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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  August 1, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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now over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." >> happening now, breaking news. pole vault. exclusive new poll showing hillary clinton gets a convention bounce, biggest for democrat since 2000. regaining lead over donald trump but can she keep it? breaking away, gop leaders, join gold star family answers veterans of foreign wars in rebuking donald trump for his clash with the muslim american parents after fallen soldier. will trump back down? nothing but the truth, hillary clinton says she's come clean about her e-mails but the washington post fact checkers give her their worst possible rating. was she honest with the american people? and striking isis. the terror organization this ti time. how deeply will the u.s. get
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involved in i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room." >> this is cnn breaking news. >> breaking news, brand new poll just out shows hillary clinton getting a bounce from the democratic national convention. she regained her lead topping donald trump in a head to head match-up. 52% of 43%. poll also showes a growing share of americans think clinton's policies remove the country in the right direction. but the needle hasn't moved much when it comes to what voters think of clinton's honesty and trust worthiness. we are standing by for a clinton campaign rally this hour. donald trump is getting an earful from top republicans. veterans of foreign wars and gold star families. for his clash with the muslim american parents of a fallen soldier. but trump is making no apologies and in a rally of his own just now he defended his controversial statements on russia and stepped up his attacks on the news media. i'll speak with the republican
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national committee chairman, reince priebus. let's get to breaking news, new cnn roc poll showing hillary clinton picking up seven-point bounce following the democratic convention regaining her lead in head to head match-up with donald trump. that's slightly bigger boost than trump got from the republican convention. but the glow may not necessarily last long for either candidate. political director and chief national correspondent john king. let me go to you and talk about the significantians of these numberes. >> take a look at where the race was before convention and where the race is now. if you look preconvention, hillary clinton was at 45%. now she is at 52%. that's that seven-point spread you're talking about there.
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and you can see the four-way match-up. and you see the race is pretty much the same. and you see the same level of bounce approximately for hillary clinton. here is what you need to know. hillary clinton got a seven-point bounce in this poll from her convention. donald trump got a six-point bounce in this poll from his convention. what we don't know is if hillary clinton's bounce will sustain and so that's why looking ahead, she got the last word of conventions. does this give her an ability to sustain this bounce or is there a real bounce of those that go up and down. that's what we saw with donald trump. going up and down. >> in the head-to-head match-up, at least four candidates in the ballot in all 50 states. but head to head, look at the numberis, and before the convention i want to be specific on this. hillary clinton at 45% for democratic convention. now at 52. he is down to 43. that's a pretty significant bump for her. >> it is.
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to dave aid point, can she sustain it. later in 2012 cycle, and the election is pretty quickly to labor day and into the final stretch. can she sustain and democrats think the bus tour has gotten them national press and press in key battle ground states. and going state by state for the next 99 day answers in ohio and pennsylvania they also think wolf this whole controversy donald trump pickinging a fight with the gold star father, mr. khan is probably also helping democrats sustain momentum post convention. one key point about the four-way race, this is something it keep in mind. if you look at all four candidates, 24% of americans are saying i'm not for clinton or trump. either nor gary jo johnson, jill stein, or no one, someone else, i don't know. 21% of americans are not endured by major nominees tells you there could still be turmoil out there. >> we is asked voters are you voting more to support hillary clinton or deny donald trump.
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most say they are voting to support hillary clinton, 41% say they are opposing donald trump. and we also asked trump voters, take a look at this, david. are you voting more to support trump? 47% opposed clinton 50%. what do those number say to you? >> we asked that question in the spring and about even of people saying that they were voting for her to oppose trump and support clinton. i look at if you are in brooklyn and you say okay one mission accomplished for the convention we have more people now energized enthused to go out and support our candidate. that's a big motivational push on the clinton side. the trump side obviously you would expect in trump head quarters to approve numbers and a majority of people support you rather than being reliant upon people going out to vote in opposition. >> we also asked voters their opinions, john, of hillary clinton. does she have the right
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experience, registered voters 67% says she has experience. right experience is she in touch with ordinary americans. half bb 50%. will she unite the country? is she honest and trust worthy? only 43%. >> it is a giant character cloud and as donald trump's opening because his case is you don't want the status quo, you want change. she is politics as usual. even worse than politics as usual personally. that's his only case here. if you look at first number, 67% has the right experience, only 31% view that about donald trump. she can make the case, these are troubled times. you need a steady hand. i immediate the experience, she doesn't. her super pac friends are hitting donald trump saying he is unfit to be commander-in-chief. they are trying to take advantage of her good flashing right. has experience. in touch with people. negative for clinton is still there. i talked to a trump adviser who said donald trump is snatching defeat from the jaws of victory under this fight with the gold star father they are trying to
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inside the trump campaign to back off and he won't but their hope and they say that even those that don't like the trump campaign can say he can still win that number. >> before the democratic convention and after the democratic convention, before republican convention, i should point out, that was two weeks ago, she was at 68% who did not think she was honest and trust worthy. 66% right now, not much difference at all. >> look that there. 34% call her honest and trust worthy. she got beat up for a whole weekend in cleveland and what does her convention do? returns her to the dismal number of 34%. john is right. this is donald trump's opening. not a clean kill of an opening. >> his numbers haven't changed on the honest and trust worthy issue either? >> no. only 35% of americans think donald trump is honest. 34% think hillary clinton is
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honest. this is not a love affair. people out there looking at this race and to the point about voting for or against honest and trust worthy, people are not happy with their choicees. this is what they got. which is why i still say you have to keep an eye on third party candidates. not that they would win but as they go up and down we have to go state by state and see who it hurts. people are open to looking for new options but bottom line here is these are good numbers for hillary clinton coming out of her convention and question is can she pour cement on it. >> what's the answer? >> i don't have an answer for you. powerball number. but i'll tell you this much, they feel it gives a better chance of cementing numbers rather than the new cycle was going in a different direction. >> more on these new numbers coming up. thank you very much. thanks to you, john king. donald trump's fight with the muslim parents fauflen american soldier is earning him rebukes from old gold star familyes. veterans of foreign wars and top republicanes. but gop nominee is not backing down as he campaigns in key
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battle ground states. our senior white house correspondent is on the campaign trail with him in pennsylvania right now. so for no apology from mr. trump. is that right? >> that's right, wolf. no apology. everything swirling around with the khan family, donald trump is not laying low. he will be in one of his targeted states later this evening. he was in ohio. he avoided any mention of the gold star family. >> the 9 days until election and it is kazir khan, not donald trump, who is all over the air waves. >> he should listen to america and what world is telling about the remarks. >> father of fallen muslim american soldier in iraq, accusing trump of islama phobia and he hasn't let up demanding that the republican party reject its nominee.
