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tv   Wolf  CNN  August 1, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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teen usa, i don't know how she can actively go out to do her job, and it is going to be difficult for her this year. >> the pageant said that the language is unacceptable, and they are looking for her to grow promoting education, and we will see if there is a nice end to the story. thank you. >> and i wish her the best. >> thank you. and thank you for watching "legal view" and wolf starts right now. hello. i'm wolf blitzer and it is 1:00 p.m. in washington, and the:00 p.m. in rio de janeiro and 3:00 p.m. in aleppo city, and wherever you are, thank you for watching us. there are 99 days until election day here in the united states, and we are watching two live events to start soon. president obama in atlanta to speak to the national convention of disabled veterans, and
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headlining a hillary clinton fund-raiser. meanwhile, donald trump is set to take part in the town hall in columbus, ohio, and covering the same territory hit by the hillary clinton bus tour over to the weekend. she is looking to keep the momentum going after last week's democratic convention, and the trump campaign is in damage control including criticism over the blistering attacks over a fallen soldier, and muslim parents who spoke at the democratic convention, and they spoke about it again today on "cnn's new day. " "" >> there is no way to comment the way he commented. that initiated this conversation. i again say that we want to maintain our dignity. we want to maintain my family's dignity and my son's dignity and sacrifice, and he should listen to america, and the world and what they are telling about the
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remarks, and about the lack of empathy. you solve the problems with empathy. putting people together. there are bad people among us, but there are good people among us as well, and you gather good people to get rid of the bad people, but you do not malign the whole religion, the whole culture. we are the solution to the dealing with the terrorism in the united states and join hands with good muslims. >> and the trump camp is going to clean up comments about the candidate of the russians and the debate schedule, and i should mention by the way that later to dday in "the situation room," we will get our first cnn look at the post democratic convention polls, and to the controversy of what the parents made over captain khan, and what
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they said about the fallen soldier on the democratic convention, and on television over the weekend, and we heard from the white house, and eric schultz aboard air force one saying that the enemies who make the ultimate sack rifice for th country's freedom and safety deserve nothing but the gratitude and the deepest respect, and this is from the commander of the foreign wars' organization and this is quoting, election year or not the vfw will not support or t l tolerate anyone derating a gold star family member for exercising his or her right of speech and expression. and this is another comment, i can not emphasize how deeply i
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disagree with donald trump's statement, and i want americans to know that the views are not reflecting the republican party, the officers or the candidates. and other reaction is house leader paul ryan, and mitch mcconnell with issued statements praising the khan family for the sacrifices, and then this tweet from jeb bush, this is so incredibly disrespectful for a family who sacrificed for our country. and is there any sense that donald trump is going to be backing down or apologizing for this? >> well, all eyes are going to be on columbus, ohio, where donald trump is going to be holding the town hall, and up to this point, there is no indication of this, and that is going to be through the lenses of how he has run the campaign, and never apologizing and always running forward and we have seen it in the response in interviews and twitter, when he feels attacks and he has said
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throughout the campaign, counter punch, and that is what he and the team say they have been doing, and the advisers believe it is a distraction, and the broader discussion should be terrorist, but it is donald trump who continues to make this the issue, and he getting at lot of pushback and you know that there are people pushing back, but privately, leaders reaching out to the campaign and saying, knock it off, this is not a fight worth having, and we see interesting going forward and one notable thing, you see the vfw putting out that statement, and one week ago, he spoke to the national convention and very well receive and more or less being attacked by him for his comment comments on this issue, and this is something that is not going to be going away soon, and that is testing the campaign that is taking the controversies and gone on offense with them, and then escaped without any long term damage, wolf. >> thank you, phil mattingly. >> this is a proof of the ignorance and the arrogance and
