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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  July 29, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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edition of "inside politics," i'm john king. the conventions are over and 58 days until the first scheduled debate and in 102 days from now, america, that means you, picks a new president. hillary clinton and tim kaine about to head west through several battleground states. we'll go back there live to see if the candidates have anything to say. pretty festive scene for the democrats. 12 hours ago, this was the celebration inside the convention hall. take a look at that. balloons, confetti, even fireworks. you can see the clintons on stage, tim kaine, her running mate, the traditional embrace. chelsea clinton introduced her mother to the delegates and to the nation. after making history as the first woman to accept the nomination of a major u.s. party, secretary clinton making the case that in these turbulent
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times, she's the smart, experienced and safe choice. >> so it's true, i sweat the details of policy whether we're talking about the exact level of lead and drinking water in flint, michigan, the number of mental health facilities in iowa or the cost of your prescription drugs, because it's not just a detail if it's your kid, if it's your family. it's a big deal. and it should be a big deal to your president, too. >> and she framed donald trump as a policy lightweight. plus, she says, a risky bet. >> donald trump says -- and this is a quote -- i know more about isis than the generals do. no, donald, you don't.
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>> a lot to cover in the hour ahead. with us, molly ball, cnn's manu raju and nia-malika henderson. thank you. everybody is operating on fumes after two weeks of conventions. democrats this morning, as we move into the noon hour this afternoon, they are thrilled with the philadelphia convention. they are convinced their four-day program put hillary clinton on the path to the presidency. >> well, i will be a president for democrats, for the independents, the striving, the successful, for all those who vote for me and for those who don't. for all americans together. >> all right. let's start with the case she made for her. we'll get to the case she made against trump in a minute. but let's start, less exciting, but the case she made for herself. the same word i was thinking last night, she knows a lot of
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people don't trust her. she can't say i knew. but she said you can be comfortable and i'm safe. >> the degree to which she didn't take on some of the issues that clearly have dogged her throughout the campaign and the key one is the honesty and trustworthy problem that she's got. she just kind of pushed that to the side and made a totally different kind of an argument. and that is, you want change, i can bring you change but donald trump will bring you tremendous risk and you have to make that choice but, based on the record i have, based on the ideas i have, i can deliver what the country needs. >> and it's a clear calculation. those numbers are terrible for her. in that rnc orc poll, 68% of voters don't view her as honest.
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so that was the argument that they made going forward and if you do look at polls, polls say that she's more experienced and much more qualified to do the job than trump. >> that's right. i think hillary, as people understood, that -- the american people weren't going to believe in an extreme makeover at the last minute. but she had to lean in to some things that people think is her flaws, the fact that she's boring and workman-like. she said boring equals safe. status quo means nothing unexpected, nothing weird is going to happen if you elect hillary. given that people already feel they know those things about her, that was a way to lean in to things that ring true to people. >> eight underline argument that was consistent through all of the speeches, michelle obama, barack obama, her daughter, this idea of hillary clinton, somebody who is a fighter, who
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never quits, she talked about her mother, this story of when she was 4 years old and there was a bully outside, she ran into the house and her mom said go back out there. >> that's how they teach you nowadays. >> that's true. what she's facing now, at least in her framing, is donald trump. and this idea -- i think one of the things that they are effectively doing is tapping in to the anxiety that people have about donald trump. >> right. >> sure, there is anxiety about crime and isis but a lot of people are afraid of what america would look like. >> an excellent point, trying to steer the anxiety towards trump. they see a priest having his throat slashed and donald trump gave this crisis speech. you need a strong, tough leader and it was a little dark but donald trump says, yeah, the country is a little dark. all throughout the democratic convention, including hillary clinton, any democratic voters are not in that mood. they are speaking to democrats not as angry. they are trying to get you to
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think, yes, we have problems but if we stay optimistic, we might fix them. >> we are clear-eyed about what our country is up against but we are not afraid. we will rise to the challenge just as we always have. we will not build a wall. instead, we will build an economy where everyone who wants a good job can get one. >> there is this competition about mood and the mood of the voter, she needs that arrow to go up. you get closer to the election day, maybe you're worried about crime and terrorism but, okay, we're going to get through this. donald trump benefits if people think that's a changed environment. >> that's the balance he was trying to strike, especially since there's a democratic president in the white house who has tried to argue that he's had eight years successful.
