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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  July 29, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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welcome back. we have breaking news this hour. another revelation in the hacking of the democratic national committee. this time directly involving the clinton campaign itself. first donald trump about to speak in denver after promising earlier this evening in colorado springs the time has come for the campaign gloves to come off. jason carroll is covering team trump and he joins us now. trump has been criticized for his rhetoric and tone and how
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he's referenced hillary clinton. today he said though, he's taking the gloves off. >> reporter: yeah. i think there's a question among some of his critics if the gloves were actually ever on, given all the name calling we have heard even through the primary. just about everyone who has taken on donald trump, trump has come up with a name for that person, whether it be marco rubio, ted cruz, hillary clinton and you know, trump told the crowd here that he was going to go after hillary clinton, he told the crowd that he's been mr. nice guy in the past but not anymore. >> you know what? i have been saying -- i have been saying let's just beat her on november 8th but you know what? well, no. you know what? i'm starting to agree with you, i'll tell you. every time i mention her, everyone screams lock her up, lock her up, they keep screaming. you know what i do? i have been nice but after
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watching that performance last night, such lies, i don't have to be so nice anymore. >> donald trump's critics say he lacks the discipline to be president. he addressed that today as well. >> reporter: well, he did. he said first of all, he says he has the temperament to be president of the united states. he also says he has the discipline. his critics say he's thin-skinned, they say he does not have the discipline. one of the things they point to is what just happened with new york city's former mayor michael bloomberg. as you know, trump told the crowd one of his friends, a governor, suggested that he not go after bloomberg, this after bloomberg endorsed hillary clinton, spoke about him at the convention, basically saying that if he runs the country like he ran his business, god help the country. trump fired back, firing back on twitter, saying the following. little michael bloomberg who never had the guts to run for president knows nothing about me. his last term as mayor was a disaster.
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he also said at one point during a rally in iowa that he would really like to hit him, really like to hit him hard. he clarified that position today basically saying he wants to hit him with words, not physically. it should also be noticed that back in 2012, trump actually praised michael bloomberg saying that he was a good mayor, but the point is, this all comes down to discipline. you heard his friend telling him look, stay focused on the message, stay focused on hillary clinton, something he did not end up doing. >> jason carroll, thanks very much. more on the breaking news. the fbi investigating a hack of the clinton campaign. cnn's brianna keilar has the latest on that. and secretary clinton's fis day campaigning since making history last night. first let's talk about the hacking. what do you know? >> reporter: well, what we knew was that the dnc was involved, then the dccc the political arm of house democrats. now it appears the clinton campaign could be involved in this hacking. the department of justice, the
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fbi looking into this. the clinton campaign pointing out that this is a hacking of the voter analytics data base they share with the dnc and other organizations and they say that right now, outside cybersecurity experts have been looking at their systems. so far there's no indication their internal communication systems have been hacked. certainly very alarming, especially as u.s. officials think this is hackers in cahoots with russian intelligence. this is not what hillary clinton wants to be focusing on. she is trying to push her message the day after the convention on a bus tour through pennsylvania and ohio. >> i don't know about you, but i stayed up really late last night. it was just hard to go to sleep. >> reporter: after making her pitch to the nation, hillary clinton now has to sell it aggressively until election day. >> if you listen really closely to the republican convention, you know that donald trump
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talked for 75 minutes and did not offer one solution. in fact, his speech, his whole convention seemed more about insulting me instead of helping the american people. >> reporter: she and running mate tim kaine are starting with a bus tour. from philadelphia into western pennsylvania and ohio, as she struggles to appeal to white blue collar workers. >> i'm also going to pay special attention to those parts of our country that have been left out and left behind, from our inner cities to our small towns, from indian country to coal country. >> reporter: 24 years after her husband took an upbeat thousand mile bus tour through appalachia and the midwest, she's seeking to build momentum coming out of this week's convention. >> i accept your nomination for president of the united states.