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i again and again ask his advisers to get him in a room, and close the door, and set him right. >> that is from mr. khan, and retired lieutenant michael flynn is one tof the advisers working for donald trump, and he is the former head of the defense intelligence agencies and served in afghanistan and author of the brand-new best-selling book "the field of fight, how to win the global war against radical islam and the allies." general, thank you for joining me. >> thank you. >> and have you spoken to mr. trump about the reaction of what the kahan family have said? >> i have not. i have not. and the sacrifice that the khan family has given to the country by the loss of their son is something that you cannot fathom, and you can't really address without being like mr. khan says empathetic to their loss. i do believe what we have though is a significant problem with radical islamism, and we have to
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address this problem, and i think that what ever donald trump says this afternoon, and the bigger issue, and we are seeing it in the attacks today in libya to try to set thal situation down, and what we are seeing around europe, and the rise that is the doubling, wolf, of islamic groups around the world is something that we have to pay greater attention to. >> and you have written a whole book about it, and best seller, but if you had a chance to speak to mr. trump today, what would you say to him, and what should he do as far as the family is concerned, because our hearts clearly go out to the family, and you know what it is like. >> yes. >> and you know what it is like to speak to families who have lost a son or daughter in combat, what did he say? >> yes. donald trump has to be honest about the feelings of this f family, and about what has happened to them, and they have given the last true measure of devotion to the loss of the son, and so i want state what he has
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to say, but what i will personally believe is that we have to obviously show empathy to this. >> and should he call to this family, and speak to them, and apologize to them. >> i don't know. i believe he will do what he decides to do, but we must recognize that we are facing an incredible challenge around the world with this problem that we have. and i mean, it was not donald trump that got us -- >> well, mr. khan volunteered for service. >> and it is not donald trump who got into the war, and all noise about jeb bush, and the 2003 decision to take us into the iraq war is strategic, and going down in the first half of the century as a strategically bad decision. and so we saw obama get us out, but now the secretary is add morgue troops there, and so we have to come to grips with what
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we are facing. i feel for the khan, and i am saddened for the loss, but we have to recognize the bigger issue, and that is what donald trump, and i believe that is what he is continuing to harp on, and he should continue to talk about it on the road, and the illegal immigration problems and the economic problems that we are dealing with. >> and he is also, mr. khan said, what sacrifices have you made according to donald trump, and he said that he has made sacrifices, but he has not made sack sacrifices like god forbid of losing a son in combat. >> i served in afghanistan not only with my brother at the same time but with my son at the same time. so, i mean, i am not going to question how people define sacrifice or service. each one of us has that, has to feel that in our own heart how we serve the country in some capacity. so i mean, i'm not going to be second-guessing it, but i know that we have a major problem on our hands right now. this administration, and
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frankly, the last administration with some of its mistake, and this administration has made some serious mistakes. >> and senator john mccain -- >> i read the statement. >> and he was a p.o.w. in the u.s. navy and i challenge the army to set an example of what we should represent while the party has bestowed him the nomination, and it is not his right to defame those in the country. >> i read it and i liked his statement. they are the best in the world, but they are also not ready to fight the nation's wars right now, and soy thought that the note was fine, and the issue that is on the table is in the b bigger strategic issue is the
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what we are doing about this rise of radical islamism around the world. i mean, it is killing thousands, and look at what just happened in afghanistan again today, and look at what we are trying to do in libya, and a failed decision and a failed state, and we are dropping bombs, and i mean, we have to think about how the invest in stability, and not conflict. >> and when john mccain was taken prisoner as a lieutenant in the navy and held prisoner for six years. >> unbelievable. >> and he did not want to the leave his men behind, so as you know, but donald trump got con tr controe ver si when he suggested that john mccain was not a hero because he was a p.o.w. and when you heard him speak like that about john mccain and you are a three-star general retired, what is the reaction? >> well, what john mccain went through, and well documented and he went through some ungodly abuse by his captors. so i am not going to address
