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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  July 29, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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i don't need to tell you this but fasten your seat belts. it's going to be a bumpy campaign. this is "cnn tonight." i'm don lemon. fears that a foreign power is trying to influence our election as the fbi investigates hacking of the clinton campaign. that in the midst of a battle between two candidates who are the least liked in years and who never miss an opportunity to
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slam each other. exhibit a, donald trump out on the campaign trail in colorado tonight, doubling down on his favorite theme, hillary clinton. >> last night was sort of unbelievable. i went home and i thought that hillary wasn't going to mention trump because i thought it would be a class thing to do. she mentioned me 22 times, 22 times. the truth is, it was a little bit on the boring side, wouldn't you say, as a speech. it's like taking sominex. i don't think it registered. we're going to see. with the republican convention, i got one of the biggest bounces in many years, right? we'll have to see. we'll have to see. we'll have to see if she gets a good bounce, if he doesn't. but the speech was really lies. one of the things she talked about was the rough and tumble
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campaign. she talked about me. you know what this is? this is a speech writer writing a speech and she read it and that's what it is. >> meanwhile, hillary clinton campaigns in pennsylvania, blasting donald trump's vision of america and suggesting he is a threat to democracy. >> donald trump painted a picture, a negative, dark, divisive picture of a country in decline. he insisted that america is weak and he told us all after laying out this very dark picture that i alone can fix it. now, as i watched and heard that, it set off alarm bells because just think about what happened here 240 years ago. think about our founders coming together, a declaration of
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independence, writing a constitution. they set up our form of government, the longest lasting democracy in the history of the world. and, you know, they did it -- they did it because they knew they didn't want one person, one man to have all the power like a king. >> here to talk about all this, w.kamau belle, nice seeing you outside philadelphia. first a new investigation into a democratic e-mail hack. what do you think? >> i think as some of your other guests said earlier, that's only a problem for hillary if something emerges for that that is scary.
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but mostly it's a eroo minder to the rest of us to change our passwords. i think the bigger part of it is there was a time when republicans weren't courting the russians and donald trump is on stage courting the russians and the russians, not that they seem to be listening, it just seems if this was a democrat courting relations with the russians, there would be a problem. >> i want your reaction to quote saying he's going to take the gloves off and no more mr. nice guy. can you hear me, kamau? >> i'm sorry, i thought you were going to play it, let's hear it. have these been the nice guy gloves he's been using? there's a long way between now and the election and now we get
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into the real season of the thing happening. what we're going to find out is when hillary and donald are actually on stage debating each other. right now we're still basically in the preseason. the debates, it will be really good to see what happens. maybe hillary takes off her nice guy gloves, too. >> the united states of america, this is your job to interview people around the country. you do the extreme so you get to see all of it. so i think it's important, for me i want to hear your take on philadelphia, your takeaways from philadelphia and from cleveland. but first philadelphia. >> you know, i think that the thing about the philadelphia that was so intriguing was that there was really a sense that they had -- hillary has a lot of good people who can speak for her. and in some sense i felt she may have better people speaking for her than she can speak for herself. if michelle obama can tap hillary on the shoulder and say i'll take it from here, i think the election would change in a
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heartbeat. unless she can make every appearance a scaled down version of the dnc convention, i don't know how well she'll be speaking for herself. if she can replicate that moment with mr. kahn at every appearance she does, then great. and the thing with the republicans, we've seen things flip. republicans used to talk about how great this country was and donald trump and the republicans painted a bleak image of this country. when the democratic convention when people boo'd, it was a bad thing but at the republican convention they were courting the audience to boo. >> you gave me cleveland as well. you just mentioned the kahn family as well. very powerful moment last night. let's listen to them. >> donald trump consistently smears the character of muslims. he disrespects other minorities, women, judges, even his own
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party leadership. he vows to build walls and ban us from this country. donald trump, you're asking americans to trust you with their future. let me ask you have you even read the united states constitution? i will -- i will gladly lend you my copy. >> kamau, i know you were watching with your inlaws. did you have that same reaction? >> yeah, even my white inlaws stood up and went like this. like that was an amazing moment. and also really screws up the
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narrative that donald trump has of sort of like americans versus muslims. like that man is the father of an arab man who went to the war and fought for america. so it -- >> and lost his life. >> you're going to have to explain -- i don't have time to explain the last thing that you did to the audience but i'm sure most people -- >> go ahead. you want to explain it? >> google snapping your fingers. make some black friends, everybody. >> tonight the dad spoke to msnbc. he made a direct call to mish mcconnell and paul ryan to repudiate donald trump. listen. >> they have disagreed with his practices, his threats to minorities disrespect to the legal system, legal institutions. i want to ask them if your candidate, and i wish this would
