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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  July 30, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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robert streb and jimmy walker are in the lead. jason day is one off the lead. and the top video gamers have been locked in a computer combat playing counter strike global offensive. they have been doing that since may. you can watch the best of three championship match at 4:00 eastern on our sister network tbs. in case you didn't know, now you can get a college scholarship to play video games. >> i'm not telling my kids that. that's all i'm saying. fred is over there with me, she agrees. andy, thank you. and when you hear fredericka, you know we are ready to leave. >> thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> you know she has a really big mouth. >> you and me both. >> bleeding into your microphone. >> no, from one mom to another, we get it. >> my mouth will be shut on that topic at home for sure.
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>> i'm with you. >> all right. you all have a great day. >> you, too, fred. so much more straight ahead in "the newsroom." i'm fredericka whitfield, "newsroom" starts right now. we begin with that brazen cyber security breach aimed at shaking up the american race for president. just 100 days from the general election now. and the fbi and the justice department are both investigating a data hack of a computer program used by the clinton campaign. the breach is believed to be similar and maybe even linked to two previous intrusions that democratic party organization reported earlier this week when wikileaks published more than 20,000 private e-mails detailing internal private strategies. there's strong evidence that breach came from russian hackers. the latest reported hack comes after donald trump's controversial comments that
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seemingly encouraged russians to do more. >> russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. >> trump later said he was being sarcastic with the comments. dianne gallagher, was any valuable clinton data compromised? >> reporter: so, fred, what this is is an an will theic data program maintained by the dnc and used by democratic campaigns including the clinton campaign. so this wasn't one of their official programs or anything like that. and essentially it was a voter database that kept information like basically your contact information, it kept talking about your participation rates, things like that. we are not discussed filter security numbers, credit card numbers, anything like that. >> and now that the conventions are all behind us, how about the
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candidates in terms of beginning to receive intelligence briefings? is this hack being seen as a possible threat in any way to national security going forward? >> well, obviously there is calls for concern here because this is the third hack of a democratic organization that we're finding about just this week alone. and the white house just on friday actually phoned those particular campaigns, the clinton and trump campaign, and said it is time to start getting the transition in process. or time to start getting to the point where you are receiving these intelligence briefings. and granted both sides believe that the real security risk right now is the other candidate. there have been complaints from the heads of both parties saying that clinton shouldn't get them or that trump shouldn't get them. but even dianne feinstein said she feels like all the campaigns, both republicans and democrats need to be more cautious and careful and do something to plug the holes. >> dianne gallagher, appreciate it. whether he's being sarcastic or
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not, donald trump has made recurring comments about russia and his respect for vladimir putin. but what is his relationship with the russian president? here now is jim shuta. >> reporter: donald trump trading comments with russian president and u.s. adversary vladimir putin. >> when people like me i like them. even putin. >> reporter: their relationship now under new scrutiny with u.s. officials now saying it is likely it was russia that hacked 20,000 e-mails from the democratic national committee. wikileaks released the e-mails on the eve of the democratic party convention. the timing raising questions about whether it was an attempt to influence the u.s. election, perhaps in trump's favor. director of national intelligence james clapper told us that while it is too early to say with certainty it was russia, the kremlin does have an interest in undermining the u.s. political process. >> is it your view that russia
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has the intention of if not influencing this election undermining confidence in the u.s. political process? >> they see a u.s. conspiracy behind every bush. they believe that we're trying to influence political developments in russia. their natural response is to retaliate. >> reporter: that is a very serious concern for the u.s. government. >> was this just to stir up trouble? or was this ultimately to try to influence an election? and, of course, this is serious -- a serious proposition. >> reporter: when asked by erin burnett, trump's counterpart discounted the fact that russia leaked the information to put trump in the white house. >> it is absurd. i don't know anything about what you said. you may know it, if you do, expose it. >> reporter: truch maintains he has no connections to russia whatsoever. and cnn has not been able to find any current business operations there. >> i have nothing to do with putin.
