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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  July 31, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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especially poignant, a grieving father speaking off the cuff, not off the teleprompter, with words from his heart. >> let me ask you, have you even read the united states constitution? i will gladly lend you my copy. in this document, look for the words liberty and equal protection of law. have you ever been to arlington cemetery? go and look at the graves of brave patriots who died
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defending the united states of america, you will see all faiths, genders and ethnicities. you have sacrificed nothing. and no one. >> donald trump reacted in an interview that aired this morning with george stephanopoulus on abc. let's listen. >> how would you answer that father, what sacrifice have you made for the country? >> i think i have made lots of sacrifices, i have worked very, very hard, i have created tens of thousands of jobs. >> those are sacrifices? >> oh, sure, i think they are sag faces, when i can employ thousands and thousands of people, take care of their health care and everything, i was responsible for getting the vietnam memorial built in
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downtown manhattan, to this day people thank me for. i have raised millions of dollars for the vets, i'm helping the vets a lot. >> so this back and forth between a war hero's father and the republican billona o billio running for president. khizer khan sent a strong message to mitch mcconnell and house speaker paul ryan. >> i want his family to counsel him, teach him some empathy, he will be a better person if he could become. but he is a black soul. and this is totally unfit for the leadership of this beautiful country. two things are absolutely necessary in any leader, or any person that aspires, wishes to be a leader, that is moral
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compass and second is -- >> what do you want republican leaders to do, mitch mcconnell and paul ryan? >> to reputa repudiate him, tha advised him, they have counseled him. i know republicans are as patriotic as democrats, as independents, but he had promised them to mend his divisive ways, harmful ways, hurtful manner and policies. yet he comes back again on the same thing. it is majority leaders and speakers moral and ethical obligation to not worry about the words, but repudiate him, withdraw the support.
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this election will pass, but history will be written. the laps of modern courage will be a burden on their souls. >> house speaker paul ryan weighed in on all of this. let's get to our panel, zeke miller, ryan liz is also with us. donald trump surrogate, a former aid to the 2008 mccain-palin campaign. and former michigan campaign governor. a lot to parse through here, a lot to unpack. let me first read this statement that just came in from house speaker paul ryan. america's greatness is built on the principles of liberty and preserved by the men and women who wear the uniform to defend it. as i have said on numerous occasions a religious test of entering our country is not
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reflective of our fundamental values, i reject it. many muslim-americans have made the ultimate sacrifice. captain khan was one such brave example. his sacrifice and that of khizr khan and his wife are examples of that. >> it sounds like saying i am with you. what's your reaction. >> he's not saying he's repudiating donald trump. paul ryan is in no way saying he's abandoning his support. paul ryan is saying is he disagrees with a larger policy. let's go back to the point. donald trump and all americans of course have the utmost respect for captain khan and his parents, but this should not be
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politicized. mr. khan is now going out on political networks and political shows and using personal attacks against donald trump. speaking of a black soul, if anybody said that about hillary clinton, there would be a huge uproar. the real issue is islamic jihadi jihadists, the ones that actually kill mr. khan's son. >> let me just push back. to not politicize it, perhaps do you think this is something donald trump should not have reacted to at all, should have let this one sit, and said this comes from a grieving father and i'm not going to react to his criticism this time. >> at the dnc, there were pe personal attacks. trump is educated and thoughtful. and anyone who's educated has reed the constitution. donald trump has the right to respond, just as anyone would want to respond and defend themselves against those perm
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attacks and turn to the issue of how do we defend ourselves. >> we know that in the past donald trump has made a point of courting veterans, he's raised money for them, stood next to them at public events, this is not good optics for him, that's clear, but do you think this will hurt him? because nothing has hurt him up until now. does this make people who don't like him not like him even more or does this tip the balance against him? >> nothing has taken him down, but this might be the type of thing that does sort of strike at the heart of the core trump constituency. trump has appealed to veterans, he's appealed to the white working class voters. attacking the parents of a fallen soldier, a golden star family. >> attack is a very harsh word. >> boris, let's be very clear here. what donald trump did immediately after is he asked, he questioned why the mrs. khan
