up for everything. she maybe run in and out but she was always there. >> was she always different from you all? >> she changed in a lot of ways. her style changed as we have seen but she was always true to herself. she never worried about what someone else was thinking about her. she was such a leader for her children and such a great example to the women. i think it made everybody feel a little more comfortable about themselves seeing what a smart woman did. >> we will hear from chelsea clinton. knowing her as a little girl and the relationship that they had with each other, at least watching that. what do you sort of -- what are your memories? anything you want to share about them? >> probably two of the best parents i've seen.
3:41 pm
so proud of her. she was the most down to earth child who had the world looking at her. everyone watched chelsea. she was the pride and joy of the state. she grew up to be such a fine woman. never bad stories about her. always friendly, nice to everyone. >> i have to ask, did you think she would be on this stage eventually? >> chelsea or hillary? >> hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton for sure. i knew she would be there. she was always meant to be where she is today. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. >> back to you. >> thank you. still ahead, we'll see republicans on stage here voicing their support for hillary clinton as the democratic nominee gets ready to give the most important speech of her life. we'll be right back. d can you ey you recommend synthetic over cedar? "super food"? is that a real thing? it's a great school, but is it the right the one for her? is this really any better than the one you got last year? if we consolidate suppliers what's the savings there? so should we go with the 467 horsepower? or is a 423 enough? good question.
3:42 pm
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3:45 pm
3:46 pm
after dozens of speeches, we'll hear the one that counts the most. hillary clinton will speak after her daughter. the panel is also having a number of speakers tonight focusing on job, minimum wage. we'll hear from the widow of a fallen police officer which is one of the criticisms from early on. there was a fraternal order of police in philadelphia criticized this convention for
3:47 pm
not having the survivors of fallen police officers and national security is also going to be something we'll hear about. >> it's part of the effort not only to show that hillary clinton is somebody who can be trusted but also to show this contrast with donald trump, what you saw at the convention in cleveland. those are the two jobs tonight. she is different. she offers change to show she's not just the status quo and you can trust her to affect that change. >> the republican convention there was a lot of talk of law and order. they sort of cast this more as gun violence. >> no question. talking about the same issues but it's very different. the language and what comes first. when the democrats talk about it, they talk about the victim, the african-americans. they have gone out of their way because of cleveland and they know the eyes are here are but about the police. gloria makes a key point.
3:48 pm
on the jobs, whether it's isis, police issue or crime issue, they're clearly trying to rebut what came out of cleveland. they're trying to make the case that donald trump has words. hillary clinton has plans. all these other speakers that's great. for her the worry is don't get into laundry list. she loves policy and laundry list. >> in the came way it was in cleveland, nights one and two are focused on the base. a will the of checking of the boxes to make sure the constituencies are all lined up. as you get to the end, you better be speaking to the nation as large. michael bloomburg cast that dye to say we're ready to move beyond this arena. >> he was also able to go against donald trump as the way no one else could. >> when he said i built a company without a million dollar loan from my father, it was like a mike drop moment. we're almost conditioned to think the only way people become
3:49 pm
super rich is through money from their parents. he showed a different side. i think it will make people question donald trump. then when he said, he wants to run country like his business, god help us. this is man who took his business into government. >> also flat out calling donald trump a con. >> i was going to say next line was i'm a new yorker. i know a con when i see one. we haven't talked about those little early is that hillary does have this hurdle, too, that she's facing of getting a third term for a democratic president. that's a big challenge. >> the signature moment last night was that embrace that they loved in this hall. a country that wants change, that's a risk. i get it completely but the trump campaign will say no way. >> the point i was going to make is i think mike bloomburg helped her cross that bridge because he said what counts with this
3:50 pm
election not the party, it's the candidate. you got to look at the candidate and this guy is just simply not qualified. >> what's really compelling about this convention that you did not see in the republican convention is you have a couple of republicans talking here on behalf of hillary clinton. you have a group of republicans that will come out and vote for hillary clinton. that and one of the big messages that will come out of this convention is you know what? donald trump is right. america is facing tough times. people are anxious. people are afraid. america does need a strong leader, but donald trump is the wrong leader. >> as a trump supporter, do you think there are those that are susceptible to the outreach here? >> possibly. i think bloomberg did a magnificent job. i don't think his delivery was perfect, but it was like a surgeon with every single note from a guy that is perceived as independent, maybe republican.