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>> enough is enough. every descent republican has said i apologize if i am a little emotional about this. every descent republican rebuked his behavior and nobody stood up and said enough. stop it. you will not be our candidate. >> trump who is not one to let an take go unanswer said causing major heartburn inside the gop. tweeting back mr. khan who does not know me viciously taked me from the stage of the dnc. and is now all over tv doing the same. nice. but trump is also hearing back from khan's wife after his comments over the weekend. >> his wife, if you look at his wife, she was standing there with nothing to say. maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. >> her silence at the convention, she told cnn, is due to her grief, not her faith. >> i can say that my religion, on my family, on pli culture, never stopped me saying whatever i want to say.
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without saying a word, i had lots of love. i touched lots of hearts. >> democrats are seizing on the controversy from the president. >> no one has given more for our freedom and security than our gold star familyes. >> to hillary clinton. >> mr. khan, paid the ultimate sacrifice for his family, didn't he? and what has he heard from donald trump? nothing but insults. >> top republicans trump critics john kasich and lindsey graham are stepping forward to defend the khan family. senator john mccain, who felt trump's furry before, released a scathing statement saying i cannot emphasize enough how much i disagree with mr. trump's statement. i hope americans understand that remarks do not represent the views of our republican party, its officers or candidates.
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latest uproar thrushed mike pence into a unique role as running mate from a attack dog into rescue dog. campaign releasing a statement from the indian governor saying donald trump and i believe that captain khan is an american hero and his family like all gold star families should be cherished by every american. >> a top aid tell meg why the mild-mann mild-mannered governor from indiana brings a balance. and that was long need before this controversy. and donald trump did not talk about the khans earlier today in ohio. we will see if he does it in ohio. >> jim acosta, thank you. up next, the bounce in trump's post convention controversy. chairman of the national committee reince priebus is standing by. we will discuss that and more.
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our breaking news, our orc poll showed hillary clinton with lead thanks to a bounce with the democratic national convention. that comes as trump is embroiled in a feud with the muslim american parents after fallen u.s. soldier. earning the veterans of foreign wars. reince priebus joins us.
2:18 pm
thank you for joining us. you have seen our new poll over secretary clinton sees this and after both conventions shows polls and showing secretary clinton's policy answers moving in the right direction. that jumped from 43% before to 48% now. the number of voters who said the same about trump's policies and went down from 40% before the conventions to 308% and republican convention achieved what was deemed. >> you may recall wolf a week earlier you were describing donald trump's bounce which was the biggest bounce in 16 years after convention. hillary clinton apparently in the same poll got a bounce i think both parties got about the same bounce out of their convention. and suspecting that we are back to normal numbers here pretty soon and got the convention and
2:19 pm
now turning into august which tends to be more slower leading into labor day. and keeping momentum going and obviously the polling that you have shown really for us the biggest number is that hillary clinton's trust worthiness is in the same exact spot as it was before their convention. so they didn't do anything to improve that number. which is giving the republicans an enormous opportunity, the washington post gave her four pinocchios today after claiming that she didn't send any classified information to her e-mails. so she just got problems. she is in a ditch and can't get out and we have to make the case on our side that we're a bet are option than she is. >> still in that two-person race, she is right now 52%. donald trump's at 43%. and but that's reflects the bounce she got out of the convention. instead of coming out of the convention though unified and talking about donald trump's vision for the future, vision
2:20 pm
for the country, we have heard prominent members of the republican party condemn his remarks on the khan family, senator mccain, as you know, senator representative thornberry, chairman of the armed service answers jeb bush and lindsey graham among others, they thought his remarks about the family were disrespectful. do you agree with that? >> here is what i think. i think our gold star families are precious and they are to be honored and love end cherished and i think that it is something that we believe in as a party. so yeah, i think his family should be off limits and i love them and i can't imagine being the father after little girl and boy going through the unbelievable grief of them not coming home one day in battle. and there is just nothing more sacrificial than that. and we believe that and we know that and i believe that donald trump and mike pence also know and understand that and so,
2:21 pm
look, there is nothing but honor and respect for this family and all families that go through these types of horrific things in their life and it is an unbelievable place to come from and that where i think that we just, we don't go there and i don't go there. >> trump went there, he said he went there because he was supposedly in his words viciously attacked by the khan family. do you agree that that family viciously attacked him? >> well, look, i mean, donald trump is going to speak for donald trump. i mean, he want to defend himself and it is understandable. but look, like i said before, this is a family that is grieving and they have a right to and then we have a -- and we have an obligation to honor them and love them and to cherish them and that's where i'm -- that's where i come from. that's where our party is coming from. >> wouldn't it have been better if donald trump wouldn't have
2:22 pm
simply said anything about this gri grieving family? >> look, hindsight is 20/20. but obviously i am who i am and i'm talking for the party and i believe that these families, these gold star families are off limits and they are to be loved and cherished an honored. >> should he apologize to this family? >> you know, look, it is up to donald trump. i love these families. our party loves these familyes. and like i said before, they are heros. they are cherished. and i mean, everything you can imagine. it is just an unbelievable burden to carry and you know, whatever sacrifices that i think i've made or whatever sacrifices you think you've made, wolf, there are crumbs on the floor compared to these families. >> of course, i totally agree. as you know veterans of foreign wars, countryes a largest major veterans organization said in statement today and i will read it to you.