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>> reporter: with clinton making history. >> standing here as my mother's daughter and my daughter's mother, i'm so happy this day has come. i'm happy for grandmothers and little girls and everyone in between. >> reporter: and trying to convince voters she is the steady and safe alternative to donald trump. >> imagine if you dare, imagine, imagine him in the oval office facing a real crisis. a man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons. >> reporter: it was at times an unconventional democratic convention, with appeals to gop values. >> i worked for ronald reagan. donald trump, you are no ronald reagan. >> how long is this bus tour, what's the objective?
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>> reporter: well, the objective is pretty basic. white working class voters. hillary clinton polls show she's doing pretty well with the obama coalition, hispanic voters, black voters, but her campaign is worried about the appeal that donald trump may hold for white working class voters. even pennsylvania which has voted for a democrat in the presidential election for the last several cycles, they're worried he could have some appeal. that's why she's moving through this state and ohio where the polls are very tight between the two candidates. >> thanks very much. back with the panel. mark, maria, margaret, scottie nell hughes and john. are you concerned at all that essentially donald trump today on the campaign trail just sort of responded to everything hillary clinton said last night and sort of talking about his temperament, he's basically proving her right about if a tweet gets under your skin, you can't have -- you shouldn't have the nuclear codes?
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>> not necessarily. people that know donald trump speak glowingly about him. the people who know hillary clinton like the secret service agents that guarded her say she's a monster. the real donald trump -- >> stop it. that's ridiculous. somebody wrote a book, plenty of people have written books about donald trump. there's plenty of people who know hillary clinton life-long. i don't want to be in position defending hillary clinton because i'm not on her side. >> donald trump is not a politician. he's not going to be politically correct. he's a successful businessman. he's a get it done guy. that's what he is. that's what he's always been. he's had women at the top of his corporation before it was fancy to do so. they made the same money as men. he's had minorities in his corporation. ivanka said it best. he only discriminates based upon performance. >> maria, do you think that by kind of being the same donald trump today or even actually reverting back to a pre-convention donald trump
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where he's saying, you know, clearly people told him don't go along with the lock her up chant during the convention. now today on his own you know what, actually i think you're right. >> he can't help himself which is why the guy that we saw at the convention reading his speech on a teleprompter, we knew that at the point where he got out on stuff he wasn't going to be able to help himself which is why i said earlier i hope this is the donald trump we continue to see during the general election because that is not a donald trump that is going to be able to appeal to more women, to more latinos, more african-americans and he's not getting to the white house that way. >> isn't there a danger in democrats hoping donald trump continues to do what he's been doing? it's been very successful for him. i know it's a primary and he only had to get a certain number of people in the primary but he's captivating and it's caught a lot of people's attention. are democrats underestimating donald trump? >> no. no. >> i do think there is some -- >> not counting on that. >> i think there is logic in
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saying donald trump is undisciplined and simply doesn't have the discipline to carry out a full campaign. there's something to be said about that. he keeps talking himself out of things. however, you can't expect to win by that. you need to actually galvanize voters. hillary clinton has not done that in certain states. there are many young voters still not energized, many former bernie supporters who are not energized. if you assume people will hate donald trump so much they will vote for you -- you may be mistaken. >> that's not the strategy. that's certainly not the strategy. >> why are we demonizing him for the words he said today? last night, this entire week has been a scathing attack every single person has gone onstage, did scathing attacks saying they were saying truth but a lot of us say they were false and hillary clinton's speech was the epitome of absolutely trying to obliterate donald trump. why is it wrong for him to go out there and be on defense? why is that a bad thing? >> i'm not saying it's wrong for him at all. i just thought it was interesting that he basically spent a lot of time today kind of reliving every insult, every controversial statement he's made, the blood out of the