3:51 pm
anyway, i thought he did a magnificent job at taking every shot you could possibly get in there and he did it very effectively. >> i think democrats especially feel that republican women will be susceptible after this message that bloomberg offered yesterday. we'll have a republican woman tonight talking about hillary clinton saying she'll cast her support for her as well as they need to stave off the losses of working-class voters. democrats will not win working class voters and obama won about a third of them. at this point clinton is underperforming relative to what obama did, so they have work to do on that and and that's about talking about kitchen table issues and talking very plainly and getting away from the wonky way that clinton tends to address these issues. >> can i just say one more thing about bloomberg? we've been in cleveland and now we're in philadelphia and we're in a bubble and michael bloomberg is more reflective of the country at large and unfortunately, not when it comes
3:52 pm
to our net worths, but in so far as the issues are a mixed bag, right? very few people. i maintain line up entirely in a liberal alignment. they're a mixed bag. conservative on some things, liberal on other things. >> there you go. >> here's the problem for hillary tonight, she's trying to thread so many needles that it's hard to soar at the same time and that on. >> she's sewing a quilt. >> and the criticism of hillary clinton is that she's been on two sides of a lot of issues. if she's trying to please everybody, it's difficult. >> that's one of the things we confronted her about during the first debate where she said to one group of people that she's a progressive. she said to another that if you call me center, you know, i plead guilty. >> lbgt issues, she's been on both sides. >> she's arrived to where she is
3:53 pm
now. >> emotional tributes to veterans, police officers and the climactic moment when hillary clinton makes her pitch to the american people to elect her for president. ♪ approaching medicare eligibility? you may think you can put off checking out your medicare options until you're sixty-five, but now is a good time to get the ball rolling. keep in mind, medicare only covers about eighty percent of part b medical costs. the rest is up to you.
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>> it's the final night of the democratic national convention. our main events are about to begin. erin burnett "out front" continues our special coverage. ♪ ♪ and we are live in philadelphia tonight. hillary clinton taking center stage on this crucial night of the convention after three days of letting others tell her
3:58 pm
story, it is now her turn to explain to voters who she is, why they should elect her as president of the united states. welcome to a special edition of "out front." i'm erin burnett in philadelphia on the final night of the democratic convention. this hour the party is driving home the clinton campaign theme of stronger together, and we're going to hear a lot more of that message tonight when clinton accepts her historic nomination. the clinton camp says that she's going to speak tonight and frame the election as what she calls a moment of reckoning for voters. chelsea clinton is going to introduce her mother, a very hotly anticipated speech picking up where others have left off and trying to show a personal side of one of the most famous women in the world that many people have a very strong opinion of. chelsea going to try to give people a side that perhaps they've not heard before. my panel with me tonight for the hour, and david, this is going to be -- the stakes are so high for her and when we look at the speeches we have heard over the past few days there is a lot of
3:59 pm
pressure for her tonight. >> tough acts to follow. barack obama, joe biden, bill clinton all gave really fantastic speeches this week and very well received and you know, this is not necessarily her forte, either, to be a big speechmaker. so, in fact, they tend to think she does better in smaller environments which is why on her campaign trail, those are tough acts to follow. >> dan, we understand she's been working at her hotel in philadelphia all day. how is that process, do you think, been going? is bill clinton an active part of that? chelsea, is she in there by herself? >> i'm sure she's been working on this for a very long time. at this point you're making final touches and making some adjustments depending on what else is said during the convention and practicing. i think it's important to remember, voters are not judges or pundits. they're not going to say i like hillary clinton, but she's not as good a speaker as barack obama and joe biden. we had the same problem in 2012 and bill clinton gave a killer
4:00 pm
speech and why wasn't he as good as bill clinton? it doesn't matter. voters heard the story. >> bakari, you just having spoken yourself, you understand what that high, an endorphin high almost. this is not her forte, but is the best thing tonight to do to forget out of those speeches and those rousing speeches and do what she does. >> this isn't hillary clinton's first time on this stage. she's been on this stage many, many times before. so although it's probably unfair to say she's going to come out and give a barack obama-type speech or a joe biden-type speech because as dan said she's in there working, fine-tuning and doing everything she has to do because yes, this is the most important speech of her life and more importantly, i think she doesn't want to let down chelsea and her two granddaughters. i think that's where she's going to go. whenever she gets nervous she will go to the fact that she has an amazing daughter that's introducing her. >> that is a crucial and


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