2:23 pm
he said these are certain -- there are certain subjects that no amount of word smithing can repair once crossed. do you expect these veterans, military families, do you think they should accept an apology from donald trump if he were in fact to apologize? he hasn't done so yet. >> well, sure. i mean, look, everyone can choose words more wisely this their life and i think everyone understands that. we will wait and see what happens. but clearly, folks at dfws across the country should be honored. families, my dad was in the 101st airborne. my sister an officer in the navy. my dad taught at great lakes naval base in north chicago. i grew up with this. certainly i'm no hero. i never served. and quite frankly can't remotely compare to these families. don't try to. i don't go there. and i'm not doing it here.
2:24 pm
>> as you know, donald trump, he doesn't apologize. when he said negative things about the pope, certainly negative things about john mccain, suggesting he wasn't a hero because he was a pow. that didn't stop him from capturing the republican nomination, beating 16 other republicans, governors, senators, with a lot of money. do you believe he is capable of overcoming this particular controversy? is this different now that he is in a general election? >> no, look, i've spoken about those other things. but donald trump is far better option than hillary clinton. the fact of the matter is you look at where this country is at over the last eight years and hillary clinton forgot that she and barack obama were in charge of the country for the past eight years. so she didn't talk about where we were as a party. she didn't talk about ice ans what happened under her watch. she didn't talk about libya or
2:25 pm
benghazi. look, this is an issue that she is going to have to deal with pl fbz they didn't choose the change candidate. we did. and so i think that donald trump is going to be in a great position to win the race and he will govern effectively and that's where you saw when a he delivered that speech in cleveland that he had the biggest bounce in 16 years out of a convention. and it is because people saw a person ready to lead. saw a person that they could see in the white house. and he delivered an effective message which was number one, things are on the wrong track. number two, hillary clinton can't be trusted to actually change the things that need to be changed in this country. >> as you know, donald trump has been tweeting about these three presidential debates that are scheduled suggesting they are rigged. second presidential debate by wait conflicts with your home team's game, the green bay packers. they will be playing the new york giants. debate schedule as you know
2:26 pm
released last september. nfl schedule was released seven months later. why are we hearing about these concerns now? and i know you have concerns about the debate schedule. >> i do have concerns about it. i don't consider it finalized until candidates sign on the dotted line. these debate schedules and how the debates are conducted, moderators chosen, that's a product of both candidates sitting down and agreeing to it. no person from this commission ever contacted me. they are not in contact with donald trump. and i don't think they were in contact with the dnc either before debbie wasserman schultz left. so the fact is that they are operating in a vacuum and if you read the report of all of the problems that commission needs to address, i think is part of it. which is we've got a commission that operates in a vacuum and doesn't remember that there's two major parties and two major candidates that need to be in agreement. i don't want to have debate on
2:27 pm
sunday night, wolf. i don't think anyone out there want to have debates on sunday night. they should be on tuesday, wednesday, maybe thursday. but this will be the subject of conversation in the weeks to come. >> there are nfl games sunday night, monday night and thursday night. i know you're a big green bay packers fan. from your republican -- >> that's why it started with tuesday and wednesday, by the way. >> i know that. if if were up to you, leader of the republican party, right now, you're the chairman, how would you overcome this? what would you propose? >> i would propose the commission finding tuesday and wednesday nights to hold these debates. if it had to go to thursday within fine. but they would come up with some plans. and other thing i would suggest is pick up the phone. and call the people that are most responsible for these nominees to pick the right times for these debates. >> reince priebus is chairman of the republican national committee.
2:28 pm
reince, thank you very much. >> you bet, thanks, wolf. >> coming up, our brand new rnc poll showing hillary clinton got a big bounce from the convention. she hits the campaign trail. we are standing by for a rally. stand by with us for that as well. stay with us. you're in the situation room. this is how you apply the first paint that kills bacteria. sherwin-williams paint shield continuously kills 99.9% of bacteria. totally breakthrough. surprisingly the same. and it's only avaiblble at sherwin-williams.
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breaking news. we are standing by for a hillary clinton rally. she is in nebraska. she will be introduced by the billionaire investor warren
2:33 pm
buffett. there is a seven-point bounce as a result of the convention. i want to bring in our senior political controversy brieian keeler, political director is back with us and cnn politics senior digital correspondent chris moody. guys, thanks very much for joining us. still facing, david, a lot of criticism for the way he has responded to the khan family who has lost a son in the war. >> he is indeed. he is facing that criticism from his own party. this is now a cycle, wolf, that we have seen several times now where he says something that seems beyond the pale to even many of his own party and then they are put in a bind as you just experienced with reince priebus to continue to express support for trump and candidacy while reputating his words and what he said. that is becoming an increasingly uncomfortable position for many
2:34 pm
republicans, especially in this scenario because you are dealing with the most sacred of americans, the gold star families. >> is this a general election as opposed to primaryes. >> there is no doubt. we are in a different context. i look to see what has donald trump done on a daily base toys add voters to coalition? because we know how loyal his supporters are and controversy like this has not proven to strip away a single vote of his. and yet now that he is in a general election context we also know his loyal base of supporters is not enough to get to 270 electoral votes most likely. in a story like this hard to see how that adds votes. >> he has a lot of criticism from republicanes. but some of them still haven't pulled their endorsements or support even though they clearly were upset senator mccain for example about what he said. >> many of them haven't pulled endorsements which is the question democrats are asking. how far can he go for you to continue to support him.
2:35 pm
and paul ryan as well. statements that ryan and mcconnell put out, they condemn the travel ban on certain religions. but democrats will continue to ask the question, how far will you go here? and we are already seeing republicans dropping out of a party. jeb bush advisors, sally brad shaw today. i any donald trump continues to go down the path you are see more and more of that. >> what about the clinton campaign? clearly they think this will help them. >> the way they see the beauty of this is that they don't have do much, right? she could not do much. tim kaine could not do much. it is an unforced error. the thing with hillary is with white working class voters. she was on this bus tour. they were worried about pennsylvania and ohio. and what they are really worried about is having time to convince people in the middle. they feel like once someone goes over to donald trump, they are gone. they aren't getting them back. something like this buys them time to make an argument. certainly they tried that with the convention.
