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tv   CNN Newsroom With Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul  CNN  July 30, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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honest points of view i have heard and you cut him off. dishonest media. maureen, i don't think i cut him off. i tell you what, we'll put it online and we can all judge. i would have liked to have gone all day with him because he had a unique perspective, but there are time constraints. what else? joseph who says, the debates will be the highest rated show since "seinfeld" or "friends" finales excluding super bowl. advertisers are doing backflips. parkway, i'm doing a backflip as well. i'm going away on vacation. i'll see you back here in two weeks. u.s. officials now saying it is likely it was russia that hacked 20,000 e-mails. >> wouldn't it be nice if we actually did get along with russia? >> the timing raising questions about whether it was an attempt to influence the u.s. election. >> i don't know what their motive is. do i believe they have done it, that's certainly the way it
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looks. >> we have 100 days to make our case to america. >> no more mr. nice guy. >> we are going to win. we have to win. >> hillary clinton must never become president of the united states of america. >> you're absolutely sure. >> 100%. no doubt in my mind. >> three men and one woman in south florida believed to be the first cases of this kind. >> zika doesn't just fight republicans or democrats or independents. it bites everyone. welcome so early. we appreciate your company as always. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. "cnn newsroom" begins right now. in just a few hours hillary clinton and tim kaine will be in pennsylvania for their first stop on their bus tour across pennsylvania. meanwhile, the democrats are the latest in three cyber attacks. the latest one on a computer system crucial to clinton's
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effort to win the white house. cnn's diane gallagher is live from washington. so what kind of information did these hackers get? >> reporter: victor, essentially this is a dnc day stay program. it's hosted and served by the dnc, maintained by the dnc, but it is used by campaigns including the clinton campaign. and what is on it is basically a list, a voter data base that includes information like your contact information, your participation rate, a clinton aide did tell us this isn't talking about your social security number, credit card number or anything like that. and they do insist that their internal servers that had their e-mails, their internal communication, things like that, those were not breached. totally separate thing. but still, senator dianne feinstein on the senate intelligence committee ranking democrat there said all the campaigns should be worried now. >> i think it should be pretty clear that both campaigns should be aware that there is a problem
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out there. and i think until the technical people can come up with some solutions, which are more ironclad, and i don't know whether that can be done or not, but everybody should be cautious. >> reporter: and, of course, this clinton campaign hack is the third hack that we're finding out about just this week of a democratic organization. the fund-raising of the dccc of the democratic party also hacked in. and the dnc hack that we learned about earlier this week that got the convention off to a rocky start and ended debbie wasserman schultz position there. >> a rough week last week for the democrats. it started that week and ended pretty well. it's unlikely clinton will mention this in johnstown today. and what about donald trump and mike pence? >> reporter: chances are hillary clinton won't highlight this on her bus tour with tim kaine across the rust belt. she is starting off in johnstown, pennsylvania, that's
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at 12:45 kicking off. then she's going to head on to pittsburgh and she'll end her evening in youngstown, ohio. she's going to continue on in ohio and both cleveland and columbus tomorrow reminiscent of the 1992 bus tour that the clintons did with the gores. victor, donald trump and mike pence both home in new york and indiana with no scheduled events. >> dianne gallagher, thank you so much. let's bring in john spicer from the republican party, thank you for being here. >> thank you, christi. >> any concerns there could be hacks within the rnc? enter we take every precaution necessary and are constantly updating our systems. obviously, this is a great concern. and we'll continue to monitor the situation. but we're -- we have not had anything to report at this time.