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get to their ears and i will continue to ask this question, if your candidate wins and he governs the way he has campaigned, my country, this country will have constitutional crisis that never before in the history of this country. and there comes a time in the history of a nation where ethical, moral stand has to be taken regardless of the political cost. the only reason they're not repudiating this -- his behavior, his threat to our democracy, our decency, our foundation is just because of political consequences. >> listen, people say they don't trust hillary clinton. they may not trust her but how can you doubt this man, his you a then at this tease and h--
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authenticity and his heart? >> i think he's a great speaker for what hillary clinton put forward. the progressive wing of the party wants to know are you showing inclusion, are you being inclusive? bernie sanders is a great represent at this of that idea. he says "my country" and he's talking about america, he's not talking about another country. and hillary clinton has to be able to represent that when she goes out and speaks and people have to be able to believe her. >> do you think -- he says that it's -- the only reason people aren't repudiating him is because of political consequences and he's insinuating that's insidious, that people aren't being genuine with themselves or they're not listening to their hearts, it's just about a political consequence. do you think that he's right about that? >> i do think that there is a
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sense in this country that we -- many of us are still divided in this two-party system. one of the things that isn't highlighted is the failure of the two-party system to cover everybody. i think there are some people who can't not vote for trump because he represents the republican party and a lot of republicans are asking themselves, wait, i'm a republican, he's a republican, what do i do here? it again shows the failure of the two-party system to represent everybody's needs as i certainly see on the left. when up hear that man speak, if that man doesn't affect you, you're not listening to your heart. >> well said. another moment that struck a cord with me and a lot of folks. listen to this. >> it starts with listening, listening to each other, trying as best we can to walk in each other's shoes. so let's put ourselves in the shoes of young black and latino men and women who face the
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effects of systemic racism and are made to feel like their lives are disposable. let's put ourselves in the shoes of police officers kissing their kids and spouses good-bye every day, heading off to do a dangerous and necessary job. we will reform our criminal justice system from end to end, and rebuild trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve. >> so, kamau, those were conversations that i tried to have in cleveland because it was right after dallas and baton rouge and nobody really wanted to have those conversations there, at least not in the way that i was able to do it in philadelphia. people didn't seem to be open in cleveland to that conversation, it was just about sort of pushing your narrative and
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blaming other people. i thought -- i don't know if you did, i was surprised to hear a national candidate say that on a national stage. >> i mean, i think it is great to hear her say this and i think that it goes even further if between now and the election she actually meets with those groups she's talking about. i know a lot of people in the movement for black lives who would like to sit down and talk to her about it. i think people want to feel like hillary is walking in their shoes. i think if she wants to meet with activists from the movement for black lives and immigration activists, i think that will go further to that conversation. >> but i think this gets to the heart of -- if you can speak to this, i think it would help the audience a lot because this is what you do. one of the first episodes you did with a klan leader, you may not have agreed with him, you certainly are not going to be buddies, but at least you guys spoke to each other and you sort of talked to each other. if you can do that with a klan member, a black guy and a klan member, i mean my goodness.
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>> and he still e-mails me. let me be clear about that, too. i think there is a need for people to sit down and have these difficult conversations. believe me, it's even weird for me. when i was in philly, i had a state trooper come up to me and say i love your show. and it was still hard for me not to withdraw and say what did i do wrong? again, i would encourage hillary over the next few weeks to really sit down and have these conversations. >> what about donald trump? >> i -- i -- he's lost. i don't believe -- >> you don't encourage him -- wouldn't you encourage him to do the same thing as well? i think it's incumbent upon him as well. >> absolutely, i would encourage donald trump to sit down and have those conversations. i guess i have a little more hope in hillary than in donald trump to sit down and have those conversations. my wife is i'm with her and i'm
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like i'm with her. so i really do feel like it's important if there's only so much time to have the conversations, i hope that hillary sits down and has those conversations. with trump, everything he does, every speech he gives is the opposite end of those conversations. i'd rather him actually pull out of race and then we'll sit down and have those conversations. >> he may need it the most then if you think it's the opposite -- >> his soul needs it, absolutely. his soul needs it the most but i don't know if i can believe he can have enough of those conversations. >> always a pleasure, my friend. you have a great weekend. >> coming right back, donald trump thinksillary clinton should have congratulated him. i work as a professional mountain guide and the surface pro 4 allows me to actually operate my business from everest. i help clients achieve their dreams. being able to go between having a laptop and having a tablet is really important to me... i couldn't do that with my mac. i love that we as humans can go to the top of the world.