2:36 pm
she tried that with the bus tour. she is going to continue to make the case. we heard patricia smith, the woman who lost his son in benghazi. she spoke at the rnc and she was on cnn earlier today. she loathes hillary clinton. and yet she was asked about this insulting a gold star family and she is squarely on the side of the khans and clearly connected with the loss in that regard. >> and this is by design. this error on the trump campaign. the clinton campaign put captain khan's parent in their convention program on their final night of the convention. not only did they want the message out there from them, but there is no doubt there is a strategic decision made it perhaps that might engage donald trump back in a back and forth and it is proven to be just that. >> i don't think they could have had it play out any better. in fact i think they don't -- they are sort of counting their lucky stars it played out. >> they didn't expect this to unfold the way it did. is that what you're saying?
2:37 pm
>> i don't think they expected it. if he is taking the bait on this, he really couldn't have taken the bait any more. those are her own words, right? talking about donald trump taking the bait. >> chris, we showed numbers earlier. once again, seven-point bounce. she was before the democratic convention 45%. now at 52%. trump was 48 before democratic convention. now gone down to 43%. what does she need to do to maintain this momentum? >> obviously the bounce theory has held and held for trump in the beginning and holding for her and democrats. you look at one of the numbers in the poll and 35% she she is dishonest. or 35% think trump is dishonest and about 34% think she is dishonest. i asked on the democratic floor and they think she should stay the course, focus on substance
2:38 pm
and it helps with the other candidate doing what he is doing. >> 34% she is honest and trust worthy. that's a disturbing number from hillary clinton's perspective. >> and a consistent number. that's the problem is that four nights of prime time convention coverage, aimed at talking about, trying to address trust in different way webs trust her to fight the fights on policy grounds. that trust number hasn't budged. it took a dip in the republican convention because they were hammering her. but four nights of their positively designed coverage can't get her above that mark. this is a very engrained deficiency. >> how do they handle? ? >> i think wait they handle it is they are talking about not trying to increase her trust worthy numbers. they were talking about doing that in the convention but i think they understand it is what it is. you can't rewrite history. when you talk about the clintons, you talk about decades where the line has been about
2:39 pm
legality and not necessarily pro pri pro propriety. so she maybe can't bring herself up but she will try to bring him down. >> everybody stand by. we have more to discuss. much more indeed. hillary clinton is out on the campaign trail getting ready to address a crowd in omaha, nebraska. we will have that and more when we come back. this is the summer. the summer of this. the summer that summers from here on will be compared to. get out there. find hotels at up to 50% off and more ways to save at seconds can mean the difference between life and death. for partners in health, time is life. we have 18,000 people around the world. the microsoft cloud helps our entire staff stay connected and work together in real time to help those that need it.
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we're following breaking news. just releasing the rnc poll shows hillary clinton leading donald trump in head to head match-up. that's a seven point bounce for hillary clinton in since the convention. she will be introduced by the billionaire investor warren buffett. let's bring back ree brianna keilar. that clearly worked for hillary clinton. >> it sure did, wolf. she was hoping to see a post convention bump like donald trump did. the question is, can she make it last. hillary clinton is racing towards election day. her poll numbers getting a boost after the democratic convention. >> hello, columbus! >> clinton is leading donald trump nationally by nine points. 52-43. a turn around from a week ago when trump was ahead by three points after the republican convention. >> would you rather have a,
2:45 pm
you're fired president, or a you're hired president? >> with a little help from her running mate, virginia senator tim kaine, clinton is hoping to widen that lead looking for support from white blue collar voters on the fence about which candidate to deport. >> he goes around saying he wants to put america first and america workers first. and then just today we learn once again he's asked for visas to employ foreign workers at his country clubs because he says he can't find any american workers. shame on you, donald trump. shame on you. >> fresh off a bus tour through pennsylvania and ohio, clinton will campaign in nebraska and will be introduced by billionaire warren buffett who endorsed her in september. >> i will be delighted when secretary clinton takes the oval
2:46 pm
office. >> while kaine heads hope to head up things in his state. >> we have a very momentum collection. >> e-mails are front and center again after she said this. >> director comey said my answers were truthful and what i said was consistent with what i have told the american people. that there were decisions discussed and made to classify retroactively certain of the e-mails. >> the washington post fact checker gives her four pi noek yoes. worst rating possible. in part because of this statement from fbi director james comey. >> seven e-mail chains concern matters that were classified at the top secret special access program at the time they were sent and received. those chains involve secretary clinton both sending e-mails about those matters and receiving e-mails about those same matters. >> a direct contradigs of what
2:47 pm
clinton told the american public. >> i did not e-mail any classified material to anyone on my e-mail. there is no classified materials. i am confident that i never sent nor received any information that was classified at the time it was sent and rereceived p. >> now the clinton campaign still stressing that what clinton told the fbi is completely consistent with what she said in all of the public settings where she has been asked about her e-mails. but it is clear, wolf, that what she told the public was not accurate nor was the characterization that she just made about fbi director about james comey's comments about e-mail practices while at the state department. >> briane brianna keilar thank. a note about a live cnn town hall hosted by anderson cooper. please be sure to watch. wednesday night, 9:00 p.m. east
2:48 pm
enhere on cnn. coming up, new developments on the war on isis. united states is now carrying out air strikes on isis targets in libya. will it make a difference, though? we are also standing by for hillary clinton's campaign rally where she will be introduced by the billionaire, warren buffett. ♪ ♪ see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months. while the majority saw 90% clearance.
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warren buffet introducing hilla hillary clinton and railing donald trump. >> he said he can't release because he's under audit. i've got news for him, i'm under audit too. i would be delighted to meet him any time, any place, i'll bring my tax return. he can bring his tax return. nobody is going to arrest us. there are no rules against showing your tax returns and just let people ask questions about the items on there.
