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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  August 1, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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hello, everyone. i'm christine romans in for ashleigh banfield, and welcome to the "legal view." this is a numb eber for you, 99 days before americans elect a new president, and the race is emp broiled in another controversy like nobody could remember or predicted. four days after gold star parents khizr and ghazala khan took the stage, they said that donald trump had not sacrificed
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nothing, and now the khans have had enough after trump reacted back. and he said, mr. khan who does not know me viciously attacked me from the stage of the dnc and now all over tv doing the same. nice. and you may recall that mrs. khan did not say a word in ph philadelphia, and trump found that unsettlingling, too. >> his wife, if you are looking at his wife, she was standing there, and she had nothing to say and maybe she was not allowed sty anything to say, and you tell me, but plenty of people have written that, and she was extremely quiet, and it looked like she had nothing to say, and lot of people have said that. >> in the "new day" interview the khans reflected on the unlikely turn on the spotlight and the love stand respect they feel from their adopted nation, and one of the last times they spoke with u.s. navy captain
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humayun khan before his death in 1997. take a listen. >> i have the same rights as he does, and he had been abusing, disrespecting women, judges, all decent americans, and he had been so abusive of them. i exercise exactly same rights that again proves his ignorance, and he wants to have one set of rights for himself, and he wants to have another set of rights for others. no. somebody should tell him that there is equal dignity, equal protection of law in the country, and that why that constitution came to play, and i keep that in my pocket, becau i cherish this document, and wish that somebody would read it to him, and certain fundamentally values that are enshrined in this document.
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this candidate's unpatriotic maligning of the leadership, and it continues. look at how he spoke about mitt romney, and how he spoke to senator mccain, and this is consistent, and this is a proof of his ignorance and arrogance, and i again and again ask his advisers to get in a room, and close the door and set him right if you need or if he wants to be the candidate of this wonderful republican party, and the republican and the democratic party, and both are as patriotic as we are entering. donald trump needs to sit with his advisers, and portray to this world that he is empathetic, and you solve the problems with empathy, and putting people together, and there are bad people among us,
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but there are good people as well. so you gather the good people to get rid of the bad people, but you do not malign the whole religion, the whole culture. we are private citizens. we are private people. we want to be out of this controversy. my good wife ghazala had been insisting that i not to respond. i let, i take a more dignified path than responding to und undignified attacks and comments, and therefore, we jointly decide that there is no need to escalate this. we have made the point. >> i have all of the rights as a wife, as a mother, as a daughter, and i have done very, very well thing with my mind
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out, but that time was different. and anybody can see that how different that time was when i was standing there in front of america. without saying a word i had lots of love. i touched lots of heart. so i am thankful for everything that america has given me, and everything that i had got from america and the more stuff and the love and the respect. on mother's day may 2004, when he called, and he talked to me as a mother, and i said, please, please, humayun, don't be hero. just finish your time and 3/4 of the year is left, and you will be home soon, and please just stay back. he laughed and he said, mom, you know that these soldiers are my responsibility. i don't want anything to happy
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to them, because i am responsible. i have to do my job. i am responsible for my soldiers, and he came, but he came back as -- >> in one of of the weekend tweets trump agreed that captain khan is a hero, but he said this is story is not about captain khan or his family, but rather, radical islamic terrorism, and the u.s. if you are fol e loeg t-- if yo following the campaign, you know that he has disparaged other military here rose including john mccain. and trump said regarding him as a p.o.w., i like people who were not captured and this morning senator mccain released on the controversy over to the captain khan, and it is long. he said that the party i love is the party of dwight eisenhower,
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and ronald reagareagan. i wear a bracelet of a man whose ther gave mo in wolf borrow, new hampshire. his memory and the memory of the our great leaders deserve better from me. in recent days, donald trump disparage disparaged a fallen soldier's parents. he has suggested that there is some unval -- to say knnothing entering its service. in the american system, the military has value only inasmuch as it protects and defend s ts lib tier tis of the people, and my father was a career naval