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>> i want to start with things donald trump said in the last 24 hours, particularly concerning tone and temperament. let's listen in. >> i'm making the gloves off, right? yes? take the gloves off. take the gloves off. i think i have a great temperament. i beat 16 very talented people. and i have never done this before. you don't do that with a bad temperature ram. i'm leading her in the polls as you probably have noticed. and i think i have a great temperament. i have a temperament where i know how to win. she doesn't know how to win, she's not a winner. she doesn't win. >> what stood out is the fact that he said the gloves are off. haven't the gloves been off? we are kind of wondering what that means because it's already been pretty harsh? >> that means we have both gotten past our respective conventions and clearly in the general election phase. both sides have the vice presidential picks named and we're heading into the election ready to go. >> we won't see a tone from him
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necessarily. >> i don't think that's what he wants. the reason he's done so well is because he is who he is. he's not fake. sometimes it's not as pretty and nuanced as washington politicians like, but that makes people want to engage in trump more than they trust hillary. during his convention week, his facebook page reached 175 million people. that was the total reach of his facebook page. that's unheard of. there's a desire to be part of the trump movement that most politicians would kill for. it's undefined. what happens in the media is a lot of pundits and political operatives want to put this in a box based on the last few to say this is how it is supposed to works. donald trump defies that because he's tapping into something the american people are dying for,
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authenticity and somebody not part of the status quo is what hillary clinton and tim kaine represent. >> it is also entertainment for some. so it may be all the people that are flocking to him just want to know what he's saying as well. maybe they aren't about this. he said, as usual, hillary and the dems are trying to rig the debates so two are up against mayor nfl games. take a look at the website. these debates were set in september of last year. so help us understand the rhetoric being rigged. that seems to be what he's animating. >> if you put out an entire
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critique of the presidential debate, there's a tremendous amount of criticism of the way the presidential debate system works. it denounces the dates without consultation of the parties or the candidates. >> but there were no nominees at the time. >> fair enough. but my point is it doesn't mean it's a good system. i think the idea that the people make all these decisions and parties is it a problem? >> frankly, the entire system needs to be relooked at. the anniberg studies presents why the system is flawed. you look at the debates being on major nfl nights and you wonder why people are upset about that? this was a dumb idea and should be revisited. >> hillary clinton's campaign has a pretty tough ad out there
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featuring trump in his own voice. let's listen to it here. >> as you can still them to go [ bleep ] themselves. i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and i won't lose any voters. it's like incredible. >> sean, we talked about this a couple weeks ago. you're a dad and there is a certain respect that we all want to make sure we give the officer and go home to tell our kids not to do it to us. is there a part of you rushing his message was delivered recently? >> as a dad, i try to emulate my dad. i think i had the greatest dad growing up and an amazing mother. that's who i emulate. if you want to look and run a series of clips and say, do you want to alienate someone who took the trust of the country,
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and put them on a server to evade protection. >> would you sit down with your kid and say, i want you to be like that? >> no, but i can find a dozen if not more than that clips of the dnc saying nasty things about donald trump. christi, here's the thing, is that it is always about donald trump. look at -- let's talk about the dem convention for a second. they booeed a five-star general, they booed hillary clinton. what they don't want to do is focus on the deep indentations of the democratic party. i disagree with the people on that stage, but they deserve respect. leon panetta is a good man. i may disagree with him and most republicans disagree with his policies. but the idea he stood up at the convention and was booed down is unbelievable that we are not
7:11 am
talking about the lack of respect and the massive devisions in the democratic party when it comes to that. you may disagree with me general allen, but booing from the stage of the convention party is disrespectful. >> but the republicans booed ted cruz? >> you're absolutely right. but they booed ted cruz for not standing on the stage to support the nominee. i'm take that every day of the week. if you show up at don't support the nominee, yes, they will be booed they booed people supporting the candidate at the massive nomination. i get it. >> i gotcha. sean spicer, thank you for taking time with us. >> appreciate, christi. >> have a good day.
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welcome back. quarter after the hour now, the general election is about 100 days away from now. and donald trump says the gloves are off. let's talk about what that means. here with me amy cremor co-author of the group women vote trump. good to have you both here. >> good to be here. >> this is a common chant at the trump rallies, "lock her up." i want you to watch what donald trump said after it was repeated in colorado. >> lock her up! >> you know what? i've been saying -- i've been saying -- let's just beat her in a november race. but you know what?