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that. that is well documented. i mean, again, everybody has to make a judgment call here, and we are in a, we are on a path in the kcountry, wolf, that is at least from my perspective, and many others is going in the are wrong direction, and we have to get this country back on track to where we are not, and we don't turn around in four years or eight years or ten years or by the middle of the century, and we are suddenly a socialist navy. >> and received the silver commendation and was he a war hero? >> well, it has to be defined by each person, and -- >> what do you think. >> i look at it and say that all people who serve in the military are here rose just by the fact they stand up and sign on the dotted line and serve a constitution, and their buddies on the left and the right, so i mean, i define heroism in a lot of ways, and we have clearly medal of war honorees who are x
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extraordinary heroes, but everybody has -- >> and you don't think that john mccain stands out as a hero with the sacrifice and the service that he gave. >> sure. he demonstrated a level of heroism by fighting back against the north veietnamese him, and brutally tortured him. >> so you disagree with donald trump with him on this? >> well a lot of sthoing, and i would tell you that, you know, we are getting wrapped around with is that we are wrap around with issues that i don't think are the important issue of the day that the country should be worried about, and i think that what we will see what donald trump continues to offer, but i personally believe that he has hit, and he has tapped into issues that this country is challenged by, and it goes well beyond what we are talking about right now. >> and the statements of the khan family, and the statements about captain khan, and senator mccain, they have not given you pause to reconsider your support
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for donald trump? >> i think that the statements that have been made, and the precision of it, and the media needs to take a deep breath and say what did he say exactly, and what has it said, and no, it has not cause node say, oh, wait a second. i believe what i believe and i believe that we have huge issues dealing with in the country going forward and i am not going to be standing here to tell you that i discount any of the feelings or the sadness that the khan family has had to endure for more than a decade and 12 years, and you have served with several commanders and chief, and does he have the temperament to be commander in chief. >> no doubt. in terms of decision-making ability, and the strategic direction of the country, and the ability to listen to advisers around him, and when we have these kinds of discussions, and yeah, i don't have any issues with this. i'm more concerned with what
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hillary clinton has done with the base ically the disclosure highly classified sensitive information to the our adversaries and to say that she is more prepared to be the commander in chief, she shouldn't be authorized to have classified information. >> on and what do you feel that is the evidence of her handing over classified information? >> well, on a silver platter. >> and what do you believe has caused that? >> well, with the cyber war with iran and korea, and in particular china and russia, for hillary clinton as secretary of state to walk around with unclassified communications device pult -- multiple and putting it on and a nice
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unclassified server, you might as well give oit it to them on silver platter, and so for the fbi drirector is a they that thy have is high. >> there is no evidence that the server has been hack ed. >> i am not sure that the fbi has looked at it, because we are looking at the disclosed e-mails on the account and the numbers are 30,000, and -- >> those are the e-mails that she -- >> she is government employee, and that should not have been deleted, because that is a united states' government property, and it belong ts to t u.s. government, and why did she do that? >> well, he did not charge her, and he said no evidence of the crime. >> i know. i disagreed with director comey should have offered the facts, and then he should have preferred his judgment to the attorney general and threat attorney general make the decision, because you have seen what she has done, thrown it back and saying, well, the
10:17 am
director of the fbi said that. >> and he was blunt saying that no prosecutor seeing the evidence there would file criminal charges against her. you heard him say that? >> i listened to the whole thing and i was stunned at the level of lying that he said she did and then turn around and said, well, the fbi drirector said no say i lied, but yes, you did. you lied. >> and so, now we will get into, that and retired general michael flynn, and how we can win the war against radical islam, and that is now a top seller on the new york bestseller list. thank you. >> thank you. and also, we will talk more about what the fbi said about the e-mail server, and talk to the press secretary about what we heard from general flynn and more, and ryan fallon is standing by live
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the father of an american muslim soldier killed in iraq has a message for republican leaders. tell donald trump enough is enough. and donald trump attacked the soldier's family for criticizing him in the democratic convention, and on cnn's new day this morning, the father of the captain humayun khan said that the republicans should condemn him. >> every decent republican has said that i apologize if i am a little emotional about this, and every decent republican has rebuked the behavior and yet nobody has stood up and said, enough, stop it, you will not be our candidate. in private, they have done this. we are aware of it that in private they have done this.