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with all the attacks going on, how is this going to sit with voters? will it sit well with voters? here to discuss all of this is lanhee chen, andre bauer, former lieutenant governor of south carolina and we just got over the conventions and now it's time for the debates. let's talk about this. i hate reporting on donald trump's tweets because he uses these tweets to control the news cycle and we fall for it but i think this one is important because he's complaining about
8:20 pm
the debates. he says as usual hillary and the dems are trying to rig the debates so two are up against major nfl games, same as with bernie. unacceptable. the debate schedule, one is on a monday, one is on a sunday -- >> monday there's going to be a football game, the falcons saints, sunday usually there's a football game and then wednesday there's no game. the thing is -- >> if he's on his game, he should be concerned. if he's not on his game, then he should be happy there's something else to watch. >> this is your candidate. why do you think he's blaming it on the hillary clinton campaign. this is what happens when you're running for president. most people release their tax returns, most people debate. why is this different?
8:21 pm
>> i don't know. i don't know who decided what dates. i don't know how the input was from the different campaigns. you're letting him stay in the news cycle so he's winning. i'd move on to the next topic. >> i feel exactly the same thing that you feel. do we need to discuss this? do you guys want to discuss this, moe? >> it's just another example of him not knowing what he's talking about frankly. it's the nonpartisan commission of the dnc. i left over a year ago. these dates were set. there's no one to blame it on. >> lanhee? >> these date are going to be
8:22 pm
significant. i don't know that anything is really going to change the arc of the campaign or the election until we get to the debates. that's why the debates are important. i presume that's why trump is talking about them. but, yeah, these dates have been set for a long time. i hope feel will be inclined to tune in, even if it is up against an nfl football game. people will want to see debates just for the pure -- >> if i were the nfl, i'd be worried. >> exactly. do you think maybe that's the issue? do you think he's trying to wiggle out of them? >> i don't know. i don't know. >> andre, come on, what do you think? no? >> i think part of it is structure. i'm a political guy that loves politics. when i was running for lieutenant governor, i listened to all the -- >> if you were up against an opponent that was much more experienced than you -- >> depends on the platform. short answers will benefit trump because he has the zingers. if they're longer where she can talk in depth about world leader and all of her 40 years of
8:23 pm
experience. if i were him, i'd rather be standing. if i were her, i'd rather be sitting. >> he's a ratings king, remember? why would he be worried about a little ol' football game. >> he probably relishes in it because it's that much more time on tv to take the gloves off. >> about a little ball game. come on, he's donald trump, he's "the apprentice", the boss, he fires people, he's the ratings king. why would he be worried about football? >> as long as he's not up against don lemon, everything's good. >> moe, what do you think? >> again, he's going to do what he's going to do. debates, it's funny, he always talks about what a great debater he is and how he beat all these candidates in the primaries. there's a big difference between a one-on-one debate versus sharing a stage with nine other candidates. these things are going to get pretty deep. they're going to get pretty in depth. they really test the candidates'
8:24 pm
knowledge, their skill, their temperament. if i were the trump campaign, i'd be a little nervous about it. i doubt donald trump himself is very nervous about it because he doesn't seem to be nervous about anything, but if i were the campaign, i'd be a little nervous. >> moving on. trump and clinton both hit the campaign trail. let's listen to trump responding to clinton's speech last night. >> so i watched last night. i watched hillary clinton. what a sad -- what a sad situation. so we beat her, we beat her. i was serious to see whether she would mention a class act and not mention my name or mention it with respect, like saying i'd
8:25 pm
like to congratulate my republican opponent for having done something nobody has ever done in the history of politics in this nation. and i would like to congratulate my opponent for having gotten more votes than anybody in the history of the republican party in the primary system. i thought she'd do that, give me a big, fat congratulations. if she did that, would have that been cool? would that have been great? >> lanhee, obviously that was sarcasm, right? >> i think so, i think so. >> that's it? >> it's funny because i was listening to that speech. it's so different from the kind of speech you could expect a
8:26 pm
typical candidate for the president to give. if we went back four years ago and leistened to barack obama ad mitt romney speech ees after th convention, they wouldn't sound anything like that. he might want to be careful, especially stuff around the russia hack because it's hard to tell when he's being serious and when he's being sarcastic these days. >> mo? >> just as a communication analyst, huge -- you played trump being narcissistic and there was no message there, no appeal to the american people. every sound bite i've had heard today of hillary clinton speeches today have all been
8:27 pm