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i have never spoken to him. i don't know anything about him. >> reporter: but when he brought his miss universe pageant to moscow in 2013, trump said he spoke personally with putin. >> i was in russia, i was in moscow recently and i spoke indirectly and directly with president putin who could not have been nicer. >> reporter: and now trump's favorable comments about russia has u.s. allies worried about whether the u.s. would defend them against russian regression. >> it is honorary bothersome to our foreign partners. and i hear that from my counterparts. >> reporter: the fbi and the department of justice are now investigating this newest possible attack on the hillary clinton campaign. in fact, it's the justice department's national security division which is involved and that typically means they are talking about a state actor or terrorist group. and when we talk about state actor in relation to these attacks, the strongest evidence points once again to russia and
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russian intelligence services. fred? >> jim, thank you so much. appreciate that. let's talk about russia's possible role here. and if it could indeed influence the election. joining me is robert zimmerman, elani chen, the foreign public policy director for mitt romney, and the columnist nor the washington times and a trump supporter. welcome to all of you. nick marill said in a statement that computer experts found no evidence that our internal systems have been compromised, end quote. they have to be nervous about what hackers were able to do and what wikileaks claims are more e-mails it plans to release. so how does the clinton camp try to get ahead of this or even protect itself data? >> well, it's very important to constantly update the system and improve the system. but fred, let's also not forget that russia or the hackers have
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the ability to also forge e-mails and also manipulate them. so they can be very misleading and misinterpreted. so there are a lot of dangers to the actual e-mails being released and also e-mails being taken out of context. so that is a real concern. but all you can do is keep upgrading the system and hopefully encourage donald trump not to advocate felonies like encouraging russia to hack into the american political system. >> yeah. the possible manipulation or forging is a huge concern. so money, the clinton campaign says the internal systems have not been compromised, but this is a concern. even bigger than the clinton camp, right? so what is at stake say for the trump campaign to potentially seize on this breach that does threaten the clinton campaign's cyber security? >> there are a couple different ways into this, fred. obviously, the first question is who is in a better position to keep america safe from cyber attacks? and i think this is an issue that's been growing in intensity
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and significance, particularly since 2012. so one of the things the trump campaign can do is to say, look, we've got a candidate, we've got a team better positioned to do that. now, of course, we haven't heard an exact plan on that yet. so the trump campaign is going to have to get there. but the other big issue is for the trump campaign to go after hillary clinton as a flawed surrogate on the question of russia because remember she's the one who advocated closer relations with the putin regime and with russia several years ago when she was secretary of state. so that does make her, i think, a flawed surrogate in some ways. but overall, this could be a problem if there are continued relations that are exposed between trump and putin because so far at least it seems like he's relatively friendly towards the russian leader. >> and kelly, doesn't that relationship or those very colorful complimentary words of putin or the encouragement of finding more e-mails, doesn't that flaw donald trump? >> no. i don't even know where this conversation is going. i mean, it is so absurd.
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donald trump was making a joke, anyone who actually heard his comments in context knew that it was complete sarcasm. there is absolutely no, you reported yourself, there are no business dealings in russia with donald trump currently. there's nothing there. this story was planted by hillary clinton's campaign manager promoted by john podesta to get the media to look at trump -- it's all pretend and all made up. there's no evidence trump got in contact with the russian a oligarchy at the dnc. that the russians hacked into the political groups, yes, that is concerning. that's concerning to all americans. and that is a bipartisan issue. but there's no evidence that donald trump was behind it. on one hand you have the democratic candidates saying he's the dumbest candidate ever, and then you have them saying he's talking to putin, you can't have it both ways. you can't be a massive manipulator. >> hold it there for a second.