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if they look out of touch to those voters, particularly in the rustbelt, which is going to be a key battleground this year, how does that look to them when they talk about how great things are. >> you mentioned the democratic presidents. people want michelle obama, the embrace the night before the president's speech was a signature moment for the democrats and likely to show up in donald trump ads saying we've had eight years of president obama. 1.2% in the last quarter. that's pretty sluggish. this is george h.w. bush in 1988 who tried t same kind of thing and ronald reagan said we are the change. you don't want to say we're the status quo but you want to keep us. >> but none of us can be satisfied with the status quo. not by a long shot.
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we will create more good jobs with rising wages. >> let me play one more little piece here because she didn't criticize the president at all. >> democrats, we are the party of working people but we haven't done a good enough job showing what you're getting through and we're going to do something to help. >> that there to me was the i get it and in the rustbelt states you just mentioned, they might sit around thinking, let's do something different and try something else and for one reason or another they don't like hillary clinton, now may be available for donald trump. >> it was the most explicit statement aimed at the donald trump core constituency. for the most part, they were missing in action in the way that people were talking about the state of the country or the
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appeals that they were making and the issues that they were raising. she's not going to win over white working-class men. she has an opportunity to cut into trump with whi white working-class women. >> and they will try to do that. obviously that's why the convention was in pennsylvania they are going to go to different regions, harrisburg and pittsburgh and go to ohio. this is their big challenge. are they going to be able to kind of offset these losses? obama didn't do very well in the working class and one thing that they are trying to do is see if they can pick up republican voters. every republican who i talked to felt like in some ways the democrats were stealing some of their best material. i mean, the flags, the military, the constitution moment with mr.
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con and h kahn and his son, they can offset these losses among the working class. >> and we're going to watch this bus tour. we'll get you back there live. we're into the campaigning phase and into the next couple of weeks. pick your states. you test some things, where are the battleground states going to be? we know donald trump got a bounce at his convention and then where does the pendulum swing after the democrat convention. donald trump has not spent one dime in general election spending on television ads but this morning the first general election ad from donald trump trying to limit secretary clinton's bounce. >> behind the glitter there is this true. under her dishonest plan, taxes rise, terrorism spreads and washington insiders remain in control, americans lose their jobs, home and hope. in donald trump's america, people are put back to work. our families are safe.
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the american dream achievable again. change that makes america great again. >> change. she's the insider. it's gloomy and dark when it's hillary clinton and it's reagan-esque. >> i thought it was interesting to say that the trump campaign said this was a fiction, that it was not to be believed because the american people know how bad things were. hillary clinton put on a good campaign commercial and if you believe what she was saying, would you feel pretty good about things. second, to nia's point, the democrats turned this into a patriotic message, saying america is already great over and over and over again and chanting "usa," a lot of republicans thought that was co-opting a message of patriotism. >> plus, it's an acknowledgement
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that donald trump's message at the convention was a bit too gloomy. you heard a little bit about it at the convention but it's most mostly painting a picture of a bleak america. >> stealing that away from the republicans is so crucial to what was going on this week. but the line they have to walk is, as she suggested, you can't be overly sunny. this is a great country and then you can say the country we now have, a very diverse country, a changing country, a country that's going through a dramatic transformation is in fact a great country but it isn't a perfect country and that's the message she's got to deliver. >> and can donald trump alone sort of be the embodiment of hope and optimism, can he stay on that message. it appears he has trouble staying on -- >> a discipline. >> a discipline, yeah. >> one or two examples of that. >> yeah. >> we'll get to that in a
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give you a live look here of philadelphia, pennsylvania. tim kaine and hillary clinton are about to follow a post-convention bus tour. clinton did that in 1992. we'll take you there to hear them speak before they hit the
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road. the convention hall began with a call of law and order and a tougher approach to terror. >> he wants to divide us from the rest of the world and from each other. he's betting that the perils of today's world will blind us to its unlimited promise. >> and she asked you, those who vote come november, a direct question. >> ask yourself, do you really think donald trump has the temperament to be commenter in chief? donald trump can't even handle the rough and tumble of a presidential campaign. he loses his cool at the slightest provocation, when he's gotten a tough question from a reporter, when he's challenged in a debate, when he sees a protester at a rally.