focused around that, some sort of a message, some sort of an appeal. when he's given a teleprompter and he sticks to it, he gets a message out and now he can have a conversation. but when he does this stuff, he doesn't get anything out of it. >> you're shaking your head in agreement, andre. why is that? do you think it's a missed opportunity for messaging? >> it's conflicting. we're talking about him again. he's the master. i've never seen anything like it. stuff i think is a stubbed toe, he's able to spin it and get more people energized over it and tweet about it and it energizes new voters. it's so unconventional but it's working, don. i'm still shocked by it. >> so you're not sure if it's a missed opportunity as mo said? >> mo's a smart guy. i respect him. he's more schooled in politics than i am. i'm still of a guy who gets out in the trenches when i ran for office and i was unconventional, too, and it worked for a long
8:28 pm
time. it didn't work in the last one but it worked for a long time and i think trump's going to ride this horse as long as he can. >> let hear from hillary clinton before you get in here, lanhee. hillary clinton riding the momentum and she isn't easing up on the attacks of donald trump. >> if you listened really closely to the republican convention, you know that donald trump talked for 75 minutes and did not offer one solution. if fact, his whole convention, his speech seemed more about insulting me than helping the american people. donald trump talks about amerma america great again. he doesn't make anything in america except bankruptcies. >> will people take a closer look at donald trump's record now? >> i do think if they're
8:29 pm
repeated enough, and you're hearing the exact same language in her speech, as mo alluded to is to come and drive the message home and i think the message will break through and people will take a look. whether it convinces them or not. i think clinton's day after conference was much more effective than donald trump's was last week. he had that strange message that was a little bit meandering. i think people are going to take a serious look at the trump record. i don't know if it's going to matter because he is such an unconventional candidate. >> coming up, is donald trump actually having some doubts about whether he'll win? i'm just in your head. (announcer vo) no matter how you use your data verizon's got your back. introducing the new verizon plan. now get 30% more data. no surprise overages. and keep the data you don't use. all on america's best network.
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on the day after the democratic national convention, i want too take a look at donald trump's v.p., criticizing obama for referring to trump as home
8:34 pm
grown demagogue. >> i don't think name calling has anyplace in public life and i thought that was unfortunate that the president of the united states would use a term like that, let alone laced into a sentence like that. so, i mean, you guys already know my question. who wants it? mo, ask the question to andre, will you? is it name calling to -- andre? is that not contradictory? >> mo? >> i mean, andre what? i mean, come on. seriously. i'm being completely serious here. >> he comes up with names for people. he's come up with little bloomberg now, crooked hillary, all these names and then his vice presidential candidate, i don't think you should engage in name calling? it's hard to sit here and pretend -- to be in an alternate
8:35 pm
universe and say, well, you know -- donald trump is the name caller. he invented it. >> what's the next question? >> so what are you saying? you're saying you can't defend that even as a trump supporter? >> they're two entirely different individuals with two entirely different backgrounds. i don't expect candidates to agree on everything. they are a team. the head of the team is donald trump. so in the end -- >> so why would he agree then to be his v.p. if he doesn't believe in name calling. if he's going to say i don't think anybody should engage in name caller, why would he be v.p. for a name caller? >> pence has an opportunity to shape things going forward and he has taken the high road
8:36 pm
and -- >> mo? >> andre, i'm going to help you out here because you've got a tough job tonight. look, as a democrat, you know, i've had my fair share of issues with mike pence over the years but i actually feel for him, too, because this keeps happening. he goes out there and says there's no room for name calling and look what donald trump does every single day. the other day he goes out there and puts out a statement saying russia should face consequences if they're behind some sort of a hack. he puts out that statements minutes before donald trump goes out there and actually asks russia to conduct a hack. so mike pence has a really tough job right now because his boss just isn't making it easy for him. >> lanhee, let's move on because this is important to get in. tonight trump went after general allen who led forces in
8:37 pm
afghanistan. >> they had a general named john allen. i never met him. and he got up and he started talking about trump, trump, trump. never met him. you know who he is? he's a failed general. he was the general fighting isis. i would say he hasn't done so well, right? not so well. >> lanhee, four-star general -- >> yeah, i think that was a really ill-advised attack. what the trump people would say is the general went out there and gave a speech for hillary clinton, he's fair game, but it's very difficult, i think, to call someone with a distinguished career of service, a very lengthy and distinguished career of service like general allen a failed general. surely if there have been failures in our fight against isis, those are a function of the political leadership, not of the military leadership in my mind. and so i think trump would have been better off directing his attack against the president and
8:38 pm
against the president's appointees rather than against a guy like general allen. i think, you know, again, this is not the first time that donald trump has attacked a military figure. i have no reason to think the consequences will be any different. >> thank you. you have a great weekend. >> i'm mike pence on that one. >> i'm going to buy andre a beer after the broadcast. he's going to need it. >> clinton and trump are actually good friends, chelsea clinton and ivanka trump that is. and shatter-resistant samsung galaxy s7 active. exclusively at at&t.