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how do you further defend this notion of it being sarcasm? because very few people find that believable he was sarcastic, saying it or meant it in a joking way. >> all i urge is the american public out there to watch his context, to watch his remarks in context in full and not to take clips from cnn. >> kelly, let me encourage you to look at the facts. donald trump is already on record acknowledging he had relationships with vladimir putin. now he's lying about it. >> you know what? hillary clinton -- i would like to point out, hillary clinton -- >> wait, kelly, let robert finish. >> okay. >> so the first point is donald trump is on the record lying with vladimir putin. but much more significant than that, much more significant is donald trump's supporting an agenda that makes him vladimir putin's dream candidate. he's advocating dismantling nato to leave our allies in the
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region totally vulnerable to russian aggression. and he's advocating staying neutral between israel and palestine. more than all the speculation and gossip, he's advocating an agenda that clearly is vladimir putin's wheelhouse. >> all right. can we talk about hillary clinton's record? her setting the russian reset button and leaving office telling president barack obama that the relations with russia were at an all-time worse while she was -- when the russian company wanted by 20% of the iranian access into the united states of america. at the same time they announced to pursue the deal, bill clinton went over to russia, gave a presentation to a russian bank for half a million dollars. and then we're talking about -- >> now we're talking about a cyber security breach. and everyone -- it seems no matter what side you're on, everyone has expressed concern over what is happening right now. >> i agree with you. >> both candidates will be
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receiving intel briefings. so i wonder how concerning it is, both sides are talking about distrusting the other. but when you have this week's intel briefings on the heels of what has happened with this cyber security breach, how concerning is it for voters, how concerning might it be for this sitting administration to share this information to either candidate, both candidates? >> yeah, so ultimately this is one thing that's not really well understood, fred. it is that the administration ultimately can control the amount and the nature of the information that's being shared with either candidate. and having participated in this process four years ago, basically the administration shares information that is more atmospheric in nature, generally. that sort of sets the stage to help the candidates understand, these are the threats america faces. and i actually think this could be good, that both candidates are getting this information. because hopefully it will help
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them both better understand what we're up against. now, obviously, we're always concerned about candidates disclosing information that they're not supposed to that they receive in classified briefings. but to a certain degree, we'll have to trust the process that both candidates can be adults about this, get the information, store it on their own and use it if they get elected president. because this process is happening. it is going to happen soon. >> right. lanhee chen, we'll leave it there. thank you so much. we'll see you later on in the hour. so hillary clinton and tim kaine, they are on the road this weekend canvassing more than 600 miles of republicans through pennsylvania and ohio. we'll take you live on board the battleground bus tour next. i work as a professional mountain guide and the surface pro 4 allows me to actually operate my business from everest. i help clients achieve their dreams. being able to go between having a laptop and having a tablet is really important to me... i couldn't do that with my mac. i love that we as humans can go to the top of the world.
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donald trump, you are asking americans to trust you with your future. let me ask you, have you even read the united states constitution? i will gladly lend you my copy. >> that was a part of a very emotional speech at the democratic national convention from khizr kahn. kahn is now calling on mitch mcconnell and house speaker paul ryan to repudiate republican presidential candidate donald trump. >> if your candidate wins, and
8:19 am
he goes on the way he's campaigned, my country, this country will have constitutional crisis that never before in the history of this country. and there comes a time in the history of a nation where a moderate stand has to be taken regardless of the political cost. >> kahn says he's only delivered part of his speech at the convention and has so much more to say to republican leaders and to america. he will actually join jake tapper on "state of the union" tomorrow morning at 9:30 a.m. eastern time. so with just 100 days until the presidential election, hillary clinton and tim kaine are in the midst of a three-day battleground bus tour fresh off the democratic convention in philadelphia. the democratic ticket is bus touring in pennsylvania making several campaign stops today before heading to ohio. cnn senior political correspondent briana kieler is
8:20 am