9:19 am
imagine, if you dare, imagine him in the oval office facing a real crisis a man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with no clear weapons. >> that's her case against him. she's trying to make this a referendum around donald trump, saying he's a loose cannon and, dear lord, you don't want him in office. >> this is a cliche and it's true, this is a choice. we've talked about her numbers and if she can make herself look a little better than donald trump, that can be important. also, the unity theme that they've tried to push here, she's one of the most polarizing figures in american politics.
9:20 am
>> this commander in chief question is critical. number one, she'd be the first woman. you might have second thoughts about this. number two, because of the issues trumps wants to put front and center, he wants you to think that isis is coming and we have a security crisis at home. but the tough but is what she was trying to get at. >> that's right. you see in polls that people have a lot of questions about donald trump's temperament. it's a big weakness for him, somewhere between 60 and 70 americans do not believe he has the temperament to be president so she's clearly targeting a big issue of his. she's talking about fear and how she's taken it how people feel and orient it towards donald trump. when people have fear, they want to hold on and hunker down. so trump is saying you're afraid of these external threats, you're afraid of foreigners,
9:21 am
crime and terror. hillary clinton is saying, what's scarier than that? donald trump is scarier than that. >> they could have gone overboard on the anti-trump message, he's a bigot, a racist, he's a demagogue. they did use all of those words, i think, at one point. but there was also a sense of mocking him. president obama said the donald isn't much for facts either. and even with hillary clinton, the same thing with the tweeting and saying, you know, no, donald, you don't know more than the general. there's a lightness and almost treating him like a late-night talk show host. >> mocking him is a more effective way than really trash talking. >> right. and they are trying to get under his skin. >> that's right. >> that makes the wheels spin again. >> another point is -- and the democrats have fixated on this so i assume they have some
9:22 am
research to say i'm an outsider and break all of the china and get things done. but the i alone part, democrats think it's an opening. >> don't let anyone tell you that our country is weak. we are not. don't let anyone tell you we don't have what it takes. we do. and most of all, don't believe anyone who says "i alone can fix it". >> he's forgetting every last one of us. americans don't say, "i alone can fix it." we say, "we'll fix it together." >> and a lot of republicans are concerned about that, too. that's one of the things that
9:23 am
even paul ryan has expressed concerns about, having too strong of an executive branch under donald trump. of course, criticizing obama for that. the worry is that donald trump would expand it even further if he becomes president. they've had a lot of discussions about that internally. obviously it didn't play out in his convention speech and that's one reason people like the nebraska senator is not endorsing donald trump because he's worried about the expansive view. >> i don't think this is about constitutional interpretations of executive branch power. it's more about what do people know about donald trump? he has a huge ego. you're playing into that perception. everybody knows he has an overinflated sense of himself and she's trying to puncture that and say this country is not about a strong man. it's about a democracy and people working together. >> and obama had the best line on this. he said america's greatness doesn't depend on donald trump but gets at that whole thing,
9:24 am
this idea that the country is in ruins and here is donald trump, the white knight. >> i don't think you need research to know that that was a line that caught people when they watched that speech and probably alarmed people because it plays in all the wrong ways about what we think of as leaders at this time in our country. we don't want somebody who is a singular experience. >> you guys are helping me with the segue. here's something hillary clinton was trying to get to play in all the right places. we were talking about the commander in chief argument. the other argument she has to make is that she can help fix the economy, that she cares about you, she'll fight for you if you're a middle-class worker if you're anxious. donald trump talks a good game, she says, but the democrats have used this before. listen as hillary clinton goes through, if you buy a product that has the trump label on it, it's made some place there, not here. >> he also talks a big game
9:25 am