2:54 pm
how many of you would be afraid to have your tax return made public? you're only afraid if you got something to be afraid about. he's not afraid of the irs. he's afraid because of you. i will meet him in omaha or he can pick the place. we're both under audit. nobody will stop us from talking about what's on those returns. send the word to him, if you
2:55 pm
will. now, the other thing he said is he says america isn't great anymore. you need him because america just isn't great anymore. everybody's entitled to their opinion. i disagree with him on that subject, which i'll say a bit about more later. it's how he explains what he would do about that. i'm going to quote his exact words. i'm going to read this. >> we'll continue to watch warren buffet. we'll take a quick break. we'll be right back. squuuuack, let's feed him let's feto the sharks!sharks! yay! and take all of his gold! and take all of his gold! ya! and hide it from the crew! ya...? squuuuack, they're all morons anyway! i never said that. they all smell bad too. no! you all smell wonderful! i smell bad! if you're a parrot, you repeat things. it's what you do.
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breaking news. bouncing back. an exclusive poll shows hillary clinton regaining her lead over donald trump following the democratic convention. can she stay on top? review of donald trump facing sharp criticism from fellow republicans shocked by his war of words with family of fallen muslim american soldier. how will trump weather this latest controversy? russia uproar. trump is trying to defend and clarify remarks about russia and ukraine raising questions about his grass on the very tense situation between the two countries. dig trump misspeak or was he unaware of major international crisis. hillary clinton accused of sherry picking statements by fbi director. she claims he said she was truthful but fact checkers disagree. will the uproar hounds her all the way to election day. we want to welcome our viewers
3:01 pm
in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." the breaking news tonight, a shake up in the presidential race. hillary clinton regains her lead following her convention in philadelphia. an exclusive poll shows her nine points ahead of republican rival donald trump thanks to a seven-point convention bounce. trump is mired in new controversies of his own making. his very public feud with theparents of a fallen muslim american soldier is drawing sharp criticism from top republicans and now the veterans of foreign wars which calls his remarks out of bounds. trump also raised eyebrows with an interview in which he appeared to be unaware of russia's annexation of krimea.
3:02 pm
let's begin with our poll showing hillary clinton with a post-convention lead of nine points over donald trump. our cnn political director is here with a closer look. take us inside the numbers. >> take a look at this new horse race that we have between hillary clinton and donald trump. 52% for hillary clinton. 43% for donald trump. that's a nine-point race. that's outside the margin of error. what we should be careful to note is this is part of hillary clinton's post-convention bounce. just like we saw donald trump, he went up plus three over hillary clinton after his convention. she's bouncing back. a nine-point lead. that's a significant lead. that's where donald trump's assignment, if you will, begins after hillary clinton's convention to start digging in at that. >> talk about the notion of a convention bounce. >> we look, what was hillary
3:03 pm
clinton's support? what with her vote number before the convention versus after? you see that 45% is what hillary clinton had prior to the democratic convention. after, she's at 52%. that's the seven-point bounce. that's what we're referring to as the bounce. think of a bouncing ball, wolf. it goes up and it goes down. that's what we saw the donald trump. we saw his number go up and then it fell down. the big question, looking at this poll tonight, is how does hillary clinton sustain this now? she got the last word in the back to back conventions. that's an advantage for her going into this week. obviously, compounpounded by th controversy that donald trump finds him in. does her ball come down or is she able to sustain it or reset the race at this new nine-point lead. >> is this like the new normal? it's going to go up and down as
3:04 pm
we go along? >> after the convention, voters got a lot of information. four notes on the republican side. four nights on the democratic side. they got a lot of information. it settles down. we'll see heading into labor day and the final sprint where the race has settle to before the debat debates. >> now the trump campaign, the republican presidential nominee is flailing amid some late controversies he sparked with war of words with parents of a muslim soldier who died fighting in iraq. jason is in columbus, ohio. several top republicans, the veterans of foreign wars, the gold star families, they're all rebuking donald trump right now. what's the latest? >> you have to wonder if all that criticism is getting to him. he spoke about a number of different topic, including he mentioned that the general election might be rigged in some way against him.
3:05 pm
no mention of the family. far cry from what he had to say about them this morning and over the weekend. tonight donald trump blasting the media. >> we're battling the press because the press is dishonest. >> reporter: facing a bipartisan backlash over his attacks of family of a slain u.s. muslim soldier. trump not backing down and neither is the family of the army captain who was awarded a bronze star and purple heart for helping save fellow soldiers in iraq by walking toward a carloaded with explosives in in 2004. >> this is proof of his ignorance and arrogance. i ask his advisors to get him in a room and close the door and set him right. >> trump tweeting, mr. viciously attacked me from the stay i
3:06 pm
stage of the dnc and is now all over tv doing the same. nice. the war of words starting after trump was rebuked during last week's democratic convention. >> you have sacrificed nothing and no one -- >> trump responding by suggesting his muslim faith might have been the reason she did not speak at the convention. >> i saw him. he was very emotional and probably looked like a nice guy to me. his wife, if you look at his wife, she was standing there. she had nothing to say. maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. >> prompting this response. >> i can say that my religion or my family or my culture never stopped me saying whatever i want to say. anybody can see how difficult that time was when i was standing there this front of america without saying a word, i
3:07 pm
had lots of love. >> arizona senator john mccain who trump once said was not a war hero because he was captured issued a lengthy state denouncing the gop candidate write, i cannot emphasize enough how deeply i disagree with mr. trump's statement. i hope americans understand that the remarks do not represent the views of the republican party, its officers or candidates. other prominent republicans step forward for the family and house speaker paul ryan. president obama weighing in on the issue this afternoon. >> no one has given more for our freedom and our security than our gold star families. >> all this as hillary clinton accuses trump of, again, crossing the line with his remarks. >> to have trump do what he did, i don't know where the bounds
3:08 pm
are. i don't know where the bottom is. >> wolf, despite criticism coming in from a number of different sides, the people that i spoke to here in the room still support trump. they say he may not say the right thing in the right way, but they still support him. many say this is something that has been created by the media and the clinton campaign. wolf. >> jason, thank you. joining me republican congresswoman marsha blackburn of tennessee. thank you. >> sure. >> trump is facing some serious criticism including from many prominent members of the republican party for his comments involving the kahn family.