on the campaign bus tour joining us live now on the phone with the duo's goal, what is it, briana? >> reporter: well, fred, hello from a bus that is behind another bus full of reporters. and we should be off soon behind these two buses that hillary clinton and tim kaine will be on. but the message we're trying to deliver today is about the economy. it's about creating jobs. it's about manufacturing in investments and communities that are manufacturing strongholds. and by the description of the campaign have been left out and left behind. so there's acknowledgment of that. but it is really about who hillary clinton is trying to target, and that is white working class voters. if you look at the stop today in johnstown, pennsylvania, this is cambria county where manufacturing is big. and it actually is a base that
8:21 am
went democratic in 2012 when president obama lost despite the fact there were more registered democrats. mitt romney actually won 58% of the vote. when you look back at the primary season, bernie sanders in this county, not pennsylvania overall, but in this county by 3%, it is a largely white community and it's the place where unemployment is at 6.7%. that's almost two points above the national average. so this is an area that has been certainly hurting economically more than other areas in the country. and many people see this area and keep the donald trump success about the presidency. he may have a narrow path they say, but this is an essential path to the white house. >> briana kieler on the bus with the clinton/kaine bus tour going through pennsylvania and then off to ohio. be sure to watch cnn "state of
8:22 am
the union" tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. eastern. tim kaine sits down with jake tapper. coming up, aggressive screenings of new blood donations and going door-to-door to test residents for the zika virus. four new cases have officials on high alert, next. i think it's important for everyone to know that there is so much more to memory support than the stigmas you hearabout. that these residents still have lives and their lives still matter and that they are still living their lives. that they're not locked away and that they still have a lot to live for, you know, that they have people that care about them and they have people that love them and i love them, so (laughs). call now to find out how we can put our 30 years of understanding to work for your loved one today.
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now you can watch nbc's coverage of the rio olympic games live at home or on the go.
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welcome back. health officials are ramping up screenings of blood donations and going door to door in two counties in florida after the cdc confirmed the first local transmissions of the virus within the continental u.s. all four cases are in daid and broward counties in south florida. and officials are now focusing their attention on an area north of downtown miami. nick valencia is following the story for us and is joining us live now from miami. nick, officials say they expected this to happen sooner or later. >> reporter: they did. and they are trying to temper the residents' fears here by saying they have been prepared highlighting the preparedness saying in the weeks leading up to the announcement by the governor yesterday they have been spraying in areas they believe to be infected like here in this neighborhood north of downtown miami called winwood. and they have been trying to get rid of standing water. as you mentioned, going door to door to ask for urine samples, testing residents here to make
8:27 am
sure there are not any other cases of those residents here who have contracted the virus. earlier yesterday the governor here in florida talked to the public about the concerns that many of them had. >> testing mosquitos in this area has been happening in this area where the small area for about two weeks. while no mosquito traps have tested positive for the zika virus, the department of health is aggressively testing people in the infected area to ensure no other cases of this virus. >> reporter: they believe all the cases have been confined to this area. earlier we saw officials from miami-dade county going block to block spreading insecticides in the air. some of the people we have spoken to, mostly tourists, had not heard about it. and those locally are not all that concerned. >> nick valencia, thank you so much, in miami. all right. meantime, in just 100 days
8:28 am
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hello again and welcome back. i'm fredericka whitfield. 100 days is all that stands between us and the next election day. donald trump and hillary clinton are fighting for the white house. here's the latest on the battleground. >> conventions are over. the big question now, who is get to 270. the magic number. 270 electoral votes. you have to say hillary clinton has a home start, the democratic home advantage, if you will. we give her 236, 191 for donald trump. dark blue for republican, dark blue solid democrat. the lighter shade leans that
8:32 am
way. so how does donald trump get there? well, he thinks he can win this state where we are right now, pennsylvania. donald trump is going to spend a lot of time trying to prove himself in the rust belt. hard lift, heavy lift. hasn't gone republican since 1988. but if he can win pennsylvania, then he's most likely winning ohio. where does that put donald trump? at 229. so where do you go from there? he has to hold north carolina. an obama state in '08 but romney in 2012. donald trump has to hold that and that would put him at 244. he's in play now, boom, boom, bang. if he can win the state of florida, he's over the top. pennsylvania, ohio, north carolina, florida. hillary clinton says no way. i'm going to hold back. now she thinks she's going to get ohio, too, but let's give it to the republicans. then we move down here to the state of floridament hillary clinton, 29 electoral votes. tim kaine speaks spanish. watch this one play out. if hillary clinton can hold