about putting america first. well, please explain what part of america first leads him to make trump ties in china, not colorado, trump suits in mexico, not michigan, trump furniture in turkey, not ohio, trump picture frames in india, not wisconsin. donald trump says he wants to make america great again. well, he could start by actually making things in america again. >> it's a t-ball argument because that's all true, is what she said. let's just pull one out. >> florida in there, too. >> yeah. >> it goes back to the rustbelt thing, talking about how donald trump has had some success railing about the issues of international trade, the tpp and hillary clinton is not pure on that issue. >> she's saying he's a
9:26 am
hypocrite. >> right. yeah. >> he's a con, a hypocrite and those same voters, those working-class voters could be amenable to that argument. >> a lot of close factories, towns where 10, 15, 20, 30 is when they made things. everybody, sit sitight. hillary clinton's supporting cast. (man) what i love most about tempur-pedic mattresses is that they contour to your body. it keeps us comfortable and asleep at night. can i take a nap now? (vo) change your sleep, change your life, change to tempur-pedic.
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kazeer kahn came to philadelphia to remember his soldier who was killed in iraq 12 years ago and says donald trump needs a civic lesson. >> he loves to build walls and ban us from this country. donald trump, you're asking americans to trust you with their future. let me ask you, have you even
9:31 am
read the united states constitution? i will gladly lend you my copy! >> that was a very powerful moment and it was personal. >> have you ever been to arlington cemetery? go look at the graves of brave patriots who died defending the united states of america. you will see all faiths, genders and ethnicities. you have nothing! and no one! >> just hit him on so many levels. you have sacrificed nothing and no one. i was just saying during the break, during that moment, i was asking a lot of republicans and
9:32 am
conservatives, just send me a text or e-mail and the incoming on that was wow. >> it really was. it goes back to the point that we were making earlier, democrats co-opting the messages about patriotism and military. a lot of republicans do acknowledge that. it's interesting to hear tim kaine as he's doing interview after interview and even during his convention speech saying donald trump has called the military a disaster, trying to reach out to the people who are in the military who have increasingly voted republican who think they have an opening with donald trump. >> but also emphasizing america's diversity. democrats are saying, america is an idea, not an ethnicity. so much of the campaign has been about ethnic appeals and so much of the democratic convention was putting people on stage who represent the entire band width of what america is today, whether it's a transgender for
9:33 am
the first time in american history, whether it's the father of a slain muslim war hero, or even if it's an undocumented immigrant saying we are all america. this diverse america, there is no going back. this is what we are now. and asking americans to ratify that. >> and it's the obama coalition, right? i mean, it is -- >> and the message being even if you're lukewarm about her, don't sit this out. >> and there is an attempt to -- it's almost like donald trump is not american. it's almost like we've seen some conservatives try to do with obama and say he's out of bounds of america. that's in some ways what they are saying about donald trump. >> john, there's always an unexpected moment at conventions and there was a lot of that by the big-name people who spoke. but in the same way that the
9:34 am
family who spoke on behalf of mitt romney in 2012 about their son who had cancer and the way he had helped him in a private way which talked about an aspect of romney's character that had been sort of ignored through most of the convention, this one was as powerful and as direct an assault on donald trump as ybody did at the convention. >> and because it comes from an every day american and an every day american who lost everything. >> uh-huh. >> lost everything. politicians, you run them through a filter. it's still a politician doing it. that was oomph. another aspect for secretary clinton was trying to have unity with the family. if you're listening to the speakers last night, even secretary clinton at times during every speech, the wing of the sanders faction protested in
9:35 am
the hall. hillary clinton congratulated bernie sanders, pointed him out in the audience and then tried to convince his supporters, "join me." >> and to all of your supporters here and around the country, i want you to know, i've heard you, your cause is our cause. our country needs your ideas, energy and passion. >> the very smart peter hart wrote a piece saying the party who has the unified convention tends to win. they have more boots on the ground, less dysfunction. a direct appeal there but you could hear it in the hall and even during her speech, there's a group -- and we don't know how
9:36 am