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didn't speak, and either being callus towards mrs. trump or people who have some sort of bias. from a political stand point, it's a dumb move to make that argument. to attack those folks, and to say i respect them, i respect their sacrifice. what he did was an attack and then he had to walk it back. >> john mccain's daughter may began tweeted this about the controversy. i would asked what kind of barbar yang would attack the parents of a fallen soldier, but oh, yeah, it's the same person who attacks p.o.w.s. that coming from a republican, do you think that tips the balance for any republican? >> i think so, you see lindsay graham, obviously no fan of donald trump making a statement,
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paul ryan, mitch mcconnell. and paul ryan, did not condemn trump, he stated he disagreed with the policies and for a lot of people that might not be good enough. and i would disagree, poppy, with the question you asked zeke that nothing has affected donald trump. we're in an okay economy, not that great. we have a democratic party trying to get a third term and we have a very weak candidate on the democratic side. this should be an easy election for any republican and the fact that trump is struggling, you know, to take control of the race, i think shows that the statements that he's had and the kind of candidate that he is, has actually taken a toll, his numbers with hispanics, his numbers with women, his numbers with african-americans are dismal. so i do think that actually with the general electorate, if the republicans had nominated a more traditional candidate, they would be doing a whole lot better against a weak candidate like hillary clinton, so i
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disagree with that. and look, republicans have been waiting, they have been holding their breath for months, wondering if donald trump was going to be a little bit more traditional in the general election and obviously all the evidence is that he's not, we're going to have controversy and controversy like this through the next 100 days, that's as clear as day. >> governor graham, what is your response to what brian said, this should be an easy election for the republicans? >> i don't agree that we have a weak candidate. donald trump has a huge narcissism comment that he has to respond to every single thing that is said about him, the fact is that he didn't distinguish a gold star family from any other type of perceived insult to him tells you that this man is so utterly thin skinned that he is incapable of governing. i would say that the khan family
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represents the best of what there is in america, the fact that they come to this country, that they raise a son who's so patriotic, that he chooses to serve our nation and to give his life in service. and donald trump can't even see that. when mr. khan said what have you sacrificed. donald trump received what, four deferments so he wouldn't have to serve? >> the clintons have not served the military, i would not bring that up. >> donald trump and hillary clinton, are you talking about her serving in the military when women weren't allowed to serve in the military when she was that age? she's been serving the country her whole life, that's the point. >> neither her nor bill clinton have served in the military. >> her entire life has devoted to serving others, unlike donald trump whose entire life has been
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devoted to serve himself. when he had a choice to serve, he chose not to. >> i want to get a break in here. stay with me because we have a lot clearly to parse ahead. coming up this hour, you will hear that entire interview with khizer khan, also ahead, the conversation continues, i'll speak to muslim americans on both sides of this, one pro trump, one against donald trump about the latest, what's the reaction. also khan's comments at the dnc stole the show, no question, how is hillary clinton who's now on the tail right the the trail right there responding to the controversy. >> i have nothing to do with putin, i have never spoken to him. i don't know anything about im. >> i was in russia and i was in moscow recently and i spoke directly and indirectly with putin who could not have been nicer. >> so which is it, do trump and
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and oral-b delivers a clinically proven superior clean versus sonicare diamondclean. my mouth feels super clean! oral-b. know you're getting a superior clean. i'm never going back to a manual brush. donald trump today saying he is being attacked by the parents of a u.s. military officer who died fighting in the iraq war. he's talking about this moment, you'll remember it from this week, when mr. and mrs. khazr khan whose son an army captain was killed in iraq. and he slammed trump for sacrificing nothing. captain khan appeared this morning on state of the union and he called the republican candidate, a black soul who looks compassion and is unfit for leadership.