7:16 am
no, no, you know what? i'm starting to agree with you. >> starting to agree with that chant, "lock her up," why the change? >> he says the gloves are coming off. i guess that's part of the gloves coming off. but i want to be clear, there's nobody going out there whipping the people to say this. it is genuine authentic. and it is about her being held, having a different set of rules. laws apply to her differently than they apply to you and i. and people are angry about it. when the fbi, when she has a chance to delete 33,000 e-mails and the fbi doesn't bust her door in and take her server where you know that if it were you and i, they would be busting in our door to take her server, that's concerning to people. >> i think donald trump has made a fundamental decision that he's got to be the donald trump that we have seen for over a year. i think -- >> that's the genuine donald trump. >> but the missed opportunity is he's running for president. the conventions are over. we have 100 days left. what he could have done, amy, is
7:17 am
said, let's not use that type of tone or do that. be statesman and presidential. instead, he's letting the supporters, whether they need motivation from donald trump or not, chant "lock her up." >> interacting. >> but he's now 100 days away. i think that the problem is he's not fit to really kind of go into that statesman. and it just only solidifies what people have been saying about his temperament. again, he's running for president. the president is supposed to heal people and bring folks together. this is just inappropriate. >> but we are more divided than we ever been. our president has not brought us together. we are a more divided nation than we have ever been. and obviously something is going on here where people are gravitating towards him. when you talk about the temperament -- >> is he closing that divide by saying his opponent should be locked up? >> i think he's interacting with his supporters and is saying the gloves are going to come off. imagine how, as a person, how he must feel. i couldn't have taken all that came at him from the democratic
7:18 am
convention. and it was speaker after speaker after speaker. at some point you have to push back. >> let me come to you on hillary clinton. she's going to nebraska on monday to try to pick up the electoral vote there by district instead of the entire state. sitting down with fox news, that interview will air this weekend. she obviously is reaching out beyond her base. but her unfavorables are exceedingly high with the group she's now reaching out toward. what evidence is there that this will work? >> well, the goal here, victor, is to get 207 electoral votes. what they are doing in the campaign, i was there four years ago, you are looking at different pathways to 270. what she's doing by going to states like nebraska, she's going to visit states like georgia and arizona, these are all states that are actually changing and leaning more blue. but i think that, listen, the race is in the middle. you can't forget, we had 125 million people vote in 2012. it's probably going to be around that number if not higher. she can't do it alone just with democrats. she's got to have a message
7:19 am
that's very attractive to independent women. and i think she's doing a very strategic decision, it's a good decision, to go with the states that typically lean red. >> i think both of them, though, are trying to appeal to the independents. and her negatives are up there. and look at the number of people -- >> how is trump getting the independents. >> he's reaching out to them as well. you'll see -- >> but how? >> no, i think the way he'll get them is by talking about the things important to people with jobs and the economy and safety and security. our national security. that affects everybody. and we don't want four more years of the status quo and a lot of independents feel the same way. >> we have to wrap it there. thank you both. christi? >> miami, florida, has the first cases of locally transmitted zika virus. nick is there to check it out. >> reporter: we are in ground zero, the ground zero spot for the first cases of locally
7:20 am
transmitted zika virus in the continental united states. i'm nick valencia. after the break, we'll tell you what the florida department of health is doing to combat the virus. you're watching "the cnn newsroom." ar a they think that it's sad. i think it's important for everyone to know that there is so much more to memory support than the stigmas you hearabout. that these residents still have lives and their lives still matter and that they are still living their lives. that they're not locked away and that they still have a lot to live for, you know, that they have people that care about them and they have people that love them and i love them, so (laughs). call now to find out how we can put our 30 years of understanding to work for your loved one today. youthat's why you drink ensure. sidelined. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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well, blood centers in south florida are now screening all their donations for the zika virus after the state reports the first non-travel related case of the virus in the u.s. the cdc says the infections were
7:24 am
from mosquito bites. all this happening just north of downtown miami. and now the state's responding to try to stop it obviously from spreading. cnn's nick valencia joining us from miami. how are they responding, nick, in the sense of trying to protect women who are pregnant, specifically there, because i have to think they feel very vulnerable right now? >> that's certainly the concern. but you would be surprised that there are some people we have spoken to in this area this morning that had no idea about the local transmission of the zika virus here. having said that, they are tourists. this has been a concerted effort by the local department health officials here to get this out via text message, phone call, radio, news, they want to make sure people know they are aware in this neighborhood. the good news in all of this the department health officials have taken necessary precautions in the weeks leading up to the announcement by the governor. things like trying to trap
7:25 am
mosquitos, getting rid of standing water. and we did see them spraying insecticides going block to block to limit exposure in this area. here we spoke with chief medical correspondent sanjay gupta about perhaps the next steps to be taken by medical officials. >> i don't think, and i have talked to several folks at the cdc, i don't think there's going to be recommendations coming from the cdc that delay women's pregnancy or in louisiana or wherever this is likely to spread. but obviously they are going to represent this all along. that women take precautions in terms of just wearing long sleeves, even in the summer months, wearing insect repellant. >> reporter: the department of health officials say they believe the local transmission has been confined to this area just north of downtown miami. one zip code, they are however going door to door to test other
7:26 am
people here in this area asking for blood samples, urine samples to make sure no others have contracted this virus. so that testing we should expect to continue in the days and weeks ahead. christi? >> nick valencia live for us there, we appreciate it, nick. thank you. it's a question that's been asked several times during the campaign. and increasingly in the last week. does donald trump have ties to russia? we have an in-depth look coming up. >> i have nothing to do with putin. i have never spoken to him. i don't know anything about him. >> but when he brought his miss universe pageant to moscow in 2013, trump said he spoke personally with putin. >> i was in russia, nii was in moscow recently and spoke directly and indirectly with president putin who could not have been nicer. stop...