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wherever, and he said it's the ears, the mouth and making fun of the disabled guy which he continues to -- >> he brings up those points, in the middle of it, he's bringing back the familiar. he's reminding people of a very successful primary season. at the same time, in there interweaved is his policies. >> in between insults he's weaving in policies. >> considering hillary clinton supposedly gave a foreign policy speech that every other word was why donald trump is wrong. her entire speech in fact, she mentioned donald trump -- >> that certainly was not much of a foreign policy speech. it was more of a full frontal attack on donald trump. margaret, i don't know how the trump campaign is organized in terms of the rnc but it does seem like there is this sort of bifurcation of what they want the message to be, yet what donald trump actually ends up talking about on the trail. >> who's they? donald trump is like a walking rapid response machine himself. >> mike pence is on the radio
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say agbarack obama shouldn't use the word demagogue to throw an insult. >> mike pence is just pretending like he doesn't understand who he's running with because he basically said donald trump isn't insulting people. he's been like i think it's really awful he's insulting people or that people are being negative in this campaign as though he's not running with somebody who is the ultimate insult factory. here's the challenge. in terms of who's running what campaign, donald trump is in colorado right now. there's no reason if you had a fully staffed campaign you would be in colorado if you're donald trump. but the accumulative polls show he's down as an average of eight points there. he should be in one of the 11 or seven toss-up states. which shows you how little they understand how to be elected. >> i want to ask about the hacking. we don't know the full extent of this. we don't know who's behind it. there's some intimations it could be russia according to some officials but they are not willing to come out yet and say
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definitively. do we know how this is going to play out not just for the dnc but even the trump campaign if it, in fact, is shown that russia is behind this? not that there would be any trump collusion with russia, obviously, but the fact, would there be blowback for the trump campaign? >> the clinton campaign is basically saying there's collusion between trump and russia and without having evidence, the thing i would say the clinton team has learned from watching trump is that they can just say whatever -- it doesn't have to actually be fact-based. they can say it as long as it gets heard and is out there, because trump does that a lot and it sticks. i do think it is very problematic for her to have anything that relates to e-mails, e-mail security, internet security and i think more than that, my understanding we don't actually know the extent of this. the clinton campaign is suggesting it's very very minimal. no e-mails. we don't know if that's the case or not. in terms of the committee hacks, it's not just e-mails they expect will come out. there's going to be more.
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they're au bracing for more. they are concerned it will be memos to donors, it will be literally everything electronic. >> donna brazile says the hack in the dnc lasted for more than a year. >> they were literally in there rummaging around. that's not the only committee. the information that comes out is going to be problematic. >> we will get the russia/trump relationship coming up. we've got take a quick break. coming up next, what trump voters thought of hillary clinton's acceptance speech. and what undecided voters thought of it as the election campaign rolls on late into the night. oh, don't worry it. they can't hear me. i'm just in your head. (announcer vo) no matter how you use your data verizon's got your back. introducing the new verizon plan. now get 30% more data. no surprise overages. and keep the data you don't use. all on america's best network. thosthey are.sses? do i look smarter? yeah, a little. you're making money now, are you investing? well, i've been doing some research. let me introduce you to our broker. how much does he charge? i don't know.