3:09 pm
do you think the remarks were disrespectful? >> i think his remarks have been clarified a little bit. this is where i think i differ with a lot of folks on this. i think it would be appropriate that the khan family and also pat smith because of the remarks hillary clinton made. everybody needs an apology on this. our gold star families deserve our support, our full and total support. having a military post in my drikts, when you stand wi district and when you stand with these families, you know the grief never goes away. i have a lot of kurdish americans in my district. i have to tell you, those individuals love this country so deeply and they appreciate what this country has allowed them to
3:10 pm
do. the opportunity and the safety and freedom they have been given. i think that's something also that we need to honor and respect. >> do you think mr. trump should apologize to the khan family? >> i think that mrs. clinton should apologize to pat smith for her remarks yesterday on fox news sunday. i think it would be appropriate. i know mr. trump has clarified his remarks but i believe in apologies. when i feel as if i have had something that's been misinterpreted or either i said that didn't come across as i intended that an apology, many times, helps set the record straight. i'm a big believer. accepting that accountability and making those apologies. then focusing on the people in this country are war weary, wolf. they are so tired of all the conflict and they are fareful of
3:11 pm
terrorism. i join them in being fearful of terrorism. they want the focus to be on that and getting this country on the right track. maybe it's time for both of the leading candidates to make some apologies, clear the air and then let's move forward and put the focus on some of these issues. terrorism, keeping our military safe, being certain our military has what they need to fight the war. >> you know donald trump doesn't apologize. we haven't heard him apologize about what he said about john mccain. he wasn't really a hero, about a federal judge from indiana who couldn't be fair in a case because he was quote, mexican, if you will. he doesn't apologize. >> well, you're asking me what i would do. that's the tact that i would take.
3:12 pm
then i would show these families that the ones that they have lost, their loved ones they have lost, all of those that lost their lives in benghazi, all of those that were injured in that attack. all of our servicemen and women who have given their lives in the war on terror. yes each and every one of them, each of them is an american hero. they deserve and those families deserve our utmost respect and there should never be anything that takes any of that respect away from them. that is something that we, the american people, owe them. our country is built on a legacy of service and sacrifice. that is what has helped to keep us free. these are individuals who love this country enough to put their life on the line. we need to show that appreciation, honor and respect every day. >> well said. i couldn't agree more. here's the question, did donald
3:13 pm
trump take away respect from this family, this gold star family who lost their son, captain khan in the u.s. army, fighting for the united states in iraq when he said why was the mother silent when the father was speaking at the democratic convention. did he take away respect from this family? >> he has said some things in ways that i would not have and made some observations in ways that i would not have just as i believe mrs. clinton in her interview on fox news sunday when asked to address the situation, it was unfortunate in the wap sy she referenced pat smith. i think both of these families are owed an apology by each of the candidates. >> this veterans of foreign wars, the country's largest major veterans organization said today in statement, there are certain subjects that no amount of word smithing can repair once
3:14 pm
crossed. do you think these veteran, these military families would accept an apology to donald trump if he were to give one? >> i don't know. i am not close to either of the families. i would not know. i have tremendous respect for the veterans of foreign wars and do a good bit of work with the vfw and with those veterans this my district. of course, having a major military post, we have a tremendous number of veterans both those that have served some. we still have some that served in world war ii in the korean conflict and plenty of those that have served in our latest rounds with the war on terror. >> congresswoman, i'm going to have you, if you can, stay with us. i need to take a quick break. we'll resume this conversation in a moment. you tell your insurance company they made a mistake.
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3:18 pm
hillary clinton is holding a rally in omaha, nebraska. let's listen in. >> to have a chance to stand before america and to tell their stories because america is story after story and what i want is to provide the opportunity and the support so that every single american can live his or her best story, can make the most of your own god given potential. after the convention was over
3:19 pm
starting friday morning, tim kaine and his wife wife anne and bill i and i got on a bus and started traveling across pennsylvania into ohio. we visited factories, small towns, bigger cities. we met with so many hard working people who told us their stories and they proved every day that drum donald trump is wrong. america is not weak. this is the greatest nation on earth and our best days are still ahead of us.
3:20 pm
now, that doesn't mean we don't have challenges and problems. of course, we do. i don't believe there is anything that americans can't do if we make up our minds because you know why? we are stronger together. too many people have gotten a raise since the great crash. there's too much inequality and too little opportunity. washington is paralyzed by special interests and big money. don't let anyone tell you, we don't have what it takes if we make up our minds so solve our problems. don't believe anyone who tells
3:21 pm
you, i, alone, can fix it. when donald trump said that in his convention speech, i did a bit of a mental double take. minutes of it.that speech, 75 - it was like he was talking about a different country. forgetting about every one in america who gets up every day and works together. people who make a difference every single day. he's forgetting our troops on the front lines. he's forgetting police officers and firefighters who run toward danger. he's forgetting about doctors and nurses who save lives and
3:22 pm
teachers who change lives. he's forgetting about unions who fight for working families and communities that pull together through hard times. i grew up in the midwest. i was born in chicago. raised outside of chicago. my dad was a small businessman. i mean, really small. it was mostly just him and occasionally my mother, brothers and me. sometimes he'd hire helpers to get one of his orders out because he printed fabrics to be made into draperies. he had a print plant with long tables. he was a very self-reliant man.
3:23 pm
i don't think he, fora minute, through his growing up in scranton, pennsylvania, his service as a chief petty officer in the navy, through his work and business and raising our family, ever thought to himself, i alone can fix it. that's just not the way we were raised. we were raise to get together. we were raised to follow up on the extraordinary example of our founders, 240 years ago in philadelphia who came together. you see that across nebraska. you see people working. i've been in omaha. i have visited projects, schools other kinds of nonprofits and institutions where people are working together. that's what we do in america. we see a problem and we say we'll fix it together. that's what we're going to do when we get the white house to
3:24 pm
move us forward in the direction we need to go. now i know how hard the great recession was. it was a terrible time. the worst financial crisis since the great depression. people in nebraska worked hard to come back. i think it was a terrible moment. it could have gotten even worse. i believe that a lot of difficult decisions had to be made. we have come back from that terrible financial crisis thanks to the hard work of nebraskans, americans and president obama, we got out of the ditch that we're in.