8:33 am
pennsylvania and win florida, nothing else changes, guess what? she's already the next president of the united states. and she thinks virginia is a bonus that puts her up close to 300. watch the numbers here, here and here and you'll know how tight this is going to be come november. >> wow. good view there. thank you so much, john king. so both campaigns are well aware the states are win or die. and they have already been fighting for votes there. right now clinton is on that three-day bus tour through the rust belt with her running mate tim kaine in pennsylvania and then on to ohio. they made a stop earlier in harrisburg. and then later on this afternoon they will be set to pull over in johnstown, pennsylvania, before making it into ohio. so trump, meanwhile, spent friday in the blue leaning state of colorado before going home to manhattan for the weekend. we'll bring back my political panel, democratic strategist and clinton supporter robert zimmerman, cnn political columnist and policy director loni chen and the column iist f
8:34 am
"the new york times," what is the strategy post convention? >> i think he's going to go hard after the rust belt states and really does have a chance in pennsylvania which would be a big win for him. he's really resonating with the white working class americans who feel left out of the economy. who feel that the last eight years hasn't been great for them. and his message really resonated with them at the end of the convention. we saw a ten-point bounce at the end of the convention. we'll see where hillary clinton goes after her convention in philadelphia, but it's really going to be up to the independent voters and the democratic voters working class, who voted for obama last time around but willed the decide to go for trump because of the populist message this time around. >> so robert, that clinton and kaine are in pennsylvania making their way to ohio.
8:35 am
how pivotal this might be and how this is favorable territory, particularly for kaine to offer a great assist to clinton. >> well, you know, as john pointed out in his report, the rust belt is a key region in this election. and i think the point that was brought up before is that so many white working class voters were among working class voters inclusively and feel left out. they feel they are not benefiting as much as they really should be benefiting. hillary clinton's got to stay on message empowering the middle class, creating jobs, providing greater educational opportunities and job training. that's her great strength. donald trump keeps veering off message and keeps reacting and attacking mayor bloomberg, he was attacking general allen, he seems almost incapable of staying on message because ultimately he doesn't have a concrete plan. and keep an eye on other states where democrats will be more competitive than ever before, arizona, for example, utah possibly, georgia, these are states where democrats are
8:36 am
competitive because of the reaction of donald trump. so it will be very exciting. democrats cannot take this for granted. >> so loni, clinton is on the message particularly of the economy and jobs on this tour. and last night in her rally, she said something about bill clinton that perked up a few ears. listen. >> i feel like i have a very good idea about how a president can help create jobs because over the eight years my husband was president we created 23 million new jobs. and you know, i told bill if he thought he was going to get to retire, he was wrong. >> so in a way she's reiterating what she said from the convention she's likely to enlist her husband, a former president on the economy. how appealing might that be to voters, particularly those independents and undecided which
8:37 am
are crucial for either clinton or trump? >> yeah, fred, this encapsulates the challenge hillary clinton faces. because on the one hand she's trying to wrap her arms around the democratic party's past, right? she's trying to show continuity with president obama and her husband before that. on the other hand, you heard the case of the democratic national convention she's also the change maker. so she's going to have to make a decision at some point. does she want to be the change maker or does she want to be the continuation of the democratic party over the last 20 years? that is going to be the difficulty for her, figuring out which of the two messages resonates. i think we are in a change cycle. i think people are frustrated with the way the country is headed, particularly in the middle states. right now there's a little bit of confusion around this. >> if i can just point out, it's not mutually exclusive. you can embrace the success of the clinton administration, 22 million jobs. you can embrace the success of the obama administration, 15
8:38 am
million jobs, that actually brought us from the worst recession in history. it's a false choice. hillary clinton's career and life has been around making change and she has the scholars to prove it from the groups that have gone after her. but the most important part here for democrats is to reach out to independent voters and also to the libertarian and green party voters to realize they can be part of the change or if they stay up with their parties they can ultimately turn the election over to donald trump. that's how serious it is. >> kelly, i see you chomping at the bit. how does donald trump seize on this opportunity of this, you know, argument of is it change or is it a continuation of this? >> it's definitely change with donald trump. if we just look at this wall street journal headline for today, the u.s. is in the weakest recovery since 1949. so i don't know how you think that obama's been successful. and wasn't it bill clinton who