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this windows pc is a life saver! being able to pull up different articles to different parts of the screen is so convenient. i used to be a mac user but this is way better. donald trump, as you heard, says it's time for the gloves to come off. hillary clinton last night certainly not pulling her punches. >> donald trump says and this is a quote, i know more about isis than the generals do. no, donald, you don't. >> tough words seen by millions including plenty of trump supporters. what did they make of it and how do they view some of their
10:19 pm
candidate's controversial remarks? gary tuchman tonight went to a trump rally to find out. >> reporter: the line was long to see donald trump in colorado springs but on the day after hillary clinton's convention speech, it was she who was getting an extraordinary share of the attention here. and it wasn't kind. >> i think she's a liar. i think she should be in prison. >> reporter: what do you think of hillary clinton? >> she's a liar. i hate to say what i think of hillary clinton but i hope she isn't our next president. >> reporter: why do you hate to say what you think? >> because i think she's a liar. >> reporter: the democratic national convention certainly energized democrats but it's apparent that convention energized trump supporters, too. she said quote, a man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons. >> that's strange coming from a woman who was responsible for the murder of four of our
10:20 pm
civilians, of our people in benghazi. >> reporter: that is an allegation a lot of people have -- >> come on. even stevie wonder could see that was what happened there. >> reporter: trump supporter after trump supporter say they could trust him with the nuclear codes. >> he has shown that he knows how to make right decisions. >> reporter: then there is this. >> russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails. >> reporter: the other day donald trump said that he hopes russian hackers find hillary clinton's e-mails. did you think that was an appropriate thing to say? >> i think he was joking. it was a tongue in cheek comment. >> reporter: you think he was joking when you first heard it? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: how did you know it was a joke? >> just from the tone of the man's voice. >> reporter: donald trump is now claiming he was being sarcastic. you're saying it's okay for him to joke about something like that? >> this is america. freedom of speech. >> i watched last night. i watched hillary clinton. what a sad -- what a sad
10:21 pm
situation. >> reporter: many who came here to see trump say they like him even more now following the conventions. >> i kind of like rednecks and i think trump's kind of a redneck. >> reporter: even among his most fervent supporters there was some introspection. so your dad was a veteran. your dad fought during world war ii, did you hear during the democratic convention a muslim man and woman spoke. their son was killed in afghanistan in the u.s. military. he pulled out a constitution and said donald trump, you should read this. what did you think of that moment? >> well, maybe he should read it. maybe that was a message to everybody in america. >> there was so much emotion at the democratic convention about the possibility of a first female president among democrats. how did the women you talked to there feel about seeing and hearing that? >> reporter: well, i talked to one particular group of women who said they watched all four nights of the democratic national convention, heard all the talk about the possibility of a woman president and grew very wistful because they wished
10:22 pm
they were watching the rnc and not the dnc. a lot of women feel very strongly about seeing a woman president some day but just don't think that woman should be hillary clinton. one particular woman i was talking to says this is what she wanted to see. in 2008 she voted for john mccain. john mccain's running mate was sarah palin. she had hoped mccain would serve two terms and sarah palin would today be running for president but alas, that was not to be. >> gary tuchman, thanks very much. having heard from trump supporters, what about undecided voters? millions were watching last night and many are still on fence. did secretary clinton win their votes last night? randi kaye watched her speech with a group of undecided voters in the swing state of florida. a week ago she was with them when they watched donald trump. here's where they stand now after hearing both. >> the choice is clear, my friends. >> reporter: for some voters, that may be true. but in the swing state of florida, the choice is anything but clear for this group of undecided voters. >> i'm like disgusted with everyone. >> reporter: watching hillary
10:23 pm
clinton's convention speech, nearly all of these voters agreed clinton came off softer around the edges. >> i thought it humanized her in q & as and debates and everything else she seemed robotic. >> reporter: who, after watching this speech, found hillary clinton more approachable? who found her more likeable after this speech? the biggest hangup for these voters, trust. most find clinton dishonest and calculating and her speech didn't change that. >> i was looking for what a lot of pundits were saying, show us why we should trust you. that's what i was looking for. and nothing she said -- >> nothing. >> nothing she said makes me want to trust her and believe in her. >> reporter: why is she still lying or avoiding when we know that she lied about so many issues? >> reporter: they were hoping the former secretary of state would address the mixed messages about the attack in benghazi and her various explanations about her private e-mail server. >> she said nothing. she's had ample opportunity to
10:24 pm
present that to us and i think that that's holding me back. >> reporter: this voter needs to know more before deciding. though he did like hearing about clinton's formative years. >> how her mother struggled as a child and how her mother taught her to be a fighter. >> reporter: you're still not ready to vote for her? >> it's a long way to november. >> reporter: clinton's attempt to convey a sense of unity and hope fell flat. >> i did not buy into that. >> reporter: you didn't believe her? >> no. >> reporter: so did her laundry list of experience. >> when you talk about experience, she's got a lot of it, but it's not been very successful. >> reporter: still, statements like this did have traction with some. >> we'll fix it together. >> i was drawn over to her because she says our. and every so often she mentions our. it wasn't i am or i'm going to. it was our, meaning -- we, making it inclusive. >> reporter: can she do that?