10:23 am
>> and let's get some reaction from the clinton campaign, and press secretary brian fallon is joining us from the head quarters in brooklyn, and thank you very much for join g ing us >> good afternoon, wolf. what is the campaign's reaction to donald trump's comments about the khan family? >> well, wolf, i listened to the last segment with the interview with general flynn and i respect obvious obviously the general's service, and he is a clearly loyal surrogate to go out on television on a day like today to donald trump, and he struggled to do defend the comments from donald trump, because there is no defending them. these comments attack iing the khan family are callous, and they are despicable, and i think that they show once again his fundamental lack of fitness to be commander in chief. one of the bare minimum things that we ask of the president, and the commander in chief of anyone who serves in that role is to honor the service of the military, and to comfort the grieving families that they
10:24 am
leave behind when they fall in the line of duty. and donald trump is showing a complete and utter lack of empathy for this family, and in one sense, i guess it is as callous as it is, it is not so surprising considering last week he was maligning the service of a four-star general allen and then he has denigrated the p.o.w. status of a war hero like john mccain, and even general flynn did not want to call john mccain a hero, because he doesn't want to go against the candidate. but it is the lengths that you have to go to support him. and mr. khan has it right no longer enough for speaker ryan and mcconnell to distance themselves, but it is time for them to disavow him as candidate
10:25 am
for president. >> and some of the writers are accusing the democrats for exploiting for political purposes the khan family and the grief. how did the appearance of the democratic convention in philadelphia come about? >> well, wolf, the story of captain khan is one that hillary clinton has invoked for months now in the immediate aftermath of donald trump taking this outrageous position of suggesting that we have a bar on muslims from entering the country, and hillary clinton had heard of this story, and wanted into v to invoke an appearance in minneapolis about how to come together as americans to deal with the threat that we face on the radical jihadi terrorism here on the home front and how to prevent the home grown radicalizatio radicalization, and in the course of the remarks that she made in minnesota, and she wanted to instroke captain khan to reject the position of donald trump, and show that american muslims are just as patriotic,
10:26 am
and just as devoted to everyone else, aed at that time, we reached out to his family several months ago to insure they would not be offended in anyway, and indeed, they indicated they would not be and then we remained in touch with them ever since, and then hillary clinton felt strongly that mr. khan and the khan family should be provided this opportunity last week if they wanted to take it to speak out, and decided to do so and the sentiments were their own, and the days that they have come under attack have been their own general reaction. >> and let me give you a chance to clarify the e-mail reaction, and senator clinton saying that james comey was or was not sending or receiving classified and this is what she said sunday on fox. >> director comey said that my
10:27 am
answers are truthful, an consistent with what i have told the american people that there were decisions discussed and made to classify retroactively certain of the e-mails. >> not only directly contradicted what you said, but he also said in the hearing that you were extremely careless and negligent? >> well, chris, i looked at the whole transcript that was said, and what i believe is number one, i made a mistake, and not using two different e-mail addresses. i have said that, and i repeat it again today. >> so, listen to what director comey said in a hearing a house hearing when he was questioned by congressman trey gowdy in july. listen to this. >> secretary clinton said that there was nothing marked classified on her e-mails sent or received, and was that true? >> that is not true. there were a small number of portion markings on three of the
10:28 am
documents. >> and secretary clinton said that i did not send any classified material to anyone on my e. mile, and is that true? >> three was classified e-mails. >> and secretary clinton said she used one device, was that true? >> she used multiple devices in the four years of her term as secretary of state. >> okay. brian, how do you explain the discrepancy? >> yes, wolf. what the director did say at the hear hearing is that he had no basis of not being truthful in the hour-long interview prior to the conclusion of the investigation. what we can say here today is what she said in the interview is completely consistent with what she has said in all of the public settings where she has been asked about it, and even though you did play the exchanges between congressman goudy and director comey, later
10:29 am