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welcome back to "cnn newsroom." i'm christi paul. >> and i'm victor blackwell. we are approaching the 100-day mark before the election. and this is happening as the clinton campaign says hackers reached an important computer system they rely on. democrats are worried since there were two other hacks on party organizations. the officials say russia may be behind the attacks, but the russians have denied having anything to do with it. and the clinton campaign is accusing russia as we said the democratic national committee's e-mails in order to help donald trump. that is their contention. trump's denying that saying he has no ties to russia, past or present. >> cnn's senior investigative correspondent drew gruff fin has more for us. >> reporter: the current controversy over donald trump's russian connection comes from a dug up quote from 2008 made by
7:31 am
his son, don jr. the younger trump reportedly told a real estate conference that family members made a half dozen trips to russia but several buyers have been attracted to our projects there and russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets. and according to don jr. in 2008, we see a lot of money pouring in from russia. but what you can't see in russia is a lot of trump. an attempt to build a trump tower in moscow fell through before it began. and cnn can find no projects that were actually complete in russia. the only real ventures, an attempt to sell vodka to russians which failed. and in 2013, trump made millions when he partnered with a russian billionaire to host his miss universe pageant in moscow. trump appeared in a music video with his billionaire russian partners rock star son -- >> you're fired!
7:32 am
>> reporter: and boasting of the pageant's success, trump even tweeted. trump tower moss ko is next. he trademarked not one but eight different combinations of his name in russia and that was it. >> he tried to negotiate wager deals. he was present in russia. he tried meeting with putin. it did not work out. >> reporter: dmetri says when it comes to any relations, especially in business between donald trump and russia, they are very hard to find. >> i'm not aware of any merger business endeavors from trump in russia. >> the real story may be that trump's business endeavors in russia turned out to be failures. >> what they can say with certainty is that the trump organization is not a major presence in russia. when you talk to americans who invest in russia, they never
7:33 am
mention the trump organization as a serious player in russia. >> reporter: trump has had better luck dealing with russians leading in the u.s., sort of ch he partnered with the bay rock group, a company run by soviet immigrants and accord stock a lawsuit financed by russian and kazakhstan money. together they developed trump properties in ft. lauderdale and new york and they planned on opening a trump tower in moscow. but trump said in a deposition that plan ended after media reports started to question trump's in the worth and the partners with russian ties in the u.s. backed out. trump did make news with another russian-related deal. he sold his florida mansion to a russian billionaire for $95 million. trump walking away with a tidy $54 million profit. while trump may have limited ties with russia, the real connection may be the man who seems to be running his campaign. paul manafort is a u.s.
7:34 am
republican campaign adviser for decades when he raised international eyebrows when he became a political consultant to this presidential candidate, former ukrainian president viktor yanukovych. he helped yanukovych get elected back in the days when he was friendly with the united states. and manafort says he was trying to encourage ukraine to become friendly with europe. >> that was for europe and foreign policy. >> reporter: since then y yanukovych's government failed and he was threatened for trying to piece together territorial integrity to you eukraine.
7:35 am
he has no ties to the kremlin. the question now is paul manafort advising donald trump that vladimir putin may not be such a bad guy after all and that russia had a right to invade the ukraine? and that if elected president trump should leave putin and the ukraine alone? a question silly to some has become serious when donald trump was asked about it. >> reporter: if you became president would you recognize the annexed peninsula as a russian territory? >> we'll be looking at that, yeah. >> reporter: a point reiterated when trump's campaign reportedly changed the republican party platform to take a much more russian view of the ukraine conflict. >> there's a lot of the coincidence very troubling around this specific issue, especially when you consider just how substance-free most of the issues in the campaign have been. but on ukraine they are taking a firm position and it's not clear
7:36 am
why. that i think is troubling. >> reporter: so it really something? is donald trump really somehow connected to russian political interests, to putin and putin's view of the world? because he has an adviser that advised a ukraine an candidate six years ago or is this all just like donald trump's business endeavors in russia? lots and lots of talk but in the end as they say in russian, nonsense. drew griffin, cnn, washington. >> all right. thank you to drew there. politicians spent two weeks putting on a best case for why their candidate should win. but they have not yet convinced everyone. up next, we'll talk to two people who are still undecided and we'll hear why they still have questions. ♪
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40 minutes past the hour. and a general election, 100 days away. donald trump and hillary clinton battling it out for the swing states. donald trump hitting colorado yesterday before he heads to ohio on monday. hillary clinton and running mate tim kaine taking a bus tour through the rust belt. each of them trying to woe the independent and undecided voters who can make or break this race. what do they need to hear? well, you know what, let's talk to a couple of those voters. we are joined by brian sullivan who will vote for a third party. and sarah who says she's a republican but voting for hillary clinton.