10:25 pm
can she bring america together? >> there are 13 million bernie supporters who don't trust her. that's just democrats. >> reporter: in the end, clinton did make headway. how many of you after watching this speech decided to vote for hillary clinton? three. though one of her new supporters told us his vote for her is really just a vote against donald trump. >> she won my vote tonight. and it's more not what she said, but it's what trump said yesterday. >> reporter: this voter decided after the speech to support trump after giving clinton one last chance. >> i really wanted her to admit her wrongdoings and she would have had my vote from that. because she has the experience over trump, she has the self-control over trump. >> reporter: three months to go until election day and here's the tally. two for trump, three for clinton with eight in our group still undecided and unhappy about their options.
10:26 pm
randi kaye, cnn, tampa, florida. >> a lot of undecided. given tonight's new twist in the political hacking scandal, my conversation with julian assange, the man who published the hacked democratic party e-mails. i'll talk to him. i work as a professional mountain guide and the surface pro 4 allows me to actually operate my business from everest. i help clients achieve their dreams. being able to go between having a laptop and having a tablet is really important to me... i couldn't do that with my mac. i love that we as humans can go to the top of the world. it's the durability...the's incredible. as long as you love me, it's alright
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tonight's breaking news, the fbi and justice department are now investigating a computer hack directly involving clinton campaign data. the campaign spokesman says it's related to the cyberattack on the democratic national committee. the fund-raising committee for democratic house members was also hacked. wikileaks published thousands of leaked e-mails from the dnc hack just before the democratic convention began. u.s. officials have said there is strong evidence the dna hackers were working on behalf of russian intelligence. wikileaks founder julian assange said his website might release more e-mails relevant to the u.s. presidential race. i spoke to him earlier. in terms of the timing of the release of these, how much of this on the part of wikileaks, clearly you timed it to the start of the dnc. was that for maximum impact, for maximum sort of marketing?
10:31 pm
>> it was for that's when we knew there would be maximum interest by readers but also, we have a responsibility to, if we published after, you can just imagine how outraged the democratic voting population would have been. it had to have been before. it's quite a lot of work, as you can imagine, to verify such material and to organize it index it, catalog it, put it into searchable customized data base, et cetera. >> i saw an interview where you said you had quote, a lot more material you might release pertaining to the u.s. election. are you referring to more e-mails from the dnc? i talked to donna brazile who has replaced debbie wasserman schultz in the wake of this who says the hack went on for more than a year, they believe, and that there very well may be a lot more things out there. >> we have more material related to the hillary clinton campaign,
10:32 pm
that is correct to say that. you have to be very precise in recording my statements but you are always very precise. those are extremely interesting. we will see what will come of them. >> there is word today of a new fbi investigation into an alleged cyberhack of the democratic congressional campaign committee server which is said to be similar to the hack of the dnc committee or the democratic national committee. do you have any knowledge of this latest hack or if you do, any intention to publish any information obtained from it? >> i can't comment on anything that might reflect on sourcing either to rule things in or to rule things out. i will just say, this is public information, it's not coming from me privately, that there has been multiple hacks of the dnc over the last two years.
10:33 pm
the dnc and the rnc have been swiss cheese in terms of their security. the dnc had been notified quite some time ago that that is the case and it has legal responsibilities it must carry out to notify its donors that their confidentiality has been breached by a hack. now, the e-mails we published are a separate question to the various hacks. we have not connected those e-mails to a hack of the dnc and no one else has connected them. there's other documents that are published by the smoking gun and gawker that have been connected to the hack. >> i'm not even going to bother to ask you about your sources because obviously you are not going to reveal your sources. you don't do that. but u.s. officials have said that they have, i'm quoting, little doubt was the term that russian hackers were behind this.