3:25 pm
i think if we're going to solve the problems we have, we ought to be really clear about where we've come from. we now have 15 million new jobs that have been created in the last seven and a half years. we now have 20 million more americans who have access to health care. we have the highest percentage ever in our history of young people walking across graduation stages to get their high school diplomas. i know we made progress, and i know we shouldn't be satisfied.
3:26 pm
as americans we're asking how can we help more people. we're still facing tough challenges that develop long before the recession and they've stayed with us. the economy is not working the way it should for every one. starting in iowa back in april of 2015 until the convention this week, i have met so many people who tell me, they don't expect a hand out. they don't even expect life to be easy. they don't think it should be this hard. it shouldn't be that people feel like they are out there on their own. like no one cares about them, that they're not respected. that the dignity of their job is not something that we all
3:27 pm
support. i know a lot of people who feel that way. i bet there's some in this gymnasium who feel that way. here's what i want you to know. you deserve a president who will get up every single day in the white house and do everything she can to give you the chance you deserve to have. [ cheers and applause ] >> i will quickly add as important as it is to have
3:28 pm
someone who gets what you're going through, i think it's also really important that that person tells you what her plans are for producing results. if you saw what i said on thursday night, let me give you the short, punchier version. it starts by making clear we do have to rewrite the rules so our economy works for every one, not just those at the top. my overriding mission as president will be to do everything i can to help our country create more jobs with rising incomes. i believe anyone willing to work hard should be able to find a job that pays well. enough to support a family.
3:29 pm
so in my first 100 days, we are going to breakthrough the gridlock in washington and make the biggest investment in new good paying jobs since world war ii. we're going to make the boldest investment in american infrastructure since the highway system. warren read you some of the quotes from donald trump. well, he has said so many things that i profoundly disagree with. for the life of me, i don't know why someone runs to be president of the united states who thinks and says we never win anymore. our country is full of losers. well, he could not be more
3:30 pm
wrong. we are going to fix and build the roads, the bridges, the tunnel, the ports, the airport, the water systems we need. i want to say a particular word to any of you here from rural nebraska. we're going to bring diverse, economic development to rural communities to support our farmers and others in small towns who keep america going. one specific way we will do that is to make sure we have an electric grid that can take and distribute energy from clean
3:31 pm
renewable sources. in fact, i know because i've seen them in the crowd. there are few people from iowa here today. your neighbor iowa is getting one third of its electricity from clean energy, primarily wind energy. what i love about them is they're also giving farmers extra income for hosting the turbines on their farm and they are taking abandoned factories and assemblying the wind turbines putting people to work in iowa to produce the energy
3:32 pm
from iowa. the other thing we're going to do is finish the job of build ing out broadbands so everybody can have access to the internet. >> we'll continue to monitor the rally. we'll take a quick break. our exclusive cnn poll shows she received a seven-point bounce. much more after this. i'm anne howard and i'm michael howard. we left on our honeymoon in january 2012. it actually evolved into a business. from our blog to video editing... our technology has to hang tough with us. when you're going to a place without electricity, you need a long battery life. the touch, combined with the screen resolution... a mac doesn't have that. we wanted to help more people get out there and see the world. once you take that leap, that's where the magic happens.
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3:37 pm
we're following our cnn orc poll that shows hillary clinton bounced nine points above donald trump. these are registered voters in the cnn poll. before the convention, hillary clinton was at 45% among registered voters. trump was ahead 48%. after the democratic convention now, she's at a 52%. he's down to 43%. that's a seven-point post-convention bounce which is significant. >> that's a healthy bounce. you get the second convention.
3:38 pm
by all accounts, republicans will say the democrats put on a good four-day show. you just had her in omaha. trying to sustain it. trying to build it. they hope this controversy with mr. khan helps more. the conventions were earlier this year. there's 99 days now till the election. can they sustain it going forward. voters who watched that convention view her add more experience and more in touch with ordinary americans. she has negatives to. can she get voters to focus on the positive. >> she has the same negative number as far as honesty and trustworthiness. >> she does. donald trump's aren't much better even on honest and trustworthine trustworthiness.
3:39 pm
we know that ri both incredibly unpopular for two people who are running for president and people who are -- that voters are reluctant to trust. the question is whether or not those are going to cancel each other out and the other issues that the other personality trades will be the ones that voters focus on. >> how does she maintain the momentum following the democratic convention? >> i think donald trump has made it easier because of his missteps with the comments about the khan family. i think she will continue to drive this message. their messages are interlinked. he's making this argument she's untrustworthy and extension of everything you don't like about the obama administration. she's saying i'm not donald trump and he's worse. at a fundamental level, she's
3:40 pm
going to continue pressing. >> she's getting severely criticized for his reaction to what the khan family said about their fallen son during the war in iraq. john mccain, in recent days donald trump disparaged a fallen soldier's family. he's suggested their son should not be allowed in the united states. i cannot emphasize enough how deeply i disagree with mr. trump's statement. i hope americans understand the remarks do not represent the views of the republican party, officers or candidates. what does trump need to do to get over this? >> he should have not engaged in the fight to begin with. he said, you know what, she has the right to speak her mind. she's a gold star mom. that what i'm told people urged him to put the phone down and put the computer down, stop and
3:41 pm
he would not do it. he took the bait from the democrats. he took the bait and then from mr. khan. he keeps wanting to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. >> he just delivered a speech in columbus, ohio. didn't mention it at all. >> he didn't. one of the other republicans why republicans are so frustrated is since the democratic convention, they have been playing on the democrats turf. they have been kind of continuing the democrats narrative that they presented for four days in philadelphia about donald trump. he's feeding into it with the way he's reacted. instead of the focus, we talked about it on cnn today, hillary clinton interview on sunday about her e-mail issue, about her server saying she didn't say anything publicly that wasn't true, which turns out to not be true which feeds into the honest and trustworthy issue which should be what team trump should
3:42 pm
be focused on extensively and maybe even exclusively. >> we'll talk about that in a moment. david, the whole issue of donald trump's reaction, i think everyone agrees, reince priebus said 20/20 hindsight is always better. maybe he should have ignored and not addressed the family. >> i see it in two tracks. one is this political malpractice of donald trump not being able to leave the issue alone. acknowledge the family's sacrifice and move on. we see this over and over again in the kpacampaign. when you look at the interview with mr. khan and the speech. there's this sense over and over again that folks in this country, whether it's muslims, african-americans, when they are referenced by donald trump, it's this feeling like he wants to put an asterisks by the
3:43 pm
americanness of people and it's not reflecting well among these communities. >> in this case he was clearly upset about this guy speaking before millions and millions of people holding up the constitution and sort of metaphorically slapping donald trump across the face. it was hard for him to take, to your point, which is why they did it. >> hold on. there's more to discuss. hillary clinton still has some problems with her e-mail issue. fact checkers gave one of her claims the worst possible rating. much more on that when we come back.