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you just heard our political panel say how they think this affects election. but the founder of the republican muslim coalition and are personality. let me begin with you, as the founder of the republican muslim coalition, what's your reaction to what we have heard donald trump say to george stephanopoulus that he did sacrifice, creating many johns et cetera, and then this back and forth on twitter to the khan family. what's your take? >> obviously donald trump is the reason mr. khan got the stage at the dnc, democrats are misusing muslims to attack trump. and i think we need to understand the political dynamics behind this. yes, he's gaining a lot of
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political capital on both sides of the aisle. i was glad to see paul ryan speak in support, mitch mcconnell, obviously the republican leadership values everyone serving in our armed forc forces. we have thousands of muslims serves in the army and we appreciate their sacrifice, at the same time i don't think we should politicize the issue and attack donald trump and his black soul, this sort of personal attack is not the right way to do, we have serious challenges and i think we need to defend the country as best as possible. >> does it make your case harder to your fellow muslims to support donald trump? >> of course, yes, i think many muslims question why would you support trump? but i think the question here is democrats have been slenilent f years and now they want to attack donald trump. it's not about sacrifice or whatever. we need a strong leader in the
2:19 pm
white house and that's why we're supporting this republican in november. >> your report in the daily beast, you blast trump for this, but what do you say to savo when she says this is being done for political game. i think you'reyou're -- dean, w your response to that? >> they had the mother of one of the people who lost in benghazi, they had undocumented immigrants who -- the rnc wrote the book. let's be honest, president obama stood with the muslim community the last few years, he's reaching out to us, he made his first mosque visit, and hillary clinton's response to donald trump, after the orlando shooting, she made a speech in which she talked and touted muslims, there was no benefit for her to do that in the days
2:20 pm
after an attack. donald trump has made demonizing muslims and latinos a staple of his campaign. donald trump thought he could bully the khans because they're muslims but america said no to it. and that's a great thing for anyone who values religious liberty in this country. >> hillary clinton is benefiting a lot from any time there is a muslim tragedy that brings up, i think that would be unfruitful to say that the dnc is copying rnc tactics, but at the same time i think you have to go after american policies that don't make america stronger and that's coming from the democrats. >> i would like you both before i lose you to listen to something else that donald trump said in that interview with george stephanopoulus on abc, because he was speaking about the wife we all saw standing there, ghazala khan and why she
2:21 pm
didn't speak while she was standing next to her husband. >> if you look at his wife, she had nothing to say, maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say, you tell me, but plenty of people have written that. >> what do you think about that? >> obviously she spoke out, i think he was trying to target that muslim women stay silent. as a muslim woman, we're speaking out and we're supporting donald trump and he obviously has issues with islam and muslims and that's what we need to try to change and we need to change his opinion about muslim women, and muslim men, i don't want to see this type of rhetoric coming out of the trump campaign. >> but this has not swayed your desire to see him as the next president, is that correct? >> no, i still think he would be a great president and i'm really looking forward to him win this november. >> and dean, final thoughts on that comment? >> i think it's hard pressed if
2:22 pm
you're a mine minority in this country, not standing up against the klan when he was asked about it. >> he came out after that interview and said i disavow. >> the same thing here, donald trump showed his true colors, i thought he was running a despicable campaign. this sacrifice is flying around in a luxury jet, it's an insult to the men and women who have ever put on a uniform and every gold star family, that's what donald trump said loud and clear to america. >> i wish we had more time, thank you both for coming on. still to come, much ahead, trump and putin, a question, do they or don't they have a relationship, if so, what exactly is it? we will dive into the business ties trump may or may not have to russia and putin straight ahead. i thought i married an italian. my lineage was the vecchios and zuccolisrough ancestry,
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. right now many are asking, what exactly is donald trump's relationship with russia and its president vladimir putin, trump insists they do not have a relationship. he said as much during an interview this morning with
2:27 pm
george stephanopoulus. >> what exactly is your relationship with vladimir putin. >> i have no relationship with vladimir putin. >> why did you say in 2013 i do have a relationship, in 2014 -- >> because he has said nice things about me over the years, i remember years ago he said something, many years ago, he said something very nice about me. i said something very good about him when larry king was on, this was a long time ago. >> you said for three years, in '13, '14, and '15 that you did have a relationship. >> he treats me with respect, but i don't have a relationship. >> you would know if you did. >> yes, i would know. >> specifically the comments about russia trying to find clinton's e-mails, he said he was being sarcastic, but here's what clinton said this morning