10:34 pm
they haven't said it definitively. again, i'm not asking you who did it but do you know who did the hacking of the dnc server that got you the information? do you know who provided you with these e-mails? >> we just as a matter of policy don't go anywhere near commenting on sources, ruling things in, ruling things out because it provides extra information that might be used to traow but i can say that yesterday, james clapper, the head of the dni, the director of national intelligence that oversees all 16 u.s. intelligence agencies, stated there was a lot of media hyper ventilation and quote, they didn't know enough to ascribe motivation regardless of who it might have been. those kinds of statements are o responsible for overseeing all u.s. intelligence agencies.
10:35 pm
>> there is a question whether you have a personal animus toward hillary clinton. you criticized her on a number of national security, foreign policy issues. she has made statements about wikileaks. you gave an interview to itv the british network back in june suggesting that you are more concerned about clinton at least in terms of press freedom than donald trump. do you stand by that? is this based on a personal animus? >> you can go back and look at that ite interview. i never said i wanted to do harm to hillary clinton, anything like that. it was the presenter that used that word and "the new york times" -- to try and get its candidate up. >> the question of anger that you are interfering in the u.s. election, you say this is what -- that your readers are american and therefore it's okay? >> well, it's what our readers demand. it's also our basic principles that the publication of true
10:36 pm
information and thus an important qualifier, true information about modern institutions allows us to understand what they are doing and therefore to reform them. if we don't understand what our institution's doing we have no hope to reform them whatsoever. >> julian assange, appreciate your time. thank you. >> thank you, anderson. >> you can watch the full interview with julian assange at our website >> coming up next in light of the hacking story and possible russian connection, "360" investigates donald trump's ties to russia and veiled mir putin. trump walking back comments calling for russia to spy on hillary clinton and now downplaying any relationship with putin. what's the real story? tokyo-style ramen noodles.
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this week, u.s. officials said there's strong evidence the dnc hack we've been talking about tonight has been traced back to russian intelligence. they haven't proved that definitively at all. donald trump jumped in actively calling on russia to hack hillary clinton's e-mails and release them. he since tried to walk back those comments saying he was being sarcastic. at a news conference he also said he does not know russian president vladimir putin and never met him. however, in 2013, trump said on
10:41 pm
msnbc he does indeed know putin. >> i do have a relationship. i can tell you that he's very interested in what we're doing here today. he's probably very interested in what you and i are saying today. i'm sure he's going to be seeing it in some form. but i do have a relationship with him and i think it's very interesting to see what's happened. >> so what exactly are donald trump's ties to russia and putin if any? senior investigative correspondent drew griffin has been looking into it for us tonight. >> reporter: the current controversy over donald trump's russian connection comes from a dug-up quote from 2008 made by his son, don jr. the younger trump reportedly told a real estate conference that family members made a half dozen trips to russia, that several buyers have been attracted to our projects there and russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets. according to don jr. back in 2008, we see a lot of money
10:42 pm
pouring in from russia. but what you can't see in russia is a lot of trump. an attempt to build a trump tower in moscow fell through before it began and cnn can find no projects that were actually completed in russia. the only real ventures, an attempt to sell vodka to russians which failed. and in 2013, trump made millions when he partnered with a russian billionaire to host his miss universe pageant in moscow. trump appeared in a music video with his billionaire russian partner's rock star son. >> you're fired! >> reporter: boasting of the pageant's success, trump even tweeted, trump tower moscow is next. he trademarked not one but eight different combinations of his brand and name in russia and that was it. >> he tried to negotiate major deals. he was present in russia. he tried to arrange a meeting with putin.