3:44 pm
3:45 pm
3:46 pm
3:47 pm
3:48 pm
hillary clinton's comments on the e-mail controversy and what the fbi director said, washington post said what she said about comey's remarks, were totally incorrect. >> i ran into somebody at a store who recognized me from the convention coverage and said i really want to vote for hillary clinton but why does she keep talking about these things in way that nobody understands.
3:49 pm
it makes me pause. it's that kind of problem that she has when she gives interviews like she does. it's the feeling that people get that she's parsing her words. she's not just talking like a person, frankly. the big question was why she said that the classified information that she was e-mails about what has classified retro actively when james comey said six or seven e-mails she was involved in sending and receiving were classified at the time. >> it's a serious issue. in the poll, our new poll, i'll put the numbers up. right now we ask the question is hillary clinton honest and trustworthy. 34%, yes, 64% no. last week 30%, yes. 68%, no. not much of a change. >> she rebounded marginally after the republican convention opinion it's two-thirds of
3:50 pm
american people don't think she's honest and trustworthy. donald trump is viewed negatively too. inside trump, the senior staff is like, sir, please don't engage with mr. khan. get off twitter. stop. he went. inside the clinton campaign, the people wish, and said it was a horrible mistake. i'm sorry. it will never happen again. end of story. if she would just stop. she wants to defend herself and go through all this. they wish she could give a straight up i'm sorry and it will never happen again. that's the red flag.
3:51 pm
said that she didn't lie to the fbi. which would i a crime. they didn't charge her. >> she just wrapped up her speech in omaha, nebraska. did not mention the whole issue of the khan family, the goldstar family, they lost their son. we were expecting she would address that but she decided not to. >> don't make it -- will's an old rule in politics. when your opposition is on fire, just walk away. if he's causing his own problems, don't make it political. just back off. >> it's like we were talking
3:52 pm
after president obama spoke, it was veiled but thinly so, about this issue. what's he or she going to say that's more powerful than the lengthy statement from john mccain? not much. >> just ahead, donald trump sparks a russia uproar of sorts. what's the real story behind his relationship with vladimir putin?
3:53 pm
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>> donald trump is defending remarks about russia and ukraine. trump is saying his remarks
3:57 pm
about russia and vladimir putin were misunderstood. what's the latest? >> tonight clean-up from donald trump after initially say vladimir putin would never invade ukraine, now he says russia's land grabs would end under a trump administration. the critics seem very sympathetic about the kremlin. >> they immediately say trump doesn't like this. i don't like or dislike. >> reporter: his embrace of the russian strongman continue to dog his campaign. >> i have no relationship with putin. i don't think i've ever met him. >> you would know it if you did, wouldn't you? >> i think so. i don't think i've ever met him. >> reporter: in 2007 trump praised the russian leader in an interview with cnn. >> look at putin, look at what
3:58 pm
he's done. whether you like him or don't like him, he's doing a great job in rebuilding the image of russia and also rebuilding russia period. forget about image. >> reporter: and in 2013, trump invited putin to the miss universe pageant held in moscow. a year later he bragged about his warm welcome by the russians. >> and they treated me so great. putin even sent me a present, beautiful present with a beautiful note. >> reporter: in those same remarks, trump praised putin's aggressive moves. >> the day after the olympics he starts with ukraine. how smart. he goes in and takes crimea. he's taking the heart and soul because that's where all the money is. >> reporter: but this weekend in an interview with abc news,
3:59 pm
trump seemed confused. >> just so you understand, he's not going to go into ukraine. can you mark it down, put it down -- >> reporter: well, he's already there, isn't he? >> he's there in a certain way. i'm not there. you have obama there. and, frank when i, thly that wh the world is a mess and all the power of nato, he takes crimea. >> reporter: trump even suggested putin might have been welcomed into crimea, doubling down on an earlier suggestion he might recognize the territory as russian and lift u.s. sanctions if it would lead to better ties with moscow. >> i'm going to take a look at it but the people from crimea from what i've heard would rather be with russia than where they were. >> reporter: and tonight the clinton campaign is using trump's campaign to question his knowledge about the world and slamming his agreement with putin that russia was justified in seizing the sovereign
4:00 pm
territory of another country by force. more evidence, they say, that trump is not fit to serve as commander in chief. >> trump is getting ready to address another rally. we'll have coverage of that. thanks for watching. i'm wolf blitzer. "erin burnett outfront" starts right now. >> "outfront" next, hillary clinton with a big postconvention bounce as she faces tough new questions about her e-mails tonight. and will donald trump keep firing back at the familiy of a fallen american soldier. and an outbreak of the zika virus in the united states. let's go "outfront." good evening. i'm erin burnett. "outfront", the breaking news, donald trump speaking live this hour. all eyes over whether he address


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