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officer as was his and every generation, mccains have serve and my sons serve today and i am proud of them, and americans serve in the same war that claimed the life of captain khan, and i want to do the right thing by them and their comrades and humayun khan did it and he did it for the right reasons. he was not driven to service because he was compelled to by any material need he was inspired as a young man by his reading of thomas jfrson and he wanted to give back to the country who had taken him and his can country and the immigrants when he was only 2 years old. captain khan's death in iraq on june 8th, 2004 was a shining example of the valor and bravery inculcated into our military. when a suicide bomber accelerated towards his facility with hundreds of soldiers, he
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ordered his subordinates away from the danger and he ran tran to it. and through his selfless action and sacrifice, he saved the lives of hundreds of his brothers and sisters. sdr scriptures say that no man have greater love than this, lay down his life for his fellow man. he showed that he was fulfill and motivated by this love. his name is going to live forever in american memory as a example of true american gratefulness. i am bound to speak to my allegiance and the life's work the republican party and more importantly the united states of america. i will not refrain by doing the utmost by those lights because it may benefit others with whom i disagree. i have no moral superior tisch
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and i have a long record to answer in the final judgment, and i will propose mercy in the moernd age. i challenge the mom knee to set the example for what our country can and should represent. arizona is watching, and it is time for donald trump to set the example for the country in the future of the republican party, and while our party has destowed upon him the nomination, it is not in accompanied by unfettered license to defame those who are the best among us. lastly, i'd like to say to mr. and mrs. khan, thank you for immigrating to america wheree are at ber country because of you, and you are right, your son wa the best of america, and the memory of him will make us a better nation, and he will never be forgotten. up next, and don't forget the democrats. hillary clinton and her running mate going separate ways with a single message and they are counting on a little help from warren buffett. we are hot on the trail just
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he is going to be speaking at a rally this afternoon, and hillary clinton is head ed to nebraska to talk about the economy at a school in the heart of omaha's african-american community, and ccnn correspondet joe johns is joining me, and what is her message going to be? >> well, christine, she is expected to appear with warren buffett who has en dorps ed her and talk about handling the economyb and makes the case that he and other business leaderers like mark cuban and michael bloomberg and others support her, and she is expected to contrast the economic plans with donald trump's plan, and in citing a new plan by economist mark s mark zandi suggesting that she is one to create more jobs if she is elected. >> and 10 million jobs is the mark zandi's analysis. and now, talk about tim kaine and he spoke in richmond
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earlier, and what was senator cain -- senator kaine's message? >> well, there is no much bess over khizr khan, and the father who was at the democratic national convention, and this is what he said. >> there is no way to speak disrespectfully about a military and gold star mom and dad or people with disabilities or offensive things about women or trashing poorer latinos or immigrants in general, and we are either going to be building a community that is a more perfect union and a community of respect, and we are going to decide to do what has been done throughout american history, but never to our advantage. >> and virginia is a very important state for both of the candidates and the democrats and the republicans, and donald trump also headed there this week as well, christine. >> and joe johns, fascinating
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this surprising political news that you will see first on cnn, a long time republican and a top adviser to jeb bush says that she is leaving the
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republican party. sally bradshaw says if the e k election is close, she'll vote for hillary clinton, lifelong republican respected in party circles, and cnn special correspondent jamie is here, and she is using strong words to describe donald trump. >> she is a lifelong republican, and she keeps a very low prof e profile. we found out about this, because party affiliation is a matter of public record in florida, and then we confirmed with her that she is no longer a republican. it is stunning. and she does not mince words about it. this is because of donald trump. and i'm going to quote some of what she said to me, because it's so strong she said that the gop is at a crossroads and have nominated a total narcissist,
9:23 am
miss my soj nis and bigot. and even though she has difficulties with hillary clinton, she said if it is close, she will vote for her. >> and someone who has spent her almost entire life working for the republican party, and someone who believes in the principles of the republican party, and she believes that donald trump does not representative those? >> she said that she could not look her children in the eye and vote for him. and she did not do it lightly, and she has been thinking about it for many months, and she also said that what happened with the khan family the parents of the muslim american soldier who was killed in iraq in 2004 just reinforced this decision. >> is that why now? why now? what is the moment that led her to this?