10:43 pm
it did not work out. >> reporter: the president of a washington think tank that encourages stronger relations between the u.s. and russia says when it comes to any relations, especially in business, between trump and russia, they are very hard to find. >> i'm not aware of any major business endeavor between trump and russia. >> the real story may be that trump's business endeavors in russia turned out to be failures. >> what i can say with certainty is that the trump organization is not a major presence in russia. when you talk to americans who invest in russia, they never mention the trump organization as a serious player in russia. >> reporter: trump has had better luck dealing with russians living in the u.s., sort of. he partnered with the bayrock group, a company run by soviet immigrants, and according to a lawsuit filed, financed by russian and kazakhstan money. today they developed trump properties in fort lauderdale
10:44 pm
and new york and they planned on opening a trump tower in moscow. but trump said in a deposition that plan ended after media reports started to question trump's net worth and the partners with russian ties in the u.s. backed out. trump did make news with another russian related deal. he sold his florida mansion to a russian billionaire for $95 million. trump walking away with a tidy $54 million profit. while trump may have limited ties with russia, the real connection may be the man who seems to be running his campaign. paul manafort has been a u.s. republican presidential campaign adviser for decades, but he raised international eyebrows when he became a political consultant to this presidential candidate, former ukrainian president viktor yanukovych. manafort helped yanukovych get elected in 2010, back in the days, yanukovych was still friendly with the united states.
10:45 pm
manafort says he was trying to encourage ukraine to become closer with europe. >> i was related in activities to positively impact u.s. foreign policy. >> reporter: since then, the government crumbled, he fled to russia and urged putin to invade his own country, which putin did. in 2014, the u.s. sanctioned yanukovych for threatening the peace, security, stability, sovereignty or territorial integrity of ukraine. cnn reporting finds manafort has russian clients, has advised russians in the united states, but has no ties to the kremlin. the question now is, is paul manafort now advising donald trump that vladimir putin may not be such a bad guy after all? and that russia had the right to invade ukraine and if elected, president trump should just leave putin and the ukraine alone? a question silly to some that became serious when donald trump was asked about it.
10:46 pm
>> we'll be looking at that. yeah. we'll be looking. >> reporter: a point reiterated when trump's campaign reportedly changed the republican party platform to take a much more pro-russian view of the ukraine conflict. >> there's a lot of this coincidence that is very troubling around this specific issue, especially when you consider just how substance-free most of the other issue areas in the campaign have been. on ukraine they are taking this very firm position and it's not clear why. that i think is troubling. >> reporter: so is it really something? is donald trump really somehow connected to russian political interests, to putin and putin's view of the world? because he has an adviser that advised a ukrainian candidate six years ago? or is this all just like donald trump's business endeavors in russia? lots and lots of talk but in the end as they say in russian,
10:47 pm
nonsense. >> a lot of confusion over donald trump's ties or non-ties with russia seemed to be from his own making. just this week he insisted he's never met vladimir putin even though earlier he indicated he had and years ago he said he had a relationship with him. is there any proof that putin and trump have ever been in the same room together? >> reporter: we couldn't find any. we did find a tweet where trump was trying to get putin to come to his miss universe pageant. it didn't materialize. we even scanned the globe to see if there's even pictures of these two guys together and lo and behold, there are. though obviously, photoshopped including this little horse riding adventure. funny, yes, but to answer your question, there's no proof that we can find these two have ever met. >> drew, thanks. up next, breaking news in the deadly police shooting in san diego. plus the widow of another fallen police officer shares her memories of her husband. a father of four who died in the baton rouge police ambush this
10:48 pm
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bloating? pain? you may have ibs. ask your doctor if non-prescription ibgard is right for you. ibgard calms the angry gut. available at cvs, walgreens and rite aid. more breaking news. san diego police have announced they have arrested a suspect after an officer was killed and another wounded in a shoot-out last night. the officer who died was
10:52 pm
43-year-old jonathan deguzman, known as j.d., a 16-year veteran of the job. and a father of two. the chief of police say it's unclear if the officers were targeted when they tried to make a stop. the suspect in custody was wounded during the shooting and is in critical condition. deguzman is the 34th u.s. law enforcement officer to die in a shooting this year, a 79% increase from the same period last year. that according to the national law enforcement officers memorial fund. nearly two weeks ago police were in fact ambushed as you remember in baton rouge. the commander of the state police said the surveillance video shows the killer on the move, provides proof that three officers were wounded. three more were killed, including 45-year-old east baton rouge parrish sheriff's deputy brad garafola who was working extra duty at a convenience store when gunshots rang out. i spoke with his widow tonja a short time ago.