8:39 am
signed in the inactive treatment agreement? where does hillary clinton stand on tpp? i'm not sure tim kaine supports it. terry mccullough stands by it. she is going to appoint her husband to take charge of it. aren't we electing hillary clinton? in terms of 56% of americans that want change, only 41% want to remain on the smooth and steady path. so i guess we'll see how that bears out in november. >> okay. you know, before november, there are the debates. and donald trump just tweeted out last night saying this, quote, as usual hillary and the dems are trying to rig the debate so too are up against major nfl games. same as last time with bernie. unacceptable. is that inference that donald trump may pull off another i'm not going to appear, i don't need the debates, i don't
8:40 am
wantna? >> i don't think so. both of them are neck and neck in the polls and neither can miss a debate. >> robert? >> here we go again. donald trump is now going to try to discredit the debates to set himself up to avoid being in the debates. if you notice during the republican debates, he was always engaged when it came to insults but when it came to policy he fell off the stage. so what you're seeing now is the beginning of a campaign to diminish the debates even though they are done in a bipartisan fashion. the debate date was set over a year ago and part of the american democratic democracy and a great political tradition. he's trying to find a way out. >> yeah. and so the inference, too, that the dnc or somehow hillary clinton had forsyth or played a role in scheduling this debate to go up against this nfl game. so is there truth to that? >> well, the commission on the presidential debates which is a nonpartisan organization set the debate dates a long time ago. they have been on the calendar
8:41 am
for a while ago. if i were donald trump, i would be looking forward to the debates because the debates are an opportunity to change public impressions. this happened with mitt romney in the first debate in 2012 in denver. president obama had painted a certain picture of romney which was inaccurate. he came out with a great debate and change the public impressions. trump has the opportunity to come out to demonstrate, look, i actually have a plan and have substance, which so far has been a challenge for that campaign. so i think he is going to be able to do that. he should be looking forward to the debates, not denigrating them. >> we'll leave it there. lonnie chen, robert zimmerman. robert, get some honey and lemon. my rencommendation here. new criminal charges brought against state employees in the flint water crisis. how they intentionally hid signs of lead poisoning. that's next. y do ll it travel season for nothing. ♪ this summer at choice hotels the more you go the better. now get a free $50 gift card for staying just two times. so go.
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all right. welcome back. i'm fredericka whit nooefield. more people are facing charges in connection with the flint water crisis. six more people are charged in covering up the lead water crisis. sara ganim is following this. what is behind these charges? >> reporter: good morning, fred. these are serious charges, official misconduct in office. this is shaping up to be the
8:46 am
largest investigation in michigan state history. and they say this is just the beginning. there could be more charges as they work their way up from the local level to now state officials. they are continuing to try to figure out all of the different moving parts, all the different people involved in this scandal. what we found, the most shocking thing from the allegations yesterday, is that two different state agencies had two different reports that were both altered on the same day, deleted e-mails and changed reports to cover-up the fact that -- to allegedly cover-up the fact that is high levels of lead were found in flint's water and also in flint's children. two different reports and they were both changed. the specific prosecutor who is in charge of this investigation talks about what that means to him. take a listen. >> two agencies manipulating reports on the same day, so in is that lax step going to stage
8:47 am
left, that seems significant to me. but i'm going to let that play out in our investigation. >> reporter: now the state attorney general said they are not done, they are continuing to investigate. he compared it to a mob investigation where he said you don't start at the top, you work your way up. i think it is also important, fred, to remember the human toll in all of this. there are children in flint who are not growing physically, who have been lead poisoned. there are parents who have told me their kids have trouble paying attention, everything from basic things like paying attention to also having auditory issues, not being able to sit in a room where multiple people are talking. very scary things that these families are going through. >> some real long-term adverse effects. sara ganim, thank you so much. keep us posted. in the meantime, the olympics are just six days away, but riots near rio threaten to overshadow the competition.