7:41 am
thank you both for being with us, we appreciate it. so i wanted to ask you, first of all, brian, did you watch the convention? and what was your take away? >> i work in the evenings so i wasn't able to watch the conventions live, but i listened to a lot of political podcasts and was able to watch the speeches later. my feeling is that we have two candidates with pretty high name recognition. people know who they are. i don't think anyone's mind was really changed. and my -- where i feel as an independent, they didn't say much to me. i mean, the democrats made a small effort with having mike bloomberg as one of the speakers, but i didn't really feel like they were speaking to me. >> so real quickly, brian, you said you are going to vote for a third party. which third party, do you know yet? >> no. i consider myself a progressive independent. so new york, with the electoral votes, it's such a deep blue state. it hasn't gone to a republican
7:42 am
since 1984 with ronald reagan. and trump is no reagan. so i feel freed up to be more strategic with my vote. so i'm going to take a look at some of the third party candidates. i haven't made my decision yet, but that's more likely where i'll be going. if i live in a swing state like ohio, pennsylvania or florida, then i would feel more constrained to vote for the lesser of two evils. and that's really the choice independent voters have. we didn't get to vote in the primary and didn't get to help pick a candidate i believe in. so that is really the issue i feel more strongly as an independent, being include in the process. >> that was an argument of bernie sanders that a lot of independents didn't get to vote. sarah, what made you decide to, as a republican, choose hillary clinton at this point? >> you know what, actually, it just happened a few weeks ago. and it wasn't as a matter of watching the policy debates and watching the republican convention, but it was a scene i
7:43 am
saw that took place, i think, at the convention that really shocked me. and it tilted me to the hillary camp. and that was one where there was a woman holding a sign that said "no racism, no hate." that is not very controversial. most of us can align ourselves with that message, but what happened was there was an elderly couple grabbing the sign from her hands and a couple gentlemen throwing a flag over it trying to suppress the lady's speech for pronouncing this message. and what clarify in my mind is that as an independent voter i tend to pick one policy issue i think is going to be critical in the next four years, and usually that's the economy. this time around i think it's the actual society rifts that we're facing because the role model and chief, our future president, is laying the groundwork for how people behave. and ultimately with trump showing us that it's okay to
7:44 am
punch people, that when you don't agree with, that it's okay to call our colleagues names, it's really bringing out the worst in americans. and america really is a society that has peacefully co-existed with many different races, many different religions, many different sexual preferences, and that is in danger. so as i witness that event, it really pushed me to the other side. i'm not very optimistic about the economic policies of the democratic platform, especially as they become bernified, but at this point i have to vote according to the societal rift issue. >> so you made your decision based on what you saw amongst people who are on the floor of the convention. but not necessarily donald trump himself. i'm just wondering is there anything that he can say since you are a republican that would entice you to vote for him? >> i think that, you know, i was really hoping as he became the presumptive delegate into the
7:45 am
actual nominated republican candidate that he would change his tone and start bringing people together. and we're all sick of this divisive term. but in reality it's just every single time he speaks he's pitting one type of class of people against another. and it is us/them mentality. and i think that is his core personality. so unless he decides to change on a dime, it would be hard to change my mind now. >> brian, the latest poll taken on thursday shows hillary clinton at 43%, donald trump at 42%. so this is a race that is truly up in the air. voting for a third party, do you fear that you are handing the race to either one of these candidates? >> in new york, because it's such a deep blue state, i don't feel a risk personally. if i lived, as i said, in one of the swing states, i might fear more weary of doing that. but voters should vote for a candidate they believe in.