9:24 am
>> well, it is a build up, and it was not just this situation, but she is appalled and she called his remarks despicable. it was just all of his remarks that we have seen e over the past year, and she said that she could not, she couldn't look her kids in the eye and say she was a republican. >> and for those watching who may not know who sally bradshaw who may not know who she is and people in the political circles do they know who she is? >> she is one of the most well respect and influential people in the gop, and she was the senior adviser with jeb bush and been with him for decades and his chief of staff as governor, and this is going to resonate in the republican party. and of course, now you will ask me about -- >> but will it resonate in the bush family, because the bush
9:25 am
family awol from the convention, and do you think that she could be signaling or foreshadowing of a bush family? >> a lot of people are going to be asking that question. jeb has come out recently, and said that he is not vote ing in trump, and he is not voting for hillary, but he has not decided what he is going to be doing. former presidents 41 and 43 said they are sitting this one out. but there is no question that sally bradshaw is an important part of bush world, and a lot of the republicans have been looking, waiting, writing thele co columns asking what will they do, and so now we should stay tuned. >> stay tuned jamie ganglin, and if anybody wants to see the full q and a going to cnn >> thank you. and the latest comments about her e-mails is casting a new shadow of trustfulness.
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nice to see you. i'm christine romans in for ashleigh today, and lot of politics today. joining me is cnn political director david chalian and also host of "reliable sources "brian stelt ser and also the washington correspondent for the "new yorker" david lizza. i want to start with you, david, that with the news that jamie just told us that sally bradshaw has left the republican party, and she says if, david, if the republican race in florida is close, she might have to vote for hillary clinton.
9:31 am
david? >> yes, it is a astonishinging in its own right, because of a dedicated long-time dedicated member of the bush circle sally has been and the party,ed a it is nothing short of having someone so entrench ed ed in th republican politics to have this belief that the only way that she can continue to move through the rest of the election season is to leave the party, and yet, it is not terribly surprised ing in the sense that she does not stand alone. we saw mary matalin do this, and the former bush cheney adviser, and we saw how jeb bush who sally bradshaw was advising throughout the campaign, and how he believed that donald trump was destroying the republican party, and how he is going to be bowing out in the race, and it is going to get to the heart of how hard it is for donald trump to stitch every corner of the republican party together to move forward with full united
9:32 am
p party support into the fall election. >> and a number of the life-long republicans they do not like obama's policies and they do not like the democratic policy, but they would rather drink a pine of vinegar than bleach with donald trump. >> and yes, sally is a lifelong advi adviser and friend of the bush family, and we know that the bush family is appalled by the trump campaign, and many are sitting out the race and would not go to the republican convince, and not shock iing th she would join that, but ideological sally bradshaw was one of the co-chairs of the rnc autopsy report published in 2013 that looked at the results of
9:33 am
the 2012 election, and tried to spell out a way forward for the republican party, and that was way forward was outreach to hispanic hispanicsb and non-white voter and down playing of the social issues and entire list of ideological direction that donald trump looked at and basical basically tore up, and went a different are direction, and wob the republican nomination, and that is back story of to civil war, and frankly her wing of the party lost in the primaries. >> and coming in a part where there is a controversy with the khan family, and four days in, and the backlash he is facing over the criticism of khizr khan and his wife, and does this hurt trump's campaign, and does he weather this like he does insulting john mccain's p.o.w. status or judge curiel's
9:34 am
history? >> well, i remember vividly one sunday morning who i had a number of guests who predicted the end of the trump campaign, and thinking about that, this is feeling different and the wall-to-wall coverage on line, and the trump surrogates and the spokepeople don't seem to know what to say. i sense almost a desperation in the voices of some of the xhen ta or thes who are usually expert at supporting and defending donald trump, and when they don't know what to say, and they wragt olike the rest of us for the 3:30 after noon event, it tells us that are there is a real sense of uncertainty about how this is going to be playing out. >> well, they want to talk about hillary clinton and the trustworthiness than this, and hillary clinton claiming that the fbi director said that her e-mail answers were truthful and this is what fbi director james comey said, and what was said to
9:35 am
trey gowdy and then what was said yesterday. >> secretary clinton said there was nothing marked classified on the e-mails sent or received is that true or not? >> that is true. >> and she said there is no classi classified e-mails sent or received is that true or not? >> that is true. >> and what was said is con s consistent with what i have told the american people, and that there were decisions discussed and made to classify retroactively certain of the e-mails. >> so david, the washington post gave her four pinocchios for the answer. and this is not going to go away, and is there any way for her to get past this?