2:28 pm
on fox news. >> i think if you take his encouragement that the russians hack into american e-mail accounts, if you take his quite excessive praise for putin, his absolute allegiance to a lot of russian wish list foreign policy positions, his effort then to try to distance himself from that backlash, which rightly came not just the democrats, but republicans, independents, national security and intelligence experts, leads us once again to conclude, he is not temper mentally fit to be commander in chief. >> the washington correspondent for the new yorker wrote extensively about it this week and jose pagliara who has been
2:29 pm
tweeting about it this week. >> that's mostly right, his business ties are really flimsy, he's had a lot of ambition, he's wanted to launch in russia, but he hasn't done a great job. all we found was that in 2013, he brought the miss america pageant to -- none of those things have beared in the fruit. on the other hand, his political ties to russia and that's a completely separate discussion. it doesn't seem like he has many investments in russia, if at all, but his political ties are sufficient. >> i think it's important to point out that "the washington post" has some extensive reporting on this and they talk about donald jr. his son in 2008 saying at a real estate conference in new york, russians make up a disproportionate
2:30 pm
cross-section of our assets, we see amount of money pouring in from russia. >> he's got a lot of wealthy russians buying apartments and buildings and renting space from trump and so they are customers. you know, he had a mansion in a mara lago which he bought from a prominent russian. the financial links are that trump has for many, many years wanted to do business in russia, and like a lot of trump aspirations in the business world, they didn't always work out. i think the more important thing and sort of the more obvious thing is how he has tilted the republican party's policy views on russia, firmly in the direction of putin, and that's a dramatic change. >> you wrote in a matter of weeks, trump has made the gop
2:31 pm
pro-putin party. really? >> yeah, i mean if you look at the series of policy changes that the party now, because donald trump is the head of the party has began through, this struck home to me when i was at the republican convention in cleveland, and a very prominent house republican said to me is most undercovered story at this convention is how the trump campaign traininged the republican platform to be more pro-putin. this was written by josh rogan in the "washington post." >> let's explain it for our viewers. the standing republican view has been to -- defend themselves against russia, and that changed. an manafort was on "meet the press" and said that the
2:32 pm
republican party has done nothing to support russia. >> josh rogan, "the washington post" reporter tweeted what manafort said was not true. his reporting is very detailed and he has a name of a republican delegate who is on the platform committee, had an amendment with language, to continue the republicans' view that the next president should support arming the ukrainians and that was scuttled by aides to donald trump. that's a fact, that language is no longer in the rnc platform. so you've got that data point. then you have trump said with george stephanopoulus arguing today that the russians are not in crimea, that's just false. you had trump at the press conference yesterday saying that he would perhaps recognize crimea that was seized by russia in 2014 as a territory of the ukraine, he would look at basically handing that over to the russians. the previous position on the
2:33 pm
russians was that he was willing to go to war over it. and the final change of course is his very odd, i think to a lot of foreign policy folks criticism of nato. i think -- you know, there's plenty to criticize on nato, and that everyone in nature toe shoutoe -- nato that they should be paying their fair share, there's been so many pro russia statements and so many attacks on nato, and that balance has people scratching their head. and hillary clinton is right in that clip you said, he has articulated a wish list of putin's priorities in the region, on crimea, on arming ukraine and on attacking nato. those are just facts. that's what make this is other conversation, oh, my, does trump have some financial ties to russia? there's one way this can all be cleared up is the tax returns. >> i'm glad you pointed that
2:34 pm
out, because this notion that trump has business with russia is kind of a distraction, what you listed are real issues, a real shift in focus for the republican party, potentially huge implications in terms of the united states place in the world, when it comes to zedeali with russia as a superpower, reporters should do a good job here and actually state that these rumors that russia hacked the dnc on behalf of trump or to help the trump campaign, it's worth pointing out that so far this conversation's been built up by a lot of media, but there isn't any meat there. >> the national intelligence hasn't come out and said we're not there yet. >> so far we just don't have any answers. >> i was surprised that -- >> go ahead. >> i was surprised that hillary clinton actually -- i was a little surprised that clinton today stated as fact that that was the finding of the intelligence community that this was a russian hack. >> that's a very dangerous game to play.