7:46 am
they shouldn't vote just to vote for a winner. that's part of the problem we have. because we have a first pass the post system where it's winner take all. voters feel constrains to only vote for one or the other. >> sure. >> and this -- right now there's 150 million registered voters. there's maybe about 65 million independent voters that aren't really being spoken to. their main issue is the process of how we get people elected, how we get policy made. and that's what is important to me is no matter who gets elected, they are going to have to deal with the hyperpartisan congress. politicians can't reach across the aisle, they can't compromise, be independent minded, mostly because of the closed primary elections where you have 5% to 10% of the voters, the most extremist elements picking who the candidates are. that's who they respond to when
7:47 am
they get elected. >> you're both in strong company there. an awful lot of people as we continue to hear on a daily basis have not decided what to do with only 100 days to go. we appreciate the fact that you shared your thoughts with us on how you're reconciling all of this to come to your own conclusions. thank you both. thank you. >> donald trump says the gloves are off. the clinton camp says donald trump is dangerous. no love lost between those two, but there's another pair holding strong to a friendship despite the battles. >> ivanka trump and chelsea clinton are political foes but steadfast friends. the more you go the better. now get a free $50 gift card for staying just two times. so go. book now at
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drumonald trump and hillary clinton are ramping up the attacks. but despite that, their daughters are becoming close friends. but now trump said that's an issue. >> i asked ivanka, do you like chelsea? i do, dad. really? yeah, i really do. oh, i wish you didn't, it would be a lot easier, right? >> well, tom foreman takes a closer look at the bond between
7:52 am
ivanka trump and chelsea clinton. and the speculation as to whether it can survive the election. >> lying crooked hillary. she's a liar. >> donald trump talks about make america great again. he doesn't make a thing in america except bankruptcies. >> amid the campaign's fury and unlikely alliance, ivanka trump and chelsea clinton, fierce political foes, steadfast personal friends. te chelsea says it's so. >> our friendship has nothing to do with politics. we were friends before the election and will be friends after the election. >> ivanka trump said we're both incredibly supportive of our parents as we should be, but we also continue to have great
7:53 am
respect for one another. >> my mother -- >> my father -- >> and our -- >> next president -- >> hillary clinton -- >> donald j. trump. >> reporter: but there are sharp differences, too. after ivanka praised her father's record for hiring and promoting women promising he'll do the same as president -- >> he will fight for equal pay for equal work. >> reporter: her friend chelsea quickly shot back. >> how would you father do that given it's not something he's spoken about? there are no policies on any of those fronts that you mentioned on his website. >> reporter: with the race growing only nastier and each woman pushing so hard for her parent to win, it's fair to
7:54 am
wonder if their cross-party friendship can survive. >> a man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with no clear weapons. >> i just beat 16 people and i'm beating her. >> reporter: amid the scorching rhetoric, ivanka says they have not seen each other lately, although asked about a daughter's summit to ease campaign tensions, chelsea said -- >> it isn't something that occurred to me but certainly something i would consider. >> reporter: not a bad idea. after all, thomas jefferson said he never thought anyone should lose a friend over politics. tom foreman, cnn, philadelphia.
7:55 am
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7:58 am
i want introduce you to one of our cnn 100's top heroes. >> helping babies in the intensive care unit. >> these babies are not in the nicu for days but months at a time. when your child is in the hospital for a long-term stay, you think of the medical expenses and things of that nature, but when you end up with the reality that this is going to cost you so much money, it is not something that the people expect. it's definitely significant
7:59 am
burden on families and there are a lot of babies who are alone a lot of the time. >> to watch more, go to some of the biggest names in golf we'll be watching this weekend in the pga championship on tv. >> andy scholes is here on the surprising names that missed the cut. >> it is moving day at pga championship. some big names won't be there. three of the top ten players in the world missed the cut yesterday, dustin johnson, rory mcilroy, sergei garcia. the first shot was so bad it landed on the street next to the course. the wild ride out on the first hole took him into the woods, actually up a cart path as well. it took seven shots for him to get it into the hole, but he bounced back to shoot even par on the day to make the cut. two other guys who have never won a major are tied for the lead at the halfway mark.
8:00 am
robert streb and jimmy walker are in the lead. jason day is one off the lead. and the top video gamers have been locked in a computer combat playing counter strike global offensive. they have been doing that since may. you can watch the best of three championship match at 4:00 eastern on our sister network tbs. in case you didn't know, now you can get a college scholarship to play video games. >> i'm not telling my kids that. that's all i'm saying. fred is over there with me, she agrees. andy, thank you. and when you hear fredericka, you know we are ready to leave. >> thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> you know she has a really big mouth. >> you and me both. >> bleeding into your microphone. >> no, from one mom to another, we get it. >> my mouth wilbe


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