10:53 pm
tonja, i'm so sorry for your loss. what do you want people to know about brad? >> what i want people to know is what a great guy he was. how infectious his smile and laugh was for people. and that there is not a negative thing that you can say about him. people knew that. and people knew him. >> he loved being a dad? >> oh, without a doubt. he would want more kids. >> he had four kids. you guys had three, and he has a child i think in texas. what kind of dad was he? >> yes. oh, he was great dad. he was a silly dad. horseplaying kind of dad. he was just a big kid himself. >> had he always wanted to be a police officer? >> well, he was already a police officer when i married him. so, yes. he did. that's what he did. and that's what he loved. >> how did you two meet? >> we met at walmart. >> really? >> yes, we did. >> what was it about him that drew you to him? >> his personality.
10:54 pm
his personality, his joy about talking about his son and how much he loved his son, and that i had to meet his son and he had to cook us dinner. >> i also understand he was kind of your alarm clock in the morning? >> oh, he was, he was. >> how so? >> every morning he would send me a text. the mornings were quick. they would say good morning, my love. i love you. or it would say good morning, my beautiful wife. i love you. >> and i mean, this probably doesn't even -- does it seem real at this point? >> no, it doesn't. i keep thinking i'm going to wake up from a nightmare. >> how are your kids doing? i can't imagine you having to tell them. >> they're -- no. that was really difficult. they have their moments. they have their moments. my youngest one, she is doing really good. she just doesn't want anybody to cry on her watch. >> and when it happened, i understand you actually were
10:55 pm
kind of going to the area where it happened, because you were having some car issues. >> yes. so we weren't having car issues. so we were dropping it off just to have the oil changed and to have it washed before vacation. >> and you found out there was some activity in the area, but at the time, you didn't know exactly what had happened? >> as soon as i got off the interstate, i saw police coming up behind me, and they had just started blocking off the road. but i saw them in front of -- in front of bee quick. and i immediately knew something was wrong. >> is there anything else you want people to know about brad? >> i can't say enough about him to tell everybody what kind of person he was. he was a great person in and out of uniform. he loved everybody. he helped everybody. his -- i would have to say his biggest downfall was he couldn't tell people no. >> he was that kind of guy. >> they knew that his friends knew that. he was, he was that kind of guy.
10:56 pm
he would give anybody the shirt off his back. >> it's an uncalculable loss and so awful. i'm so sorry for what you and your family are going through. and my thoughts and prayers are with you. thank you for talking to us. >> thank you. i appreciate that. >> we'll be right back. built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet? esuthey offer a claim-freece a smarter discount.h saves money. because safe drivers cost less to insure, which saves money. they let you pay your bill electronically, which saves postage, which saves money.
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as we head into the final 100 days of campaign, it's only going to build. stay tuned to cnn for complete coverage throughout the weekend and throughout the night. that does it for us. hope you have a great weekend. hope to see you monday. "cnn tonight" with don lemon starts now. this is cnn breaking news. >> breaking news. the fbi investigating hacking of the clinton campaign and the democratic. i'm don lemon. it sounds a lot like 21st century watergate. but is russia to blame here? and is vladimir putin hoping to cause chaos in the midst of our most important election in years? meanwhile, hillary clinton and donald trump blasting each other on the campaign trail. >> donald trump painted a picture, a negative, dark divisive picture of a country in decline. he insisted that america is weak, and