in the same hearing with different congressmen, including congressman cartwright he brought clarity to the contradiction, and with regard to the further hearings, it was apparent to what has been fully explain explained in the coming months and to take one example in that particular exchange the director said that there were three e-mails that appeared to have markings, but we know that later in the same hearing we know that the markings were a mistake and improper, and anybody seeing the three e-mails and the improper, maings would not have known that the documents were classified, and so one of the opportunities to expand, the director does explain what hillary clinton has been saying for the many months. >> the impression from the fbi director in the hearing as opposed to the news conference when he announced that he would
10:30 am
not recommend criminal charges against hillary clinton was that she was truthful, and she did not lie to the fbi, and lying to the fbi as you know is a crime, and he would have charged her with lying to the fbi, and he felt that she had lied to the fbi, but he said that shy was truthful to the fbi, but he left the impression that she was less than hon west the american public in some of the statements that she made, and i want you to respond to that? >> i think that is unfair thing to conclude. the director was speaking about that which he had directly overseen, which is the interview that she gave to the justice department, and he was sticking to what was her matter of expertise, but in the answers that he gave at the hearing, it went a long way to explaining why despite the answers that are from the clip that you plaid secretary clinton was answering forthrightly in all of the answers over the last several months, and to take another example the director in the press conference said that there were 110 e-mail s ths that were
10:31 am
classified at the time of sent or received, but he said that hillary clinton did not believe they were classified and why would she because they were not marked and sent to her by serious career professionals, and not just within the state department, but throughout the government, and people who have worked for republican and democratic administration, and know the difference of what is classify and what is not, and so ample reason for her not the judge the e-mails as cop taking classified information and acted in good faith, and if she had received something classified, she would have flagged it, but that didn't happen, because she believed they were unclassify and that is why she has said what she said for all of the month, and later on the director backed her up and said that he had no basis to conclude that she had reason to believe that any of the e-mails were classified. >> thank you, brian fallon. >> thank you, wolf. >> and now, top republicans are
10:32 am
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has donald trump gone too far this time? it is a question we have heard before, but this time, trump is facing serious backlash over the feud with the parents of muslim american soldier killed in iraq. let's talk about it with the panel. the chief political correspondent dana bash, and cnn political analyst david gregory, and jackie kucinich who is the washington bureau chief for the daily beast. dana, it has happened before and people say, he has gone too far this time, and it is going to hurt him, and it did not hurt him going into the general election and won it decisively and impressively and beating 16 serious candidates governors and senators with a lot of money. >> sure, absolutely. donald trump repeated it many times over the weekend, the general electorate is different, and the open question that we won't know until november is whether or not this kind of strategy is going to work with a
10:37 am
broader electorate. based on the way that republicans across the board have reacted the answer is probably no, but we will see. >> and you saw the interview with general flynn, and the head of the foreign intelligence agency to support e her, ahim, said that he read the statement from senator mccain, and it is time to say that even though the party has given him the nomination, it is not unfettered license to defame those among us. >> and senator mccain has not given his support, and men of support that struggle to call senator mccain a hero is astonishi astonishing. this is what is happening, that people are paying attention anew, and maybe more resonance, and there is a trump effect with some of the supporters where
10:38 am
they don't believe the bad stuff, and don't judge him, and lot of people don't belief the good stuff with the politician, but the other thing is that you have a lot of the white collar voters breaking out for hillary clinton, and normally break for donald trump, and they follow the news cycle more closely, and more susceptible to make a decision based on the discussions can of the campaign trail, and that is what has a o potential to go differently than before. >> and jackie, is this going to hurt him? because the other controversial comments in the primary didn't? >> well, it is hard to say, because if the vfw came out, that would have been the end, and we would have been talking ate over and over, and with donald trump, we don't know if it is going to resonate, and that said, it is a different voter pool that we are look at. and as you said, they are more susceptible to things like this, but it is shocking, and going after, and it has this feeling of nothing is sacred at this point, and what is more sacred than the gold star families?