9:36 am
>> no. the favorability is upside down, and this whole story goes directly to those points. you know, clearly hillary clinton was answering in the most cherry picking way, and i think that is what gets exposed. anybody who watched james comey's per fformances both at e press conference and before congress that walked away thi thinking that jim comey was giving some sort of a seal of approval to hillary clinton, i just only hillary clinton h would walk away with that impression. >> and she is going to be talk about the billionaires behind her, bloomberg and mark cuban and warren buffett, and in nebraska, and ryan lizza, she has a fine line to walk with the economy and business, she does, because she has the strengths of the obama economy you can embrace, and 178% increase in the stock, and almost 10 million net new jobs and the unemployment cut in half, and the home prices back to where
9:37 am
they were before, but then the weaknesses she has to acknowledge and tell the working class voters, incomes are flat, and 70% of kids graduating from college have dit. and gdp is 2% in the recovery, and only 1.2% in the recent quarter, and it is a trick kishgs tritricky, tricky, tricky message. >> and any candidate who has tried to run for the third term has faced this problem of wanting to point out what your party did right over the last eight years, and not being too celebratory of where the people are suffering and how you are going to be fixing that. so she does not want to condemn obama, and the recovery and she wants to celebrate the bright spots, and on the other hand, meeting wages have not budge and the debt has doubled and there are a lot of sore spots, and it
9:38 am
is the sort of the goldilocks strategy, and appreciating what obama did right, but at the same time, she knows that americans are still struggling, and this is how we will do better, and this is always the challenge for someone trying to get a third term. al gore faced it and george h.w. fa faced it. >> yes, in the primary season we kept asking people in the exit polls s the economy bad and they say bad, and how do you personally feel, and they say okay, and so there is a perception problem. and we will see how it plays out. thank you, gentlemen. up next, the million dollar medical breakthrough her calling the next steve jobs, but ut fell out. and she is fighting hard to come back, and she is sitting down with dr. sanjay gupta to tell her fascinating story. that is straight ahead. sfwlifrnlgts you tell your insurance company they made a mistake.