2:35 pm
the -- i've been at this conference here in aspen the last few days, where brennan has been and other intelligence folks and everybody's been talking about that out here. the consensus is it's really not a big deal, frankly, if russia hacked into the dnc, that's just what the russians do, we hack into their stuff all the time. the thing that crosses the line is leaking it and trying to influence our election, that e' quantitatively different. >> that was used to push forward one party or the other. >> i have to jump in one one final thing, the significance is it fair to put a -- the fact that he was paid to -- while he was running ukraine, is that fair criticism in terms of trying to connect dots here, or is that unjustified?
2:36 pm
>> look, trump doesn't have well established political views on a lot of issues, so the people around him and the people who are giving him policy advice, that is extremely important and the fact that manafort spent a decade advising pro russian candidates in the krukraine and think that's something that we need to look at and understand. is he such porting russia's policy, a guy on trump's campaign worked for a pro russia candidate. if we didn't have these policy changes, i wouldn't think it would be as interesting, but we have a major, major 180 in the republican party with respect to trump's viewings on russia. >> as manafort pointed out, that was my past job, this is my job now. >> that's a good point, but actually to push forward ryan's point here, i have read some books about himself and the way
2:37 pm
he does business. he surrounds himself with people who are really knowledgeable on each position. if he's surrounding himself with a lot of people who are pro putin, pro russian, that will make a difference in his policies. >> we have a lot still ahead, straight ahead, just moments ago, hillary clinton weighed in the on the back and forth between donald trump and the father of a fallen u.s. soldier. you'll hear what clinton had to say today in response next. lean! it added this other level of clean to it. it just kinda like...wiped everything clean. 6x cleaning my teeth are glowing. they are so white. 6x whitening i actually really like the 2 steps. step 1, cleans step 2, whitens. every time i use this together, it felt like... ...leaving the dentist office. crest hd. 6x cleaning, 6x whitening i would switch to crest hd over what i was using before. has been a struggle.
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2:41 pm
son, a muslim american soldier who was killed in iraq. what is clinton saying now? >> reporter: there's actually been an evolution in the last dey in response to this. what we saw yesterday was a reticence on hillary clinton's part to enter into the political fray on this. yesterday she had a comment about this controversy between donald trump and khazr khan on her prompter, she skipped it. in her last debate, 11:00 p.m., she mentioned it but it was just a passing reference. fast forward to this morning, she went to church, and she spoke much more in depth about it. here's what she said. >> when his father spoke at the convention and pulled out a copy of the constitution, it was so fitting that happened in philadelphia where our country
2:42 pm
started 240 years ago. they enshrined in our constitution the principle of religious liberty. >> now clinton, poppy, was asked by reporters today, is this going to affect donald trump? and she said, basically that she didn't know. that he said a lot of things and she said i don't know where the bottom is. >> brianna keeler on the trail with the clintons, thank you very much. this continues to evolve, that's for sure. coming up next, donald trump's public dispute with the gold star family continuing to get reaction from the right and the left. up next, a former democratic governor and a clinton supporter faces off with a donald trump supporter about the immigration proposal, that's straight ahead, you're live in the cnn newsroom.