10:39 am
>> and one more thing that is interesting, and that is john mccain when he was personally attacked or at least criticized by donald trump way back in the beginning of the republican primary process questioning whether mccain was a war hero, and he stayed quiet, and he did not go after him, and the fact that he had a two-page long statement, and 1 1/2-long statement saying that the mccains have served for over 100 years saying that my son served in the same conflict that captain khan lost his life, i want to be proud of me, and do right by them, and their comrades and that statement makes john mccain, the john mccain that we covered in 2008 more resonant despite that he has not disavowed his statement. >> and now, do you believe that donald trump is going to be coming out to make a statement to fix this and move on? >> well, he has tried to back away with it, and this is amazing that we saw it, and then
10:40 am
governor pence with a some kind of statement to try to distance himself from what the top of the ticket is saying, and another aspect of this is the missed opportunity, and you is bad gdp numbers and the clinton e-mails, and so many things to seize upon, and he chooses to seize upon himself. >> and he is not going to apologize? >> well, donald trump doesn't apologize if history in any clue. >> thank you very much. and donald trump says that russia will invade ukraine, and even though russia has invaded ukraine, and now he is clarifying those comments, and what is he saying now? much more on this when we come back. 73% of americans try...
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and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california. while donald trump felt embattled with the parents of a fallen soldier is bearing headlines, there ais also more
10:45 am
scrutiny about ukraine. >> he is not going into ukraine, and you can mark it down and take it anyway you want. >> well, he is there. >> well, he is there in a certain way, and i'm not there yet, and obama is there and frankly, that whole part of the world is a mess under obama. >> and fareed zakaria is join g ing us from "fareed zakaria gps." and this clarification, when i said that putin is not going into ukraine, you can mashgt down, and i am saying if i am president, period, already in crim crimea, crimea, and he says that the people of crimea would ra er that ther be with russia anywh rather be with russia anyway." and what is that saying when a candidate says this? >> well, wolf, every time it is demonstrated that donald trump is plainly ignorant about some
10:46 am
basic public policy issues and well known fact, he comes back with the certain bravado and tries to explain it away with a tweet or statement, and he did it on the brexit, and the nuclear triad, and also he thought that tim kaine was the governor of new jersey and this, and so now it is amusing to watch how he is going to be pulling it off this time, and what is he going to be arguing, and he adds that the press hates him, and there sis a term for this kind of thing, and this is the mode of a bullshit artist, and it is amusing and entertaining, and if the guy is trying to sell you a condo or a car, but for the president of the united states, it is deeply worry i worrying. >> evidence to suggest that he is right when most of the people who are live in crimea is an nex by russia would prefer to be part of russia than ukraine?
10:47 am
>> there is evidence for that, but it has never been the way in which we changed the borders since the end of world war ii, and it is important to understand that the argument that donald trump is putting forward about crimea is the same argument that adolf hitler made about the czechoslovakia and also, the argument of the austrians that these people want to be part of germany, so i will go in and invade the country anyway. you don't change borders without some process that is, you know, legal and that is democratic and that does not involve force, and the fact that maybe, and we are not sure, but maybe if you are from poland and crimea, maybe more people want to be part of russia than ukraine does not tell us much. the germans in slovakia probably wanted to be part of germany, but it did not justify adolf hitler's move. >> is he right about nato saying that most of the countries in
10:48 am
nato do not pay up their responsibility, and they don't meet the financial obligation of being a nato ally? >> well, he is right. they don't pay enough, and they should pay more, and it is no an obligation that is written into the charter of nato, and agreed pf upon nato policy to spend 2% of the gdp on defense. but this is crucial, nato is an automatic treaty in which an attack on one is an attack on all. that automatic guarantee is what has kept the peace in europe since 1945 in a land where years before you had wars and devastation, and you is had peace, because the united states has said automatically and no matter what, we will come to your defense, and that is what works. and to change it to say, well, if you are invaded, i will take a look at the books and decide how much you spent on defense last year, and on the basis of that maybe i will and won't is a
10:49 am
very different kind of foreign policy. >> fareed, thank you for joining us. >> pleasure. and coming up, the u.s. has launched new air strikes against isis targets in libya, and when we bring you the latest on the battle to defeat the terrorist group. more on that when we come back.