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you might think nothing can bring trump and clinton to the. we -- together. well, you would be wrong. cnn's tom foreman has more. >> lyin', crooked hillary. >> donald trump talks about making america great again. he doesn't make a thing in america except bankruptcies. >> amid the furry and unlikely
8:43 pm
appliance, ivanka trump and chelsea clinton, fierce political foes and friends steadfast. >> our friends has nothing to do with politics. we were friends before this election and we'll be friends after this election. >> ivanka telling "people" magazine, we're both incredibly supportive of our parents as we should be but we continue to have great respect for one another. a dozen years ago when their families were friends, the two met and found they have a lot in common. both have taken a deep interest in their parents' bid for the white house, indeed, introducing them at their party's conventions. >> my father -- >> my father. >> and our next president -- >> hillary clinton. >> donald j. trump. >> but there are sharp political differences, too.
8:44 pm
for example, after ivanka praised her father's record for hiring and promoting women, promising he'll do the same as president -- >> he will fight for equal pay for equal work, her friend chelsea quickly shot back. >> how would your father do that given it's not something he's spoken about, there are no policies on any of those front that you just mentioned on his web site. >> with the race growing only nastier and each woman pushing so hard for her parent to win, it fair to wonder if their cross-party friendship can survive. >> a man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons. >> i just beat 16 people and i'm beating her. >> amid the scorching red ri-- rhetoric, ivanka said they've not seen each other lately.
8:45 pm
>> after all, thomas jefferson famously said he never thought anyone should lose a friend over politics. tom foreman, cnn, philadelphia. >> how true. tom foreman, thank you. we'll be right back. derate to severe rheumatoid arthritis, and you're talking to your doctor about your medication... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me go further. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. doctors have been prescribing humira for over 13 years. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb,
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nischelle got the inside story from chelsea clinton. you saw tom foreman's piece. i want to share a little bit about their friendship and then i want to hear what she says to you. go. >> sure. >> i thought her daughter did very well, chelsea. my daughter likes chelsea and chelsea likes my daughter. what are you going to do? that's the way it is, that's okay. my daughter likes chelsea. ivanka did great, right? but i asked ivanka, i said do you like chelsea? i do, dad. >> really?
8:50 pm
>> no, i really do. >> ah, i wish you didn't, it would be a lot easier, right? it's okay okay. >> that is the way life is. it must be unbelievably difficult on their friendship. what did chelsea say to you? >> i tweeted out yesterday to talk about the fact i interviewed her about this. i called it the real deal grown women friendship between the two of them. i really think that it is. when i talked to chelsea, i asked her if she felt any kind of competition with ivanka to do a better speech of her and because of this whole situation. she said look, we were friends before politics came into play and we're going to be friends long after. we have kids around the same
8:51 pm
age. she was very complimentary of ivanka and said you know what i think about at the end of the day, i saw how proud she was to be up there representing her family and her father. it's the same feel ig have for my mother. i can't begrudge anyone that. she really feels like they have a strong friendship. i also asked her, i'm fiercely protective of my mother. how is she not? she told me she feels like it's because she grew up in front of politics, grew up in the limelight, knows the political game and she really can she says at the end of the day separate the politics from the personal. can ivanka? i'm not sure. >> especially since she grew up doing it. >> michele, chelsea clinton and ivanka trump have been many years now. they were introduced by that your husbands. what has their friendship been like? >> chelsea has made the point it does not, like all sensible, they don't go into their political differences now.