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it was a billion dollar idea and then some. develop a blood test that ree quires a drop and offers near instant results. such was the promise of
9:43 am
therano theranos, and then quickly gathered comparisons to steve jobs, but now, while that promise may happen one day, right now it is in shambles. and dr. sanjay gupta sat down with the founder and ceo of theranos and opened up her lab. >> reporter: for the first time, she is opening up the secret labs of theranos. >> you are only one to have seen this. >> reporter: the then 19-year-old elizabeth holmes dropped out of stanford and found theranos, and by using a few drops of blood by what normally took numerous tubes, and testing blood is a simple process, but there are numerous steps that can impact the results. for example, the tourniquet and how long is that supposed to be on? and was that iodine or alcohol to clean my arm? and why so many tubes? the anti-clotting is not st
9:44 am
standardized nor the reagents being used. it is a $75 billion industry with thousands of players controlling the process, and theranos wanted all of it, and what resulted is this black wox, the mini lab, and the company says it can run 40 tests on a tiny sample of blood. >> we have designed it to allow for the same operations that a technologist could do in a laboratory. >> reporter: holmes believes that finger stick instead of a needle will make people more likely to get their blood tested. >> i will do it myself. but that is still a needle in there. >> a lanset. a needle is a hole, but a lancet is a poke. >> my cholesterol was 170 and the doctor a week before found
9:45 am
it to be 169. so she wants this testing all over the world. >> there is no reason that it cannot be distributed in centralized locations. >> in people's homes? have a clinical laboratory in their own homes? >> yes, i believe it can happen. >> reporter: well, the diagnosis has to be precise s and that is where it starts to crumble. >> several tests were not accurate. >> reporter: one study found that the results from theranos from phoenix arizona, had discrepan discrepancies, and the assessments of the medicare and medicaid services from the newer california lab which questioned their ability to the run a clinical laboratory, and cite aglow ball and long-term failure of the control program, and demanding they get the act together. and investigator broke the story
9:46 am
a year ago. >> theranos could not do it to the agency satisfaction, and now they have decided to shut that lab down, and it is going to ban elizabeth holmes from the blood tegs industry for two years. >> reporter: holmes has until september 5th for the reveal, but in the first interview since the decision, she insists that the technology was never to faulk for the erroneous results, but she blames the faulty procedure. >> we didn't have the right leadership or the implementation of the quality system in terms of the procedures and the associated documentation to ensure that which were realizing the quality standards that we hold ourselves to. >> reporter: of course, in the middle of all of tho is patients whose health depended on theranos for accurate results. >> there is a man who goes by the initials r.c. in has arizona who is suggesting that the lab
9:47 am
results that he got from theranos were not accurate and led to him having a heart attack. based on what you know, it is possible that what he is saying is true? could he have gotten a lab result that is so eschew that he didn't act on it, and so it cause ed caused a heartt attack. >> i am not the medical director -- >> i know, but you are the ceo, and this is as high as it gets? >> well, i have put people in place to investigate every aspect of this, and make sure that we meet the quality standards that we hold ourselves to, and i know that they are doing it. >> and the biggest problem was live with blood tests that did not work or worked part of the time. >> and theranos is under the microscope of the security and exchange commission about whether it misled the investors about the technology, but now, holmes and theranos are hell bent to bring back the public's
9:48 am
trust and proving that the product they have is the real deal. >> it is the most important question that people watching are asking, does it work? >> yes. >> you are confident in that? >> yes. >> dr. sanjay gupta, palo alto, california. and now up until now, the all of the data has been collected by theranos, and it says it is working on the third-party verification of the results. and parts of maryland are recovering after epic flooding and two people were killed after roads turned into raging rivers, and drivers were rescued including this woman, and three men formed a human chain to pull her to safety. she is coming out of the window of the car, and unbelievable. six inches of rain fell in the baltimore suburbs in two hours. let's go to tom ceda for the forecast, and the pictures of her crawling over the human chain while the water is rushing
9:49 am
over the top of the water is frighten iing. >> yes, christine, it is one of those things that you categorize as a freak of nature, but a num b number of elements played a role. if you are looking at ta amount of rain that has fallen, blue two inch, and four inches in yellow, but ellekette city is one that you could soo where it is a 1 in 1,000-year event. it is not saying that it could happen in 1,000 year, but the amount is 0.7% of a given day, and then at one point it was about 1.5 inch, and then in an hour 3.16 inch, and then 6 inches after a two-hour time period, but the city itself plays a role.
9:50 am
ellicott city is a old historic town, and it played a part. they are historic, and the roads and the streets are narrow, and very steep. there are incredible inclines in this beautiful city, and so that the rush of water was intense is. we will get pictures of this out of china sometimes in the monsoon season. baltimore not in the watch, and parts of pennsylvania and northern jersey, and into new york, and not new york city, and thunderstorms are making the presence known to the later north and good news, no more rain in baltimore. >> thank you, tom. nice to see you. and now up next, the ugly side of the beauty pageant, and once she was crowned, tweets of the n-word came to light on her social media. means a lot to me. the green car because i like fuel efficiency.