10:50 am
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10:53 am
president obama is speaking to the national convention of disabled veterans in atlanta and hi just spoke about gold star families. listen to this. >> no one has given more for our freedom and our security than our gold star families. [ cheers and applause ] michelle and i have spent countless hours with them. we have grieved with them. there's a reason why last week in philadelphia i was humbled to
10:54 am
be introduced by sharon from ohio, a gold star mom whose son tom, a lieutenant colonel in the army gave his life in afghanistan. i requested sharon to introduce me because i understood that our gold star families have made a sacrifice that most of us cannot even begin to imagine. they represent the very best of our country. they continue to inspire us everyday, every moment. they serve as a powerful reminder of the true strength of america. and we have to do everything we can for those families and honor them. and be humbled by them. you know, i know that your service has also been defined by another battle. this is a group that understands
10:55 am
sacrifice. you've been defined by a battle here at home. you've been defined by the battle here at home to persevere through wounds and disabilities. i think of a veteran from iraq who lost her arm but who said she decided to focus "not on what i had lost but on what i still have." i see that same spirit in you. maybe it was there in the hospital bed fighting for your life, your learned what it really means to have faith. maybe it was during rehab learn how to live without a leg or both. you learned what it really means to persevere. about a month go i went to walter reed. i do this periodically and was in the rehab unit watching these folks work out and -- you might have seen this, i was doing push ups with them. [ laughter ] trying to keep up with them because i was sweating and
10:56 am
getting all tired. [ laughter ] they took it easy on me. but it gave me a sense of -- just a small sense of what perseverance really means. maybe it was during the night when the memories came rushing back and you summoned the courage to reach out and get help and stay strong. and i was proud to help recognize your patriotism and resilience in the heart of our nation's capital when we dedicated the american veterans disabled for life memorial. [ applause ] >> the president of the united states addressing disabled american met vance in atlanta and speaking poignantly about gold star families, families who have lost a son or daughter, a loved one in war, in the battles that are going on in iraq and afghanistan and elsewhere. also speaking about sacrifice, pointed words from the president of the united states. our chief political
10:57 am
correspondent dana bash is with us. he didn't mention donald trump by name, didn't mention the khan family by name but everyone who was listening fully understood what he meant. >> there's no question about it. look, if you're the commander in chief, especially if you are a commander in chief who really dove into the politics of the convention last week the way he did you'll talk about, that especially given the forum where he just was, talking to veteran of america. so yes first of all it would be malpractice for any commander-in-chief not to talk about that but especially someone involved in politics. having said that i think politically speaking the much more powerful comments come from donald trump's fellow republi n republicans people who are already plit cli upset with barack obama are going to hear that and say, okay, what do we expect him to say? >> very strong words today from john mccain specifically. dana, thank you very much.
10:58 am
much more coming up throughout the day on all of this. i'll be back at 5:00 p.m. eastern in the situation room. the news continues right after this quick break. well, it was nice to see everyone. i just wish it had been for a better reason. me, too, but the eulogy that frank's daughter gave was beautiful. i just feel bad knowing they struggled to pay for the funeral, especially without life insurance. i wish they would've let us help. but, it did make me think, though. about what? well, that i could leave you in the same situation. i don't have life insurance, either. if something were to happen to me tomorrow, how are you pay for my funeral? or my other bills? nothing's gonna happen to you tomorrow. you don't know that. i made a promise to always take care of you kids. without life insurance, i'm not keeping it. besides, i already looked into it and between my budget and health, well ... you should call massmutual. they have a new policy called guaranteed acceptance life insurance. i got covered with one call, and it was an affordable option
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call now! you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin, thanks for being with me on this monday afternoon. count them with me, 99 days until you decide who the next president of the united states will be and donald trump begin this is week trying to emerge from a pile of controversies. his talk of putin not invading ukraine when, p.s. putin already has. he's called to move the presidential debates for reasons never cited before. most intensely, here, his response to the parents of a fallen muslim american soldier. the outrage against trump regarding the khans has come from actually his own party's leadership and,