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all right, welcome back. let's delve deeper into this controversy between donald trump and the father of a muslim-american war hero. jennifer granholm, former governor of michigan. governor granholm, let's get to the votes, i know you very much
2:47 pm
oppose what donald trump has said, and the feud back and forth, but does it move the needle in terms of votes, especially in the critical rust belt where kaine and clinton are now. or if this is a case of if you didn't like donald trump before, you like him even less now? >> it's hard to know, as you know, poppy, as you guys have discussed earlier, it's hard to know what actually moves people, given that it seems like the base of support for donald trump has been pretty stuck right where it is. this we do know is that the morning consult poll from this morning shows that hillary clinton, after the dnc had bumped up about four points, obviously, who knows whether that's attributable to mr. khan, but i am certain that it was a pivotal point in the convention. >> we don't have any official cnn polling yet on those numbers. >> you don't have cnn polling, and who knows, right?
2:48 pm
we don't know how it will shake out. it's just a bit of evidence that in fact she seems to be getting a bit of a bump from the convention, but we'll see with further polling coming up. in that poll this morning, it showed that she jumped up 1 point above trump with white men, which is really very interesting because she's obviously been in these two states, in ohio and pennsylvania to speak to the men who have been affected by trade, what have seen their jobs lost. and the fact that she went right to them is critical. and the fact that she has been talking specifically about job creation and citing the moody's report the last couple of days that donald trump's plan would cost 3.5 million jobs and hers would create 10 million. it's not her saying it's moody's commits who are saying this. >> this is moody's analytic, at
2:49 pm
the same time, the man who runs it mark zandy, he gave the maximum amount to the clinton campaign. just a note there. >> he was also an adviser to mccain, though, too. >> i want you to listen to this as well. this is what donald trump said to george stephanopoulus this morning speaking specifically about khazr khan's wife and why she stood silently on stage. >> his wife stood by his side but she had nothing to say. i don't know why, you tell me, but plenty have written that. >> he was talking about the wife of khazr khan, and he was referring to the fact that muslim women are told they are to be quiet. >> i'm not in the head of mr. trump. >> you're a surrogate for the campaign.
2:50 pm
>> he was making an observation, if you look at the speech at the dnc, mr. khan was on the attack, full bore against mr. trump, pulling out the pocket constitution, again, unfortunately, we again as i said earlier, we are all in awe of the sacrifice that captain khan and his parents have made, but that should not be politicized and should not be used as a prop at the dnc. what governor granholm said, there's no polling that could possibly reflect the trip that khan. >> the actual polling that we have is trump 44, clinton 39, a five-point spread from about a week ago. >> the point is this. if you look across the country, if you look at the coal country, those folks are overwhelmingly for donald trump because of jobs.
2:51 pm
nasa cost 700 jobs alone. >> i asked you to respond to that sound, boris. i asked you what your candidate meant and what the point is of saying that. >> as i said, he's responding and making an observation of what happened at the dnc. he's a free american and he's got the full right to make an observation about what mr. khan was saying or was not saying during the dnc. it was not donald trump who any way caused the khan family to be broken apart for their loss. it was islamic, jihadist, isis. we need to be talking about how to keep this country safe. donald trump is the only one who will do that. hillary clinton will do what's on her watch. >> there is nothing he can say to justify it. i just have to say that. there is nothing he can say to justify what he said. >> thank you. you're both back next hour, so stay with me. we're going to take a quick break. we'll be right back. ♪
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he is now calling on trump's family to intervene.
2:56 pm
listen. >> this person is totally incapable of empathy. i want his family to counsel him, teach him some empathy. he will be a better person if he could become, but he is a black soul. and this is totally unfit for the leadership of this beautiful country, the love and affection that we have received that firms our beliefs. our experience in this country had been correct and positive. the world is receiving us like we have never seen. >> we will have that full interview with the father from state of the union today coming up next at the top of the hour. quick break. stay with us for that. this is shaving.
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6:00 p.m. eastern. i'm poppy harlow in new york. so glad you're with us. 100 dies. it is exactly 100 days until you head for the polls and americans will cast their votes for the next president of the united states. right now the conversation is about a feud between donald trump and the father of a slain war hero. mzhir


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