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okay. i want to bring you some pictures here of president barack obama landing at hartsfield-jackson airport in atlanta, and he is speakinging to the convention for disabled veterans in the next hour, and the white house has weighed in on the presidential candidate donald trump's comments about the khan family's son who was killed in iraq, and a spokesman says that the gold star families deserve honor and gratitude for the loved ones' services, and they did not say whether he would touch on the remarks later in the remarks in atlanta. there you go. >> and now the newly crowned miss teen usa has a string of tweets laced with racial slurs. this is carly hay all smiles after winning saturday. >> ladies and gentlemen, miss teen usa 2016 is texas.
9:56 am
>> oh, but then, social media, and quick to point out she had used the n-word, and the 18-year-old posted an explanation online, and chalk it up to personal struggles years ago and said she is a better person now, and she will keep the crown despite the controversy, and the pageant said they stand with her despite the controversy. and you tweeted about it, and now you are getting some love. if you win in the padgett, you said, clean up the page. if you are under 21 you should not be drinking, and if you are white, the n-word ain't your word. tell us about it. >> it is not anyone's word, and it does not belong to anybody, and everyone knows the historical significance of the word, and it is painful and makes a lot of of people uncomfortable, but when girls
9:57 am
win the pageants because we tell them not to have any red cup photos, because nothing good can come from that and clean up any racial slurs. >> and these are the words to live by. you were the miss teen 2010. >> yes. >> and social media has really exploded and changed since then, and i almost feel like these contestants are of a generation when they grow up sharing too much, and doing too much online. what does a contestant need to do to prepare? >> well, you want to make shure that the page that you are putting out there is clean, and you are trying to be miss teen oous and it -- miss teen usa, and you are not an elected official, but you are an elective official of the country, and you have to make shure that what you put out is inclusive. >> and speaking of inclusive and you are looking at the five finalists here, and there is a
9:58 am
lot, of the split screen of the five finalist, and i don't know if we have it, but remarkable here. >> totally different, right? >> and beautiful and young blond women and all thoechl blue-eyed, too. and is there is an inclusion problem, too? >> well, nobody is going to deny that they are all beauty and they all made the top five i am assuming on their own merit, but you have to look at the beginning from the entire judging panel were white, and the entire top 15 with the exception of one girl were white. so it does not surprise me that the entire top five was white, and does it surprise me that they were all blond and blue-eyed? no, that is not the core issue, and you can't blame these girls for making it to a spot that they have always dreamed of making which is the top five in the usa. >> and should the organization have done a better job vetting this, because right away, if crowned on saturday and people are talk about it online, whoa. should they have found this? >> well, it is not really the organization that looks deep
9:59 am
into these thing, but it starts in the state level. >> should they stand by her? >> well, here is the thing, i feel as though that if you are crown crowned miss teen usa, they look for somebody who is socially aware and it is on the website, and girls going for the title is soci socially aware and conscious, and this not showing a level of social consciousness at all, and it is not going to be able to allow her to do her job properly as miss teen usa and that why we have first runners up, because if she cannot fulfill her duty, then the first runner-up could be doing that. >> and so you think that is an xaexample? >> yes, she would gladly do it. and miss teen usa, you are not just going to the red carpet events, but inner cities, and brown faces, and it is little kids who have a lot of questions, and could by the next president? the next miss teen usa, and with this language used by our miss teen usa, i don't know how she
10:00 am
can actively go out to do her job, and it is going to be difficult for her this year. >> the pageant said that the language is unacceptable, and they are looking for her to grow promoting education, and we will see if there is a nice end to the story. thank you. >> and i wish her the best. >> thank you. and thank you for watching "legal view" and wolf starts right now. hello. i'm wolf blitzer and it is 1:00 p.m. in washington, and the:00 p.m. in rio de janeiro and 3:00 p.m. in aleppo city, and wherever you are, thank you for watching us. there are 99 days until election day here in the united states, and we are watching two live events to start soon. president obama in atlanta to speak to the national convention of disabled veterans, and headlining a hillary clinton fund-raiser. meanwhile, donald trump


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