8:48 am
what brazil is planning to do about that when quo come back.
8:49 am
8:50 am
as a supervisor at pg&e, it's my job to protect public safety, keeping the power lines clear, while also protecting the environment. the natural world is a beautiful thing, the work that we do helps us protect it. public education is definitely a big part of our job, to teach our customers about the best type of trees to plant around the power lines. we want to keep the power on for our customers. we want to keep our community safe. this is our community, this is where we live. we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place for our children to live. together, we're building a better california.
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welcome back. the olympicic ceremonies, the opening ceremonies to the olympic games is just six days away now. but this is foreshadowing just about everything. about 100 miles from rio aren't expecting a playful mood with
8:52 am
brazilians furious about poor health services and not getting paid and they mobbed the olympic torch relay forcing it to change course and police are taking over some of the security there. a former fbi crisis agent, karl, these riots, is it a micro kochl of the problems there. >> i think it shows the potential but with some of the things they've done, bringing in additional police to take over security, if you recall the london olympics the same situation where the contractor could not meet the commitment for providing enough security and the government had to come in once again. so that is quite the norm because of various reasons if the security contractor cannot,
8:53 am
the people they're hiring can't pass background checks or whatever. >> last weekend we were reporting more military reinforcements were moving into assist. does the mere presence of that military offer a certain shield, a type of deterrent, for what could be kind of petty crimes but really could mar an olympic game, something that's attracting hundreds of thousands of people. >> i think bringing the military in could be somewhat of a deterrent but i don't think it would escalate anything. i think it might be a deterrent whereas the games and criminals are used to dealing with the provides, bringing in the military might be a bigger deterrent for some of that activity. >> there are petty crimes but there's the concern of terrorism. >> correct. >> what are your concerns as it pertains to that. >> with the level of crime that's going on in the country,
8:54 am
the easiness of being able to obtain weapons, that in itself, it's not a country where weapons are somewhat banned by citizens because you have gangs and drug dealers that are using weapons against other gangs so weapons are available and in light of the recent attacks in france and in turkey they were on soft targets, events outdoors, there are a lot of street activity, parties or things, festivals going on so that would be a concern. >> the olympic committee ceo says he's to the concerned saying i feel like the safest place in the world is going to be in the olympic village and the competition venue. i think our athletes will be among the safest people in rio because of the security that's going to be around them. is that a reasonable feeling of assurance. >> yeah. keep in mind that planning for
8:55 am
these olympics each country has put a request to the government hosting the games that here are our security needs. >> so they custom maerl bring their security detail or saying this is what we need to make our athletes feel good. >> both. they can bring their own but they can give a list of this is our security needs they're going to need our athletes traveling to and for practice and venues and this is our other needs for providing security. >> all right. >> so apparethanks so much. everybody is hoping for a safe olympic games. i appreciate it. >> thanks. hillary clinton and running mate tim kaine are criscrossing
8:56 am
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hello again everyone. thanks for joining me. we're just 100 days away from the general election and the democratic party has fallen victim to another major cyber
9:00 am
security breach. the fbi and the justice department are investigating a data hack of a computer program used by the clinton campaign. the breach is believed to be similar and maybe even linked to two previous intrusions that democratic party organization reported days ago when wicki leaks released e-mails. u.s. officials say there is strong evidence that breach came from russian hackers. we're learning about the latest hack days after donald trump's controversial comments that seemingly encouraged russians to do more. >> russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. >> trump later said he was being sarcastic with those comments. cnn's diane gal i ger has been following this story. what do we know about the kind


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