big it is out in the country. but she repeatedly -- that was a direct appeal. did she get them? >> not quite. they made concessions to bernie sanders on the platform and on when he would speak on monday night and there are people who are resistant. there are two questions. one is, the polling suggested that the democratic party is coming together pretty well, frankly, as is a lot of the republican party. so on a macro level, she can say we're making progress. i think the one area that she's got to worry about is young people. young voters still i don't think are there. not that they prefer donald trump but that they are just not keen about her and she's got to do something on the enthusiasm
9:37 am
side. >> and i would agree with that. i was at the convention hall one day this week and a bernie sanders supporter got into the face of congressman elijah cummings and said to him and yelled at him and said you're going to support someone who is losing in the polls to donald trump. it got really heated and a cummings aide pushed this guy away. >> for younger voters, it's their first love, first time in politics and harder to get through that one. everybody, sit tight. up next, both sides are studying the map and doing the math. behold the power of protein in birds eye protein blends. ok. they're delicious side dishes with the protein of beans, whole grains.. ...and veggies! mmm good. my work here is dooooone!
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as he campaigned yesterday, donald trump urged his supporters not to tune in to watch the final night of the convention. maybe he should have taken his own advice a little sooner. >> i was going to hit a number of those speakers so hard, their heads would spin, they would never recover and that's what i did with a lot of -- that's why
9:42 am
i don't have certain people endorsing me. they still haven't recovered, okay? >> hold on. trump went on to say he shared his frustration with a friend. >> don't hit there. don't hit down. you have one person to beat. it's hillary rodham clinton. one person. hillary clinton. i said, you know, but i really want to -- i don't like when they are saying -- well, a lot of it is lies. not all of it. i said, i just really makes me feel good. >> can i say, i believe that is a real conversation.
9:43 am
>> i think also you were talking about hillary clinton trying to make this election -- judging by the way this thing has gone so far, she won't have a problem because he's constantly giving her new material. >> he sort of wants it to be a referendum because he wants so much for it to be about him that it's impossible for him to figure out a way to deflect that and not have a focus on him. >> but it is the question that you get from republicans, including some people who work for donald trump who only talked to you privately about this. but the rest of the establishment that decided to have him be competitive enough is can he have the discipline? smart republicans say when it's this environment, they want something new, if he could hit the economy, hit change in washington and then hit, whether he wants to call her hillary
9:44 am
"crooked" clinton, if he's going off on these tangents about vladimir putin or wanting to him them -- >> it's like being authentic which works in a primary and being scripted which is what republicans want. as you saw in that speech, there was no teleprompter there. this was a classic donald trump. he probably feels constrained to give these speeches to hit those same republican points. >> i think he's disciplined about being chaotic. he sort of likes that to have a lot of things going on and to force himself into the news stream. >> it's the minority but there are some people who think if you're a challenger like him, it's good for you. stir it up, constantly be in the mix. >> gingrich.
9:45 am
>> it's part of his instinct h has. it combines with the ego in which if the focus is over here and not on him, he wants something to bring it. sometimes he's very effective at doing that in a political way that's good for him. very often it's the opposite. >> and we will be watching this play out, whether he can keep to it, it's usually down to a six or eight state campaign. we're still waiting for the democratic candidates. this is a live photo of temple university. let's look at where they will go on the tour. youngstown, columbus, democrats are doing relatively small towns, central ohio, two very key battleground states. first place you go after the convention and also drive a bus
9:46 am
there but they are important states and the republicans are on the road. donald trump is in colorado and pence is in ohio, a small town of ohio, lima. is there a surprise on the map? hillary clinton is just trying to -- if you hold 2012, you win. there's one or two that is in play. we defend this, we still win. >> we still have to keep watching pennsylvania whether he can put that in play. it was 5.4 percentage points for president obama four years ago, which was identical to what he got in colorado. in the sense, it was a swing state without it being a battleground state. donald trump believes that that can be done. they are going to hit pittsburgh. if they can undermine him in pennsylvania, there's no way, i don't think, that he can win pennsylvania. i think that's the place that could be the surprise. >> i guess mitt romney won 206 so they need 64.