8:52 pm
they have a lot in common. they both know what it's like to grow up in the spotlight. you know, they're both privileged children but they have tried to kind of forge their own path despite the fact that they've got these larger than life parents that you can't escape that shadow. so they have a lot of similarities and i'm sure they have plenty to talk about when they are away from the political issues. >> michele cottle, both of them have grown up with fores who endured sex scandals or scandals with women. do you think the vitriol in this election must be taking a toll on each of them and maybe even on their friendship. >> i think it's hard to come out of something this nasty without some scars. as you point out, the clinton family is very loyal, they're very tribal. nothing makes the senior clintons madder than somebody saying something unsant about chelsea and chelsea is very
8:53 pm
protective of her mother in particular. i think it's going to take its toll, but you know, also nobody is more seasoned at learning to deal with this than chelsea is. she's been doing since she was 14 years old. so it probably will take awhile at the end of all this because it is going to get super ugly but if anybody can do it, you know these two girls are professionals or young women at there point. they are professionals at learning how to do this. >> women are much more evolved with the sexes so they can probably deal with this and their friendship may grow from this. michele, i want to listen to a little bit of your interview and then discuss. >> you and ivanka trump are really good friends. did you watch her speech during the rnc? i thought she was very strong. >> i did watch it. i just could see how much it meant to ivanka to introduce her dad op our friendship didn't start with politics and it will last long after this race is
8:54 pm
done. may we be so blessed that our children will become friends as they grow up. >> so reportedly now, the friendship has been put on hold temporarily. what does that mean? >> well, first i think it's because they want to see what happens through this election process. i can see that. i really understand that. and i feel like if they're two grown women at the end of the day, maybe they can hug it out. will they stay have the same friendship they have now, i'm not so the sure of that because we know and i asked chelsea this how do you stop from screaming leave her alone when you hear the mud start slinging and she went back to that, listen, i can separate it. i grew up in this. i know what it is. we know where donald trump can go. he can go for the jugular. i don't think we've scratch add the surface of what's going to happen in this campaign. so i'm not so sure the feelings will be albright and puppies and rainbows at the end of this. if you're protective of your
8:55 pm
family, it's going to get ugly. >> do you think their friendship will survive this? >> i think it will get bruised. definitely. >> that's fair enough. don't you think? again, i think women are much more able to deal with this than us guys. >> that's why we love you, don. >> thank you, you guys have a great weekend. thanks for joining me. we'll be right back. perhaps it is time we acquire a larger dwelling. but the mortgage process has proven to be challenging. not with rocket mortgage by quicken loans. i stand corrected. (whisper) rocket for once. see star trek beyond in theatres. whoo! oh, don't worry it. they can't hear me. i'm just in your head. (announcer vo) no matter how you use your data verizon's got your back. introducing the new verizon plan. now get 30% more data. no surprise overages. and keep the data you don't use. all on america's best network. schwarzkopf presents hair in 30 minutes? our most caring color collection: keratin color with keratin-care-complex. formulated for full gray coverage
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when a baby is in intensive care, a family's life is turned upside down. adding to the stress in.cities is unexpected financial challenge, the cost of parking which can run into thousands of dollars. it's a problem this week's cnn hero doesn't want anyone to have. >> these babies are in the nick cofor months at a time. when your child is in the hospital for a long-term stay, you think about all the medical expenses or things of that nature. but when you end up with the reality that this parking is going to cost you so much money, it's just not something that people expect. it's definitely significant burden on families and there are a lot of babies who are alone a lot of the time. >> to see,000 carrie mcgee is helping families spend more time
9:00 pm
with their families, go to nominate you think someone you think should be a 2016 hero. i'll see you right back here on monday night. good evening. thanks for joining us. welcome to the first day of the final stretch of a presidential campaign unlike any we've seen before. both candidates holding events throughout the day and during the program in states that could swing the election this fall. there is that to report on. there's our interview with julia assange who pub accomplished had the democratic e-mails that someone stole and leaked. breaking news. apparently a new facet of that same dnc computer hack this time involving clinton campaign data. jeff zellny joins us with more on that. jeff, what are you learning? anderson, in a statement a short time ago, and the clinton campaign said we have no evidence our


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