9:47 am
so they essentially have to get a clean sweep. >> florida, ohio, pennsylvania. >> yeah. >> or if they do a clean sweep. >> but that's hard. if he flips three, he can get it. that's hard. pennsylvania hasn't done it since '88. florida was the closest of all of the states. >> yeah. it will be more diverse this time than last time. >> but if trump can't get florida's 29, then he's got to win wisconsin and do iowa and new hampshire and do a lot of other business. >> especially some of the republican states are coming on the map that both candidates want to spend time in. what about georgia, arizona, utah. >> right. >> kansas. that's a swing state in some polls. >> north carolina going both ways in 2012. interesting, hillary clinton going to nebraska to try to get that one electoral vote. >> i think the idea is for her staff, don't get your eyes wide open. don't go looking for candy. defend what you've got.
9:48 am
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let's close as we always do. nia-malika henderson? >> tim kaine's schedule is filling up. he's with hillary clinton now doing a rustbelt tour. on monday, he kicks off a tour. he's going to be in richmond, virginia, where he was mayor, then north carolina and this gives a sense of how the hillary clinton campaign thinks they can use him, which is essentially everywhere in some ways but particularly in the sunbelt states like north carolina, like virginia and like florida. his spanish will come in handy there as well as his civil rights background and the connection to the
9:53 am
african-american community. >> i sat down with robby mook yesterday and we talked about a number of things, including the electoral map and i asked what's the most important states and went through florida, ohio and virginia. to me, what it said was, a, they are concentrated on the big states with the big numbers and they are not kind of looking around for other opportunities before they nail down and block donald trump's path. >> smart. >> john, i sat down with the democratic leader yesterday, harry reid, and he went to town on a lot of subjects. he criticized those for being unfair and thought debbie wasserman schultz should have resigned six weeks ago. also, not surprisingly, he called donald trump dumb for his comments about russia, accessing and releasing hillary clinton's e-mails. interestingly, he's split with president obama on the trump
9:54 am
strategy. president obama made clear that donald trump does not reach out to the republican party, trying to reach out to those voters. interesting division between the two party leaders. >> all of the senate candidates out there. >> right. get the majority back. >> we talked about the white working-class men. hillary losing as much as two to one or more or 10 to 15 points weaker. how does she fix that? i've been talking to some labor leaders who have been studying this vote trying to figure out what message resonates with these voters. he said, you can't get them to like hillary. based on economic policy and, second of all, get serious. take seriously the presidency
9:55 am
and that the trump candidacy is not serious. >> hillary clinton even last night said a lot of people were laughing about that. what is her top post-convention priority? follow the candidate and money spent by her friends. the bus trip we talked about is targeting swing voters. in the cnn orc poll we conducted right after the convention, the number is probably a little high, we'll see what happens, but the goal is to get back more to where president obama was in 2012. president obama lost independents to mitt romney by five points and still won the election convincingly. watch the pro-clinton super pac priority usa. it's focusing on national security casting clinton as a steady hand and trump as unfit to be commander in chief. the goal, move the numbers with those independents and more moderate swing voters. that's it for "inside politics." thanks for sharing your time with me for the past two weeks.
9:56 am
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hello. i'm wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. many washington and 8:00 p.m. in jerusalem. wherever you're watching from around the world, thank you for joining us. the presidential ticket is about to hold its first post-convention campaign event in philadelphia. hillary clinton who accepted the nomination last night and her running mate tim kaine beginning a 102-day push to the november 8th election. the event today kicks off a major bus tour through pennsylvania and ohio. two key battleground states. donald trump kicks off the post convention spirit -- sprint, i should say, to november in another key battleground state today. we're talking about colorado. our senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny


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